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Express: $25 off $50 Purchase!

Thursday, 9/16

Get an awesome savings on clothes from Express!  Text EXPLUCKY to 397737.  They will reply with a code to use in stores to get $25 off any $50 purchase or $50 off a $150 purchase.  You are signing up for Express Text alerts but can opt out at any time.

(thanks Joanne!)

  • RL

    It won't allow me to text….?

  • anna

    Will it charge me for the text?

  • Kelly

    Thanks! I received my reply email with the code. Dumb question, though – it says valid through 1/7. Is it safe to assume they mean Jan. 7, 2011? Just thought it was weird that they didn't include the year.

  • Jovinaadams

    is it only for in-store use? Can we use it online?

    • anna

      it said in-store thru 1/7

  • Angela

    Is the coupon for online use only? or can you use it in stores

    • anna

      The text said in-store thru 1/7

  • Volley1985

    This is awesome! Can't wait to use this during black friday or after Christmas sales!!! :)

  • heather

    it worked for me and its Jan 2011

  • Moquette9

    If you call the 800 number it says valid thru Jan 2010, but I'm assuming that's an error. Anyone know different?

  • Jad2u

    II never got a reply & sent the text last nite ???

  • Simplyme

    Awesome deal. Thanks for sharing!

  • Martha

    Texting is the only way to get the coupon?

  • Tawnny

    It said “unable to recieve message–message blocking active” Any suggestions?

  • Amy

    I recieved a text back stating Invalid entry

  • Debharden

    This coupon has been on line for 2 weeks now. I printed out 2 copies last week and used them both – (they had a b1g1 1/2 off on all bottoms – skirts, jeans , slacks, yoga pants, shorts etc.) I got some awesome jeans and skirt and 2 tops. Really great deal. I just printed out another one and I will be heading back to the mall again today to get a couple more Fall peices.

  • Hunter2960

    It worked for me.

  • Jbchap930

    worked for me on 10/13/10…the coupon expires 1/7/2011