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So what started as a one time deal is now an Extreme Couponing series… I voiced my concerns and thoughts after the last episode and they haven’t changed.  So this time I just want to touch on what the reality of extreme couponing is, based on what we saw tonight.  (I did actually watch tonight’s episode since we were away from home and had cable).

First pretty much everything you saw tonight can’t be done in most grocery stores.

  • They will not let you check out for 5 hours and do 18 transactions back to back, and nor should they.
  • The lady shopping in the Kroger store in Houston lives in an area that will actually no longer double coupons starting next Wednesday.
  • Most stores have a limit on the number of like item coupons they will accept or a limit on the number of like coupons they will double.  (We will see Bi-Lo break their own policy for this in a few weeks on another episode).
  • Many coupons are starting to have limits written on them “per transaction” and “per customer”.
  • Very few stores double items past their value (i.e. you buy a 60¢ product but they double to $1).  The one big store in the south that has done this, Publix, is even updating their systems to no longer allow it.  Remember stores pay for the doubling on coupons so there is no reason for them to do this.

Realize that stores view this as press, and they are willingly and knowingly breaking their own policies so that you will see how much you can save if you shop with them.  To me this is a BAD idea.  Now they (and all of us) will spend the next sixth months re-educating folks on what the real policies are.

Now that we got the reality check… can you still save a ton?  Yes.

It is very easy to save money on your groceries!  To get started read the Learn to Coupon page and watch some of the videos on Southern Savers.

A few big things to realize:

1.  We only need enough for 6-10 weeks depending on your area.
2.  You will see a sale again, I promise!  So go easy and leave some for the rest of us.
3.  Save what you can, but remember why you are saving!

Once you have read all the getting started details, just pick the store closest to you and find the list using the store names at the top of the site.  Remember that everything on the weekly lists on Southern Savers is a good price that week.  So if you need it, buy it!

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    • Debbie St John

      i watched hoping to add some knowledge to my strategies but i know of no stores here that would allow that and i have printed coupon policies for all of them. i never buy more than 4 of anything and that is with a BOGO. i have a decent stockpile but nothing like they showed.

    • I agree with your post. However, at least the season premiere had people buying “real” food and not 100’s of Yakisoba, toothbrushes, and Gatorade. And they showed some strategies, rather than just have 100 of the same coupon, like they did in the 2010 special. My friend (who doesnt coupon) and I “live blogged” the 1st 2 episodes tonight. It’s a fun read!

    • Beth Ann

      LOVE THIS.. Ty for sharing!

    • It IS a reality. My Kroger here has NO limitations to the number of like coupons you can use, or the number they double. I have gotten $150 worth of items for FREE here at my Kroger before. In fact, they gave me some overage and PAID me $2.30 to take it all home. So it is possible.

      • They should have a limit from Kroger on the number of printable coupons you can use. The corporate policy is 2 per transaction.

        Also many Kroger's do have a limit on how many like ones they will double, glad to hear for you that the one's in your area don't!

      • Bonnemae

        But not all Kroger are that way. Many are changing. I wish they were all the same.

    • This is true but there was one good family on there !! :)

    • Tara Waldrop

      I so TOTALLY agree… First time I saw the show – didn't see the one time thing they did before. I was actually talking back to the TV. I mean saying something only goes on sale every 6 months. Did they do their homwork. Frustrated stores would do this for air time. UGGGGG

    • Roxanne

      Rumors abounding here that Publix is going to no longer accept competitor's coupons. Heard anything about this? Our coupon group (Four Corners Clippers) just had someone post to the wall that they had heard this…and another group member confirmed that she had heard it as well.

      • We are going to see a corporate policy of exactly who a competitor is be spelled out. No Target or drugstores. Only grocery stores in your direct area with many stores using a 5 mile radius rule.

        • Roxanne

          but what if your Target is a SuperTarget…and sells groceries? LOL. I've gotten my Publix to take BJ's (big box store), Family Dollar, Food Lion (not really one in my area–not 5 miles anyway) and CVS and Walgreens. I'd hate to see this end…but I guess I can understand. To me though, if Target has a coupon for salad dressing…and Publix has it on sale…why wouldn't they take it?

          • Some are saying super Target is fine and some aren't. We'll have to see what your area does. I know in my area we haven't been allowed anything other than local grocery stores for almost 2 years and still save a ton, so it will be okay :)

            • Carra

              I wouldn't mind if my Publix stopped taking Target and drugstore coupons if they would double coupons. I don't have the great local grocery stores that issue coupons so, if they stopped taking Target and drugstores, it would basically be like taking no competitor coupons. Plus, they don't double coupon, so my savings would go WAY down!

            • Roxanne

              our Publix (Florida) doesn't double…but (as of right now) is taking competitor's coupons. I guess…if they change it, we're just going to have to be more diligent in finding manufacturer's coupons! :)

            • Msmelmag

              If Publix changes the competitor coupon policy, it won't effect me at all….I have never used a competitor coupon at any store because I personally don't like the idea. It may be the business side of me as a former retail shop owner but I think it is mostly the fact that Publix is greatly generous to our community and our local CARE Center Food Pantry….their contributions are tremendous. I am very happy with what I save thru SS, smart sale shopping, using my qs, etc….just me about the competitor q thing.

            • alishasue

              I feel kind of weird about the competitor thing too although I have started using them occasionally. I used one today on cereal but that was it. I agree that Publix is a wonderful store and I don't want to feel that I am being greedy with them in any way. I also am loyal as far as shopping there instead of going from store to store for the absolute lowest price. If an item is close in price, I will pay a bit more at Publix just to shop there.

    • Suzieq111472

      Thats sooo true!! I watched it for the first time and noticed that very thing….they wont allow u to do much more than 2 transactions at a time….if that in the real world…lol ! Thanks for doing this page!! I love it and helps so much to save TONS!! Be blessed!

    • Michelle

      Jenny, thanks for reminding us how to save. We also need to remember to help others out. There are people who would love to have one box of cereal for their family. We need to give to others in need. Everyone have a great shopping week.

    • Mindy

      Totally agree. Now I know why the Safeway I USED to shop at never has anything… it's where J'aime shops. I don't think they'd let me use 62 coupons on the same item – unless the cameras were there.

    • tiffanyjax

      Thank you for this post. You really break it down. One of the couponers from the previous episode has a youtube channel. He admits that the show is staged and that isn't how he coupons on a weekly basis. He is just like all of us, making several small transactions and only averaging about a 75% saving. The show's trip was set up several weeks in advance with cooperation from the store's corporate office. Again, it's not reality. It's TV and meant only for entertainment.

    • Janrenee

      Amen! and can I say it again? Amen!

    • Bonnemae

      Thank you for saying that Jenny. I felt so depressed and frustrated after watching the show. I was so excited to see the show too. Those people have serious hoarding problems. I thought it was so rude to clean the shelves out like they did and leave nothing for anyone else. I appreciate your comments.

    • HD_Mom

      Thank you Jenny for posting this. It is those extreme couponers who give coupon clippers a bad name. Moderation is the key!

    • Isaiahgirl

      THANK YOU! Especially for the reminder to leave some for everyone. Too many people in my area are couponing now, and it's common to see people emptying the entire shelf into their cart. Get the 2 – 4 that will help you and leave some for the rest of us! These people getting 77 mustards are insane and extremely selfish. That's not what it's about.

    • Missy Eby

      wow! I am saddened by the responses here….seriously? I too am going to be on the show. and I use your site in my daily life. I can assure you that NO store/coupon policies were bent or broken in my episode….everything that I purchase I order ahead of time…I don't clear the shelves..and I have an awesome relationship with my local stores. We donate to 3 foodbanks…and to an orphange….and many of our troops over seas…..I had the pleasure of going and teaching at the TLC headquarters today….it was an awesome experience. I was quite firm on the importance of being ethical too!

      • Ultrabextr

        How many people are in your family and how many boxes of pasta do you have in your stockpile? I hope you get shown in a positive light. But I also hope you have a realistic stockpile and not an obsessive “cuz it was free” stockpile. If those people were donating and being realists they wouldn’t have those insane stockpiles. you can’t honestly say that ALL those people shown weren’t a wee obsessed. I have a friend that has 12 children and NEVER spends that much money on groceries in a week!!!! I have 7, have been couponing for 2+ years, eat crab legs and ribeyes and fresh fruit & veg, and have NEVER bought that much in a week! The most I have ever bought in one trip was $710 (and paid $170), and that was only because I was preparing for the birth of my 7th child, knowing I wouldn’t be AS available for meal prep. NORMAL people don’t buy that much food in a week cuz IT WILL EXPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • that's so awesome to hear! I hope that they get a chance to show your generosity during your episode!!

        That's one thing that they really could highlight that would put everything in a much better light!

        • Missy Eby

          I actually got to tape the Rachael Ray show yesterday and speak about my donating! :) I have not seen my episode yet, so I don't know what it is going to look like. Yes we dumped some baskets…..but we preordered everything! (but I ALWAYS do) : ) I also was able to speak at the TLC's headquarters today and challenged the employees to pick a charity and start donating to it as a group!

          • Well way to go then for being a positive light, we will need as much bright publicity as we can get to combat these outlandish views.

          • Gracie

            I would love to see an episode that is “ReAL” like the one you are describing and one where you help others instead of hoarding. I truly hope that TLC shows your episode soon and that is is exactly as you describe. I hope they don't put a “slant” on it… not sure that they were responsible for that on tonights show or who exactly. I want people to see the “right” side of couponing! what I saw tonight is far from it!

          • Melissa in SC

            Please keep us posted on the airing of both your episodes. I would love to watch both. Great job!

      • Well hopefully you explain in your episode that you are calling ahead, no one here isnt saying something they didnt see filmed. I applaud you for not clearing the shelves but these people did exactly that. YOU may do a good episode and lets hope they actually show it since it's supposedly honest. No one was knocking your episode since we havent seen it and if you really condone what others in this series are doing you should be ashamed too. We will all have to deal with the negative publicity for something that would never happen off camera!

      • andie98

        I haven't seen the new shows but have seen the one hour speical that they done in that past. When your stockpile is taking over your house, then maybe it's time to wait a few weeks to buy more. :) Though it is a great high when one can overlook the mountain of goodies. That's my only problem with the extreme couponing shows. I would love to hear more about who they buy for instead of how the TP is under the kids beds.

      • Heather

        I am surprised that you are shocked or saddened by the responses here. Did you expect that we would embrace these obviously mentally unstable individuals? You're saying it is OK to have 80 toothbrushes, 58 bottles of mustard and a shower full of toilet paper? Did you SEE how much salad dressing the cereal man had? Honestly. That stuff expires within a year. Do you think it is healthy to have (undisclosed amount of cereal) EXPOSED in a garage subject to insects and vermin? The point is this: The people depicted on the show this evening were of morally questionable grounds. I have experienced addiction, been subjected to other's addictions and learned about addiction in school. These people are ILL and are going to absolutely RUIN it for the rest of us!!!

        • alishasue

          Ha ha…my husband kept saying they were OCD and I believe some of them for sure. Some of the things were understandable if you have a large family but most admitted they did it because they enjoyed it…not out of necessity.

        • Missy Eby

          I am one of the ones that will be featured in an upcoming episode. You honestly don't know how much they dontate…I know that 3 days after they taped my episode, I donated over 5,000.00 worth of stuff to my local food bank (and I do that most months). We store all of our stuff in one of our EXTRA bedrooms….and as for spending time with our children, that is what got me started in couponing to begin with. I had the choice of saving money or going back to work to provide for my family. and yes I have no problem with the amount of toothbrushes people have when TLC flew me to NYC this week, I was happy to go to my stockroom and pick out all new stuff to get to take with me in my toiletry bag! :) we are helping our local stores by using the coupons, the stores make money for each and every one that we use!

          • Ultrabextr

            They could have donated 10 times what we saw in their stockpiles… it doesn’t change how ridiculous their stockpiles were!!!!!!!! the garage, the kids closets, under everyone’s beds, in every nook and cranny, that one woman stated how it was taking over her house… that’s an illness, not a donation. she’s sitting on a 3 year supply of stuff when there is no NEED for that extreme! it’s like they’re stockpiling for armageddon!!!!! and 300 toothbrushes??? the dude only donated cereal that trip!

          • Heather

            The only mention of donation was the ceral man with the pyramid in his driveway. I think it is awesome that you're donating that much to charity, but you also get to write that off on your taxes for things you are not technically paying for. I did not say that you personally stock pile items in the garage. I said nothing about your life with your children and I think all of us here have a stockpile of items we have obtained from couponing and could fill 10 toiletry bags full of new items as well. That does not mean that we should buy 80 toothbrushes. My point was that it is an addiction and an illness that should not be glamorized. These people on the show tonight need professional help.

            • Missy Eby

              Heather I apologize, the “spending time with the kids” was meant for another post : ) I seriously see nothing wrong with getting 80 toothbrushes….I did that last year at Winn Dixie……and we have boxes of them here….they wont expire, and we donated many last Christmas to a mission. I see it as stimulating the local economy here, not an illness at all.

            • Jeaniecbarbee

              Are you 100% sure the TLC is going to show you in the positive manner that you think they are? It’s wonderful that you do what you do….but this show is only showing us the bad side of couponing.

            • Missy Eby

              I haven’t seen my episode as of yet, just the leadin to it…..but what I have seen so far was great :) ….. and frankly I know that I do things by the books. I don’t clear shelves…(yes I buy very large qty) but ALWAYS preorder whatever it is that I want to purchase. I have had a very positive experience with TLC

          • Beth

            Just curious. Where do you get all the coupons you use and how do you order the things from the store in advance?

      • nicole

        how do you pre-order stuff from the store? i'd be willing to drive further just to be able to shop only once a month and get more at once. i have to do my shops a tiny bit at a time, it gets annoying and time consuming. plus our stores treat you like coupons are a pain for them, they practically treat you like you're taking money out of their personal pockets.

        • Missy Eby

          I simply go into my local store before the sale starts and let them know what I would like to purchase :) they call me when it comes in! my store LOVES me!

          • u r crazy

            i don’t think you are for real. i think you are making stuff up in your addled mind.

      • Jeaniecbarbee

        I hope they show you in a positive light. Seems like they aren't doing that for most of the people who appear on the show.

      • sdwave23

        While I think donating has it place in communities, I do not think manufacturer’s coupons were given out so we would print hundred’s of them (like mueller’s) and pre-order stock from the grocery store and then give the items to the food bank. Coupons are created for the consumer by the manufacturer to purchase what they themselves are consuming. If Mueller’s or any other manufacturer wants to donate their stock to the food banks then fine, but let’s not all just be Peter Pan’s because we have printers and paper- that is taking advantage of the manufacturer!

    • Mekasheba

      I dont get how they do it. I dont get a lot of buy 1 item coupons in my area its 2 or more. All the store in central PA only let you double one of the same coupon.

    • Beth C

      This show really aggrevates me because I feel it is people like this who are making it harder on us who arent trying to get 35 bottles of anti-acids and 300 boxes of pasta…. I am so thrilled saving 50% in one trip!

    • Funnychk01

      My main pet peeve about this show is the stockpiles…I am all for having plenty of what your family needs and uses…but come on DONATE some of that to your local food bank or homeless shelter!

    • katsf

      I saw the show as well. I think it is morally wrong to clear the shelves. Why would anyone need a 3 year supply of anything?

    • I just started getting interested due to the show but realize all the stores here do not double coupon so I haven't figured out how to get a great deal. Still learning. Also I noticed their hoarding/addiction and “denial” of it, anything taken out of moderation is bad for one's health. I see how this could become a “high” that one keeps chasing and it is kinda of sad.

    • Felene

      Thanks, Jenny. You are so right to remind us that everything will eventually go on sale again. I have been saving on coupons since January and since then I have way too much deodorant, body wash, toilet paper, paper towels,etc…
      This past week I actually felt a little anxious because there were sales out there for things I did not really need, but I felt as though I should go buy them.

      My son looked in our hall closet and said,”Mom, I think the crazy coupon lady has turned into a hoarder!” I am making a point to stock up on good sales from now on, but if I have an OVER ABUNDANCE, I will not buy any more until I have used those items or donated them to those in need.

      When you see people doing amazing purchases, it can set you up to feel like a failure if you don't achieve those results or just the opposite… turn you into a greedy shopper.

      I know from now on I will do better.

      • Amy F

        I've been couponing since January 2010 and at first I did the same thing. At one time I had 16 jars of Ragu that I got for under 50 cents a jar. I had so much toothpaste I didn't have to buy more for a year. I've backed off considerably but I also am not saving as much since our Publix has stopped taking competitor coupons. Now I don't buy as much unless I really use a lot of it and it's a REALLY good deal.

        • Carla C

          I myself got “heavy handed” at first with all the couponing when I started catching on. Then I realized okay I have 25 boxes of mashed potatoes for 3 people. Granted we eat them about every other night. But for the love!!! I had to put stuff in my attic just to store my “overload” and I felt rediculous. I actually stopped going to the store for about 3 weeks. Now we are running out of things, however I got my stuff out of the attic and back into the buffet where I wanted them to begin with. And I also realized I had 8 boxes of cereal and ONE four year old. She would NEVER eat all of it before it went bad. I actually started giving away some of my “extra” to my family members. I realized it can become very addicting very quickly, especially if you have OCD like me, but take a step back and look at all the time and space you are taking up!

      • RealityCheck

        You are so correct and I think if we all took a good look at some of these people, they have to be OCD! It can easily turn into a form of hoarding – maybe that should be TLC's next hoarding show…”Hoarding: Buried by my Extreme Couponing”!

    • Pattikaye

      Thanks, Jenny for explaining the “reality” of couponing to us! I think these shows should have a disclaimer at every commercial break saying “results are not typical”…the way they do on the infomercials where people are “making thousands of dollars an hour working in their pj's at their kitchen table without selling or ever talking to any customers”! I know the situations from all these shows tonight would NEVER happen at the grocery stores in my area.

    • Lisa Jackson

      I wish everyone who commented on Twitter tonight could read this. You are SO right; there is no WAY any store would allow you to stand there for five hours in the check out lane. I get a feeling of discomfort if I have to haggle with them over coupons at ALL….much less what THIS woman did. Anyway, kudos on the clarification! You are my Southern Savin' Hero! ;)

    • Styronae

      I think donating is a huge factor and no the show is not realistic. They make it apear super easy and of course the stores are going to let things slide with cameras there.

    • Ashley

      Thanks for everything you do Jenny!

      Do you know when Publix will be changing their doubling policy?

    • Wendy

      The show is like watching a train wreck, you try to turn away, but you can't. Your jaw drops when you realize one mom has shoved who knows how many rolls of toilet paper under her child's bed. I mean, come on. Like my husband said, we won't stop using tp in the near future, but we don't need to stuff the mattresses with it.

      • Ekgibson

        Ahahahhhhhhaaaaaaa! Good one!

    • Pregopoulos

      Well, I feel better now! :) I too was thinking HOW?!?! How did they get soooo many of one coupon, how did they do sooo many of one rebate (on the cereal), and 18 transactions………..my husband kept saying — it's for the camera! And the stockpiles, I'm all for having a little stockpile, but that's crazy! What about expiration dates on products and shelf life?! And of course —- clearing the shelf in the store……..ugh! My Publix trip yesterday required 8 rainchecks because they were OUT. And it's sooo much work for me to do this with my two children, office job, homeschooling, etc., etc…… I only wanted 2 or 4 at the most, but all gone. Hope I remember to use them next time before my coupons expire…….IF the store is restocked and not sold out again from rainchecks ;)
      So, like many of you, I too came on here to see how I could do better, and thank you so much for posting this info Jenny!! Now that I've vented I can get back to what we're all trying to do and save my family some money. :) Happy couponing everyone!

    • Ultrabextr

      us honest couponers love you and your honesty jenny!!!!!!!!! :) i'm so disgusted at the amount of hoarding! and to have that one family so much like mine (7 kids, homeschoolers)… and now i'm pregnant with #8… my family, friends, and neighbors know me as the coupon queen/coupon mom… but i am nothing like that hoarder!!!!!!!!!! i buy what i need to last me until the next sale!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Missroland

      I consider it extreme if I can have a $120.00 order and leave with $25.00 OOP.. I am content with that!

    • Mercedes

      i agree, this not realistic. who the heck needs all those bottles of mustard. just bc you CAN get it doesnt mean you should. unless of course you are a mustard addict. Some of these people i do believe can be considered hoarders. and if the show is misrepresenting then that is just wrong also.

      • alishasue

        Yeah, and the comment about it never expiring! ALL food expires at some point. Hmmm…all this talk about mustard makes me want a hot dog or a ham sandwich…

      • Kimberly

        The bad part about it is that her husband said he didn't even eat mustard!!! It was just mind blowing to me how these people could justify clearing all the shelves off at the store for absolutely no reason!!

      • Jodie

        That was a heck of a lot of maalox too lol.

        • Jeaniecbarbee

          Maybe they needed all that malox because they ate so much mustard!

    • Missroland

      Can anyone tell me how they know the cycle of sales so you will know what items to stock up on when they are on sale and how long it will be before they are on sale again?

      • Amy F

        supposed to be every 6 to 8 weeks. i've found that a few things I buy regularly never go on sale and other items go on sale way more often than that.

        • Missroland

          I have found that my brands have changed a lot due to the coupons that I am able to get. I will use whichever products are on sale at a good price. I am willing to try them all out to find new one..LOL..

      • Gracie

        its basically a trial and error thing. Each area is different and it depends on what you need. No 2 stores are alike. If there are items you are brand loyal to then you have to really pay attention. Like for me there is only one brand of toilet paper that I will buy and I have finally figured out it goes on sale at the best price once about every 2 -3 months. So I make sure and have enough to last for at least that long. It took me nearly a year to figure that one out because some stores (Winn Dixie) seems to have little method to their mayhem! :/ In general try to buy enough to last your family 6-8 weeks and work your way up to 3 months worth of supply of the items you use regularly. Keep things in check and when you get back down to a 3 or 4 week supply start watching for the sales again and stock up!

      • Ultrabextr

        SWGA is 3-5 weeks. spaghetti sauce is on a 5-week rotation since there are 5 primary brands. :) poptarts are rare and sadly occasional!!!!! :(

    • Scost809

      I think it is kind of ironic that they air “Hoarding: Buried Alive” directly after “Extreme Couponing”…LOL!

      • Exactly!!!

      • Gracie

        ME TOO! :)

      • nicole r.

        I laughed about that too! I have ocd, but I limit it so I am not extreme on everything. I make sure I spend all my time on my son and helping with his school work or project and then wait for my craziness when he goes to bed, then I limit the cleaning, coupons, cooking, etc. to an hour each, because otherwise I could see it getting out of hand. I understand it being pleasing to get items for free, but the last time I figured I could buy mustard for free, I only bought 2 of them lol.

    • Janrenee

      Do any of you guys do a match up for Food Depot? I know they don't double or accept IP's,

    • Judy

      Thank you for posting this! At the Publix where I shop, I've started getting their earlier in the day when the new sale ad starts, just so I can actually get the items I need before the crazy ladies come through and clean the shelves first thing. Unfortunately, when I got to the store at 10:30 this morning, a few things had already been bought out. I just want to buy ONE OR TWO THINGS for my husband and me. Why are people so selfish????

      • Jodie

        I agree. If they are going to buy such large amounts they need to special order, and leave some for everyone else.

      • When I see stuff like that.. people snapping up stuff just because it's a great deal or free, I often wonder if they are turning around and selling it…. flea market, yard sale type things… something. Otherwise why would you want so much, it would go bad before you could use it all?

        • Missy Eby

          My family buys alot of stuff (preordered to my store) and then we donate it….the food banks are struggeling to meet the needs of the families….and I am happy to help them be able to fill up the boxes each month.

          • Carla C

            Atleast you are honest. You PRE-ORDER and you DONATE what you don't need. I live in a small town that is getting bigger by the minute and we have a Publix. If I don't get there by 8am day of the sale they are out of everything I need/want. I get so frustrated. Fortunately I live in a smaller town so there are many times we (the customers) stand in the aisles and swap coupons or items that we have more of than what we originally intended on getting. I've met quite a few nice people in the aisles at my local Publix (helena, al) However, Publix really needs to stock up on what they plan to sell that week so that those of us who don't hoard can still have something to put in our carts once the hoarders rampage the store.

    • Tina

      Thank you for a common sense approach to couponing and savings. I have just gotten started at this and have spent alot of time learning and doing. Still so much to learn, I look forward to reading the rest of the articles you have links to on this page. I live in a small town in northeast TN, and even here, when I go out on Tues. to get the sales at Walgreens they are all sold out. It gets discouraging doing all the work and having someone buy out everything, unless Walgreens just doesn't have enough product to last 2 days (I went out at 8am Tues, shouldn't have been out of everything, in my opinion.) But still learning, thanks to all of you who have worked hours in the past to teach us how to save more.

    • RealityCheck

      I do agree. I have tried this and it can work, however there are a few things that I have found….one, I have a family of 4, not 24 & while 56 yogurts FREE is great…no one in my house could eat that. And, I'm not about to purchase it just because it's free. I don't have enough fridge space, even with 2 refridgerators. Second, I don't have a Publix or Kroger within 30 miles of my home. All stores here limit coupons except WalMart & even they will stop you at 20, call a manager & get approval before scanning any more. By the time I would drive to a Kroger, even to the closest Harris Teeter, I have spent more in gas & they only allow 20 coupons per customer per day! Third, I keep hearing these ladies say they pay for coupons to be sent to them, or they dumpster dive or they print them out on the computer. Well, that's all good, but seems like to me that paying for coupons not only defeats the purpose, but also costs to print (ink for printers) & in time does it truly balance out? Again, I'm sure it does in products that are actually used as well as products that will not go bad. I absolutely wish I could get paper products supplied in my house long enough to last for the next 3 years, but there's never THAT good of a deal, nor can you get more than what these stores are putting limits on. Sure, I could drive from town to town to save, but what am I really saving when gas is now $3.65 a gallon? Then, there's the issue of my time…my time on this earth is valuable and even though it may give me a weird rush when it's over (for about 15 seconds) and the bill goes from $600.00 to $6.29, that's 5 hours of my life just in that store that I have lost! Not to mention all the time it takes to go through the coupons and match them up to the right store/s and sales. Plus, like you said, I can only imagine the cranky people in this town having to check anyone out 17 times!! I get dirty looks from people behind me in line & a lot of huffing & puffing from cashiers when I have to make two separate transacations! Don't get me wrong…it's a GREAT tool, but the reality of it working every time like these people and families getting what they will actually use, is difficult! I do admire these people that can do it!

      • gmg6

        Sorry, that should have been a reply to Reality check

    • B-bob

      Thank you for this. I know that the Kroger here in East Tennessee stopped taking the manufacture coupons with the e-coupons last week. I really made some big savings with that but now I have to find another way.

      It so nice to hear that I'm doing the best I can and that these ppl don't know some secret 'formula' for saving that I just haven't figured out! Thanks again for this post!

      • gmg6

        Harris Teeter accepts more than 20 coupons per customer per transaction but they stop doubling after the first 20 and you will only get face value.

        • RealityCheck

          Maybe so…but my point to that is this….where I live, I have to drive a good 20-25 minutes to the closest Harris Teeter. If they are only going to double 20 coupons, that’s not worth it for me! I can go to Ingles just 5 mintues from here and they will double 20 too. Also, Harris Teeter will only let you do it one time per day per household. I could easily do 17 transactions at Ingles with only 20 coupons per time doubling. Or, I can go 5 minutes up the road to WalMart and there’s no limit. I should have clarified that…but, now that I did you see my point of the whole limitations to coupons vs. driving time and gas wasted!

        • RealityCheck

          Maybe so…but my point to that is this….where I live, I have to drive a good 20-25 minutes to the closest Harris Teeter. If they are only going to double 20 coupons, that’s not worth it for me! I can go to Ingles just 5 mintues from here and they will double 20 too. Also, Harris Teeter will only let you do it one time per day per household. I could easily do 17 transactions at Ingles with only 20 coupons per time doubling. Or, I can go 5 minutes up the road to WalMart and there’s no limit. I should have clarified that…but, now that I did you see my point of the whole limitations to coupons vs. driving time and gas wasted!

        • RealityCheck

          Maybe so…but my point to that is this….where I live, I have to drive a good 20-25 minutes to the closest Harris Teeter. If they are only going to double 20 coupons, that’s not worth it for me! I can go to Ingles just 5 mintues from here and they will double 20 too. Also, Harris Teeter will only let you do it one time per day per household. I could easily do 17 transactions at Ingles with only 20 coupons per time doubling. Or, I can go 5 minutes up the road to WalMart and there’s no limit. I should have clarified that…but, now that I did you see my point of the whole limitations to coupons vs. driving time and gas wasted!

        • RealityCheck

          Maybe so…but my point to that is this….where I live, I have to drive a good 20-25 minutes to the closest Harris Teeter. If they are only going to double 20 coupons, that’s not worth it for me! I can go to Ingles just 5 mintues from here and they will double 20 too. Also, Harris Teeter will only let you do it one time per day per household. I could easily do 17 transactions at Ingles with only 20 coupons per time doubling. Or, I can go 5 minutes up the road to WalMart and there’s no limit. I should have clarified that…but, now that I did you see my point of the whole limitations to coupons vs. driving time and gas wasted!

        • RealityCheck

          Maybe so…but my point to that is this….where I live, I have to drive a good 20-25 minutes to the closest Harris Teeter. If they are only going to double 20 coupons, that’s not worth it for me! I can go to Ingles just 5 mintues from here and they will double 20 too. Also, Harris Teeter will only let you do it one time per day per household. I could easily do 17 transactions at Ingles with only 20 coupons per time doubling. Or, I can go 5 minutes up the road to WalMart and there’s no limit. I should have clarified that…but, now that I did you see my point of the whole limitations to coupons vs. driving time and gas wasted!

        • RealityCheck

          Maybe so…but my point to that is this….where I live, I have to drive a good 20-25 minutes to the closest Harris Teeter. If they are only going to double 20 coupons, that’s not worth it for me! I can go to Ingles just 5 mintues from here and they will double 20 too. Also, Harris Teeter will only let you do it one time per day per household. I could easily do 17 transactions at Ingles with only 20 coupons per time doubling. Or, I can go 5 minutes up the road to WalMart and there’s no limit. I should have clarified that…but, now that I did you see my point of the whole limitations to coupons vs. driving time and gas wasted!

    • Tnrxsls

      Thanks for all you do! Really!!! Amazing! I don't know why I thought the whole show was so funny, but all I could do was laugh… I think it was just the shock factor for me…

    • Tnrxsls

      I do have one question…maybe I missed this part of the show, but…are these people BUYING their coupons from someplace??? How MUCH is that costing? There is just NO WAY someone is single-handly (or even a 2 peep team ;)) getting all these coupons from papers!!! Thanks again!

      • nicole

        some of them were buying their coupons and others were just buying up to 12 papers a week (which i think is still too much since you can buy complete inserts cheaper) but if you get 10 of each insert every week, you would be shocked at how fast these things pile up. i have someone giving me that many every week and i'm actually starting to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of coupons.

        • Amy F

          how (where) can you buy coupon inserts? I've attempted to buy coupons before but I've NEVER been able to find a coupon I need. Our paper here is pathetic. not many coupons at all (but i could buy all the moo moos and bird feeders a person could want) I print most of what I need.

          • Melissa in SC

            Check out this site…http://moneysavingqueen.com/December-2010/Couponing-101-How-To-Purchase-Coupons-Online/

            another site…thecouponclippers.com

          • biskit0323

            I have only bought coupons ones time. I also get a crappy paper. Some of the good coupons or items I use won't be in mine. The site I used was coupon things by dede or something like that.

          • nicole r.

            I buy my newspapers from the dollar store..I also double check and make sure the coupons are in there first.
            I go in there every Sunday so now I go through all of them and make a pile of the ones where coupons are missing and put them on the bottom in hopes people won't accidentally buy them.

      • Tiggeroo167

        I agree! I have purchased newspapers and the inserts have been stolen. That is just plain out greed. It makes me so mad!

        • I feel for you! I've had that happen. I always grab midway down the stack of papers to grab mine b/c I have had that happen too many times.

          • Carla C

            I check my paper. Yes I stand right in the middle of the store and flip through my paper before I ever even walk away. It may irritate people who are walking around me but so be it. Our paper here is $2.00 and I'm not one for wasting money on something I should have gotten in the first place.

      • Where I am at, they still use newspaper machines. I have seen a woman get there at 5am wait for the truck to load the machine, only to throw their two dollars in quarters and take ALL the papers… I've jotted down the license plate and sent it into the paper company. I hope they do something about it.

        • Missy Eby

          That is absolutely terrible that she steals the papers! :(

          • Yea. I take the plate when I see it and tell the local sheriff and the paper company, but nothing has been done yet. I sort of feel like it is because I am still new here and I'm rocking this small town's boat!

        • Angela B

          My BIL said the samething.. what happens for thed ones who go to get the paper… just one????
          I have my paper delivered, and my area has seen their papers dissapearing from the boxes! SHAME!!!!!!!!

      • Ultrabextr

        there are several websites that you can buy clipped or whole inserts, but you're not buying the COUPON, you're paying for their time to organize and clip the coupon. i use one occasionally becuz we NEVER NEVER NEVER get the redplum inserts and sometimes there's a super good cpn on something we use alot of. like a 50¢ coupon might cost you 6¢ type of thing, there's a minimum charge though ($3 on the site i like).

        • Carla C

          Send me your address and I will mail you my insert for FREE!!! I never ever ever use my rp insert. I don't know why but I don't. If you want it, it's yours and I'm certainly not going to charge you for it!!!

        • Erin

          That’s disingenuous. Of course you are buying the coupon.

    • guest

      Maybe these people should spend the six hours they look at coupons with their kids instead. After all this time and money buying more coupons I don't think it's really worth it. I am a single mom with 3 kids (2 in diapers) and I have a stockpile but these people are ridiculous. Doesn't TLC realize that they are going to make it harder to use coupons?

    • Samanthadare

      I had what I've learned from you running through my head the whole time thinking, some stores do this? Everything is becoming limited (coupons, doubling, etc.) not to mention I don't want to have hundreds of one item I know I won't use in a lifetime unless I accrue that item over time and can donate it. I won't be a greedy couponer but MAN do I love a great (FREE) deal! It's a great feeling and I appreciate all you've taught me and saved my family. Thank you, Jenny!!

    • Bethany D

      Have you heard of Publix limiting the number of BOGO deals? I was told yesterday, when buying baby food which was BOGO, that they limit their deals to 5, totaling 10 products. I had 5 coupons for 34 jars total, which isn't really that many jars of baby food. They let me purchase them but made me aware of the policy. I've never had that happen, but then again, I have never bought more than 10 of a BOGO item other than baby food.

      • jennygirl

        I had 6 coupons, and they let me buy all 42 jars, no questions asked. Ever 42 jars, really isn't alot with a 6 month old in the house. :)

        • Andreahsm0m

          Jenny and Bethany, if you really need to save money, buying baby food is not the way. Both my babies went from breast fed to “table” food. (slowly, incorporating one “new food at a time….) I bought a mini food processor and just processed what the hubby and I were eating for dinner, green beans, peas, chicken, rice etc. sometimes I mixed them all together, sometimes I had two or three separate foods for them. If you are careful about not adding too much salt and sugar, you shold be able to share with your baby. I probably bought a dozen jars of baby food to have in the diaper bag when the hungries hit and we were not at home. Way cheaper, only a tiny bit of work (much less than extremem couponing!) Good luck to you both!

          • Ultrabextr

            i agree w/andrea about spending the $10 on a mini-chopper to NEVER buy over-processed jarred food.

            i'm fortunate with my publix that they know i have 7 kids and do not limit my quantities. the most of one thing i have ever bought though was 53 boxes of poptarts. (don't freak–they stock nearly 300 on the shelf) but do the math… 4 packages per box with 9 people chowing; that's 2¼ boxes per meal, that's only 23 days of breakfasts! didn't even make it to the next sale! :( plus they eat them for dessert, snack… we are poptart lovers!!!!!! heehee

            • Gettobobs

              Ewww, your feeding your poor children poptarts for breakfast? Tell me…what nutritional value do they have…NOTHING. They are pure sugar, and your children have to go to school with that sort of fuel in their stomachs. I can see a poptart for a dessert, but not for the most important meal of the day (especially for children) Come on people!

          • Guest

            Some people don't have time to make their own baby food…

            • Tfrost99

              It's really less time than couponing for the jars of food! If you take whatever you cook for yourself and throw it into a mini-food processor for 60 secs you will have your baby food. With my 2nd I found this to be much easier than couponing and stocking jars of food. I then started making a second serviing or two and freezing them. It's really a quick process.

          • Erin

            I agree about not really needed that much baby food, my children's doctor recommends table food only and no “baby food” by 9 months old. Just mash or shred whatever the rest of us are eating, it doesn't take a lot of time. Save the jars for the nights when that doesn't work out.

    • Jodie

      I was amazed that only one out of all them tonight donated some of what they bought to food banks. With all the quantities that they bought. It was ridiculous that they were buying over 200 boxes of pasta for themselves. I just hope that I can be a blessing to others with the skills that you have taught me, and with the resources that God provides. Thanks for all you do!!!!

    • Ileanatsai

      you are so right!!! Thanks for spending the time writing this

    • Jennie H. Smith

      My friend and I were commenting throughout the program tonight that such programs and OCD couponers will create a negative fall-out for all of us! I.E…Publix alterning their BOGO policy! Sadly, I would bet this is the first in a rash of store policy changes.

      Not to mention that ONE guy out of them all actually donated his haul…sad! Extreme-ly unrealistic and Extreme-ly greedy! God has blessed us with the means to save money and get things we need…We should share our “bounty” with others.

      • Laurie

        what is the new Publix BOGO Policy?

      • Ultrabextr

        my publix takes absolutely EVERYONES coupons, but my cashiers have been telling me a new corporate policy will take affect in a couple weeks. this doesn't sound good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Juli

        the man is NOT the only one who donated his haul, he is just the only one that they showed donating. both of the women in the original show also donated their items, TLC just didn’t show it.

      • Juli

        the man is NOT the only one who donated his haul, he is just the only one that they showed donating. both of the women in the original show also donated their items, TLC just didn’t show it.

    • Diab

      Thank you so much for this. I am a supermarket employee and an avid couponer, but it is so frustrating to have 20 empty-handed customers behind one who cleaned out the shelves just because he/she could. Seriously, do you need 52 bags of cat treats? In typical American more-is-better fashion, the few extremists have soured some stores to the vast majority of moderate couponers, forcing said stores to reevaluate and even curtail their coupon policies. Keep in mind someone pays for everything in the end.

      • Ultrabextr

        i had my fave store pre-order the kibbles & bits dog food, got 42 bags and donated 30 of them to our local spca. i have one dog and that 10# i kept will probably last her a good solid 5 or 6 weeks!!!! just in time for the next great dog food sale! just cuz you CAN buy 300 of something doesn't mean you should… especially if it means you left an empty shelf! i don't mind taking the last one on the shelf, but taking the first one AND the last one!??!!?!? rude hoarders. can you imagine the shrink bills if their homes are flooded or have a fire or tornado or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ali

      It seems to me that since the airing of the first show, the stores have really “noticed” the loop-holes and have begun to tighten their policies. Good for them … bad for those of us just starting out! I want what I see on the show, but in reality, I do not want to dedicate 6-8 hours of prep before I even get to the store. I am VERY new to this and as of yet have only scored a few small “deals”. I am easily overwhelmed by all of it and really appreciate Jenny's help (and others who help also!)

      • Kerielc

        It can be very overwhelming! Think of it this way though…if you save just $5 a week on groceries that's $260 in a year (enough to cover a car payment!) Keep going!!!!!

    • nicole

      this show irritates me a bit but at the same time makes me a bit jealous. there are so many limitations on coupons even at the 'good' coupon store in my area that it takes a lot of work just to get enough product to last until the 2 or 3 months to the next sale cycle. and even with the limitations there are so many couponers and so few stores here that never seem to order enough of the sale items, that everything is always sold out – even without people buying 50 at a time.

    • Christina

      I kept wondering how their stores have so much stock. Each time I get a “GREAT” deal or even a “FREE” deal I either get one or two, or maybe none if someone wipes out my store. So I keep feeling bad like I'm not doing the right thing with my coupons…now I understand. Thanks for the perspective. I needed it. :)

      • cc

        I completly understand. Most of the time with CVS or Walgreen's. Everytime I go to get a good deal I can't even find the sale product or it is out of stock already. It is annoying to go get a product or a certain size of the product they don't even carry. Why even advertize if you don't have or aren't going to stock up on.

        • I experienced this too just starting out. I was looking for a product right on the cover of the sale paper and the lady said that they didn’t even carry it. She said that this tends to be common if it is a newer product.

    • Jmsutton1980

      I was really really disgustied by the amount of food these people were stocking, especially with the hunger rate in America not to mention the world!!!! I just could not believe the greediness in this show! I am very dissappointed!

      • Guest

        its not like they are stealing from poor people, if they didn't buy it, it would be taken by other couponers, or sit on the shelves; like its been said a million times before on here, the show emphasized the couponing, not the donating aspects of saving money

        • very true……watch Rachael Ray next week….you will see Tiffany (from last nights episode) and myself ( I will be featured in a couple of weeks) and we get to talk about DONATING and a step by step process on HOW TO COUPON! :) So they are putting it out there….I very much enjoyed working with TLC!

    • Guest

      I totally agree with what you have written here. I think coupon-ing is great when it can save your family money, etc… But, on the TLC show, it seemed those people were bordering on greed. Who needs 35 bottles of Maalox? I can understand if you are doing it to donate it (as they did show an African American woman on a show several months ago who helped the needy in her community with her stockpiles). But, to be greedy and hog 65 bottles of mustard for your family of 2 seems ridiculous! Thanks for speaking to this so that your readers are aware of how true “savers” should behave!

      • biskit0323

        And the husband doesn't even like mustard. :/

      • Ultrabextr

        She had 77 coupons for the mustard and she paid 39¢ a bottle for them! They were on sale at Harvey's just recently for 77¢/bottle or something and there was a 40¢ mfr cpn. (that makes them a MM since harvey's doubles) and with a family of 9 that ALL love my homemade honey-mustard… i have a whopping FOUR bottles in my stockpile!!!!!!!! it's extreme GREED, not extreme couponing! it's people like them that cause me to get rainchecks for 2 stinkin' schick intuition razors for my oldest daughter!!!!!!!!!!! FOR TWO RAZORS!!!!!!

      • Bblawsonuk

        That lady needed 35 bottles of Maalox because all she bought was crappy junk food! She needs the Maalox just to be able to eat her purchases!

      • Coupons090

        they need all that maalox because they eat to many potato chips! and did you see that they were still paying almost .70 per bottle thats 24.15 in maalox before taxes.some people treat couponing like its a right,and not a privilege , it is one we work very hard at.
        a penny saved is truely a penny earned

    • Ali

      I agree with many of you — I watched with the hopes of learning a few “tricks of the trade” but between all the commercials and the greed, I didn't learn anything but how NOT to coupon!

    • paula

      I find the shelves empty and wonder what hoarder came thru. Raking the shelves clean only to store for months and years to come while buying more stock has turned into a sport for some. These women appeared selfish and uncaring to others needs in so many areas.

    • Lisa L

      I agree my daughter just kept saying through the show mom do not get like that. It is sad that these people are true hoarders and do not see it. If I had a place in my home to do this extreme (which I don't) I would donate most of it or big deals to food pantries. The food pantry in our small town does not have much on its shelves anymore due to the economy. For those of us who just like to use coupons like normal people it is causing us more grief by showing such outlandish things. Thanks Jenny for your website and keeping us up to date!!!

    • paula

      Also, these shoppers appear to be in states where food isn't taxed.

      • cc

        I know. It must be nice. In TN it's almost .10 on the dollar. So how do you save a bunch when you still have to pay the sales tax?????

        • guest

          Totally agree. That wouldn't work for me, I'm in TN too. Here we have 8.25% tax on food and 9.25% on non-food items. That one guys receipt showed that he saved 101% which means that the overages on coupons paid for the items plus tax as well for those non-food items.

          • Ablack420

            Fortunately in SC there is no tax on food

    • Mike

      What a pig!

    • Mike

      OMG, absoluteley disgsting!

    • Nichole

      I am so glad that you posted this, Thank you! Even I (who has not been couponing long), noticed the doubles over .50; I know that no stores in Savannah, GA go over that. Thank you for all your help, this site is absolutely amazing!

    • I don't understand the lady who said that the newspaper people give her the extra inserts, and even drop them off at her house. When I talked with my “local” paper one time about getting some inserts for a (free) class I was teaching, they told me that they have an agreement with the insert companies to destroy any inserts that they have left over. Maybe it's different in some states, or maybe they did not tell me correctly.

      • Kembrey2

        i also called my local newspaper company and they will not allow me to get any inserts for free. i asked the recycle company and they will not allow me to get any from there either. i think it's making all of us that coupon look crazy. now everyone that watched the show are going to think we are all like that, i stock up on alot of items but never on things we don't use and i always donate to my local homeless shelter. the show is going to start making stores crack down on the coupons and i guarantee they will stop doubling everywhere too!

        • Debidobbs

          just want to say I agree w/ crack down statement,all that show did was hurt the rest of us,And I hope the one lady doesnt have to live on mustard when they NO LONGER bring her stacks of coupons.You can bank on that being stopped.

    • I'm not a huge fan of this show. It sickens me that people abuse couponing like this. I understand donating to the food pantry, but then there are people like myself who are out of work and I NEED what I buy and I have to hope and pray that when I get there, there is 1-2 on the shelf that I can buy! I'm not buying 10 transactions, I do one. I don't buy even buy 10 bottles of mustard – I buy 1-2!

      I went to the HT tonight and had a few coupons. I went from $100 to $60 and the cashier was like “oh, you're one of 'them' ” Like being a couponer is like being a leper or something… No I'm not one of 'them'. I'm a customer, I like to save money and I don't abuse the policies!

      • Tamara

        Yeah I had this happen to me too. The woman rolled her eyes at me when I handed her the coupons and said, “You know this is like stealing from the store.” And I said, “Huh really, you know the store gets paid back the price on the coupon plus shipping too?” I only paid $20 that transaction saved $200 so I won that. I buy food for my family, my moms family, and we give food to my husbands grandparents. I usually buy like 10 or so of the really good deals, but I dont keep them theres no point

    • nicole r.

      I don't see why it is necessary to have that much mustard. My grocery shopping plans for tomorrow include getting about 100$ worth of stuff for $20, but it's 1-3 of each item. I can understand buying some things in bulk..I bought 50 cans of dog food once for a couple dollars..it wasn't to be greedy or selfish, but because our budget is so strained I'd be homeless if it weren't for the coupons. (We had the dog before it got this bad, and we are able to keep him and the house and what not because of coupons.)
      I've been planning to pick up more on the free stuff to give to the homeless. I wouldn't clear the shelves though..and in stores like my local rite aid which only has a couple of each sale item..if I see someone looking for it, I'll hand them one of mine and/or one of my coupons.

      • nicole r.

        I wanted to add to my comment – I do not disagree with buying massive amounts of things and I'm not implying that those who do are not courteous..but as a person who despises mustard it freaked me out – BUT she did mention it never expires so I guess I can see that. The stores I go to NEVER have that much stocked though..I'm always lucky just to get a few.

      • Ultrabextr

        according to the FDA:
        2 years: After this time, color or flavor may be affected, but product is still generally safe to consume.

    • I just watched it tonight for the first time Ever because my Fiance thought it would be funny to watch as I am a big Coupon Saver as well but not to the Extreme. I coupon on items that I only need and will use but my fiance and I watched as he said I needed to learn their secrets. I explained to him that it was unrealistic as well and that MOST stores don't even double coupons over .50 anyways, and they also WILL NOT pay you any money to buy a product. In fact, I've had several occasions where I've had to pay just to taxes on a product that was completely free by a manufacturers coupon but then since my balance my 0 the store said I could not use it on this transaction and gave me my coupon back. VERY UNREALISTIC show….It's ridiculous and I agree the people they show forget the whole reason to Coupon is to save money on items you NEED but just on items you want to Stock up on for the next 20 years because you can…then it becomes too much and Hording in my option, especially for the people who really want the products but instead these people are taking advantage of the system to the Opth degree that ruins it for the people that use it for necessaities. Smh…not good

    • Kerielc

      I did not watch this episode, but did watch the first show at a friends house (who had cable). I think the thing that struck me most about that show was the lack of respect these people had for their spouses. So what if I can get 40 years worth of TP for pennies on the dollar, if it means that I treat my husband like crap.
      These things will all pass away!

    • Naomi

      Finally after much anticipation tonight was the first time I watched the show. I had looked forward to it all week and set my DVR to record it hoping like others to learn some new tricks of the trade. As a avid couponer myself I was appalled and amazed by the people on the show. I didn't feel like it was reality at all I felt like I was watching a documentary on people with obsessive compulsive behavior as they glared at their stockpiles with unwavering glee. To me it wasn't as much about about providing for their families as it was fulfill a need for more and more stuff “hoarder” “shopaholic” whatever you want to call it. My concern like many other posters is what repercussions this series will have for the rest of us couponers out there, those of us that are not trying to clear an entire shelf of mustard just to show off our huge stockpile but the ones of us that actually NEED couponing to feed our families. I have already this week seen major changes in my favorite stores coupon policy limiting sale product purchases, coupon purchases and eliminating competitor coupons. I don't know if these changes are related to the series but after watching the show tonight I can only imagine that many stores and manufactures will start evaluating and tightening up there policies to limit such behavior as portrayed on Extreme Couponing.

      • That's a super interesting observation. I'm sure we'll all be gravely affected from it. Haven't seen the series yet, I *was* excited, but the Coupon-eers all seem to be really upset over it. I hope this doesn't change things!

    • Pam F

      I was really ticked by this show. It's people like that is way the shelves are empty and we must always get a raincheck just to get one or two of an item. Most stores have a limit on how many coupons they will take in one transaction. And looking at these peoples stock piles I think they need to get help for Hoarding!

    • RebeccaFer

      I have commented on this show so many times in various places on the web that I'm really tired of even hearing about it but I really enjoyed reading your breakdown. I commend you on giving a point by point analysis! :D

      I also wanted to share that I always use Swagbucks to go to your site (regardless of the fact that I know it by heart and Firefox auto suggest it as soon as I put in Sou…) because I want to earn SB points. Tonight was a first, you weren't at the top of the list when I put SouthernSavers in the SB search box … TLC's Extreme Couponing was!!!! They are everywhere! Lol.

    • MissAmes

      This show is a little rediculous. Of all of the shows on this topic on TLC, there are only 2 people that not just completely out there. The lady on the very first episode that only had what she needed and went around to other people and showed them how to coupon and would give her's away to people in the store is probably the more accurate protrayal of true couponing. I think everyone on here would agree that our goal is to save money, get what we need and share the knowledge and wealth with others. I've only been couponing for about 8 months now and I may go grocery shopping maybe once every two weeks and could never see myself spending 10+ hours a week couponing. You've shown us your nice hoarding piles 'extreme couponers', but are you enjoying what you bought and enjoying your life. Couponing is what we do to live comfortably, not living to coupon. There is only one positive thing I got out of the show. That is to make my meal planning more efficient with the grocery shopping. That was a pretty good idea.

    • guest

      you made your own baby food as to not touch the processed stuff yet you feed your family *poptarts*??? wow.

    • Slj9899

      Voice your concerns to Discovery Communications (who owns TLC) here. I did.


    • br

      Hoarders! That's all it is… Yeah are there are some in your area too.

    • Thecobbs

      Thanks for your comments!!!!! I have DVR'd the show but have not watched it…..I have just started 'really' using coupons, and enjoyed the extra savings….it has been enough each month to fill up my Suburban one time…with gas prices now, that is a blessing. I appreciate your common sense approach to using coupons AND all of your hard work!!!!

    • At the end of the show it says….” If you are an extreme couponer go to TLC blah blah blah!” ok well maybe we should go to TLC.com and tell them sure we are couponers but lets show the REALITY of this!!

    • Kathy Douglas

      I totally share your views! Thank you for helping us everyday people help our families and others by saving money. They need to show your ways on there to make us look better and not so greedy! I will say that the show made my husband realize that I am not so bad! He thought my stock pile was a lot since I will buy 2-4 of something and not just 1, but he also said I only do it on the things we use all of the time. I also like being the coupon fairy and leaving my extra coupons if I cannot use them. :) Thank you again for being a good role model for us all!

    • Sjames08

      I really thought that it was extreme and bordering on ridiculous. Who needs 62 bottles of mustard? And at that point who even cares if it's a deal? I stock up on bread when there are great sales, but only enough to fit in my “little” deep freezer. And only after I exhaust the printing of the coupons online. The woman who had her groceries literally all over her house was the dumbest thing I've ever seen and I would call her a hoarder!

      • libmom

        Those were my thoughts exactly! She thought it was so fun to take all of the mustard and I'm sure other people looking for the same deal were quite frustrated to see the shelves empty. Her husband even said “I don't even like mustard!” She made couponers look like bad.

        • Emarsh6711

          it made me so mad that she took it all! Save some for the rest of us that will actually use the darn mustard.

    • guest

      Was looking forward to this show and watched it all of 30 minutes. Very disappointing! Your breakdown of the show was right on the mark. I would just say, they had it right after the hoarding show which was very appropriate. These coupon divas had real emotional problems and seemed to be doing it just for attention, not for feeding their family. There are NO stores in my area who allows such couponing as far as number of coupons or time spent in checkout . I am glad! By watching the show, I was hoping to learn some new tips but I felt embarassed by these people actions.

    • ponygirl19

      Personally I think if you can go into a grocery store and purchase $1200 worth of groceries for $50…. that is IMPRESSIVE !!!

      However… what I was disappointed about was the fact that they didn't mention how much money people spent on coupons. I do not believe that all these people were dumpster diving and getting that many coupons from family/friends ! In fact one man said he got them from a coupon clipping service… I wonder what they charge.

      Well it certainly has made me want to work even harder at my couponing for sure but like the rest of you, 3 mustards at a time will do !

      • ponygirl19

        PS… Jenny I told my husband that woman was WRONG… she said sales were every 3 months… I actually stood up and yelled at her “no lady it is every 6 wks… JENNY TOLD ME !!!”

        • maconchip

          Best comment ever. :) I did the exact same thing.

    • momof3

      Okay, here's the thing–We may think that this is ridiculous and a train wreck, BUT you watched it. So, here's the thing–DON'T WATCH and it will go away!

      • Lisa B

        But the problem is that other people watch, and then they come to us and say “oh, are you an extreme couponer like on that show? You people are crazy, greedy, etc.” So if we watch (or if Jenny watches for us so we don't have to! Thanks Jenny!) then we can actually give them a good answer “No, and that isn't even real, it was staged for TV, blah blah blah.” I don't watch ANY reality TV ever, and yet it still hasn't gone away …

        • momof3

          However, all publicity is good publicity…See how many posts are on here, even after my post????

    • Jenny, you are wonderful and I love your positive outlook and your regard for other people. I use coupons and save tons, but my stock pile is enough for my family and some to give others. Your house should not be over taken by a stock pile to hoard all for yourself.
      I enjoy the show though. Helps put my couponing in perspective and to not EVER get extreme. I love my family too much and time with them is more valuable!!

    • janell hughes

      After watching the show with my husband I told him not to ever fuss at me for having 4 bags of chips! I make his and my daughter's lunches for school/work every day so I go through a bag of chips in about 7 days. I'd be scared to eat at those peoples houses for fear of getting sick from spoiled food.

    • Nisha1997

      I agree with you Jenny. I told my husband while watching the show, this is not reality! First of all, most stores have a limit on the dollar amout of coupons that can be used in one transaction. Second, there is a limit for doubling of coupons (Bi-Lo). Third, alot of stores will only allow you one transaction per person, per day (for store coupons at Food Lion). I reallly think they have a sickness collecting that much food! I don't have AS MUCH items as them, but sometimes i get too much (without a stockpile) and the food expire. Jenny. I like your style better and that's what i am sticking to! Thanks for all that you do :-)

    • Stephanienaumann

      I've heard from my medical colleagues that there is a new psychiatric diagnosis about to emerge in relation to people addicted to Facebook . . .I suppose couponing to the extreme abnormal limits as those on TLC will be next! I enjoying couponing in MODERATION! Coupon on!

    • Fatmama185

      I watched the program this is not real is it? a mouse would have a field day in all that

      and how would they know ?

    • Debbie

      I thought couponing was about saving money and while feeding my family, when did it become ok to have a mountain of excess that actually affects the quality of your family life. So sad that the women who participated can't take a step back & see what they need as opposed to what they have:(

    • Emma284

      I didn't watch it last night but saw the pilot and I really think it gives couponers a bad name and apart from the young man that donated a ton of cereal to a church they just made themseleves look greedy – they was a large young couple filling their carts with candy bars (could of done with a few less!) and then had Kraft dressing to feed a thousand – do they not realize that items have a use by date, don't think they were couponers but more like hoarders – another TLC show!!!! If I ever get a really good deal on items I don't want or really need I donate to churches, humane societies and my daughter's school for under privelleged families – it is always well appreciated and do we really need 3 years worth of toilet roll filling your guest bedroom????

      • Juli

        don't believe everything you see! both of the women on the original episode donated must everything they bought too, the network just chose not to show it. the cereal guy did look good donating the cereal, but you didn't see that he sells a lot of what he gets free at a flea market. TLC can make you believe what they want you to believe!

    • Sabevandagriff

      I agree totally with you! Do not like the show at all! NOT REAL !

    • KfromE

      Ah I forgot that was on last night, but I'm not upset for missing it because yes, it is very unrealistic and like another person commented below…..unless you live primarily on ExTrEmEly unhealthy food choices and a very poor diet then back off the ranch and candy bars! Haha
      Seriously tho, I love saving between 50 cents to $1 on items I know our family will use, but I fear in the not to distant future many more stores limiting and possibly not allowing doubling all together because of people on that show.
      Coupon on what you need and love, leave items on the shelves for others, and try to make healthy food choices when possible….our familys deserve it! :-)

    • Meli

      I wish we had cable so I could watch this, my hubby and I discussed this last night because one of the girls at my grocery store asked me if I would go on the show. I mentioned to her that the people on the show are NUTS. I do coupon to the extreme on some things like this week the Mueller's pasta. I have some of the $1.00 off coupons that were available last month to print. I have gotten to know the management at my store very well. They need to increase their sales numbers so they are ordering me the quantity of noodles that I have coupons for. I will never just “clear the shelf” unless it just happens to be that there are only one or two of something left. For me the best thing is to just have the store order what I want. I had them order 4 cases of Smart Balance Milk last week for me and never even touched what was on the shelf.
      The pasta this week nets me an overage of $0.30 a box and I need to stock up on meat so that is what I will use my overage for. I have a very tight budget. My husband is a firefighter and they don't get paid much and most work a second job, he's in school right now and can't work a second job. We have two kids in daycare and I work full time, but with the rising prices on gas, food, personal goods (clothes, household items, etc) I have to do everything I can to save.

      • Meli

        I should have mentioned that all the noodles (besides about 10 to 12 boxes) will be donated to my local food bank. There is no way I am storing something that will attract bugs into my house.

    • Olivia Smith

      Thank you! You summed it up perfectly. I enjoy the show for sure, but also do not like the way things were changed to make it a 'reality show'! Thanks for your post and honesty. I hope this doesnt affect us in the stores becoming more strict on their coupon policies because of this.

    • Lisae37

      WOW. I thought I was watching a show on couponing NOT HOARDERS! These people have an addiction and buy way more than they will ever need. Did that man in the pilot episode really need hundreds of deoderant and soaps. At least he donated the cereal. And that woman who cleared the shelves of all the mustard. I am a working mom and can only get to the store about once a week. When people clear the shelves like that it leaves others high and dry.

    • Krystal

      I watched it and was thinking who needs 78 mustards or 150 boxes of cereal…..i get four papers per week and @ most buy maybe 5 or 6 of the items i really need and can save like dog food. I think these people and the stores in this show are very unrealistic….and they are letting people think it's ok to abuse the shelves and stores that way, well it is not! I never take everything on the shelf ever. And i leave coupons for others. I hope people in my neighborhood that coupon don't start to act like this…LOL

    • Yolli

      Jenny, you have summed the show up expertly. I watched it last night and was extremely disappointed in most of the show. The only good this was the lady that called ahead and checked her store's coupon policy. I think that was a bit overlooked but I think it is good practice. Its a reality show and we all know that reality shows do not dabble in actual reality.

    • Proudlyamom

      I suspect some of the people of this show are neglecting other responsibilities. I can't imagine the one lady who had meticulous, typed shopping lists and spend every hour of every day doing it…….can really do it all. We are not super moms and it's okay. I wouldn't want to spend 5 hours of my life checking out at the supermarket or all my other time shopping for deals. It's a little crazy! I'm happy saving 50% on my groceries and Jenny is great at teaching us how to do it morally.

    • Asteinlight

      I thought it was interesting that this show was on right after Hoarders. Clearly these women have some sort of issue and they get a rush out of it. But these “extreme” situations are going to ruin it for the rest of us.
      Stores aren't stupid and they are in business to make money. The policies will only get more strict. I still don't understand why you need 70+ bottles of mustard. Even after your husband says, “I don't like mustard”. He actually told her that on the show.
      If you do feel the rush from saving so much money why not give some of that to your neighbors that are struggling right now. We have too many children going hungry. Donate a few of those items to help your neighbor.
      They need a couponing show that show the reality of it. Only get a few, donate what you don't need and use couponing to better your life AND someone else's.

      • Jenwright96

        I really like your comment and agree totally. Those people that got ridiculous amounts of single items made me ANGRY.. My thoughts exactly. I told my husband those people are going to ruin it for the people who use coupons and truly need to use them. There are alot of people hurting and loosing there houses and dont have hardly any money to buy groceries with. They cant take there children anywhere fun and have to say No to pretty much everything there kids want. THis truly makes me sad.

      • Erin

        A realistic show wouldn't stir any debate. No one would watch a show about a normal person reading ads and clipping coupons. Too much like real life, LOL.

    • Tracie

      Thought the show was so sad. So much greed and hoarding of products! I really felt for the people profiled and for the folks who shopped right after they did…it's frustrating to want to get just ONE “free” item only to find the shelves cleared out.

    • Kim Maynor

      Thank you Jenny! I believe this show was placed on the right night and in the right spot, ie with the Extreme Hoarders show!!! lol These people have taken it so far to the extreme that they are actually hoarding these items. There is no way they can use all of these items and they said nothing about donating. I hope this doesn't hurt it for the rest of us couponers.

      • Jenwright96

        Exactly…..I am NOT a really good couponer, I use them when I can and when I know how too. The Show made me angry that some of those people were emptying the shelves. That is just rude and wrong. When I go to the store I generally REALLY NEED what I go for and when I can save my family good money I REALLY need too and want too. Things are getting harder for everyone NOT JUST ONE FAMILY. I think people should have common decency to leave some items for someone else to save for there family. I know I can do better, I am trying to learn more. I currently feed my family of 4 and 1 dog for $145.00 every two weeks. I shop at Foodlion, watch there deals and use some coupons. THis is pretty good compared to what we use to spend. I found this website last night after the show.

        • Robin

          Wow, what you spend in 2 week is awesome. We have a family of 5 and no pets, 2 in diapers and 1 on formula and try to keep our spending under $115 a week. I find myself keeping a list of what we are out of or running low on and then making a separate list in order of priority to stay within our budget each week. It's challenging but doable.

    • ECUmom

      Thank you so much for posting your thoughts about this and that it is really not what it seems. When I was watching this I couldn't figure out how they could use so many coupons for the same item. There are so many items I never have coupons for many items these extreme couponers seem to have (maybe I am missing something). Glad to know it was just for plublicity. Also, I can't imagine the cashiers and other store employees would seem so happy through the ordeal of checking out. I never save 95%. I usually save what I spend and maybe a little more. Thanks again for letting us know that the stores broke thier coupon policy for the show.

    • Alanglois

      I agree, that is sad..those people aren't going to use all that stuff! Ummm, cereal goes bad, yogurt is fast to go bad, who's gonna eat that much? It's so sad that many didn't mention donating. My store would never use that many employee's to help you with your carts and they certainly don't have 100's of the same items! So far fetched in the real world. I get one or two and leave some for the other couponor's. It's only fair that we share! Those people have an addiction problem.

    • Jtdjagos

      Every time I pull out a coupon or even mention couponing, someone asks if I have seen the show. My reply is always the same…when I shop with coupons, I always honor the policy of the store. I buy what we can use and donate what we do not use to the local food bank. Once I say that people tend to have a different attitude. Afterall, if the same amount of money can feed my family and other families in need, how can this be bad???

    • Aliengirl41

      I was shocked at the amount of food that these people had. They should make a food hoarding show out of this. Wow. Anyway, I was wondering, one of the ladies said that she gets all the “extra” coupons from the local paper saved for her, is that something that can really be done. I admit I sometimes forget to buy my paper and then end up w/o coupons. Thanks

      • Erin

        Not according to my paper! I'm told they are under contract to *shred* any leftover coupon inserts. Kinda begs the question where these coupon clipping services get their inserts. I would love to see them all shut down and replaced with coupon sharing or trading services.

        • Realcouponersdonthoard

          That's probably the reason I'm missing mine sometimes…boots lady has them….lol

    • Michelle R.

      My friend & i were in Publix yesterday, we normally do 2 days a week, Wed. & Sundays. (We live in Athens, AL. (Hunstville, Decatur area)) The manager told us that publix is coming out with new coupons policies starting sometime this month & each store will be different but it would be posted on their doors, so just wanted to give everyone a heads up to be on the look out for your publix stores new policy, she didn't have a specific date.

      • Slj9899

        Thanks for the heads up!! Our Publix in Central Florida told me that they are updating the policy soon and will no longer be allowing competitors coupons. The cashier was grinning and happy about it!! She wouldn't be if she used coupons!! I wasn't sure if she was making it up or not, but sounds like not!

    • No1mimi

      I am proud to “coupon”. Saving my family money while supplying their needs. This show is bringing unwanted comments to those of us who are frugal. I will never watch it again. I am very concerned about the health and well being of the “extremists” on the show.

    • Chris

      Dear Couponers, could you please tell me how to get 'free' toilet paper? I've just recently started using coupons, but can't figure out how these people featured on the TLC show were able to do this? What do you 'guy's' know that I don't? Any advice would be appreciated. :)

      • Couponing can be fun

        How these coupon hoarders are doing this is simple. Pay attention to what brand they are purchasing. Usually you are seeing alot of P&G products. What they are doing is when they purchase one of these products they use a coupon for P&G that is for something else. It is up to the cashier to catch this. That is why when you are seeing people like last night’s show profile the cashier that’s what they are doing.

      • Erin

        Well, Cottonelle used to put out .50 on any one coupons. Kroger carried .99 four-packs, which were free after doubling. Not anymore, though. Read lots of comments about shelf clearers buying hundreds of these Qs, clearing the shelves and reselling the tp. Thanks for ruining a nice little freebie for the rest of us!

      • darkenmind1326

        believe it or not ..you can do it with out clearing a shelf too..try to buy your tp at CVS/RA/WAGS by building up ECBs/+UP/RR (respectfully cmatching up to previous acronyms) …grocery stores sometimes have good sales on them and usually double coupons for it.

    • I wanted to watch it last night but I didn't for the pure and simple fact that I did not want to participate in upping their ratings. The show should have a disclosure that states those results are rarely achieved by others. I heard that the Grocery stores involved in making the show went against their own policies for the advertising in making the show. Once more, the show leads consumers to believe that couponers clear shelves with total disregard to fellow shoppers, we never donate any of our products; and that couponers just have a mental problem. The average couponer does NOT have 6 buggies full of groceries. Nor do we buy 50 or more of the same item on the shelf, keep 100 years or more worth of shampoo, deodorant, ect., buy $400 worth of groceries for $392. Also with the show, the products that were purchased were pre-ordered just for the making of the show. Most importantly, I don't like the label it is putting on the rest of us. I'm thinking of contacting the sponsors of the show to let them know I won't be buying their products as long as they are sponsoring this show that clearly deceives consumers and gives the average couponer a bad name. Some of the sponsors are Hillshire Farm, Crayola, Subway, Ester C, Dove Ice Cream, Olay, Olive Garden, Staples and Gorton's Foods. It probably won't help, but at least I'll have my say!

    • I wanted to watch it last night but I didn't for the pure and simple fact that I did not want to participate in upping their ratings. The show should have a disclosure that states those results are rarely achieved by others. I heard that the Grocery stores involved in making the show went against their own policies for the advertising in making the show. Once more, the show leads consumers to believe that couponers clear shelves with total disregard to fellow shoppers, we never donate any of our products; and that couponers just have a mental problem. The average couponer does NOT have 6 buggies full of groceries. Nor do we buy 50 or more of the same item on the shelf, keep 100 years or more worth of shampoo, deodorant, ect., buy $400 worth of groceries for $392. Also with the show, the products that were purchased were pre-ordered just for the making of the show. Most importantly, I don't like the label it is putting on the rest of us. I'm thinking of contacting the sponsors of the show to let them know I won't be buying their products as long as they are sponsoring this show that clearly deceives consumers and gives the average couponer a bad name. Some of the sponsors are Hillshire Farm, Crayola, Subway, Ester C, Dove Ice Cream, Olay, Olive Garden, Staples and Gorton's Foods. It probably won't help, but at least I'll have my say!

    • Sosorozo

      The funny thing is that Extreme Couponers are too cheap to have cable and can't watch this show anyways.

      • Caryd23

        Yeah, I get the impression they've found a way to watch the show for “free.”

    • melissa

      I watched the show and was a little amazed at the savings but I thought they were a little over board. What would you do with all that mustard?

      • jessc5

        The mustard was ridiculous! She still PAID $.39 each times 62 (or however many she ended up with). Even if she had money makers to cover that $25+, why would you WANT to use it on the mustard! I use any moneymakers to cover meat, fruit, milk….you know, actual FOOD that you would actually EAT! Of course money makers are so rare at my stores, but you get what I mean…lol!

    • Gamecockgirl

      The show was not realistic and I won't watch again. That is extreme gluttony. Thank you Jenny for what you do! This show makes normal couponers look bad and will make things harder for us in the future.

    • Mindyinsc

      I was thinking the same thing…are we not following coupon policy when we are on TV??? of course not…thanks Jenny for all you do!!

    • Cherylb923

      Thank you for validating me!! I have had several friends ask me if I have watched the show ( I watched the first episode). They wanted to know if I had ever done anything they did on the show. I, of course, said no and told them my thoughts on the “reality” of it. Who needs 150 candy bars? I also don't have extra insurance of my stock pile. One episode was enough for me…

    • Aconnor007

      I was sickened by the greed shown by these people who were totally missing the point. You do not need to hoard over hundreds of toothbrushes or multiples of anything else in order to save hundreds of dollars on items and yet leave more of the product on the shelves for others to do the same.

    • steph

      another thing to keep in mind… the woman (Amanda) who bought 150 candy bars said she spend $70 on ordering her coupons. no thanks.

    • kay

      Amen Amen Amen

    • Aklholl

      I got upset because the lady with the boots and all the extra inserts from her paper (like mine would ever do that!) cleared the shelves for items they wouldn't eat simply because she had the coupons to do so!

    • Robin

      We don't have cable so I don't watch the show either but had a friend call me while it was on to tell me about the savings…one was a somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 for only about $6. Thanks for posting this. I fear that customers will get even more nasty with stores and they will discontinue coupons altogether. That would be very bad for those of us who actually depend on sales and coupons to provide for our families. Prices continue to go up and for some work is scarce. If people abuse the privilege and the use of coupons is further restricted or stopped all together then it will really hurt those who depend on this.

    • Thank you! That show really ticked me off…its really false advertising. And the hoarding of items…I mean do you REALLY need 600 bars of soap or 100 things of yogurt? Take what you and your family will use and maybe donate some and leave food for others.

    • Thank you! That show really ticked me off…its really false advertising. And the hoarding of items…I mean do you REALLY need 600 bars of soap or 100 things of yogurt? Take what you and your family will use and maybe donate some and leave food for others.

    • paula

      I arrived at Publix one morning to discover I was behind a lady had cleaned the shelves of q-tips that were BOG1. I had 2 coupons and was looking forward to this purchase that never happened. She saw that I was aggravated and just gave me a look and went to her next hoarding assignment. I told my husband I started to get two boxes out of her shopping cart, but she actually was guarding it at every stop. Give me a break 300 q-tips per box times at least 25 boxes…7500 q-tips! I hope she is reading this and realizes her obsession is plain and simple GREED.

    • Starladarlin

      From what I seen, these people have an addiction and need mental help.

    • Interplanetjanetsc

      THanks, Jenny, for the “reality” check!!

    • and fwiw, I didn't watch the show, only the previews and that was enough to deter me and combined with the comments I was already hearing and what my sister said, I'm GLAD I didn't up their ratings.

    • Stmirli

      I live is South FL and it would be impossible for me to save the incredible amounts of money some of these obsessive people save. Not one grocery store in a 100 mile radius to me offers double coupons. That alone reduces savings.

      I have never had a problem with any store cashier giving me a hard time. They actually congratulate me when they see my new total after the coupons, and I have been told I am the top saver at my local store. The eyes start rolling with the customers in line behind me. It is like I am committing a sin by using coupons and holding them up in line. This riduculous show will just support more of the eye rolling.

      • Marissa

        Exactly- so many eye rolls from customers in line behind me. I try not to look anymore. It really brings me down. I found great humor in the show b/c the customers & employees were cheering when in reality they would be sneering.

      • Slj9899

        I think it's funny that people roll their eyes when we use coupons. I have a right to eat, don't I? Have you ever gotten stuck behind a person using a food stamp card that didn't work or WIC or the receipt tape ran out or they are pulling money from the till etc etc. When people roll their eyes I just smile at them and say “I hope YOU have a better day!”

    • Melissa C.

      I agree with many of these comments, You CANT use 2,300 coupons in one transaction, heck Harris Teeter only lets you use 20 a day, for this simple reason!!!! And then the one lady I think said she has been couponing for a year had over 20,000 dollars (dont really remember) worth of stuff and spent $2000 all together. Well, to me that is a lot to spend in one year for 90% of the stuff your not going to use within that year :)

    • Ctennant6

      Thank you for the reality check and the summary of the show.

    • Marissa

      Well said Jenny. I was curious what your thoughts on the show were. I must admit, I wouldn't mind seeing your stockpile & preparations for a shopping trip though.
      Although I was impressed with some of the stockpiles on the show, I don't understand why anyone would need to add to an already lifetime supply of product, such as deodorant. Also some people on the show really irritated me. Like the lady who cleaned the shelf of mustard- when her husband doesn't even like mustard. SHe is the reason why I need so many rain checks when I shop. And I don't buy that all the employees and surrounding customers are actually cheering for these people. That NEVER happens. The looks I get from cashiers & others has almost made me stop using coupons….almost. And the employees pushing around carts and waiting in line – not gonna happen in my store.

    • C. Duck

      First of all the show should be called extreme hoarding…. i mean really 62 bottles of mustard? second of all did you see the preview for the man who was getting like $41 back from the cashier? Like that would ever happen in reality. I thought the show was awful….they should make a show about real couponers and real savings it would be more realistic and interesting and might actually help others to learn to coupon and save money.

    • judycrawford

      Thank yoiu!! Just simply, thank you!

    • TL

      My six-year-old son came in the room and watched for a few minutes. He then asked, “Is that a show about greedy people?” Out of the mouth of babes…

    • Thank you Jenny for teaching all of us the proper couponing etiquette. I wish someone would show these other people

    • Sunshine23314

      I am so glad your telling everyone this is not possible. All my friends were calling me asking me about the $1000.00 in groceries they could get for for a few dollars. I too explained it was impossible. I have never seen a store lend 6 to 10 employees to help anyone shop. LOL It makes for a very exciting tv show, however. The people hoarding all that product was absolutely disgusting to me. People if you have more than you need share it with other pleaseeee……many shelters would love to have it. You will be blessed with more and you feel great too.

    • FreedomSpradley1

      I really enjoy couponing and save lots of money doing it but I don't think I'm anything like the people on the show. I agree with lots of other comments saying they come off as obsessive compulsive and/or hoarders. The most I usually buy of one item (even if it's free) is 6. I share my stock with friends and family and donate. I enjoy giving just as much as I enjoy saving if not more so.

    • Melissa

      That show was really stomach churning, so glad you posted on it. Think they should be on the hoarders TV show instead of a coupon show. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!

    • Lmgleaton

      My thoughts exactly – I enjoyed watching it, but had some of the same thoughts and have run into problems with some of the things these ladies were able to do. Another thing that made me think was seeing all of the store employees standing around and watching the checkout – shouldn't they have been RESTOCKING the shelves??

    • Juli

      amen! The Rome GA Kroger store had an episode taped here last week…found out from an employee that they allowed the couponer to triple her coupons in order to make the store look good. In reality they only double coupons and they have started putting limits on those. Very much NOT reality.

    • kim

      This is why I am not happy to see your site now entitled “Southern Savers-Extreme Couponing Southern Style”. There is nothing you do EXTREME with your couponing Jenny. Get rid of the word “Extreme” in your descriptor. It does your site, and you, a disservice.

      • Allison

        Where do you see that? I only see “where finding deals and steal is simple and rewarding”.

    • Mmsavingmoney

      Seriously….can we say “hoarding”??? A shelf of groceries in your master bedroom is a little much! If nothing else, donate the food to a local food bank! They could use a few of those 100 boxes of cereal for folks who are hungry NOW!

      • Mcleodsc

        A couple of years ago, I ran into a very good deal on cereal. I stockpiled 20 boxes of almost free cereal. Well we quickly grew tired of cereal for breakfast everyday. When we decided we wanted to eat cereal again, I happened to notice the expiration date on the box. All of the remaining boxes were out of date. Lesson learned- for our family 4 boxes is enough to stock pile. Any over this should be donated immediately or given to relatives. For most products, I try to keep enough for 6 months at a time. Any more and it gets donated. The only exception is laundry detergent and toilet paper. I currently have 10 jugs of laundry detergent but only one toilet paper package. A year ago I had a mountain of toilet paper but used it all up about 3 months ago and am waiting on a good sale/rebate.

    • Jacmurf

      Thank you for your comments! To me, you are more real than any TV show! Thank you so much!

    • Michael R. in SC

      Greedy Extreme Couponing is what they should call the show!! That lady that got 66 bottles of mustard, that was just greedy, she'll never use that in her lifetime, especially since her husband said he doesn't eat mustard. She said, ” I want to clean the shelf” and her husband said, we'll leave three bottles and she said no just leave one. Also, from the stockpile they all had at home you could tell they obviously don't donate any to food banks.

      • Ed

        Plus don't you like how she said he “looks” like she had lots of money.

        • Threnners

          Then maybe she should take some of that grocery money she saves and get something done about that fried mess on her head.

          • Twirlly

            I'm so glad someone said this, and not me although i was thinking it. She kept doing all that primping, and then the heeled boots to go on a several hour extreme (hoarding) shopping trip… I mean come on. It wouldn't have matter how much she tried to slap on her face, and her hair was just hopeless. I guess that's looking like you have money to her though, lol just cracks me up whatever makes her feel better.

    • Linda Hydrick

      These people should be on hoarders. I have watched 2 episodes and don't understand why people need that much toilet paper (to last a lifetime) and laundry detergent and keep buying. Seems the idea of “saving” is so you don't have to spend in the future! You know if you have to put a separate insurance policy on your groceries you have a problem. Plus the items expire and how about donating some of that stuff! I think the show does a great disservice to couponers. Thanks for your truthful opinion.

    • KJ

      To the people on the forum who usually defend those who clear shelf due to reasons on “donate, never know their situation, can't judge…” here you go. Most people after all the time it takes couponing, family, and work I doubt each and and everyone of you who clear shelves donate. You can see on the show people are obsessed about their stockpiles.I didn't see any donating on these shows last night. This would have been a good time than ever to show how couponing helps the community, and not a lady who WANTED to clear the shelf just because she could. There are a lot of greedy couponers out there!

      • Bravo for calling that out. I was thinking the same thing!!

      • Erin

        Tell me about it! So many people are “outraged” and afraid the show will give “normal” couponers a bad name. Unfortunately, I think the show is helping other excessive–but not quite that excessive–couponers justify and rationalize their couponing habits: “Well, I’m not *that* bad.” I for one am not worried about how I’ll be received in stores with my coupons because I don’t think I’ll ever be mistaken for “one of them.” I will never buy coupons (just seems wrong) and I rarely have more than two like coupons, yet I have more than enough products. I don’t like to do ridiculously large transactions because the cashier typically misses coupons anyway, and that’s money out of my pocket. If you aren’t excessively couponing, if you’re using coupons ethically, and if you’re following store policy, you have absolutely nothing to worry about at checkout.

    • Lauren

      Great post! I wish the show would find sane people that save a lot of money, but I guess that wouldn't be as entertaining.

    • amy

      I totally agree, Jenny! How can this even be allowed, even if it's “good press” for the stores. So then I try to go in and do the same types of deals and get the COUPON POLICY thrown in my face.

      I truly wish more shows were INFORMATIVE like your seminar vs. look I spent $5 on $500 items – store policy – eh, it's MY TV show and the waived it!

      Really not fair to the rest of us NORMAL people!

    • Amysbrock

      Thanks so much for posting Jenny! I coupon to stretch our budget! We are a one income family raising two children and things are tight! Couponing has allowed us to no longer be a store brand family. Now, there are a lot of great store brands out there, but not all. And I do still purchase some. Stockpiling (not to their extreme) has allowed us to not run out of things. I know what I have and when I begin to run low, I look for sales. I remember when our oldest was a baby, we would have to basically roll pennies to buy diapers and groceries. Now, we don't have to do that. And after 3 1/2 years of marriage and two kids, saving money with coupons is allowing us to FINALLY take the honeymoon we could never afford to take!!! I just hope that these shows don't ruin couponing for us normal people!!

    • Dlewis2963

      I agree that there is no donating going on here. As I was watching these crazy people last night I was thinking that if they were donating instead of stockpiling like freaking squirrels it would be a very good thing. But clearing shelves simply so you can hoard your stockpile? Not so much. Last night was the first time I watched this show, and will definitely be the last. These people have a problem & instead of being “praised” for their genius, they should be offered mental help.

    • Abbyandjaxmom

      Thank you all for commenting on the show last night. I am new to couponing and thought I was doing “good.” After watching I felt so discouraged and told my DH I needed to step my game up! But now I realize that is NOT reality and Im doing just fine for what my family needs and doing the best I can!

    • Trisha

      Totally with you Jenny!! My husband decided to record this show for me to see if there were maybe some tips I could pick up so last night I got to watch the first episode…..I was so pissed off I had to turn it off. People like that ruin couponing!!!

      • Couponreina2011

        Exactly – These people ruin it for everyone!!! They cause stores to change policies and reduce savings all the way around. We should ALL write in an express concern. Anyone know where to send a message?

        • Dlewis2963

          I was thinking the same thing… when that one woman was on the phone asking her store why their policy changed so often I was like “Because of you, you idiot!!!!”

    • Kel

      I felt so bad for these people. They are addicted to this. It has become an addiction! Anyone who breaks plans and commitments to go and do this when you have a complete grocery store in their house needs needs to talk to a therapist about it. It is running their lives!
      Oh, and the guy, Nathan, they had on there did donate some of the food to his church. Which I thought was great. I wish the others would do that.

      • Juli

        the ladies on the show with Nathan also donated their purchases, tlc just didn't show it.

    • momof3inATL

      A thought from the “pilot” episode of extreme couponing… No one on the show took into account the cost to obtain the coupons. I believe the gentleman stated he spent $70 in coupons to get X number of product for free. There is a cost in obtaining coupons outside of asking your neighbors and digging through recycling bins. Lastly, what is the cost on taking quality time away from your family when playing at the park with your kids (walking with your spouse) is free?

      • Msemejuru

        So true. How do you raise 7 kids while spending hours a day couponing?

    • Coupongalplus3

      What I don't get is that these people “love” their stockpiles, but they never use them. Even if they take one item from their “shelves,” they replace them with several more. What's the point? What are you saving if you keep buying items that you'll never use? Where would you even donate 30 bottles of Maalox?

      • Kim

        I totally agree! I couldn't understand the whole shopping for a party of 20 when she already had all that stuff in the house. I mean 52 bags of chips……that's at least 2 bags per person!

    • Lisae37

      One word for this show: GLUTTONY

    • Cynthia_nich

      I agree with you…
      I was sad to see the show because now they are going to make it hard on people who do it fair, and that need to do it to survive!

    • JT

      Wowsa! That/those episodes really upset me. While I love to coupon and I've saved my family tons of dinero, I have not and will not get to the point of storing hundreds of cans of vegetables and jars of salad dressing under my child's trundle bed! Nor will I ever call a friend to come to the grocery store to check out one of my umpteen transactions. That is pure GREED! I seriously hope you folks out there couponing are buying what you use and not just buying/getting 20 bottles of Maalox because they are free. Please just stockpile what you use for the 6-10 weeks and not 6-10 years! Thank you!

      • Kim

        About the Maalox. When she was pulling all those bottles off the shelf, I thought, Honey if you got that bad of a problem that you need that much Maalox for indigestion and gas, you may want to go see a doctor. I didn't understand the need for that much. Also that she was going shopping to get things for a party for 20 when she had enough bags of chips and other stuff to entertain at least 100!

        • Meghan

          I thought the same thing about the chips! I don't think I will watch that show anymore. I DO think I want my hubby to see what true stockpile hoarding is, so that he doesn't think my 2 or 3 extra cans of stuff is hoarding :) :) It all fits nicely in my tiny pantry, not all over my house in every nook and cranny!

          • Lara

            I 'm with you on having my husband see the the real freaks! As mad as I am about the show one thing I could realate to was the nervousness at check out! Although….never that nervous, and don't think I will be calling my friends in to help me shop. I just can't believe how over the top that show is!

        • Lorrose57

          I think she “made” money on the maalox… I would donate it all at that point.. and she made $ to got towards the stuff that she actually would of paid for.. that is a CVS trick, too…

          • Twirlly

            No it cost her like .5X cents a bottle as it was priced $5.5X and she had a Q for $5 off.

      • Couponj

        I was wondering how the Malox was going to be used for the Party she was stocking up for? Party favors maybe? Everyone grab a bottle of Malox on your way out. HAHA

        • Mandy

          I know! I said they would need all that Maalox after eating all those cheap hotdogs!!

    • Ed

      Watch the two episodes last night. How in the heck do you get the newspaper to drop off all of their “non” used inserts to your house? Not to be rude, but who the heck does she know??? I had inquired about them before and they do not do that. It amazes me how this show is not true. 5 hours check out, right! 18 transactions, right! Waiting for your friends to get there to finish your transactions??? Come on! I have done 3 transaction before and they got ticked off. Just isn't real.

      • Couponj

        I know… and umm… there was meat and ice cream on the belt… I wouldn't eat any of that stuff after sitting out for 5 hours!

    • Alice

      I do not agree with this show I hate and refuse to watch it. This is not true couponing as we have been taught and it hurts those of us that are responsible and honest.

    • Kathy

      My husband used to think that I was a hoarder until we watched that show last night. I am always telling him that 4 or 5 of everything does not make one a hoarder. Last night he saw the REAL hoarders and he told me that he will no longer give me a hard time!! Thank you Jenny for all that you do. : )

    • Bridget_hend

      Everyone has a vice, a lot woman I see couponing have the vice of “shopping”. They feel less guilty since they are spending less money, but they are spending a lot of time away from their family. I use coupons because I need to, but my simple rules are this. Never more than 4 items on sale, I despise the rude people who empty the shelves. Never more than 20 coupons per trip. I only shop two grocery stores and two drugstores. That's all I care to keep up with. I still save an average of $200 a month and I am not overwelmed. I do not freak out if I cannot get my hands on the Sunday paper. I am so thankful to Jenny for the website that enables me to quickly print my lists and match up coupons. As a single mother who works full time this is truly “priceless” for me!

      • Erin

        Well said! I wish everyone followed your “coupon code of ethics.”

    • Julie Brooks4

      If they get pleasure out of buying and seem not to be using the items that they bought they should donate them to a food pantry. That way people who need it could actually have something.

    • mclark

      If these people really get a rush from couponing then a Homeless or Women's shelter should hire them to shop for them. They are the ones that need stockpiles of things since they run out of things…. This show made me mad and brought disgust b/c there is no way I would ever get this obsessed!!

      • Mcleodsc

        I really like your comment. The homeless shelter, women's shelter, and food bank could really use those couponers to shop for them. Even the SPCA and animal shelters could benefit from those couponers shopping for them.

        • Hildawins

          Maybe we should get to our shelters and ask if we could donate the coupons we don't use to them to use? I know I don't use many dogfood coupons – ? ? I will call our shelter and ask. Maybe I can direct them to Jenny's site and let them learn! Great Idea Mcleodsc – I will have to find a shelter around to do the same.

        • Shellypsu1

          I agree Mcleod…. I wish more people could be giving. Couponing has made me a more giving person. Thanks to SouthernSavers!

    • Brittanymojica25

      This makes me really angry at them!!!! There is no reason to have that much stuff..Haven't they ever heard of GIVING. If i were able to have that much i would give to familys that didn't have anything. GOD has truly blesses my family and i give as much as possible

    • Mcleodsc

      My 30 year old son called me to make sure that I was watching too. For years I have tried to get my family into couponing because of the economy. Well he finally is interested but only because of this show. I hate to burst his bubble but none of the grocery stores in our area would allow that many transactions. There are NO coupon friendly grocery stores around here. I usually shop at Aldi which does not accept coupons and only occassionally venture into any other grocery store to use coupons.He called me after the show to see if I could gather some coupons for him and his girlfriend to get started. I do almost all of my couponing at CVS and WAGS. I do have a stockpile and I do donate. My son will probably make one trip to the grocery store and give up on couponing.
      On another note, I would never make a huge shopping trip like those couponers on the show. I make smaller transactions at WAGS and CVS. This show is going to actually turn people off on the idea of couponing when they go to their own grocery store and cannot duplicate what they saw on TV. I think most people will try one or two times and give up and forget about couponing.

      • Guest

        Type your comment here.You might be able to get your son to do it (and keep it up) if you direct him to Jenny's site or help him by email plan his shopping for a few weeks. My adult son used to make light of my couponing, I sent him to his first apt w/ a stockpile but as he started running out of stuff like shampoo, toothpaste, cereal, etc the reality of how much all that stuff costs at full price set in! (Imagine him finding out that his favorite cereal is “normally” $4 a box when he knew full well that I refused to pay more than $1 a box while he was living w/ me (and we usually had his fave available)

    • Cheryl

      Thank you for this post!! I was watching that show last night and thinking I was a failure at couponing because I didn't have 600 rolls of TP in my house LOL! I feel better knowing that this show is not a reality.

    • RachelS

      I was not only disturbed that these people thought it was ok to have this much stuff, but that they were proud that they had taken over their homes to store it. It is so sad that this is how people live- and they “live” to coupon. I do have a life and want to enjoy it. I think it is also extremely ironic that Hoarding came on after these shows…I told my boyfriend that Extreme couponing should be called “The Prelims for Hoarding”. It is really sad. I couldnt help thinking, Japan just had a natural disaster and these people are acting like they need to make their house a grocery store. I feel like they need to be donating to more charities than splurging on a “deal”.

    • Sad in Mooresville

      I went to a yard sale in Mooresville, NC this weekend in the Linwood Estates subdivision. There was a lady who had set up her garage to sell her “STOCK PILE”. In my opinion it may not be illegal but it is not ethical to do this.

    • Mwb83

      I watched this last night as well, and even made this Facebook post after:

      Hello, my name is Mary, and I am a couponer. Each week I save lots of money on my groceries and household items. However, I am not ANY of the following: a) a hoarder, b) obsessive-compulsive, c) greedy, or d) an individual with an impulse-control disorder (I'm taking a psychology class right now). I also do not spend HOURS clipping coupons! Please don't think these Extreme Couponers are the norm!

      Jenny, I have been couponing since December, and it's now become a way of life for me. It has made a huge difference in my household bills and I've started saving more and more each month (I finally have money left in my checking account after paying bills!). I want to thank you so much for the amazing job you do on your blog. Southern Savers has made a huge difference in my life!

    • Casey Case

      Extreme Couponing is just an extension of the show Horaders. Jenny, you should go on the show and be the voice of coupon-reason! People would do more couponing your way and you could show America that 99% of the people who coupon don't have a mental illness…at least not one related to obsessive hoarding.

    • Wendy Thomas

      I agree with Casey Case, Jenny you need to get on that show and show them how to do it NORMALLY! What is one couple going to do with 30 years of TP? If I buy that much food, half or more is going to the food bank. What's wrong with these people? Help your neighbors, donate it!

    • I'm not a FREAK

      This makes people who use coupons look like FREAKS !

    • steph

      “Once there was a people who surveyed the resources of the world and said to each other: “How can we be sure that we will have enough in hard times? We want to survive whatever happens. Let us start collecting food, materials and knowledge so that we are safe and secure if a crisis occurs.” So they started hoarding. So much and so eagerly that the other peoples protested and said: “You have so much more than you need, while we don’t have enough to survive. Give us part of your wealth!” But the fearful hoarders said: “No, no we need to keep this in case of emergency, in case things go bad for us too, in case our lives are threatened.” But the others said: “We are dying now, please give us food and materials and knowledge to survive. We can’t wait… we are dying now!”

      Then the fearful hoarders became even more fearful since they became afraid that the poor and hungry people would attack them. So they said to one another: “Let us build walls around our wealth so that no stranger can take it from us.” They started erecting walls so high that they could not even see anymore whether their enemies we outside the walls or not! As their fear increased they put bombs at the top of their walls so that nobody from outside would even dare to come close. But instead of feeling safe and secure behind their armed walls they found themselves trapped in the prison they had built with their own fear. They even became afraid of their own bombs, wondering if they might harm themselves more than their enemy. And gradually they realize that their fear of death had brought them closer to it.” – Henri Nouwen

    • Yeah, I was totally yelling at the TV and just shaking my head. The lady at the end had so much stuff, she really didn't need to go to the grocery store. And plus, I didn't see her buy any fresh fruits and/or vegetables.

    • guest

      im so disappointed and almost embarrassed to go to publix now..i'm the furthest thing from a hoarder, I don't even have a real stock pile except for maybe three extra cans of soup. I don't think I'm a freak for being smart about not wasting money. Thank you Southern Savers for posting this.

    • Wiseadrian

      Hi, Jenny. I am fairly new to the couponing but I was able to quit my job to be at home with my kids. I just can't imagine couponing for “4 to 6 hours” a day to prepare for a trip to the grocery store!? And then, spending 5 hours there! That “is” a days work! And most of all, time from my kids. I think the people of the show let it consume them. They go to bed thinking about it, and they pull up to the register to get that rush! Seems to me like its an addiction just like a drug or alcohol. Don't get me wrong, I get a good feeling at the register too, but I also get a good feeling watching my kids baseball games, or playing basketball with them in the driveway. I definely agree with donating to the food bank… or your community! There are LOTS of people in your community that go to bed hungry every night that you have NO idea about. Call your local churches and schools, and they will be more than happy to help! Helping someone in need is the biggest RUSH you could ever get in life!!

      I love your website and it has helped my family tremedously! God bless you for being so wonderful and you have definely blessed my family! :) Thanks again!

    • Pfamcoupons

      I was clipping and organizing my coupons when we watched it. My husband was appalled. The one with family of 9 people eating. I totally understand and I thought it was really wise of her to call the store before they left so there would be no surprises. However the woman with all the MUSTARD-really did you have clear the shelves-that's just greedy UNLESS you are providing mustard for a big church or other organization bbq with 1000 people. To me at times it was more hoarding and less couponing. The couple with two dogs and tons, tons, tons of toilet paper. We won't be that family-well there a four women in our house.

    • couponmom73

      Note to other couponers: When you have to use your kids bedroom and or playroom to store your “stockpile”, you have crossed the line from 'frugal” to “hoarder”. I believe in getting a good deal, but NOT at the expense of my family

      • Msemejuru

        I have a family of 8 and we couldn’t use that much tp in a year. It is wise to stock up on detergents, soaps, oral hygiene and meat because that’s what breaks the bank in big families. It is hard enough to spend quality time with each of my kids without spending hours a day to save money on something I’m going to use in the year 2013. Time to share.

      • Guest

        I didn't see the show but my understanding from the other posters was that the family who had 9 kids had stuff stored under the kids' bed. Depending on available space I can see where w/ a family that size it might be necessary just to keep a 6-8 week supply on hand. Also if one or more children will be leaving home soon, it will require more if you want to send them w/ a stockpile (example, for our family of 4 I knew how much toilet paper we needed and never went over a 2 month supply BUT clearly my kids were not going to move out w/ partial packages of tp so they each needed more than 1/4of my usual max size stockpile.)

        • couponmom73

          I just don't think it's fair for the kids to have to give up their space to house mom's 100 rolls of toilet paper or paper towels. Shopping for a few weeks supply is one thing, shopping for the apocalypse is another. There is a line between stocking up and hoarding. From what I saw last night, these people have all crossed that line.

    • Jessica

      No one breaks the policy @ bilo in a few weeks. That is why the women breaks her transactions up & only uses 10 like coupons per order! Some people are just to quick to assume & judge!

    • The show was ridiculous and “extreme” isn't even a strong enough word!
      When anyone asks me about my couponing, I make it clear that my “stockpiling” is limited to the normal pantry space, bathroom closet, and laundry room shelves. No piled up excess, no hoarding here. Good grief, it gives the rest of us a very bad image!

    • Krazy2000_29307

      I watched this show last night for the first and probably my last time I was so floored about how much stuff these people had that they will probably never use it or it will go out of date and how about that lady with all the mustard who wiped out the shelf but yet they didnt even use mustard how riduculous is that. I belive this show only gives us couponers a bad name and will make more and more stores look at how they allow coupons to be taken and in return it will make it harder for us who actually need to coupon to make sure we have food to support our families. What a shame……

    • Rhonda Norwood

      I was so disappointed! The show was more about food hoarding, who needs 100 boxes of cereal, chips to serve 800, 25 bottles of Maalox or 1400 rolls of TP. Really, this was on the ridiculous side of grocery shopping.

    • carrie

      After reading the blogs from a couple of the people who participated in the last show, I went into this show realizing that these scenerios were set up ahead of time (the stores knew and were prepared and the participants were asked to do an extreme transaction). Even last night, you could tell that a few of the participants don't do transactions this extreme every week – some of them seem surprised themselves with how well they did. Now, if only these people would use their skills to help their local food pantries. I try to set aside $5 per week to get things for our food pantry. On a good week, I can turn this into $10-$20 worth of products, imagine the ones on the show who got a few hundred dollars worth of products for around $5 donating all of this. I'm agree with the comments that too many people doing this and then coupons going away all together. Then I would be forced to go back to shopping at Wal-Mart (gasp!!) if Publix stopped their BOGOs and allowing coupons.

    • PC

      I hate how they make it seem like everyone who does that will pay $6 for $600 worth of groceries. In reality the $600 dollars worth was probably items that the average family doesn't need.

      They caught an expensive item on a BOGO sale, had coupons for $2-3 off of 2, making the cost of 2 around a few pennies, plus tax.

      Then they buy dozens of that product with bought coupons.

      To the people at home it looks like catching such a good deal happens regularly, but really those people are just going home with $600 worth of products they don't need, didn't even want or can't possibly use….just for the thrill of the deal.

    • $savingmommy

      The one lady took 6 hrs to prepare just for ONE of her four trips that week. NO ONE in the “real” world that needs/wants to save money is going to start couponing if they think it takes that long. Sometimes it takes me a few days, but I only work on it for a short amount of time per day. I also have a 14 month old, so I can't just sit down and do it. I hope people don't get scared when they think it is that “extreme'. Thank you Jenny for Southernsavers. It has been a HUGE help to me and my family!

    • Hildawins

      I have never believed those claims. Maybe if they had a group of people, shared the coupons for one show etc. In my best couponing I get a really big savings about once every 3 weeks from saving my coupons and using this wonderful site. But the big kicker? I only buy what my family likes, has always liked, and will use – I don't buy a lot of what they do!

      Honest couponing forever.!!

    • Lara

      I'm so glad you have addressed this. I for one love to save, however, I would have to donate some of that excess…who can EVER use that much mustard???? If it were the case. and all it took was a little time and effort, why wouldn't food banks be doing this? I think I would open my own food bank! Thank You Jenny for all you do for those of us who live in reality!

    • Erin

      Like some other posters, I was yelling at the TV last night! These people are hoarders, but this just happens to be a “socially acceptable” form of hoarding since they're buying stuff that they technically will use (although not in their lifetime) and not clothes or shoes. It's ridiculous and greedy. Seriously, putting your preschooler in a dumpster to dig for coupons? 60 jars of mustard when your husband is telling you he doesn't even eat it? These people need professional help just as much as the folks on the Hoarders show.

      Thank you so much Jenny for being a voice of reason among some really crazy people! Love your website – keep up the good work! It really means a lot to many families!

    • Kathy

      My husband, who doesn't do the shopping and doesn't really understand the true meaning of “couponing” told me the show was coming on. I told him I couldn't care less about the show. I explained how the show gave unrealistic examples of a few people who are truly addicted to shopping. The people on the show will purchase bulk anything because they are convinced they are saving money. In reality they don't even know what they have and in the end will probably waste most of it. True couponing, is not an addiction or hysteria, but a way of life for smart people who want to provide sensibly for their families, selves, friends, church, or communities. In this economy, it would be nice if a show portrayed someone like Jenny to educate shoppers intelligently so that more people will comprehend the reason for and the savings awarded when done in a practical manner.

      • Spring

        I couldn't agree more!! Ky local city paper sent me an email to “remind” me that the show was coming on and they wanted to get my opinion on the show. I feel exactly the same way.

    • Couponj

      Who can eat 90 packages of lunch meat before they go bad? Even if you freeze them??? That's what I don't like about this show. I can't imagine all that food gets eaten before it goes bad. Even bags of chips only last a few months.

      All that mustard that her husband doesn't even eat – why??? Especially since that same mustard will go on that same sale within a few months. Who fills an entire shower with Toilet Paper?????? OMG

      I'm sure they prepare the biggest possible trip for the show and ratings… I'm hopeful they don't always shop like that! And can you say… DONATE!!!

      Out of them all I liked the family of 9. I thought it was cute the kids were involved in getting to pick what they wanted from the sales. I can't imagine what it is like to pay 7 college tuitions (or support a family of 9). Even though the little one was sleeping with toilet paper under his bed they at least seemed to be buying items they would use. I wouldn't want to wake up looking at a stock pile though.

      • Guest

        I think it is not only cute but instructive for kids to be able to pick what they want from the sales–it starts them young learning to coupon, I only have 2 kids and don't hoard but when our kids movd out of the house I let them each take whatever they wanted from the stockpile (which I had built up higher than usual because I knew it was going to happen–ex our family of 4 didn't need a stockpile of more than 12 boxes of cereal BUT since they were going to separate households we did)

        My daughter in college is amazed (and appalled) by how much $ her friends spend on things like shampoo, laundry detergent and toothpaste. If you are plannng to have them out on their own soon, it is a HUGE help to them to give them a starting stock pile. Since I didn't see the show, I don't know how soon that will be a reality for the big family shown.

    • April

      My husband watched that show with me and I was telling him that polite couponers don't take EVERYTHING off the shelves like that. RUDE!!!!

    • Nmckeown

      Thanks Jenny. The worst thing about this series is the selfishness of these people… I know that sounds judgemental… but if you get all of this stuff for free- give it to people who need it. Don't hoard it just to look at… sad.

    • Tonya

      There seem to be some extreme couponers and food hoarders in my area. Everytime I go to the flea market there are at least 4 vendors with a whole little store set up of products that I know they bought cheap or got for free and are reselling them. LOTS of the same products. Yay for them for making a living I guess, but it leaves little on the shelves for those of us who actually need the items. Also, they resell the items close to regular price.

      • Lorrose57

        Most of the people at the flea markets by me get what they call Railroad Salvage… we have 3 Salvage stores in our area.. and they get their stuff by the truckload… they just rent a store instead of the Flea markets…

    • atruckerwife

      Last night I even tweeter that extreme coupling is a fancy way of saying grocery hoarding! Thank so much for posting this. It's not reality any more than the other shows out there. This was pure setup and for entrainment purposes but to many will think it's real…

    • Pam Horne

      I saw some things last night that really bothered me and the most of it was the fact that these folks are HOARDING and God teaches us in the bible that we are not supposed to lay up our treasures her but rather we should help the less fortunate…I really want to say to all of the folks on the TLC episodes that if they want to continue to receive the thrill of the deal they should find their local food bank and make a weekly donation from their excess…..if you come up with a contact for us to contact I would really appreciate it….I am opening a food bank and my friends who coupon are my biggest donors…..thank you for the southern savers website….you are a blessing….

      • A few months ago I did see one gentleman on the show buy 1000 boxes of cereal and donate then to the food bank. He said he also donates lots of his items as well. He has the right idea. Thank you for you comment I think it brought it all home.

        • Megortiz63

          yes, he donated those items – and then showed the letter he got , showing the retail value, not what he paid, that he will submit as a tax write off. So, altruism? Maybe, but he was making money through getting a larger tax return on his donations.

      • Bonjour4paris

        Actually the one mom has 7 SEVEN children, and it is resourceful to have a years supply of food, in case of an emergency, job loss, etc.. and I didn't think she was out of line. the toilet paper under her sons bed would only last a couple of months with 9 people in the house! Now the single 24 yr old buying 35 things of Maalox, and 67 things of Mustard is just wrong, because she ans her BF can's possible use those in a year. It would have been nice for her to say she is passing them out to co-workers, or neighbors, friends and family to make it seem justifiable at all.

        • Msemejuru

          I have a family of 8 and it takes us almost month to use a package of Charmin 36 mega rolls toilet paper. Taking up room for 9 in a small house with toilet paper that won’t be used for YEARS is not good for the kids. Spending hours DAILY couponing instead of raising you kids that is not good for them either.

        • Twirlly

          Just to stifle your opinion, but I think my problem with the family of 9, is that despite her savings you get to a point when you need to stop. It does become an issue when you began taking away room for your child to play and have a normal happy childhood…. not one where they are walking around barely able to avoid this stuff. I mean their closets where filled with this “stockpile,” where were their clothes, and to have this store shelving in your own bedroom, that would mess with my peace of mind, and create lack of sleep. My bedroom isn't a pantry. I think it's a reason why these people kept saying they were called hoarders, and the show Hoarders Buried Alive came on immediately following. There is a fine line to some people between stockpiling and hoarding. Useful items can still be a means of hoarding. The one lady had a bathroom she couldn't use because it was filled, smh it's just sickening.

        • Sara

          I also couldn't help but wonder why a presumably healthy 24 yr old would need that much Maalox to begin with.

        • Tinamac111

          I agree! She was preparng for a party of 20 people why not get that out of her stock pile???

    • Megansmom636

      you are so totally right! that was the first episode i have seen and that was crazy!! plus their stockpiles are ridiculous. seriously, these people need to give some of that food away. they can't possibly consume it all before it goes bad and they need to stop shopping! and start consuming what they have. the one family had toilet paper stored in her poor daughters room and cereal in her master bedroom closet. that is definitly HOARDING. I have enought toothpaste for my family for quite some time and i've only been couponing since last Nov. now, if I make money on toothpaste i will buy it to help go towards my groceries and then give it away.

    • seaching4deals

      Thank you for being upfront.They stressed the importance of checking with the store manager prior to your shopping trip to make sure the store policy regarding coupons has not changed. I hope the viewers do just that or they to will have an anxiety attrack while checking out. All the stores has changed their policy. If they resepct and like you, then most are telling you advance get prepared because their are going to be some major changes with our coupon policy. Don't feel bad regarding your views about the show because one of the male couponers in one of the first show was on 20/20 prior to extreme coup. and they made a negative comment about the way he was purchasing an excessive among of items.

    • Trish

      Thanks again for doing what you do! Extreme is fun to watch, but it truely demonstrates an underlining problem of fear, anxiety and control. We should maintain our strength and faith in the Lord. I think the part that made me said. Was their stock in their home. How they had so much more than needed and how they are missing such wonderful oppurtunities to help others. Most just seemed a form of hoarding.

    • APKQueen

      THANKS JENNY!!!!! Your comments are right on point!!!!!!

    • Boxer9801

      That was crazy…I love that it was follwed by the series…Hoarding…Buried Alive. One person had enough deodorant to last one person 150 years!!- There were only two people in that house. Why oh why would you do that? And then keep buying more? I bought alot of spaghetti (about 12 boxes) and have found that my kids aren't the biggest fans of the food (they go through phases), so I don't buy anymore because after 2 months, I still have 8 left!! If I know we will use it and I'm watching the expiration so I can donate if needed, but why I am going to buy more right now??? There are certain brands that we will not use and come up for free with coupons. I will not go out of my to get those, but may consider it for donation. Even if it's a good deal and my family tells me they do not want that item, I put the coupon by the product so someone that does want it, will be able to get a good deal. That was craziness.

      • Msemejuru

        When I have a great coupon for something my family doesn’t like I leave it by the product too!

    • Chelle

      I think we can all agree with every comment here – we are NOT what this show is portraying and resent anyone that feels we are this crazy. These people need serious HELP! I have found, though all the savings and deals that I have been more able to help others – whether showing them how to get a deal (like other family & friends new to it) or by holding food drives for the community. This week, our office is taking advantage of the canned food sale at Food City to help stock our local pantries!! Giving back is a wonderful thing and if i'm able to save for myself, normal needs and realistic stock and also help others – it's worth it. I just hope that this show will open the conversation up for us to show people the REAL way to save

    • I am only recently getting into couponing, but I am really just doing it to stop paying top dollar retail. I have made some lists of items I know I pay/paid too much for, finding Southern Savers has really gotten me thinking properly by persuing any using of coupons (thanks).

      I was super excited to watch this and had claimed the “big” TV for the 2 hours. I was actually upset by this, to watch people hoarding mountains of product like others pointed out they could not possibly use just struck of gluttony to me.

      I had really hoped they would explain how to work the sales, apply coupons, etc. just showing this as sport was really wrong to me and doubtful I will watch again.

      I will say after watching the Southern Savers video on CVS I did do my first CVS trip to take advantage of the sales, coupons and ECB. In the end I got about 123.00 for about 49.00 OOP. I made a few mistakes in the order of purchases and applying the ECB (even the cashier said I did it wrong) but I still have 21.00 in ECB for future purchases and learned a lot, and it was fun. Now I have enough laundry detergent until about August, 2011 that is NOT 2020 as shown on the show last night. Detergents is one of my big areas I would like to spend less money.

      I also fear shows like this will force stores to drastically change up their policies and may limit the coupons released by manufacturers.

      I will continue to use Southern Savers as a resources as this is based more in my reality and has been super helpful already. Keep up the great work!

    • Madisam2

      I agree totally. I noticed that each one the shoppers only purchased 5-6 different items. When I shop, I have to purchase more than that when I go every week. I shop for 6-8 weeks only. I am not surprised that the retailers are playing this up for the TV cameras to get publicity. And they wonder why we got so confused when we try to follow their policies??

    • Loren Col323

      I too thought it ironic that the show on TLC after Extreme Couponing was Hoarding: Buried Alive. That family that had food and paper goods in every room of the house? What a way to live! And the ones with the lunch meat and yogurt?? What on earth do they do with 1-3 years' supply of sooo many things? Now if they did this to stock their church food pantry I'd be all for it, but to have your garage, basement and rooms overflowing with STUFF…HOARDING.

      I am a couponer but I focus on filling in between sale cycles. I shop Kroger, Publix and CVS only and usually do all three once a week. I spent an average of $100 for a family of 5 and whenever I have overstocks I know we won't use or get free stuff we don't use it goes right to my church food pantry. I have a room in my basement with about a 5×5 foot section of shelves for ALL of my couponing stuff including laundry detergent, HBA, cereal, soup, etc. and as my supplies get low, I particularly look for those items to keep filled in. My son even got on to me because I had at one point about a dozen bottles of flavored coffee creamer (my indulgence!) but there are three in the house who use it! :)

      The other thing that intrigues me is that none of the 'extremists' include the cost of the clipping services or purchased coupons in their expenses nor do they indicate the time lag from ordering to receipt of those coupons. This show holds interest for me in the same way that the hoarding show does and unexplained mysteries of the ER do! Entertaining to say the least!

      • Chazree

        Thanks for pointing out that they don't include the cost in getting that many coupons. I was wondering myself how much they spend BEFORE they ever get to the store. I also agree is it hoarding! I watched the first one where they have like 4yrs supply of toilet paper! That is insane! Who needs that much! I wish I could go get a package from her since I need to go buy some today.

    • Jessica

      I agree! it wasnt very realistic and those stockpiles are out of control! I would never want food stored in every nook and cranny of my house, like Jenny says 6-8 weeks is enough and then the sale comes back around!

    • Ashley

      So glad to read this!!! I thought it was very unrealistic and could not believe that any cashier, store, or manager would allow a 2 to 3 hour checkout with over 1000 coupons! I also thought it to be sad to see all the food and products these people were “hoarding”. What happened to donating and helping needy families? Don't get me wrong I LOVE a good deal and coupon on everything but only enough to tie our family of 6 over for several weeks not years :)

    • Ksolak

      I was really mad after seeing extreme couponing last night. I feel that show basically ruined it for the rest us that do couponing!! I watched it with my husband and he said you know this is why Kroger most likely changed their policy and that Publix will be next!

      • LSR1987

        I went to Publix earlier this week and was told by the cashier that Publix will be changing their couponing policy. From what she said all Publix stores will have the same couponing policies that will be determined by corporate.

        I am not surprised by this at all since too many people are taking advantage of their current couponing policies.

    • Annette

      I love to coupon and i'm always looking for a good deal. but this show is not reality at all! I try to stock up when there are sales, but i do not think i have ever bought more than 6 of an item! and if we do not use it, i dont bother! i will leave a coupon on the product at the store, so someone else who will use it can save $$. i also think it is greedy to buy everything off the store shelves, when there is not way 2 people could use all of it and there maybe someone less fortunate who could really use that product.

    • JBrown

      If I was at the grocery store and had to call …5 more people to run transactions for me, my friends and family would probably have an intervention planned for me. Especially if I was 24 and had no children. That woman clearly had a shopping addiction. If you can spend 2 hours in a check out line and you are not the cashier … you need some help and a LIFE. Good grief!

      • I am thinking after she serves those .12 hot dogs to her friends at a party she may have less to call in the future. Guess she asked her friends to bring the salad!

    • Kim

      Thank you for the honest reality check. I watched the show last night and thought what store would allow a person to break up their order into 18 different transactions. I have been couponing all my adult life. I learned from my mom who was a “S & H green stamper”. I have never understood how people could save 101% off their grocery bill. I average about 70% savings with couponing and sometimes if I am lucky I can score a few “FREE” items.

      • Sjohnson71

        I read on the Krazy Coupon Lady blog that this particular lady had to get permission from that store to seperate her “haul” into 18 transactions. She only got permision from the store on the day she did the show. That is not real life! No one else would be allowed to do that.

        • It's pretty ridiculous that they over-exaggerate all of this. From the transaction numbers, rain check amounts (like the woman who told her husband to go get a RC, I know most stores will still limit the amount they'll write you for…), it's just sad that they portray couponers this way.

      • ponygirl19

        I agree Kim. I am learning to coupon and did good yesterday at the store but FREE ? I don't usually find a whole lot that they just give me. I usually pay at least a quarter.

    • Dwashburn9

      Yes, I agree this show , like all shows, is built to get maximum ratings first and foremost. That's what TV shows do. Remember TV is like the government….it has IT'S own best interests at heart, not yours or mine.

      Now, I must say that I believe in a person's freedom to do whatever they wish with their wealth…be it actual dollars or “stuff” like food, luxury items, clothes or whatever. And yes, there are many folks who are unwise and think everything is all about them. In the Bible, a rich man's crops had done so well that he decided to build more places to “stock pile” them…sound familiar? Let's just say that God saw this and was displeased…to the max, and I think the guy died either that day or the next…thus never being able to gaze again at his “beautiful” stock pile, which had become his god and what he trusted in for his survival. We need to remember that WE cannot ensure that we are protected or provided for in any event. It is good to be prepared, but in the end we must not rely on us or our stuff, but on the One who created us and all He has given to us.

      Please be cautious to not buy into the socialism/communism train of thought that someone is obligated to share with others just because they have more. That is a very slippery slope. We should give from our hearts; from our convictions and not because the government or the public says so. Again, when someone else decides for you, they usually don't have your best intrest in mind. We should view our riches as coming from God, and us as the stewards of His gifts, which are never to be hoarded, but shared to be blessings to others.

      • Bee

        Thanks for the timely reminder. When I first started using coupons I worried about the stockpile aspect because God has told us we’re not to fret about where our clothing and food is coming from. I worry like anyone else, but I just can’t fill my home up with the thought that I am overcoming the ills of the World. It’s just not going to happen. God made all the food and God can take it away whenever he sees fit.

        As for socialism, I don’t see that it has anything to do with caring for those less fortunate or even for those who are doing valuable jobs that pay low wages. It has always been my impression that pay scales are dramatically skewed as to the actual value of the job. Even persons with higher education cannot be guaranteed to make a living wage.

      • Cas0823

        Perfectly said!!!!!!!!!

      • Donna

        Very well said. Amen.

    • MaryJ

      Thank you so much for this post Jenny. This is the number one reason that I use your site. I follow other blogs, but none of them even come close to comparing with yours. The lists and matchups are great. But I love that you stress the true reasons to coupon. It's not to become a hoarder or clear the shelves or to get a rush from how much you can save. It is about helping to save money for your family and donating the things you can now afford to donate.

      I think the show is interesting, to say the least. I only watched the first lady. After seeing her buy 62 bottles of mustard and then hearing her husband say that he doesn't even eat it, I was appalled. There's no reason for that, except to increase ratings and give people (like me) something to talk about afterwards.

    • SAWBGJ

      I would like to say THANK YOU to you for clearing all of this up. I did not watch last night's episode, but I did watch the one they had awhile back. I was dumb struck at the amount of stuff these people had gotten for free and was really down on myself because I did not think I was doing a very good job of couponing. I have been doing it for 4 months now, and I have saved alot of money, but I have never been able to get such great deals as those. I now have a goal that I no longer buy any item that I have to pay full price for and use my coupons very wisely, and never take more than I can use in the 2 month rotation. Your website has been a GREAT HELP in my couponing success. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US REAL PEOPLE SAVE in a way that is correct, these people on that show are not showing us how to be REAL.

    • Shonda

      Thanks for “bustin them out.” I knew that wasn't really possible and was just saying the same thing you wrote, when I was talkin to my mom last night.

    • Nicole

      Thank you so much for posting this! I did not watch the show myself because we cut our tv to help save money, but I have watched a few clips online. People need to understand that what they show is not the reality of what we do. You are a great example for couponers and anybody wanting to start couponing. That is why whenever anybody asks how I get such great deals when I'm checking out, I tell them to head to your site! I should have business cards made up with your info on them. lol :-)

    • That's the biggest thing I hated about the first one… too me I thought the show was gonna be an extension of Hoarders. The mentality that most of the people (in the first special) had was of me, me, me… There is nothing I hate more than going to Publix on a Wednesday or Thursday night and having them be completely out of a coupon item.

      My wife finds it hilarious when I complain about other couponers taking all stuff, but when you have shows on national Television that promote a 2+ year stockpile that takes over your garage.. c'mon! Rarely do I myself go over the 10 item limit (yogurt is one that I go over on, juice another- but not crazy pull up a trailer to haul off my shopping trip).

      Thanks again Jenny, and everyone else here on SS that “keeps it real” and shares the knowledge (and product).

    • That's the biggest thing I hated about the first one… too me I thought the show was gonna be an extension of Hoarders. The mentality that most of the people (in the first special) had was of me, me, me… There is nothing I hate more than going to Publix on a Wednesday or Thursday night and having them be completely out of a coupon item.

      My wife finds it hilarious when I complain about other couponers taking all stuff, but when you have shows on national Television that promote a 2+ year stockpile that takes over your garage.. c'mon! Rarely do I myself go over the 10 item limit (yogurt is one that I go over on, juice another- but not crazy pull up a trailer to haul off my shopping trip).

      Thanks again Jenny, and everyone else here on SS that “keeps it real” and shares the knowledge (and product).

    • C. Allen

      i havent actually watched the show yet (seen the ads for it though), but as a comment on the last section there, #2 – leave some for the rest of us…

      I went to publix at 9am on wednesday so get a fre of their B1G1F items… almost every item I was there to get was gona already. i mean REALLY?? the store's been open all of what, 2 hours, and the sale items are gone? i NEVER buy more than two of a B1G1F item, and i still save my family a TON of money. i simply realize other families need the opportunity to buy them too!!

    • Hiddenmahala

      I called BS when I saw how many transactions they were allowing them to have. The “Learning” Channel is basically just making up crap for ratings. Sad.

    • Ron704

      I have witnessed first-hand, the greed of some extreme coupon shoppers at my local Publix. I can't count the times I've seen these folks with four carts full, where it takes the clerk an hour and a half to sort out the coupons. I have even known my Publix to stay open two hours after closing to accommodate an extreme shopper. And you know the shopper has copied the hell out of the coupons! What we're seeing here is what always happens when greed takes over too much of a good thing. A few over-zealous people ruining it for everybody. As a result, I've seen my Publix alter their coupon policy over time, even to the point that they no longer place green and yellow advantage fliers at the kiosk, because too many people horde them. Now you have to ask for them at the service counter. The reality show may be exaggerated, but it is nothing but a reflection of what's actually happening out there to a lesser, but just as egreious degree.

      • Rainstinson

        I agree. I am encountering the same thing at my stores as far as policies changing and keeping coupons behind the counters. And I have to agree that greed is at the heart of it all. It's not enough for some people to just save a little money, they want it all for FREE. And obviously they will do whatever it takes to get it all for free. Unfortunately we live in a society where a little is never enough and if people can find away to abuse the system they will do so until they ruin it for everyone else. I feel sorry for those people though, because they have let themselves be consumed by an insatiable disease.

      • Meghan

        Wow! What area do you live in? I live in Central Florida and haven't seen anyone with more than one cart in Publix. I thought that was craziness on the show, I didn't know people did that in real life!

        I guess there are people with issues everywhere. If they HAVE to be addicted to something, I guess couponing is better than alcohol—but they probably should just get help for the REAL problem, and not just cope by obsessively couponing.

        • Ron704

          Savannah, GA

      • Alison V.

        same thing at my publix in chattanooga. as soon as some women started a couponing workshop here in town, people were coming in and taking all the q's in the store and leaving none for others. suddenly there are no q's or they are only at the cs desk. sad they have to do that, but glad they did!

    • Rstorey5

      I havent yet fallen for any of the extreme couponing shows. I am telling my tv through the whole show “that isnt allowed at my store”, why does she need so much of one item, even noodles can go bad”. If I have come across some very good coupons but only need a few of the items, I will leave the remaining coupons on the item for others to use. I only buy what my family will eat even if it means me only saving $25 on a grocery store trip. I dont buy just to buy or because its a good/great deal.

    • Maggie1179

      I was honestly appalled by most of these shoppers, with the exception of Joyce who seemed like she was the only one in control of her shopping by buying only what she really needed & would use. Who on earth needs 77 bottles of mustard! It's so disappointing to see something you really need on sale & have the coupons to get it free or almost free & go to the store only to find the shelves have been cleared out, I only wanted the 2 or 3 I had coupons for. I actually found myself becoming extremely stressed out watching this stuff! It honestly seems like just a different form of hoarding & gives a false impression of couponers. I really wish we didn't have all this publicity as it seems as if it's affecting store policies across the country when the majority of us just want a few extras to keep on hand for the next month or two not the next 5-10 years!

      • darbe

        i agree, i was so disgusted with that woman with the 77 jars of mustard especially when her husband/boyfriend said oh lets leave 3 and said no take them all!!! How rude to every other customer in the store!

    • ksmith

      I wanted to slap the woman who had just put 40 boxes of pasta and 40 jars of sauce in her buggy– all for free, tell her son that he couldn't have a little box of gummy snacks because they didn't have a coupon. That's just twisted and mean, imo. I'm all for saving money, but I couldn't deny my kid an occasional treat just because there isn't a coupon.

      • jb30520

        AMEN AND AMEN. I was in the grocery store and my daugher loves yougurt. In fact, I would rather her eat yougurt than other junk. I didn't have a coupon and it wasn't even on sale, but I bought it for her anyways. Once in a while isn't goign to hurt. :)

    • Joann1028

      Thanks Jenny for keeping it real !!! I love this site!

    • Danielle

      Jenny I havent watched the show yet, it has been DVR'd but I think those that use your site know the reality of couponing. Thank you for everything you do.

    • mommy2

      People like that will ruin it for everybody and now stores are cracking down and manufactures. I have been waiting and excited about watching the show but, when I started watching I could'nt believe how far from reality it really was. These people except for the family of 7, have some real issues.

    • jg

      Nicely said. I watched it last night and as the show was going on, my cable froze, and I thought “wow, someone is trying to get me not to watch this garbage”! We talked last night about how someone could possibly use 50 bottles of dressing, 100 sticks of deoderant, etc. Get what you know you'll possibly use, then donate the rest. Not everyone has time to sit around and coupon all day. I coupon to save my significant other on our weekly grocery bill by picking up items for cheap like juice, frozen veggies, cheese, etc. Coupons are there for us to save money, but the show is called “extreme couponing” for a reason! When the Jessica girl said “I like to see all the pretty labels facing forward” that was a sign she had another problem besides obsessive couponing.

      • Amandaharrison77

        I agree with you! None of these families talked about donating anything. All they talked about was their stock pile. If I were these women, I'd be ashamed to say I was storing my stockpile in my children's room, master bedroom and any other area I could find.

      • Bee

        I have to wonder why their husbands don't rein them in. Not saying that any of us can “control” a spouse's behavior, but I would think that some of these spouses see this behavior for what it is. Standing there like they are shopping with their mothers is not helping their relationships. Eventually they will want to be in a relationship that is not controlled by a store's sale cycles.

    • Jenn

      First of all, I would like to say Thank You Jenny for everything you do! Secondly, I have to agree with some of the other post that this is an addiction and is more like hoarding than anything else. My local CVS has a couple and their sister that come in EVERY Sunday as soon as the doors open and buy out everything that is on sale. they have multiple CVS cards (which I think is not right either) and by 8:30 or 9:00 there is nothing left that is on sale and the rest of us are having to get rain checks. It took them 45 minutes to check out and another employee had to start taking other customers at the photo center. They were an older group and eventually told the cashier that they resell this stuff at the flea market. Really?? Am I the only one that thinks this is unfair? I have started going to another CVS that is 30 minutes away but they are wonderful. Thirdly, for the ones on Extreme Couponing, what in the world are they possibly going to do with that much stuff? Do they not think it is going to go out of date because there is no way they are possibly going to use all of that before it does. I go to nursing school fulltime and my husband is the only one working right now, so this helps me save so much and feed my family. I never take more than what we need or than the limit is. I just think it is a shame because people and shows like this are what is going to mess it up for all of us HONEST couponers! Again thank you Jenny! And thanks everyone else for allowing me to vent!

      • Bee

        I'm pretty sure that my CVS would not abide this behavior. I mean, there's not much they can do if each person has a CVS card but if one person has more than one card, then they can definitely tell them “no”.

    • SmTownBigHeart

      I did find a little reality in the show with the family with the “litter” of kids as the woman called them. They seemed to buy more out of necessity.

    • Mlannan

      I got excited when I found out about the show airing, but extremely disappointed when I watched it. Realizing what I thought was going to have good tips and tricks about couponing turned into being about how these people are coping with issues in there lives brought on by some situation or trauma and treating it with a mixture of shopping addiction, hoarding and OCD (none of which, is good). These people are not shopping to sustain the lives but purchasing the enormous amounts of product to fulfill a lossed sense of security. They need to go to a therapist not the supermarket. Not to say I havent been in there situation,my husband losing his job got me into coupon savings. But I know when enough is enough. I dont have stock piles of toilet paper under my bed. My shower is a shower and my garage is a garage. As I watched the show I became embarassed and a little angry to know that there are people out there at my local publix that do these same things, which is why I when I go to my grocery store I cant purchase what I need because its out. All I have to say is “purchase what you need and not what you want”. Save some for the everybody else.

    • Amandaharrison77

      I watched the two new shows last night and was sick to my stomach watching these families. I felt every one of them went over board including the family that was buying for a “litter”. If you have to store your “stock” in closets, under beds, in your bedroom, etc. then you have entirely too much stock. The one woman that purchased 62 bottles of mustard and left one on the shelf was downright crazy. Come on, at what point in her lifetime will she use 62 bottles of mustard when she probably already had a stockpile at home. None of these people talked about donating, only about their stockpile. I wish that TLC would show us how to do it in a sensible way, gives us tips and tricks that are valid without doing stupid scenarios like they are doing. Who has the time to spend 6 hours planning one grocery trip four different times a week? I did find it amusing that following the new series was Hoarding, Buried Alive. Maybe that's the next step for these couponers?

      • Emily

        Not to mention that many of these people end up taking out extra insurance policies for their “stockrooms.” – So much for saving money!

    • Andia

      Here are a few facts you may be interested to know:

      * 90% off the people who have been on TLC’s Extreme Couponing and who are scheduled to appear are my fellow Deal Bloggers…Yep the ones who day in and out bring you stellar deals!
      * When you apply and are accepted to be on the show, you are asked to make the “most extreme” shopping trip you can
      * The store you shop at on the show is not surprised that you are they there as you have to have the corporations ok to film the show in the store…so the “shelf clearing” that goes on is just for show, the items are pre-ordered so the stock can be replenished
      * Even if its not shown on the episode…in many cases the items bought are DONATED to food pantries and shelters

      • me

        I disagree, those women on last nights episodes have major issues. Especially the one that likes to see her pretty labels. Deal Bloggers or not, they have some major hoarding issues. When you have to store your stockpile in your 2 year olds bedroom you have a problem. When your master bedroom becomes your pantry, you have a problem. Who needs 300 paper towels?

        • Andia

          I was actually waiting for her to say her pillows were stuffed with free toilet paper rolls!

      • Dnavanwinkle

        even if that is the case, these people and their actions are still giving couponers a bad name.

      • Peg938

        I understand that TLC has a real vested interest in the EXTREME part of the show, so as to get us to watch. HOWEVER, seeing their stockpile is what gets people upset. Maybe they don't buy 70 bottles of mustard every time it goes on sale, but they obviously have more in their stockpiles than their families would/could eat/use before expiration dates expire! I think the fear that I and others have is that even as store policies are changing now, this EXTREME couponing will make it more difficult for those of us just trying to be good stewards of what we have!

      • Bee

        Why apply to be on the show if what you supposedly believe in is sure to be distorted? These people knew that TLC would edit to a point that no useful information would remain for the viewers. So then, the primary motivation has to be money or the need to garner negative attention.

        Nowhere on the show does one of these couponers step back and say that they don't condone one behavior or another.

      • Debbie

        I realize that this is true, and TLC won't put anything on the air that isn't truly disgusting; however, surely, those stockpiles didn't appear overnight, just for the show.

    • Babymitch926

      Thank you Jenny! You are awesome! I just hope that “extreme couponing” doesn't influence people to go and clean out items that are on sale because it would really stink for all of us that only need 2 or 3 of the items that are on sale. The show should help educate its viewers on the ethics of couponing, instead it showed nothing but greed (except the family of 9, I understand why they needed a lot of stuff). I really hate it when I go to the store to grab some items that are on sale only to find that they are out of stock! The woman who bought all that mustard for example, her husband tried to convince her to take 12 but she insisted on getting more and decided to only leave 2 on the shelf. What happens when mustard goes on sale again? Will she take all of that too? We “ethical” couponers should expect to see a big change in the coupon policies at stores thanks to this show.

    • Squirks

      I was mortified watching this show. I'm all for saving money on things my family needs and educating people on how to get great deals. But to be buying out every item that's on sale and hoarding those things is disgusting and it doesn't leave anything for other people who might actually NEED that item. I have two shelves for my “stockpile” and would never consider stuffing every available inch of my home with things that will be on sale again in the next few months. On the rare occasion I do buy more than I need of something that's on sale I donate those goods to our local food pantry. I admit I get a rush when I know I'm saving money. But I like it just fine when my before coupon total is $80 and my final OOP cost is $20. These women are giving couponers a bad image and they are probably the ones that are making stores revamp their policies.

    • Tinamac111

      I agree! I've been coupoinng for 35 yrs. I have to wonder about this show The lady that bought all the mustard on the shelf and he her husband said,but we dn't eat mustard! Really got me! very few of these “extreme” couponers bought meat, milk, potatos,etc what do they eat with theire cereal and mustard?They didn't really tell you if the store was doubling or tripling the coupons. And what store follows you around pushing your extra carts while you shop? The guy that bought the deodrant that was so preciseon the count of his coupons,who counted the blue tub of deodrant he dumped into his cart? and why was this tub just sitting there waiting on him?Very phoney!I think this show gives us regular couponers a bad name! We aren't l this gready!!!

    • Havennh

      Most store and pharmacy policies read that discount cards are one per household. Not as many as you want. Harris Teeter policy states they allow twenty coupons per household per day period. Sure you could use other addresses and get more cards but that would be wrong. It is an integrity issue.

    • Montgomery Mom

      My huband is dead set that this is how I need to shop so we never have to get “the mark”. I don't know how they even get than many coupons! I buy the Sunday paper and if it has really good coupons I ask for a few extra inserts left over the next day and print 2 copies from work and 2 from home IF it is something we can actually use 4 of within a reasonable amount of time.

      • Lonestar9

        Yikes…stay strong mom, I'm a guy, but your husband is very wrong. That is not the way to shop. I have to DVR the show and watch it, but I've seen a bit of it from clips, and hoarding does not equal wise shopping.

    • Karen in FL

      The only thing I can say is people will now look at us, normal couponers, that don't take 75 mustards off the shelf as “one of those people”. I got dirty looks the last two weeks because I bought 6 – 4 lb dog foods that i got for 99 cents after coupon to donate to a shelter and this week got 15 packages of cat treats also for donation. (I don't have any pets, but used to and love animals) I hate that show and no longer will watch it. I am hearing from the employees at my local Publix that they are going to stop taking competitors coupons, which I don't have a problem with, since they are one of the few stores that does take them, but they are also going to start limiting coupons per transaction. Well when things are on bogo I might have 10 coupons for a qty of 10 of something that are only for 25 cents each. Well if they put the limit a 20 coupons per transaction, that's really going to mess things up.

      Anyway, this is just my opinion. I enjoy couponing. I try to only get 2 or 3 months ahead on stuff and donate the rest. But there will always be a few that abuse a good thing and we all suffer for it.

    • Cl3v3rgirl33

      I do not have cable, but watched clips on internet. It is unconscionable what these people are doing. I understand the economy has left many families in horrible financial hardships, but there is no reason for this type of insanity. It leaves a bad taste in everyones mouth to see such undisciplined and immoral behavior. It makes me fear what people will behave like in a real natural or economic crisis.

    • Sara

      I watched part of the first episode and then the second episode. One thing I did notice was the comment that items only go on sale about every 6 months and that's why they are stocking up. I would think that even if you are brand picky on some items that it's going to go on sale more often than that. I know I read somewhere on the Southernsavers page that the average item goes on sale every 6-8 weeks, not every 6 months.

    • Gwandykam

      Thank you, for clarifying I thought the show had kind of a “Hoarders Go Wild” theme to it. I would see if you saw a good deal buy “some” extra to donate to the local food banks but really having to buy 35 bottles of Maalox. Was she passing these out as party favors? I was hoping the show would be helpful and just found it distasteful.

    • Fatmama185

      if they are that good at couponing they need to donate thier time and talent to the food pantry and help shelters

      • Shuffman3737

        Yes, why don't they donate some time couponing for a church or homeless shelter. Ask members of the church to donate their coupon inserts and donate a dollar, then show the church administration how to shop for the deals for the needy. They still get the rush of couponing and saving money, but don't have 77 bottles of mustard, or 1000 bottles of salad dressing at home. It will go to someone who needs it. I am new to this and my stockpile is very small. I hope to make it a little bigger, but will never let it go beyond 6-12 mos worth of anything. And clearing the shelves is just greedy and keeps others from being able to get the deals. If your stockpile is enough for more than a couple years, you should stop buying and donate half to charity. Who really needs 150 years worth of anything.

    • Mosketti

      This show was a joke. It seems to me that the title of the series should be changed to “Extreme Grocery Hoarders”. All of their stockpiles where ridiculous!! It has totally taken over their lives as well as their homes! Who in the world needs 77 bottles of mustard thousands of rolls of TP and paper towels!! They all need therapy!

    • CCShad

      Funny how the Hoarders show came on right after this show last night!

      • Mgarcia67

        My husband and I thought the same thing! haha

      • carrie

        I thought the exact same thing while watching “Hoarders” and cleaning out my coupon binder!!


      Jenny, I would love to see you go on the show, and really show them how real couponing is done :)

    • Mgarcia67

      Thank you for posting this!! I was a little worried. I said “Wow i have a looong way to go!!” My husband said NO! you're doing just fine ….they're just obsessed! :)

      • Proudlyamom

        mine said the same thing…don't we have great hubbies?

        • Mgarcia67

          yep! =)

        • Amy

          Mine too!! : )

    • MarySc1000

      I watched all 3 of these. One thing is they don't include the cost of getting the coupons. (In the first episode they were both printing them and buying them online.) And much of these folks' “stash” will be worthless by the time they go to use it… even shelf stable products aren't good forever, and cereals really are stale in 6 to 12 months. How much time is it really worth spending, and is it really worth having stuff jammed in every corner of your house, waking up looking at a shelf of groceries next to your bed?? I consider myself an avid couponer but I don't spend more than a few hours a week, and I refuse to have stuff scattered all over the house.

      When I first found this site and went from an average couponer to an avid one, I was so excited about the deals. I ended up with enough paper, cleaning, and personal care products to last a couple of years. Now it kills me to pass up the freebies on these items so I get them but I never let them enter the house… they go straight to family and friends or to the food bank from the trunk of the car. I am also the official diaper and formula buyer for the extended family, and I love taking advantage of those deals. But you have to draw a line somewhere to avoid the slippery slope from “smart shopper” to “hoarder”.

    • KD

      I too was very dissapointed in the show last night. I was looking for tips and information on how to be better at couponing and all that was shown was, as everyone else put it “hoarding”.
      As a handicapped person, I am on a limited budget and the December show got me into couponing. I have the time to do coupons and look online for bargains and this is one of my favorite sites. Sometimes I do really well and get free items, and if possible get an extra one or two for people I know that are in need. The only two places my “stockpile” is in is my pantry and linen closet, but it was enough to allow a few friends who were out of work to come and choose some much needed food and other items to hold them over. The feeling of giving was more of a high than getting things for free.
      My daughter lives out of state and is a volunteer. I buy things for her with coupons and mail to her. I only get five newspapers for coupons and am starting to help others with some of them to start couponing themselves. Coupons I won't use or need go to them.

      I came from a large family of 7 children so I know about not having enough food and the NEED to buy with coupons.So how about you extreme couponers start sharing your stock before it goes out of date and get to feel a different kind of high……joy!

    • Tara

      I agree Jenny! I only get 5 coupon inserts because I don't need more than that. After all the sales cycles come around every so many weeks so no need to get greedy.

    • I was just as startled by all the other commentators about the sheer excess and absurd levels of purchase quantity. However, I was severely impressed by the rotating can shelf that one lady had. I know they use those in grocery stores but I had never thought to use one at home. Anyone know how you can get something similar to put in your kitchen shelves? Hubby just likes to throw all the veggies in the front of the cabinet when we get home. Such an odd thing to pick out of that entire hour block, but I guess I just was looking for something “normal” and “handy” instead of excessive.

      • Kelly

        Jennifer: The only shelves I have ever seen that rotate like the store ones are from Shelf Reliance…but they are pretty costly…I've seen some videos on youtube where people make their own…

        • Thanks Kellly, the 20 can was about what I was looking for as there are only two of us and $26 isn’t bad for my piece of mind. Maybe Christmas!

    • NicNac

      I agree with most of the people here. It is a form of hoarding. The lady who got all of the mustard and had no reguard for the people coming behind her made me mad! I like a good sale just like most of us but I will never wipe something out. I just started couponing about a year ago and can't believe what some of these people's stockpile looks like. I am glad to know that these stores “bent” their coupon policies for this show because I was beginning to think I had no clue as to what I was doing.

    • Julia

      I am a married college student, and I try to live on a budget. I have recently really gotten into couponing and the results are astonishing! I am amazed at what all I can get for little or nothing at all! I was so excited about this show coming on so that I could get some good pointers on grocery shopping, however, I am very disappointed in this show. I do not have the time, nor the space to do what was done on the show, and where could I possibly find that many coupons? I do not think that couponing should be that extreme. I would like to stock up on some necessity items, but 70 bottles of mustard? 2 would be fine by me. However, thank you for this website because it has really assisted me in learning how to coupon. :)

    • Alison V.

      i see that some of the extreme couponers claim to donate much of what they buy. but even if these people are buying dozens of the same product so they can donate, they are doing it at the expense of depriving other families of getting the same deals so they can eat on a budget. i hate having to keep up with rainchecks and asking the store to take the extremely expired coupon stapled to it b/c they didn't have something in stock and they had a hard time getting it back in stock! i will pick up a couple of items when they will be free to donate if i can't use them. but i'm stopping there!

    • Hilarie E.

      Thank you for sharing this.

    • swaltz1

      I was EXTREMELY disappointed with extreme couponing – it seems more like hoarding to me… which was the show that followed the coupon show in my area.

      I might be new to this but I cant see myself ever with 100 boxes of cereal… seems to me the show casts a bad light on what couponing is used for (or at least what I use it for, to save money on groceries)

    • Kellee

      I watched the show last night and I hope this does not affected any of the stores that I shop at! Meaning, I would be very upset if Harris Teeter / Lowes Foods stopped doubling coupons!

      Crazy things on the show:

      – 77 bottles of mustard!
      – 18 transactions!
      – 2500 coupons for one transaction!
      – 5 hours in one store!

      I was confused about the lady who did 18 transactions and commented that she had a rebate for the cereal in which she bought 10 boxes?! Will she receive a rebate for each box? Doubt it!

      Can't wait to see what's in the shopping cart next week! LOL!

    • Sey216

      Thanks so much for posting this along with all the helpful links! I've been trying to figure out a way to organize all the coupons that are taking over my room :) Anyone have any tips on how to get coupon inserts without having to buy multiple papers? Thanks!

      • Ssklayman

        I think there is a way to order the inserts only through another company maybe. I have read about it on here before and it might be under one of Jenny's intro articles about couponing, but not positive. Look around on the site and see if you can find it. I have also heard that is a good option because the papers seem to be getting less and less inserts. Hope that helps, sorry I can't give you any specifics!

    • Amber

      I watched two of the episodes last night. I am amazed at the stockpiles these folks have. I suppose it is one thing if you buy a little bit of an item over time, and it just adds up to create a stockpile. I'm sure that most folks on this site would agree that when things are at a great price or end up being free, it's hard not to stock up on things you NEED to get you through a sales cycle…but to buy dishwasher soap when you don't even have a dishwasher? Mustard when you don't even eat it? It's beyond ridiculous. My husband teases me about my TINY little pharmacy under our bathroom sink. At least I haven't started storing items under my little boy's bed! Geesh….

    • Jerry

      I was shocked at what the stores let them do (18 transactions, having shopping carts lined up like railroads cars, having employees help to shop, etc.). However, you can tell that they exaggerated it (although these people may be hoarders, anyhow):
      How could that man buy 1100 boxes of cereal? Stores don't stock that many.
      Each of them broke their personal records for largest order.
      How could they have fit so many groceries into their vehicles?
      The examples they gave (on sale for $1, but with a coupon cost 50 cents) would not have yielded 93-99% savings.

      When they aren't on TV, these couponers should buy 1/10th of what they did.

      • M_nikolopoulos

        About the cereal, he said he had to preorder them with the store before coming in, so they knew he was coming. But I am appalled by this show. It's neat to see transactions go from $1000 to $5, but I don't have any use for 60+ bottles of mustard. I get dirty looks for just using four coupons on a $100 ticket, how come these people get applauded?

    • HS Mom

      The show reminded me more of a “Horders” episode. For them I think it's more of an addiction – especially if they're willing to give up time with kids, spouse, friends and family just to get “a deal” on something they already have 500 of. I felt sorry for the little boy who had to live in the buggy for hours while his mommie fed her addiction. That time with him was wasted. He won't be little forever.

    • Acole23

      I made the mistake of thinking I was going to learn a few things from the show but the only thing I learned is that this is another obsession just like hoarding, overeating, etc. that is being exploited on TV. At least the people admit they have a problem on the other shows. There is nothing realistic, educational or useful about Extreme Couponing. And what's sad is #1- people are going to try to do what these women do which is unrealistic so they're doomed to fail before they even start, and #2- the show gives real couponers who do it out of necessity or to help others a bad image. Just like a lot of other things, only the most extreme cases are shown. So now when we tell people we're into couponing they're going to ask us if we're one those crazy hoarding coupon women. Thanks TLC!

    • leelee93

      Thank you for posting this Jenny. These individuals would most likely be diagnosed as Hoarders of food and drugstore stuff rather than other items. The reality is that 50% savings is good.

      In our area, more and more couponers are out there thanks to a very generous (and ethical lady I might say) teaching free classes. She is awesome. However, folks are taking what she is teaching and finding ways around the rules. She teaches doing the right thing and I wish folks would listen. The thing that stinks is that those of us who depend on this for our budgets such as SAHM and not doing it to see how much we can get for free are suffering from the fraud because stores are making changes to their policies. I never used to see half the store walking around with binders. I am thankful everyone is saving money but hope they are saving honestly. It will be interesting to see how many folks continue couponing once the ecomony picks up.

      I also want to say that I really appreciate what you do for all of us. I have been using your sight for quite some time. Before that, I was on my own. Thank you for blessing us with the gift of your time and talent!

    • Mscathy1001

      thank you. These people made it seem as though couponers are greedy. My family is just trying to save money for items we need and use, if we get a good deal on something we can donate we buy that item too. I hope people realize all couponers don't hide food under their kids bed. If you have a basement that looks like a grocery store I would think you have enough stock for a while. I didn't understand why the store was allowing them to break store policy by calling ten friends to come in and check out. I just hope this doesn't affect the average couponer in the future as far as good coupons and sales.

      • momof3

        I don't think that I know 10 people who would drop everything to check out with me!

    • Debbie

      Just today I had an experience where an older man actually yelled at me for cutting out a cpn at the register. I'm probably one of the most patient persons at the register there is–I wait, take my turn, let 3-4 people go ahead of me if I had a lot of cpns, and this shocked me. There are times when I don't cut out certain cpns, perfering to let my flyer remain intact, if I don't use the item, and this item/coupon had me confused. So I asked the cashier for help. He was IRATE. I wonder what he would have done with someone on one of these shows!!!! I watch the shows for curiosty, but they upset me, as I see HOARDING, and SELFISHNESS. When a store won't let me use a coupon by their own rules, but lets them use 250 coupons at once, regardless of what is on the coupon, it's wrong.

      • Bee

        To be honest, I avoid behaviors such as cutting out coupons at the checkout. I always have mine stacked up to hand to the cashier when they are finished ringing up my items. I don't hand them over one-at-a-time as some couponers do. I just watch to make sure they subtract from the total.

        Maybe next time if there is a question about the item you can visit the service desk before shopping.

        Yes, that man should have exercised more patience–it doesn't take that long to cut out a coupon. But personally, I would just rather people see me as an organized couponer and not have any reason to fulfill their preconceived stereotypes.

        • Debbie

          I try to be as organized as possible, but if it means that I have to pass up a good deal, I will cut it out at checkout! There is no service desk at most drugstores, only the cashiers. And, if you are honest about it, the service desk at the grocery stores depend soley upon who is staffing it on that day!

      • momof3

        If it makes you feel any better, last week I was lectured by a cashier because I wasn't sure of the exact price of an item that I had a free coupon for. She actually refused to look at the receipt, instead forcing the bag boy to go all the way to the back of the store to check out the price. RUDE! I'm sorry–I have 3 kids and feel lucky if I remember that I have that sort of coupon. Oh, and did I mention that she had to tell the folks behind me that the hold up was my fault????? That's the last time I go to that store!

        • Hb

          Oh I’ve had that happen too! I’m buying 30 items, I can’t remember *exactly* what each one cost! I might be able to venture a guess, but was it 2 for $4 or $1.99? Or maybe it was $2.09? I know that it was *about* $2 probably but if I guess and I’m under by a cent I’ll look like I’m trying to steal! Come on cashiers, be nice!

    • Debbie

      QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I think we should clear the shelves”.

    • EB

      I already have problems sometime with the Rite Aid in Lexington, SC. Even though, I have all my coupons in order, all my items ready, always let other go in front of me, etc., they cashiers many times seem irriatated that they have to scan 4-5 coupons and UP rewards. Many don't understand that their store gets reimbursed and it's not “cheating.” Thanks TLC for making things easier.

    • PVK

      Show the viewers that you can buy and save money with face value coupons. If with face value they can save the 90+%, then that would be extreme couponing! Not every town has a store that will double/triple coupons!

    • NaNa

      I found myself sick to my stomach watching most of those people…. I kept saying that they were CRAZY people and it was SOOOOOOO unreal… you can't use that many of the same coupon in most stores…. it's totally false advertisement!! WHO needs THAT much mustard and now I have a face to put with every empty shelf I come to that some shelf clearer has been at…. it J'aime's!!! Way to go to taint something that truly can be helpful and enjoyable to most common couponers!! UGH…. don't know if I'll watch any more… I was going to watch to see if I could LEARN some tricks… but I don't want to LEARN those behaviors!! Ok…. feel better now that I've ranted!!

    • Medina973

      I am looking for someone who lives in the Orlando area that has the same passion for coupons as I do. I am still very new and looking to learn!! I have tried reading through many websites but I think it would be best to learn from someone who already knows all the stores, coupon policies, where to look etc.

      • gctattoo

        I’m less than two hours away from the Orlando area and I’ve been couponing for years.

    • new2Q

      I went to CVS today & I got what I needed for myself & my family. I did NOT buy more than 2 of any item… ONLY what was needed. Since couponing I have noticed that the SAME deals come around often & by the time they roll back around I take advantage of the deals only if it is something that is needed; if not; I leave it for others!! I have saved an average of 60%-90% when i shop depending on the sales & coupons I have. That show really made me furious!!! I sure hope it doesn't affect the every day couponer such as myself! I would not be proud to admit I am a hoarder or selfish like those people!!!

    • steph

      Ok seriously do we all need to stock up on so much deoderant that you will not even be able to use it all in your lifetime. Can't we just get what we need and save as much as possible and save some items for the next person who is desperate to save a little to feed thier family off one income!! I was excited to see the show and then annoyed at what it turned into. I thought it was going to be one of those watch and pick up a new trick to save $1.00. I'll stick with Southern Savers, coupon websites, newspaper and planning!

    • RadiantSunset

      I think the couponers should have to include the cost of all the extra coupons that they bought in their final bill. I wondered how in the world people could collect that many coupons and only recently discovered that people sell them on ebay and other places! I was floored! well, that cost needs to be added into the cost of the groceries since the coupons were not free!

      I agree that no one needs to store a warehouse-worth of groceries in their home. It's a shopping addiction.

    • M_nikolopoulos

      Thank you thank you thank you! Like most, I began watching this to learn techniques & tips, but I will never have a basement for 70+ bottles of mustard. As “Deal Seaking Mom” said in her blog, she does not support this show because she believes in buying things you NEED & USE. I enjoyed the lady in yellow, Ms.Coupon Diva, who has used coupons for most of her life & educated people on coupons. She said she “got what she needed and left”. I think she had the most realistic idea of couponing out of all the families I've seen so far.

      Maybe this show is just an opener to Hoarders? TLC has to keep these obsessions rolling!

      • M_nikolopoulos

        Also, I would NEVER sacrifice my family or husband's personal space for my obsession. NO THANK YOU!

    • Bfinke

      Like everyone else I was disappointed in the show. I was hoping get a few new tips to try out. So I logged onto TLC's website and told them exactly what we all are thinking. I told them to log on to this website to see how the real world saves money and leaves some for others.

    • Donna-Lynne

      I am a major couponer at my Smith's (Kroger) store here in Las Vegas & am known at the store as their coupon queen (cashiers have told me this on several occasions). The front end supervisors know me by name. When I am ready to check out, one of them usually opens up a register just for me & checks me out themselves as to not clog up the regular checker's lines as there is almost always some coupon problem or delay (not my fault, their registers just have fits! lol). It usually only takes the supervisors 10 to 15 minutes to check me out & I only have one cart or less. We have not had doubling here for many years & now no longer have ecoupon stacking with the new register's computer change. That recent change has sped up the checkout process. Has anyone else noticed this? Coupon input no longer hangs up the system like it did before with up to 30 seconds per coupon for the register to acknowledge the coupon & allow the cashier to continue. Even with those limits, I still average over 71% in savings with only $13.78 OOP & about 22 items per receipt this year. I spreadsheet my Smith's, Walgreens, & CVS purchases so I know what I am spending &, more important, how much I am saving.

      I will buy something even if I don't need it if they are going to pay me to take it but I will not buy 60 mustards even if they are free, maybe 5 to 10 of them. I am not crazy, just a bit weird. My largest total item count was last August with 115 items. This year's was only 90 items. I have been couponing for over 40 years. I have coupons in my boxes that are from the 70s. “No Expiration Date” means save them forever to me! I do not remember when I did not use coupons. I feel the shows last night do show exactly what they said the show is called…extreme couponing. The name says it all, not normal but to the extreme. I was so excited they were showing new episodes but it might get boring real fast. I can't wait to see Missy Eby on Rachael Ray next week & on Extreme Couponing soon.

      Thanks to couponing, we have lots of good things in the house. My best coupon trips were to Walmart last month where they paid me cash (thank you new policy!) on 2 occasions. On the 1st trip, I bought 26 items & they paid me $6.62. On the 2nd trip, I got 17 items & $4.77 cash. My hubby called that gas money. I will use coupons for as long as I live. I try to get others into it. I hand out coupons to others shopping & that surprises them. I like to share the free money. A few of my neighbors know I coupon & they give me their coupon inserts after they cut out what they want. I love that as they cut out stuff that I would never use & I get more copies of what I want.

      This is the best coupon site I have found online. Jenny & her crew do a great job. :) If you made it this far, I am sorry but I do tend to ramble on. Take care & happy couponing!

    • Joyful Mama of 2

      I thought the TLC show was very disturbing. Seriously, who needs 70 bottles of mustard? To me, it is hoarding. I buy what I need for my family – if I can get something for free that I don't need, I will give it to someone who does need it or donate to a shelter. I did think the last woman at the end who bought a month's worth of groceries was less extreme than the others. But when she said her “stockpile” was almost as beautiful as her family, she lost me. I also liked the family with 7 children who made a list together and shopped together. This made a bit more sense to me – they wrote out what they needed and seemed to try to truly respect their stores policies. It still seemed extreme but not as extreme as the 70-bottles-of-mustard woman hoarder.

      I was hoping to learn something from this show. Instead, I learned how greedy people can be. They need to calculate the cost of time and the cost of the coupons into the final price. I am all about saving money for my family, but this show doesn't seem to give me any practical ways to do that. I'll keep sticking to my favorite savings websites :-)

    • auroraborealis

      Great review. I have to say that I'm sad to hear that Publix will be updating their system to no longer double coupons past the item's value. I believe folks that abuse couponing give couponers a negative stigma. As for my family, we donate to food banks and give extras away to friends/family/coworkers. My coworkers just love the freebies and they bring me the RP & SS that they receive in the mail. It helps us all out.

    • Melissa C.

      By the way when I go grocery shopping I don't wear six inch heel boots to walk around the store for 3 hours OUCH!!!! For me its a pony tail tennis shoes, or flip flops :)

    • Jtpainter

      I watched the show last night and was very alarmed! I have been couponing since January and DO NOT want people thinking I am like those people on TV. I buy only what my family will use and need! I do pick up some free items we do not use but donate them to our local food pantry! Thank you for all your hard work on Southern Savers!

    • B_atkins

      I watched TLC Extreme Couponing last night for the first time….missed part of the program due to leaving church later than ususal. I was horrified at what I saw…the program really made me sick to my stomach. How can families eat all that food before expiration dates expire? Did you hear if any of them donated any of their stash to hellp the needy? How can they buy 35 of the same product in one shopping trip? How many stores allow you to make 18 separate transactions in one trip? Am I reading store policies wrong? By hoarding food and essential products and going to the extreme, it is making it hard for the rest of us to get the products we need on a daily basis. Please all couponers out there, don't sit still for this. Voice your opinion to the TLC channel. Encourage them to teach the public the correct way to coupon. My oh my, what is this world coming to……?????

    • Guest

      Here the deal paper coupons are getting closer and closer to go away so. Paper coupons are down 40 percent this year compared to last year. Do people not think Kroger and others companies did not know about the show and watch? heck yes they did and now they can update there policy over this. On to show. Do you love they say on show they paid so much but forgot to add they paid 70 bucks for the coupons from clipping service.

      My one thing I tell everyone if may be free but its not free if you paid TAX. Don't forget about your time. I spent 10 min a week on coupons and save enough to afford other thing in life. I don't buy every free item as I find it a waste of money.

      • Bee

        I'm guessing they try to show people who live in states where food is not taxed. Here, if I got $1000 retail in food for free, I would still be paying $82.50 in tax provided that it did not contain HBA, paper goods, cleaning supplies or prepared food, in which case I would be paying more. Basically the show is an illusion.

        I'm pretty sure there's no way for a store here to allow a customer to use coupons for tax. I think it's wrong, anyway. Coupons are a currency for products. Those taxes fund things for the benefit of everyone, such as roads, schools, etc.

    • Chevonne Staton

      I think it is a easy jump from extreme couponing to hoarding! Just buy enough for your family. If things expire you loose money! you are so right.

    • Guest

      Remember on average after taxes and buying 10 papers or couple they was over 100 bucks a week. With coupons I spend 30 bucks a week on average for everything including CVS. So are the extreme really saving that much? nope they would save more if they stopped using coupons. Not everyone using coupons actually saves money. So many people spend more with they use coupons. Example is if you want one thing of something on sale but if you buy 2 you can save a dollar but your bill just went up since you purchased 2.

      • Bee

        Precisely the reason I just recycle some coupons that say $1/2. The .50 savings per item just isn't worth having to pay for another.

    • Nulibarri

      I was very upset with last nights show. I totally agree on stores giving limits.

    • Tlbarrows

      I was horrified by this show last night! I have been couponing for 2 years and save in upwards of $800 per month, I do have what I consider an excess in some types of products but I do not have anything close to hoard of items that the people of television had. Cereal in closets in the bedroom? Really? I am afraid at the backlash that a show like this creates. I honestly preferred the days when it was considered “nerdy” to coupon.

    • Mamalasseter

      Thank you so much for your article! My husband and I watched it last night and I had two reactions–first, that we don't have any stores in our area that would put up with all that trouble. Second, I was appalled at the stockpiling, especially the first lady, who had more toilet paper than she would ever use. I was glad to see, later on, that some of the excess was being donated. Thanks again for your reality check and for your very helpful website!

    • Tlbarrows

      Oh and forgot to mention this is the reason that a normal couponer like myself can go to Walgreens or CVS and leave with nothing but rainchecks, because people take things to the “extreme” I will buy at the most 2-4 of an item,i.e 2 bogo boxes of cereal. How many yogurts did that lady buy? And they were going to eat them all? In 2 weeks? Its greed! I had about 20 deodrants that were free a mixture of male/female…..and gave half away to friends and those experiencing hardships. This show is making people looking to save look like freaks.

      • Nichola2

        I especially agree with the CVS thing… I actually want their corporate to not allow selling until Sunday… I went Sunday afternoon and had to go to 4 CVS stores before I found one that had stuff… it shouldn't be like that and it isn't right

      • Erin

        I hate shelf clearing, too. However, drug stores aren't warehouse stores and they often don't carry a lot of stock, nor do they probably intend for customers to come in with the scenarios outlined on every couponing blog and roll back-to-back transactions in order to pay as little out of pocket as possible. Don't you think that these scenarios contribute to our need for rainchecks? A couple people doing a series of transactions, and a drugstore's stock is wiped out. The show is ridiculous (but look at all the talk it generates!), but it's doubtful that those couponers would bother with the dozen or so free deodorant at CVS. More likely, it's our fellow Southern Savers, so to speak, all following the scenarios mapped out for us.

    • annette

      Jenny, is there any way that you coukd share all these negative reactions/opinions with the network and the show's producers? Shows are only continued based on viewership – if people are stating that they will not watch because of their reaction against the show, hopefully the network execs will make some changes!

    • Twice_as_nice45

      I couldn't help thinking as I watched, sometimes in horror, that I sure wished they would film Jenny. She does it the right and reasonable way and spreads the info so that the rest of us can share in the savings too. In my humble opinion those folks were basically an organized hoard. Thanks Jenny for showing us how to do it the way it should be done.YOU ROCK!

      • HB

        You're right, but they would NEVER accept Jenny onto their show – no shelf clearing, no tying up the register for hours, no 40 hours+ of preparation… no drama! Oh and no buying only non-edible items too! :)

    • Maverick

      It is sad to say – but I think that this show lack of coupon ethics. Me – I buy just enough like Jen says for 6-10 weeks. Like someone mentioned earlier – it a small step to couponing to hoarding.

      • momof3

        Amen…I think that the best thing to do is to make a list of what you honestly will use in a few months and stick to it. I do buy for a few other needy folks–We know folks out of work, and it's nice to hand them a bag of “free” items, and say, “Oh, I got these for free, and I didn't need them, so enjoy!” Also, I have a bag for my grandparents that I try to bring to them…They are on a fixed income, and a little goes such a long way! All that is to say is–Keep what you need, but do buy a bit more, if you know of a need.

        • Ileana

          This is exactly what I do. I run a Teen Mom group, my parents go to a small Spanish church with lost of needs and I am now (along with mom) trying to stock up to donate to the migrant workers at the strawberry farm that we have picked at for over 20 years! I stay in my budget, don't hoard and GOD always provides enough to meet my needs and help others!! Keep the good deeds going…..

    • Jackiedjohnson

      I love your web page. You teach people to coupon and share with others. I always give 25% or more each year. I feel for what I save I need to give back. It makes me feel good to help others. If we all gave a part of what we buy it could help so many people. The food would go bad and we wast to much as it is in life. The first thing I thought was I could not be on a show and not give half or more if I had as much as they had. Sham on them.

    • Concious Couponer

      I have a really big problem with people who hoard food and other grocery items like these people on TV. I like to save money for my family, but also realize a need for balance. I get what I need for at max a few months. If I have to much of something I will donate it to charity and sometimes I get things just to donate to charity. These people who have over 100 deoderants at a time need to get a grip and realize what they are doing is GREEDY. They need to take all of that over supply of items and donate them to a food bank, or homeless or battered women's shelter that could really use these items for the greater good. I think it is absolutely disgusting and exactly what is wrong with Most Americans. People need to think a little less about “Can I” and a little more about “Should I.”n News flash no one needs 2000 tooth brushes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Glenandshelly

      Very annoying show. Thank you for confirming that what these episodes are showing is not reality. No one needs 62 bottles of mustard and it's mean spirited to grab everything off the shelves and stockpile hordes of food that they can never eat. I'm not out to cheat the stores but I'm afraid the stores will tighten up thier policies because of these shows,

    • Kat9774

      I agree with most of the comments already made. Most of these people are hoarders, their quest for saving money has turned into an addiction.
      I do have a stockpile of some items, but not more than a couple of months worth. When it exceeds that amount I donate the extra to our church food pantry. I will also get any of the personal care items that are free and donate extras to the pantry, but I do not buy hundreds, just 1-2.
      I am concerned the show will hurt us as couponers. Non-couponers who watch the show may decide to try the same things and when stores find out how people are using their sales they just may change their policies.

    • Yolanda

      I watched last night, and I agree with the majority of the posts here…those people are ridiculous. It is basically hoarding. No one really needs that much mustard. Unless I missed it, I didn't hear anyone mention donating some of their excess to food banks. I think this show is bad for those of us who coupon like normal people. I think stores will see this and start to change their policies, even though the majority of couponers do not use coupons like the people profiled on the show. The narrator, often mentioned that several of them were making their largest shopping trip to-date, but if you aren't listening closely, one may miss that part and have the impression that these ladies shop like this on a weekly basis. It is interesting to watch, but I think it will have a negative effect on the rest of us.

    • SasChandler

      Thanks for commenting on this show, Jenny, and for always encouraging us to do what's right.
      Never before have I watched and paused a show so many times as I did watching this show last night. I truly feel sorry for these people that they are showcasing! And the irony is not lost on me that the show comes on directly after “Hoarding: Buried Alive.”

      • Womack67973


      • justme

        I think that the two shows (hoarding buried alive and extreme couponing) are one and the same. The only difference is it is groceries and tp etc. instead of useless junk etc.

    • SasChandler

      One more thing…again, I giggle because that show just really had me riled up last night ;o)…my fear is that the manufacturers are going to see that the coupons they graciously give are being manipulated and abused. I would hate to see this show, if I were a manufacturer watching my product being 'hoarded' and eventually thrown away when the expiration dates have passed.

    • Donna1105

      I could not watch all of the show b/c it made me so mad and sick to my stomach!

    • Jillmaek

      I hate that they were all trying to pretend that they donate a ton of stuff. If that was true they wouldnt have a garage full of chips and toilet paper. It would be donated. Know what I mean?

      • justme

        I agree with you. If they were actually donating their “stash” then their actual stock pile would be a normal one like “sane” people have.

    • Raggamuffin

      I have to say, you are so right on this. The only thing this is accomplishing is making the stores want to change their coupon policies to make it more difficult for us to save. If it gets too hard, some will stop, others will continue on and keep complaining.

    • Melisa

      It seems like there is always someone trying to “work” the system and get around the rules. It really is disturbing to know that people like this ruin it for people that really NEED to use coupons and save money. I have been couponing for about a year now and my goal each time I go to the grocery store is to save more than I spend. If I leave with a receipt that shows this, I'm thrilled.

      I have taught some people in my area what I know about using coupons and they are thrilled to know they can save this much money. However, the one thing that I always stress is to make sure you know AND adhere to the store's coupon policy. Some of the ladies watched the show last night and promptly called me to find out how these people were doing this – 2,500 coupons in one order, back to back transactions, no limits on products, etc. I assured them that the stores must have been making exceptions to their own rules.

      I was disturbed by the announcer making the comment that “you should stock up on products when they are on sale because sales only come around every 6 momths.” What?? He needs to do a little research.

      We need to let TLC know that we are not happy with this show and we should also voice our thanks to our local stores for their liberal coupon policies. We sometimes don't appreciate what we have until it's gone (or changed drastically).

      Thanks Southern Savers for a great site and practical advice.

      • momof3

        Here's the thing–The only thing that talks is ratings…Actually, they'll get more people to watch due to this discussion…No publicity is bad publicity!

    • dan

      Haahhh. with coupons I did a trip where i bought $1,900 of stuff for 19 cent, no joke gps, groceries, massaging chair, beer, cigs, and even gift cards. BOBW

    • Mominator11

      What! A reality show that's not totally real!!! Say it ain't so:-) Next you'll tell me that the “make $100,000 from home while watching your small children and serve as the room mother of your child's class” ads aren't real either!

    • CouponDiva39

      I was trying to figure out how they were gonna use 100 boxes of cereal before they go stale!!! I'm thrilled to be couponing for my groceries……but my goal is only to spend more than I save. My mother is not in good health and has a fixed income. She has been thrilled to be able to grocery shop more wisely. And I ALWAYS have to buy some regular grocery items that may or may not be on sale that week. It's just life. Can't stockpile EVERYTHING!!

    • Candice

      If everyone is unhappy with the show or would like to see it changed (i.e. to a more helpful show), e-mail TLC's viewer relations. I just did. We need the coupons to make ends meet, and stores around here can be difficult about coupons. Also, the nearest grocery store that doubles is 60 and 86 miles away. I would hate to not be able to use my coupons because stores are forced to change policies because of the show. I wish they would show what everyday couponers can do and tips to become better when we shop. I am very thankfull for this website! It has enhanced my savings and taught me faster than I could have figured it out!

    • mimsyy

      Thanks, Jenny, for posting your comments. In my circle there is already a stigma about people who use coupons and they're thought of as “crazy couponers.” I'm concerned that this series is going to perpetuate the negative ideas that non-couponers may have and make us all look like crazy coupon grocery hoarders that need therapy. What I know is that I love couponing and think it just plain smart to save my money. That said, I'll also mention that I stick to your suggestion and only buy what my little family of three would need in a 6-10 week period.

    • K_cmarshall

      I have watch extreme couponing and I'm sure I will again, but I am appalled at the way they do things on there. Seriously, my son and I love mustard and we only go thru about two bottles a year! And when she insisted on taking all but one bottle that was ridiculous. I LOVE couponing! It has saved my family so much money and permitted me to stop buying store brands. I'll admit at times I will buy one or two more than I need of something because I have the coupon and it is a great price but they are just ridiculous. Seriously, if you have to put your “stockpile” in your kids room when you already have a designated place for this stuff ….. you have to much stuff!

    • Bookbeth1011

      The whole thing just makes me angry! It comes down to greed. No one needs 300 boxes of anything. And if these same people saw these items at a flea market because they were sold past their expiration dates would they still buy them? But when you buy that much, how could you possibly use it before it expires? To me it just detracts from all the people who are couponing to take care of their families and to make ends meet. It also seems like it is a total ego rush for these people to try to get “one up” over the stores. Bad business for everyone!!!

      • Joharr

        Well said !!! I really agree with everything you wrote. Shame on TLC also.I will not watch the program again.

    • Laura

      GO JENNY! :)

    • charlestongirl

      Selfishness at its best!!! Shame on the lady for clearing the shelves!! The stockpiles in each of those houses were RIDICULOUS!!! I mean, you can use only so much softsoap, deodorant, mustard, cereal, and toothbrushes. ….and they love “admiring” the items??? When you have items in your master closet and under your baby's bed, I'd say you have a serious problem. I am all for saving a buck, but come on???? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE donate some of that excess to a needy family!!!!…….heck, some of them have enough for the whole county. In fact, a few of the women need to lay off the stockpiles of food and join weight watchers!!!…and to the chic prancing in the high heel boots sporting the Coach purse in a grocery store?????—you seem overly greedy–shame on you!!! The couple that waited on 3 friends to show up to get their 10.00 discounts—-TOTALLY TACKY!! This show is ruining it for the average couponer!!!!

      • Unwantedmail01

        So I so totally agree with the frustration of people clearing the shelves. My biggest problem with couponing is that the items are never in stock on good deals, at the grocery stores and the pharmacy stores, the shelves stay completely wiped out on good sales.

      • Boo2010

        I couldn't agree more. Did you hear what that woman in the boots said when her husband lost his job? All she was concerned with was how she was going to be able to go out with her friends for a glass of wine?? She wasn't worried about how it was going to affect her family or her husband's feelings, only how SHE would be affected. And then that BS about getting all all fixed up before going out shopping so people would think she has money? Trust us you tacky thing, NO ONE is thinking that!! I feel sorry for her poor husband – he said he DIDN'T EVEN EAT MUSTARD!!! She laughed and said “oh, I keep forgetting that!” Pathetic. One thing none of these people better forget – Karma is a harsh mistress…..

        • Jacketfan24

          I thought she was horrible! My husband lost his job almost two years ago, which is why I started couponing, but I was more worried about keeping my house than keeping my lifestyle! As for the rest of it, I do what Jenny suggests and only stockpile enough to get through to the next sale unless it's a really good deal. I know it was just a show and it was exaggerated, but their stockpiles were real. That is just selfish and excessive. One of the couples didn't even have kids. Who needs that much? It did, however, motivate me to get a little more serious. You do get a little burned out after awhile, and I needed the push to refocus. A friend at work also got motivated and we are starting a coupon swap box at work.
          BTW, my 18 year old son watched with me and told me that no one needs “hooker boots” to go grocery shopping!

    • Jennifer

      I think there was a mistake…they should've been on the show “Hoarders”!!! Nobody needs that much and there should be no reason to have a stockpile in your master bedroom…how inspiring.

    • Raggamuffin

      I thought the idea of waiting for 3 friends to come help out was outrageous myself. I live in an area where we do not have a store that doubles coupons and I am tickled when I leave a store with my 2 bags of something for just tax because I used my rewards and coupons, but most of the time I have to pay between $2 and $30 for any purchase at a drugstore and usually over $130 when I buy groceries (even with coupons).

      I feel like if I stock up on non-food items using my rewards and coupons, since most of the coupons that come out are for non-food items, I can afford to buy a nice bill of groceries. I personally believe that a family should have at least a 6 months to a years worth of groceries, water and non-food items. This just makes sense to me if you or your spouse gets out of a job or an illness occurs. You are not searching for ways to buy groceries and you may be able to keep your house from being put in foreclosure. Other debt may go to the way-side, but a home is not something you want to lose because you are having to purchase groceries and TP. That is the only reason why I started couponing.

      I really wish this show would show it more like it is, instead of the way they want it to be when going to a store. I am fortunate to go to stores that are willing to help you but they are not going to give you that much stuff for pocket change.

      • Rebecca Winslow

        I just wanted to say that I appreciate your comment. I was a firm believer in not “stockpiling” or having more food stored in my house than my family will consume in 3 months or less because it bordered on hoarding, but reading your post and the mention of an illness or lost job made me reconsider. I should have thought of it sooner since we were in that boat less than 4 years ago. Great thoughts. :)

    • justme

      I think that the show was rediculous and actually is not that much different from the TLC show called “Hoarding Buried Alive”. The major difference in the two shows being that Extreme Couponing concentrates on food, tp etc. vs household stuff and junk shown on Hoarding Buried Alive.

      I really think that all the people on that show last night are “sick puppys” and need some psychiatric help.

      I think that they should re-name the show………..”Extreme couponing/mental illness”.


      • Jenny

        If you watch, the two shows run back to back! That says something to me.

      • Denise

        My daughter watched that with me (shes 14) and she said “Look they are hoarders too”…lol.

    • Ddcrafter

      I am totally happy saving $50-$70 on a shopping trip. I like to go thru and see what I got for free….hoarding all that stuff is silly unless you live in a place where you can get bad storms and get stuck and unable to leave your house for a month or more. Those people are obsessed and have nothing else to do (my opinion). I love this website and I visit it daily. It has helped me reduce my grocery bill and helped me become a smarter shopper!

      • Ann-Marie

        I feel the same way.This site has helped me save HUGE!!!!!!

    • Ann-Marie

      I can honestly say that this site has helped lift some of the burden of the higher gas prices from my household We don't have a lot of income and being able to go to the grocery store or drug store and get the things I could not otherwise afford has been a blessing for us.I wish people would not be as greedy and the way these people shop is not REALITY!!!Stop watchng and voice your opinion.I will not watch and I will not support this type of picture that is being painted of people who use coupons!!

    • Sbrown1137

      And to think of all the “Food Pantries” that are in need ! Only the gentleman from Kentucky, on the original show, was giving a large portion of what he bought to the food pantry at his church. For that, I give him credit. All of the others, I felt were obsessed!
      One thing that only a couple disclosed, was the amount they paid to buy a large portion of their coupons from a clipping service. That cost has to be factored in to what they were spending.
      I looked up the double coupon policy for one store, and they had “UNLIMITED” doubles, up to a face value of only 50 cent, and there was no limit to the number of like coupons that could be used in the same transaction. So, I'm sure, as you said, most stores are going to be re-evaluating their coupon policies.
      If you will recall, a number of those people mentioned that they go on grocery store runs, several times a week. How many of us really have the time to do that? How much is your time worth?
      I have found, that the information that I have gotten from this site, has gotten me the closest to receiving the BEST deals that anyone can “honestly” receive.
      We need to just keep doing what we are doing, and tweeking it, and we will prevail.

      • Another point is that most of them actually purchased or built storage for all of their stuff. I wonder what that cost. And if I could afford to spend $150 on cereal to donate, even if it was so much, I probably would not be couponing. And the lady in the boots obviously spends whatever she saves on her wardrobe.

      • Extreme Couponer

        Actually Amanda who was on the same first show special donated – you just did not SEE it. I HATE that TLC did not show this!

    • Denise

      I haven't done couponing that long but long enough to know that doesn't work. It was entertainment though. Just 2 things…it pissed me off when the lady took all the mustards except one, that is selfish. The only real question I had is can you freeze yogurt? I never can stock up because of the expiration date and my girls eat that like crazy.

      • J'aime is in big trouble. big time coupon fraud. someone is going to catch her.

      • marie

        the mustard thing made me crazy too. It always seems that I'm shopping behind this selfish shopper. I got 1 kid that eats mustard on EVERYTHING and I sstill never buy more than 4.

      • F_spalding

        I freeze my kids yogurt and the only “problem” is that it changes the consistency a little when thawed. My kids don't care and still eat it, but I wouldn't freeze mine :)

      • NLP

        My kids like yogurt, too. They are young (4, 2 & 1) so I can put a popsicle stick in the yogurt cups before I freeze them & they get “popsicles” for a reward. Just don't do it too many days in a row because they eventually catch on & the excitement fades. = /

      • Carla

        yes you can freeze yogurt, I like to freeze the yoplait flavored, low fat ones, they make a very nice cold treat

    • Sharon

      Dear Jenny, I admire and appreciate your dedication in scouring your sources to bring us the best of the best deals while also educating us on how to make an impact in our families lives by spending less and saving money while hopefully also helping out in some small way by giiving back to our community. I appauld your stance regarding reasoableness and coupon limits because I realize that the savings for all of us may be in jeapordy in the future because due to a limited few taking advantage. I hope everyone values the deals they're getting now and as I understand in the beginning it can be very exciting but rein it in people so we can continue to benefit!!

    • Jennb2005


      Excellent comments. I voiced all of these to my fiancee after the show. And who really needs $1100 worth of cereal. That's just taking it to an extreme…once again like everything else on tv…everything was just exagerrated. Go figure. Thanks for you all you do each and every week to help us all save money!

      • The two things I liked about the gentleman who bought the 1100 boxes of cereal are: (1) He called ahead and ordered through his store, explaining to them what he had going on, I assume, and (2) He said he was going to donate it all to his church's food pantry.

    • marie

      I understand that the show wanted these people to coupon “extreme” for the sake of entertainment. Maybe that's why they bought what they did for the show. BUT 240 rolls of TP. really. I have 5 children and 3 bathrooms and feel “hoardish” if I have more than 48 rolls. (about 10 weeks for us). It must be the thrill of the “buy” that they get caught up in. TP will be on sale again at a good price with a coupon matchup within weeks. I'm just concerned that they may be ruining it for the rest of us. Maybe one of us reasonable and sane couponers should apply to the show-(not me, one of y'all) and show them how it really works.

    • Blondienyc

      Folks, this is a TV SHOW. These people are extreme couponers but not to ths degree. They don't buy 35 botttles of Maalox on their weekly shopping trips. This was all exaggerated for television and RATINGS. I work in TV–we are masters of manipulation. Don't be so naive and believe everything you see and hear. The show closed down the grocery store on the day of taping so they don't “hold up the lines for normal folks”. These “hoarders” donated their loot to food banks!!! Get real, people!

      • Manny32244

        Well blondienyc on one show we did get to see everything they had on the pantry and garage,but regarless of what they do with the items the stores are changing policies because of the show

      • Susanna

        I personally know one of the people on the Apr 20 show and she is one of the most ethical (not to mention sweetest) people I know! (Her name is Missy). She also donates BOATLOADS to several organizations that help needy children and families, food banks and sends things to deployed military as well. LOTS of it, not just a little. She isn't unstable or a hoarder at all, in person she's pleasant and normal and also NEVER clears shelves. She teaches couponing (for FREE) and one of the main points she makes is not to shelf clear. I can't speak for anyone else on this show but I can say with 100% certainty that anything that looked “off” about her segment was due to TV editing.

    • Sparklecat2009

      I absolutely loathed the show but now I loathe it even more as some of the first girls misdeeds are being brought to light. Seems as though there are enough ways to save without having to resort to dishonesty. She apparently teaches new couponers and am wondering what she must be teaching them……. I
      So glad that I was introduced to couponing by attending a class taught by Jenny. I cannot imagine a better way to have learned!! I wish that everybody taught the cost saving side of couponing in conjunction with proper etiquette and honesty. It is a lot of fun but it should never take over your life or your home!!!

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67HwPmx0RH0 and http://www.jillcataldo.com/node/16258 show the ways that one of the shoppers is believed to have committed coupon fraud. Again, Jenny I am thankful that you teach us a more honest way of saving money. There will always be people who will take the information you give and find a way to be dishonest with it, but at least the majority of the people are learning a better way. I just hope this show doesn’t completely ruin it for all of us!

    • Dvdlcope


    • Nanleigh10

      I was in my Publix in Lexington, SC today and it looks like they are getting ready to change their coupon policy. Buzz in the pharmacy was all about the extreme couponers. My cashier had to get a manager to override about 6 of my coupons because I had more coupons than products. I don't think they are going to change the policy of being able to use store coupon and manufacture coupon. But on all their BOGO, there is now a limit. I am sure this show on TLC is going to effect us all. If I get to where I have to hide toilet paper under a bed, I am going to know I have a problem. That show made me ill.

    • Marcie

      I don't understand how so many of these people aren't even paying tax! It doesn't make sense! Someone did have $14 in tax..but somehow they paid only $5. HOW?! I seriously don't get it. And on another note..how selfish to buy 62 mustards?? That PS- DO have expiration dates..she has psychological problems for thinking she needs that much of anything.

      • Liz C

        Some states don't have sales tax on most food in grocery stores.

    • Mel

      I watched the very first episode a while back and after that I refused to watch another episode because I know that no store would allow you to do what they did. All this TLC show is doing is working on ruining couponing. Well, let me rephrase! There will always be coupons and we'll always have access to using them but the store are going to start cracking down. I know some store will now not take printable coupons if they're over $1, B1G1 and free items. The reason for this is because of people making and printing fradulant ones. I also saw something online about the show saying that those shoppers called ahead how much they were going to need and they suggested that we all do it. Ok! Let's get real! First of all the stores on tv may have done that but only because they were going to be on tv. I know first hand (due to my husband in the grocery business) that the stores are NOT going to order you items for you to use your coupons on just to take home and hoard when there's the chance you may not come and get it. I do hope this TLC doesn't last.

      • Dpage001

        My husband works in the grocery business as well and they DO want you to call ahead if you need a large quantity so they will have it. They don't care what you do with it as long as it is paid for, and using a coupon is paying they get above the cost of each coupon, so the store makes money, don't kid yourself on that!

    • momto2boys

      Very interesting article here on the coupon fraud that was possibly committed during the show.


    • The show is certainly interesting, like a trainwreck. The people featured are obsessive and they are hoarders. The one woman who's husband says she spends no time with him because she is always couponing was ridiculous! I love to save money but not at the expense of time with my family or even time for myself. Also, I live in Central Florida and there is not one grocer who doubles coupons. Perhaps the rest of the country is luckier than we are, but I think that is the main contributor to their savings.

    • Suthagoo

      I live in Central FL too. I've only seen double coupons offered at big k, (and if you ask me they're not known for the lowest prices). I can cut my grocery bills in half sometimes with specials and coupons, but its always going to depend on what we need to buy for that week or two. I've read recently about stores setting limits, but it seems where I live many already do. When we do buy extras because it's a good deal, and its more than we would normally use, it goes right to a local food bank.

    • Could not agree with this more! I work at Food Lion, and I know after about two buggies I'm about to fall over. Plus a lot of times the coupons won't work and the cashier takes the blame. I love Southern Savers because I feel Jenny takes couponing as it should be-a way to save money, not to stock up for 4 years.

    • Moore Laura58

      How do you get produce coupons? I see on your Buy price list you have coupons for a whole bunch of stuff that I can't find can you help me please thank you….& I'm new to this =)

    • Steve

      Ok my thoughts are this,
      1-It is not possible to save 620 bucks on a grocery bill…because no amount of coupons is going to make everything free. Even if you have a store that doubles a coupon a $5 jug of green tea doesn't give 2.50 off then doubles or shampoo that is 4.27….I know of ZERO stores that double past 50 cents. Zero and I live in Atlanta one of America's 10 largest cities. Even with a store coupon and manufacturer coupon, items are not free.

      2-this show is has not shown how any of these Extremers actually do this except say they use coupons…..WHAT COUPONS FROM WHAT SOURCES? NAME NAMES, NAME WEBSITES, show on the screen just how they actually do it, item for item.

      3-Most of the items these extremers are buying are soap, TP, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, etc….hardly edible items. One may be clean for free while lying in the casket death by starvation or by consuming laundry detergent…ooh wait that is another TLC-Discovery show, Strange Addiction.

      4-I could care less these people sweep the stores clean of items, I can still get rainchecks.

      I just want to know EXACTLY HOW does one buy $620 bucks of stuff for $13. TLC is never going to show that…..NEVER.

      • MissyEby

        Hi Steve, My name is Missy Eby. Nice to meet you :).

        I was featured on one of the TLC's Extreme Couponing episodes.

        I live in the land of NO DOUBLE COUPONS! This is VERY possible. I follow the coupons to the tee! I use the OVERAGE of my items to pay for my items that I have NO coupons for! We eat alot of fresh fruits and veggies (many organically grown).

        I do not clear the shelves (my stores order in for me) and yes you have the right idea, RAINCHECKS!

        on my episode, I purchased 1161.00 for 4 bucks….I do this frequently. My stores LOVE me! I have taught nearly 4,000 people how to do this…I teach classes in churches all over the US. Feel free to conatct me and I will show you how you can save that much too!


        • Heiney18

          How do I contact you?

        • Missy… I just watched your episode.  I saw that you had dumped a whole basket of excedrin or something like 114 bottles worth into your buggy, but they had a prob with it.. so you stopped that transaction and started a new one.   You stated that you had a coupon that would pay you back for the meds in which case you would then use that $51 worth of overage onto your meats.  Yeah that was an interesting show!

    • vivien

      Hi Steve, Well u asked, so i will tell you… Pick N Save in my area (milw, wi) doubles up to $1 value coupons. on weds and sats they have up to 5 doubles with a $25 purchase before coupons. so it's very easy to do. once in a while (like today), they allow up to 10 doubles for the same $25 purchase requirement. also, the people on this show probably rebates they had to mail off for and submitted them at the checkout (small checks and free item coupons). and many times there will be sales where for example you buy so many boxes of cereal and you get coupons for free milk on your next shopping trip. so for example, i got 2 gallons of milk free today. that was over $7 off right there. manufacturers also have special coupons if you “like” them on facebook and often have newsletter groups you can sign up for so you get coupons that way too. i don't subscribe to the ridiculous stockpiling… and yes, i do spend a bit of time on this – certainly not hours. but then it's worth it in the end. hope that helps.

    • xenajedw

      I agree with most of you on the fact that the stock piling is like being a hoarder. I do have extra of some things like the body wash, deodarant, toothpaste, but not to the extreme. If I can get a good deal, I take it. I also have 4 children (3 are grown and out of the house). They will call and ask if they can come shop at mom's closet. I let them know that if I have extra they can sure come get it. I also know that all of my local stores (Carrollton/Dallas, Tx.) will only double 1,2 or some 4 coupons for the same item, so if I want to get extra I may have to do separate transactions. All in all, I do pretty well for my family, but again, I never buy double digits of anything. I agree with Jenny, the sale will come around again. I just save some sales guides and watch the trend. Thanks, Jenny I rrrreeally have saved a bundle since I found your website, even in Texas.

    • Charity Hand

      Way to get quoted in the AJC!

    • Sara

      In other words, that stupid show is harming couponers instead of helping. Way to go, morons! I think we should boycott it and protest to TLC.

    • Thedevinemsd

      I know, who uses 50 bottles of Maalox?

    • Ashli Norton

      All of this is wasteful and bad for our environment. More people should realize the problems associated with so much packaging and we won't even get into the health of issues associated with MOST of the foods that allow coupons.

      This is a sad example of the typical 'overdoing' of some of the greedy. I'm not saying this of all couponers, but most people really need to consider that they are really only chasing this because of the 'game' associated with this. Unfortunately, this game has an extreme environmental toll and supports in no way a sustainable lifestyle and the local farmers and producers.

      I KNOW there are MUCH better ways to save money and they all stem from using less. More people should take the approach of maybe the “Zero Waste Family” or simply use less in other areas of their lives to make sure they remain healthy by eating locally grown, organic foods.

    • Windowpainus

      I agree with what you said about leaving some for the rest of us. The regular couponers, not extreme would like to have 1 bottle of Maalox left on the shelf to buy!

    • Rclay18

      I went to Food World tonight. It is a chain in the south that Jenny does not cover, but sometimes I shop there with coupons when there is a good deal. They are now limiting internet coupons to one per like item (meaning you buy 10 packs of hot dogs you can only use an internet coupon on one of them). They are also limiting insert coupons to 10. The manager said she was told this was in response to the extreme couponing show. She said they have gotten more fraudulant coupons than they ever have since the show started. Apparently people are making copies of coupons and using them. I don't know if people are ignorant of how coupons work or are truly trying to be fraudulant. It's sad that a few people can ruin it for the rest of us. I wonder how long until other stores follow suit? Has anyone else run into this at their stores?

    • ReMe

      I think it is very greedy to go into a store & empty the shelves just because you have a coupon, my gosh, the world will not come an end tomorrow. For those extreme couponers that only have 2 or 3 people in thier household & they shop in this manner is just GREED!! these things expire & you never hear any of these people offering to donate to a homeless shelter or church. For the most part these people need some serious mental help, they look at it as Extreme Couponing, but it is more like Hoarding or Buried Alive. I think these stores needs to put a stop to this!!! It really blows my mind to see that the stores have actually gave money back to these nuts…THAT IS WRONG!!! the customer is not paying for an item, but the store is going to pay the customer to use a coupon?..There are people that have been on this show that look to be over weight and they are shopping as if they are not going to ever eat again. Do you people not see all the children that are starving to death, while you are gloating about your compulsive behavier. you are braggging about”look what I have and you don't”…you people need to get a life..You talk about spending 6,8 or 10 hours a day putting coupons together, why don't you volunteer somewhere & put yourself to good use. I would be embarrassed to admit that I would be related to some of you with this EXTREME behavier!!! I think that people that live in the same towns as most of these people need to get together and file compaints to the grocery stores & state…YOU GUYS NEED TO GET A GRIP ON WHAT IS GOING ON, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO STARVE TO DEATH, THERE ARE OTHER THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR A HOBBY & NOT COME OFF AS BEING GREEDY AS YOU SHOW TO BE. DEAR GOD, FOR ONCE PUT YOUR TIME & ENERGY TO GOOD USE, DONATE!!!!!!! For those who have several people in your families, I think it's great to do this…..for those of you with only a couple of people & no children really should be ashamed of yourselves…before you guys start jumping into dumpsters, you better think about what or who has been in there before you…dirty needles, filth, toxens…but I guess you see it as ok, cause you were able to get that ALMIGHTY COUPON!!!!! GREED WILL NOT GET YOU ANYWHERE!!!

    • ReMe

      Have you noticed the Joanie Demer does the dumpster diving wearing gloves, but she just sets her son right in the middle of everything without gloves..Why would any parent put their child in a dumpster to look for anything….I guess we can see where her priorities lie….And in most states dumpster diving is illigal…

    • Thank you so much for saying leave some for the rest of us lol any time I mention not being selfish in a few other places its like I said kill puppies or something

    • Kelly Mendez

      I see on Jenny's “Buy-Price” list that you can buy pampers diapers for $5.00, my question is how??? I have a newborn so I am constantly clipping and looking for diaper sales.

    • Kelly – I just bought Huggies for the following:
      Food Lion had them for $7.99 plus I had a $3.00 off coupon. So I bought them for only $4.99, plus tax. I have a newborn too. I guess if I had wanted to I could of bought 10 bags of diapers….but I just started this whole couponing thing :0)  To be happy with one 1 bag = ME.   I don't have room to stockpile, ya know.

    • A few big things to realize:
      1.  We only need enough for 6-10 weeks depending on your area.2.  You will see a sale again, I promise!  So go easy and leave some for the rest of us.3.  Save what you can, but remember why you are saving!

      I totally agree with the above! Nice statement! One more thing to add… I am not sure about this, but it's an opinion.. Now with the extreme shows/series I was told that Publix in my area will no longer accept competitor Target coupons.. That was such a nice savings for my family.  Oh well. I bet with the TLC shows airing now alot of new “policies” will be in effect and old “good ones” will be no more.  

      I started couponing due this actually event in front of me.. way before the TLC shows.  I was at Publix and this lady bought over $200 worth of food for $44.67.  Her and I had a nice little conversation on just how she does it… I saw it with my eyes and so I figured I need to start saving!

    • milkmanzwife92

      I totally agree, as fun as it would be TLC's Extreme Couponing is to watch it is bogus in most areas. This show will only make dbl coupons a thing of the past! That will kill my household's budget. I don't go in the store with a binder I keep it in the car and only go in with my planned list and those coupons. If I spot an un-avertised deal, I don't mind going into my car after loading my purchases and going back in and checking out again. If my hubby is with me he will get the coupons for me while I shop. Did you also notice Treasure on TLC this week was being watched like a hawk and wasn't allowed to let her husband to check to double on specials deals that are limited to one transaction. The were ready and waiting on her almost as soon as she hit the aisles.