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Free Blueberries at Publix!

on 6.18.2010 at 11:08am

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Grab this great coupon and run to your local Publix, you’ll get $1.50 off fresh berries.  The coupon is good through 6/23 so use it on great sales this week.

  • Blueberries, 1 pt., $1.50
  • Driscoll’s Red Raspberries, 5.6 oz., $2

That means FREE blueberries or $0.50 Raspberries!!

(thanks Amy!)

    • Vtmegan

      Is everyone able to print multiples? I love berries and was wondering how many I could use! (I only printed two but would love to print more)

      • MfamMom

        I printed 5 but the Q does say one deal per coupon per customer so you may have to ring up in separate transactions–depends on your cashier.

        • MichelleA

          I printed a bunch, used 2 in the same transaction today (my Publix always lets me). So, it depends on your store/cashier/manager etc. :)

          • Bryarsmom

            I saved the Q on my desktop for additional printings later. DH and I will make multiple trips on this great deal!

      • Tiffany

        I called my local Publix today to ask. It seems that since the coupon states “one deal per coupon per customer” you may only be able to use one coupon on a single occasion. But it’s really up to your local store’s interpretation of the fine print, so you could give them a call or stop by the customer service area before shopping. They may only let you use one coupon, or they may let you use as many as you want.

      • LoriMama

        I used 10 in one transaction without any problems. My neighbor used 15. We LOVE our Publix!!!!

    • Thehovites

      Love this, thank you! I have a reception coming up for my son's Eagle Scout Court of Honor and am definitely shopping for the best deals.

      • Darlene

        Congrats to your Eagle Scout son! Great accomplishment!

    • Bg1999

      I'm a goober…Do I just click the link and print the page that comes up or do I have to go somewhere else? I don't want to print the wrong thing off :)

      Thanks for the help in advance :)

      • Amber

        you'll have to print the whole page

        • Bg1999

          Thanks so much!

      • Emily

        I'm a goober too! Thanks Amber.

    • Hallie1200

      My publix in Hixson TN was OUT of bluberries, and I got this email coupon the day AFTER I went shopping there! boo! I will have to use it next week.

      • Alicia

        Just go back with your receipt and the coupon, and explain that you got the item, but did not use the coupon. It has happened to me before that I forgot to use a coupon, so, I went back with the receipt, and the item, and asked to return it, and re-buy it, so I could use the coupon. I was told that that was not necessary, they just scanned the coupon, and gave me the money for it.

    • Molly

      Remember to get a raincheck!!

    • kristifromchelsea

      Just wondering…. I printed it out and then read the fine print that transfer of this constitutes fraud. Does this mean if we did not receive it in the original email we really should not use it? I love publix and don't want to make my store mad by using a coupon they might consider illegal. Right now mine doubles, accepts competitors, accepts internet coupons and is usually fully stocked. I can't ask for better and don't want to make them mad. Just wondering what the rule is on this type of coupon transfer.

      • Andy

        Just came back from Hixson, TN store and they had a good selection and took this coupon no problem/questions/glares. I have to go back tonight to finish shopping, will be curious to see if there are any left.

        • Hallie1200

          Really, they were out yesterday…darn, I forgot about rainchecks!

      • Lee

        I was wondering the same thing myself. Thanks for asking about this :)

        • Amber

          the website that this coupon is from is accessible by anyone and is public. It is the same one that you can enter baking/cooking contests with Publix. It is not fraud by any means.

      • Amy B.

        As you can see on the site, there is an option to forward to your friends or post to facebook & twitter, so I don't think sharing is a problem. Its not a unique barcode and you can always sign up for their season's peak newsletter so next time you will get it in your inbox firsthand.

        • kristifromchelsea

          Thanks, I'll do that. And thanks to everyone for easing my mind.

      • andersonsc

        kristifromchelsea–It's great to see someone who doesn't abuse the system. I, too, would like Publix (in non-Floridian states) to continue to be so generous with doubles, mystery items, and Internet coupons. If you are using 15 of a coupon that states “one deal per coupon per customer,” I think that is exploiting the system and also means the shelves are empty when others arrive to get their one container. As for the transfer issue, I could not find the coupon on the site without using that link. So, I signed up for the newsletter instead.

        • Jenni

          That is what I did. I did choose to print from this link, but I also signed up for the newsletter so that I would be able get any future offers the right way.

    • Andrea

      thank you!!!

    • Psimmons5565

      All I could print is the coupon pic without a bar code. Does that work???

      • Bryarsmom

        This is a Publix sote Q-there is no bar code-just the letter LU and some numbers. This is also the same type of Publix Q you Stack with regular man Q's to get lots of items FREE from time-to-time!

    • CouponNERD

      Wow! I've been sick and told my hubby just last night that I REALLY wanted some blueberries.
      Guess we're headed to Publix!
      (well, I've had my list ready for a few days, but haven't made it out. ..)

    • Megan

      I printed out multiple copies and my store let me use them all in one transaction!! So excited to have all these blueberries… now to make some freezer space!!

    • LD

      Does anyone know how much the Sara Lee pound cake is ? [guess]
      I printed out that coupon buy one get $1 off berries and a $1 off pound cake from the Sara Lee web site . So hoping the extra $2 will eat up most of the price of the pound cake . TIA if you do .

    • Gina

      Anderson, SC had lots of blueberries and took the coupon! Thanks

    • Culinarykat1

      publix also has a good deal on cookies. on one of the side isles the we're b1g1 and a tearpad coupon for $1.50 off. I used two and bought two. I think both turned out to be $0.10 each….what a steal!

    • Ptogroup

      This is my favorite coupon so far, my kids love raspberries!!!

    • thank you my grands love berries offI go to the store.

    • Occmom

      Isn't there a Driscoll's coupon out there You could use it along with the Publix coupon!!

    • Ashley

      i cant get coupon to print for the blueberries. help!

    • Ashley

      nevermind! i got it!

    • Emily_anne_nolan

      Having trouble printing coupon…any suggestions? Thanks!

    • LKH

      This is probably my favorite coupon all year so far! It's awesome to get fruit for free, I'm going to get a few extra to freeze

    • Jmcnure5

      Hi! I have another FREE item to share! At Publix, their Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer is $7.99. You can print a $5.00 off manufacturer's coupon at Rightathome.com and print a $3.00 off store coupon at Target.com under their coupons link. This means FREE! Yay!

    • Crystal

      Anyone know what the max is for getting the free blueberries. Looks like my printer will let me keep printing and printing several copies. I wonder how many I could get away with at the store without being too greedy. What is the most anyone has gotten at one time with duplicate coupons?

      • Itchin2bstitchin

        I used 6 coupons at my local Publix. I did 4 blueberries, 1 raspberry and 1 blackberry. At first they said only one coupon then they went and checked and said an email had come through saying they could take more then one per person so they took all 6 coupons. I'm in Gwinnett County GA, the Publix on 124 in Snellville took them just an hour ago.

        • Whylidat

          I have a nasty and embarassing experience on Saturday. I bought 1 blueberry and 1 Rasphberry. The cashier said I can only use 1 coupon per transaction. So I asked her to take off the blueberry and checked out. She was loud but I am just polite. After that I went to the end of the line as I want to buy the blueberry. She said no, I cannot use another coupon unless I walk out of the store and then come back. English is not my first language but I think a transaction does not mean you have to walk out of the store and then come back in??? Anyone can enlighten me?

          • Christyn Ballentine

            Mine says one per customer.

      • Vignequeen

        My Publix will only let me use 1 coupon per person per transaction…even if I have more than 1 thing of blueberries. But I've stopped in everyday and grabbed me one and made good use of my Hubby & my tweens by sticking a coupon in their hand too!! :)

        • Kennedyfamily05

          Maybe breaking the rules and being sneaky isn't the best example of couponers !!! I would hate for us to lose the ability to get coupons like this because some people want to cheat the system.

          • Pam

            It is not cheating the system if PUBLIX is the one letting them all go through. All they have to say is “No” when someone walks up with more than one thing of berries, but they CHOOSE not to, so I think it should be left up to the store to do what they feel.

            • ibelieve.toni

              And when we say NO! The customer 9 times out of 10 will complain about the cashier and if they are not satisfied at that point they write a letter to Corporate. What do you think happens to the cashier. I can tell you…. I use coupons and I love this site. I really find it sad when people take advantage. Do you know that the Walgreens, Target and so coupons we take comes out of our profit. May not mean much to you, but when I don't get a raise because our Company looses money. That takes away from my family. I think it is great to use coupons, but just remember at what price me as an associated pays for your greed.

      • Crystal

        Actually I went with only two packages and they said I could use 1 coupon per item!! The lady ahead of me had like 8 pints, so I think if Publix felt used and abused they would just follow the instructions on the coupon- which they arent in my area, so all is good!

    • Christine

      Just got a book of coupons from my super Target in the mail and there is one for $1 off berries!!!! Yeah!

    • Wandas225

      I just got 3 blueberries and 2 strawberries ($1.00 each for the strawberries). They are so good. Anybody got any easy recipes?

      • Keyrahollmer

        Fruit salad is great just cut up the strawberries and some bananas, mix with the blueberries, sugar to taste and a little lemon juice to keep the bannans from browning, so healthy and the kids love it! (so do I)

    • Ava

      Please help the blueberry coupon prints very light and can't be used.Any help appreciated

    • AvaJ

      Please help What am I doing wrong?It will not print so it can be read.I had signed up for it so it should print but it isn't dark enough.

      • Camcox2

        Same problem here. I cut and pasted the coupon to Word and it printed a bit darker but not great.

    • LKH

      I get the next week's ad on Tuesdays in the mail and all the berries are on sale for the same prices again next week, so you have one more day

    • Jen_rn1

      so can I print two coupons and use them on each pint at the same time. i am new to this.

      • Familyof3

        Depends on what your store will do. I bought 2 at a time with two coupons even thought they say 1 per customer per, and the lady in front of me checked out with like 8 oints of blueberries- with 8 separate coupons. Althought some say on here their store will only allow 1 pint per coupon per person, guess it depends on your individual store. Doesnt hurt to try to get multiples.

    • Christina

      Why is it one Free item, seems Just not to be Good Enough for People, We all know what Greed does for the world, Getting one Free and Paying $1.50 For another is OK.. Remember, 1.50 per pint of Blueberries is a GOOD DEAL, Breaking coupons rules in not the RIGHT THING TO DO. Sometimes you have to Ask yourself What would Jesus Do.. Print a extra coupon and give to a Stranger..

      • Brownfamily

        The customer is not the one who rings up the item and lets the coupons go through, so I dont think it is the person being “Greedy” to want to get several pints of blueberries if their store allows it. How many people avoid buying fresh fruits and veggies because of their higher prices than junk food???- so this coupon is letting people get something they might not normally buy! Maybe they are freezing them and getting the health benefits longer than the week long sale–so please, dont judge. After all-it is up to the store to say no if they choose not to take multiple coupons.

      • Carla

        If you choose to do that and that makes you happy then good for you…that is the great thing about choice…I on the other hand like to think that Jesus would want me to feed my 5 kids foods that nourish their bodies especially when I will do it more when I can get such a great deal on them…God Bless.

        • Christina

          Wonderful, However just remember that one day, Publix might change the rules Based on abuse. And this comment goes to people who complain, when Publix states they will not honor a coupon that clearly states , One per Transaction and Person, If you go Multiple days great, But to Cheat is Cheat.

          • Cindy

            Most coupons say “Do not double or Muliply”, and Publix along with many other stores STILL DO by choice, so it is not up to you to judge or critize. Noone is “cheating” if their store LETS them do it..all transactions are legitimate. Please do not condone anyone who wants to feed their family healthy food.

    • KellyB

      Where is the coupon?

    • KellyB

      Never mind. I see it now.

    • Sparrow07

      There's also a coupon for $1 off fruit wyb Oscar Mayer variety pack combine it w/ this coupon you will make $ :)

    • BB

      To the lady buying a whole shopping cart of blueberries with the free coupon, over 4 cases worth.
      Not only did you wipe out the whole display case but we may never see another coupon like this again due to this kind of abuse!!

      • Christina

        Thank you that is exactly my point it is nice to see someone actually agrees with me, How people try to justify breaking rules is amazing, But we all can see what happens when people do that ” Look at BP” .

      • Martha

        Oh my gosh, I really hope Publix told her NO! Lady, how can you be so rude and think it is okay to buy 4 cases!!!!! That truley is abuse and I hope you feel bad.

      • Karen

        Coupon says 1 per customer they have enforced it at mine, for that reason I am sure. I just go to 3 stores every day.

    • ibelieve.toni

      And when we say NO! The customer 9 times out of 10 will complain about the cashier and if they are not satisfied at that point they write a letter to Corporate. What do you think happens to the cashier. I can tell you…. I use coupons and I love this site. I really find it sad when people take advantage. Do you know that the Walgreens, Target and so coupons we take comes out of our profit. May not mean much to you, but when I don't get a raise because our Company looses money. That takes away from my family. I think it is great to use coupons, but just remember at what price me as an associated pays for your greed.