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You just thought Oprah was gone… nope!  Now she’s giving out free oral care products.  Head over to her new site to see if you qualify for a Crest Complete Sampler Pack.

Heads up if you tell them you are Male, you won’t qualify.  It’s also a good 5 minute survey so be ready to answer a few questions.

    • angelah

      Anyone else try this who's not an OWN viewer?  We cut the cable so never watched.

      • Down2togo95

        I did and was honest, don't have cable way to expensive. I did not qualified oh well.
        We are almost empty nesters so no real need for cable for us.

      • CBUTLER


    • Nicole

      If you aren't an O viewer you don't qualify as well.

    • Mommy2Boys

      Thank you!  I qualified.  YAY for free toothpaste and HOPEFULLY coupons!!  :)

    • Myra

      Well I guess they don't like women who believe their husbands are the CEO of their household either.   I suppose they want controlling women only.  ARGH!

      • Shannon

        LOL.  As soon as I read “Heads up if you tell them you are Male, you won’t qualify” I knew I had to pretend to be the Ruler of my House to make it.  So funny.

        I did qualify.  Yes to kids, Yes to CEO, Yes to subscribing to OWN.

        • Jencanshimmy

          I found that a bit offending. “Qualify”, by either lying or being an own watching, pants wearing, non-male, person with children. Sheesh, offer it or don't, how prententious. Really.

          • Marie

             Pants wearing? Are you a sweet christian mommy who only wears dresses to look pretty for hubby while you shine his shoes? Ha what a life, sucks to be you

      • Amy

        Seriously? If I consider myself the CEO of my household I'm controlling? Way to generalize.

    • Mel

      boo.  I didn't qualify either.  Guess it was the CEO question that did me in.

    • Rko2644

      I said female and still did not qualify.  What is up with that??

    • Cflex

      got to have kids as well.

    • Dheaton310

      I have cable but if you are not an OWN viewer you don't qualify.

    • Adhhughes

      OWN isn't available on my cable channel so when I clicked no that I wasn't an OWN viewer, I didn't qualify.  :(

    • I qualified..

      answered yes to watching OWN (I don't), to children (I dont have any).. and that I'm female.. well one out of 3 is good :-)

      • Hannah Prince2018

        me too!!

    • Coupondiva

      i qualified – CEO of household, watch OWN, have kids . . .

    • Ginnylin


    • Jena

      Apparently you don't qualify if you don't have children….but I still have teeth!

    • I would never watch Oprah. I guess you could lie.

      • Nysfoxx

        Your loss. She's the best tv host of all time!

      • Judy

        I did! They state “Are You a Viewer of the OWN network.” I said no and was disqualified so next I said Yes..and I completed the survey! .I actually do watch one or two things on the channel just not her!

    • Kristi

      Thank you – I got it!  (And I consider myself the CEO of our household when it comes to purchasing toothpaste.)

    • Yay!  Thank you!

    • Charityhand

      I qualified woot woot! Not sure about CEO of the family stuff, I'm more of a partner, but I answered yes anyway.

      • Npainter

        I agree!  My husband is head of the household and I consider him the CEO.  I did not qualify!  So surprising!

        • Gina

          Why aren’t you the head of the household?

    • Nisha1997

      I have mine.  Thanks Jenny and Oprah!!

    • AMANDA


    • I qualified

    • Cmroberts 0304

      I have no interest in Oprah or her network, could not lie about being an OWN viewer so I do not qualify .. no love lost here.

    • Kdfowler84

      you also have to have children…

    • Sarah Glanovsky

      I qualified!! Thank you !

    • Kristin


    • Jennifer

      You have to think about who they are targeting. Women who are head of house with children who do not currently use Crest toothpaste. Answer the questions like that and you'll qualify.

    • Medicgirl014

      I qualified!

    • SuperGrace2002

      if u dnt have kids or view OWN u dnt qualify

    • OhLindsayyy

      I qualify, just had to lie about watching OWN. That's kind of a give in considering it's from Oprah… obviously she wants you to watch her network.

    • Amy

      @Myra, seriously? If I answered yes to the CEO question I'm “controlling?” Wow.

    • Francine

      Thank You!!!

    • Wendy

      I answered NO to watching OWN since I don't have that network, and I still qualified!  I have two kids, and I am definitely the CEO of organization in this house:)

    • Cheryl

      It took me about two minutes to answer the questions and qualify for the sampler pack.

    • I answered Yes to Own (admittedly, a lie), and I'm male…didn't qualify. Weird. Not sure what the point of all that was.

      • Mlbam6

        Wow!  That came FULL CIRCLE fast!  Maybe you didn't BELIEVE it enough!

    • Mlbam6

      Another obsession of Oprahs.  Head of Household women (CEO's) with children.
      Clearly not EVERY WOMAN!

    • Lisa

      I got one!  Thanks for a great way to wake up today!!

    • Jaxtanners

      So since I don't consider myself the CEO I don't qualify.  What if I consider myself in a different leadership position?  Not good enough for Oprah I guess!

    • I have a real problem with being disqualified for not having kids. I'm female, and I'll even lie about watching her network, but I draw the line at being discriminated against for not having reproduced yet.

    • Amierenee

      Hmm, I guess I qualified, and even put in my address and all, but then it just took me back to the start of the survey again.  Guess that means I got one?

      • Becky

        I got this response when I finished….Thank you for your participation! Congratulations, you qualify for this program. We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing your thoughts on Crest & Oral-B's latest offerings.

    • BUWAHAHAHAH – told the truth about not watching her network..and I don't qualifty :P

      • Ca Ta16

        Hahaha Me too!  :)

      • Dealsandsteals4us

        Me too.  You think we could get credit for beig honest…..Guess people don't value that as much these days.

    • Marnz69

      Thanks for putting this up for us! I got one! :)

    • Couponmomma1976

      I qualified, yay! However after reading the posts I am a little surprised people were disqualified for no kids…..Oprah does not have kids! We all have teeth, geez.

    • Trks4me

      I qualified. Can't wait to see what I got. My husband travels alot (he's a truck driver), so I do consider myself the CEO of our household.

    • momthomasof4

      How do you know if you qualified or not.  I just got a blank page.

    • Cocacolasamjones

      No matter what I answer I did not qualify for Oprah's crest sampler.

    • Boo on the male thing.

    • Sylvia

      I qualified, Thanks!!!

    • Mcollins5

      Wife didn't qualify.  Guess you have to like Oprah, or at least her network, which my gal definitely does not.  That's my awesome Christian wife and mom!

      • Rhonda Norwood

        LOL!  I didn't qualify either since I chose I did not watch OWN.

      • Amy

        Liking Oprah makes one not Christian? That's a new one.

    • Edavis51907

      I qualified! but what all comes in the pack?

    • Edavis51907

      I qualified! but what all comes in the pack?

    • mary

      I am really surprised that so many people on Southern Savers are willing to outright lie to get toothpaste.  Seems like lately anything goes, especially ethics. As far as I can read from the comments below, I think that the survey is for a lack of a better word, snotty or upity. If I am not good enough, whatever I am or am not, then I do not want your samples.

      • Me

        I figured it was only a matter of time until someone touched on this subject. Good grief, it was a silly online survey for free toothpaste from Oprah. No need to get all bent up over ethics.

        • mary

          Me, you are free to have your opinions the same way anyone else is. You and I are also free to express those feelings in appropriate ways, we both did that by our posts. Now, yes it is just toothpaste,  however a lie is still a lie. I try to hold myself accountable for everything I do, because I know someday I will have to account for everything I say and do. Btw, hope your employer feels the same way you do about ethics, and do not complain when you  or your families 401K gets stolen, because it is just ethics you know.

          • Hannahrifka

            Well, leave it to Oprah to cause such discontent…said with humor and love.  Ummmmm does this mean I'm going to hell because I fibbed to get a silly sample?  Because I'm sure I've done a few worse things in life.  I consider my pets my children.  But I've happily worked the same job (for little pay) 17 years and have never once taken a sick day.  So I think my ethics are generally okay.

          • Me

            You start by preaching about ethics and end with telling me not to complain when my 401k gets stolen? Seems a bit contradictive, no? It astonishes me when someone gets on their high horse and preaches to the heavens about ethics and morals, and yet when someone else offers an opposing viewpoint it brings out the insults/bad vibes from the ethics teacher. Have a nice day!

          • tarabj

            If lying is a sin, so is being prideful.  Even if it is prideful in how Christian you are and judging other people based on that. Good job throwing stones.

            • mary

              Ok, that last line of mine was catty, I am truly sorry and it was  unintentional. However, I never attacked anyone personally, no name calling etc. I really was just trying to make the correlation between being honest in all things and fudging the truth to get a personal gain~no matter how big (401 K) or small (toothpaste) . However I did not tell her she or anyone else was wrong, but they are the ones that admited that they did not answer truthfullly aka a lie. Did I say “how Christian” I was? I simply stated that I try to hold my self accountable, because I know I would be judged on day. Heck, not by just God, but my kids, friends, coworkers etc.  If that makes me the bad person in this discusssion, so be it. Also, I need to correct a typo in my orginal post, I left out one word in my last sentence, NOT~hope your employer does NOT. As far as bad vibes goes, I believe the orginal post by “Me”, was had that too, at least in my opinoion.  I am not gonna replay anymore, this fussing is not what this site is for. Discussions, questions, opinions ~yes even ones we disagree with, but this fussing is for the birds. Going outside to enjoy this day with my kids!

          • Kat

            Wow. I sure hope you don't live in a glass house. Very childish.

    • ivycincin

      Thanks! I quailfy! Looking forward to it coming!

    • HoustonTribe

      got one! thanks!

    • Elwynceltic

      Maybe the sample is for a children's toothpaste and that's why you have to have children…

      • mary

        Hum, did not think about that…now for the male / CEO part..

    • As often as we are able to get free toothpaste thanks to Southern Savers, I did not find it necessary to “qualify” for this sample pack.  ;)  I appreciate that it was posted so that we could all try to get one.  Congrats to those of you who actually did qualify!  With no kids, I'm an Oprah reject.

    • Joyzragz

      You must be an OWN viewer.

    • Lisa hawkins

      Sorry, but with all of the coupons out there for free toothpaste, I think I'll pass on
      Oprah's “elite toothpaste club”!  Thanks but no thanks.:(

    • KAW

      can't stand Oprah and don't want anything from her!

    • Cl3v3rgirl33

      It's called demographics!  In advertising they want a certain buyer and in this circumstance “sampler”.  You should not be offended, just realize you were not what they were looking for.  And for pete's sake it was toothpaste! Go get a free tube at CVS!

    • Ipledge123

      I didn't qualify because i don't watch OWN… this did not make nor persuade me to change my mind…

    • Kcchiropractor

      Because I don't have children, I didn't qualify either. Gee, I know it's only toothpaste, but because I can't have children, I cannot enjoy the free sample. Hmmm, Oprah…a little discriminative???

    • Caitlyn Lord Yasika

      It's not that they think you're controlling if you're the CEO of the household. They are looking for people who are decision-makers. That's why people send you samples, so you can then decide what's right for your family.

    • wendy

      This is sad and I will not sell out for a sample of crest toothpaste.  But as a christian wife and mother I do not consider myself the CEO of our family.  Boo Oprah!!!!

      • Mandy

        What does being a Christian wife and mother have to do with considering yourself the CEO of your family? There are many women out there who are Christian wifes and mothers, I am one of them, who often finds herself in the CEO postition. I find myself in this position quite often because my husband is gone a lot because he is in the military. When he is gone for weeks or a month or even a year at a time if I am not in charge and taking care of business then we would be homeless and never have food or anything. So it is my opinion that you can be a Christian woman and a CEO of the house even if you have a husband because there are times where you just have to put your big girl panties and take that roll on.

        • JTTLC

          Amen Mandy!!  Geez……I actually LIKE taking care of all the finances and things in my house.  My husband makes it all while I am getting my graduate degree and I run the house's business.  AND we are Christians!  To each is own when it comes to what works best for your family if you have a traveling husband or whatever the circumstances might be!  I could only imagine if we let all of our husbands do all of the bills, shopping, etc…….at the very least I know we would be paying retail for EVERYTHING….LOL!

          • DJ3K

            A household should be 50/50 so I agree with you…not everything is left for the husband to figure out. I am very fortunate to have a voice in my household.

          • Mandy

            Thank you. My husband loves my “coupon addiction” as he calls it lol because he knows it saves a lot of money for us and it allows me to be able to be a stay at home mom. Do I get his opinion on things that are large purchases of course, but I do not feel I need to ask him if I can go save money on toliet paper or toothpaste or razors or anything else that we use. In fact he willingly gives it up to me and when there is an off chance and he is home and can help with clipping coupons and then go on a couponing trip with me he will gladly do it because he loves seeing how excited I get and the look on my face when saving money lol. What can I say I have simple pleasures in life lol.

        • mommyof1

          i agree.. we are christians, but i think of myself as the ceo because i take care of the finances, cooking, cleaning, trip planning, etc that deals with “the home”. I like it and so does my hubby.. he works hard – way over the 40 hour work week- and I know it takes a huge burden off of him by having the house in “running” order. I love my “job” and we choose for me to be a stay at home mom – esp with a 6 yr old at home, i wouldnt have it any other way. Plus just because it states that ” a man should be head of the house” doesnt mean that i can't be ceo of my home. I doubt other things in the Bible are taking literally for many, even if they believe in God.. if that were the case we couldnt wear the clothes we do, cut our hair, etc.. and even worse things stated in the Bible that i will not get into on here..  things are often taken out of context, and i dont believe that God wouldnt want me to run the home the way I do, but that is just my opinion and our lifestyle.

      • Leigh

        I think I understand what Wendy was trying to say. I am a Christian wife and soon to be mother. I make more money than my husband and I handle the day to day finances of our household and maintain our family budget and grocery shopping. However I still would not consider myself the CEO of my household because Biblically my husband is the spiritual head of the household. Our household is still very much a 50/50 and we each work in the area of our gifting but he is my covering and I am grateful for that. I don't mean to speak for you Wendy but that's how I understood what you were saying. =)

        • wendy

          Yes Leigh that is actually what I was saying!  I definetly have a say in my house and I choose to acknowledge my husband as the spiritual head of our household.  I also handle the finances and the day to day household duties but maybe I just consider myself the in charge of operations.  Hehehehehe!!  How about we all lighten up a little bit and not be so touchy about things.  It's just a contest for free toothpaste!  I was not intending on offending anyone with my comment and had no idea it would cause such controversy.  And it is ok to have a difference of opinions!!  Now I am going to use all this thought and energy to focus on something way more productive!!

          • I get what you are saying Mandy, but also get why people might get upset. Honestly, if you want to think of the family as a company, I consider the husband to be the President of the company, while I am the CEO. He oversees the operations of the company, while I work on running it. For many companies the president and CEO are the same, but for a lot they aren't. And then there are CFO's, COO's, etc.

            That's just my two cents though.

        • Anonymous

          Biblically? Does your husband allow you to talk on the internet? Lolzzz your life must suck, be your own person dude, not the way some fake god tells you to live your life

          • Leigh

            Yes, biblically. :) That's what I believe in. And your comment reveals more about you than it does about me. I'd say standing up for what I believe in DOES make me my own person ;)
            Happy couponing!

            • carrie

              I find it interesting how “anonymous” responded the way he/she did after listening to yesterday's Focus on the Family broadcast about Biblical submission.  Cindy (the wife and author of the book focused on the broadcast) stated that “the world” does not understand Biblical submission (this is what we are doing when we state that our husbands are CEOs of our households) and “anonymous” unknowingly gave the perfect example of “the world” not understanding submission.

    • Dailyfamily2005

      My cable package does not include the OWN network. I think it is wrong you have to qualify by watching that network. Even people who don't think Oprah is God have to brush their teeth. I might just change my toothpaste because of this. There are plenty of brands out there.

    • Amdaughtry

      have to have children.

    • Aimeecollier

      You have to tell them you are an OWN viewer.  It's the 2nd question.  I told them no, and it told me I didn't qualify. :(

    • Ken P.

      I'm soooooo glad I don't qualify to any of Oprah's standards!

    • dph

      Got it.  Thanks Jenny!

    • Oprah doesn't have kids, right? So even she can't qualify for this offer ;)

    • Judy

      Got it too.

    • Jamdr2002

      Got it too, Thanks so much

    • happymama22

      I really cannot believe the people on here complaining about not qualifying for a little sample of toothpaste? Really? Do you really think she set this survey up to discriminate against certain people. I love southern savers website and it is the only one I follow daily. I never post but like to read the comments on what people are saying on certain deals. So today when I read this I was shocked if this gets you that upset then you need real problems and I feel bad for you really I do!  How about this go to the dentist and they will give you tons of little samples and you don’t have to fill anything out or feel left out! This is a survey so get over it!!!!!!!!!

      • Sandy

        It's like this all the time now when companies give away stuff (check out all the complaints on bounty's and cvs' facebook pages). It's getting to the point where I'm almost embarrassed to call myself a couponer. The”Where's mine, it's not fair” mentality is spreading. If I get a deal- great, if not -there will be others. Certainly not worth getting upset over or boycotting a company because of it.

      • Shannon

        Yeah, the first hour of posters were FAR less serious.  I will gladly pass on my free sample if it's that serious.  Oh and I did qualify because I am a female, do make all the purchases in our home, and do have three beautiful children so no lying involved.  But seriously, don't take surveys if qualifying means that much to you.  Lighten up!

    • nana

      Love free things!!

    • Re8376

      Its toothpaste, people!  Thanks for posting this available freebie Jenny!!  Some of us appreciate the opportunity to get something for free. :)

    • Audley79

      wow, who knew a free toothpaste sample could spark so much controversy!  Breath deep!  LOL!

    • Judy

      So it said Congratulations I qualify. So does that mean I'll be getting the Crest sample pack?? Cool! Thanks again Jenny! And OWN!

    • Nisa Lauffer

      Also do not qualify if you answer that you have no children

    • Got it!  I have 2 kids – survey took maybe 3 min to do-very easy!

    • Dsm_chik

      if you dont watch OWN you do not qualify

      • Diane

        But you DO watch OWN don't you?? wink wink :)

        • Lavendergirl6915

          shame shame :)

    • Adk01

      Yeah, I got mine:)

    • ddshockley

      I got mine:)

    • Joysawyer74

      If you tell them NO kids you will not qualify either.

    • Marymo

      I just want to say that I normally post here as mary, but I am not the same mary that posted earlier today.  I will change my name to marymo in the future so there's no mix-up.  I know there are bound to be several people with the same name following this site, but I also know how some people act. 

      I haven't watched own yet but I said I do so what?  I really don't think it's a big moral issue.  Good grief.

      • Lavendergirl6915

        You don't think lying is a big moral issue??????

    • Minpinfin

      Want the promo?

      Have to be female, watch OWN and have kids.
      You won't qualify otherwise….
      pretty easy to figure this one out LOL

      • windy

        and “if your home were a company” you must “consider yourself to be the CEO”.

    • Queenlee55

      Yay for free stuff! :D

    • Nwddrake2010

      Maybe someone give away free samples of Midol. Wow! Lots of drama.

    • mary lou riley

      if you admit your not an own viewer they end the survey…. no sample for you…

    • Tinabeana001

      yay! Got mine:)

    • CTG

      If you don't qualify, you can keep going back until you get all the right answers that they are looking for :-)

      • lisasmith1019

        Didn't even think of that earlier when I attempted it!  Thank you!  I just got it!

    • Dorkandshorty04

      :) I got mine.

    • Shannon C

      I got it yeah…..free is for me!!!!!

    • Got mine…Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      I missed it~it’s okay. They’ll be other freebies another day or next week. 

      Here’s what’s posted on Oprah’s website now…We don’t have have to wonder if it’s still available!!

      We appreciate your interest in OWN, Crest & Oral-B. For more information from Crest & Oral-B Complete, be sure to visit us at Crest.com.However, we have reached the maximum number of respondents for the free sample pack. Thank you!

    • savinmavin

      Free toothpaste at CVS next week, and it is a full size tube!

    • Terri

      Thanks, got it.

    • Bookbeth1011

      Another tip…when it asks you if you'd consider yourself the CEO- say “Yes”  if you want to qualify!

    • Supermomcop

      took the survey and awaiting the arival of my Crest Compete!

    • Julie

      Apparently if you do not have kids, you also do not qualify.

    • Sharon

      if you don't have children, you wont qualify either  :o(

    • Couponkrazy123

      Yeah!!!  I qualified:)

    • Danyeln

      I didn't qualify when I answered honestly that I had no kids but I went back to try again and by claiming my two nephews I qualified.  Any kiddie product samples will go to them anyway.

    • Sorry I meant “I get what you are saying Wendy”

    • Sorry I meant to say Wendy.

    • Dsci2003


    • Nic

      How do you know if you qualify?

      • Aluckychance74

        In order to qualify.

        You must be female ( no men allowed )
        You must have children
        You must watch OWN

    • Mission3sixteen

      When I tried to access the page it said there was an Error on the Page…are the offers all gone ? :(

    • Blewis292004

      I got mine also

    • Chisolm23

      Thanks, I took the survey and awaiting the arrival of the Crest Compete!

    • Kay Fayne

      Responding 'no' to having children also disqualifies you.

    • FreeSpirit4eva

      yippy fresh breath for free!!!

    • cc

      I wonder if the people throwing around being a Christian wife w/ husband as CEO and getting all upset about being honest in the survey have ever used 2 or more coupons at a time that say “one per transaction” ???

      • bill

        or printed multiples of a coupon that say “one per person” (i.e. muellers coupons from a few months back)

        • TheChapLeigh

          Yikes, never even knew that….

    • Teresa Rieger

      Won't qualify if you are childless either.

    • Steph

      Got it!

    • Nesha

      You don't get it if you don't get the OWN channel – whatever that is.

      • Casterline05

        Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

    • Anonymous

      This world has become a “everyone gets everything” world. Every child must get a trophy/certificate, everyone “wins”; there are not “losers” anymore. We must learn and teach our children that not evveryone gets everything, and it is OK. It is seriously not the end of the world.
      I work all day during the school year, so quite often, I miss out on deals that run out before I get home and can get on the computer. I don't whine and complain. It won't get me anywhere.

    • no longer available…. darn!!

    • Anonymous

      Cause it's goddamn stupid to submit yourself to anything. Live your life the way you intended instead of living according to a flying fake guy in the sky.

    • swaltz

      no more free pack… to slow today

    • Anonymous

      Though, to be honest, the Invisible Sky Wizard is pretty rad.

    • Hhbeverly

      Just got an email stating that, since the response was overwhelming, there will be no sample. Boo hiss, Crest. Oprah should be pi$$Ed!