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Friday Finals: 3/2

on 3.2.2012 at 5:51pm

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I had a big time this week, and made two trips.  We went to Kroger and Publix on the same night, things started off rocky in Kroger… I seriously don’t like having to argue their coupon policy when it is taped to the register and she is obviously not following it.  The cashier would not budge, I was only allowed one printable coupon period even though I read the handy in-aisle coupon policy 5 times that stated “Limit 2 print at home coupons per manufacturer”.  How we took the “limit 2” to mean one total I’ll never know.  It’s cool I sent a tweet and an email to corporate from the line and went on without some of the items in my buggy.

I share all of this not to complain, but so that you realize this happens to everyone.  From those of us that help stores create coupon policies to those that are brand new.  You can fight all you want, but sometimes it’s best to just leave the items and go home.  Enlist the manager if you can, or for me plan to discuss it when you have more time on another day.

I’m thankful that I continued on to Publix that night, because it really is where shopping is a pleasure.  Every coupon went through just fine and I had a small cheerleading squad by the end of the transaction with everyone excited at the savings.  That’s what couponing should feel like!

So how did we do?

Total before sales & coupons: $125.09
Total Spent: $52.45
Total Saved: $72.64 or 58%

Hitting anything over 50% at Kroger is a good day.  This trip included pineapple, cantaloupe, potatoes, and squash & zucchini.  I also left with $6 in catalina coupons off my next purchase, which I promptly used at Publix.

Total before sales & coupons: $155.46
Total Spent: $41.80
Total Saved: $112.66 or 72%

We grabbed a lot of the great deals in the new Yellow advantage flyer and also the money maker on vitamins (I found Melatonin 120 ct for $3.99 which made it a 51¢ money maker after coupons).

Our goal is always $50 per week, so this was using last weeks budget (we didn’t go shopping) along with this week.  Even with two trips we are still slightly under budget which always works for me!

How did you do this week?   Leave a comment or link to your savings post.

    • Amanda Watkins

      my publix NEVER has the yellow advantage flier anymore :( Im super bummed!

      • AnnaBella

         Did you check with the service desk, Amanda? Sometimes my Publix doesn’t put the flyers out and I have to go up and ask for them…

    • Ann

      I don’t have a Kroger in my town but I agree with you that shopping at Publix is a pleasure!! My shopping trip today was $358.85. I spent $90.84 and saved $268.01. I walked away with a bunch of free stuff (1 gallon of milk, produce, Fresh Taste cheese and Philidelpia Indulgence). That’s a 75% savings. Go PUBLIX!!

    • Nonna Beach

      Went to Publix and stocked up on several items we were getting low on: Spent: $44.14 Saved $52.42. I haven’t couponed since late September 2011 and am starting from scratch. I was so burnt out after over 3 years of constant couponing, I needed a break. Saved a few bucks and ready to do better as I get back in the groove !

      • Dgram41

        Hey Nonna…I too am recently back after a huge burnout. I used to try to get all the great deals & spent a great deal of energy on “getting almost freebies”. Now I just grocery shop … I only print out coupons that match a current sale I’m headed to or coupons that are high value that I know I will use. I no longer take a binder everywhere I go trying to get that “score”! I’m still saving lots of $ and saving my sanity! I guess I was addicted to the high …

    • BPA

      I always shop at Kroger but it has changed a lot in the past year or so. I think Publix is coming to my area and I hope it does because I’ll switch. I always shop Publix in FL and love it.

    • Aslcoupon

      I had a good week at Publix too! $78 for $183 with of groceries which included 4 packages of meat and several produce items. I did have a little trouble with the cashier because he did not want to use my Publix $ off $$ and my Winn Dixie $ off $$. I always do this!! I pulled up the policy on my phone where it says you may use one Publix and one competitor $off$$ in each transaction. He said that he said that he did not care what the policy said that he was told not to do this. The manager happened to see me ( I always shop at the same store ) and came over and apologized. The cashier could never tell the manager who told him that this was not ok. I believe he was a new cashier because I have never seen him before. Luckily this did not ruin the trip since everyone stayed polite!!

    • Sissy

      I am wondering if you run to the store for anything (milk, juice, bread) on the weeks that you don’t shop? Heck, even when I do shop, we find ourself running to get ice cream or something for a receipe.

    • Blynnie

      Saved $51.99 at Publix, only spent $31.71! It was awesome!

    • CG

      I had two great coupon experiences this week. Totally makes up for the usual hassle I get. I went to bilo and spent $36.57 on $113 worth of groceries. I went to Piggly Wiggly today just to get 3 items. Of couse they were out of two of them. I asked the manager if they had any in the back or when would they be getting more. He subbed crisco for the louana oil and still let me use my louana qs, he gave me a raincheck on the yougurt. Great trip.

    • Maggieclark03

      Jenny-I just want to say that your website is GREAT and it is the only way that I am able to make using coupons a success. I would never have the time to pull all of this together and know where to go to get the best deals. I have recommended your site to many people and all of them have been VERY pleased! Thanks for all you do!

    • Jessic


      I want to thank you for sharing your shopping experience as I have been couponing for about 6 weeks ( thanks to your great website). I have run into the same issues with some of the Publix in my area and was starting to get frustrated and thought it was me because I was a new couponer. It’s nice to l know this even happens to the pros and gives me the push to keep couponing!!!!!

    • Glenysjv

      I find that when I do little shopping trips and use less coupons cashiers don’t get that annoyed or confused ..the downsize going to the stores too many times…I usually try to stop in my route back home from work,,

    • Milo25

      I thought that this never happen to you Im glad it doesnt only happen to me lol

    • SarahG

      Did Corporate respond to you?  

    • Cathy

      I only shop at Kroger for the really good deals because I always have trouble at Kroger – and not just the same store. I’ve driven out of my way to shop at other Krogers and it’s always the same. I’ll stick with Bilo and Lowes Foods. 

    • Teri

      Last week I walked out of a Kroger without my items – marked down to $2.99, I had a $3 coupon & they wouldn’t accept it because it was one penny more than the cost of the item. Kroger sucks and they get very little of my business. I will buy GC’s there for other stores to get my double fuel points. 

    • sjgrisw

      I could not agree with you more. I was an avid Kroger shopper in my pre-coupon days. Now, I dread going into my old Kroger “home store” 

      There is one Kroger, where I will go out of my way, as they do make shopping  more of a pleasure. I have learned to  love the Publix by my house…which I never went to prior to couponing.. because I thought they were to expensive.  Now.. shopping is a pleasure. I almost cannot believe I am typing this, but it’s so true. 

      I only find myself buying the managers specials, and other items that are never on sale.. a few gluten free items, the AJC, etc.. at my Kroger home store.. only to get the fuel points. 

    • just me

      I can’t help but read how many of you shoppers have gone into a store and argueed with a cashier over a few cents of a coupon. Do you not realize the impact you have on that person? How your attitude has probobally ruined their day/night. Put yourself in their shoes. Put your child in their shoes. Would you want YOU talking to your own child like that? I have stopped the big coupon clippin and trying to get more for free just because I do not want to be put in the same catagory as some of you. I work retail, and the “Coupon Queens” of my store are not ones I want as role models. You should all take a good look at yourselves and what you are becomming and how you are treating others, and all for the value of a few cents…Greed is not a good thing.

      • Iloveyou62390

        Sometimes it isn’t just a few cents…

      • ireneY

        Sorry you have to deal with jerks, but customer service isn’t for everyone. The commenters on this site all sound very respectful to me. Have you checked your attitude lately?

      • Aslcoupon

        I just want to say that I have witnessed several rude customers but what I referenced below about my personal Publix trip was not this case at all! If there is a problem with a coupon not scanning correctly I am glad to cut my losses but when a cashier is simply not going by the stated store policy for whatever reason that is not something I would easily let go. In my scenario below I would have been out $15 and if that happened multiple times it would add up. I agree that some people are way too serious but you should not attack a whole group of people the way you did just because they are expressing their frustrations.

      • GaPeach

        Yes, I have observed the “Coupon Queens” you described here, but I have also observed cashiers pull the same, discourteous attitude.  Coupon policies are posted so that both sides can abide by the rules.  I have seen Kroger cashiers fail to consistently adhere to these coupon rules, and I have seen some cashiers completely embarrass and denigrate the couponer.

        I, personally, am a couponer, and I choose to coupon because it helps me shave 50% off my food bill. Rather than spend time on a second job, I clip coupons during my favorite tv shows, and enjoy my time and savings. This savings is crucial for me to get out of debt and build up my retirement and emergency funds.

        There are times when I have a complicated transaction, but I absolutely try my best to remain calm and courteous to the cashier, and I also try to be courteous to other customers behind me.  When a transaction goes awry due to a misunderstanding, I politely ask for the transaction to be cancelled and for my coupons to be returned to me.  I state this not to “toot my own horn”, but to illustrate that many couponers (like Jenny) do assert themselves when necessary, but we do so with civility. 

        It should be noted that a penny saved is a penny earned, and after a while, those pennies add up!  In the mean time, I hope that the “Coupon Queens” do indeed clean up their act, but I also hope that stores like Kroger understand that their inconsistent attitude regarding coupon policies will only hurt their business in the long run.

        Peace be with you, and have a wonderful weekend.

      • casey

         Honey, the way you are saying this, makes it sound like the “cliche'” couponer. You may feel that way, but I PERSONALLY am not going to sit there and be underminded by a cashier that does NOT know their stores own policy. They have them for a reason, and you as the cashier are NOT the owner or manager. P.S. Just because someone has to “argue” with a person at the checkout of the policy doesn’t mean it’s getting heated. Just means that the debate of who’s right and wrong (and I WONT argue unless I know for a fact I’m right) :)  

      • Jlaleonard

         What about the cashiers who ruin OUR day after we spend our gas, time and effort to spend our money at their store! The stores should spend some time training good customer service skills and test the cashiers on the store policies so these things do not happen. Word of mouth costs the store more than a few cents!

      • Blessedsmith

        I am sorry you may have had some bad experiences. I have shopped at Kroger for years even before using coupon. I was attempting to use a 40 cents off IP from the manufactor site. The cashier accused me of copying the coupon. She was extremely rude right off the bat. In retrospect she was probably having a bad day that had nothing to do with me. It was actually my birthday and I had been having a great day until she accused me of committing a crime. I insisted on speaking with a manager and he was apologethic . I do my best to follow the rules of the manufacture and the individual stores coupon policy. It is not too much to expect the same.

      • Liom456

        well find another job if you dont like “coupon queens” because is not our fault that coupons exist why pay full price when you save money by using a coupon even if is a cent and is not being COUPON QUEEN THATS CALLED SMART SHOPPER

      • AnnaBella

         If you don’t use coupons why do you hang around this website so much? *smile*

    • taylor

      I spent $26 at publix and saved $56. :)

    • GaPeach

      Jenny, your comment about Kroger sums up why I don’t shop there anymore: their customer service, particularly regarding coupons, leaves very much to be desired.  Between BOGOs and stacking store/manufacturer coupons, Publix winds up being a better deal anyways.  With the exception of Manager Specials, I do not buy anything from Kroger anymore.

    • Good trip at Publix today.  Before store sales and coupons my total was $170.62.  After sales of $48.29 and coupons of $53.05, my final bill was $69.28.  

    • Liquidvamp

      That is the second bad thing I’ve heard about Kroger in the last 3 days. I am completely ashamed that I used to work there and want to go into management with them. Every day they seem to get less and less customer oriented. It’s a darn shame when a company forgets where their bottom line comes from.

    • ME

      Jenny, I used to shop at the very same Kroger that you go to.  I have not been in that store for about 6 months.  It all stopped when I had 2 Pillsbury  coupons and they told me I could not use both of them to purchase 2 boxes of brownies.  They explained that their new policy would only allow me to use 2 Pillsbury coupons….and they had to be on 2 different items.  Were you trying to purchase 2 of the exact same items?  I think that is what the cashier was trying to explain….only 1 of a product.  From what I understand…..you can use 2 Pillsbury coupons but they have to be for 2 different products.  They were never rude to me, but this was just too much for me to keep up with.  I shop elsewhere.  PS….I am no coupon queen and don’t clear the shelves….just saving a buck or two.

    • Dtcox1

      in v a oct 1 our kroger will take 5 coupons 5 items only of one thing it works fine with megas  had no trouble so far,, i got 5 mixes and had 5 coupons  a great deal and all i need till next sale 

    • Erin

      I love how you elegantly smacked Kroger in the face in this post and then built up Publix. I really wish I lived somewhere that Publix existed, I hear nothing but great things. Some places don’t realize that when they make couponing hard that they are losing business to other chains that make couponing easy and hassle free. Every time I went to my Kroger they made a huge deal out of my coupons. The whole reason I started going there in the first place was because of their commercials saying that couponing was easy at Kroger. It was a nightmare there, but not at my local Food Lion or Harris Teeter. So guess who got my money and good recommendation to friends, that’s right, NOT Kroger!

    • Mom1monster

      My dh had a similar experience this week at Publix.  He purchased 10 boxes of Bagelfuls, had 4 $0.55 coupons for the Bagelfuls and 3 coupons for $0.75/2.  The cashier would only take 3 of the $0.75/2 coupons.  What’s up with this lately?

    • Anne

      Can you give us a break down of your purchases and coupons

    • Sherrie

      Had about the same experience with Kroger & Publix this week.   It’s true,  you’re doing good if you hit 50% savings at Kroger,  it’s tougher than Publix.    I wasn’t hassled with my coupons (didn’t have that many),  but there’s no comparison in service……Kroger folks are nice,  but they rarely offer to take my groceries out to my car like Publix always does.   That means
      alot to me since I’m disabled.
      My Kroger total was $154 but, paid only $108 after my coupons (saving $46).   However,  this trip included fresh veggies,  Deli chicken, beer for my hubby.  They had hamburger meat on sale,  which the butcher FURTHER discounted because they had displayed too much meat expecting a rush from the impending storm.   So,  I picked up some extra ground chuck for $2.21 a pound AND used my Kroger $1.50 off $7.00 of meat coupon they mailed me!    And,  used my Free eggs coupon!  

      My Publix trip this week was great,  I absolutely LOVE Publix….it’s fun to shop there.   My total retail value was $262,  but I only paid $134 after all my coupons….a savings of $138!   Publix cashiers never harass me,  they always cheer me on with my coupons!   Had lots of great BOGOs combined with MF coupons & their store coupons.   Picked up some new products (including Kraft flavored chicken breading AND Philly’s new CHOCOLATE CREAM CHEESE!!!….I’m in heaven!)  

      I’m also making a point to observe my fellow shoppers more and, since I’ve been so blessed,  I’m trying to give back to help others.   So, I was the  “crazy but kind coupon lady”  & shared several coupons with other shoppers.   People really seem to appreciate it in this economy.  

      (Just a note,  ALWAYS check Publix website,  they’re posting more store coupons online lately,  mostly pet stuff,  but I scored some tuna and lunch meat coupons last week.)   

    • Suzy Payne

      Please have the SS site checked out.  My AVG virus protector just found a infection called Blackhole Exploit Kit.  Anyone not running a virus protector will be affected when coming to the web-site here.

    • Suzy Payne

      Please have the SS site checked out.  My AVG virus protector just found a infection called Blackhole Exploit Kit.  Anyone not running a virus protector will be affected when coming to the web-site here.