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bi lo merger

The big news today in the Southeast grocery world is that Bi-Lo has bought out Winn-Dixie.   According to the Bi-Lo Press Release the two companies are merging, but Winn-Dixie will become a privately owned subsidiary of Bi-Lo.

The release also said “the companies will continue to operate under the Bi-Lo and Winn-Dixie banners that their customers have come to trust.”

The merger will take anywhere from 60 to 120 days to be completed.  So we won’t be seeing any changes for at least two months.  Also, Bi-Lo does not expect any store closure as a result of this deal.

To me, the ad format of each store is similar (lots of Buy One Get Ones, Meal Deals, Fuel Perks etc.) so even if they combined it wouldn’t be a huge change for shoppers.  What I’m more surprised about is that Bi-Lo was recently restructuring to avoid bankruptcy, so I wasn’t expecting them to be buying up other large grocery chains!

What are your thoughts on the merger?


    • Laurie

      I’m from Jacksonville, so I am sad to see Winn Dixie fail to operate as their own entity.  They have been one of the largest companies in our town for some time.  Glad to hear that Bi Lo participates in some of the same promotional programs as WD, though.  I had over $100 in free gas last week thanks to Fuel Perks!

      • Babs

        I’m in Jax too and actually know someone that works in the offices at the Winn Dixie corp office. I really hope that she gets to  keep her job, she has been there for a really long time. I don’t shop there regularly but if there is something that is a really good deal, I would pop in.

    • Lynneskitchen

      Interested to see how the coupons/sales go with the new acquisition. I am not a huge Winn Dixie shopper as we have Publix in the same town and I save much more money there. 

      • rudytoo411

        I work at the dist.warehouse in montgomery and have only been in a publix twice and sure the store was alot newer but the prices here are much higher than wd .

    • D Stevenson

      Wish Bi-Lo would have just come to town.  We currently only have 2 grocery store chains… WD and Publix.  We had much better prices when we had 3 here.

    • Jennie Hawkins

      We had Winn Dixie’s in Florida and my son called them Dirty Dixie. Their stores were always dirty and we didn’t shop there. Then they opened three here in TN and they did’t last long before they were out of business.

      • Katigurl

        I hate WD! I live in Florida, and I NEVER shop at WD. I am a Publix girl at heart. 

        • Christie

          Me too! 

      • I am in Central Florida. I recently was in the Apopka area and stopped at a recently remodeled W/D. You wouldn’t BELIEVE how nice it was. The aesthetics were amazing. 

      • guest

        I am thinking WD might have left more up to individual stores to decide than BiLo does. When we had WD the store was impeccable and I loved it BUT when I stopped at few other WD’s I was not at all impressed! 

    • guest

      We used to have both WD and BiLo here. I preferred WD because they seemed to have more unadvertised specials than BiLo though the sale prices tended to be similar. One thing I didn’t like at WD is that inorder to take advantage of the BOGO you actually had to buy 2 but that may have chaged because they closed years ago here.

      • Yep. In Florida, we have to buy two in order to get the BOGO. 

    • KEB2009

      but didn’t food lion buy out bi-lo?

      • ASH

        No, that was a rumor

    • Snowdogmom

      Grocery business is very competitive. Chains merging all over. This will not impact me much since they closed all the Winn Dixie’s in the Charlotte NC area quite awhile ago. It looks like all the Winn Dixie’s are in the deep south. They also changed the few Bloom stores here to Food Lion, Yuk!  Just want to see competition or we all lose. We have a lot of Aldi’s popping up all over, otherwise Harris Teeter is the big player here. It seems there’s a HT on almost every corner. 

      • JPBMC

        With Publix coming just south of our border, it might create a better atmosphere for the chains we have here Snowdogmom.  I only shop HT when they have the great coupon sales because otherwise I can’t afford them.  I prefer Bi-Lo otherwise.  Can’t stand Food Lion and not quite sure why they do not offer double coupons.  

    • Rjfranklin

      I worked for Bruno’s in Birmingham area when Bi Lo bought them.  Not a very good thing if you ask me.  I do not work in that business anymore after 23 years with Brunos  Good Luck to Winn Dixie employees 

    • Couponsue123

      I just wish Winn Dixie would double coupons in FL.  Just moved from NC and am having grocery bill shock with not being able to double/triple coupons

      • I wonder if it is a law thing. Apparently true BOGO vs. half-price BOGO is a law thing. On an episode of Extreme Couponing, I remember a California-based couponer featured saying that CA was a non-doubling state. 

        • Ladyoleisure

          I would have to say probably not. When I moved from NJ to FL 8 years ago, Winn-Dixie did double coupons 1-2x/year. That fizzled out though when they went thru their restructuring and closed stores. I was bummed, since I was SO used to doubles and/or triples from the Northeast. I also went to a store here in FL called Fred’s that doubled. Haven’t been back, since they are so far away, so I’m not sure if they still do it.

        • Ladyoleisure

          I would have to say probably not. When I moved from NJ to FL 8 years ago, Winn-Dixie did double coupons 1-2x/year. That fizzled out though when they went thru their restructuring and closed stores. I was bummed, since I was SO used to doubles and/or triples from the Northeast. I also went to a store here in FL called Fred’s that doubled. Haven’t been back, since they are so far away, so I’m not sure if they still do it.

          • I forgot to mention that Kmart would have a doubling event every now and then, so that would cancel out it being a legal thing.

      • Gall berger

        where in NC did u live??? no supermarkets here double or triple coupons.

    • David

      We lost the Winn-Dixie’s here in Upstate SC years ago, so no change for us.Of course, since I live in Bi-Lo’s headquarters they’ve managed to acquire/run-out-of-town everyone but Publix. Food Lion just recently creeped back into the scene under the guise of Bloom. I remember when we had Winn-Dixie, Community Cash, Harris Teeter, and other chains before. I’m glad Publix was well-funded enough to challenge Bi-Lo.

    • Phoebe Donohue

      I wonder if they will open new win dixie stores just keep the already existing. i would love a win dixie here in north GA

      • JbunnyC

        Winn Dixie is more expensive than Publix. 

        • KK

          You’re right. Winn Dixie prices are usually higher than Publix. I shop in Winn Dixie maybe twice a month and don’t need a buggy for the few items I get.

        • Down the aisles but not with meat. :-)

    • I grew up in South Carolina, and I agree with what you said in italics. Their specials are pretty much identical. fuelperks! with Shell, better meat sale prices than their aisle stuff, etc. Given that Kroger lost ground to the ever expanding Publix in Atlanta recently and given that Publix is competing pretty well against everyone else outside of Florida (and offering better incentives there than in Florida where there is less competition), I always assumed that a store currently operating in the south wouldn’t want anything to do with the Florida market, which is Publix’s home turf. I guess I was wrong.

    • Di

      I have not seen a Winn Dixie in years. Here for us (zip 29605) Bilo is my main store b/c its the closet, there was a Bloom across the street but that fell flat and became FL after what seemed like just a few months. No real competition from Inles for them either. Weird on the buyout w/a bankrup going on, maybe its a part of their plan to get back on top with their finances?

      • amber

        Ughhh I hate the fact that they turned our Bloom into a FL, I live right down the road from you in the 29651 area.

      • LisaB

        The same thing happened here, in Simpsonville(29680), with our Bloom.  But, I have recently learned Food Lion and Bloom are, somehow, still connected.  So when you are looking through Southern Savers and see good deals at Bloom–they are, more than likely, the same at Food Lion.  Coupons work for both,as well.  Happy Shopping Neighbor!  :)

    • cindharb

      If Winn Dixie is a big holder of real estate (i.e. owns the land/buildings where the stores are), which many grocery chains have traditionally been, recession-diminished land values could make it attractive to a buyer.  And could position that buyer to be a candidate for sale to an even bigger grocery chain…

      • Bill

        Winn Dixie owns very little real estate. They lease almost everything.

    • Crose72796

      I have a question.  I live in Greenville SC area and we do not have Winn Dixies.  I see there are entertainment booklets available for purchase in Florida with Winn Dixie coupons.  Do you think Bilo here will accept them?

    • Anonymous

      so is this like two wrongs make a right?  Wasn’t Winn Dixie in trouble a while back…haha.  All we have is Winn Dixie and Walmart – would love to see some  competition!

    • Crickettjd

      Do you know if they double coupons and if they do will that be taking effect at the Winn Dixie stores in the Florida area?

      • mommyof1

        i hope so for my mom! no stores in fl double (at least in her area) 

    • Sporksoma

      The Winn Dixies here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are just crap.  Their sales aren’t great (this is a bad area of the country for sales and couponing; it’s not impossible, but what large parts of the rest country get and take for granted, we get passed over for).

      No Fuelperks, no doubling coupons, no great sales, and prices are generally higher than the prices advertised (even to the point of having different sales flyers with the higher prices marked in them, compared to many other areas).  Not a lot of competition around here, either, except for very small, regional grocery stores with much, MUCH higher prices ($3 for a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese?  Seriously?).

      Maybe Bi-Lo will make some positive changes in this area, or maybe they’ll feel like they should build some stores as well.  Anything for a little competition.

      • cuevas7778

        I used to have a Winn Dixie but they did not rebuild after Katrina…the nearest one is a 30 minute drive but if they were to offer doubles then I would reconsider. I have NO grocery stores since Katrina except Walmart and there are few and far between deals to be had there! We are supposed to be getting a new grocery store but it’s been in the works for years so who knows!

    • stressin’ in Jax

      hoping my hubby will keep his job at WD corporate…oh the stress…

      • guest

        Fingers crossed for him and you!

      • JPBMC

        I sure hope he does too.  Prayers that no one will lose their job!

      • Worried and waiting

        Sure hope mine keeps his too….

    • Sean

      I’m hoping to see Bi-Lo implement it’s coupon policy at Winn-Dixie.  If they start taking competitor coupons and doubling manufacturer’s coupons, they would sure be able to pull me away from Publix.  I never go in there now.  The fuelperks doesn’t seem great because the Shell stations are usually 15 cents per gallon higher that everybody else.  They issue very few store coupons other than the random $5 off $55 catalinas that used to be $10 off $50.  I’m really hoping for some fun changes.  They better come up with something if they are going to compete with Publix in Florida.

      • JPBMC

        The fuel perks can be great.  Especially if you need the items that they usually have.  Not too long ago, I had $1.20 in fuel perks…sure was nice to pay $2.19 for a gallon of gas.  But it was gone way too soon…LOL.

    • Katietascrn

      I hope the stores will start accepting each others coupons :)  I don’t have a BiLo, just Winn Dixie…so I’m not familiar w/ BiLo’s coupon policies

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know anything about Bi-Lo, but I do have a Winn-Dixie close to my house (like a mile away). I usually drive right past it and several miles down the street to Publix. Maybe if we’re lucky Bi-Lo will make things a little better at WD, but we’ll see.

      • Anonymous

        I just looked at the store policy chart and if WD took on the same policies listed for Bi-Lo it would be a significant improvement.

    • jackie

      I get awesome Winn Dixie baby club coupons that I use at Publix every month, I hope I will still be able to use them there.

    • I read that Bi-Lo does fuelperks! on meat. I’m not believing the no store closing. The buyout will be particularly interesting in Louisiana especially in New Orleans where the grocery stores situation is just plain pitiful.

      • They said there would be no store closings because the existing markets don’t overlap. 

        This would be in contrast to possible AT&T or T-Mobile store closings if the merger went through since there would be a lot of overlap. (If you don’t know yet, AT&T dumped their merger plans today). 

      • Cajun Lorelei

        heart be STILL!!!!  I am from NOLA, but lived near Charlotte a year & 1/2 following Katrina. Bi-Lo is my all time 2nd favorite store following
        Harris Teeter b/c they double coupons daily to .99 & have competitive pricing!!! :)

        I started shopping Winn Dixie in late May of this year to try out the Fuelperks! program & was pleasantly surprised how quickly I was earning FREE gas & saving TONS of money with my rewards card!  In just six months, I have saved $1,927.45 with my rewards card ALONE & that doesn’t even begin to touch my coupon savings!  I almost exclusively shop their sales & BOGO items, but am learning the cycles & just stockpile til my items go on BOGO again.  I also usually have a coupon for just about anything I buy.  The people who work @ my WD are super nice & LOVE to see me save money!

        I spoke w/ one my
        Winn Dixie manager last night about the change & they had just been on a
        conference call & he couldn’t confirm the coupon thing yet, but
        said it was “likely!” OMG, if Winn Dixie starts doubling to .99, keeps BOGOs, starts accepting competitor’s coupons AND
        keeps the Fuelperks! program, I’ll have died & gone to heaven!!!!
        I’m sooooo excited!!!  He also agreed that as far as he understood the merger, everyone would be keeping their jobs, so let’s hope for the best in that regard!

        • If they start doubling ANYTHING in Florida, that would be great. It could be a great answer to Publix’s competitor coupon policy.

    • Istic_01

      concerned, I love my Winn Dixie

    • Sad to see Winn Dixie’s being bought! Don’t have a Bi-Lo but I’m going to start researching it! Thank you Southern Savers for keeping us up to date on “Breaking Grocery News” (:

    • Megansmom636

      i hope we see some good changes.  i was excited to see the news because i see bi-lo on the match up sites and we don’t have one, so i thought now we will , but if WD is staying its own thing then i don’t know.  we will see i guess.

    • Angelsldyd

      So if all goes according to the plan those of us that have WD in our towns they will be turned into Bi-Lo. I REALLY REALLY hope they clean up the stores and offer double coupons. I am a Die Hard PUBLIX girl but will go to another store if they have a better deal. Maybe if Publix had some REAL (aside from Walmart) Competition they might start to double coupons. (fingers crossed) ;)

      • The stores are not changing names. Winn-Dixie is becoming a subsidiary of the Bi-Lo company. 

    • Coupons2savings

      I am totally against it!  I worked for Bi-Lo for more than 10 years and spent my last 2-3 years in management in SC and NC. They sold their NC Bi-lo’s to a company called Southern Family Markets and we tanked within less than 2 years.  I have seen first hand that when Bi-lo buys a large amount of stores (more than once) those stores in turn don’t do as well as they should!

    • Guest

       I hope ALL current employees of Bi-Lo and WD get to keep their jobs! If that happens, that is good!

    • Cece Bell

      That is great. Publix really needs some competition in Florida. I hope that Bilo can step up the plate and give them a run for their money like they have here in SC. Publix absolutely rules on every corner down there in Florida. Double coupons, fuel perks. If Bilo could compete in the produce and service depts then they would really be in business.

    • Brnidbutynks

      I just moved to the south and have a winn dixie down the street and when I got here they said no double coupons no competitior coupons. Just recently I went in about a month ago and was inquiring again about coupons and they said they would accept all competitor coupons (mgr said recent change) and would double them also but no stacking so maybe things on the coupon end for winn dixie will improve due to bi-lo buy out

    • Patty

      I do wish Bilo would have taken the money and used it to beef up their old stores.  Honestly, we have some active stores in Greenville (headquarters is in Mauldin) that I just find old and run down.  They should clean up and renovate the downtown store so it will be competitive with Publix who just a few years ago put in a nice but small new store.  And the Bilo on East North needs work as well.  They really need to work on their existing store infrastructure.  They are still trying to buy up market share and property to keep competition out.  Not so sure this is a good strategy for them.  Did not work before the bankruptcy, so why would it work after the bankruptcy?

    • Carlysc

      I always shopped at Publix, until last year when I moved across town from it.  I now do all my shopping at Bilo. They closed all our Winn Dixies about 5 years ago (I thought the whole chain had gone).  The fuel perks are great, but they also double coupons and take competitor coupons (such as Target, Rite Aid, CVS, etc) and have their own ecoupons so I can get most everything I need there. While I agree, that most of the Bilo stores are in need of a face lift, I always find the interiors pleasant.

    • Treylucoupons

      Reading the BI-Lo coupon policy it states…
          The total coupon value, including the doubled amount, must not    exceed the price of the item and no cash back will be given.
      Does this mean that BI-Lo does not allow for overages/Money makers…. 

      • Anonymous

        Our Bilo has never allowed overages. It price adjusts the coupon.

      • Well, I hope they actually follow the policy by adjusting the coupons. I still have issues at certain Walgreens with that…

    • I am in NC and I love my BiLo, I pretty much dumped Ingle’s (who is headquartered a few here) entirely when the fuelperks program started. They offer the customer more. I do however think they need better/more produce.

    • netnay

      Well win dixie closed here several years back but i think the company still owned the building. Maybe they will put a Bi-Lo there.

    • Anonymous

      I am a native of Jacksonville, FL so I have seen WD go through both good times and bad.  My oldest is working there now but I don’t think she will be much affected.  I am concerned for a friend who actually helped my daughter get her job as he is high up in corporate.  I am not an exclusive WD shopper but do go in for good deals.  There are good stores and not great ones.  We are about halfway between 2 stores so we steered our daughter to the newer one because it is much nicer.  The older one really needs some remodeling.  I could hope for some double coupons but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Anonymous

      Hope it doesn’t change much. I really like Winn-Dixie, particularly the buy one get one on meat products they offer most weeks.

    • Ncrockhound

      The local Winn Dixie stores were bought by Bi-Lo years ago. A lot of my store favorites disappeared to be replaced by similar items using different recipes that I did not like. The prices increased across the board. I still shop at Bi-Lo occasionally but not as often as I did at Winn Dixie. I went there weekly. I sure do miss them.