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Grocery Previews, Not Here.

on 10.5.2009 at 4:46pm

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I get lots of emails and questions about Grocery list sneak previews, so I want to take a minute and explain why they are not here.

First, Grocery ads are considered intellectual COPYRIGHTED material.  The store owns this information and unless you have it in writing from the corporate office that you may post it before they release it, then you are stealing their copyrighted material.  They don’t take to kindly to this and they have copyright lawyers who will send lovely cease & desist letters.

Why do they care??  It is a two fold answer.

  • The store cares because in the grocery world many store managers have a some flexibility and can make in store specials to match their deals.   (The other store might lose money but they are excited to know in advance how to compete).  The store would also like people to shop based on this weeks needs, as you would expect.
  • The big reason though is that the manufacturer’s care.  There is a lot behind store ads the biggest part is the deals, and rebate programs that they manufacturer offers to the store.  Yes the stores do rebates too.  When you see a B1G1 sale in the Publix ad, the store gets compensated for part of the sale and gets a rebate back based on the amount that they sell.   Because of this, leaking a sale ad affects the manufacturer a lot more than the store.  If you knew in advance, then your waiting to buy something means that the manufacturer sells less products at regular price.  If a store continues to allow their deals to be leaked then this becomes a very sore spot with manufacturers and can hinder future deals.  Thus the store has a big reason to get those lawyers busy.

Second, I have given my word to numerous people that though I have their ad early I will never post it before the ad is released by the store.  This agreement is both with my local stores and my husband.  I promised my husband a long time ago that I would never knowingly do anything that would send lawyers to our doorstep.  If you run a blog and have started posting early ads, please know that they mean business and they are much bigger than you (or me).

To answer one last question… Why do I post drugstore previews?

Drugstores have a different take on this than grocery stores do.  I can’t fully say why, but I do know that some stores encourage posting their deals, and others have known for years that the information is out there and do not mind.  They do have their own quirks that send lawyers out, but the ads are not one of them.

So when are lists posted:

(usually both  in the late afternoon because we are in church all morning)

Food Lion
Publix (after 10 pm)
Bi-Lo (after 10 pm)

Harris Teeter (after 12:01 am)
– I will post early lists for triples and doubles weeks these lists don’t usually have the weekly ad deals
Harvey’s (after 12: 01am)

CVS (late evening)


Rite Aid
(it’s only here because I can never get to it during the week)

I hope this answers some questions and I hope if you are a blogger this might encourage you to think more about not posting early ads.

    • Jenn

      Thank you so much Jenny for EVERYTHING that you do. It is really appreciated!!!!

    • Beth

      That is so weird, I was just told about a site that does early ads, and I wondered why you didn’t! Thanks so much for explaining!

    • Maggie

      Thank you thank you! I always come to you first and wondered why others were different! THANK YOU!

    • Stacey

      Thank you Jenny for your hard work and ethical fortitude. By the way, I just saw on WIS-TV that the Belgium group that owns Food Lion has issued a letter of intent to purchase Bi-Lo’s assets and incorportate them into their Food Lion chains. I wonder what changes will come from this…

      • Jenny

        That makes me sad to think about. Bi-Lo has great sales and wonderful coupon policies. I knew they filed for bankruptcy but hoped that life would quietly go on.

        • annon

          Food Lion did buy out Bi-Lo. It came out to employees today. It has been said, speculation so far that Bi-Lo will be no more. They will be Food Lion stores with their coupon policies or dollar stores. So sad.

    • I know that Hot Coupon World follows all the rules and laws, and they post my two grocery store ads early. I want to try my best to follow the rules, but can you send me more info about the legalities. I haven’t ever had any problems, and I had never heard of this. I appreciate your honesty and your blog. Thanks!

      • Jenny

        Many sites play a rush and roulette game posting early ads as long as they can, it’s kind of a “ask for forgiveness rather than permission”.

        I have gotten my fair share of lawyer letters and spoken with numerous folks to get a firm understanding of the views of the stores covered here. I can’t speak for other stores.

        You will notice that some lists there have “No Posting of Early ads allowed” and you will probably see more and more in various lists as the corporate offices find it.

        • JAC

          Think you mean “Russian roulette.”

          • Jenny

            I did :)

    • Kam

      Couponing is a fun challenge, but I truly believe that you have to play by the rules! I appreciate your integrity with sticking to the rules! This is still the BEST website! Thanks for all of your hard work!

    • mydeere5

      Thank you Jenny for remaining ethical and honest. I truly appreciate all you’ve done for each one of us that frequents your site.For me personally…your resources have helped my family deal with some really rough financial times. The character and integrity you’ve built into your site must truly say alot about the person you are!!

    • Brooke

      Jenny, thanks for what you do. Your integrity is wonderful!
      Bless you!

    • Kendal Hall

      Jenny – I think it is wonderful that you adhear to the leagilities. It will help you keep your site up so the WE can all benefit from your hard work. Keep up the good work!

    • Lisa

      Thanks for the info!

    • Val

      I was also wondering why you didn’t publish early when I have notice other sites do. Thanks for the info and thanks for all the time and money you have helped me save.

    • Pamela

      If it’s not being done with integrity, it’s not worth doing. Thank you Jenny for this insightful information. Thanks in part to your blogsite, I am closer to achieving my food budget of $50 per month (family of one while my son is away at university)Continued blessings!

    • Coupon Diva


    • Apryl

      I cannot thank you enough for all that you do. I really appreciate they way you explain all the coupon rules and the correct way to use them. I have a family of 5, 2 kids in diapers, plus a dog and a cat. I have been able to cut our weekly grocery bill from $200 down to 40-80 dollars a week. The printable grocery lists really help me get the list and coupons together even faster! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    • Sandra E

      Thanks Jenny for being honest! Sometimes it is hard to find honest people these days, so it’s so nice to see. I still don’t understand Kroger though, because my Mom gets it in her local Thursday paper. If they are going to publish it in the paper, why would they get upset if it’s posted on a blog? Weird…
      Anyway, I love this site and I don’t even (technically) live in the South…I’m in VA! I can’t wait to check it every day to see what I can SAVE!! Thanks again for all you do Jenny!

    • Jes

      Yet just a few days ago you posted a questionable CVS coupon from a newsletter and advised print it now, it won’t be around long….I’m confused on your ethical stance…..

      • Jenny

        With all posts the decision plays into the source. It was an online magazine so the ad was placed by a CVS store with the knowledge that you would print it. This might last for months online or if other stores complain corporate might ask for that page to be pulled from the magazine.

        It is hard to say what CVS will do with anything, but if the source had a legitimate reason to post it online *being an online magazine” then it would be known by CVS to be out there.

        Thanks for your honesty though in thought.

      • CindyLouWho

        Why don’t you use another site? Or perhaps,,,, do you run another site? I detect some jealousy here. Does anyone else agree with me when I say that I am “sticking” my tongue out at you for being so mean! Go judge somewhere else. :-(>

    • Lynn

      I am new to couponing….just started a couple of months ago. I love that I am learning so much from your hard work. I love even more that I have learned the honest way to use coupons. Your ethical approach to it all will keep your blog well respected. Thanks for all of your efforts!!!

    • Stephanie

      Jenny, I too am a huge fan of your site! You do a wonderful job. I have a question. If an ad comes out in the mail- i.e.- Food Lion came in today’s mailbox. Is that why you can post the ads online on Tuesday? Just wondering.

    • Marlene

      There are some sites with just too much umm busy-ness for lack of a better word. I love this site, and the info you provide. It is clear, comprehensive and easy to follow – and even the new shopping list feature is great.
      I check on Wednesdays for the Harris Teeter and Bi-Lo info. Then I just wish we had a Krogers and or a Publix …
      I love the quick links at the top too. Makes it so easy to check the list later in the week.
      So much to love I wouldn’t want to jeopardize it just to ‘see’ a list a day early.

    • It’s interesting that stores like Food Lion don’t want early ads posted- but I regularly get Food Lion ads in my mailbox on saturday (a full four days prior to the sale). I don’t see the difference between posting it online and sending it out in the mail to all the local customers. :)
      That being said- I totally understand why you wouldn’t post them early!!

      • Brandy, That was my question. If a store sends out their circular early, is it okay to post it?

        • Jennifer

          I want to know that too……I got the Bi-Lo one tonight at 10!!

        • Jenny

          In some cases my hands are tied because of what I have worked out with the store. So I am not allowed to post it until they post it to their website in most cases.

          • Trina

            Well, shouldn’t your post say something about people who do get the ads in the mail early? Not mentioning that lets your readers think that other bloggers who post “sneak peaks” is totally wrong.

      • Meredith

        I am frustrated with some of these comments. Jenny is doing all of this without a fee from the users (you and me). Please, be happy that you are profiting from her hard work. Also, ethics are very subjective and Jenny has to do what she feels is appropriate…not you. I really want those out there that critize Jenny to look into there own life and see what service they are providing so many on such a large scale and then make the negative or judgemental comment they were planning.

        • Meredith

          sorry their not there

        • CindyLouWho

          Amen sista! :)

    • Amy

      I so appreciate your integrity!!! You are truly honoring God with your convictions!

    • You are a great example! I applaud you for protecting your family first and sharing deals second.

      On the same token, I think stores and manufacturers alike should realize and adapt to the fact that we live in an internet age. Rather than isolating their internet savvy consumers, they should embrace the technology. The rapid spread of information is more valuable than they realize and they should creatively incorporate it into their business strategy.

    • Carrie


    • Carrie

      It is quite extraordinary when a person like you follows the rules in such a give and take world who is all about self. I love that one of your lists waits until after church to be posted. Thank you for your *free* website with all the links as well as the hard work that you put into it. You and your site have been a blessing to me as my family has adjusted to a much smaller financial level this year.

    • Mandy

      I appreciate your integrity….you are a blessing to many…you are showing people the right way to do business and that you can still save money by being honest…

      Thanks so much!

    • mel

      jenny you are amazing.

    • Thank you, Jenny, for setting such a good example of honesty and integrity. I look forward to meeting you Friday at the Coupon Town Hall Friday in Cleveland, TN!

    • Carrie

      I can’t thank you enough for continuing to help us survive the stores. Now you just have to survive the blog. Not to worry, the greater good is on our side!

    • heather

      Thank you, Jenny, for always running your blog with integrity! Another reason why this is one of my favorite sites! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this week after week!

    • Nanatofive

      Let me just say in agreement with all the other posters how much I admire your stand for integrity!!!! I truly appreciate your site and how easy it is to navigate!!!
      Bless you!!!!

    • LindaB

      I love your site and I really enjoy the way you conduct business. It is wonderful to find an “E-friend” with so much helpful information to contribute that helps us find some answers to this financial meltdown we are in. I don’t believe you can really understand the scope of your contributions! You have let us intrude into your life with our questions,concerns and (sometimes)quirkiness without any hesitations. Your gracious “SOUTHERN-SAVING” hospitality is much appreciated.

    • Blown away by the negative comments! Jenny – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Thank you for everything you do! I’m sure it is an awesome feeling to fall asleep every night knowing how many people you’ve helped – and done so honestly!

    • Jenny,

      I also thank you for all that you are doing to help us in these crappy times. What you are doing is a service to others, and I appreciate all that you do.

      I was wondering how you get the ads before they start at the stores? I’ve tried getting information from my local stores, and I’ve not had any luck. I’m just wondering why some stores will give out the information and others won’t. I’ve even promised not to post them, for that is not my intention. Any suggestions?