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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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I’m excited to share it’s official that Harris Teeter has finally joined the land of common sense and updated their coupon policy for coupons accepted on Buy One Get One deals.

Before this week, Harris Teeter was the only store in the South East that would only allow one coupon on a buy one get one deal.  Logically that made no sense since the items rang up at half price.  If you were buying 2 items that were B1G1, you could separate your order into two transactions and use two coupons, but had to use only one coupon if you bought the deal together.

Well, you may now use one coupon per item purchased!  No matter the sale.

One thing to note:  I would still expect to only get to use 2 coupons on a Buy 2, Get 3 Free Deal.  While they are coming up in the world, I doubt they can come that far…

Check out their official coupon policy for more information.

Many of you have reported this and I have confirmed it with corporate.

    • Smel630

      Don't know for sure, but I have a friend who is a cashier at one of the test stores and she told me Monday that on buy 2 get 3 you can use 3 coupons.

    • Yazpistachio

      AT LAST! Fortunately I didn't have problems with this at the HTs I frequent. Only once did they make it an issue.

      Let's just hope that HT doesn't change this policy yet again in a week or so. I can't keep up!

    • Sarah

      This is a long time coming!

      As a shopper *and* an HT cashier, I'm excited. The old policy didn't make sense and only served to frustrate/anger the customers – which in return made it hard on employees.

      Thanks Jenny!

    • Thedostiefamily

      YAY! I'm so excited to get this news!

    • Sundaydrive00

      When I went to HT yesterday, mine had a big sign on the door saying that you could only use one coupon for b1g1. I've never really had a problem before with using 2 coupons, so its odd that they're choosing to enforce this policy now, after its been changed.

      Actually the only time I've had a problem with this policy was last week. I was buying something that was 2/5, but the cashier seemed to think that they were B1G1 and wouldn't let me use 2 coupons. She then got a manager, told the manager they were B1G1 and the manager agreed I couldn't use the coupons. I kept telling them that they were not B1G1 but just 2/5. Both manager and cashier kept insisting it was the same thing. Ugh!

      This is probably why I am able to get everything on my list at 3pm on the first day of Triples. No one wants to deal with the crazy managers there.

    • Marlene

      I can't help but feel my post on their facebook page helped just a little :-)

    • Radkbell

      I wish that Winn-Dixie would join the crew on this one.  That sure would help me out a lot.

    • kristina

      My husband works at a HT in winston salem, NC and he said per policy you can use 3 coupons on like items so you can use 3 coupons on  b2g3 free you can use 3 coupons on b1g2 free. Whatever the scenerio you can only use 3 coupons on like items. But that is still good cause you are using a coupon for a free item on the b2g3 and using coupons on all free items with b1g2. It's a win win love the new policy.

      • kristina

        but it doesn't add to your purchase to where you make money it makes it at face value. HT doesn't let you coupons go over. I so wish they did. LOL

      • Guest

        Actually if you want to get technical the policy says they will double/triple 3 like coupons and after that all others are taken at face value.  They don't mind taking face value coupons since they get reimbursed for the full face value, the reason they limit doubling coupons is that the doubled portion comes out of their own pocket.  So during a b2g3 sale we should now be able to use 5 coupons (one on each item) and they reserve the right to only double 3 of them and take the other 2 at face value.

        • kristina

          i reread the policy and you are right you can use more then 3 on like items just he first 3 will double thank you. i have read that over and over and just now noticing that. I will have to print this out to prove to cashiers for my shopping trips. thank you

        • kristina

          i reread the policy and you are right you can use more then 3 on like items just he first 3 will double thank you. i have read that over and over and just now noticing that. I will have to print this out to prove to cashiers for my shopping trips. thank you

        • kristina

          i reread the policy and you are right you can use more then 3 on like items just he first 3 will double thank you. i have read that over and over and just now noticing that. I will have to print this out to prove to cashiers for my shopping trips. thank you

        • kristina

          i reread the policy and you are right you can use more then 3 on like items just he first 3 will double thank you. i have read that over and over and just now noticing that. I will have to print this out to prove to cashiers for my shopping trips. thank you

    • Djacob15

      I don't understand how they justified it to begin with. The worst were the coupons that were 1.00 off 2 or 3, and the item was bogo. That confused them so much. They actually made me buy 6 bags of broccoli to use a steamfresh 1off/3 coupon once, because they were bogo.  It was so stupid. I still have frozen broccoli.

    • Angiebyrd1099

      This is so awesome, I wish I had know this yesterday. I can't wait to finally use $1 of 2 items that are BOGO deals. Plus no more multiple transactions or returning to the store later to get more BOGO deals. Thanks for the news.

    • Caligirl4ever

      I have actually never had a problem with using 2 at HT on B1G1 deals!! Even on Buy 2 Get 3 I have used at least 3. I actually really wasn't even aware that they had a policy against that!! :)

      • Julie

        You shop at the nice HT.  :D

    • Nansellers

      I was told today (thought I didn't have any coupons) that HT will not double or triple coupons if you don't give your VIC card to them at the beginning of the transaction.  Apparently their computers were updated and they require the card first.  Dont know if this is accurate,  but maybe someone else can confirm this.

      • kristina

        This is true to have your coupons doubled give your VIC card ahead of time. I normally ring everything up to see the cost without vic card then give my vic card see the total then use my coupons.

      • SAK

        I went yesterday and they rang everything up, then I gave them my VIC card, then they scanned all my coupons. Everything tripled that was supposed to. No problem there. Perhaps you just have to scan your card before the coupons are scanned.

      • Karolyn

        I live in Greensboro, NC and I have also been told this recently.  I tried to give them my card at the end of my transaction a couple weeks ago, and the customer service manager came over, voided all of my coupons, made me scan my VIC card and then had to scan all the coupons again.  She told me as she was going through this, that coupons don't double unless the VIC card is scanned first.  So, I think this is now true.

      • EB

        If they did not require your VIC card to be scanned before the coupons could double, then they could not enforce the 20 coupons will double rule because it would not know how many coupons you might have doubled in a different transaction today already.

      • cs-clerk

        This has always been the case.  You must scan your VIC card before the coupons to get them to double or triple.

    • Ladybug96713

      I am in Lincolnton, NC and I always have problems with Harris Teeter…their prices are always higher than what is printed here. They also give me a hard time with coupons. They always read all the fine print and a lot of coupons don't double or triple. Their prices are so high, I only go when it is triple or super double

      • Ljeff

        Same here, Lady.  We're in Wilmington, you know, a “resort” town. (Yeah, right!)

        • Kcreviews

          Haha. Tell the tourists it's not a resort town…which reminds me, I need to go to the beach before it's summer and too crowded to go anymore!

      • Julie

        That's sad.  There is a HT in my neighborhood here in Cary, NC and they are awesome!  I even wrote the corporate office the other day to say how awesome they are.  Anytime I have had a coupon issue and manager has corrected it.  Sounds like your HT could take some lessons from my HT.  Writing to the corporate office never hurts….email form is on their website…

    • karol

      It still depends on which store you shop.  The one that has been giving me so much trouble did honor the coupons yesterday.  Let me hear a big YAHOO! HT!  Love you even more.

    • Hjrsunflower

      I usually don't have a problem using two coupons on B1G1 deals, but today I did.  The girl would not let me use two coupons on a B1G1, which frustrated me a great deal.

      • Margoren

        You need to call corporate…

      • Julie

        Always ask for a manager in those cases.  Cashiers get different training and some get it and some don't.  The manager should know the most up-to-date polices (but even sometimes they don't).  Be polite, but insist they check the corporate policy.

    • Hilary

      ok, so where in this policy does it state that they will allow two qs for BOGO? i only ask because my store is extra feisty and they WILL make me prove it by showing them the exact verbiage in their policy :)

      • Margoren

        The online policy doesn't really say it clearly. But I have the copy of the policy my store has where it clearly says this:
        “Effective immediately, we will accept 1 coupon for any item that the customer purchases with their order. For example, then, if a customer purchases 3 of the same item because they have 3 coupons and that item is also currently under a “Buy 1, Get 2 Free” deal, we will honor the deal and the coupons. This is also true, then, for BOGO deals.”
        You can ask your store for it or I can also email you the copy.

        • sarahinNC

          I asked my Fayetteville NC store yesterday and they looked at me like I was from Mars.  The customer service desk people didn't know anything about a ” allowing 2 coupons w/ a BOGO sale” policy.  I wonder why your store has this posted, and my store knows nothing about it.  Wish it would be the same across the board!

      • sarahinNC

        Ditto!  My Fayetteville, NC store is the same, and I need it in corporate writing to prove my point…the customer service desk people knew nothing about the new policy when I asked them yesterday, and told me nothing had changed.  Where is this in writing?

    • Juliepatterson405

      I went yesterday and they only allowed me to use (3) of the newspaper Manu same coupons.  :-(

      • MelRae

        That has always been the policy at HT.

      • EB

        That has been their policy for quite a while.

      • Guest

        That has been their policy for at least 4 years (that's how long I've been couponing at HT).  It pays to know the policy before you shop, so you can prepare accordingly.  Each store has different limits and it's good to know the differences.

    • Linds..:)

      I have only had a problem with this one time.  No one has ever said anything else about it.  One thing I do have a problem with on a regular basis, though, is the coupons that say do not double or triple.  They will not double or triple them.  I do not care which HT I go to.  Didn't have this problem the whole time I've been couponing.  Just the last few months.  Please help with this bc yesterday I did the tripling and cut all of the ballpark coupons out weinies and buns and she would not triple a single one simply bc it said not to.  Whatever…

      • Sundrop474

        I actually had them take off the ballpark hotdogs because the coupon didn't triple this morning. The cashier was super nice (as was I) but had to manually enter the one coupon that stated DND that I still wanted to use. I had never had this happen before either. But ((sigh)) the coupon did plainly state DND so I knew it was YMMV. So in my opinion, no harm, no foul.

        • Margoren

          The new policy and the old one say they will not double (or triple) those coupons that say DND. They are just enforcing it more.

    • Jessica's Mom

      I tried to use 2 coupons on a BOGO deal yesterday and they would not let me……

      • Guest

        Some stores will be slower to get the news of the new policy.  You can try politely informing them that you became aware of the new policy via friends that have seen it posted in their stores, and ask nicely if they will please call corporate to confirm if it is supposed to be true at their store as well.

    • Skaye14

      I had a problem using 2 coupons for a B1G1F yesterday at a Wilmington, NC store.  I purchased a McCormick seasoning that was B1G1 and the computer would only take one .75 coupon.

      • Ljeff

        Which store?  i'm going tomorrow morning early?  I don't think I've had a problem with them at Long Leaf Mall (other than one very rude young girl cashier who I now avoid like the plague!)

        • Margoren

          I wonder if it's just a problem with the McCormick, because I went today and bought the Kraft Salad dressing which is B1G1 and used 2 $.55/1 coupons and both tripled to make both items free (they did triple in an unusual way, but when added the amounts it was the right amount, weird!)
          Also bought the plates B1G1 and used 2 coupons and they both tripled too.
          My store has made sure all cashiers know the policy and they have a copy of it at each register.

          • cs-clerk

            It depends on the McCormick she bought. We have McCormick Grill mates packets (around 1.50 each or so) and they are BOGO this week.  If she tried to use 2- .75 cent coupons, the first would only double to 1.50, the 2nd coupon would not scan because it would exceed the value of the items.

            • CouponingToBoraBora

              Yup, that's what happened to me with the Frank's red hot.

        • Kcreviews

          I love the LLM store. It's so big! But too far away from me. I go to the one in Ogden, Porter's Neck, or Mayfaire.

        • Brette

          I usually go to the Long Leaf Mall store also – love it!  There is also a rude cashier at the one across from the mall on Independence that I avoid as well.

      • cs-clerk

        I work customer service for HT, the problem was likely caused by the register considering your 2 items as one (BOGO free), the first item rang full price and the second was free.  It took the first coupon (and tripled it), but the second coupon would cause overage so it wouldn't take.  Had you split the order in 2 transactions, both would have scanned and tripled up to the sale price of the item.

        • Julie

          Harris Teeter has never rung up things as full price and then one free.  It ALWAYS rings up as 1/2 price unless you are not on the computer network the rest of the Harris Teeters are on.

          • cs-clerk

            No my dear, I see this every day of the week, and will see it again when I go to work in an hour to work customer service tonight.  If a person is buying 2 items on BOGO, they both ring up full price, until the cashier hits TOTAL and one item is discounted off.  The second item is considered FREE in this case.
            It only rings up half price if a customer is buying 1 item.

            • Sparklecat2009

              That's odd b/c I have almost always found that the BOGO items ring in at half price each. The only exceptions to that have been when I got the evic special for Smart Balance milk last week (1 rang at 3.99 and the other FREE) and when I used self checkout with the Martha White muffins (quite a long time ago). Last weekend I used 2 q's on the Smart Balance milk and both were accepted without overrides or beeping. I only had one q for the Martha White thing so it didn't matter…….

            • $avin'some$

              right, it has been something the cashiers had to catch and enforce because the registers would allow it.

            • Guest

              I am also an Employee, and “cs-clerk” is correct with what she is saying.  

      • Margoren

        It should work if you buy 2 different flavors… If you want the same flavor I think you have to do 2 separate transactions.

        • cs-clerk

          Not true. The flavor has nothing to do with it. It is the value of the items vs. the value of the coupons.

      • Guest

        Your 1 coupon probably doubled/tripled high enough that the second coupon wouldn't go through (either the 1 coupon covered the entire cost of both items, or it at least tripled high enough that there was less than 0.75 worth of the product remaining for the next coupon to go toward).  Normally you don't get overages at HT, but when items are on sale bogo the register will allow 1 coupon to cover more than 1 bogo item as long as it doesn't exceed the total price of both items.

    • Jentemple85

      I am so sick and tired of trying to do this to save money and feed my family.. everytime I get to the store everything has been cleared.. it is so rude and uncalled for when people only think about themselves.  There should be limits on coupons for this reason.  Everyone should have at least a chance.

      • Kimberly

        I agree every store that I went to was completely cleared out. I had to ask the store manager when their truck was coming in because the greedy couponers had already been in and took everything off the shelves. Very sad and very rude!

        • Kcreviews

          I went today after having gone yesterday and there were a lot of things missing. But there are a lot of couponers out there. I just wish the store would stock up a bit more at first, knowing they are going to sell out.

          • MelRae

            Maybe they don't know what will sell out quickly, but they really have no excuse, with Jenny's site and many others, they can get a heads-up.  I may even write HT Corporate and suggest this. 

            • Pete

              i dont know how many of you know how harris teeter is set up as far as logisticaly, they do not have a warehouse out back of the store, they do not have room in the back to hold vast quantities of stock (Usually 1 or 2 carts are allocated to each aisle of the store for backstock on regular items which is not a lot of room, we do however try to anticipate and order in enough quantity of coupon items and do have extra vehicles to store the current weeks specials on, however it is a balancing act of trying to estimate how much is going to sell (Harris Teeter does not have enough room to hold the extra stuff after the week ends if they are  left with tons of product that did not sell, and if they did not sell during that week at the sale price they will sit back there for weeks and weeks and that is just not an option for these stores (they do not physically have the room to store the left over sale items if they over estimate the quantities.

          • Betafish9993

            they do stock up, but there is only limited room and not all items are always available in their warehouse

        • LadySiren

          Wait – I don't understand how other couponers buying up items translates to rude and greedy. If they're simply using their coupons (and abiding by HT's rules) to buy items, it's not their fault that the store didn't stock up properly.

          I'm seeing posts on some of the other coupon sites that say the stores are incredibly crowded with new couponers coming out of the woodwork. If that's the case, then it's not a surprise that the shelves are empty. I'd suggest you ask your store why it didn't stock up better rather than jump to the conclusion that there are greedy couponers clearing the shelves on purpose. Just my $.02 worth, take it or leave it.

          • Julie

            I'm sorry, but when someone buys 72 things of mustard or 83 packages of croutons, that is just plain rude.  There is  no way that person can eat all of that before they go bad and they aren't donating them.  Taking what you need and can actually use and having a reasonable stock pile is fine.  Having 25 years of deodorant in your cart is insane and plain rude.  Some other folks might like a good deal.  And people who are doing that are working around the store polices with extra cards, etc.

            • Guest

              instead of complaining, just get up early next time. if you're there first, then you'll be the one getting the deals, not the 'rude' people

            • LadySiren

              I can understand being upset with shelf-clearing, but honestly – how can you possibly know what the motivation is for buying up “72 things of mustard”? It's not your place to judge, is it?

              I can personally tell you that yes, my family and I go through mustard like crazy. We have a total of 7 in our family. It's not inconceivable for us to run through an entire bottle of mustard in a week. Ditto for croutons. You don't know why those people might need multiple items because you're not living their life.

              In relation to the quantities you're throwing out: it's impossible, unless they're violating HT's coupon rules. Stop taking TLC's show at face value – it's impossible for anyone to buy 72 things of mustard in a single shopping trip. Ditto for 83 packages of croutons. The exaggerations don't help your case. If someone is buying items in those quantities, you need to tell a white shirt immediately – the person is obviously violating the coupon policy.

              Lastly, if you're not getting the items you want, you need to get up and get to the store earlier. The early bird gets the worm, not the one that sleeps in. Just sayin'.

            • Sundaydrive00

              Huh? How are people buying 72 mustard or 83 packs of croutons at HT? They're only allowed 3 coupons, so are they buying 70+ things at normal price? That doesn't seem very likely.

              What does seem likely though is that there are just a lot of people shopping. You have to figure that even if they have 60 of a certain item, it only takes 20 people to clear out that particular item, figuring that everyone is getting their limit of 3.

        • Anon

          I'm confused. Do you think that just a couple of “greedy” people are coming and buying everything up? I was at my Harris Teeter at 7 am on Wednesday morning, it was packed with couponers and a lot of things were already sold out. If Harris Teeter had a sign that said “free groceries to the first 50 people in the store starting Wednesday”, if you waited until Thursday to go and the 50 free groceries had already been given away, would you say the 50 people who got it were “greedy” and “rude”? I don't think so. The people who want it the most get up early and go get it. Thats why I got up early.

        • Pete

          hate to break this to you Kimberly, but you too are a greedy couponer that will go to the store and get 2 or 3 of every item you can for free. so sorry the store cant just cater to you and only your needs just so you alone can come in and be greedy and use your coupons without any hassles.

      • Caroline

        I understand it's frustrating when things fly of the shelves within hours, but one person can't take everything.  You can only use 2 IP coupons on an item and 3 newspaper.  Thankfully my HT set up 2 stand alone shelves in front of the shelves of tons of the French's, mustard, etc. today after the shelves being cleared yesterday.

      • Lisa B

        Gosh, EVERYONE is trying to feed their families! We all struggle, and most of the couponers I see (And I see a a LOT of them in HT stores, especially during Super doubles and triples) are buying normal quantities of things. The “extreme” ones are rare. So it's likely that the people running the store out of things are the ones like me, who usually buy a maximum of  2 or 3 of any given item at a time. But add that up–10 people buying 3 of a good deal in one morning is 30 items, which is enough to clear a shelf in a lot of cases. So it's not greed or rudeness, it's just struggling people like yourself who had the luck to get to the store before everything ran out.

        I have found that if the store is out of something, it's usually restocked overnight (with a few exceptions), and I have had luck going back the next morning. In general, morning is the best time to shop during Triples or SD. I have taken vacation time from work so I can get to HT in the morning if there are deals I really don't want to miss. It's a bit of a hassle sometimes, but I figure I'm paying for my shopping savings by putting up with some inconvenience. Rich people can afford convenience, I cannot.

      • Ladieb1114

        Hi Jen, have you ever thought of how many couponers are out there. Sometimes one person is not taking everything. Maybe you're getting to the stores too late and a lot of couponers have already been to the stores. People need to stop blaming everything on one person. Also, maybe the stock in the store wasn't that great also. Maybe next time you need to think before you speak and stop blaming one person.

      • Winediva

        To Jentemple85, I get what you're saying, but I also see the other side in what folks here are posting.  I think Jen was frustrated in not being able to get a good deal and came here to vent.  Probably not the smartest thing to do seeing how most here didn't appreciate what she had to say, but I still know what it's like to walk in to HT at 8:30 and all the Smart Balance cooking spray and peanut butter are already long gone.  I guess Jen and I will both have to camp out the night before and wait for the store to open at 6 like it's for concert tickets!!  :) 
        You bring the lawn chairs Jen, I'll bring some blankets!!!

    • SWS

      The cashier yesterday @ Raleigh HT checking a person in front of me said they would NOT allow 2 coupons on the BOGO because the 2nd item was free. Every cashier is different because a friend went through another line and was able to use 2 coupons and got 2 items BOGO. I don't see any change in their policy because they can argue that the 2nd item is free **you may now use one coupon per item purchased**. Would I have to remind them that if I didn't get the 2nd item that the price is reduced by half and that I am actually being charged for the 2nd item???
      Please clarify more.

      • Margoren

        While the policy on their site is not very clear about this, I urge you to try to find the copy of the policy that the stores have. It clearly states how it works in bold.

      • Julie

        In those cases, ask for a manager.  My store recognizes that not all stores are doing the same thing consistently with coupons, but if I show them the store policy from the Internet, my store always goes with that.  If the policy has truly changed, then the registers will ring it up correctly.  Before it would not take the second coupon.  Now it should, so it isn't up to the cashier, the register handles how the policies play out.

        • Pete

          actually the register has always taken the 2nd coupon because to the register the item is just on sale at half price, it has been up to the cashier to enforce the rule of only one coupon on a bogo so as far as letting the register decide which will go through there is no change now  or before the new coupon change.

      • I had the exact same experience at a Raleigh HT yesterday. Only one coupon for (2) items that are b1g1.

    • Kimberly

      What is up with the Pepsi buy 2 get 3 free deal. I dont understand how that is a deal because for each 12pk of Pepsi product cans it is 5.99. That somehow does not seem normal to have a 12pk cost almost 6 dollars….so you are really not getting a deal because on two 12pks youre spending 12 dollars. That seems crazy to me for just two. How is that a deal? Or are they hiking the prices up to compensate for the sale??

      • Kcreviews

        Yes, exactly, to your last question. Go buy your sodas at the drugstores. They will be a lot cheaper.

      • Cedarhillcabins

        HT does hike up the price to compensate for the sale however the sale is buy 2 get 3 free so really you will be paying about 2.19 each + tax.  This figure is based on the price of the sale item Jenny posted in one of the three list (5.49) not 5.99.  Even still its a good deal if you get five packs.

        • Kimberly

          Oh ok well I kind of see now, I was just confused at how it could be so much. I know that HT prices are higher than anyone elses out there it seems but the store that I went to here had it posted as 5.99 and I thought that was crazy.

          • Cedarhillcabins

            Yea I've seen price changes also from what Jenny post.  It can be confusing and HT changing policy every time you turn around can drive you crazy! LOL

          • Julie

            Oh yeah…there is some crack smoking going on if they think I am going to pay $5.99+ a 12-pack, but they run sales so often to get it down to $3 and below that I just generally have to wait a week.  It is frustrating on the “no sale” week though.  But over all I save a ton of money with HT, so I am not really going to complain!

        • Sundaydrive00

          I don't know, its almost $5 when its not on sale at Target. $1 more at HT seems normal. Actually, I think they're on sale at Target this week 5 for $12, which is really the price of them at HT. Except at HT you have to buy all 5. They wouldn't be able to have a b2g3 sale with a 12 pack being $3, you can't really expect them to have 12packs 5 for $6, can you?! They're still a business, they still have to make money. They just change the price so that when you buy 5 it makes for a good sales price, but not something ridiculously cheap.

      • CCShad

        You pay $12 for 5 12-packs, making them each $2.40 which is a good price.  Yes, their original price is very high, but that is true with most of their items.  I agree that the B2G3 sounds better than what it actually comes out to be, but still a good deal.

      • Sdanorth

        Teeter brand 12 packs, $2.00 each!
        Pepsi who?

    • cm6755

      No orders may be separated that would allow the 20 coupon limit or any other coupon limits to be exceeded.
      I guess this means that we cannot do seperate transactions to use 2 q's on a bogo

      • Sundaydrive00

        But you don't need to do separate transactions for bogo now that they've changed the policy. You can use your two coupons in the same transaction.

    • Skaye14

      So many coupons say “do not double”. Do you think they will hold to that policy?

      • Kcreviews

        I think this is an individual store issue. My HT always doubles DND q's.

        • Margoren

          My store doesn't. But I still save a lot!

      • Guest

        Many stores are enforcing this policy more than they used to.  You really don't know if they're going to enforce it or not until you get to the register.

      • Rhonda Norwood

        I had this happen last week before the new policy and the store manager came over and doubled it.  But I only had one coupon of my 20 where that occured.  Never hurts to ask!

    • Oh that is great!  I really love HT generally for their produce and quality meat.  One more reason they have me hooked.  I find Harris Teeter is the best store in my area for couponing anyway, this just sweetens the pot!

    • Ardnasfu82

      I have heard the extreme couponers call in big orders ahead of time to be sure to get what they need without clearing the shelves- however, with our “limits” here at HT, do you think we can call in for these kind of requests? I mean, I can only come in once a day, and buy 3 mustards (for example). Or can I just call to ask them to order a bunch to be better prepared? Just sharing the frustration- I expected it would be bad, but I was overwhelmed with dissapointment after my trip today.

      • cs-clerk

        HT only doubles (or triples) coupons for 3 like items, every coupon after that is face value.  So i guess you could buy 50 mustards if you wanted, but only the first 3 coupons should be doubled.

      • Mweschler

        Don't get discouraged! Thursday is notoriously not a good day to shop during triples/super doubles. The best days for stock, in my experience, are Weds, Fri, and Sun mornings. I usually plan to go for the “hot items” on Weds and Fri, and on Thurs focus on things that I have coupons for that most other people don't (like ones I got by emailing the manufacturer, or ordered off of ebay). Hang in there…tomorrow will be better, but go in the morning if you can!!

        • cs-clerk

          It depends on which days your store gets their trucks.  Dairy, frozen, and grocery come in on separate trucks, and each store has a different schedule.  Your good shopping days may not be good for others.

        • Sundaydrive00

          I always find tuesday nights to be the best time. By then most people figure that the store will be out of everything, or they're tired of going every other day of the sale. People are also preparing their grocery lists for the next weeks ad that is out, and the stores are also preparing to have a well stocked store for the upcoming sales ad.

    • Ardnasfu82

      I have heard the extreme couponers call in big orders ahead of time to be sure to get what they need without clearing the shelves- however, with our “limits” here at HT, do you think we can call in for these kind of requests? I mean, I can only come in once a day, and buy 3 mustards (for example). Or can I just call to ask them to order a bunch to be better prepared? Just sharing the frustration- I expected it would be bad, but I was overwhelmed with dissapointment after my trip today.

    • Cedarhillcabins

      I don't understand why people get so upset about a store not doubling a coupons if the coupon specifically states DO NOT DOUBLE.  I know we have all been spoiled by different stores allowing this to happen yet Harris Teeter revamped this policy months ago.  Jenny even posted how we should be grateful for stores doubling to begin with.  She reminds us that it is a privilege of ours for the stores to double, super double or triple regular coupons since the store makes up the difference not the manf.

      • Sundaydrive00

        Right there with you. When I have a coupon that says DND on it, I decide whether or not I would still want to use it if it ends up not doubling, if I'm only getting that item because its $1 cheaper, then I really don't need it. I leave the coupon behind and save room in my 20 coupon limit for things that I really do want and need.

    • CouponingToBoraBora

      Now that some of us have taken a shopping trip to HT for this triples ordeal…can someone tell me what their experience was with the $.73/3 type of coupon?  For example, Potatoes $.99.  Coupon for $.75/3.  Will the coupon triple to 2.25 or will it only triple to the amount of 1 item, $.99?  I know there were posts that said what they THOUGHT it would do..but can someone who used it tell me what it DID do?  Thanks guys!

      • Rhonda Norwood

        You have to buy 3 if it is .75 off 3, then it will triple to 2.25

      • Twellwoman

        It will only triple up to the value of the item, unfortunately.  I had thought previously that I would actually get money back on some of the free items, but when one of mine had a problem yesterday (Colgate B1G1= free with 75 cent coupon), the asst mgr explained to me that the computer is programmed to only multiply up to the value of the item, so NO MONEY MAKERS like I thought.  Oh well!  Still got several free items!

    • : )

      Jenny, my HT in Indian Land informed me that they are NOW taking 3 Internet Printable's per item. Corporate had recently changed it to ONLY 2. They are also letting us use 2 q's on B1G1 free items. Assit Manager even stated that if it is a B2G3 free they will let us use 5 q's.. This is great news!!! A lot of great deals out there even though shelves are emptying..Just going to make a few extra trips in hopes of getting some goodies for a Children's Home.. Thanks for all you do :)

      • JTTLC

        Do you know when the Indian Land store get their shipments? Each time (even if I go on Wendesday mornings) they are out of stuff…:(

    • Patsouth

      Just came back from HT and was disappointed many things already wiped out heard there were 20 people waiting outside before they oped up yesterday and was packed all day yesterday I did maage to save $65.68 and only spent $ 22.18  :)

      • Dixie

        Call them and find out when they get shipments.  I think I went on a Saturday last time after calling and everything I wanted was there.  Just in case  you don't want to shop the first day. . .

        • ANON

          most stores have a regular truck schedule, on normal week my store ( I work there) has a truck every other day, during super doubles and triples we add 1 or 2 trucks to the schedule to account for the extra traffic, also please be aware that when your store is out for days on end, it is not always the stores fault, they can only get the product as long for as the distribution center has them and unfortunately the DC does run out at times and then the store cant get any more till the DC restocks.

      • Melissa Garrett

        Same here….my closest HT is about 18 miles from my house one way, and a lot of the FREE items that I went to get were already gone yesterday when I went. (I couldn't go until I picked up my daughter from school b/c I had to volunteer in her class.) I think I still did pretty good though….before sales, coupons, & tax my total was $66.08 & I only paid $$22.30 out of pocket. Of course, I only utilized the 20 coupon triple limit, & no more than that. So, I'm thinking about re-doing my list and better planning my strategy & going back down again early tomorrow morning. Hopefully some of the out of stock FREE items will be back in stock again. Wish me luck!

    • CouponingToBoraBora

      Next time someone supposedly sees someone “buying 20 years worth of deodorant” and “80 mustards” … please take a pic with your cellphone!  That's competely false because of all the limits in place at stores regarding coupons.  It's first come first serve as far as I see it…stores aren't there for charity and to determine “who really needs this item the most”.  Some person may want to spend their money on 80 mustards…you may want to spend your money on a new corvette.  People can buy what they choose and you never know what they are using it for.  Maybe their church is having a picnic and they are selling dogs and burgers…maybe they run a program for sending stuff overseas..maybe they eat hot dogs every single night.  No one has any right to question what someone buys at the store unless it's 80 boxes of Sudafed.

    • Rhonda Norwood

      My HT had no idea, so I went to their website and printed out the new policy.  They also will now accept any Manufacturer coupon even if it says redeemable at Publix.  Previously mine would not accept those, only the $ off the total order.  

    • $avin'some$

      WAIT A MINUTE,GUYS!!  I've looked that new policy over and there is no longer a stated limit of manufacturer coupons per item!  The new policy says only 3 like MQs will be doubled or tripled BUT it says any above three will just be accepted at face value!  That's cool!!!

      • Sundaydrive00

        That is how its always been. You can use as many of the same coupons as you would like, but only 3 like coupons will double. So if you have ten 55 cents off kraft dressing coupons, 3 of those will triple (this week) to 1.65, the other 7 will just take 55 cents off.

        • $avin'some$

          No, no, no- it actually no longer says only 3 like manufacturer coupons!  It just says that only the first 3 like MQs will double and after that they are face value!  The only like Qs that have a stated limit are the IPs!

          • Sundaydrive00

            I'm not really understanding what has changed. It has always been the first 3 like man q will double. They did however change the internet coupons to the first 3 rather then first 2.

            • Guest

              Before it was only 3 like manufacturers no matter if they doubled or not. I know because I am an employee.

      • $avin'some$

        For example, in the past I've planned my scenarios around only being able to buy 3 of everything but now, say I have a $2.00 coupon for something, I can buy as many as I want since it wouldn't be doubled or tripled anyway.  KWIM?

        • Sundaydrive00

          Its always been that way. Just like your first 20 coupons will double, but you can still use more then 20 coupons. Only the first 20 will double, and the rest will be taken at face value. So when you have anything about $1 that doesn't get counted into your 20 limit on coupons, unless its Super Doubles. Coupons that DND, such as Catalinas and ones that start with a 9 also do not count towards the 20 coupon limit.

          • $avin'some$

            ooops. ok- i just went back to the old policy and i stand corrected.
            why didn't i know that? i have had in my head that i could only use 3
            like coupons- ever.

            so basically, what you're saying is we've always been able to use an
            unlimited number of like coupons if they were ones we didn't need
            doubled or tripled? like i can use fifty $2 MQs if i wanted to (i
            promise i won't- just an example.)

            • don't feel bad! Me too! I don't know why I thought we could only use 20 q's a day! I was like DING! :) Very please with that revelation along with the new coupon policy!

            • Sundaydrive00

              Lowe's Food has it that way, that you can use a max of 20 coupons a day. I'm glad HT doesn't.

          • EB

            That is true, you can use as many manufactures coupons as you want, but only 3 will double, but they still limit you to two like coupons if they are internet printables – and I would imagine that HT always reserves the right to limit quantities if they want.

            • Sundaydrive00

              My store told me that they double 3 internet printable coupons.

    • Beverley

      I am so glad to get that word.  Harris Teeter is an awesome store. Their people working there are always polite and helpful too.

    • Ajcmarshall

      My store in Greenville NC gave me a little hassel today about this policy but after contacting corporate and having them call the store they now are aware of the new policy

      • Staceyf

        I was in the Bells Fork store on Wednesday, it was my only day I had available to shop there. I stuck to simple coupons, I am glad you did that though. I have had a lot of trouble with that store lately.

      • Pgibb76

        did you have to leave a message when you called corp??

    • Shantybell

      Went to HT yesterday morning around 10am but everything was pretty much cleared out. This morning I was up at 3am and at HT by 4am. It was nice to be the only shopper in the store and the shelves were fully stocked. I got everything I needed! I think I'll shop at 4am every week!

      • Raynesmw

        I'm afraid my husband would think I have officially lost it then……ha ha. It is nice when there isn't anybody in there.

    • Brette

      Does anyone know when the Harris Teeters in the Wilmington NC area restock during the week?

      • Angeleyes103064

        they usually get a truck load every other night

      • Diana

        I hope  soon because everything is wiped out in the Surf City store.

        • Brandy88512

          I was worried about that. Does anyone know how much chobani yogurt is at HT?

      • Carebear

        I went this morning and they were restocking.  So I guess this afternoon would be a good time to go to the Long Leaf Mall location.

    • Pete

      everything thats wrong with couponers is spelled out by your attitude towards using them, Thank you so much for giving couponers a great name and making us welcomed everywhere. your the greatest

    • CouponingToBoraBora

      If you guys haven’t printed your 2 Tylenol Precise coupons from their website yet…you might want to!  The patches are free right now at HT because the coupon is for $5 off and the patches are only $4.99 this week.  I missed out when they were on sale at the drugstores, so I got mine for free at HT last night.   http://www.precisepainrelief.com/

    • TD

      I was informed by my Harris Teeters ASM that they will no longer accept seperate orders.  He said if they know I used 20 coupons already, I am not allowed to go back and use my Mother's VIC card to use another 20 coupons. Going everyday during triple week is bad enough, now I have to either go to seperate stores or go at 2 different shifts.  I stockpile for more than just my family so being able to make use of 40 a day really helps during weeks like this.  Regular weeks I only go once or twice if that.

      • guest

        it is wrong of you to try and do that. you are cheating the store and you are being rude to other customers.

        • Raynesmw

          I think some just jump to conclusions here. If she is like me, I split my stuff w/ my mom. She and my step father are both disabled. My mom can't stand for more than 20-30 min at a time and the cart is usually taken when we go in. I have found it easier for me just to buy and then just half when I get home. They luckily live right across the road. Do I feel guilty for buying for us both? No… Should I? No. I saw hoards of people in HT tonight. I went through used my 20 coupons on my stuff had 2 bags for myself, 2 bags for mom and dropped it off on my way in. That is WAY DIFFERENT than the groups of people with about 4 buggies between them.

      • Nita Royal

        I'm glad they're enforcing the rules.  To many abusers, cheating the system, will ruin it for all of us.

      • LadySiren

        I'd have to agree. Unless your Mom is using these items, you're unfairly getting around HT's coupon rules.

        Harris Teeter doesn't have to extend us the courtesy of doubling, super-doubling, or tripling our coupons. They do it because it makes sound financial sense for them as an enterprise. However, if people continue to find ways to cheat the system, they're quickly going to take a long, hard look at whether to allow us to use coupons at all.

        If it seems unethical, please, please – DON'T DO IT.

    • I actually heard they aren't doing so well financially….

      • Htemployee

        Well you heard wrong. I work for ht and they are one of the few grocery stores around that still give out bonuses to all employees. For them to do that they would have to he making some kind of profit. We are opening more and more stores, which is another sign of growth. And do you think we would be doing triple and super double coupons all the time, thats money out of our profit.

    • I actually heard they are not doing so well financially.

    • Jtdjagos

      new policy…just in time for triples. My HT is 1 1/2 hours away so to buy 1 and get a great deal, and the other one not a great deal did not make sense. But it is always fun to shop for triples.

    • Rscsyarb

      Well, in the past my coupons that had a 5 in the far left would triple or double, now matter what was on the coupon, well today was a different story!
       Four of my coupons with a 5 weren't tripled!  I just told them to give me my coupon back, and restock those items.  Still got $70 worth of groceries for $18!  WooHoo!  Going back tomorrow to get items that were out of stock today! Wish that I had seen this before my trip today, cause I would have gotten more than one item on the B1G1 free!

    • Porkswine

      I was in line today at HT and watched this woman totally rip this cashier a new one. WHY over a $5.00 competitor coupon. The woman had at least 60.00 worth of groceries that was a total of $9.00 and some change.  Please what is another $5.00.The cashier was trying to uphold the policy and do her job.  After all she is probably working and going to school to pay for gas in her car. Is that fair to the cashier.  Plus the woman had three small children with her.  What a way to show off in front of your children.  I felt so bad for the cashier.  This woman had her in  tears over 5.00. Give me a break!  I wish the show What Would You Do come and tape Harris Teeter during Super Doubles or Triples.  Maybe people would be more respective to the service they are getting at Harris Teeter and not so much the dime they save.  After all they are a Human Being too!!!!  Saving a buck brings out alot of mean people. Harris Teeter is doing you all a favor no other stores do this in NC.  Be nice and play by the rules.  I personally won't shop at HT during these coupon specials.   You people are crazy and need some serious help!!!  Would you treat your own family the way your treat these cashiers.  If so then go live in a country where they KILL EACHOTHER!!!!  This is AMERICA!!!

    • Dbb

      I do not see in the new store policy that you can use 2 coupons on B1G1 sales. Where is it listed?

      • $avin'some$

        well, it doesn't specifically say that verbatim, but it DOES say one coupon per item AND they have omitted the statement that used to specifically say only coupon on B1G1 items.

      • $avin'some$

        well, it doesn't specifically say that verbatim, but it DOES say one coupon per item AND they have omitted the statement that used to specifically say only coupon on B1G1 items.

    • Betafish9993

      Well jenny, i find your article particularly rude towards harris teeter. You have to understand that they are only given a manufacturer rebate for the coupons up to face value (not the tripled or doubled value). Plus, all other grocery stores are starting to enforce stricter coupon policies too, but its not the store's fault. Manufacturers who issue coupons have made their own system of rebating coupons much stricter, so if the coupon policies are not enforced in the stores, the grocery stores lose money. They are only trying to satisfy their customers with the best service out there as they have been doing for the past 51 years.

      *And also, in reference to your final comment, harris teeter IS accepting up to 3 like coupons for 3 like manufacturer products, buy one get one or not. This DOES INCLUDE BUY 2 GET 3 FREE DEALS!!!*

    • Sgoode

      not at my store!  if it's buy 2 get 3 free then i can only use 2 coupons because the other 3 they say are free.

    • Sandhatr

      I would like to know what area you are in. I just ran into this problem today. So I don't think Jenny is being rude just realistic. I think it all depends on the area and the awareness of on duty management at the time of your visit. I have felt for a long time that they were unfair to charge you half price for a B1G1 deal and only allow you to use one coupon. As far as how they are compensated for their coupons by the manufacturer they should already be aware of that before making their coupon policy.

    • Lockettarbonne

      I agree with Jenny. harris teeter is the worst grocery store I have ever shopped at. they have always given me a hassle with coupons. their prices are way to high and the customer service is horrible.

      • Bug

        I agree, I would NEVER shop at HT if they weren't having triples…what's funny is that some of the items, even WITH triple coupons…comes to DOUBLE the price of Walmart's REGULAR prices!  Ridiculous!

      • gman930909

        i can absolutely prove you wrong. harris teeter has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction in North Carolina for decades

        • Raynesmw

          It really all depends on management, I think.

      • gman930909

        i can absolutely prove you wrong. harris teeter has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction in North Carolina for decades

        • sharon

          Actually I sent them a LONG letter with documentation of how they screwed up losing money based on their policy . I attached various other stores policies to the email and copies of my reciepts. The store director called me the next day AND a week later the policy changed. To me they have great customer service!!

    • clemonsclan05

      Shopping is fun, again.  Now for those triple coupons on FUEL !!!!

    • NikiP

      This is great news!

    • couponer**

      Then go to another website for tips on couponing.

    • CouponingToBoraBora

      Hey did anyone notice if the Tampax that's on sale for 2/$5 included Tampax Pearl?  Trying to get my second shopping list in order here!  :)

      • CouponingToBoraBora

        LOL nevermind, scrolled a little further down the page of ads and saw the Tampax Pearls….lol…must be made of real pearls…ugh!

    • Thats great news!!!!

    • Ice Queen

      My trip to our 2nd HT today was interesting. Visited HT #1 yesterday and did well. Today, the other HT had been cleared of the items I wanted or had items really marked wrong. The BBQ sauce I bought yesterday was not on sale at the HT less than 5 miles away. On the upside, the manager have me 1/2 off Little Debbie snacks because they did not carry what I wanted and had Q's for. Plus, he tossed in 2 free Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies! Nice guy! They were understaffed so I never got my rain checks….and now I will be eating cookies all night….oh well. :-)

      • Paper Cut

        I had gone to HT on Monday to scope out some of the pricing that was already in effect. On their sale tags, it will show the date that the sale for that particular item will end (at that price). I had written down several that I had Q's for, and when I went back for the “big sale” on Wed I noticed that several of the items had been marked UP!!!
        What a downer! Still saved over 75% of my purchase using the Q's I had, but I would have gotten a much better deal.

    • Nicehenkels

      this was first time to HT and I signed up for their card, saved about $50 and they let me use a B1G1 coupon on the Beggin Stips dog treats and they gave me the 2/$6 so I really got out sweet on that deal.   I know that's not exactly what you are referring to but I also had a question about their B1G! …do they do the same as publix or do you have to buy 2 of the items to get the price????

    • Lhlee73

      just went to h/t tonight and I agree prices are super high!!

    • AE

      Would like to know when ht restock merchandise.

      • CouponingToBoraBora

        Thursday nights must be one of the nights, was just there at 11pm and they had all the palets out ready to stock.

      • Maegen Teasley

        I always go first hting on Friday morning and they have most of the stuff back out and if they dont you can ask and they will dig it out for you. I know I've been there on Thrusday and spoken to the dairy guy and he asked why everyone was wanting theSmart Balance milk. I told him and he asked for southernsavers web site he said hes going to be checking for the sales so he can preorder more. But with any department if you talk to the person that orders on Thrusday and let them know they should place a bigger than normal order they will.

      • cater3cook

        Each HT orders differently depending on the size of their store. If they are a larger store, they get more restocks per week. The smaller stores get less trucks. You'd have to ask your particular store and department to get the answer to that question. (former HT worker)

      • Katek

        We went today, Saturday morning, around 9:30 they were restocked.
        Nothing on Thursday or Friday.

    • TabithaIlges

      So how does it work if you buy two b1g1 items and have a dollar off 2 coupon.  You used to have to buy at least three items.

    • Bonn

      I don't shop there. They want TMI to get one of their cards.  There is no reason why I need to give my birthdate and DL info to get a coupon deal.

    • Stacey37055

      if this works then.. buy 2 pepsi 12 pks @6.19 each get 3 free use $2 off   you could get 5 12pks of pepsi for .47 cents a case how wonderful would that be!!!

      • Stacey37055

        would it work?

        • Raynesmw

          The $2 coupon I have is for 2  18, 20 or 24 pack. They did lest me use 1 coupon for 5 packs though.

    • Carebear

      I can say that it helps to know which store is coupon friendly.  I went to the one in Wilmington, NC (Porters Neck), and they are the best for coupons.  I went yesterday and this morning.  I only paid 8.2% on the dollar, with a tax rate of 8%, I can say I am very happy with that.  I even purchased a few items without  coupons.  So if you are in Wilmington, NC, go to the Porters Neck location.

      • Diana

        Yes, and the new Surf City one is great too about coupons. Although I've been finding that the PN store is better stocked because less people are going to it.

    • Miss_afb

      i called my ht and management siad that becuase of problems with the last event that he got permission to get a truck to restock for the 1st 3 nights of triples. just call your location and ask when they will get the next truck usually they are nice enough to tell you. i live 45 miles away and only go when i have something else to do in the area so today will be my first chance to go so hopeing for good deals

    • Momof1

      Yay!! It worked at my store in Charlotte last night!! Amazing!! =) I love this new coupon policy.. No more having to buy two different types to get around it!! =)

      • Margoren

        Did you get the same flavor on B1G1? I was wondering if same flavor rings as $0.00 or if it rings at 50% off. If it rings as $.00 do both coupons triple?

    • sherry

      I don't see that in writing anywhere in their coupon policy and when i call my local store they said one coupon for b1g1…can you show me where it addresses that? thanks!

      • Margoren

        If you give your email and can send you a copy where it clearly says this:
         “Effective immediately, we will accept 1 coupon for any item that the customer purchases with their order. For example, then if a customer purchases 3 of the same item because they have 3 coupons and that item is also currently under a “Buy 1, Get 2 Free” deal, we will honor the deal and the coupons. This is also true, then, for BOGO deals.”

        • sherry

          Hi Margoren, my email is mrs_breeze@yahoo.com thanks! Sherry

        • TheChapLeigh

          Would you mind forwarding that policy clarification to me at TheChapLeigh@yahoo.com as well? Thank you so much :)

        • Margoren

          I sent it to you all. Sorry it took so long but I'm busy with guests today.

          • TheChapLeigh

            thank you!!

        • Pgibb76

          please send this to me. I really need it!! pgibb76@yahoo.com

        • Mrs Lewis05
        • Grocerysavings101

          please send to grocerysavings101@gmail.com  Thanks.

        • Cheryl

          Can you please send me a copy of the email from HT as well?  Where are you located?  Where is your primary HT located?

          My email address is ncphr@yahoo.com.   Thanks,.

          • Margoren

            I only shop at the one in newport News, Va.

        • css03

          thanks in advance  santee97@msn.com

        • Margoren

          Im not home right now but will email it later…tonight.

          • Margoren

            I sent it to everyone, I think. If you didn't get it let me know and I'll send it again.

        • navashopper

          Me too, please. Thank you very much!


    • kate

      HT in Wilmington, NC not accepting two coupons on B1G1.  Check two stores.

      • Pgibb76

        Yup, I just had the same problem on oleander across from the mall. Which ones did you go to??

        • Kate

          The HT at Shipyard and Carolina Beach Road(Beau Rivage Market Place)
          I hope they post something so I can have it in my hand when I go next time.

      • Ljeff

        They said the same thing to me – B1G1 you can only use 1 coupon.  However, the other problem I had at HT today was using .$55 off Ball Park PRODUCT and them trying to tell me it had to be hot dogs.  After 6 employees stood standing around discussing it for 5 mins., they finally agreed to give to me.  Jeeez!

        • Ljeff

          This was a HT Long Leaf

    • TheChapLeigh

      I would like to say that I Love My Harris Teeter:)  It is, by far, the friendliest, cleanest & most helpful store around. If you know how to shop the deals, you really cannot (consistently) compare to any other store. I had to run into Walmart to FINALLY redeem my $5.oo giftcard from ConAgra last December. I bought Organic stuff, thinking it is likely the cheapest there… and I was in sticker shock that I left with only 3 bags when spending $13.oo…. I know it was organic stuff, but still… only 3 (plastic) bags???? And the long walk from the car to the store, having to unload my own cart, no super friendly faces, & looking over my shoulder on the way back to the car (I had a friend whose purse was stolen from her cart last year, IN THE PARKING LOT). BUT, the cashier was having a really bad day & I was able to encourage her… All in all, I love my harris teeter!!  I am very pleased with the ability to get what I need for the most minimal prices around, and all for a pleasant customer service experience. Thank you, all you HT employees who read this blog & add helpful input, and for helping us couponers out when you see us with questioning looks in the store. You are awesome!

      • CouponingToBoraBora

        Where does everyone live that their Harris Teeter is cheap??  In my city, Harris Teeter is the most expensive store aside from The Fresh Market.

        • jessica1970

          Harris Teeter SALES can't be beat.  Regularly, they are expensive where I live as well, but not as high as Piggly Wiggly.  Pairing a Q with a sale at HT and you can't miss.

          • CouponingToBoraBora

            Farm Fresh sales are great as well..each Wednesday on double coups to $1 day, I save over 80%!  The sales matched with coupons are the way to go…but for regular priced items Walmart, even though it sucks LOL, is cheap.  Gladly getting to the point where I'm getting so much on the deals each week that I rarely have to go to Walmart!

            • Margoren

              Same here! Rarely go to Walmart.

        • TheChapLeigh

          No, Harris Teeter is NOT cheap… but their sales plus coupon promotions & manufacturer's promotions/catalina deals CANNOT be beat. Even at Lowes Foods, where the coupon policy is (on a regular day) mostly the same, I am rarely able to find something free or nearly free. Of course, now the e-qs plus the paper qs are making that much more fun at Lowes Foods. However, I appreciate that someone up there in the corporate world of HT must be a couponer, because the sales are so often matching the available coupons… something that Lowes Foods has NOT done very well. (I do think that is somewhat changing for the better at Lowes Foods, however ;) 

          I will sing it again, I love “My Harris Teeter!”

    • sharon

      I had this happen to me approx. 2 weeks ago and I got a different clarification from the management and the corporate office emailed me a clarification. Can you please post a copy of the clarification you recieved from corporate or someone email me to verify because i see nothing different on their website and they explained to me that you can not use the coupon on the free item even though it rings up seperately. They said it was setup this way out of courtesy to those who only bought one – to get the sale price. Thanks Sharon shay0903@yahoo.com

      • CouponingToBoraBora

        Yeah, my totals didn't come out right because they only took one of my coupons for the frank's red hot because it was bogo, since they only took one coupon, I got one for free and then the other at full price (which was half price 60 cents) but still…I was expecting free, so 60 cents was annoying LOL.  I was trying to see how close to zero I could get! My first trip the cashier rushed thru it so fast and the totals didn't come out right, I couldn't tell what was wasn't working right til I sat at home and figured it all out.  She only took 1 coupon for the Franks, forgot to void off a coffee creamer, and 2 of the coupons I used for coffee creamer in SMALL letters said Do not Double and started with a 9.  (the breve coupons from Vocal Point).  ugh!  I planned so hard lol.

      • I agree. I don't see anything different at the coupon policy linked to in the post.

    • Keren

      I was going to go to Harris Teeter tomorrow to take advantage of the triple coupons.  So i was reading their coupon policy and came across this policy and I do not understand what it means?  Any ideas?

      “We double up to three identical items with
      manufacturer coupon; additional coupons for like item will be honored at
      face value. Like items include all flavors.  “

      • CouponingToBoraBora

        If you are going to buy apples, and you have 5 coupons for 25 cents off apples, the first three apples would be 75 cents off…the other two apples would only be 25 cents off.  Meaning, buy only three apples today with three coupons…go back tomorrow and buy the other two apples with your other two coupons.

      • Kritayjac

        It means if you have 4 coupons for an item you can double or triple 3 of them and the other one is face value.

    • Allison

      I was just in Harris Teeter today , had B1G1.I wasn't allowed to use a coupon for each item.

    • Mom2mx2

      I just spoke with the manager of a Harris Teeter in Wilmington and was told that in regards to BOGO offers only one coupon will be accepted for the “one” item purchased (the other being the “free” item) even though each rings at half price.  There is a discrepancy somewhere, either with our local Harris Teeter or corporate.  Apparently the policy is being interpreted in different ways.  I chose to purchase only one of the BOGO items and used one coupon and it went through and I intend to purchase another one tomorrow.

      • Pgibb76

        what harris teeter did you go to??? Oleander by the mall??? I had a problem there tonight. Im calling corp tomm hopefully I can get someone to call me back. ASAP.

    • Ahemby

      i went online and selected some coupons to load on my vic card. Are these store coupons or manufacture?  can you use other coupons with these?

      • BL

        you can use them with your manufacture ones but most of them are only good for one item. and they do not double.

    • Karenannromo

      I was in Teeters in Raleigh. They told me no. I stood my ground. After a ” who will blink first ” test of wills the mgr printed an updated email. It clearly states the new policy. Two coupons for BOGO

    • JR

      Have shopped twice and no problem with using 2 coupons on B1G1 items. I guess some stores are differing on policy.

    • Michelle

      I used multi coupons on the buy 2 get 3 last week. This is how I think it worked. The item was regularly $.5 so  that made each $2 I had buy BOGO Q's  so they took $2 off for each Q which made them $1 each (not actual price just easier to do the math. But the manager did it the cashier was lost

    • Chalice Golden

      With this new policy does come a few more restrictions.  I've noticed both of my closest stores have started reading Qs for the Do Not Double warning.  I should have been paying more attention when I planned.  The cashier called for a manager and when I asked what they were doing she said they could only take them for face value.  I wasn't angry, but I wish I was told/paid attention before I had a ton of stuff at the register.

      • Jesus4grace

        Per Harris Teeter in Holly Springs, the new policy will not allow a customer to make two purchases in the same day. I sometimes shop for my mother since she doesn't live hear a HT and I have a separate VIC card. I asked to purchase it separately today and was told I could not make but one purchase so I left it in the store. Isn't that crazy!!!

        • Mrs Lewis05

          I had this issue once and was told latter by a girl that worked there that it was only during these types of sales they are this stricked. To me they should not be able to tell someone they cant shop twice because what if you dont use qs got home and forgot something or ran out and had to have that item.

        • Cgreene1

          Same thing in Harrisburg, NC ..Told me it was there new policy..I was pretty upset also!

          • IXrayU

            I had the same problem yesterday. I had two separate orders and the cashier said it was there new policy that she can only ring up one order. So I took my second order to a different cashier. Had no problems checking out my second order.

    • kristina

      I was just at HT today. I was talking to the cashier <customer service clerk=””> about this new policy and he had no clue about this new policy. My husband is a manager at HT and they recieved their new policy via email. So, needless to say if the mangaer has not checked email or relayed the info to there workers then that may be the reason of so many not knowing. But, at every HT the policy should be the same cause this is a corp change. With this policy being so new I can see why most not know about this change yet and wouldn't be surprised if mangers wanted to wait until after triples to give info out.</customer>

    • Yes, I agree with Kristina…I was there 4 days ago and the cashier told me that I could only use one coupon on their BOGO free deal.  But she could not answer my question as to why the item rang up at half price when you only bought one…which meant that I could seperate my order to use 2 coupons.  I will try again tomorrow!!

    • Rikki

      I had a coupon for 50 cents “on ANY one Newman's Own product” The coupon has a picture of dressing & pasta sauce on it. I was trying to buy salsa. The store would not honor it because the salsa wasn't pictured. The coupon clearly states ANY product. Newman's Own makes a lot of products and couldn't possibly picture all of them on a coupon. So why are they not honoring it?

      • Angel in Charleston

        We bought salsa in Mt. Pleasant, SC, with this coupon today, no problem. Sorry you had trouble!

      • mamabelbel

        Did they look that closely to each individual coupon or did that one not scan for some reason?  Never had that happen at HT.  Have had that happen at Rite Aid several times but not at HT.  Maybe if it beeped they were fishing for a reason, but they were not correct.

      • Renaie

        I had the same coupon and used it on salsa with no problem. Some store employees are a little dense with things lik that. Try another cashier next time.

    • Keislaclark

      I have a question…can i not use 12 coupons for the same 12 items. I jad 12 lunchables and 12 coupons for 1$ off. They weren't doubled or anything….and the cashier said I couldn't use but 3. I had to go to self checkout and ring up 3 sep in 3 transactions! Stupid!! Lol

      • Renaie

        This is what their policy states: “We double up to three identical items with manufacturer coupon; additional coupons for like item will be honored at face value. Like items include all flavors.” So they should have double 3 of your coupons on the same item and used your other coupons as face value (not doubling them but still allowing you to use them. Hope this helps!

      • Ehaveri

        Print a copy of the coupon policy.  You can use unlimited coupons for face value. I have mine in my purse. :O)

      • Mrs Lewis05

        The guy was wrong if its not doubled then you can use more. I used 11 today and 10yesterday.

      • Jen

        Where are you guys getting qs for lunchables? The only one's I've seen are for the ones that have fruit in them and they aren't on sale for $1 as listed in matchups??

        • Mrs Lewis05

          Jen those will work for them. I used any ones that said lunchable of any kind even the sub kits. they all woked

    • Ehaveri

      I was told last night that they will only accept 2 internet coupons per store???  Not just 2 like items, but only 2 coupons period.  Anyone else been told this?  When I read the policy it looks like 2 like items.

    • couponkrazy12

      Anyone In Fay. NC? I made a list to try to shop tomorrow for the first time…well first time using Qs atleast! our HT is always so clean and has the best meat in town, but yes HIGH priced as all get out! This week with the tripling made me want to try it! However every time I have gone into the store for a card, they are out? So my gramz gave me hers..she never uses it! However if HT can save me money weekly by doubling Qs I am definitely willing to make that trip…anyone have any experiences with the HT here??! TIA! 
      You can email me at (sweetstkissez22@yahoo.com) that comes straight to my phone!!

    • Mrs Lewis05

      Had to post this… Went to HT yesterday morning (friday) and saved 80.63 (qs and vic) and spent ZERO!!!! They ended up giving me $5 in cash because one of my evic coupons did not ring up so I went into the store with 20 and walked out with $25. Best trip every

      • Ehaveri

        Do tell what you got!!! :O)

        • Mrs Lewis05

          I got 3 hormel kids meals (free), 2 builtmore dressings (free), 3 frank's red hot sauce (free), 3 french Honey mustard dip (the coupon I had made them free), 1 pack of halls (free), 3 Mccormick (free), 1 wisk soap 1.49, 3 band aids 1.50, Renuzit air fresh .97cent, 1 power gillette pro glide .99cent, 3 fixodent cleaner FREE+PROFIT. I had a $3 off evic coupon and then 3 $3 off coupon. They sell these for 2.99. My husband also got a $10 gift card for ht from work. so after all my coupons and evic card was scan i noticed that the coupon for that on my evic card wasnt scanning so the girl looked it up and came back and handed me $5 she said she couldnt use it on all three but there you go I made $5.

      • poodiebearsmom

        WOW..that is awesome…I am still a beginner, still learning.  So far the best I have done is getting 30.00 dollars of items for 7.00.  any pointers you can give would be greatly appreciated.

        • Mrs Lewis05

          I've learned from this site, going to the store and watching that show on tlc. You never buy anything if its not on sale and without a coupon. I also learned if you want to get the good deals be at ht when they open (lol, no I havent done this). This site is the best and I am so glad someone told me about it Ive saved a lot of money for my family and been able to get a little stock pile that I will being sending to our troops.

    • Me-in-NC

      I was in Cornelius HT yesterday and for the first time ever, the cashier sorted my coupons and pulled out the one “Do not Double” coupon that I had (thankfully I only had one.) The mgr actually came over and did an override so that I only got it at face value. Then she apologized to me and said that it was their policy. I guess I could have goten nasty and said “But it doesn't say 'Do Not Triple!'” I didn't fight it but was definitely bummed. Now I know to plan differently! I'm thankful that the other 15 coupons that I had were tripled.

    • Meanddblj

      Will someone please guide me to where exactly it says that 2 Qs can be used on B1G1 sales in the official coupon policy located in the link above?  I have looked and looked and seem to be missing where it states that.

      • Jen

        That's because before the policy was changed it specifically said only one q per b1g1 promotion. Now that phrase has been removed, thus allowing 2 qs on a b1g1.

    • Judy

      Do the Harris Teeter E q's work with manufacturer?  I know when Kroger changed and I didn't realize it, it destroyed my shopping planning for that day.  Thanks

      • Info

        Also, Harris Teeter in Nashville would not let me use my $2.00 off 2 on a BOGO so I just put the items back.  They only allow 1 coupon on bogo so only buy 1 at the time.  Its a pain!

    • Debbi

      Hi Margoren, can you please email me a copy of the new policy regarding HT accepting 2 coupons for B1G1. Thanx so much, Debbi email = rock2008@embarqmail.com

      • Margoren

        Sure, I will first thing in the am.

    • Jwong

      So much for using two coupons for the same two items if one is “buy 2” and the other is “buy 1.” One used to get away with double backing.

    • Amberrcp

      I had no problem using 2 coupons on a BOGO but I am EXTREMELY upset that ALL of the items that are on sale or that have coupons out there for HT has been completely out ALL THREE times I have been there! UGH

    • Christi Hartman

      I was extrememly disappointed to find out our local Harris Teeter will now only allow 2 PRINTABLE COUPONS PER DAY. This has, for the past two years, been my main way of saving money. They have never enforced this rule, now, they've decided to. I say we launch a campaign to complain and get this changed! What difference does it make if i use all printables or all newspaper coupons. You can only print two of each kind– so, i don't see what the big deal is.

      • Jandrews115

        we have that in Charlotte, nc but the policy is two printables per item per day so I can use 20 printables as long as it is 10 different items….that is the policy when I asked specifically to the management.  Unless it just changed with this new policy

        • Jandrews115

          I just looked at the new policy that has been posted here at the top and it states two internet coupons per day per store

          • Jandrews115

            actually i looked at this with fresh eyes and the phrase before the statement “two internet coupons per day per store” is preceeded by “With the purchase of two like manufacturer’s products, “we accept two internet coupons, per store, per day.Therefore the post-ceeding statement of “two internet coupons per store per day” is grammatically referring and only in regards to the purchase of two like maunfacturer's products.  this means that only two coupons per item not two total.

            • Lnp8143

              I called Corporate this morning after having a terrible experience with a cashier and I'm guessing an Assistant Manager on Sat.I used 3 internet coupons on cereal but when my mom went to check out (with the same cashier) she wouldn't let her use more than 2. Corporate told me 2 internet coupons per day per store period… doesn't matter the about the products.

    • Jessica Blanc

      I have a question about HT's discounted items. At my HT in Arlington, VA they'll place discounted merch in carts by the check-out lines. These have yellow tags that reflect the new discounted price (usually seasonal stuff or discontinued). A few months ago I found a box of Alka Selzer discounted to $2.12 and I wanted to use my $2 off coupon for it. The coupon wouldn't scan and the clerk told me I couldn't use coupons on the yellow ticket items. I didn't fight it at the time, but after reading HT's coupon policy online, I can't find anything mentioning yellow ticketed discounted items and coupon policy. Has anyone run into this issue before? Was the clerk right?

      • Missriza

        I'm in Chapel Hill area and they have to get a manager override to use coupons on markdown items.  I do it all them time…I just got a Cajun Marinade Injector Kit on markdown for $1.99 and used a $1 off coupon.  I got free deodorant a couple of weeks ago on super double.  I would ask the manager at your store, but I've done it a two different stores in the area.

    • Thecombscoupons

      when i read the new coupon policy the first time, it said you could use 2 coupons on 2 bogo items, but today when i went to print the policy to take with me, it is NO LONGER listed any where in it about bogo items!  what happened?!  where did it go?

    • Glennie Price

      In defense of our local Harris Teeter in Hickory, NC they have been accepting  2 coupons on BOGO for a year or more.

      • Melissa

        I never had a problem in Hickory…I have seen the signs for only one coupon in Lincolnton and Gastonia.

      • Same here in Holly Springs and Fuquay Varina.  I have never had a problem with using 2 coupons on a BOGO.  I guess we were just lucky :)

    • Brette

      Does anyone know where I can get a newspaper today (Monday) in Wilmington, NC?  I completely forgot to grab one yesterday?

      • Shianneb07

        In hendersonville nc they have newspaper stands that sell sunday papers all week and usually walmart sells sundays paper until they r gone. I usually go by ingles grocery stores they usually have the stands that do sell sunday all week.

    • Kim Beacham

      I shop at the Beau Rivage, HT in Wilmington, NC also and have found out that the cashier can make you or break you. I have gone through every line there, and have learned who to avoid. They are definitely “not” consistent. Sounds like a lot of you have the same trouble.

      When I first read Jenny's “How-To” letter when I first started couponing, she clearly states that picking your cashier is important. She also states that we have to constantly go back and look at the coupon policies in every store we shop in, because they constantly change. Maybe we all need a refresher course.

      • Stowe2117

        I agree 100%!  Do not go to the older ladies…younger ones are the best! :)

    • Melissa

      I have been out of the couponing world for the last few months due to health reasons, but I just found out that my local HT will only take 3 coupons (manuf sunday paper) for any like item. So after buying my coupons from Ms. Dede…I'm saddened that I can't use them due to the 20 cpn limit per day on each account. Sorry Ms. Dede has now lost business and I can't drive 30 mins each way for that. I have renamed the managers there “HT 5.0” b/c they watch everyone and question you if you forgot something and have to come back in. I am sick of being treated like a criminal just for trying to feed my 3 kids in this economy.  The way I see it, the economy has gone downhill, and the prices have been raised on groceries and gas, and it is near impossible to get ahead for families like us on here.  I wish we could petition somehow – I'd be the 1st to sign it!

    • LeAnna

      I actually like the 3 q's per item purchased(2 internet are allowed as well).  IF you wanted to use 20 q's for the same item–you would need to check out 7 times.  So you can still do it-you just can't double any more that day. But, to me-it prevents one from wiping the shelf clean-just because they have 20 q's!(like they do on extreme couponing). I believe part of the q promotion is that they want us to shop in their store for other items.  It is definately a marketing strategy.(remember-the store is taking the double out of their pocket).  I, too, have a large family-and often times have more than three of a certian q-that I know we will use the product.  I just go in every day or so!  Or bring my child w/ me-to check out behind me.

      • Starmountlane

        Our H.T will not let you use the same VIC card on two seperate transactions. They are very rude and unprofessional at the Belle Hollow location in NC.

        • LeAnna

          I can't see why not….I mean-if you doubled 20 q's the first time-it would not let you use your card and double 20 more.  I have often split my order-so I could get b1g1's or even use more than 3 like q's.   I did it tonight-but I used my adult son's card.  And I had my 16yo son w/ me for his cart.  Our HT is wonderful. I am thankful for that!  I complained once-and they took it so seriously-it was like they were harrassing me…calling and calling to tell me they were so sorry!  Grocery shopping is a neccessary evil to me…so I am NOT going to take attitude from anyone!  I surely would complain to cooperate!

    • Nichelle

      I don't know which Harris Teeter you were shopping, but they have accepted both of my coupons for the past two years at least.

    • Steph

      Had the strangest experience in HT yesterday.  I was checking out and had 2 McCormick Grill Mates (rang up at $1.25 each) and 2 save $.75/1 coupons.  They would not let me use my second coupon.  They told me that the value of both together was only $2.50 and my first coupon gave me $2.25 off so I only had $.25 that I had paid for.  I explained to the checkout lady, then the assistant manager, that I should have only received $1.25 on the first coupon, not $2.25 so I should have been able to use my second.  The asst manager got completely argumentative and told me that she was NOT allowed to do that and demanded to know what store rounded my coupons down to the value of the product and allowed me to use two because she WOULD BE reporting them to corporate.  When I told them to take the 2nd off, they proceeded to tell me then I wouldn't be able to use the coupon at all because I was getting $2.25 off of a $1.25 product….ended up just getting them to take the second off and made $1.00 on the purchase….my area HTs are very suspicious of couponers but I think this experience was the craziest ever…

      • Starmountlane

        We have stopped shopping at Harris Teeter for this very reason. It is not worth the hassle and the treatment from the cashiers that we get to receive a few bucks off. They will not honor any coupon that is from the internet tat has a buy one get one offer, they read all of the fine print that most consumers do not even catch when trying to use for double value, and the prices at H.T are the worst!! Lowes foods in NC is by far the best. Always nice, Always double with no questions asked and they never limit the amount of coupons.

      • Stowe2117

        I have also had this happen.  You will get to some computers that allow for overage (which I make sure that I buy a few extra items just in case), but then some that only ring up for the total of the item.  You would think they would get their computers in check and just make it so they ring up for what the item costs.  I am perfectly happy when I get overage, but I would rather just get the item for free. :)  Then, I would not have so many beeps! :)

      • Ladydi6677

        I had just confided in the manager at my harris teeter and she informed me that as long as each item rang up half price then I can use 2 coupons. As for the coupon like you had, I have noticed that the register will take off the first .75 then under that will just take off what ever is left for the rest of the cost of the item. So, Using you're coupon as an example, .75 off first then the .50 off after that to make it 1.25 off. It will not let me use the overage to put on another item

    • Barnersb

      How many like coupons can I use at Harris Teeter if they are not doubled/tripled? Is it still 3? Or can I get as many as I have coupons for? And if there is a limit is it per day? per transaction? per household? anyone know?

    • Robindmoore75

      If you have a coupon that states $1 off of two Lysol wipes, will HT double since basically it's .50 off each??

      • melissa

        in a word – no – unless it's super doubles

    • Heather

      FINALLY!!! That was the most frustrating part about shopping at HT. So glad to see they finally came around!! =)

    • Sonshinejr

      If you sign up for an evic coupon can you still use another coupon at checkout on the same item? And if so will the coupon handed in at the time of check out oon the same item “double” or in this week's case- “triple”???????

    • Tennhunter

      I tried to use 2 coupons on a bogo deal yesterday and they said I could not. I told them about the policy change and they were so rude and told me it was not true. I tried to print the new policy but they have not updated it on the web site. Am I wrong or was this one of the changes they made.

    • Jhenders2

      I love my HT (have to make sure to pick the right cashier) but in the last week or so they have stopped accepting expired coupons. My store has always let me use a week or so expired and now they said that corporate is making them check every coupon. I am blessed to have been able to use them for the last 3 years and now I just have to be more careful with the dates!!

    • Lipplounge

      As was just reading the HT official coupon policy.  I was under the impression that HT only accepts 20 coupons per day.  However, in reading the policy it clearly states that it is 20 DOUBLED coupons per day.  Does that mean that when they are NOT doubling or tripling there is NO limit used per day?

      • Ladydi6677

        Harris Teeter Doubles coupons everyday.

      • LoveHT

        Every day HT doubles 20 coupons per day, during triples they triple 20 per day.  You can go in the store, shop and use 50 coupons but only 20 will be doubled/tripled. 

        That is why I love triples over super doubles.  I can go in triple 20 coupons and use unlimited $1and up coupons.  

        If you are using more than 20 coupons under $1 be sure to put the higher value ones first.

    • Couponguy

      Shopped at a Cary store today and I can confirm coupons that indicate 'do not double' or 'do not triple' are only good at face value.  This is fine with me since it is the new company policy.  I am wondering what happens with coupons that begin with '9', instead of '5', on the upc but do not indicate 'do not double' or 'do not triple'.  Will they be doubled/tripled?

    • Soniac803

      I have experience the same rude treatment at Harris teeter in rock hill sc. There is another Ht that is not this way. Its sad they all are not alike. They tell you , no you can'
      t buy this or that. I had another man, i did not know, denied the make a grocery purchase for me. Its sad, i think the employees want all the free stufff for themselves. They monitor some people and others do all the shopping they want too. I don't see nothing wrong with two different transactions. Its alot of people who shop for other people. ITs sad, no more of my business unless something is free.

    • Stowe2117

      Can I ask a question…as this above related to me today at HT.
      I bought two things of Degree deoderant (sp) and gave the cashier my B1G1 free coupon as well as a 75cents off the same deoderant.  So, I was expecting to get them both for free?  The manager said that I should have bought three?  Definitely confusing.  Thanks for your help! :)

      • Jessica Blanc

        I tried to do the same thing at Target a few weeks ago and had the same problem. I think it's because technically you're trying to use 2 coupons for 1 item (the one you have to buy to get the free item), and that's usually not allowed. I think if you had a HT coupon (like an eVic) then it could apply b/c you can use 1 store and 1 manufacturer together. But you can't use 2 manufacturer coupons for 1 item.

    • Mrs Lewis05

      per wake forest location.. the manager and csm know about this but not the cashiers. They are not telling them until things calm down. Just a heads up. but i used coupons for b1g1 and it took them off.

    • Jess

      The Brentwood TN store had the old coupon policy posted on the outside doors which stated that BOGO  items can only use 1 coupon & they wouldn't let me do it at the register either.  What is interesting is that BOGO items that say they will ring up at half price only seem to do so if you buy only one of the item which is how I think they are sticking with this one coupon on BOGOs rule.

    • I AM CRACKING UP ” Finally decided to join the land of common sense”. Harris Teeter knows they are a trip!! Harris Cheater is the quitest store I've ever been in, I guess they like it like that. Empty with well stocked shelves.

    • mom2gingers

      I've have had such a hard time at both the HT @ Cox Road in Gastonia & on Hwy 49 in Charlotte that I won't go back for my regular coupon shopping. It's just too much of a hassle. One of managers @ Cox Rd always looks at me with disdain and isn't very helplful when I ask him questions. In fact, he has ignored me standing there waiting to ask him a question while he chatted about some sports event with one of his employees. From now on I only buy BOGO meat items & free items. Try shopping @ Bi-Lo they're always friendly and happy to see you. They don't treat couponers like second class citizens!

    • tangy livengood

      I've had alot of bad experiences with HarrisTeeter lately, I think everyone should write to corporate and complain. I was at HT Thurs.  in Salisbury and tried to use 2 coupons onb1g1 they would not let me and was very rude so I went to the one in Concord and they let me go figure!

    • Judy

      The HT at Kings Common in Fuquay Varina allowed me to use $3 coupons for each Osteo-BiFlex on their buy 1 get 1 several months ago.  This was a HUGE savings.  And I've been able to do that at this store location on more than one occasion.