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Some of my favorite memories in life are around a campfire on camping trips or even in the back yard making S’mores. I confess that I like my marshmallows barely warm so I didn’t do a lot of cooking, but I always enjoyed the whole process. (It was also a blast when the occassional marshmallow went up in flames…) Last week I was thrilled when the UPS driver brought me a box from Hershey’s with everything I needed to have S’mores night at our house! (I think the UPS driver secretly wants to live with us by the way.)

I can’t imagine there is anyone out that doesn’t know what a S’more is but just in case, they are the perfect combination of graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate.  They’re a classic staple on every family’s camping trip for those nights around an open fire, but the great thing about S’mores is that you can even make them by popping them in the oven at your house.

Right now, Walmart is running a fun campaign to help you plan your S’mores events.  Visit the special Walmart website, choose the fall get together you would like to host, pick your budget and pull the picnic basket handle to see all the must haves for a perfectly sweet time!  While you’re on the site, you can also print out the $1 off Hershey’s Milk Chocolate coupon so you can go ahead and get started on your own S’mores kit!

Win it:

Hershey’s S’mores is giving away 2 S’mores kits including:

Hershey’s Chocolate 6 pk
Honey Maid Graham Crackers
Kraft Marshmallows
$50 Walmart gift card

How to enter:

Leave a comment with your favorite memory involving S’mores or a fun twist the the traditional recipe you think we should all try!

Winners will be picked and notified Friday Sept. 2nd.

    • Anonymous

      Smores are super yummy. My favorite memory is making smores around a bond fire at church camp. Fun times!

    • We love them so much.  When we couldn’t get outside, my kids and I would improvise with the fireplace or stovetop.  What a great idea for this weekend. 

    • Anonymous

      Traditional S’mores are great, but I also like to use Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate in my S’mores.

    • Anonymous

      Add some Caramel to the smore and it gets even better.  My kids who are 2 and 4 havent had a chance to experience smores yet – great time to start!

    • Shannon E

      I have fond memories of hanging out on our friends’ back deck, making S’mores over their grill! Graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows — really, does it get any better? :-)

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory so far is when my two year old tried his first s’more while camping for the first time this past summer. He looked at me with chocolate and marshmallow all over his face and said “Thats good stuff mommy”. I will never forget that moment.

    • Anonymous

      We had planned to make them this summer in the mountains with my two 6 yr olds but it rained all day and we couldn’t start a fire that night.  Instead, we made them in the toaster oven.  They actually turned out great, because the chocolate melted and the boys had fun anyway!

    • Jennifer Smith

      Now that both my brother and I have moved from our parents house we both have a lot of fun coming back to visit. My mom always has the ingrediants for smores so we can all sit and chat around the campfire and make delicious treats! We love the time we have to enjoy good food and good conversation.

    • Kelly Pellum

      My favorite memory involving s’mores is ending every camp day in Girl Scouts with a marshmellow roast and s’mores. All of the bug bites and sore muscles don’t seem so bad when you’re eating gooey chocolate marshmellow meltyness.

    • Jennifer Smith

      Now that both my brother and I have moved from our parents house we both have a lot of fun coming back to visit. My mom always has the ingredients for smores so we can all sit and chat around the campfire and make delicious treats! We love the time we have to enjoy good food and good conversation.

    • Murphy Family

      I think that a caramel s’mores would be yummy using a caramel chocolate bar

    • My family loves to use some leftover chocolate (like there’s ever any!) and make “banana smores!”  Delicious!

    • Meg Green

      Making smores on family vacations in the mountains of Colorado!  I will never forget those good times and good S’mores!!!

    • Anonymous

      My mom and I always made smores in our fireplace when I was a kid!  :-D

    • Murphy Family

      I have fond memories of going camping with my family and making s’mores at the various campgrounds that we visited.

    • My favorite ‘smores memory is making them growing up after a long day playing at the beach via a big bonfire on the sand. Such a good memory!

    • Anonymous

      My son does not eat sweets hardly at all, but he LOVES to make s’mores around the campfire at our family farm.  It is always so much fun to watch his face light up when he takes that first bite:)

    • Anna Dalton

      I’ve tried them with a Reese’s peanut butter cup instead of the hershey’s chocolate.  Pretty good!

    • my current twist is graham, chocolate and guava paste, it’s unique but the guava and the grahams add the sweet and dark or bitter chocolate add some bitterness 

    • Anonymous

      my favorite memory is making them at the camp that i went to when i was growing up.

    • Anonymous

      It was July 4th weekend. My husband & I just got home at 11:00 p.m. from having spent the weekend in Gatlinburg. We pulled in the driveway and when we got out of the car I could hear people talking. At the bottom of our back yard were my kids. They were sitting around a fire makeing smores.

    • Favorite s’more memories are while camping and roasting marshmallows of the fire.  I think it’s funny how my husband tries so hard to get them as gooey as he can but loosing most of them in the fire.  
      One time friends did a s’mores party and had a bar of different candy bars and “toppings”.

    • Tara Maple

      My favorite S’mores memory is introducing them to my daughter at a cook-out last year.  Her face looked like she was thinking, “Wow!  My mom is letting me have all of that sugar melted together at one time??”  haha!

    • I love to sit around the camp fire making smores and socializing with everyone there.

    • I loved making Smores as a kid and I still love making them!

    • Nothing quite like a cool summer night…sitting by the campfire…roasting marshmallows to put between a graham and some hersheys! :) yum yum!

    • I remember having bon fires with my church’s youth group and making smores!

    • Anonymous

      Smores remind me of summer camp as a kid.  So VERY long ago! ;-)

    • Anonymous

      My then-boyfriend (now husband) and I made s’mores on our $9 wal-mart grill during a BLIZZARD. It was a ton of fun and totally worth the cold hands. :)

    • I am sad to say that I have never had a S’more. My family did plenty of camping when I was a kid (because it was CHEAP!), but we never got into this tradition. HOWEVER, my husband and I love to camp, so this is something we will do next time!!

      Twist: I’d like to add some chopped walnuts!

    • Whitney Harmening

      My husband & I always go away for our anniversary to a little cabin in Nowhere, TN & we always make s’mores together using the fireplace! :)

    • Trying making smores with a hershey’s cookies n cream bar instead of milk chocolate bar. yummm..

    • Anonymous

      I have to say I grew up eating smores as a kid and now I make them with my kids, we gather around the fireplace and make them or sometimes when camping we make them, I love to take sliced strawberries and add them..YUM..my son was about 3 then and we were camping with “old” friends and he was totally covered in chocolate and marshmallows..not to mention the bugs he attracted..lol.. wonderful memories

    • Alison Shea

      Smores with Peeps instead of marshmellow!! 

      Favorite memories are with family in Callaway Gardens, GA.  We go there every Christmas… smores fireside, board games, and fun!

    • Anonymous

      Having bon fires in the winter with friends and making s’mores around the fire :) 

    • Cristie Clanton

      Add some sliced bananas, Yum!

    • Marianne Cassisa

      I was a camp counselor for a summer and of course we made smores that entire summer.  I even make them in the toaster oven when the weather turns cold!

    • Tracey Fonteboa

      Love smores…never made them at a real campfire…I remember toasting my marshmallows at the kitchen stove when I was a kid!

    • Anonymous

      Adding honey makes them oh so yummy!!

    • Anonymous

      One of my favorite S’more’s memories is usually around Halloween. My family always has some sort of fall/halloween party which always consist of a bonfire. We have a huge family (my Dad is the oldest of 12) so that means a lot of kiddos! S’mores are and easy and fun treat and has been something my family has made for years. We have often changed up the chocolate a little and instead of using plain milk chocolate we would often use the cookies and cream or other chocolates that would consist of nuts or a crunchiness. But there is nothing like your original S’more’s taste!

    • I LOVE smores!! I even tried to make them using my gas fireplace one time because I was craving them sooo bad!! 

    • Samiee Slaughter

      My favorite memory? The time my sister flicked a flaming marshmellow. It fell on dry grass and started a fire in my parent’s backyard. It wasn’t funny at the time, but it sure is now!

    • Anonymous

      I never made s’mores that I can remember when I was a kid so my favorite memory is making s’mores with my husband and my kids every Christmas for the past two years at the annual Festival of Lights in Charleston.  My kids love it and it make me so happy to see the smiles on their faces.

    • Anonymous

      I can remember as a kid hanging around the camp fire cooking smores with my uncle bobby and also him somehow melting milk bottles and them making crazy sounds in the campfire. That may be a little off subject but that is what I remember….strange what kids remember the most…which is why you must always be on gaurd with what you say or do around them ;)

    • Camping up in MI making them with inner city children

    • Anonymous

      My favorite S’Mores memory is from when I was in junior high school. My family would go camping on the weekends and it was the best times. My brother and I would ride bikes and fish and run around the camp site until we were exhausted and at night we would sit around the camp fire and sing or tell stories or play cards and make s’mores.

    • Always have loved the gooey-ness of them! YUM!

    • Try adding pretzels to your Smores!  It adds a little more crunch and a salty taste to counteract all the sweet ingredients.  Try melting the chocolate just slightly to make the pretzels stick.  I volunteered at a Girl Scout camp, and my group of 3rd graders there loved it!

    • Anonymous

      My father-in-law introduced me to a new concept recently: Peep smores. When the craving comes without a campfire handy, he preps them in the toaster oven.

    • Cheryl Rogers

      These were a must have for any camping trip.   I liked the marshmallows to burn just a little bit , added to the flavor.   It was an edible science experiment.    You cannot beat a family gathered around a fire pit roasting marshmallows and getting it in each others hair!   Such memories…….

    • Anonymous

      Ok True story: I ws 6 years old and my family and I were roasting marshmallows and making smores. My mom had gone over all the rules with me and my 4 years old brother about fire safetly and what not. We are all ejnoying the night when my moms marshmallow catches of fire. Instead of blowing it out ( like we were instructed to do) she starts swinging it around! It flies off and lands directly on my eyeball. It is on my eye and still on fire! Finally someone blows it our and takes me to the ER. Yould should have seen the look on the doctors face as my mom tried to explain that she hit her daugher in the eye with a ” Flaming-Flying-Marshmallow”!!!!!

    • Amy Grossberg

      If you’re a coconut fan, try some shredded coconut in your s’mores. Yum!

    • Anonymous

      I love Nutella in place of the chocolate bar! 

    • Anonymous

      My favorite S’mores memory is when my six year old daughter talked me into making them in our kitchen over the burner flame on our gas stove.  It made a terrible mess but was worth it … for the treat we enjoyed that night and the memory that I’ll continue to enjoy for the rest of my life!  Next time you make them try adding thinly sliced bananas and a bit of peanut butter.  Yumm-o!

    • Mendy Loyd

      I’m a fan of dark chocolate instead of milk.  I also like dipping the roasted marshmallow in melted chocolate and then eating it (:

    • Anonymous

      My favorite smores memory is heating them over our grill with my husband at our first apartment when we were too broke to afford any more expensive dates, lol. I love smores!!!

    • Anonymous

      The S’more’s memory that comes to mind the best comes around the fall season. My family is huge ( my father the oldest of 12) and we always have a fall/halloween party which always consist of a bonfire. I can always count on having my S’more’s and has became a tradition with all the kiddos (believe me there is a lot of them). It is a wonderful easy treat and still seems to bring the kid out of some of us adults. We have often used the cookies and cream chocolate or some sort of other chocolate with nuts or crunchiness in it. But we always tend to revert back to the original s’more’s!

    • Anonymous

      Campfires with our Bible study group are my favorite S’mores memories!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory was making them on Bainbridge Island outside our vacation rental with the kids upstairs alseep.

    • I used to camp in Upstate New York with my parents. Favorite times where sitting around the fire listening to my dad sing while all of us kids roasted marshmellows. Of course we burnt most of them and made our dad eat them cuase they were too burnt for us.

    • Anonymous

      Best by the campfire but a gas grill will do in the heat of Southern Florida.  Did them July 4th over the bbq.  Like the marshmallows nice and brown.  Went to North Carolina to a family reunion 2 years ago Thanksgiving and we did them on the beach over a bonfire, Awesome!

    • Anonymous

      It has been a while since we have had smores.  I wonder how fast the choc and marshamllows would melt in this sweltering heat we have had this summer.  Could we sit them in a frying pan or glass dish outside with a glass dish? More of a kids experiment but still a good way to get the kids out of the house.

    • Anonymous

      I had my first smores in a cabin at Gatlinburg with my husband.  He just got back from overseas due to 9/11 and we spent a week there.  We had fun starting the log fire and making a mess with all of that marshmallow and chocolate.  But it was so yummy.

    • Cathryne Collins

      We live near the coast, south of Houston. A few years ago when Hurrican Ike hit we lost all power, of course. During the outage, after the storm, my younger  brother decided he really wanted a s’more & got us all craving one! Since there wasnt much getting out of the house at that point, we did with what we had: mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, & vanilla wafers! We used all our candles & toothpicks to melt the marshmallows & had ourselves a nice mini-s’more-making party. Its a sweet memory of us all having a great time in a bad situation.

    • Smores are a must when you are camping. We camped at one place where open fires were prohibited – I made smores with an electric frying pan. Don’t like camping? You can make them in the microwave!

    • Anonymous

      I can remember when I was little and now I am 50…we would go camping in the mountains of Maggie Valley NC and we would have a campfire and make smores with other things that would could cook such as franks, marshmellows, and we could really get our imaginations go wild…the smores were always the desert..

    • sarah simma

      graham crackers, marshmallows, hershey’s chocolate bars, Peanut Butter, and Banana… YUM

    • My first smores were at Girl Scout Camp in Texas. Best stuff EVER!
      This summer has been hot enough that we can heat everything up outside with no fire. It’s not quite as magical. :)

    • I remember Smores every night at the campfire on a family reunion camping trip with my then-boyfriend/now-husband’s family. :)

    • We like to make them in the fireplace in the winter! YUM!

    • wanda hicks

      My favorite memory is my mom making these for me when I was little and mad cause my older brother and sisters were all staying the night with their friends.

    • Anonymous

      Girl Scout campouts. I was a scout for 7 years as I child and 13 years as an adult. I never get tired of Smores. My favorite way to cook is to sandwich the marshallow and chocolate between to graham crackers the wrap in foil and place on the coals.

    • so many fun memories with smores.  now with my own children i love watching them get marshmallow all over their faces.  one twist to the original is to use the Keebler fudge rounds instead of graham crackers and chocolate, makes it one step easier. 

    • so many fun memories with smores.  now with my own children i love watching them get marshmallow all over their faces.  one twist to the original is to use the Keebler fudge rounds instead of graham crackers and chocolate, makes it one step easier. 

    • Anonymous

      Not only do I have a great memory but an add-on too! MY 9 year old neice came to visit me at my new house in SC. Before we moved here, I lived in her town in PA and was her Girl Scout leader. This was her first visit to my new house and she was super excited when she saw the fire-pit we recently bought for the backyard. When pointed to it and said “we have to make S’Mores Aunt Keri!” She knew they were my favorite so there was no way I was going to deny an opportunity to make them! We saved it until her last night; bad choice… by the time we got home from our day-outing, the rain had soaked all my firewood. Being a good Girl Scout, I improvised! We turned the broiler in the oven on and threw them on a foil lined cookie sheet. We both sat on the kitchen floor and watched them cook. They were SOOO good! No burnt parts just total golden brown marshmallow goodness! Don’t know where the idea came from but we added ice cream sprinkles over the gooey marshmallow for some color! Great memory we will always have.

    • Anonymous

      so many great youth group camp fires with lots of s’mores!!!

    • Anonymous

      So many memories growing up around a campfire and smores were always present! They are simply the best. Each time I have one, I am immediately reminded of being a child again.

    • Anonymous

      I have never had a S’more! These things always make my mouth water when I see a picture, though, and I would love to try them! Is there a secret to making them in the oven? I don’t have access to a fire.Thanks!

    • peeps make very yummy smores and we make them in the oven under the broiler when it’s too hot for a fire :)

    • If your a chocolate lover like me then you will love my “twist” on the recipe! Kraft makes chocolate flavored marshmellows!!! Use these instead of the regular ones for a super chocolatey s’more! : )

    • Anonymous

      Enjoyed making s’mores with my cousins growing up!  In fact one cousin getting married in Dec. is having s’mores at her wedding.  This will be a nice gift for her since she will be buying a lot of s’more ingredients!!!

    • Anonymous

      When I husband was alive we would always argue over which way was better to eat the marshmellow, burnt or just melted. It always seemed to be even no matter how many people we asked.

    • Lots of memories of being a church camp every summer singing by the fire and making smores!  Yummy!!

    • Anonymous

      slather the graham crackers with peanut butter-nice combo with the peanutbutter and chocolate and marshmellow:)

    • Shannon Mueller

      We went camping for my 10th birthday. I had only had smores once at this time. And had mentioned it ALL the time about how I wanted to have some again. My parents would always brush it off, so I stopped asking. To my surprise, my camping birthday turned into smores every night! They told me after, that they saved the smores as a birthday surprise all because it was the theme of my birthday!  And now I do the same for my little one….and to be honest, I love them so much, he has no idea its a secret treat for me too! :)

    • My favorite memory is the first time we made S’mores with our four-year-old niece. She had so much fun roasting the marshmallows!

    • Emily Freeman

      A fun twist to the traditional recipe would be to use a large Reese’s Cup in place of the square of regular chocolate.  It’s also delicious with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate in place of the milk chocolate (and more “heart healthy”- haha!)

    • Every summer when I was a child, my family would go camping in the North Carolina mountains for the whole month of July.  I have a ton of memories from these trips.  One memory is making my first smore and LOVING it.  Now we take my kids back to these mountains every summer and needless to say they enjoy the smores now too.

    • Sarah Dawkins

      My favorite memory with S’mores is when I went to Michigan to visit a good friend and we had S’mores by the lake.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is at girl scout camp all around a fire.  So much fun!  I miss being a kid sometimes!

    • Norely Ortiz

      I had my first smore during a class trip. We stayed at a camping ground. Not only did we create awesome memories but we created awesome smores at night. Yummy :)

    • Anonymous

      Going camping when i was a kid and sitting by the fire roasting the marshmallows to put on the s-mores.YUM,YUM

    • Heather Topping

      Definitely enjoyed being apart of my Girl Scout group and during the summer we would have camp fires and make S’mores. Also when it was too cold and we still wanted the gooey goodness, we would use candles to toast our marshmallows. 

    • Anonymous

      Smores are a necessity in my household.  We make them enough that I have to make sure we have graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate in the pantry at all times.  Let’s see there was the time, we “roasted” the marshmallows over the grill, one dropped on the grill and made an absolute total mess that never really came out (RIP grill), or there was the time the marshmallow exploded in the microwave–hubby still doesn’t know about this, or the wonderful gooey faces my kids make when they are eating them. Lots of memories with smores.  Love them!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is a funny one: When my brother & I were teenagers, one evening we wanted to make S’mores but we didn’t have a camp fire. We used a scented candle & the marshmallows ended up tasting like blueberry.

    •  My favorite S’more’s memories are when I was growing up my family would go camping 3 to 4 times a year and at night my dad would make a bonfire and my mom would bring out the things to make smores with. My two other sisters and I would fight to see who could make the “BESTEST” smores. As I have gotton older, I invite the family over including all the niece and nephews and we all gather around the campfire and make more memories and more smores. My niece and nephews are starting their own smore traditions; They try to see who can stack their smores the highest and who can eat theirs the fastest.

      Oh try making smores with bananas and peanut butter…..YUM YUM

    • Anonymous

      Being home on a rainy day & making a special treat for my son Michael….Smores!
      We work as a team putting them together & in the microwave!
      We says you have to make them out on a campfire! 
      I always keep all three ingredients in the pantry!  It makes a gloomy day special!!

    • Anonymous

      My kids love S’mores. Anytime I mention a special treat they think S’mores. Of course, we (the parents) love them just as much. Don’t think you ever out grow loving them.

    • My favorite memory/twist on smores is with my husband.. We will take a cool evening, light up the grill, whip out a coat hanger and have a smores date on the patio. It is a fun way to have a smores and enjoy it as an adult! Yum!

    • kaitlyn ary

      LOVE cinnamon & sugar graham crackers and dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate!!!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite childhood memory of eating s’mores was making them with my girl scout troop during a camping trip! It was the perfect treat to end the day right before bed!
      My favorite twist on a s’mores is peanut butter and a slice or two of fresh banana along with the chocolate square!!! Yummo!

    • My college roommate and I would light a candle and roast a marshmallow on the candle to make smores. Yum!

    • Best recent memory involving S’mores. We don’t have gas appliances in our home, only electric, so my husband took a mini cookstove, placed in the middle of the kitchen table, and we all sat around cooking our s’mores INSIDE the house. For sure something you do WITH kids (supervision), but since we were all adults, it was fun  just pretending to be a kid! :-) 

    • Anonymous

      We went camping all the time when i was younger. i like burning my marshmallow! my husband likes to put a reese cup on instead of the bar of chocolate….but I say no way….hershey’s chocolate bar all the way! this was def. the best part of camping!

    • Anonymous

      A great twist is to use a Reese Cup instead of the plain chocolate. Delicious!

    • Try using the cinnamon graham crackers, delish!

    • Microwaved smores keep the mess down and are still SO much fun!

    • Anonymous

      I was on a over night Girl Scout camping trip. I learned so much! How to whistle using an acorn cap, how to cook stew ‘underground’ in a dutch oven, and how to make s’mores. I didn’t know what it was. I was just told to ‘toast’ my marshmallow….a blackened one later, they said try again. I finally had the perfect brown gooey mess almost dripping from my stick. I walked over the Girl Scout Leader and she helped me sandwich my first S’more….I remember opening my small mouth wide while trying to get my first bite. Oh YUM!!! Then something clicked in my head. Being the ingenious one, I declared I knew why they named them that….cause “I want S’ more please!!” I shouted.  LOL. What a great memory from childhood.

    • Anonymous

      Smores always reminds me of family time.  One year we built a bonfire in the backyard.  We toasted marshmellows all night and ate smores.  It was so much fun.

    • Anna Rekow

      My favorite memory is making “indoor” s’mores with my parents, 3 brothers and sister when the power went out when we were all little. We had no idea that having a gas stove could be so useful and FUN when we had no power during a storm. :)

    • I always make sure we have smores when my husband, 2 toddlers, and I go to camping! :D

    • We like to make s’mores with dark chocolate Hershey’s bars and colored marshmallows! Yum!

    • My best smores memory is in front of the fire place with the kids making them. My family is a huge chocolate fan so the kids love smores on the chocolate graham crackers.

    • Ok, I was thinking I was the only person who used Reese’s in my s’mores.  My favorite memory is when my husband and I were dating and we went camping with my now step-son & and 2 of his friends.  I had never been so scared in my life, but we had fun. A camp fire with roasted hot dogs  and smores.  I can’t wait for the fall to go camping.

    • Anonymous

      always made them camping, when it’s cold outside i put the marshmallow on a fork and stick it inside the toaster oven and you can make then anytime!

    • We like to make s’mores with dark chocolate Hershey’s bars and colored marshmallows! Yummy and pretty!

    • Elizabeth Smith

      My family used to have bonfire night when it was cool or cold outside. We would cook hotdogs for dinner and then have smores for dessert. We loved bonfire night!!

    • Anonymous

      I have so many memories of spending time around campfires singing songs and having smores. They are simply the best. Every time I have one I am immediately brought back to when I was a child. I want my children to experience the joy of campfires, songs, and smores!

    • Anonymous

      add hot sauce

    • Anonymous

      We add bananas and/or caramel! Yummy!

    • I like to add peanut butter to a traditional smore and then heat the whole thing over an open flame.  We usually do this by setting the entire smore in a skillet over our camp fire.  We heat the smore together after roasting the marshmallow.  

    • For my Secret Santa recipient, I made a gift package with ingredients and instructions on making smore’s in the microwave.  The gift was very successful.  I personalized the gift by making my own labels.  I do prefer marshmallows by campfire, but the microwave is good also. 

    • Anonymous

      Shortly after my husband & I started attending a new church, we were invited to a Smores night at a member’s home.  It was a cool fall night & we enjoyed getting to know others who attended the church.  

    • Anonymous

      First had s’mores at Girl Scout camp. Yummy! Loved them ever since!

    • My favorite smore’s memory is having a fire in the fire pit in the back yard with friends. Putting some peanut butter on one graham cracker and then melting the chocolate on the other and roasting the marshmallow over the fire!! YUMMY!!

    • Anonymous

      Some of my favorite childhood memories are revolve around campfires making S’mores with our little twist, of course…. Sometimes instead of Hershey’s Chocolate we would put Reese’s cups and that was to die for! Creamy melted chocolate with peanut butter and a toasted marshmallow, what more could a girl ask for! My fiance and I are getting married next summer and we have already made plans to give away wedding favors each with 4 graham crackers, 2 hershey’s and 2 Reese’s and homemade marshmallows, sending our close friends and family home with S’more love :) This would be awesome to win before the wedding!

    • My little boy wanted a camping trip for his 3rd bd.  So he got a tent for his bday and put it up in backyard at his grandparents and we all sat outside and had dinner over the fire that ended w yummy smores then he and daddy got to sleep in his new tent

    • My little boy wanted a camping trip for his 3rd bd.  So he got a tent for his bday and put it up in backyard at his grandparents and we all sat outside and had dinner over the fire that ended w yummy smores then he and daddy got to sleep in his new tent

    • I made s’mores around a campfire with friends last summer. A simple memory, but a good one!

    • Anonymous

      As a family we always made s’mores on every camping trip we went on.  Since they were such a hit in my family my mom started making them in the oven for us.  I’d eat a s’more every day if my figure would allow it! ;)

    • The most important part of a bonfire. Bananna split S’mores! use strawberry marshmellows, hersheys choc. bar,bananna slices. graham cracker. UMM, UMM.Also like them with cocunut marshmellows. 

    • Anonymous

      My kids no longer think smores are a fun thing.  they want them nightly.   They love to see me heat them up in microwave and the marshmellow puffs up.  little things make them happy.  

    • When I was younger we would go on 2 week vacations in my parent’s motor home and just drive from historical site to historical site. Camping just wouldn’t have been the same without s’mores by the first in our campgrounds. I used to get adventurous and try adding different things to the mix and my favorite to this day is still a little bit of McDonald’s strawberry jam. Just squeeze a little out onto the cracker before your chocolate and marshmallow – it’s like a strawberry chocolate pie! Delicious :)

    • Anonymous

      My favorite smores eating moment is 4 of July every year my family has a giant cookout with family and friends then we all eat smores then fireworks

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is camping in the blue ridge mountains with my family!  We would make s’mores by the fire and listen for animals in the mountains.

    • Smores are just part of the 4th of July for us.  But I remember one year as a kid.  Mom used to cut our graham crackers in half, but our aunt made us a smore with two whole long graham crackers and an entire Hershey bar apiece.  Wow oh wow!  I still remember how exciting that was.

    • Smores are just part of the 4th of July for us.  But I remember one year as a kid.  Mom used to cut our graham crackers in half, but our aunt made us a smore with two whole long graham crackers and an entire Hershey bar apiece.  Wow oh wow!  I still remember how exciting that was.

    • Anonymous

      thanks for the giveaway!
      i just have loved smores my whole life!  with my family, with friends, anywhere :)
      it is just a joy to pass this tradition along to our children now…

    • My favorite memory is making smores with my family on the back deck.  We had a small fire pit, and when the weather started to get cool, we made smores and laughed and spent time together as a family.  Now that I have kids of my own, we make sure to make the same memories with them. :)

    • Anonymous

      i love s’mores even as an adult

    • I loved watching the marshmallows puff up in the microwave as a child. I also loved going camping and setting the marshmallows on fire then blowing them out and putting them on my smore

    • Anonymous

      Everythings better with Peanut Butter or Nutella:)

    • Anonymous

      A few years age my husband and I went on a cruise to Alaska.  Every meal was rich and scrumptous, but after a while I became tired of the fare (I know that’s hard to believe).  On our sixth day, we came into a port and our excursion was to go whale watching and a stream-side salmon bake.  After we finished eating, we saw they had small campfires set up, a large rubbermaid tub full of marshmallows another full of graham crackers, and another with Hershey’s chocolate.  That was the BEST s’more ever made!!!

    • Anonymous

      We had a Thanksgiving family reunion in Oklahoma one year and made s’mores. They are delicious in the wintertime too! And a fun twist for me would be to add a drop of peanut butter onto the grahams. Yum!

    • Really simple twist is to grab the cinnamon graham crackers instead of the regular one…such a nice change!

    • It was Dec 2007, we lived in Fort Riley, KS and my husband was home from Iraq on r&r. We’d had an ice storm which knocked out the power for most of the day but since we had a gas stove, we could still cook. We were very cold and decided to make S’mores- indoors! We made as many as we could along with hot cocoa. My husband, both kids, and I cuddled up in bed eating S’mores and drinking hot cocoa. It’s one of my fondest memories.

    • denise stevens

      My family didn’t have much money.   Raising 6 children was hard for my parents.   But the one treat we all got was when the hot dogs were done and off the Bar  B Q grill we all got the marshmallows out and made S’mores.  It didn’t happen often, maybe once a summertime, so it was very, very special for the family!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite s’more memory is my daughter’s 9th birthday  party campout.  We played an outdoor movie and roasted marshmallows over an open fire.  The kids had a great time and they tasted awesome.  We even used the giant marshmallows- they were a  huge sucess!

    • Jacky Souders

      I love using different flavored graham crackers! They add a nice fun twist to the flavor!

    • My favorite S’mores moment–Sitting around a youth campfire (next to a boy I had a serious crush on) and burning my marshmallows (for the S’mores we were making) on purpose so that I could give them to him as I knew he liked the burnt ones and so that he would roast one for me since he thought I couldn’t roast them without burning them. Ahh–young love!

    • Anonymous

      I love Smores!  I remember growing up and my siblings and I making Smores in the microwave and pretending we were on a camping trip.  Probably not as good as over a campfire but so much fun!

    • Anonymous

      A few months ago we had a spontaneous campfire dinner that finished with s’mores for dessert. My kids loved it!

    • Anonymous

      Our church has a campout coming up and of course S’Mores will play a big role!! My favorite trick – on a rainy day I toast them under the broiler for a couple minutes, they taste exactly right!! 

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory was actually quite recently.  We went camping with our adult daughter, her boyfriend and our two younger children.  We cooked hot dogs over the fire and then made mountain pies and made s’mores.  It was awesome!

    • The best smore’s I ever had were made with mint chocolate hersheys bars. I haven’t been able to find them since, maybe they were a limited time thing, but they were delicious!

    • Anonymous

      I can remember what we used to call “trail rides” at my small school in Mississippi.  We would have dinner at school on a Friday night, and then do s’mores, and actually spend the night at school! The next morning, we would get up and ride horses that belonged to the some of the faculty.  So much fun!  You don’t hear about things like this today in school.  It was such a time of fun and fellowship.  I will never forget it. :)
      My favorite twist on S’mores:  Smore’s cupcakes!  A double chocolate chip cupcake made with Hershey’s chocolate chips with marshmallow frosting and graham  cracker sprinkles on top!  Everywhere I have ever taken these, they have disappeared fast, and my kids love them! 

    • denise stevens

      My family didn’t have much money. It was hard for them raising 6 children.   My favorite memory of S’mores was when the hot dogs were cooked and off the grill we would toast (or burn) the marshmallows for S’mores.  Now, this was a special treat because it might only happen once a summertime.

    • Anonymous

      We have a Hershey’s S’mores maker…..great for s’mores any time of the year!  So many favorite memories of making s’mores while camping, couldn’t pick just one!

    • Anonymous

      Over the years, my husband and I have introduced many friends to s’mores around our fire pit.  Since we live in FL, there’s only a couple months a year where it gets cool enough at night to sit by a fire outdoors, so we take full advantage and have lots of gatherings at our place.  There’s nothing more amusing than seeing a grown adult squeal with delight at trying s’mores for the first time : )

    • Had smores kits as are wedding favors back in June but somehow all of us forgot to put them out at the reception!! My parents had alot of smores to get rid of! II personally like to add some peanut butter on my graham cracker!

    • Anonymous

      The best night of Girl Scout camp was always the night with s’mores. I was always so excited I ate everything out of order. Hershey bar first, then the gooey marshmellow & then the gram cracker.

    • Anonymous

      We had a spontaneous dinner around the campfire a few months ago and had s’mores for dessert. My kids loved it!

    • Anonymous

      I learned to make S’mores some 25+ years ago in girl scouts, singing around the campfire!  Since I have 2 boys, I thought to recreate my memories with S’mores this summer, and my husband asked what is a s’more!  He’s a deprived Kiwi!  We made them for his parents when they came over for dinner one night too!  Right now the mushy chocolate crusted marshmellow and grahm cracker faces of my boys are priceless, looking forward to creating a tradition with them!

    • Anonymous

      Favorite memory is camping and making s’mores, it’s a must have when you’re camping out :)

    • Once when I was pregnant with my first, the power went out and I was really hungry for s’mores. My sister had this s’mores maker that you cooked the marshmallow over a little sterno flame. It was really reassuring to sit and watch the blizzard while eating s’mores. Warmed me right up while sitting in a cold apartment. 

    • Anonymous

      The perfect roasted marshmallow is crispy golden on the outside and melted all the way through the middle, yum!  and gooey.

    • My favorite memories are camping with my family and making s’mores over the open campfire. My boys love to make mine for me and try to cook the marshmallow to the perfect golden brown color!

    • my favorite smores memories where when i was a kid with my grandmother and all my cousins. still brings a smile to my face :)

    • Anonymous

      I have never had smores!!!! 

    • Anonymous

      Instead of using the regular Graham Crackers substitute the Cinnamon Grahams.

      • Anonymous

        That’s so sad

    • Anonymous

      We like to add cinnamon to ours. Goes great with Hot chocolate on Halloween night after trick or treating.

    • Me and the kids always add peanut butter to our traditional smores. We also go to the barn and hang out as a family with the horses. We eat smores in the pasture while the horses hang out around us! Our all time favorite will have to be hanging in base housing over the grill with all the military families eating smores, sharing frustrations, smiles, and good times.  When you live the military life you find ways to have inexpensive and relaxing family fun with all of our military family no matter where we go! It gets even better when we share a smores fight….hahahah. very sticky and yummy when it is all over

    • Anonymous

      Our church has a fall festival at a member’s home in the country. They have an a large fire pit . I always enjoy watching  all the little ones wanting to put their makings for a smores over the fire. of course the adults are eager to help and Demonstrate how to eat them !

    • Stephanie Brice

      I like to change up the chocolate, instead of just using regular Hersheys.

    • Prefered Customer

      My husband loves all things chocolate and peanut butter, so we put a smear of peanut butter on the graham crackers before we assemble them. It is always a hit.

    • Anonymous

      We did a lot of camping as a family when we were younger and so the stories I have about S’mores could fill an entire book but one of the funniest memories I have while we were making S’mores was about my cousin. We were all roasting our marshmallows telling fun stories about the past and my uncle asked my cousin if he could move one of the bricks around the fire so he could rest his stick(or palmetto stem as we always used) on it and not have to hold it up. Without thinking he walks up and with his bare hand picks up the brick and moves it and goes to sit back down. All of the rest of us were balking at him with open mouths in utter astonishment that he was not screaming in pain from the heat of the fire. My Uncle then states to his boy, “son don’t you think that was a little hot?” All at once my cousin begins to scream and jump up and down and do the “burning hand dance” as we all named it. Thankfully we were on the edge of the lake and we are all yelling at him to put his hand in the lake to cool it off, so he runs down there and cools off his hand. So to put some minds at east the brick was not extremely hot and his hand was not burnt at all just a little red (which is why we can laugh about it now) and therefore every time we sit around the fire we recall this story and the whole family will laugh and do the famous “burning hand dance!”

    • highongod

      Recently, we’ve discovered the joys of smores via our oven!  Place graham crackers on a cookie sheet, topped with chocolate, and then 2 marshmallows.  Stick in the oven & turn to “broil”.  I would only recommend trying it if you can literally sit there & watch your oven (i.e., if you don’t, your oven could catch on fire from marshemallows), but assuming you can watch like a hawk, it works great!

    • Anonymous

      My sister has a halloween party every halloween & they have a big camfire in the field & we all make smores in our halloween costumes! lots of fun! looking forward to it again soon!

    • I remember as a kid making smores with my pa while camping by the river

    • M

      I use dark chocolate for a decadent smore

    • Anonymous

      Last fall we were making smores in our backyard around the fire pit. We ran out of hershey bars, so grabbed the basket of leftover halloween candy and discovered some tasty new smore flavors….our favorite being REESE cup smore along with 3 musketeers and crunch!

    • I remember sitting by the fire with my 3-year-old and her very first s’more…she was trying SO hard not to get goo on her hands or face (she was very prissy about getting dirty)  lol  it was too cute

    • We made Smore’s last week using Reese’s peanut butter cups in place of Hershey’s chocolate bars…they were delicious!!

    • Having Smore’s with my kids around a camp fire this past year.

    • Girl Scouts campfires–we always roasted marshmallows and then made s’mores! Ah the good ol’ days…

    • adding peanut butter on your graham cracker make it SO MUCH BETTER! give it a try!!

    • I made them at camp when I was younger around a campfire and singing songs. Good times.

    • When we were kids my sister and I would dip the long pretzel sticks with chocolate and then stick a marshmallow on the end and roast it. The best twist on S’mores EVER!

    • I like using the cinnamon graham crackers, they’re extra crunchy and the cinnamon and chocolate are a nice mix. Yummy!

    • Anonymous

      loved making smores over the bonfire with friends

    • I love to have smores on fall nights! I cant wait for the cool weather to come!!

    • My favorite S’Mores memories are the ones with my daughters the past couple of summers. They LOVE roasting marshmallows and making “S’mOreos” – yummy!

    • oh gosh I have so many…from when I was 8 years old or so and in girl scouts and we always sat by the campfires at night and made smores…to when I was older at 30+ at the campgrounds with my family and of course you have to have smores anytime you camp!!!!!!!! I saw on a food show how this guy made it with Mexican chocolate and cinnamon. Looked and sounded amazing but nothing beats a traditional smore!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      We love smores at our house! they are a must have when we are camping. I once saw a different version that paula deen did so I thought I’d share it, so yummy!!

      Paula Deen’s Chocolate Chip Cookie S’mores
      Serving Size: 5 Time: 15 minutes Difficulty: Easy Ingredients: Canola oil3 bananas10 store-bought chocolate chip cookies (the larger the better)1 cup graham cracker crumbs1 cup small marshmallows1 cup chocolate chips Preparation: Preheat grill to medium-high heat. Brush grill with canola oil. Instructions: Cut
      the bananas in half, lengthwise and grill, skin side down just until
      warm. Remove warmed banana from the skin and cut again in half.On
      a piece of aluminum foil, place 1 cookie. Top evenly with banana
      slices, marshmallows, chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbs and top
      with another cookie. Wrap foil around the sandwich and place on the
      grill until warmed through and melted.


    • My favorite memory is actually the first and only time I have ever made S’mores. My whole family and I went to the lake for a week with my aunt whom is battling lung cancer. We sat around the campfire and made smores and popcorn and telling scary stories. It was a really nice memory.

    • We love to take our left over Easter candy and use that to make smores. Peeps make an awesome marshmallow and the sugar coatings really crunches when cooked over the fire. The Chocolate bunnies work great as the chocolate too more if it is a dove chocolate bunny. ;) It is a great cure to using up the extra candy and a really yummy treat! We do this every year with friends not too long after Easter. 

    • Anonymous

      My husband and I first date was a camp fire making smores in November :)

    • Anonymous

      making smores over bonfire with friends

    • My family loves to have a little bon fire and make smores on the weekends, It’s actually a weekly thing. We love smores! 

    • Tia Kimbley

      When I was 17 a group of friends and I used to spend summer nights out at the camp grounds by Arkabutla Lake.  One particular time we pitched our tents and made s’mores! It was across those marshmallows that I fell in love with the man I’m with today.  Every anniversary we still make s’mores.

    • I love having s’mores at camp by the campfire. The best s’mores are with honey graham crackers, Hershey chocolate bars and the giant campfire marshmallows.The marshmallow oozes out over the graham crackers & chocolate bar. YUM! <3

    • Anonymous

      Best memory is having smores at the Prime Times Cafe at Disney World.  Best ones EVER!!

    • My family loves smores, A couple of times a month we gather around a bon fire and enjoy them. We like to tell spooky stories and make each other laugh. The memories we make are as sweet as our delicious treats! 

    • OOOh! I’ve got a good one! They are called smores bars! You take sugar
      cookie mix(dry) and add one cup a crushed graham crackers and 1/2 cup of
      butter. Mix this and bake for 18 mins. Whan that comes out of the oven,
      cover with milk chocolate chips. when the chips melt, spread out evenly,
      then top with mimi marshmellow. Last, Broil for about a minute, or
      until the marshmellows are done how you like them. Cut eat and throw out
      your DIET!!!!

    • Making crazy flavors by adding things like cinnamon, spicy chile powder, and peanut butter makes s’mores taste delicious

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory has to be when I was about 7 or 8 with my grandpa. We had S’mores BEFORE dinner and not letting grandma know about it. After dinner we got to have another treat. We smiled and giggled all night. :)

    • OOOh! I’ve got a good one! They are called smores bars! You take sugar
      cookie mix(dry) and add one cup a crushed graham crackers and 1/2 cup of
      butter. Mix this and bake for 18 mins. When that comes out of the oven,
      cover with milk chocolate chips. when the chips melt, spread out evenly,
      then top with mini marshmallow. Last, Broil for about a minute, or
      until the marshmallows are done how you like them. Cut eat and throw out
      your DIET!!!!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memories are every Christmas Eve, after the Church service, and dinner, my family and I sit around the fire and have smores for dessert.  it is a tradition that we have been doing since i was a little girl.

    • First time My husband and I ever had S’mores was when we was in Alaska, and It was in July 2008 right before he went on his first deployment. We was camping and it was at midnight and the sun was still out.. it was so beautiful sitting by the fire with my hunny eating S’mores I’ll never forget that weekend.. :)  And we made them the original way!!

    • Joan Porter

      What a treat s’mores are! Camping with family, choosing the sticks on which to toast the marshmallow, discussing those that like the lightly toasted marshmallow and those that love the burned marshmallow.. then, put that s’more together and share with whomever wants to share!! then.. for some.. repeat the process as soon as consumed!!.. Wonderful memories created… <3 it!

    • I have a great memories involving smores! Last Summer was the best because my husband was home(he is deployed this summer). We would get in the backyard with our 2 little boys, light up our homemde firepit and eats smores til we about get sick. And we discovered if you substitute reeses peanut butter cups instead of the hersheys that its just as good! Of course we love both. Smores are a must have for any family!

    • Alicia Jacobs

      I like to make smores with my friends when we have a campfire in the backyard.  We all get one and munch away :)  aliciamjacobs@gmail.com

    • Anonymous


    • At least once a week my boys and I have all the neighborhood kids (and parents) over for s’mores. Little get-togethers like these have a way of becoming some of our most cherished memories.

    • Anonymous

      I actually never had these as a child, but I am making it a tradition with my own kids.  It’s a messy blast to make these with my 7 and 4 yr old.  I plan on continuing this until they tell me they are too old for smores with mom.  Hopefully this will last many years.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      We are planning our first camping trip as a family. I’m 29 and have never been camping and my kids 5 and 6 have never been either. We love to make smores but we’ve only had them roasted over the stove in the kitchen!! :)

    • Anonymous

      My fav memory was this past summer at a family campfire gathering. My daughter loves to make smores and was making one for everyone, one at a time. All of a sudden she was freaking out and when I turned to look at her, she had a giant glob of marshmellow in her hair!! lol She was sure we were going to have to cut her hair off, but we got it out with just water. :)

    • Dawn Bedenbaugh

      My family loves S’mores.  We have our very own S’more basket.  It has a red and white checked liner in it.  I am always the S’more assembler.  I bring out my basket and get set up.  We never go camping without having S’mores.  Our favorite new way to have a S’more is with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup instead of the Hershey Bar. 

    • Anonymous

      Good ole Girl Scout Camp in Cordesville SC with the sweetest troup leader that was short as we were!

    • To celebrate Independence Day this year, I thought S’mores sounded very delicious.  What I didn’t think about was how we were going to melt the marshmallows in 95 + degree weather.  My memory is watching the marshmallows puff up in the microwave with my 11 year old daughter.  Those were some good S’mores!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is making smores with our next door neighbor!

    • Julia Sharit

      When we lived in Georgia the church we attended would have a fall festival with bon fire roasting hot dogs on the fire and of course roasting marshmallows to make smores with everyone was asked to bring either chocolate, marshmallows or graham crackers and everything else drinks, chips, hot dogs and buns were provided.  I miss the hay ride after have a smore or two then going and roasting more marshmallows for more smore’s as soon as you got back to warm up.  I love to use Hershey’s special dark instead of the milk chocolate or a little both is good too.  Can’t wait for the weather to cool down a bit more so we can have a bon fire at our new house and start some new smore traditions.

    • Anonymous

      I am a vegetarian and marshmallows contain gelatin. I use marshmallow fluff instead of marshmallows, so I can still have them with my family. Sometimes we use Nutella instead of chocolate as well!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory involving S’mores is sitting around a campfire with my huband, children and grandparents, making S’mores and watching the kids try to eat them without getting “stickyness” everywhere!  They loved it!

    • My favorite memory involving S’mores is making S’mores with my preschool special needs class. We all had so much fun teaching the kids how to build a S’more for the first time and then how to eat it. Everyone was a happy, gooey mess!

    • anitataylor27

      My favorite memory was in high school when instead of actually making s’mores, we got into a marshmellow fight.  It was all fun and games until my dad made me get up early the next morning to clean up so ants won’t invade our yard.

    • One of my best memories was last year before my mother-in-law passed away from cancer.  She was too ill to go on our annual camping trip, so instead we set up tents in her back yard and had a BBQ with s’mores for dessert.  It was a good time!  :)

    • We were having a backyard camp out with our 4 kids.  I don’t know how they had gone so long without actually having a s’more, but some how it had happened.  We started up a fire in the fire pit, taught each child how to roast the marshmallow just right and then put it all together.  Apparently, this was too calm of an activity for them because this later turned into them warming up the marshmallows and then flinging them at each other.  It became a full blown war, but they had a blast.

    • We allways have Smores at my daughters’ birthday parties..It is so much fun spending time with friends and family around a campfire..eating lots of chocolate :)

    • j

      I have many memories of growing up and making/eating s’mores with my family. My parents owned a piece of property in the county. We would go on the weekends and just “be there”.  We would build a fire, sit around, listen to the radio, hike with my dog, momma always packed a picnic and just have an all day/Saturday lazy time! As it would get dark, we would make s’mores as dessert :-) I can still see my daddy unfolding a coat hanger and mother putting the graham crackers & chocolate together. Very good memories for me since both of my parents passed away in 2008. We make s’mores with our children as often as they want, no matter the season, so that they can treasure their memories. 

    • I accidentally bought cinnamon graham crackers for Girl Scout camp one year. Now every time we go camping they want to make sure we are having s’mores with Cinnamon graham crackers and they won’t eat it any other way!

    • AMY McCabe

      Love s”mores in the fall.  Our new addition is extra large marshmallows and a drizzle of caramel!…..yummmmmm

    • We love to add fresh bananas and strawberries to our s’mores. It helps us to feel like it is at least a teensy bit healthier! ;D Our family loves to camp and sometimes we just sit by the fire and make s’mores until our bellies are full. Great family memories watching my kids roast their marshmallows and get the melted chocolate and marshamllows all over their faces.

    • we have a yearly birthday party for my husband the end of October.  Always have s’mores!!!

    • Anonymous

      My family’s favorite twist on the classical s’more is using Reese’s peanut butter cups instead of the regular milk chocolate Hershey bar.  It is yummy!

    • Anonymous

      My first memories with smores was when I was camping as girl scout and my mother was one of the leaders. My mother has passed away, but the memories linger!

    • believe it or not but i have never had a smores. when we were kids when had marshmallows on cook outs but the chocolate and crackers were left in the house. Never knew what i was missing out and now i dont do cook outs. poor, sad me.

    • My 2 year old and 12 year old sit on the back deck and “roast” marshmallows on the gas grill!  they love it!

    • Anonymous

      We grew up having smores camping on the weekends- loved the fun of making them and then going to sleep all sticky sweet. Also, we loved using the cinnamon graham crackers for extra flavor. :)

    • AMY McCabe

      Love Smores in the fall!!!  Our latest addition is extra large marshmallow and a drizzle of caramel!!!!! YUMMMMMMMM

    • It is so much fun spending time with family and friends around the campfire eating melted marshmallows and chocolate…We always have them at my youngest daughters fall festival themed birthday party..

    • Anonymous

      We like to add a bit of flavor to our smores; peppermint, strawberry, blackberries, etc…  The berries are paraticularly good when you are out camping.  You can pick the berry right off the bush and melt/squish them right in. 

    • Anonymous

      We take Ritz cracker, cover with peanut butter and top with marshmallows. Then put them under the over broiler to brown the marshmallows.  The peanut butter gets all melted…yum!!  Very good!

    • Smores cooked in the oven are way better than Smores on the campfire. The chocolate melts and everything gets all gooey and yummy.

    • Cinnamon on smores is yummy!

    • Our last camping trip with marshmallow juice everywhere! The Racoons wouldn’t leave us alone!

    • Renee` Smith

      My favorite S’mores memory is when it was getting cold we didn’t ahve a lot of money so we set up camp in the kitchen, rosted marshmellows on the gas stove and made S’mores that way. The kisd didn’t even realize they were missing out on anything!!

    • M

      Favorite s’mores family memory is having to turn the AC on so that we could make a fire in the fireplace.  I like to make mine with graham cracker, peanut butter, and a marshmellow.

    • Favorite Memory would have to be, sitting by the fireplace as a young girl in our home with my family all of us holding metal hangars over the fire roasting our marshmellows to make the smores!

    • Anonymous

      Teaching my 9 year old son to make them in the microwave.  He thought it was cool.
      He made them every afternoon for a week. He even tried using bananas but didn’t do to well.

    • Thanksgiving 2010- After the big dinner was over and most of the company gone, we lit the fire pit in our backard and sat around making Hershey S’mores and telling ghost stories. The kids loved it!!  

    • Anonymous

      We love having smores! We make them in the microwave year round:) Love having those special memories to go back to:)

    • My father and I would go on long camping trips, and he always made sure we had stuff to make smores :)

    • Kaci Allison

      When I can’t have a bonfire, and I have a super craving for s’mores (which is quite often :) ) I pop’em in the microwave BUT I add a little something special to mine. Of course I keep the basics, but I add a little bit of JIF peanut butter. SO DELICIOUS! It’s like heaven in your mouth!…and of course the favorite memory I have with s’mores is always accidently catching my marshmallow on fire and having to try and slide the crusty coat of to enjoy that mouthwatering combination of marshmallows, chocolate, and honeymaid graham crackers!

    • Anonymous

      We make S’mores after trick-or-treating every year!  This gives the dads something to keep the kids busy while all of the moms check and sort candy!  I would LOVE to win the kit for our annual Halloween party!

    • I like to use dark chocolate, and lots of it, instead of milk chocolate. it makes it seem all the more sinful and decadent. I like to put the cracker and chocolate near the campfire on a piece of foil so that the chocolate has time to melt. The gooier the better :)

    • Anonymous

      Not much of a camping girl, but we loved to make them in the microwave, it was so cool to see them “grow”…

    • I went camping with my family one year. We all enjoyed s’mores and after our tummies were full we found a new use for the marshmallows. We warmed them up so they were gooey and had a marshmallow fight! It was tons of fun but took days to get all of the stickiness out of out hair.

    • Smores!  YUMMY!!!  Favorite memory:  the first time my little boy ever had smores on his very first camping trip at just over a year old!  I will never forget the look of excitement on his face as he sat in his little camping chair by the campfire and waited for us to make his smore. And, I will never forget the ooey, gooey mess on his face as he enjoyed every single bite!!! Gotta love smores :)

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is when my son set up camp outside for my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter and grandson.  They had the campfire and all the trimmings.  The kids got scared so he moved the camp inside before they made the s’mores.  They had to use the stove to melt the marshmallows so they could have the s’mores.  It turned out to be so much fun!!

    • Along with s’mores try wrapping dough around a stick for biscut on a stick over the fire!

    • Anonymous

      I loved making S’mores while trying NOT to catch my marshmellow on fire.  My brothers of course loved to catch it on fire, but I was always the “mom-type” and worried someone would get hurt!

    • My boyfriend and I live in an apartment so we cant have a fire like we’d like to, but last year we made smores using our fireplace!

    • Anonymous

      We like to enjoy these treats on those cool fall evenings! We use Fudge Stripe cookies and marshmallows instead of separate graham crackers & chocolate. They’re less messy & just as good!!

    • Need to make smores with my three boys havent made the time yet i am so ashmed of myself  winning this would be the perfect opportunity to start!!!!

    • I remember being a girl scout and going camping for the first time. Of course we made s’mores and it was the best sweet I have ever had. Now I enjoy making them with my own daughter. She gets very messy but the memories are worth it

    • Christine Ruhlman

      My favorite twist is to put peanut butter on my smores!  Yum!

    • My favorite memory is going camping when I was little with all my family, Grandparents, Dad, brothers and sister finding our sticks in the woods then getting all sticky with the gooey melted marshmallows.  

    • Anonymous

      Try adding a bit of peanut butter to your next S’Mores.  Tastes great, and it helps eep the ingredients from sliding around until they meld together.

    • Anonymous

      After having my baby boy i went off sugar since I was bf him and I am a chocoholic!! So this was killing me not eating sweets during the day. when i got s’mores ingredients on sale I couldn’t wait for him to go to bed so I could pop a s’more in the microwave and indulge in my weakness. Now I like them over a fire too but I could never get it gooey enough. Plus I liked my marshmallows burnt when cooked over open flame!

      My little girl likes s’mores as well. She asks all the time mommy can we make “some mores”.

    • Anonymous

      I remember once sitting by the fire roasting marshmellows to make smores with a friend and her family. It was so hot (and I didn’t realize it right away) that the bottoms of my tennis shoes melted! Good times!

    • Anonymous

      Smores were a fun treat that we only had with our Aunt. She didn’t have children of her own so she made sure all of her neices were spoiled!
      As a twist, try making smores with york peppermint patties instead of hersey’s chocolate. Just as yummy with a minty flair!

    • Kimberly Naff

      Instead of using Hershey’s chocolate, I like to add an Ande’s mint. It’s a whole new flavor profile. And if you don’t have an oven or an open flame, you can use a microwave! Just pop in half a graham cracker topped with chocolate and marshmallow for 15-30 seconds, or until super-fluffy-looking, and top with the remaining graham cracker half. This way, you can still enjoy this delicious treat even if you only have mini-marshmallows *and* your chocolate gets a little melted, too.

    • Anonymous

      We like to add peanut butter to the graham cracker when making S’mores-super yummy!  I got to eat S’mores with my parents at camp this summer which was an unexpected, wonderful surprise!

    • Anonymous

      I love S’mores with Peanut Butter instead of the Marshmallows (or even with marshmallows) :) YUMMY! Makes me want some right now!!

    • Shaun Kowalke

      We bought some of those “campfire” marshmallows and used them for smores.  They were AWESOME!  My kids had marshmallow all over their face by the time they were done.

    • I love s’mores in the summer but when i want to have one in the winter i just use the microwave or the oven and they taste us as good and im not freezing =)

    • Brei Floyd

      I love, love, LOVE s’mores!  I’m not much of a traditionalist, though…my favorite memory involves a s’mores CUPCAKE! :)

    • Dawn

      Fall festival at church when I was a teenager…great friends, great times around the campfire making smores of course!! :)

    • Favorite memory. My boys had went camping the other night with the neighbor boys and that left my daughter,age 5, home with just my husband and myself. she felt left out and was moping around.even though we really had no where in our back yard to start a fire,my husband cleared out a small area just big enough for a tiny fire,perfect for her to roast some marshmallows to make her smores! she had a blast getting all sticky and we made some great memories with her that night!

    • I had S’mores when I was a kid at a barbecue with my cousin. She would burn the marshmallows and eat them anyway. My twist was to put a little caramel syrup on the S’more.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is going  camping with friends in Maine.  Their little girl was about 15 months old.  We got to let her experience her first s’more.  It was a messy, funny moment I’ll never forget.  And for the record, I love the marshmallows burnt :-)

    • Anonymous

      I have so many fond memories of camping with my Mom and Dad and we always had to make S’mores and now I love that they take my girls to do the same!

    •  My favorite Smore memory is having a bonfire with our grandkids. They love ’em and get so excited when we make them. 

    •  My favorite Smore memory is making them my grandkids. They love gathering around a campfire and making them. 

    • Anonymous

      My favorite story is of my nephew.He went camping with our church mens group.My husband and older son took him.Its ussually cold during that time so each shelter has a fireplace and a fire gets built in each one.my nephew was six at the time.I packed the stuff to make smores.my nephew had never had it.Once he tried it he was hooked.He managed to sneak and eat 9 hershey bars,2 bags of marshmellows and a box of graham crackers.My men did not properly supervise him.He was so sick the next day he could not even look at the bacon and eggs they had cooked.When he got home he still had smore stuff stuck to his face.We tease him about it now and he remembers the tummy ache.

    • Stefanie Ritz

      My favorite way to eat a smore is to cook them in the microwave and watch the marshmallow as it grows and expands. So fun… and also, very, very yummy.

      stefanielritz at gmail dot com

    • My favorite memory is of my daughter eating her first smore!  She was 2 and it was ALL OVER HER!  But, of course, she loved every bite! :)

    • I remember the time my family had a cookout at the farm and it was my cousin’s job to bring the smores. Instaed he brought marshmallows a hersheys bar but left the graham cracker so we had to use cereal on the outside. it was hilarious trying to crunch the cereal over the melted chocolates and marshmallow.

    • Anonymous

      Try fudge stripe cookies with marshmallows instead of the chocolate bar and graham crackers! It’s good! We have a fireplace outside on our deck, so s’mores are a staple around here!

    • Anonymous

      The first time I went camping as an adult with all of my best girl friends. We had fun at the river and then made Smores with p-nut butter cups instead of just plain chocolate! yummy!!<3

    • I used to make s’mores at all of my girl scout camping functions as a little girl. I sometimes spread peanut butter on the graham crackers and then add the Hershey’s and lukewarm marshmallow.

    • I remember the time my family had a cookout at the farm and it was my cousin’s job to bring the smores. Instaed he brought marshmallows a hersheys bar but left the graham cracker so we had to use cereal on the outside. it was hilarious trying to crunch the cereal over the melted chocolates and marshmallow.

    • Living4theone

      I’m thirty years old, and I just had my first s’more this summer.  Wow, I’ve been missing out on something quite tasty my whole life.  I’m so glad my five year old son asked me to make them. 

    • David Crowley

      I remember me and my brother used to get in arguments around the campfire as kids about how the name was pronounced… Sumores vs. smoores

      Well, little did we know, we maybe got one or two made because of all the arguing, while my little sister had a big smile on her face as she finished off the fifth one.

    • as kids I would go to my friends house and we would put little choc. chips on the graham cracker and a marshmallow on the graham cracker and put it in the microwave. and have an after school snack. :) 

    • Anonymous

      i made memories in my kitchen with my grandkids.   we make our s.mores in the microwave.    

    • Am B

      While visiting my sister’s home a couple of years ago, we started a tradition and made some awesome memories. It was winter time, but at the beach, and in Florida. So, perfect bon fire weather. My two neices and my daughter learned how to make their first smores and loved melting the marshmellows almost too much. We ate so many smores on that trip that when my daughter and i got back home in Maryland we started making smores in the oven using little honey graham bunnie cookies (by Aunt Annie’s, can’t remember what they are called).
      They were to die for. We ate bowl after bowl with hot chocolate. Yum :)

    • Living4theone

      I’m thirty years old, and I had my first s’mores this summer.  Wow, I’ve been missing out on something quite tasty my whole life.  I’m so glad my five year old son asked me to make them.

    • smores are not just for camp time! we have an Easter tradition of makin smores with peeps :) everyone gets peeps and chocolate bars in there basket..yummm ( and watchin the peeps grow in the micro is fun )

    • I remember when I was having a bond fire for my birthday, and I think I was turning 8. I had a “boyfriend” and a few friends there. My older cousin and I had been planning a scare for them for weeks! We had made up a crazy elaborate story  about the “white walker” that lived in our wood shed. He had killed many people with an anvil… and we made sure we had one! In the midst of us all eating s’mores, by cousin came out of the woodshed dressed as this monster and scared us all! Sadly, my boyfriend threw his s’more down and we had to call his parents because he was so scared! What a waste of a good s’more….

    • Anonymous

      Every time I had S’mores when I was in Girl Scouts is always a fun memory.

    • Anonymous

      In the wintertime growing up we would use the fireplace to roast marshmellows and make smores.

    • try this, stuff your marshmellow with your chocolate and then carefully roast it!! comes out melted every time!

    • Jael Mann

      My favorite memory was making smores over the stove while I was babysitting my little brothers and sisters. (this was years ago)  We didn’t plan smores, but we just happened to have all the ingredients.  My mom prolly would not have let us if she were home.  But we had a blast… and they never caught fire…  The toasting was so even. THey turned out perfect. 

    • My memory is camping as a family and making smores.  We would all try to see who could eat their’s the fastest and always ended up with a burned tounge.Our parents would warn us be we would shovel it in as fast we we could. I never won!!

    • Elizabeth Fann

      My favorite was an early dismissal from elementary school on a Friday (well, several Fridays) where my parents would load us and the pop up camper up and head out. I can’t tell you how many state parks we ate S’mores at. Those were good times :)

    • I like to use Fudge Stripe cookies for the outside..it already has chocolate on it..and the chocolate actually melts..unlike real  chocolate bars.

    • Mike Burwick

      First smores for my step son were this summer in his home in Brazil…they don’t sell marshmallows or graham crackers like we do in the US.

    • We camp ALOT! We usually camp with my sister-in-law. Last year around Christmas time there was an arts and craft show. She went to it one day and I went to it another day. Over Thanksgiving, we talked about the show and she asked me if I noticed the s’more makers for the microwave. I responded with laughter and replied, “Those are the DUMBEST things I have ever seen! If I wanna make a s’more at home I will just pop it in the microwave and I would NEVER use one camping!” Well, Christmas day we got together and when I went to open the gift she started laughin…Yep, you guessed it she had bought me one of those things at the craft show! She Already had it when I was saying how dumb it was! Then this spring when we went camping, it rained and rained.Of course I didn’t have that thing in my camper and YEP sure wish that I had. I could have made a nice s’more with it! 

      We spread peanut butter on the graham crackers then add the Hershey chocolate and roasted marshmallow! We make with all kinds of things Reeses cups, york peppermint patties, almond joys…ect ect..we are S’more fanatics!!

    • aussie509

      my favorite s’mores memory is being at the lake with all the kids and our family, by the bonfire, listening to the kids papa play the guitar and watching the children run around and catch fireflies~

    • Anonymous

      Growing up, we went camping twice a year as a family with our pop-up camper.  To us kids, it was just the way we vacationed.  Turned out, we vacationed that way because it was inexpensive.  And smores were always on the menu.  Getting the marshmallows  perfectly brown and melty was awesome.  And occasionally we would set them on fire on purpose, blow them out, eat the burnt crust and do it all over again. 

    • I like to use Fudge stripe cookies instead of graham crackers.  They already have chocolate on them and the chocolate actually melts, unlike the candy bars.  Also real simple..just marshmallow and cookies.

    • My favorite S’more moment was about two month ago when my 7yr old found out she was going camping. She had never had a s’more she saw a picture in one of the All You Magazines. Anyway, she was more excited about being able to make s’mores than she was about the camping trip! She loves them! So now we have to make them at least once a month!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memories are soon to be made!! Taking my two sons camping for the first time (for all 3 of us) Sure we will have some great memories from this up coming trip :)

    • Amanda Byelich Stewart

      My favorite s’mores memory is of my first camping trip. I was such a nervus and shy child and sitting around the campfire with my family making s’mores allowed me to open up. Even when it was dark and scary there was something warm and comforting about sitting around the campfire. Even to this day I can’t camp or hang by a bonfire without making s’mores. It’s a requirement!!! I can’t wait until I can do it with my own children :)

    • i remember making smores with my family when we camped almost every summer growing up.

    • Donna Weathers

      The first time my kiddo had s’mores.  He was about three years old, and we were at a local wilderness park enjoying a family fall event and telling ghost stories around a camp fire.  He couldn’t get over the fact that we were okay with him getting all gooey messy and eating as many s’mores as he wanted!

    • Raven Wildharber

      Camping with friends.  We’d put bananas on our smores.  YUM.

    • We found some fantastic caramel marshmallows last year.  They made the best s’mores.  We got so desperate for s’mores one night that we made them on the back porch with sterno cans.

    • Genevieve Lewis

      It’s always fun to have the whole family together around the bonfire to make smores!

    • I have never actually had a s’more, but I love s’more flavored foods.  Every fall and winter I roast marshmallows for my son, but this year I think he will be big enough to finally make his own s’more. And I will even try one too!

    • Anonymous

      We make them with peanut butter AND chocolate…yum!

    • Anonymous

      I just tried S’mores using Peeps.  They were wonderful and I plan to keep using them instead of marshmallows.

    • Jami Eddy

      We decided to have S’mores for the kids and bought the large marshmallows. Instead of roasting in a fire, we decided to heat them up in the microwave and….the mallows grew 20 times their original size!!! Needless to say, we gave a whole new meaning to messy. But they were wonderful nonetheless!!

    • Anonymous

      I remember sitting around the campfire  making smores with the marshmallows being toasted> I always liked mine a little burnt.

    • Anonymous

      When I was back in high school at the end of the marching band season, we had a bonfire and we would also cooked marshmellows and melt jerseys chocolate. Well we roasted the marshmellows and then melted the chocolate in the microwave and it exploded because was to hot. We forgot all about it and left the room. Came back to a messed up microwave. That was pretty funny memory of mine.

    • Anonymous

      my favorite s’mores memory is making s’mores by candle light by putting marshmallows on a toothpick and toasting it over the candle. 

    • Samantha Blomer

      The last (and most favorite) time my family made s’mores, we tried the
      giant marshmallows!!It was a tremendous success. We have 5 kiddos; 13,
      12, 11, 10 and 2. This was a first for the wee one and the big kids had
      more fun than the littlest even. They were amazed by the giant marshmallows and getting 2 whole graham cracker each and an entire Hershey bar. This was awesome in their eyes… and mine, watching them (try to) eat a gigantic s’more! There were s’mored feet, faces and laps, but it was awesome!

    • Anonymous

      What a fun giveaway!  I love smores and remember using a lighter to toast my marshmallows when I had a craving :)  Adding some peanut butter and/or banana would be yummy!

    • Love trying different combinations . . . strawberry marshmallows with chocolate graham crackers or toasted coconut marshmallows with caramels.  Can you say set up the s’mores bar?

    • Anonymous

      S’mores with Reeses Cups instead of plain chocolate – yum!

    • Kim Morgan

      As a little girl on girl scout camping trips. 

    • Anonymous

      i would love to try a marshmellow between 2 grahams that are dipped in chocolate!

    • When we made s’mores my favorite would be to add in some caramelized bananas! Nothing goes better together then chocolate and bananas. You can just take some butter, sugar, and bananas on the stove. Melt everything and add a little in between the chocolate and marshmallows.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is S’mores by candle light. We toasted marshmallows over a candle and made s’mores inside since it was a rainy day. 

    • Anonymous

      My family loves to grill our s’mores on a baking sheet, so you can do several at once, yummy!

    • Anonymous

      Once when my girls were not feeling well, we pretended we were camping outside and used our fireplace as our campfire.  They girls toasted their marshmallows and quickly assembled their s’more.  Their tired faces lit up as they bit into the melted mass of yummy.  Memories I can’t forget!

    • My favorite smores memory is going camping with my husband and roasting the marshmellows over the open fire. Of course it was pretty funny when our friends came over and we had smores too. I dont think one of them had ever made them over a camp fire before :o).

    • Karin Caster

      Oops! double post!

    • My favorite memory would be when we couldn’t camp because of bad weather, but mom & dad let us do s’mores in the microwave at home instead.

    • Devon Pierce

      Every New Year’s Eve we do a big fire and cook S’mores! It’s really the only time we can enjoy a big fire in Florida. Those are always my favorite memories throughout the year–not just because of the yumminess, but because we’re all together.

    • Sinner Ella

      I wanna make S’Mores with the pretzel chips! I think that would be amazing! or with bacon!!!!

    • Shonda Martin

      Every time we go camping it’s a must to have s’mores. I love those things :)

    • Anonymous

      My favorite smores memory is being pregnant with my 2nd child.  I always craved them so I’d light up my gas stove and roast marshmallows over the open flame in my kitchen :)

    • Anonymous

      My kids like to add flavored marshmallows.  Not my favorite.  I enjoy trying to get just the right crispy marshmallow without it catching on fire.

    • Karin Caster

      I can still remember the very first time as a kid that I had the yumminess known as a s’more with my mom (over 35 years ago). We like having a fire in the backyard and having our kids’ friends over to have s’mores … they make everyone happy!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory of smores would be anytime that all my family was together by the fire and makin and eatin smores. It was always something that brought  us together.

    • Anonymous

      I have never made smores but would love to try it with my children. I am sure they would love it

    • Anonymous

      I have great memories of making smores while camping at Kelly Park when I was a girl.  Such good times!  Also, I just made these delicious frozen coconut smores that were featured in Woman’s Day:

    • My favorite memories of them: watching my babies eat them for the first time! What fun!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite Smores memory is of eating smores BEFORE eating lunch at a Girl Scouts event!  After lunch, all the smores were gone, so we were lucky to have had some!

    • Anonymous

      My first memory of s’mores was sitting by a campfire at a summer camp for Girlscouts. I had never had them before, and it is honestly one of my favorite childhood memories.

    • Anonymous

      Once when my girls were sick, we pretended we were camping and used our fireplace as a campfire.  The girls’ faces lit up as they bit into the gooey goodness.  My youngest stated it was the best sick day ever.

    • Anonymous

      I love s’mores! I remember as kid when Hurricane Hugo came through in coastal SC, we had no power for days.  I remember toasting marshmallows outside and making s’mores.  We loved it!

    • Anonymous

      Camping with my family and making smores!!!

    • Have you seen the new JUMBO marshmallows? I bought a bag but haven’t tried them yet…I show them off in the bag because they are so huge!!  I like the gourmet cookies coated in chocolate with my smores.

    • elizabeth whitehill

      I love all the memories I have as a girl scout making and eating s’mores!

    • My favorite memory making s’mores was with the children from our church last fall at Lake Junaluska in N.C.

    • Two years ago a group of my friends rented a cabin and smores were on the agenda!  It was too cold to roast them around the campfire, so we huddled around the little woodburning heater and ate smores all night long.  I can’t wait to do this with my son when he gets older!

    • The winter my daughter was two, we had an ice storm. That evening, we got the fireplace going & made S’mores. It was her first taste of S’mores & I got the greatest picture of her huge smile with smeared chocolate all over her face.  :)

      And another great way to eat S’mores is to use a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup instead of a Hershey’s chocolate bar. Incredible!

    • Anonymous

      We just recently made memories this August 12th weekend eating SMORE’s…  It was my moms 50th birthday and my sons 9th. We took a trip up to West Jefferson (Boone) area of NC and stayed at a friends guest house.  At night after sight seeing we lit a little fire in the back yard and ate SMORES!!! The best part was the size of the MARSHMELLOWS!!! We found huge close to tennis ball size Marshmellows… My mom and son had a ooey, gooey night and great birthday weekend in the quite nature..

    • Anonymous

      I am 30 years old and I will have to admit I didn’t have my first smore until I was 28! I had always ate the smores poptarts but this was heaven! We even took pictures. My husband just couldn’t believe it took me that long to have a smore.. Now my son who is almost 4 always asks if we can camp and have smores :)

    • Anonymous

      My first memory of s’mores was as a Girlscout sitting around a campfire at summer camp. I had never had them before, and it is honestly one of my favorite childhood memories.

    • Cathy Evanoff

      When I was a young child we would make S’mores on a bonfire built on the beach at the 7 mile post on the Outer Banks.  (That was when it was legal to have a fire on the beach) We would collect washed up wood and dried seaweed to build a fire, then enjoy S’mores and stories late into the night.  I like my marshmallows burned :)

    • standing around the campfire in college eating smores socializing instead of studying!!!

    • Anonymous

      My very best memory of s’mores is the first time we took our boys camping and we made s’mores. They were in such aww that they wanted to go camping every weekend.

    • Anonymous

      We had a great time at the beach with microwave smores!

    • my favorite memory making smores is making them in the microwave with my son, he loves watching the marshmellow swell up in the microwave

    • Anonymous

      My favorite smores memory is having a camp fire and watching the children make smores.

    • Anonymous

      For a new twist on s’mores  – I had a s’mores dessert pizza the other day at an all you can eat pizza place.  It was a graham cracker crust, chocolate pudding and melted marshmallows.  I would replace the pudding with melted hershey bar, then it would have been perfect.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory involving S’mores was when I was 10 or so, we went camping with all cousins, grandparents in the country side of Japan. Most of cousins never experienced camping with S’mores, everyone was like “wow”, loved those candies, LOL.

    • Anonymous

      S’mores at family reunions bring smiles to my face and recently trying them in the microwave with my kids was a fun experiment.  The twist you may decide to try it using “peeps” instead of marshmallows.  My mom first did this with the grandkids when she realized she was out of marshmallows.  It was a hit and the grandkids expect s’mores with peeps now!

    • Anonymous

      A fun memory I have is from when I went to visit my family in Brazil and took all the items necessary to make smores there. The day my aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters, sisters-in-law, nephews… came to my Mom’s house to see me and my family, I made smores for them. They were all so excited. We don’t have smores in Brazil, so it was something they never had before. Their reaction was amazing. They couldn’t stop telling me how good it was. So now I’m the official smores maker when we go to Brazil.

    • I loved s’mores as a kid. Now I work in a nursing home, and we make them for our residents sometimes. I have a butane smore burner, and little marshmallow prongs, and we make our own, right in our dining room. Sometimes we use the microwave too, but they still seem to enjoy “roasting” their marshmallows over an open flame.

    • Anonymous

      Peanut butter!  mmm, who doesn’t like Peanut butter with chocolate? :)  Smore will always remind me of family time outside.  

    • My favorite memory is family get-togethers and making smores by the fire. :)

    • My favorite memory of making smores is actually from this year at the end of April 2011 North Alabama was hit with alot of tornadoes. So I traveled to my moms to help clean up on her property.  I was at my moms house with my little sister, my daughter and my older sister’s 2 kids.  we all camped outside built a fire that was burning the debris of trees in there yard and made smores and of course told stories.  the kids loved it!

    • ashley willis

      Smores always remind me of fall time and being outside around a cozy campfire.

    • I remember standing around a bonfire with a bunch of friends making s’mores and another group of our friends jumped out of the woods and scared us all. I love s’mores. I am having s’mores at my wedding. The gift card would go to good use.

    • Anonymous

      In door s’mores are a good second to the real thing, make them just like Rice Krispie treats but use Golden Graham cereal and add milk chocolate chips to the marshmellow mix.   Yummy!

    • Anonymous

      Here’s the fun twist, use nutella instead of chocolate bar. Soft hazelnut chocolate topped with melted marshmallows…

    • Jenny, i think we all secretly wish we lived at your house!

    • When my husband and I made smores with good friends of ours, just using the microwave :)

    • My favorite memory is visiting my Aunt and Uncle cabin up in northern MI and sitting around the bonfire makeing Smores!

    • I always enjoy s’mores in the cool weather of autumn. You should add some peanut butter!

    • Anonymous

      Smores always just seem like summer to me–I love that! And although I’ve never tried it, I’ve heard that using Hershey’s Dark Chocolate is delicious :)

    • kramjsmith

      We love camping with our three girls and making S’mores. We LOVE them with Reeses PB cups, too!

    • hayden01

      A new twist is to have smores in the crockpot. Wrap a smore in aluminum foil but on low in the crockpot for a couple of hr and have smores inside. Yummy.

    • i love mixing white chocolate with “traditional” s’mores ingredients…mmmm. these are a must have for family bbqs. 

    • Anonymous

      we like to add hershey syrup to our smores. It makes it extra yummy! 

    • hayden01

      Try a smore inside–wrap a smore in aluminum foil and put in your crockpot on low for 1-2 hrs. Take to parties and everyone will love you.

      Lori P.

    • Anonymous

      I wanted to see how smores would be on the grill.  Turns out graham crackers CAN burn, and chocolate can be melted even though it looks like it hasn’t.  Once I figured that out, they turned out delicious.  More fun making on a camp fire.  After all, who doesn’t like torching marshmallows? 

    • Anonymous

      S’mores are a must! Not to mention, it was the only time as a kid when adults allow you to play with fire.  We used to use peanut butter to stick chocolate chips onto one graham cracker, for a semi-sweet chocolate and PB twist.  It was also great because my mom wouldn’t buy the milk chocolate bars, but always had a huge bag of Sam’s Club chocolate chips in the pantry. :-)

    • Anonymous

      Love them with peanut butter….yum!!

    • My favorite memory was when we went camping with a foreign exchange student from Hungry.  He had never made smores or roasted marshmallows.  He took his marshmallow and placed it on the grill grate over the fire.  He looked so puzzled as the marshmallow melted and fell into the fire.  We all had the biggest laugh and then showed him how to roast marshmallows and then make a smore.  :)

    • I loved when it was just me and my kids around the fireplace making smokes.  Good times.

    • Laura Byars

      I loved the way the marshmallow would always stick to my lips and face because I could never open my mouth wide enough to get the whole bite in!  I bet I could open my big mouth wide enough now, though!  : )

    • Anonymous

      First and last camping trip when I was a kid! (I fell into the ashes of the fire from the night before and burned my hand.)

    • My favorite Smores moment came by surprise. It was right before payday,and I was flat broke, doing that thing where you keep opening and closing the cabinet and fridge hoping something good jumps out. I had half a bag of marshmallows and one packet left of graham crackers. That might have been a decent snack, but then I remembered I had Hersheys Bars in my hurricane supplies.Smores score!
      We toasted the marshmallows over BBQ burner and sat on the stoop trying to close our eyes and imagine we were  camping. It sure tasted that way

    • Courtney G

      My favorite memories of making smores is when I was camping.  Evening time with a fire going singing songs and making smores :-) 
      A fun twist on the traditional smore is to cut up a banana and warm it up on the fire to replace the marshmellow.

    • My favorite Smores memory is from about 3 years ago, my entire family went to the beach and our rental house had a really awesome outdoor fireplace.  We took one look at the fireplace and decided we HAD to make smores that night.  I ran to the only convenience store on the island and bought the overpriced ingredients. That night there was a downpour but we still wanted those smores so we made them in the oven… it was messy and wonderful and the best part was my whole family was there.

    • My fave memory is when me and my family went on vacation to Scotland when I was a child.  We made s’mores out back and my Mom was thoroughly enjoying them.  So much so that they were all over face.  We all laughed and laughed at that for at least 10 mins. Got the picture to prove it:)

    • I had a great time making smores with my husband and kids. It was pretty sad to say my husband had no clue how to make them and my 4 year old had to teach him.

    • Meredith LaBoone

      My favorite smores memory is the birthday party we had for my son and daughter last year.  Instead of a cake, we roasted marshmallows and made smores.  The kids loved it!

    • Tina Pierce

      My husband makes the BEST smores. We are big campers and smores are always a must. We all sit around the fire in our fave camping chairs patiently waiting on daddy to make the perfect marshmallow. He set the graham cracker on a rock with the chocolate on it, near the fire to melt the chocolate just a little. Oh so yummy…now I am craving!!

    • sun going down over Lake Chautauqua, NY on a summer night . . . sitting by the campfire with my family hearing the water slap against the shore . . . uncle playing guitar . . . sharing stories of who caught the biggest fish of the day and  who had the biggest wipeout on the skitube :-) while the yummy smores bake in the fire.  Family times . . . fun times ~ it is my favorite place to be! 

    • Smear PB on a graham cracker before grilling!

    • Alison Wood

      My favorite memory is when my husband and me were counselors at a camp.  We told fun stories around the campfire and helped all the kids make their own smores.  It turned out to be a great night!

    • Shelli Richard

      Last year I made smores for all the kids at our family reunion.  This year I couldn’t do it because of the burn ban.  We did a scavenger hunt instead, which turned out to be just as much fun.

    • Anonymous

      This is a camping must for my family.  Traditional smores usually, but thin banana slice or different choc. bar is good too.

    • Anonymous

      My boys love to make smores in the backyard.  The only problem we have is trying not to eat all the Hersey’s chocolate before making the smores.

    • I’m a mom of 10 and my husband and I take our crew every fall to the mountains and tent camp for 3 days.  We always have smores over the campfire each night.  If you can imagine the work it is to prepare several smores a piece for 12 people.  24 sticky hands and all the little ones chocolaty faces are quite a sight!!  It’s always hectic and I wonder why we do this every year because it’s so much work, but it’s one of the funnest memories that we have.  One year we got rained out and had to get a cabin.  We got a fire going in the grill and “grilled” our smores so we didn’t miss out on our tradition!

    • Anonymous

      Every vacation we have consists of s’mores! So many memories.

    • My favorite memory involving S’mores is making them with my family (even thought my son loves to cook the marshmellows, just not eat them…).   A twist from the traditional recipe is making them with peanut butter cups instead of Hershey’s chocolate.  Thank you!  Sharon

    • I grew up overseas, so my first time making and eating Smores was with my husband! :) Recently we tried the chocolate-vanilla swirl marshmallows on our Smores and they were de-lish!

    • My favorite S’mores memory was during clinicals while in nursing school. We were at a retirement home. Our “challenge” for a test { our instructor liked throwing us curves in real life rather than written } was to fill the courtyard with booths that offered some sort of activity that all the residents at the center could do. I did a S’mores booth. I even got sugar free choc. for a few residents that had severe dietary restrictions. It is amazing how much joy a hibachi and 3 ingredients can bring!

    • Anonymous

      Not really a special memory but a new way to try S’mores…instead of chocolate bars, try Reese’s peanut butter cups! :)

    • Allison Hartley

      My favorite way to eat smores is in a tortilla.  Prepackaged for camping, there is no mess, either preparing it or eating it.  Yum!

    • My favorite S’mores memory happened on New Year’s Eve. All of my cousins, aunts and uncles were at my grandparents house, and we had built a giant bonfire.  It was too hot for S’mores, so all twelve of us cousins ended up huddling around a little red grill, with the coals from dinner still glowing. It took forever for our marshmallows to roast, but when they did, they were perfect: warm and gooey, with the outside slightly toasted. The best part was spending time with all my cousins.

    • Going to the lake with my grandfather and 8 other cousins for a cookout. The star of the night was of course when he brought out the graham crackers, marshmallows & of course the Hershey candy bars. We would blacken our marshmallows on sticks that each person had to go out and find while the fire got hotter and hotter. We would roast our weiner first and as it got dark and we could here night birds calling out in the woods. Everyone would get real close together for comfort and the fun would start. Never has a dessert been created that could beat a S’mores made with a stick you cut yourself. These three ingredients go together like gravy on potatoes.

    • Anonymous

      The smore memories that means the most to me and my family has to be during our recent storm in our livingroom. The power was out for about two hours. We use our candles and bamboo skewers to roast our marshmellows. This helped the time pass so quickly. This was a great way to forget our troubles during scary weather. Thanks for letting me share!

    • Anonymous

      The smore memories that means the most to me and my family has to be during our recent storm in our livingroom. The power was out for about two hours. We use our candles and bamboo skewers to roast our marshmellows. This helped the time pass so quickly. This was a great way to forget our troubles during scary weather. Thanks for letting me share!

    • Just had a memorable S’mores experience yesterday!  We had some friends gathered at a friend’s house for a Sunday afternoon BBQ with S’mores for dessert.  Our friend Manny admitted that it was the first time he had ever had a S’more that wasn’t made in the microwave.  We were all shocked because, of course, the open flame makes all the difference.  What’s a S’more without the flaming ‘mallow?!?!  And for a twist…try a peanut butter cup in lieu of the Hershey’s square.  Delightful!

    • Anonymous

      Making smores in the microwave in the middle of winter. You don’t get the crunchy marshmallow crust like on a fire, but it’s fun watching them balloon up in the nuker.

    • I loved making smores in the microwave as a kid. We lived in a big city so no fires!

    • Anonymous

      Saturday night we decided to go out back and start a little fire and make some smores. It led to singing campfire songs, and laying on a blanket looking at all of the stars in the clear open sky. I will forever treasure this memory of watching my two girls and their cousin enjoy nature and each others company!! What an easy way to bring families together right in their own backyard!!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory of making s’mores is going on a camping trip with my college friends, sitting on the tail gate of a truck in the woods in front of the fire eating s’mores, straight of the camping fire. Yum! A twist for s’mores I would have is an alternative for when you don’t have a camp fire: roast some strawberry marshmallows in the oven under the broiler, put some nutella on the graham crackers, top with the marshmallows and enjoy.

    • Anonymous

      My husband actually proposed to me while we were on a camping trip.  I remember sitting next to the fire roasting marshmellows preparing to make us smores and then he popped down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.  I was so excited I dropped my smore onto the ground.  Oh well, I might have lost the smore, but I got the man of my dreams.

    • My favorite memory of making s’mores….. (we are avid camper’s, so there are many!) My favorite was probably when we went to a cabin for Thanksgiving two years ago to Asheville, NC.  We had a cozy house high in the mountains with a huge fireplace between the kitchen and the living room.  We all sat in the living room with our sticks we had found on our hike roasting marshmallows.  Some preferred their’s burnt and some liked their’s a wonderful chocolate brown. We ate s’mores until we were all sick to our stomachs!!  It was well worth it too.

    • A twist on it, use Ritz crackers, and coconut marshmallows, chocolate is optional, but good!

    • My favorite S’mores memory is camping with my family and watching my daughter try them for the first time. I love seeing the kids trying to eat one with the marshmallow squeezing out it. Totally funny!

    • My favorite memories are around the camp fire with my youth group making smores and telling each other how God is working in our lives.

    • Anonymous

      Going to the mountains during the winter time and making S’mores with my family!

    • Anonymous

      My kids had never had s’mores until a school picnic recently.  I thought it was going fine but apparently my just turned 3 year old doesn’t understand how close is “too close” to a fire pit.  I was helping my 4 year old with his marshmallow and didn’t see him less than a step away from the edge of the pit.  Some of my coworkers almost had heart attacks though!  Made me think a fire pit isn’t the best way for us to cook s’mores!

    • Brigitte Rankin

      We like to make S’mores in the microwave for a treat..

    • I remember sitting around A campfire eating S’mores!

    • Anonymous

      I love to spread nutella on my graham crackers before adding the melty marshmallow!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory of S’mores involves eating them around a campfire at a Fall Retreat, and then cleaning up the mess and discovering that one of the Hershey wrappers was a “T-shirt Winner”, and winning a long sleeve Hershey’s T-shirt!  YAY!

    • Sometimes we don’t have chocolate so my husband uses chocolate syrup instead with the marshmellows and grahm crackers – the kids still love it – it makes a nice evening snack for them before bed.

    • All my smore’s memories involve Girl Scouts……Smores are the “official” dessert of the Girl Scouts.  I can’t seem to eat one without remembering all my time as a child sitting around a campfire with my fellow scouts waiting for the marshmallow to get cooked enough to plop it between the Hershey bar and the graham cracker.  Aahh, memories!  Now, my three daughters are also involved in scouting, so I can expect to look forward to many more campfires, and many, many, many more smores!! 

    • Lisa Riedl

      my favorite memory is on my grandmother’s farm with a big fire and a night sky filled with stars. You can’t see that in the city while munching on s’mores.

    • Anonymous

      I always remember getting the sticky marshmallow all over me, but its worth it!

    • S’mores are the best with your family.  Great memories!

    • We just had Smore’s Tacos this weekend. It’s all the ingredients of a Smore’s, but smooshed inside a flour tortilla and heated on a flat top grill. YUMMY

    • Smores with peanut butter (reese’s cups is really easy) is quite tasty!

    • Anonymous

      My family and I made smores with Chip and Dale at Walt Disney World.  I think it was the first time my kids (age 3 and 5 at the time) had ever had smores.  I know they’ll never forget their first time they tried the yummy chocolate/marshmallow/graham cracker combination!

    • When we lived in Fl, some friends had an annual bonfire. That was the one time a year I splurged and ate S’mores.

    • my first memory of s’mores was at a brownies (girl scouts) weekend getaway

    • Anonymous

      My daughter was  in girl scout all the way up to High School.  I was always there on camping trips.  Another mother and I were concered the trouble makers.  We would bring bags the fixing for smores and gather the sticks.  We taught them all to eat burnt marshmallows.  We also did this on family camping trips. 

    • Deborah Konopka Williamsen

      my latest memory is when we were making S’mores and my son got marshmellow all over his hand

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory was one Christmas my mom gave my 6 siblings and me the same Christmas presents.  We all recieved 1 large square package and 3 large clothing style boxes all wrapped alike.  We were instructed to open them at the same time so we all started with the first box and it was full of Marshmallows (we were wondering if my mom had “lost it”), the second box was full of Hershey’s Chocolate bars (what on earth was she giving us?), the third box had graham crackers (why did she give us the fixings for S’Mores in the dead of winter?) and the final box was an indoor S’Mores maker (it finally made sense!).  We were all able to make S’Mores with our children regardless of the weather outside.  It was such a fun gift and the kids of course loved it.  I can’t think of S’Mores without smiling and thinking of that Christmas!  

    • dana anderson

      We LOVE smores at our house…we even add a little peanut butter for a special twist! :) YUM!

    • My very favorite memory of s’mores comes from last Thanksgiving when we had some family and friends over. It’s a HUGE deal to have family for Thanksgiving, my husband is military and we are always either in a different country, on the other side of the country or my husband is deployed (in fact, my husband and I have been married for almost 9 years and we have only had 2 Thanksgivings together as a family.) We had the fire pit going, the family sitting around and announcing what we were thankful for all while eating s’mores. It was the sweetest moments of our lives (no lie!). My favorite twist on this recipe is to smear some Nutella on the cracker before adding the chocolate bar and roasted marshmallow MMMMM soooo good!!! :o) I am looking forward to this Thanksgiving, because it will be HUGE (the first time ever that my husband will be home for an entire year without a deployment) and the s’mores will be a MUST! :-)

    • dana anderson

      we LOVE smores! we even add a little peanut butter for a special treat! YUM!!!!

    • Smores! My family use to go camping and we would always have Smores as we sang around the campfire!

    • When I was a kid, my Dad was the official S’Mores maker. He was the best at it and they always turned out yummy. I remember sitting by the campfire and the chocolate running down my hands and licking it off. He also would make campfire popcorn sometimes and add that to the S’mores. It was extra special then!!

    • Anonymous

      I always eat only the chocolate and marshmallow. Can’t help it – I am a chocoholic!

    • Smores!! I use to love singing around a campfire with my family, while making Smores!!

    • i love making smores in bonfire with my husband in the backyard.

    • Anonymous

      Growing up in Germany, I’ve never had smores before – ever. But I shure woud like to start making some memories of my own with this giveaway ;-)

    • Anonymous

      love making s’mores in the winter in the backyard w/my family.  And the more burnt the marshmallow the BETTER!!  :)

    • Just this weekend, I was visiting my brother in North Carolina, and we went out for dessert.  We got to make s’mores at our table!  so fun – they brought us a little sterno stove, skewers, marshmallows, graham crackers, and hershey’s chocolate.  It was really a lot of fun, even though we’re 24 years old now!

    • Every year for my children’s birthdays I make a homemade cake to go with the party theme. Last fall my son had a camping themed party with his friends. I constructed a cake tower using the graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey chocolate squares. I popped some candles in to the marshmallows and wha-la, we had a camp themed birthday cake. Best part was taking it apart one by one, as the kids made smores with it over the fire pit. He wants to do it again in October for his birthday!

    • Anonymous

      Never did the camping thing but we had a gas stove and used to roast the marshmallows over the open flame. It wasn’t outdoors but it was good.

    • Pam baker

      We are a large family and smore’s with a fire in the backyard is a money saving way to have fun on a family night. We have done this multiple times and my prayer is that my kids are banking memories as I did as a kid making smore’s. 

    • Anonymous

      This is my kind of giveaway! We LOVE S’mores! I grew up on a farm, and we had bonfires at least 2x a year -always involving hot-dogs-on-a-stick and s’mores!! 

    • Anonymous

      This year for winter break we rented a cabin in the mountains with my sister in law and her children.  Every night the kids enjoyed making smores over the campfire while telling ghost stories.  Great memories!

    • Smear PB on a graham cracker before grilling!

    • Anonymous

      I like to spread Jif cruchy peanut butter on my graham cracker with mine. Now all I am thinking about is this so my husband and I may have to build a small fire tonight and have some s’mores.

    • I also think of Girl Scouts when I think of S’mores. We gathered around a campfire, toasted our marshmallows on sticks we found in the woods, made S’mores, sung songs, and played games. Today, my family makes S’mores when the weather is cool & my brother builds a bonfire on my parents’ property, or we just use the microwave at home when we get the craving! The microwave works great when you’re using the toasted coconut marshmallows … love those in S’mores!

    • I am 31 and have just recently had my first smores!  Holy cow they are FANTASTIC!

      • Anonymous

        Every year we go on a family retreat with our church.  The favorite activity of the weekend among the kids (and adults) is the big bonfire and smore’s!  

    • My boys are all young so we just taught them the concept of s’mores and they loved it.  They kept wanting to roast marshmallows.  Something about watching a marshmallow go up in flames was fascinating.  

    • Anonymous

      For my son’s “camping” birthday party this weekend I made a S’more cake. It was a pretty basic cake recipe with two cups graham cracker crumbs added to the batter. It was sliced in half with brownie(for the chocolate) and melted marshmellow in between the top and bottom pieces. It really looked like a giant s’more!

    • Anonymous

      we did a s’mores evening when some nieces and nephews came to visit and we used our firepit for the cookout! Not only did they love it but the adults may have even loved it more!

    • When I eat S’mores it always brings me back to summer camp as a Girl Scout, all of the girls huddled around a camp fire with wire coat hangers and chocolate covered faces! 

    • Anonymous

      Making s’mores at a bonfire in our backyard!  We collect all of our yard debris for a while, then have a redneck cookout and invite over our friends.  DH even made cooking sticks out of long branches, coat hangers and duck tape… just adds to the “redneck” theme!  :)  The only thing that would make it more perfect is a complete lack of mosquitoes.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite thing about camping is the S’mores!  They are good even when your marshmellow gets a little burned and, boy, do they give you a wonderful chocolate fix!

    • Stacy Bryant

      I actually didn’t have my first smore until about three years ago. Chocolate sure, Grahm crackers yep, and roasted marshmellows too but not all put together. We went camping a couple years ago and I decided to bring all of the ingredients for smores my very first one was great. I like it when the marshmellow is a little burnt. Now I make them using my gas burner and a little kabob stick to roast the marshmellow with. It tastes wonderful it’s one of my favorite desserts now.

    • Anonymous

      My family LOVES smores!!  My friend lives on a lake so we get the pit fire on the deck, roast marshmallows, eat smores and enjoy the life :).  Some of the most fond memories I have. 

    • Anonymous

      we recently did a cookout by our patio outside with a grp of friends that were in town :)

      got myself a nice smore kit ( 36 smores, hersheys bars etc the whole nine yards)

      Funny part of the night was when one of the guys roasted his marshmallow way too much and flung it to put it out only for it to get flung onto another friend of his. Haha, should have seen his face – the both of them. Nothing like a flaming marshmallow flying across the way to get everyone laughing lol.

    • The first time I had S’mores was at a camp-out for GA’s when I was in the 5th grade!

    • I love sitting in the backyard with my family and make some smores with our fire pit. I’t so cozy and yummy.

    • Love S’mores.  We lived in the middle of the woods as kids, so we camped out and made fires and had S’mores.  Good times. 

    • I loved teaching the girls about s’mores when I was a Girl Scout camp counselor! If they were lucky I could bring some caramel squares to add a fun twist! (“Turtle S’mores”)

    • We got a fire pit last fall and we made smores every Saturday night…It brings out the kid in everyone…I bought everyone toasting sticks so we could all make our smores..the neighbors always “drop by” when they smell the fire pit cranking up. I already am drying my firewood for this Fall!

    • Kim Cannan

      Every Girl Scout camping trip as a child and now every camper club trip with the kids requires S’Mores….even when it is too hot for a campfire!

    • Elisa Intraboona

      My hubbie and I found an awesome smores recipe. You grind up the graham crackers and add a little sugar and butter. Then layer it in a baking dish (as the crust). Put in the oven to bake at 350 about 10-12 minutes. While waiting, melt the chocolate then pour over the crust once it is removed. Add marshmallows and press into the top of the chocolate. Place in the oven on broil for about 2 minutes. Then put in the fridge to harden. This makes a whole pan of awesome smores without the campfire!

    • I have great memories of grilling smores on the beach with friends as a teen!

    • S’mores are a staple in our house-either by fire or microwave if need be!  Once we have our hot marshmellow, we have one side of the graham cracker waiting with the piece of Hershey bar and the other covered in peanut butter to smoosh it all together!  yum!!!!

    • Anonymous

      We love smores around my house! We have twisted them up…we substituted the hershey bar for the reeses peanut butter bar…they were wonderful!

    • M

      We make smores in the microwave–quick and easy cleanup!

    • Smores were a staple at every childhood get together with family. We had a large family, so as a child these were an almost every weekend type thing. Sitting round the campfire roasting marshmallows for our smores, I can almost taste them now! Just brings back some of the great memories ever of my life. I definitely try to carry this one over into my childrens lifes. But as it is there childhood is sooo different than mine its hard to recreate. We live in town so most of the time its no fire pits allowed :( . But we have gotten creative with it and we pull out the ol grill and collect some twigs off the ground, and in no time at all, instant memories and warm smores. Who said city slickers cant hang with the best of the country folk?!!!! Hope this works next time you want to remember the good ol days.

    • Anonymous

      I love the summertime recipe for smore’s we made at VBS several years ago.  Mix a container of cool whip with mini marshmallows and mini-chocolate chips (not sure how much of each, but just to taste).  Spread a big spoonful between two graham crackers and freeze.  They are delicious!!!  Sometimes I leave the filling in the cool whip container and just dip the graham crackers in it for a snack.  =)

    • Anonymous

      S’mores were a childhood favorite for my sisters and myself. We would take them everywhere. I remember a tire blowout on the way to the beach. We had no spare and no cell phones at that time. I’m so glad my Mother packed the S’mores for a snack.

    • I loved making smores with some of my college friends a few years back! Great times!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t have one memory of S’mores that stands out…but I’ve made many of them over my lifetime!!  Always a fun time around a campfire…

    • In the fall I love making s’mores with my family in the backyard using a fire pit. My husband likes his with a little peanut butter.

    • Joanna Ruggles

      When I was working at WinShape Camps, we had forgotten to bring graham crackers to the camp out!  Our dinners had chocolate chip cookies included, so we just sandwiched the toasted marshmallows between 2 chocolate chip cookies!  Now THAT is the best S’more I’ve ever had!

    • As a child we couldn’t wait for the sun to set while camping so we could start the campfire for those yummy smores. Setting around fighting on who gets the roasting stick first and fighting over who roasted the best marshmallows was alwasy the highlight.  To add a little something special try peanutbutter!!! Yummy Yummy!

    • Me and my family actually just came home a couple weeks ago from a camping trip. One of the best moments of the trip was all of us roasting marshmallows for S’mores right after we roasted hot dogs over the open camp fire. Everybody kept laughing at me because everytime I turned my head, my hand would drop enough without me realizing it and catch the marshmallow on fire. While I love to  eat them like that, I couldn’t ever get get just a lightly roasted marshmallow. It was fun, and hilarious!!! And who would ever think a marshmallow would be so pretty while lit up! :)

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is bonfires at my best friend’s house with our kids. Here in FL, it’s always too hot during the summer but it’s good times during December!
      I also like to add peanut butter sometimes.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is bonfires at my best friend’s house with our kids. Here in FL, it’s always too hot during the summer but it’s good times during December!
      I also like to add peanut butter sometimes.

    • Elena Shacochis

      We have a cookbook called “Food Fest” and it has a different food holiday for everyday of the year.  Tomorrow happens to be toasted marshmallow day and we are going to have S’more ice cream sundaes (a recipe from the book).  Yum!  Thanks  :)

    • Elena Shacochis

      We have a cookbook called “Food Fest” and it has a different food holiday for everyday of the year.  Tomorrow happens to be toasted marshmallow day and we are going to have S’more ice cream sundaes (a recipe from the book).  Yum!  Thanks  :)

    • We have had great times with our kids making smores and heating them over a fire on a cool night at the grandparent’s house.

    • Anonymous

      We make s’mores once a month when we go camping.  We love to use the coconut flaked marshmallows…wow!!  Delicious!  Also all of my friends make fun of me…because I use half a Hershey bar on each one vs. my friends just using 1/4 of a Hershey bar!!!  Yum yum!!!

    • Anonymous

      I just saw a recipe on tv where they made the smores (melted in the oven), put them together, stuck a lollipop stick in it and dipped the whole thing in melted chocolate.  Looked delicious!

    • Smores were a staple for our family growing up.  When I was a teenager and in college, I would always invite friends over for a campfire, a bit of crazy campfire songs, a few ghost stories, and hershey chocolate smores.  There is nothing better.

    • My family always used to catch Fireflies together.  Then we would make smores and talk.  I always loved smores!  (And I still do!)

    • Leigh Owens

      The yearly bug’n’rain-fest of a camping trip my family went on every summer when I was growing up. The highlight was always s’mores around the campfire, and I’ve continued the tradition with my kids.

    • Anonymous

      S’mores made with Reese’s peanut butter cups are insanely delicious!!  Watch out though, they are very addicting!!  : )

    • Smores are great!  Even better with peanut butter!

    • I have such fond memories of my childhood camping trips when my dad helped my sister and I roast marshmallows by the camp fire. But, last year my family made s’mores and it was my 3 year old daughter’s first s’more. It was priceless when she bit into it and smiled with marshmallow and chocolate coming out the sides of her mouth!! I will never forget that!

    • wraggers

      Teaching my children what a smore is. Then watching them as the enjoyed it for the first time.

    • Anonymous

      I love making smores in the fireplace. I also plan on making this the dessert to Our dinner(each family makes dinner one night) while camping in the GA mountains in Oct.

    • ZZ

      Smores is a movie night tradition.  We love going to the drive-in.  We pack up our grill, cooler, blankets and off to the movies we go.  The last time we went to go see Planet of the Apes.  There was a car beside us with 5 kids.  They told their Mom look they are making Smores.  I told my hubby lets make some for them.  It made therie night.  So not only did we enjoy our Smores, we shared with others.

    • Anonymous

      My husband and I have a tradition with s’mores… on the first night of cold weather, we open up all the windows in the living room and bring out a little pot of sterno and some skewers.  We make our own little campfire on the coffee table and have date night with s’mores.  

    • Try cooking them in the microwave. Put everything but the top cracker on a plate and microwave for about 10 to 15 secs or until the marshmallow starts to puff up and they are ready to enjoy. We cook them like that all the time.  

    • Anonymous

      We love Smores…cooked int he fireplace while watching football…every year…AND…you gotta burnt he marshmallows…YUM!

    • I loved making S’mores with all of my family at the beach!

    • sue

      Love making smores with my son on a cold day

    • I’ve actually never had smores!  :(  Would love to try them though!!!

    • Anonymous

      My husband works hard all summer kkeping our wooded property clear of underbrush. We ALWAYS look forwasrd to the cooler nights just between Summer and Fall, when the bonfires become our nightly ritual. Smores always is part of the fun!

    • Anonymous

      We used to go camping when i was kid & my favorite part was the bonfires at night and unlimited Smores.

    • i discovered smores in college! fun memories!

    • Kristen Ephraim

      Smores always remind me of camping…major tradition in our family, we always have great memories with smores!

    • Deena Campbell

      Sadly enough, I don’t have a S’Mores memory, because I am 50 years old and have never had a s’mores.  I guess I was never a campfire kid.

    • My favorite way to make a smores is to wrap them in foil, put them in a shoe box, and then sit them in the sun. (sometimes we add peanut butter cups! )I usually do this with my class during the warmer months. However this past July we had to have our camp out inside. We made jiffy Pop and it caught on fire! The kids thought it was cool. Then when we heated our smores in the oven my mit hit the burner and made it smoke! Needless to say it was a crazy day. I’ll stick with the sun for heat.

    • Anonymous

      My kids thought I was the coolest mom when we made S’mores for the first time!

    • Anonymous

      Instead of just chocolate, do a chocolate peanut butter mix!

    • Beth McDowell

      We had these several times a summer, but my favorite was out of the fireplace on Christmas eve- it was a very special tradition!

    • My husband takes the kids out in the backyard, makes a fire in the grill and lets them roast their marshmallows. They’ve even used sticks to put them on. Sometimes if we don’t feel like doing all that we will make them in the microwave. When I was little we would take saltine crackers, peanut butter and marshmallows and put them together. They were so delicious and I still like them now!

    • We did a lot of camping with my family growing up. My grandparents would always come out and join us for smores night around the campfire.They were such troopers, any time one of us kids would burn a marshmallow they would always eat them saying that was just the way they liked it! You know how you always shake the stick to try and put out the flames of the burning marshmallows? Well my grandmother was paralyzed from the waist down and was in a wheelchair so she wasn’t able to flee from the flying burnt marshmallows. My grandfather would always laugh and tell us later about the marshmallows he had to get out of her hair and her wheelchair tires! Every time I eat a smore, I always think fondly of them!

    • Anonymous

      Camping.  Sitting around the warm fire, listening to the wood pop and the crickets, and eating smores – great memories.

    • my family goes “camping” in the backyard, pitch the tent and build a campfire tells stories and eat smores all night long! if its too cold to camp out (or too hot) we will make them stovetop! we cannot get enough of them!

    • Anonymous

      My best memory of making SMORES is this past summer as myself and my family went on our 1st camping trip together.  My 2 1/2 year old could not get enough SMORES, probably because most of it ended up on her face instead of in her mouth. 

      I suggest adding a little bit of p-nut butter to the graham cracker before adding the melted marshmellow and chocolate.  Adds a nice little twist!

    • We make smores with our broiler when the weather is bad outside. So easy and just as warm and gooey!

    • Every time my husband came home from a deployment, we went on a camping trip.  Nothing felt better than sitting next to him and the campfire with a s’more in my hand.  I knew that if I was camping, my husband was safe.  S’mores are very sentimental to me and my husband.

    •  My favorite smores memory is sharing smores with my Bunko group.

    • Anonymous

      Some of our fondest memories include sitting around our fire pit with our small group from church (Group Ate), roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. One night someone wondered aloud how it would taste to add peanut butter to a s’more. We tried it … YUM!

    • My husband and I had our best Smores moment this past summer.  We went to Chip and Dale’s Campfire Sing-a-Long at Fort Wilderness at DisneyWorld.  We made Smores and roasted marshmallows over their fires.  So much fun!!

    • Anonymous

      I love smores! I like to dab a bit of peanut butter on my graham cracker. When the Hershey’s Chocolate melts into the smooth peanut butter it makes the Smore even better. 

    • Anonymous

      When we were kids, my sister and I loved to watch the marshmallows puff up huge in the microwave.

    • My favorite memory was taking the children out to the park when they were young and watching their eyes get wide from the thought of a marshmallow on fire! I would definitely love to try make Smore brownies.

    • Anonymous

      smores and camping just go together…..

    • Anonymous

      I adore them just the way they are!  I do double up on the marshmellow so it makes
      a huge sticky mess…..  nothing like s’mores around the fire in the back yard!

    • My favorite smores memory is when you go to see Christmas lights at Tanglewood park and at the end you get to make smores. Its a great chirstmas tradition :)

    • New Year’s Eve parties at church with a bonfire… s’mores are a must!

    • Anonymous

      Christmas Festival of Lights around a bonfire:)

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is my sons second birthday we made them in the backyard in our fire pit. He has been in love wih them ever since and thinks they are the greatest…yum!

    • Anonymous

      Definitely making smores at bonfires growing up

    • My husband and I went to a wedding where while we waited on the bride and groom to take pictures they had fire pits set up and stuff to make s’mores. It was awesome. Everyone had a good time waiting. :)

    • Anonymous

      My fave memory is camping in Nantahala Forest with my husband and 14 month old son, Donovan having his first S’more!  I have tons of pics of his gooey and delicious messy 1st S’more!!!!  We now have a daughter and I am super excited for her 1st time!

    • Anonymous

      my husband and I met while working at summer camp, we’re outdoorsy types and we have many memories making the perfect smore.  we even had them served alongside our wedding cake.  but i think the best memories are yet to come as we teach our boys to love the outdoors and the art of lightly toasting the marshmallow and perfectly melting the chocolate on the graham cracker by putting it on a rock near the fire.

    • We like to use the cinnnamon graham crackers to make our s’mores. =) Hope we can win a kit! =)

    • Smores at girl scout camp!   We would put them together in a foil packet near the fire to really melt the chocolate. Yummy

    • Around a campfire in Wyoming at a dude ranch with the whole family. We have four teenagers so it was nice to sit and talk around the campfire eating s’mores which by the way we ALL LOVE!

    • Anonymous

      Add peanut butter on the cracker for an over the top smore.

    • my favorite memory was the first time my son ate a smore.  We taught him how to roast the marshmallow just right and then how to put it all together.  What a great sticky mess 

    • Mollie Erickson

      My daughter had s’mores at a birthday party, but my 7 year old son still hasn’t had one!  My sister-in-law is getting married at Claxton Farms this Fall and I am in charge of bringing all of the s’mores supplies. I can’t wait to watch ALL my kids enjoy!

    • Anonymous

      Campfire on the 4th of July to send our daughter and her hubby off to China for a year.  Wow it was hot but that was what she wanted as a last family memory.

    • Tia Isham

      My best smores memory is sitting around the campfire with my family and teaching all the kids how to assemble the perfect smore! So fun!!

    • I love s’mores. Our family enjoys making them at grandma and grandpa’s cabin by the Mississippi. A twist from Girl Scouts…Shutter Uppers…Saltine crackers, toasted marshmellow and a caramel. Mmmm…sweet and salty.

    • My favorite memory is teaching my girl scout troop how to make a s’more around the fire pit in my front yard.

    • Some in our family like to put a smear of peanut butter on S’mores as well. Very yummy!!

    • Anonymous

      We too always had smores around a campfire every summer!

    • Anonymous

      I remember making smores when I went camping for the first time in middle school with a friend’s family.

    • Anonymous

      Missions Trip to Billings, Montana. Had a camp fire and made smores.
      They were yummy in our tummy !
      A twist, it started hailing, out of no where !

    • Anonymous

      Add a scoop of peanut butter to your S’mores, it is wonderful!

    • my favorite smore memory is on my wedding night, we lost power due to a hurricane( we lived in charleston at the time) and making smores inside at our fireplace.  Honeymoon was canceled, but we had a great time anyway! 

    • Anonymous

      I have fond memories of making smores with my parents and sister for our family nights we had when I was little. We used our fireplace and I looked forward to these family nights for the yummy smores!

    • I like using those awesome chocolate covered cookies for smores… not quite as much to deal with when you have a crowd of kids!

    • Two things are family does with S’mores #1 adding Reese Peanut Butter Cups in with the chocolate, Second thing roast star-burst with the S’mores they are awesome!

    • Anonymous

      My best memory is when my friend showed us what s’mores were at the Charleston festival of lights at Chrismas time three years ago.

    • Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are a yummy alternative to the regular hersheys bar.  Also, my kids had a sleep over with a couple of friends and we decided to have an indoor camp out.  We popped up a regular tent and lit a few tea lite candles to roast marshmallows and make smores.  The kids had a blast!!

    • Anonymous

      Try it with the new jumbo marshmallows-what a delicious mess!

    • Lisa Flowers

      I loved making and eating S’mores with Girl Scouts growing up!  As an adult, my husband and I make sure we bring all the fixings to make S’mores when we go camping!  I can’t wait to take my own kids camping when they get older and teach them to make S’mores!

    • They are yummy with peanut butter!!

    • Peanut butter makes them super yummy!

    • My first recollection of making smores is from Girl Scouts.  We love smores so much we added a fire pit to our back yard so we can make them any time we want!!

    • Anonymous

      We made smores around a fire in my dads house when I went to visit him for christmas and Its one of the only great times I remember having with him. But smores are so the best dessert in my eyes too. I recently had a smores cupcake to die for yum yum

    • We build a fire in the backyard and make S’mores a lot.I like to use the toasted coconut marshmallows on mine and they are delicious.

    • Christa Gibson

      My BFF in high school wasn’t so common sense-smart LOL We were sitting at out National Honor Society bonfire and he said “I don’t understand how to make smores…I mean how do you get the cracker and chocolate to stay on while you toast the marshmellow?  LMBO DUH!!!!!

    • Smores and our family camping trips are a must.

    • Anonymous

      I make s’mores in the microwave with my intellectually disabled class when they go “camping.”

    • Chris & Leanna Smotherman

      My favorite memory was camping with my siblings, cousins, and our grandaddy who taught us how to toast the marshmallows just right for the s’mores.  You have to be patient for the coals, but if you are it makes them ummmm ummm good!

    • When i was little we had a terrible snowstorm (which was not normal for our area) and didnt have power for a week. I remember making s’mores several times with my dad, who has passed away recently. Thank you for posting this so I have a reason to think of good memories!!!

    • Anna Sullivan

      Introducing my son, who was 15 months old at the time, to his first experience with a S’more. He always loved eating marshmellows whenever I had them and gave him one, and the same for chocolate.  At first he had a puzzled look on his face, when we showed the gooey warm S’mores to him.  He turned away as though he didnt want it, but not more than a second later, he turned back towards us with a huge grin and took a big bite. He chewed with the usual content look that one gets while enjoying a S’more, messy face and all! Since that day they have been has favorite treat, even if we make them indoors in the microwave.

    • our family got together around my family’s fire pit last summer after a day of swimming – we melted mini snickers bars/heath bars in addition to the traditional way!  fun, yummy times!!!

    • i remember never really liking marshmallows but loved me some smores! when i was roasting marshmallows w/o smores… all i was doing was looking for trouble— finding something to throw it at! bad me! Now I realize they’re too good to waste :)

    • Anonymous

      Our Sunday school class travels to my in-law’s dairy farm each fall for the whole bon fire and haywagon ride and s’mores is a favorite every year!  Old coat hangers draped over the open fire … it is a wonderful thing!  Cold, crisp fall air from the foothills of NC mountains .. can’t wait!

    • Anonymous

      The first time I had Smores was on an overnight Girl Scout camping trip.  What fun.

    • i’ve tried the snickers too and they r awesomeness :)   Fun size fabulousness!

    • K

      my kids in and I don’t camp a lot, but we love smores so we have camp in the house night. We make microwave smores. Sometimes with peanut butter, sometimes with butterscotch chips.  All goes!

    • Martha Hurtado P.

      I don’t have memories to share since I try them just a few years ago when my son brought me one, and I loved them…I hope I can win :)

    • Stacy Myers

      If you don’t have a chocolate bar, you can use chocolate covered graham crackers instead. :-) Thanks for entering me in your giveaway!

    • I’m really bad about eating any leftover chocolate and graham crackers, so I end up with just a bag of marshmallows and a craving for s’mores. When that happens, I stack a marshmallow on a Ritz cracker and pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. There’s no chocolate in it, but it usually satisfies my sweet tooth :)

    • Amy

      My favorite smores memory is teaching my 3 year old nephew how to make smores on a recent family trip to the lake.  He danced and sang all around the campfire after eating and loving several smores!

    • Anonymous

      We used to make s’mores at girl scout camp!  We ould al sit around the camp fire trying not to catch our marshmellows on fire.  But even if they did burn, they would still taste great between chocolate and graham crackers!!!

    • Anonymous

      We used to make s’mores at girl scout camp!  We ould al sit around the camp fire trying not to catch our marshmellows on fire.  But even if they did burn, they would still taste great between chocolate and graham crackers!!!

    • My friend invented the smore boy. You wrap a canned biscuit around a shaved stick and cook it over the fire. Then you fill it with marshmallows and hershey’s chocolate!

    • Anonymous

      Smores always remind me of camping at Cades Cove with my husband and 2 best friends during the first few years we were married.

    • Anonymous

      When our children were small we would take them on canoe camping trips. Smores was a must have! We always enjoyed sitting around the campfire telling stories and eating smores. It seems that you can’t have a campfire without having smores!

    • Anonymous

      A funny smores memory was this year camping at the beach for my birthday.  We were sitting around the campfire and a bandit faced racoon busted out of the marsh scrub.  It was obvious he was not going to back down and had his sights set on our marshmallows and chocolate.  We retreated to the car for fear of rabies and watched him drag our bag of marshmallows into the night. 

    • First of all, I think it’s really awesome that you share these giveaways with us when you probably could find a way to keep them all yourself. It just goes to show what kind of person you are!
      My favorite smore night was at a family get together with long time family friends. We had a campfire smore roaster that did 3 smores at a time. We’d roast the marshmallow to perfection, make the smore sandwich and put it over the fire just long enough to melt the chocolate. YUUUUUUUUUUUMMM! :-)

    • Dina Dryden

      I think it would be yummy to try a S’more with some of the flavored marshmallows they have now.  Especially around the holidays when they have ginger marshmallows!

    • My best smores memory is a family camping trip and we roasted so many marshmallows for smores that we ate like 10 each.  Later that night, none of us felt so great, but we had such a good time making them!!  :-)

    • Anonymous

      always made them when camping. when i want them indoors, i toast a marshmallow with a fork in the toaster oven. then you can have smores year round!

    • I was on break for christmas from my military training and my daughter, fiance, and I had a night time s’more bbq party of our own. We toasted marshpillows (what my daughter calls them) into the night. Priceless.

    • throw a smear of peanut butter in there!

    • err…the classic s’more recipe is pretty much perfect but you can always tweak it a little; like say adding sliced bananas in between the layers or using miniature peanut butter cups instead of the chocolate bar…or you could go even further and substitute the chocolate for some thin-sliced apples with a little caramel drizzle…

    • Kelli Briley

      Loved making smores at camp during the summer!

    • Anonymous

      I attended Converse College in Spartanburg, SC.One night when a group of my girlfriends and I were hanging out at the cabin on campus we decided to have a fire and make smores.  We shared stories and enjoyed a great snack.  There was laughter, warmth, and growing friendships that would last a lifetime.  Every time I think about smores or eat them now, I always remember that night with my friends.  It brings a huge smile to my face. 

    • Anonymous

      S’mores always remind me of camping with my family.  The crackle of the campfire, the smell of burnt marshmallow, and wonderfully sweet taste of the smore.  Campfire sing-a-longs, fireflys, and lots of mosquitos.  Couldn’t asked for better memories!

    • Anonymous

      Wehad smores this Saturday.  We put up the giant tent an the kids all slept outside.  It’s been a long summer without campfires adn everyone was soooo excited!

    • S’mores around a campfire are great but I remember growing up when we couldn’t build a campfire, we’d light a candle and each take a turn slowly rolling our marshmallow over the flame.

    • Anonymous

      We started using cinnamon grahams for the smores.  Yummo!

    • Anonymous

      I have never had s’mores but daughter has always wanted to go camping need to go and make some mermories

    • Anonymous

      We were on vacation this past June at a Resort in Virginia and they actually had a night where they were doing smores.

    • Nothing like tailgating before my boys Friday night games!  And s’mores starts the game off on the right foot!

    • My favorite memory involving S’mores was with my family when the power went out roasting marshmallows over a small coleman stove. We had so much fun while the power was out.

    • Anonymous

      My fav memory with Smores is when my husband and I discovered we could “roast” the marshmellows with the flame from our gas stove instead of all the usuall smores fuss. Easy!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is last year when we did our first backyard camp out with my then two-year-old daughter.  We built a fire, ate hot dogs cooked over the fire pit, and then concluded the evening with her first taste of s’mores.  She was HOOKED!=)  We are actually planning our annual family backyard camp out this Thursday, and it will be my son’s first time (although he’s only 10 months old, so he probably won’t be eating any s’mores this year!).

      Also – a fun way of making s’mores:  At camp one summer, we didn’t have a campfire to roast marshmallows over, so our counselor showed us how to make s’mores with a handy, dandy blow dryer!  Fun times are always had with a s’mores in hand!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is making S’mores with my grandson!

    • Best s’mores recipe without a campfire -cinnamon toast crunch cereal, mini marshmellow, and chocolate chip on top! I got creative one night!

    • Michelle C Innes

      I usually melt the chocolate and marshmallow fluff in a bowl, add peanut butter and scoop out with graham crackers–this is great for rainy days or when a campfire is just not possible =)

    • brewcrew27

      Our neighbors like to do bonfires and make smores with their children and ours, so we make lots of fun memories with them!

    • Helen Clawson

      I remember making smores  at bonfires  at summer camp:)

    • Anonymous

      I like adding rollos to smores

    • Anonymous

      When I was a camp counselor we skipped the marshmallow roasting step and put the entire smore together and then let it heat up on a stone near the fire.  We loved it and it wasn’t nearly as messy!

    • Lori Miggins

      Smores……one of my favorites!  When caught in a dilemma of not having any hershey’s chocolate one evening, we resorted to using a hershey kiss and to give it a little extra, a tsp of peanut butter (creamy or crunchy).  DELICIOUS!

    • Anonymous

      It reminds of hiking and camping in the cool fall season!

    • I’ll never forget when my children had their first s’more.  They surprised my with how much they ate!

    • Anonymous

      Girl Scout camp!

    • The lake back home in Washington.  Camp fires and smores every summer!  Yum…

    • Jim

      I so remember making smores in Girl Scouts on our camping trips.  That was 35 years ago.  Wow, how memories stay with you!

    • Jim

      I so remember making these in boy scouts.  WOW  – Thar was 35 years ago

    • Rebecca Barnes

      i love all smores memories … from making them around the camp fire with family and friends to making them in the microwave, watching the marshmallows nearly explode!

    • my family has a ranch out in south east san diego county… my favorite thing to do when we have a fire is to make smores in the fireplace.  there is something fun about making them in the living room.  i am a sucker for the good old fashioned hersheys milk chocolate, honey maid grahams and fluffy marshmallows.  i never stray from the original recipe but adding creamy peanut butter sounds yummy too!

    • Favorite s’mores memory — making s’mores with my dad for our Indian Princess Group. 

    • rumroonierum

      I remember making s’mores for the first time at a girl scouts sleepover camp :)

    • Jamie Burton

      My favorite s’mores memory is toasting the marshmallows at my family’s cabin in northern Minnesota and being visited by a chipmunk who kept stealing our marshmallows!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t remember having s’mores too often as a kid, but I sure have made a lot of memories with my own children making s’mores around the campfire.

    • my fun memory is being 8 months pg, “sleeping” outside on the trampoline with my 7,10 and 12 yr old kids and toasting miniature marshmallows for smores over a candle…even if the marshmallows turned a little apple scented, and the cat snuggled up to me in thing night, and the baby-to-be-born jumped in me all night…well, isn’t that enough for memories?!!!

    • Anonymous

      One of the few memories I have of my grandfather was him letting us make s’mores in his backyard fire pit, as a five year old I was so excited about mine that I proudly turned around with mine on my stick and iy got stuck to the poor man’s leg! It singed all the hair off his leg and he had to jump into the pool to stop the burning!

    • My favorite smores’ memory is from a youth trip in which we camped outside. Myself and a couple other girls stayed up later than everyone else around the campfire eating smores. This one girl must have had this one single marshmallow on a stick at the fire for an hour. Smacking it on the burning, ashy wood, catching it on fire and putting it out several times….but when last call came (we were running out of chocolate) you better believe she slapped that baby on a honey maid and smooshed it with some Hershey’s!

    • Anonymous

      My family would go camping for  a week every summer.  The days would be spent boating on the lake and the nights would be spent around the campfire enjoying smores!

    • fooks213

      A fun twist on Smores is to add peanut butter! Yum!

    • Traci Hammett

      my favorite memory is me and my best friend in introducing her daughter and her best friend to s’mores.  the girls loved them and we all had a blast making them together

    • Favorite memory:  When I was about 10, we had a loc- in at my church for girls only and we were going to make s’mores by the camp fire.  Unfortunately it rained so our leader made them in the microwave.  I remember crowding around the microwave with 8 other giggling girls at 1:30 in the morning as Ms. Kay made them one at a time.  I used that same back up plan years later when I was on an overnight camping trip with 29 of my 5th grade students who were completely devastated that it was raining and we couldn’t make s’mores.  Luckily the camp cabin came equipped with a microwave and I had patient parent volunteers who made countless batches of s’mores for my students!

      Recipe:  I don’t know the exact recipe, but someone brought a plate of s’mores brownies to our school last week.  From what I could tell it was graham cracker crumbs on the bottom, brownie in the middle, and marshmallows that had been toasted on the top.  DELICIOUS!

    • Anonymous

      Smores remind me of being with friends and family.  Cant wait to share this with my son!

    • Julie Saulinskas

      A new twist to a smores recipe is to add peanut butter. Delicious!

    • Kathy Collins

      We use Nutella instead of chocolate for a fun twist!!

    • m y

      My grandpa has a small piece of property on the lake at the end of our street.  When my grandma was alive we would have family cookouts there and we always, always had a little fire where we roasted marshmallows on wire hangers. :)

    • Anonymous

      love sitting around a campfire with the kids making s’mores, good way to relax and spend time with each other.

    • Anonymous

      I met my husband while making smores at a singles retreat!  We enjoyed laughing as I constantly burned the marshmallows to a crisp because I couldn’t pay attention to him and the marshmallow. 

    • Theresa Valashinas

      My best Smores memory was definately at summer girl scout camp…I had NEVER had one before and it was pure heaven!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite S’mores memory was a first date from college.  I was cooking dinner on a first date and wanted to make S’mores for dessert.  We didn’t have a place to make a fire so I got the bright idea to “roast” marshmallows on the stove top.  After a couple of minutes the first marshmallow was brown on all sides and ready to meet the chocolate and graham cracker.  Not realizing the stove was now warmer, I held the second marshmallow over the burner and as I was smiling at my date and trying to make a good impression I dropped the marshmallow which immediately hit the burner and caused a small flame.  I put the fire out with a dish towel while my date watched me beat the stove top.  This occurred directly after I told my date I loved to cook and my parents had previously owned a restaurant.  You’ll be shocked to know there actually was a second date – at a restaurant.

    • we love smores and campfires-fav memory the first time we made these with the kids around the camfire they were so sticky-but happy-and eventually covered with dirt–but happy!!!!

    • we love smores and campfires-fav memory the first time we made these with the kids around the camfire they were so sticky-but happy-and eventually covered with dirt–but happy!!!!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory of making s’mores is when my son taught me how to make s’mores in the microwave…now I can have s’mores all year long.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite S’more memories involve our whole family on our yearly camping trip in the Fall.  Sitting around the fire enjoying jokes, stories, songs & S’mores.  Wonderful memories!

    • Anonymous

      We love to make s’mores around our outdoor fire pit in the fall.

    • Anonymous

      It was just a random night with friends, around the fire making s’mores, BUT it was the first time with my baby, who’s now three. He won’t remember it, but I’ll never forget it!

    • S’mores is the whole reason I go camping :) Nothing better than sitting around a big ‘ole campfire with your family roasting marshmallows! I always think about that movie “Sandlot” when people don’t know what they are…cracks me up how he is like “how can i have some more of something when i haven’t had anything?!” haha and now that they sell the jumbo marshmallows its even better!!

    • Megan Thomas

      My favorite memories are watching my children making smores, especially the first time we let them roast their own marshmellows.  Also my son falling asleep while eating one!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memories involving S’mores was eatting them for 9 years as a girl scout.  those were the best years spent traveling, hiking, camping out, and eatting S’mores. 

    • Gabrielle Gomoke

      I think that everyone needs to try the giant campfire s’more marshmallow’s. They are available at walmart. Last fall someone brought them to a bonfire and needless to say they were a hit with the kiddos! Needless to say these gigantic marshmallows are a perfect twist to the traditional s’more!!

    • Gabrielle Gomoke

      I think that everyone needs to try the giant campfire s’more marshmallow’s. They are available at walmart. Last fall someone brought them to a bonfire and needless to say they were a hit with the kiddos! 

    • Anonymous

      We’re going camping next week!  Can’t wait to break out the S’mores.

    • Anonymous

      One of my favorite memories was taking a youth group on a camping trip and eating smores around the campfire.  Everyone had such a good time. 

    • Rachel Wind

      My family and I lived overseas for almost 8 years, where marshmallows were almost impossible to buy and real Hershey’s chocolate had to be carried over from the States.  Graham crackers were very hard to find, also!  But one happy day I managed to get all three ingredients together and introduced my girls (ages 6.5, 5, and 3) to the delight of S’mores.  We didn’t have a real fire, but had the next best thing…a gas stove!  We toasted the marshmallows to a perfect golden brown, put it all together, enjoyed every sweet and sticky bite, and then of course, asked for S’more!

    • sorry no campfire memories with these
      but we did do graham crackers with peanut butter and marshmallows heated in the oven which was good

    • Jenni Davis

      I love eating s’mores when camping.  There is something about sitting around a fire on a cool night with the person you love :) Ahhhhh that is a great feeling!!!  I like my s’more with the chocolate in between 2 marshmallows inside the crackers!! Everyone should try it!

    • Emily Terrell

      My favorite S’more memories revolve around campfires at national parks with my family. We would always go for long hikes and relax in the evenings with tacos and S’mores.

    • I loved shared the first S’more with my son.  I would lovve to be able to share the same with my youngest baby. 

    • stampira

      I have many memories of making s’mores because I was a Cub Scout leader for many years.  I think my absolute favorite is the first campout my boys had as Boy Scouts. It was a huge event with Boy Scout troops from all over central Florida.  Each troop did a skit or song.  After all the fun, we made s’mores around the fires.  They never tasted so good.  JIL

    • Shandra Gilles

      We love making s’mores on the fire pit all year round with family.  My 3 year old loves them and call’s them “snores’, which is so cute. 

    • Anonymous

      Here is a fun twist to the traditional recipe.  Take a banana and peel one side down, but do not remove peel.  Scoop out part of the banana so the banana looks like a canoe.  Add the hersheys chocolate in the center of the carved out banana.  Add marshmallows on top of the chocolate.  Lastly, secure the peel back to the side of the banana.  Either wrap with tinfoil and put on campfire or stick on top of grill for a few minutes until the chocolate and marshmallows melt.  Can be placed in microwave without the tinfoil  for 30 seconds.  Delicious!

    • Amanda Talbert

      I just remember all the times making Smores on our old charcoal grill after we had grilled out. I love those memories!

    • Anonymous

      Adding Peanut Butter, makes it GREAT!!!

    • Chris and Jenny Hartfelder

      I absolutely LOVE Smores, and I can hardly wait to try the new twist my husband tried at the church campout–replacing the chocolate with Reese’s cups.

    • Anonymous

      We love making Smores while camping with our kids!!!

    • Emily Coe

      In fourth grade, my girl scouts troop went on a camping trip to Little River Canyon.  We built a big fire and learned how to make s’mores.  They have been my absolute favorite ever since. In college I would make them in my toaster oven whenever I got really stressed or needed a pick me up. 

    • Emily Terrell

      My favorite S’more twist recipe:

      S’more Cups 
      (The Pampered Chef 2011 Recipe Calendar – October)

      7 whole graham crackers, crushed

      ¼ cup powdered sugar

      6 Tbsp butter, melted

      4 bars milk chocolate candy

      12 large marshmallows

      1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine graham cracker crumbs, powdered sugar, and butter in Small Batter Bowl. Using Small Scoop, place scant scoop of crumb mixture in each cup of Deluxe Mini-Muffin Pan. Press crumbs to form shallow cups with Mini-Tart Shaper. Bake 4-5 minutes or until edges are bubbling. Meanwhile, break two of the candy bars into rectangles. Remove pan from oven; place one rectangle into each cup.
      2. Cut marshmallows in half crosswise using Professional Shears dipped in cold water. Place one marshmallow half in each cup. Return to oven 1-2 minutes or until marshmallows are slightly softened. Remove to Stackable Cooling Rack; cool 15 minutes. Carefully remove cups from pan. Cool completely.
      3. Break remaining candy bars and place in Prep Bowl. Microwave for 1-1 1/2 minutes or until melted and smooth, stirring every 20 seconds. Dip the top of each marshmallow in melted chocolate. Let stand 40-60 minutes.


    • Anonymous

      We make smores with marshmellow cream when we cant have a campfire.  The we set up a tent in the living room and “camp out”!

    • I loved our neighborhood bonfire after Christmas.  We’d haul our old Christmas trees to the park, start a bonfire and burn the trees.  We’d have little fires going where we could roast marshmallows and make s’mores.  It was awesome!

    • Anonymous

      Growing up, my family lived on a dead end dirt road. Right before school started in the fall, the next door neighbor invited all the kids to her backyard for S’mores.  We made S’mores, played games and had a great time. 

    • Anonymous

      My 6 yr. old just asked tonight if I could please buy some marshmallows and fixings so we could have some smores. I love how everyone likes their marshmallow a certain way: barely warm, light brown, or totally burned.

    • My favorite S’mores memory is from a few weeks ago. I was making them in the oven and I used Pam on the pan! DUMB IDEA!!! The broiler got so hot that it caught the Pam on fire and it exploded and the marshmellow caught on fire and would not go out…while trying to put out the fire in the oven I caught a bunch of other stuff (like towels and such) on fire in the kitchen…as I am about to totally freak out my 4 year old walks in the room and says “Mommy, I smell fire…I think I need to call the fire department.”…he was so calm and I was the one freaking out! I ended up using the faucet sprayer from the sink to extinguish everything.

    • Peanut butter is an awesome addition to the traditional s’more.  Another great idea is to eat them cold…  We made them (in the oven) for a late-night snack at camp.  The adults didn’t get to partake until after lights out – and they were extra chewy and delicious!

    • Katie Hickman

      I Love making smores on hot summer evenings with the girls at Girl Scout Camp.  I also like to add peanut butter to my smore.  YUM!

    • My favorite smores memory is teaching my children how to make them for the first time over a bonfire, on the beach at Amelia Island, FL.  

    • Anonymous

      My kids love making smores!

    • Anonymous

      I love to camp out in the backyard with my kids and make yummy smores.

    • Anonymous

      I am a Facebook fan and love making smores.

    • Anonymous

      I am an email subcriber.

    • Anonymous

      A favorite memory is a big family cookout with a campfire and everyone getting sticky from s’mores!

    • Anonymous

      On a cool night, its fun to sit outside with my kids and neighbors and make smores.

    • Anonymous

      After trick or treating, we sit outside and make smores over a fire pit.

    • Edie Jones

      A fun, beachy twist would be to add coconut to the mix!  Also, for a spicy twist, add cayenne pepper!

    • My favorite S’more memories revolve around campfire at my backyard with my 12 year old daughter who turned 12 that day.Together with my 12 year old niece and their two 12 year old friends.I loved the moment when we all put the S’more together and we all said mmmm!!  What a Birthday to remember!!

    • Anonymous

      I would love to win and use the gift card to get everything to make some smores for memorial day weekend.

    • I love eating S’mores and sitting in my back yard with my family.  My little girl is almost three and I have enjoyed teaching her how to make them and watching her expression.  Dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate it the best!

    • I love eating S’mores and sitting in my back yard with my family.  My little girl is almost three and I have enjoyed teaching her how to make them and watching her expression.  Dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate it the best!

    • Anonymous

       We live in Georgia where it is obviously very warm, but the first evening in early fall when it is actually “cool” enough to be warmed by a fire, we get the fire pit going in the back yard and make s’mores! Last year, my husband and I, our three daughters, and my parents sat around the fire licking the marshmallows off our fingers and enjoy simply being together!

    • Anonymous

      they are great for any time

    • Charis Johansen

      My favorite memory is of my little brother’s first time with S’mores: he assembled his chocolate, graham crackers, and raw marshmallow and wanted to know how to put the whole thing on his toasting stick…

    • Anonymous

       I turned 46 in June of this year and had never had a S’more until May of this year when I had a Memorial Day cookout at my house.  I LOVED them!!!  Have had many since then.  The melting marshmallow and chocolate on that crispy graham cracker…yummy!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory of making S’mores was teaching my daughter how to make them for the first time at a campfire in a friend’s backyard.  She loves chocolate and certainly loved this combination.

    • Next February/March – try a Girl Scout Thin Mint Smore! Of so yummy!

    • My fiance and I, my best friend and his wife were having dinner together. We were supposed to bring dessert so we brought S’mores makings and had so much fun grilling the marshmallows and then artfully creating our S’mores. You can’t go wrong with any of these ingredients: Hershey’s chocolate, marshmallows, Graham Crackers  and great friends! :D

    • When I was six years old, I lived on a farm with my grandparents, who were”OLD”, One dusk night, My grandfather looked over and me and said,” Go get 5 sticks off the trees”, Gulp!, I replied, ” What did I do papaw???” He smiled and said,” We are going to enjoy us some chocolate and marshmellers.. I have never had marshmellows before then. He has since past but I will never forget my first s’mores with the best man in the world.

    • Anonymous

      Thinking about S’mores reminds me of the church camp I attended every summer from ages 6 to 16. At every week of camp there was one special night, usually the middle of the week, that we would make S’mores. Usually we would have an awesome night worship service, followed by a hayride and S’mores. Fond memories.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite S’mores memories are of roasting marshmallows over a giant campfire with all my high school friends from church, then putting that ooey, gooey marshmallow between two graham crackers and a giant chunk of Hersey’s chocolate.  I could never eat one without getting in all over me! 

    • Anonymous

      I used to love attending our big camp fires with my high school group at church.  We always sang praise songs, heard some words from the Lord, and ended the night roasting marshmallows and enjoying some delicious and extremely messy S’mores!

    • My favorite S’mores memory is simply making them with my family. We did it both ways…Roaring campfire in the woods on a cool fall evening and in the microwave at home! ;)

    • Anonymous

      If we have a crisis and are out of CHOCOLATE (gasp!) we have substituted Nutella. It was pretty good but nothing beats Hersheys!

    • Please don’t laugh — but I’ve never had a smores treat…and I’m 40 yrs old.


    • We love s’mores (understatement) and even when we aren’t camping, we’ll fire up the grill, grab the skewers and make them in the back yard under the stars.  What’s amazing is how the magic of roasting marshmallows and making s’mores never lessens, even when the sum of outoor adventure is lying on the trampoline, eating our gooey treats, and searching the skies for constellations.

    • I have very fond memories of making S’mores at girl scout camp every year growing up. Everytime I see a camp fire it reminds me of how it isn’t complete without S’mores.

    • My twins had a camping themed sleep-over for their birthday which was in January. So, we set up the big tent in the living room, made a campfire cake found here: http://www.mypapercrane.com/blog/?p=767 and made indoor s’mores recipe here: http://www.hersheys.com/recipes/4346/Indoor-or-Outdoor-S'Mores.aspx. We ended the night with a game of flashlight hide-and-go seek through the house! Lots of fun memories!

    • We regularly have fires behind our house on our 8.5 acres. Nothing spells fall like a nice hot campfire and S-M-O-R-E-S!!

    • Who knew that such a simple treat would lift up our hearts and enjoy every minute that life has to offer, but S’mores have allowed me to savor every moment with the onces I love.  Before my roomate was deployed to Iraq, it was a challenging time for all of us. We studied, cooked, and did everything together including eating S’mores every thursday night which was movie night in our apartment. So during his last weekend in the States before being deployed, we all went to the beach and made S’more over a roasting fire under the stars with all of our friends. As we had our S’mores I learned a very valuable lesson: Life is meant to be lived with family and friends making memories and taking pleasure in the little things in life like walking barefoot on the beach, feeling warmth, hearing a child’s laughter, feeling emotions.  Those S’mores were the most delicious S’mores I have ever had because I shared them with my friend! S’mores: Enjoy the little things in Life!

    • new year’s eve we eat s’mores. my mama brings her s’more kit. it’s fun. i’d like to try s’more with reese cups!

    • Anonymous

      we made smores last weekend in our backyard. we dont have much of a backyard, so we build a square out of wood and added gravel in it. then we put a metal bucket in the middle and made a small fire. this was my 2 yr olds first time making smores. we had soooooo much fun. he talked about that all week ;-)

    • In 2004 we had several hurricanes, and after three days with out power our entire street helped each other out with clean up and decided we should cook all our freezer food together before it went bad and have a street pot luck.  Every one just went house to house and filled up their plates from grill to grill.  Most of these neighbors we had never met before, but am still friends with.  When we ran out of propane we made smores with grill lighters.

    • I know this may be boring BUT the best time to have smores is around a campfire outside during the fall time. Love my marshmellow a little burned! :)

    • Jennifer Matthews

      My favorite memory of smores would have to be when me, my husband, sister and niece went camping. My sister at the time was 13 and my niece was 10 and they both acted like 2 yr olds all day long because there wasnt anything for them to do”or so they thought” at the campsite. Anyway that night my husband made smores and all of a sudden it went from we are bored we wanna go home to wow this is so fun and these tatse so good. Thank goodness for smores!

    • Our family just sat around our firepit tonight and ate marshmallows ! The weather is just getting cool at night to enjoy it.I love mine burned as well.

    • Anonymous

      Hershey’s won’t like this, but I think the best way to eat a roasted marshmallow is between 2 Keebler fudge stripes cookies!! The chocolate is so thin that it melts right away and the taste is amazing!! When I’ve been desperate, I’ve made them in the microwave. :-)

    • Tif

      When I think of smores it always takes me back to when all of my family would go to Disney World and stay at Fort Wilderness campground…every night we would go to the outdoor theatre where they would show a Disney movie and have a campfire and sing along where you could see Chip and Dale…we would always makes smores…and I have to admit I was and still am an addict!  I mean…seriously…who doesn’t love smores?!?!?!? :)

    • I ama Girl Scout leader and I can’t think of anything but girl scouts when I think of ‘smores:) YUMMY!

    • Anonymous

      A few weeks ago I was out of Hershey’s chocolate and had to substitute Godiva chocolate.  My 5 year old son called it the best day of his life.  I’m not sure if it was because of the chocolate or because it let him burn his marshmallows in the fire and then blow them out.

    • TML

      My favorite S’mores memory centers around my son’s birthday. We always planned our family ski vacation around his birthday.  His birthday “cake” request was always S’mores.  I had to get creative to use candles on S’mores, but we actually made it work. We would come back to the condo after a day on the slopes and using the microwave oven we “made” his birthday S’mores.  So, for me, instead of the traditional camping, S’mores bring back precious birthday memories with my son.  

    • We love making smores around here!  Especially in the Fall when the air gets a little chill in it.  We all gather around our chiminea and roast marshmallows to make our smores sandwiches.  The kids love it too. I love seeing their gooey marshmallow smiles:)

    • Last year we were making smores by the campfire with extended family.  Between eating the oozing gooey treats a few cousins held a competition, who could fit the most marshmallows in their mouth.  Hilarious!

    • Anonymous

      Mine is of me and my honey (smore’s are NOT just for kids)  He was firing up the charcoal grill to grill some supper for the two of us. When I spotted the flmaes I went running to the kitchen.  We ended up making Smore’s while the coals reached the perfect grilling temp.  You know the old saying, “life is uncertain, eat dessert first!”  That is exactly what we did that night.  Now it is almost habit.  Any time we use the charcoal grill out come the fixins for Smore’s

    • Pam Haskins

      My family loves to camp and when I say family, I mean our immediate family as well as grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.  We always have a fire and make smores and one night we couldn’t locate the marshmellows or the chocolate and we found our nephews up at the playground with an empty marshmellow bag and chocolate all over their faces and hands.  They had eaten them in the dark and didn’t realize that they had gotten it all over themselves!  When we walked back down to camp and everyone saw them, what a laugh we had.  After I pulled out a mirror, they finally admitted it.  We went to another camper and got more goodies and made smores, but by then they weres sick from eating so much earlier!!

    • Anonymous

      Love s’mores anytime anywhere! Memories of eating them camping out as a kid and now I make them in the microwave for my kids! This is the only way they know but they love them just the same!

    • Tina Miceli

      One night when my husband was working and my kids were sleeping, I was so desperate for a s’more that I broke out the meat fork, stuck on a marshmallow, and sat next to the stove. I prayed that the kids wouldn’t wake up & my husband wouldn’t walk in the door. I’m sure I looked quite silly sitting there in my robe waiting for my marshmallow to be browned just the way I like it.

    • Ashley Sumners

      You can make Mini-S’Mores with a mini marshmallow, 1/4 of a graham cracker sheet, a Hershey’s miniature, a toothpick and a candle! Fun times in the living room!

    • My family would fire up the grill to melt our marshmalows!

    • Anonymous

      The first time I remember having smores was in GA camp as a kid.  I remember thinking they were wonderful, so when I came home I tried to recreate them.  Not as successful then, but I’ve had many more smore-making memories since!

    • My favorite memory of having smores was when I was a brownie scout. We’d go on overnight  camping trips every summer. At night each group would sit in a circle around the campfire with our coat hangers and roast our marsh mellows then put together our smores.   That was 50 years ago but I can still almost taste the hot marshmellow and gooey chocolate! That was my favorite part of the camp out! I now make smores with my grandchildren.

    • Anonymous

      I have established our own little family tradition…for the past 4 years my family (me husband and children age 5 &7) have gone camping for my birthday in October.  We all look forward to it and work together to pick the perfect location.  Instead of birthday cake we celebrate over the campfire making smores.  What a great birthday present it would be to win this!

    • We have s’mores outside in our backyard over our fire pit.  My favorite memory is when my five year old was trying to eat a marshmallow by itself after she had a s’more already, and it plopped onto her face between her eyes.  Luckily it wasn’t hot still, but the goo was everywhere and we couldn’t stop laughing.

    • My favorite memories are with my kids. We Have S’mores in our backyard over the fire pit. We all sit around the pit eating our S’mores and take turns telling ghost stories. (My kids are 5&6 so they’re really not that scary), But one of those nights I told the story about the kid in the closet of the hotel saying  “I got ya! I see ya! Now I’m gunna eat ya!” When the kids figured out the little boy was eating his boogers they cracked up. For the next week or two they would go around saying that.

    • Anonymous

      My friends and I love S’mores! We have mastered the art of making them on the oven. 

    • Anonymous

      My friends and I love S’mores! We have mastered the art of making them on the oven. 

    • I remember making smores with my family at our annual bond fire night. We would have a fire that was absolutely huge and all our friends and family would come. We always ended the evening with smores. Good times.

    • Anonymous

      A fun twist for smores is to add a little spread of strawberry jam to the inside of the graham cracker before you assemble the smore! Frutiy and delicious! :)

    • While trying smores for the first time in childhood, I really felt I was eating somethng “international”.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite smores memory was when I took my son to a homeschool camp and we had a big bonefire and all played drums and the kids made smores.  It was so much fun.  It was a really cool crowd.

    • I never had a s’more as a child.  In my house, we made this bizarre little snack.  I think it originated with my mom’s dad, but I have no idea really.  It’s like a s’more on crack.  Saltine cracker, thin slice of cheddar cheese, marshmallow on top – toasted under the broiler.  Yes, I know.  It sounds insane.  It’s actually quite good – or maybe it’s just that I was brought up to think it is!

    • Anonymous

      My all time favorite recipie…Smores Pie…graham cracker crust, chocolate pudding mixed with marshmallow fluff…YUMMY!!

    • Anonymous

      We toast marshmallows in the fireplace every winter.  You have to catch the marshmallow on fire to make it just right !

    • We have a fire ring in the backyard and do smores all fall and winter long. If holding a stick just doesn’t do it for you then I have an alternative.
      Take a banana and lie it on it’s side, peel the top peel off but let it stay attached to the end. Slicing the banana into quarter inch slices, remove every other slice and put them aside. Take the chocolate pieces and break them in half and tear your marshmellos in half, place one piece in each missing slice alternating between chocolate and marshmellows. Take your graham cracker and crumble it on top. Place the peel back over the banana and wrap the entire banana in foil. Set in the coals for 5-8 minutes. Eat the banana slices while you wait. Remove from fire, open foil, peel back the banana peel and eat with a spoon. Fabulous!

    • We have a fire ring in the backyard and do smores all fall and winter long. If holding a stick just doesn’t do it for you then I have an alternative.
      Take a banana and lie it on it’s side, peel the top peel off but let it stay attached to the end. Slicing the banana into quarter inch slices, remove every other slice and put them aside. Take the chocolate pieces and break them in half and tear your marshmellos in half, place one piece in each missing slice alternating between chocolate and marshmellows. Take your graham cracker and crumble it on top. Place the peel back over the banana and wrap the entire banana in foil. Set in the coals for 5-8 minutes. Eat the banana slices while you wait. Remove from fire, open foil, peel back the banana peel and eat with a spoon. Fabulous!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve heard you can also add a licorice stick/whip at the end. Could be great!

    • Susan Cardin

      Making Smores is the first thing my Cub Scouts ask to do whenever we go camping.  They eat them until their stomachs hurt.  I love to make them with Hershey’s special dark chocolate.  That makes them healthy.,…right?!

    • my favorite s’mores memory is from a summer mission trip in college. one of our last nights all together we headed to a park with guitars and s’mores supplies, ate way too many s’mores and sang praise to God. a sweet time.

    • Nancy Pecoraro

      We love banana sundae s’mores – cut a v from a banana, add mini marshmallows and mini chocolate bits, put the top back on and wrap in heavy duty foil and place at the edge of the campfire.  Once it’s hot, you can use your graham cracker as a scoop to eat all the hot, sweet sundae out of the banana boat. 

    • Anonymous

      I love to fix smores in the microwave and spread peanut butter on the graham cracker with the chocolate and marshmallow. YUM!

    • Anonymous

      I love to fix smores in the microwave and spread peanut butter on the graham cracker with the chocolate and marshmallow. YUM!

    • Anonymous

      When I think of or have s’mores I always remember my years as being a Brownie and Girl scout.  We would sit around bonfire and tell stories, sing, and have delicious s’mores.  What a good time it was : )

    • Anonymous

      Love making smores on the deck at Halloween.  We always have a blast!  Try smores brownies… make a regular batch of brownies.  About 15 minutes before they are finished add mini-marshmallows, roughly chopped graham crackers and choco chips to the top…YUMM-O!!!

    • Anonymous

      every year when it starts getting colder all the kids and adults get together around the fire and roast marshmallows. The kids love it and Papa gets to get rid of all his fallen branches in the yard.

    • Anonymous

      every year when it starts getting colder all the kids and adults get together around the fire and roast marshmallows. The kids love it and Papa gets to get rid of all his fallen branches in the yard.

    • Kimberly Quinn

      Mmm.  Making smores in college with friends from my dorm.  So fun. 

    • Anonymous

      I think s’mores would be delicious with white chocolate, marshmallow and raspberry jam!  YUM :-D

    • We always add a smear of peanut butter to our smores.

    • We like Reses peanut butter cups on our smores, instead of chocolate! they are so yummy!

    • My granddaughter receiving at Christmas last year a lunch box filled with the ingredients to make S’mores. She loved that gift and now when we want those tasty treats it’s our special go to area for all our S’more ingredients.  Yum Yum!

    • Anonymous

      The only memory I really have of making them was in girl scouts!

    • Anonymous

      I love watching my kids and their cousins make s’mores around a campfire at the lake every July 4th!

    • Anonymous

      We made smores every single weekend I was growing up as we went camping every single weekend (when I grew up living in Michigan). Now, when I take my children to visit their grandparents (who still live in MI)–we make smores.  It is a great memory and I love making even more great memories.  

      As a twist we add peanut butter to the graham crackers for a great peanut butter-marshmallow-chocolate rendition.  

    • Every year, for the 4th of July, we have all our friends and family come to our house for a night time pool party.  We have a cook out, and a bonfire…. with our favorite…smores, of course!!  When I think of smores I think of special times with the people I love.

    • Anonymous

      Smores = Camp!
      I remember making smores at camp every summer!

    • yum, I love using a Reese peanut butter cup in place of the chocolate to add that titch of peanut butter flavor!

    • Anonymous

      My boyfriend and I made smore’s around Christmas time in Charleston when we went to see the Christmas lights.  It took us back to our childhood years. 

    • Anonymous

      We like to visit Disney’s Ft. Wilderness and make s’mores by the fire before watching a movie on the big outdoor screen

    • I remember making a S’more over the stove with my dad because it was raining out side and we couldnt build a fire, and the whole time I was thinking to my self this is not going to work..

      Also this past easter my cousin and I roasted the marshmallows over the grill, and broke up pieces to a Hershey’s bunny..

    • Anonymous

      Bon fires with family. :)

    • Anonymous

      We like to use the strawberry flavored marshmallows!

    • Anonymous

      We love s’morse. We love to camp and the best part of camping is smores. At christmas time the tree farm we like to visit has a campfire set up and we roast marshmellows there. Its a great twist to the normal s’mores in the summer. We also love to add peanut butter to the smore. 

    • Anonymous

      campouts at the family pond!

    • when we cant to fireside smores, we use the oven!  it works well and tastes yummy!!

    • Vanessa N-A

      Last time I had s’mores was more than twenty years ago as a girl scout on a camping trip. I am now ready to introduce the delectible treat to my daughters and nieces.

    • We always make S’mores around winter time! There’s just something fantastic about eating S’mores when it’s cold outside : )

    • Anonymous

      Oh, my memory is of the sweet little faces on my children with sticky, chocolately smiles and hands!

    • Anonymous

      I can remember when I was a young girl my daddy and I would make smores. Some of my best memories with my father who passed away in my teens.

    • Anonymous

      I love watching my daughters roast marshmallows and how different they are. One loves to watch it on fire and the other hardly puts it in the fire. Making smores is so much fun as a kid and an adult. Thanks for a fun giveaway.

    • Anonymous

      I always like to switch things up a little bit with the candy bars…reeses cups, dark chocolate…delish!

    • Anonymous

      Making yummy smores with whatever chocolate we could find in the backyard with our make-shift fire.  Good times!

    • Campfires at the lake in college

    • Anonymous

      We add peanut butter to our smores….yummy!  We have a firepit so we make smores in our back yard all of the time.  It’s a mini-camping adventure that we all love so much!

    • Lindsey Tolino

      My parents always had a fire ring that we would make s’mores over when I was a kid. Such good memories.

    • Anonymous

      Both of my children have bdays in the winter, so pool parties are out…but campfires are IN! For my son’s 8th bday, we invited his friends to Camp Nikolas. It was so much fun. After running around all day, the kids were SO excited when we started the campfire. First the hot dogs, then the good stuff…the s’mores. The kids loved them, but eventually lost the patience to wait. So, us moms took advantage of the time to sit by the fire and talk, while making s’mores for whatever kid ran by and snatched them. Good times!

    • Anonymous

      Sitting at Lake Santee is South Carolina with good friends and all the makings for smores.   Kids thought we were the bomb for bringing them. 

    • I add crushed peppermint to my smores.  It gives it a lil more crunch and gives a kick to your tastebuds.  My 2 brothers and I are all grown adults, but when we meet back at our parents for dinner, we are never too big to get in the kitchen and make smores. :)

    • My family always goes camping over the Thanksgiving holiday and of course, s’mores are a camping tradition! A few years ago on this annual camping trip, I broke my index finger (smashed it between two rocks…painful) but that didn’t stop me from having s’mores…my brother just had to make them for me (much to his dismay)!

    • Anonymous

      Smores are also good with a little dab of peanut butter.

    • Girlscout camp, yummmmmmm!!!  Can’t wait to do smores this weekend with the kids :)

    • Anonymous

      We Love to make Smores. My Husband went camping all the time when he was younger & my kids are finally old enough this year to start taking them & they love to make smores, even if it’s only over the stove.

    • Anonymous

      My all time favorite thing is to use reese’s peanut butter cups instead of chocolate bars~~~   SOOOO GOOD!!!

    • My best friend and I were freshman’s in college, she was a picky eater, but she loved some smores. So, given that it was in the middle of the week, we couldn’t necessarily just run off and go to a camp fire, we decided to make smores in our house over the stove! Good times!

    • We use peanut butter cups instead of regular chocolate. We used to do smores all the time when we used to go camping.

    • Anonymous

      My daughter loves smores!  At girl scout campout they were to little to use fire.  So we used a pizza box lined the enire box with foil, Marshmallow fluff, Graham crackers, Hershey bars and let the sun melt it all together.  The girls had the best time!  Now every time we have pizza she wants smores!

    • D

      I remember eating S’mores for the first time when I went camping in NY two years ago.  They were great!

    • My toddler would eat smores everyday if I let him! This Sunday we took all the kids to the lake here in TN, my hubby built a large fire fm scratch boyscouts style and the kids were dancing around the huge fire roasting their smores. If you cant make it to a fire, make smores pops! Place 3 big marshmellows on a stick dip it in hot candy chocolate, before it cools completely sprinkle w. crumbled graham crackers mixed with toffee bits and then pass em out! 

    • Seeing the kids faces when the food comes off the grill & we unwrap the aluminum foil & there is SMORES inside! 

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory was win we were camping one night & my son couldn’t get his marshmellow off & was getting so mad at it!  He finally got it off w/some help & then it was all over his face!  Good times!

    • Anonymous

      Funny–I never had smores til I met my husband. I love smores bars best, though. 

    • My favorite smores memory is with my best friend who came up with the idea of using the microwave since we couldn’t have a fire.

    • Sarah Carter

      We had a get together with the young people from our church and we had a bonfire. We thought we would try to assemble all the chocolate and marshmallows on a cookie sheet and try to get them to melt that way. Smores without the work? Not so much, but it was funny! 

    • My kids have s’mores at least once a week.  We use a big candle to make the s’mores and the kids love it.  It is a real treat  after dinner and the kids look so forward to it!  I use it as a reward for them!!

    • I used to love catching my mallows on fire then waiting until they are burnt to a crisp to blow them out! Then I would eat the outside layer and put the gooey inside into my s’more. I think I really did it just to gross my cousins out, but I enjoyed every minute of it!

    • When you add sliced bananas to the mix it takes the smores to the next level :)

    • liz kemp

      Every year in the fall my family takes a trip to the Blue Ridge mountain and almost every night we make s’mores around the campfire.  While making them we tell stories, laugh and enjoy one another.  It is one of my favorite things to do each year, and this is the only time of year we have S’mores…it truly is a special treat!

    • liz kemp

      Every year in the fall my family takes a trip to the Blue Ridge mountain and almost every night we make s’mores around the campfire.  While making them we tell stories, laugh and enjoy one another.  It is one of my favorite things to do each year, and this is the only time of year we have S’mores…it truly is a special treat!

    • Neena Gulley

      I love Smores!  My favorite twist is to add Peanut Butter to the graham crackers.  YUM!!

    • Anonymous

      Girl scout campfire @ camp wildwood! Best times of my life!

    • Anonymous

      S’mores really came in handy this past weekend. The power was out and we couldn’t cook on the stove. So we made a fire and had hot dogs and S’mores. We layer the graham crackers with Hershey bars, marshmallows, crunchy peanut butter, and Hershey syrup. So good!! We have been eating them for three days now and they never get old. Even the neighbors came over for a S’more. J  

    • N

      I remember eating smores on weekends with my college roommate. Instead of a fire, we roasted the marshmallows over the burner on the stove.

    • Anonymous

      I went on a few camping trips as a kid but we didn’t really do the smore thing. Wish we had. I do them now, more in the winter actually and I roast the marshmallow over a candle. I know a little wierd sounding but it works!

    • We always ate those for Girl Scouts and camping trips.  Dark chocolate or Nutella are good swaps for the traditional chocolate.

    • S’mores always remind me of camping, and since I love camping, so it’s always a good memory! My husband loves to buy bananas when we buy the stuff to make s’mores and he cuts up the bananas and puts chocolate and marshmallows in them and cooks it over the stove and everyone seems to love them too.

    • Alyssa Sparks

      I love to go camping with family and make smores.  I wish time would just stand still while we’re making sweet memories.


      my favorite memory is craving smores so bad that we tried to make them in the microwave in college, lol! with our toddler we make mini trail mix type snacks with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips & teddy grahams. a lot less mess, same good taste. (although nothing beats the original!)

    • Anonymous

      I love putting peanut butter on a graham cracker, then topping it with  chocolate & a marshmallow & putting that in the microwave for a few seconds… Delicious – and you don’t have to wait for a campfire! :)

    • stand snatcher

      My favorite smores memory is making them on our new back porch over our new fire pit.  My two boys had so much fun.  And there wasn’t a better feeling than relaxing on our new porch we had worked so hard to build!

    • christinacox78

      A fun twist…adding a pretzel to have a sweet & salty treat…yum!

    • neenah94

      My whole family making smores while we were camping…watching my son enjoy smores for the first time.

    • My grandma always made them with saltines, peanut butter & marshmallows.  She would usually make them on the stove and they tasted wonderful!  I’m now reliving a childhood memory! 

    • Anonymous

      I don’t have a fun memory…yet!  My husband has been wanting to make S’mores with our family so this would be perfect!

    • Anonymous

      To get everything melted and gooey together we put the chocolate and marshmellows between the graham crackers and wrap them in tinfoil and put them near the fire while we roast and eat marshmellows

    • YUMMERS! Hersheys chocolate and the big campfire marshmallows and we use the cinnamon graham crackers :) Makes me want to start a campfire in our fire pit and eat smores! Would it be terrible if I ate that for lunch while the kids are at school? ;)

    • I read that you can spread a layer of peanut butter on the graham cracker before placing the chocolate on it. I haven’t tried this yet, but plan to!

    • I read that you can spread a layer of peanut butter on the graham cracker before placing the chocolate on. I haven’t tried this yet, but plan to-sounds yummy!

    • Bonnie Tanner

      They just remind me of bonfires in the summer when I was in college.  I’ve tried them with Keebler Fugde striped cookies.  I’ve also stuck the chocolate in the mallow to melt it a little. .  mmm, mm, good!

    • Anonymous

      I LOVE the Skinny Version for S’Mores.. you take Honey Maid Graham Crackers, smooth on some Kraft Marshmallow Fluff and sprinkle Hershey’s Chocolate Mini Baking Chips!! YUMM..

    • my favorite memory is just last summer making and eating smores with my son – my favorite recipe and the one we use often is spreading nutella over each graham cracker, adding the hershey squares and the toasted marshmallow.  we especially love the giant marshmallows that we found at the store this year. 

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is my daughter biting into one for the first time and wondering why her marshmellow was all melted. she was not a happy camper about this turn of events so she threw the marshmellow away and just had melted chocolate and graham crackers.Now she loves the smell of the roasted marshmellows but she will still not eat one.

    • Ashley Cook

      I love the new large marshmallows!  I always had smores camping in the summers with my family.

    • Anonymous

      This past Feb. my daughter turned 2 and we threw her a s’more’s birthday. We roasted hot dogs around a campfire a made traditional s’more’s. For party favors we gave each person a s’more for later (little bag with chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers.) The best part (besides seeing my little girl so happy) was her cake. I made her a giant s’more person wearing a party hat (all edible.) She still talks about her party… 

    • I used to have them in our backyard as a kid!

    • I used to have them in our backyard as a kid!

    • I used to have them in our backyard as a kid!

    • I used to have them in our backyard as a kid!

    • Amy Brown

      Favorite memory would be sitting around a campfire with our youth group from church, making s’mores and singing!

    • Amy Brown

      Favorite memory would be sitting around a campfire with our youth group from church, making s’mores and singing!

    • Amy Brown

      Favorite memory would be sitting around a campfire with our youth group from church, making s’mores and singing!

    • Amy Brown

      Favorite memory would be sitting around a campfire with our youth group from church, making s’mores and singing!

    • We loved roasting marsmallows in the fireplace at my grandparents’ house and making s’mores.  Thanks for doing this contest!  :)

    • Anonymous

      making them w/ my girl scout troop

    • Katie Shinn

      My parents bought a pop-up camper when I was in middle school. They forced my sister and me to travel to many of the state parks with them on the weekends. We enjoyed lots of camp-type meals together but I was always most excited about dessert–S’MORES!

    • Anonymous

      Try making Smore with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!

    • Anonymous

      When my son was very young, he didn’t like chocolate (crazy, I know!).  So he would make what he called “s’m lesses” because they were less than a s’more since his didn’t have chocolate.  He’s 8 now & loves the real deal!

    • Smore Pie!! So yummy!

    • Anonymous

      my friend uses keebler fudge stripe cookies so there is less packages to bring

    • teach_ashlee

      When I don’t have a campfire, I cover a graham cracker with peanut butter, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows.  toast in either the oven or the microwave.  So yummy!!!

    • bnsturner

      I remember making smores with the Girl Scouts on camping trips.  I must confess that my husband and I made them recently using a candle instead of a fire.  They took a little longer than usual, but were still delicious!!!

    • Valerie Alley

      my kids love some smores.  Summer isnt summer without ooey gooey smores! This summer we took the kids camping and of course smores were on the menu.  My MIL stayed at our house to look after the house and animals, and when we got back the girls were telling her about smores. SHE HAD NEVER HAD ONE! So hubby went out in the back yard and started a fire in the grill so she could try them.  She’s hooked! 

    • Anonymous

      My favorite smore memory happened only a few years ago…we had an exchange student with us (about 16 yrs old) from China. She had never had smore before, so we definitely had to introduce them to her. She was just like a little kid! So excited and just loved them (even chocolate on her face). Unfortunately, she ate too many and got sick.

    • Anonymous

      When my family gathers in Northeast Georgia every fall we have a campfire and make S’mores!  I also love to make S’mores bars in the oven…so good!

    • Anonymous

      As a young girl scout we made smores…. Now As a leader we are passing on the tradition of camping and smores by campfire. 

      Also, A twist on smores, take a glazed donut, stick a marshmellow in the middle, and chocolate on top, wrap in tin foil and stick above coals for a couple of minutes, just long enough to melt the chocolate. Then enjoy a sweet messy treat.

    • My family used to go camping at Ft Wilderness in Disney and we would all sit around our fire and make s’mores and tell ghost stories.  It was the best of times!

    • One morning mom had a crazy moment, lost her mind and let the children have smores for breakfast. They still remember 10 years later. Good memories! Sometimes it pays to go crazy and lose our minds!

    • Sarah Enders

      We love doing s’mores on the grill. Build the s’more, wrap it in aluminum foil & throw it on the grill. No sticks or handling gooey marshmallows. 

    • Lori Watkins

      We make s’mores in the toaster oven but add peanut butter to the mix…yummy.  Kids love it and grown ups too!

    • Anonymous

      I would love to win!  Growing up, I always loved making Smores around a bonfire with my cousins :).

      Amy Lauren

    • we took a family trip to Lake Lure, NC & we all sat around that evening, roasting marshmallows & eating smores…great memory!  :)

    • My husband’s 90-year-old Great Aunt taught our 4 kids about smores two years ago on a family vacation in Gatlinburg, TN.  Now they are looking forward to making smores with Chip & Dale at Disney’s Fort Wilderness.

    • Anonymous

      I would love to win one of those kits!
      I am always looking for healthier ways to make delicious foods, and came up with this bite sized recipe for S’Mores:Indoor Mini S’mores Recipe
      Ingredients:(1) Graham crackers, broken into fourths(2) Large marsmallows, cut in half(16) Milk chocolate chipsDirections:
      Stack the S’mores as follows: graham cracker, marshmallow (sticky side down), and 4 chocolate chips on top of the marshallow. Repeat with the other three crackers.Put in the oven under the broiler for about a minute, until browned.

      It’s the perfect bite! Not too much chocolate, just a perfect hint!

    • Anonymous

      I love smores! My favorite twist to the smores is to cut open a banana long ways, sprinkle choc. chips, mini marshmallows, and crushed graham crackers into the opening. Place on a square of aluminum foil and seal the edges. Bake in your oven for 5-10 min. at 300 degrees. I’ve done it on our outside firepit too! The fruit cancels out the chocolate!

    • One Christmas we took a trip to the Gaylord Palms in Nashville, TN.  It was cold outside, but no snow.  So they had a snow machine make snow.  It was so much fun making snowballs and planning attacks.  Afterwards, we sat around the fire, drinking hot chocolate and making smores!  Yummy memories!

    • Anonymous

      As a kid, rarely did we ever have a smore without a blackened marshmallow.  Of course, the chocolate made you forget about the charred taste! 

    • My favorite s’mores memory is watching my kids make them for the first time.

    • Chocolate marshmellows and white chocolate bars!!!!!

    • One of our favorite Christmas traditions is to participate in our church-wide hayride.  I am on staff at the church and we always end our hayride with a fellowship time around a bonfire.  We pack smores fixin’s in baggies and all melt our marshmellows in the fire before we create those delicious treats.  That treat with a little hot chocolate and we are ready to celebrate Christmas.

    • Smore ice cream cake

    • Mrs

      My Dear Husband takes our children camping every year.  I get to stay home and enjoy time to myself.  I always make sure that I pack enough Hershey’s Chocolate, Marshmallows, and Graham Crackers.  I’m just delighted to get to have time to myself and for my Dear Husband to enjoy time with our children. 

    • Anonymous

      My Husband and kids just recently bought me a fire pit I have been wanting FOREVER. A friend and her family come over every other week and we make smores. I think my favorite way to make smores is….strawberry marshmellows, chocolate graham crackers and Hersheys Chocolate. It is just like a chocolate covered strawberry.

    • My Grandmother and I would go to the beach together every year for summer when I was a child. She always made the best ham and cheese sandwiches for after swimming. She was a firm believer in limiting sugary drinks and allowed one glass of apple juice a day and all the cold water I wanted from an old ceramic pitcher. But at night while watching Johnny Carson we would always have S’mores made with Hershey’s chocolate.She used to say everyone needs a little sweetness in life.

    • Around the campfire-nothing like the taste of a marshmellow on fire!  We would use sticks we found in the woods-then put the melting marshmellow right on top of the chocolate!!! so good! 

    • co

      I remember “camping” in the back yard as a child and building a bon fire and roasting hot dogs and s’mores.  I need to do that with my kids!

    • Anonymous

      We went to the Lake and had a nice fire with family and just had a great night, talking and hanging out with the fam.

    • Weekdays can become long and stressful specifically for a 5th grade teacher. To ease the tension and add some family time to my life, my extended family gets together every Sunday evening. We sit out on the deck, watch and laugh while the “non-Eagle Scout” tries to light the fire in the fire pit and the kids run around chasing one another with fallen tree branches pretending they are on fire saying “Quick run from the fire before it gets you, get on the trampoline” (I assume coming from the times the marshmallows inevitably start on fire). We then pull out the S’ more items and begin to build the highlight of the night (or at least for my mouth!). The kids make us laugh as the marshmallows smoosh out of the graham crackers and all over their adorable faces! To me, s’mores mean family time and lots of laughs!

      The best s’more is created using graham crackers for the exterior, a gooey brownie (betty crocker brownie mix with 1/2 bag marshmallows cooked and cooled) acting as the chocolate, and yummy roasted marshmallows for the sake of tradition!

    • Anonymous

      My brother swears he makes the best roasted marshmallow. It was fun to sit by the fire last spring to compare who’s was more golden.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is whenmy children along with the next door neighbor would build a bomb fire and make smores using chocolate bars, marshmellows and peanutbutter!!

    • Growing up, I remember family camping trips, and my dad would have us collect palm branches, and then he would shave and sharpen the end and we would use that to roast the marshmallows with. YUM 

    • Anonymous

      We were in Costa Rica this summer with missionary friends and they put peanut butter and marshmallow on some chocolate cookies called chickys

    • WB Trice

      Ahh, I’d forgotten about our newlywed s’mores nights with our newlywed neighbors! We did it all summer long over the grill. Now I think of it more as a winter/camping thing, but in that season of life when we didn’t have much, those are the things that made life sweet!

    • Anonymous

      I’m not big on milk chocolate or dark chocolate.. so i use white chocolate in my smores… yummy

    • Deanna G.

      You should try adding peanut butter to the graham crackers. Yummy. :)

      calidreamin87 (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Anonymous

      We took a little “cowboy vacation” with my side of the family last year, & we rented two houses on a horse ranch. My 3 boys & all their cousins got all decked out in boots, hats, & vests for the get together. After cooking hotdogs over the fire, they HAD to make s’mores with giant marshmallows! They all found it pretty hilarious when my hubby told them how his older brother used to trick him by saying how delicious it was to smother your marshmallow in ashes before you eat it. He would do it, because he thought his brother was so cool! The kids all got a good laugh. Those are the best times…pure joy with my boys & no distractions!

    • Traci Cherry

      Every memory of S’mores is a favorite memory and there are several. They’re always best over a small bonfire under a starry night with loved ones who don’t mind your chocolatey mellow-mustache. : )

    • Anonymous

      We just went camping a few weeks ago. You know you’re S’mores crazy when you build a roaring fire in the middle of a heat wave!  Our favorite memory takes place with those left over marshmallows that just happen to fall strategically in the firepit.  Those sweet, innocent little marshmallows take on new life as they grow and grow and grow into amazing works of art.  We’re still laughing!

    • I use to go camping when with my parents and that was the highlight of the trip was making s’mores

    • You should put the roasted marshmallow between a Little Debbie Nutty Bar.  It’s delicious. 

    • I love making smores every Sunday evenight with my kids!  It has become a family tradition this summer!

    • Anonymous

      This was the first summer for my husband & I to join my family reunion with our children. We have a ton of fun traditions during the reunion … (did I mention the reunion is 40 people crammed into this big cabin for three days?) Our children, age 2 & 1 LOVED every minute of the fun, but the especially loved our Friday night SMORES night around the campfire. They found a new favorite treat (:

    • Anonymous

      Fun Twist to the traditional recipe

      Hershery’s bars
      Fluff marshmallow
      Sea salt

      Take and halve the croissants and spread marshmallow fluff on both insides and place hershey bar pieces in the middle and sprinkle a lil bit of sea salt. The salt accentuates the sweetness of the chocolate.

      Fire up the grill and place the croissants on the side of the flame not directly on it, until the chocolate has melted and the croissant is toasted.


      This is great for anyone that lives in a neighbor/ subdivision that won’t let you have a fire in your back yard, and still enjoy a s’more =) We loved it!

    • My favorite smore memory is one of my friends birthday’s this past year. She decided she wanted to do a campfire, and I remember all the kids eating their s’mores and all the fun we had just hanging out. 

    • Anonymous

      My hubby and I try to give our children the enjoyment of camping with our family and always end up comparing with the “old day” experiences-s’mores always there!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite smores memory is introducing them to my friends that had never made them before…we lit up the grill and used the fire for some great marshmallow roasting and smore making!  After that, my friends were hooked!

    • i<3freestuff

      At my in-laws, making S’mores with my 1st child, pregnant with my 2nd. My five year old is sticky from head to toe and my father in law had the bright idea to give her a dry paper towel to remove the marshmallows. Then she was not only covered in marshmallows, but also in paper towel bits!

    • Anonymous

      A few weeks ago my family and I traveled to our favorite camping spot of all times! We were greeted with an unfriendly sign at the campsite rental booth that there was a burn ban in effect.  ( Turner Falls, OK)  We all took a deep breath and continued our family trip sans the campfire:( While we still had fun being together and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature around us, we ALL felt like something was missing.  We traveled home and thought we were all pleased with the vacation spent…We collectively decided that no trip could be considered complete without fire roasted Smores!!! So after our hour and a half drive home,  we gathered up all our remaining firewood from last winter, went outside to the outdoor fireplace, and stoked up a blazing inferno… (controlled of course;)  My daughters unpacked all of our Smores “supplies” and began the ritual that always seemed to bring us together no matter what our differences. All the trivial “teenage” things seemed to disappear with the melting of the marshmallows,  and the delicate Hershey’s chocolate squishing between the crispy graham cracker shells.  We sat and talked for hours about anything and everything!  So, to all my neighbors who stepped outside on that August night and wondered who in their right minds would be burning an outdoor fireplace in a drought and record setting heat indexes.  That would be US:) We needed it!

      Pennie Douglas,
      McKinney, TX

    • Anonymous

      One of my husband and I’s first dates was sitting on the tailgate of his truck with friends, and making smores over the campfire :)

    • As crazy as it is, we recently made s’mores in the microwave. My son got a microwave s’mores maker for Christmas. He had a sleep over recently and that is what we had for dessert. The boys loved it!! And my hubby got me into doubling the chocolate that I  was using to make them so very yummy!!!

    • As crazy as it is, we recently made s’mores in the microwave. My son got a microwave s’mores maker for Christmas. He had a sleep over recently and that is what we had for dessert. The boys loved it!! And my hubby got me into doubling the chocolate that I  was using to make them so very yummy!!!

    • Storm power outages are the perfect time to make s’mores? No greater stress reliever than chocolate and marshmallows roasted over candles…

    • Shu Miao

      making my first S’mores over the campfire with my hubby.

    • Jodi Lewis

      While roasting smores with my children, my best friend, and her son, we realized we didn’t have enough hershey bars to make smores for ourselves, just the kids.  :(  So we roasted them over the fire pit, and the kids enjoyed them very much!  Saddened by this :)  I went scouring through her refrigerator,,,,only to find peanut butter fudge her Mama had brought her during her last visit.  A lightbulb went off!!!!!!  So we told the kids to go play, and we roasted chocolate fudge and marshmallow smores (for ourselves, and didn’t share with the kiddos :)  Best smores I ever had!  We cherish that memory together, since her husband was recently given orders by the Navy, and they have moved ten hours away :(  Nothing makes better memories than SMORES!

    • Anonymous

      Smore around the campfire when I was young camping with family!!

    • Anonymous

      Learning to build a fire & make s’mores in Girl Scouts!

    • S’Mores around the camp fire with family and friends!  I also do S’Mores in Winter in the microwave!!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite smores memory was making them with my daughter for the first time!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory of making smores was in college.  I lived in a dorm and we didn’t have access to a campfire so we used candles!  We put our marshmallows on toothpicks, roasted them, and then made smores.  We were very inventive….especially when it involves desserts!

    • Anonymous

      My memory about s’mores involves us in our backyard in our own pit.  The kids love it all winter long.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite S’mores memory was as a child at my late grandparents house.  They used to buy the makings and let me sit by a small heater and heat the marshmellow up to a melting point and squish it in the graham crackers.  We didn’t have a lot of money, but we sure did have a great time spending time with one another.

    • I like to make my S’more with reese’s cups!

    • Loved Girl Scouts yearly camping trip and smores around the fire while singing songs. Kumbayah!

    • Anonymous

      Making them over a fire while camping with friends and family!

    • Anonymous

      making smores and hotdogs in backyard in summer time

    • Anonymous

      A fun twist is adding peanut butter!

    • I actually can’t remember ever having one, but I plan to change that when we vacation in Colorado.  It will be a good time to introduce it to my 3 yr old too.

    • Anonymous

      I remember going to church camp as a kid and it rained ALL week – we could never have a campfire and finally made s’mores over a candle while sitting on the stage of an open-air but roofed amphitheater b/c it was the closest we were going to get!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory of s’mores was when my older sister and her girl scout troop where telling scary stories in our living room and I was hiding and made a noise. They all paniced and ran and I took all there s’mores and hid! I got in trouble but it was sooo worth it!

    • Anonymous

      I remember eating smores once or twice in the summer we would go to the mountains and cook out and they would be dessert.  Money was tight so they were an extra special treat.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is when my sister and I (I was 16 and she was 25) traveled to Estes Park Colorado from Northern Illinois.  We met a few guys on our way that “happened” to stay at the same camp ground as we did.  We sat around their campfire and made s’mores.  I being sixteen was clumsy around “guys” and got marshmallows all over my hands and face.  My sister ended up marrying one of the guys!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is when my sister and I drove to Estes Park Colorado (I was 16 and she was 25).  We met a few guys on the way and they ended up camping in the same campground as we did (hmmm, imagine that?).  We sat around their campfire and made s’mores.  I being 16, was kinda awkward around “guys” still, wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing and got marshmallows all on my hands and face and melted the bottom of my shoe!  My sister ended up marrying one of the guys!

    • Anonymous

      The first time I made a s’more with my oldest son (who is now 13) when he was about 5.  We made them on our grill out back!  He loved it! For years everytime he saw his dad go out and start the grill he thought we were going to make s’mores!!

    • Anonymous

      I like to use the cinnamon or chocolate grahams to make my s’mores…yummy!

    • Girl Scouts around a campfire telling ghost stories and scaring ourselves silly

    • Anonymous

      I am a Facebook and love to make smores.

    • Anonymous

      I get your emails.

    • Anonymous

      My kids love to make smores in the fall.

    • Anonymous

      Its a great weekend treat for the kids.

    • Anonymous

      I love smores and would love to win.

    • Anonymous

      Traditional smores are the best!

    • I love catching my marshmallow on FIRE! The crispy outside smashed against warm Hershey’s milk chocolate candy bar crammed in between cinnamon graham crackers!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! 

    • Melsmayhem

      I love making s’mores with my kids; didn’t do it much as a kid so making up for it. We use dark chocolate and load up the melting marshmallows. We roast them over the grill, the stove, or even a fire if handy. yummmm!

    • Tracee’ Rusilowicz

      The first time my daugther learned about S’mores… she loves chocolate and enjoyed roasting marshmallows, but when we introduced her to the S’more.. OMG.. she was in heaven!  She was covered in melted chocolate and marshmallows!  :)

    • Singsanctus

      Hated them as a child, but enjoy them as an adult. I like to heat them in the oven; it tastes different, for some reason. Compile the s’more, line a jelly roll pan with tinfoil, sit it on there to heat up!

    • Onenonly29172

      Nerver had them growing up…as we were poor folks, but once we were able to in our upper yrs…we got to taste them/make them and love them.

    • Melonie

      The first time I ever had a s’more was after I had the “s’more candy bar” when I was 14.I just had to try an original. My dad bought me the grahams, marshmallows, and chocolates and we had a campfire with talks about cars. How did I grow up not eating s’mores? Love them!

    • Dianneluke87

      the first week of summer, my daughter and I spent the night in a tent on the deck.  We at “schmos” and watched movies on the computer

    • Kfreedom05

      I remember the first time I had smores it was at summer camp I got chocolate all down my chin I was so embarsed cause there was a boy ther I liked that was 24 years ago HA! But for abit of a short cut for my kids I do them in the toaster oven 350 till marshmellows brown then micro for 10 sec.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory is making smores at girl scout camp at our nightly campfire singing songs together.

    • Paige

      I don’t know that we ate s’mores all of the time (we sure did eat the marshmallows over the fire though) but when we did have s’mores, mmm. I love warming the chocolate too by placing a graham cracker with chocolate on a rock at the edge of the fire to warm while I toast my marshmallows -2 – slowly so they are all melty and gooey inside and then I char the outside with a nice burn.  With the two marshmallows and a little melty chocolate, mmm.  My kids love them now too! I don’t mind the sticky goodness mess!

    • Louise

      I remember roasting marshmallows on the beach on Long Island. We’d have awesome bonfires! I loved when my marshmallow would catch on fire. I loved them really toasty. Yum…I want a smore right now….all this chocolate talk isn’t good for a pregnant woman.

    • Badndadsmom

      I remember going back to my hometown and my boys got to make S’mores for the 1st time. It was pretty cool that we were in the same place for our 1st S’more.

    • Anonymous

      I remember our family making smores at our community’s annual bonfire.

    • Gina

      As with all chocolate, I love smores.  While I have fond memories of outdoor parties with my family enjoying smores, my fondest memory of childhood has been replaced by the joy of introducing them to my grandchildren.

    • Ec_pelkey

      Family Reunion and grilling Smores on the campfire:) 

    • Anonymous

      As a child we would have bon-fires at the beach with all the family and we would always have smores…now my kids enjoy them while camping or having bon-fires..

    • Gloriajared708

      I dont believe I have ever made smores or even ate one by a fire. i will say toasted marshmallows Are Soo good…wonderful family memories with those…I cant see how adding chocolate could hurt LOL

    • Anonymous

      I love to make smores the traditional way, except add a slather of peanut butter on the graham before you add the toasted marshmallow. sooo yummy!

    • Anonymous

      We just had a cook-out in the backyard w/ family from out of town. And the big dessert hit was a Bon Fire & S’mores!!! memories are made w/ these things! SO much fun!! :)

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory involving smores was last year one fall weekend. My sister came up for the weekend from out of town and we had friends over. It was super chilly outside, but we all wanted to hang out and didnt want the night to end so we took a cheap 3 dollar portable “grill” outside to the middle of my apartment parking lot, set up every lawn chair i had around it (including the reclining kind you use for tanning LOL) set that puppy on fire, found some graham crackers, marshmallows and uses M&M’s because we couldnt find chocolate. The longer we sat out there, the more people from the apartment complex came out and joined. we wound up with a crowd of like 60+ at 12am in the morning!! It was AWESOME to spend the time with my friends and family, and also my “other” family that lived around me…People still talk about our “EPIC” smores night to this day!! All with a little 3 dollar portable grill :)

    • Mary

      Many, many campfires as a kid letting my marshmallow go up in flames before I would smoosh it between the chocolate and graham crackers!  yummm….

    • Gorgemom22

      My children absolutely adore smores.  Anytime we have a bonfire, we have to make a run to the store for smore’s supplies!  I love a traditional smore with the graham crackers, Hersheys Milk Chocolate Bar and the perfectly ooey-gooey golden brown marshmallow.  For a special treat, I will use the Hersheys Cookies & Cream bar instead of the milk chocolate…..so creamy and divine!! 

    • Amber Veuleman

      I have always loved how sticky smores are. You can’t eat them without licking your fingers clean afterwards!

    • Cinderella9202003

      when I taught childcare, we had a camping theme for the week. I decorated the room in sheets from the ceiling to the floor to make it look like a tent. we used flash lights on that Friday instead of regular lights, we sang songs and made smores. I had to use the microwave instead of an indoor campfire and the marshmallows got huge, but made really yummy smores. It was by far the kids favorite week!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite S’Mores memory is that I’d never had one until I was 25!

    • Anonymous

      my favorite memory is when my husband, 4 kids, and myself went camping together for the first time.  When the kids found out we were camping, the constantly asked about making s’mores on the campfire.  So after dinner on our first night, they won the lotto!  We made double decker smores and use many diaper wipes to become “sticky free”.

    • Kdbray72

      I never had S’mores until a few years ago. I always loved roasted marshmallows, Graham crackers, and Hershey’s but not together. I really enjoyed my first taste at a friends house while sitting around a fire pit.

    • Nicehenkels

      My side of the family always takes a late spring mini vacation usually to a state park and we always get cabins so we can stay together.  Love it.  My son had turned 3 in Feb. and he loved fireman stuff.  So we broke out the smore makings one evening and the bug spray and had a wonderful fire going.  My son was asking us all kinds of questions about the fire and how it melts the marshmallow and he kind of got scared when we let his marshmallow catch fire….when we finally got it assembled and he took his first bite…he was hooked and had it from head to toe–the ooey gooey goodness of a smore with his fire hat on!! a picture perfect moment :)

    • Guest

      S’Mores are a staple in our family for spring AND fall campfires.  The best addition. . . .add a little peanut butter!  The warm marshmallow makes the peanut butter a little gooey and it is the perfect combination!

    • Charla Smith

      My favorite S’More’s memory is taking our three boys camping on top of Monte Sano Mountain on a cool fall weekend. After my Webelo cub, Jordan, built a fantastic crackling fire, we all sat around with the marshmallows hovering over the fire getting perfectly toasted. My youngest son who was 4 at the time made me, his mommy, several marshmallows and learned to burn them just like she likes. Of course the chocolate melted when the marshmallow was smashed between the graham crackers. It was ooey gooey delish!

    • Anonymous

      About 10 years ago I went on my first camping trip and was introduced to S’mores.  They were so delicious!! 

    • Anonymous

      I remember these were a staple when I was a child and went to summer camp…I wonder if I will still think they are just as yummy?  My kids certainly will!

    • Amb3p

      Some of my fondest childhood memories involve S’mores. If we were having a bonfire, camping, or just grilling, you could bet that there were S’mores. Now that I’m a mom of three I’ve carried on the tradition of having S’mores with my family. To me they just bring  everyone together in the process of making them. Everyone gets a turn. Another way that I make them sometimes is in the microwave. Its fast and a nice treat for the kids and me. I haven’t experimented to much with changing the recipe but I will say that I have used Hershey’s Almond bars and it is awesome!

    • Melinda Wilson

      As a child, I would go camping and one of the nights we would have smores. The biggest problem we always had was having to hide all the ingredients until the evening we would do this!

    • Sarah L

      Reminds me of all those fun family camping trips growing up. Even still, camping just isn’t camping without s’mores!  My newfound favorite: peanut butter on the graham crackers, with melted chocolate, of course.

    • Laura

      Camping!  We always had smores camping!  Good times!

    • Mandy

      At youth church gatherings

    • Heather

      the best times were making them as a kid in southern Illinois, because all our friends were there.

    • 4thegirls31

      I just love camping and eating smores at a campfire.  The standard recipe for smores is perfect, just the way it is :)

    • Holdgate04

      Smores and Camping are the only way to go. 

    • growing up we used to make smores with peanut butter! mmmmmmm…..!!!

    • Jwtaylor2000

      Making them with my two little boys over the fireplace!

    • Emily M.

      My best times with smores include college study breaks, Bible study snacks, camping, sleepovers and dinner with friends. I mean who doesn’t love a good smore!! For a twist, spread some nutella or peanut butter on the inside of the graham cracker before creating your smore. You won’t be disappointed!!! Oh how I love smores!!!!

    • Stacee

      My daughter had her first s’more this summer at her grandparent’s house.  We sat around a small fire pit in the back yard roasting marshmallows and enjoying time together.  I hope she is able to hold on to moments like that during her lifetime. :)

    • Lizz

      Smores around the campfire at girls camp! the best!

    • Anonymous

      This Wednesday night was pretty nice. Several families came over and we grilled hot dogs, sat around the fire, roasted marshmallows for smores, and talked about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

    • PeachyDeals

      Yummy!  Love S’mores!  One of my fav memories is getting everything together and having the fire rained out but making them anyway.  We broke some of the graham crackers into a baking dish and then topped with broken choc bars, the marshmallows and more broken grahams.  Popped them in the oven for a bit.  Once they cooled, we broke up into chunks and devoured them.  Wonderful! and satisfied the craving too.

    • Being in front of the camp fire making s’mores with my family growing up. Those were the days!!

    • Maggiewhitney14

      Camping with the family on a RV Trip. :)

    • Jeffandchristy

      My son has a spend the night party each year in August and we always have smores!  The boys love it!

    • Marsett1981

      I remember making smores around a camp fire as a girl scout in West Summer Land Key In Key West, FL . I always looked forward to the that trip as a child. 

    • Alyssadb

      love S’mores around a campfire. Classics never get old!

    • Megerdahls

      Eating Smores with my Pettit Team traveling friends

    • Andrew B

      I always enjoyed camping with my family and eating S’mores.  We would sit around a warm campfire in the cool fall evenings and make S’mores after roasting the marshmellow on the camp fire.  Stories and jokes would be shared and memories made. 

    • Abby

      Making s’mores at Girl Scout Camp!

      For an indoor s’more, we “cook” the marshmallows in the microwave and then put them on graham crackers spread with Nutella.

    • Ryan

      The first time my son ate smores…. he was such a sticky mess!

    • Julie G

      At Stone Mtn. at Christmas time.  They had all the stuff to make smore’s out of and some bon fires.  The kids loved it.

    • Valeen Ramirez

       My favorite of Smores is every attempt of roasting a marshmellow resulted in a burnt crisp…which made them even more yummy!

    • The first time I ate smores I was at camp. I loved them!

    • Laynerobbins

      We like to mix it up with chocolate with nuts, crackle, ect…yummy! Perfect looking through your halloween treat bag at the campfire in October!

    • Jhuff700

      My family used to take the boat out to camp on an island i the early fall…just cool enough at night that the campfire and smores were the highlight of the trip.

    • Cheryl

      It was 1970 at Girl Scouts at our overnighter.  I thought that they were better than my mom’s pie. 

    • laura

      I saw a fun idea for a springtime s’more:  Use Peeps for the marshmallows!  Sounds like fun to me – I love s’mores in any form :)

    • Lisa J

      girl scout camp and scary stories! best of times :)

    • Rthomas

      My best memory was the first time I took my two little girls camping in the back yard. The smores only added to the adventure!

    • Anne

      Smores  in our backyard with the kids (the big kids and the little ones too!).

    • Msbea

      I remember the excitement of going to The Smokie Mts. in Tennessee. After a long drive through Cades Cove we’d then stop at a picnic ground with all our camping gear and prepare our dinner. Of course we saved the best for last. Smores. Oh who can resist that.

    • I never made nor ate a fire smore in my thirty years til this july at a cousin b-day party in the middle of the day.   I do have memories of roasting marshmallow around the camp fire while camping with my brothers. 

    • Kidstuffgirl

      My favorite memory was making S’mores with the girls that I mentor and having them getting all sticky and chocolate all over their faces!

    • Friends came over built a fire and made smores.  This can fun for young or old at hear.  Makes memories to last a lifetime.

    • Eaddy

      Seeing my son eat one for the first time! He enjoyed all the gooeyness!

    • Barb

      Making smores at campfires when I was a girl scout!

    • sheryl

      The best memories I can remember eating smores, was when I was a @ Girl Scout camp & eating them by the campfire & telling stories

    • Allee

      I always remember having them at Girl Scout camp around a fire. Also, for the first time this year I had them with a Reese’s cup instead of chocolate. Really good also!

    • Kathy

      HAve to have smores at the family picnics! Memories of childhood everytime we have them!!

    • Lindsey

      I remember camping at the lake with family when I was young. One of my aunts owned an RV with a microwave so when my brother, cousin, and I got bored of making s’mores over the campfire we decided to see if we could speed the roasting process by microwaving the marshmallow. Needless to say our marshmallows grew about 300 times in size and exploded in the microwave. Yea, we spent the rest of the evening cleaning up the microwave mess.

    • Angiefryer


    • Sharon

      Making Smores with my cousins out in the country and catching fireflys!

    • my favorite Smores spot is right here in our backyard!! we have 8 acres behind us w/a great mtn view and our own firepit!, so home is where we like to make our smores memories!!

    • Cshell090869

      I love S’mores the original way, but there good too if you use Hershey’s cookies and cream candy bars instead of the chocolate bars.

    • Tiffyb424

      I just made Smores cookies and I think I might be sick from eating the batter alone!  :-)

    • michelle

      I had smores for the first time when I was 33 years old.  Someone suggested we make them for my students (Kindergarten) as a class project.  I had never thought smores looked very good so I wasn’t excited about the project. 
      Well, I tried them and almost fell over.  It was love at first bite.  I ate so many smores that day. I even went home and made some.  I absolutely LOVE them now.

    • Bethlong360

      Favorite memory was an extended family vacation everyone was sitting by the fire roasting marshmallows to make s’mores. My Aunt caught her marshmallow on fire, stood up swinging it in the air to put the fire out.  The flaming marshmallow flew through the air, over the fire, and landed right on my thigh (while still on fire).  I had a scar for the longest time. 

    • Hannah Hussain

      When my husband and I worked at a summer camp during college, he designed a special class with a friend where they taught campers how to make THE perfect s’more. As an Eagle Scout and camping enthusiast, he had plenty of s’more making experience. They made s’mores with mini marshmallows, different candy bars, peanut butter, different flavors of graham crackers, and bananas! The campers were so excited about the class and continued to talk about it for several summers afterward. 

    • Anonymous

      Love them!! Best campfire treat around.

    • Mark

      Making S’mores while watching campfire movie at Disney’s Fort Wilderness.

    • Frugalest2010

      Try S’mores with Caramel Sundae topping to make them extra decadent! So delicious!

    • Jvmeeks

      My dad loves S’mores and introduced me to them when I was little.  I love them too!

    • Barbara2508

      I need to admitt that I never had smores. Shame on me…

    • Aprilpcnm

      My favorite memory of s’mores …. all those Girl Scout camping trips!!  Years ago I made S’mores as a girl scout, and now l make them with my girls in their girl scout troop. Yummy Great memories.

    • Carlylg

      Smores with Peanut Butter are yummy!

    • Anonymous

      I like to use the marshmallow “fluff” instead of the individual marshmallows….mmmm….gooey!!! :)

    • Norma

      Our family loves to add peanut butter to our smores!  And for a little bit more healthy smore, we use marshmallow cream, nutella and the graham crackers.  It is yummy as well!

    • Lphelps

      I think my favorite memory of making and eating s’mores is the first time. I was around 9 years old and my aunt gathered all the grandchildren to clean up fallen limbs in my Grandparents yard. To reward us for our work she showed us how to make s’mores!

    • Penrose33

      This past fourth of July, we had two couples (long-time friends), and their kids over for a cookout and swimming party. We made s’mores for dessert, and we got great pictures of all the kids with their faces smeared with chocolate and marshmallows. Love it!

    • I have never had a smore.

    • Dandelion

      Making S’mores while camping with my family as a child in Alaska.

    • Nyfiredancer

      As a girl scout in camp telling scary stories and making friends that lasted a lifetime :)

    • Heather

      We add caramel to ours!  Stack teh graham cracker, then use the hershey’s caramel syrup, then the chocolate bar, marshmello, more caramel, and the graham cracker.  Its SOOO delicious!  I remember being five and making these in my grandparents back yard with them.  I love s’mores! 

    • Marinewife8863

      I love roasting marshmallows but I don’t like eating them. Every July when our family has our annual get together I sit by the fire and roast marshmallows all night so that the kids can make smores! Love seeing the kids messy faces afterwards!

    • Anonymous

      I like to get the chocolate covered peeps at easter and make them with those. They are soooo good!

    • Patty

      I like peanut butter with my smores. Bring backs memory’s of camping.

    • Anonymous

      We like to use marshmallow cream to make them indoors.

    • H Banner

      I loved fixing them with my Mom for my daughter for the first time. She was three and we roasted the marshmallows in the fireplace and made the smores. She was gooey mess, but she loved every minute of it, and so did we!

    • Reidstephanie

      My favorite memories of eating S’mores are with my children… Ava my 3 1/2 year old loves to “go camping”.  Although I love camping, I have to admit It’s not as easy as it use to be now with 2 children.  My husband & I (before kids) use to pack up our camping gear last minute on a Friday after work and head to the mountains for an overnight camping adventure.  Now It takes me half the day just to pack up for a one night stay not to mention getting there and getting the tent set up and collecting wood, all without losing the kids! ha! So… Ava going camping means having a little camp fire in our back yard in our fire pit and making S’mores.  The funny thing is she loves to make the S’more but just eat the marshmallow out of it.  Fine with me, because you know you gets to eat the chocolate & graham cracker… me! We make a big deal out of picking out the right stick and widdling it just sharp enough to smoothly slide a marshmallow on it.  So around our house when I hear our 3 year old say, “mom, can we go camping?” That means, “mom, can we make S’mores?”  I love it! 

    • Ana Maria S.

      I loved making them at my inlaws house out on the back patio around the fire pit…yum

    • Lstewart002

      My brother and sisters used to love making smores around the campfire.   Sometimes it was a special occasion but most of the time it was just to eat the smores!    As adults, we still try to do this as often as we can with our own children and grandchildren.

    • I remember when my son was 1 years old and we made smores by the camp fire during his first family reunion…….he called them MORE MORES…….now we make them at every family reunion

    • Jeannagripper

      My dad helping me to roast the marshmallow- meaning, helping me to not drop it in the dirt on my way to my mouth!  

    • Cherylbarnett

      discovered when a camping trip got rained out that smores are just as good when you use the microwave!

    • We always made S’mores as Girl Scouts when my sister and I were growing up in Oak Ridge, TN. We would take our trusty pocket knives and cut green twigs to roast the marshmallows over the fire that was a badge requirement.  I loved the melted marshmallows and not so much the chocolate.  Have not eaten a s’more in now over 40 years, but they sure were tasty back when.

    • Tammy Guthrie

      We like making s’mores with hershey’s choc., peanut-butter-smeared choc. graham cracker, and a jumbo roasted marshmallow.  Absolute heaven!

    • Kunicht

      Cinnamon Smores… Yumm

    • Tara

      Addd some peanut butter to the graham crackers for a creamy chocolatey taste

    • Lorih

      Love them all year by making in the microwave.

    • Shellpadgett

      Of course, I think of camping when I think of Smores.  But one variation you can do if you can’t get to a campfire is to make your smores on a microwave safe dish and heat up in the microwave.  I also like to change up the chocolate and use maybe Reeses or Snickers candy in place of the Hersheys chocolate.  Yummy!!!

    • Lindarella

      My favorite memory of eating smores was with my Cub Scout Pack, when I was the Cub Master.  It was great!

    • Marcie

      Oh My! Its been more than 3 decades since my multitude of young cousins and I would camp together by the lake but just the thought of smores brings those memories flooding back. We had so much homemade fun and smores was an integral part of those memories!

    • Anonymous

      Growing up my parents owned 3 acres of land in Northern Illinois. We used to have bonfires all the time and make smores. We often used chocolate frosting instead of a Hershey’s bar!!

    • Elizabethconner

      I remember going camping with my family and we were all roasting marshmellows to put on our smores….I obviously got to close to the flame and my flip flop started melting. Everyone thought it was so funny! I love making them they are so fun!

    • Tracijones06

      My favorite memory is teaching my daughter how to make them and forgetting how messy they are!  

    • TK

      I think peanut butter would be delicious!

    • TK

      I think peanut butter would be delicious!

    • JAmieG

      having a bonfire with my friends and making smores

    • Michele

       camping with my friends & trying to find something to roast marshmallows on…we lost as many as we ate

    • Vicki

      I loved making smores when we went girl scout camping.

    • Pauline

      Parents would allow us to set up a camp in the backyard and we would make smores! Awesome memories!

    • Patdelgado

      Labor day bbq :-)

    • Ashley031284

      My great grandma taught me how to make Smores with a twist!  She always added a pretzel mashed into the melty chocolate.  I hope oneday I can teach my great grandma this delicious treat!

    • Everyone in my family would burn the heck out of their marshmallows and eat em up real quick but I was always the patient one.  One day I made one for one of my siblings and suddenly they had to do it like me…eventually I had the whole family spending a generous amount of time making sure their s’more was the softest and best s’more.

    • Mb15415

      O wow… this summer was the first time my 6 year old experienced a Smores!  We dont live in an area where we can have a fire pit, bon fire etc.. so we emptied an old BBQ grill, filled it with wood and sticks and lit it on fire… then our heavenly smores were served! He really liked them!

    • Callen

      Ahh, the days when I was still single and we would have a cookout ending with smores.  If you acted helpless and scared of the fire, the guys would help you! 
       tee, hee

    • Theresa Sykes

      Ahhh, camping with the girl scouts was when I got to enjoy smores!  It was usually the highlight of each evening.  I definitely like my marshmallows lightly toasted and not burnt.  Mmmmm, good!

    • Ahoke

      I remember the first time I introduced my eldest daughter to smore. She looked at me, then at this tasty treat I was handing to her and she said “but momma it looks sooo messy”. Haha.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll always remember a fireside meal with our 5 dogs with smores for all.

    • Michellebrian

      My best friend liked them so much in high school that I bought her a Smores christmas ornament !

    • Ecates00

      When I was in college, I went over to my sister’s house and we were going to make smokes, but we realized there were only mini marshmallows in the house. So we broke up the graham crackers into smaller pieces and we used the chocolate from an advent calendar (the little ones shaped like christmas figures) and roasted the mini marshmallows over candles. Unfortunately the scented candle added some flavor to the marshmallows, but it was a night with friends I won’t forget!

    • Christina DeVane

      I love eating s’mores! And my favorite is eating them with the huge campfire marshmallows-So yummy!

    • Anonymous

      My kids beg me to make smores all the time!

    • Priscilla

      All time favorite Smores memory is sitting around the camp fire with the family making smores with banana….super yummy!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Facebook Fan.

    • Anonymous

      Email subscriber.

    • Ediscurly

      My dad and I used to make hot dogs and smores by the lake near our house, we cut and cured palmetto stems to cook them, not sure if that was good for us either but it was fun :) Sometimes he would add a little honey to the graham cracker before adding the chocolate and marshmellow.

    • Anonymous

      We like to make smores in the fall when it starts getting cool outside.

    • Anonymous

      Camping out with the kids and making smores is my favorite.

    • Anonymous

      My family loves smores and we could really use the Walmart gift card!

    • Anonymous

      I would love to win!

    • Anonymous

      Making smores is the best!

    • Anonymous

      I love to watch my 2 year old eat a s’more and make a giant mess! Too cute:)

    • Amanda

      My daughter had her first s’more last month. Seeing her enjoy it with the chocolate and marshmallows all over her face was priceless.

    • Spiritwolf964

       I had fun teaching my oldest son how to roast a marshmallow. He had fun making them and letting me have them while he raided the bag of chocolate! That was one messy night! LOL!!!

    • Erika

      One year when my family (they live out of state) came to visit, we all made s’mores around a fire pit in the backyard. Great memory!

    • Lprice

      I always enjoyed making s’mores when I was in Girl Scouts on camping trips.  The delicious treat always brings back fond memories of childhood. 

    • Ldyfrg

      My best memories have been as an adult when I made my first smore in the oven wrapped in tinfoil. When I ate it, I had chocolate from one end to the other!

    • JBrown

      Teaching my girls how to make s’mores in the backyard w/ a campfire!  Their delight and excitement was precious!

    • Miss Connie

      While working at a Wilderness Camp I loved watching these girls, that often didn’t have a childhood, being able to act like children while roasting marshmallows and dealing with the gooeyness. It made me smile.

    • SWillis

      I live in Alabama, and in April there was a line of tornadoes that hit our area. My husband and I were living in an apartment, and we hadn’t really made many acquaintances with our neighbors yet. When the power went out, we  happened to make friends with a couple who lived downstairs from our apartment. We made the most of the event and grilled whatever meat we had in our fridges. We were able to both contribute our ingredients for smores, and we cooked them over the neighbors’ blow torch which she uses for sculpting. It was so much fun, and we look back now and laugh at the whole situation. We’re close friends with that couple now. :-)

    • A fun twist is to take a caramel and creme chew and melt inside the s’more.  Trust me, it’s awesome.

    • amckenz

      Just saw a recipe on Paula Dean’s show where she used brownies instead of graham crackers, marshmellow fluff and a reese’s instead of chocolate bar!

    • Mhuebner2003

      My favorite memory was just a month ago while camping out with my parents. My daughter, who was only 18 months at the time, tried her first smore. Her eyes lit up, and she said mmmm good..with a gooey, chocolaty smile. It was so cute!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve seen them made with chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers and chocolate. It was interesting.

    • Janejbailey

      love when the marshmallows turn into a torch at the campfire! I’m mother to four boys… they love it!!

    • Anonymous

      My student made me some smores cookies. They were amazing!!

    • Lisabveal

      I can remember sitting around a fire with my Daddy, making s’mores as a child.  We’d take special care to get the marshmallow toasted “just right” and get it squished onto the chocolate still piping hot.  Daddy was diabetic, so he couldn’t eat them, but he’d make me all I could hold.  Those were the days!  I’m 41 years old and Daddy passed almost 3 years ago.  I still miss him like crazy.

    • Lisabveal

      I can remember sitting around a fire with my Daddy, making s’mores as a child.  We’d take special care to get the marshmallow toasted “just right” and get it squished onto the chocolate still piping hot.  Daddy was diabetic, so he couldn’t eat them, but he’d make me all I could hold.  Those were the days!  I’m 41 years old and Daddy passed almost 3 years ago.  I still miss him like crazy.

    • Mendy Dinsmore

      I loved making s’mores as a kid around the campfire.  We would toast up our marshmellows and then make our s’mores.  Daddy always got it all over his face and we would laugh and laugh.
      Thanks for the chance to win!

      mendyd15 at yahoo dot com

    • I loved to make smores all year around. We didn’t need a campfire to toast a marshmallow!!.. I like to heat a caramel cube over the fire along with the marshmallow instead of the chocolate. It is very yummy but can be hot so be careful!!!

    • LThompson

      My favorite memory of smores was last winter when my husband and our 2 boys made smores over our fire pit.  A mess was made but a good time was had by all of us.

    • rosenjeni

      Mmmmmmmmmmm…I l…o…v…e S’mores!

    • Drpopp64

      I love to watch flaming marshmallows.  I also like the ashy taste :)

    • Kim Ladd

      Girl scouts for sure when I was in 2nd grade!  :)  :)

    • stephanie lyons

      New years eve making smores with our kids in our living room fireplace!

    • Awadhams

      Favorite memory is when i was a kid..whenever there was a power outage mom would start up the fireplace and let us make smores right in the living room.  Kept us entertain and made for great family fun.

    • Bbdy321

      deep fried smores is the best!

    • Msquire80

      My favorite memory of smores has to be when my husband tried them for the first time last year. He had never had a smore and it was awesome watching his facial expression when he tried it. Before then he always thought there was no big deal to a smore and now he requests them often.

    • Anonymous

      Making them with a friend at her fireplace when we were kids.

    • Anonymous

      I enjoyed making s’mores with the Girl Scouts!

    • Mary Raynor

      If you want to make an over the top S’mores serve them up with whipped cream or your favorite ice cream, yummy!!!

    • Jodi J.

      I’m not much of a cook, but I would really like to see someone try deep-frying the components for S’mores, maybe in a doughnut batter or something like that …. double, trouble!

    • Brenda

      I, also, enjoyed making s’mores in Girl Scouts!  I think the Girl Scouts must have invented the s’mores!  They are soooo good!

    • Mwalker939

      Making s’mores over the glass eye of our stove during the winter – just for fun, cuz it was too cold outside.

    • Anonymous

      I love making smores each year for my PreK students.  I love to see the look on the faces of the kids who have never had one before!

    • Desiree

      My favorite S’mores time was at our church picnic helping my 4 kids build the perfect S’more :)

    • I learned to love S’mores at Girl Scout Camp and I still love them :)

    • Womacktrio

      I remember making S’mores on a camping trip with my family and grandparents. Mmmm!

    • Donnae

      The first time we had s’mores over a camp fire  with our kids.  A fun twist is instead of hershey chocolate bars use reese cups – YUMMMM! 

    • Sassylth

      My husband and I enjoy making & eating s’mores on our trip to the mountains of North Carolina every fall! I am looking forward to sharing the fun (& yumminess) with our 1-year-old daughter this year.

    • Samanthablalock

      We go camping every summer at the lake and we love sitting around the fire buiding s’mores!

    • Deb

      Our Kindergarten Daisy’s would love to make some smores!  We were going to wait till our spring camping trip but we could very easily persuaded to do it in the fall.

    • Stwingo

      We sit outside by the fire talking about fun childhood memories while making s’mores

    • AR

      We also make them camping but the best memory I have is making them over a chiminea in our backyard – we were all their hanging out and eating way to many smores and laughing so much!!   just good family stuff!

    • heather

      My favorite memory of smores is going on camping trips with my girlfriends and eating smores ’til we got sick!

    • Pneuma922

      Summer camp every year in Canada. canoe trips in the wilderness all around the campfire. We now live in Georgia and summers a just a bit different.

    • ETQ

      i make smores often for my toddlers.  I melt a marshmallow between chocolate grahams spread with a little peanut butter – YUM-O!

    • Rachel Geoffrion

      I loved how as a very young girl, I was able to make smores all by myself using the microwave! :-)

    • Cheryl Barnett Saves

      I remember when my kids were younger we spent every summer camping. We brought marshmallows, chocolate graham crackers and…. peanut butter. My oldest daughter would smeer peanut butter on the cracker put the chocolate on then the marshmallow. She would not eat them without peanut butter.

    • Sunshinecakes10

      My fondest memory of making smores was when I was a little girl in the girl scouts.  We made smores over a campfire using all the goodies wrap in foil.  They were sooooo good and the thought of making smories brings back sweet memories!

    • Anonymous

      camping with my family when our girls were little:”’) oldest just left for college, and the younger is two years behind!

    • Reneaditt

      I am 26 years old and my fondest memory of s’mores are of when I was in 5th grade and we went to Camp Cosby as a field trip. Our counselors were awesome and the s’mores were delish! I have seen a cute owl shaped s’more idea (I haven’t tried it yet but plan to for my daughter’s first birthday in October.)

    • Ebwilliams59

      I made smores over fire and in the toaster oven.  Always yummy!

    • Sbrabble

      Eating smores over the fire pit at my sister’s home.  The kids love to help roast the marshmellows.

    • sherry

      I have tried recipes using the smores ingredients to make brownies and cookie bars! great if you don’t have time to roast one at at time!

    • Belinda Perry

      I love the marshmallows toasted over a camp fire before they are squished between the crackers and chocolate.  We always make them at the Fall retreat for our church’s student ministry.

    • Southern Momma

      Smores !  We love them with the coconut marshmallows and peanut butter!  Yummy!

    • Anonymous

      We’re Smores fans at our house too but one time we didn’t have the delicious graham crackers necessary but we did have potato chips … which leads us to the Smores chip! Kinda messy but sweet and salty goodness! :D

    • Crystalbartlett03

      My favorite Smores memory is with my Grandma. We never went camping with her but she would bring us enjoyment by letting us roast our marshmallows over her gas stove. At 86 my grandmother still enjoys doing this with now her great grandchildren! I love my Grandma Papa

    • Alycialovely

      My favorite memory was making them with my boys when they were toddlers and watching there eyes light up!

    • karen

      My memory is watching the kids sitting around camp fire eating s’mores and boy did we make a mess!! Love me some s’mores!! 

    • Momapettit

      We have a big family and love to have campfires,make leaf piles and smores every fall.Last year we discovered caramel and strawberry marshmallows.A nice change from the traditional.!

    • teamday

      My favorite memory is recent…we made s’mores on the grill and I even made some with rice crackers, marshmallows and honey for my allergic child!

    • Julie

      Not being able to have campfires I bought a “smores maker” to raost marshmallows. My kids had a blast and didn’t mind improvising!

    • Marcie

      I love to burn the marshmellow- gives it a great crunch!

    • Tempestsweet

      Adding peanut butter never hurt anyone’s feelings with my crew!

    • Tempestsweet

      Adding peanut butter never hurt anyone’s feelings with my crew!

    • I make smores for my grandkids by putting several choclate chips on a graham cracker and melting just alitlle in the microwave then put a marshmallow on the soften choclate chips and mirowave for a few  more seconds all the time watching the marsmellow expand.We get a show and a great tasteing treat !!

    • apdmon

      We love inviting all our children’s friends over to roast marshmallows and make s’mores….some things never go out of style!

    • Abrileysaving

      we roasted marshmallows over the burners on our gas stove – it must have been raining outside.  yum and fun!

    • Gbenso1288

      I love smores made over the stove!

    • Tosha_28052

      I guess the fav memory I have of smores is actually not my own.  I have never had a smore, but I love the smore scene from the movie The Sandlot.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory was last year when we took the twins camping for the first time and helped them make smores, they loved it.

    • Ouvrytj

      My favorite memory….our last family vacation (Summer 2009)!  Went camping at the beach with both my boys and one of their friends.  Sat around the campfire making smores and just talking.  Summer of 2010…my oldest left for Parris Island…on his way to becoming the US Marine that he is today.  Would not trade that last family vacation for anything.

    • Roxibranch

      Puwe like our smores with oreo cream on them. So I have to take all the oreos apart the day befor but we have fun just eating the cookies that night to. So our smores making takes two days of family fun. We have twin boys and they love it.

    • Agentle

      tailgatting with friends at a race, smores for dessert!

    • Jennifer Galey

      My favorite s’mores memory is when my father-in-law builds a camp-fire (recently) and we all make a huge smorie!

    • Couponangel86

      My favorite memory is my four year old son who kept asking for more and more smores. He was putting  them in the trunk of my sister in law’s car so he could keep making them!!!! I love my son.

    • My favorite memory is from being on my first camping trip with my Girl Scout trip. We made cute handmade books and s’mores. Thank you!

    • Teresa but they call me Ree

      every year we have a BIG bond fire and bring in the new year, Well Smores are a stable at the New year Bond Fire, every year the crowd gets bigger, It is a community reunion…

    • Chall74707

      The first time I had a s’more was in Girl Scout!,

    • Cinderellamom

      We love to do microwave s’mores with Peeps as the marshmallows.  They are to die for.

    • Save Savvy

      My favorite smores moment is when my two year old twins had their first smore… you would think that they had died and gone to heaven, they were like two wound up rubberbands running around the yard, coming back for a bite of the mallow cookie they called them. lol

    • Amy

      The first time my marshmallow caught fire …. quite a tragic moment!

    • Johnnabailey

      I love s’mores ! They bring back so many happy memories, it’s hard to choose.
      My favorite memory is when my children were young,we were such young parents, we had no money. We would take the children camping and the highlight of the trip was having a campfire at night and roasting marshmallows and then making s’mores . Now that they are grown and married it would be wonderful to have a big s’more night at our home. They all live away and I would love to do this when we all get together again.

    • Tampa Area

      Sharing Smores around the campfire when I was a kid.

    • Anonymous

      ************************I remember I was at a good friends wedding, and the BEST part about her wedding was that she had these fenced in small fires, and you could walk up and make your own smores and roast it right over the fire. It was a wonderful addition to the wedding. *************

    • Neeesee

      Just came home from my neighbors house tonight. I discovered that she has never tried smores before. Can you believe that? She’s 48 yrs. old.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s a fun, tropical twist: sprinkle coconut flakes and thinly sliced almonds between the chocolate and toasted marshmallow.  I can’t have S’mores any other way now!

    • robin

      Try it with a soft caramel candy squished inside!  Yummy

    • Jenny B

      Making s’mores over the stove top with my teenage nephews, niece, and daughter will always be a highlight in my memory bank!

    • I loved making smores over the campfire with my youth group!!

    • My boys love it when my husband starts a fire to burn up limbs from the yard, because they come in yelling, “S’mores time!!” I also like to put peanut butter on the graham cracker before adding the chocolate and marshmallow:)

    • Angela Y.

      When my sister and I were little girls, our dad would light the fireplace in the house and we would try to do the s’more thing the old fashion way by putting them on stick and melting them with the fire. After a few attempts and a couple of burnt and blown up marshmallows later one night, we ended up microwaving them and eating them that way. I used to love making my sister a plate full of s’mores in the microwave when we would get home from school and both of our parents were at work. I loved doing that. Thinking back on it now, I really do miss those days. I almost felt as if I was about to cry. It’s very nostalgic. I may have to go make some s’mores now, haha! :)

    • Best beach camp fire with smores

    • RSt

      My favorite memory is camping trips with the family as a child.

    • Kybluejazz

      Camping with family/friends, making/ eating S’mores  having good times

    • Jan Dean11

      I remember my kids eating S’mores back the last time we went camping.  They totally love them. We even buy the stuff to buy then now just to have at home just when we want  to make them in the oven.  We fill the oven pan up and warm them on low.  They are great this a way also.  Remember the oven is a great way to be able to have S’mores in the winter when the snow is blowing and the camp fire want stay going  LOL. 

    • EmilyK

      We have Smores every year after the church hay ride in the fall.  The kids love to make Smores and last year we experiemented with other types of chocolate.  My favorite is Reeses peanut butter cups!  But we have tried virtually every yummy candy bar we can think of!  Now I’m ready for S’More fall weather!!!

    • Babybuck4

      i always loved the smores at camp.  they just tasted better sitting by a camp fire in the nc mountains.  a new twist on the smores is a snack mix i make for little ones.  golden grahams cereal, hershey’s choc. chips and small marshmellows.  this is easy for little ones to eat and they can eat it anytime of day. (no melting required)

    • Mommybos

      My favorite memory is making them in our fireplace at home :)

    • brittany combs

      Well my family always loves making smores when we go camping or rent a cabin in the woods some where for a week but my favorite smore memories are at home.  When I was in high school and middle school during the summer or after school when my sisters and I were home alone we would get strong smore cravings.  Although smores are best over a fire we would improvise by making them in the microwave.  The smore would be so delicious we would have all the evidence eaten before my mom got home from work. :-) 

    • Daniellek1986

      My daughter’s birthday is December 26th and last year here in Columbia, SC it snowed so for her birthday party we had a S’mores party in the snow!!! It was so much fun and she had a blast

    • Dclin2

      Smores are always a favorite at my daughter’s sleepovers.  They would be thrilled…

    • W_bouton

      My gang like to make smores and then dip them in vanilla frosting. So rich!!!

    • Rachel

      Every year we set up a tent in the backyard and have a campout including smores. This summer we actually slept in the tent because my autistic child was finally able to handle that part of the fun. Next summer we will try to leave home and do the whole process with a tent and smores of course.

    • Mrsamanda

      The first time I had smores was when my motherin law fixed them in the microwave!

    • Ethrift1

      I remember that I would always catch my marshmallows on fire and then it would be so burnt but I loved it that way!

    • Caathy

      while camping we maked S’mors with a twist… we added panutbutter and bananas!   We call this  ” THE ELVIS”  Its so good    ;- )

    • Twinmom6211

      S’mores with peanut butter – so good!

    • Anonymous

      making them in the fireplace in the winter is great

    • ChristinaD

      I tried making them in the microwave, but the marshmallows popped and it exploded from cooking too long.  lol

    • Peppersuperstar

      My brothers and I attempted to make them at home on the stove…it was a mess, but they were delicious! Smores with apples is a good combo.

    • SabySmooth1

      We decided to do indoor ones over Brownies one night. Graham crackers, pour in the batter and bake. top with a bag of marshmallows, and put on broil to brown them. Yum!

    • Kendra Brown

      Camping with my husband and 4 boys this year, slightly burnt (that’s when they’re the best!) marshmallows over the campfire, melting chocolate, and graham crackers crumbs. My boys looked like you rolled them in mud, so sticky, the ants were having fun chasing them!

    • Jackieferg

      I like smores with banana slices in them.

    • christy

      We have gone camping 4 times this summer and have loved s’mores each time!!  I scrapbook and have some great pics of us biting on the s’more with the marshmallow trailing off in a string of goodiness!!!

    • Anonymous

      Campfire with family, nothing better than that

    • Ledlab

      We have our neighbor kids over often to have smores in our backyard fire pit. So we have and always will have lots of fond memories:) Especially the night we told ghost stories and half the kids went running home!

    • Lynnhelms

      we had a sisters night out with family on my sisters new deck! fun, fun, fun

    • Bekahlail

      Favorite memory is camping by the lake when we were kids and sitting out by the fire roasting marshmellows for S’mores and telling funny stories!

    • Lori

      My favorite memory is going to my great aunt’s farm when we were growing up and making smores out in the middle of this beautiful field at a bonfire. Now my family lives all over the country and maybe get to see eachother once a year. Wonderful memories!

    • Cmrooks

      I love watching my 5 year old get covered in chocolate and marshmallow when she eats a s’mores. Cutest dirty kid in the world!!

    • Carolinelewis123

      My favorite  is to roast a marshmallow… then put the chocolate inside when you remove the stick!  Then the chocolate melts and it is delicious!

    • melinda

      My favorite memories of smores is making them in the backyard during bonfires with my kids friends

    • Anonymous

      Last year my friend had a swimming party for some children friends and she had a patio firepit that we used to roast marshmallows on for s’mores. She had a new twist on it by putting out the marshmallows in a cloth-lined basket, assorted candy bars in a basket and chocolate, honey and cinnamon graham crackers on a platter. The candy bars were kit kat, snickers, milkyway, reeses cups and of course hersheys bars. It was fun to try all the different variations for every taste. The cinnamon grahams with hershey bars was a favorite of mine. I had never thought to stray from traditional s’mores but I’ll always mix it up from now on. You should give it a go!!

    • Lynda F

      WhenI was around 11 years old, my parents went out for the evening and my brother and i decided to make s’more’s using the gas stove. I thought it was a great idea. My parents, not so much!

    • Yoja2006

      I actually do not have any memories of making s’mores as a kid – did not even know what they were until I became a young adult.  We just bought a backyard firepit and want to make these with my husband and son before summer is over.  We just bought a tent and were going to plan a short camping trip and think this would be a fun treat to try!

    • Deb112

      My daughter’s 13th birthday party. The girls made smores outside, around the patio grill and had a great time. 

    • Couponmjb

      I grew up eatting smores at campfire event and now my children enjoy the same!  Delicious treat!

    • Lauren

      Making s’mores at summer camp. Lots of chocolate and marshmallows with no parents around.

    • Janice9

      Camping with my family as a child, and now, camping with my grandchildren…can’t wait for the weather to cool off so we can get out in the camper again!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite memory of my husband, 3 sons and 2 of their girlfriends will be us cooking marshmellows over our outdoor fireplace during the power outage here in Alabama in April due to the tornadoes. We had such a wonderful time!

    • Always with family and friends. That’s the best way to eat S’mores. Also try them with dark chocolate! And semi-burnt marshmallows? Yes!

    • Jenifer Smith

      Smores by the campfire is always the best!

    • Anonymous

      I had Smores for the first time this year…so my favorite/only memory is by the campfire!

    • amy

      Making smores with our 2 kids in our backyard fire pit is always fun -even in the summer!

    • Caseywilliams1981

      I love that my husband and I now have begun this year to make smores with our little boy and that makes for some good memories!

    • Kristina Bruce

      We always add peanut butter before the marshmallows. So good.

    • Mon23boys

      My boys were 3 & 4 roasting their marshmallows, but were scared of fire so would stand so far away their marshmallows would not get hot. Very cute.

    • Wcushelley

      It always a party with our little ones when we make smores.

    • Elissa

      Loved making smores with the the older children when they were younger in our backyard in TX. We’d have friends over and roast weenies on a stick as well.

    • Allisonking77

      girls scout camp!

    • Lashti5

      We have a fire pit in the backyard that we love to roast marshmellows and make Smores!! Love, love, love it….when we can’t escape and go camping, making Smores helps :)

    • Meagan J

      I learned to make smores at girl scout camp and I continue to carry on the tradition at every campfire I meet! I take the graham crackers put a marshmallow and some chocolate in between too of them then wrap them in foil. I put them on a roasting stick and hold over the fire until the chocolate is melted and the marshmallow is toasty! Open them up and it’s a hot, gooey treat for everyone to enjoy!

    • Dlbandjeb

      My family usually makes smores once a year. On July 4th. My 2 year old covered his self in marshmellow during the firework show. We thought he was eating them but due to the dark we didnt notice he had covered  his self with marshmellow and looked like a giant marshmellow until we came back inside in the light.

    • Kaie3smith

      We are big campers and love to go with extended family.  When I think of smores I think of fall camping with the fam.  It’s coming up soon and I can’t wait!

    • Nessy

      tonight my kids and I made microwave smores with nutella! Awesome and fun to watch!!

    • Wendygriffaw

      After a day of swimming and grilling we love to make smores by the pool.

    • Amy M

      Fav. memory would be my entire family at the lake and burning the marshmellows!! Always remember this!!

    • Sttyler

      I remeber being around 10 years old sitting around a big fire with all my family and my closest friends. all eatting smores… And just having an great time together.

    • Mommyt121

      I love the line in the movie The Sandlot when one little boy ask the other if he wants s’mores.  the other kids says, “some more of what?”  

    • Michelle C

      Growing up, my mom would be spontaneous and make them on the stovetop of our oven :)  If she felt we needed something fun and unexpected, she would throw everything together to surprise us :)   futurecrook@yahoo.com

    • Ray C

      Yummy….I want some now :)  I have a lot of memories growing up having them, but my little kids have NEVER had them (1yr and 2yr), so it’d be a memory maker to make this their first time …  ocdcleanfreak@yahoo.com

    • Hammondsjc

      Making s’mores for my class for Christmas!

    • Becky Glasscock

      Bought a s’mores making kit and my girls used it all the time. Growing up we alway made them over campfires at church retreats. It’s a must to pass this delicious desert down to your children.

    • Phifer

      Regardless of the time of year, if my husband or I are craving a s’mores, we turn on our gas fireplace and toast marshmallows from the comfort of our living room :o)

    • Cristi

      Beach bonfires as a kid. Yummy!

    • michelle

      roasting them over a capfire in the backyard!

    • charlottesaver

      Smores are one of those small things we take for granted. We assume every child knows what a smores is.  I did too until my family took two families from the inner city camping last year. It was their first time going camping. The highlight of the trip was watching the kids excitment as they made and ate smores for the first time. They had never made smores. They mention seeing pre-made smores bars in the store but their mother could never afford to buy any extra snacks. Every time my family makes smores (and we do it a lot), we think of the smiles on those kids sticky faces.

    • jessica enggren

      my favorite s’mores memory is camp fire with family and telling stories while we make s’mores and hotdogs

    • Emscout9

      my first summer camp when I was 11 years old – (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

    • a kesler

      I think white chocolate would make great smores

    • Crystal

      I’ve eaten s’mores since I was a kid with my mother and now sharing that special treat with my kids is something fun and special.

    • slmiller

      My favorite S’mores memory actually happened this past spring. We were sitting outside at the fire pit and decided to make s’mores. We had everything on hand except marshmallows. The kids had some Peeps left in their Easter baskets so we thought we would give it a shot. Not the best idea, the sugar on the Peeps caused them to catch fire quickly. I thought it was really sad watching those little yellow chicks burst into flames and shrivel and melt but my son thought it was cool. Our makeshift s’mores weren’t the best, but it was a fun family memory!!

    • Melissabieniek

      i remember roasting marshmallows after we had a cookout.  Roasting them over the grill when we were finished cooking.

    • Tammy

      My favorite memories is going to our best friends lot where they are going to build their new house soon. We both have 4 kids so when we get together it is alot of fun! The kids (and husbands too) love the last part of our evenings together when we gather around the fire pit and make s’mores and sing praise music together! :)

    • dawn

      Brings me back to camping with friends.

    • Carson

      Making smores in the mountains when it was freezing with my family!

    • Mike

      favorite memory would be making smores with my kids at the lake!

    • Chris

      Favorite memory of making s’mores was @ our church youth camp growing up…

    • Sherry

      making smorers the first time a took my daughter camping

    • I make smores in my kitchen with my son because I have too many allergies to go camping with him