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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

Going Nuts? I can help you understand coupon terms and abbreviations

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Having Trouble Printing Coupons-

Over one quarter of my email is from readers that have problems printing coupons from one of the big coupons sites or from direct links to coupons on manufacturer’s sites.  Sadly there is not one answer than fix everyone’s problems.  Here are some tips to try to help though.

For more answers to common coupon questions go here.

First, Many links are browser specific:
I already change any links for readers using Internet Explorer (IE) or FireFox (FF) as their browser.  These are listed as printable (IE) or printable (FF).

If you run across a link surfing the internet here’s how to change it yourself:

A Link:

See the “vg”?  That is one little part that makes this link only work in Firefox.  If anyone tried to print it in another web browser it would sit on the “sending to printer” screen indefinitely.

Want to make it for Internet Explorer?
Change the “vg” to “vi”

Want to make it for Safari?
Change the “vg” to “xs”

Sometimes the link will have a “wg” this works the same, just change the “wg” to “wi” for (IE) or to “xs” for Safari.

That’s great but I can’t print from any link!

Try these tips to see if any will work:

1.  Download a new version of Java.

2.  Go to the website for your printer’s manufacturer and see if they have a new print driver you can download and install.

3.  Try switching web browsers.  Firefox and Safari are free to download and use.

4.  Your firewall may be too strong.  Try turning off your firewall, printing, and then turning it right back on.

5.  If your internet runs through a router in your house, try hooking the computer you are using directly to the modem or internet.  This is to test whether the firewall in the router is too strong.

6.  If you use a MAC – many sites do not support (IE) on Macs.  Please only use Safari and Firefox.

7.  If you have Windows 7 – Very few sites support printing with ANY browser on a Window’s 7 platform.  Sorry.  Hold tight and they will support you eventually.  If you still have your old computer then use it for now just for printing.

For more information on questions related to couponing go here.

Helpful Links:

Learn to coupon
Printable Coupons
Store Policies

Do you have another tip that worked for you?

    • I’m a Mac user and was having major problems printing in Firefox, but Safari generally works with no problem. Also, make sure your default printer is hooked up, turned on, and ready to go or else the coupons won’t print.

      • Teresa

        Same for me – Safari is more reliable for printing coupons than Firefox. Love my mac tho!

        • Traci

          Those bricks.com coupons are the ones that trip up my Mac sometimes because I primarily use Firefox. But as others have said, Safari can usually overcome it.

      • Sarah

        I have had the same experience as a Mac user… if Firefox won’t print it, Safari generally does.

    • Katie

      Since Target changed the way their coupons print I have not been able to print them. I have tried everything! It is so frustrating.

      • Chi

        If Windows 7 is the problem try using FIREFOX. Before you open Firefox, right click it on the start menu and open PROPERTIES, then in properties click the COMPATIBILITY tab and check the box that says run this program as WINDOX XP etc…

      • laura from TN

        I was also having problems with the Target coupons printing. I installed Firefox, and it now works! I just have to remember to switch over to Firefox to print those coupons.

        • Joy S

          I finally got the Target coupons to print. I was not able to download the printer at all. I even turned off my firewall and an ecentives tech rep even could not help me over the phone. We tried 3 browsers, turned off firewall and even added to allow ecentives.No luck. What I found out is that my firewall was still blocking the download even when shut off!! I had to manually lower the cookie settings and now it works with FF. I never had any trouble printing any other coupons from other sites except for the ecentives site that controls the Target coupons.If anyone else is using CA security I hope this helps.

          • Priscilla Crouch

            I received a trojan virus last night for trying to print Target coupons. It took my husband about 5 hours to get our computer fixed!

            • Maria

              We are having virus problems at my house too- work laptop is getting fixed and desktop is infected too… I recently started printing Target coupons. My H&T won’t accept them anyway and I don’t really like Target much so I’m done w/ that site- just not worth the risk!

    • Ah… You are a pure GENIUS! Thanks, that just fixed my problem! This is amazing. You’re so smart and you’re husband too. God put you two together for a reason. Thanks!

      • twyla

        Amazing!! so simple! Ive always wondered why certain coupons would not print!! now all i have to do is change one little letter and its like magic!! Thank you so much!! I just changed the vi to a vg and it printed just fine :) now Ill save even more money :) Have a blessed Day!!

    • tryingcoupons

      Thanks Jenny! I restarted my computer which seemed to help-but who knows?

    • The only coupons I have trouble printing are SmartSource. It doesn’t matter what site it is on, if it’s smartsource I know only the graphic of the item will print and not the coupon….frustrating!!!!

      • Melanie H.

        Same here – I use firefox and the only coupons I can’t print are from SmartSource. Everytime I try, it says I’ve already printed them – which I never have. It it frustrating!

      • Mandi Presley

        I have exactly the same problem. I have downloaded 3 browsers, updated my version of Java and no matter where or how I encounter a Smart Source coupon, it doesn’t print. It gets stuck on the Initializing Print screen. Do they not support Mac?

        • Anne

          Anybody find out an answer? I’m having the same problem with smartsource. It only prints a part of it large. Then it says I’ve already printed. The only thing I’ve changed is upgrading IE.

    • Damien Barber

      I’m not sure if google chrome works or not. The other day I was having difficulties with google chrome (though I think I have gotten some to print before using it) and I switched to IE and they printed fine. BTW, my computer is running Windows 7 and have not had a problem so far… though I would have to say most of my coupon printing is done at work with a Vista computer, so I have not done enough coupon printing with my Windows 7 computer yet to be sure that it is not going to run into problems… I mainly print stuff at home when I don’t have time to worry about printing the coupons at work and need to run to the store.

      BTW, Google Chrome is one of the best browsers out there… I really like it… though for coupon printing you may want IE/ Firefox as a back-up.

      • wesixcooks

        I use Google Chrome as my web browser – love it and recommend it to everyone! But I don’t even try anymore to print coupons with it. I just open up IE, then copy and paste the coupon link and print. It’s still faster to have both browsers open than to try to navigate and print with just IE.

    • Peggy Jo

      I have a printer that prints from all sites except on the one with the S (I think it is smartsource). The coupon is so big it only prints part of it on the page. Does anyone know how to fix that problem? Thanks

      • Lane

        I found that if I place my printer on hold when printing from SmartSource, this allows all the coupon information to download without the memory (or whatever it is that runs out on the printer when it tries to print while downloading the information) being overwhelmed. Since doing this, I’ve had no problems (apart from remembering to open my print queue and put on the hold!).

        • Trisha


          Can you explain this a bit more step by step? Where is the hold that you speak of? How can I find it on my computer?

          I recently started having this problem after being able to print for months with no problems.

          Thanks for your help.


      • Amy

        I started having the exact same problem just a couple of weeks ago…prior to that they were printing fine and my husband and I can’t figure out what the problem is.

        • Peggy Jo

          Mine started about 2 weeks ago too. Before that no problem either.

          • Meredith

            Same partial coupon problem!

            • Anne

              I think i’ve posted this 3 times now, but I have the same problem. I had emailed SS and they said to print one at a time, but it does it even when I select one. Any luck?

    • AngelaDH

      If your laptop has multiple USB ports, always connect your printer USB to the same port. On my laptop each and every USB port registers as a different printer. Go figure!

      I’m hoping that someday Chrome will also work with coupon printing!

    • Jamie

      I have not been able to print any coupons from coupons.com (and the other sites that are supported by coupons.com) from one of my computers for a LONG time.. it keeps telling me I need to download the coupon.com printer… I HAVE THE PRINTER LOADED!!! I have un-installed it and re-installed it over and over….I have tried in Firefox and Internet Explorer….I can print the coupons from a different computer (my laptop) but it is such a hassle to hook it up the printer every time I need to print a coupon (which is daily)… I emailed the coupon.com website and they sent me a list of things to try and I tried each and every one of them and still no printing coupon.com on the desk top :( !!! anyone else have this problem?? (HELP!!)

      • Marc

        I use an IMAC and just recently began having the same problem – switching browsers doesn’t help, rebooting doesn’t help, reinstalling doesn’t help and rebooting doesn’t help. It just keeps asking for me to install the coupon printer software, even though I already had it! Very frustrating!

      • Amy T.

        Me too – with a Mac. I am experiencing the same thing as Marc – I used to be able to print, but now it keeps asking me to install the coupon printer. I’m not sure what to do = anybody??

      • Kristie

        I am having the same as well and I have a MacBook. Never had the problem until recently I was trying to print the progresso coupon (I think) and it kept telling me to install the printer app. I have done it at least 5 times and still no luck! I haven’t tried Safari yet (I use firefox) but not sure it will help …

      • Lane

        Another Mac user chiming in with the same problem. Before we went out of town at the end of December, I had no problems, but since we returned home in early January, I have not been able to use the Coupons.com website or sites that use that coupon printer. I’ve reinstalled, uninstalled, rebooted – just about everything I can think of to no avail. I’ve begun to wonder if there isn’t something on the coupon supplier’s side of the equation that is no longer current with the last released version of the coupon printer software…

        I am so thankful for Jenny’s timely posting on the matter, because I really didn’t know where to start looking for answers (the Coupon.com help hasn’t been much help thus far). I’m also glad to know it’s not just me that has “suddenly” begun to have problems.

        • Cindy

          Same issue here – I work on a mac, and use Safari. I used to be able to print the bricks coupons with no problems – but since the beginning of the year, I have been unable to. And, replacing the vg with xs doesn’t work for me.

          • Christy

            So glad I’m not the only one! I just noticed over the past week that I couldn’t print from coupons.com on either of my Macs when it had been working just fine before. I can even look in my print history and see the day it stopped working. So frustrating! This means the Bricks coupons don’t work either because those come through coupons.com. Sounds like the problem is not something we’ve done to our computers or printers then. Hopefully the mystery will be solved soon!

            • Colleen

              I have a Mac too and I thought my New Year’s printing issues were due to being out of color ink. I finally bought some and now NONE of the coupon sites will print for me either. I reinstalled thinking maybe there were updates but whatever they did, I can’t print off my Mac anymore. SO frustrating. I use Safari, I’ve known about the xs thing for a long time- a lifesaver when I read that somewhere but now I need a new lifesaver- and sounds like many of you do. I can’t not be able to print coupons! HELP!

            • Elzabeth

              I have had the same problem with my Mac since the first of the year. Will not let me download the software. I am so frustrated! I can’t download half of the coupons i need. It must be a problem with the coupon site.

        • Lindsey

          Mac users: If you are using Firefox, you will need to make sure that “vg” is an “xg”.

          Safari: xs
          Firefox: xg

          If you’re on a Mac, you need an “x” in there! Try that with Firefox if you have not yet. It should work…unless you’re really unlucky. :)

          • Marc


            Unfortunately, this problem is not the same – even if the web link is perfectly right for Safari or Firefox, we will still be prompted to install the coupon printer software. I think this error is currently only affecting those of us who were recently prompted to reinstall the coupon software. Changing to xg or xs doesn’t help!

            • Yolanda

              I’m a mac too. I’ve been able to print coupons until now and all sites are wanting me to reinstall. Switching between safari and firefox hasn’t helped and neither has changing the letters for both browsers. HELP!

      • Darla

        Hi Jamie, have you checked to see of any programs are running that could be interfering? Firewall, anti-virus, etc? I had to temporarily disable all these at work for my coupons to print.

      • Mandy Gabers

        MAC UPDATE!!!
        I just got off the phone with someone at coupons.com. Apparently about a week ago MAC update our software. This update has caused us to not be able to print from bricks and coupon.com. They are aware of the problem and hope to have it fixed by the end of the week. The person I spoke with will e-mail me once it has been fixed and I hope to update here.

        • Lindsey

          Thank you so much for posting that. I was beginning to think I was going crazy because it wouldn’t work. Hopefully the update comes soon because there are some good coupons that I want. haha

        • Ava

          Ahhh! Thanks for posting that! I really wanted to throw my iMac out the window!

        • Elena

          heard anything new? I have this same problem!

    • Sara

      Thank you so much for posting this! I couldn’t figure out how to print the bricks coupons from my mac and that just solved my problem!

    • Paula

      I think the most frustrating thing is that we cannot contact the coupon printing places. I have a mac and an old pc. I have issues with both on different coupon places. I have tried calling and emailing and have not yet heard back from coupon printing places.

      I have uploaded, downloaded, deleted, upgraded and restarted.

      I have gotten lost and have not printed coupons as much lately. I have three different browsers – 2 on each computer – and cannot remember which one to use when… Guess I need to organize myself and get this straight. I am very thankful we still have newspapers with coupons! Much easier and less time consuming!

    • Margaret

      THANK YOU!

    • Holly

      Me too, Katie…I have tried and tried to download the coupon software from Target and it goes through everything and even tells me it was successful and says after I hit OK my coupons will print but they never do!!

    • Beth

      I used to be able to print 3 coupons to a page from coupons.com. Suddenly it cuts off the bottom coupon right at the barcode, just enough so it doesn’t scan at the store. This also happens when there’s one coupon on the page with advertising at the top and coupon at the bottom. This doesn’t happen when I use my husband’s laptop and I don’t recall changing any print settings on my desktop. Any ideas how I can get back to printing 3 to a page?

    • Susan Two

      I just started having problems with coupons.com after I got the latest Windows Update (I’m running XP). As others have said, it kept wanting to install the coupon printer, even though it was already installed. Or it just ignored my print request. I figured it was probably a security problem, so I added bricks.coupons.com and print.coupons.com to my trusted sites list and now I’m back up and running, so that’s something else to try. I don’t know the URLs to use for SmartSource et al, but the method might work for them, too.

      (To add a site to your Trusted Sites list, go to Tools/Internet Options. Choose the Security tab. Click on the green check mark (Trusted Sites). Click on the Sites button. Type print.coupons.com into the Add box and click Add. (If the “Require https” check box is checked — uncheck it before clicking Add). Do the same for bricks.coupons.com).


    • Stacey B

      Okay, this relates more to the Kroger post, but I was not sure if anyone would see my question. I am VERY new to this. I noticed that some of the items in the list said you could use a printable coupon from the Target site. Do they match any coupons from other stores? If it is from the Target site, why is it considered at manufacturers coupon? Can you combine them with other manufacturers coupons? Thanks, need help :)

      • lisa

        Some of the coupons on the Target site are manufacture rather than store coupons. You can’t tell which ones until you print them. Once printed, they will say manufacture coupon on the top & those you can use anywhere.

        • Stacey B

          Thank you so much, that is so helpful!

    • lisa

      I sent coupons.com another e-mail about the problems we mac users are having. I’m very discouraged they didn’t respond to my message last week, but I figure I’ll keep bugging them until they let me know something. Surely they don’t want all mac users unable to use their site.

      • Colleen

        I was wondering if anyone had contacted them and heard back. I just left a phone message and an email too. I can’t believe I can’t print any coupons- except for Smart source! Red Plum doesn’t work for me either, and of course Bricks goes along with Coupons.com. I cant’ be without my printables!

    • Christy

      Here’s another coupon printing question. How do you adjust your printer so that it prints coupons in black & white insetead of color? When using Control + P I know how to change it to quick print with black ink only; however, when using all these coupon sites my computer just starts printing without giving me an option to switch from color! Printing coupons is costing me a fortune in ink! Any help would be appreciated…

      • Colleen

        I also have this problem. I was told getting a laser printer is one solution- they only print in B&W (if you get that kind) and while the toner can be expensive it lasts for a REALLY long time. THere are some on sale this week at all the Office stores. Since it’s my son’s bday, all our extra money- what little there is of it!_ is going to that so I can’t take my own advice but it’s a thought for the future.
        I was so long in figuring out the coupon printing issues because I was out of color ink and the cartridge exploded when I tried to refill again at Walgreens so it was a process before I finally bought a new one. JUst to discover I can’t print anyway!

      • April Ray

        You want to change your printer settings to default to b/w. Control Panel: Printers: select your printer and under the Color settings, switch to b/w.

        However, my problem is that even though my printer setting is defaulted to b/w, the bricks coupons (coupons.com) will ONLY print in color. Anyone know the solution there?

        • Emily

          I was having this same problem until last week. The key for me was to go in under printers, select the printer, right click and do run as administrator and then do properties. I changed it that way and it worked. Good luck!

      • Lindsey

        On a PC:

        Start —>
        Settings —>
        Control Panel —>
        Printers & Faxes —>

        Choose printer and then click on printing preferences. Click on Greyscale printing and set as default.

        On a Mac:

        Access your printer through your system preferences —> print & fax

        • Beth

          I have a Mac and can’t find anywhere to change to black in white under printers and fax. Help?

          • Colleen

            I can’t either on my Mac. There seems to be no way to change it!

      • crystalfawn

        Have you figured out how to print in b/w. My default is grayscale yet coupons still print in color. Thanks

    • Thank you, thank you! I have been trying to print from SS for the past few weeks (newbie here {pointing at self}). I tried you suggestion re: java and the driver update… don’t know which worked, but I just printed my 1st successful SS coupon! {sigh} Good day. =)

    • Jason

      In general I have not had any problems printing coupons with Windows 7 from coupons.com, smartsource, or redplum. The only problem is the e-centives coupons, and there is a workaround:

      – Use a browser other than IE (you can’t change compatibility settings on IE)
      – Right-click your browser icon and select the Compatibility tab
      – Choose Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3
      – Check Run as administrator

      After that, start your browser and you should be able to print e-centives coupons (e.g. Target.com)

      • Julie


        I am so glad you posted this. I am awaiting our new computer and it has windows 7, so I was freaking out! I’ve already been out of a printer for a week, and I am having coupon printing withdrawals. Thanks again for the windows 7 status on printing!

    • Emily

      With Windows Vista, to print coupons in black and white that print automatically, I had to change my settings with run as administrator. Doing it the regular way would not work but when you change it as administrator it sticks.

    • Michelle

      I was having lots of problems too and thought it had something to do with my antivirus protection. However, I was still unable to print even after turning off the firewall and allowing pop-ups. I finally called the software company for our antivirus protection (Norton) and was told it had something to do with the newer version that our computer had automatically upgraded to. They switched us back to the older version and I haven’t had a problem since!

    • M Rose

      Whenever I have a problem with Java saying it isn’t installed I just hit the back button and it goes right through-for some reason!!!

    • Anne

      When I print from smartsource or any coupon that prints with smartsource the middle prints out very large and I can’t get the rest of the coupon. When I emailed them they said to print them one at a time but it does it when I print one at a time also.

    • Don

      I’m revlieved to see that I’m not the only Mac user encountering problems printing some coupons.

      I also have a dilemma that some of y’all may be able to help solve. I have an all in one printer (fax/copier/printer). I get a prompt from coupons.com that they don’t support my printer or one of my printer settings. I read on their help area that they won’t automatically print to all in one’s for security purposes and give instructions on how to change the printer settings to not “keep printed documents”. The instructions, however, are for a PC and I’m unsure how to access the same settings on my Mac. I realize that may be a basic question for most of y’all but I’m woefully ignorant about some of the features and details of my beloved Mac.

      I enjoy the site and the community.


      • Mandy Gabers

        I am getting the same prompt and it only just started happening because I have been printing coupons from my all in one for a year. I think the problem is the computer server link not the printer setting:) Hopefully we can get some answers soon.

    • Sunny

      I know this was talked about above, but I wanted to share it again. I had TONS of trouble with coupon links until I found the “xg” tidbit on the internet after a desperate google search. It’s like magic! I use firefox on a Mac. I hope this helps someone else..

      (Replace the letters, then hit enter, then print button..)

    • Heather G.

      I am a Mac user and in the past 2 days I have been unable to print ANY coupons from ANY of the coupon sites. I have emailed them all to find out what the problem is. Up until 2 days ago I had absolutely no problems what-so-ever printing from any of the sites. I am VERY frustrated. We live in a non-metropolitan area so our coupon inserts are less than stellar so we depend heavily on the printable coupons. Not being able to print them for the past several days is severely crippling my ability to save money and stay within my budget. Can you say upset?!?

    • Joy S

      I finally got the Target coupons to print. I was not able to download the printer at all. I even turned off my firewall and an ecentives tech rep even could not help me over the phone. We tried 3 browsers, turned off firewall and even added to allow ecentives.No luck. What I found out is that my firewall was still blocking the download even when shut off!! I had to manually lower the cookie settings and now it works with FF. I never had any trouble printing any other coupons from other sites except for the ecentives site that controls the Target coupons.If anyone else is using CA Security Center I hope this helps.

    • Cindy

      I just sent emails to SmartSource, RedPlum, and Coupons.com. Surely there is something that happened across the board – for everyone on a Mac to be experiencing the same problem.
      If any respond I will post it back here.

    • Mandy Gabers

      MAC UPDATE!!!
      I just got off the phone with someone at coupons.com. Apparently about a week ago MAC update our software. This update has caused us to not be able to print from bricks and coupon.com. They are aware of the problem and hope to have it fixed by the end of the week. The person I spoke with will e-mail me once it has been fixed and I hope to update here.
      If anyone else gets news let us know, thanks!

      • Andrea

        Thank you!! I emailed and called but got no response – I hope it’s fixed fast… or I need quite a few rainchecks at Publix LOL LOL

      • Christy

        YEA!!! Thanks Mandy for the update! Can’t wait to start printing again although my hubby is thankful I’m not using up the paper and ink:)

        • Colleen

          Great news! Tomorrow is Fri, end of the week- I hope it’s fixed!!!!

          • Jeannette

            So glad I found this discussion via Google. I’m a Mac User having problems with coupons.com/bricks. It was working fine and as of last week it stopped working! Hope the problem is solved soon!

    • Priscilla Crouch


      I wanted to tell you what happened last night. I was installing the coupon printer for target coupons and received a trojan virus from it. It attacked everything and took my husband about 5 hours to fix it. Just wanted to let you know. I don’t know if Target is aware of the problem or not.
      Thanks for all the great info.

    • Christy

      YEA!!!!! My coupons are printing again on coupons.com. Looks like they may have fixed the problem for Mac users. Hope it works again for everyone else!

      • Andrea

        woo hoo!! I’ve been checking this thread rather than trying to print LOL

        it worked!

    • Tracey

      Is there anyway to print out just the coupons without having all the advertisements? It drives me crazy. I want to use less paper but when you only get one coupon per page, its very frustrating.

    • Laura

      I am a Mac user and having coupon printing issues as well. At first, it wouldn’t do anything and would tell me to install the printer, which I did (and undid) several times. Now, it will send to the printer and the printer will fire up like it is going to print and then it stops. I then get an error that says “The process “CouponConvertor_v2″ terminated unexpectedly on signal 6.”- Does anyone know what this means or what I can do? I think some Mac folks are now able to print, but I am still not able to. I can print other docs and some other coupons that don’t go through the coupon printer program, but repeatedly get this error.


      • cory11183

        I'm getting this same error except is says “on signal 5.” Very disappointing that these companies can't get things straight. I have NOT updated my mac and use to be able to print these….

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