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  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
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  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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I have received several e-mails from readers saying they have had trouble with Harris Teeter eVIC coupons this week. Some stores are not allowing them to stack eVIC coupons with paper manufacturer’s coupons.

I checked online and their policy still states: “eVIC coupons can be accepted along with paper coupons, however will not be doubled.” So, heads up that while their policy says you should be able to stack, your store may not let you.

One reader e-mailed corporate about the issue and was given a credit on her Vic card for the savings she was not allowed to get.

What has been your experience with using eVIC coupons with paper coupons this week?

You can see the Harris Teeter Super Doubles deals here.

    • mom2max

      I didn’t have any problems yesterday. I had an e-vic and a paper coupon for the hefty trash bags and both went thru without any problems.

    • none of my evics came off and i went to customer service and they gave me the money for them.

      • asw0627

        The same here.

    • mc

      Might be a good idea to print their policy & have it with you!

    • Allison

      I haven’t had trouble with stacking this week, but I have had a few ZVR coupons not come off at the register, for items which I hadn’t used a paper coupon. They must be having trouble with the system in general.

    • Abby H

      Thankfully, the 2 eVic coupons I used with paper coupons for my trip worked just fine at the Nashville area HT I went to yesterday. I wish the coupon policy could just go one way or the other instead of letting it up to the individual stores.

    • Amber

      I’m one of the ones that emailed Jenny. I’ve had problems with the EVIC coupons for the last couple of weeks. I was told by the manager at my store that they would be discontinuing the EVIC program all together. She made it seem like this would be for every store not just mine but she did say it hadn’t been officially announced. The manager told me it was pointed out to them by P&G that they were loosing a very large amount of money by using the system they use. (Stacking manufacturer coupons with their EVIC coupons.) I was told to look for the EVIC program to “Officially” end any day!

      • Amber

        Oh and thanks Jenny for making a post about this issue!

      • Sharon A

        If they do away with EVIC, they will lose all my business. That is the only reason I go to their store. Without the EVIC discounts, I can shop at Trader Joe’s for less and eat healthier too.

        I can see doing away with the ZVR, but not EVIC, it is what draws people into their stores.

        • Amber

          Sorry I meant ZVR coupons…typed too fast! The manager told me the ZVR coupon stacking not their rewards card all together! Geez talk about a typo!!

          • tyler

            Ummmmmm I work there and we have not heard any of that!!!

      • Amber

        **Typo**Sorry!! Meant to say EVIC coupons not the entire EVIC program! That really would loose a lot of customers for them! I was told by the manager that the EVIC coupons or ZCR’s (whichever they are offically called) would be ending any day.

        • Amber

          *ZVR’s…Geez I really can’t type today! Sorry!!

    • jlhyder13

      I had trouble last sunday 2/17 with my ZVR coupons not working in Raleigh, NC but got refunded by customer service for the amount I should have saved. When I went to the same store in Raleigh yesterday I had no problems with e-vic specials or ZVR coupons working with my paper coupons.

    • erika

      Had that problem today as well. Fortunately I had printed out my eVic coupons out so I would know what I had and was able to show them and get the savings.

    • couponval430

      my evics did not come off yesterday, but a couple of the coupons I had when doubled were over the value of the product, but it took the full coupon off. Did they change their policy?

      • erika

        The woman at customer service today told me that their new policy was if the zvr and coupon together exceeded the cost of the item, that the zvr wouldn’t apply at all. That wasn’t my problem (they just didn’t apply), but that’s what the HT in SC had to say.

      • Abby H

        There was one time (of the many times that I’ve shopped at HT) that I accidentally received overage on something I bought. I think it was probably just a fluke in their system (but a fun fluke for sure).

    • SaraJ

      Today I successfully used a (doubled) $2 off Infant Advil paper Q along with a $1 off e-VIC. But I too have had problems in the past (it was the last super doubles sale in January actually), specifically with the P&G ones. Which based on another comment already on this post, makes me wonder if the P&G ones are being treated differently or if it was just my luck bad with the system that day.

    • Amy Arvin

      Mine all worked yesterday.

    • Melissa

      With the financial problems they are having it doesn’t surprise me…

      • snowdogmom

        They reported record profit. What financial problems?

        • tdk

          I saw on some other sites that Publix & Kroger (I think) are looking to buy them out. Google “Harris Teeter to sell stores” for articles.

          • Andrea B

            They’re not selling because of financial problems. They netted 1B dollars in a quarter. It’s just about getting more.

            • snowball

              Its all about shareholder greed and corporate greed!!!! It’s a very profitable company so they can get big bucks now!!! Frankly, HT is about as greedy as it gets to work for. They don’t believe in family time and they think they own you and with the current economy, there are more people looking for jobs so they are paying waaaaayyyy less because people will take less out of desperation.

            • snowball

              corporate and shareholder greed!!!! They are highly profitable and can get big money for the company. Just because a company cuts back does not mean its in financial trouble, it sometimes means they are getting greedy!!!

    • Guest

      I’ve had this problem the last several time I went but went to customer service and they took care of it thanks to the HT app! I also found out it was on the self check out registers that were having the problem the regular registers.

    • WC08

      Yesterday I had one zvr go through while another one didn’t (same transaction), both also had paper coupons attached to the items. I had customer service verify it and they gave me the money back for it, no problem, just took a little time.

    • couponval430

      Is there a trick to printing your list of saved evics?

      • Carmen O

        CS at Harris Teeter told me that it is not printable… but, if you do a screen print (ALT-P in windows) and paste that into a word processing document, then you can print a list. Hope this helps.

        • Andrea B

          totally printable. just chose “coupons only” instead of “list” in your personal shopping list.

      • Debi

        If you use the HT Mobile app, it shows your list of ecoupons. If you create a shopping list and send it to your email address to print, the ecoupons print along with it. HTH

      • kben

        you can go online and under the weekly shopping specials you can chose to print your shopping list. It gives you the option to print your selected shopping list, with coupons or just coupons only. Select coupons only and it prints a nice list.

        It took me forever to discover this and it really helps!

    • Tara

      I think I had 4 that were stacked yesterday and they all came off just fine. In Charlottesville, VA.

    • I had 2 that stacked just fine. (Rock Hill) Harris Teeter

    • Amanda

      Do they double $2 coupons or is it only up till $1.99?

      • debi

        Yes, they double $2 coupons :)

    • guest

      Mine worked (Chapel Hill, NC) but I tend to think of them as bonuses and don’t count on them. HT has been in the news recently about possibly being bought out and I really hope it’s not the case. It’s my favorite place to shop!

      • tyler

        Just because someone gets bought out does not mean they will go away!!!

        • guest

          I heard Kroger may be buying out HT.

          • tyler

            Right now from what I know its down to the company that owns Kroger and Publix

            • lisa

              ugg. wonder if HT coupon policy will change.Publix is awful.guess i will have to start shopping at food lion again if that happens….publix does not double.only excepts 50 cent coupons…..

      • Keleigh

        I work for a grocery store. The word is Publix is going to buy Harris Teeter.

        • Tina

          those rumors are not true. There is no word on whether or not it will even get bought out.

        • guest

          I heard Kroger.

    • Nicole Pattee

      I’ve had no problems. Need more stock though….

      • tyler

        You should come to the store I work at. I go over everything I know is a good deal and they order extra and we STILL run out!!! Big coupon store!!!!!

        • Lvcouponing

          I think on general Harris Teeter stores are smaller and that is why there is a 3 like coupon limit. There isn’t much damage that one person can do because of this. There is also a 20 doubled coupon limit. If the store allowed more than 20 then I could see a big difference but I really think the stores just don’t have enough storage space;) The store gets paid back the money for the coupons used so the store isn’t hurting from couponers like myself. I have a family of 4 that depends on me to bring home goodies. I just started in October couponing and love it. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone gave to people who are in need on top of saving money in their own pockets for their own families. When people say couponers wipe their store out its a community as a whole and not just one couponer and that’s great because families are being bettered and employees are being paid to work;)

    • Jeannette

      I had a problem last week with the buy 2 get 3 free deal on juice. They would only let me use one $1off 2 coupon becuause they said I was only paying for 3 and not 4… but you don’t get a discount if you only buy 2. I was told that Publix was looking at taking over Harris Teeter, maybe they are trying to look more profitable for a sale. Not happy with them lately.

      • tyler

        You are so wrong on this. The reason they only allowed you to use one coupon was because you were only actually paying for 2 juices and the other 3 were free.

        • Jeannette

          Excuse me, paying for 2 and not 4, but It’s the same as bogo, if you buy two you can use a coupon for off of 2, but you technically only paid full price for 1 item. You don’t get a discount if you only buy two, on the buy 2 get 3 free deals, you have to get all 5 so why shouldn’t you be able to use coupons for all 5?!!!??!???!!!

          • ktb

            Because you are getting the item tor free already that’s why. HT doesn’t allow you to “make money” from buying their items.

        • Kami

          According to HT policy you are allowed to use a coupon on each item, even on the buy 2 get three free. I have only had an issue once with the cashier saying that I could not use all five coupons, but I could only use two. She then called the MOD over and he verified to her that yes I could use all five, just that he had to manually put it in for me.

          The cashier was not happy, but I was. :)

    • Lisa

      None of my e-vics came off either. my store in virginia said that it was a problem with their computers and that they were told by their corp. office to take them off manually. I don’t know if that is the case for all the stores?

    • mimi

      heading out the HT with my list of my ZVRs that I printed in hand along with my paper q’s wish me luck. yesterday I had my ZVR take off but my paper q would not double cashier did it manually

    • Saltwaterbutter

      I actually had a problem with this, they would not stack them so I put a few things back. It seemed like no one knew what the policy stated they just were adament on saying no. I was definitely dissapointed. This was in Wilmington NC

    • Sheri

      I’ve been having this issue for a while now (maybe a month?) I don’t think it is at all connected to the use of paper coupons. The 2 stores I go to in virginia will take them off manually, sometimes on the honor system, but definately if I have them printed out, which I find to be a pain in the rear. Anyway, I was at HT yesterday and didn’t have a problem with my ZVR. When I submitted a complaint a couple of weeks ago through the CS online from HT, I got a call from the manager of one of my local stores and he told me it was a known issue with the system/computers and they were working on it.

    • tdk

      MIne haven’t worked in I don’t know how long. Yesterday my Gainesville, VA store told me that none of them were coming off automatically b/c they are updating the ZVR system and that all of us were to be notified (I wasn’t). Again, today mine didn’t come off. I now watch for them before I pay so I don’t have to deal with customer service. They just gave me the $1 credit today but yesterday she was able to manually take the ZVR off. All were stacked with Qs.

    • Julia

      In our area we have had a lot of couponers having trouble with their evics. The stores have been good about giving you the credit afterwards. For some reason the system is the trouble.

    • cinsof

      My ZVRs and doubles worked fine.

    • anon

      I shopped at 3 stores in the Charlotte, NC and Ft Mill, SC area yesterday. None of my zvr’s came off. I shopped at the one of the stores today and although I didn’t use any zvrs there was at least a record of it (total zvrs on this order) at the bottom of my receipt as usual where yesterday it wasn’t on any receipt all day. The stores I shop at are hit with heavy couponers. I wonder if those stores just conveniently turn the zvr system off for the day. To me, the fact that the zvr tally wasn’t even printing on the bottom of the receipt yesterday disproves that it’s related to stacking or which coupons you are using or which brands the coupons are on.

      • tyler

        That actually is impossible as the employees at the store have no access to shut it off or on.

    • Samantha

      Yesterday I used coupons for Luvs, Cascade and Cheerios and the e-Vic coupons stacked without any problems.

    • Shannon

      This has been happening for some time due to HT making changes in their system and they do not yet “have all the kinks worked out”. I sent an email to corporate and they responded quickly, saying that they had reset my e-vic card and I should no longer have any problems. This has worked out to be true for me. My last 3 visits, including yesterday, all of my ZVR coupons came off automatically at the register. For the times, that they didn’t work over the last several months, a stop at customer service with my printed list resulted in a cash reimbursement.

    • Tish

      There HAS to be something more going on here. You know how HT shows a running total of your savings on your receipt? The ZVR totals used to show up. even if you have no ZVRs. I shop at three different HT’s, I have had this happen on and off at all three for the past two weeks. I have gone back in and asked customer service and they re-imbursed me. I have started going in with a print out of the ZVR’s – it is so easy to do on their website – and if they don’t work – I mention it. HT is always good about making things right. The other part is the ZVRs are still on your card, I really think there is something wrong in HT’s system.

    • rhynedeals

      They have been having system issues. If you go to Customer Service, they will gladly refund you any ZVRs that didn’t come off. It is not a policy change, just a system issue.

    • Michelle

      I haven’t had a problem.

    • Ashlea Mainville

      They are having issues with their system. My ZVRs have not come off for two weeks now. I have been going to customer service and they have been refunding me and told me they are having issues.

    • MoolaSavingMom

      The ZVR comes off when the order is totaled BEFORE coupons are applied. They are having technical issues with the ZVR system and are working to fix it. It has nothing to do with paper coupons.

      This apparently is affecting about 80% of VIC cards – if this happens to you the store should correct the total and if they refuse call customer service and they will apply the amount you should have gotten off to your VIC card for your next purchase.

      • sally

        just make a copy of your evic list if possible and they will deduct it. If not my store deducted the ones I told her I had. They said it was a computer issue.

    • momof2boyce

      I’ve had problems with mine since they updated their mobile app.

    • HaydenRossi

      When I checked out on Wednesday, my cashier asked me if I knew of any e-coupons that should have been applied. She then deducted those coupons off of my total. Love the service!

      • Linda Wms.

        My cashier told me this “bit of info” too just this week. Totally beats standing in Customer Service to get it corrected.

    • wood04

      Went in to HT in Charlotte NC and 0 of 4 zvrs came off…I told the cashier before paying for my order and they transfered the order to customer service which then took about 15 min b/c he had to find the zvrs on my card and key in the bar code of each item whiched saved me$3.50

    • tyler

      If stacking causes the item to be more than free, they will not stack. However, MoolaSavingMom is correct that there has been some system issues that have nothing to do with the paper coupons and super doubles. These are issues that were going on before this week and they have been trying to fix it. Employees will help you to get them fixed, but they may be new and not know how everything works, so don’t just think they are refusing.

    • Last night…I was told that the e-vic coupons/ZVR system is not working properly. Corporate is trying to fix this issue. However, if I knew of any coupons that should have been deducted, to let her know & she can have a manager to override it. No problem.

    • Diana

      Mine didn’t come off so I went back the next day and they gave me a refund for the evic amount.

    • crazymama71503

      Just so you all know, Lowe’s Foods doubles regardless if it is more than the item cost. Bought a ton in there the other week and had no problems doubling or stacking, plus you get cents off your gas at Hess!

      • Tara Kinman

        lowes is good about that but they only double .99 right now. but look for them to do double coupons soon. I have just moved to nc in the last four months, and harris teeter did double one week and then a few weeks later lowes did double. going to take advantage of both doubles weeks. got to save as much as possible. does kinda make me mad that harris does not carry overages though. would be nice to use overages towards the rest of my groceries.

    • angie

      Normally the evic coupons work fine with my paper coupons but 2 or 3 times recently it hasn’t worked. It worked fine for me yesterday for super doubles.

    • Deb

      Yes, I just called and it is a ZVR problem. My store gave me cash back at customer service

    • Cara Brown

      Now that you say that, I realized that I didn’t get the .75 cents for the Kashi cereal so it was .99 cents instead of .24 cents… .75 cents isnt a lot to some people but it is to me since I just moved into my first apartment. Is it worth emaling the company since it’s just a small amount?

      • guest

        Every penny counts to me. I would call them or email them or go back to the store and tell them. It’s your money, I wouldn’t let it get wasted.

    • great_state

      Over the past couple of months, I have had trouble with ZVR coupons coming off, whether or not I am stacking with paper coupons. Not every single shopping trip, but 3 or 4 times (in one case, they scanned my card and said it wasn’t signed up for E-VIC, even though it had taken off some of my e-vic specials already). I chalk most of that up to computer issues on HT’s part. Haven’t had a problem this week with Super Doubles so far.

      In the past, I emailed corporate and they instructed me to take my receipt to the customer service desk at the store and they’d give me a refund. That has worked for me (thankfully the CS reps at my local store are easy to work with).

    • Saving4apurpose

      My store actually said that the ZVR isn’t working through the register so we are asked to take the receipt to customer service where they give you the cash back on the spot.

    • IRhoop58

      Mine didn’t take off with my purchase but I went to customer service and they gave me cash back. I would suggest taking your printed list of saved eVic coupons in with you and mark it as you go.

    • Julianne

      I had to go to Customer Service and get the money in cash after she verified the UPC on the products I had purchased. She said it’s been happening for weeks. I missed a couple items so I’m going back with my items and receipts to get the money back.

    • Christy Weigley Anderson

      My ZVR coupons worked on Wednesday in Crozet, VA.

    • guest222

      I didn’t notice until I got home, so I called my store. They told me just to bring in my receipt and they’d refund me. They also said the system had been messing up.

    • I bring a print out of my evic coupons because various ones will not deduct automatically. As long as I have a print out they will manually deduct the evic coupons that did not automatically do so. Their policy says that as long as an evic coupon is still loaded on your card you can use it again. This was good news for me….my frustration turned into happiness knowing that I can use the evic coupon on my next trip….and I do!!!!

    • Melanie9317

      I had an issue with my card on multiple occasions and was told to call customer service and let them know. I had about $7 of coupons that were supposed to come off and didn’t and they credited me $10 onto my card! It didn’t work other times after that, but the manager gave me cash back in store after looking at my coupons on my card (they do that at customer service just by scanning your card)

    • snowball

      Wow…is this blog against free speech and opinions……one of my comments got deleted and its totally true!!!

    • Lvcouponing

      Lincolnton HT ecoupons not working!!! Make sure you check and check with customer service and they will take of you;)

    • Cara Brown

      I emailed Harris Teeter earlier about the .75 cents not coming off for the Kashi. They apologized and issued a credit to my Harris Teeter card that was more than what I spent. I love how polite the company is.

    • Liz

      During the first weeks of January I was having this issue with ZVR’s not crediting on the receipt. It seemed as if the system was not recognizing me as a ZVR customer. I decided to experiment by actually logging into my eVic account whenever I check it or add e-coupons. On my next shoppping trip the ZVR’s credited correctly as they should. ..Probably a coincidence, but now I always log in before shopping and I’ve had no more issues with them not crediting. It might be worth a try.

    • lumbergurlnc

      Bought 2 pks of Oreos today….used $1 off 2 which doubled….and my e-vic coupon for $1 worked. Monroe NC location.

    • KitKat

      Is anyone having an issue where it states there is supposed to be a certain evic coupon, but it is NOT showing up when I login to HT..For instance, there is supposed to be an evic coupon for Axe body spray/deodorant, yet I don’t have it in mine..nor do I have the Kashi one either!!!

      • britta

        I don’t think everyone gets the same coupons. I get ones that my mom doesn’t. If you save a coupon you may not be able to see them if you log straight into the Harris Teeter website. Access them through the e-vic coupon tab in your weekly e-mail.

    • Nanadish

      My store gave me a cash refund every time! I love “My Harris Teeter”!!!!

    • I printed out a copy of all my e-vic coupons and checked the ones I was using BEFORE giving the cashier my paper coupons she printed what e-vic items that were added and then manually added the ones from my list and then ued the paper coupons last.

    • britta

      I have had an issue with the e-vic coupons not being deducted. This is a program glitch. Sometimes they work, other times they don’t. I ask the cashier as soon as I scan my vic card to scan one item I have a zvr for and subtotal it to see if I got the credit. When it comes off then all is good she finishes ringing everything else. If it does not come off I look over and see if customer service is busy. If they are then I take zvr items out of my cart and save them for another day. I can do this because I have 4 Harris Teeter stores within ten miles of my house. I can just try again on another day. Lately they have been working for me.

    • Cheryl

      I noticed it a while back the evic qs were a problem but customer service fixed my card and I’ve not had a problem since. I don’t have to print my of evic qs, they come off every time. I’m a happy HT customer! :-)

    • Black Dragon Mama

      Mine came off today, but I have had troubles in the past. However, whenever there has been an issue the customer service department gives me cash.

    • Guest

      Half of mine came off. I took my receipt and the items to customer service. They checked a ZVR computer they have and gave me cash for the ones that weren’t applied.

    • breich

      My e-vic coupons worked just fine with my regular coupons

    • breich

      My e-vic coupons worked just fine with my regular coupons

    • Felicia

      There systems were down nation wide. Take your receipt to customer service with the qualifying items for your money back. They were back up today when I went

    • beck

      i think they are having trouble this week with the e-coupons coming off at all. don’t think it has anything to do with stacking. mine didn’t come off today & she took me to the cust. srvc desk & refunded me the amount of the e-coupons. she just said they weren’t coming off for a lot of people this week, prob just a glitch, never had probs before with it.

    • My eCoupons worked fine. BUT … my $2 coupons did not double for another $2 off, but instead for 99 cents. Has anyone else seen this? My receipt has exactly 20 MFR Qs and shows each one doubled, one for one … except the two $2 coupons I used which I only got a second credit of 0.99 for. I thought the whole point of super doubles was that everything up to and including $2 was doubled.

      • Southernsavings

        Depends on the cost of the item you’re buying. If it was a 2.99 item and your coupon was for 2 the system will not give you the overage. However, my stores have trouble with the newer bar codes on some of the coupons and when they manually put them in, none of the managers check to make sure the prices match up…sometimes leading to overage

        • Ohhh … that’s it. It was the Sambazon juice at 2.99, and a $2 Q. THanks!

    • Bibbwvu

      I think it’s a technical glitch because my Z coupons didn’t come off the week before super doubles either. Just watch your receipt and go to customer service BEFORE leaving the store. Otherwise, they want you to bring the items back in so they can scan them & remove the correct Z coupons from your profile. During super doubles, I had 8 Z coupons that didn’t come off for a total of $10.30. It’s worth paying attention!

    • Nina

      WRONG! Harris Teeter uses a third party for the eVic coupons. If they are not working. Take your receipt to the store, tell them, they’ll give you the value of the couon in cash! I contacted H.T. In NC and spoke to them…I’ve successfully received the money at my local store.

    • CVest

      My e-Vic coupons haven’t worked in months. I called the corporate office and they told me to let the store know. However, the store said there is nothing they can do. It’s a little frustrating.

    • julesrnbsn

      Has anyone ever stacked BOGO’s with other coupons? For the past few years I have been able to stack BOGO Gillette Razors with $2 off coupons during super doubles and have had no issues until this week. The store that I have been loyal to and they know me well said it wasn’t allowed, am I missing something? There was no change in their coupon policy, I checked.

      • kelly

        I’ve been stacking the scotch-brite coupons, krave cereal coupons and liberte yogurt coupons with no problems this week. Maybe go back and try different manager.

    • Tina

      I work at Harris Teeter. We are having a few technical issues with the ZVR coupons, but our policy is that we DO take both the ZVR and paper coupons. Even if the ZVRs don’t come off, a manager override should take care of the situation without a problem.

    • londonbridge13

      I’ve had that issue a couple of times. In fact I am going back there today. Take a copy of your evic coupons or they can look it up in their system over at Customer Service. They’ll give you cash for your evic coupons that did not come off.

    • Heather

      My ZVRs did not come off yesterday but I showed my printed list of the ones that should have come off and the CS lady came to the registered and deducted the total amount off my transaction right there. Whew! Of course, I found out when I got home that I was using the wrong VIC card so now I feel really bad!

    • lindsey

      I had an AWESOME week of Super Double Coupons at my HT!! Scored $126 worth of items for $52, split between 3 trips on separate days, well worth it though. I had to go to another local store for fresh produce and meat and spent $53 on far less. Love my coupons and fellow bloggers who help lead to great deals.

    • Katie

      I had no problems at my HT (in Gainesville, VA) this afternoon.

    • Lola

      My store said that they had been having trouble with the Evic a lot. I don’t think it has anything to do with the super double. Safeway has the same problem. I always check my receipt, and note which items will have Evic tied to them

    • MacBear1000

      I ran into this problem at the Harris Teeter in Lincolnton, NC and they just gave me a cash refund..

    • MacBear1000

      I ran into this problem at the Harris Teeter in Lincolnton, NC and they just gave me a cash refund..

    • HTlovr

      If you ever have a problem, just bring your receipt to customer service OR call the 800 number. I’ve had this happen twice and was given cash. My local Harris Teeter is AWESOME!

    • Kita

      I asked the manager today at my HT in Winston Salem, and she stated that they are going to change their coupon policy concerning ZVRs, but that they haven’t as of yet. There are some technical issues concerning the ZVRs and you can just take your receipt to the customer service desk and they will refund any money that is owed.

    • byrdfamily

      I sent an email to customer service with a list of the eVics that did not come off and was told I had to take the receipt back into the store and they would verify that I purchased the correct things to get the credit. Boo!

    • My HT store would no longer honor them to be stacked. The MANAGER tells me they will not honor. So I returned my items right then and there so they saw how they lost a sale. And I shop there every week!! READ THIS: The Manager tells me it is a Proctor and Gamble issue so the food item I bought was stacked with coupon and store coupon. It seems they are doing it for some items but not others. Jean in Chesapeake VA

    • Shana Rae

      Thanks so much Jenny for letting me know about this issue! I am meaning to call my Harris Teeter today to make sure everything will add up! Also, I had a great super doubles week. My fiance and I went and got $168 dollars worth of groceries and walked out only spending $60. We were definitely excited and pleased with the hard work put in.