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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

Going Nuts? I can help you understand coupon terms and abbreviations

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Creat a Blank Facebook Profile

If you are tired of seeing all the coupons on facebook and not getting them (or if you are tired of giving your personal information out just to get coupons) there is a way to have a BLANK facebook page that lets you get coupons without sharing anything personal!

To get a blank page we are going to create a new facebook profile.  You do not need to upload pictures, network with friends, or fill out your profile information. You can simply create the bare minimum of a Facebook account to print your coupons!

Here are 10 simple guiding steps to making a blank Facebook page:

1. Create a free email just for couponing/samples.  Great ones out there are: gmail, yahoo, or hotmail.  Using a different email than your normal account helps friends and family members not be able to find you.

2.  Now go to Facebook.com

3. Fill in all your information – Name, E-mail (use your new one created in #1), Password, Gender, & Birthday

4. Click “Sign Up”.
5. Enter the words you see in the security box.

6. Click “Sign Up”.
7. Click “Skip” on the next three steps (this is key to having a blank profile)

– Skip finding friends.
– Skip updating your profile.

– Skip uploading a profile picture.

8. Now check your email for and open an e-mail from Facebook.

9. Click the link to confirm your e-mail address.

10. Enter the confirmation code provided in the e-mail sent to you (if it asks for it).

Now, you have a Facebook account. Enjoy printing your coupons! To get started checkout all the facebook coupons from yesterday alone.

    • Peggy

      Thank you so much Jenny.  I've been missing out on some great coupons because I didn't want to get involved with Facebook.

    • Qponklink

      It kind of frightens me a little to know that there are people out there that actually need this tutorial.
      Kind of goes hand in hand with the warning labels on common household items in my mind.

      • Peggy

        I'm sorry you feel that way, Qponklink.  Some of us were well into our 30's or more before home computers were even a reality so we didn't grow up using them or learn anything about computers in college.  However, we do have years of other experience that we are delighted to share such as raising children, handling finances, home buying.

        • Chris


        • gardengirl

          I love your reply.  I am a grandma and I have been programming mainframe computers for over 30 years (before pc's where in schools) but we have a completely seperate department that handles the pc end of programming.  
          I think it is great that Jenny took the time to create these instructions which makes it so simply to set up an account.

        • Rae

          Eeeeh, Peggy? Speak up…I can't hear you! I'm the ripe old age of 37 and probably shouldn't be driving. I wish Jenny would post more Geritol coupons.

      • Ruthhayden

        And you, my dear, need to practice your netiquette skills.

        • thriftymotherof3

          Goes hand in hand with common household items warnings. shaking head at rude people.

      • JL

        It frightens me that people like you are making this world a more cynical and disconnected place. I for one love this post b/c I would have never  thought of the idea. Lighten up and quit being so judgemental.

      • SeekHim

        My pastor once shared the following:   Before we speak, it is wise to ask ourselves===  “Is what I'm about to say   1. kind   2. necessary   3. true ?”

        Just something to think about.

    • Ctrinkle

      Thank you!

    • diane

      Thank you so much! No more missing out on those awesome coupons! Thanks for all of your time and all that you do to help so many of us save :)

    • Fjkitchens

      Thank you so much!! This is great for me and also will be awesome for my mom. Neither of us have a FB account, but we do now!!! :)

    • Jessica

      I did this a while back and FB even let me use my intials for my last name rather than putting my full name out there.

    • Lindah0644

      Thanks so much for this info.  My regular FB account was getting so much “stuff” that I didn't even look at half of them.  This way, I can corral the coupons to one site.

    • Kathy

      I just remove the post and unlike.  It is simple to do. Hover over the “like whatever” comment on your wall and an X will appear.  You will be given several choices. Select remove post and unlike….Done.

    • Reba

      I already have a 'fake' email and FB acc'ts. But I used a name very similar, with different spelling, but close enough so that mail gets to me with my correct mailing address. This way I regularly get samples and coupons. Hope this helps as well.

    • Bkny63

      This is great for those of us who don't want to use our real FB accounts.  Now my mom doesn't have to see that I “like” KY Jelly.  LOL!  Thanks Jenny.

    • anitzy

      I have an fb account but like my privacy too much to just go around 'liking' everything, not to mention my friends don't deserve that much spam. I'd been thinking about creating a bogus account but apparently needed someone to tell me to do it….thank you, all set up and ready to go!

    • guest

      My mac won't let me print any q's from FB, any suggestions?

    • awm

      This is what I 've been doing and it's great!  Just like my separate email it's only for my couponing.  I get real tired of people who do this on my normal FB page to the point where I have to block their posts, because that's the only thing that is on my news feed.  Thanks for sharing maybe more people will follow suit.

    • AnitaB

      Excellent suggestion.  Thank you.

    • Sandy

      awesome idea!!!

    • Blankwoman

      great idea! I was just thinking of making a “coupon only” email address yesterday. Didn't think about linking a bogus Facebook account! Me thinks it's time to act…

    • NooraK

      I just want to point out that this is pretty much against FB's user agreement. If you already have a profile, you are not allowed to have a second one. Also, your FB profile should represent a real person.
      Now, I don't believe FB actively goes looking for violators (there certainly are plenty of them), but if you do get caught, your real profile could be deleted as well.
      Just thought I'd share, in case someone doesn't want to take that chance.

      • Gabi

        I don't see the issue here. This is (as Jenny pointed out) a way for those who DON'T have a FB acct yet to open one with minimal info. They are representing a real person, themselves. And who says you have to give out all that personal info? You can decide to share as much or as little as you like. And as far as creating a secone account – why would you? If you already have a FB acct then you already have access to all the great coupons out there.

        Just my 2 cents worth :-)

    • Kristin

      I didn't know this was against FB policy.  I did it ages ago and it's worked for me.

    • Jess

      I thought I was the only person in the world without a FB account. I just didn't want my person information out there to everyone. I've been missing out on so many coupons. Thank you so much Jenny!

    • Pamela Mason

      I never thought of doing this, but What a GREAT idea! Thanks for the suggestion & all the instructions! And to all the positive commenters here with your input also!

    • Cb

      Thank you so much for this…this is great.

    • GAGirl

      Thanks Jenny.  I appreciate this so much.  As I have never been on Facebook this comes in handy.
      We are Triple F – Facebook Free Family.  I know – I know – We are freaks – not.  We just choose to actually talk to our friends.  We are not afraid of technology, good thing, because we have a lot of it!  If you are my friend and really want to know what I am doing you can call me.  I am probably coupon shopping, vacuuming or shuttling the kids around.  I don't think anyone needs an update about that! 

      • Yazpistachio

        Wow, never thought I'd run into a fellow FFF! (Hey, now you're a quadruple F:-)

      • Sherry

        I totally agree, we are anti-facebook in our family but I have wanted the coupons and deals.  You are so right, if people want to know what/how you are doing pick up a phone!

      • MomofKLA

        Yeah!  Me too!  I'm not alone in the Facebook Free world.  So good to know.

    • Sandy

      great info….thanks

    • Pegluvzcoupons

      Thanks so much Jenny! This is so helpful.  I've been wanting to do this for awhile now.

    • Pamela Mason

      UhOh… where is Southern Savers on Facebook?
      Still there? It used to be Friends of S…S…, but that was a year ago.

    • Callie

      Facebook asked for a phone number after the security check to confirm I was a unique account.  Said they would call or text a PIN number for me to continue.

      • Luci

        You can ignore giving FB a phone number. I do that. If FB locks up with that screen, I log out and return later.

    • sarahcas

      I did this about a year ago and it has been so nice. I don't have to “like” a lot of companies that I don't want to clog up my newsfeed and I don't have to post anything on my wall that will be in my friends newsfeeds on my real account. Plus, I don't have to worry about companies getting access to my information by “allowing” an application or whatnot.

    • Mrspearson06

      I've been thinking about doing this, and don't really know why I haven't lol. It's also great for when you want to shop on the consignment shop pages. When you post stuff to sell and tag yourself, or want to buy something, you don't have to announce to every single friend your spending habits, or clog up their feed!

    • gagirl1

      thank you!!! so sick of seeing all those advertisers in my newsfeed!! don't know why i didn't think about it sooner!

      • kim

        You can also click the x on the right of their post and hide all updates from that advertiser.

    • beth

      thanks so much Jenny!

    • Guest

      This doesn't work if they have to mail you the coupon. As companies are now checking to see if your name matches your Facebook profile.  This started with one of update Facebook rolled out to companies last month.

    • BlondeAmbition

      YEAH!  Great idea.  I do have a question though that's not relevant to this……i heard face book shows you who has been looking at your page now.  is this true?  Sort of like a history page of peepers?

      • Guest

        NO!!!! Hackers use these programs to get your personal information and hack in to your facebook account. Never click or download these app requests no matter how appealing. And if you are not sure about one, always try to check the app name on snopes.com or google and see what comes up.

      • Erin

        not true, it was on local news as being a way to spam and plant viruses.

    • Kbsvsmny

      Thanks Jenny, now I won't have to miss out anymore!

    • cer

      I created a profile using my first and middle name (very common names), then I went into the security settings and LOCKED DOWN the entire profile. No personal info, photos, or friends made the profile extra secure. I am not a Facebook user (although I do manage one business profile), and was tired of not being able to take advantage of all those create coupons. Now I totally can! :)

    • Ann

      If you have a facebook page but just don't want to “like” the page because of the advertisements, all you have to do is: “like” the page , print out the coupons, then scroll down the page (on the left hand side) and click “unlike”.  Now you have your coupons and are no longer subject to the news feeds!

    • msdandy

      OK, I like this idea but you CANNOT have more than one facebook page.  It is against their rules.  You can have a personal profile and multiple pages that you manage or are and administrator of.  but those are set up by using your personal profile.  Facebook will ban you.  Check out their help section about having more than one page.

      • Mama in Tennessee

        Thats not true. I have 2 pages. I've had 2 pages for months now.

      • anonymous

        Thankfully fb has not yet invested the $$ to check on people who have multiple accts. Last I heard, facebook & amazon were the only sites with enough bank to do that.

      • Maggie

        Thats so dumb. If they do this. I have 2 fake FB accounts. One I run for “me” and one for my “husband”. I don't like FB so I dont have a real one. IDK .. this seems so dumb and if they wanna ban my fake ones thats k .. ill make a new one and keep doing it and waste there bandwidth and my time =D

    • Blhale1964

      I created a FB page using my dog's name, and I even uploaded his picture!! So now I can log into that account instead of clogging up mine!!

    • Kelly

      Thank you SO much for posting this!!!  You're the best!

    • CHaley

      Thanks so much.  I got into trouble for using my husband's page for liking products.  Oops.

    • Sheila

      Thanks n for the idea!!  Now how do I get rid of the welcome page that asks for my info each time?

    • Thanks. I will definitely be creating a separate facebook page!