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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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I’m Calling Corporate

on 4.9.2009 at 2:20pm

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Here's what you need to know about calling your store's headquarters.  Whether it's a coupon policy or something else, this is good to know!

If you have a problem or issue with a store the best thing you can do is to call the corporate office.It only takes a minute to lodge a complaint but it can solve some serious headaches for you in the future.Odds are it will take you less time to call the corporate office than you would spend arguing with cashier and store manager every time you go in that store.

What should you call corporate about:

Any “new policy” that is completely different from what you know has been the policy in the past.

  • “We no longer take printable coupons”
  • “You can’t stack a store coupon and manufacturer coupon”
  • “We can’t double that coupon because the item would be free”

A cashier or store manager that treats you like a criminal or thief for using coupons.

Any other bad experience (or good experience).

**Good experiences are great to share and help to encourage your store**

You might feel like you are bothering them or wasting their time, but there is a person at that corporate office whose entire job is to answer the phone and take complaints and compliments.You are not pulling someone from some other job in the company.

If you think someone else will call and complain, realize that if one person calls it is noted and maybe fixed but if two or more people call action is taken to solve the problem.

What do you need:
Before you call get your store number or location handy.It is usually printed on your receipt.This is needed no matter the purpose of your call.They can look it up for you but it makes it easier for you to know it.

If you are calling about a particular product have the box/packaging handy they will need numbers off of it.

If you have a compliment or complaint about a specific person then knowing their name does help.

Alright I’ll call, what’s the number?

Publix: 1-800-242-1227 or email

Kroger: 1-866-221-4141 or email

Bi-Lo: 1-800-862-9293 or email

Food Lion: 1-800-210-9569 or email

Harris Teeter: 1-800-432-6111 or email

Harveys: 1-866-652-6090 or email

Ingles: 1-828-669-2941 or email

H-E-B: 1-800-432-3113 or email

Winn-Dixie: 1-866-946-6349 or email

Sweetbay: 1-888-218-3890 or email

CVS: 1-888-607-4287 or email – customercare@cvs.com

Walgreens: 1-877-250-5823 or email

Rite Aid: 1-800-748-3243 or email

Wal-Mart: 1-800-925-6278 or email

Target: 1-800-440-0680 or email

    • Kimberly S

      A couple weeks ago I had a cashier who was SOOO rude! Anyway she took my yogurt coupons and they said $1.50 off but they were actually only $1.25 first she told me I couldn’t use them because they were of more value then the price of the item, then I told her I wanted a manager and she said “Well, I will put them through but I’m changing it to only take $1.25 off as that’s all you’re paying for them” so I let it go but is this something I should have reported? Are they supposed to reduce the coupon if it will give you overage???

    • Deanna

      I called Kroger corporate of a horrible/embarrassing experience I had there over them not accepting my internet coupons. The lady was soo rude and wasn’t phased by the fact I told them I would be taking my business to Meijer. She just said “ok” and hung up the phone.

    • Julieann

      I had a good experience e-mailing customer service for Kroger. The lady was prompt and took care of my problem immediately. I’ll definitely keep this page handy for the phone numbers and emails. Thank you for all you do!

    • Hi, great post. I also wanted to let you know that you can call 1-800- Walmart, and talk to someone at Corporate. I use to work for Walmart years ago, and they will make sure that you are taken care of if you will call. Just wanted to add that in for you, cause I did not see it on your list. Again great post, and I for sure will be book marking this particular post in case I need to call someone.

    • Patricia

      At my Walgreens, the manager is a real stickler about the couponers. She will only put out two items on the shelf at a time to deter the greedy coupon mongers. When you ask for a raincheck, she says she has more in the back and will bring out two more. I have had this happen on several items I’ve tried to buy: Mentos gum, Sense and Spray, and lately on the Softsoap Bodywash she posted a sign saying, “due to their Catalina malfunction only one B1G1 RR will print per customer and if you have a coupon only one B1G1 RR will print.” I only have about 3 sets of inserts because I ask family/friends for theirs, and I don’t feel like I’m greedy. Is this something I should contact corporate about?

    • Jilana

      Funny you posted this today. I emailed walmart this morning….I know I should have never went there in the first place. But I saw the deals on dealseakingmom and thought I would give it a shot. I got home and got to looking at my receipt and she hadn’t actually used half of my coupons that she kept. They definately lost me for good as a customer. I feel like she stole from me out of my pocket because it was almost $10 in coupons that she didn’t scan. I had a feeling something wasn’t right when I saw my total but this jerk behind me was making rude comments about how long I was taking. There is nothing that walmart has that I can’t buy somewhere else. Sorry for venting.

    • Melissa

      LOL, funny I came here and this is the first topic on the page. Just came in from a shopping trip at Walmart, and told my hubby “Well, I have to call corporate”.

      I had bought a couple of items that were .97 or .99, and had 1.00 off coupons. She said she had to adjust them down, and I just shrugged, I was just glad she didn’t say they wouldn’t take my internet printed coupons. But then I had the $3.00/2 Johnson’s coupons, and got 3 of the First-Aid-To-Go kits. She said I could only get 2 because the coupon said it was for 2. She adjusted the amount she took off down to $1.94. But Walmart is going to get back $3.00 from the coupon I used.

      Altogether Walmart probably made around a $2.00 profit off the coupons I spent.

    • Kimberly S

      Walmart is bad enough without taking your 5 year old with you who litteratly yesterday told the cashier “My mom only has coupons and no paper money” This sparked the cashier to be like “What?” He hasn’t gotten it yet that the debit card is money so he thinks I pay for everything with coupons! LOL I had to laugh but at the same time the cashier watched me like I was going to rip walmart off lol.

    • Kimberly…sorry for the situation, but you did give me a great laugh today! (it was much needed!!). Thanks!

    • heather

      I am so glad you posted this today also. I have had several issues at one certain Target in my area. They will not take coupons for items that are priced less than the coupon. Last time it happened I emailed Target and got back a response telling me they DO adjust down coupons. That was awesome to me, I wasn’t looking for overage, just free. But yesterday I was there with my sister and the same horrible manager was there treating us the exact same way. I pulled out my email and she would not even look at it! I was furious. Of course I emailed them immediately when I returned home. I got back a generic email, if I do not hear something better by Monday I WILL be calling the number you listed. I’m tired of being treated rudely because of a coupon. Just like Melissa said, they will get back the face value of that coupon plus the 8cent handling!!!

    • Jenn

      I had to email CVS this week over a store near us. Quite often the sale prices do not ring up, and the ECBs do not print out. This past weekend I had this happen and the cashier was so distraught that he swore. I did not give his name because I don’t want him to get into trouble, just wanted to make sure that the next customer will not have this experience. I emailed CVS and they are putting a $3 ECB on my account. I really hate to complain, but I had to draw my line here.

      On the other hand, I love complimenting companies on exceptional employees and products!!

    • Emily

      I had the same kind of bad experience at Walgreens earlier this week with the register rewards! The girl tried to scan them and the register beeped and she handed them back to me saying “It’s not going to take these” – I was so floored, the girl did not even know what they were and didn’t even attempt to take a closer look at them until I protested. It was a nightmare – she had to get the manager and he didn’t know what he was doing either. Then it didn’t print the RR for my “like free” toothpaste. He didn’t understand the RR system any more than the cashier and tried to give me back 40 cents on it to “cover the difference in the sale price” – I was so irritated by the time I got out of there. Fortunealty the usual Walgreens I go to are great, and I will avoid that one from now on.

    • Lela

      Regarding the cashier that didn’t scan all your coupons–I had that happen at a Kroger when I realized that one of my high value coupons ($3.50 off bag of cat food) had not been scanned. I called the service desk at the store & they said they would check because the coupons balance in the drawer just like the $$. They called me back because they found it and the next time I was in store they gave me cash for it because they said they would be getting their $$ for it. You should call the store and at least try to either recoup your coupons or get your $$. I don’t like Wal-Mart either but hey, 10 bucks goes a long way when you shop like we do. And as for the guy making rude comments behind you in line–it used to bother me so much but now I think if they feel comfortable making a rude comment to me they had better be ready for my response. We get our items together and stand in line waiting for our turn like everyone else and I’ve found that the “couponers” are usually some of the most accommodating to fellow shoppers. I let people in front of me all the time and share coupons with people in line with me that have items I know I have a coupon for, but if someone is behind me and upset about the wait, maybe they need to take it up with Wal-Mart and their 28 check-out lanes, but only 4 cashiers checking out customers. Okay, now your not the only one who vented :)

    • WL

      The Target store in my town is horrible with accepting coupons. I usually don’t shop there, but decided to yesterday since I had the All & Mighty coupons. I also had coupons for Cheetos, Johnson & Johnson products, and popcorn. The cashier bagged my items after she scanned them. However when I proceeded to give her my coupons she took all of the items out of the bags and checked each item to my coupons. She didn’t even attempt to scan the coupons first. She acted like I was trying to pull something on her by not buying the correct items on the coupons. Had she scanned the coupons and they not accepted I could understand her checking the items, but that was not the case. I had all of the correct items so she accepted all of the coupons but I left feeling like a criminal or something. I have contacted the Corp office before about this store and the way to act with coupons but it didn’t help so needless to say I won’t be going back again. You would think with the economy that stores would be welcoming shoppers.

    • Thanks so much for this list, Jenny. I know it will come in handy. I contacted Publix corporate this week to let them know how much I love my local store. I also wanted to make it clear that their generous coupon policy has won me over as a customer (I never spent a penny there before Qs).

    • Lisa

      I agree with Becky- the fabulousness of Publix makes it hard for me to go anywhere else. I pay pennies for items instead of free like I would at CVS or Walgreens, but it is SO worth to not deal with the headaches!!!!

    • Jenny,

      I was shocked today at CVS. For the first time ever I was refused a coupon. Balmex was on clearance for $2.50 and I had $1.00 off coupons from the balmex.com site. I was told that they will no longer accept coupons verified from http://www.veri-fl.com I just emailed CVS about the issue. I hope that this is not the new policy. I love CVS!

    • Erica

      This was the response I got after contacting CVS corporate:

      CVS/pharmacy does accept manufacturer’s coupons that have been obtained from an approved Web site sponsored by the manufacturer. The coupon should be complete and contain a bar code that can be scanned at the register. I spoke to Matt and the manufacturer doesn’t sponsor the Veri-Fi Web site. Because of this, our Internal Loss Prevention Department has advised our stores that we cannot honor coupons from the Veri-Fi Web site. I am sorry that we weren’t able to accept your coupons.

    • Wendy

      Thanks for the post Jenny. I had an issue today at Dollar General using my IP coupons. I have used them several times at this store and today all of a sudden they cannot accept them anymore. I tried again later at a second Dollar General (I have learned from all of you not to give up easily!) but the cashier told me the same story. They are no longer accepting IP coupons. I guess it is my turn to contact corporate and find out the scoop.

    • Jenn

      Well, I just got back from my local Bi-lo, and boy did I receive so much flack. The manager was called over because the registers would not accept 5 of my coupons; they had to be entered “by hand”. She was rude and asked me a few times if it was my intention to break their register. She also said more than once that she didn’t have time for this.

      The man behind me told me that if they got rid of all the coupons that all food prices would drop 16-18%. I told him that my hubby hasn’t had a raise in over 6 years, and everything else keeps going up, but our pay :o( I had 2 of my children with me, and he said that he could understand that; he had 2 boys still at home. I told him that we have 5 and 2 are still in diapers, so I need to cut costs everyway that I can :o)

    • Jenn

      I also stopped into the local CVS, the one that I was having problems at, just to get diapers. The manager pulled me aside to assure me that “the matter would be handled,” and that I was not the 1st person to say something. I explained that I am not pointing fingers, but just wanted a “gentle reminder” to everyone to be courteous. She asked me to let her know personally if there is ever anything that I need. That was such a sweet gesture!!

    • Lauri

      This is great information.

      I emailed Publix before and they never responded. I would like to have more information about the specifics of their coupon policy. The last time I tried to use a Food Lion coupon I was told they accept Food Lion coupons, just not the ones like $2.00 off $5.00 of meat. I’m not understanding what is different about this coupon versus the other Food Lion coupons.

      Any information anyone might have on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again, great post!

    • Jan

      Thank you for this! As a result, I emailed Publix and Kroger to express my delight at their service, no problems! I’ll do the same with the drugstores. Couponers could be considered a headache, but I never shopped at Kroger before southernsavers.com (same for Rite Aid, CVS, Bi-Lo….).

    • Tracy

      I am new’ish to couponing – now that I am a SAHM and you all have me scared to death. I don’t want to be involved in a confrontation over a coupon. People should know better than to mess with the mom of toddlers. I can just see me now having an all out bawling fit at the cash register! Make me feel better – please!

    • marcey

      Becky, like you I never shopped at my Publix until I started couponing and have never had a problem until the coupon police started working there. I bought some softsoaps thru self checkout and my last coupon wouldnt scan so this girl came over, looked at her screen funny and said I couldnt use the last coupon because of overage. I said ok, took my coupon, and left, but I got a bad vibe from her. SO, a few days later, I went back thru self checkout because the store was busy and I didnt want to deal with people huffing about my coupons. I had a couple of stacked q’s so I knew Id have to call someone to help. Now, if I’m trying to pull something that would be pretty stupid. Well, Im scanning my qs and they are going through but taking forever after I put them in the slot for the screen to come back up to scan the next one. The same girl saw me standing there and I guess figured something was going on. Shes looking at her screen just being nosy and then says she needs my qs. Ok no problem so I hand them to her. She says we cant take these I say why. She says you cant use 4 or 5 qs for one product. I said, Umm Im NOT. I said I have some stacked qs which is allowed. She said we dont do that. I said since when. She said weve had this problem before with people in the self checkout. (My stacks were for 2 packs of Huggies wipes with a manuf and a food lion each. She saw the 4 qs and assumed it was for one pack I guess.)Then after changing the store policy, she tried to limit what I could buy. She said I could get one of the packs. I said Oh you DO allow stacking but now theres a limit? I was getting irritated and I had my 5 yr old with me. I said, this is ridiculous. Just void my order. She said fine like the conversation was over. I said and come get my qs out of this box. A manager was walking by and I stopped him and asked about stacking and he said yes we do. I told him about her trying to limit my purchase and she piped in with the 4 qs for one item again. I said I told you its 2 sets of stacked qs and the machine isnt going to allow 4 qs for one item anyway duh. She said well youve been in here several times doing this and I said what r u talking about? This is only the 2nd time Ive ever seen you in my life. She said remember the soap from the other day and we had to void it. That was a lie. She only handed me the q back for next time. I told the manager, youre welcome to look in my cart and look at my qs. He said no thats ok. He was nice but as a manager he shouldve told her Ill handle this and had her step away and not argue with the customer over a couple of legit qs. He said weve just had some changes with qs. I said thats fine and if Im doing something wrong theres a way to go about telling the customer. You dont make them feel like a crook. I said I normally do go thru the regular line and I wish I had now. She said ok “I’LL” check you out and started to gather up my stuff. Like I was going to go to the regular line and get away with something there. The manager sees everything is fine which there was no question in the first place. My qs were scanning and she came over and stuck her nose in my business. She simply had a problem with overage. Ok fine do an adjustment. If Im getting something for free, I could care less about a little overage. But her store is doing the same, selling me an item for less than the q amount then turning that q in for full face value plus 8 cents or so. I start to scan the rest of my qs and ask her oh do you want to scan these other ones to make sure they’re ok. She says yes I can come over there and scan them. I say, I can stand here and scan them myself. I thought you might want to scan them from there so you could inspect them. I know this is a long post, but it was nice to vent. I did call corporate but missed their call back. I told my hubby I dont want to go back to that location so Ive been driving a good distance out of my way to go to another one because I do love to shop at Publix. He said he would go in there as often as possible with a huge stack of qs and go through her line on purpose. I hate confrontations but dont come at me with an attitude. I had no problem with her thinking I was couponing wrong and wanting to check it out. The problem was with her attitude and smart mouth treating me the customer like a crook and upsetting me needlessly in front of my child. People like that should not be in customer service.

    • April

      Thank you.

    • The manager at my Publix did not want to accept my Knox coupon for the face value, $4, even though the Knox gelatin I was buying was only worth $1.37. He tried to change the value of the coupon. After a conversation with him, he decided that he would not accept the coupon unless he changed the value of the coupon. So, I decided to take off the gelatin.

      Next, I wrote to Publix corporate asking them their policy and got a return call (appro. 10 days later) from a “District Manager”. He was very polite and after explaining the situation, he said that the manager SHOULD NOT have changed the value of the coupon, unless the coupon had a specific place (blank box) do so.

      I still feel like it is all a little mysterious and unclear because Publix employees seem to change they way they handle coupon with overage depending on which way the wind is blowing.

    • Pub Employee

      Have you guys ever just tried to explain to the cashiers that you’re not “screwing them over” and that their stores will be reimbursed the face value of the coupons they’re scanning?

      As a grocery store cashier, I didn’t really realize how it worked for awhile. Just explain the process.

      Publix is allowed to accept competitor coupons from places like Bi-Lo, Food Lion, Kroger, etc. NOT Target, Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc. Every Publix in the Columbia area should know this because the DM sent a memo out a few weeks ago.

    • alison

      Tracy, the post from Marcey should make you feel better. I can’t believe the nerve of that employee and especially in front of your child! Don’t people know that women shopping with children have already been pushed passed their limits and don’t need any further irritation?! I’m lucky, my Publix has been extremely helpful. Once, I went in with baby club coupons for Publix items that they were out of, and they let me use them on another item of my choice. I got high end diaper wipes b1g1! And most recently, while I was in a hurry and experiencing some serious MOMMY-BRAIN, I asked the cashier to correct the price on the Horizon milk b/c it rang up the wrong price. He did without any problem, very nice about it. Then when I got home, I realized I’d grabbed the Organic Valley milk by mistake and neither of us noticed it! The computer even took my Horizon coupons for it! OOPS! I felt so bad, like I should call and apologize!

    • Donna Winters

      Myself and some of my friends and family have had rude cashiers a Kohl’s over the $5 off coupons. One particular cashier has made several rude comments and actually asked me for my id to use a coupon the other day. I felt this was a form of harrassment. Does anyone have a number for corporate for Kohl’s?

    • Stefanie

      I emailed BiLo corp. about a recent coupon policy change (or what appeared to be). Someone had put handwritten signs on every register saying that they weren’t taking more than 2 “like” coupons. Even though their policy is no more than 10. So, I sent an email asking them if this was their new policy. Just a few hours later, the local store manager called me. He had been notified from Corp about my complaint/inquiry. He asked me what signs did I see…and I told him. He was shocked. He had not authorized those signs and assured me that I could use as many coupons I wanted as long as I didn’t clear off his shelf in one transaction (which I completely understand). He assured me he was taking down the signs. The next day I went in there and the signs were still up. When the cashier refused my coupons, I asked to speak with Todd. She quickly took the coupons. Now the signs are gone and no more problems.

    • Tracy

      Well, it happened! I guess my post became a self-fulfilling prophecy. It had to happen. I was at Publix today and I was sort of getting an offbeat vibe from the cashier. I also had a sinking feeling, but I stayed in line anyway hoping to have courage. (Envision the lion from the Wizard of Oz…) She questioned me about my brand comparison transaction before we even got to the coupons. I turned in to a total chicken! My cheeks got hot and I started feeling embarrassed and like a criminal. I asked a question and she said she would call the manager. I asked her not to and requested that she remove the items in question. She insisted on getting the manager. This compounded my embarrassment. My cheeks felt hotter and my hands started getting shaky. Before I knew it the manager was leaning into my personal space “lecturing” me. I thought I was going to keel over from embarrassment. Here it is Good Friday and there is a line of holiday shoppers behind me. The place went quiet. I never raised my voice or changed my tone. After I had had enough of the lecture, I politely asked the cashier to cancel my order. I left the store quickly and empty-handed. Thankfully, I had not handed over my coupons yet and I still had them in my hot (albeit shaky) little hands. I was so unnerved that I dropped my coupon folder as I walked out of the store and into the parking lot. A gentleman, and I do mean gentleman, stooped down to help me collect them all. The fact that our entire city was, at that point, under a tornado warning is what made his act of kindness even more meaningful. (Insert extreme windiness and lightning here for dramatic effect…)

      I calmed myself down and called the store manager. She knew immediately who I was – good grief – the entire store apparently knew. She said the cashier and the other manager were wrong. She even offered to bring groceries to my home. I, of course, wasn’t going to let her do that – in the midst of a tornado warning. She was very kind and acted in a manner that represented Publix well.

      I cannot imagine the scene that would have ensued when I tried to stack a competitor coupon and a manufacturer coupon. It makes me loopy just thinking about it. You have to understand, I am not a shrinking violet. I have quite a bit of, let’s say, personality. Some folks used to call me tiger lady… Having children made me decide that I would not get angry in stores – I don’t want my children to see that and copy my actions. Of course, letting things unnerve me doesn’t help much either. I am still working out the kinks…

      When did cashiers become the coupon Gestapo? It is such a delicate balance. The store needs to make money to survive and it needs customers to buy things to make money.

      I am just trying to do the best for my family. I know the coupon rules (thanks for Southern Savers!) and the cashiers should know them too. I am honest and do not use coupons fraudulently. I do not try to take advantage of stores. I don’t want to be treated like a bad apple – because I am NOT a bad apple. My husband says I am a peach! (You can all go heave now…I just couldn’t resist…) Being shrewd is not wrong – it is good business.

      Who decided that the cahiers would be on one side and the coupon-bearing customers would be on the opposing side? It is like a grand scrimmage playing out at cash registers across the nation. Is it leading up to some grand finale between the Goliaths’s from each team? Armageddon perhaps? Who knows? What is the point? Here is my take away. I will shop at the same time each week when the cashiers I know will treat me fairly are working. I will choose their lines (no matter how long the wait) to check out.

      Find a coupon-friendly cashier and take good care of him or her! Treat them like royalty!!!

    • Melissa

      Tracy, I could have signed my name to your post after my experience at Target today.

      The cashier I had obviously didn’t know anything about coupons or what she was doing, but she was one of those “know-it-all” types.

      It wasn’t so much that she wouldn’t accept my coupons – I get that occassionally from not-well-trained cashiers – but this lady was talking to me like I was a dog. She accused me of copying my internet printable coupon – and even Target printable coupons! and not getting the right item…apparently Johnson’s Saftey Swabs isn’t a baby care product…oh and ANY Johnson’s Baby Care product only means ANY of the three pictured on the coupon. (I wonder how she reads coupons when there’s no pictures?)

      She said things to me like, she “wasn’t going to lose her job over a dollar”, she wasn’t going to put in a coupon “just because you want me to”, and when I told her I knew the Target coupon policy, she says to me in this snotty, hateful tone “well obviously you don’t!”.
      Then she told me she knew the reason my Target web printable coupons wouldn’t work, “Because they are copied”.

      I wish I had walked out with nothing. I don’t know why I didn’t. I think I was in shock. I was so upset, but my son was with me, and like you, I didn’t want to lose my cool in front of him. As it was, he refused to go in anymore stores with me after that.

      I am upset and griping today, Tracy, but I also want to say, bad experiences happen less than good experiences, so don’t give up.

      Pub Employee, I do try to explain coupon useage to cashiers. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they’ll ask the Manager to verify if I’m lying or what. But more than a few times what I get is an attitude of “you’re stupid, you don’t know anything, only I know everything”.

    • Tracy

      I know and I will not give up. Surely I can handle a coupon ‘situation’ with a cashier if I can handle 2 toddlers! Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Alison

      Tracy, I say report that “manager” who was lecturing you. That is not appropriate customer service. Very good point to find a cashier you like and stick with them. I’ve even gone to the customer service desk to check out when they were already helping me and I’ve even checked with cust. serv. before I used my coupons just so I could reference them in line.

      Melissa, God bless you. Please report that woman to the manager of the store and send an email to the corporate office. This kind of thing happened to me at a Wal-Mart before when suddenly they didn’t take coupons from the internet anymore. When I told the lady to take the item off my ticket, she made ME dig through the shopping bags to find it. I went straight over to the cust. serv. counter and told them ho rude she was and what she said about the coupons. I also told them that this was the 3rd time I’d had to deal with her attitude b/c we shopped early morning and she was the only cashier. I then stated that if I came to there store again and she was the only cashier, I would leave my cart full of groceries and go somewhere else to shop. Come to find out, they knew who I was talking about before I mentioned her name, and mine wasn’t the only complaint! A higher up person happened to come around while I was relaying my saga, so maybe that’s what made them finally take action. I don’t want to cost anyone a job, they just need to treat people better if their job is in people service!

    • Alison


      I love my BiLo manager! He’s told me to contact him from now one whenever I have an issue ever since I’d contacted corporate. Do you have to argue with them over getting 5 cents off when you bring in your own bags? I am always having to correct/train their employees that it’s ANY bag, not just a BiLo bag. Once, I even brought in plastic BiLo bags, just so they couldn’t tell me no!

    • Angela

      Wow – those are some scary stories! So far, I haven’t had any negative couponing experiences.
      However, I do work in customer service for a technology company, so I wanted to put in my 2 cents.
      Absolutely do call/write corporate when you have a noteable experience, whether it’s positive or negative. “The Man” needs to know what’s going on in the local stores.
      I am not surprised that the local store manager takes good care of you since you’ve contacted corporate. Locations take that sort of thing seriously. I’m not saying to make a mountain out of a molehill, but to speak up when needed.
      I’ve made “friends” with cashiers at the downtown Columbia Publix and Bi-Lo, as well as the night security guard at Kroger’s on Forest Drive. The guard gave me coupons last night! How funny is that! One of the cashiers there is a couponer as well, she’s very helpful.

    • Does anyone know what is up with the Bi-Lo phone number 1-800-862-9293 I have tried calling it serval times and the a message cames on saying this number can’t be completed as dailed.

      • Jenny


        I haven’t tried it recently but it is the number off their website. I just checked my most recent receipt but it only has the stores telephone number.

    • Lisa

      I agree that some of the cashiers at Walmart are “coupon police” they interrogate every coupon. I also had a similar situation where i had the $4.00 off 2 rolaids products the coupon said good on anything as long as not trial size. So i found the 3packs that were 1.57 so 2 = 3.14 i ended up getting 21 packages because i had 8 coupons for buy 2 & then i had 3 for 1.00 off 1. Well the coupons beeped each time 1st she looked & scrutinized & said these are fine because they are not trial size. But some how she ended up not ringing in one of the $4 & $1 coupons so i ended up losing 5$ but sometimes it is more of a pain to go back!
      and then other times i have the nicest people in the world! I always thank the cashier when they are nice since it does take a while since i always have 1 coupon for at least every item. so if i have 50 items they usually have to ring in at least 25 coupons.

    • Mary

      Hey I am having an issue with something at walgreens the coupons exceeds the price so they change it to the price and I have to pay tax is that corprate policy?

      • Jenny

        Reducing the value of coupons is something that a lot of us are having issues with at lots of stores lately. From what I have read it does seem to be the way that Walgreens is handling coupons that higher value than the products. In most states you will always have to pay tax on the item. The government is not about to not get there share in the transaction. There are a few states that tax on the after coupon value, but they are not the majority.

    • I just returned from Publix here in Birmingham, AL and while the cashier and managers were polite, they did not honor the $4 off one Knox gelatin product. They said I could purchase three products with one coupon and I I calmly showed them that the coupon was for ONE Knox product, not three. They never relented so I politely stated that I would be contacting the corporate office to verify the Publix policy and that I would be sure to state that I was treated with courtesy and that I respected their decision but hoped we could resolve legal coupon matters for my future business there. Even though I was not treated rudely, I still was horribly ashamed and felt nauseous standing there talking to them and then leaving the store. On top of that, they left my toothpaste out of the cart so I had to return five minutes later asking for the toothpaste I paid for!

    • Tracy

      I am right there with you! I probably would not have noticed the missing toothpaste though.

    • Tasha

      I tried to explain to the cashier at Walgreen’s that the store gets reimbursed for the coupons I use. Her response was “I don’t get any of that money.”

      This cashier is rude and treats me like a thief for using coupons. I won’t let her intimidate me from coming in the store.

    • I was at Dillons, a division of Kroger. I had a pace coupon for $4/1. I tried to use 2 for products that were $2 each. The first time, the cashier told me that was coupon fraud. She did not even offer to adjust it down. I told her “No, It is NOT.” But had her just remove the items. I called after leaving the store (she did not ring up 4 of my coupons) and the manager said Krogers policy is to adjust the coupon down.

      I eventually emailed Kroger. I received this reply

      “We do not honor any coupon for more than the cost of the item it is being used to purchase. Stores that do otherwise are doing so without sanction. I am sorry if this policy will keep you from using your coupons in our stores.”

      I replied saying I thought it was coupon fraud against the consumer to adjust it down but receive the full amount. Her reply:

      “We have to submit a report showing our verifiable cost and pricing for all legitimate coupons. As you were told, it is fraud to request or receive more than the amount tendered. This is why some retailers and some stores in our chain will not take coupons for more than the price of the item under any circumstances. These hand adjusted coupons cause additional processing time and actually reduce the amount the retailer receives.”

    • liz

      I have had alot of bad experiences at Walgreens. One cashier even said for you the limit is the on the Mentos 2/$2 the $1 Q. i felt bad. but I just paid at the beauty section. I some Mentos Q’s left i gave some to the cashier, for helping me out and i went to the other cashier that tried to put me down and gave her two. she changed her attitude and said come here i’ll let you buy more. i told her it was ok i wanted to give that to her for helping me all the other times(she never has). I just felt in my heart to to do good to her, even though she was being unjust. God will handle it for me. I also pray before i shop every time. For favor and grace in the eyes of others. Also if he doesnt want me to buy it dont let the item be there. thanks and this site is a true blessing.

    • another pub employ.

      I am sorry for all of you that have had bad experiences at Publix and apologize deeply. At my store we try to keep all of our cashiers on the same page and to treat all of our customers with respect. No matter the circumstance and a coupon is not accepted it still should be done respectfully.

      The people who you don’t hear from or about on these websites are the ones who do try to do coupon fraud.

      Like the young lady going through selfcheckout with a shopping cart full of groceries and when asked to see her coupons she stated she did not have enough money and put half of the groceries back and went though a regular cashier line and still didn’t have the coupons that matched up with the product.

      We also had a man who used close to $50 worth of coupons for makeup and kotex in the self check out to get all his groceries close to free and he didn’t have a single item of makeup or kotex.

      These are just a few of the problems we have had at our publix.

      The coupon usage and guidelines are always changing as to what the DM of a particular area or store is telling us to do. We were always told not accept target/walgeen/CVS and the next we get an email to accept. Then you talk to other store in the same division that don’t have to accept them. It is confusing and trying.

      On a personal note I have been a person who has used coupons for over 15 years and no one should be ashamed of using coupons. I personally only use manufacturer coupons and do not use other store coupons because it goes against what i believe is right as none of the stores get any money back from competitor coupons.

      I hope this clears up a little why there are “coupon police”