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keep calm and print shopping lists

After answering a ton of hate email and mean comments let me take a minute and let you know that I have undone the changes we made to the site last week.  Before some of you cheer and celebrate victory please know that this is a very sad moment for me.  Progress is a good thing.  Really.

I was a little shocked as to how upset a login makes some of you and also taken aback at the reasons you felt I would do this.  So let me take a second and share why we made logging in required (for the short 5 days that it was).

Why require a login?

  • Cost is the #1 reason.  To maintain separate code for two different shopping list systems not to mention separate servers is incredibly expensive.  Since you aren’t asked to pay to use the site, I have to work to keep costs in control.  Maintaining the servers on Southern Savers costs money every month as does the cost for developers to update and fix code (think more than a mortgage).
  • Secondly, we built this for you.  Imagine a shopping list that knows what newspaper you have and only shows coupons from your area… or the item search that only shows you sales that you care about in your area when you search for best deals on products that you love.  These are features that no other site has, and they were built to make all of this easier and less time consuming.

What the login feature isn’t

  • Once you are logged in the system remembers that for over a month.  Folks complained that it wastes time… it’s a one time deal… and you’re good… for a month.  This isn’t like Kellogg’s that will make you log in every time you print a different coupon (that’s truly a frustrating site if we want to start pointing fingers).
  • I have no desire to track what you are buying and would never sell that information even if I could.  You seem to think that I have extra time on my hands.  The only tracking we are doing is for the next project we are working on. We are adding an alerts feature that will notify you when things you want us to track go on sale.  But guess what, you’ll have to log in for that!

As for right now, go and print all the lists you like, you don’t have to log in.  I’ll go back to the drawing board on how to make this work for everyone.

    • debby

      Wow, I’m so sorry you got such negative comments. I didn’t mind logging in. My concern was that I actually WANT to see all the coupons from everywhere because I share deals with friends all around the country. Plus, my paper has some weird coupons sometimes and having the “national” list reminds me to look at all of my coupons. I had stopped logging in because when I’m NOT logged in, it defaults to “all papers, all coupons” not just for my area, whereas if I logged in it kept defaulting back to “my area” only.

      I’m VERY excited to hear about an alerts feature. I would like (when I login) for it to save my default (be it my area or all coupons) until I change it.

    • Ashley

      Jenny, haters gonna hate. Some people can’t be content with anything. You work hard for all of us and provide us all these resources for us to save money. And you don’t charge us anything to boot! Sending lots of warm fuzzies your way!!

    • chi7

      Never ceases to amaze me how entitled people can be about something they are getting for free. Wow. Jenny, unlurking to say thank you for all the work I haven’t had to do for…6 years now, I think! The changes sound really great to me – way to go to the next level!

    • Heather

      Shame on those people complaining. Wow. It’s a free site meant to help us out. Thanks for all you do and keep doing it! Progress is a good thing and if it’s going to make it all better then go for it.

    • lshtm

      That is very sad. I think you should do whatever saves you the most money !!!!

    • Crystal

      Shame, shame on anyoone who was sending hate email.
      God bless you Jenny. And thank you for everything you do for all of us. I don’t know about everyone else but you have helped my family to save alot of money. And while we could afford to buy our groceries before, now we are able to save so much money. Couponing and your site helps us realize another goal for us. We bought our 3 house which is our 2 rental last June. It’s a great house with wonderful tenants and we almost have it paid for already. We definitely won’t have been able to do this without your help. Since my husband and I are self-employed, we were starting to worry about retirement. But with a little more hard work and planning I feel like we will be just fine.

    • Erin

      You’re the best, Jenny! Your blog is my favorite and I look forward to checking in with you each day. I hope you kept record of those ungreatful complainers. If I were you I’d fix it so they don’t get to print lists at all! Keep up the good work!

    • Laurie Champion

      thank you for your site and your effort, i have saved thousands of dollars using your site, i don’t mind logging in : )

    • Leigha

      Thank you for all of your time and efforts! You make couponing easier for this full time working mom and I truly appreciate it! Don’t let the ungrateful ones get you down.

      Blessings to you and your family!

      P.S. LOVE the back button on the app!!

    • MeganS

      Your blog is the best coupon blog that I’ve ever used, and I definitely
      don’t mind logging in. I thought all the changes you made last week
      were fantastic. Thanks Jenny! :-)

    • Really

      I think you have more than enough on your plate to cater to everyone. ( sick child, four kids and homeschooling, pregnant, etc…it’s long) if you can save money you should….isn’t this what this site about? Saving money?

      If they don’t like it there are a lot of other sites…right?

    • sweetpea

      oh, my! How could anyone who benefits so from all they learn here be ugly to you! So sorry.

    • Brady

      Let me just say that you are MUCH nicer than I probably would be and that says a lot to me about your character. I deeply value your website and app. I love all that you do for us and all the volunteers that help make this site possible. I personally wonder who on earth has the time to write you hate mail?! That is so frustrating to me that they would do that but I also just don’t understand why people do that! You are only working to make our lives easier….oh and it’s free people!

    • Bev

      I already log in so I did not realize there was any change. I have lost my print outs before and I was able to go back and reprint because I was logged in. I like having my info saved and could care less what is being tracked. I have a card at almost every store and I am signed up for every coupon site available. There is so many people tracking my life that one more log in makes zero difference. However, this is besides the point. I love this site and I am very grateful for all the work it saves me. I hope you will do what is best for your site and not worry about people who think that life is only about what they want.

      • Jenna

        This, basically. Everything said here. I have no idea where all the negativity came from. Some people just need to complain, I think.

    • Judy

      :( I’m sorry that all the negative and annoying people had louder voices than the vast majority of us who appreciate you and were happy with the new feature (especially b/c most of us seem to recognize that you don’t just do things haphazardously). Thanks for all you do!!

    • dbphunter

      I really do appreciate all of your hard work. Please don’t listen to the haters. Your site is the best!

    • Kellie

      My guess is that some thought they’d have to log in each time…I thought the same. I sure wish you would give it a second chance. I love Southern Savers and have saved so much money and time from this site and learned much from the variety of things you post. So often the topic of conversation with my mom friends is, “Did you see what Jenny posted today?” What a blessing you are!

    • Ashlee Whitmire

      Thanks for all you do!

    • Cassandra

      I have been coming to your site, weekly, for years…THANK YOU for all that you do to help all of us save money!!

    • Emily in SC

      I very rarely comment on any posts ( I should say THANKS way more often) but I just wanted to take a minute to say that I think the added features are very helpful! I have been following your site and making my shopping lists here for (…I think…) almost 8 years. I can’t count how much I saved and how it has changed our finances. I stay home and homeschool my 3 kids and life is expensive! You, through your website and through the class I took years ago, have changed the kind of shopper and homemaker I am! For that, I am truly grateful! The improvements to your site throughout the years have been amazing! It is far more innovative than other deal blogs. I think you are doing an awesome job and I really appreciate all your efforts!! Keep up the great work!

    • Shala

      Just wanted to say thanks for all you do!! I love using your site!!

    • Marcia

      I just want to say how much that I appreciate all that you do to help me save money. One can only imagine all of the hard work that goes into making this site what it is to so many people. I for one know that I often take it for granted, but it truly means a lot to me. Thank you!

    • Chanda

      We are a one income – homeschooling family. I have come to this site for almost 5 years and I use it exclusively. I don’t care what hoops you make me jump through, i just want all the goodies I get from using this site. I started couponing because we fell on hard financial times and I was trying to figure out how to feed my family. I now know I never have to worry about that again. So thankful for all you do.

    • laidbackracing

      I must have missed something….not sure why anything you are doing with YOUR website is a problem for anyone….it is really quite simple….they don’t have to come to your site. I have a free information site for fans going to the races and the emails I have gotten simple stun me at times. …so I am very sorry that you had to spend your valuable time even answering emails. I also appreciate everything you do

    • Angela

      Your website is so much better than all the other couponing sites I’ve explored that I still use it even living in a state that’s not covered in most of your regional coupon match-ups. I, for one, was excited to explore the new features but never got a chance. Keep up the amazing work!

    • Marcella

      I appreciate your site and am thankful for the time you spend to help people you don’t even know.My God bless you daily!

    • Kathi

      My only problem w/ the log in was I bothered to fill out the registration and it still didn’t take so I wasted the time compiling my list, filling in the form and ended up w/ no list. I also tried w/ fb to no avail. FB seems to be working now.

    • clenington

      I also appreciate your site so much. I’ve learned a lot about saving money over the last 4 years, and am so thankful for the work you do. I like being logged in, because I like having all my shopping lists saved!

    • Tara

      Jenny, I am so sorry you’ve had a bad response from some people. You are incredibly gracious to respond so kindly to the negative comments. Our family has been truly blessed by the help we’ve gotten from your website. My husband is in full time ministry and I am a stay at home mom, so saving money is very important for us. Thank you for all you do!

    • Michelle

      Thank you so much for all you do to help me and my family of 5 save money on our grocery budget. I appreciate it and am sorry you got so many negative comments.

    • Victoria

      Jenny – thank you for all you do! I never realized that there was a login required last week, maybe I just missed those days but I do have a question – would the coupon matching still work for someone like me in Colorado? I started using your website about 5 years ago when we lived in Alabama but we are military and have since been to two other states, neither in the southeast. I have still always used Southersavers as it really has the best matching, layouts etc. I absolutely don’t mind logging in, especially for the reasons you outlined, but could those of us outside of the southeast still use it if it’s location dependent and does matching based on your local area?

      • Tie Dye Jen

        I don’t think it is “location dependent” in the sense you are thinking like apps that determine your location automatically. It has a way of you entering the newspaper you buy and the stores you shop to narrow down the information it gives you when you make a list or do a search. I have not entered this info and still just get a full list (although I do log in b/c I like saving and editing my lists-I love the app btw cuz it keeps me logged in) Hope this helps!

    • Elise LaChance McGurk

      I’m sorry to hear about all of the negativity! I am grateful for you and this site and have absolutely no problem logging in!!! Keep up the great work and to hell with the haters!

    • pdnr

      Jenny, thank you for all you do. Several years ago, a friendly shopper at the store told me about your website when she saw my husband and I discussing what was the best deal on something. Though I had been couponing for many, many years, I was about to give it up because it wasn’t worth the work. But you made all the difference and have saved us so much and made grocery shopping fun again. I have also enjoyed seeing you on the news with Dawndy and appreciate your tips. I’m sorry for the haters; so many just don’t stop and think that they’re dealing with a real person. The vast majority of us do appreciate you! Love and prayers to you and your family.

    • Susan

      Like children having a temper tantrum, shouldn’t reward their bad behavior. Great Blog! Thank You!

    • Becky

      Jenny, thank you for all your hard work. It’s sad to me that people want to be negative. Like my mom taught me growing up….if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all! I love your site ????

    • Jessica

      Thank you Jenny for all that you do! I have always automatically logged in. I have no problem with it at all. Like someone else said, I will jump through what ever hoops you need me to. This is a free site and I am so grateful for that and your family. Thank you!

    • Elizabeth

      Jenny, I love your site and log in all the time! As a wife, mother, and a full time teacher, I don’t have he time to do all the coupon clipping and sale matching you do for me. My husband is currently unemployed and your site helps us keep eating well and on a tighter budget. Thank you for all your hard work!

    • JA

      I find it so disappointing that people would send hate email to you. Although not a fan of login websites, I simply chose to look at your new feature as an OPPORTUNITY to remove my fingers from my keyboard and use pen and paper to write my list – and it worked perfectly!

    • Elizabeth Reusch

      I check here just for the awesome job you do on covering drugstore deals. This site is here solely because of your awesome generosity. Server maintenance can easily cost $1500 each month. Fellow couponers should understand your desire to save money! :)

    • Tie Dye Jen

      I almost said this when I saw one of those hateful comments the other day: if you don’t want to be tracked, you might as well live in a hole b/c everything you do is tracked-especially if you use the internet which obviously those people do if the commented or emailed you :)

    • Edith

      I’m so sorry that you got such hateful feedback! Thank you for everything you do and for keeping the site cost-free for us!!!

    • dweeb

      I thought it was a GREAT idea. Sorry you got so much grief about it. We often have to provide way more information, just to print ONE coupon at some mfg sites, only to find out that the coupon isn’t even available any more. So I didn’t mind at all….

      And TRULY, thank you for all you do. You are awesome :)

    • mommalana

      Wow! I am so sorry this happened. My only concern was whether or not my non-techy self could figure it out. My techy husband would have helped me if I had needed it though. I appreciate all the work you do on this site and believe that you should do what needs to be done to be able to continue. The haters can get their information elsewhere.

    • Lindsey

      Your site is super helpful, saves money, and saves time. I am beyond sorry you received hate mail. People should be embarrassed. If they don’t like it, don’t use it. Keep up the great work.

    • Wendy W

      Haters are NEANDERTHALS!!!!
      The fact that there is a site and other sites put together by helpful people doing the dirty work for us to have coupon matchups, great savings, and useful frugal info is amazing. Sometimes I want something to happen where people can’t rely on technology and see just how they manage. People are too lazy to log in and scared big brother is tracking…geez it is 2015. Lay off Jenny she is a hardworking momma and she could easily say this isn’t worth it and obliterate the site. Learn to be kind and respectful folks. It is just coupons and frugal living.

    • Brandy

      You can’t please everyone. If the change was going to benefit the majority then it should be done. If some don’t like it, they can do all their own research and coupon gathering themselves or find another site…period! I bet they would change their tune then! Plus, this is YOUR FREE site and for YOU to make changes as YOU see fit. If you lose a few people, so what…they weren’t going to sign up anyway…just mooch off your work. I think you do an amazing job!

    • RebeccaB

      I didn’t know about this, but I love you and love your site. I totally support mandatory login if that works for you. I sometimes get frustrated with myself when I create a list and forgot to login because I love having that saved. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made the list and printed only to get to the store and its not in my purse. With my iphone, I can easily pull up the saved list and get the shopping done without carting kids home for the list and back again. You have helped save us so much money. Please don’t listen to the hate email. Do whatever you need to do and post explanations like this…maybe a link to an explanation when logging in?…so people can understand if that is their desire. If they are going to complain anyway, it doesn’t matter what they say. Love to you and your family!

    • BarbnLukas

      Thank you for your site! Logging it was not a problem at all.

    • Ruchi Garg

      I am so sorry Jenny, that some people cannot appreciate your hardwork and generosity. I feel that its their loss.I missed the login part last week.I am thankful to you for maintaining this awesome website, which has helped me save so much money and most importantly gain a little perspective in life. We get so hung up on saving money that we forget about our ethics. I hope that you and your baby are doing well. You have been in my prayers.

    • Willie

      Jenny, I’m sorry to hear that people were harsh towards you and that they jumped to conclusions. I wasn’t thrilled at having to login, but I never for a moment thought ill of you. On the contrary, I think you are awesome!

    • Sarah

      I don’t comment much, but I had to comment here.

      It’s rare that people who think positively comment on changes that are radically different. That’s a shame, too, because it is important to let others know when they’re making a difference.

      You are making a difference, and I appreciate your site very much. You alert me to freebies, to great coupons, and to the best prices on diapers. I wouldn’t care if you had left the log-in. People need to remember they shouldn’t ‘bite the hand that feeds you.’

      You are doing a great job and I appreciate the countless hours of work and effort you put in to make this website run smoothly and efficiently. I am sorry we all don’t say that enough.

    • Tracy

      I love your site Jenny and have been so grateful for the work that you do over the three years or so that I have been using it and saving a ton of money for our family… thank you for all the work that you do!!

    • Murphy

      I considered commenting last week about how much I liked the new features, but I never did. (I’m not one to actually post comments, this is my first time ever!). So, I figure “better late than never”. I want you to know how much I have appreciated your site over the years and all the changes you have made to it. Sometimes I can be slow to accept change, but all the changes I have ever seen you make on this site have been wonderful! Therefore, I personally welcomed the updates!! I hope you will not let negative people get to you. Thank you for all that you do!! I truly appreciate you and your site!!

    • Dean93

      I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work you put into for this awesome website and we all should be OK with what you feel is necessary for YOUR webpage as it is FREE and a great resource!!

    • jessicaenggren

      I just wanted to say thank you and like most of the comments below I don’t comment much but I have been using your site for years now to help with my coupon savings and it is great. I don’t see a problem logging in we have to on all kinds of sites to get coupons so whats the big deal. If it saves you money and keeps the site free to all of us we should be grateful. Change is good and everyone needs to get use to it. I just wanted to say thank you and there is obviously alot of people that feel the way I do.. you are appreciated thanks

    • Naomitress Cobb

      I just wanted to say that I value your work. If logging in is necessary, then logging in is what we need to do. We should be grateful that you have the drive, time and ability to take on this massive undertaking. You cannot make all of us happy. In order to keep your sanity, please do what is best for you. If I have to log in, I will do just that. What you have is to too valuable for me not to do so.

    • srfields

      Jenny, I just returned from vacation (where, yes, I take a laptop AND printer so that I can save while traveling too), and somehow I missed all of this going on. I rarely comment here, but felt I really needed to on this issue. YOU ARE AMAZING! You have saved me thousands over the 3 1/2 years since I discovered you. I’ve never minded logging in, because I like to have the lists saved. Sometimes I quickly create a list but don’t have time to find/print the coupons or print the list until later. Like others here, I have many times used my phone to pull up my saved list while in the store because I didn’t have the printed list with me. You have allowed me to create a nice little stockpile of toiletries so I can keep my two kids in college (can you say $$$$) stocked, and even one son’s girlfriend! We hardly ever pay for a Redbox movie because you keep us on top of free codes. My husband practically lives at Lowe’s Home Improvement and Harbor Freight, and you’ve alerted us to codes and deals there, too. I could go on and on and on… Keep doing what you’re doing and know that you are MUCH APPRECIATED! I am really looking forward to the ALERT feature, too! :)

    • Barbara

      You’re awesome Jenny! Thank you so much for all your hard work. I have no problem with the new system. So sorry for all the Debbie Downers out there. :(

    • Me

      I just want to say thank you for your work….that is all…*I missed the stuff, I don’t usually print.* But, thank you!

    • Katrina Lairson

      I like the site. Thank you. With all the people fussing about a free site makes me wonder if they show gratitude to the companies that send them a monthly bill. If they were to recieve a bill from site usage maybe they would be more grateful.
      Change is good. How hard is it to learn something new? Drunk monkeys can be taught to drink out a bottle and a glass. Why cant the haters of change just deal with it. My two cents

    • bell

      i love this site .so easy so friendly.some people you just cant please.those people should be alot nicer just for all you and your friends do for them.nothing is free .thanking you jenny i met you at coupon camp one time you are the greatest.thank you for help me and my family and all of us out here save so much

    • Kate Jaco

      I liked the changes! Quite frankly, you can do whatever you want to the site and people shouldn’t complain. You provide a fantastic service for free (which I still can’t believe!). I attended a workshop of yours in the fall and you helped me learn to coupon and shop sales and I know I have saved my family thousands in just 6 short months. Haters gonna hate I guess. Thank you for doing what you do. You are appreciated so so much!!

    • dawg4

      I have “been in your shoes” on implementing “change” and sometimes the only voices we hear are those that are disgruntled. So, we inadvertently assume that everyone dislikes the “change”. However, probably, the PERCENTAGE of dislikers is very, very low, but those were the only ones responding! Let me assure you, that is not the case! I LOVE THIS SITE! (And your “new changes” were hardly noticed by me.) You are the BEST! (I hope you inbox is so full of NICE mail that you can’t read them all!!!) Keep pressing on!!

    • Laurie

      I really appreciate all that you do for us. Make any changes necessary to simplify your life. People be calm and don’t bite the proverbial hand that feeds you. If you are unhappy with changes there are always other sites you could use rather than give Jenny grief.

    • blessedwith2

      I am so thankful for all that you do Jenny. You have been such a blessing to our family, we save so much because of you.

    • redteapot

      Dear Jenny, You did this sight for us, but ultimately you are the owner and pay the bills for it. This is a sight about saving money and if you can save money with your bills then that is what you should do… it IS what you do.
      I hadn’t heard about any of the changes or comments until tonight. I am absolutely appalled that there are people who would be so mean to you. Shame on the wolves out there that think it is their right to devour you for doing something on your own FREE blog.
      Jenny you are down but not defeated. Cast your care on the Lord and do what you feel is right. You have handled this with much grace.
      Loving and following your blog for at least 6 years. Keep up the fantastic work.

    • atd

      Jenny, I rarely every comment but tell the losers to get LOST! I have used your site for close to 5 years. I LOVE logging-in and and stay logged-in on 3 devices at all times!

      If they don’t like your ideas they can go elsewhere! Evidently the ones of us who support your decisions and LOVE your site are the quiet crowd!

    • bena

      Never let me print coupon

    • jmsifford

      Jenny, your site rocks. I’m sorry to hear about the hate-mail. Unfortunately, the squeaky wheel does get the oil, so here’s my “squeak.” :) Logging in is really no big deal, and really it isn’t too much to ask of your users! Maybe next time that change is made, just delete the hateful messages without responding. If these people feel like they have “won” (I hate putting it that way. This is not a war, lol!), it’ll just encourage such behavior in the future elsewhere.

    • Lindsay

      Sorry you have to deal with all the whiny complainers. Some people have nothing better to do than complain. I always login! Love your site! Thank you for all you do!

    • Lindsay

      Now I can’t figure out how to login at all. I don’t see the link at the top of the page anymore. I saved a list and can’t find it now.