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I know that for some of you potty training is a thing of the past, but for many of us it is a daily thorn that we are making it through one day at a time.  I was recently introduced to a new product that I thought other mom’s might be interested in.

The Looster Booster is a specially designed step that fits around your standard toilet to help a little person learn to use the big potty.  The main helpfulness in our house for this, is that it removes the need to have a training potty (with those nasty bowls you have to rinse and dump).  It makes it where your kiddo can start in the beginning using the toilet that everyone in the house uses.

For me the joy of not cleaning the baby potty was the biggest draw, but for my youngest the fact that her feet can touch the entire time is her favorite part.  She doesn’t have to hold on for dear life, and also doesn’t need me to help her get up and down.

A few features:

It wraps around the toilet on three sides.
Adults don’t need to move it to use the bathroom.
The top has non-skid raised alphabet letters to help prevent slips.

One other fun thing… it’s made in the USA.

Right now you can buy your own Looster Booster for $15 off the original price of $34.99 – that’s a huge discount!  To redeem your discount, head over to the Little Looster and use the promo code “Southern” at checkout.

Win It:

Three Southern Savers readers will win a Looster Booster.

To Enter:

Leave a comment with a helpful potty training tip, or a potty training fear.

I was given one product to review, all opinions are 100% my own.
Winners will be picked Monday  2/13.

    • Luvjeffbates

      Don’t rush them!  Kids will train when they are ready.

    • Kfm

      Praise them!

    • My biggest fear is my daughter won’t catch on. I have a friend who has a son who’s 3 and he’s not potty trained at all and I do not want that to happen to us!!!

    • Valerie Parris

      My tip for potty training is that pull ups are counter productive! I have worked in young child care for several year, and the families that opt to skip pull ups and the like, have a much easier time with potty training. To  child a pull up is a diaper.

    • brooke0605

      just go ahead and put real underwear on them!

    • GA-Jen

      I’m a big believer of bribing…I mean…incentivizing.  My kid loved to get a sticker or two m&ms after going to the potty.  Worked like a charm.

    • Momof4

      After having potty trained 3 and working on the 4th now, my best piece of advice is to wait until the child shows an interest before starting. If they are willing, it goes so much easier.

    • Anniemccloud

      I have a looster booster. They are great!

    • Save1moredollar

      Ugh, potty training!  My biggest fear? That after being “potty trained” my child will “relapse” for some unknown reason, as I’ve seen with other kids.

    • Bethany @ Modernhomemakers

      Bring a basket of books for your child and you to read while potty training. It makes the time go by faster.

    • Kcheryl

      From what I’ve learned, girls generally seems to potty train earlier than boys.

    • AWS

      My tip would be patience … they will do it when they are ready!  One day it will click and they will be trained.  But until then, sometimes you are fighting a loosing battle!

    • Randa

      I believe the key to sucessful potty training is frequent reminders to use the potty and change soiled diapers quickly.  And give lots of praise!  :)

    • Jesicadasher

      My mil potty trained my husband by putting a few cheerios in the toilet and making a game out of hitting the target. We are getting ready to start potty training our 23 month old and we plan on using the hit the target game. It would be nice to have something for him to sit on that is safer!

    • Allison

      A little bribe never hurt a child … little girls LOVE those cute little panties!  “Well, when you go poo poo in the potty you can wear those panties”

    • Alyson

      My mom’s funny story is that she put too small diapers on my sister after months of trying to train her.  When she started complaining about them being too tight, she told her that’s because they are for babies and you are a big girl! 

    • emily a

      if you have twins or two children, like i do, try to train them at the same time.

    • Ashley

      They will use the potty on their terms when they are ready!

    • Becky

      With my first child, we hung up a calander on the wall next to the toilet. She could put a sticker on everytime she went through a day with no accidents. She loved watching her days fill up. At the end of the week she got to pick an “activity” out of a hat. It was exciting for her to see what fun thing we would do on Sunday!! I put in activities like baking cookies, make a special craft, or movie day (her choice with popcorn and all in our livingroom) :)

    • Angie

      I have a special needs daughter, potty training has been taking years.  She is non-verbal. So, my comment is a potty training fear, that she will try to get off the potty too soon and fall.  This has happened once, and she has a metal valve in her heart (so she is on a TON of blood thinners).  Something like this would keep her safer on the potty.

    • DP

      Potty training…Fears? You better believe I have a tons of things going through my mind and I can only imagine my little guy has just as many thoughts of his own about the subject. The one thing that keeps coming back, “Does he REALLY understand the concept here or am I just wasting my breath? “

    • Rachelrose24

      baby girl is only 6 months old and I am already dreading this phase :(

    • April

      Dalton is 3 and still will not do #2 in the potty. Any tips appreciated! Maybe a Little Looster is tha answer…like you said, no holding on for dear life.

    • When my first son turned 2, I put a little potty seat / stool in the bathroom so that he would get used to seeing it around. We started really talking to him about using the potty, etc. I was thinking that he would probably not be ready until he was 2 1/2, but he surprised us by deciding on his own that he wanted to pee in the potty, 2 months before I was ready! I would love something new for my 2nd son, as he would be excited to get his own “big boy” potty stuff. 

    • Kelly

      Don’t plan anything else for the first few days you start to potty train your child.  It’s so much better if you are home and can focus on the task at hand!

    • Shellypsu1

      My biggest potty training fear is that my son will NEVER show interest… he is 2 and is perfectly happy in his diaper (dirty or not!).

    • Rachaelhaden

      I think a little bribe never hurts. :)

    • Oh how grand I could use one of these as it would make it so much easier for my 2 yr old to get on the potty herself she is miss independent. I just wish we could get rid of the night time pull up. My biggest fear is that potty training will never end. I got one more to do. 

    • Jaymee024

      Fear- that frustration will get the best of me.

    • Jaymee024

      Fear- that frustration will get the best of me.

    • kim

      Big fears, lol. Our youngest little girl is VERY independent and doesnt like help to do anything. Her older sister were all very easy going and were easy to potty train but I think Sophie is going to be a challange! :)

    • Vallyandsally

      One afternoon my potty-trainee son said “Here, Daddy” as he handed me an unexpected surprise.

    • Chrisena96706

      My grandson is a happy go lucky boy that right now does not show any interest in potty training.  Hopefully, he will soon. 

    • Emily Mays

      My tip is skip the pull-ups except at nap and night time. Wearing them during the day just reminds them of a diaper. Just put them in big kid panties. More messes but less confusion.

    • Christy

      This will definitely be a blessing as we plan to train our 1st child this year!  Our biggest potting training fear is how long it will take our son to get it, so I guess we need to ask for patience!

    • Megan

      My first one trained so well for the most part….I am dreading the second one though….he is not as consistent in anything as the first one was!  Hopefully he will want to do what big brother does!

    • Emily

      I’m in the throws of it with my daughter and I’m starting to think my tombstone will say “death by potty training”. My daughter is scared of the big potty – maybe this will help?

    • dalbs16

      offer them a reward related to potty training like underwear with their favorite character on it after they succeed.

    • Mcbdj5

      I am currently fighting this battle with my twin boys. Lots of ups and downs. Just try to remember to be positive and lots of rewards, (candy and stickers works well with mine) when they do good. :)

    • Couponmystiloo

      My biggest fear…he’ll be 5 before he wants to try!

    • Steph8278

      My children have never been easy to potty train, and even my 5 year old can’t reach the floor with her feet yet, and she complains about her foot falling asleep. This is a wonderful solution! 

    • CR

      We JUST started putting mu son on the potty, and he seems okay with it.  I am not doing a kid potty for him, because after having to buy 2 seperate pottys for my daughter, I decided they are not much more than a new toy to a lot of kids.  This stool would be GREAT because the stool I use in the kitchen is currently relocated to the potty he uses!

    • Karileigh

      I have one year old twins so I will need something like this in a year or so!!!

    • CMR0304

      My daughter potty trained very easily (had it down by 2 1/2, but my son on the other hand is a handful.  he is now 2 1/2 and he does not want to to sit on the potty for anything.  He knows he has to go and for an hour he will tell me he has a dirty diaper but every time I look there is nothing.  Then he will let it all out.  Maybe this would help.  I will try anything at this point.

    • Amanda

      My little one is potty training on the big potty, but I have to put her up and down each time. It would be great for her to be able to get up there on her own! Stickers have been really helpful so far!

    • Heatherkenney

      My biggest fear is that my son will not be potty trained before next August, when he moves to the 3 year old class in preschool- where you MUST be potty-trained to enter!  yikes!  This stool sounds awesome!

    • Proudlyamom

      Potty training fear: 2 in diapers.  My son is 31 months and not really interested in potty training.  He was about 3 weeks ago and we thought “ok…now it’s going to take off”.  It’s so frustrating, especially, when my mother in law tell me “I had no trouble”.  Lady, that was 30 yrs ago!  Now, we find out we are due to have another in September.

    • Neena

      I’ve never potty trained a boy and my son is nearly two and ready to start.  I’m terrified since my daughter was really easy.

    • Michelle

      This would be great as we are in the middle of potty training right now. Always make a big deal when they do use the potty and do a sticker chart.

    • Amandagriffith85

      My biggest fear is that we will start potty training my son and when our next little boy is born he will no longer want to potty like a big boy, he will want to be a baby too!

    • Diane

      My biggest fear is my son will not be potty trained by this summer when he turns 3. He can’t participate in our church’s VBS and this would really upset him.

    • Mel

      use cheerios in potty for boys…. they love to aim and shoot them

    • Kelly C

      My biggest fear is that my 2 yr old girl will be stubborn like her brother and not potty train until 3.5 yrs old. I’m so over the diapers! This product may be just what will entice her. :)

    • Teagan

      With an almost three year old and a 3 month old both in diapers, I need all the help I can get!  Wish I had a tip to share, but it feels like nothing we have tried has helped…I’ll be reading everyone else’s good advice!

    • Ranchycy

      stickers are helping me!!!!

    • Naveedcat2

      My 18 month old daughter was using the baby potty regularly to go #2 until one day she turned around to look at her masterpiece before I grabbed it to clean it out. She freaked out when she saw what was in there and 6 months later, she still refuses to get on the potty.
      I guess the lesson to be learned is to not let your child see what kind of damage they’ve done in the potty.

    • KaraFos

      I haven’t even started potty training my 19mth old daugher, but I am already nervous about going out and about while potting training.  Accidents away from the home can’t be fun!

    • Annemic

      As a mom of four, I am happy to say that we have three down and only one to go.  My littlest one will be 2 next week and for the last month we have kept the “little potty” in the bathroom next to the “big potty”.  Every time I use the “big potty” I encourage my curious little guy to sit on his “little potty”.  I also let him do all of the flushing which AMAZES him to no end.

    • Trina

      We went straight to underwear and made a show of throwing away the diapers. It was a messy and stressful week or so, but to me one terrible week is sooo much better than months and months of “taking it slow”. Throwing away the diapers also meant day and night training at the same time, and surprisingly the night training didn’t take much longer than day training.

    • buddybabs

      I used Cheerios with my first boy. Not sure how to start with my second boy. He is 22 months.

    • Ucmba97

      I recall a baby doll that wetted in the potty was the thing that seemed to help education the young trainee.  She understood accidents and the proper desired outcome.  The doll was the perfect illustration and training tool.  This Looster Booster I can see being a very useful thing in the coming months with my 2  youngest nephews.

    • Sheenabsb

      I would love to give this to neighbor who is potty training her son!!!

    • Elizabeth

      You would think now that it is time to train my 6th child that I would be a pro at it.  Nope!!  My 2.5 year old son has a mind of his own.  He is not interested in the potty.  My biggest fear is that he will still wear diapers when he starts K-5.  LOL!!

    • Rebekah F

      My three year old is potty trained, but still in a diaper for overnight. My fear is that he will wet the bed if I don’t put it on him.

    • Lucianna Farmer

      My fear of potty training is losing the final thing that makes her a “baby.”

    • Betsy

      My 3 year old is almost trained except for night time.  Taking away the pull ups during the day is what has helped us the most.  They are a crutch and LO doesn’t mind being wet in them.  He pretty much trained within a few days after taking away the pull ups.

    • Leilapearcy

      Well, after the first 2, I finally got it right with the 3rd.  We went straight to panties…no pull-ups, and no easing into it.  It only took about a week of constant cleaning, but then she was good to go.  She is small though, and the booster would be great for her.  She likes to do everything herself, so it would help establish some independence!!

    • Rachel

      Wish I could offer some advice, but am enjoying everyone elses…i am just beginning the potty training adventure with my first little pumpkin!

    • texasmom

      Be consistent, and don’t bother with pull ups- explain it to the child, deal with messes for a day or two, and they will get it quickly. I teach toddlers at school, as well as have my own kids, and this seems to be by far the most effective method. Still use at nap/night as needed, of course.

      I’d love one of these things; my 2 yr old is fine on her own, but she is 22lbs, tiny, and pretty much nearly falls in the big potty when I try her on that one. She’s not scared, but sheesh, LOL. She could sit in it and not touch the seat!

    • Obryant3944

      I have a little one that is not quite ready for potty training but will be soon and it is our first child, so we have no idea what we are in for.

    • ahill777

      It’s been 11 years since I needed to potty train.  For the love, Jenny, this is something I need for my 23 mo. old!  Heeelllp!!!!

    • ttk3vols

      Be patient and expect a fair share of accidents, but do not take it out on the child – it only scares them more.

    • Brit Hoffman

      I have a daughter with special needs who we have tried to potty train but failed, so we are open to anything!  Maybe a new potty seat will give her the boost that she needs!

    • A Floyd

      If you work – start on a long weekend – Set a timer for every hour.  Take the child to potty ever hour for the 1st couple of days to start a routine and the child beomes use to the routine.  Be consistant and very patient.  I have a grandson, who is starting potty training and this would be great for him.

    • Nebraskabuckeye

      Don’t force it! I learned with my first that patience is key. One day she just decided to use the potty and has done so (night and day) ever since! I’m hoping my 2nd isn’t so stubborn!

    • HopeMomma

      I think there is an early window of opportunity around 18 months. If you can get them trained then, you’re golden. Otherwise, you’re struggling with training around 3.
      My 20 month old is in the process, and is terriried of the big potty. I think his older brother “helped” him sit on it once and he almost fell in. So this would be awesome!

    • Abbie

      My little one is 14 months old so we haven’t started training yet but I hear that using a reward system works well and documenting it on a reward chart helps too.

    • Stantonsavannah

      My baby boy is about to turn 2 and we have had a little trouble with potty training, he started at 14 months wanting to go and using the potty but then stopped! We are taking it slow and not pushing him, but he is a little on the smaller side so he is scared on the big potty!!! I am a recently divorced single mother and would REALLY love having one of these at home to help my little man out!!

      • Crwcfw

         Sometimes it helps little ones to sit backwards on the toilet.  They feel more secure and little boys don’t have to worry about their aim so much!  And that sure helps Mama! :)

      • Crwcfw

         Sometimes it helps little ones to sit backwards on the toilet.  They feel more secure and little boys don’t have to worry about their aim so much!  And that sure helps Mama! :)

    • Lbarnes

      I don’t  have any fears for my son.. I am just ready to start the process because diapers can be costly week after week….

    • Jess

      rewards & encouragement are the key for my son- he got to pick out a prize from the “potty box” every time he was successful – just a bunch of stickers and little prizes that made training “fun”

    • HilLesha Anderson

       Mini M&M’s! Promise that each time your kid goes potty, she gets two or three, but if she wipes herself then she gets four or five.

    • bereamom

      Be patient and encouraging.  I’ve found stickers or some other reward encouraging too.  Would be great to have something they can step onto and not have to move each time like we have right now.

    • Elizabeth

      Patience, rewards, not pushing them too fast. And boys are harder than girls (usually)!

    • Adele

      We used rewards like Jelly Beans and M&M’s for my son.  We also kept books next to the potty to help pass the time for when he needed more time to go.  Now that my daughter is almost 2 and ready to potty train the Looster Booster would be very helpful.

    • Cynthia

      I am nervous that my son will not easily potty train before three and our daycare won’t accept them until they are completely potty trained.

    • mama407

      My advise:  be patient!!!  I have to remind myself of this a million times when taking potty breaks at the grocery store :)  

    • Tmccavanagh

      My little one keeps going back and forth with training. I don’t want to force the issue so much with him but he knows when he needs to go he just isn’t connecting the two.

    • Caroline

      Understand that each child is different.  My oldest did really well with rewards but it took him a while.  My second was trained in two weeks by us taking him every 30 minutes.  As a result he was trained at 2 1/2 as opposed to almost 3 for my oldest.  Now that I’m pregnant I’m not sure how I’ll try the next one, but a Looster Booster looks like a fun product!

    • Lindsay

      My biggest fear is that he will fall in and then refuse to every use the potty again!

    • Lorap7

      M & M’s every time they go they got a couple.  Different amounts for different things.  We also do a sticker chart and when it’s full we do something special they pick.

    • Jgunter742

      Spend the entire day in the kitchen having snacks and drinks all day and reward them with M&M’s when they do go.

    • Mabelzy

      I am afraid he will fall in the big toilet, and don’t want to try anymore, he doesn’t like the small potty I bought for him, frustrating :(

    • April

      We have a speech delay, so although we are ready to take the plunge into toilet training, I’m afraid that a communication method won’t readily sink at potty time.

    • ddflamingo

      white powdered donuts.. :)

    • Stacy Eckl

      Communication is a problem right now.  Our son has a speech delay and relaying his needs is not something he does well.

    • Broogill

      Wait until summer time so that socks and shoes don’t get sprinkled.

    • susan

      I am struggling right now with potty training my daughter.  She knows after she goes potty, but is scared of sitting on the big potties in the house and her potty is always in the wrong part of the house when she has to go!

    • Little A’s mom

      My sister and I have been taking our girls (13 months and 8 months) to the potty since they were 3 months old.  When we put them on the potty, they will pee, poop, or both…whatever they need to do at the time.  They still wear diapers, but we know that potty training will be soooo much easier because they have been using the potty almost their whole lives.  My neice (13 months) is now crawling to the potty when she has to go!~  WE are so proud of our girls!  It is tough at first (maybe a few weeks), but once they get the hang of it, it is WAY better than changing stinky diapers all day…plus we save $ because we can use the same diaper a lot longer!  This product would really help because our girls are small (young) and they will need assistance for a long time before they can use the big kid potty by themselves.

    • Jenstet

      Great product! My tip is to be as stress-free as possible about the whole process. Clothing, floors, beds will get soiled and it’s best not to create anxiety for the child. And besides, I don’t think that I know of any child attending college in diapers. :)

    • Tbadavis

      We have 3 children and the youngest is 2.  Our older girls were so easy to potty train, but this little boy of ours is stubborn!!!  :)  Would love to try this out!!!!!

    • Dakota16901

      I hate the thought of pee being everywhere but in the toilet and we have a little boy so…

    • Jennifer Van Dahm

      Reward them on the spot with a small treat like m&m’s or stickers.

    • ChristinaD

      I’m afraid if trying to potty train my 23mth old too early.

    • VanessaCook

      My tip is wait until your child is ready…we tried and tried for months with our son with nothing but frustrated parents and a confused little boy…then one day it just clicked. I hope our little girl will be the same way. We will be starting potty training soon so she is trained before the new baby gets here! Two in diapers! Yikes! Gotta get to work on her…

    • LMG

      A little peer pressure was just the thing in my granddaughter’s case. She had a play date with a little older girl who was potty trained. That was enough to make her decide that she could too. Of course Elmo panties were great motivators too! 

    • Bmas999

      I am afraid my son will still be in diapers when he goes to preschool!

    • Crwcfw

       Sometimes it helps little ones to sit backwards on the toilet.  They
      feel more secure and little boys don’t have to worry about their aim so
      much!  And that sure helps Mama! :)

    • trinity t

      Rewarding and cheering makes all the difference in potty training!

    • AmyInAtl

      My fear is that I will be potty-training my daughter by myself and she will run to Daddy when she doesn’t want to go.  My husband is intimidated by girl bodily function issues.  He will change her #2 diapers if he has her by himself, but if I’m home he wants me to do it.  So when we start potty-training, he won’t want to deal with the extra mess, reminding, explaining, etc..  And certainly not if he takes her out somewhere.

    • sam

      we are a/b to start potty training our 2nd child and I am dreading it but having 2 in diapers is getting very expensive so I am hoping that he’ll be ready by the summer.  i have fears a/b accidents and being patient with him…they are just a part of life, right?

    • Sam

      For boys…. I was told Cheerios in the toilet and make it a game – get them to aim for them? :)

    • Jill B

      I fear that my 2-year-old will never get out of diapers.

    • Molly

      Rewards didn’t work for my son. He would tinkle a little to get his treat then leave a puddle a couple minutes later. He also wasn’t comfortable on the little potty seats. We had to put him in underwear and take him to the bathroom every 20 minutes for the first few days and we’re currently increasing the time between trips. We sit him on the seat facing the back of the toilet and he seems much more comfortable. I also make a fool of myself when he potties and always tell him how proud I am when he stays dry.

    • Kristin

      My little boy is just one, but the I think I’m dreading potty training above anything else.  I come from a family of all girls and know nothing about little boys!

    • Amanda

      Potty training itself is a huge fear. We have 4 children under 4 and so potty training is an everyday reality. Just when we think we have one done another one is ready to start.

      My tip would be to ditch the pull-ups (despite the miserable mess) and teach them from the very beginning to pull their own pants up and down (huge time saver).

    • Michelle

      We always use M&M’s as an incentive.  It really works.

    • Rawhorne

      I’ve only potty trained boys before.  I’m hoping that this baby girl of mine will be easier like I’ve been hearing.

    • annette

      I am a grandma with grown and older kids, but starting over with foster babies.  This looks like a wonderful product.  I’m going to recommend to my friend who has a home daycare.

    • joetta

      It’s alot of work and very messy but the best tecnique I’ve seen is to allow the little one, as early as they can walk, wear underwear with rubber pants around the house.  The result is quick training because they don’t like to feel wet or messy, which they dont feel too much when they are wearing pull-ups or diapers.  It makes them more aware.  Ive seen two people use this tecnique and both children were trained by the time they were 18m old.

    • Mellie44

      I had two fears 1-is that my little guy won’t want to get out of the diapers, we have a schedule to start potty training in March. 2- was cleaning up the training potty, so I guess I can mark that one off now… :o)

    • Mgraceboone

      Cloth diapers…at least regular cotton training pants are so so much better than Pull-ups…Much more incentive for parents and toddlers.

    • Brittany

      big fear that he will do the dirty in his potty and try to dump it himself

    • Lletheridge

      Jelly beans as an incentive!!

    • Ashley C

      Everyone I talk to says boys are harder to potty train, especially when they’re your first! I’m totally freaking out about starting potty training with my son!


    • Tricia

      I’m afraid of potty training as it is….but I’m more afraid of training a BOY!!! Hoping we will have success when the time comes!

    • Brendenalanna

      We use cheerios as a taget practice!

    • janice

      My son was so easy to potty train, but my two year old little girl is a whole another story. Hopefully she will get the hang of it soon.  Love to win!!!

    • KDMM

      Oh my gosh I need this!!! Don’t have a tip… would love to read over tips.  We
      just started and bought the seat that fits over the seat. My daughter dunks her
      foot in the toilet trying to get up there herself… this looster-booster would
      be amazing!!

    • Melissa

      I am just starting to potty train our second child and she is terrified that she is going to fall in the toilet.  She holds on to me for dear life and cries the whole time.  She just wants to play in the childrens potty seats.  I think she would like this product because her feet would touch.

    • Melissarae19

      Rewards, rewards, and more rewards is what worked for us!

    • Dtcampbell

      Wow…..we need this!!  Just started our second full week of “underwear only”….no tips yet, but would love to read others tips.

    • Christy

      Wow!  I could use this very soon!  My potty training tip would be to introduce your child to the potty at a young age.  I started my first out at least sitting on the potty at about 15 mos of age before bath time!  That helped greatly with the transition when the time came to really get down with potty training.

    • Barb

      M & M’s :-)

    • Kelly

      We are trying to train our first child (the next baby is due next week!) and it’s not going so well, despite rewards, potty books, underwear…  Would love to try this out!

    • Rachel

      My 16 month old wants to sit on the potty… nothing has “happened” yet but she is so excited to be just like her big brother & sister! I could sure use one of these! My potty training tip is not to try until your little one is ready. Otherwise, you will both be miserable. Good luck!

    • Kris

      My three boys were easy to potty train, however, not the same story with my little girl.  She is small for her size and would love that her feet would touch.  This would allow her to go herself.  I hope we win.

    • Alcy01

      My son had wanted to stand at the toilet for a couple of months, but had never peed. I took him outside and told him to pee on a bush like he was watering it and he tried, but didn’t actually need to pee at that moment. The very next day when he stood at the toilet he finally peed in it! He was so excited that we stood there for 5 or 10 minutes and he kept trying as hard as he could until more pee came out. The Looster Booster sounds awesome because he has to stand on something to be able to stand and pee, and he refuses to sit down. Getting him to poop in the toilet may be difficult, but we are doing good on peeing like a big boy!

    • Jen W

      I always heard rewards work well.

    • Shawnfullcircle

      We tried everything with my daughter. It was aweful.
      My son is 1 and not looking foward to it.
      Maybe this would work

    • Noblinfamily

      Set a timer and make them try and go when the timer goes off.

    • r&2e’s mom

      We are on week 2 of potty training my 2 year old. He will be 3 in April. So far, he has done good. He has only had one mistake, but that was mostly my fault. I forgot to make him go before we left the house to run errands. He takes his naps in undies and no accidents! Diapers/ pull ups at night though.

    • lauren

      Ah, so close to starting potty training with my two year old. No tips here, but plenty of fears. We’re going to try the super duper three-day (or probably more like 4 or 5) potty training weekend. Not sure how she’ll take to it, but a good seat will be a good starting place!

    • susan

      This is my first child, and I tke her to the bathroom when I have to go, to show her how it is done….I hope this works when she is ready to go…..she is only 8 mths and she was a premie….i have lots of fear having never done it before of poop or pee all over my bathroom floor since here favorite pass time at the moment is throwing things

    • Dixiez718

      Don’t let your child know you are frustrated.  We tried too move to quickly with potty training and have had to stop for a while. 

    • Dawnebrad

      I am nervous my daughter will have an accident in the middle of a supermarket :)

    • Candace

      Don’t get frustrated this will make the process even longer

    • Ashlee

      We are going to start potty training in another month or two. I am so afraid of all the accidents…especially the public ones!

    • Lindsay

      Wait until they’re ready. I tried to potty train my daughter, but she had no interest in it. I know she’ll come around soon.

    • Angela

      I have been trying to potty train my 3 1/2 year old boy for some time now. He is more intrested in trying to flush the toilet paper down the toilet. I tried to bribe him with an extra bath because he loves water so much. No such luck yet, hopefully this would help him to be able to sit by himself.

    • Michelle1

      Rewards worked well with my 3 year old. My son is 1 and I would be interested in trying this product. Thanks!

    • Buffhome2

      Wait until they are ready.  I pushed my oldest daughter too soon and she resisted.  It turned into a battle.  Live and learn….hopefully daughter #2 will be a better experience!

    • Heidirvine

      My two year old is still potty training. What has helped him the most are his big boy underwear. I think the pull-ups were a set back. Ditched the pull-ups (there were a lot of messy accidents at first) Once he started wearing his cool “big boy” underwear he was more careful and aware about going to the potty and keeping himself dry.

    • Kara G.

      I have a fear that when we are out we are going to be in the bathroom every hour and that we have to go to the nasty bathrooms at places!! Thats why we are not a hurry to potty train! And plus my little girl just turned 2 so no hurry!

    • Jackie Mcmullen

      My daughter was a breeze to potty train, she practically taught herself. From the time she could walk (which was late for her, around 14 months) I put a small training potty right in our living room and let her run around without a diaper a lot of the time. It may seem weird having her pee in the living room, but it was much easier than having to ask her a hundred times a day and try to make it to the bathroom.
      My son is already walking (he’s 10 months) and I know it’s too early to expect him to recognize when he needs to potty and go, but we got him a training potty to “play” in and around to get comfortable with. No diaper-free days yet though!

    • Ajawee83

      no pullups – use underwear. Also, try to stay home for a week to devote yourself hardcore to training.

    • Abegitschke

      I always had a special jar with only his name on it, that he was allowed to pick from when he went potty. No one else was allowed to take things out of it. He really took pride in that treat jar and it made him use the potty.

    • Bri

      I am currently trying to potty train my son.  Potty training has tested my patience in soooo many ways.  My best tip for a parent: While running the bath, put your child on the potty. The running water always helps! This product would be awesome for my son. Maybe he would like potty’ing in the ‘big’ potty and would help his progress a little more. :)

    • Micah

      Even though I hate changing diapers, I fear loosing the reliability of knowing they will almost always work unlike a newly potty trained child.  

    • Lauren

      I’d love this.  My biggest fear about potty training is trying to start it with a newborn in the house.

    • Sdshaw

      I know some people may think it is awful but we used a few m&ms at each successful potty visit.  We were out of the potty training business for just over a year when we were blessed with out second diaper wearer.

    • I have yet to potty train my daughter and I am afraid that it will be a struggle if she is as stubborn as I was.

    • Laura

      In the last week my DD (22mo) has suddenly taken interest in potty training. It is definitely a learning experience for the both of us. I think it is really important to let your child kind of lead the way without pushing it on them but still try to expose them to the idea by letting them watch and learn and talk to them about what is going on.

    • Hrifkin

      every child is different, my first was motivated by any type of prize but refused to use tinkle targets…my second has no interest in bribery but loves to shoot the targets.  my second and I are still in the daily battles….

    • Aubrey

      A friend of mine suggested letting the kid run around buck naked and it worked for their little boy.  I will start trying it with mine soon … and we have yet to purchase a little potty so this would be fantastic!

    • Amy11825

      I am going to start potty training my daughter in April.  I am trying to talk about it with her a lot right now.  I do not want to use a child’s potty, but I am fearful that she will be afraid of getting up on to the adult toilet and am not sure how to make this “fun” for her. 

    • JessicaC

      Don’t force them. Wait until they are ready.

    • mel

      I have a potty training storybook to help and I let my daughter come with me and we make it fun!

    • Amber

      When we potty trained our daughter, pull ups (or the like) just didn’t work.  She treated them just like a diaper.  We switched to panties and she trained in a week!  With some accidents, of course.

    • Kristinabruce

      I have a 4year old who uses the potty but my 2 year old will not even try. I have been trying to use pull ups and he thinks they are also diapers because they don’k look like his brothers underware.

    • Camiele

      One of my neighbors lets her son who is currently potty training run around the front yard naked with the sprinkler running.

    • Katkerz

      My son is 22 mos old and has no interest in the potty.  he’ll sit on it with clothes on, that’s about it! We had it in the garage, but took it back out as soon as he started saying, “Mommy, change diaper.”  I know that when they tell you about their dirty diaper, its the first sign of readiness for the potty.  However he still has no interest!

    • Lindsey

      Skip the pullups and go straight to panties. With the extra effort, kids learn faster this way.

    • Lowes91

      I really would love to win this, my daughter is 2 yrs old and she is kinda interested in it but thinks her potty chair is a toy to just sit on, maybe with the Looster Booster she will want to actually go..please pick me I need help..Thanks Jenny for the awesome chance to win a great gift!

    • Princesskris44

      Follow your childs cues, if they say they are not ready or seem afraid stop and wait.  Save yourself the aggravation.

    • Babylynn25

      I’m afraid, like so many of my friend’s experiences, that my little boy won’t potty train until 3…in which case I would have 2 in diapers for over a year :-(

    • chrystal bachmann

      I desperatly need this!  We are in the midst of potty training my 2 1/2 year old son now . . .ahhh!!!

    • Heather

      Potty training my 19 month old now, and repetition is the key! I take him to the potty first thing in the morning, after every meal, and right before bed – and also every time I visit the restroom. We try to make it a fun game so he will want to continue! I will check out their website because I would love to eliminate the training potty seat and go straight for the big potty :)

    • Tara H

      My 3 year old shows no interest in going potty, but I do have 4 more boys that I potty trained so maybe he’ll want to go soon!

    • Bensbride822

      Throw a cheerio or fuit loop into the water for little bows- and have them practice hitting it

    • Mjgilley777

      To teach a boy to pee-pee in the potty, throw a cheerio in the water and tell him to aim for it.  Worked great with my oldest.  :) 

    • Angelas001

       We did underwear or naked around the house while potty training. It both motivated me to remember to take him potty more often, and it made it VERY clear to each of my boys when they did go- oopsy! We have hardwood floors, so the frequent clean-ups (for a while) were easy.

    • Bmo44

      My fears have come true with potty training! My two year old was potty trained and spent two days away from Mommy while we were at the hospital having our son and my two year old has completely regressed! I read all about this and had such high hopes so we are trying many forms of adjusting now!

    • Kate H

      We haven’t entered the potty training stage yet. My biggest fear is knowing when it’s the right time to start with our little one.

    • Pocohontaswhite

      Sink the cheerios…

    • heaya

      My daughter would love this. She is on the smaller size for a 3 year old, and I’ve actually looked into having one of those conversion seats put on the toilet when we move. 
      My biggest potty training tip is to not dwell. Any worries or frustrations will be a thing of the past. My daughter stopped wearing diapers a little over a year ago, and she has been fully potty trained since October, doesn’t even have bed time accidents.One thing I found that was really helpful was to not promise big prizes or rewards. When I initially did that, it just seemed like she was going on the potty to get the reward, then having accidents since she wasn’t associating her need to go. I feel like she was getting frustrated. Consistency will give you more success, and there are times your kid will retrogress after sudden changes. 
      Every kid is different, some will take longer. If there is a long concern, you should definitely talk to your pediatrician about any sort of bladder issues. 

    • MommyJess

      My son is not catching on as well as his big sister did. We used a m&m dispenser with my daughter for when she did “big jobs” and she loved it.

    • Rgillilan2

      I think that being consistant even when its inconvenient and positive reinforcement are the most important part of potty training.

    • Lauraptucker

      When my oldest son showed genuine interest, we placed a fun prize in the den as a reward to motivate him. When he was able to go for about week consistently, we awarded him with the prize…a spiderman scooter.

    • Petitemitch

      I agree, don’t push it. They’ll do it when they’re ready. Bribing, I mean rewarding, with stickers or small treats can help. And when you think they’ve got it accidents can happen at the worst times and places. Don’t worry, it’s happened to me. I lived through two.

    • Michelle

      My boys took longer and were older than my daughter when they potty trained. My advice is not to rush it. They all get it eventually.

    • csharpe

      We haven’t reached this stage yet, but I am definitely going to try the cheerios!

    • Megan D

      I advise to wait for the kid to show an interest….no interest, no success.

    • Shannon Page

      We just used lots of positive reinforcement and didn’t push either.  When they were ready, they let us know.  What an exciting (and money saving) time!

    • Rebeakh

      We starte just sitting on the potty while bath water was running around 20 months…no pressure!  We rewarded with 1 or 2 M & Ms or skittles and stickers!!

    • Kristen

      I think it’s tough no matter what tips or tricks you use so my best advice would be to try to remember that all kids eventually get it and maybe pray for extra patience as you go through it!  :)

    • Alexia

      I’m about to start potty training my little one.  She’s been showing interest for a while, but I’ve been putting it off to make sure she is ready.  I’m a new mom, so this is a new adventure for both of us.  Wish us luck!  :-)

    • My fear is that she won’t be potty trained in time for school next year- they are not allowed to join the 3 year old class until they are potty trained. My daughter Sarah’s 3rd birthday is in August right before school starts. She’s in the 2 year old class now. She does show some interest in it, but not consistently..and more often she’s running up to tell AFTER she’s already gone in her diaper! We’re gonna get after it this summer, would LOVE to win this step to help us get there!!!

    • Sarad1787

      Not yet a mommy, but have a baby on the way! Would love this!

    • Barbie1032

      I use a step stool for my grandchild so she can get on the big potty.

    • Rachel

      I’m not looking forward to it, she’s just about to turn 2, I might wait until she’s closer to 3 to start.

    • Luns777

      My oldest daughter (3) is potty trained, but only when I’m with her.  She refuses to go when at certain places and if I’m not with her. My fear is that she won’t be ready for school in the fall. 

    • Jennifer

      Some kids pick it right up and others seem like they’ll never be completely potty trained.  My advice is try not to stress because that stress will be picked up by your child and just make it a bad experience for everyone.  They will get potty trained eventually. :)

    • Marymzr

      Would love to win the Looster Booster! I’m taking care of my granddaughter, so I know It would be great not to have to clean out the little plastic bowl under the little potty like I used to do with my girls.

    • wdgarrison06

      We let my 2 year old watch his big brother use the potty and he wants to do everything just like him so hopefully he will catch on quick! We tell him to “make bubbles” in the potty and sometime it works! haha!

    • Emma

      I plan to potty train my son this summer by basically doing nothing else for 4 days back to back.  I’m afraid that whatever progress we make will be undone when he returns to daycare the following week (he goes part-time)…

    • Andrea C.

      I started really trying to potty train my youngest today and I was just thinking that I needed a new step stool then I saw this post.  A couple of things that I am doing is a sticker chart in the bathroom and lollipop for a #2. 

    • katkoupon

      With my first child, we made a whole weekend of nothing but full-on potty training. It was exhausting, lol, but by Sunday night, she’d made her first potty, and I cried with joy, lol! Now we are trying to teach our second child to potty, and I’d actually forgotten all about “potty weekend” until just now, lol, so thanks for helping me remember. I think we will be doing this again really soon. Potty treats are also a big hit. We put stickers on the Potty Chart I made, and 1 M&M for #1 and 2 M&M’s for #2.

    • Theaikenparrs

      I would LOVE this item! I have 2 year old twins that we are “starting” to potty train.  I am most definitely going to read all the tips and tricks as my 6 year old son potty trained himself when he was 2 1/2……  The twins?  Uh…I need help!  LOL

    • Jess

      The Looster Booster would be awesome! Here is a tip I’ve heard: let your child pick out their own “big girl” or “big boy” underwear, with their favorite character, but they can only wear it if they are using the big potty instead of diapers. I’ve heard it works with some & am willing to try!

    • Kristen

      My biggest potty training fear is that she’ll never be interested (even my excitement and encouragement and reward systems don’t work) and she is almost 3!

    • Kimberlyjhensley

      i am getting ready to conquor potty training, and i think we are not gonna do pull ups, because they think it is just a diaper and okay to pee in, so we are gonna do underwear, prolly some cute spiderman ones! lol!!!

    • Tricia

      My 2 year old is ready but with a 2 month old I just can’t. I hope she is easier to train than my other 2.

    • Cheryl W.

      My son never wanted to stop playing with the kids outside. So everyday when he came in he always said he didn’t tinkle it was just sweat. So I finally said if you’re sweating that bad maybe you need to stay in today otherwise you might want to try the potty so you can go outside and play. It worked. But I have to say what kids won’t come up with.

    • Alikat

      Start when you see they are taking an interest!  Some of mine were ready at 2 and some not until they were 3 & I didn’t sweat it…if I didn’t feel they were ready, I just waited!!!

    • Couponeagle11

      With my first I tried the pullups and it was awful for 6 months he just wouldnt tell me so finally I said you will have to wear big boy underwear (thank goodness for laminate hardwood flooring) after 3 days of feeling the pee run down his leg he never did it again. We only put on pullups at night so we wouldnt have a wet bed. We never did. I could really use this potty with my little girl her legs are so short she wont even try the potty

    • Nancy

      My potty training fear is becoming reality…my daughter is not bothered one bit by being wet or stinky.  We are having the hardest time potty training her.  We’ve tried all the suggestions others seem to have success with.  Maybe a new potty seat will do the trick 

    • A. Sue

      We started doing the naked potty training thing. But my daughter hated not having something covering up her bottoe half, so I just put panties on her and she has had maybe had 2 accidents. i’d love to start moving her to the big potty so this would work great!

    • Erinp500

      W hen we potty trained my son I would put his feet in a small container and poor water over his feet. Something about the warm water and sound would make him go and then he knew what to do!

    • Jfmosley

      I fear for when my niece starts getting potty trained because that means she is growing up, and I don’t want that! Her parents couldn’t afford something like this, but I may need to may an investment because it sounds really beneficial in the potty training process.

    • Teach_ashlee

      We skipped the pull-ups with my son and went straight for underwear.  Pull-ups felt too much like a diaper, but he did not want to get his underwear wet & dirty.

    • tltusin

      We are using m&m’s as treat for going on the big girl potty.  When the older kids help her, we have a mini m&m party.  Now everyone is on board.

    • bootsiegirl

      I’m the grandmother and since my bathroom is rather small, I fear that the small potty will cause my little sweetie to inadvertently “bump” into either the bathtub or the dirty clothes hamper or the sink cabinet.  Having something on the toilet would be great!

    • Susan

      I’m in the middle of it, and it is not going well.  I would love something else to try 8)

    • Allisonking77

      Potty training is the worst! It’s never ending!

    • Jewells0607

      My fear is the whole thing!  My daughter is only a year but anything to simplify the process would be a godsend.

    • Sheila

      we use candy for rewards and up the “cost” after a few days.. Now you have to be dry and use the potty to get candy. 

    • Thomas

      We did the 3 day potty training and it worked well for us.  Our son was pretty much potty trained by the end of day 3.  This stool would be great for those times he needs to spend a little extra time sitting on the potty!

    • Our biggest success in potty training has been leaving everything in the bathroom accessible at all times. We leave the light on, the potty seat on the toilet, the lid open, the wipes handy and keep his extra training pants on a shelf next to the toilet. Empowering him to take it into his own hands has helped alot!

    • Stephgmccann29

      The biggest thing for us was wearing real underwear instead of pull-ups.  My son thought the pull-ups were diapers and he would go anyway.  We always had a potty accessible when we were starting out.

    • Sarah

      I am about to start potty training with my toddler. I am nervous to start because I am not sure if he is really ready. I’ve heard if they go somewhere private to go #2 they are ready, so I guess it is time to try. Anything to help would be great!!!

    • Jennapatrick8

      The best tip I can give is don’t push them before they are ready.  It will cause them to go the other direction and really resist you.  This can cause it to take a lot longer to potty train.  I learned this the hard way.

    • Make a chart and give stickers everytime they use the potty. Worked for us. Would love to win this because his step stool slides all around and is a safety issue.

    • lots and lots of patience…bribes help too :)

    • Rachel

      This would be great for when we attempt potty-training….again… Sigh.  I fear poop.

    • Bsurfergirl

      Nervous to start for fear of the poop!!

    • Julie

      I use one m&m or jelly bean as a reward for #2. There is also a great toilet seat you can get for your toilet at Walmart, with a small seat and a regular size seat together.

    • Mmbrush08

      Sweet LORD! Please pick ME! We are trying to potty train our son right now and ANYTHING to make it go smoother would be awesome! My biggest fear…..that he will never poop in the potty…..everrrrrrrrr!

    • Beth

      I’m a grandma now, but when our daughter was little I took her to the store and let her pick out what “big girl” panties she wanted.  That was a great incentive for her!

    • keilah

      Well, I certainly don’t have any tips as my little one is turning 2 next week and I’m gonna need all the help I can get!!  LOL

    • lisa

      My biggest fear is germs! My biggest tip is letting them spend the summer outside NAKED!!

    • Sharon

      I also used rewards (M&M’s) for using the potty.  I also let my little one drink lots of juice & eat salty snack to increase the frequency & need to use the potty.

    • Jelpal821

      I have a 3 year old son and 2 year old daughter, so this would bd so helpful.
      I’m scared my daughter will never potty train! She has no interest and just sits on her potty, something new might spark her interest!

    • Amy

      Our son will be 3 in a few months.  Next fall he will be expected in his preschool class to be fully potty trained.  I don’t see how he’ll get there.  I work full time, so on the weekends when I’m with him the whole day, I’ve tried underpants.  I thought he was starting to catch on a bit.  But then on the weekdays he has to go back to preschool and drop in babysitting.  They won’t take the time to deal with accidents and request that he wears pull ups.  Without the consistency, I think he won’t learn.  It’s ironic the school wants him trained but won’t really help in the process.

    • Tara

      I have a 21 month old that needs to start potty training.  We’ve heard/read that using treats as rewards is a great help

    • Jennie

      My MIL gave DH a red M&M for each success!  lol  :D

    • momwholoves

      since I don’t have a looster booster…yet! : ), I have been letting my son sit backwards on the toilet so he can go #1 and #2 at the same time without much cleanup for me.  I HATE cleaning a training potty!!  (my MIL trained my hubby this way!)

    • Tammyjnim

      We do “potty treats” of a small piece of candy. My 2.5 year old is mostly potty trained but he prefers to sit on the big potty, but it is hard to hold him there the whole time. This would be great.

    • Becca5779

      we gave my son a sticker when he used the potty!

    • Spanishtulip

      We have been using elimination communication since my ds was 3 mo.  He is now 1 1/2 years and almost never poops in his diaper and is dry for longer and longer periods.  We are ready to switch over to the toilet and this looks like it would be great!  For anyone interested I would highly recommend googling “infant potty training” and “EC” (elimination communication) “diaper free baby” etc. it has worked great for us!

    • Aperez1223

      My tip would be to stay consistent and don’t hold your children back.  Once they’re ready, I eliminated all diapers and pull ups.  My daughter did extremely well, as soon as she showed an interested in potty training I bought her panties and never looked back.  Her teachers at daycare were so helpful, and even refused to put a pull up on her, even at nap time.  I feel she was successful because everyone was on board and by eliminating pull ups, she had nothing to fall back on! 

    • Geitania

      I am starting to potty train my two year old.  She is already a monkey, so this will be a big help!

    • my fear? That I’ll never get my 2 year old twins trained!

    • Michellekjenkins

      Skip the pull ups….go straight to the big girl panties:)

    • Tracey

      The most frustrating thing for me was waiting until my son was ready to be potty trained. He knew what to do but had no interest in it then one day just decided he didn’t want to wear a diaper anymore.

    • This would be a great help when I keep my nephew and niece!  They are required to be potty trained at 2 yrs for Mother’s Day Out, and are WAY TOO SHORT to reach the potty!
      I don’t want to EVER find them with trapped, wet and cold w/their ankles kicking by their ears like my sibling!  It was hilarious to everyone but the child.

    • Monicanicolez

      Scared of walking through the house looking for the source of the smell!

    • Meghan Finley

      I’m always afraid of hearing potty and finding it anywhere but in the potty! :(

    • My potty training fear is that my boy sits there but refuses to do it.

    • Kimberly

      They will let you know when they are ready. if you try to force it, you will have a frustrated parent and child.

    • Laydeekaya

      I remember potty training my oldest and the best thing that helped her was a goodie or sticker every time she went in the potty. the reward system worked best!

    • :D

      Ours just gets up and crawls off! Hopefully she’s not going when it happens….

    • Becky Torres

      I would love one of these! I know when potty training my first daughter we had the little potty, but then she wanted to use the big girl potty. We had a little plastic stool and sometimes it would move or tip over when she would stand on it, it wasn’t very stable! This product seems to solve that problem great!!! Would love one!

    • Odessa

      This sounds like a very neat product. I would love to own one for my in-home daycare, as I always seem to be potty training one child or another The thing I do that seems to be helpful is using the reward system. If they successfully go, then they can chose a sticker that they can wear proudly, they like to see how many they can collect in a day.

    • Shannonie1234

      We use stickers on a Dora Potty chart that we printed from the Internet. Seems to be working so far!! But my little girl is so little that she really can’t climb up by herself so this would be great!

    • Moodles02

      We are hosting a potty dance party!  8 toddlers and their parents are getting together to kick off the potty training journey together :)

    • Katiea813

      My one and only daughter just turned one and I can not wait to start potty training (hopefully she want to start early)…..however I do not have a clue what to expect…:)

    • Sims8903

      I am currently potty training my twin girls and we have a step stool they use to get on the big potty. The downfall to this is that the step stool wobbles and makes them nervous. Having a secure stool would be awesome and would free me up from having to put them on and off the potty because of the insecure stool!

    • Christy

      With my son, I taught him to go potty sitting backwards on the toilet seat to keep him from spraying the bathroom.  Plus, by sitting backwards he was already facing the right way for boys to go potty!  The downside to this was having to take off his pants to go potty, but it worked for him and made him feel more confident to go potty.  Now I have a 2 year old girl who will be potty training soon.  I would love to have a new tool to use in the teaching!!

    • Stang6688

      M and M’s worked wonders with my daughter!!! She got 2 for peeing and 1 for pooping in the potty!! She LOVED it… 

    • Stang6688

      Correction to previous comment: 2 for peeing and 4 for pooping!!!

    • Amber

      I’m just starting potty training my son and I have to admit I’m scarred to death he’s going to fall in the toilet! He holds on for dear life and that distracts him from actually getting down to business! One of these steps would be awesome!!

    • Meg2248

      Put them in underwear and let them feel what the pee feel like. I tried pull-up and she just pees in then all the time. But she don’t like to pee in her panties.

    • Mommyking

      Wait until they are ready.

    • Lp

      I can just envision pee going everywhere.

    • Tammyla

      finally switching my 2 year old to big boy underwear and then having an accident while out of the house.  oh, potty training is not fun so far, but i keep reminding myself of all the $$$ to be saved when we are finally out of pull ups and diapers.

    • Amanda

      I tried pull-ups and my daughter didn’t mind peeing in them because it felt like a diaper.  While at home put her in regular panties and covered all furniture in waterproof cloth for a week.  After that she was trained and didn’t like the feel of the wetness.

    • Krismjs

      My advice after my potty-training my two boys is always remain positive. And if there are other adults involved, make sure you are all on the same page. Mixed messages were a big problem with our first son.

    • Chevtaph

       Don’t over react when they have accidents. 

    • Karen

      We are just starting to train our 2yrd old boy!! We are more nervous than anything!

    • LaKeisha

      Time and patience is the key.

    • Teri

      I keep a training potty in the car to avoid having to use the public restrooms all of the time with a little one who is potty training.

    • Bdyer

      My almost 2-1/2 year old has no interest at all in the potty and I am so scared that he will be so hard to train.  He could care less if is diaper is dirty…ughh boys.  Gotta love em’.

    • I am so terrified of starting the potty training process, but I know that two in diapers will not be fun!  I’m worried about her being stubborn, going in her underwear instead of making the trip to the bathroom.

    • Kristen

      I am worried that because of some language issues my son has that it might take FOREVER to actually get him potty trained!

    • Debramorgan1353

      This is great.  I hate to have to remove the old style seat because it was usually wet!  Kids hate to have their feet dangle, can’t blame them for that, and this keeps their feet level.  I agree and think this is an awesome product!  My granddaughter is not quite ready to be potty trained, but this would be very helpful!

    • momof2boyce

      I’m worried that my 18-month-old son will not be potty trained until he’s almost 3 like my older son!

    • Rwhite3

      On my daughter the best thing was the thick training panties. She felt the yucky wet and I usually knew before I had a huge mess. With my son I am afraid of the mess, because I am fairly sure aim is something that has to be practiced.

    • Robyn

      I am worried about every aspect of training my twin girls.

    • Ajoyfulnoise951

      We put some Cheerios in the potty to let our son aim for them when he was training.  He thought it was a fun game! 

    • Jennifer

      I’m worried that I won’t have the patience to train her….and she won’t be good at it till way later..

    • Kateu7

      at this rate in potty training i feel my child will be 5 years old and still in diapers…..eggghhh!!!

    • twohappykids

      It’s almost time to start potty-training my little boy who just turned 2.  I learned with my now 5-year-old to let them learn on their own time – that creates fewer accidents and more peace and cooperation with them, and much less stress, panic and frustration for you!  They are only babies and toddlers for such a short time – enjoy those few short years and take the potty-training one day at a time.  They’ll get it!

    • Mirandacooke86

      We are trying to potty train my daughter.  She will be 3 in May.  She doesn’t want to try at all,  She tells us, “No, I like my diapers.”  We’ve tried rewards and she doesn’t care for them at all.

    • Farmvet

      Gearing up to start this spring.  Worried that he will be stubborn and difficult to train.  I hear boys tend to take longer.

    • Srhoward864

      We have a few more months before we start, but I’ve learned to incentivize my son already. He loves to know he’s made his daddy proud, so I’m assigning the task of “Sink-The-Cheerios” to the hubby. I’ve heard giving boys something to aim for is a good way to go…but if it’s food make sure it’s something they don’t like to eat so they don’t dive in after it.

    • I’ve been talking to my 22 month old about pee pees and poppies before even beginning potty training.  Now she almost always tell me when she done either so at least she is recognizing those happenings !

    • Happy Couponer

      When I was potty training my 2 girls I told myself (almost every day) that you never see 20-yr olds running around in diapers.  It helped me to not stress about potty training.  :)  Hope it works when it’s time for my son to potty train! ;) 

    • Firechick10_5_2005

      I gave my daughter a bell to sit on the back of the potty and when she did something, she got to ring the bell as loud as she wanted! She loved it and she would go potty just to be able to ring the bell. It works!

    • Allison

      I got my daughter some potty training books at the library to build her interest in the process.  She loves books, so I thought that might help with a new experience.

    • Joyfulcanary

      I have no clue how to petty train a boy. Thankfully we have a while before that’s an issue!

    • Coupondad74

      Stickers, stickers, & more stickers……oh yeah, & candy!!

    • Meg

      Just do it…don’t do pull ups gives them an excuse to be lazy might as well wear a diaper!

    • Ashley031284

       My fear:   My 2 year old runs to the bathroom when she has to go.  If she beats me there, she automatically starts climbing up the potty on her belly.  My fears are that a) she will either plunge head first into the potty or b) because she climbs up head/belly first, she uses her hands all over the seat, I can only imagine the germs (even though it’s cleaned daily) she gets.
      We sure could use a looster booster!

    • Thriftyjules

      We want our children to be less than 3 years apart. My biggest fear is that we’ll have 2 in diapers for like 2 years. I’d love my first (she’s 7 months) to be potty trained before the 2nd comes along!

    • Rebecca Shaffer

      It took my mom to potty train my son…all she had to do was give him a thumbs up for going on the potty and my son made a huge turn for the better in our potty training journey.  Sometimes just having someone besides mommy and daddy to instill the same practices do wonders.

    • Sabrina

      I have no tips.  It has been nothing but struggles with my daughter.  My son was way easier to train even though most people say girls are the easiest.

    • Shannon

      I’m worried both that my child will be a late potty trainer — and also that I’ll push too hard before my child is ready! Kind of a strange mix, I know! :-)

    • amy

      My advice is: if your child messes up, don’t punish them with a spanking.  Do something more down the line of a cold shower, something that’s not going to physically hurt them.  My child learned fairly quick using this method…and then, of course, reward the child when they don’t mess up and actually use the potty.

    • Dolli Elizabeth Taylor

      I’m afraid my daughter will get kicked out of preschool like my best friends 4 year old did for having accidents.

    • Lksoni23

      I am worried about the mess from poop, that it will get all over the place or that she will mess with it.

    • Luci

      If your child is scared by loud noises, know where the public flush toilets are. I tried covering the sensors with toilet paper or a sticky note, but my kid would not go on them until recently. Tip from another mom to help build confidence, “all potties say whoosh.” She thought that sounded funny and began to relax if we saw one. It still took a long time for her to use a sensor style. We carried a back set of clothes in the car in case we couldn’t find a flush potty in time.

    • lindsey

      Advice it lots of patience, candy & stickers. We have been working with our son now for almost 5 months and he is getting it more and more with each day! Dont rush things or the child with shut down!

    • Luci

      Our daughter started with regular panties for day time. She was wearing pullups only at night because she was still wetting the bed. The offer was she could choose her own style of underwear if she started to stay dry overnight and could go potty as needed during the night. The character panties were a little more expensive, but it paid for itself in not having to buy any more pullups.

    • Butterflyofhope22

      my daughter is 21 months old and only says “dad”. my babysitter wants to start potty training her now, which is good…but i am afraid it is going to be a disaster because she doesn’t have the capability to tell me she has to go potty.

    • 4legsWLorrie

      Make a game of it, children love games and rewards.

    • Cnn1574

      My son is going to be 1 next week. We have been talkin about when to potty train and what are the best products to use. My husband i are both lost though this is our first child and i heard boys are harder then girls. So our fear is everything i guess lol. I think were going to start trying in a few months tho! Wish us luck!

    • L Osterhoudt

      i’m worried that my house will smell like pee!!!!!

    • Couponing_mom3

      My daughter was (and still is) a sticker fanatic. My fiance and I got a big poster board and two different size stickers (big and little). We made a “potty chart” when she peed she got a little sticker to hang on her potty chart and if she pooped she got a big sticker. She loved seeing her progress and knowing that she was becoming a big girl. It took about 3 months and she was fully potty trained day and night.  

    • Crrlgibson

      My fear is that I will try to get my daughter to potty train too soon.

    • JustMe

      Try…but wait until they are ready

    • kelly

      My fear is that my daughter will touch the toliet in a public restroom.

    • Nonnie Mouse

      Speak in terms of staying dry; if they think wet… it happens.

    • Caseyr1417

      We held three different colored M&M’s and told him if he peed he got to pick one M&M and if he did a #2 he got to pick two colors of his choice. It helped to teach him his colors and he got a “treat” for going potty which helped him not to be afraid of the toilet.

    • Aliceneasley

      I’m afraid my daughter will potty in her play-tent instead of heading to the bathroom!

    • Heater1212

      We love the sticker chart too. However, my fear is that we’ll miss our “window of opportunity” with our second son like we did with our first. It took a long time to get our first son bathroom trained after that.

    • Im worried I wont be consistent enough or the timing wont be convient. I’ve heard its very hard to potty train when you travel.

    • Annabel

      I started trying to potty train 3 months ago before I got pregnant. Now I vomit just thinking of dumping the little potty after he poops. It would be amazing to just be able to use the “Big Potty.” My biggest fear is having 2 kids in diapers. I would LOVE this!

    • My 2 yr old finally mastered doing number 1 in the actually toliet and not alover the bathroom! My biggest free is finding poop smeared all over the bathroom !lol

    • Jess M.

      We had our daughter run around the house naked for a few days – she didn’t want to go without her pants on!

    • Dana

      I am afraid my 3 year old will not get to start preschool next school year as he still isn’t 100% potty trained.

    • Shaunamosher

      My son struggles with a sever expressive speech delay and while he his already 2.5 years old and we have been doing potty introduction and have him sit on a training potty every day for the last 6 months we have not really made much progress. Logically I know he will learn one day but emotionally its hard for me to see that happening sometimes. Now that I am pregnant with #2 my sister in law really recommends we switch to a stool and the regular toilet for when he does start trying to go.

      I dont really know what to do beyond what we are doing now but I do have some hints on how we got here. We use positive reinforcement only, he never sees disappointment or anger relating to going to the potty. He gets a chocolate chip (we are going to try stickers next) every time he sits on it and while he is sitting I sing to him or he looks at a book or something else distracting. I describe going potty while I do diaper changes give him lots of praise when he tells me he has a dirty diaper. I also tell him when I need to go potty and modestly show him how I do it. We also read the potty training sub reddit to see what other parents are doing and get new ideas this way.

    • GAMommyof2

      This is so right on time. I would love to not have to purchase the baby potty. With three toilets already to clean in the house, wahoo!!!! Also, no spilling potty accidents!!! I sooooooo want one. :)

    • Darlene

      I was told for a boy put a couple of fruit loops in potty stool and have him to point and hit in the middle of the fruit loop.

    • Jwierzbic

      We are just starting training and the whole, his feet can’t touch the floor while he’s on, thing is HUGE.  This step stool sounds like a life saver!

    • Patricia

      Praise, Praise, Praise.  Keep telling them how big they are.  It really does work. 

    • cwguest

      My son refused to use the little potty!  He uses it with the lid down as a step stool to us the big potty!  He pee pees standing up…..we are still working on #2 but I think this would seal the deal! 

    • Kevinstacy

      “Hit the Fruit Loops” is about all I know.  lol   

    • Sarah

      Don’t get too discouraged by setbacks. One day I’ll think we’re almost there and then the next is accident filled, but progress is still being made! It’s just kind of a journey.

    • Bullhead0033

      My day care is waiting until my daughter moves to the next class to potty train, but she is doing it at home already. I feel like they are setting her back.

    • KimS

      We are potty training right now!  We started a month ago and were doing so good until we got back to daycare…My son refused to go there!  Now we are starting over!

    • MarySC

      We keep a little potty in the car for the first couple months… so can keep in panties without having accidents.

    • Huff

      I have two boys, one is finished with potty training, the other one has not started yet. Let them aim for a cheerio. They love the game.

    • Shadysaver

      My grandson is 13 months old and will become a big brother when he is 15 months old.  Potty training this time next year will be a big deal!  When raising my own just the praise of being successful was always enough!

    • Tanyalulu

      Trying to train my daughter now. She is afraid of the whole process. I wish I had a tip, but I’ve tried everything. This stool looks really neat.

    • Lila

      I’m trying to train my 2 year old twin daughters and need some tips myself!

    • Brookes

      We’ve been working on it for a few months. Sometimes she does great, but lately she’s regressed (especially with pooping). I don’t have a new tip- we’ve tried treats, praise, & dances. Maybe a sticker chart would help?

    • Melissaglover8

      Potty training is not my friend. My son has to wear an eyepatch for a pediatric cataract and we have to deal with that all day, so I was terrified to start potty training. It went really well for a few days…and now, poop/pee everywhere!!  I know he won’t still be in diapers when he is in school, so I’m hanging on:)

    • melissa

      Haven’t started yet…will need some great tips down the road

    • LFerguson

      I am currently potty training my daughter now; she LOVES stickers, so I am trying to use them as rewards. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be successful.

    • Rhiannon353

      My littlest always did great at home,but was afraid of automatic flush toilets, so I carried post-its in my purse to cover the sensor so it wouldn’t flush on her.

    • Jeremy

      biggest fear is not making it to the bathroom while on a road trip.

    • Jess

      Here is my fear about potty training: public restrooms-YUCK!!  My little boy is 2, so this fear is about to become a reality!!!

    • katieberger01

      If you have a Wii and a boy that you’re potty training, don’t let him play it unless he uses the potty. That’s what we did and he was potty trained within 2 weeks!

    • katieberger01

      I said that about a boy because I am guessing girls wouldn’t care that much about playing video games!

    • Miranda

      Our son wanted so badly to be a “big boy” and for everyone to tell him that. So every time he used the potty we made it a big deal and would call people and brag (in front of him) about what a big boy he was! He was potty trained quickly after we started doing that!

    • Jenn

      Here is my fear:  that the toilet seat will fall on my little one while pottying!  

    • 229inc

      Tried potty training back at Christmas. It didn’t go so well, he insisted “he pee-pee floor!” So, after several accidents on the floor we decided he wasn’t quite ready yet. We need him to pee-pee in the potty not the floor. haha

    • Dawn

      We used lollipops as a reward for our daughter and it worked great!

    • cloud 9

      Have not thought about potty training in over 25 years (praise the Lord) but I have a new little grandson that will need one soon. I would love to be able to make this product available to him! Best potty training tip I can offer is not to rush the whole potty training thing. Wait until they are ready. 

    • Blessedandmore

      M&M ‘s if you potty candy works like a charmLOL

    • Deedee

       Tip: Don’t punish them or make them feel bad for not going. Only encourage and celebrate when they do.  Good luck to all potty trainers!

    • Laini M

      My son is in the middle of training and definitely afraid to sit on the “big potty”. Our favorite tip was sitting him on his potty while his bath water ran. Hearing the water often made him go, and he caught the association of what to do on the potty at a very young age. It saved us from washing the bathmat so often!

    • Coupondaze11

      consistancy. you cant train them to go to to the potty at home but put a diaper on them when its conveniet for you

    • Lscarter79

      Be consistent and don’t ask if they have to potty, just say let’s go!

    • novamomma

      To help boys learn throw little decomposiable things for them to aim at.

    • Azinn

      That my child will fall in the toilet and i not know and can’t get out!

    • Babydoll 1999

      We’re just starting to potty train.  She’s already kinda afraid of the big potty because she feels unsafe.  Would love to win this so she could learn on the big potty!

    • Tshea1978

      My favorite potty training tip is for little boys. If you have a little boy that wants to stand while learning to potty and has bad aim as most do, put a few cheerios or fruit loops in the toilet and make a game out of hitting them.

    • I have 2 little ones in diapers so this would be great.   My older one just turned two and no success yet, but the biggest thing we have tried is to keep encouraging her and making her like trying to go.  

    • vwladybugs30

      I have to say that I agree about the nasty little bowl’s to be cleaned from your typical training potty, also we don’t have a large bathroom in our house so there is no room in the privacy of the bathroom for them to handle their business.  It is on the kitchen floor so that if any mess is made it is still easy to clean up.

    • GUEST

      I haven’t started this process yet, but it won’t be long. My concerns are being out in public…how do you do it when your out doing errands, at church, on the road etc. and, do you teach boys sitting down or standing up? Silly I know but this is my first time! :)

    • alicia

      My biggest potty training tip is to start the off early.  Introduce the potty, and make it exciting!  Don’t push them, but making it exciting will make them want to start trying!

    • Twirlyjack

      My fear is that it’ll take until he’s 3 to get him trained.

    • Teresa

      My tip is you HAVE to be consistent, no matter how inconveniencing it is. I’m in the process of potty training my granddaughter. It’s difficult because she’s with me 4 days a week while her mom works, her dad every other weekend, & other relatives every other weekend. None of them work with her consistently but she knows when she’s at my house she has to use the potty. It’s hard when all involved don’t work together.

    • RachelThompsonNeuenschwander

      I am getting ready to start potty training my first child and I have heard horror stories that it is the hardest thing to do.  I am not looking forward to having to empty the potty chair basin I have a hard enough time rinsing her cloth diapers.

    • Stormy

      I’m about to start training my daughter who turns 2 this next week. I hope I have the patience! Pray for me!:)

    • Jennifer

      My biggest potty training fear is public restrooms!  Yuck!

    • Piphidancer

      I agree.  Public restrooms!  Yuck.

    • Nicolemann86

      I’ve potty trained my daughter and son and my daughter was the easiest and caught on quick. My son had abt 6mo of #2 accidents before becoming fully potty trained. They both were introduced around 1 but we didn’t really press til the 3rd bday. Which was just fine with our household. :)

    • Melinda

      Have a 2yo and we’ve been discussing starting potty training him. Not looking forward to it – last kid took a year to fully train. I want to avoid buying PullUps if at all possible! Straight from diapers to underwear! That’s our goal…

    • Kim

      I potty trained all four of my children…successfully…lol…good thing since they are now all in their 20’s and having babies of their own!! The trick I have is really just to be consistent…as will all things parenting, it is the most applicable with potty training also.  You may be tired and not wanna get up, but set a timer for every two hours during the day and take the little one to potty, even if they say they dont have to go…and then reward them when they do!! It doesnt have to be candy…and great big shout out and a big hug always worked. So now I have grandchildren that are learning to go “on the potty” and this product sounds like it will help alot at Grammy’s house!!

    • Kris2791

      I was so afraid of potty training again when I had my son(my daughter was 15yrs old when my son started potty training). After all the fear, my son ended up practically potty training himself. He started sitting on the potty every time I would go and ended figuring out it was better to go there than feel dirty or wet. I didnt get off that easy though cause I have another little girl right behin him LOL.

    • Chadanddiah

      When potty training my now 5 year old one huge mistake we made was putting pressure on her to never have an accident. They are going to have accidents…I’m hoping to be more accepting when potty training my 1 1/2 year old.

    • PDoremus

      A trick I learned with my daughter was to take her to the potty once an hour or two so that she tries to go potty, when she did than she would get a little wrapped surprise. Do not need to spend lots of money. Go to the dollar store for little small treats. The key is to wrap them! Just had a boy and I heard they are harder to potty train. Any suggestions?

      • Bridget072809

        I don’t think it’s more difficult to potty train boys then girls. I think it depends on the child. With our son we let him run naked because he’s go in his underwear or a diaper. We skipped pull ups. We started with a little potty, then a potty seat that goes over the toilet and now he’s going all by himself on the big potty. A taller step stool would help but he can still get up there pretty well. We took him to the potty every 30 minutes or so and gave him one or two M&Ms when he went. Eventually when he got the hang of it we gave him M&Ms when he went #2 and then we never had to anymore. We had a few accidents but not much. He was potty trained a few weeks before he turned 2. Was riding in the car with underwear about 2 months later. He has trouble every now and then at night but it’s usually when he sleeps deeper. Most of the time he wakes up and goes on the potty but he still wears a diaper. He’ll be three in July. Good luck!! 

    • Nicole R

      Don’t rush kids but don’t wait so long they are still in diapers at 4k

    • Renee

      My daughter is 18 months and we will start  potty training soon! My four year old son took forever to potty train and it was a horrible experience. I am so afraid of having to go through that again. I’m really hoping my daughter will be easier!

    • Lindsey Norris

      My son just turned 1 so we are a little while from the dreaded potty training. i an kinda afraid but will certainly be glad to not have to buy diapers.

    • Danelle

      My biggest fear in regards to pottytraining is what to do when out in public!

      • Bridget072809

        When we potty trained our son we took him out in a diaper for a while. He got to the point where he would to tell us when he had to go  so we’d run him to the bathroom. He’s almost three now and has been riding in underwear for at least 6 months. Sometimes we have to pull over at a gas station or somewhere else. Also if you have a van it’s nice to keep a little potty in there for emergencies. Good luck!

    • Wait! I think too many people start too early potty training their child. It just frustrates mom and dad and gives the kiddo potty anxiety. I started at 28 months with my now four year old and she never had a nighttime accident and few daytime accidents. It was sooo- much easier than when I started at 23 months with my now 10 year old. Five months makes a world of difference when you are two!

    • Marilou

      We gave our son a nice sticker to put on his “potty calendar” every time…  He loved it and really tried to collect as many as he could!!

    • Cowgurl0520

      Rewards! I’ve been giving my 2 year old M&M’s when she goes so now its like a game. If she goes she gets a few M&M’s. Works wonders!

    • Courtney Crane

      I’m afraid I won’t have the patience for it!

    • Lyddiejay

      Patience is my tip and my fear is that I’m never gonna get started!  I keep a soon to be 2 yr old and I don’t have any equipment.  My own daughter is ten so I don’t have a left over potty just laying around.  I would love to win this so we can get started!

    • Julie G

      I am now in a potty training nightmare………..we have been trying for almost six months and my daughter is just not interested……..especially at home.  When she is at daycare, she will go but we are having major issues at home. HELP!!!

    • Myerse

      I have two boys 21 months apart and started potty training my eldest a few months ago… Start potty training a warm part of the year so the kid can just run around naked outside for a few months….they’ll figure out what the whole potty training thing is about…it worked for us!

    • Mtilton70

      We’re potty training my grandbaby right now and I have a fear he’s gonna fall in the toilet lol….true story

    • Erica47

      My biggest fear was my daughter would have an accident in public while we were potty training.  Thankfully it never happened! 

    • Nurseerikam

      My potty training fear is that she won’t get potty trained!

    • Julie L

      my son is almost 2 so its time! I will try sticker charts.

    • mom2braeden

      I have a 26 month old boy and he show no interes in the potty…i’m afraid that I won’t know when to really start training.

    • Erin Henry

      Use M&Ms as a reward.

    • Eddie_and_Angie

      I have a daughter who will turn 2 in May and a baby due in April. Not sure whether to start before or after the baby is born, but a potty seat will help!

    • Anne

      I am so afraid of all the laundry I will have to endure while potty training, I am sure we will go through several outfits a day!

    • Chris B.

      My fear is my two year old son is not going to get it anytime soon!!!!

    • Paulandmackenzie

      I am not looking forward to wet sheets every morning!

    • Shannon C.

      Make a big deal out of any accomplishments in potty training and when accidents happen, tell them it’s ok and we’ll try again.  We’re working on night time dryness now.  He woke up today with a dry diaper!  :)  

    • mommytotands

      I’m afraid my son will not become interested, it worked for a few days, now he is afraid of the potty! :(

      • Bridget072809

        My son without that phase too. We tried different potties. At first he liked a little potty then he liked the big potty. He was afraid of both of them at some point but it goes away. Try to make it interesting. I even pretended to sit on the little potty and make it look fun. lol. It only lasted a little while and he was potty trained weeks before his 2nd birthday. Just keep trying different ways to make it fun again. :) Good luck!

    • Prevet36701

      My potty training tip is train them when it is warm outside. Do your potty training outside. Take a portable potty outside. Put a pair of underwear on your child and show them were the potty is. Then play and have fun and make them try every 30 minutes or so. Then if they do have an accident it is easy to clean up and they get to have fun in the process. Then when you get inside show them wear the potty is inside and continue reminding them every 30 minutes to go to the potty. My daughter was trained in one week.

    • Amyral

      Oh my gosh this product looks awesome!!  Right now we are doing ok but I have to lift her up every time she goes to the potty.  I think this would be great for her to do it “herself” like a big girl.  My tip is with my son we had to just have him go around with out any pants on.  That was the only way we got him to use the potty.  Thank goodness never any accidents on the floor but if he had any kind of pants on, pull ups undies anything he would go in them so we had to bare it all and it worked for us.

    • Jcampbell0873

      My oldest daughter was super easy to potty train (lucky me!)… but my “almost two” year old shows no interest in her potty.  She does love to be in the bathroom when “mommy goes”… so this “looster booster” might be the right item to get her to go! My fear is having to by diapers for another year!

    • Amy Fusaro

      My two year old is really tiny and I am always afraid she will fall in the potty so I am afraid to let her try to do it herself.  This would be a great solution to teaching her to go on her own.

    • Melissa B

      Skip pulls up and go straight to big girl/boy underwear. Use stamps or candy as a reward.

      Would love the Looster Booster to train my 23 month old.

    • Alisa

      My potty training fear is that I will forever be standing in the bathroom with cleaning supplies in hand!

    • nettie

      Be patient!  I have BG twin 2 1/2 year olds.  The girl was easy, but the boy has no interest at all.  Just be relaxed and it will happen in time!

    • Tammymauk

      Always much praising!

    • Ml3853

      you have to be patient and reward them when they do go…with one of my kids their fear was falling in…so you have to be patient and let them get use to the idea of using the toilet….

    • KVallee

      It really makes a diferrence not to push too hard in potty training, wait until your child is ready and it will make a big difference!  I know parents who try really hard from the time their child is 18 months and they don’t end up with an earlier result than most average kids that are typically trained around 21/2-3.  Save yourself from the stress and wait until your child is ready!

    • Bridget072809

      The only thing that worked for us is we let our son run around without underwear, after a few accidents and showing him what the potty was for he learned and was completely potty trained weeks before his 2nd birthday! Make sure you praise them for going, and don’t be angry with them when they have accidents. 

    • Teddysmom

      I clap and do a little dance for my son, which he now comes and does for me when I go potty!  LOL

    • Sweet Bobby

      Always sing a song to the child when going to the potty!  I got to tee tee in the potty.  Tee tee in the potty!  Tee tee in the potty! And one of these days I’m going to poo poo too!

    • Dandymandie

      I’m afraid it will take forever to train my son..

    • Lvraidergirl

      I haven’t done the potty training thing for about 7 years now (my daughter is 9) and given that I am 13 weeks pregnant, I am already nervous about doing it again! Thanks to all the other entrants for their comments, as I had pretty much forgotten all the little tricks and tips!

    • Bria

      I have never done the potty training thing yet. Seeing my little one is almost 16 months old, I know we are approaching that stage. I plan to award and encourage the potty training challenge with little candies and “Princess” panties! :)

    • Sweetpea11_82

      I’ve let my daughter kind of go at her own pace with potty training. I had been trying extra hard at first to get her out of diapers, but as soon as I backed off and let her (somewhat) take charge of the process, she started to do great! We’re getting there! :)

    • Kate_mcc

      I like reading the tips- starting potty training with my 2 yo now

    • Kate_mcc

      I like reading the tips- starting potty training with my 2 yo now

    • My 5 year old needed a lot of working with.  Somehow he developed encopresis.  He still has accidents.  I just keep reminding him every hour and I try to make him sit on the potty for at least 40 seconds immediately after eating.  Hoping it will go better with my little man!

      • MarciaNron

         Hi Kathryn,
        We have a 7 year old with encopresis and can so empathize with what you are dealing with.  We’ve recently started using probiotics and after 5 years of struggling, are starting to see progress.  I’m not a  big “health” nut, but we’ve seen miraculous results with our son.  We just gave the CVS brand a try first, to see if it would make any difference and we’ve been amazed.

    • Mandys236

      I have stopped potty training because the potty seat is too unstable! Since my daughter can’t get on the potty by herself, she doesn’t want to try!

    • Almsw119

      I am about to start with a 2YO!  I want this! 

    • Amie

      Discover their favorite treat and save it for only when they go potty, don’t offer any other time.  My son loves M&M’s.  He only got them when he went potty.  Worked like a charm and praying it works on next one!

    • Tan

      We are in the process of training our almost 3 year-old son…  should we start on sitting down or standing up?

    • Tina19691

      Oh this would be perfect to train the toddle with, and you don’t have to be concered with falling as much.

    • Jenn

      My son is almost three, and very resistant to training. He is a bit small for his age, and even with a little potty seat over the regular toilet his feet don’t reach our stool. I am sure this would make him feel more confident, and maybe even try training again!

    • Jennifer H.

      This would be great, I babysit a 1yr old six days a week and his mother has started try to potty train and that would be perfect for my house and hers… I am going to have to tell her about this. 

    • awo9224

      My daughter Scarlett Leigh just celebrated her first birthday  *cupcake themed*  :) Potty training is our next milestone to tackle (besides attempting to teach her to “self – soothe” at night time which feels like an uphill battle LOL).  With all of her milestones  from eating her first solid food (sweet potatoes) or when my husband and I read countless reviews and ratings on rear – facing car seats and FINALLY decided on her big girl seat, I have given my best to give her the love and support she needs to achieve them. I love my daughter, and look forward to helping potty train her. I have full confidence for when she is ready to, she will. So, my biggest fear with her potty training experience is knowing when she is developmentally ready and understands the process.  I know we may have struggles, however I want to provide for her the tools and confidence she needs to succeed!

    • Renee

      We used M&M’s as a treat after she went potty. Worked great.

    • Kerri A Santos

      We did the treat it’s lots of praise and dancing! Our next

    • Vickie

      This would be perfect for my 2 year old daughter.  She’s been learning to potty train for a few months now and doesn’t like her training potty.  She’d rather used the normal potty, but it’s hard for her to use when she’s trying not to fall off.  This would be perfect for her to help her not fall!

    • tmv

       I restarted my son’s potty training with the potty training app on my phone. he likes getting the phone calls from rachel.

    • Glenda young

      Love this new idea.  Wish my children had had something as stable and neat as this potty trainer.  My 2 yr grandson will love this type.  It will make him feel secure. Gran can’t wait to get it for him.

    • Bg1999

      Put a penny in the toilet and have them aim at the penny – he likes to see if he can hit the penny

    • Bella

      We use a potty chart with fun stickers. Always focus on the positive that the little one does=) 

    • Shyde


    • With both of our boys we just finally had to put them in underwear make a sticker chart for using the bathroom (prizes) and clean up messes for about a week.  

    • Making the potty accessible while still usable by adults…. genius! 

    • Casey

      I used to sit my oldest in the potty chair in front of the TV and then make a big deal when he finally used the potty.

    • Momoftwins

      I have twin boys. My greatest fear is the bathroom location! And of them fighting over who goes first!

    • MarciaNRon

      I think the best potty training tip to first time parents especially is “don’t push it.”  Kids start to give you little signs that they’re interested in trying, and also “not interested.”  If the latter is true, give them a little more time.  M & M’s are a classic  :)

    • kt

      Making it not scary is very important.  Alot of kids are afraid they are going to fall in.  I read Once upon a Potty to my son and told him that big boys use the potty chair.  It is important to take the stress out of this learning process.

    • Joelnshari0812

      The best potty taining tip I can give is to find a reward item that your child really really wants. We started with stickers and though our daughter loved getting them, she didnt really care if she didnt get them. Now M&M’s on the other hand…. We dont give her any M&M’s unless she goes potty, and let me tell you, amazingly successful. We are doing really good and we also completed the 3 day method a month ago. The only thing with that is now I have a child that wants to be naked all the time. However, it is worth it to get them potty trained. The potty stool would really help this process since we are doing soooooooo good with the potty,.

    • Diana_mcadams

      I put Cheerio’s in the toliet for my son, so that he could aim at them, I also put the blue tablets in so he could turn the water grren when he went

    • riflemama5

      I am a mom of five (12yrs-9mos) and an Air Force reservist.   We’ve been potty training my 2.5 yr old but I fear she doesn’t get the consistency when I’m on duty (away from home) because her dad is consumed with the other duties of tending to the family.  I fear each month we take two steps back…

    • Melpink531

      Let them figure when its time to start! my 3 yr old is still potty training. that has been the best way to work with us.

    • Michele

      my 13 month old daughter has been trying to get on the toilet as she sees me doing. i caught her actually using her blocks to make a step. she is waking up dry after naps & during the night. i have been thinking of potty training but figured the potty on the floor would not work so this would be awesome.

    • Amy

      We offer a sticker or treat each time our son goes on the potty.  He can proudly display his stickers on a special poster we made by the potty or he can opt for the treat (usually a jelly bean or soft fruit snack).  My only fear is that he will have an accident and get set back so we try to always be super positive about everything.

    • Lacrishaellis96

      My boys liked to potty if the water was different colors. The cleaning tabs that turn it blue or if your desperate you could try food coloring, some colors change after they pee in it and that was a definite hit.

    • Shawny

      sounds awesome that adults & child can use the same potty wo all the extra steps of a child potty. only a mom w/several kids would think of this.  my little one is almost to the potty stage would love to give this  shot.

    • Jean

      We just went cold turkey straight to panties. tough at first, but in the end faster results! 

    • northGAgirl

      My biggest fear about potty training is how to teach a boy to go when I clearly don’t have that experience.

    • Lindsey

      We sat our oldest daughter on the potty every 20 minutes and gradually increased the time as she got more control. Plus M&M’s help a TON. 

    • I’ve been offering “money” every  time we have a successful attempt… Since I am a single mom in nursing school, potty training is very difficult being that all of the caregivers that help me are not consistent!  However, giving a penny or 2 to add to her piggy bank has been the most successful way thus far!

    • erin

      We let our son watch 10 minutes of one of his shows if he poops in the potty.  We also do a sticker chart.

    • Brenda Enloe

      To get my daughter to potty tain, we bought a bag of the snack size M&Ms. Every time she went in the potty, she got a treat of M&Ms. She was trained in no time!

    • I put my little girl on the potty immediately after waking from naps and before bath… and with each successful potty she gets a sticker.

    • VickieB

      I think this would be great to help mawmaw and mom when teaching our little boy to aim and hit the target!  lol

    • Christine

      We also used M&Ms as a reward for going when they felt the urge.

    • Sheffield1569

      i take him to potty every 30 minutes and put underwre on him in day time if he uses the potty he gets a treat of some kind

    • We always used lots of praise and a reward system..our youngest is developmentally delayed though and I’m anxious to see how it works with him! This would definately be a neat thing to try :)

    • Tmanhollan

      I tried to use stickers, toys, and pennies with my first son. None of them worked, so we decided to wait a while. One day he just decided he was ready for underwear, and even though he had some accidents, he never used diapers again. I’m interested to see how my second will train.

    • Meshellstanley

      I trained my daughter by have a chart next to her potty. Every time she went on her potty she got a sticker…She was potty trained a couple months before she turned two this way.

    • Couponashli

      I know I am going to have to start potty training any day now so this would be a great help. I’m worried about the germy mess that will inevitably come with it.

    • Ruthie S.

      It’s been 8 years since I potty trained a child and am starting it all over again in a few months with our 9 month old!  I’ve forgotten all the tricks, so that’s my fear!

    • Sharlie

      My worst fear is that he is so stubborn that he will take forever to potty train..lol

    • am

      I am working on potty training my 2 year old and it has been a nightmare. 

    • Margaret

      I just started potty training my 2yr old and it’s not going too smoothly, but I hope that by the time he’s 2 1/2 he’ll have it down

    • Shelleykelley

      Candy, candy candy.  God gave kids baby teeth so us parents could potty train and rot out their teeth.

    • Kassie7

      I am fearful of public bathrooms!

    • Slims30

      currently potty training and 6mnths pregnant with my second; i fear we will get the hang of it and completely regress when the new baby comes!

    • Susan

      I will be potty training again soon!  My first son was so easy and he is 12!  I just did alot of reward and made him go every few hours and sit on the potty even if he didnt have to go!

    • Stephanie

      My fear is my kid touching every germy thing (everything!) in a public bathroom. ewww…

    • Dolbyx40

      My grandson is being challenged at this, I don’t like him touching everything around on the commode and this may be what we need for it not to b a challenge.  I HOPE

    • Scarmstrongs

      Fear that my almost year old will never go on his own….my daughter was a breeze at 2.  He is afraid of the water and the “scary soap”;) 

    • Kcroxburycoupon

      We reward with M&M’s and when we are at home we have been putting her in underwear ( thankfully we do not have carpet!) I would love to have the looster Booster… no extra cleaning & I think it would help her to use the potty like mommy does!

    • Jcdhvt

      I never pushed my son. We put the potty chair in the bathroom and when
      We went he would come in with us and go. The pressure of charts and rewards
      Was not there and he was trained day and night by 22 months.

    • Have them try when you are around to be in underwear not the pull ups (even though they are great for going out) that way if you miss making it to the toilet they feel. My son caught on right away he didnt like being wet.

    • Well, my first child was very hard to potty train but we finally did it! My second child practically potty trained himself after seeing his big brother going. Now with my third I’m no so sure how to do this whole potty training thing again!

    • Jesica6

      I think pushing the potty training can led to a lot of frustration on the parents part…they will be ready when they r ready..starting potty training soon with the little one :]

    • Glredeker

      have older sibling take younger sibling.

    • Kel2ken

      My biggest fear us training two at the same time

    • Jonesliz

      Tip: Note to self…change the candy in the prize box out for fruit gummy snacks.  This hyper baby is not any easier to potty train.

    • Kim

      Encourage – but don’t force a child to be potty trained.  It will happen. 

    • Goldgoob3

      I let our son go to the store with me to help pick up items for the prize box and then let him help me put the things in the prize box so he knew what was in there!  The box I kept the prizes in was a plastic see through container–with boys especially, I think, out of sight is out of mind.

    • Kristen

      Have older sibling help train the younger–just make sure the older one doesn’t push the younger one into the toilet.  It sets the younger one back big time. 

    • we use the “sink the cheerios” method and make a game out of it.

    • KimberlySJ27

      I don’t have any tips as I’m just now getting ready to start potty training but I have a bunch of fears to share….what if my baby stays in diapers forever? what if she is potty trained and not a “baby”……..they grow up sooo fast :(

    • Kathy Lipphardt Wickham

      when teaching a little boy to potty train, you can put cheerios in there and teach him to aim at them.  They love that!

    • Debbie

      I fear my son spraying everywhere : )

    • katy

      I just potty trained my 2 year old son. Best tip I can give – no matter what method you use, make it ALL very positive. No negative words, attitudes or punishment. Praise goes a lot farther than anything, especially in this area :)

    • Maria

      Follow the child’s lead with potty training. They we start potty training when they   are ready.

    • Our3Blessings

      I have three children.  Two boys 10 & 8 and a little girl, 1.  With the boys potty training was quite easy.  The things I found most helpful for my boys were modeling, letting them try and encouraging them to “make bubbles”.  The faster they went, the more bubbles they made.  That was exciting enough for them and we would just laugh!  With my boys once I saw them wanting try more frequently I would hide the diapers in the pantry, told then we were out and I needed their help to stay dry.  They had a few accidents but overall the training went well.  (BTW we never used a tiny potty, I just had them face backwards and hold on to the toilet!  I hope this helps someone.)

      • Our3Blessings

        I will add, another thing I feel helped was when they had an accident…  I would not just strip them and change them.  I would have them help and we would talk about the fact that they did not like taking off their wet clothes (not dirty, dirty).  Not criticism mind you.  The fact that is was hard to get wet clothes off and smelly.  As stated above, I followed their lead and looked for signs that they were ready.  

    • Shenna

      I’m nervous about making sure my daughter doesn’t fall into the toilets! LOL (I’m a 1st time mom.)

    • Ladybugtk

      On my 3rd boy potty training and my advice is don’t give food/candy rewards for using the potty! Praise is the best reward for them, and if you need real motivation a sticker or something small but special to them. Trust me, if you start with the candy they expect it for every time they go!!!

    • Frogans2005

      Ask frequently if they want to go, at first I would ask every 20-30 mins, then started extending the time once they started using the potty. Then of course, the Potty Dance! It worked 3 times, now number 4!

    • I’m beginning to wonder if my little monkey will ever learn to use the toilet.  She’s still scared of it, and although she talks often about “go potty,” she never wants to actually do it.

    • Margaret

      I have two boys…one trained and one almost ready.  I never used cheerios for fear my son would reach in and eat them.  I used 2000 Flushes and turned the water blue.  He liked to make the water turn green.  I hope this works the 2nd time around!

    • I have added cherios to the bowl in order to give my son something  to “shoot at”. By making it a game, he has started to show interest in going :)

    • Hudson4

      The best advice I have is to wait until the child is completely ready otherwise you are only going to stress yourself and the child out. It is possible to potty train a kid at 2 but most are not ready and it takes so much more aggravation.

    • meganclaycohen

      I am still waiting for my son to give up the diaper but I do not pressure him I just use positive encouragement, I tell him that I will reward him with a prize if he uses the big boy potty

    • Southerngal608

      My son just turned one and I am totally scared at potty training him… I have really no idea where to start with a little boy! 

    • Denise

      I’ve started potty training my 2 boys and we’re a total mess!!  We have a potty prize box, but it’s still not working, wish I had a positive one here :)

    • Suzy

      tossing froot loops in the toilet and telling my boys to aim for that! I have also heard, although not done myself, but putting a drop of food coloring into the bottom of the potty and then having the kids guess what color it will become. sounds more gross than I personally would do, but you know, whatever works!

    • Chica00735

      My daughter was potty trained at 21 months.  It was the hardest week of my life! It took a ton of patience and lots of love but we made it.  I set the time for every 30 minutes and we would sit and try.  If she went then I would set it for an hour.  We never even had to use pull ups.  I’ll have to potty train my son next.

    • guest1

      chocolate chips were the best bargaining tool I had when potty training my oldest.  It wasn’t too much of a snack, but just enough of a treat.

    • Majones2412

      I have a one-and-a-half year old so we are coming up on the potty-training adventure within the next year or so. I’m a firm believer in not forcing the issue too soon. It’s not worth the fight, or the mess, if your little one isn’t ready. Take your cues from your little one…and remember, hardly anyone goes to 1st grade wearing diapers! :)

    • Carla

      We use the potty fairy that knows when she is using the potty.  If she is doing a good job the fairy brings a little present.  My little girl is so short her steep stool has a steep stool.  Would love a new one for other bathroom.  Thanks for the chance.

    • Lisabluedevil

      Twin boys…need I say more?

    • Jaylene Scott

      My 2-year-old daughter isn’t really interested yet, but this would be perfect for her soon.  I’m afraid of cleaning the carpet all of the time!

    • Andrea Brummett

      I have used small treats, such as m&m’s as a reward.  With my 5 year old I would reward him with hot wheel or small toy for not having an accident for a week. For my 4 year old it was her wanting to be like her friends that got her to potty train.  We are now going through it one more time with our 22 month old.  He is not afraid of the the toilet so the looster booster sounds like a great way to allow him to be independent… It would also be helpful because my daughter will use the potty chair if we leave it out…

    • Andrea Brummett

      I have used small treats, such as m&m’s as a reward.  With my 5 year old I would reward him with hot wheel or small toy for not having an accident for a week. For my 4 year old it was her wanting to be like her friends that got her to potty train.  We are now going through it one more time with our 22 month old.  He is not afraid of the the toilet so the looster booster sounds like a great way to allow him to be independent… It would also be helpful because my daughter will use the potty chair if we leave it out…

    • radio robin

      my mom said that it was my aunt that got me potty trained in just one visit to her house.  she didn’t want to change any more diapers so she let me run around naked (outside on the lawn!) and apparently i didn’t like how pee-pee felt running down my legs.  

    • radio robin

      my mom said that it was my aunt that got me potty trained in just one visit to her house.  she didn’t want to change any more diapers so she let me run around naked (outside on the lawn!) and apparently i didn’t like how pee-pee felt running down my legs.  

    • Rerdmann2

      I have a potty app on my ipod that is a reminder for me to take my soon to be two year old to the potty. And she loves to listen to the music while she tries. I hope she gets the hang of it soon;)

    • Rerdmann2

      I have a potty app on my ipod that is a reminder for me to take my soon to be two year old to the potty. And she loves to listen to the music while she tries. I hope she gets the hang of it soon;)

    • Tiffany

      I just started potty training my almost three year old last week.  I think the biggest thing for me was me getting ready and waiting till he was ready (that and telling him all the diapers were gone so he was just going to have to go on the potty).  He has done really well and I am just hoping when my daughter gets older that she will do as well as he did.

    • Eac

      Since our son isn’t motivated by food, we use vinyl wall stickers as rewards for when he used the potty.  They come off the walls and furniture without doing damage!

    • Eac

      Since our son isn’t motivated by food, we use vinyl wall stickers as rewards for when he used the potty.  They come off the walls and furniture without doing damage!

    • Mzeggert

      I have 6 grandchildren and the 7th is on the way. 2 of them are potty training. My biggest fear is them spending the night at my house and me forgetting to take them to the potty. Sometimes they just don’t remember to tell me they need to go.

    • Michele

      I need to read these tips…my biggest fear is the messes all over the house (we have already started!)

    • Michele

      I need to read these tips…my biggest fear is the messes all over the house (we have already started!)

    • Erin

      We are going to start potty training soon (in about 6 months). Our fear is that he will want to grab/play with his “toilet deposits” once he is finished. We have to keep our bathroom doors closed right now at all times because he likes to play in the toilet bowl water. . .

    • Anna Alls4

      Taking my 2 year-old daughter to the store and letting her pick out her favorite undies has been a big help. I lay out her options in the morning and she loves to look  and decide which pair to put on. It helped her become more interested in the process!

    • Anna Alls4

      Taking my 2 year-old daughter to the store and letting her pick out her favorite undies has been a big help. I lay out her options in the morning and she loves to look  and decide which pair to put on. It helped her become more interested in the process!

    • Daphne

      Temporary tattoos seem be working miracles around here

    • Laduga

      We have been easing into the potty training and her baby dolls going seem to encourage her.

    • Asha

      I started getting my son used to the potty around 8 or 9 months old. It seems to be helping.

    • rb82

      Baby Alive works as an excellent training tool.  We also celebrated with our daughter prior to the big day of potty training. She took her shopping cart to the grocery store and we bought her snacks and her favorite juice to use as aides as well.  She was so excited about her potty training adventure…

    • Jen

      Stickers, as a reward, are a wonderful tool.  Especially as kids are trying to “poop” on the potty, which seems to take longer to learn.

    • Tbdever

      Letting them sit on the potty as long as they want, even read books to them there if they wish!!!

    • Dwelch213

      Reading potty books while sitting on the potty

    • Courtneylradtke

      Hoping that the “reward” method will work…I think mine is ready now! :)

    • BoonaMom

      We are just about to start potty training. I have a fear that once she gets used to taking her pants off that I will come in from a nap to find poop smeared all over the walls.

    • Cate

      We’re expecting our first child, so everything about potty training scares me!  My friend recommended getting them familiar with the potty very early on.  We’ll see how it goes!

    • Juliagoldieday

      About to have my third and hope she will train as well as my first daughter. Girls are so much easier!

    • Mipursell

      Using cloth diapers really helped us. My oldest son understood what it meant to be wet because of the cloth diapers. Hopefully, this works for our younger son too.

    • Sjhn0532

      Their favorite undies. Tell them not to pee pee on the characters. I also bring their favorite stuffed animal etc. and ask the child to show the toy how to use the potty.

    • Lori

      for boys put cheerios or fruit loops in toilet and it helps w their aim so dont have a huge mess

    • Stereomom

      Potty training works better if the child is developmentally ready.  Not all are ready at the same time, so be patient.  It will happen! :-)

    • Sparkle9

      Oh, potty training. My tip, have lots of paper towels handy at first!!

    • puki1977

      No pants for a few days at home..after they realize there’s nothing to pee in they race to the potty!

    • TracyW

      I’m afraid that my child won’t be potty trained til they are, like, 10

    • Susan

      I had all girls and they were pretty easy to potty train, but we did go through a good many sets of wet panties. The diaper type of underwear did not work well with my kids so we just always brought a coupld changes of clothes and a HUGE box of wipes. Another great tip is if they are not ready…don’t force them to do it because you are only hurting yourslef.

    • JEFinFLA

      My fear is she will not want to use the potty. DD currently likes to sit on the potty fully clothed and pretend to go. The minute I try to get her to use it for real, she freaks out and cries :(

    • devins mommy

      I am afraid my son will pee everywhere when we are somebody’s house!!!

    • Lisa

      Oh how I need one of these!!  We are full speed ahead on potty training my two year old!  She too freaks out sometimes on the little potty!  The best tool I have right now is her big sister.  They both get two gummy bears if she potty’s!  This makes big sister really want to cheer her on!  Big sis sits with her, reads to her, plays with her, and what ever she can to get baby sister to potty!  Gummy bears are popular but, this sounds like it would help the process a lot!

    • I would throw cheerios in the toliet bowl to get my son to go potty, it worked. 

    • MISSA

      My fear turned to reality…my son doesn’t want to use the potty!  It’s too hard for him to hop up.  We have a stool, but he has a hard time getting up.  He also has his own potty, but only wants to use it some of the time.  I have two other boys and my potty training tip is targets, they like to aim & it worked for the other two. 

    • myj

      We do a little potty dance each time my 2 yr old goes in the potty!! She loves it.

    • Cortknee81

      My fear is that my son will never want to use the big boy potty!

    • Ablackmanat

      My 3 yr old is potty trained. Now its time for my 2 yr old. Best advise : their bodies know when they are ready. Take your cues from them.

    • Harman Jessica

      potty training tip, don’t start too early…be okay with waiting until your child is ready despite the usual “2 year” mark. That helped us with our second child, a boy who just wasn’t ready. We took our time and by the time he was three he was good to go!

    • AmyQ

      My little girl is 15 months old, so Potty Training is definitely coming into view. We got her a potty of her own, but just like your post said, I can already see the potential mess that will come of this potty… So my greatest fear is the first time she decides to use the potty, and how much of a mess we’ll be looking at after she’s done!

    • Limayriz

      I don’t have any advice. We have a 21 month old and we should be starting soon.

    • Megan of Macon

      I got through training my little girl last spring – but I am scared about my baby boy who will be trying soon.  He just thinks he has a toy down there… maybe I can get him to aim it like a water pistol… ;)

    • Heidi

      Would love to win this.  Have twin boys and we will be potty training soon! Wish me luck.:)

    • Sarahbeth1210

      I don’t think there is tip…I tried it all candy, chart, you name it.  It finally happened when it happened.  It just seems like one day it clicked!  Perhaps, all these things helped it click.  This would be nice, since we are newly potty trained!  ;)

    • Kim

      I’m afraid my child won’t be motivated at all to use the potty.  I would love some ideas and tools to make it a more fun learning experience!

    • Faith

      To help little boys with their aim put Cheerios in the toilet.

    • tonya

      I find it helpful with my son we used the trick of putting cheerios in the commode for him to aim at. And for pooing we got the Elmo pottying book and every time he sat on the toilet we would read the book to pass time till he got used to it. It worked.

    • Michele

      Stickers as a reward worked (as much as anything did for my stubborn boys, haha).  I would use Thomas the Tank Engine and construction equipment stickers because that is what they liked the most.  And praise…LOTS AND LOTS of praise when they used the potty.

    • Jpandandi

      We bought a new toilet seat with a built in training seat that pops out of the lid.  Perfect for little behinds, even after the initial training is over.

    • Sabrina A Johnson3

      Potty training FEAR: that my son will be like my youngest sister and refuse to be potty trained until she was almost FIVE! YIKES!

    • Mikeypictureking

      My potty training fear is having my son transition from sitting to pee, to now having to stand up peeing :   i don’t know what to do

    • Mangypup

      We have been using a chart with stickers she places after a successful attempt. When she finishes the chart, she gets a puzzle

    • Janiesommers

      My daughter is about to start potty training so no tips yet.

    • Lmoore77

      I’ve potty trained 2 girls and now it’s time for the boy.  New adventure!  I have NEVER used that training potty b/c that is just nasty to have to clean!  It’s harder with the big potty b/c they can’t run and go themselves and trying to make sure they don’t fall in :)  I don’t have any tricks…just time and patience!

    • Christi

      My fear is that it will be easy to get her to pee in the toilet, but much harder to get her to poop! I’ve known several people with that issue so hopefully mine will be easier

    • Lrae17

      potty training fear – as an aunt, I’ll be asked to train my nephew!

    • Meganmarlowe

      I tried potty training my then 2 year old, but I didn’t know to show him to point his….device (;-) ) down so he ended up getting pee all over and that made him upset. It has been 6 months and I have yet to convince him to try again. So frustrated.

    • Bambi

      We have a chart. Every time he goes a sticker is put on the chart. When he gets a certain number of stickers, he gets to pick out a car.

    • Tarashanko

      Patience and consistency.

    • nakedness in the summer :).

    • Mrslmoore24

      I am afraid that we will miss the “window” to potty train my son!!

    • Merritts07

      I have no fears yet. I have an 18 month old that I am going to buy a potty for soon. I have heard you have to wait until they are ready. It will be here when she is ready for it.

    • t r

      I used to sing a song with my kids, and we would see if they could go before we finished singing.

    • Terry

      Wow with my first child getting married not too long ago I guess I need to start thinking about starting my collection of things now so I’ll be prepared when the little ones start coming along!  This is such an improvement to the one I used with my own children :).

    • Cpnmemaw

      made it a reward game for my nephew.. it seemed to help some.

    • Julie

      Just starting to potty train our 2 year old and the poor little thing is terrified of sitting on the “bit potty”…this would help us out so much I think. 

    • Rainflowerfire

      I’m afraid that they will never feel comfortable on a ‘big’ potty.

    • Rainflowerfire

      I’m afraid that they will never feel comfortable on a ‘big’ potty.

    • Amanda

      I have found that putting them on the potty every 45 minutes does the trick the fastest…

    • Amanda

      I have found that putting them on the potty every 45 minutes does the trick the fastest…

    • Coupons850

      Every time my son uses the potty he gets to add a sticker to his chart, when it is filled (28 spaces) we take a trip to Chuck E Cheese! I bought bulk tokens using a coupon and then take 20 tokens each time we go.

    • Lots of changes over the years.  With my daughter …bought her a real fancy ruffled underwear and she wasnt about it mess it up…that was the time she stopped having any accidents. Making it a game also helps..Saying I gota go…and lets see who goes 1st , etc…really makes it a fun thing. To get them to stay longer …have books for them to look through or read to them.

    • Shelly Donahoe

      Tip: Don’t force it,,,,,they will do it on their own time :)

    • Tennille

      My 2 year old is learning by watching his 5 year old brother. To help with aim while standing, I throw one Cheerio in and he hits it everytime.
      scottandtennille at hotmail dot com

    • Christy Hare

      My 3.5 year old won’t poop on potty!

    • TJ

      I have found that telling my daughter why she can not have a drink close to bedtime reminds her the importance of using the potty at night

    • S James2323

      We use the cheerios too and a potty dance!

    • patti

      Have patience, all kids are different.  They will all do it in their own time.  Hint if you have a boy – you can start outside in the good ole summer time!  This would come in handy in my house. I have a child who is a dwarf.  he has a hard time getting up.  This would help him immensely!

    • page7x

      We have 3 boys and went through like 8 years of diapers. If I won this, I would donate it to some one who is potty training their kid to help their diaper time  :)

    • Dstana01

      Potty training twins right now and my little girl has it down pat.  My little boy says “I’ll try later”.  My fear is when is later? eight? nine?

    • Daiva

      My oldest is pottytrained for the day time but I wonder when he’ll learn to wake up and go at night.. :(

    • Deborah

      My tip is to start potty training at age 6 months — BEFORE they can crawl/walk/run away from the potty.   Once they can sit freely… put them on the potty and get them comfortable there.  Once a day for a few minutes is all you need.  By the time they are 1 year they’ll be using the potty like a pro and by 2 they’ll be trained!   I would love this product for my short little guys. They are potty trained but I’m still emptying the little kid potty! 

    • Mlkdivine3

      A helpful potty training tip is to put childrens’ books, (your child’s favorite ones) by the potty and let your child pick a book for you to read to him/her while sitting on the potty, then it takes less focus off of the potty and makes the experience more enjoyable, gives the child something to look forward to each time.

    • Sissycrawford

      I am just beginning this process.  Any tips on how to do it quickly?  My son is already showing the signs he’s ready, but I don’t know if I am!  HELP!

    • Shannon

      Ppatience and wait until they’re ready – don’t force it! Also I found it was best to not use pull ups during the day..they were too much like diapers.

    • I hate cleaning up all the pee and poop. Especially wet beds!! This would definitely help my little girl. She has to hold on for dear life when she uses the big potty and has fallen once or twice!!!

    • Lindsaykimbrel

      What worked for my two was to put them in big kid underwear and to let them learn what it felt like to wet their pants. We also got rewards when they went in the potty.

    • Mari

      Potty training fear….public bathrooms. Gross!!

    • Ema6763

      I am trying to potty train my son and it is hard for him to reach the toliet.  I am also 9 months pregnant and I am afraid that all the progress we are making that he is going to go backwards because of the new baby

    • suzee40

      Make potty training fun-have potty books for your little one to look and for you to read to them.

    • Jbalexander30

      Rewards! Chocolate works!

    • Mnaleimaile

      One thing that seems to help in our house is saying bye to the pee and poop. My son seems to enjoy saying “see ya later poop” and then he wants to potty Gain so he can see it go bye- bye. A little gross but it works for us

    • justgrandie

      I’d love to win this for my daughter’s sake who is potty training twins!!  She needs all the savings and the help she can get!!  Thanks for allowing us to enter this contest, I’m sooo keeping my fingers crossed and my hopes high ;-)  God bless!!

    • Pneuma922

      My biggest fear is that i won’t know what to do! i’ve read all the blogs, magazines, and spoken with many friends…i’m a working mom (in a house with a working dad also) and I’m very nervous for this stage!!!

    • MommyOf1

      We have been working on potty training now for quite some time.  I am trying the patience thing, but it seems as though my son’s interest comes and goes.  My biggest fear is going potty on the go.  It seems like when he wants to go pee pee, we are in the car with no where to stop!  :-)

    • Smurray1277

      big girl panties help with the training but mean lots of messes and laundry

    • Pevadiva

      With my nephew, we put bugs in the toilet, so he could pee on them.

    • MAJ05

      I fear I cannot have enough patience with my daughter.  She has went to the potty a couple of times, and has now lost interest.

    • love2teach2

      With my first son he started to go to the potty on his own around 18 months then he stopped for a few months.  I then told him if he started to go to the potty in the toilet he could get a big boy bed and it worked only after a month in a half.  I am afraid that my other son is not going to be so easy.  He is behind my first son.

    • Dawn

      My daughter is ready to potty trained.  Whenever she goes #2 accidentally in her diaper, she takes off her diaper and then goes tell me poo poo.  So disgusted of picking up poop, but thank goodness it’s dry.

    • Pistachio77

      To make potty fun fill the bowl with colored dye and make a face on the inside of the lid with colorful tape. 

    • MiksMomma

      Use lots of positive reinforcement & positive attention while potty training your little one.

    • Brenda

      Patience and understanding! 

    • EFritz

      My son is not quite ready to be potty trained but I am a little afraid of how much I will have to clean up after him as he learns.. yuck..

    • Msjennie26

      Wear gloves to wash out poopy underwear!

    • Cyndi0127

      I come from a family with 5 girls and 3 nieces, and I have a 18 month old SON! I have no idea what to do! It’s definitely going to be an adventure! :)

    • Mabelzy

       My son will not tell me he is ready to go, so far he has many accidents, my fear is that this will never end :(

    • Tan_shop_me

      I am dealing with a 2 year old in training. I hate having to remove the potty training seat, just so I that I can use the restroom. This would be one great item to add to my home, and one less thing to worry about.

    • Melaniewy

      M&m’s are great incentives in our house…however, they are not good for Mommy’s figure;)

    • Lsee86

      My little angel is still 6 1/2 months, she’s still in her diapers. But being a mother for the first time who knows how to give other mothers or even myself advice. She might be the one giving me advice how to potty train her : ). All I have to say is mothers take it one step at a time rushing your child will only frauste not only you but your child. Patient is the key to training, just like teaching them to crawl and walk!

    • Amanda Wohlford

      I just started potty training my 18month old sweet girl Sofia and we sing the ABC song while sitting and waiting for “something” to happen :)  It helps keep her seated and occupied for longer periods of time.  I also made up a pee in the potty song we sing and tries to sing along with me also!

    • Chonda_brown

      We are training our 2 yr old and we let her go to the bathroom with her older sisters (12 & 7). She looks up to them and love being with them, actually they have more success get her to use the potty! 

    • Sheri Homestead

      i’m in the middle of potty training – my biggest fear is that i’ll never make it out of this stage!! ughhhhhhh

    • Diduexercise

      We have 2 year old twins girls and an 18 month old boy and the girls are pretty well trained…well for the most part:), but the boy just comes in and sits on the potty, fear oh getting him to not go to college sitting on the potty:)

    • Anna

      Did the no pants for 3 day training and it was a huge success! Let’s hope it goes this well for the second baby!!

    • ldavis

      We have 5 children, and the absolute BEST advice for potty training success is to have the child, who is potty training visit the bathroom while siblings are going “potty” – positive peer pressure for sure!

    • tazgus

      I would like this for a friend of mine that just had triplets. I agree with tha positive peer pressure, it works great

    • Katylynn

      Lots of building it up as exciting, and waiting until they are ready instead of wanting them to do it early. Worked for me!

    • Dcountess

      my feat is pee all in the floor!

    • My little one is still under a year, but I am just afraid of it all together! Never potty trained before!

    • Karen

      I think the positive reenforcement has been a great thing for my son, as well as my son having the knowledge that he will be able to move into a new class at church once he is totally potty trained. My daughter who is just one is so interested in what is happening that I can’t wait to get her started and finished! Good Luck to all those out there going through it!

    • Karenrayjones

      Having my grandson encourage his sister to use the “potty” is a huge encouragement–he calls her a “big girl” and claps.  Really cute.

    • dagmar

      being able to go to preschool was the motiver for my daughter.  she was already 4

    • Nada

      The hardest thing for me is the lapse after things seem to be going smoothly, then a full day of accidents, blah!

    • Cbailey2911

      We have a 19 month old little fella and he is starting to show signs of potty training…baby steps, of course.  This is our first child and we try to build it up as something exciting.  We’ve been able to flush his BM down the toilet and tell it “bye bye.” So, hopefully, when it comes time to do a BM while sitting on the toilet, he won’t be fearful.  

    • Colette

      With my Boys we always had more of a hard time, but we would put Cheerios in the water for them to aim at. And we also would keep M&M’s in a jar in the bathroom and if they went they got one candy.  I now have one more boy who is two to potty trained. My best advice is not to rush them. They will come around when they are ready. 

    • Jerri Moore

      We started putting my son on the potty a long time before he was ready to potty train.  We played and talked with him while he sat there getting him comfortable with it.  When potty training time came he had no fear of the potty. 

    • Lindsey Frizzell Morgan

      I’ve nannied, and this one works best for boys: Put a drop or two of blue food coloring in the bowl, and dare the boy to “turn the water green”.

    • mathdrmom

      My fear is that my daughter will get interested but only to play in the water in the toliet!

    • Lauryann

      I raised two girls with no problems potty training. Now I’m keeping my two year old grandson and I thought it should be easier but it’s really been a bumpy road. I give stickers out for brushing teeth and successful potty moments. Thanks Hobby Lobby for 40% off Q’s …1000’s of stickers.

    • cecilia

      LOTS of praise and rewards when they make it to the potty in time. Make it “fun” and they’ll remember it instead of after an accident in the diaper. :)

    • Pdhoback

      I fear accidents in the car the most…don’t even want to think about the details of that.

    • Guest

      Use cheerios to help boys aim.  Get them to try to sink the target.  It helps keep it in the toilet.  LOL.

    • Sherri

      Reward with M&M’s!!

    • Chattytn2

      We have a potty seat that fits in the toilet but there is still the issue of “hanging feet”.  The Looster Booster looks like a good idea for that.

    • nana2adozen

      The fear of going into the toilet (this happened to my granddaughter

    • Ashley

      Just let them start when they are ready, do not force it on them.

    • heather

      Do not force. I have a VERY rebelious 3yr old. who refuses to talk potty!!

    • Lindseywarner

      We put my 2 year olds potty in the living room and allowed her to run around naked for about a week. This was three weeks ago and shes been using the potty like a big girl for ever since! We could really use this product because She is currently using a training potty and I want to move her to the big potty but havent purshased a stool yet! 

    • Jasonandchristi

      I fear the accidents in public and not having enough extra clothes!

    • Jenniferlynnkovach

      Having a boy means that just because we are on the potty does not mean that we hit the potty.  Makes for lots of laundry and gives mom a fear of running out of clean clothes.

    • Anna

      I am potty training for the first time so no tips unfortunately.  But I am afraid my son won’t be potty trained by the time I would lik him to start preschool in August.  :-(

    • S. August

      My advice is not to be pushy. You will only make yourself exhausted and frustrated. Just lead by example. When you need to potty make is look fun.

    • Drfoste3

      I knew my oldest son was ready to potty train when he quit wetting his diaper at night and during nap time.  As long as he got to the potty as soon as he got up, he never had any accidents.  Hopefully, my 18mo son will make the transition just as smoothly!

    • Dunk68123

      It’s not a competition nor a reflection on you as a parent. When your child is ready you will know it.

    • Helen

      Helpful Tip: If a toddler girl who is pretty much potty trains has an accident, it could be a UTI – have her checked to be sure and be sure to teach her how to wipe properly (and check behind her)!  (No pun intended!)

      • Helen


    • Deborahgrace01

      i fear accidents when she is with other people!

    • My daughter is 5 years old and on the short side. Even know shes pottie trained the Looster Booster would make it alot easier to use the pottie.

    • Alicia

      We are beginning potty training with my son and found that putting him in ‘big boy’ pants works better than pull ups.  When he has the pull ups on he is less likely to tell us he has to go.  Downside is that you have to carry several changes of clothes for accidents.

    • ablak086

      Just started potty training and am hoping to be successful before we have our twins who are due in June. This Looster Booster looks helpful.

    • Heather Peterman

      The best tip is to keep it stress free. Each child will ‘go’ when they are ready. Try and if it doesn’t work, give it a few weeks and try again.

    • Mommyof2Blessings

      We are working on potty training now and knew patience was key.  It’s been helpful to just put her in underwear instead of pull-ups (as we believe they seemed too much like a diaper to her).  When she has an accident, or starts to go, she feels it more readily.  A Looster Booster would be a great help as our daughter’s feet can’t reach her step stool when she’s sitting. 

    • we4walls

      Patience!  Don’t beat yourself up that all the other kids that are your child’s age are already potty trained!

    • kimberly

      I dont have a good potty training tip other than wait until they are ready.  I think my 2 year old daughter is getting there.  Would love to have this instead of the potty chairs I used for my boys.  Thank you for the chance to win!

    • amy

      Accidents while out and about!! Dreading potty training, but my daughter is smart so I’m sure I am dreading for nothing.

    • Christa J.

      If you have an older child and your baby is learning to use the toilet, have your baby take his potty and sit down on it while the older sibling is using the toilet. It would make your baby feel as though he/she is all grown up. That’s how I potty trained my middle son and so far, it is working on my baby

    • Becky

      My sweet baby’s first birthday is just over a week away & I’m afraid of seeing her next birthday in diapers.

    • Konnie

      My biggest tip would be to start early, but don’t rush or pressure.  I put my daughter’s potty chair out at 18 months and never made a big deal out of it – usually when I was going potty, she would try too.  I encouraged her, but never pushed, insisted, berated, or yelled.  And she was potty trained just a month after her second birthday. :-)

    • sec

      I have almost grown child,n a surprise baby on the way,so I’m afraid of potty training all over….

    • Lsylte

      Be patient and remember every child will eventually do it

    • Sami Stevens

      For my little girl, who is 7 now, I just let her pick out her big girl panties and when she was about 2 1/2 just stopped buying pull ups and let her wear these and when she wet them she could feel it better so she didn’t like it. My son who has just turned 2, he will use the potty but most of the time he does it in his pull up. He tells me though so it is close! I may do the same thing with him when he gets 2 1/2. This potty stool would be very helpful!

    • Jennifer

      Boys are hard.  They want to stand up and all I can think of is to put fruit loops in the toilet for them to aim at.  It works GREAT!

    • Kim

      Patient.. once they realize its time it will take no time. Being persistant once that happens it is easy. Every child learns at a different pace. This sounds like a perfect tool to help them learn!

    • Shellpbaker

      Just started to work on potty training my 20 month old. Lots of patience and carry an extra set of clother everywhere.

    • Dawn Bunch

      My fear with potty training is that it will take 2 years!!

    • Elainachambers

      I don’t know how to get my daughter to leave the toilet paper alone long enough to focus on going potty!

    • MeredithShrader

      I am afraid of my child getting the potty training thing and then relapsing afterward!  Would love the Looster Booster!:)

    • Sarahj

      i am afraid of taking a long trip with a newly potty-trained child!

    • Spiritwolf964

      Patience – don’t get frustrated when hearing other peoples success stories. Started trying to potty train my first when he was 21/2. Finally gave up and when he turned 3 he potty trained himself! I figure he already had the concept and he finally decided it was time! Now I get to start with my second! JOY!

    • Rldove678

      my tip is to put cheerios in the toilet for the boys and let them aim and fire away …my son was pottied trained in no time he was only 13 months old and boys are hard to train

    • Vergin

      if you have a elder one tell him to say before they go potty to the boy

    • Cami

      Ha, one of my daughters would cry when she was potty training because she thought there was a potty monster.  She still is the fastest in and out of the bathroom.  LOL

    • Ashley031284

      How do you know who won?!

    • tcm

      My son sat facing the toliet — otherwise he feared he would fall in and be flushed away.