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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

Going Nuts? I can help you understand coupon terms and abbreviations

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Walmart officially released a new coupon policy yesterday!  There are a few changes that are pretty fun.  Please remember that this will take time for cashiers to learn, so it is best to print the policy and keep it with you if you are a regular Walmart shopper.

***To see the current Walmart deals go here.***

Two big changes:

  • You should now be able to use Walgreens Register Rewards (they are a “catalina” manufacturer coupon)!
  • “Coupons may exceed the price of the item. Change may be given or applied toward the cost of the basket purchase.”

One other thing to note:  They state that they accept competitor coupons that have an actual price for an item.  This is not a $1 off coupon, but a coupon that states that the item costs $1.  We get A LOT of coupons like this in the Walgreens weekly ad.  This is not technically new, just want you to understand what they mean.

Walmart Coupon Policy

Walmart accepts the following types of coupons (see guidelines below):

  • Manufacturers’ coupons
  • Print-at-home internet coupons
  • Must be legible, have “Manufacturer Coupon” printed on them, have a valid remit address for the manufacturer, valid expiration date, and have a scannable bar code.
  • Competitors’ coupons that feature a specific item for a specified price
  • for example, $2.99
  • Soft drink container caps
  • Checkout coupons
  • (also called “Catalinas”) that are printed at our competitors’ registers, have “Manufacturer Coupon” with specific requirements printed on them, a valid remit address for the manufacturer, valid expiration date, and a scannable bar code.

Walmart does not accept the following coupons:

  • Print-at-home Internet coupons that require no purchase
  • Competitors’ coupons for dollars/cents or percentage off, buy one get one free, and double- or triple-value coupons


The following are guidelines and limitations:

  • Only one coupon per item is permitted.
  • Coupons must have an expiration date and be redeemed prior to expiration.
  • Coupons may exceed the price of the item. Change may be given or applied toward the cost of the basket purchase.
  • Walmart only accepts coupons for merchandise that we sell.
  • Coupons must be presented at the time of purchase.
  • We accept the following with Customer Service Supervisor/Management approval:
  • 40 or more coupons
  • Any coupon over $20
  • $50 or more in coupons in one transaction


(thanks to everyone that emailed!!)

    • Melissa

      Printed it out last night and have it ready to go in my binder.

    • Debby3605

      Ugh…but the thought of standing in those lines…;(

      • Bolderfeet

        D- i am with you on that. it sounds great but who wants to train their employees and be made to feel like a thief?

    • Cheriec32

      I am so excited!!! Thanks for sharing!

    • mimis2sweetpeas

      So a $5 off a $50 Winn Dixie coupon can't be used?

    • Steelmag6

      I've used Buy One Get One coupons before and they have has no problem. Maybe it depends on the cashier

      • Bolderfeet

        the policy, with my understanding is no other store's bogo, not mani bogo coupons.

      • guest

        yes, they will take those coupons but will not match a B1G1 ad

    • Ablair

      My local Walmart says they no longer take coupons that are printed at home. I guess I will have to show them this.

      • Malissa

        My Walmart also told me they won't take printable at home coupons. They are in Savannah down on I-17 near Richmond Hill, Ga. Doing couponing there is one pain in the neck. I've basically stopped trying to use my coupons there. The CVS in Richmond Hill won't take coupons for clearanced cosmetics although I've told them they can the manager insists that they don't do that. Any ideas out there people? Just go to Publix!

    • becky

      Do they double any coupons?

    • Kathyosmith

      do the coupons that print at bilo registers count as catalinas that walmart will take now?

      • Yes and Winn-Dixie too. Probably not the X/XX though…

    • Beth

      Thanks for the update. Had to wait on a manager last night since they owed me .5 cents cashier not happy.

      • Bnmnr

        Seriously? You got everything free and then had to wait for 5 cents?

        • couponmama

          Probably doesn't mean she wanted the five cents, they just wouldn't finish transaction w/o manager intervention. That's my take on it, anyway…

    • Ncallahan

      “Only one coupon per item is permitted.”

      Does that mean we can't stack a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon? We can only use one or the other?

      • Walmart doesn't have store coupons (that I know of), so that doesn't matter.

    • Dee

      Do you think they would take manufacturer military coupons?

      • guest

        I have been wanting to try mine out, I think I will try tomorrow and see!

        • Dee

          I used one today, and it scanned okay. The cashier really looked over my two coupons…more than once. They must have been warned to be very careful when accepting any coupons. I am glad I only had two, or could have been a while in line…LOL

    • Rudydoescakes


    • Thall561


      • guest

        no! if it is a manufacturer's coupon, because they get refunded all the money, not a cantalina

    • Ldubose06

      One time I had a young girl watch EVERY item. I had a coupon saying it was .55 cents off sizes 22.2-28 oz. Now we ALL know this means 22.2 THRU and including the 28 ounce size. I had a 24 oz size. This idiot told me I could NOT use the coupon because it was not 22.2 or 28 oz size. I tried to explain to her that the – symbol (dash) meant “thru”. She went on to further tell me that was NOT what it meant and “besides, thru means finished. I graduated from high school and I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS.” She says to me. Well at this point I was fit to be tied. I have a degree in journlism with a secondry major in English and I was astounded by the ignorance, first of all, and then by the fact she was holding up the line (and you know how they are in Wal-Mart) over .55 cents. Then I said “Screw the line. Get a manager.” They did and I explained to her the situation and SHE didn't get it and had to call ANOTHER manager over. REALLY????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Well the other manager got it and told the little snotty high school grad that I WAS RIGHT. At this point I am livid but holding it in. I have a streak o lean mean in me though when I get riled up. Comes from being Southern I guess. I smiled my best sweet tea smile over my hundred dollars worth of bagged items at Miss Graduate and said, “I've changed my mind. You need to take these items off and restock them.” I took my coupons and left. And for the record that was in Spartanburg South Carolina about 15 years ago. My thinking is Wal Mart needs to train these kids on coupons AND critical thinking abilities when it comes to such matters.

      • Seb

        “besides, thru means finished..” That is priceless :-)

        Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning!


        I wonder what some people are learning in High School!

      • Galveston 2000

        we could all tell you stories such as this-I think the worst comes from k mart -you would think they would be worried more abt staying open than making a big horror show over a coupon-they have lost a presp customer as well as store customer-even if they double coupons-why go ? target is almost as bad-no problems at Kroger

      • Bee

        This situation would otherwise be very funny, but it wasn't Wal-Mart's fault the cashier walked in without a proper education.

        I feel terrible sometimes that the people who are driving around, repairing our vehicles, preparing our food, etc do not have a decent education. Most people, no matter their occupation, would fare much better in life with a good liberal arts background.

      • Nanleigh10

        That is just too funny!!! I purchased letter size paper at Office Depot – on sale for $22.84 a case (10 reams) and I had 40% off coupon – the coupon would not scan, so the cashier called a manager – the manager said the coupon was not scanning because “it expires today” I laughed and said “it’s still today”. I didn’t mean to make him feel like a goober :)

    • laura

      thanks Jenny this sounds like it is a great deal cant wait for the sunday ads now

    • Cooksgold42

      I was told at my local Wal-Mart that my print at home coupons were scanned and they couldn't be excepted. I hit the roof. I explained that I had my ink cartridges filled at Walgreen's and that's how they print out. Still she wouldn't accept them . I said get a manager. She walked off and stayed gone several minutes came back slamming them down on the counter like I had done something wrong. Then on top of that I had a coupon to buy make up and receive a free lip balm up to $7.48. She informed me that was the wrong one because the item was only $ 6.00. I was like you've got to be kidding me. I said call a manager. She did and she said the same thing. WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE? Finally a store manager came to the register because I would not leave I explained it to him. He swiped the coupon and keyed in the price. HOW SIMPLE IS THAT? The cashiers act like this money comes out of their pocket. I have went as far as calling Wal-Marts home office to complain. I did receive a call the next day from the stores Assistant Manager.

      • So refilled ink cartridges at a lower quality? I think that's the big story.

        • Amy

          I had my ink refilled at wags once and only once (one of the times they were doing it for free). I understand where that's coming from. My coupons printed out streaky and quite frankly, looked horrible and would never scan. I went ahead and bought a used laser printer and my coupons scan great now (Plus, toner is way cheaper to replace).

    • Seb

      The husband and I are going to test out the coupon policy today. I have not had trouble using coupons at Walmart (if they beep, our cashiers just smile and push 'em through), but we live in a very coupon friendly area. I would like to see if they actually take my RR, though.

      If Walmart actually adheres to this new policy, it would really help some of my friends out. They still live in my hometown, and Walmart is pretty much the only store there!

    • GiGi

      I quit shopping at Walmart all together; too many experiences with their ignorant managers and cashiers coupled with only 4 lines open and 10 peeps with cars in each line but they had no more cashiers to pen lines. It became more of a pain in the butt than it was worth in aggravation. I shop at Kroger and get awesome deals as they dbl coupons, allow a manufacturer coupon to piggy-back (stack) a store coupon and have many bogo deals. I have managed to buy dog food and like items at Tractor Supply Company and get better quality food for my dogs. Life is better now NOT shopping at China Mart.

      • Missyba

        I agree with EVERYTHING you just said 100%…I have had every experience you have had in Wal-Mart…I totally despise the store and do all my shopping at Kroger and buy my clothing elsewhere!

      • Sara727

        AMEN! Go Publix! :)

      • My biggest beef with Walmart is that they are understaffed. Same with K-Mart (who I believe is WORSE in this area), and even Target, who often gets a pass from the Walmart bashers. OPEN SOME LANES!

    • Will definetely be using this information, I shop at Walmart frequently, and never come out of there under $100….I could use those coupons

    • Jbrown8072


      • andre

        Not CVS

      • No. Though CVS prints “manufacturer's coupon” on your receipt when you use ECBs, they are more akin to store coupons that will only scan at CVS.

    • Bpinzer

      I agree that Wal-Mart is not as coupon friendly as others, but please remember we are talking about employees who make minimum wage here. Management is responsible for educating their employees, lets not take it out on the cashiers.

      • Yes.

      • Missyba

        I agree with you on this but I have came across some pretty rude cashiers at Wal-Mart!

    • I gave up on using coupons at Walmart a long time ago. They embarrassed me every time, calling a manger and arguing with me. I don't even shop there anymore unless it's for a specific item. I got to Kroger for almost every thing now and save more money than i ever did shopping at Walmart.

      • Bamamomof4

        Me too! I would be humilated when the cashier would go through my bags when a coupon would not scan. I now give the specific coupon after they ring up the item when I go in there, which is rare.

      • Ranna18s

        Ugh! They embarrass me too. So after printing the coupon policy and taking it to the store with them still refusing to take the Wags Catalina's I contacted corporate and the store. I hope something positive will happen.

    • tjmj9801

      Two words for anyone who has trouble with the cashiers not taking coupons like they're supposed to:

      SELF CHECK! ;)

      • they got rid of those where i live. too many shoplifters.

    • I like the Wags RR's thing, but then, if I can use the Wag's RR to buy something else at Wags that has RR's (from a different manufacturer, of course)….

      I haven't been back to Wags since my whole “eggs are dairy” incident…

    • april

      My Wal-Mart takes competitors coupons and if the coupon is $2.00 off competitor coupon then they do it as a price match for that item.

    • kdm10

      I will never shop at walmart again and haven't for years. I believe one of the requirements to work there is to be very uneducated.

      • vicki

        I too have had my ups and downs, ins and outs with Walmart. I may not be as educated as some, but my common sense and compassion for others goes a long way. With the condition the country is in right now, there are plenty of “educated” people out there working at Walmarts, McDonalds, and scores of places just like them. It happens everyday. Walmart, as well as other businesses have rude, untrained employees. I have run across them plenty of times. I DO NOT however, consider them to be uneducated, just unhappy maybe. I like to believe that most people in the world simply do the best they can, most of the time anyway.

      • Guest

        not nice.

      • Think_About_It

        Or how about, you need a job?

        You are VERY uneducated to be making such a rude blanket statement.

      • lookin4abargain

        that comment is just plain rude. I believe that there is a job for everyone, and if cashiering at the local walmart is not for you, then thank God. Someone has to do it and I thank God every day for them and others like them. I didn't want myself nor my sons to be cashiers or a burger flipper at McDonalds, so we sacraficed. We saved for college, not everyone is as fortunate, so lets not degrade anyone, for there career choice. Just be thankful that you are as fortunate as you are. Count your blessings daily.

      • Bamamomof4

        You really need an attitude adjustment. I don't know why you think you are so high and mighty but I worked at Wal-Mart for four years while in high school and well into college. I had to deal with people like you and it made my otherwise pleasant time at work just awful to go through. I respect everyone who gets up and shows up for a job, whether it is retail or digging a ditch…so please keep your rude and ignorant comments to yourself. In this economy I have several friends that are teachers, along with other professionals, going to a second job such as Wal-Mart.

      • pdsmama

        I understand your dislike of WM, but I think your complaint is with the corporation and not as much to the employees. There are bad employees everywhere, not just WM. Please be keep in mind WM workers are earning a living and doing the best they can for now. I work in nursing homes, and I would hate to see a blanket comment about us when some people work their selves to death.

    • Annie

      It is about time that Wally World got with the program. I still don't like Wal Mart and never will. I only shop there for my meds at the pharmacy and that is only because of the 4 dollar prescription program. Suggestion…………why don't they nick name Wal Mart ……..”Grump World” instead of Wally World……..LOL

      • rty33

        So why did you take the time to read the new coupon policy and complain? Seems like a waste of time. Take your whining elsewhere please.

    • Ciba367

      It is about time they step up their game. I hated going in there and they wouldn't take printable coupons. So I quiet going and went to the grocery stores, where sometimes I did get better deals and double coupons also.

    • Jesspot110

      Do they double coupons 50 cents or less?

      • flower_mom


        • Annie

          what does “NO” mean?

    • Jessica

      I just wanted to post a suggestion for a more positive and loving attitude to be used towards some of the less fortunate people we come in contact with on a day to day basis. I have never even attempted at using coupons at walmart, frankly I've never seen any deals that would beat what I get groceries for at Publix to make it worth my while. However, I have shopped at Walmart for other items and do agree that many times the experience there is less than satisfying. I do have a high school and college education, and most times do feel like I have been blessed with more education than the cashier checking me out. I know in our busy lives it's easy to get irritated and frustrated with these kind of things, but maybe try a different stance on this situation. Try being thankful that you were given the opportunity to attend high school and possibly even college where you were taught to understand the simple things in life. Be thankful that you were raised in a home where your parents loved you and cared about your future enough to help you learn things. You never know what some of these cashier's lives have been like or what hardships they deal with day in and day out. I have learned to try to have mercy and grace on people like this rather than tearing them down and making them feel stupid. Aside from that I've also found that killing people with kindness has always gotten be a better outcome than having a bad attitude. Maybe try leaving on a note of reminding them that Jesus loves them.

      For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Matthew 7:2

      • adrienne

        i love whatyou posted. good reminder! thankyou:)

    • Fiveroller

      the walmart stores i shop at have always taken internet b1g1 free coupons no problem. i used probably 12 of the b1g1 free minute maid oj coupons we had recently.

    • Amy Morgan

      Do they still take print at home coupons for “Free” items like the Mission tortilla chip coupon from facebook?

      • It doesn't sound like they do since it does not require a purchase. no freebies unless the coupon is more than the value.

      • Sean

        That coupon prints as $2.99 off. So technically not a free coupons. So you should be OK. I know it won't scan though. The bar code prints out so fuzzy, there is no way.

    • kristin

      Even if Walmart paid me to shop there, I'd happily spend more for a pleasant experience elsewhere.

    • This ought to be fun today then :P I have ice cream coupons for a brand ONLY at walmart locally and the closest walmart refuses to take internet coupons. So I'm going to try my wags and the internet print. I may even go at 5 pm just to tick the people off in line behind me :P I hate that place soooo much…esp after my pepperoni incident.

      • cakesareme

        Why would you try to piss the people off in the line behind you. How about just be nice.

        • It wouldn't matter when I went with whatever coupon I went with. I'd get problems from the cashier. Cause a huge mess in the line. That's what happens when you try to use a coupon at my closest walmart. I went in with one coupon for each of my four razors, straight from the P&G insert and the cashier still couldn't figure it out. I still held up the line. She didn't know if i could use four of the same coupon if i were buiying four of the same item. And she had to make sure they weren't fake…as if comming out of a fluer wasn't enough

        • couponmom

          Thank you. We all need to think about the rude and nasty customers that these cashiers have to put up with. I’ve seen plenty.

      • Annie

        Do un to others as you would have them do un to you! Why do you want to piss off the shoppers behind you. It is Walmart that you are mad at….. them why innocent shoppers behind you?

    • Sue

      the part about the Wags catalina is interesting to me – just this week I had a $10 Wags rr from Neurogen refused at Publix for the first time. Both the cashier and the mgr said that I had to buy a Neuragen at Publix first to be able to use the $10 Wags rr. Huh?

      I briefly argued that I already bought the item at Wags and this was a reimbursement that they could turn in to Neuragen and get the money back, but I could tell that it wasn't going anywhere, so I didn't press too hard. That is the first time that I have had a Wags rr turned down at Publix. Anyone else experienced this lately?

    • Delleen

      Hi Sue, The same thing happened to me this week @ Publix. The cashier told me that they would no longer accept a Wags catalina that was $10. She said that $5 was the max they would now allow. When I ask her when this started & told her they did accept one the previous week, her reply was their policy was changing all the time & it was hard for even her to keep up with it.?!?! What's with that???

    • Sl1017

      this flat out just make me not even want to shop at walmart anymore..

    • Ldubose06

      My point was that 22.2-28 oz. means it includes all sizes in between. It's that simple. Critical thinking abilities do apply in most jobs as does a basic understanding of language I would think. I know plenty of intelligent people who do not have an education but are very intelligent. By virtue of the fact that she said she had a high school education would make me think she had a basic understanding of such things. And my trying to explain it to her in a calm manner certainly did warrant her rudeness.

    • Couponclipper1986

      Can you use RR at Publix? Thanks :)

      • mum2girlz

        Yes, you can because it is a manufacturer's coupon. I've never had any problems using them–I do have to explain it to the cashiers though.

      • Guest

        This is the problem with Publix some will take and some will not. They always change there policy as it up to each store manager.

        • carrie

          I was told by my store manager who doesn't take RRs and ECBs is because our store isn't one with a pharmacy and therefore WAGS and CVS aren't considered competitors. I beg to differ with them since each week I buy items at both of those stores that I could also get at Publix.

      • Mynaneen1

        I am so sorry, but whar is “RR”?

        • pdsmama

          Register Reward- like CVS bucks

      • I used to be able to but lately they have not accepted them. When I first started couponing at Publix, I asked CS about it and was told that as long as it says “Manufacturer's coupon”, they could take it. But the last time I tried, I was told no, no drug store coupons. I may ask again at CS next time.

      • Melissa

        my publix store does not consider Wags a competitor so I have never tried the RR's but I am excited to use them at WM.

    • purple

      I was on my way out and saw this, I was going to buy another hydra razor at Wags and get my $6RR but there was nothing I needed or wanted there. So I printed up the coupon incase I needed it at Walmart and I didn't need it.
      I really needed dog food(beneful) I got the biggest bag at Walmart for $23 (which is priced $4 better than anywhere) I had a $2.00 off coupon and only other thing I need was yeast so I got two of the small packets for $1.04 each my order was $18.45 total for the BIG bag and yeast!!! Awesome to be able to use those RR at Walmart!
      I never have any problems with my Walmart with coupons or their willing to help me out. I definately do not shop at walmart as much as I used to since I've started couponing but it's just because between kroger/publix I've been doing much better!

    • Goodcouponclpr

      I only tried one time to use coupons at Walmart and it was a total nightmare! The head cashier got involved and was making up the rules as she went. It was something different on each and every item. She first told us that we could only use one item per purchase and that meant we could ONLY use one coupon … for period! But then on another item we were buying she told us we could use only one coupon on only one of the items….for instance, we could only use one coupon on one tube of toothpaste even though we had coupons for each tube. It was so totally ridiculous and we had stood there for over 30 minutes trying to explain we were not trying to rip them off. We were going to have to wait for a Manager and we had had enough! We made them take off most everything we had bought, paid for the balance, and we left frustrated and thoroughly humiliated.
      I will NEVER try that again!!

      • MrsWhigs.

        I don't know the rules in your home town, but in Orlando some of our Publix takes 4 coupons per items. With the toothpaste 2 for $5, I used a Winn-Dixie (.50) off 2, Manufact. (1.00) off 1(used 2), Publix (,55) off 1 (used 2). paid .90 cents for two crest toothpaste. Pampers. publix buy a box get wipes free, target $7 off both, Winn-Dixie $3 off box, Manufact $2 of box, .50 off wipes. All the store are different, but I would just tell you to keep trying Publix. My total of buying all sale items from publix Tide, bounty, charman, Boca meatless, gains, crest, eve wash, brita pitcher, resolve stray. Just to name a few with the pampers and baby food. My total was $171.60 I paid $28.38

      • Tracypayton5

        i had a bad experience also at Wal-mart on sunday and emailed corporate on Tuesday. I received a voice mail on wed and thursday from the manager of the wal-mart I was shopping but haven't had time to call him back. The new Policy came out on friday. I lost 20 dollars that day because the clerk would take what the new policy says they should have. I wish they would train the staff about the new policy as well. I call today and talked to a different manager and she wasn't even aware that a new policy had came out or were to find it. POOR STAFF EDUCATION! we know more about the policy then they do.

      • Cyana59

        One night at Walmart, a male cashier was throwing my coupons in the trash because he claimed they were not scanning. The CSM came over and proceeded to look up each coupon on this massive plastic sleeved list of bad coupons. It took at least a half hour to check out and other customers were being really ugly and complaining. We checked out twice, we bought so much stuff. She asked to see the dates on the ads for my ad matches. After it took so long, and she had acted like a complete ass, she decided at the end to just reduce the price of some things to take off the coupon value. I really was irritated at that point, and I thought OH, you can just take money off at your discretion, but you have to insult me, and look up my coupons like I'm a criminal. (That's fine, my jewelry cost more than she probably makes in a year. LOL.)

        Since then I've gone to older women cashiers and they happily scan with the hand held scanner, NOT the counter top platform scanner, and they work like a charm. No rejects, no trouble, just like magic. Imagine that.

      • Luvmovies

        You might blame difficulties on ignorance, resentment, and other issues. I Read supermarket chains like Safeway especially sister stores Vons/Pavilions the manager encourage their cashiers to make it hard as possible for coupon users. Vons/Pavilions do not want coupon users in their store.

    • MrsWhigs.

      I was trying to understand the new coupon rule with WM, because I shop at Publix 99.9% of my coupons and money. I live in Orlando, FL and every story rules are different. I'm not sure how all that works at WM, so if someone can give me a example of step by step of what you used, that would be great. If not I will just stay a Publix, no offense to Wally World (Walmart) that's what we call it here in Orlando. LOL!

    • Mrswhigs

      I don't know the rules in your home town, but in Orlando some of our Publix takes 4 coupons per items. With the toothpaste 2 for $5, I used a Winn-Dixie (.50) off 2, Manufact. (1.00) off 1(used 2), Publix (,55) off 1 (used 2). paid .90 cents for two crest toothpaste. Pampers. publix buy a box get wipes free, target $7 off both, Winn-Dixie $3 off box, Manufact $2 of box, .50 off wipes. All the store are different, but I would just tell you to keep trying Publix. My total of buying all sale items from publix Tide, bounty, charman, Boca meatless, gains, crest, eve wash, brita pitcher, resolve stray. Just to name a few with the pampers and baby food. My total was $171.60 I paid $28.38

      • Tg21

        I live in Orlando too. Which Publix do you shop at that?

        • Mrswhigs

          Michigan, and Hiaweesee and Good homes. I've gotten the managers on our side with the coupons. Go figure!

    • Dee

      I guess I'm going to show my ignorance now, but what's the deal with accepting soft drink container caps? I do the Coke my rewards, but what do you redeem soft drinks caps for @ WM? Just wondering, Thanks!

      • Guest

        Coke or Pepsi oftern have “sweepstatkes” where you can win a free Coke/Pepsi inside the cap. It literally says “Free 2liter Coke Product” or “Free 20 oz. Coke product”. HTH!

        • Dee

          Thanks alot! I appreciate your help!!!

    • Fallaya

      It seems ridiculous that people come on a forum about Walmart just to complain about how much they hate Walmart. If you don't like it there, fine, don't shop there. I don't like Target, but I don't go to the Target forum to complain. Geez people, don't you have better things to do?

      • Melissa

        I think that they just wanted to let others know if they have had trouble with the policy. I don't think it was highjacked to complain, lighten up….

      • carrie

        Just like I heard on the preacher David Jeremiah's radio program this week, (paraphrase) “Husbands, don't be annoyed by your wife's complaints, she is giving you valuable information that you need to pay attention to.” The same with Wal-Mart, if they would pay attention to our complaints, they would realize that we are giving them valuable information about changes they could make that would start bringing a very large and growing community (couponers) back to their stores. Unfortunately, the squeakly wheel is the one that gets fixed and if we want our voices heard about how displeased we are with Wal-Mart, then we have to complain.

        • Jacketfan24

          I have worked for Walmart for17 years. My store manager knows that I shop at Publix because my Walmart income is all we have right now since my husband's layoff. He will tell me I need to shop there and I tell him I will as soon as we start to double coupons and match B1G1 ads! Walmart does by far have better prices on regualr items, and I will always buy the things there that never go on sale before I'd go anywhere else, but they do need to know that they need to be more coupon friendly. Most calls to corporate will be routed back to a store for local management to handle, but if you have problems with a cashier, let the store know! I have never had any issues at all in the store I work in and I have used IP, B1G1, and 'free' coupons there. It really is all about education and training. If you don't like the cashiers at one store, try another one nearby. They are almost on every corner just like CVS and Walgreens now! Most store managers want their customers to be happy and will listen if you have a concern.

          • Luvmovies

            If manager want the customer to be happy. How about being proactive and train employees better? Most people want to go through cashier with problems. Most people don't even want the cashier to say anything beyond Hello and Hows your day!

    • It will really surprise me if they take RR's. I think they probably are talking about the cents-off coupons we get from the various stores' catalina machines. Hopefully, someone will try this and clarify.

    • luiza

      Looks like many of us have had some experience shopping at WM that was below satisfactory. I think that it would be great if Southern Savers could find a way to let Walmart Corporate know about this. Send them a link to this forum or something, which they could use to train and educate their staff. If they could see that many of us would be willing to give WM a try if things were done right, then perhaps something can begin to change. Otherwise, all these comments do little more than allow for venting out frustration.

      • Luckbear2775

        I completely agree. WalMart (or any other store for that matter) does not lose money when we use coupons. The manufacture reimburses them for the amount of the coupon. I really wish all of the store's corporate departments would take a look at this and understand that we are not “stealing” from them, we are giving them our business and without customers they don't have a business. I get the worst service at WalMart and RiteAid. I use coupons because I have to. I cannot afford to buy things at regular prices and my family would be doing without a lot right now if it weren't for this site teaching me how to provide for my family better. Please let us help the stores that they WANT our coupons and that it is a good thing for their business.

        • Luvmovies

          Walmart with is power and clout can demand coupon redemption on all coupons even expired and others.

    • Jacey

      I called and they said they didn't take the walgreens RR. so i don't think it will work.

    • Mcleodsc

      Anyone in SC tried using the WAGS RR at Walmart?

      • Melissa

        I would really like to know if this is gonna fly in SC! lol we would do great with wags q's

      • Coolkdg

        I did it tonight at Wamart in Spartanburg and after I showed them their own coupon policy, they let me do it.

    • flower_mom

      Are you retarded?

    • Homeofmurp

      I went to Walmart today and tested out the WAGS bucks. Worked fine, I took the policy with me, but did not have to even show it. I experimented and used only 4 of them. I am in the north Florida area, went to Chiefland Walmart. Cashier only said her computer was asking whether it was a food coupon or not. I said it was toiletry items.

      • Bee

        Well, technically the RR is neither. It's for any item excluding dairy, prescriptions, etc. per the restrictions on the face of it.

        • Homeofmurp

          I did not know what answer she wanted. I said it was not food, told her toiletries and said bodywash for example, however, the ones I used were probably for toothpaste, lip therapy, etc.

      • Ashley R.

        Just left Walmart in Auburn, AL and Mgmt wouldn't accept my Walgreen's RR……..he had no clue about any updated couon policy!!!

    • Geff

      I'm glad to hear about this. Walmart is the only store in my town. We travel once a week or so to the nearest CVS and Walgreens but we have some RR that will expire soon and I don't really want anything from next week's ad. My question is this…

      The Walmart policy says that the coupon can be over the amount of the item purchased and they will give change or apply it to the other purchases. Is this so even though the RR specifically state “Coupon value cannot exceed purchase amount.”?

      • Homeofmurp

        I think all they mean is that you have to spend more than the coupon totals subtracted, so that you do not get money back. I would make sure you do not count sales tax in this figure. I bought oil and filter for my car, so I spent more than the coupons. Also, I made sure all of my RR were $4.00 and under to test them out. I will do more on this next week. The cashier was an experienced one, and was very nice and helpful. Hope this helps you.

    • KAW

      totally uncalled for…..

    • Luckbear2775

      Thank you!!!! I have had so many issues with the cashiers at WalMart. This will be so helpful. I don't usually shop at WalMart, but when the item is free or almost free I can't help myself. This will be so helpful in dealing with the CSMs that do not know their own store policies.

    • beck

      This seems like Wal-mart may be aware of past coupon unfriendliness and is making an attempt to improve that. I applaud them for that, and I am willing to give them another try. I'm excited about these changes, especially being able to use catalinas and to have overages. I also agree with Jenny that it will take some time for the employees to learn these changes and some patience would only help the situation. I do have one question though. What do they mean by “Print-at-home Internet coupons that require no purchase”? Are they talking about internet coupons for a free item? If so, I'm kind of bummed about that. I understand, given all the coupon fraud. But I just got one of those coupons for free mission tortilla chips from their facebook page. I don't know where I can use it. Any thoughts on this?

      • Bee

        I used two at Kroger today that said “free”. They would not scan but the cashier typed them in and they worked. Mission did come out with a newer version that says “2.99 off” and I am going to take those to Wal-Mart and see what happens or use them for overage at Kroger. They were $2.59 at Kroger here.

        Per this policy, Wal-Mart will not be taking any more that say “free”.

        • beck

          Thank you so much for the awesome tip! I just went back to their fb page and printed another coupon for $2.99 off. I'll use that one instead. There's no Kroger here and I don't know of any store here that will take the free one, especially now that Wal-mart won't. Thanks! Love to my fellow couponers! I get so many great tips from you guys. I always read the comments. Thanks for sharing your deals, everybody!

          • nu@this

            Can you please tell me facebook page name for Mission Chips? I've tried searching for it and I do not see a coupon listed that says free if I like it. Am I missing something? Thanks…

      • Luvmovies

        This is great news for Walmart. Here is the sad thing, some competitors like Safeway and it sister stores are going other directions. They are being more coupon unfriendly everyday. Some of their sister stores are the worst culprit of giving worst harassment and attitude toward coupon users.

        I read horror stories form Dominick's, Randall and others. The worst offenders from several websites are Vons/Pavilions chain in Southern California. E.G. Worst story, some Vons Cashier calling Coupon User Un-American and Socialist.

        This is very good for Walmart. Walmart want your business from the struggling poor to the affluent. Kudos!

    • Kandi

      I went to Walmart on East side of Spartanburg with Coupon policy in hand. I had a Walgreens RR, $3 off Gain coupons that exceeded the item price by $1.13 and Clorox $1 off printable coupons that I used on travel sized items. I figured if I was gonna try it I would do it right. The cashier told me that I couldn't use any of them. I proceeded to pull out my coupon policy and she called THREE managers over and after they reviewed it for approximately 5 minutes, she let me use them all. Hee hee. It's great to be proven right and leave Walmart with a smile on my face for once. :)

      • Tegdc

        Have you tried Dorman WalMart yet? I'm going to have to try tomorrow and post my findings…

    • carrie

      I haven't scanned all the comments yet, so please excuse any duplication. With the WAGS RRs, are they considered a Wal-Mart competitor in every area or will it be like Publix and only if the manager decides that WAGS is a competitor? Also, will the RRs only be able to be used on the products mentioned on the RR (ex: the RRs I received this past week on Colgate – will I only be able to use it at Wal-Mart on another Colgate owned product) or can it be used basically as cash (like ECBs at CVS) on whatever you are purchasing? Thanks?

    • Oakemsother

      FYI for those that follow SouthernSavers and live in Athens Ga, I just called the walmart here and spoke with the store manager to make sure of the policy before I went in. He put me on hold a few mins, and then came back and told me I could use them at his store and if any one gave me trouble, just tell them I already spoke to him ;) good to know…

    • Queenjennifer87

      My Walmart Trip today :)

      1 Bambi Dvd/Blue ray combo – 24.49
      1 gain 40ct dryer sheets 1.87
      2 raovac AAA batteries .97ea
      I pack of GP copy paper 2.97 (I was out lol)
      1 Tide stain releace 3.97
      1 pair of infant boots on clearance $3

      Used $10 off bambi combo pack, 2 $1 raovac batteries, $3 gain, $3 tide and my $3 register reward from walgreens. Paid 21 something (about $17.71 before tax)

      Very nice, I'm in Birmingham AL

      • Connie In AL

        Can you tell me which Wmart you went to? I sure would love to shop at one which isn't a PAIN when using coupons!! Thanks in Advance. I'm in a town on the outskirts of Birmingham.

        • Seb

          The Walmart in Alabaster is great about coupons. So is the one in Pelham.

          • Seb

            Oh, and the one in Alabaster to my RR tonight. It didn't scan at first, but after she looked at their coupon policy (they have it posted at their registers), she scanned it again and it worked.

    • 1buffy007

      What about diapers. Walgreens usually does diapers for $8.99 with a $2RR which makes them $6.99. Will Wal Mart give you the $6.99 price if you show them the WalGreens flyer?

    • Geff

      I was able to use the Wags RR at the Walmart here in western IL. I know this is “southern” savers, but I'm sure there are many of us out there from all over that love this board.

    • Jsu4432m

      My Walmart in Jacksonville, Alabama, would not let me use my register rewards. The cashier got two managers even though I had the new policy printed and with me, and they said these are “just Walgreens bucks not manufacturers coupons” and would not let me use them, even though they clearly say man. coupon? Maybe I should go to another walmart?

      • carrie

        Call corporate and see what they say.

      • Squirrelhater

        Lots of luck.Surely y';all know better

    • Rntobe10

      Any coupon users in Batesburg, SC that tried the new coupon policy with RRs?? Curious to know, I don't feel Wal-Mart is too coupon friendly!!

      • Derrick6

        Wal-mart in Batesburg is aweful with coupons!! But I do LOVE me some Bi-lo and the new Publix is awesome. Both of them actually seem to encourage using coupons and maxmizine your dollars!

    • J2msurvey

      Here is a link to a very nice version of the walmart coupon policy that may be helpful for dealing with the cashiers. The file is an Adobe Acrobat file on the walmart coroprate website. http://walmartstores.com/download/4730.pdf
      you should be able to copy and paste the link into your browser to download and print.

      • Tluehrsen

        Thank you so much for that link. I will print it out and have it handy :P

    • J2msurvey

      Here is a link to a very nice version of the walmart coupon policy that may be helpful for dealing with the cashiers. The file is an Adobe Acrobat file on the walmart coroprate website. http://walmartstores.com/download/4730.pdf
      you should be able to copy and paste the link into your browser to download and print.

    • michigangirl

      My WalMart is now doubling coupons up to 50c–two like coupons per transaction! So, make sure you inquire at your local store :)

    • Luvmovies

      This is great news for Walmart. Here is the sad thing, some competitors like Safeway and it sister stores are going other directions. They are being more coupon unfriendly everyday. Some of their sister stores are the worst culprit of giving worst harassment and attitude toward coupon users.

      I read horror stories form Dominick's, Randall and others. The worst offenders from several websites are Vons/Pavilions chain in Southern California. E.G. Worst story, some Vons Cashier calling Coupon User Un-American and Socialist.

      This is very good for Walmart. Walmart want your business from the struggling poor to the affluent. Kudos!

      • Squirrelhater

        What?It's not your friendly neighborhood Wal mart..it's huge world wide conglomerate Wal mart on every corner…with the worst possible customer service.This isn't Sam Walton's store anymore.I fully expect the “new policy” to be like their signs at the front of each store(ours at least)declaring how much money you would save by shopping at Wal-mart instead of Publix.Of course that's a lie.I see it as yet another desperation move by a company past its prime thanks to smart shoppers who won't or can't afford to take Wal-mart's word for it.I'll be sticking with Publix,Rite Aid,etc.You can have your 36 registers with 2 cashiers with attitude.No thanks.

    • Flossemnow

      I tried to use a Target coupon the other day and they would not accept it. Has anyone else tried a competitor's coupon?

      • Val

        If you look at the policy they aren't accepting competitor's coupons. Just coupons that offer a specified price (which is more like price matching than anything else).

      • Meighansternberg

        I called and asked and they told me they would accept them but you have to give coupon when item is scanned. (fairhope, al) It looks like the policy may have changed!

    • Val

      If you look at the policy they aren't accepting competitor's coupons. Just coupons that offer a specified price (which is more like price matching than anything else).

    • Ivy7997

      Hi! Anybody can explain “Soft drink container caps”? How does this work?

      • Geff

        I think they mean the caps that have contests going… you know, the ones where you twist off the cap and underneath it says you won a free mt. dew or B1G1 free. Stuff like that. They are saying they will redeem those.

    • Amcashdriggers

      if i have a “price match” coupon from walmart for dove soap for 99c and a coupon for 50c off, will walmart let me stack that?

      • Amcashdriggers

        i meant a “price match coupon” from walgreens ad

      • Geff

        Good question… I may run to WM real quick to try that and find out. Not sure the buy dove soap for 99c would be considered a coupon use though. I would think it will work.

      • Kelleyharold

        In the past when I tried to use a coupon on an item that I price-matched, I was told that I could not price-match AND use a coupon. It was one or the other, but not both. Of course, with the new “policy” that may change. I haven't read the official policy, only what Jenny typed above, and it does not address that situation. Maybe we should call 1-800-Walmart and ask. Good luck!

    • gamecock gal

      Today, I went to my Wal Mart. I used the $4 off sinex coupon plus there is a buy a sinex product, get puffs free q on the same page that I used. I got 12 hour decongestant and puffs for $2.38 cents. I did it 4 times with no problem and I used $12 in register rewards from Walgreens. They scanned and no beep. I have never had a problem using any q at Walmart and I coupon alot.

      • Geff

        Agreed. I did the same thing last night and it worked with no problems. I was waiting for an argument about using the $4 sinex coupon and the buy sinex get puffs free coupon at the same time, but she didn't say a word about it.

      • Stacy19792

        hey what walmart do you go to?? abd is it cheaper to use ur coupons at walmart or use them at grocery stores?? I am just getting started at coupons and need help lol…

        • gamecock girl

          I use the Walmart in Hartsville, SC. I only use q there if it is a really good deal. mostl free or less than $1. I normally do Bi-Lo and CVS. At Bi-lo with the B1G1 and a coupon, you can't go wrong, and they double coupons.

          • Stacy19792

            thank you!!! I am ttrying to get into this but I feel like i am spending more at first than i did before…

    • Happy Feet

      Yes!!! Been waiting for our Wal mart to catch up with the coupon world!!! Our CVS is horrible at customer service… Most unfriendly workers I have ever experienced… Now, I have Wal-Mart and Ingles in my town. :o)

    • Christy

      Nashville, TN – went to the “new” store in Antioch first I sent someone through with a Walgreens RR to see what would happen..they scanned it in, went and asked if they could give the change back, came back handed the change and on to the next customer. So, I got in line next since this person had already experienced the Wags RR to try it one more time. I was told that I can not use it because it is a wal-greens coupon. I pulled out the printed coupon policy, a manager was brought over and I was told that I cannot use it because it is Wal-greens and that Wal-Mart will not get paid for it. So I said it is a manufacturers coupon and they said it is a store coupon. So..now I am still wondering if it works or not..???… And what about the Kroger catalina??, they told me that I can not use them either. Also, a store coupon. I think a manufacturer coupon is a manufacturer coupon.

      • Bee

        They are definitely manufacturer's coupons. They say so and they have a remit address on the coupon. If the managers can read, they can get this concept.

        Maybe someone else has better information, but I don't see why the manufacturer would not reimburse Wal-Mart. The RR are no different than a manu coupon printing out of a Catalina that says “55 off Kleenex”.

        I have several RR I need to use. I just am really apprehensive about taking them to Wal-Mart.

        • Christy

          I just called Publix and they said that they will take any catlina coupon that says manufacturer's coupon on it because the manufacturer will reimburse them. I love Publix for the couponing! They take competitors coupons, they double manufacturers coupons up to .50; they type in the amount for me if a coupon wont scan; and they allow me to use a store and manufacturers coupon on every item. Wal-Mart would be awesome if they all would learn the coupon rules. Not allow managers to decide if they will take one or not.

      • Mayocoupons

        when in doubt call Walmart customer service I think it's 1-800-WALMART. Do it right then and it will help “train” the cashier and manager!

    • mkp999

      I bought a swiffer wet jet starter kit, the next day I seen a coupon for $5.00 off the purchase of a swiffer wet jet starter kit. Plus another coupon for free extra pads with the purchase of the swiffer wet jet starter kit.
      When I went to the customer service desk the lady said no problem go get the pads and that she would give me the $5 and the free pads, well I was looking at other items an an hour went by. When I went back a new girl was there and she said that she can't honor the coupon cause I purchased the items over 24 hours ago.
      Of course I had words to say but they said it was policy obviously not a printed one.
      So any ideas as to why they wouldn't honor a coupon?

      • Lauren

        Take it back and repurchase with coupons. Problem solved.

      • Jen

        Worked in customer service at walmart a few years ago and there is no policy like this for coupons. All the rep should have done was return the item and re-ring with coupons applied. I think you should return your items with customer service and re-purchase with coupons at another register. Receipt items are valid for 90 days for return or refund.

        • mkp999

          Thank you so much,

    • Mcleodsc

      Anyone tried using the WAGS RR at the Sumter, SC Superwalmart? The only time I tried to use coupons (about 2 years ago) it was a horrible experience. I rarely shop there anymore. I do NOT want to be humiliated by the cashier for trying the use the WAGS RR. Has anyone tried it yet?

      • Sandra

        I haven't tried, but I'm also interested to know since I also use this location. Please post if you try it and it works! Thanks!

    • Shuterbugg

      oooh….. :)

    • Rainyday113

      My Walmart does not accept Internet coupons period. I'm not holding my breath that they will be conforming to these new polices either!

      • Geff

        Don't all walmart have to go by the company policy? I would talk to a manager and work your way up the ladder if you need to. All walmart are owned by the same company and follow the same set of policies.

        • Hperryesq

          “Don't all walmart have to go by the company policy?”

          No, I was told by the manager of one of the stores and customer service personal IE: 800-walmart. that the manage has the right to refuse any coupon…

    • Anniemore

      I tried this out yesterday at my Walmart in Leeds, AL. With the printed Walmart coupon policy in hand, I asked the cashier if she was familiar with the new policy. She said she wasn't, but went right ahead and scanned my Walgreens Register Receipts. It was a magical moment! I walked out after spending paying only $.74. Thanks so much for this update. It will make spending my Register Rewards so much easier!

    • Surpriselady3459

      Has anyone tried in Lawrenceburg or Columbia Tn.? The cahiers in Lawrenceburg are generally nice, but columbia is a whole nother story. Don't want to be humilliated over coupon confusion.

    • Jen

      Loving this new policy. Not an avid walmart shopper but do go for the free stuff and WAGS RR are sometimes hard to use in store. So a thumbs up to walmart for getting more competitive with coupons. Mabey I will shop there a little more now.

    • Shelleyts20

      what is the email address for wal-mart?

    • CCShad

      Deal alert! WalMart has lots of Clairol hair color on clearance for $1.50, $2 and $2.50. Use those $2 Clairol coupons for free/cheap hair color. I bought several for $1.50 and got .50 back on each one. The two stores in Mt P., SC had them on sale racks and on end ailse near hair color. Target also has these on clearance, but more like $4 and $5. Walmart cashier said no to WG RR's but cust service said if the register takes it, they will take it. Who is in charge there?

    • nail gal

      does walmart double man. coupons?

      • Hperryesq


    • Pagecathy

      I used my RR last night in Cumming GA HWY 9 store. The cashier scanned them on the bed scanner and it beeped. Manager used the wand scanner and it did not beep. No problems after that.

    • Hperryesq

      OK, I went into walmart with (8) $2.00 RR from walgreens I purchased (8) individual banana's (I made them weigh them separately) total came to $1.44 They gave me back 14.56 in cash. It was not worth the time. I had to argue with 3 managers and had to show them their policy.

      • Noodlehead

        Walgreen's Register Rewards have the following requirement printed on them. Coupon value cannot exceed purchase amount. So you should not have been able to get money back. I would think it was OK on other coupons that did not have that requirement printed on them, but not for RR.

    • Tanya

      I went to the Walmart on Dorchester Rd in the Summerville area and tried to use my $1.00 off of any Shout product on a .97 Shout. The coupon did not say that it excluded trial size and cashier would not take it because it was more than the price of the product. She also would not take my $4 off of the Glade Starter Kit (catalina coupon from Bilo) because it beeped. After pulling out the coupon policy that I printed from here, the supervisor still would not take my Shout Coupon and said that I did not get this policy from Walmart!!

      • Annie

        I know this Walmart very well and that is why I hate going in there. They are very rude and also this is the one where I saw someone shop lifting. They stole shoes and then meat in the grocery department. I told a cashier and also customer service about it and they did not care. Said it happens all the time and they did not get paid enough to worry about it.

        Have you tried the Walmart at town center where Sams is and tanger outlet? It is a nicer Walmart and they seem friendly there.

    • Jane Walker

      Corinth, MS would not take my coupon for free Excedrin sent to me by the company because they thought it was a printed internet coupon. They said they do not take internet coupons for free items but this coupon had a water mark and security function so that if you scratch it with a coin, it has a logo on it. I called Wal-mart corporate and they noted everything I said and asked me how it made me feel! The cashier and CSM were not rude just refused to take it and I told corporate that, but it did make me feel like a criminal. Corporate said they would have the manager of the store call me so we will see how that goes.

    • Bonnielynn626

      Sorry, I have to say to the people who say Walmart cashiers have attitudes: try working there and being treated like crap by customers AND management and see how happy you are to be at work.

      • luiza

        It may be true that bad attitude can be infectious, but good attitude is also contagious. I remember the very face of the most helpful associate I ever had at Walmart (or any other store for that matter). When you are treated right, you will remember that face and next time you go there, you will find yourself scanning the place to see whether he/she is around. Attitude-good or bad, is a personal choice.

        • HappyGoLucky

          I agree 100%, people have attitudes everywhere, not just at Walmart. It's a choice to let them affect you or not. I've worked retail for years and I CHOOSE to remain positive and happy and find that most people respond in kind. Those people who are mean and/or nasty may have had a bad day or had something terrible happen to them and I figure the happier I am the more I can help :) Positivity IS contagious if you choose to spread it. Like you said….it's a personal choice

    • Jen

      I tried this at the Super Walmart in Mobile AL on Schillenger road. They would not accept my RR. I went to the customer service dept to ask why and showed them the new policy that I printed out. They said they will accept a coupon if it states a specific price for a specific item (same thing as matching prices). But they would not accept my RR and they said they wouldn't accept Winn Dixie $5 off $55 coupons either.

    • cpotter2

      I was the first customer at our Super Wal-mart in Jamestown, Tn to try using RR. They all know me, and I asked had anyone else tried it; they all said no. So, I was purchased several items, I used a manufacturers coupon and 2 $2 RR from Walgreens. They scanned, had no problems :) The associate manager told me as long as they scanned with no problems, they would take them. I did give them a copy of their Walmart store policy that I has printed before I made my transaction. I am sure it will take some getting used to, but hopefully it will work.

    • Greeneggsandkam

      Has anyone used CVS or Rite-aid bonus bucks or rewards at walmart since they accept WG RR?

      • Candyanea

        I would like to know this too since we don't have a walgreens anywhere near us :)

      • Jen

        CVS & Rite Aid bucks are totally different than RR. RR are manufacturer coupons, ECB and +UP rewards are like store coupons.

    • aolss

      Are the catalinas from Kroger considered manufacturer's coupons? i.e. buy x and get $3 off your next purchase

    • noodlehead

      When I called 1-800-Walmart, customer service basically told me Walgreen's RR were up to the salaried managers on duty. I used my Walgreen's RR at Richland Ave Aiken Walmart today. The very sweet cashier (Shanel) had to call the manager over. It worked like a charm. Everyone I dealt with was nice & even excited about the new policy. If you have any problems at this Walmart, ask for Donna or Amanda!

    • Kogburn

      I tried using the Walgreen's RR at Roanoke Rapids tonight. 3 of them scanned but 5 did not scan. Why is this?

    • Airo4424

      Went yesterday to use some rr and they said no and printed out the policy that they do not except coupons that are specific to retailer and showed me a picture example.

    • juls

      I know their new coupon policy says they will give back cash, but personally I would not push this for fear it would cause so much problems that they stop it all together. I plan on buying other items to fill in the gap or buying a gift card to cover the extra.

      Also, if you are not sure if your Walmart is following the new policy, do a SMALL order of something you would have purchased anyways without a coupon, give them an RR and see what happens. If they say no, give them a copy of the new policy. If they still say no, BE NICE and tell them ‘that’s OK, you must not have been trained on the new policy yet’ then pay for the item you would have purchased anyways. Call corporate and ask them to contact the store about the new policy. But always be nice. You never know what that person has already gone through before you got there.

    • coupon clipper

      Wal-Mart does not give money back on coupons that exceed the value of the item, per Wal-Mart manager. They will, however, give you the value price of the item. Showed them the new Wal-Mart coupon policy … to no avail.

      • Bamabobbie

        My overage today went toward the total purchase which is what I would want. Don't want any money back.

      • Willyb

        I went to walmart and showed the store manager( not CSM) the policy online. They gave me the cash back on the overage. I was ready and willing to accept it as credit toward the rest of the purchase.

    • Bamabobbie

      Just made my first WM trip to see how the new policy worked. Ok on the overage of coupons toward the total price but they would not take my Wags RR's. Said it had to be on a specific item and not toward the whole purchase. Mgr said he reread the policy and that was what it said so the RR's doesn't list an item as for as I can tell. Guess I will call corporate and see what they say.

    • Bamabobbie

      Talked to corporate and they said the store should have taken my RR's and would have someone contact me in the next few days from the store. Also, they told me if I was in again and they would not take the RR to contact them while at the store to get the matter resolved then. Hopefully this will help me and everyone trying to use RR's at WM. Sometimes it helps to be able to use the RR's other than at Wags they have such an attitude and my Publix is now only taking one per purchase.

    • Kristin

      The WM in Apex, NC would not take my $2 in RR's… The manager was pretty rude when I tried showing him their new policy. Looks like I'll be calling corporate tomorrow.

    • JLC

      So will they take Winn-Dixie catalina coupons?

    • Tgriggs777

      I had a frustrating experience at my WalMart today. I tried to use the RRs from Walgreen and the girl wouldn't take them. You would think I would have learned by now to carry around the coupon policies in my binder! I did not have time to argue. I told her they were Catalina coupons, but she didn't seem to care. She was calling her manager over, but with a bunch of people in line staring at ME, my son going nuts, and risking being late to get my daughter from gymnastics, I decided to just tell her never mind. I re-checked the policy just now to make sure I wasn't confused…low and behold….they should have taken them. This is so frustrating!!! I have only been couponing for about a month now. I have run into far more difficulties than smooth situations, and I'm always trying to do things that are legit! What's a couponer to do?

    • ashley_anderson

      I went to walmart tonight and they told me they don't accept ANY coupon that makes items free. I had a coupon mailed to me from the man. and they would not take it. I told her the policy only says *coupons printed at home*. She wouldn't even try. Oh, and just FYI, it was the free Nice N Easy foam color coupons that they gave away on fb. They in no way look like a home printed q either.

    • Tracy

      Jenny, Walmart's policy was changed on the 16th to reflect that RR's could NOT be used. Just thought you may want to post for your readers!

      • Ellabeanshop

        The coupon policy available on the website does not reflect that Wags rr will not be accepted. Where did you see it? Thanks!
        I just spent 35 minutes waiting on a resolution from my local Walmart management team. They took my rr and my copy of the policy into a 5 person meetig with their GM. I finally paid cash just so I could get to the school and pick up my daughter. I called corporate and they will call me back… We will see how that goes!

        • Tracy

          The policy is listed on their website, if you look at the bottom you can see where it was just updated on the 16th!

    • couponstrategy

      I believe they have changed the policy to make it more clear that they will not accept RR. If you go back to the link, it seems to have been updated now:

      We DO NOT accept the following coupons:

      Checkout coupons
      Dollars/cents off the entire basket purchase

    • Candice

      Just finished trying to use the walgreens RR. The cashier told me no, then the csm told me no, because it said Walgreens on it, even after showing the coupon policy. I called corporate and they were supposed to call someone over the csm level. The manager said no, but he would give me the credit anyway and lose money. (I did tell him that it was not my goal to make them lose money, just to try and follow the new policy) He also said that it could be due to the fact that it could be they didn't update yet. After he left, the csm said that the coupon wouldn't even scan. I asked her if we could try and she said yes. Lo and Behold it worked! She then took my printed policy and made copies and said it should work from now on.

    • Tina

      New coupon policy copy as per it’s relevance for Wags RR: (notice that the word’s SPECIFIC ITEM is used and not off an order) Wags RR are for amount off order, not off specific item(usually)

      link: http://walmartstores.com/download/4730.pdf Looks like Wallyworld decided that they made an error in the first update on 3/2/11 and made it more specific on the policy updated at the link above. Looks like they got smart to the many ways they were going to get slammed by us couponers on that one. Too bad though, it could have been fun.

    • sahMomof2boys

      Yes the new policy is no RR from walgreens for just cash off, but they will take the catalinas for specific products from walgreens AND winn dixie! At least thats what my walmart in covington, louisiana told me yesterday. FYI I had a buy two get $5.00 off coupon on natural instincts hair color and they had boxes on clearance for $2.00 each…profit $1.00 :)

    • Sendcolleen

      policy updated 3/16 again. big note is no dollars off the basket order coupons (like Walgreens RR for $off the order. But will accept any that are for a product. (save $1 on 2 gen mills cereal) etc. if you go to the link Jenny has above to “print the policy” scroll to bottom and click on download a pdf of the policy AND it is a beautiful simple to understand sheet to print and bring to store with you :) WalMart did a good job on this and it seems reasonable.

      • Natalie

        Hi, I just wanted to make this a little more clear and maybe help on your future shopping trips. I'm a cashier at walmart and am very familiar with our coupon policy. We DO NOT accept competitor's coupons for $xx off specific item or xx% off item. (see what's stated above) The coupon MUST state the exact price that the competitor is selling it at, and in this case we just treat it like we would a competitor's ad. And at my store (Suwanee, GA) we have the updated coupon policy at all our registers. :) Hope this helps!

        • Jen

          Looking at your coupon policy, they will accept catalina's that are $$ of a specific item, just not actual competitor's coupons (such as from Walgreens coupon book)

          • Natalie

            but catalinas are manufacturer's coupons. we've always accepted them

    • Tnt9595

      I live in Lake City Florida and my Walmart now matches bogos from Publix, Winn-Dixie and Food Lion. I didn't believe it when a friend told me so I called the store and confirmed it with the manager. The way they do it is they take 50% off of the price of the item. Considering a lot of their items are cheaper anyway, it really saves. Only thing is they don't always carry the same sizes or brands.

      • Brendaoc

        So, I called our Walmart in Scottsboro, AL and after i painfully explained that Publix prints a price as part of their BOGO ad, Mr. Congeniality still said no. So, does WM accept the Publix price on the ad when it is printed on BOGO?

    • Marylanham

      Found out today Walmart changed again and will not accept RR from Walmart. That is fine, I am a big girl, I can handle the new coupon policy, but when a manager at Walmart disrespects me in front of other customers b/c of this that is unacceptable! He's lucky I didn't shove them where the sun doesn't shine!

    • Toni

      I had no idea Wal-Mart had changed their policy AGAIN, and so soon. They would be wise to have a avid couponer on staff who can better advise them on these things, so they can do things right the first time. I have been collecting Walgreens RR for many weeks now so that I could buy my husband and daughter some needed clothing items at Wal-Mart, now that we all knew they took Walgreens manufacturer RR. Last night I drove 28 miles to Wal-Mart, dropped my daughter off at Grandma's, shopped for over an hour, and then had a manager reject my RR after all. She said a new coupon policy prohibited RR. I showed her the coupon policy I had recently printed from the Wal-Mart website and mentioned that I had been under the impression that THIS was the new coupon policy. Well. she had nothing in writing to show me why she wasn't taking the RR, but I had something in writing saying she should, so I left all my would-be purchases at the register until I could get some answers. I called corporate for verification that what the manager was saying was true. I was on hold on the phone with corporate for a long time. Finaly a sweet and well-meaning customer service agent told me nothing except that she wanted me to go to the service desk in the store, because she was going to describe what I was wearing to a manager, and see to it that the manager came over there to help me immediately.
      I waited another half hour, according to my cell phone records, before a different manager came slowly and leisurely over. He had been summoned by the cashier about another matter. He took care of that matter and then turned to me and told me that my RR would not be accepted. Corporate could have told me that, and saved me the total of a one hour wait! So I called corporate again, and asked again for verification that what the manager was saying was true. They didn't know, so I asked them to read to me their most recent coupon policy. That answered my question. So Wal-Mart had terrible customer service last night. They wasted my time. Needless to say, I feel the need to make up to myself the wasted time and gas. So I plan to buy NOTHING from Wal-Mart again. That way I will, over time, save on gas, and, although I am otherwise all “for” corporations like Wal-mart, by avoiding them I will at least feel the satisfaction of putting my money into the economy of my own tiny town instead of into the coffers of the larger and politically-liberal-run town next to me.

    • Willow2022

      Does anyone know if walmart will take an internet BOGO coupon?

      • Natalie


      • Maryks3_7

        i dont think that wal mart does the buy one get one free coupons.

    • Rachel1318

      Went to Walmart yesterday and I was going to use RR from WAGS and the cashier told me no that they didn't do that. I went to customer service and all they told me was that their policy had changed but they weren't familiar with the new policy so I wasn't able to use my RR from WAGS. I am very upset so I probably will not shop there EVER again. I will take my business else where. Just wanted to know if anyone is having problems?
      My Walmart is here in TN.

    • coretta56

      call me slow so in order for wal mart to accept a competitors coupon it has to say $2.00 of gain priced at $8.99???????????????????????

    • terrishan

      I had a horrible experience today. I was told I cannot use a manufacturer's coupon while at the same time matching a competitior's coupon with a specific price. Does anyone know if this is the case? If so, why would I want to match a price at Walmart that I cannot use a MQ on when the competitor will let me use a MQ on the item that has an instore coupon??

    • WCLott

      I am new to couponing and I guess I have something wrong. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and was going to buy 2 Degree deodorants with a $1.00 of one coupon. I gave the cashier the 2 – $1.00 off coupons and was informed that I could only use one coupon per the entire transaction even though this is not stated on the coupon. This happened on 3 other items that I was buying using a coupon for each item. Is this normal? If so, why buy more than 1 paper if I can only use one coupon?

    • Chumuckla56

      Boy oh boy! The new coupon policy at Walmart is definitly not shopper friendly. I was in Walmart 2 weeks ago and they took my Target, Winn Dixie, and Publix coupons, but not today. Luck was with me, I now have my coupons filed in a note. I could find a lot of Manufacture coupons.