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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

Going Nuts? I can help you understand coupon terms and abbreviations

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This Sunday there will be NO coupon inserts in the Sunday paper.

While this may leave some of us bummed out, take advantage of the holiday weekend to rest, relax, and enjoy your family!

And don’t worry, I promise the coupons will be back soon :).

(You can always print coupons if you are feeling down).

    • Heather

      I am finding this so funny Jenny. Thank you for consoling us coupon addicts… Lol.

    • Kimberly

      On the coupon schedule it says there will be a P&G insert. Will that not be in there??

      • It is coming 5/1 now, sorry. I updated the schedule too so folks hopefully won't get confused.

        • Kimberly

          Thank you so very much… There are five of us who take turns to get papers on Sundays, so I will this will save one of us a trip and some money lol :o)

          • vs1999

            Hey Jenny,
            I'm new here, but have found your research so helpful. I really appreciate all you do for us, and I love your organization tips. You are great!

    • Carrie

      No wonder there were so many last weekend… BTW, thanks for the class on Monday night in Tallahassee! It was fun and I learned a lot!

      • Kim

        Class in Tallahassee?! Sad I missed this:(

    • Slovebug1616

      I'm having trouble understanding the all the details. I'm currently doing okay with couponing..but not as good as I would like..any tips?!

      • Keep at it. It takes time to really learn the best approach. Everyone and every store is different. Some people save tons at Kroger, but I find the best deals at Publix. Some people hate playing the “drug store game,” but I rack up.

        The # 1 thing I tell people is to keep your coupons organized and bring them everywhere you go (and I hate the 'whole insert' approach…over half the best deals I find are closeouts, and if my inserts are unclipped and at home, I'm out of luck).

    • DuncanMomof2

      This is good b/c I still need to clip inserts from last Sunday.

    • Thank you for letting us know. I subscribe to Sunday only newspapers & I am able to go online & put my newspaper account on vacation hold during this coming weekend. My account will be credited for the value of that weekend's delivery. I don't want to buy papers with no coupons in them! :-)

      • Carolyn

        that's a great idea!

    • Michelle

      Glad in a way…there were so many last week, I'm still trying to catch up!! I can use a break ;)

    • Dtcox1

      thank you jenny for all your hard work . you make my day and save me money have a very blessed easter and have fun hiding some eggs and eatting off the ears of choclate bunnies ha

    • swaltz1

      ok silly question – if there are no coupons will the drup stores still run a sale? I know publix is holding off till next week but not sure what the others do

      • Yes, there will be ads and sales. couponmom has already posted a preview. Haven't looked at it yet, but you can see it if you go to the current ad list and in the top corner right above where items are listed, click the link that says something like 'preview upcoming week'

    • Tinawhedbee

      I really appreciate what you do. I have been able to save so much on my grocery bill each week. I have also started redeeming coupons for products that I don't need or use and donate those items to the food pantry. Thanks, again.

    • Tyler

      This seems a good a thread as any to say thank you for everything! Being a young college student couponing has really helped me and my girlfriend have everything we need without breaking the bank. This site will help me greatly when I move on and start taking on huge loans for professional school as well so thanks so much! I'm living proof guys can coupon too LoL!

      • guest

        Tyler you are ever so right! I “made” both my kids (22 yo guy; 20 yo gal) learn to coupon before they moved out of my house! Son was not impressed then but as a young college grad he is pleased he has learned.
        My new project is teaching his former Boy Scout troop to coupon. They are starting to see it as “the thrill of the hunt”–whatever works!

    • I wonder how much money they lose when couponers don't buy papers ?!

      • ksmith515

        Not much. The “papers” barely make a dime off the papers they sell. Most of what you spend on a paper goes to the actual cost of making it and to the individuals who sell/deliver them. The newspaper company makes it's money on ads.

    • edward Cecilstrickland

      you charged me with coupons today, but they were never sent to may printer/
      fyi. Cecil Strick @att.net

      • NiccoleWest

        they don't “charge” you for coupons.

    • MotherNtheMaking

      This makes me feel better about going out of town for the holiday. I don't have to kill myself to get back to get the paper before they sale out! And they do sale out!

    • Whew – Thank goodness!

    • Is this something that has happened before?? Will they only be out for this ONE Sunday? wow not happy… :(

      • Melissa

        It's Easter Sunday, there is never coupons on holiday weekends.

        • Ohhh Okay then in that case its a relief lol I can use a week off of clipping coupons. I am assuming that is why they had 2 SS and 2 RP last week. Ok with all this debate over the Extreme Coupon Show I was worried that they were stopping all together.

          • luverne alabama

            there is debate over the extreme couponing show? i must know, what is the debate? lol are we 'taking advantage' of the system, the same systems that requires us to be slaves to the dollar to begin with? it would figure.

            • Agreed!

            • Mistie_blevins

              I love couponing and I record the Extreme Coupon show. Half the time I'm a big fan of it, and the other half I'm very dissappointed in it. I truly dislike how it shows people going in and clearing a shelf of a product. And it teaches people how to do that!…I believe that breaks the 'unspoken coupon etiquette'. Just as Jenny says and all couponers should know, sales work in cycles. There is absolutely NO NEED to buy 77 bottles of mustard and clear a shelf so that no other couponer in the area can have a chance at getting that same deal. I promise you it is not the last time in the world that you will be able to get that mustard free. That truly aggrevates me.
              However, I don't believe that couponing takes advantage of the system..the manufacturers create the coupons, and the stores are getting paid off of the coupons. Most people don't understand that. Mostly it's advertisement for the producers of these products, because nothing travels like word of mouth when someone gets something for free and loves the product. I love seeing the amazing totals these people get..BUT show common courtesy for other couponers.

            • tina

              well said

            • Shuffman3737

              It's great to see examples of people saving lots of money. I hate they they show people going against store policy, and stores allowing it. It also irritates me when they show a super ridiculous stockpile. What does it matter how much you saved on toothpaste, when you have to build a TOOTHPASTE ROOM? How much did he spend on the toothpaste room?

            • precious

              i gues they are too selfish to donate to charity

    • Helpme

      thanks jenny

    • Belinda

      Thank you Jenny for you do. I hope that you have a great weekend with your family.

    • Probably why there were 4 last week. Personally, I'm glad there are none this weekend. I have a paper mountain in my house. And with the possibility of super doubles at HT next week, I need time to prep my old coupons & no time to organize new ones! Thanks for the heads up!!

      • Guest

        Maritza, I agree with you. Here's wishing everybody a blessed Easter weekend with wonderful family time! Those coupons will be there next week again!

    • Sara

      In south Florida there were many inserts. Good ones! I bought 6 papers this Sunday. Look out next weekend maybe ya'll will get them next weekend in your main paper.

    • Tiggeroo167

      thank you so much Jenny!! I am sooooo looking forward to this weekend off! I need some down time! Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!

    • Crafty_cat_86

      Awesome! I'm planning a week off anyway, so I won't even have to track down coupons this weekend!

    • tim

      I am an 8th grade teacher in an urban school and I am starting an “extreme coupon” club at school next fall. It was approved because it falls under personal finance in the curriculum. Oh, and I am one of those male couponers!!

      • That is totally awesome!!! Please update us on how it goes from time to time.

    • new2Q

      I got to the store late Sunday afternoon & they were sold out of the AJC! I was so bummed! They usually always have extra copies but I guess because there were 4 inserts; they went fast. I ordered 4 inserts last night from an online service (2 RP, 2SS) So I won't be out 2 weeks of coupons!

      Thanks Jenny for everything you do!

      • Tjbatlzegar

        Could you tell me how you ordered the coupons online? Thanks in advance :)

        • You can use clipping services like coupondidi.com or capriservices.blogspot.com. I have 4 of all 4 of last Sunday’s inserts I’m going to post on ebay. My mom asked me to buy the paper for her (she lives in the mountains and the AJC is $4 and doesn’t have SS). She discovered the Chattanooga paper somewhere with all inserts and called to tell me not to buy her papers…after I already had.

          Anyway, mine will be on ebay soon and since I’ve never sold a coupon on ebay, it’ll probably go for a pathetically low price. I hope to recoup the $6 I paid for the papers, but that’s wishful thinking lol

        • new2Q


          I have ordered from this website several times & I have been completely satisfied. Good luck!

        • new2Q


    • Caseyh15

      Will there still be CVS and Walgreen's ads?

      • Guest


    • Twinmomaaa

      What a great reminder to instead focus our efforts on celebrating our risen Lord!

    • tori729

      Wonderful, I'll be out of town anyway!

    • jc's girl 2536

      Great that will give me time to get my new binder organized :) But I will still be looking around online, I am way past addicted to this.

      • I'm in the same boat! I bought my binder at the beginning of the month. Worked on it as much as I could for two weeks and realized I didn't have nearly enough 9 pocket sheets. Ordered more and they've been sitting on my dining room table (beside piles and piles of sorted coupons) since Tuesday.

    • Ashleygibson73

      I'm relieved – I'm behind with last week's coupons.

    • Melisha_poe

      can someone give me tips on organizing my binder? i am just starting one I kept them in a folder but I just ordered the inserts and binder. If you possible I would appreciate it very much. poephotography@hotmail.com :)

      • Nicole

        I just keep my coupons in a index card box (3 of them actually). I have one for food, one for household thinks (paper towels, cleaning supplies, tin foil ext.), and the last one for bathroom/personal supplies (deodorant, shampoo, make up, ext.).

        I label the categories with 3×5 index cards accordingly and stick them in. It takes a minute to get all of the coupons clipped and put in the right category, but I just do it while I'm watching tv. Then it makes them easy to access.

        For example, this week we NEED peanut butter, so I can flip through my dry good's section to try to find a good coupon to match up with a good deal.

        I hope that helps. Feel free to e-mail me with further questions at NicoleRaker@hotmail.com. Please title your e-mail Southern Saver's Questions so I know it's not spam. Thanks!

        Good luck,

    • Liliana

      That's horrible! I'm so upset!

      • Kelly Livingston

        I have to agree. I didn't read this until after we rounded up our streets papers and opened them to find nothing. My family is very upset. Oh well ready for next week. Our paper comes on Friday's with base housing.

    • Karen D

      Hi, This is my first post..I wanted to let you know how awesome your site is. I ran accross this while surfing the net for something in /close to my area. I live on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and wished there was something like this here. Your site is so imformative and easy to scout through. I have just recently started couponing and love the tips an suggestions that you have in organizing everyhing. The stores we have here is mostly Wal Mart, Winn Dixie, the Commisary and a couple others I cannot think of right now. I sure miss Krogers and Publix and Acme :( Anyways, Thank you for this site, I will be here very often…One question I do have, is how can I get inserts only from the newspapers on Sundays? I don't know who the delivery person is, and the company won't give that information out. I noticed on one of the show (Extreme Coupons) She went to her driveway and there was a couple of bundles in plastic of inserts only. That would be awesome to get.

      • A lot of that show was fiction. According to the ones that I have spoken with, newspapers are not allowed to do that, and if they do, they are in breach of their contract.

    • Margarita

      I am totaly new in this area. I really would like to start doing the couping thing. We are only 2 at home but we spent a lot of money in groceries.
      I dont know how or where I should start.
      If somebody would help me I really really appreciate it.
      AIl I need is some clues and tips because I dont see that I will save money if I have to buy 2 box of cereal saving just $1.
      I really needs some HELP.

      Any volunteers??


      THANK YOU,


      • The first thing that you should do is click on the tab at the top of this page that says “learn to coupon”. Then follow this site closely.

    • Kelly Livingston

      We are really bummed about this. :(

    • Cherylmortensen

      Gasp! Ah man!

      • Cherylmortensen

        P.S. I love your image for this post. The lonely and empty newspaper holders. lol

    • Nicole

      :-( This means I will have invested $5 (via my newspaper subscription) into nothingness… :-( Wasting money does not add to my Easter joy. Bummer.

      At least it is a wondrous day of celebrating our Lord's resurrection! This WAY compensates for any wasted money. :-) He is risen – Hallelujah!

      • Andio1999

        Most papers let you put a hold on your paper (for vacations, etc) probably too late to do it for this holiday, but keep it in mind for future holidays.

        • Amanda

          I went to hold my paper until next Sunday and today was too late. Bummer. I held it once before at the holiday and it worked. I must have missed Jenny's posting. I should have known, but forgot all about it. I hate paying even $2 for my one home subscription to get a paper I throw out, the ads and no coupons. I do like the ads, but still a bummer. :(

    • Gerry [Jerry- with a "G"]

      First day on the Site. My cousin came to NC from VA and told me about the site, while I'm a little upset that there's no inserts, it'll be nice time spent with family.

      New to couponing, but enjoying the savings so far. I started printing online coupons and my wife wa picking on me about it, but after saving $30+ for our first time, I've got her hooked.

      Binder started, coupon sites added to favorites, and a few local paper inserts in the house.

    • tita

      well there is a paper that has coupons this week the paper in spanish. it came out on thurs and its has a lot of great coupons it is free at your local library.i grabbed 6 paper this week.

      • Ktmotosport29406

        Would this paper be available in Charleston, South Carolina? And what is the name of the paper?

    • Lisacsmith Smith

      Bummer, I just went out to Walmart and got an accordion folder and a check folder. But I'm just getting started, so I guess I can wait and read some more online. Anyone have a basic list of 12-13 categories to share?


    • Cheryl in AL

      I still have to check. My newspaper will sometimes have the P&G on holidays. I will make sure I flip through before I buy though.

    • Blu-ray

      Every Sunday I buy two newspapers. This morning I get home with my papers and nothing. I wish I had know this beforehand! There is a dollar down the drain.

      • Paige Wright

        I did the same thing!!!

    • Joerin

      bummed too…especially when the FL Times union prints a bubble on the front that says $2000+ in coupons inside…grrrrrr

    • yes a bummer, I introduced my sister to a tiny bit of coupon shopping sat and she said I can't wait to get a paper Sunday and get started! In a better way of looking at it she has a extra week to print online coupons and get store policies.
      ( /)
      ( . .)?
      Happy Easter my frugal friends…

    • Sharons_Coupons

      All this after I bought 6 papers at $2 a pop. They should have put an ad in.