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policy changes

Heads up Publix shoppers! A change to the Publix Coupon Policy is going start 10/1 with a grace period until 10/18.  I thought I would let you know about them so you can be aware and there won’t be any surprises next time you shop!

Keep in mind that many of the “changes” are really just them spelling out things that most stores wouldn’t have done anyway.  So don’t panic here.

Probably the biggest change for folks would be only (8) of the same coupon can be redeemed per day and if you have an overage money back will now be given on a Publix gift card rather than in cash.  For the normal shopper nothing here is scary.  You probably aren’t buying more than 8 of anything in one trip, but for hard core shoppers this might cause issues.  I know in our area they were already limiting deals in most stores, so it’s not any different.

Here is a list of all other policies:

Coupons will only be accepted for identical items.
You can use a maximum of 2 coupons per item – a manufacturer coupon and either a Publix store coupon or competitor coupon.
Digital manufacturer coupons can not be combined with paper manufacturer coupons on the same item.
Percentage off items or percentage off total order coupons will not be accepted.
Limit of 8 identical coupons can be redeemed per day.
Coupons that Publix determines to be printed incorrectly (missing coupon details) will not be accepted.
Coupons shown on a mobile phone or device will not be accepted.

Coupons that appear to be copied will not be accepted.
Each BOGO item is considered a separate purchase.
Individual coupons above $5 require manager approval.
You may only use one Publix or competitor dollar off total order coupon per day per household.
You may only get 1 rain check per item per day per household.
Any overage due will be given in Publix gift cards and not in cash.
Rainchecks will not be issued for Publix, manufacturers or competitor coupons.

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    • Becky S

      The limit of 8 same coupons will be a BIG change for my local stores. There was previously NO limit on the manufacturer coupons unless stated otherwise on the coupon.

      • christi

        it’s a limit of 8 identical coupons.

        • Becky S

          I love this. When people talk about the president, I always let them know it’s the president “of the United States”. Just to be sure we’re all talking about the same person. :)

    • Liz

      Limiting the dollar off total is a major killer for me. There seems to be a lot more changes in our Florida stores. Every month or so they come out with more limitations. Very sad.

    • amyfurlong

      whew! I admit I panicked a little when I first saw this. After reading – my store pretty much already does this. I’m not sure if they limit the number of identical coupons (8) but that’s only been an issue for me once! I bought 17 jars of Ragu with 17 coupons! I paid .67 per jar. I was on cloud nine. We eat a lot of pasta so it was awesome. Really tho – I don’t need more than 8 of any one item. I usually only buy at the most 4 of an item. My heart can stop racing now. All is good.

    • Jenna

      No changes for me, looks like. I wasn’t doing any of this before. If folks are clearing out shelves or using questionable coupons, I can’t really blame them for tightening up their policy. I honestly thought they already had a limit on items per special. (Then again, I know people get around this by checking out separate carts.)

      It only takes a few people really taking advantage of (and even abusing) a store policy to spoil it for those who were just trying to be honest and keep a (maybe) six week standard stockpile.

      • Becky S

        My store has loved and encouraged a no mfr limit policy, and kept a limit on 5 like item store coupons. And I have loved it as well because even if they ran out, I could get as many as 10 items anytime in the next 30 days.

        My area does NOT produce good coupon inserts and we regularly miss a lot of deals other areas are lucky to have. So when a particularly good deal comes around that matches up with a local coupon, I have to grab what we need then or I won’t see it again for 6 months +. It is unusual to see a regular 6 week sale and coupon matchup for anything other than pillsbury biscuits, cake mix, and frozen green giant veggies.

        The most I have used in a shopping trip was 11 like coupons for canned
        goods we ran out of months ago while waiting for the next sale &
        coupon matchup to come around. Some of us are not dishonest or abusing a policy, just trying to survive! If I can keep food in the pantry and food in my children’s bellies and still abide by a store’s policy knowing they’re getting paid for it anyways then I’m going to do it.

        • Jenna

          It’s not a limit on 8 coupons. It’s for 8 identical coupons, which is a bit of a difference.

          And yes, I understand that some would still legitimately use more than 8 when there’s extenuating circumstances. The problem is when you have several people doing this who are clearing out shelves and leaving none for other customers. The ones who do that are generally the reason why an item limit policy had to be introduced. And that does ruin it for others who would need to buy enough to use eight identical coupons for that one item for a typical six week stockpile.

          • Becky S

            I do realize it’s a limit on 8 like coupons. I don’t think anyone should feel uncomfortable getting large quantities of products if they’re needed and meet policy. If you truly need certain things, family and fulfilling their needs come first before other people’s ‘opinions’. Other people’s opinions don’t pay the bills or fill tummies. When I first started couponing I thought there were a lot of evil shelf clearers out there, until I realized there are just a lot of couponers and the longer you wait to go to the store the more likely they will be out. When you say ruin it for others, makes it sound like the fun was ruined. For us there is no ‘letdown’ nothing gets ruined, it is simply that a raincheck will have to do so look for it next week when it’s back in stock.

            • Jenna

              With all due respect, couponing is no less a necessity for anyone else than it is for you. I don’t think that many people see it as a game, though there are a few who treat it like Pokemon in that “gotta catch ’em all” mentality. Everyone else is trying to “fill tummies,” too, and when I say it “ruins it” I mean that it ruins my opportunity to save on an item I might need that week. Couponing is not a race to get to the store first and get as much as possible, though again, a lot of people treat it that way. And it’s not as simple as getting a rain check and waiting until the next week. People have gotten multiple checks and kept the shelves cleared for several weeks– during which time my coupon expires. (Thankfully, I can see that Publix has put an end to the multiple check per item policy, too.)

              I’ve seen people come in at store opening, grab multiple carts, take every item off the shelf, and then ask the manager if there’s additional inventory in the back. I’ve seen this multiple times, too. If you genuinely need that much food in a six-week period, then you need to start making special orders with the vendor or consider shopping somewhere other than a traditional grocery store. The rest of the town has to eat, too.

              When shelves are cleared to a point where it’s all but impossible for Publix to keep an item in stock for weeks at a time, and only a few customers can take advantage of a sale, yes there’s a need for a change. I’m sorry if that affects you negatively, but for the majority of their customers, it’s a positive change.

            • Becky S

              All I was saying (and you’re welcome to reread it) is if you need it you need it and as long as you abide by the rules, it should not be a problem. I didn’t say anyone was any less deserving than anyone else. But complaining that someone filled up several shopping carts with product certainly sounds like you think this way. You have no idea why they do what they do. Are they feeding more than 1 family in desperate need or donating to their church. Does that make them less deserving then? There are bigger problems in life to deal with than worrying what other people do or don’t do. My publix has always been willing to reserve product in my name if needed. Perhaps you should consider this.

        • gabrielamoralesperez

          You just need to go back to the store a few times. I know it’s a pain in the neck. But I really feel funny having 20-40 of the same thing in my cart anyway at one transaction. It’s a lot for the cashier, it’s a lot for people behind me and it’s a lot to haul into the house by myself at one time.. I’d rather break it into smaller shoppings. I know for some of us, it is a long trip to Publix so this might not work out.

        • Amy

          Please visit klip2save! Access to all the coupons, and very reasonable. Changed my life! Amy

    • Daryl Ann Guy

      Have no problems with the Limits I really think people take advantage of things out here, in California you can only use 3 like at the best stores anyway.

    • msprisal

      it is the rainchecks that will hurt me more I have had rainchecks and it would take me weeks to get that item of course my coupons expire during that time with the new policy if my coupon expire I can’t use it :(

    • Beth Agrell

      What?? Only 1 raincheck per item per day? That makes no sense. It’s their fault if they run out of a sale item.

      • gabrielamoralesperez

        They often run out of sales items at my store. I am usually too tired to go and get a raincheck.

      • Demi Wroten

        All this means is if they run out of BOGO free kraft dressing you can get one raincheck for 5 BOGO deals, but you cannot get 5 rainchecks for 1 BOGO deal. Many people take advantage of rainchecks to keep getting the sale price for weeks afterward.

    • Iris

      Coupons that appear to be copied will not be accepted. – When coupons are printed off coupons.com or ANY internet site, the coupons look the very same as if they were copied. How will a cashier know if a coupon has been duplicated by photocopying it or if it is a direct print from the website? Will they not accept any coupon that has been printed?

      • Beth Ann

        a lot of them when printed have different numbers on them for each of the two you are allowed to print. So if you have 8 and they are all printed with the same number, they can usually tell.

    • Bye, bye, Publix

      My closest Publix is over an hour away I can only afford to go once a month. I spend about $350.00. I usually have 10-12 coupons for 10 cents off each can of cat food (worth $1.00 to $1.50). I save up other coupons and use multiples. So this will really hurt me. I justify the extra gas traveling to Publix, my favorite store, by the amount of coupon money saved. DRAT, now I’ll have to stop numerous times at (hate, hate, hate it) Ingles near work!

    • My 3 girls

      I’m not sure I understand the raincheck piece. Would someone please elaborate that does

      • Jenna

        One raincheck per item per day per household. Currently, each check specifies the number of items you are going to purchase. (At least, that’s how I’ve done it in the past.) So if you have a can for $1/3 cans of soup, and they’re out, you can still get a check for 3 cans of soup at the sale price. I don’t know if this means you can only get 1 can specified on your check or that you just can’t go back and get a second one for another 3 cans on the same day. You can however get another check for a different item on that same day. I’ll check with Publix and see what they say on this. I’m guessing it’s more likely to be the second one.

      • Liz

        The raincheck section means if there is a particular item that is out of stock you may only get ONE raincheck for up to 10 qty (ex: BOGO ceral) but you can get one raincheck for each sale out of stock (ex: BOGO dog food and BOGO cereal). This will eliminate people saying I need one for my brother, mother, sister, cousin, neighbor on a single sale when actually using them for themselves.

    • Jenna

      Just want to share something that, to me, makes more of a difference shopping at Publix as opposed to other places.

      I normally take part in their $10 off $50 gas card promotion. This past Friday, I left my activated card in the store by mistake. Now, that’s pretty much as good as leaving a $50 bill on the floor, so when I called I thought it was a long shot and that I’d be told “sorry” and that’d be it. Instead, they went the extra mile. The call was longer than usual, but it wasn’t absurd. I was only on hold while they talked it over with the manager. Turns out, the cashier had reported it left behind at the day and time on my receipt. They took my name, and they’re going to give me another card on my next visit.

      They didn’t have to do that. I can’t imagine another store doing that. They could drop their coupon policy entirely, and I’d still shop there because there are little moments like this that make the whole experience worth it.

    • gabrielamoralesperez

      It’s still a million times better than Kroger’s coupon policy. If I ever wanted to get a lot of something – ie more than 10, I NEVER do that all in my trip anyway! I would buy 5 one day and 5 on another trip. Limit of 8 won’t hurt me at all. If I really need to stock up, I will go over a few days and a few different stores. At least the ones in Atlanta still double and still take publix coupons with mfg coupons. And they are very nice there too. Once I lost a $21 tube of ROC facial cleaner- it just never made it to my house. They let me have another one at no cost. Amazing customer service.

      • Stephanie

        Publix in Atlanta double coupons? Really? Thanks for the head up. I don’t know if you know this but the Asian grocery stores in Atlanta have such incredible prices on perishables, even better than Aldi’s produce prices. Just FYI

        • Jessica

          Publix all over the metro Atlanta area double up to .50. When you say the Asian grocery stores you mean like, HMart?

    • Jenni P.

      Seems like reasonable changes, to me.

    • pdnr

      I’m wondering if the one raincheck per item per day means that you can still get the limit of 10 of a particular item on one raincheck but can’t request multiple rainchecks for the same thing rather than limiting you to just one item of something. That wouldn’t be logical because many coupons are $1 off 2.

      • liz

        The raincheck part means that say a particular cereal is BOGO..you will only be allowed to get ONE raincheck for up to 10qty but say the BOGO cereal and BOGO dog food are out of stock you could get a raincheck for one of each (again up to 10qty)

        • Brittany

          My manager says even the rain checks are limited to 8qty and that it says it right on the rain check paper we write you anyways.

    • Tie Dye Jen

      The only thing that may effect me on this is the dollars off total. I wonder if this will apply to the Target $5 off $15 personal care type coupons or only the “total order.” I have used multiples of those before (in separate transactions the same day). I agree with others that customer service is pretty good about trying to make things right. I had a bag break and a gallon of organic milk burst in my carport as I was unloading groceries. I took the jug back the next day and they replaced it.

      • Krista

        I’m reading that as a percentage off total order, like “20% off purchase”, not the usual $5 off $15 type.

        • Jenna

          That’s how I read it, too, that it only affects the total order coupons.

      • Liz

        The $5/$15 Target personal care would depend upon the language..if it says only one per customer then you will only be allowed to use one even if you spent $30. Plus you would not be able to use any other Publix/competitor coupons on those particular HBC items since that coupon would cover all of those items (you could still use MQ).

        • Michael

          They would be considered a $ off coupon so could use one per day and not with another competitor coupon


      Using only one $ off total purchase per day is going to change my shopping significantly. What a hassle! I do not see the difference in using one 5$ off when I spend $50 or two 5$ off when I am buying $100. Now I am going to spend less and have to make multiple trips. I am also curious how this rule will apply to the specific $ off Target coupons (i.e. produce, beauty, deli, etc…) Jenny please elaborate…

      • Julia Story

        That’s the only change to affect me. I always break my $150 weekly purchases up in $30 transactions to use my $5 off $30 Winn Dixie coupons. Now I can only use one $5 coupon per day? I’ll be losing $20 in coupons each week! Don’t like this policy.

        • pdnr

          That was probably getting pretty expensive for Publix as that (plus doubled part of coupons) have to come out of their own pocket. Multiply $20/week by the number of people who have been doing that.

          • Julia Story

            I definitely see their reasoning. I’ll miss the savings though.

          • Julia Story

            I definitely see their reasoning. I’ll miss the savings though.

      • Joice

        They are treated as a competitor’s “total $$s off” coupon ….. You can only use one additional Publix dollars off coupon at this point

    • Mike

      All good changes or no changes to Sptbg., SC store. They are extra nice and ALWAYS go the extra mile…..plus now limiting the nuts who clear the shelves, there probably won’t be a reason for so many rain checks…they do usually staple the coupons to the rain checks, so no worry about the qs going out of date while waiting for restocking…hope that’s NOT what this means. Target or $ General are not competitors anyway so it’s been forever since I’ve used a $5 off $25 or the like…this does tip the overall coupon policy towards Bi-Lo now, but you REALLY have to watch out for expired items, poor stocking, and an overall lack of customer service compared to Publix…but cheer up! t’s not like they’re turning into Wal-mart…I would have LOVED to have been video taped at Wal-Mart yesterday so EVERYONE could see…it was CLASSIC Wal-mart…VERY rude…VERY unfair…SUPER slow & inconvenient with NO regard for their own policy….ALL the things Publix is NOT. Plus I broke my 3+ year streak of not darkening their door to get some of those cheap “Seeds of Change” pouches…total waste of time.

    • Karen in FL

      I don’t see much in the changes really. I figure it’s a bonus that they even accept competitors coupons when most other stores don’t. I only had a couple of times where I have used a printed manuf. Q and it took off a digial manuf q also. I figured it was a bonus. I’m happy with their policy. I would rather they limit the number of coupons, competitors, manuf or store than have them stop accepting them completely.

      • karen

        I totally agree. Publix in general is one of the most coupon friendly stores to shop at.

      • karen

        I totally agree. Publix in general is one of the most coupon friendly stores to shop at.

    • cindi

      And they no longer accept the Winn Dixie Competitor $5.00 off coupons.

      • Beth Ann

        where does it say that?

      • Liz

        publix will accept the wd $5 off IF they are considered a competitor to your particular store..the only change is 1 will be allowed per day.

        • nhmejia

          That’s my problem. WD isn’t a competitor. :( But I still love Publix!

    • Vic

      No, my store manager told me it,s only 1 competitor coupon per person per day. It’s toward the bottom of the list.

      • karen

        per item or per shopping trip? It should be per item.

      • Jenna

        That refers to the $ amount off of the total order coupons. (Think the $5 off $50 Winn-Dixie coupons.) You can only use one of those per day. For item-specific coupons ($.50/3 cans of Campbell’s soup), you can use 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 store coupon (Publix or competiter) per item.

    • Vic

      It’s in bold type.

    • Vic

      It’s in bold type.

    • Dan

      OK, correct me if I’m wrong. My wife, myself and my two teenagers go to Publix at the same time. We each fill up our individual carts with coupons items. So we could use 8 coupons each on the same item…right? We each checkout separately using the maximum multiple coupons allowed. We pay cash. Since Publix doesn’t use a shopper card they would not know who we were. Now how does that help Publix maintain enough inventory? Only seems to help the hoarders. Goofy logic if you ask me.

      • pdnr

        At least it makes it harder. And if you stayed together the whole time and then separated at checkout, they might get suspicious. For people who want to “cheat” the system, there’s always a way.

      • Liz

        I would imagine you either 1)don’t ever go into the store together or 2)don’t shop at the same publix on a regular basis because as an employee I generally tend to see the same people and know who is with who, especially if they are walking into the store together and going to the same car at the end of the transactions each with their own cart..I would think 4 carts at the same car would be pretty noticeable. So it would only be a matter of time before a manager stepped in to prevent that.

        • karen

          But the policy seems to be a per person not per household, so the above scenario should work.

          • Jenna

            Certain portions of the policy is per household.

        • Lana

          Liz it doesn’t matter if 10 people shopped and went to the same car you can’t ask for their ID to match their last names/ or address. They could all be church members that carpool. Just admit the loopholes in this new policy a large enough for Bigfoot to jump through. Perhaps a loyalty card would cut down on the multiples just a tiny bit.

      • jane

        I don’t think they will not let you shop separately you are making the effort to take you entire family grocery shopping just to save a few dollars that will be very inconsiderate of that manager to stop you, just have every one have their coupons and money to pay separately

      • Kathy

        My question is how desperate are you that you need 32 of anything each week? My kids would rather go without than have to go grocery shopping with me each week.

      • Chris

        Obviously there’s loopholes, but the number of families willing to go through that process are very very small.

    • Wendy

      You tell me not to panic and then calmly list that we can now only use one $ off total per day! I’m panicking!! That is the main way we save on groceries because we buy almost entirely fresh meat and produce and no packaged products. Sales are great but that extra 10% off the top (since my Enjoy the City are now $5 off $50 Winn-Dixie) really helps. Not saying I can blame them, but I’m still bummed :(

      • karen

        You can still have a friend or relative go with you and pay in a separate transaction.

      • karen

        You can still have a friend or relative go with you and pay in a separate transaction.

        • Billy

          To clarify, it’s per household. A friend could do it but not a relative, ie. Can’t have your son/husband/wife/mom etc… Do it on a separate order.

          • Sarah

            Unless the relative does not live in the same household as them :)

      • Jim

        get a job like the rest of us.

        • Wendy

          I don’t even know how this relates to my comment…

    • Jennifer

      I am actually kind of excited about these changes! Maybe now I will be able to get some of the REALLY good deals the DAY the sale starts. Like, with the kids Suave shampoo for 11 cents a few weeks back- I only wanted 3-4, & I went to the store the DAY the sale started and the shelf was clean! I ended up getting 2 on the very last day of the sale, but it was rather disappointing, considering my store normally carries 15-20 of this item. Also, my store only accepts Kroger coupons as competitor, so I don’t really get any good deals there anyways.

      As long as my area Publix doesn’t stop doubling coupons, I’m GREAT! :) That is really where I get a ton of my savings!

      • kim

        You are fortunate to have double coupons. There are none in the Jacksonville, FL area that do that.

    • Beth Ann

      I have 5 publix’s within 5 miles of eachother where I live so looks like ill have to go to 3 or 4 different stores in one day because I use the winn Dixie coupons 3 or 4 at a time. lousy policy.

      • Karen

        Actually, I’m impressed that you can locate that many Winn Dixie coupons…but I think one per person is fair.

        • andrea


        • Beth Ann

          Lol. You have to buy a minimum of 75 enjoy the city books at a time. I have to feed a family of 6. Are you new to couponing??

    • pdnr

      From the comments I’ve read, I think the problem Publix is having with competitor coupons is the multiple Winn Dixie $5 coupons many of you are using. At least you can be thankful they didn’t decide to exclude Winn Dixie coupons altogether like they did the CVS coupons a while back.

    • K

      “You can use a maximum of 2 coupons per item – a manufacturer coupon and either a Publix store coupon or competitor coupon.”

      That’s the only thing that makes me sad. No more stacking a MF, Store, and Competitor coupon on one item. :(

      • Liz

        You should have never been able to do that, that was part of the policy since day one.

      • jane

        I was never able to use more than 2 coupons per items either store or competitor and MFG and my store limit 5 sale item per customer include BOGO so using 10 identical coupons per customer and I $5 winn dixie coupon per customer so there is actually no change for me except now only 4 BOGO deals to use 8 coupns

      • Ann

        My Publix in Atlanta always allowed the three to stack together as well. So sad, but still the best coupon-friendly grocery store in my area.

        • Jim

          Thats because people call and complain, then the manager, to keep from getting bitched at by the district manager from the complaints, just let it go.

      • Jpenn17

        You should have never been allowed to stack 3 coupons on one item. The policy that has already been in place limits one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item. A competitor coupon is a store coupon so using all 3 would be using 2 store coupons and a manufacturer coupon on one item. If your store was letting you do that, they were doing so against store policy.

    • jane

      My only concern is that I print my coupons on a black and white laser jet printer and I hope they don’t think it’s a copied coupon since its black and white. I always have problems with the ink jet printer the coupons almost never scan

      • Cari

        I’ve never had any problems

      • Julie

        It’s really easy to tell if a coupon has been printed or photocopied. If the cashier knows his/hers stuff, it should be no problem!

        • Joy Ellis

          I print my coupons off at home and it’s always black and white. So is that going to be an issue? And my friends and I trade coupons I don’t think they have been copied how can I tell?

    • bbraines

      I am excited about this! I’ve went on several occasions where the shelves were wiped out due to people’s hoarding addictions OR fraud. I apologize if I offend anyone but it’s not possible to go to Publix on the first day of sale. I don’t like dealing with rain checks either.

    • Toni

      This is great. Only one thing here will change the way I shop, and it’s in my favor. My Publix accepts only 4 of the same coupon. I rarely have more than 4 anyway, but its nice to know that if I ever have 8, I would be able to use them.

      • Toni

        My Florida Publixes, it turns out, refuse to follow their own coupon policy. They never allow more than four of the same coupon. ( I finally tried using 6 of the same coupon, once, and was not allowed to do so.)

    • Linda

      My 50 cents coupon wasn’t doubled today at Publix. Have they stopped doubling?

      • Makayla


      • Jim

        They don’t double in Florida. Depends on the state.

      • Aubrey

        They have not stopped doubling- except in Florida. However, Publix and competitor coupons are never doubled.

      • Kathy

        Did you check to see if your coupon said ‘do not double?’ I’m just asking because that happened to me one time..my 50 cent coupon didn’t double so I asked, and she showed me where it said do not double. I hadn’t even noticed that before, so now I check all of them so I’ll know what to expect when I check out.

    • Sue

      I think the new policy is great because I hate seeing these hoarders buy 25 or 30 of the same product and turn around and get all this stuff for free with all the coupons they have then have yard sales to sell the stuff they got for free!

      • Sharon

        I agree with you there I have not been couponing in quite a while , but I plan on getting back to it. When I had an abundance of something I just gave it away to a family in need. My plan is to do the same this time around .

      • debby

        My only comment to that is I agree with parts of it. I only buy a large quantity of an item with permission of management, and then only when for the food pantry for whom I buy. For my family, I shouldn’t need to get more than 8 at a time. Those who buy the items or get them for free then sell at yard sales are going against the policy – None sold to dealers at these prices. If you are buying to re-sell at a price higher than what you paid, you are a dealer. Many coupons state this also. Stop breaking the rules. There’s always been a limit of one dollar off order coupon. They just never pushed the issue. I only use one a day no matter how many I have. It’s just good business.

    • practicality

      I love Publix and can roll with the changes but I find the new raincheck policy limiting and a bit confusing. Even if I can somehow interpret, “You may only get 1 rain check per item per day per household.” to include up to 10 items (scratching my head to figure out why I would need multiple rain checks per item anyway)—what hurts is the loss of the coupons I planned to use on them. It was rare to buy more than 4 of any item so I am no shelf clearer. My Publix is the best–so well stocked and clean and they are so good to me…but there were times when that raincheck with coupons meant a lot (to so many of us, especially to a family coping with cancer). I appreciate my Publix but the new coupon policy WILL affect my family.

      As for the limit of one coupon off total order per day per household–one a day was always the rule. Still, it was absurd to separate everything into two orders–just to use two coupons. I shopped only once or twice a month (I even care about lowering our carbon footprint). Now, I have no choice but to use gas, energy, and time to shop on multiple days if I want savings. In the bigger picture, I wonder if Publix will take a loss on this long term?! When I lump everything together, I tend to “finish my list” but when I must plan multiple trips, I focus on and stick to cost or skip the second trip and frills to make up for the loss.

      I do NOT shop at Target because of the way they manipulate coupons as a marketing tool. There must be a profit in forcing folks to shop with a buddy in order to use sufficient coupons. I find the practice to be discriminatory. Not all of us are social butterflies. Except for daily phone contact with family far away, our time and energy goes to survival. Anyone I ask says they don’t shop at Target because of high prices anyway. Since Target is a competitor, will Publix do this next?!

      • Publix2002

        Hi, I work for Publix and I can explain a little of the reasoning behind this. The not rain checks on coupons thing should hopefully not be an issue in the long run because they are limiting how many identical coupons you can use at once. I work at a store that has a lot of extreme couponers and I can’t count how many times a week we are out of a produce because the shelf has been whipped out or the warehouse runs out because these people take everything the stores in the area have. Ultimately this limit on identical coupons should hopefully help keep the stores stocked so it is fair to every customer who wants to take advantage of the deal. So, if the product is there, you should not need to get a raincheck on the coupon.
        I don’t really like the limit on the dollar off total thing either but I understand their reasoning. Again, it’s mostly the extreme couponers that ruin it for the majority. It is a hassle for the other customers to have to wait behind someone who has a huge stack of these $5 off $30 coupons and has to separate every order. If it is two or three, it usually moves quickly but I have several customers that will break a $300 order into $30 increments to use 10 coupons. This can cause a huge back-up on the lines on the front and then customers get mad they have to wait longer.
        As a veteran Publix employee I ask everyone to please be patient and try to be understanding. If this new policy has too many issues, corporate will revise it as needed. They are just trying to make it fair for everyone. Publix is still a customer-oriented company. Try not to lose faith. And please remember that the people at the store are only following procedures that are handed down to them and they are without control. They are being told to not make any exceptions to this policy for anyone because there are many people who have been told one thing at one store and other things at other stores because everyone isn’t following procedures. This leads to complaints and unhappy customers. Publix is trying to do their best to handle a large, company-wide issue. It is the dishonest people who ruin it for everyone, so please try not to be angry at Publix.

    • Angel Bingham

      After speaking with a manager, I can confidently say WHY this change is going into effect… Publix lost one BILLION dollars last year in coupon fraud. That’s a LOT of money for any company. Publix is very coupon friendly, but the bad seeds have forced them to try and curtail the problem. The $5/30 limit sucks, but some stores already do that. Take the kids. :)

      • James

        The limit is one dollar off total order coupon per day per household…bring the whole family and you can still use just 1 coupon

        • kitkat

          correct! AND they’ll be watching to see if you DO, when you say,”I’ll just go to another cashier!”…

        • Angel Bingham

          I am going by what I was told and what I read on here. I will be online in the morning to read the changes on the Publix site. I have never been one to abuse the policy, and I do not intend on starting now.

    • vixtor

      Yesss. Now all the ratchet people are going back to walmart

    • vixtor

      Yesss. Now all the ratchet people are going back to walmart

    • Julie

      I worked at publix for 8 years and two years ago was THE WORST. Cashiering was true hell. People tried coupon scamming, or arguing with us until they either stormed out or we got so tired of them we just let them use the coupon. I’m not working at Publix any more, but I am VERY glad that rules have changed!

    • Heather

      Thats why i quit i knew with all these stupid changes the company will go down fast i am glad i left. I dont even shop thier

      • Debbie Reiter

        I’m actually very happy that people with your attitude won’t shop there anymore. The company will prosper more now. The extreme couponers are only a small total of Publix shoppers. The other customers will now be able to buy product not usually left on the shelf and use their manufacturer coupon which will be redeemed but won’t lose money on other competitors coupons. Good riddance!

        • Karen

          I agree with Debbie. This is a BUSINESS, people. Either follow the rules or shop somewhere else.

      • Jim

        Heather, you mean you were fired.

      • Jessica Moll


    • Kim

      I just want to make sure I understand, so I can’t split my order up in $30 increments to use the $5 off $30 Winn Dixie coupon anymore? It’s only 1 per day even if I split them up?? :(

      • Mel

        that’s right u can’t

      • Elsa

        Yep! Totally stinks! :-(

      • Ariana Vire

        Just have your husband go with you or some else,take separate carts and use the two winn Dixie coupon. They will know no difference. It works every time!

      • Ariana Vire

        Just have your husband go with you or some else,take separate carts and use the two winn Dixie coupon. They will know no difference. It works every time!

    • Stephanisat

      If Publix is no longer going to accept coupons on a mobile device’s screen, then I really with they would fix their ecoupons. They don’t work.

    • Connie

      No mobile coupons;( that is about the only one i use

    • Gayles

      What does the BOGO (separate purchase) rule mean ? Can we still use coupons on both BOGO items ?

      • Kathy

        It means they ring up half price as individual items, so yes, you can still use coupons on each one.

    • Kat

      Does that mean Florida shoppers now can buy just one item of a BOGO and get the 1/2 price?

      • Heather Peek

        Florida law requires you to buy one item at full price and then you get the second item for free.

        • GG

          I’m in Florida and Publix just switch from a true BOGO (buy one get the other gor $0) to charging both and then discount one. Why is that?

    • gabrielamoralesperez

      Uck, this one cashier is so annoying. She always asks anyone who looks over 40 if they qualify for the senior discount. She prefaces this with “Dont take this the wrong way but do you get the senior discount?”. Yesterday she says to me “Just to give you a heads up, starting, well I dont know when, but there is gonna be a new policy and. I just want to let you know….” so I said well I know ALL about it, thank you very much and it will not have any effect on me whatsoever.

    • Andrea

      Thanks for all your fabulous information, Jenny.
      You are an amazing resource.
      As for all the whining here…it’s just dumb. Life isn’t fair, folks!

      “Someone took all the 11 cent shampoo.” Sob.

    • Sally Steadman

      Thanks for the info. I’m a big printable coupon user. Unfortunately, they don’t always scan. Normally the cashier will input the barcode numbers when they won’t scan, but no more. I understand, however, I won’t know if they’ll scan until I get to the checkout, so I will just end up having those items removed from my total by the cashier when this occurs. I do notice that quite a few stores have stopped doing this with printable coupons.
      Still hard to beat the Publix BOGO, store coupon, manufacturer coupon deals!
      Love Southern Savers, BTW. Thank You!!!

      • proudmommyof4

        Check your printer settings. I had that problem when I printed coupons on the “draft” (uses least amount of ink) setting. When I switched to “normal” (uses the in-between amount of ink), they would scan without a problem.

    • Robin

      The cashier at my Publix told me they would no longer accept coupons that didn’t specify sizes, which is a lot of the coupons out there. So one of the 1.00 off any size Crest mouth rinse they would no longer take. Or .55 off any State Fair corn dogs. My last trip would have eliminated almost half of those coupons and I’m just someone who buys two or three of the deals I actually use regularly. Has anyone else been told this?

      • Carey Blalock

        Yes! I just left the prominence point publix in canton georgia. The cashier told me the same thing. I explained to her that that would be fine and I would probably be taking my coupons and business to competition across the street!!

    • Terri Harrison

      Today, I went to my local Publix with my 8 coupons and a list of a few other things I needed. Anyway, one of the coupons was the $1 off 2 Green Giant frozen vegetables. So, simple math tells me, I have 8 coupons, the deal is for 2 items so that comes to 16 items total. I get to the register and only after a couple behind me has started unloading their buggy and my transaction is almost complete does my cashier inform me that she will only be able to take four of my coupons because I went over the limit. First, let me say that I am VERY particular about learning and knowing ALL of the coupon policies of my most shopped stores, so I knew that she had to be mistaken. I reminded her that the new policy only limits us to 8 coupons, not items. She and I go back and forth for a minute while the couple behind me get aggravated and finally she calls over a manager. She explains what is happening and the manager turns to me and says, “This one time I am going to let this slide but you can only have 8 items next time.” I almost fell over. First, the policy is not supposed to start “Officially” until the 18th. Second, I had read the new policy at least three times since I heard it had changed, and nowhere did/does it say 8 items. Third, I can’t believe a manager of Publix does not know his own coupon policy. I called the Corporate office and a regonal manager informed we the store manager was correct and the limit was 8 coupons (one item per coupon). Has anyone else heard of this?

    • DCollette

      Question: I was told today that Publix is no longer accepting internet printed coupons…is this true? I am not reading it anywhere on here but may have overlooked it.

      • Janice

        Publix will still accept printed manufacturer coupons, however they must be legible (if the cashier can’t read any of the fine print they may not take it), must have an expiration date, and must have a size listed for the item. If a coupon does not list a specific size but says “any” (for example: “50 cents off any size Breyers Ice Cream”), that still counts as a size and they should still take it.

        Also, photocopied coupons are not accepted and that includes online printed coupons. I believe this is because some people will photocopy $5 off total order coupons they have printed online.

    • randee

      My publix told me that they are no longer accepting Target coupons because they are no longer considered a “grocery competitor.” Has anyone else been told this or is that manager just being stingy?

    • jstinard

      I went today and was told only 8 of the same item was allowed. I had 5 q’s for halls $1/2. She said i could only get 8 and use 4 q’s!! Is this right?