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publix ending double coupons

Here’s a special “Merry Christmas” message from Publix…

Starting New Years Day most Publix stores in South Carolina will no longer double coupons.  This could include other areas, but so far I only have confirmation for my state.

They are moving SC stores under the Charlotte Division and that means no doubles to match what they are doing in NC.  Here’s a message that one reader in Charleston got from Corporate:

 “Our coupon acceptance guidelines were recently revised in an effort to offer more valuable savings to our customers. As a result, we will no longer double coupons in our Charlotte Division stores. This decision will allow Publix to offer better prices and programs, while continuing to offer quality products, a clean shopping environment and exceptional customer service.

We will continue our commitment to helping our customers save money with our coupon friendly policy, which includes accepting manufacturer’s coupons, Publix coupons, Internet coupons and coupons from nearby competitors, as well as offering savings through our Digital Coupons program, flyers and weekly ads.”

I have always pointed out to folks in Florida and North Carolina that double coupons doesn’t really add massive savings on for us.  Pulling up the current Publix ad there are only 8 deals that would be better if your store doubles coupons.  Assuming you bought all 8 of them that would be a difference of $4 off in the store.  It doesn’t seem as bad when you look at it like that.

Now that I’ve given my diplomatic answer, here are my real thoughts…
Living in an area with another store that double coupons regularly,  and accept more competitor coupons than Publix (namely Bi-Lo), I just lost some of my loyalty to Publix.  The sentence where they mention “better prices and programs” because of not doubling is pr hogwash.  You’ll find the exact same sales and somewhat higher prices in most stores in FL and NC where they currently don’t double. You’ll also find in NC many other stores that double coupons higher than Publix, and they still offer mobile coupons, take competitor coupons and have lots of the same deals.  This doesn’t make for a hard decision.

Thanks for the Christmas cheer Publix, I feel all warm and bubbly inside…

What do you think about this change?

    • YoAdrienne

      This is really disappointing news. Kroger made the same “better prices” claim when they stopped doubling coupons. It’s been two or three years since they did that, and I have yet to see them. I usually go where the best prices are, and I suspect I’ll be shopping at Publix a lot less often. They have already been going downhill, and this just gives me one less reason to to shop there. They’re out of my way, and the traffic getting there is awful, so they’ll have to have some really good deals in order to make it worthwhile to go there. At least they’re not jerks about self-printed coupons, like Kroger and Food Lion are. For now, anyway.

    • Marrianne

      I live in Florida so this doesn’t effect me but I am sorry for those who have lost this service. But I was used to this I think I would definitely support stores that were still working with me.

    • mommalana

      Bah Humbug! I really prefer shopping at my local Bi-Lo over my Publix anyway but Bi-Lo sales have not been great since they changed management at the top so I guess we will see. I lost loyalty to my Publix store awhile back when management changed and it is no longer a friendly shopping experience.

    • Amy L

      Socked in the gut! Really? This is their answer to the thousands of couponers who love to shop where they love to save? Wow! I am truly disappointed and will continue to price compare. BOGOs alone will probably keep me and any printables that are higher than 50 cents will probably still keep me engaged.

    • tami

      i live in Florida, thank you very much, and am glad the playing field is leveled. I am so tired of seeing the prices on the weekly ad for item matchups and them being at least a dollar higher down here.

    • Christin

      Wow! I love shopping at Publix for just that reason: the double coupons plus the bogos. I really don’t shop there for anything else. I really like the stores in our areas: good service,friendly staff. But we are on a budget; I go where the deals are. Oh look.. Aldis!

    • Tiffani

      It’s not about leveling a playing field. Anyone who is glad that other people are paying more $$ def should not be sharing that kind of negativity on this, a blog that has saved so many so much $$. I, for one, am sorry that Publix has made such a move and pray that my area and others around me are not affected. Merry Christmas anyway!

    • Rebecca

      I live in FL where nobody doubles coupons, so this doesn’t affect me. Publix has been the best store in my area to save money at for a little over 6 years now. I do think the “better prices and programs” is likely a bunch of baloney. :) But let me also mention that they are not obligated to double coupons and if another store does then you are free to take your money there.

    • Julia Simpson

      My Publix in South GA is no longer accepting UPromise. Unsure about Saving Star which is used under the UPromise card. Does anyone have any info on that?

      • They are still working with SavingStar, but not using the card like they have been. You’ll need to take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the SavingStar app after shopping.

    • Coupon Dad

      If Publix pulls this crap in GA, then Kroger will be numero uno in my book.

    • Mal

      My Publix in Augusta, GA just told me they’ll stop doubling on Jan 1.

    • Coupon Mom

      Bye Bye Publix. Surely they don’t think with those high prices they will continue to have the same business. That was a stupid move considering they are right under Harris Teeter with those high prices. As they can see the coupon world is growing. Food is very expensive and everyone’s looking to save. I guess they haven’t learned South Carolina but they will definitely get a rude awakening here in Charleston. I can guarantee you that.

    • shelly15

      A lot of times, the electronic coupons do not work that they offer on their website. I have to print my coupon list each time I plan to use them to show I do have them loaded. They usually manually override it. I have had the cashiers tell me their electronic coupons do not work very well. They have good sales, but their prices are high and usually if you have an offset, it balances out. With all the fallout, I do not see it.

      • YoAdrienne

        Since they updated their e-coupon web page, there is no “print coupon list” option. Not really a huge loss since the old version was of the print list was HORRIBLE. Half the time I don’t even have a list with me that I can show them. The only option left for having one is using “Print Preview”, and that’s a huge waste of paper and ink, unless you want to shrink things down to where you can’t read anything.

    • LMitchell

      I moved from Charleston S.C. to Charlotte N.C. about two years ago and to my surprise they didn’t double any coupons. Yes the prices are higher and they should expect to lose some of there customers. Publix is the closest Store to me, however I bypass them to go to Harris Teeters because they double.

    • Reality Chex

      I appreciate your “real thoughts”. Thanks !

    • becky

      They already lost a good deal of business from me when they quit accepting Target coupons. Their digital coupons are a joke. I like the customer service, but I definately don’t get the deals I used to.

    • Sharon

      What a shame I liked shopping at Publix. I live near Augusta GA. SOO
      . BYE BYE Publix Hello Aldis!

    • bess

      Grew up in Fl when Publix was a baby. Now live in SC. Much rather go to Publix than Ingles or BiLo. BUT Harris Teeter just announced a brand new store to be built in Greenville. That will test my loyalty to Publix.

      • tori729

        Really? In SC? Cool!!

        • VickieG

          I live in Greenville too and I can not wait for Harris Teeter!! I make the long drive to Hendersonville every time they do super doubles so I’m excited for a closer store!

      • Thom1977

        Where is HT going to be? Excited about this addition. They was 1 when I moved to Greenville in 2000, but it closed.

      • Kristi

        We’re also getting Lowe’s Foods in greer soon!

    • Andrea

      Wow! I’m in the Winston Salem area of NC and we are getting our first Publix in NC, outside of Charlotte area, this spring. I’m not really excited for it now. I will continue shopping at my Harris Teeter.

      • April Carroll

        Publix doesn’t double coupons in NC anyway….

    • Susan

      I’m in the Greenville/Spartanburg area and this is this first I’ve heard about it. The Publix where I shop never accepted Target coupons, and only accepted coupons from Bi-Lo or Ingles, which never issue any in the first place. Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen the sign stating that for a while, so they may have stopped. I’m not sure that this new policy will matter much to me; there are rarely any coupons worth my while in the Sunday inserts. I don’t find that Publix’ regular prices are considerably higher than the other stores around me and, truthfully, the Bi-Lo and Ingles near me are so awful that I don’t shop there anyway. I think manufacturers are steering away towards coupons and this will be part of the progression towards that.

    • Deb

      Hello BI-LO, here I come for all grocery shopping.

    • Sandy Hess

      good By. Harris Teeter has always been the best for coupons!!!!!!!

    • Tanya

      Well…….Bilo will get all my business then. Bye Bye Publix!

    • johnstka

      Publix used to have the cheaper sale prices compared to Bi-lo, but I have noticed this month they’ve been higher for somethings (Chex BOGO this last week for example). I find Bi-Lo’s computer system is awful and always seem to have coupons that won’t scan and the cashier has to push about a dozen keys or get management over to get them through. I’m spoiled with coupon doubling and have always pitied other regions when I shop there and coupons don’t double.

    • whisnms

      I suppose that I will still shop at Publix if they choose to stop doubling in my area (Atlanta Metro), seeing as how neither Kroger nor Walmart doubles, but it will only be for the things that I cannot find at Aldi. Publix service in this area is superior to anywhere else. I can actually go shopping there and not have to worry that my blood pressure is going to go through the roof.

    • Pam Giesy Rippy

      I live near Athens, Georgia and if Publix quits doubling coupons I will have to start shopping at Walmart. Although it will pain me to do so. Publix is just too expensive without the coupons. I have noticed that I haven’t been saving as much with coupons lately so something is up. I just can’t make myself use off-brands at Aldi’s and Ingle’s seems expensive. The Kroger stores are a hot, disorganized mess so they are out as well. I HATE the half aisles at Kroger and Ingles.

      • mommalana

        Aldi will give you your money back for any product you do not like if you keep your receipt. I have shopped at Aldi for 15 years and most of their products are equal or better than name brand. You should give them a chance!

      • YoAdrienne

        I have always found Aldi’s “off-brand” products to be as good, if not better than the name brands. A lot of them are the same stuff that’s in their own packaging, according to an article I read a while back.

    • April Carroll

      I live in NC now, but I use to live in SC. I rarely use coupons any more because I buy mostly fresh food, so this change would not affect me at all even if I still lived in SC.

    • tori729

      This is really really disappointing. I really like Publix. In fact, I’ve been going there way more than Bi-Lo because they’re so friendly. I’ve never paid attention to my coupons that closely because the stores I go to always double so this is really disappointing. I’m going today so I’m going to confirm it at my store.
      With Bi-Lo accepting all kinds of competitor coupons, I may just be going there more.

    • Alison_V

      I would not be surprised if they didn’t go that route in Chattanooga since Food City bought out all our BiLos.

    • pdnr

      I’m so disappointed. First, they stopped the mystery coupon and now this. I’ll still shop at Publix but there are many convenience items that I only buy because of double coupons. I won’t be buying many Pillsbury items for example. I’m very concerned that now with Kroger and Publix doing away with double coupons that Bilo will soon follow. That’s the last double coupon store in my area.

    • rita

      I shop at Aldi for my fruits,vegetables, snacks, dairy, can goods , bread, etc, that I do not have coupons to help with the price. I shop Publix and Kroger for items that Aldi does not carry and for items that I have coupons on. Publix has such expensive prices that I can only get special deals that are bogo with manif. coupons that double and store coupons. Kroger is a lifesaver when mega sales and great deals on marked down meat, and other marked down items.

      • rita

        Also Kroger sends out great free item coupons and cents off coupons frequently via mail.

    • Super Home School Mom

      In Oct, my store started ringing bells and clapping when people donated to charity. I have a problem with noises and particularly the frequencies from brass. I also have a problem with people needing to be publicly praised for doing a good act – seems ok for a 5 year old, but for adults, I find it tacky. I returned a movie to my publix in Nov before Tgiving, and immediately left since the bells were still ringing. Last week, my favorite 15 year cashier asked where I’d been, and he said they are still ringing the bells. I wrote corporate, and all I could get out of them was word from the manager that the bells increased donations and they would continue. Nah, I think the holiday season increased donations and I won’t be continuing to shop there. I have found that other Publix don’t make the noises, but since they are not convenient, I will find somewhere else to purchase my groceries. Time for them to go public corporate since they are losing the special Publix touch..

      • Diane

        I used to work at a Publix, and while I loved my job and still love Publix, I have a major issue with this too. We used to get in trouble if we didn’t ask every customer to donate. I’m sorry, but if I see someone come through my line with torn clothes buying a can of soup, I’m not asking that person to donate. It’s insulting and makes me feel pretty awful. The managers are all for it because the more money their stores get from donations, the bigger their bonuses are. It’s really kinda sick. I mean, all the money still goes to the charity, they are paid bonuses from corporate but I hate the ding ding ding too. I still refuse to donate and I don’t feel bad about it anymore. We donate to enough charities through the year, we shouldn’t feel guilty for not giving a dollar every time we run into the store to get stuff. This goes for all stores. STOP THE GUILT!!

        • Super Home School Mom

          Diane, Thank you for that bit of insider information. Incentivizing fundraising on the management level. Hmph.

    • lisa smith

      hahahaha, this is so not funny. When Kroger stoppled doubling, it trickled to almost all their stores. The promises of even more savings was the biggest lie I ever read. In fact their prices were the same or higher almost immediately. Once again, we are going through a rough time. Beggers cant be choosers when there are hungry children to be fed. I will continue to shop for many items at Aldi’s. Everything else will be based on the best deals in all of the sales ad’s. Thankfully I have a large selection of store’s in a two mile radius. I have little money but plenty of time. Unless Publix has great deals on BOGO’s, I dont shop there any more. I find that many BOGO’s are higher in price per item than buying them elsewhere with a coupon. Their prices have soared. The deals I use to get with doubles at Publix, no longer exist. Even with coupons, we cant afford many items. Aldis to the rescue. generic cookies, chips , and cereal are pretty good. Love 1.49 eggs. We dont have money to be high and mighty.

    • Sporksoma

      None of the stores in a 100 mile radius from me double coupons except Fred’s, and Fred’s only doubles the first of each kind of coupon and only on Saturdays. I haven’t shopped Fred’s in over a year, if that gives you a hint as to how well their doubling works.

      I like Publix, but they are expensive. Winn Dixie is also expensive. I’ve found that a lot of the smaller, independent stores in my area are much cheaper, and I can price match at Wal Mart, use coupons, and get rebates via Ibotta and other apps that save more money. Also, Target and their cartwheels and store coupons AND mobile coupons AND mfq save us tons. And getting in bulk from Sam’s, jet, boxed, and Amazon.

    • Jennifer Carter Stokes

      Where I am at in HHI, SC they don’t double. Which is why I make a point to shop in Savannah (25 minutes away) because they do. It is insulting to give that cookie cutter response as if we are unable to see right through. You would think their PR department would wait to release said info as this is a high volume time of year. Not smart Publix…

    • SueH

      I am truly disappointed because I usually save from $4-$8 per week with double coupons. There may just be $4 worth in this week’s ad, but that is if you just buy one of each item. We couponers seldom buy just one of anything.

      I use a lot of coupons at Publix because they double, which makes the item cheaper that at Walmart. While I will continue to shop at Publix, I will not be spending as much. My stockpile will probably start shrinking soon, but that’s okay. And, like Jenny, I will start spending more at Bi-Lo. Even though their system rejects about half the coupons and they have to be manually entered.

      Bi-Lo is the only store that I have seen that has actually lowered some prices since the price of gas/diesel came down. All stores should be doing this, since they are now spending about 60% of what they used to on fuel to distribute their merchandise to their stores.

      Also, is Publix soon going to make all of their stores “true BOGO land” stores, where you have to buy 2 to get the deal?

    • Annette

      I will still shop at Publix, but am disappointed. I do not think that Publix will lower their prices as they stated.

    • Betty Scruggs

      Moe Bi-Lo & Ingles…less Publix…still no Walmart…will miss going as often & will be taxing scrutinizing WHERE to use certain coupons…kinda like only using $0.55-$0.65 coupons at Bi-lo….Hopefully ALL couponers will curb their shopping there & Publix will notice at least a decrease in traffic…gotta get more creative now…not much left to “cut back”…and sorry Aldi’s folks…other than produce, if you’re an experienced couponer…there are better savings to be had at reg. groc. stores…though less so @ Publix now…one more instance of business first, customer/store loyalty second. I (mistakenly) thought Publix was better than this…and giving us the corporate-speak lie to top it off…probably explained by a change in upper middle mgmt…trying to increase his bottom line. While I’m sure there are some “bad guys”, I hope Publix realizes that all they’re doing is taking food off of regular folks’ tables…either buy decreasing their buying power or raising their gas bill (driving PAST the Publix stores) Merry Christmas, Greedy Publix.

    • Loraine Rivas

      I did not shop Publix before I started couponing because they are so expensive, even though it is about 6 miles closer to my house than Bi-Lo and it has excellent customer service! I spent the majority of my money at Bi-Lo. I guess I am headed back there where they have actually lowered prices, they still double coupons and the customer service is improving by leaps and bounds. Sorry Publix but I live on a tight budget. Publix is also no longer doing the UPromise/SavingStar. :(

    • A Goodwin

      Disappointing because I thought coupon doubling would trickle down to fl. Simple fact is publix is the nicest store here. Aldi, Walmart and Winn Dixie are ok, but they’re not publix. They have nowhere near the variety of product offerings that publix has. The other stores are improving on customer service but when I go to them for a specific product, they usually never have it and publix usually does. And even if it is more expensive like some say, we shop there because the expensie makes it somewhat exclusive.

    • dweeb

      I think it stinks!!! Publix used to be my “go-to” main store I shop at. This along with changes in Upromise & Savingstar will change that. I’m sure I’ll still go there for SOME things, but not like I did.

      • Sarah

        I agree with you I will do the same as you. I will be going to Bilo and Ingles more….llike I used to!!

    • kaoscasa

      No more Publix for me then!! They are considerably higher in price than BiLo or Ingles.

    • Linda Morgan Johnson

      I rarely go to Kroger since they stopped doubling, unless I just can’t find an item at any other store. Now the same thing applies to Publix because their regular pricing without doubling Q’s is just astronomical and not worth my time or effort. Walmart and Food Lion are 1 1/2 miles from my house. Publix and Kroger are 7 miles. …..DUH!!!

    • Betty

      We recently got and Aldi in Boiling Springs SC four miles from my house but I was going the nine miles to Publix and using lots of coupons. Guess it’s Bi Lo and Ingles now though Ingles is so picky I don’t try to use many coupons there.

    • Tennille Lockard

      These means that Publix is going to lost a lot of business because of this. I’ll continue to shop at Bi-Lo and Piggly Wiggly. I’m cool with that. I always thought they were higher than the other stores!!!

    • steve cross

      I loved shopping at publix, I just went on their website and let them know that. I also let them know that I will be shopping more at bilo now because of their policy change. I think if enough folks did the same they might rethink their policy change idea. I think it would be a good idea if Jenny had her army of couponers join in the fight. I’m sure there are enough people who use this website to make a difference.

      • Sarah

        I agree….I already complained to corporate….I wish everyone would do this

      • Katie

        Good idea! I’ll write in to corporate too

    • Amy L

      Publix actually stopped doubling on Dec 30th! Went in today to use the last of my 50 Cent Qs and was SORELY disappointed!

    • Sarah

      I will still buy some things at Publix….but not like I was. I will be taking all the coupons that double back across the street (literally across the street) to Ingles, where I shopped before Publix started doubling. And I will begin to shop at Bilo again…..they still double and accept any competitors coupons!!! Bad move Publix…..you know you’re lying about cutting the prices!

    • Katie

      Since the bilo stores have closed in my area (chattanooga, tn), I have really missed being able to double coupons up to .60. Food city doesn’t double which really had me shopping even more at publix since bilo closed. Now if publix won’t double up to .50 coupons anymore I’ll probably be shopping there a less. Food city is near my house and publix isnt. I have been driving further to publix but I’ll likely just go to food city once the coupon policy changes up. Why waste the gas! :( We only have walmart, publix, and food city here. Nobody doubles after this publix change in policy.

    • Angela Fritze Chadwick

      I had no prior notice before today. Publix used to be my favorite store. NOT anymore. I lost $8 on my order today. So off to BiLo I go…. Happy New Year to you to Publix

    • zacko343

      I am disappointed because in the area of Columbia SC I live in, the two Bi-Lo stores near me are terrible. I find that they do not always mark the item on sale, so I am constantly looking at the sale paper to verify or they are out of a product. I prefer Publix because of the professionalism and store setups and have always forgone some extra fuel perks for this reason. When Kroger gave up doubling coupons, I gave up going to them. Oh well, time will tell