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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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The Mystery Penny Item at Publix for Sunday & Monday 5/10- 5/11 is: Publix Potato Chips
(some stores vary)

**If your store has substituted something else but still has this item in stock you can ask to get the corporate decided item and most stores will let you**

You can get the Penny item with any purchase that is $10 or more before coupons. There is a Mystery Penny Item coupon in the Publix Sunday Ad every week. Some stores do not require this coupon, but many have changed and do require it now, check with your store to find their policy.

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Don’t forget the list of  Health & Beauty Advantage Buy deals.

**Note: FL and Coastal GA stores do not participate in the Penny Item promotion**

I hope to grab the new Yellow Advantage Buy flyer on our way into town tonight.  Look for the deals tonight or tommorow.

Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Lizel

      I am having a problem with my Publix not taking Food Lion and Target coupons. They say they are not a competitor. I have 2 Food Lion’s and 1 Target within 10 miles of my Publix. I called the district manager but he says the same. Should I go to the next person and see if they will change or just start going to another Publix.

    • Jenny

      I would try another Publix if they are having problems with Food Lion. The Target coupons most Publix stores are no longer taking so you might not be able to find a store to take those. If Food Lion is in your city they should take those!

    • Paula

      If there is no Food Lion close to your Publix the manager can make the decision not to take the coupons. They are not considered a competitor unless they are within 5 miles of the store (sometimes less). That is the policy. A manager makes the call. A manager can also say no to a competitor even if it is in the parking lot in front of the store (such as Walgreen’s, CVS and Rite Aids).
      Read Jenny’s post on Publix Coupon Policy.

    • Paula

      You are going to love the deals in the new Yellow Advantage Buy flyer. Although most of the coupons in it are Manufacter Coupons and not the Publix coupons.
      Just a reminder to Couponers, MOST Publix stores are now telling everyone that you must have the .01¢ coupon for the penny item when you come in. Also, it is ONE deal per customer per day. We will no longer let someone separate their orders so they can get more than one penny items.
      Check at your Customer Service Desk – some Publix may still do this (ours won’t).

    • Melissa C.

      Paula, not trying to start anything, I rarely even go for the penny item, but why would Publix be like that? Only one penny item per person per day. I mean, all the penny item is is a gimmick to get people in the store to spend more money.
      If someone says to me, only one penny item, then I’m only going to spend $10 and get my penny item. But if they say get as many as you want, then I may spend $50 to get 5 penny items. Publix has made a heck of alot more off me than they’ve lost selling me something for a penny.
      I just don’t understand the attitude of store managers that feel like penny item shoppers are taking advantage, when actually they could end up making more off of them with that deal.
      And as far as the having to have the coupon…if I come in and spend $10, they ought to be offering me the penny item if I didn’t have the coupon or even if I didn’t know about it. That’s just good customer relations and would make a customer want to return to Publix.
      Being mean to people about a coupon they are probably only going to throw away anyway just causes bad feelings.

    • lynn

      when will be able to veiw the yallow advantage buys flier when wil it be out thanks and happy mothersday

    • teresa

      Paula, do people really take advantage of the penny item? not nice

    • Jan

      Melissa C,

      I disagree with your opinion of the penny item “gimmick”. I look at it as more of a “gift gesture” to their shoppers. If someone gave you a gift would you ask for another one?

    • Melissa C.

      Retailers aren’t in the gift-giving business. It’s a “business practice” to get shoppers in and to spend more.

    • Jan

      So basically you consider a “gimmick” to be a “business practice”? Alrighty, then… :)

    • Tina

      I had no idea that people split up their orders to get more than one penny item. Somehow that just doesn’t feel right to me. I’ve shopped once on Sunday and once on Monday so that I could get it once each day. (I only do this because Publix is 3 minutes away from my house). But, I’m not sure it’s ethical to split up your order so you can get more penny items…JMO.
      But then I guess it’s no different then having separate orders at CVS to make deals work. Also, at Babies R Us I had 5 different orders so that I could get a deal that only allowed one deal per transaction. Hmmm, I guess if the store doesn’t have a problem with it then I wouldn’t either. Ok, I’m just typing while I think here, sorry.

    • Mina

      I never would have split my orders in a single visit in order to attempt to receive more than one Mystery Deal because it would have felt wrong to do. I DO stand in WAGS and roll RR’s, to get the best OOP price for my total purchase, though. The difference may just be my perception, but when I’m in one of the drugstores, I know that it’s manufacturers’ Q’s that I’m using; however, in Publix, I feel like it’s the STORE offering me a fun gift for shopping on their otherwise less busy days. I see that gift as being intended for those who spend $10 or more on a single trip. I’d feel that I was being unreasonable to ask them to give me more for spending more in a single trip.

      That doesn’t mean that I only take advantage of the deal a single time, though. I’ve shopped at Publix at least six times Tues through Sat. This morning I sent my dh out to get 8 O’clock coffee AND the mystery item because I figured it would be chips. I also purchased a batch of my newspapers there in order to get a bag. Chips are something that this batch of eight teenagers & college students will go through. I’ll probably wind up with a couple of more bags before the two days are over, just because that’s how often I stop there. Next week I expect the item to be window cleaner, something that I already have plenty of. I’ll buy my papers at CVS or Rite Aid and let my amount go toward my totals there. I’m sure I’ll still have a reason to go to Publix, but won’t be taking advantage of the offer.

      I realize that it’s all a mental attitude, but even though I wouldn’t feel right about expecting more than one Mystery Item per trip, I don’t feel wrong about getting one for each trip I make.

      I did have a problem getting the item a couple of weeks ago at the store on Rosewood Dr in Columbia, a store that I rarely go to, and will avoid. I had around $20 worth of groceries, but after the MANUFACTURERS’ coupons (not Publix Q’s; it was still over $10 when they were taken off) my total was under $10. The cashier refused to honor the Penny Item because she said the final total had to be over $10. Whoever was at Customer Service agreed w/her. I didn’t have time to argue, but I won’t be stopping at that store, even if it is along my daily route. My regular stores are much more customer friendly.

    • Becca

      Hey there, Not sure if it is the moon cycles or what but the last few days all of you have really been judgmental, snippy and down right mean to each other …..what is going on, relax people we aren’t saving lives we are GROCERY SHOPPING!

      Jenny you are the greatest and I appreciate all that you have done to save my family and many others a great deal of money!


    • Melissa C.

      I apologize if anyone feels I was being mean or snippy. That totally wasn’t my intention. I was just saying, I don’t understand how people are taking advantage of a deal when there’s caveats attached.

      There is a term called “Loss Leader”, when a retailer underprices an item to get people into the store to buy it, and hopefully buy more stuff while they are there.
      BOGOs at Publix are probably loss leaders. Should we limit ourselves to one item because they are “gifting” us with a free item whenever we buy one?

      The penny item actually ensures that shoppers are spending extra money. If the coupon was for a penny item, with no additional purchase, and someone is using multiple coupons, then I can see that as taking advantage. But when they ensure you’re spending $10 first, then no, it’s not a gift. They are making money.
      If you do 5 transactions, they are making more money.

      Anyway, as I said, I don’t even get the penny items 99% of the time, so I don’t even have a dog in this fight.
      That said, though, if we don’t educate ourselves to know what’s what, then we’re going to lose out on our deals because of Store Managers that don’t seem understand we are actually making them money, not stealing from them.

      There is still a WAGs Manager around here that seems to think WAGs is giving me stuff for free when I use coupons.

    • Robby

      Publix Advantage Buy Deal
      Chinet beverage napkins @0.99
      $1 off any Chinet product SS 4/19

    • Melanie

      Personally, I would not feel right getting more than one penny item per day. I guess if by chance I ended up at the store two times in one day, I would get the penny item twice, but that would be a bizarre occurrence. I rarely if ever go to a store twice in one day. I often go to Publix on Sunday afternoons or evenings. I had an unusually short list today (about 10 items). Before I left, my son said he had one request–chips! Yippee. I told him that was the free item. He was thrilled about that.
      My real reason for writing is to say thanks to Jenny for her awesome faithfulness and great information which saves me an untold amt. of money. If we could calculate how much she saves all her readers, well, how awesome that would be! She is doing a fantastic service to save money for people in a terrible economy. Bravo, Jenny. I read a lot of blogs (Jenny’s multi times per day) and I don’t say thank you often enough. I feel I am benefiting and not doing anything in return.

    • Paula

      The Penny item is there for a few reasons. #1 is to sell newspapers. We made an agreement with the AJC or other papers to get a reduction in advertising if we do this and it helps sell the paper. We do it to get people to come in and buy at least $10. in merchandise and to see the store.
      We loose money on this deal. The potato chips is a $2.58 lose to us on each bag. And I won’t argue about retail vs. wholesale prices. We have to sell 10 bags of chips to make up for 1 bag given away. When someone takes advantage (and only a few do), it costs Publix money. Face it, most people aren’t really paying the $10 (because it is before coupons). The Florida stores don’t even offer the .01¢ item anymore and from the talk going around the grape vine, the rest of Publix would like to see it go away all together.
      We also need to limit quantities so we have enough for everyone that wants the .01¢ item. Before they said 1 per person we would run out by Monday afternoon and have to substitute another item.

    • Paula

      Oh, here is a tip. Always give the Penny coupon first. Then give the rest of your coupons – or ask the cashier to scan the Penny coupon first. That way if the total is close to $10, scanning other coupons first won’t make it less than $10 and cut you out of getting the penny item.

    • My penny item coupons say “One per customer per coupon”. Doesn’t that mean that each customer can get as many as they buy coupons for? By paying for 6 newspapers for example and getting 6 coupons, how can you say that someone cannot use the 6 they paid for if they meet all the terms of the coupon? I personally only get the the penny item once. But if Publix only wants people to use one coupon per customer, that should be stated on the coupon.

    • Tina

      Guess what?? I was at Publix today and stacked a FL coupon with a manu coupon. The cashier told me that they only way they are aloud to stack is if the store coupon is a Publix coupon, not another stores coupon. So, if I use a FL coupon then I can’t use a manu for the same item.

      Has anyone else ran into this? That’s going to cut down on my savings quite a bit!

    • Hi All,

      I am sorry to hear some Publix no longer take Target coups. I am thankful mine still does, but then there is a SuperTarget literally one street over, and a second Publix within about a 1 mile radius of the Publix we prefer, so I guess they are hungrier for the business. Yesterday I was able to use a $5 off $50 Target coupon at my Publix. However, the chips were not the penny item at our store and we could not figure out what the substitute item was – should have asked, but we decided to just let it go. I was happy with all the deals we got, but hubby was a little sad at the lack of free chips, LOL!

      As always, thank you so much to Jenny and to others who comment and help us all out! I am just thankful for everything we are able to save right now.

      Happy week all!

    • ET

      I seriously doubt that Publix is losing money on the penny item promotions. It goes back to the “Loss Leader” concept that someone else explained above. If one looks at the penny item cost alone, yes, they would be losing money. But how many customers go in and buy items they really wouldn’t plan on purchasing and make that trip on Sundays and Mondays when they wouldn’t go to the grocery store on those days if the penny item promotion was not in effect? Or maybe they would be going to a different grocery store but they have the perception they are getting a bargain at Publix? If you calculate how much more is spent it would more than account for the cost of the penny item. It is a marketing tool to get people to spend more money on other items and to encourage customers to shop on certian days which otherwise would be “slow” days. Coupons and promotions are wonderful tools used by retailers to manipulate our spending habits. Maybe manipulate is the wrong term becuase it has a negative connotation, but control could be another term. They are tools which benefit both the customer and the retailer or manufacturer. They can also be used by retailers and manufacturers to get customers to try a brand they may have not tried before. To be honest, most of the penny items are items I would not otherwise buy.

    • Von

      I have a friend who tests my ethics as a couponer because she does things I won’t, like break up her purchases into $10 increments just to get multiple penny items, take stacks of Advantage Buy flyers instead of only a couple, takes peelies off things she isn’t buying, and hides things at stores when she knows they are about to go on clearance. I am always amazed at how much she saves, but when I think about her ethics, I realize I’d rather go with the store’s intentions and have a guilt-free conscience.

      The penny item is a gray area for me though – I don’t think Publix wants you to split up your sale but then again what if you forgot something and had to go back, shouldn’t you be allowed to get a penny item then too? I have decided that I will only get one penny item and not break up my purchase because that is how I’ve interpreted their intentions.

    • Jennifer

      So are these chips Publix brand? There is a food lion coupon for $1.00 off two bags of food lion chips that could be used for Publix chips right? And Publix allows a competitor and a Publix coupon for each item right? The penny item coupon is a Publix coupon… the Flip is a competitor so I am betting that I could buy a bag of chips, get the penny chips and use this coupon… right?

      That should make the other bag nearly free too. Do y’all think that is ok? The coupon expires 5/19 so no problem there…

    • Sara

      My Publix informed me today that it couldn’t accept any internet coupons over $1 because they’ve had too many fakes coming in. She took mine anyway, including my competitor coupon, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

    • Confused Katie

      I have a coupon question and I was hoping that you could help me out. I went to Publix today and here is a sample of my transaction:

      2 Velveeta Shells and Cheese Cups @ $1.19 ea = $2.38 OOP
      –Used 1 B1G1 Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups coupon
      –Used $1.00 off 1 Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups coupon
      = $0.19 OOP

      I thought that since I had 2 items I could use the 2 different coupons and pay the remaining $0.19, but they would not let me do it. The same thing happened on the Ziploc bags and the Green Giant Veggies. I made sure that I did not have more coupons than I did items, so is it because one of the 2 coupons that I was trying to use was related to buying two items? I am so confused on how this works!

      I also had 2 coupons for Juicy Juice so I did their B1G1 from the sales ad this week. They would not let me use more than one coupon on this either because they said I was already getting one for free. That isn’t right, is it?

    • Paula

      If they put all the rules on the coupon to cover all the gray area’s that one could think of the print would cover the entire page of the ad. Yes, you could come back a couple of times a day to use another coupon. Yes, you could come back both days and use more than one coupon. Yes, there are many things you could do, but NO that is not the intent the company had when they started this or why they are doing it now. “One per customer” means just that. Not one, one, one and so on. It does not say one per transaction. It says ONE per customer. I really don’t think that is a “gray area”.
      Again, ask at your Publix…..maybe that manager will allow it. My thought (and from what I hear) is that if people keep taking advantage of the situation then Publix will do as it did in Florida and stop it all together. That is just my opinion.

    • It says one per customer per coupon though…. not one per customer…?

    • Gwen

      I went to Publix today in Lexington, SC and they would not double the Green Giant 50 cents off to make it free because coupon said do not double, however, it started with a 5. I’ve used these qs before with no problem. Has anyone else had this problem? The cashier didn’t even try to scan he blocked the doubling feature before scanning.

    • Shelia

      It doesn’t matter that the leading digit is a 5 or not. If the coupon specifically says do not double then the cashiers are required to do so. The manufacturer only reimburses for the amount allowed. Coupons are literally contracts with that company and violating said contract is unethical. The key to couponing is simply knowing how to stack your coupons and making sure that you are following the instructions in the fine print. This is the best way to avoid problems. I used coupons often at Publix and because I read them then I never seem to have a problem. In fact, most cashiers are friendly and happy about it and if they have a question it is normally quickly resolved. Should you have a problem at Publix those working the customer service desk are normally able to solve any problems that may arise. I had an experience the other day with a customer in front of me that was using coupons. She put back her entire load of groceries and yelled at the cashier for not doubling a coupon when it said to double. She had also tried to use expired coupons. The cashier could not have been more than 18 (this was in the evening). Sometimes it makes me sad to see such behavior taking place.

    • Shelia

      sorry the coupon said no doubling

    • tonya

      my publix “registers” always double coupons 50 cents or less without hesitation. the cashier does not have to do anything…it must be programed. it says on the receipt…”multiplied coupon”.

    • Paula

      It does say one per customer per coupon. It doesn’t say one per customer per 10 coupons or one customer, customer, customer, customer per coupon, coupon, coupon. It also does not say One coupon per transaction or even one item per coupon. The coupons Literal Translation: One for Customer for coupon (so you get one item with the coupon for one customer).

      Really, you all are creating the “gray areas”, and wanting to read something into something that isn’t there.

    • Paula

      The registers are programed to automatically multiply coupons up to .50¢. Unless the coupons say do not double…..the computer knows this too. The receipt will say on it that it was multiplied. So you don’t need to add extra coupons (yes, they try) or get nasty at the end of the sale telling us you didn’t see us scan the coupon twice. Not saying anyone on here ever gets nasty.

    • Bethany

      I didnt know if anyone mentioned this incredible deal. Yesterday I used the $6 off pork coupon when you buy Kingsford charcoal. The charcoal is currently on sale for 4.99 at Publix. You must also buy a participating item… which I bought the Hidden Valley dressing B1G1 AND I used an additional coupon. Also in the Publix paper there is a coupon for a free bag of croutons when you buy the ranch dressing. AND there is a coupon for free KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce when you buy Kingsford. But all of these together and I got FREE meat, FREE BBQ sauce, FREE croutons and 2 bottles of Hidden Valley Ranch for next to nothing and the sale price of 4.99 for the charcoal. Then the penny item on top of that. This is my second week of doing this and it is incredible!!! Thank you!!!

      • Jenny


        Just so you know the $6 off coupon is actually for a large size bag of charcoal. I was going to include it until I saw that.

    • Bethany,
      Also, the crouton coupon is when you buy the larger dressing (24 oz), not the B1G1 dressing (16 oz). Sounds like you had a nice cashier!