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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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As I teach couponing workshops or even on our weekly Q&A time online I always hear “What about Aldi?”  I was intrigued and shopped their regularly before learning to save with coupons, almost 10 years ago now.  Aldi has become the trendy store in more recent years.  Folks feel like they are getting a bargain with no work of watching sales and cutting coupons.  While it takes no time to get ready for the store, you may be surprised at what the savings at Aldi really look like.

To help show you the savings winner lets look at just the Buy One Get One items from this weeks Publix list.  There are 73 BOGO sales in the weekly ad.  Twenty-one items Aldi doesn’t have a similar product for. For the 52 products that there is a close enough match Aldi beat the Publix sale price on 3 of them.  Three…

Factoring in using coupons along with the sale, if we pretend you bought one of each of those 52 items…

Publix: $63.21
Aldi:  $99.40

That’s a huge difference!  You would save $36.19 to shop at Publix.

That’s just assuming you bought one.  The real savings behind grocery shopping is to follow the sale cycle and remember that items that are BOGO today won’t be back on sale for 6 weeks, so you really want to get enough to last till the next sale.

Some Examples of the Savings

What Aldi Was Cheaper On

Pasta Sauce
Publix has Classico Riserva Sauce on sale for $2.49. This is one of the higher end organic varieties. Aldi only has two “brands” of pasta sauce that are both targetted to be more like Ragu. The Aldi price is $1.19.

Canned Vegetables
You’ll find Green Giant canned vegetables on sale at Publix for 69¢. The Aldi “Happy Harvest” canned beans are 49¢. While we will find canned vegetables cheaper in the grocery store, this is one week that Aldi beats the sale.

Laundry Detergent
Most of us aren’t brave with house brands when it comes to detergents. If you are up for it, the Aldi brand “Tandil” does beat this week deal on all Detergent by 10¢. They are the same size bottle. I’m going to stick with all on this one… call me a laundry snob.

The One Example Everyone Uses

If you ask anyone what Aldi is known for being the cheapest on, you’ll always hear Produce.  Generally that is correct and comparing this weeks produce deals (not bogo sales) Aldi win’s by $2 if you bought 1 lb of everything.  Publix beat their prices on tomatoes, onions (and strawberries in the bogo section) and Aldi beat every other price.  Keep in mind though comparing “apples to apples” here can be tricky as the size of items tends to be much smaller at Aldi and they sell things not per pound but in pre weighed bags of set amounts.  So to compare prices you need to make sure you are really comparing the same thing.

The other area that Aldi wins is dairy and eggs.  These prices vary greatly from one store to the next with some having milk for $1.50 and eggs for 39¢ and others with milk at $2.19 and eggs for 79¢.  No matter the variation though the price is always cheaper than other stores.  That is to be expected.  With no real sales/promotions or national brands to bring you in, part of their marketing scheme is to win you with the price of milk.  For both Aldi and their competitor Lidl (coming to the US later this year) milk and eggs are a loss leader for them.  They pay more to buy the milk than you do!  For example current average price of a dozen eggs across the US according to the USDA is 95¢ per dozen.  Is their milk and eggs steal enough to make you keep coming back?

    • Chantelle Moore

      When you don’t have time to coupon, Aldi absolutely wins.

    • D D

      I’m fortunate to have an Aldi, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, and Kroger all along my daily commute to work, so I have the option to “cherry pick” the best deals from each one every week. I don’t always have the time to make extra stops and sometimes buy everything at one place for the week, but those are not my best savings weeks.

      I love that Aldi is now offering some organic produce, and those prices definitely win over the other stores on a week-to-week basis. Fresh produce items are not generally “wait for a sale and stock up” eligible, so I’m thankful that I’m able to buy these weekly perishable foods at a big savings.

    • GAmommyof4

      I was so thankful to recently get an Aldi nearby. Otherwise when we were traveling near a city where one was located I would always make my family stop in. Their milk, eggs, and general produce prices are fabulous all the time. Then there are crazy cheap weekly produce specials!

      • GAmommyof4

        Also, they have very good prices on bread and tortilla chips. Their store brand products are usually about the same quality as national brand products. And if you do not like any of their products they have a double replacement guarantee what they will give your money back and give you another product

    • AG

      No store is even close to Aldi if you shop only their deals which is on their front page of their ad, not even with coupons at other stores. Now I only use coupons for non Aldi deal items at other stores.

      • Missy W

        i agree. If I’m comparing apples to apples I look at the deal price at Aldi and compare to the deal price at other stores to determine where and when to buy and stock up item by item. That’s where extra pantry and freezer space comes is very helpful.

        • jennc

          Agreed! I also wouldn’t pay 2.49 for Breyers ice cream at ALDI. Get their store brand premium ice cream – it is 3.49 and WORTH EVERY PENNY! It is so much better than Breyers. I also don’t think this shopping list takes into account buying store brands. All their store brand items have fairly consistent prices, think organic peanut butter, cottage cheese, butter, cream cheese, yogurt and snack foods.

          • mommalana

            Absolutely! I find so many of their products to taste better and have better ingredients and they are much less processed.

          • joycejoann

            Yes! Their Super Premium ice cream made with only 5 ingredients is awesome!

    • Rebekah Barney

      Sure, Publix wins on the B1G1 items that are on sale this week, but what about the other items you need this week? Sure, stockpiling is great, but most weeks we still need to get a few items to fill in the gaps. That’s where Aldi wins. I shop at Harris Teeter (we don’t have a Publix nearby) and get the sale items to add to my stockpile… then head to Aldi for milk, produce and whatever else I need that week. I love Aldi! :)

    • julie

      most of those items listed to compare aren’t at my aldi’s, i buy the store brand and put that against publix store brand and then there is no comparison, aldi’s win. from cheese, milk, eggs, bread, salad and their pizzas and so on. also, really nice just to go in and not worry about coupons.

    • mommalana

      Aldi still wins for us because we buy ingredients and rarely purchase the convenience items that Publix has on BOGO week after week. I will still shop Aldi because no trans fats, MSG, artificial colors and their commitment to reduce pesticides in their products. I do not buy the Sunday paper anymore because our local paper never gets the good coupons and most of the coupons we gat are for items I do not buy. Aldi wins for me over and over and there are just too many reasons to list here. I do buy meat at Ingles and BiLo when there is a great sale but often go 4-6 weeks between shopping at Publix since they stopped doubling coupons.

      • mommalana

        Aldi prices vary widely from one area to another and all of the prices you list are higher than my store.

      • joycejoann

        Yes, most of that convenience food we don’t buy. And when strawberries are on sale at Aldi, they are 99 cents. I’ve even seen 49 cents many years. Just shop the produce that is on sale at Aldi.

    • Amy

      I will still pick up a few things at Publix, but their regular prices for staple items cannot compete with Aldi. Also, these Publix prices reflect maximum coupon savings. We get very few inserts in our area, Publix no longer doubles, and there are more and more savings on mobile apps. We don’t have cell phones (this saves us a ton of money) so these are unavailable to us. We also lost Bi Lo in our area so no more deals there. I say Aldi stays the winner.

    • Donna

      Our Aldi’s isn’t that great. Wish we had a really good one like some of you. Lidl? interesting will be on the look out.

      • jbwphoto1

        I’m with Donna. I’m shocked at how many people would rather go to Aldi’s. Due to my work hours, the Aldi’s near me is not even open when my family shops for groceries. With a small household, it’s not cost effective for me to buy produce in batches/bunches all the time. There is always a long wait in line to check out. Does Aldi’s even sell lactose free milk? That’s what I have to buy for one household member. We can also go two weeks without using eggs.

    • Laura

      In the past I would go to a Aldi and another grocery store. But the selection is limited (like no fresh dates), I don’t like the taste of Aldi’s store brand food (for example the peanut butter), and the produce would last so long I wondered if they sprayed it with preservatives, the chicken was like 15% water added, and I would have to go to another store anyways for things Aldi didn’t have that I needed. Now, I primarily shop the sales at Harris Teeter and use the occasional coupon and the stock-up rule (the points she outlined above). It is so much easier for me and I end up staying within budget. But, I do see everyone else’s points who just shop simple foods and don’t mind taste differences. Also, the stores do vary widely.

    • tori729

      Aldi wins on dairy and produce. I mainly shop the perimeter of the store at Aldi, buying produce, dairy, and meat sometimes (Publix has AWFUL meat prices.) I still shop at Publix for everything else but Aldi is my once-a-week break from couponing!

    • jenntmH

      Aldis still wins over Publix in my book!! I don’t shop either very often. Prefer Whole Foods/ Trader Joe’s. However, you are correct that with coupons, Publix may beat Aldi, but that doesn’t add in the cost of buying papers to hope that the “right” coupons are there or the cost to buy coupons because our paper never has any of the good coupons. Also, the time spent clipping coupons. Time is money!!

    • guest

      Overall, my grocery bills are lower since switching from couponing and shopping sales at Publix to mostly Aldi. True, there are things we can’t get at Aldi, so we still get some things at Publix and don’t go each week. It’s really a different shopping/meal planning strategy, so hard to compare, but Aldi plus a little Publix saves most for us.

    • Onisha Ellis

      This won’t hold up in Florida because we can’t buy one at half price and their regular price is higher than Aldi.

    • Betty Scruggs

      Publix=most for your $ in EVERY area save produce PLUS our Publix has hands down the nicest people/best customer service around. There is no comparison when it comes to them vs. Aldi/Ingles/Bi-Lo. I pass 3 stores to go to Publix every week. I miss the doubling & that’s the only reason I shop as much as I do at the other three. Lidl opens soon on the same street-so that should be a win-one more store competing for my business !

    • Rebecca Wood Bixler

      I dislike very much being in line behind someone with a binder full of coupons…you cost me time and money. I shop Trader Joe’s, Publix, Whole Foods and Aldi’s depending on my needs. One thing I have noticed about those shopping with coupons, they purchase a lot of pre-packaged foods. My family prefers fresh.

      • Heidi Winters Foster

        Not to sound like a snot, but if you dislike couponers and we’re costing you time and money. (Obviously you’re living in your own world because you THINK your time is more valuable than mine. I hate to bring you back to reality, but it’s NOT!) WHY are you even on a coupon match-up site to begin with? That’s a rhetorical question. I think we all can tell you’re narcissist. I’m sure Jenny appreciates your disdain for us. She works so very hard to help a lot of coupon-binder carrying women to save a ton of money for their families. Not to mention her own. Remember Karma next time you’re in line at a grocery store and get stuck behind and between two women doing their biggest coupon hauls.

        • Thad Real?

          Anyone can calculate how much they are actually worth, quite basic really. Not to sound like a snot, but you sound bored and must be an underappreciated housewife. At least you got turned into a housewife.

    • Bri

      I found that I spend WAY too much when I shop only at Aldi. I only trek across town for the occasional wine or seasonal deal. Otherwise I have my local, close-by Walmart price match the produce items.
      Even the commissary isn’t worth the drive for me.
      Publix & Kroger w/ Mega sales get the majority of my business. Using coupons is fun for me & I make a game of finding the lowest price on items. Being in the land of doubles makes it a bit more fun, too.
      Dollar General Market is my quick stop when I just need a few staples. They’ve had surprisingly good produce prices.

    • David Strong

      I almost never shop at Publix. There regular prices are by far the highest around. The items that are BOGO are merely competitive and not a great deal.
      Things I buy at Aldi when I am there (or price match at Walmart if the items are in the weekly ad):
      1) Milk. $0.99/gallon (great price)
      2) Wheat sandwich bread. $0.99/20oz loaf. Not stunning, but still best in town
      3) Eggs. $0.79/dz. Great price
      4) Weekly produce sales. Examples: 2 lb bag of carrots, $0.49. 3 Bell peppers for $1. Cucumbers, $0.25/ea. etc.
      5) Select non sale produce items: Celery $0.99 to $1.29. 2 lb bag of carrots, $0.99. 3 lb bag of onions, $1.69. etc
      6) Baking supplies as needed: 3 packets of yeast, $0.79. All purpose flour $1.39. Brown or powdered sugar, $0.99/ 2lb bag. etc.
      7) Items not on sale at any local store. I hate buying things that aren’t at their lowest possible local price. But when I have to buy them, Aldi’s is always going to be one of the cheapest.

    • Rebecca

      We mostly shop at Kroger, Walmart and food depot. We do stop at Aldis for certain things and save a ton! I love that I can use mobisave and checkout 51 too. Yesterday I got eggs for .29 after mobisave and bread for .75. Bagged salad is only .69 and it is 1.49 at Kroger. We got 5 lbs of cabbage for .69 total. Also there gluten free items are a great deal. We would not be able to shop only at Aldis but just for certain items.

    • Katy

      I used to shop the bogos at Publix and then the rest at Walmart and since switching to Aldi (and a few things at Walmart), I save about $150 a month on my grocery bill! I’m very careful about what my family eats and prefer fresh or minimally processed at the least and I would spend so much more if I bought the things at Publix that I do at Aldi! All my friends that shop Aldi save money over all.

    • BreakfastScrambler

      With Aldi you don’t have to buy newspapers or pay for ink to print all of those coupons. It saves me more than money to shop at Aldi like brain cells, sanity, and years of life. Thank God for Aldi!!

    • Thomas Wiseman

      A pound of fresh strawberries is only $1 at Publix? On what day and on what planet? Just doesn’t seem right for all the prices you listed at Publix. Publix is the most over-priced grocery store in the South and their stores are all basic with limited choices. They jack up prices on most things so you have to buy BOGO deals and buy more food than you really need in order to get a sale price. I’ll take a store that just has low prices every day and I don’t have to play coupon and BOGO games each visit.

      • hector

        I just bought at Aldi and very dissapointed at the overhyping, the selection is so minimal that obviously you save since not many options is like saying a dollar store is cheaper than wallmart.. , I do mental calculations when I shop aproximations and the few places where the actual prices surprise me when i get to the register and end up beign significantly below what I approximated was publix with bogo’s, i understand if somebody bought 100 hundreds of dollars in profuce of course they would see a huge difference, i dont and many dont. So the Aldi is always cheaper is just over simplification and letting a few products represent all.

    • Thomas Wiseman

      Publix’s sales for the third quarter of 2017 were $8.5 billion, a 6.2 percent increase from last year’s $8 billion. Trust me. Low prices is not their thing. On the other hand, Publix usually has very good, polite and helpful employees at their stores and I heard they are a great company to work for long term. I also heard they treat their employees great in general.