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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

Going Nuts? I can help you understand coupon terms and abbreviations

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I firmly believe the best deals on diapers, paper goods and personal care items all come from drugstores.  There is no need to have a warehouse club membership if you know how to fully shop using the reward systems that each drugstore has.

Of the three main drugstores, Walgreens is normally deemed the most confusing.  So today take a moment a learn exactly how the register reward system works.

For more information you can also read the Walgreens Getting Started Guide.

Do you have any other tips for new folks shopping in Walgreens??

    • Ali_gator82

      My advice is to start slow. Look at the weekly list and pick one item/deal and go to the store and just do that one.  Then next time two if you feel comfortable.  You are going to make mistakes and that is how I learned the Walgreen system.

    • Shenna

      Awesome, thanks for taking the time to show us how couponing works at Walgreens!

    • Kristy

      Thank You for posting this.

    • Just4yall

      I was hopeing you where going to talk more about the register rewards. I stopped shoping there because of them. I went in a couple of times, didnt buy more then one of anything, didnt do more then one trans. Should have been very simple. My register rewards didnt print out. Happened like 3 times. So I stop going. I dont know it if was because of the area I was in or something but its to much for me. I dont even bother anymore.

    • couponuser

      Thanks for taking the time to make this video. I don't shop at my wags very much, but I think I will try it this week. Thanks for all you do to help us!!!!

    • Ebroniak

      As an avid couponer for years, I have to say that I DO NOT shop at Walgreens.  Their coupon policy is horrible…you have to have the same number of items as you do coupons…so you end up having to buy small things that you don't want, and their RRs expire quickly.  CVS is so far superior with their policy & their ECB expirations are much longer.  And Rite Aid's SCR program is good (though it was much better last year…it hasn't been offering as much this year).  Bottom line–WAGs isn't worth it in my opinion…I primarily use CVS, and on occasion will grab good deals at Rite Aid.  The only way I will set foot in WAGs is if they have a BOGO and I have a BOGO coupon that makes items free…period.

    • Rudydoescakes

      I just use the RR's at Walmart!  Been doing it for months now:))  Plus it's easier!

      • This is prohibited by Walmart's coupon policy and the RRs. The RRs now state “Redeemable ONLY at Walgreens”.

        • Rudydoescakes

          The reason I started doing this is b/c Jenny posted it a few months ago.  When I asked Walmart about it they said they have started taking them b/c it says manufacturers coupon.

          • Daklsdja

            some grocery stores take them too.

          • carrie

            I asked my Wal-Mart and they said no.  Now with the new Publix policy, I can't use them there either, so my shopping at WAGs is WAY down now because it's such a pain to use the RRs.  I can never find $.10 candy as a filler and I don't like the concept of fillers anyway because then I'm not really using the full value of the RR.

            • You don't even need fillers if you're not trying to get everything for free.  Even if you pay a little it is still a big savings!  And every week they have several good cheap filler items in the ad, maybe not 10 cents, but it still works as long as you get something you can use!  My Walmart won't take the RR either.

    • Whitney Smith

      Thank you so much! I have been just doing CVS, but I might try Walgreens now that I have an understanding of how it works! :)

    • sherri johnson

      start slow, and be kind… check out at the cosmetic counter and step aside so that others don't have to wait for us couponers!

    • Pattipooh33

      Having a manager as a husband, if your RR doesn't print out just ask the manager and they will print one out for you.  Just like any other computer sometimes it has bugs.  If you are patient I think you can get the best deals at Walgreens.

      • Diannascoupon

        Hi Patti, my Walgreens is saying that the new Walgreens policy is that IF a RR is used to pay for an item that also should have RR, then it will NOT print out for the that 2nd item.  In other words, if you pay with a RR, a RR will not print out.  That def. changes transaction plans.  This is why i'm really interested in what others are finding.  I know some will say this is my local Walgreens, but I'm under the impression this is a Catalina issue.

        • couponingmama

          the rr wont print IF you use your rr on the same item you just got the rr for. i have heard to if its (for example Proctor&Gamble) same brand. but so far i have not had any issues on my rr.  i paid for my diapers with the rr i got back on razors and still got rr for diapers….so wondering if this just may be your walgreens, i use three differnt ones and have run into that yet.

          • DkjakldsjsA

            Yeah you cant get a RR for some diapers and then try and use that RR for another package of the same diapers and expect another RR to come out. Its called looping and its illegal.

            • Dsakljdlsaj

              BUT say you can do this – buy a pack of pampers and get a 2 dollar RR. Use that RR to buy some chips that gets you a RR and it will still print out.

        • Mills42

          Diannascoupon, I have had the same problem with my closest Wags but not with the one in the next town. I assumed it was the manager's/store's call on whether to suppress RRs even if you use a valid, not-from-the-same-deal RR.

    • Toniaandboys

      awesome video…thank you so much for sharing what works and what doesn't!! :)

    • Monica

      Yesterday I got some good deals at Walgreens in 3 transactions:

      I bought 4 Mens Dove Deodorant at $3.75 each but I had 4 $2 off coupons so I only paid $7 and got $5 RR.

      Then I got 4 Pringles at $1.50 each but had $1 off if you buy 3 so it was exactly $5 and I used my RR on above transactions making 4 cans of prinlges FREE and I got $2 RR

      So on my last transaction I got 2 Colgate Advanced Clean B1G1 at $2.99 and I had 2 – $1 off coupons so those were $.99 for both and I grabbed a VO5 conditioner that was on sale for $.79 and a candy bar on sale for $.33.  The total was $2.23 (after tax) and I used my RR from the second transaction and paid $.23!! 

      So I got 4 mens deodorants, 2 toothpastes and a VO5 conditioner for $7.23.  I think that is pretty good for me who has only been doing couponing for a couple of months!

      • Vivian


    • Akamarilynmary

      Thanks Jenny! and it was nice to see you!

    • Seeshell30

      Great video! I have only been couponing for a month… my first trip to Walgreens last week, I really messed it up. I made the mistakes you talked about in the video of separating the transactions and then not getting the deal twice.  I just did my second couponing trip for Walgreens after watching the video. I did so much better! Plus I found the Summer Beauty  and Infant Care coupons…thank you!

      • Lacie L

        I'm always looking for these “extra” booklets, where were they located in the store?

        • Djskldjsa

          ask the employees. usually the summer beauty ones are by the cosmetics counter.

      • Yeah, where did you find the Infant Care book?

    • Katkoupon

      I do not have any suggestions, I just wanted to comment that I think your hair looks really great and I LOVE your shirt. Possible future giveaway item, perhaps (hint, hint)?
      Thanks for the video! I hadn't thought about using all my rr before I leave, good idea!

    • Debra Howard

      This was very helpful, Jenny.  VERY! Do you have a video on CVS, also?

    • Mills42

      Also, keep in mind that some Wags are better than others. When I started couponing, my local Wags would suppress RRs if you used coupons at all. Deals that clearly should have worked never did. But the one in the next town allowed all the deals explained in Jenny's video, and I've been going there ever since. So if you get “burned” at one Wags, try another.

      • Clynngibson

        maybe the Catalina machine was broken? There's no way for a sales person to “supress” a Catalina coupon. It either prints or it doesn't.

    • Aluckychance74

      Great video =) Very useful info.. I am wondering what sales week you done this video on?

    • Sooooo helpful!! Thank You!! :)

    • morganjenner

      Where can we get a SouthernSavers T-shirt?  Loved it!!

    • Amy

      Very well done, Jenny! Thanks!

    • Kristina Mccurley

      I make a spreadsheet in Excel where I document qty, price, coupons, and RR's so I can keep track of what goes on what transaction.

      I'm happy to email it to anyone who wants it so they can see what I'm using. 

      I love WAG and shop there every week – you just have to have a good plan so you can keep everything straight.  Also, I was talking to the store manager and they evidently got an email from corp. saying that they all needed to embrace coupon shoppers since it was moving so much product!

    • Docajaly

      Thank you so much for this video!  While I have (through trial and error) learned much of this, reinforcement is always a good thing!  Just want to tell you what I like to do with my register Rewards!  I like to go to Wwalgreens on my way to the grocery store.  I use my coupons and try to get the best deals on whatever I am getting at Walgreens then I take whatever RRs I have left over to the grocery store with me.  They are a bonus at the grocery store!  I have used them at Publix, Kroger and WalMart!  They were hesitant at WalMart but I asked them to just try and if their register wouldn't take it, fine, I would just take it back to use elsewhere.

    • Saramay

      i had kind of given up on walgreens.  this video has given me the info and knowledge that makes me want to try again!

    • JilKel

      This is a little off topic, but I think Jenny's hair cut looks very nice.  It was different in the last video I watched.

      Also, does anyone know if RR can be used to purchase photos?

      • Thanks!  Now if I could get my husband to like the hair cut! 

        For the register reward, most stores will not let you use it to purchase photos.

        • darbe

          Ohhh husbands are silly about hair sometimes!

      • Candlequeen81

        I purchased pictures with one a few days ago.

    • Lauren Milam

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE your video!  I respond so much better SEEING!  LOL BTW you are a total cutie!  Your hair is adorable!  Id cut mine like but getting up to get the kiddo ready leaves little time for me!  THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR WEBSITE!!!!

    • Kpedwards

      Where can you find the Infant Care coupon book?  Every time I ask the cashier for one she just looks at me like she's never heard of it!

    • Painterclan

      Thanks for posting this…For most of us out there we had to learn the hard way!!!!

    • Gnyelton

      I just started shopping at WAGS last week and found the employees to be very helpful when I was using my coupons at checkout. The lady even showed me the coupon books and a coupon to use on my purchase. Will def. be going back. Never had this much help at CVS but will still shop with them too for good deals.

    • Christy

      I've had the best luck checking out in cosmetics. I was told once that the registers at the front are supposed to be quick. Going to the cosmetics counter has been better for multiple transactions or if I forgot to grab a filler item.

      • Lesleyann414

        photo is good too

    • Boof98

      i would love a copy of the spreadsheet too! thanks soooo much boof98@hotmail.com

    • Clynngibson

      Also if you have an AARP card, don't forget to scan it during your transactions. More coupons might print out for you.

      And if you sign up for the Walgreens Rx Savings Club, that also gives you a % off of Walgreens brand items. It will show up as a credit for money off your next purchase. Either scan your Rx SC card during your transaction or call the 800 number to add it to your account.

    • Jacqensteph

      I am new to all this. But I understand most of it. One question though. I cannot find a list of the products which have a registry reward deal on them. Is that called “instant value coupon” in the Walgreens add?

    • Lucieluck69

      This is by far the best explanation of Walgreens coupon policy I have ever read.  Thank you.

    • I quit going to Wags because of unfriendly staff and also, I had a problem using the register rewards.  If I had a P&G RR, it would not allow me to use it for a P&G product.  Has that changed?  This was SEVERAL years ago.

    • Pricepack

      Great video.  Very helpful.  I do have one question though.  If I have two register rewards, can I use them in the same transaction?  If I understood correctly, If I had two $2 off register rewards and wanted to purchase paper towels that cost $4.99 with them, I would have to put another small item with the papertowels in order for both of the register rewards to work. – Is this correct?  Thanks for your help!

      • Lesleyann414

        yes, a register reward it considered a coupon and the rule is one coupon per item being purchased.

    • Cabh123

      I'm really confused.  You said in the video that they don't have a card BUT they DO have a card.  I have one.  My other issue is that this and other coupon blog sites always say certain things should get an RR but my Wags does points instead?  None of the blogs talk about these so what is going on?

      For example, a few weeks ago I went in to get the deal on Scunci hair elastics.  Should have gotten a $2 RR but nope, I got double or 8x points or something like that. And you once you get 2000 points you get a $5 RR?  No one ever talks about that.  Please help.  Thanks!

    • NewMommy

      Great video Jenny!  And by the way, I really like your hair too :)

      I do have a question…if you have a wags coupon for Huggies, and a manufacture's coupon for Huggies, can you use them both in the same transaction without using a filler item?  I thought the store coupon didn't count in your coupon total, but when I tried this at wags the cashier said it did count and that I needed a filler item.  Needless to say, I was confused!!  I had also heard there is an order you are supposed to follow – manufacturer coupons first then store??  The cashier insisted store coupon are supposed to scan first so again I was confused.  Thank you!!