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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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Breaking Brand Loyalties


Buying the things you need at the best price is the biggest way to save, but you can’t pass over how much more you could save if you have flexibility with what you purchase.

We see most items come on sale every 6 weeks, but that doesn’t always mean your brand is one sale each 6 weeks. It means the product as a whole has some brand on sale every 6 weeks.

I know it is one thing to say you’ll give up a loyalty and another thing to do it. I just want you to try!

To find out what a good price for products in general is, check out our buy price list. Also remember that every list on Southern Savers only lists the items at their best price that week (I don’t list out an entire weekly ad).

    • Donna

      You are so right on this one, especially the Tide vs. All.  I discovered All when my oldest daughter was born and haven’t looked back.  I started buying it instead of Dreft and now the whole family uses it.

    • Delucas65

            Is there any way for you to make a more current list of coupon policies by stores? So many of them changed their policies lately (thank you Extreme Coupon show!). My Publix stores quit taking drug store and Target coupons, which really hurt my savings totals! I know this varies, but was thinking it would help to have a general idea. I also noticed a lot of stores no longer let you use a BOGO coupon AND a cents off coupon together when buying two items. Like if I am buying two deodorants, using $1.00 off of the one I am buying and the BOGO is no longer allowed. BOO! Thank you and keep on keepin’ on!!

      • Anonymous

        You may want to check around Jenny’s site.  Most of the store coupons policies are posted.  Try clicking on each store name at the top of the site and looking near the top right to see each policy.  I carry them with me everywhere (especially Wal-Mart’s!)

    • Thank you Jenny for bringing this up. My step mom thinks all my time couponing is a waste and you never really get what you want and have to sacrafice your favorite brands to use coupons. She will ONLY use colgate toothepaste and swears there is no way I get this free. I have accumulated 14 tubes (full size not travel) of colgate toothpaste over the last 2 months for free. I will continue getting them as they come up free until xmas, and giving her a huge gift bag of “HER” toothpaste for xmas with all the reciepts to prove all paid was sales tax. Same with degerent. So what you can’t get tide for cheap. I just got 6 boxes of Gain nearly free yesterday at rite aid. My clothes will be just as clean  as tide users.

      • Squirrelhater

        Keep looking…my stock is about equal Tide and Gain…and a little Whisk…I also get those Purex sheets when free or nearly……They work fine on towels and the like and lets me save my Tides and Gains for clothing.

    • When I started this whole couponing thing a couple years ago…Tide, Cascade, Bounty and Charmin were rough for me to break that whole brand loyalty…And today, Yes, I will buy  cottonell (but will stock up when Charmin is on sale)  if we need tp and it’s on sale. I have VERY Happily given up cascade because I have fallen head over heals in love with finnish dish washing detergent. I still stock up when CVS or Wags has a great deal on Tide and I know it’s few and far between but Purex and ALL do work GREAT! But then there’s Bounty especially the Select a size…I really just prefer it…I know it’s much more but I still know my buying point and just buy enough to last me a little longer when it is on sale…..I’m glad I finally gave in and tried some new things even in food world…it had given us the opportunity to try new things and even if we dont care for it we can donate it and it didn’t cost me much out of pocket!!  :O) Thank you so much for all you do!!  :O)

      • Troop949

        I’ve switched some brands that you mentioned, too (Tide->All, Cascade->Finish) because of couponing.  And I agree, coupons allow me to try things I normally wouldn’t, and this has led to me falling in love with some new products!  This site is so awesome and Jenny points out some great advice. 

      • Never overlook your locally owned small grocery stores for that stuff. I have a dinky little “mom and pop” store near me that like a clock every 6 weeks puts their bounty single regular rolls on sale for .75 a roll. I take all my PG .25 coupons in there and score big on bounty for .25 a roll cuz they double up to .50. I love my bounty too :) I switched from cascade to finish too. I like it better.

      • Gingiraffe

        I’ve found that the Target brand of select-a-size is equal in quality to Bounty.  I do buy Bounty when it is on sale, but the Target brand is really comparable and there is usually a Target coupon for it or at least for a $/$$ Target brand item.  I’ve tried other brands and nothing else comes close.

    • Tyedyemomma

      If you have a Harris Teeter you can get the samples for free with the 50/1 coupons that will double.  I pick up 3 everytime I go shopping

    • Lucy

      Any detergent isn’t a bargain if it doesn’t clean and forces you to rewash clothes or add other “booster” products to the wash.  Tide consistently ranks at the top of consumer product ratings.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for a lot of the other laundry products that often have high value coupons or are often on sale for B1G1 free. 

      If there aren’t coupons or deals for Tide (CVS used to have a lot of P&G ECB deals that included Tide), I’ll buy Costco’s Kirkland brand of laundry detergent when there’s a coupon for that.  Kirkland detergent is very good and the price per load can’t be beat when there’s a coupon. 

      If you’re doing your laundry at the laundrymat and paying $$ per load, you want to make absolute sure that your clothes are getting clean the first time.  A bargain isn’t a bargain if it costs you much more in the long run.

      • January42003

        I agree, though I don’t understand all the stuff that Tide sells to add to your Tide detergent when washing clothes. I’m thinking, if Tide is so great and rates at the top of the consumer product ratings, why are all the booster agents and stuff necessary? I bought a package of Tide’s boosting agent and realized after I used up the whole package (over time), it did nothing and was basically a waste of money. Love my All Free and Clear though. :)

      • bumblesmommy

        we dont like tide as much as All  and All is usually on sale somewhere and we stock up until the next sale.. we also think purex is decent.. and we buy the really cheap stuff if its almost free for things like throw blankets, rugs.. etc..  

         we like the tide stain release products for “bad” or “oil” stains.. but for us, tide detergent is too expensive and for the most part we dont get our clothes that dirty so the All gets everything clean, and if we do, a squirt of the stain release usually does the trick and that spray bottle can last us a long time!

        • HM1968


          I agree with bumblesmommy…I don’t like Tide that much either but we have to buy it because my husband is allergic to other detergents.  It’s so expensive and I don’t think it gets clothes as clean as any other detergent.  I wish we could go to other detergents…

          • Jessica Dunn

            If you are having trouble finding coupons for Tide (in inserts or online) try going to the website. There should be a contact us link where you can email or call them. When you do, let them know that you have to use Tide as your husband is allergic to other detergents but you have a hard time finding coupons for it and it is more expensive than other brands. Ask if they have any coupons they can send you. Generally the coupons you get straight from a company like that are of higher value than what you would find in an insert or online.

      • Gingiraffe

        We really like the Kirkland brand too!  Much cheaper than Tide and it works!

      • Jessica Dunn

        I got some Arm and Hammer detergent a while back when it was at it’s best price and it seems to work really good. My husband is a machinist and if it can get his clothes looking, feeling, and smelling clean then it is good in my book. Just ran out of it and about to try the Gain I got on a good laundry deal at Bi-Lo. Hope it works just as well. 

      • Egdeltaz

        Check out the most recent consumer reports magazine.  Tide ranked in the middle and low in many categories.  Target brand up and up was one of the highest ranking for stains, scent and price.  I think people have been using Tide for so long, that their mind set is that it is the best.  There are other good detergents! I have never tried that Kirkland brand, thanks for the tip.  Will be on the lookout for a Q in the coupon book!

      • Kathy

        Lucy, I agree that it’s worthless to buy a brand that doesn’t clean as well as Tide.  But I have to say that I’ve only really tried a few (and each time went back to Tide when my clothes started coming out dingey) and maybe I need to try some of the others brands that have been recommended here. 

        BTW, I’ve been adding about 3/4 cup of white vinegar to my wash and am pleased with the results—helps with odors as well as cleaning.

    • Letisof2006

      Thank you Jenny for encouraging no brand loyalties, I am on them though but for sure I will do the change as I really want to see some savings at home, so far I usually do 20-30% but want to see how it goes the other way with new brands coming into my house.

    • Squirrelhater

      That maybe the best part about couponing…being able to try another brand you normally wouldn’t because it was free or nearly free at RiteAid,Publix,etc.I can definitely say I use alot of Finish,Cottonelle,Viva,PeterPan,etc. that I probably wouldn’t have even tried….I would have continued to use my favorite brands and store brands….big mistake.My wife and her sister love to see me coming with a big bag of beauty items to “try”…some of those brands  stuck too.

      • bumblesmommy

        i agree about the beauty items the most.. i have bought shampoo, makeup, deodorant, bodywash, etc that i would have never tried before (and many i like or even love!) because they were cheaper or free after ecbs..  this alone has saved us tons! 

    • Crafty_cat_86

      I had been wondering why it was so difficult after a year of couponing for me to save 50% at a grocery store (I can do that maybe half of the time).  I realized it was exactly this: we have soo many brand loyalties (Coke, Charmin, Jif, Freschetta, Orville Redenbacher’s, Tropicana, Kraft cheese, Stouffer’s TV dinners, the list goes on…).  More often than not, I only realize I have a loyalty when I try something new and it just doesn’t match the old brand (case in point, the Heluvagood Cheese sitting in my freezer right now…).  Rarely, I’ll find something I like as much or more as the traditional brand, but that’s more the exception than the rule.  In the end, it’s an issue of balance for me: I balance my savings/budget against my family’s preferences.  That does mean I spend a little more ($75/week for 2+baby), but it also means I have less things sitting taking up space in my pantry (plus I keep the hubby happy ;P). 

      • Staci_marie

        Have you tried the Sargento cheese?  I’ve found its just as good as Kraft.  Store-brand cheese is on my don’t buy list, unless its something that will be used in a recipe.  Like I’ll bend and get store brand shredded cheese for baked ziti.

        • Crafty_cat_86

          I’m open to trying Sargento, but I haven’t seen a good deal yet (I’m in MD).  I was really excited b/c Kraft was BOGO the other week at Food Lion (basically the only grocery store we have in common) :D

      • Lisa

        Gotta have my Coke products.  No Pepsi or generic soda in this house! :)

      • Lisa

        Gotta have my Coke products.  No Pepsi or generic soda in this house! :)

    • Anonymous

      I love your comments…but now how can I buy a cool Southern Savers shirt?  : )

      • Crafty_cat_86

        I want one too! 

        • Kaelaj89

          I want one that says “I Love Southern Savers!” lol

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    • Emily Amberson

      I run into the problem of there only being 1 brand to buy sometimes. Perfect example: Carnation Instant Breakfast. I have never found? another alternative. So while they do have coupons fairly often, I rarely see it on sale. So I end up paying $4 every time.

      • Staci_marie

        A few weeks ago this was on Kroger’s mega deal event.  With a coupon, it came out at about $2.89 per box.  Bought 2 boxes, as my son has this for breakfast most days.  Wish I’d gotten more.

    • Deneise

      For me it is Hellmann’s Mayo! I will buy whatever I have a Q for that makes a great deal, but I keep my eye out & really stock up when Hellmann’s goes on Sale.

      • Anonymous

        Me too!  The rest just tastes funny to me :)

        • Lisa

          Me three!

    • Staci_marie

      I don’t have any serious brand allegiance.  Haven’t for a while.  Hubby has a little trouble on this topic, but he’s adjusting.  Bought him store brand vitamins today – curious to see if he complains!

      He is adamant about wanting Crest 3D White toothpaste.  Lucky for him, its on sale for net price of $.49 this week @ Rite Aid and I can do 2 deals.

    • Jhaleydrew

      I am very new to couponing!  We are expecting our second baby in 6 weeks and I am trying to get a small stock in the pantry.  However, for the past few weeks I am finding that I have only been able to stock up on toothpaste, soap, and shampoo.  I haven’t found other great deals on food items??  Is it harder to buy things like pasta and canned goods for stock up prices???  Thanks for ALL of your help!

      • Staci_marie

        I think it all depends on what stores you have?  I was able to stock up on pasta 2 weeks ago @ Publix.  They had Muellers b1g1 free, which for my store meant each rang up $.75 or $.74.  I had $.55 off coupons, so paid $.19-.20 a box. 

      • kelly

        Stocking up on heath/beauty and cleaning items tends to be easier to do…. building a stockpile of food items can take a little longer.  I shop at Kroger as they are the only store in my area that double unlimited coupons. I will see about 4 sales or so per year in which I can get pasta for free. They usually have good sales in the summer on bbq sauce and marinades that I can get free.  And, in the coming months around the holidays, they have very good sales on instant potatoes, stove top, mac and cheese, and other heavy bought items during thanksgiving and christmas season.  I am not a shelf clearer, but tend to stock up on these items as I know the free bbq or pasta sale will not come again soon.  I will usually make a few trips and hit a few different stores during the week so I can stock up on the things that I know we will use that I can get free. You will be able to stock up, it just takes time and patience :)

      • Abgreen

        Publix has pasta on B1G1 about every 3 weeks.  Try them.  I bought so much the first few times before I figured out it went on sale so often that I havent bought it now in a couple of months:)  They also have canned goods on sale B1G1 regularly.

    • Jennifer

      I tried several other laundry detergents but after several months, just wasn’t happy with them. So I switched back. I honestly didn’t consider myself loyal to Tide, so it was one of the first switches I tried to make when I started couponing. Now I always try to find an ECB or Up deal with Tide to save so that I can still buy it. Another brand we can’t let go of is razors. For my husband (who shaves his head weekly and face daily for the Army and uses at least five blades a month) it’s Proglide and for me it’s intuition. I tried to switch but HATED other razors. I have others I’ll use as backup, but only because they were free. And my husband used mach3 turbo until I had a coupon for proglide. Now he won’t try anything else. For these I also try to stock up when there’s a drugstrore deal. But switching brands for other stuff like bodywash has really helped.

      • Lisa

        My daughter now will only use ProGlide!  But I have quite a few from the great deals a while back.  I’m not quite as selective but won’t use disposable razors, no way!   Schick Quatro or Hydro are okay by me.   And I stick with Tide because I love it and it’s always so highly rated on Consumer Reports.  Other brands may be cheaper to buy but don’t seem to work as well per Consumer reports and apparently consumers as well! :)

    • Susan

      I’ve changed up detergents, from Tide to Purex which I would have never done without couponing.  I don’t really care as long as it’s a liquid and not a powder.  

      The only thing I am brand loyal to is Sensodyne toothpaste.  But I it was on sale and I had a stack of 75 cent off coupons a couple rounds of triples ago at Harris Teeter, I went every day and got my toothpaste. The beauty products are the easiest to switch out I think.  I have some OLAY stuff that I hate, but I paid next to nothing for it at CVS, so I’m not all that bent out of shape about having tried it.  

      • Anonymous

        I’m the same way with detergents, I grew up with Tide but P&G products are high even with couponing. I only get Tide or Gain at Harris Teeter when it’s on sale or an eVic product with ZVR online coupon and doubling. Otherwise I stick to Purex and I have a family member who is extreme allergies and Purex has its hypoallergenic brand. However, I will always be brand loyal to Pantene, there’s always $3/2 coupons for it and Target or Harris Teeter always have them on sale and both usually have store coupons for it.

    • Jenny, thank you so much for clearing up the whole 6 week thing for me.  I’ve been couponing for about 6 months now and always thought people were crazy when talked about the six week sales cycle because their are some things that haven’t gone on sale the entire time I’ve been couponing!  I feel silly for not getting it sooner, but now I know.  I’m one of the lucky ones though.  A lot of my brand loyalties are good about having sales and coupons (Crest, Finish, etc.)  Now I know to stock up a little more when one of my gotta have brands goes on sale!

    • RevoltaDeFenix

      Couponing has definitely opened us up as a family to a bunch of new products, very few of which we wouldn’t buy again. That said, the one thing I have not changed is cosmetics. I use True Match blendable makeup now, and even before couponing had tried pretty much every other brand out there including mineral stuff. My skin does not like the other stuff……so I’ll stick with what works. I’d like to look good while saving money on everything else HAHA ;)

    • Alz Zachrich104

      These videos are great.  I discovered when I first started couponing….you have to try other brands…and, guess what, we are saving around 53% and enjoying the different things…cleaning, food, paper, etc.  For retired people on a limited fixed income this is just what we (I) was looking for…too old to work in the workforce anymore…this is our jobs now.  Thank You so much for all the info and help.

    • beme2004

      Does anyone know if the “best price list” has been updated since the increase in prices and decrease in coupons?

    • Suzann

      Wake up — you are paying for P&G’s bloated corporate overhead and
      bloated  advertising budget.

      • Does that include all the FREE Make up they gave us this month? or the Free Cascade last month? or the Free Tide Travel packs the month before? if you use coupons how they are meant to be used, you are only grabbing the best deals. The rest you donate to the military . . .

    • Abby Zeigler

      I grew up with my mom using Tide, but once I moved out I made the quick and easy decision to buy another brand because of how expensive it is.  Actually, now my fiance and I use a homemade laundry soap that we made over a year ago, and it will probably last us another year (it makes 10 gallons worth, and we’ve just been using it for the two of us).  So we don’t even have to worry about that part of grocery shopping.

      As far as other brand loyalties, I will only use Colgate toothpaste.  Thankfully, there are often coupons for it, and it does go on sale enough that I can get it for pretty cheap.  Also, since I’m living by myself, I really don’t go through toothpaste that fast, so it’s been easy to stock up.  While I’m not specifically die hard on the brand of shampoo that I use, I’ve just ended up with a brand that goes on a good sale on a regular basis.  Other than that, it’s been really interesting (and kind of fun) to try out new brands and even products with couponing.

      Thanks for the great video!

    • I tried some Schick Quattro disposable razors today that I got for free. I never would have tried them without couponing, but now I think I may be brand loyal to them! I never once felt the blade, but still got a close shave. I was loyal to Venus until I started using coupons. :)

    • Jennifer S.

      I have to say I do get Tide on sale at Harris Teeter for $1.99 a bottle about once every 6-8 weeks.  Same with Gain.  I just bought Gain and Tide both for $1.99 each with the $2.00 coupon.  Tide was on EVIC for 4.97 plus an additional $1.00 off ZVR coupon.

      • Kimrich41

        what is a zvr coupon and how do i get one

    • Thatdisciplined1

      Jenny you are right. I started switching brands and my savings have gone from 37% to 50% nd over on mostTransactions. The best part is that since I started couponing I have tried new products thaI now love. I love my Tide though so what I now do is mix it 50/50  (or less Tide depending on the load) with other detergents I now use.. works great !! I get my Tide and still save!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the work you put into this site, I am a relatively new couponer (2mth) and your site has been invaluable.  Blessing to you and your family

    • So true. If I could break my bond with Crest toothpaste I could save a bundle.  Minty  fresh is minty fresh no matter the name, right? Next trip, maybe I’ll break the addiction.

      • Silkowski

        I was loyal to Crest myself, but after getting Colgate for 25 cent, I’ve bid Crest a fond farewell. 

        • Jessica Dunn

          I have gotten free Crest toothpaste at grocery stores when they have it on sale for $1.00 and I have a $0.50 coupon that doubles. I currently have several tubes in stock at my house. (And no, not a shelf clearer lol. These were bought a couple at a time of a few weeks: as they were on sale).

      • Jerry

        I constantly see Crest for free at Rite Aid.  It’s usually something like $2.99 marked down to 99 cents, and there are $1 coupons.  Sometimes, they are even money makers.  I use Tom’s toothpaste, and give the Crest to my friends (if it is a money maker).

      • Jessica Dunn

        You maybe don’t have to. I have several tubes of Crest toothpaste that I got free. A grocery store would have it on sale for $1.00 and I’d have a $0.50 coupon that doubled so I got it free. Or a drug store would have a good deal on it. I’ve seen good deals on Crest a few different times (which is why I have a few tubes, not because I’m a shelf clearer. Which I’m not.)

    • SharS

      I’m still not understanding the 6 week cycle. Is it a particular brand that doesn’t go on sale again for six weeks and within that time frame other brands of that product are on sale? Or is it that the particular Product doesn’t go on sale for six weeks.

      • Amy

        She is saying if toilet paper is free/cheap this week then it could be up to 6 weeks until we see another great toilet paper deal.

    • Not being brand loyal is one of the best things about couponing, I have already tried a LOT of new or different products because they were Free or very close to free and enjoyed them probably more because they were Free! I do have to say I have yet to find a Peanut Butter better than or even Equal to JIFF, and I will never buy anything but Helmanns mayo. Fortunately we do not eat either regularly so I do not have to buy much of it. My most favorite new things? Snackwell cereal bars, they were on BOGO a few weeks back and were like $.50 a box after the Q’s and BOY are they AWESOME! Thanks for everything you do Jenny!

    • Lisa

      PLEASE HELP.  How do you get toilet paper coupons.  The only ones I ever get
      are for .25.  The most I have ever seen is a 1.00 off coupon on Scott. 

      • Missy

        I don’t know I really wish there were more Scott Toilet paper coupons.  I know we aren’t supposed to be brand loyal but scott is the only toilet paper we use!  Mainly b/c the other stuff clogs up our toilet, plus scott lasts longer!!

        • Hildawins

          I used to have an email list for a lot of companies.  I just e-mail them to let them know I love the product and they send coupons.  When Scott had the Facebook promo – it stopped working, I e-mailed them and got about 5 very shiny $1.00 off coupons!

    • Rachel S

      Excellent!  I’ve been looking for a price list to compare how I’m doing.  Thank you!

    • Jennifer

      I just read in my consumer report that Targets up and up liquid detergent was rated the best buy product compared to tide and gain. Bought it last week and I like it. Yes, I saved money

    • Silkowski

      Thanks for posting this.  When I started to really focus on my couponing my brand loyalty went out the window.  It’s given me the chance to try some products I wouldn’t normally try, and also save some money in the process.

    • Hildawins

      I have figured out that the ingredients list is where it is at on Brand’s or Store Brand’s.  For example Oil of Olay, there is a knock off brand that lists the same ingredients.  I have heard that some stores buy the same product as say Jiff Peanut Butter and put their own label on it.  I think trial and error is the way to go. Look at the Ibuprofen in CVS and then the CVS brand, you will see what I mean.

    • Stephanie

      I know Brand Loyalty will cause me to save less, but I have VERY sensitive skin and some products I just can’t use! I’ll break out in hives if I use Tide — but thankfully, I can use Gain or All! I’m also the same way when it comes to soaps and make up! I try to get the best deal I can, but sometimes, for me, that means paying a little more!  

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t bought Tide in a couple years. I find that by using Resolve Spray & Wash (which periodically goes on a great-free sale) on stains, I can use whatever detergent is cheepest (I usually end up buying Purex). 

      On Peanut Butter, the Walmart Great Value brand is the same as PeterPan, if you have a loyalty to PP.  (Remember that whole tainted pb deal a couple years back, well, it was just a recal of Great Value and PeterPan).  The only thing I really prefer brand wise is Duke’s Mayonnaise.  And yes, I do pay more for it, since it only goes BOGO about twice a year at Publix. But we really taste the difference, and I’ve tried a ton of other brands.

      • guest

        I think “Consumer Reports” said the Resolve Spray & Wash spray was the best. :D

    • Diane

      One idea if you’re brand loyal. …  for example, I really prefer Tide with Downy… So I get it on sale at Rite Aid when I get UP rewards, coupons, etc. I use it for sheets, underwear nightgowns etc . But I also buy All or whatever is cheap for other laundry like hubbie’s pants and socks, small rugs, items where the nice smell is not important.
      You can do the same with say peanut butter – keep your favorites, but buy cheaper sale ones for cooking or baking, donating etc..so you don’t always sacrifice, but you do take advantage of great deals!!