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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RMN = Retail Me Not
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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You are actually prepared.  It’s a miracle.  Dinner is coming together beautifully.  You open up the last step of your taco dinner night, the shells, only to discover that they are all broken, except two.  So two of you get to have one unshattered taco each.  The rest of you are stuck with taco salad.  We have all been there and felt the frustration of a meal gone awry not because of our lack of planning (for once), but because a product did not live up fully to its promises and our satisfaction.

There's an easy way to get coupons for the brands your family needs!

There is a silver lining to this cloud, and it lies on the package in the form of a 1-800 number.  You could take the tacos back to the store, but normally if you call the company they will give you coupons up to 5 times the value of the item.  Why??  They know that someone who is upset tells more people than someone who is happy.  They need you to be happy again and in love with their brand.  These coupons come fast while you are still thinking about the problem, usually within a week.  And one of the great things about these coupons is that they are normally for multiple items that the company distributes.

Some examples of reasons that I have called companies:

Box of Toaster Strudels missing the Frosting packets (huge issue at my house)
The zipper on the packaging broke (cheese, diaper wipes, freezer bags)
Food was spoiled before expiration date
Diapers were missing a tab
New sunscreen quit working before it expired

And please, for the sake of your own integrity, please make sure that you have a real problem, a legitimate issue.  Sure, you could make up things and score some free stuff, but it’s not really worth it in the long run.

So how do you make this a non-stressful process?  It’s really simple.

1.  Call the number on the package.  If there isn’t one, a simple internet search will normally give you contact information (be it a phone number or e-mail address).
2.  Politely let them know what happened.  There is no reason to be rude to the person who answers the phone…even if you dinner was ruined or your baby got sunburned.
3.  Give them the information off of the package and your mailing address.
4.  Enjoy your coupons!

To keep this from taking up time in my own life, I normally try to call right when I notice the problem.  This will keep me from forgetting, from adding something to my to-do list and from losing the packing.  The call is normally done in the 2-3 minutes it takes me to put the finishing touches on taco salad.

Call for Happy Reasons Too:
Another great time to call companies is to pay them a compliment.  Lots of companies will gladly give you coupons when you call, and it simply takes a moment to ask.  I’ll admit, it is easier for me to call when I feel like there is a reason for the company to give me something instead of calling just to ask for a coupon.  However, when our family was first beginning to make the switch to healthier foods, I was desperate for a way to save.  So, I decided to take a plunge.  I called Smuckers and told them that I had heard wonderful things about their all-natural peanut butter, but that it was a bit pricey for us.  I then asked them if they would be willing to send me a coupon to help lessen the cost and enable me to give it a try.  They said YES!  I was thrilled.  This encouraged me to call other companies whose coupons I had a hard time finding.

So give it a try.  Whether you have a product you love or a legitimate problem, give companies a call and see what happens.

Remember, ff you don’t have time to call, emailing or using a contact form on the companies website to give a compliment or share a complaint works just as well.

    • Save1moredollar

      I have done this, and it really does get results!  I e-mailed OscarMayer about a Lunchable missing it's straw, and they sent me a reimbursment coupon for any OM product.  I e-mailed Glad to ask about their 13 gal. garbage bag sizes, because I seem to have an odd sized trash can (who knew?) and they sent me a $13 coupon good on any Glad product!  Many other companies I have e-mailed sent coupons for$0.25-1.00 just for contacting them with a comment or question.

      • She Coupons

        I have contacted 3 or 4 companies in the past week about their products that I like or products that i've had an issue with and they all respond with sorry we don't have anything for you.  What do you say?

        • Save1moredollar

          I don’t ask for coupons.  It’s funny, but it seems like, unless I’m reporting a negative experience with a product I have purchased (wth the UPC codes) they don’t do coupons on request.  addictedtosaving.com has a (almost) daily E-mailing for coupons post, and provides a sample letter and the link to e-mail companies. People also post heads-up for companies who reply favorable, or not.  SS is the best for match-ups, but I do like AddictedtoSaving’s e-mail thingy.

        • Asanders268

          do you give them specifics and have the containers with the UPC info on them?

          • She Coupons

            well noone has ever asked me for one. I just contacted Stouffers a few days ago telling them how much I loved their frozen family lasagnas and that I’m due for a baby on September 13th. I explained how helpful a couple coupons would be to ease the cost for our family (buying ready made food at the store cause it’s easier) but they basically said they couldn’t help me and I could check the sunday paper because sometimes they put coupons out.  I also contacted kimberly clark about not receiving their home mailer and they told me they couldn’t do anything either. I can’t take anymore rejection :(

            • Anonymous

              Don’t be discouraged! Not all companies hand out coupons so don’t be surprised by a few that say no. If you really do like a company, call for that reason because it does help them out to know what the average consumer thinks. If they don’t offer a coupon and you really wanted one, you can ask but if they say no, that’s ok too. Just call another company you like or have an issue with next time and try again. BTW, Facebook is also a great place to leave a comment, suggestion or concern. :)

            • Asanders268

              that has happened to me as well, but for every negative response, i normally get at least one positive.  so, try again!

          • She Coupons

            well noone has ever asked me for one. I just contacted Stouffers a few days ago telling them how much I loved their frozen family lasagnas and that I’m due for a baby on September 13th. I explained how helpful a couple coupons would be to ease the cost for our family (buying ready made food at the store cause it’s easier) but they basically said they couldn’t help me and I could check the sunday paper because sometimes they put coupons out.  I also contacted kimberly clark about not receiving their home mailer and they told me they couldn’t do anything either. I can’t take anymore rejection :(

    • Tracy3williams

      At the beginning of the summer I opened a bag of hidden valley Cesar salad kit onlyto find that one of the 3-4 items were missing. I did call the number on the bag and explained my problem. They assured me that they would send a coupon to replace it. Well, summer is almost over and still nothing has been sent to me!

      • Call them back!

    • She Coupons

      Everytime I have ever called a company about a problem with a product they say sorry but there's nothing we can do to help you and that's it. I don't know why my experiences have been bad with this. I am always very polite. I've never had one coupon sent to me. Maybe it will work for others though. Good Luck! :)

      • Ask to speak to the CSR's manager.

    • mommy124

      Thanks for the tip!  My husband is the true chef in our home but I'm the coupon master.  He loves to cook with Lipton recipe and I bought them when they had the $1/1 coupon.  We opened a 2pk product to find it only had 1 pk.  I was going to let it go because I paid little to nothing for it with the coupons.  After reading this post, I will give me a call to inform them because we love the product and coupons are hard to come by!  I will let you all know how it goes.

      • RebeccaFer

        This kind of honest complaint helps them out too because it may be a machine issue. They'll take all the packaging info and be able to look into it further. :D

    • Strentbug

      Just did this, thank you. I had bought a box of Kellogg Froot Loops and the inner bag was open. They are going to send me a replacement and coupons :)   I bought it at Lowes Foods in Charlotte, NC Davis Lake. If you bought from there, you should check the bag lining, mine was open :(

    • Gailmartin_74

      I called Coke to complain about sharp edges on the top of the 20 oz lid and they sent me coupons for 4 free 1.5 liter packs.

    • Wagner2011

      Just in the last week, I emailed Similac, Huggies, & Pampers. All with positive feedback & appreciation for their companies. My only complaint was the price… I was shocked to check my email & find that Similac was the ONLY company out of the 3 that offered to send me a coupon. Huggies & Pampers BOTH said thank you, but sorry… 

      This was my first time attempting this, hoping to get good results, it kind of took away all motivation for me! So, thank you for this post. I will try again!!

      • Mommy2Boys

        I have always been VERY impressed with Similac's responses to my inquiry's!  Even though they are expensive, when you need to contact them for any reason, they go the extra mile!

      • C-Lyn

        Thank you, for not making up compliants. Most compines will just send you coupons. It more cost effective for them than processing flase complaints.

      • Freedomspradley1

        Similac is owned by Abbott Pharmaceuticals and they are very generous with coupons on most of their products (Ensure, Pediasure, etc.).  They are also HUGE supporters of charity so it's a great great company!

    • Wendy

      I have never done this until this year, but all have had positive outcomes.  All four happened this summer, so not sure what's up with that, but anyway….

      12-pack of Coke Zero….one can was sealed but absolutely empty.  They were very apologetic and offered me a coupon for a free 12-pack which came within 2 weeks.

      Box of Luigi Italian ice…..one of them had no lid on it.  They sent me a coupon for 1 free box and a few other smaller value coupons which I received within 3 weeks.  

      Box of Blue Bunny ice cream bars….one had a partial broken stick imbedded in the chocolate coating.  Luckily I got that one instead of of one of the kids.  They were also very apologetic and sent me a coupon for a free box and several other smaller value coupons which I received within 2 weeks. 

      Can of Grands biscuits….all biscuits were cut funny and did not rise as they should.  They sent me a coupon for a free can and a few smaller value coupons which I received within 3 weeks. 

      I am always polite and always keep the original containers so I can give them the numbers off the containers.  I also call right away (at least within a few days of finding the problem).

    • Wendy

      I have to buy Diamond Naturals dog food at Tractor Supply for my Great Dane because they have the best price.  As you can imagine, he eats a lot.  I tried calling Diamond to see if they could send me any coupons.  They told me that the cost of developing and distributing coupons would cause them to turn around and raise the price on the dog food.  I never thought about that issue.  Now I'm on the lookout for another $5/25 Tractor Supply coupon!

      • I too am in a similar boat. One of our kitties has allergies, and so they all eat Natural Balance. I buy from PetCo because they keep sending me coupons to buy more! The manufacturer never gives out coupons, but the store does – maybe try keeping an eye out for store coupons from other stores that sell it, and price compare? Just a thought :)

        • Sarah B.

          I work for Petco and if you ask in the store they may have manufacturer coupons for Natural Balance.  I usually always have some at my store.

          • Danielle

            I have a 90 lb German Shepherd with extreme food allergies.  He has to have grain free.  I finally started shopping at the Pet Superstore.  The lowest per lb food I have found is Canidae all life stages, the 35lb bag is $36.99 and there are always $2 a $10 purchase in the newspaper.

            I have checked all of the corn gluten meal free dog foods, Wellness, Natural Balance, Soild Gold, TOTW, etc and this food is even less expensive than the Purina Pro, Science Diet, Iams, etc.  Not sure if it is an option for some of you, but might be worth looking into.

            For the record I dont ever see dog food coupons for Canidae either.

          • Danielle

            I have a 90 lb German Shepherd with extreme food allergies.  He has to have grain free.  I finally started shopping at the Pet Superstore.  The lowest per lb food I have found is Canidae all life stages, the 35lb bag is $36.99 and there are always $2 a $10 purchase in the newspaper.

            I have checked all of the corn gluten meal free dog foods, Wellness, Natural Balance, Soild Gold, TOTW, etc and this food is even less expensive than the Purina Pro, Science Diet, Iams, etc.  Not sure if it is an option for some of you, but might be worth looking into.

            For the record I dont ever see dog food coupons for Canidae either.

          • Danielle

            I have a 90 lb German Shepherd with extreme food allergies.  He has to have grain free.  I finally started shopping at the Pet Superstore.  The lowest per lb food I have found is Canidae all life stages, the 35lb bag is $36.99 and there are always $2 a $10 purchase in the newspaper.

            I have checked all of the corn gluten meal free dog foods, Wellness, Natural Balance, Soild Gold, TOTW, etc and this food is even less expensive than the Purina Pro, Science Diet, Iams, etc.  Not sure if it is an option for some of you, but might be worth looking into.

            For the record I dont ever see dog food coupons for Canidae either.

          • Danielle

            I have a 90 lb German Shepherd with extreme food allergies.  He has to have grain free.  I finally started shopping at the Pet Superstore.  The lowest per lb food I have found is Canidae all life stages, the 35lb bag is $36.99 and there are always $2 a $10 purchase in the newspaper.

            I have checked all of the corn gluten meal free dog foods, Wellness, Natural Balance, Soild Gold, TOTW, etc and this food is even less expensive than the Purina Pro, Science Diet, Iams, etc.  Not sure if it is an option for some of you, but might be worth looking into.

            For the record I dont ever see dog food coupons for Canidae either.

          • Danielle

            I have a 90 lb German Shepherd with extreme food allergies.  He has to have grain free.  I finally started shopping at the Pet Superstore.  The lowest per lb food I have found is Canidae all life stages, the 35lb bag is $36.99 and there are always $2 a $10 purchase in the newspaper.

            I have checked all of the corn gluten meal free dog foods, Wellness, Natural Balance, Soild Gold, TOTW, etc and this food is even less expensive than the Purina Pro, Science Diet, Iams, etc.  Not sure if it is an option for some of you, but might be worth looking into.

            For the record I dont ever see dog food coupons for Canidae either.

          • Danielle

            I have a 90 lb German Shepherd with extreme food allergies.  He has to have grain free.  I finally started shopping at the Pet Superstore.  The lowest per lb food I have found is Canidae all life stages, the 35lb bag is $36.99 and there are always $2 a $10 purchase in the newspaper.

            I have checked all of the corn gluten meal free dog foods, Wellness, Natural Balance, Soild Gold, TOTW, etc and this food is even less expensive than the Purina Pro, Science Diet, Iams, etc.  Not sure if it is an option for some of you, but might be worth looking into.

            For the record I dont ever see dog food coupons for Canidae either.

      • mommyof1

        i agree with you on the natural dog food dilemna.. we have 3 dogs.. one has came up with some sort of allergy making her break out in a rash (hoping its not the food, but just the chew toy we gave her the other day).. and the other has a problem with blood in his urine.. blood tests, 2 urine tests, xray, sonogram.. and NOTHING is medically wrong with him… so we have to feed him special food in order to try to combat this problem when it comes up..  all natural food for dogs is SO much more expensive than something you can find at walmart.. i wish more natural foods for animals (and people!) would put out coupons every once in a while for those of us who cannot eat just “anything”

    • Nancy

      I've been e-mailing manufacturers a lot this year, mostly compliments on their products.  Smuckers natural peanut butter was one!  Another favorite is Turkey Hill ice cream and they will mail coupons monthly if you request them.

      • C-Lyn

        Nancy –  you give couponers a bad name and skew important data used to try to make products better. – If you want free coupons just ask, lieing is just wrong.

        • maconchip

          Where did Nancy say that she was making things up to get free coupons?  I think you read her comment incorrectly.  She said that she is emailing manufacturers with “mostly compliments.”  There is nothing wrong with that at all.  It is up to the company whether or not to send a coupon for a compliment. 

          I do not for one instant see Nancy's comment as giving “couponers a bad name.”

          • RebeccaFer

            100% agree with you maconchip! It's people like C-Lyn who have stopped me from not only reading comments but actually checking out SoutherSavers more often. Nancy is a great consumer because she is calling manufacturers with her honest feelings, great ones included, she is a positive impact on the system. You go Nancy! :D

          • Karmah60

            Odd.  I re-read Nancy's post 3 times trying to figure out where she said anything of the sort, and didn't see it.  I don't know how C-lyn pulled fraud out of that post.  Some people only see what they wanna see I guess.

              Though I haven't done it because I'm extremely shy, I don't see anything wrong with e-mailing compliments for coupons.

        • cgmomof2

          Kudos to nancy for giving positive feedback when most people only bother to call to complain. Wasn't it you, C-Lyn, who just complained about too many complaints?

        • Nancy

          FYI, C-Lyn, I AM NOT A LIAR.  As I posted, I e-mail manufacturers.  And ONLY the manufacturers of products that my family uses.  Smuckers natural peanut butter happens to be a family favorite, and so is Turkey Hill ice cream.   Fortunately, I have only had to e-mail a couple of complaints to 2 other companies, and both times those companies went overboard with apologies, coupons for free products, etc.  Having worked in customer service many years, it is nice to hear a compliment from a customer rather than complaints all day. 
          Thanks to those of you who read my post for what it really said, not for what one or two imagined it to say.

        • Grandma

          And insinuating that someone is lying to get free coupons is “just wrong,” too.

        • Guest

          Apparently you did not read Jenny's paragraph above entitled, “Call for Happy Reasons Too.”  Sounds to me like Nancy is doing just what Jenny suggested.

        • coupon dad

          I call Turkey Hill every month to get free coupons…it's not a lie…we love their product…and their policy is you can call them once a month and request free coupons….trust me with 6 people in my home we spend tons on Turkey Hill tea, so the coupons are helpful..and their Customer Service told me I could call once a month….not sure I see what Nancy was lying about…

    • Carol_R

      My mother did this years ago  (around 30 years) but she didn't call the company. She wrote a handwritten letter and would include part of the product that was defective or if she found something that wasn't supposed to be in the product (debrie, a bug, etc) she would include that. She only did this for legimate complaints and, of course, postage was way less back then. She did get some free stuff and coupons. Som were more generous than others. She wasn't the type to ever sue nore did she ever threaten to do so but was polite in what she wrote.

      I'll never forget one time when she found a roach in some hamburger meat (she hadn't looked closely enough at the package when she bought it that was still sealed and brought it back to the grocery store which was Safeway. They replaced the meat but they tried to joke with her and say that she got more meat for her money or something like that and she was not amused.

    • Sara

      I contacted Aleve from their website and thanked them for having a product that worked continuously for me. As a chronic pain manager still in child-bearing years I have been refusing any RX to help cope. On bad days I'll pop two Aleve and call it a day. They sent me a thank you for my thank you email back along with a coupon in the mail for an entire bottle free. I got the biggest one allowed, which saved me about 20 bucks on medicine!

    • Sandi

      I understand that there are going to be legitimate situations where a call should be made. I've had to make a call or two myself. The only that thing that concerns me is couponers being turned into complainers to try to get an extra coupon or two. We have so much to be grateful for and often forget this. Please try to keep things in perspective when you are deciding whether to call or not.

    • C-Lyn

      I work in QA for a major personal/oral care company and we have seen an increase in nonsense calls. For example broken taco shells in not a manufacturing problem, it’s the grocery stores poor care of the product or the consumer crushing them in transport home. It cost money to man the phones, process these calls and examine returned product. Normal salary people are  having to work overtime to do this extra wore (me and many others). We suggested to our corporate office last month that they no longer give coupons out for this reason. People are abusing the system. The 1-800 #’s are to help the companies make a better product and be aware of real issues not a way to get more free stuff.

      • Jeri

        I also work in customer service and have to completely disagree with you. Broken taco shells ARE a manufacturing problem because they did not arrive at the consumer's home intact. While it may not be a specific problem with the line worker that cooked the taco shell and put it in the box, it IS the company's responsibility to design packaging that protects the shells. If a consumer gets nothing but crunched up shells (regardless of whether it was the grocery store handling or the way it was packaged at the manufacturing plant) it is definitely still an issue. While I personally don't expect or request coupons when I have problems, I definitely make the issues known to the company so steps can be taken to fix the problems in the future. If no one ever calls but simply stops buying the brand in lieu of another brand, the company will spend thousands of dollars on research and marketing when a simple process update could retain sales.

        • DJ3K

          Although I have not tried this method of complaint I have to agree with you Jeri. My husband works in a warehouse (fedex ground) and if a customer didn't receive their package intact who would they blame?? the contractor or fedex? of course, fedex! Then fedex would loose their business to UPS. Customers need to be taken care of in order to keep a business running. Great post Jeri!!

          • Lea

            Are you a stay at home mom? Must be nice to have all of that free time to surf the web and call and complain to companies for free coupons all day.

      • Mindyinsc

        if I spend money on a product, I expect that product to live up to my
        expectations. Many companies have guidelines on how to handle
        damaged/defective products and what is considered to be frivolous calls.
        In this economy you should be thankful you have a job, and are getting
        overtime! Many people are not so fortunate. If consumers did not call,
        you would be out of work!

        • Lea

          I work in customer service also, insurance claims to be exact, and I can agree with the OP that having to work overtime as a salaried employee (which means my paycheck doesn't change regardless of if I work 40 hours or 400 hours in a week) because of greedy people really pisses me off too. That is time I could be spending working on my house, with my boyfriend, or playing with my dogs.

      • DJ3K

        You're complaining of overtime while unemployment is sky rocketing??!!! Unless you were working overtime for FREE then I think you should be a little more grateful that you even have a job. A company won't go downhill because of distributing coupons instead they'll loose business because of unhappy customers!! But that's what's wrong with the world today,,, customer service is nearly extinct!!

        • Mamasavesmore

          I know DJ3K. I think it's comical-C-Lyn-you complain of callers causing you to have to work overtime yet you have time to post 3 times on here after misreading comments. Must not be working too much overtime this week….luckily you are spending your time with your sunshine attitude on here! :o)

          • C-Lyn

            No I am home on bed rest till my child is born I have preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. Bed rest sucks!! I do see your point, I never had time to blog or surf the web before I was on bed rest.

          • Lea

            Don’t be ridiculous. Because she’s tired and overworked means she can’t come online and voice her opinion when she does get a few minutes to herself? Wow.

        • Jeri

          In defense of C-Lyn, she is not getting overtime. She said normal salary people are having to work overtime. Salary folks are not paid by the hour so they do not get extra if they have to work late. That being said, I agree that while some people may be abusing the 1-800# trying to get stuff, I would like to think the vast majority of people are calling because they have a legit complaint.

          • DJ3K

            I understand Jeri. Still however, overtime is extra money whether or not you're getting paid time and a half. When I worked in customer service every weekend I'd have to work overtime with no time and a half and I didn't mind because once again, time =money. I have 3 children to feed along with my husband so anything extra is greatly appreciated. I don't appreciate the fact that people complain about work when in fact there's a major crisis in the USA as we speak.

            • Lea

              Clearly you're not getting the concept of salaries. A salaried employee makes a certain amount of money per year, regardless of the amount of hours they work. That means the amount on her paycheck stays the same, regardless of whether she works 40 hours per week or 80 hours per week. So in her case, time=0. If she (and I for the matter) got paid for the extra hours we work as salaried employees, then I can 100% say I would not be complaining about putting in the extra time.

            • Ann

              Not necessarily.  I am salaried and I get paid for any extra hours I work.  I do not get paid time and a half, but I do get paid for all of my hours.

            • Lea

              Most salaried employees, myself included, don't get paid anything for anything above 40 hours/week.

            • DJ3K

              Lea; my husband is a salaried worker and he gets paid for every extra hour he's there,, he doesn't get paid time and a half but he gets paid for extra hours! So no, not every company is the same. I'm going by what I know. And the bottom line to this issue is not even salary, it is whether or not employees will take care of their customers rather than complaining!

            • Lea

              Good for him, but this conversation has nothing to do with your husband. It has to do with the fact that salaried employees in customer service are sick and tired of working 20 plus extra hours per week with nothing to show for it except for wasted time because greedy people are trying to get something for nothing. All i have to show for it is exhaustion, a house I haven’t had time to clean and a neglected family. Sp before you criticize again, try working a salaried job dealing with ungrateful people and not getting paid any extra for the extra hours you have to put in to get your work done.

            • mommyof1

              i also wrote this above.. salary employess CAN get overtime.. i hope people are aware of this.. also many salary employees get bonuses and perdium (money for lunches and travel) which is MANDATED by the govt.. maybe your employer is not telling you this info.. but its absolutely the trush.. maybe companies are not stressing this fact, but this info is out there.

      • Jtdjagos

        I noticed all of the posts  were about Ortega whole grain shells. I also had the same problem. I bought 6 boxes when they were on sale and I had a coupon, took them home, and when I was ready to use the first box on taco night, the shells were in pieces. I never unwrapped them from their tray so I could show the store. All of the boxes had completely broken shells. I returned all of them to HT and opened the replacement boxs at the customer service desk. Every box had broken shells. I finally decided to switch to the non whole grain shells and opened those boxes at customer service. The shells were fine. After trying to figure out why the shells broke in the whole grain package and not the regular package, I was able to see that the cardboard was not large enough in the whole grain boxes, which allowed the shells to wiggle and break. I believe that is a problem at the plant. I also drove 3 hours round trip twice, once to buy the shells and then to return them. I am so happy everyone is posting about this because I know the information I gave at the store level never made it to Ortega. I am going to call them and let them know about my experience. hopefully it will be a quick fix on their part and we can have an even healthier taco. I would love some coupons for the product as I just used my last box of shells the other night, but I kow that as consumers. we need to help the companies that value our opinions, make the best product they can.

    • I have had very nice responses from companies I have contacted. I found out I had celiac disease six years ago, and had to contact TONS of companies about gluten content in products. Some simply give out information, some send coupons and two even sent me gifts with a thank you letter! I didn't contact any of them for free items, they were sent as a thank you for your business from the company. You can't expect them all to give you something, but when one does it makes my day! I don't call many anymore, I have a good handle on the gluten now ;)

    • Mindyinsc

      This happened to me recently with shaving cream. The can was full, but nothing was coming out. I called the 800 number and they were so NICE! They sent me a postage paid envelope to mail the defective product back, coupons for FREE products (not just shaving cream) and all I really wanted was to return the product to the store, but they would not return it and said I had to call the number on the can. So things do happen, and companies are very willing to make things right………… As for C-Lyn's post below, if I spend money on a product, I expect that product to live up to my expectations. Many companies have guidelines on how to handle damaged/defective products and what is considered to be frivolous calls. In this economy you should be thankful you have a job, and are getting overtime! Many people are not so fortunate. If consumers did not call, you would be out of work!

    • tambry

      I had to call Fisher Price yesterday about my son's Education Toy that no longer is working.  I bought a second one and the same thing happened.    I invested a lot of money into the cartridges for this system and was a little upset.   When I spoke to Fisher Price I went through troubleshooting and the lady was so nice.  She put me on hold and the came back and said if I could dismember part of the toy and mail it to them (on my dime, probably only $2-3) they would be sending me a replacement toy (valued at $75!!)  I am so glad I didn't buy the warranty at Toys R Us.  HOORRAY for Fisher Price for taking care  of your customers!

      • Sarah

        This has happened to me with Little Tykes and Melissa and Doug as well.  Great customer service.

    • RebeccaFer

      When I call, I am honestly calling to give information to the manufacturer so they can make a better product and/or packaging. If I get a coupon, I am thankful and happily surprised. I called Wisk once because it was my first time using their product and I didn't think it had a pour spout which was no big deal. It wasn't until I was at the very end that I realized it had fallen into the bottle! It was kinda funny because I honestly didn't notice it sloshing around inside the detergent since it was just a little extra weight. I called, they took the info so they could check the line to make sure it wouldn't happen again and they sent a coupon for a free bottle of Wisk! I really didn't think it was necessary and said so but she said it was something they were happy to do to keep me as a customer. I will definitely be buying more Wisk even without a Free coupon! :D

    • Karmah60

      The taco shell thing happened to me just last night.  I opened up my Ortega whole grain to find it in little bits.  I figured it was probably the way I loaded bags into my car that grocery trip or something.  I don't know, we just used soft shells instead.  I don't think things like that are a big deal, and I'm way too shy to call a stranger and complain about something so frivolous.  Maybe I need a lesson in assertiveness.

      • Margoren

        My Ortega shells are in pieces too. All boxes I have used so far have been like that. Of course  I don't know if it was me, the store or the manufacturer… oh well…

      • Jacki

        If your uncomfortable calling, trust me I amtoo, try emailing the company on the website. It may take a few days to get a response but you don't have to feel strange when your complaining about something that might seem so small.

    • Bamagrits84

      I hate to be a negative nancy but I see many people with wide eyes getting ready to abuse this information. 

      I actually did have a problem with Capri Suns before where some of the fruit ended up in the pouch and turned into a slimmy mess.  I had no idea what it was at first so when I called the manufacturer they explained how it likely occured and sent me several coupons for free boxes.  It is nice to know some companies will back they product.

      • Karmah60

        Some people already do.  For example, an Ebay search for “Pepsi coupons”  yesterday came up with stacks of absolutely free 12pk coupons.  You cannot get coupons like that in any inserts.  Those have to be directly from the company.

         But, what can you do?  There will always be dishonest people, and it's hard to separate honest complaints from dishonest ones over the phone.

        • It is possible in some cases that a person had such a bad experience that even when sent free coupons they wouldn’t use them so why not sell them? Now I also realize with STACKS of them online not all were that case but maybe some. Idk I’m an optimist I guess. :D

    • MomOf4

      I had a bad experience with Tide stain release packs not dissolving in the wash, and then the clothes had white powder all over them.  Sent them and email and explained the problem.  They sent me a Q for a free replacement, and wanted to know exactly how I was washing my clothes with their product.  Companies do appreciate feedback since it helps them develop a better product.

    • Jacki

      Emailed Ziploc a few days ago becuase a box I bought of sandwich bags had a coupon on it. I took the coupon off when I got home, Cuase I already had one and knew that oneb the box usually expire months out, to find out it had expired MONTHS PRIOR!. Was disappointed. Took a few seconds to send a quick email. Within 48 hours I had a respones email saying that although they couldn't replace the coupon I lost out on they coud send me a booklet for many of there products to hopefully make up for my slight disappointment. Trust me I couldn't have been happier with that response.

      • Kl Wils

        I just sent kimberly clark a message because the coupons for scott tissue in the package expired 12/31/10

    • cvs lady

      Good reminder!  I emailed Mary B's a few weeks ago to tell them how much my children love their biscuits.  There are NEVER coupons and I asked if they had plans to run coupons on their website or in the Sunday circulars.  Within a week I had a very nice letter AND 2 coupons for $2 off!

    • Coupongirl1203

      one time , way before I ever discovered couponing, I bought  a couple of boxes of those Betty Crocker meal in a box kits,(i forgot the name) on sale at Ingles.  I decided to cook one at work for lunch and started mixing everything together and then realized there was no seasoning!!! So, I found the number on the box and called and the lady had me read lot numbers, what store i got it from and all sorts of details and she was sorry it happened and even sorrier I was not at home so I could at least “Doctor” up the pasta and chicken with some spices. So I was sent some coupons for free boxes  of the dinner and a couple $1 off coupons for random general mills products, which I found the last one  in my wallet when I began couponing this year and realized the coupon did not expire until june 30 2011!! and I made this call had to be summer of 2008 or 2009!  I was happy to have that leftover coupon especially now that I am coupon obsessed!   and that's the story of the only time I called a company about a mistake:)

    • Jacki

      Yes…Some people do abuse the call centers just like some people abuse couponing by emptying shelves and not leaving any product for other.

      But that doesn't mean you should come on to a webiste like this and make comments to people saying that they are abusing couponing or calling companies. I rarely if ever see someone on this website talking about abusing these few tips that Jenny leaves for us!

      Dont leave complaints on here to call any of us abusers when many of us do this to help our family by shopping on a budget. Go somewhere else and complain!

      Keep up thegreat work and thanks for the help Jenny!

    • Plaidjenn

      I recently called Breyers because our mint chocolate chip ice cream had no chocolate chips…not a single one!  I mostly called just so they would know (in case no one else had!)  Got a coupon for a free half gallon!

    • Sarah

      This summer I received a fresh express salad kit without the apples to go with the kit.  I called and sure enough, they sent me a coupon for a free replacement salad kit AND another coupon for 55 cents off any fresh express salad.  And it's hard to get produce coupons so this was great!

    • Packofwises

      I just went one into Ingles about their Laura Lynn brand Cheese Sticks.  Their Nutrition facts on the back are way off in the serving size department.  There are only 9 sticks in the box, states there are 2 sticks per serving and the box contains “about 6”.  Wouldn't you think there were 12? or 11? 0r even 10?  I have to go by serving size for my business (day care) to get the correct amount for the kids. I was upset there wasn't enough for all the kids.

    • mrsmadayar

      We emailed sonic about a bad experience, and later that same day the manager of the location we visited called us and invited us to come back another day for a full meal on them. So 5 crappy sandwiches turned into 5 good sandwiches plus sides & drinks and even a little dessert. We were very excited b/c I really didn't expect much from the email I sent.

    • Becky

      In response to the comments about overtime. Salaried workers do not get any pay for working beyond their regular hours. They are not paid $__ per hour- just a flat amount per pay period. When they have to work beyond the regular work day, they are working for their employer for Free!

      • Heather

        Thats because salaried workers are based on 40 hrs a week. They are based on about 55 hrs a week so you can work about 15 hrs of OT and get paid the same. Anything over that, then is for free!

      • mommyof1

        wow.. you can actually get paid more, even if you are salary.. i hope people know this..   many salaried workers also get bonuses and extra pay for things.. not EVERY salaried worker.. but alot do. If anyone on here is a salary worker, i would look into things.. as some things are govt mandatory.. my hubby just interviewed for a salary job and they had to tell him things that were mandated extra pay

    • Danielle

      A few years ago, my husband went into Food Lion for a few things while I had been out of town.  When he went up to pay, he picked a register that apparently they were busy doing something else.  He waited but then was abruptly told to go to another register.  He was quite annoyed, p.s. his tolerance level is probably a -10, as he is big on customer service and gets very huffy having to wait at all!  It bothered him so much he went on their website and sent a complaint.  Well, I have to say, they called him and offered him a $25 gift card.  I'm such the total opposite because I would have just taken it all in stride….lol.  PS……he went and picked up the gift card but still refused to go back there……he can be so stubborn….but I was happy to use it!!

    • Mslonas

      I recently started doing this, when I had SEVERAL products that I had bought, had problems w/them…for example-wrappers not sealed all the way on the Nature Valley granola bars, making them open pkgs…also-I had to call Mayfield, the cones on the nutty buddies were completely SOGGY–my 3 yr old couldnt even eat them….but the worst was a Claussen pickle that had a hole and MOLDY spot on it!! anyway, ALL of these companies were VERY nice and gave me a FREE coupon as my refund, PLUS more coupons!

    • Mzlinzy

      We are HUGE Mtn. Dew consumers in my house. We once ( out of thousands of times ) got a bad batch of cans. I called our local distributor Buffalo Rock right then with the compliment, the complaint, and included the lot number, expiration date, and place purchased. In two days I received about a dozen coupons for free twelve packs. It made for some really nice deals for several months!

    • Emily

      Thanks, Jenny!!! I finally sent out those compliments I've been meaning to send for some time now. I don't expect anything, but manufacturers should know when they're doing something right. <3 Southern Savers, too!!!

    • Kcreviews

      I wish this post had come a couple of days ago. My husband found a used, dirty bandaid in his food, which I had made from some P.F. Chang's frozen dinners. Gross! I probably could have gotten some good coupons from that call.

      • Emily A.

        That's disgusting!  I would still call or e-mail them!

      • momto2boys

        ewwww……call them anyways!  Please!

      • mommyof1

        oh my! we have only eaten these one time and we loved them.. i cant believe this! please still call and tell them.. it might prevent something like this from happening again.. so sorry for that.. =(  now i will be extra cautious with frozen items.. and i dont even know if i could buy that brand again..

      • Ana

        Yes, definitely call them!!

    • Mrscori2006

      My husband eats Freschetta pizzas all the time. He has to re-arrange the pepperoni's on them every time. All the pepperonis are always bunched up on one end of the pizza and it's hard to peel them up off of a frozen pizza and re-arrange. I called the company just to tell them (not necessarily to get anything) and to my surprise they sent a whole stack of coupons for a FREE Freschetta pizza!

      • Holtzclaw5

        Wow!  We have that same problem with most frozen pizzas we buy….had never thought about letting company know…thanks:) It is a little annoying when u buy something for convenience sake and u end up having to spend time on it before u can bake/microwave etc…..

    • Kellyjeanne08

      We bought 2 different soft taco kits from Old El Paso and the soft tacos just crumbled and were dried out. I emailed the company and a few weeks later I got 5 different coupons as an apology.

      Years ago when i was living in NJ, a new A&P Supermarket opened..it was a really nice store. I emailed them and told them how i liked the store and how they employed so many special needs people. As a thank you they sent me a $10 gift certificate

    • Christy

      Someone gave my son a 4 pack of Thomas the Train puzzles for his birthday. One of the puzzles was missing pieces. My mom happened to be visiting at the time. She e-mailed the company (there was an e-mail address on the box). I wasn't expecting anything to happen, but they mailed both me and my mom a replacement for the puzzle. So now the boys have a puzzle to play with at the grandparents. We used the one missing pieces for an art project/Father's Day Gift.

      My baby bottles keep cracking (Evenflo). I e-mailed them and was told to mail them the bottles return receipt and include my receipt for postage in the box. They are supposed to be mailing me replacements and a few extra to compensate me for the postage (which was $16)! Unfortunately, I threw 3 or 4 away before I realized this was going to be a recurring problem. I received the return receipt but have not recieved any bottles yet so I e-mailed them the other day and was told that they needed to know if I wanted the same bottles or a different model (which of course, I had included in a note in the box). Hoping I get some soon–tired of washing the same 4 every night (and pumping into the Medela ones and transferring them). Don't want to go buy more and then get the box in the mail the next day!

      • JEB

        Have you tried Gerber bottles?  They fit my Medela breastpump.

    • Kellyjeanne08

      PS. I almost always email or write places whenever i have either a good or bad experience.  I think there is so much negativity especially in Retail and Food Services that they need some positive info sent. I don't do it for anything in return, just to let them know of my experience.

    • CWW

      Thanks  for the reminder. Don't know why I didn't think to call the 1-800# on the can of suncsreen that wouldn't spray.

    • CntrySccerChk

      I've had issues with two companies (1 major) that the diapers were missing tabs or the tabs were sewed on correctly. This can be a MAJOR problem. Both companies sent me a free package coupon. So, I'm really coming out on top. The first major company was only a few diapers out of the package, but the second not so large company had over 20 diapers missing tabs or an issue with the tab. BIG PROBLEM!!! But, it's all fixed now. It only took a minute of my time too.

    • Carolyn

      My recent experience like this was a tub of Cottonelle Fresh Wipes I had gotten (probably for free :) ). They dried out after being open about 2 months, so I had to throw about 20 away. And I looked on another unopen container I had in the closet, and there is no “best by” date on them, which I thought was weird since they probably do naturally dry out after a while. Anyways, I emailed them and explained my issue and they nicely emailed back an apology and said they are sending some coupons! Can't wait to see what they send!! :)

    • Kittie

      My family went out to dinner one night, and the service at the restaurant was wonderful.  The people were just so nice and helpful…it was the best service I had ever had.  So I emailed them to tell them how nice they were.  They mailed me a gift certificate!

    • Danielle

      This does work both ways, I got free Haagen Daaz ice cream and two Edys coupons for complimenting their companies and asking…as for complaining, (ligimate complaints) Old El Paso broken taco shells I got a free product up to $4.99, a $1 off and two $.50 off..Kellogs a free product up to $7.99 complained because there was some really hard stuff in a slim fast bar (I thought I broke my tooth), Conagra free product up to $4.99, two coupons for Skittles/starburst for a bag of really bad skittles…I know there are more but I am drawing a blank.  My favorite one A co-worker went to Arbys to pick up lunch and not only did they mess up my order (purple onion on the BLT) they also way over charged her.  Normally a $4.99 meal and they charge $7.99 for the sandwich…so I sent an email to them and I got 2 coupons for free combo meals.  Hubby and I used them as a free dinner when we drove to FL to see my brother.

    • gbmommy

      Very disappointed in Pampers. I wrote them a few months ago when my husband was let go from serving the military. Yes, laid off and honorably served for 12 yrs, thank you perform to serve act and its lack of free “billets”. Anyways, they said they do not send coupons to customers because of financial distress. Several weeks later, it sickened me to see the chick on extreme coupon show get them.

      • She Coupons

        ugh I hate that for you. They should have helped you out. After all your husband has been protecting our freedom. That extreme couponing show irritates me to death. They always show them shopping at Kroger getting their coupons doubled and tripled. My Kroger stopped doing that on April 13th this year. Seems we all are having to go through some kind of coupon heart ache :(

      • Lay May

        I mean they don't have to send coupons, but you would think they would want to keep the customers.

        Exrteme Couponing (the show) has really rubbed my nerves, because not all of them get their coupons honestly and seem to have, odd practices.
        I think Sensible Couponing would be a more realistic show,,,

        And as for the doubling and tripling, they don't do any of that in FL. Pretty much my mother and I have agreed they should just do away with it so the grocery stores and the companys feel more pressure to put out higher value coupons.

        And one lady said on ectreme couponing that the newspaper company just send her the extra inserts, but I emailed my Newspaper and they said they have to destroy the inserts so as to make them unuseable.

      • Couponsfortyler

        extreme couponing makes me sick every time i watch it. most of the stuff is just set up for the show, to draw in customers and all customers find out is that the coupon policy from the show was just a temporary one….

    • A few years ago, I gave my son, who loves to cook and invent new recipes, a Sunbeam stand mixer. I did not buy the really expensive one, but paid about $150 for it at Wal Mart. It stopped working shortly after, while he was mixing something that took about 10 minutes. He took it back to Wal Mart and they replaced it. The second one did the same thing, so he called Sunbeam. They sent him a more expensive model, which worked just fine for what he needed. I was shocked.

      Also, my family's favorite steak marinade is only sold at Publix and is never on sale and there are never coupons for it, even though the company has coupons for other products. I emailed them and told them how much we loved it and that I wished that they would issue coupons occasionally for it, as it is a bit pricey. They sent me 3 coupons for 75¢ off of any of their products. I was thrilled. Unfortunately, the next time that I went to Publix, it had gone up by 50¢.

    • Lay May

      I've had to make a few emails this summer, most promising coupons but have yet to recieve  any.
      I'm starting to think its our mail carriers, they are contracted out and are very unorganized.

    • Tworedsox

      i've been doing this for years. (i worked customer service for a large corp for 6 years, so i know all the ins & outs. :) big tip–be nice and they will be more prone to be nice back! recently i had at least 5 tabs rip off new pampers diapers, all on the same side. i called about the obvious production defect and was sent 4 $10 coupons in exchange for mailing a few of the diapers back (prepaid). i have many similar stories, for good and bad product experiences! as a former customer serivce worker, i can tell you it is nice to hear a compliment on your product once in a while. :)

    • I just got 5 coupons for Purina One cat food. I found bugs in 12 of the boxes, I called (and was nice) and they sent me coupons for the 4.5lb bags… Up to $17.99 lol

      • Couponinggirl

        My cat eats bugs anyway so I'm sure she would have been happy to have an added protein treat in her food. LOL ;-)

    • missy

      I purchased a canned soup, only for my son to find a spider sitting (dead) on top of a potato or something.  Obviously I called immediately.  They sent a coupon for a box of cereal up to about $6, and free cookie coupons.  SO glad my son didn't eat that spider though.  EWE

    • I just posted about this on my blog, this has been my new little pasttime while my husband watches TV.  I try to email 3-5 companies per day to give a genuine compliment about their products.  I don't ask for coupons but it's nice when they send me some!   I just think that companies need to know what their customers like, and the coupons they send are just icing.

      • Carrieluvsgreg

        How do you have 3-5 problems with companies per day??  That seems a little excessive.

        • Jessica

          She didn't say she had 3-5 problems a day. She said she emailed companies compliments about their products/services.

        • Please read my comment again—I email 3-5 companies to give a COMPLIMENT.  I am genuine and honest about it.  So many companies hear only complaints (notice what most of the posts here are about) so I think it's important to give them praise for good products and/or service.

    • Jessica

      I had an awesome response from Pet in regards to some ice cream I had purchased. On the front of the packaging it says “totally loaded with stuff!”. My favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough and I did not have ONE piece of cookie dough. It was basically vanilla ice cream with some chocolate chip sprinkled in. They sent me a check for $8! The ice cream was only $2.50 (on sale). I ended up buying more ice cream with it however had the same issue so while I did use the $8 to purchase more Pet ice cream I won't purchase anymore in that particular flavor. Still, a check for $8 made my day!

      • cg

        Wow, thanks for sharing that. I will be sure not to get Pet ice cream if they left out the cookie dough not once, but twice! Geez they are cheap.

    • Theda Overby

      I recently contacted a major company through their website bc the toilet bowl cleaner I bought leaked everywhere every time I tried to use it.  It had a “new, improved” cap that didn't work as indicated.  They sent me a coupon for a FREE product. :-)

    • Deanna

      Has anyone tried contacting a company about a store-brand item?  I've had store-brand cheese get moldy in the un-opened bag and a few other items go bad before their time.  I've taken them back to the store, but wonder if there was someone to call?

      • Yes, I've contacted Kroger about store-brand items and they've handled it nicely.

      • Nwoleslagle

        Yes, I have returned items to Aldi no problem.  Their policy is on all their packages.

      • Zarate06

        Yes, I contacted Winn-Dixie when i found some small pieces of plastic in a package of store-brand sausage.  Since Winn-Dixie has a reward card, they were able to load $10 onto my card for my next visit at the store.  Sure enough, it came right off my total!

    • I recently did this (well a few months ago) with a package of Jell-o Temptations pudding that my husband picked up at walmart. He doesn't normally check expiration dates (BAD BOY!), and they were expired! How disgusting to have a product out past the expiration date! It wasn't even the company's fault, it was wal-mart's, but they still sent me a coupon for a FREE new package of their wonderful temptations and I was a satisfied customer. It happened fairly quickly, too.. I used their web form to contact them about it :)

    • I have been contacting companies about the customer service and their products, good or bad, for many years. I've always been of the opinion that if they do not have the feedback, they cannot continue doing the right things, or stop or fix the wrongs things.

       Some companies are better than others about this. Food Lion could not find one of their stores. Seriously. The building was there, filled with groceries and employees, but they had no record of it. 

      The company that definitely had some of the best are Apple and Crockpot. Whenever I've had problems, and I've contacted Apple, they immediately handle it, routinely. Because their customer service is so fantastic, I am very loyal to their products. 
      With Crockpot (the company), I bought a triple Crockpot. When I washed it in the dishwasher, one of the lids exploded (on the rare occasion that tempered glass breaks, it sort of explodes). I called them requesting a new lid. They sent me a whole new unit.  I was so impressed with their customer service that I am loyal to them, too. 

      I was also so impressed with the customer service of the companies, I bought stock in both. I've also been rewarded by that aspect, as both have risen.

    • Delanawhite

      SOLUTION: Just make your own taco shells with corn tortillas and a little oil in the pan…bend them up with tongs after a minute and they harden right up…like the mexicans do it!! Better than boxed

      • yes that does work, so does making a taco salad (which is always how I eat mine on taco night anyways) as does using the tub of frosting in the pantry when the toaster strudel box is missing the frosting. That is however aside from the point as the point is the tacos should be whole and the frosting should be in the box. If they aren’t then it is only fair that the company compensate you for it as the product did not hold up to it’s claim. :D

    • Mrmail2000

      Nice article, I printed the max of two coupons for Lipton “all natural” teas and the only place I could find it was Walmart, but they no longer take printed coupons for free items. I emailed Unilever and asked if they could exchange the printable ones for another type , they apologized for my inconvenience, and suggested I go somewhere else. No help at all.

    • Aminaprice

      Cascade (P&G) was really awesome. They sent me a coupon for any size product of dish washing liquid to replace my bottle that was all water. My bottle apparently was part of a shipment that had gotten frozen during transit to the store. I had only bought the small bottle ( 2.99) and got to buy a big bottle (9.97) !! So awesome!

    • Eliza

      I found that my Target back-to-school mailer was missing the $5 gift card coupon on the back by the time it got to me.  I emailed Target and asked for another mailer.  They did one better; they took me at my word and mailed me an actual $5 gift card.  They sealed the deal on my loyalty with that one!

    • Meghan

      I recently found a (dead) ladybug inside a new package of Fresh Express salad mix.  I called the 800 number and they sent me four coupons for one free bag of salad mix, and four coupons for 75 cents off a bag of salad mix. The customer service rep was very apologetic and understanding, and it turned out to be a pleasant experience.  I used my free coupons at Publix when they had the salad mix on sale B1G1, and got two bags free!

      • Liz

        That was better than my experience with Hidden Valley Salad Kit.  There was something (a nut shell probably) in the bag and it chipped my tooth.  There was no apology, no offer of any compensation, but they gladly gave me the phone number of some fake doctor that works for them and a set of forms so I could get 3 estimates the work needed.  I costs more to pay for the dentists’ estimates than just pay my own dentist and not bother with Hidden Valley.  Needless to say, I will not buy Hidden Valley products and I discourage everyone with whom I speak to do the same.  Shame on them for not at least apologizing or offering a refund for my Salad Kit!

    • Emily

      When Better than Oats oatmeal (my favorite) had issues with their coupon on facebook, I emailed them and they they sent me 2 free coupon plus a 55 cent coupon, and when they fixed the facebook issue I still was able to print my 2 coupons. I'm stocked and loving my Better than Oats oatmeal (chocolate  is like making oatmeal with chocolate milk).

    • ravnb

      I went to the paper company (dispatch in lex,) and once again they take all or most of the coupons out. in this case all red plum are missing. how can i get all these coupons?

    • bethcody

      I know this has nothing to do with groceries, however I had a very bad expirence at an Olive Garden. I emailed the company. Not only did they return my email, they also sent a 50.00 dollar girft card to any of their resturants including Red Lobester. Also, Sonic has sent coupons.

    • Jfrainey05

      This is sooooooooo true. I have done this many times from cheese that molded before expiration to wipes that didn't pull out of the container right. Once the coffee-mate creamer didn't seal got a coupon for a free one. I will call only if it doesn't do what the product states. Give it a try. You will love the results. Once I receive the coupon I call and thank them. They are so surprised that someone will take the time to do that.

    • Dsmoretz

      Got to Chilis and my online order to pick up at curbside was not received.  I was okay with it and patient, but to my surprise the manager gave us our entire meal $40+ for free.  What a great surprise.  I love Chilis and will definitely go back again and again,

      • bethcody

        We went to Chilis and we had to wait for about 15 mins. Before a server even came buy. When the host found out, he called  the manager. They made it right. We didn't even have to wait long between courses, and someone was always checking on us. Not only that, we were given a free dessert. Since we ordered the special, my husband and I spent only 22.00 for a 3  course meal for a well deserved  date night. Will definitely go back.

    • Chiefsangeleyes

      I used to call Huggies all the time when my girls were babies and they always sent super high value coupons! :)

    • Amtcoleman1

      I had a horrible customer service experience at Lowe's several years ago and sent an email to the company.  I received an email telling me that the store manager would call me.  The store manager called and said she was going to mail me a gift card.  I never received the card and have never stepped in the door again!  Their loss is Home Depot's gain!

    • April

      I did this recently with kellogg and was pleasantly surprised.  I contacted them via email through their website, basically just to ask them about the new Frosted Flakes with less sugar… I thought they were gross (I was a little more pleasant than that in my email to them, of course… lol), and asked them if they will still be offering the original frosted flakes.  They wrote me back & said they WILL still be selling them, and asked me for my mailing address so they could send me a coupon.  I was even more pleasantly surprised when I got a coupon good for any Kellogg's product, up to $5!  That was worth more than the box of frosted flakes I wasted my money on… great customer service!

    • Jerry

      I've had mixed experiences with contacting companies.  I am always polite.

      When my Chevy hit 250,000 miles, I asked GM if they give customers certificates for high milage cars.  They said no, but said that they give coupons for free oil changes every time that a vehicle reaches another 100,000 miles.  They sent me a coupon for reaching 200,000, which I saved as a “trophy”.  I should ask for another now that I have over 300,000 miles.  I'm a very happy customer.

      When I complained to Verizon about my services going down for 10-14 days every 1-2 months, they offered me a $20 credit.  Later, I got a letter, saying that they changed their mind about giving me the refund, and my service kept going down until I switched to another company.

      When I complained to CompUSA about not receiving rebates, the clerk didn't help, but tried to convince me to convert to his religion instead.

      When I complained to Mouse Systems about not receiving a $20 rebate, they gave me a case number, but no rebate, despite multiple calls.

      Needless to say, I'm never again going to be a customer of Verizon, CompUSA, or Mouse Systems.

    • Sallie

      Just got off the phone with Neutrogena…My hubby and I got bad sunburns in Mexico even though we were using 100 spf  sunblock properly.   they are sending us a check for all the bottles that we used :)