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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

Going Nuts? I can help you understand coupon terms and abbreviations

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Yesterday we discussed what’s a good price for stocking up on items.  Before we move into getting and using coupons you need to realize one thing… buying an item at it’s lowest price and stocking up on it is saving you more than the coupon.  If you don’t have a coupon, you are still saving money to buy it at the best price! If you have a week that you can’t handle coupons, then throw the coupons out the window and just go to the store and buy what’s on sale.

That said, lets find coupons:

Newspaper Coupons:

You have to get the Sunday paper.  About 88% of the coupons out come in the paper.  You want the biggest paper available to you, the larger the paper the more coupons are in it.  If you have an area that is just plain bad, try looking online at the services that sell whole inserts from other regions.

I get my inserts from: Sundaycouponinserts.com

Maybe you don’t want the whole insert, there are lots of ways to get just one or two coupons that weren’t in your paper.  Try looking for that particular coupon on:


How many papers do you need?

You do not need many.  Remember you are only getting enough of one item to last 6-8 weeks.  You will see it come on sale again and you’ll get the same coupon again, I promise!  If you go over board on papers you are adding stress to your own life.

You do want to get at least 2 papers though.  Most drugstores and a few grocery stores require on buy one get one deals that you purchase two items.  They will allow you to use a coupon on each item though!  If I have to buy two, but they are going to let me use two coupons… I want two coupons.
(Personally I get four each week now that we have 5 kids.  If you don’t have a big family this is more than you need.)

Magazine Coupons:

Pretty much any magazine that caters to women has coupons in it now.  Please don’t run out and get subscriptions to every single one of them just for one coupon for floss.  There are a few that regularly have coupons that you want to watch for deals on (don’t worry when I see deals I’ll share).

Magazines with coupons:

Woman’s Day
Weight Watchers
Good Housekeeping
Ladies Home Journal
Better Homes & Gardens
Family Circle

Printable Coupons:

There are tons of coupons online, yet another reason to not get 1,000 newspapers each week!
There are 4 main sites that offer printable coupons:


Each site will let you print 2 of most coupons offered per computer, NOT per printer.  If you have a desktop computer and a laptop you can print 4 coupons even if they use the same printer (this can depend on how you have set up your home network).

You also find lots of printable coupons directly on manufacturer websites and facebook.  Rather than randomly hunting for these, use the coupon database on Southern Savers to get direct links to most of these.

What do you want to print?

Printable coupons do have a maximum amount that they are going release for each offer.  Don’t let this stress you out, and start printing every coupon. You want to follow a few basic rules of what to print right away and then leave everything else there.

  • High value coupons – print the minute you see it.  These are relative based on the product, but you’ll know when you see it.  Really good coupons do not last long, maybe 2-3 hours tops.
  • Vegetable coupons – Whenever you see green giant, birds eye, libby’s or other vegetable coupons print them.
  • Brands you know you’ll use, family favorites etc.

One Tip:  Most store lists are posted to Southern Savers the day before that sale begins.  Head online and print and coupons mentioned in the list the day it posts.  You can come back and coupons ready later, but this way if the printable coupon made something free you can get it before it runs out.

Okay… one more tip: Instead of scouring the main printable sites each day for what is new sign up to get the New Coupon Advisory email.  I send it every Mon.-Fri. and it is a list of every new coupon found that day online and offline.  You can open it, skim it, print anything you want and move on lot faster than clicking through pages and pages of coupon sites. (Oh, and it’s free).

For more information check out:
Gathering Coupons Video
Organizing Coupons Part 1
Organizing Coupons Part 2

    • Brittany

      Another great site for whole coupon inserts is http://www.sundaycouponinserts.com

    • Deborahdupree28

      I just looked at the coupons on AllYou.com and they look like the same coupons available here, coupons.com, etc.  Are the coupons in the magazine the same as the ones on their website? 

    • Chris

      Another good site is AJCInserts dot com.  The prices are WAAY better than wholecouponinserts.

      • Lynne

        I'm assuming these are the atlanta journal constitution inserts?? Is this correct?

        • Chris

          Yes – and the prices include shipping.  I order regularly and they come really fast. I even had them come Priority Mail the one time I ordered 10 sets.

      • Anjelicaandersen

        Thanks for sharing this site!  The prices are great!  I usually just buy the AJC but when a week is really good, I'm gonna get extras from here!

    • Jfmosley

      I absoluetely love your site Jenny!! I am a married Junior in college and plan on attending medical school, so every penny that we save goes into the “Med School Jar”. I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to this website to help everyone out.

    • Deb

      Excellent article Jenny.  Will you be posting a link to this whole series somewhere?  I want to be able to direct my friends to all the articles.

    • Vlove1973

      I just tried to register for the Home Made Simple booklet and it kept telling me an error had occurred.  .

    • JTTLC

      You are so right Jenny!  People get so hung up on having a coupon for EVERYTHING.  Bi-Lo is my main store and usually my week includes half of my items without a coupon such as meat and produce….but I still cut my bill by 50% each time!  The sales are great even without a coupon….you have to pay attention to those just as you do coupons.  Thanks for all you do!

    • Kelly2520

      Can anyone tell me how I find out which city near me has the largest selection of coupons?  For example, I am two hours from Louisville and two hours from Nashville.  I would like to subscribe to at least one of these papers because our region has a very limited amount of coupons.

      • Erin

        I would guess that the Nashville paper has more coupons because it is a larger city than Louisville.  I don't have any problems finding the coupons I need in the Courier Journal (Louisville).  Hopes this helps.

        • aolss

          Luckily I get my dad's and in-laws coupons from the courier-Journal.  If you are in Lexington, the coupons in the Herald-Leader are very good, particularly the Red Plum insert.

    • Dana

      Have people started receiving their Stocking Spree and Organize in Style home mailers?  I'm seeing coupons referenced as coming from these in matchups, but I've not received mine yet.  I signed up for the the first day I heard of them, so I'm wondering if others have theirs already.  Also, was the Storm Savings coupon booklet from Publix a regional thing?  I live on the coast in FL, so I thought for sure we'd have it if it was regional, but none of the Publix here ever heard of it.

      • BLG

        No the stocking spree that is referenced is a sheet in the Publix store and the organize in home has been sent out multiple times before :) hope this helps!

      • Amber

        I just got the organize in style in the mail Saturday.

      • Christen Cook

        I signed up for the Stocking Spree flyer about a week and a half ago and still haven't received it, and the 3 Publix stores around me have received shipments of the flyers, but they keep “disappearing” and the manager doesn't know where they are…

        • Toni

          I stopped at several Publixes in my city and at every Publix the customer service desk said the Stocking Spree coupon sheets disappeared within the very first day they were put out!  It happened this way all over the city.  Either they didn't have many coupon sheets or there are a lot of couponers here or someone is taking more than their share.  Oh,  well.  I signed up for the mail-order one and hope it gets here soon.

      • Jenn

        Some mailers are only sent out quarterly or monthly. So they'll catch you on the next mailing. HTH!

      • Kim

        I have not received mine either and I also signed up for everything awhile ago also.

      • I received my Organize in Style yesterday.

    • Becky T

      Do you post when these home mailers are originally available? I must have missed it because I'm just now signing up to get one

    • Marlene

      Jenny, this is good information however did you really just tell people to register for a store card under someone else's name? 

      Also while coupon clipping services and ebay sales still exist it's probably not a good idea to promote them.  The TLC show has drawn notice and the CIC (Coupon Information Corp) has been actively working on sending legal notices to ebay sellers etc. 
      From the FAQ on their website:
      What about selling “the service of clipping coupons” or an envelope that “just happens to contain coupons”?
      Individuals selling or auctioning coupons often know that such sales and auctions are in violation of the terms and conditions of the coupons. As such, they may include an invalid disclaimer, such as, “I'm selling my time to clip the coupons, not the coupons themselves. Such disclaimers are invalid and do not provide any legal protection to either party. Such obviously invalid disclaimers merely serve to prove that the seller/auctioneer knows that their illicit coupon sales are inappropriate, wrong, and subject to civil and/or criminal penalties, depending on the situation.
      Can I buy coupons?
      No, there are good reasons not to purchase coupons. In addition to being in violation of the manufacturers’ policies, it simply does not make sense to pay for something that is given away for free.

      • Mommy2Boys

        Except that most coupons are NOT given away for free…you have to buy the newspaper or buy the magazine, etc :)

        • Grits423

          I agree.  Also, in my opinion, if I live in an area that does not get many coupons, or does not get very good coupons, I have the option to go to an area every week that DOES get good coupons.  And clipping my coupons every week is very time consuming. So, on the rare occasion that I use a clipping service, I am genuinely paying for a SERVICE.  I am paying for someone else to go into a different area from my own to buy the coupons, and also to clip my coupons for me.  If you have ever purchased this service you know just how nice it is to get an envelope full of the exact coupons you need delivered to your mailbox!

      • Futballmom

        I can see your point about buying something that is free.  What if you live in an area that hardly has any good coupons?  The newspaper where I live rarely has the good ones.  Sometimes I do order coupons or inserts, sometimes it is cheaper than buying the paper, especially if there are only a couple of coupons in my paper that are descent.

        • Marlene

          Trust me I totally get it and I'm not telling anyone not to use these services – this was just a quote of the CIC site.  Maybe because of all the new interest in coupons and/or because of the TLC show they are making it more difficult to get coupons from these sources.  Jenny would never ever tell anyone to photocopy a coupon – we know that's fraudulent – but according to the terms on the coupon it's void if transferred, sold, auctioned or reproduced.  I think we all think of the clipping services as a grey area. 
          Hopefully we can encourage our manufacturers to put coupons in more of the regional inserts or make more of them available online.  This website certainly has enough followers that we should be able to make a difference.

          • Deborahdupree28

            What about the website you can go to that sells complete coupon inserts and mails them to you?  Are they in violation too?

            • Chris

              Technically yes.  Anyone who sells, transfers, trades, or otherwise uses the coupon for anything other than a direct purchase is violating the terms of the coupon.  Do they know it goes on?  Yes.  It tends to be a grey area when it comes to trading between individuals or purchasing the whole inserts (which is really no different than buying however many newspapers) – but buying individual coupons is something they really don't care for.

            • Joanna

              I keep hearing that there are all sorts of measures to stop the sale of coupons and inserts, especially on eBay.

            • Chris

              As far as I know the only thing ebay requires is the stipulation in your listing that you aren't selling the coupon(s) themselves but are selling your time to clip/gather them.  CIC apparently thinks that's nothing more than mumbo jumbo but if they attempted to challenge it in court something tells me they would lose.

          • Jenn

            I agree about not buying inserts/ coupons. I have been couponing a loooong time and only recently have we been hearing about people stealing inserts out of papers at the store or out of people's home subscription. And at the same time there are all of these people suspiciously popping up on eBay selling inserts? Wonder where they got 'em? Not to say e'one on eBay is doing something sleazy, but creating a market encourages unscrupulous people to make a buck at our expense. The same people who snatch an entire tear-pad, wipe out a Blinkie machine, or snatch “peelies” off products and sell them back to the average shopper. 

            I do sympathize with couponers who live in an area without good inserts, but maybe writing to Red Plum, SmartSource, and your local paper is a better route.

            • Deborahdupree28

              What about wholecouponinserts.com ?

          • Chris

            Yeah – it's not great to use clipping services or buy whole inserts but when the only other way to get them is to purchase whole newspapers, which only serves the newspaper publishers, then there are few (if any) alternatives.  I wish they would come up with a better solution – like allowing people to purchase inserts from specific papers/regions directly from Red Plum and SmartSource (would not only be convenient and allow them to control the process but, gasp, another revenue stream for themselves).

      • instantphoebe

        “did you really just tell people to register for a store card under someone else's name? “

        The issue is not that you're trying to get duplicate cards to maximize your coupons. The issue is that the person is no longer getting any mailings from the store. The easiest way to get them to send you stuff again is to register a new card under someone else (in your household). I'm sure you can call the company, but I doubt that'd do much good.

        • Holly

          Exactly.  I am actually really confused as to how anyone read that the wrong way–it never even crossed my mind that Jenny was telling people to do that.  I had to do this very thing at CVS this past week.  Not only was I no longer receiving mailings, I could not find my card.  So I simply opened a card in my husband's name.  The man would fall over dead before he'd whip out a CVS card (if, that is, he was even IN a CVS in the first place).  And they link addresses together, so there is no possibility of fraud.  It's not like I can go over limit on ECBs.

      • Jenn

        I had that problem and re-registered in my husband's name. Same household, so nothing sleazy. Also, I stopped using the old card.

        • Jen B.

          I think I need to do this at CVS because I'm not getting anymore $ off $$ coupons.  Did you start getting the better coupons when you used the new card?

      • Sue

        I have 5 names.  I also spend time in 2 seperate residences each year. The possible combinations are endless for store card registrations.  I am an average consumer.  I am positive there are many others in the coupon world who have similar situations.   

        Jenny, thank you for all you do!

      • Wooburne1

        Are coupons really free? I have to pay $1 for each paper I get when I don't even want a paper. I just want the so called “free coupons” So when I buy 4 sets of coupons I spend $4's how is that free?

    • Connie

      I wish I knew of anyone that was having a class for coupons In kalamazoo,mi because thats where i live and it seems like its only for the miss items in kalamazoo..If anyone know of a place for class please let me know ..
                 Thank you my email is csziggy@hotmail.com

    • Deborahdupree28

      Is the “All You” magazine available in stores?  I'd like to check it out before subscribing.

      • Spanishtulip88

        I just bought one at walmart

      • Jenn

        Only at Wal Mart. But when you check it out keep in mind the newsstand issue is not identical to the subscription issue. You get just a few more when you buy it off the stand. But it's still an outstanding price at less than a dollar when you subscribe.

    • Marietta50

      Thank-You For The Great Information, And For All That It Is Going To Do For Families Like Myself, Who Are Having Financial Hardships! But, We Are Going To Make It!
      One Thing More, As I Was Reading, My Thoughts Were The Same As Marlene's
      About Signing Up For The Card In Someone's Elses Name, I Believe, There Is Other
      Ways To Keep From Doing That, And To Many Means Of Getting The Coupons We Want, We Always Want To Stay In Truths Way, Or It is Not Worth It In the Long Run.

      • Jenny in VA

        I think that Jenny meant to sign up your household under the name of another member of the household.  For example, if my card is not working properly, I could get a new card in my husband's name and dispose of my old card.  Hope that clears it up.  I do not believe she is advocating fraudulently getting cards under fake names.

    • Mstarfish

      Flip Side to High Foreclosure Economy: I live in a 5 year old neighborhood hit hard by the housing crunch. Every Sunday, there is a “freebie” newspaper thrown throughout the neighborhood – even to many of the unoccupied homes. They contain the Super Savers insert.

      So, if you also live in a neighborhood with a lot of foreclosures, you might want to be aware of this. Of course, you can always ask “live” neighbors for their unwanted inserts, too.

      • Deborahdupree28

        I would ask the “live” neighbors; even if a home is in foreclosure and is unoccupied, the paper is for that home and not someone else's to take.

        • Mstarfish

          I am the “live” neighbor to the empty houses on my street. And, I think the neighborhood looks much nicer without piles of old yellowed, unread papers. :)

    • Joanna

      It would be awesome to get coupons from other regions. The way it was explained to me was that the manufacturers are interested in stimulating purchase of their products in specific areas. Bummer.

      • Mred10

        I haven't checked in awhile but, I used to stop on Sunday afternoons at Barnes & Nobles Book store and news stands that sold “out of town”papers.  You could find sunday papers from New York, Chicago, and many other cities. They not only had coupons not available in my local area, but some of the same coupons differed like this:  my local coupon may have said $1 off 2 while the out of town paper may have had a coupon for the same product but the coupon read 50 cents off each.  The difference was substantial when it comes to “double-couponing”..  Suppose a  $1 item with my local coupon, I would've had to buy 2 to use that $1 off coupon  so I would've bought 2 for $1.  That same $1 item with the 50cent “out of town”coupon doubled would have been FREE.  Good luck in your search.

    • SurfinN91

      I am having trouble with the link for All You magazine. Would you mind posting a new link?

    • Guest

      The best way I've found to get extra inserts is asking friends, family, and co-workers to bring you their coupons if they don't want them.

    • Bpinzer

      If you can't find friends or family to give you their inserts, the Dollar Store sells the Sunday paper for $1!  Better than my subscription rate!

      • Where are you located, because Dollar General in SC is still $2…

        • Couponeagle11

          not the dollar general the dollar store i think its called dollar tree

        • Clee477

          Dollar tree

      • Deborahdupree28

        Is that Dollar General, Family Dollar, or Dollar Tree?

    • j123

      I pay for my Sunday paper to be delivered and I also get from 2 other's who don't want their inserts.  I don't take from others.  It is frustrating to have to watch my driveway at the crack of dawn to make sure no one is stealing our paper from our driveway.  I subscribed to a paper because I was tired of buying them in the stands and having no inserts because they are also being stolen.  Also, had a friend whose coupon book was taken off her buggy while loading groceries.  Just venting frustration,  1.  Why steal for coupons that people are willing to give if asked and 2. Is it that important to have 100 tubes of FREE toothpaste just because it's free?

      • Chris

        For some people it is.  Hoarding is a real problem but also it appears from that show that some people are addicted to just getting the deal and getting something for nothing.  A bizarre twist in personalities but there it is.

        • j123

          That is so true, hoarding in a sense of the problem.  It's discouraging when all you want to purchase is 2 or 3 of something and the shelves are bare 3 hours after a sale starts.  Is it the stores not properly preparing for their own sales or greed/need or both?  Especially when you are behind someone with a cart load of what you only needed those couple of….. :(

    • Deborahdupree28

      With all the discussion about coupon fraud, I emailed CIC with a question about giving friends coupons or trading coupons with friends.  This the answer I received:
      Thank you for your inquiry Deborah.While coupon trading violates the terms and conditions found on virtually every coupon created in the United States, we have never taken any action, nor do we intend to in the foreseeable future, against an individual who is engaged in a few trades with friends or family.Bud Miller
      Thank you for your inquiry Deborah.
      While coupon trading violates the terms and conditions found on virtually every coupon created in the United States, we have never taken any action, nor do we intend to in the foreseeable future, against an individual who is engaged in a few trades with friends or family.
      Bud Miller

    • Singsanctus

      I'm not in a position where there are two newspapers I want (I like to read it in the morning), and I hate to waste one. My friend and I get together with our girls every week or so, and go over each other's inserts- this works very well with just the two of us, as we don't often want the same ones. It's an easy way to get two coupons for BOGO's without buying two papers.

    • Tracy

      I would just like to say a huge thank you for this wonderful and informative web site!! I was a coupon rookie until just over a week or so ago then I was referred to your site by a friend. Thank you for making it simple and putting it in layman's terms. The shopping lists are awesome and so are the emails! Now, instead of clipping one coupon on occasion and either forgetting to use it or saying sarcastically post checkout “wow, I saved a whooping .75 on a $160.00 Walmart bill!” I can now relate to what the coupon fuss is all about! :)

      Keep up the great work!!

      From Tracy (aka. former coupon rookie)

      • Deborahdupree28

        I agree Tracy !

    • You are always thinking of the new folks and I love it – 'cause I'm always sending folks here. Thanks for all you do to make it easier for everyone to save money!

    • camper2

      “If you don’t have a coupon, you are still saving money to buy it at the best price!” 

      This has been one of the best pieces of advice I found on your website early on.
      I've been couponing for two years now and have my hot and cold times as far as when I do well and when I just do what I can get done.  I remember it often and don't beat myself up now if life has gotten too crazy for me to have my coupons together.

    • Synthia92

      is there a website that list when the coupons are coming out again for example if tombstone pizza was in the paper this week (6-26) on what date would it be out again maybe (9-18). thought that i had seen this before but then again maybe i didn't any help would greatly be appreciated.  

      the money that I am saving on coupons i am putting toward our Disney trip in Sept so far i have $600 and that's from the first of the year not the greatest but every little bit helps. I am also trying to put back $100 per week from my paycheck into savings for the trip also, this way there will not be any credit cards used.

      • JTTLC

        $600 is GREAT!!!!

    • How do you organize the printable coupons that you print out when they come out? Do you cut and put in the organizer or keep up with them some other way.  Maybe I'm just printing too many of these from your emails…but too often I go to prepare a shopping list and there are no more prints available for the coupon I want.

      • Chris

        I print the ones that I think I may use (or know I'll use) and cut them out then place them in my binder (and note them on my inventory spreadsheet).  That way if it isn't something on sale right now I'll still have it later when the item comes up for sale.  It's been really handy sometimes to have a much better Q in-hand than the one Jenny lists because I held on to something available a month or more ago.  HTH!

      • deb

        I print my coupons on notebook paper.  Then I file behind the appropriate section in my organizer.  I also take a bright marker and write the exp. date so when I flip thru without my glasses I can see the date! :)  You can print one then turn your
        paper to print the other.  That way both coupons that are the same are on the same sheet.  Sames times from cutting and stuffing in little windows.  Good luck.

    • Kp

      How about recycle places?  where do I find those?

    • Lucieluck69

      This is the most informative article I have read about couponing.   It really lays it all out and puts it in perspective.  I plan on sharing with all my coupon buddies.  Thanks for the nfo.

    • Dmason414

      Thanks for the refresher – I have been in a rut and now feel better – it's sort of like a new beginning for me – most of my coupons had expired. I am on my way to the grocery store….with few coupons but “Its's OK”.

    • Holly

      Amazing timing.  I have been couponing for awhile and have always found it to be pretty straightforward and simple, but one thing I could never figure out is WHERE you were getting all the mailers!  I was actually about to email you and ask you to write a post on that!  I have spent a solid hour signing up at every imagineable store and website!

    • CSmith

      Ok – I am just beginning this process.  We do not have a subscription to our local paper.  When we buy the paper each Sunday at the convenience store, there is usually only one coupon insert.  Would I get more inserts if I had a subscription and had the paper delivered to my home?