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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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  • Tina Carrizzo Terrell

    But you forget, that right now with your current card and you already signed up for double bucks, you will lose all that you have accumlated for double bucks. I suggest you wait till you get your double bucks in January and then sign up for a new card.

  • mom

    hi Jenny, can you please tell me again how many days does it take to get the $4 off $20 when you first register your new card? Im planning to register my new one, right before black friday so i can get that $4off $20 coupon on time for the black friday’s sales…thank you so much for all you do!

  • Jen

    Seems like the coupons that are available in online account are the same ones that print at the red machine, but sometimes I get some at the red machine that are not available online. What’s up with this? I mainly ask b/c the red machine ran out of paper while printing my coupons so I only got 1.

  • uthorns1976

    I haven’t been getting any email coupons lately but I haven’t shopped at CVS that much lately either. Might give this a try. Thanks.

  • jordan1212an

    as someone who works for cvs you cant do this. the policy is one card per customer per household. you will lose all the savings that you have earned on your old card.

    • Jean

      I think the point is, you aren’t using your other card anymore. I actually have several cvs cards because I’ve moved so many time. I only use one though. I don’t feel like I should send myself to prison for this.

      • Jessica Freed

        You’re absolutely correct. Our prisons are already overrun with people misusing their CVS cards.

        • guest


        • Misa

          Best post during this entire debacle!

        • Shanna


    • Teacher

      You misunderstand. She said to toss the old card and sign up for a “fresh” one.

  • Shawn

    In other words, you need to lie, apparently. No thanks.

    • Jean

      She already said you need to stop using your card. It’s not a lie to say you have a husband, if you do. Maybe if you don’t have a dog, don’t put your dog’s name on. That would be a lie. Put the name on of someone in your household, as they have every right to use a card. Store policy is one active card per family. Sorry, Shawn, this is all so difficult for you to understand.

      • 1curiousmama

        I know you didnt reply to me, but what’s hard to understand is someone telling me to use my dog’s name in order to get a new card with better coupons. My dog is not going to be going into cvs anytime soon. But to each his own. . btw – the only reason I clicked on this post was because i thought cvs might be doing away with their cards and getting new ones.

        • jean

          I know, I was just reacting to the misuse of the term “lie”. It just bothered me, sorry, because I know that is not what is being advocated.

          • Julie

            Shame on you for advocating deceit and misrepresentation. Nothing is to be gained from being underhanded and dishonest.

          • Julie

            Not replying to Jean, but to Jenny for posting this misrepresentation. I will be sure to forward this thread to CVS corporate. You embarrass all of us by being dishonest, Jenny.

          • ireneY

            She’s on the cvs advisory team so they see her posts. Please let us know their response when you forward!

          • d5254t

            I am not sure if you actually can read and comprehend the words your eyes see, but it never said doop the system and get as many cards as you can so you can get even more deals. It clearly stated that in order to start receiving your deals again, just one set of deals that is you may need to get a new card. ONE card not keep using all the cards you get. I am sure as we all have we have lost a card or 2 during our day and have gotten a new one. This is not a big deal for people that actually can read. She clearly stated this is not to be able to clear shelves and also that you should NOT USE the original card. Please take the time to comprehend things before flying off the handle and making it sound as if she is a criminal.

    • 1curiousmama

      I agree – the post states “Put a 1 on the end of your address” or “use a different name, but the same address… your dog or cat”. If you lose your card, I totally undestand.. but just to get a new one for better coupons?

  • Never_Speechless

    I had trouble getting coupons as well. I called CVS and they told me to get a new card as well.

  • Tracy

    I have found that if you wait until the middle of the week instead of scanning it on Sunday that it gives you more coupons. I was getting hardly any coupons on Sunday so I waited and until later that week and got a handful.

  • Janey

    I still get coupons all. the. time. BUT…I shop there all the time too. And my husband has his own card, because it’s registered under their diabetic plan (because he is diabetic) and he is on TONS of medications. But we still both get lots of coupons. I get the beauty ones, and he gets the diabetic ones and the bonuses because of his prescriptions.

  • pjaugustine

    I was wondering why I do not receive the CVS emails any longer! I used to get all sorts of coupons to load to my card or the 20% off. Am I missing these or are they not doing them any longer?

  • Sue

    Use anyone’s name you like to get a new card, dog, cat,etc……..boy, that does not sound right. At some level, isn’t this deceitful? If it is MY card, then perhaps I should use MY name. Sorry, but this is not for me.

    • April Stroud Roberts

      You don’t have to do it. However, you should understand that she was not suggesting that you get a second card for use. She was suggesting replacing the old card with a fresh card and throwing out the old card. It’s still one card, per person, per address.

  • keriberri

    I actually lost my old card (before they had key chain cards) and I emailed cvs and they actually sent me a new card (new number) and transferred all my rewards, ect to the new one. I still get red machine coupons and emails. I used my same information from the old card. Maybe if you have an older card you can just write to them and ask them to transfer to a new card.

  • guest

    Jenny is, first and foremost, an advocate and teacher of ethical methods of couponing. Not couponing, but ethical couponing. She does all that she does for us at no cost to us. I don’t have actual knowledge about how she funds the site but can only assume that any money she makes from this site, she makes from the stores and industries she tells us how to coupon with. She would not have had the success with them that she has had to keep this great site going for us, by encouraging even the slightest unethical couponing methods. I would hope that we would all have the gratitude and courtesy not to come in her house, this board being her house so to speak, and question the ethics of what she suggests. Anyone with solid grounds to question her ethics should take it directly and privately to her. My two cents as a grateful participant who has learned a lot of complicated stuff, like these CVS policies, from her.

  • Jackie

    I believe CVS is still participating with UPromise. If so, register the card there too.

  • Lia Michelle

    Having read through the comments about getting a new CVS card, I don’t image they care whose name is the card as long as there is only one card per physical address. To imply that Jenny was trying to deceive anybody is ridiculous. Julie are you really going to send this thread to CVS? Well if that’s all you have to do with your time then great, because I would like them to know that because of Jenny I am an avid CVS shopper. I know all the clerks on a first name basis and go in at least twice a week. If it were not for Jenny, I would probably get my prescriptions and forget the rest. Because of Jenny, I have saved money at CVS, Publix, Winn-Dixie, Home Depot, All Around the City, Walgreens, WalMart, and many more. Bless you Jenny, and thanks for keeping this site up and going and FREE!

  • Guest

    Why would one have to imply that Jenny was trying to deceive? She actually stated to sign anyone’s name up, including house pets. I think what Jenny does is amazing, but having a website with a comments section opens it up for people to comment. Sometimes those comments are good and others are negative towards the site or post. It is surprising that she would post a way to get around the rules, that is what some are interpreting and posting their feelings about.

    • April Stroud Roberts

      Again, it’s a suggestion that if one is unhappy with one’s OLD card, chuck it and apply for a FRESH one. If you have one card per address, you are not “getting around the rules”. One card is one card and that is within the parameters of the rules. See? The key is that you toss the old one out and don’t use it anymore: gone, farewell, adios, goodby old card.

  • Tiffany Hernandez

    I guess social media…means u can say/post what ever you want and it is what it is…..people get a grip….there is no dishonesty here….Jenny was merely explaining to us..(yes me included… that haven’t gotten any coupons in a while) how we could start getting them again. Guys seriously take a chill pill and let’s all get along! And by the way… Thank you Jenny I just applied for a new card…so fingers crossed

  • brownketch

    I would like to point out one thing, especially to those who are categorizing Jenny’s advice as dishonest: this is to REPLACE your current card, not add on another! Her instructions are not advocating signing up for multiple cards and getting as many deals as you can; now THAT would be dishonest!

  • agnes

    I have a cvs card but I dont shop there every single week so when I go there I always have 15-20 coupons out from the machine Its crazy last time I got so many coupons I was holding up ppl. I guess if you dont use it all the time it will give you more coupons.

    • pk

      I boycotted cvs for about a year then went and scanned my card- I got 2 coupons.the next visit 1.

  • deblack

    guess it is time for me to get another card, I hardly get any coupons at the red box. For all the ones that think this is so wrong and you want to send it to cvs you can put me down as cooter LOL cause I am getting a new one!.
    what would anyone care if someone is dishonest and wants to use 2 or 3 cards, they have got to live with that , they will slip up one of these days :/

    • Krista

      People care about dishonest couponers because it makes us all look bad, and causes store to tighten up on their deals, and clerks to look at you like you are doing something wrong.

    • Elaine

      Unfortunately, because of dishonest couponers, my local CVS has started “manually validating” all CVS coupons. They are checking dates and types to make sure no one is using expired coupons (they said they will still push through expired ECB for up to 2 weeks at their discretion) or using % off coupons with $ off a certain amount (like $5 off $20) I always assumed since the coupons clearly state they can’t be used together, that the register would automatically kick them out if some tried to dishonestly double up. I was informed yesterday that is not the case and the new policy is to manually override CVS coupons because many shoppers “were using too many coupons.” Needless to say this was a hassle and held up the line even more than usual for a couponing shopper. I try to be super honest with my coupons, but it made me feel like I was being scrutinized. So, dishonesty causes issues for all of us in the long run. :-(

      • J Kott

        This isn’t because of dishonest couponer a and in fact the system that made the change 2 years ago put in place a system to where we can use expired cvs coupons per their own policy.

  • Laurie

    Last week the red machine only printed out the coupon telling me to sign up for double rewards – which had been done a few weeks ago. So I said to the machine, “Really?! This is all I get! Stupid machine. I already signed up so all you gave me was a piece of scratch paper and I don’t need anymore. I need good coupons! I am going to get a new card!”
    Then I forgot to ask for one when I left.
    I read Jenny’s post and it reminded me of my tiff with the machine, so I decided to go today to see about getting a new card. I scanned my card one last time, just out of habit.
    Well, looks like I put some fear into the Red Machine last week! I received 8 coupons plus the reminder to sign up for double rewards. So maybe, just maybe all you have to do is embarrass yourself by verbally threatening the red machine.
    Bonus – it gives the clerks something to talk about during break. “Did you see that woman yelling at the coupon machine?”

    Smile and have a great day, it makes others wonder what you are up to :) Thanks to Jenny for all you do for all of us!

  • Teacher

    I think she’s simply saying that if you old card isn’t producing results, use up your ECBs, chuck the old card, and sign up for a fresh one. Seems pretty simple to me. I don’t see “deceit” here. In fact, ethical couponing is Jenny’s modus operandi.

  • Lia Michelle

    Well Guest, to clarify my thoughts on this matter, the point is that Jenny is just saying that CVS doesn’t care whose name is on the card, just that there is one card per address. That is what I mean when I say she isn’t deceiving CVS since she isn’t cheating them out of their money. Why? Because she only has one card. See?

  • sharon

    I had to get a new card about a month ago because I lost mine. I didn’t think to do it they way Jennie is suggesting which seems like it is easier. I signed up like normal and then called the customer service number and had my cards merged but it did take two phone calls and quite a bit of time. Sharon

  • Amy

    I always scan my card multiple times in one visit at the coupon machine. Different coupons print each time. After 2 or 3 times it usually says no coupons are available, check back tomorrow. Right now though it is printing the reminder to sign up for double bucks every time, which is a waste of paper.

  • Shanna

    WOW, as I read thru these comments, I am just ashamed to see so many people being hurtful, putting others down, and all around hateful towards anyone getting any extra savings. Does no one question why CVS is being so unfair by offering coupons to new customers, while giving longer CVS extra care members (LOYAL customers) the ones no one ever uses? Why do we have to jump thru these hoops in the first place, just to be able to get the same savings? The terms state, 1 per household per address , that using anyone’s name within that household, even if it is a pet, is obeying those rules. Plus many of us have more than one email. Nothing wrong with that either. Also, to all of those who are commenting with negative comments and replies, who are you to accuse or judge anyone of anything?? I mean, it is not really harming anyone, and may actually be the only way some families can afford certain items. So what is the problem, what is everyone’s deal?

  • Stephanie White

    I too have not been receiving coupons at the Red Box machine, but took it in stride. After reading all these post I realize CVS knows there is a problem and have not done the right thing by their loyal customers. So by all means please forward this thread to CVS or better yet call them and tell them your fed up with being cheated out of good deals. In regards to Jenny being deceitful or advocating dishonest practices. Learn how to read the written word people! So tired of people that need pictures to be able to interrupt written word.

  • SmoochTheCook

    What a mess people can make out of things. If you don’t agree with it, so be it- DON’T DO IT. As for me, I feel very strongly that it’s unfair for some to get better coupons and I’ve been wanting to sign up for a new card for a while now. My problem has always been that I would lose the beauty club points and such. Possibly, calling and having them transfer to a new number, as suggested by another reader, would take care of that problem.
    I also wondered, if we sign up for a brand new one, wouldn’t we have to use another phone number? I don’t have any other phone numbers I can use.
    And, Jenny, keep doing what you’re doing- you are the best!

  • SmoochTheCook

    What a mess people can make out of things. If you don’t agree with it, so be it- DON’T DO IT. As for me, I feel very strongly that it’s unfair for some to get better coupons and I’ve been wanting to sign up for a new card for a while now. My problem has always been that I would lose the beauty club points and such. Possibly, calling and having them transfer to a new number, as suggested by another reader, would take care of that problem.
    I also wondered, if we sign up for a brand new one, wouldn’t we have to use another phone number? I don’t have any other phone numbers I can use.
    And, Jenny, keep doing what you’re doing- you are the best!

  • ssh

    As long as we still only have one card, there is no problem. CVS staff have suggested to me that I replace my card when I have commented in the store that I don’t get many coupons anymore. Isn’t it possible to go online to your account and switch out the card number that is attached to it?

  • Nemrac624

    CVS has just under 10,000 stores in the US and earned over $150 billion in revenue just last year, and it is growing. ECB’s, and coupons in general, are incentives to lure customers. CVS does not care about “loyal customers”. They care about “repeat customers”. If anyone clears out the shelves God bless them! It is the responsibility of CVS to keep their shelves stocked, NOT the responsibility of the customer to purchase less! How does that lead to a stronger economy? The bottom line is about profit for CVS, while we get to save money! This is not a competition! We should be applauding ourselves for our hard couponing work and commending those who get the best deals.