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Coupon Abbreviations
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  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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supercenter vs.

 SuperCenter  vs. Grocery Store Prices


always-low-pricesIf you have been around Southern Savers for a while or attended a workshop, you know how I feel about supercenters: they can never compete with local grocery stores.  However, I have noticed that many people still seem to think that shopping at supercenters is the way to go.  In an attempt to prove to you that you will save more money at grocery stores, I did a little test this past week.  I took all of the on-sale items at Publix and Kroger and went into my local supercenter to look at how their prices matched up.  To put it simply, they didn’t.

It may seem to be slightly biased to select only the on-sale items and compare but my particular local supercenter (and I suspect yours does as well) advertises “Always Low Prices”.  In other words, their prices are always as low as they will get and they will not run a lower sale.  Also, as you know, I only buy on-sale items.

After taking all the listed prices, I calculated the effect of coupons on both the grocery stores and the supercenter, remembering to double where it applied.  I did the math based on buying one of every item on the weekly Southern Savers list.  If it was a store brand, then a comparable brand was chosen at the supercenter.  The results were:

Publix On-Sale Items Plus Coupons: $139.89

Same Items with Coupons At SuperCenter: $196.80

Kroger On-Sale Items Plus Coupons: $203.99

Same Items with Coupons At SuperCenter: $243.65

This again was pretending to only buy 1 of each item, and using Southern Savers we want to stock up for 6 weeks,  which would only make the amount saved greater.  To put these numbers in perspective,  let’s say that you went to Publix and purchased only one of the on-sale items for a month (4 weeks) instead of the supercenter.  You would save over $240 a month!

I hope this is convincing and shows you how much money you could be saving.  I know that the supercenters are convenient and it can be easy to shop there.  But if you really want to save money, the grocery stores are really the way to go.

Let’s dispel one other myth with these numbers too:

“Aren’t B1G1 prices increased so you really aren’t saving??”

Looking just at the Publix B1G1 deals and comparing the cost after coupons to the cost at the Super Center it truly shows that the Big Box store can’t compete with a grocery sale price.  “Buying” one of each B1G1 item the numbers are:

Publix Buy One Get One items with coupon $43.22

Same items with coupons at SuperCenter: $81.17

Buy one get one deals are normally sold at the top retail price, but this shows that getting 50% off the top price is a considerable savings over the “everyday low price” at the supercenter.

If you still aren’t convinced, let me know what you would like to see compared next!

**Publix numbers did not include any competitor coupons since each area is allowed different coupons.

    • Karey

      I agree! Just one more reason to avoid the Walmart Super Center that I can’t stand anyway! Thanks for all you do!

      • jessica

        I second that! Can Jenny get an award for the fabulous work she does?! I love this site and have stopped shopping at WM for groceries! Thank you!!!!!

        • Carey

          I’m not trying to be in your business but if you still shop at WM for toiletries, I promise you that CVS/Walgreens/Rite-Aid are much cheaper for those items, too! I used to be an exclusive WM shopper and now only have to go in for emergencies.

          • Ginger

            That very same thing just home with me too! They like to give the appearance of being low priced but the real deals are that they are just not. One has to be couponing and watching the gro store specials or might as well stay in “the box”.

      • amc4gwtw

        The ONLY thing I have found that is substantially lower in cost at the “super center” is Vlasic chopped dill relish. Publix sells it for $1.79 and WM sells it for $1.00. I recently had a .$50 coupon and last week Publix had lowered the price for that week to $1.29 so I used the coupon at Publix. I decided the $.29 difference was not worth the hassle of going to the “super center.”

      • madison

        For me it boils down to my top peeves list of why I despise Walmart.

        • There is a perception that Walmart is lower in price, and maybe on a few things they might be.
        • Walmart doesn’t offer B1G1F’s
        • Walmart won’t honor B1G1F’s
        • Walmart believes that a sea of shopping carts strewn across the parking lot is acceptable
        • Walmart won’t/can’t staff the checkouts with enough cashiers to process orders swiftly
        • Walmart won’t open all the self checkouts, thus leading customers to spend more time waiting to be processed.
        • Walmart sells more than just groceries and HBA’s. So, the average customer checking out at Publix or CVS is processed quickly. The average customer at Walmart will need price checks and has a ton of clothing, car items, household items, etc..which take too long to process.
        • Walmart cash registers are problematic after scanning 20 coupons.
        • Have you been in a Walmart restroom lately?
        • Walmart won’t accept competitor coupons.
        • Walmart doesn’t offer store coupons which can be used in conjunction with mft. Coupons.
        • I don’t know what the loss leaders are that would entice me into the store.
        • The store is too large to navigate swiftly.
        • Walmart staff never thank you for your purchase and are generally talking with their coworkers in a disrespectful manner.

        On the other hand:

        • Publix is clean
        • Restrooms at Publix are clean
        • Publix offers B1G1F’s, in which I can use two coupons thus reducing my total cost
        • Publix offers monthly HBA and grocery flyers which include additional store and mft. Coupons
        • Publix takes store and mft. Coupons
        • Publix frequently sweeps the parking lot for stray shopping carts.
        • Publix staff are nice and cordial
        • Publix cashiers process my orders swiftly, including a stack of competitor, store and mft. Coupons.
        • Publix ads frequently include loss leaders which will entice me into the store and with which I can plan my menu around.
        • My last Publix receipt was $152 before coupons and $42 after coupons. Walmart could not possibly match that end result.

        I don’t judge other shoppers. I judge Walmart administration, management and store staff.

        I don’t mean for this post to be an advertisement for Publix…you could insert the name of any grocery/drug store and get the same list of benefits.

        And I’m in Florida, where we don’t even have double couponing!

        • Liza Barnes

          Well said! No Walmart for me either. Now why can’t other intelligent people steer clear of Walmart? Thank goodness for this site. :)

      • Ginger

        Amen to that! I especially detest Walmart now because they discontinued some low priced but otherwise great graham crackers and repacked them in a white generic looking box and increased the price. Did same for many other products while at the same time increasing the prices. They ruined the once good spice section and now only carry their own generic vanilla. The Dannon yogert large containers are about the only good thing left they havent ruined (yet). I am so thankful for Publix and their BOGO deals and other specials. Getting to be fewer and fewer items to draw me to the big box.

    • Melissa Herndon


    • Very informative!

    • Jayna

      Quick question: Doesn’t Wal-Mart match advertised prices from other stores? That’s why some of my friends shop there. She takes all of the sales fliers from all the stores with her. So instead of shopping at several grocery stores, she just shops at Wal-Mart and gets them to change the price to the competitor’s advertised price.

      But then again, I don’t know if Wal-Mart doubles coupons or not. So the savings are lost there if they don’t.

      I shop at Kroger and Publix, so this doesn’t apply to me, but I’ve heard a friend say that’s why she shops at Wal-Mart. It saved her family a ton of money when her husband got laid off.

      • Walmart does price match on items that don’t require a shopping reward card, such as Kroger or Winn Dixie. For example, the 10/$10 at Winn Dixie, they will match. Walmart does not double, they just take coupons at face value.

        • Amy DuBose

          Our Wal-Mart does match Kroger (or any other advertised price from any other store- except other wal-marts). They do not do buy one get one which makes sense. I was trying to do B1G1 with the Kroger ad on bacon- Wal-Mart’s price: 2.00; Kroger’s price: 4.99! So, it would have been cheaper to buy it at Wal-Mart rather than getting it B1G1 at Kroger. We are a small town, so Wal-Mart is a life-saver for me. The nearest grocery stores are 20-25 minutes away, so I OFTEN get the papers for those stores and price match plus coupons at Wal-Mart and have gotten off with some great deals. Personally I think you just need to know how to work Wal-Mart. It’s also way easier than going to 5 different grocery stores to get the best deals! So, I’m sorry but no I am not convinced- I’ve tried it both ways!

          • I agree. Also, I’ve found that Wal-Mart gives me less aggrevation than Harris Teeter, even though HT doubles coupons. The only reason I will go to HT is if there are a number of things they have on sale that I can’t get as cheap elsewhere. Food Lion is pretty good, but Wal-Mart usually puts the same items on sale that FL does.

            • Karla

              I, too, agree. I buy the items at Kroger that I have coupons for 50 cents or less so that they will double. If the coupon is over 50 cents I buy at Wal-Mart cause it is almost ALWAYS cheaper there or I can price match and get the same deal.

      • Jenny

        Walmart will not price match a B1G1 deal (or they shouldn’t it’s against their policy).

        • Bobbie

          No my Walmart does not price match the bogo.

        • I forgot to mention that. :-)

          • Jennie

            my walmart will price match cvs and walgreens ads… cvs sales require a Extra care card.. they also match country mart grocery ads which requires a card… i love walmart for their price matching but i don’t have a local grocery store who doubles coupons… i try to go to the local grocery weekly, but walmart always has stock of items that the local grocery store frequently runs out of…

            • meg

              My Walmart does match the B1G1 deals at their prices which ends up being cheaper!

      • Leslie

        Yes, Wal-Mart does match everything except the b1g1, so I do shop at grocery stores for those if it is a product that I would buy anyway. But since I work for WM and part of my job is competitive pricing, I can say for a fact that my store is cheaper than grocery stores on all sale prices (part of my job is to take the sale papers from other stores and put our items on sale if necessary; it rarely is). Not all stores go to that extreme, but ALL stores will match any price from a competitor. I agree that some stores are not worth the trouble to shop in, but I personally dislike Bi-Lo and will not shop there at all for any reason. It really comes down to personal choice. I do shop in Publix from time to time, and it is a nice, clean store, but very expensive unless something is on sale, and I find it is only worth it if the coupon is under .50 and can be doubled. A lot of the b1g1 items the have are products that my household doesn’t use (one example I saw on the news for a similar site to this one was for oreo cakesters. It doesn’t matter how much I save if I will not bring that kind of food into my house.) All I can say is that if you don’t like your local Wal-Mart, look for a different one. They are not all alike.

        • Jennifer

          I agree with Jenny’s post completely. It always amazes me the misconception that Publix is clean, has nice people, so its more expensive. I was talking to the Store Manager and he said based on the top 500 items purchased they are cheaper than any other grocery chain out there. I won’t get on my soap box about Wal Mart, but I won’t shop there because of the way they treat customers, employees and vendors.

          • Robin

            My husband used to work for Wise and absolutely hates Walmart b/c of how he was treated as a vendor. They seem to forget that without them, they wouldn’t have any product to sell! As a result, it’s our least favorite store. And don’t get me started on their pitiful toy selection!

          • Donna

            You are so right about the way they treat their employees and vendors. I was a vendor for over ten years. I worked in many WalMarts, and they all were the same about the pitiful way they treated their own employees and especially the vendors. I love shopping elsewhere just because of the things I witnessed “behind the scenes” at WalMart.

      • Chrissy

        Even if WM does price match, the cashier’s are very picky about it, and it will take you FOREVER to check out, because they will make you dig through each ad for each item to find the sale price, and if you are buying a lot, you will be there forever. Makes more sense to me to just shop at the original store advertising the sale items and save yourself all the hassle. Plus, I despise WM. My husband works for one of their major competitors, and they recently found out that WM has a goal of putting 20 major stores out of business to increase their own sales. What kind of company would want to put that many people out of business? Do you know what that would do to this country? It wouldn’t be good, that’s for sure!

        • emily

          I also despise WM, and those were my exact thoughts when I heard WM was going to price match. Yeah, it sounds like a great idea in theory…. but it will take you FOREVER to check out, and I’m sure the cashiers just LOVE it….. I would much rather go to my local grocery stores for the great deals! :O)

          • Amy

            Personally (with a 3 year old and a 1 year old) I would much rather go to one store and price match even if it means standing in line a little longer rather than go to 5 different grocery stores all over town dragging the kids around, buckling, unbuckling, etc. etc. It just takes way less time to go to one place than several different ones. I guess it just depends on your situation. Also, all wal-marts are different. The 2 I go to are great about it- they’re happy to price match and often even have the sale ads at their checkout and let me use them. In fact, the one I go to most often does not even require you to present the ad. Maybe the issue is the different between small town and bigger city. My parents live in metro Atlanta and I do not like going to Wal-Mart there but since they have Ingles, Publix and Kroger not to mention CVS and Walgreens ALL at the same intersection (3 different corners)!! it’s not that big of a deal to go to all those places. But, living in a small town where you pretty much only have Wal-Mart and a couple of grocery stores scattered on the outskirts of town, I say go Wal-Mart ALL the way!! So, I guess my point is you can’t just make a blanket statement and say one is better than the other. It just totally depends on your Wal-Mart, your town, and your situation. That’s why I take issue with the post Jenny wrote.

            • Leslie

              Thank you for your post! I think I am the only Wal-Mart supporter on here! I do shop at other places for groceries from time to time, and buy all my meat at Bloom because I do not like the meat that WM sells, but the store does make a difference. I have been working for them for 16 years (as hourly, NOT management) and have found that each store I have worked in is totally different. In response to other people, just because some people have had problems with a store doesn’t make the company as a whole bad. Our vendors and associates are treated very well, and I make enough money there to suppport my entire family, which became particularly important when my husband got laid off in March, thanks to this wonderful economy, and we have four children. I am attempting to use coupons now, but becasue of my lack of storage space, I can’t stock up six weeks in advance, so doing it this way is difficult for me. I have found that people love to hate Wal-Mart, but that doesn’t make it a bad company or a bad place to work or shop. That just means that that person doesn’t like it, just like there are certain stores I don’t like to shop in. I will continue to do most of my shopping there, but will still go to other stores if I can get it cheaper!

        • AngelaDH

          And they are really good at charging the regular price on something that was marked down on the shelf. :(

      • megan

        you cannot get them to match buy1get1 deals so getting them to match a small sale on one item is not like getting buy1get1,with double coupons and getting to use two!!

    • Jennifer

      I will go out of my way to stay out of a supercenter! I feel there is a limited selection of products and I REALLY hate having to go to the “pet” section ACROSS the store to get a bag of dog food!!! Thanks for the info, just one more reason!!

    • Erica

      Not to mention that supercenters are rather horrible for local businesses and economies.

      • Jennifer

        I agree Erica. I don’t know why people don’t see how they are BAD for our economy.

    • Several years ago I used to think it was better to shop at the supercenter and that I couldn’t afford my local Harris Teeter. Then I learned how to use my coupons the right way and discovered how much more I was SPENDING at the supercenter.

      Great post Jenny!

      • Caroline

        I thought so too, but now I look forward to the challenge when I go to my mom’s.

    • Karen

      I go to publix all the time, they are my favorite and the prices are the lowest when they are on sell with a coupon. I do have to go to walmart for some certain things that I just can’t get enough coupons on or never go on sale at publix. I buy massive amounts of drinks, juice, waters, cokes, milk (etc cokes all other drinks are less at walmart) but publix is still my favorite its exciting to see how much I save.

      • kathi

        Do you have a cvs and/or walgreens? I have “a thing” against walmart so I wouldn’t shop there regardless–the family knows if I can’t get it anywhere other than walmart either they will purchase it or it won’t happen BUT by pantry-ing soda we always have coke product (the only soda the 4 adults in my house will drink) available

      • You might be surprised. I could go on for DAYS on this subject (just ask anyone who reads my blog-LOL). Even on Coke/Pepsi, Walmart cost MUCH more! My Mother in law ONLY shops at Walmart and a while back my grandfather passed away and she brought in a stack of walmart brand canned drinks. I was absolutely STUNNED when I saw the price on them!!! The little yellow label sticker was on each pack for some reason with their price on it.. I believe they were 2.38 each for a 12 pack of the YUCKY tasting Walmart drinks. I don’t EVER pay more than 2.50 for a 12 pack of drinks-EVER! And we buy them every single week for my husbands work and we ONLY buy BRAND NAME. So, you can either pay 0.12 less and get the WALMART brand Nasty drinks or you can pay 0.12 more (or in most cases LESS than 2.38) and get the real thing from CVS or some other location. 2 liters are the same way. I can usually get those for 1.00 or less somewhere at a grocery store and they cost more than that at Walmart for the good ones.. Something to think about.

        • Tanya

          Help me with this one! My husband only drinks the real Diet Coke and I can only get it that cheap when CVS puts it on sale like once a month. Where else or how do you find it that cheap? Thanks for any help!

          • Lisa

            I do My Coke Rewards. You can redeem points for free 12-pack coupons. Then when Publix puts them on for Buy 3, get 1, I get four 12-packs for free!

            • Tanya

              Good tip! Thanks!

          • We both have a CVS extra care card for this purpose.. When CVS puts them on sale, we go in and buy 8 instead of 4. I don’t feel the least bit bad about this because I used to work at CVS (for 15 years) and know for a fact that the Pepsi/Coke guy comes in twice a week when they are on sale, to refill, so they won’t run out very often. Anyway, we do that so that we can get more than the Limit 4… Then on the weeks that they aren’t on sale if we run out, we go in and use the GOBS of extra bucks that we accumulate during the week and get them using those. We ONLY do that if they are not on sale though and we can’t get them anywhere else cheap. That only happens about once every couple of months though. I’d MUCH rather use my Extra bucks on things that give me more extra bucks so I try to avoid doing that, but it is an option! We also shop at Rite Aid, Ingles, Bilo, Publix, Walgreen, and Bloom so we check each week to see where drinks are on sale. Coke does go on sale a lot less frequently than Pepsi but when it goes on sale, usually EVERY store has it on sale at the same time, so I’d just hit all the stores and stock up when it’s on sale. Another thing we have noticed is that gas stations sometimes have great deals on canned drinks. We don’t make that a habit, but occasionally you can find them for less than $3 there too!

            Also, as a side note, I was telling my hubby about this last night and he reminded me.. The Walmart Brand canned drinks were $2.68 each, not $2.38. When he said that I remembered that indeed, they did cost MORE than our average amount paid for drinks. Sorry about that. Even before I started couponing in March of this year, we figured out that Walmart was WAY more expensive on two things all the time. That was meat and sodas. We had started buying those two things elsewhere LONG before I got into this couponing thing and now I just save even more! Oh yeah and MILK!!!!!!!!! A friend of mine went to a Walmart and bought a gallon of Pet milk about a year ago. There were convieniently no price tags on any of their brand name milk. She did not notice when she was checking out, but thought to herself that her bill was really high and started looking at her receipt. They had charged her $6.99 for a gallon of milk! She went back in and complained and was told that it was the correct price and when they were asked why they did not put up price stickers they said it was because “the price of Milk fluctuates too much”— I have one thing to say about that… BOLOGNA! Needless to say, they lost that sale. She returned the milk and went somewhere else.

    • Charlotte

      Thanks for the affirmation… I was once a one-stop Walmart shopper and sometimes I miss the convenience as I am toting around 2 toddlers to Publix, Walgreens, and CVS (and sometimes Target) instead of one trip to a SuperCenter… but in the end we are saving money so that is my critical need right now (and I certainly enjoy spending the bulk of my money at my friendly Publix).

      Plus, my kids enjoy riding in the “car carts” at Publix instead of Walmart’s regular carts!

      • Wendy

        I’m in your same situation. An added bonus is the helpful baggers that push our carts out and load our groceries into the trunk. That’s non-existent at WalMart.

      • AngelaDH

        I am so with you on this. My toddler now thinks that every balloon in every other store is for him, too. :p Soon my daughter will “realize” that too. I’m glad not to have fruit flies in the house from the produce.

      • Jennifer

        And don’t forget the cookies in the Bakery. Its the only way I can get the kids to behave through the whole store.

    • Kim C

      Walmart DOES match competitor’s prices. Even if the prices require a “rewards card”. However in their policy it states that you must present the card to the Walmart employee to receive the match. They DO NOT match Buy one Get one free. Or, anything free for that matter. All of this is listed in their price match policy page found here: http://walmartstores.com/FactsNews/7659.aspx

      I used to be a Walmart only girl because my hubby works for one of their distribution centers so we receive a discount. That was until I discovered Southern Savers. My hubby was strictly walmart (lol) until I did my first shopping trip to Publix. I purchased $168 worth of groceries and paid (are you ready) $17.68 AND filled out for a $10 rebate. There is NO way Walmart could’ve competed with that !!!

      We have MORE food in our pantry then we EVER have and I spend HALF of what I used to at the Supercenter. ;o)

      Sorry this is so long, but it’s very hard to convince some people that couponing is worth it. I used to be one of them… I will never turn back though. LOL ! Thanks Jenny for all you do !!!

      • Good to know about the card. I have always been told if it is a rewards card only deal they wouldn’t do it. Of course the policies probably don’t get past the manager in the store, if even that far.

        I don’t usually go there anyway.

        • Confused

          You could always print out the guidelines and take it with you. Then they would have to honor the card prices. I don’t have a Super Center Walmart near me but I do have a Miejer’s and do not like them. They are expensive. Anyone know a cheap place to get food near Beavercreek, Ohio? Also how does all this couponing work? All I ever find coupons for is boxed foods and junk food. Can someone recommend a book, blog, website, etc that explains how to do all this couponing, cvs’g, etc stuff lol;)

          • Confused

            I re-read what I wrote and meant more additional sites:) Teaches me to post when I am tired lol:)

    • Lisa

      I used to be a religious Walmart shopper…now, I’m saving much more money at Publix (where I would never shop before!) Thanks for all you do to help us save money and get us to smaller, friendlier stores!

    • Malinda

      Amen! I am convinced and love shopping at the local grocery stores and can see the savings every week. Thanks for this informative blog!

    • Traci

      Thanks, Jenny. It’s always good to see it in terms of dollars and cents. Personally, I have ethical reasons for refusing to shop at Wal-Mart. Too many reasons to go into here.

      When people tell me they have “no choice” but to shop at Wal-Mart because they are on a budget, I try to explain to them that they DO. In fact, they’ll save even more money if they don’t shop there.

      • kathi

        Amen! I have converted a few people in the checkout line w/ me–they are saying they “can’t afford” to buy the bulk of their groceries anywhere other than Walmart and I say I can’t afford to shop where they don’t double coupons.

        You do have to be alert to the sales and q’s but Jenny helps w/ that

    • KT

      Not sure if anyone else noticed, but Walmarts prices have really gone up the past two years. I used to only shop there, until their prices started going up so much.
      We have special diets in our house, so we dont save as much as most of you, but have enjoyed saving when we can! Every little bit helps, expecially on restrictive diets!!!

      • kathi

        Walmart tends to start their groceries really low in a specific area and then when they have driven local competition out of business start raising prices (here it was Winn-dixie and Food Lion that went out of business)

        • Kristen P

          I never liked shopping at Walmart and nevereally compared prices until I was stopping in for one item (they’re the only place that carries the tea bags I use fo rhot tea on a daily basis :( ) and I had some time to glance at items I usually buy elsewhere – I was amazed how HIGH their prices were (even compared to Publix’s regular prices my Walmart wasn’t more than a few cents lower – and they don’t double my coupons like Publix does)! I also noticed since i’ve been doing more couponing at Target as well, that Target’s everyday prices on household, grocery (what they have – we don’t have a super target), pet, etc. were either the same or lower. So if I have to buy something nt on sale, I’ll just do it when I’m at Target anyway instead of a speacial trip (and very long lines) to Walmart!

    • Jenny, I totally agree with you. I have recently started trying to avoid Walmart altogether. However, if you are shopping the Walmart rollbacks, there are a couple of things to watch out for.

      A few weeks ago I saw proof that just because they say something is on rollback does not mean that it is cheaper than it was the day before.

      My Walmart had the Healthy Choice dinners marked as being on rollback from $2.73 down to $2.50 while the original tag underneath the product still said $2.00. We asked the stock guys that were standing behind us about it and they simply said, “Oh yeah, we need to take those tags down.”

      I’ve also had a lot of issues lately with things that were suppose to be on rollback ringing up at regular price (4 times in the last few weeks, at 3 different stores in 3 different cities). I wonder how many people got ripped off on those deals?

      • Me and hubby went there a few years ago and there was a HUGE sign over boxes of Rice Krispies cereal. I wish I had of had my camera phone then. It had the big Rollback logo over the display and it said… Was 2.47 Now 2.77…. At least there was ONE single time in the history of Walmart when they told the true story!!! LOL

    • Kim

      I used to shop at Krogers and then head to Walmart for items not on-sale. It didn’t take me long to realize that my Kroger cart was overflowing for $80 and the Wal-mart cart was not overflowing for $100.00. Using the coupons, CVS, Rite-aid, Krogers combo, we have cut our grocery bill in half. It took a few months to get stocked up, but we are there now. I also got so frustrated when I did go to Wal-mart because you would get there and the item you wanted was out of stock (repeatedly!)or you could only buy Great Value brand.

      Thank you for teaching us to shop wiser and be better stewards of God’s provisions.

    • KS

      Agreed. I am not a fan of Walmart and avoid them at all cost. Thanks for confirming the “Myth”

    • Josie

      Some of us ONLY have a Walmart Supercenter! I have to do the best that I can with the resources that I have!

      • If that is all that you have then this post doesn’t realy apply to you. Not sure why you are getting upset and biting Jenny’s head off about it.

    • sarah

      Love it!

    • This is a great post, and I am hoping I can convert some of my WalMart believing friends to Publix! I get annoyed every time I go to WM…I always have a coupon issue or a price that scans higher than the shelf tag, and the customer service is terrible, but unfortunately there are just some things that I have to buy there that I can’t find at other places. I know so many people that think that Publix is so expensive (and it is if you go in and buy what you want, without regard to sales/coupons/size…but isn’t every store?), but if you stock-up and use coupons to maximize your savings, the prices are amazing! Thank you for proving with the numbers what we have known all along!

    • Jenny

      Every time I used coupons at walmart I would have an issue at check out. When I used to shop and try to use coupons I always found that even with the coupon thier brand was cheaper. They had me brain washed for awhile, but thank God for this site. Now we buy name brand stuff, we have a good amount of food for way less money. I used to be so stressed trying to stay in budget and would spend $250 and get nothing but junk! Publix is clean, organized, 98% of the time have stock on the shelves and if not will check or rain check, they have variety, and best of all great customer service!

    • Thank you for putting the work into this post. It’s so informative and something concrete to show our friends/family who don’t believe us when we say that we really do save the MOST at Publix! Thanks for all your hard work!!

    • Leah

      I shop at Walmart only because the only other option I have is Kroger. If an item isn’t on sale at Kroger it is higher in price than at my local Walmart. Those of you that have options should be very thankful. It stinks not to be able to shop at all of the other great grocery stores.

      • kathi

        Hang in there Leah. Pretty much the grass is always greener elsewhere. I have been wishing I had a close Kroger or Publix or Harvey’s or Harris teeter because they all seem better than my BiLo and maybe they are. However once I got a good running start at a pantry and freezer I manage to feed the family for less and avoid wm

        • Holly

          Leah I’m in the same boat. I just recently discovered Southern Savers, but all I have is a Kroger…I’m trying not to get discouraged…but I hate shopping at walmart…

      • Kim

        All I have is a Krogers. I have used CVS and Riteaid to fill in with our household items, beauty, etc. and then use lots of coupons at Krogers and stock up when the prices are low. It was a bit of a challenge at first, but after a few months it has become easier. I have a friend that also gives me the coupons she doesn’t use and that helps me really stock up. Hang in there. I used to think the same thing.

        • Holly

          Thanks Kim!

    • Nan

      Although I refuse to shop at the local un-named supercenter…it is not for the reasons you show. However I would remind those who do like to shop at the superstore…they will match a competitors ad or used to.

      • Misty

        Even with price-matching, they still don’t double coupons- which is another way grocery stores beat them out! :)

    • Caroline


      I want to know if it is worthwhile to renew my Sam’s Club membership. I suspect no, but I would love to see a proper comparison.

      • I think it depends on what you buy there. I used to “stock up” on basics (baking mixes, mac & cheese, soup, cereal, snack items, toiletries, diapers) at Sams, but not since finding Southern Savers! We tend to buy books, tires, electronics & specialty food (frozen appetizers, pizzas) from Sams, so it was worth it for our family to keep our membership. I think the best warehouse club is BJs (they accept m/q), but it is just too far for us to drive where we live now.

        • Katherine

          Sam’s is also good for bulk meat purchases. I usually buy my chicken breasts and ground beef at sams and break the packages down into normal portions to freeze!!!

          • Ailin

            I let my BJ’s membership expire and thought I’d miss it. Since I became serious about couponing, ABSOLUTELY NOT! Somehow I would never get out of there with less than $100-150 spent, and our overall savings is now about 50% with only Publix, CVS, Wags, and Target. Thanks, Jenny! I loved the article!

          • Katherine,
            How much do you usually spend per pound?

            I buy my ground beef and chicken breasts in bulk when it’s on sale at local grocery stores now anyway, so I was wondering how the membership clubs would compare. (I realize that there are probably regional price variations.)

            I usually pay $1.69-$1.99/lb for ground beef or ground chuck and $1.79-$2.49/lb for boneless, skinless chicken breasts…

            • Becky

              Just FYI but Sam’s is now starting their own coupon machine.
              If you have a Plus membership you will receive coupons on items you have bought in the past. I am trying it out to see if it is worth it before we renew in March.
              so far I have gotten 2 large bags of chips for $4.98 and a 32 pack of Northern tissue for $11

            • Katherine

              The chicken breast is always $1.99/lb and usually sold in 8-10 lb packs. The ground beef is usually $2.28/lb but we ONLY buy the 90/10 ground beef and usually the sales…like kroger are 70/30 or maybe 80/20

            • Did not know that about the Plus membership and coupons. thanks for info!

      • Kim C

        I shop at Sam’s for bulk meat, books and electronics. I buy lean ground beef and it’s less expensive to buy it from Sam’s then most sales at Publix. Same thing with chicken breasts. But for regular groceries, the grocery stores are definitely the way to go.

      • AngelaDH

        We’ve debated the same thing. I can get pasta, olive oil, cereal, diapers and raisins so much cheaper elsewhere. I just haven’t found the nuts or tortillas cheaper with couponing. I think we will let it expire, however, because we don’t save $40+ just on those few items. We have a friend with a membership and I think he would pick up those few items for us.

      • Megan

        We keep our Costco membership for the savings on gas. My husband has an 80+ mile commute and I have a 70 mile commute 5 days a week!

      • Janice

        We have a Sam’s membership, but we really only use it for big purchases like tires or printers,etc. Sometimes in the summer, they will have great fruit prices. And later tonight, I am going to swing by and look at their hams for Christmas, but I don’t really get sucked into the groceries there!! But definitely worth the fee for just tires, mattresses, etc.

    • Buster

      I agree with everyone here.. the less time I spend in Walmart the better… rude check out people, prices wrong, long lines when they have 14 other lines closed, and so forth. It really gets frustrating. I’ve help our family cut our grocery bill not in half but 2/3’s of what we used to pay. All with brand name items, we’ve never had our pantry so full of food, we have a 2nd freezer outside for overflow. (We could save more if we not brand loyal to many items. )

      It’s amazing what this site has taught me. We tell our family and friends and they just laugh at us but my daughter noticed. My daughter just out on her own and ask me to send my composed list to her also. She works for Hallmark in the mall and said they had a product that this site caused them to sell out of an item….twice. Customers even tell her where they found the coupon.

      I do hope it’s rewarding to you monetarily as you’ve saved us a ton…I hope you are making a ton off this site. Thanks again for your help… Buster

    • Rochelle C

      My husband and I just had this conversation last night…we were in Wal-Mart and I noticed the type of toilet paper, I am brand specific, is about $2.50 cheaper there than at Publix. We were thinking maybe we should just go there today for our groceries along with our coupons. I had some FL coupons and I knew they would not take them and then I had the $5 off for Publix. Well, we decided to go Publix with coupons in hand and when I finished buying everything I need to make for a couple of houses for Christmas and my groceries for the next week….I had a savings of $97.00 and walked out with some items I had not planned on buying. My savings was around 42% this week. My goal for the new year is to save a lot more….we spend way too much at the grocery store and I am sort of new at this, but I am going to a class next year and can’t wait to see how much I save. Thanks Jenny for all your hard work! It is very much appreciated!!!

      • Aymie

        Once you get the hang of it, you will learn to only buy things that are on sale along with the coupons. Grocery store sales beat Walmarts price, period. Once you start doing it more and more, you will learn to make a “stock pile” and stock up on things that are on sale, so you can avoid having to “run to the store for a few things” like I used to do before couponing. I am kicking myself for all the money I wasted in previous years!!

    • Theresa

      This test might work great in areas where those other stores are available to shop, but in my rural area we have Lowe’s Foods (with outrageous prices), Food Lion,(who runs a close 2nd behind Lowe’s Foods) and our local Supercenter. Yes, they pricematch competitor’s prices, no they don’t double coupons, and yes, my Supercenter honors b1g1free sales *as long* as the ad plainly states what the original price is at the advertising store. Rarely, do I save more at those other two stores,even doubling coupons. Neither store triples (Lowe’s Foods quit doing that in my area over a year ago) and more often than not even using a coupon on an item at one of those other two stores where the prices are higher, I come out cheaper buying the same product at my Supercenter. It’s my opinion, so take it or leave it, but I always feel these kinds of comments about how Supercenters are so not the place to shop might fall true in larger more populated areas, but it’s not true for all areas and really makes people such as myself who choose to shop at Supercenters, because they truly are cheaper considering our other local store options,like we are purposefully choosing to throw out money away on higher priced products just for the sake of habit. I learned really quick on another “saving” website how extremely biased people can be against Supercenters, down right vicious at times, which really isn’t proving a point at all. So perhaps Supercenters are not as cheap as Kroger’s and Publix…that’s in your area, but it’s not true everywhere and I really wish people would refrain from making these broad general statements about how Supercenters are ripping people off like it happens on a consistent basis in every town, in every Supercenter, because across the board in every small town in the South, it just ain’t true.

    • Jen

      Thank you for this!!

    • I’ll stick to Publix – Where Shopping is a Pleasure! Lol, Walmart can’t even come close!! Thanks for this comparison Jenny – my family is always questioning how Publix can be more economical than Walmart…

    • Marty

      My family of 5 just finished a wonderful supper of Chicken Cordon Blu,
      steamed broccoli and garlic potatos for which I paid a total of $1.07-that is .21 per person total meal cost. The Chicken (Barber stuffed chicken from Publix)was .49 per box-used 2 boxes. The betty crocker potatos were .7 box and the broccoli was Green giant steamfresh for FREE. Can I tell you how much my husband loves me right about now.
      Not only is his belly full from a great meal, but his wallet is a little fuller also,.

      • That is awesome! :-D

      • Jen S

        NO LIE- we had the exact same dinner tonight! (Only I had chicken kiev). And it was GOOD!

        • Wendy

          Funny–I have to add that our family had that exact same dinner on Thursday night too. Delicious!

          • Dee Dee

            LOL! We are having it tonight!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

            • deks mom

              hahaha…us too…i’m trying to remember where all this was such a GREAT deal….Harvey’s for me I think…gotta luv it!!! My kids actually opened my freezer and pantry today to “show off” all of our groceries…2 funny!! needlesss to say we then had a 15 minute conversation with my inlaws on “how I did that”…LUV LUV LUV all those free steamfresh veggies…made for a GREAT pot of FREE vegetable soup last week…fortunately we use vension so that really helps on the meat prices and the fat intake as well…yum yum…FREE ALWAYS does a belly good!!

    • bridget

      Not only are the deals better at the grocery stores and the experience more pleasant (love my Harris Teeter!), but I find that at the supercenters I always end up buying extra random non-food items that were not on my grocery list. Somehow it seems impossible to walk out of Target without spending a ton of extra money on those “great deals” that you stumble across while buying the essentials. At Harris Teeter, I have no problem with sticking to my list – unless I run across an unadvertised sale and need to pick up something that is free after coupons, of course :)

      • Amy Cole

        I’m glad you mentioned the “impulse” buys at Walmart. Before I would only shop there and could easily spend an extra $50 on those items I just happened to see…

      • peggy

        Amen! There are a few things that we can only find at ou WM, but when I have to break down and make the trip, I buy SEVERAL so that I don’t have to go in again for a long time. The “impulse” items are what they are counting on us buying! That’s why the store layout has you going all over the place for only a couple of items!

    • Kelly

      What do you do if you need an item and it is not on sale? I would love to get away from Walmart shopping but as someone mentioned if I need something that is not on sale Walmart is always lower than Kroger or Food Lion (the only two competitors I have here, no Publix :(.

      • You stock up when it is at the lowest price. You will have to watch and see how often the sale comes around where you can stock up with coupons and sale savings. Here in the SE, the ads run on about a 6 week rotation between the lowest price sale. So, I stock up for about 6 weeks at the cheapest price. If you don’t want to stock up, it may still be cheaper if Kroger and Food Lion double your coupons.

        • Karen

          I wish that I had enough coupons to stock up on items for 6 weeks. I print out the two and never can find more that one that comes from the paper or allyou. Not complaining but I wish we could print more than two.

          • monica

            You can always buy multiple papers or ask friends who do not coupon to give you their inserts. That is what I do :)

            • Amy Cole

              Yes, I will buy an extra paper or two because the $2 extra that I spend it well worth it in savings. Also, ask people for their inserts. I have had people to tell me yes because it was not worth their time to clip coupons…imagine that!!

          • When I really want/need multiples of an item that I just don’t have coupons for I place an order at http://www.couponsthingsbydede.com as soon as the ad posts. Where I live in SC it takes two days for me to get the clipped coupons.

            When it is something that I am going to save a ton of I don’t mind paying a clipping fee and postage. In other words I’ll gladly pay $.20 to save $2.00.

      • kathi

        Accept that you are NOT going to magically go from buying what you need week to week to getting everything on sale.

        Take baby steps. The few $ you save this week will roll over to save to work on building your pantry/freezer supplies for next week. Eventually you’ll get to a point where you don’t really need anything “right now” and will be able to just purchase the really good deals.

        • That is very good advice! You have to start slow and build on your couponing skills…you will start saving more & more until you get to the point where you are saving more than you spend, which is a great feeling! One thing that I do to get more IP coupons is to print coupons that I don’t need for friends/family and have them return the favor, so we all get a few extra that we will use.

          • Dee Dee

            I do the same. My sis uses John Frieda hair stuff and I need the Horizon/Stonyfield organic coupons, so we print em off and swap.

    • brandy

      Love this post!! I know so many people that say superstores are better I will now refer them to this post!!


    • Carrie

      Thanks so much for posting this! Its really informative! I’m new to using coupons but thanks to this site, I’m doing very well! Thanks for all you do to help, Jenny!

    • Diana

      I do not like to grocery shop at Walmart. My Walmart will not take printable coupons so I would lose out on tons of savings.

      Now, here is a question. How does “Sam’s Club, Costco, or BJs” fair in the savings department? Would I still do better at the grocery store verses a warehouse?

      • We have not found any savings at Sam’s, except on occasion. Example: we used to get coffee there, mozzarella cheese…..not anymore. I guess it depends…my hubby says the BEER is a better deal!!!!
        :) M

      • kathi

        I don’t know about “now”. When I did a cost comparison Sam’s vs local store (w/ double coupons and watching for sales) in 1990 we came out ahead shopping around

      • Jen S

        Sam’s always has the lowest fuel prices (and I go through a couple of tanks/week), and good prices on beer/wine (I won’t tell you how much of that we go through/week, lol). I also get good prices on paper lawn bags and kitchen trash bags. And don’t forget the $1.50 hot dog and soda lunch! I’m a loyal Publix girl, but the thought of letting my Sam’s card expire gives me the shakes.

    • Melissa

      I used to always shop walmart & bjs when I lived up north but when I moved down to GA and a friend told me about this site I’ve been converted to a publix shopper lol and just last week when at walmart picking up gifts I walked the food aisles to compare a few prices and since thanksgiving most food prices have gone up considerably!!!! I usually only save $5 at walmart with coupons and on avg. $60 at publix with coupons alone..
      Thanks Jenny for all your hard work!!

    • andrea

      very interesting. always believe supercenters were the way to go but with southern savers have changed the way i think. still hard not to go to the supercenter for toiletries but i guess that’s what drug stores are for (:

      • Tina

        This past Sunday I went to Rite Aid and bought four 12pks of Quilted Northern for $1.74 each (after coupons), then I went to WM to price TV’s and decided to check the price of the same toilet paper. At WM the Quilted Northern is $6.50. That’s a savings of $4.76 per pack! The only thing I thought about was how greedy WM is and I couldn’t wait to get out of the store, but I must say WM has done an excellent job of marketing. WM has so many people believing they are the cheapest and most people don’t even compare prices. WM’s commercial says “We’ve compared prices, so you don’t have to.” WM is pretty slick.

        • Aymie

          Whats funny about that quote is that it says nothing about getting the better deal at Walmart! “We’ve compared prices so you dont have to”… yeah and your point being what?? LOL

    • Jennifer

      Walmart is always overly crowded, NEVER enough cash registers open, and always have to price check something that I have pick up….NOT WORTH IT!!!!

      • libby

        And the cashiers are no help at all…

      • Katee

        I stopped in Publix on Saturday (Phenix City, AL) to pick up some milk and bread – it was crowded – but EVERY cash register was open and there was no more than 2 people in each line! Publix has WM beat in my book!

      • Amanda

        I pretty much avoid Walmart, but if I must stop by there for something I usually check out at the garden center, which is generally not very crowded. Also, if you can shop there at the end of the month, it is not very crowded. My store is usually dead at that time of the month and shopping is a breeze! The beginning of the month is super crowded when people get their new food stamps. That may seem mean, but my husband who is a cop shared that tip with me and it is very true, except maybe this time of year with it being around the holidays!

        • Katherine

          That is true. Food stamps in GA are issued the 5-14th of each month and several other states issue all food stamps on the 1st of each month.

        • Mina

          Ah, but I’ve learned to avoid ANY grocer on the last day of the month. Food “Stamps” are now electronic debit cards, and though the store may be more crowded, the transactions usually go through fairly smoothly. The evening of the last day of the month people rush out to keep from letting their WIC vouchers expire. When they are trying to do so many transactions at once, it tends to get messy and very time consuming and ties up the registers.

      • Hi other Jennifer! I did a double take because that is one of my biggest complaints about WalMart… the crowds. And everyone is so RUDE!!

        We won’t even talk about screaming children…

    • Ahhhm yes- I just came from my own personal Hell- i.e., Walmart….the Forest Drive COlumbia, SC is out of those Playskool Lullaby GLoworms…..thought I was going to be able to avoid them this year, totally!!! Oh well- I have to admit – did find some decent girl’s tights size 4-6. Nothing else there worth the trouble.

    • Megan

      Interesting article….I shop at multiple grocery stores (Publix, Bilo and vary rarely Ingles) for all my sales/coupons/B1G1 but if it is not on sale and I need/want it, the majority of the time, my Walmart is cheaper than any other place for the items I need. I hate going there but I use it to fill in the holes in my list when things are not on sale. Plus the variety is greater and there are certain things that I buy store brand at Walmart (like a particular sugar free grape koolaid that my hubby loves).

      • Farrah


        I laughed when I saw what you said about the GV grape koolaid mix. We loved that ourselved until we got hooked on Crystal Light. I’m still drinking what we got for $1 per canister back in the summer. The taste is awesome…especially at that price! Lol

      • meg

        Too funny. I wasn’t going to comment on this post – I’m with most, love Publix, not so keen on WM – but the ONLY product I buy there is the GV Koolaid sugarfree mixes – my kids love them and that particular sort of product I have rarely seen on sale. Glad to know we’re not alone!

    • Diana

      YES!!! I Love that SS has saved me from the dreaded Walmart…..the land of zero customer service. I save more money at Publix and it’s always a pleasure to shop there. Everyone is always so nice and they even ask if they can help me. My oop this past Sunday was $65 and I saved $159. This is my second month on SS. I’m sure it will only get even better :-)
      Thanks Jenny

      • Jenn

        Wow. That is really impressive savings for only your second month!!! Way to go. You’re off to a great start.

    • Shelley

      I have become an avid couponer after finding this site and attending one of your the seminars. And while I find myself saving TONS of money each week I still have to make an occassional trip to Walmart.
      Unfortunately, even with stocking up there are always circumstances that arise and I just don’t have exactly what I need. For example, we recently had a last minute dinner to make for someone at church. I just did not have a few things I needed for the meal I was assigned. After checking my coupons I realized I had none for those items. It is in these cases that I often (though not always) need to run to Walmart.
      It does stink though b/c I can see that the $30 I spend at Walmart always amounts to LESS stuff than when I shop at Publix or Bi Lo.

      I also want to add that one thing that has started to frustrate me with couponing is the lack of variety. The same juices, same rices, same veggies, etc are always the ones that are on great deals.
      Not complaining…just saying…

      Thanks Jenny for all your hard work!

      • marym

        I’m with you on this one, Shelley. I get most of my staples at Aldi but sometimes when I need something I can’t get there, WM is the cheapest place. I also agree about the coupons; I wish there was more variety. My family is sick of Pillsbury rolls! :0) Our local paper usually has about half the inserts it’s supposed to, so I’m not really into buying lots of copies at this point.

    • Oh my GOODNESS!!! Don’t even get me started! Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I have made it my mission in life to convert Walmart shoppers and I must say, I have converted a LOT of them. In March and July (I think) of this year, I did a side by side comparison of over 100 items that I had personally purchased from CVS, Bilo, Publix, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Bloom… I do NOT shop at Walmart and there are NO exceptions to that rule, but I went in there twice solely to find out the prices on these 100+ items. Know how many were cheaper at Walmart??? ONE!!!!! Yes one!!! And it was cheaper by a whopping 0.03!!! The amazing thing is that I went even a step further and compared BRAND name items somewhere else with the Walmart Brand.. NOT A SINGLE ONE was cheaper than what I had paid!! Not even Zyrtec which AMAZED me. Point being- I have done MAJOR research on this and Jenny is exactly right. Walmart will NEVER compete with grocery stores and pharmacies in a million years. If you choose to not cut coupons and not shop sales and just want the best overall prices, by all means, shop at Walmart, but if you want to SAVE money-STAY away from Walmart.

    • Amy

      I am forever trying to convince one of my friends that Walmart is higher in price. She always says, but you buy name brand, I by store brand. Yes, and I spend less on named brand then the Walmart brand.

    • Robin

      I have always been a loyal Walmart customer and before Thanksgiving I started my couponing craze going to Publix. This week I had some Q’s about to expire so I went to Walmart left with 19 items for 60.93. Went over to Publix for my weekly shopping and left with 56 items for 45.80 What is the problem here? I am sticking to Publix from now on and trying to avoid Walmart altogether!!!

    • Stacy K

      The only thing I shop for there are capri suns (reg 1.50 at my store) when I don’t have Q’s for Publix sales and toy sales!

    • Up until a month ago I was a Wal-mart-only shopper. Not because I like the store, because I don’t, I thought it was convenient. I HATED GROCERY SHOPPING!! I bought the same things, week after week, and spent a lot of money and when I got home I wondered what I bought to eat??? It seemed like we had nothing for all the money we spent. THEN I discovered southernsavers and we have lots of FOOD in the pantry and freezer! I buy food at Publix and BiLo that I’d never think about buying at Wal-Mart because I get it on sale, WITH a coupon and now I look forward to grocery shopping! Also, we purchased the blue bags at Wal-Mart about a year ago because they are so much easier to handle when we carry groceries from the car to the house. A couple of the Wal-Mart cashiers told us (without our asking) how they hated those bags because they have to set them up on their bag holder. Yesterday at Publix the cashier actually THANKED us for bringing in our own bags!!! I had to go to Wal-Mart this afternoon after work to get some things for work and when I looked at their prices and saw/heard all the chaos I thought “How and why did I shop here for so long?” NO MORE!!!!!!!!

    • Michelle

      Okay, I am NEW to this~ I’ve shopped sale ads occassionally, and an occassional coupon, but for me what has worked, in leiu of having great grocery stores is Aldi for my basics and then the dreaded supercenter for the rest of what I need. As a family of 7, and a larger house payment(we just recenlty relocated to the south) I am trying to drastically cut my grocery budget as it was getting out of control! I am wondering if any comparison has been done to Aldi, as their prices are even lower than Walmart( and on the note of walmart, with 5 kiddos in tow, it’s hard to get through such a big store and leave with my sanity!) I’ll admit that no one can beat .25 philadelphia cream cheese, free swiss miss cocoa, and free eveporated milk. Just curious if anyone else has been a faithful Aldi shopper and couponer too and has an opinion.

      • Jenn

        I used to be right there with you. I only shopped at Aldi, and sometimes Sam’s and Walmart. Now I only go to Aldi maybe once a month or two. They do have great prices on produce and that is usually all I get,sometimes chicken if I’m out and can’t find a good sale. But even by watching the sales at Publix and using competitor coupons you can get items for cheaper than Aldi. For example this week Publix has 5lb bag of potatoes for 1.99, .29lb sweet potatoes, .79lb zucchini, squash and green beans, also baby carrots are BOGO and celery is .99. I used a FLIP for $2 off of $6 produce coupon that I printed from the Food Lion website and I was able to purchase a lot of produce for only $4. The produce that I usually only buy at Aldi is fresh garlic, avacados, onions, tomatoes, and fruit in the summer time. But I just watch the prices at Publix and what I can’t get there I get at Aldi. Hope that helps.

      • Mina

        Would you like a book, or will a short version do?

        I used to have 5 or more kiddos in tow, and I also did the majority of my regular shopping at Aldi, once one opened here. Now, I go for months in a row without buying anything there. Almost everything they sell can be bought for less elsewhere, and make Aldi prices feel high if you’ve stocked up when the items are on sale.

        Produce is often, but not always, best priced at Aldi. Right now, though, you can use the $2/$5 FLq at Food Lion or Publix. That gives you a broader selection. For instance, I needed green onions and fresh ginger for dinner. WallyWorld prices produce prices tend to be some of the highest around, and Aldi carries only a very limited selection of pre-packaged produce. Either FL or Publix would be quicker, less hassle, and less expensive than the Over-Sized WallyWorld.

        Aldi does have a few stock up type items that are better priced than I’ve seen elsewhere on sale/coupon combo. Off the top of my head, marinated artichoke hearts and brown sugar/confectioner’s sugar are ones that I watch for.

    • Kendra Brown

      JENNY, HELP PLEASE! What Publix doubles your coupons? I live in Columbia,SC and I shop at the Lexington, Harbison, and Irmo Publixes. They “suppress the bonus coupon”, overriding the double. Which one doubles? It’d be worth the drive for me, with 4 boys! Thanks!

      • Vanessa

        The Publix on Gervais Street NEVER suppresses my doubles! I think they are by far the best in Cola. Jenny goes to the one on #6 (I think) and loves that one. The one on Two Notch and 378 will always suppress if told to. The reason they suppressed your doubles is because the coupon said “No Doubles or Triples”. If it does not say this or something like this they will double anywhere. Many IP say this. Which one did you go to?

      • Catherine

        I am in Columbia too and all of those stores regularly double my coupons.

        • Misty

          just a suggestion- my local Publix in Tennessee started supressing coupon doubling on coupons that said do not double. I took time to write a nice letter to the corporate office, beginning with LOTS of praise and niceties, and then finally posing this question- Why have you started overriding coupon doubling on coupons that say “Do Not Double” since it is the store that pays for the doubling portion anyway and not the manufacturer that put those words on the coupon. I expressed that it was my belief that since the store was the one paying for that double amount, it shouldn’t matter what the manufacturer puts on the coupon. I also kindly stated that if this were to continue, I would have to take my business to BiLo, who always doubled all of my coupons. I concluded by saying that I hoped they would reconsider this issue since I really LOVED shopping there, and wanted to continue shopping there. Within the week I got a phone call from the manager of the Publix that I shop at saying that they would no longer be supressing any coupons from doubling and that if I ever had any problems again, to ask for him specifically. You may not get the same response, but it’s worth a try to ask- and be kind, but be persistent. :)

          • Kendra

            I can’t think of a Publix on #6 I’m assuming that’s Hwy 6?) Maybe it’s holiday traffic brain loss on my part. I tend to shop at 3 Publixes: Lexington, SC near Kohl’s, Harbison next to Target, and Irmo near Fatz. If anyone shops at any of these 3 with doubling success, please let me know! Thanks!

            • Colleen


              The Publix on Hwy 6 is on the Irmo side of the lake between Ballentine and the Lake Murray Dam. Hope this helps you place it.

      • Shannon

        I have never had the Publix downtown supress the doubles or the Publix on Hardscrabble.

        As far as Walmart goes.. I stay as far away from there as possible. If you live in an area that only has Walmart then I understand you have no choice. Of course there are items that are never on sale and you may pay less at Walmart. But what you save on all of the other items makes up for what you have to spend on the few things that are not ever on sale or have coupons.

        And who goes to Walmart and escapes without anything extra?

        With out sales, coupons and buyer programs you will spend MUCH more at Walgreens,CVS and Rite Aid. However who pays full price for stuff at these stores? Stockpiling is the name of the game. We all have times where unexpected things araise. And have to go pay full price. But if you have to pay full price for healthy and beauty items, then you have not planned ahead.

      • Dale

        I shopped at Publix on Harbison yesterday, and all of my coupons were doubled…even those saying do not double. The Betty Crocker potatos worried me, but they doubled just fine.

    • Lisa

      Publix agrees that these Supercenters are not grocery stores. That’s why they no longer consider them a competitor and no longer accept coupons from them, at least in the Tampa Bay ares.

    • Tania

      Jenny, Thank You so much for everything you do, and all this info!!!! God Bless You!!!!

    • katie

      I will say this-there is no way that said “supercenter” can touch the bogo deals with coupons. I only have one double coupon store in town and have found them hard pressed to be cheaper than “ss” on most things. There are a few items I just have found again and again to be cheaper at “ss”.
      I have WG’s, CVS and PUBLIX where I am at and have found my “ss” prices to be lower on almost everything except for bogo’s and the drug stores deals. Part of the problem with me is the FL thing where some of the Publix rules do not apply.
      I will also say that since Southern Savers my “ss” has lost quite a bit of money from me………….

    • Robin

      Wow! I never knew! Lesson learned.

    • Drew

      Thanks Jenny! I’ve been wondering how the Supercenters compare. Mine is all the way across town so I’m glad I can stay guilt-free at Publix right around the corner :)

    • Kristen

      I am convinced! I just started couponing about 3 months ago. I never shopped at the supercenter much. I didn’t realize how much I was over paying however, I did realize that I would buy items I didn’t intend to buy. I generally shop at Kroger. I have decreased my weekly shopping bill by approximately 30%. I am still learning. Thanks to all of you who make this website a wealth of information. (pun intended) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • alice

      While I love Publix (the only regular grocery store near me), I really don’t see how anyone could possibly get a better deal on everything by shopping there. While there are many items that frequently go on sale (BOGO, or a regular sale), there are many that almost never do. It may be true that you still save money overall by shopping only at a grocery store vs. shopping only at Wal-Mart, you will either pay more for some items (sometimes a lot more) or not buy those items for a long time- possibly ever. For me, it’s definitely cheaper to shop at both Publix and Wal-Mart- Publix for the sale items, and Wal-Mart for the rest. Also- even though Wal-Mart does advertise “always low prices”- items do go on “rollback”- meaning they do have sales. There are times when an item on rollback at Wal-Mart is even cheaper than the sale price at Publix.

      • Dee Dee

        I have never found the final comment to be true. Sales/BOGO at Publix ALWAYS beats Walmarts prices.
        I have been a serious couponer now for just over 3 months and stock my home for $65 a week for a family of 3, that includes a diapered butt. :) I have a fully stocked freezer and pantry now.

        I have also been a sale shopper at my local Publix, but would go to Wamart for the items that we needed that were not on sale, until one week there was only 6 things on the Walmart list, so I decided to try to “make do” and shop at Publix only… LOL!! The items on that list ended up being either the same price, a few were cheaper (Dole salad was 2/$5 and I had the $1/2 Q and the Target $1/1 q’s which made my salad super cheap) and one was about 8 cents more!!! I saved myself the extra time, gas and hassle by checking it out at Pubix!!

        I still occasinally stop by Walmart for a few items, but it is a limited list and I don’t do it every week anymore. Example being, Over the Moon milk has/had $1 Q’s but Publix doesn’t carry that brand of milk. Walmart does and it is only $2-Q=$1. IF, and that is a BIG if, I run out of FREE yogurt and need to buy more before the next BOGO, it is cheaper to use a Q and get it at Walmart. But, as a general rule now, I do the major part of my weekly/monthly shopping at Publix (where I find great deals and they so willingly take my coupons) and a very limited list at the super centers (who are getting picky about IP coupons lately).

        THANK YOU Jenny for all your hard work!

    • Valerie

      I’m convinced! We are a family of 6 & was sending $150-$175 per week which I thought was very good. After 1 year of couponing at a nicer store (Harris Teeter) I spend anywhere from $25 -$50 per week!!! Love it! THanks for all of your hard work!

    • Brandi

      since living in florida of course we dont get the double coupons so the only thing that is better at grocery stores is the bogo items. otherwise most of the time the super center is the better price.

      • Aymie

        I live in FL as well and have not shopped at Walmart for groceries in over 8 months.
        When there are regular sales, not just bogo, at Publix they still beat Walmarts price.

      • Dee Dee

        Watch for the lowest sale price, not just any ol’ sale price, PLUS the BOGO and Walmart can not beat that. Yes, occasional items, such as yogurt or milk I buy aT wALMART IF THERE IS NO SALE, but my shopping list gets smaller and smaller for Walmart the longer I do this!

    • Jenni

      Let’s take this a step further – ALDI! My goal is to always beat Aldi’s prices, and I am always amazed that with BOGO’s doubled coups, etc, I always beat their store brand. Period. Every time. And with going all the way (matching comp. coups, rebates, etc) I have never looked back.

      Thanks for this article. Most Wal*Marts in my area are a NIGHTMARE to park and shop at, even if I don’t take my kids with me. Plus, the nearest one is 25 minutes away, and farther away that ANY grocery store I’d want to go to by about 10 minutes, so it REALLY makes no sense in my case. I only go there if I get giftcards. Otherwise, I avoid it like the plague.

      • Aymie

        Aldi lost me as a potential customer when I found out they did not accept coupons!!

        • bethany

          I strictly buy produce at Aldi – not many places have a 3 lb bag of onions for .49c or a 3 pack of multi-colored peppers for .99c!

          • Aymie

            I will give them that, they do have cheap produce. But with all the money I save in coupons, I just like to get my produce at Publix along with all the other groceries. I heard Aldi has good meat too, but I am very stubborn and will not step foot in there lol

          • Jenni

            Aldi has been raising their prices too, though. And the bakery quality has TANKED. Their bread used to be just as good as anyone elses, but lately it’s been dry, crumbly and full of more air than bread! There are very few items that I can’t beat the price on, since they don’t accept any coupons. On top of that, the closest one to me is 25 minutes away, in an area that has HORRIBLE traffic congestion. So unless I have another errand in that area (say, Cartridge World), I don’t shop there anymore. But I have a couple of friends who swear by Aldi as much as some people rely on Wal*Mart, even after I post photos and totals of my awesome 66% – 89% savings at regular grocery stores and drugstores. Lunch meat and hot dogs are about the only things of decent quality that I haven’t been able to beat – but I get real close and for the lack of travel and hassle, the extra 10 or 20 cents per package is worth it to stay near home.

    • Tamara

      I am also someone who shopped at Walmart because I thought it was cheaper. Since Southern Savers, I have converted to Publix, but still have to go to Walmart for a few things. I would like to stop going there, but need some help. I have a few things that I buy that I never see on sale. I have price matched at Publix, Walmart, Winn Dixie, and Food Lion, and Walmart always comes out cheaper for items that don’t have coupons and aren’t on sale (chili sauce is something coming to mind). My area doesn’t double coupons, so that is out. If I need something that I never see on sale, I always go to Walmart and buy the store brand. Does anyone else have another idea? Also, I sometimes see things at Walmart cheaper than at the grocery stores. Just this past week, I was going to head to Publix to buy cream cheese for $1.25. I was in Walmart and noticed it was $1.18 there. Since my area doesn’t double coupons at all, it was cheaper for me to buy the cream cheese at Walmart. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to stop shopping at Walmart, but I don’t see how it would be overall cheaper for me. Right now, I shop at Walmart, Publix, Winn Dixie, and Food Lion. I look at the best prices each week, and make my list accordingly. Does anyone have any advice?

      • Vanessa

        For one, stockpiling is very important. Also, Publix has many $5/$50 orders or will accept competitor coupons like this-which offstets any close deals. You are probably spending a lot on gas going here there and everywhere. I go to a few different stores on the same street (Publix, Bi-Lo, CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens). I would never go to Walmart anymore. At some point EVERYTHING will go on sale, you just have to wait it out and stockpile.

        • Tamara

          I have been doing this awhile, so I have a stockpile and pretty much know the sales rotations. But what about things like prenatal vitamins, butt paste (for my 9-month old), milk bags (for nursing), etc.? These are items that I have never seen on sale, and I know that they are cheaper at Walmart. Walmart, Winn Dixie, and Food Lion are all within a mile of each other, and are within 2-3 miles of my house. Publix on the other hand is 30 minutes away. Yes, I would MUCH rather shop at Publix, because I save the most money there, but for some of us, it just isn’t feasible to not go to Walmart at some point. I just wish people would not judge Walmart shoppers. You have to be smart about it. Yes, I shop the sales at the other grocery stores. I just use Walmart for the fillers. Walmart isn’t bad if you do it right (and my Walmart isn’t rude or overcrowded when I go).

          • Buster

            Everything is relative. We are one of the lucky people who live within 10 mins of everything…Walmart(there are 2), Publix, Bilo (again 2), Food Lion (3), Target and Kmart. (Even Sams is only 15 mins away) So we get to shop them all. Smart people learn whats the best deal…we even know what the tax rate is in each area. Sound small but 1 1/2 per cent over a year can add up to a lot. You’ve assessed your situation and made the best of it. At least you hope. The point here is “always low prices” is a gimmick and this site has shown there is hope for a world without supercenters and bad service.

      • Jen S

        I think you have to take all things into consideration. Yes, the cream cheese was cheaper at Wal-Mart, but surely your time (not to mention gas) is worth more than 7 cents…? I do my primary shopping at Publix, but I have 3 Kroger stores within 4 miles of my house, so I’ll hit one of them if there is a freebie/cheapie. But unlike WalMart, I can park, shop, and check out at Kroger in a matter of minutes.

        • Tamara

          I just think people should not judge Walmart shoppers. Yes, I would much prefer to shop at Publix, but the closest Publix to me is 30 minutes away. Walmart is 2 miles from my house. If I need milk, it is cheaper at Walmart than it is Winn Dixie and Food Lion (which are also within a mile of Walmart, so I am not doing that much driving around), and I am not going to drive 30 minutes to get milk at Publix. I have been doing the coupon thing for months now, so I know to stockpile and I know the sale rotation. For some of us, Walmart isn’t our favorite place to shop, but it is what we do if we have no other choice. I live in a small town, and my Walmart is hardly ever crowded when I go during the day. Everyone is different and has different circumstances at Walmart.

      • Mike T.

        I hope that you read the match-ups where there is a $1.00 coupon (multiple locations — internet printables and Publix hand-outs) on the Philadelphia Cream Cheese that would make it $ .25. At Kroger, if you use their new electronic coupons that load onto your card, you could get a Cool Whip tub free when you purchase 3 Cream Cheeses. Using a $ .55 Cool Whip coupon that is available, the “math” is as follows: 3 Phila Cream Cheese ($3.75) + 1 Cool Whip ($1.00) = $4.75 — take off 3 $1 Cream Cheese coupons, one $ .55 Cool Whip coupon, and the $1.00 Cool Whip e-coupon gets you all four items for $ .20. You CANNOT get that at Wal-Mart.

      • Stella

        Time saved is definitely a value. My last time in WM I spent 30 minutes buying 1 gallon of milk (and I vowed that day two years ago to NEVER go back). Now, I leave my house, go to Publix, and get back home in 30 minutes with 20-30 items. Customer service at Publix saves me hours every month, and I know because of tracking expenses all through the years that I’m saving $500 a month from what I used to spend on groceries.

        • Vanessa

          Speaking on customer service- yesterday I had two carts hauling them around with a two year old…I wanted to use two or more $5/$50 or $10/$50 coupons…the employees at Publix offered to follow me around and push one of the carts for me for the two hours that I was in there (of course I declined because they were not busy and I do not want to take advantage- I may really need that one day and want it available then)…talk about customer service…you can’t get that anywhere!!! On a side note-they said this is standard procedure for the elderly people that come in to the store!!!

    • Michelle

      It’s funny that you posted this because Walmart just started running a commercial about how much you can save by buying a weeks worth of groceries at Walmart vs. the leading grocery store and I chuckle every time I see it because I know they’re lying.

      • I saw that yesterday and laughed too.

      • AngelaDH

        And the great deal on frozen cheese pizza-$6.88 I believe. Even a one topping at Papa John’s is $5! I stocked my freezer full of frozen cheese pizzas for $2!! Low price leader my foot! :p They only are on veggie food products (when not on sale at Publix) and bird food.

    • Amanda

      Walmart rarely has the lowest price ever I have noticed. They may lower prices on occassion to be a few cents lower then some stores say around Thanksgiving. I only shop at Walmart if I know they have a lower price on an every day item I need that is not currently on sale elsewhere. I also may buy a handful of items there that I know are shown in their sale ad and not cheaper at a grocery store that week. Occassionally I will price match an item when the other store does not have a large selection to choose from. However, Walmart really has poor, poor customer service and generally the associates do not care about their job, so it is usually more of a hassle than anything else to shop there. My cousin lives in Arizona and she regularly price matches and then gets a discount as her husband is a manager in their warehouse. She said she barely has to even show her ad. So, she has done well shopping there. I recently tried price matching at Walmart and do it some, but the associates are really annoying about it and scrutinize the ad and act like it is such a big deal to do what the store advertises! Shopping sales, using coupons and getting double coupons at grocery stores are the way to go when compared to supercenter shopping! I also love B1G1 sales! Food Lion does B1G1 more than Kroger, so I usually will stop by on my way to Kroger. B1G1 is good because the items are really 50% each and then you can use two coupons, one for each item. Even on sale, stores rarely have sale items at 50% off. One example that I was excited about with B1G1 was Food Lion had Tyson chicken nuggets and patties B1G1 at $6.99. I had two $1/1 coupons and got two bags for $4.99. That was an awesome deal. You are lucky to get one bag for less than $4.99-$6.99 on sale. I find with B1G1 deals and coupons you can get items at the cheapest price and they may even be free or almost free!!!

    • Vanessa

      I think something interesting to note to all the “Walmart junkies” is that what Jenny “bought” at Publix was not even the lowest price the item will be within the 6-8 week grocery cycle. Buying one of everything on sale means you get things that are greatly discounted and things that are only pennies off full price. I only buy things that are priced at Jenny’s “buy price”. The first couple of weeks was hard before I realized how much we would eat and refusing to pay full price…therefore going without chicken and juice for two weeks, but now we have more food than ever and my husband and I are both out of work. Can’t beat that!

      • Jen S

        I agree Vanessa. I lost my job over a year ago, but my pantry has never been fuller. I spend 1/4 of what I was spending at the supermarket, supercenter AND warehouse clubs before I started couponing. I now have a “real” stockpile closet, a full pantry and a bursting freezer. On the rare occasion I do go into a Wal-Mart, the first thing I think is, “why the heck am I here? I hate this place!” lol

        I can never thank Jenny enough for all that she’s done for me and my little family. Even though our income was cut in 1/2, all of the money I’ve saved on groceries and household items has allowed me to shop for Christmas without feeling guilty. I’d never have believed that I could feed my family, and feed them WELL, for less than $40/week!

        • Aymie

          I completely agree. I too lost my job and was thinking about just getting everyone cards for Christmas this year because I just couldnt afford pretty much anything. But with great planning I made a lot of “care package” giftbags… Complete with a photo album (free from CVS), a few Glade candles (free plus rebate!), a box of Whitmans chocolates (almost free with coupons and ECB’s from CVS), and a bottle of wine (cheap with the $1.50 coupon) and Publix reusable bags (free with coupons!!) Might not be much but I am very proud of myself!

    • Amy Cole

      I agree with you both! Every Wal-mart I have ever been in has been unhelpful and understaffed. Have you ever noticed that when a Wal-mart staff members “sees” you looking as if you need help they will go out of their way to avoid you? I even asked a checker why Wal-mart didn’t have more registers open? The checker said “Wal-mart doesn’t have the money to do that.” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud!

      • Stella

        Their employee turnover rate is 50%. That means at any given time in the store YOU know more about their product than the employee working there. WalMart won’t give people more than 30 hours of work a week because they have to pay benefits to full time employees, so employees can’t make enough to earn a living.

        • You are exactly right! My MIL works over 30 hours for a certain amount of weeks in a row but since the labor board says you can only do it for so many weeks before you HAVE to be classified as full time, after that certain amount of weeks, they drop her down to 30 for one week. It keeps them from having to pay her benefits. They just keep doing the same cycle so here she sits with no benefits at all and no chance of ever getting any benefits. They work her to DEATH but refuse to offer her any of the “perks” like INSURANCE!

          • bridget

            This is why they say that Walmart kills towns. When they move into an area, the average per capita income decreases, because they put all of the stores out of business who paid their employees fairly, gave them benefits, and actually treated them like human beings. I also remember reading that at least in the past, Walmart would hold meetings to tell their employees how to get government assistance to make up in the shortfall in their wages and benefits – essentially treating the government like their “employee benefit package”, since they can’t be bothered to pay their staff a liveable wage or reward them for their hard work with health insurance. It is no wonder that the customer service there is nothing compared to a place like Publix or Harris Teeter – it must be a miserable place to work.

      • Leslie

        For a website that is supposed to be about saving money, I am finding a lot of misinformation about the way the company treat it’s employees. I have been with the company for 16 years, and have worked in several stores, and will agree that not all conditions are perfect, but no work environment is. I am an hourly associate, and make enough money to support my family since my husband got laid off. I never work less than 40 hours a week. For the person whose MIL is having trouble with hours, has she talked to personnel about going full time? That post was actually the only one that had any accuracy at all to it, but she does have options, if she is willing to move to another job that requires full time hours. If she is unhappy with the management in her store, then a transfer to another store if there is another one close could also be an option. My store is a small supercenter, and has about 250 associates, more than half of which work 40 hours per week and get full benefits. So the opportunities are there if she wants to persue them! I wish her the best of luck!

    • Hilda

      I soooo agree!!! I used to be a walmart girl too. Until,with coupons I started to spend half of what I spent there and had more food than ever…Then I said goodbye to the Supercenter…

    • ednelle

      my wal-mart supercenter will price match but will not take a coupon on items that are price match (they say it’s like using two coupons if they do, what?????????). i just wish we had stores (or even A store) that doubles here in california

    • Vince Wen

      I’ve heard that Kroger is undergoing Walmart sales strategy. That’s probably not a good idea because that means fewer sales at lower price. We like low price but not low price without sale. Kroger should only compete with Walmart strategically, not blindly.

    • Cathy

      I really dislike shopping at WalMart. Unfortunately, our grocery stores here do NOT double or triple coupons so WalMart proves to be cheaper. Now, I do go get the other grocery stores sale items with coupons but for the other things, I have to go to WalMart. I shop at Aldi’s first, my FAVORITE store, and then get the rest at WalMart.

      • katie

        Cathy I’m with you on the double coupon thing-nobody around here does that so the savings aren’t quite low enough for them not to get beat out by wm prices. I do take advantage of EVERYTHING that I can get cheaper somewhere else but there is always a wm list too……..

    • Leann

      I love your sight and have been searching similar sights for a couple of years; however, have found that none of them accommodate the West Coast. Would you consider including stores for us? We have New Seasons, Whole Foods, Albertson’s, and Fred Meyers.

      In my own prices comparisons, I have found Fred Meyers to be the best but the only thing we can do here is look for sales pages and at best I get a couple of dollars off my total. I wanna save….no I NEED to save. Please help.

      We do NOT have Publix, WalMart, or Krogers.

      Keep up the good work!

      • beth

        thekrazycouponlady.com does west coast store matchups!

        • Leann

          Thank you, thank you! =)

          • Brenda

            Also, Couponmom.com covers Albertson’s. :)

    • odessa

      I try to avoid Walmart as much as possible: they do not double cpns, don’t take competitor cpns, horrible customer service (from my experience), and the list goes on. I get MUCH better deals at Publix: they double cpns, accept competitor’s cpns, have EXCELLENT customer svc……that’t just my opinion

    • Gretchen

      I have recently started checking Walmart’s ads within the past month to compare sale items with Bi-Lo and Food Lion. There have been several items that I ended up getting at Walmart b/c they were on sale for a cheaper price than at the grocery store. AND they do allow me to double coupons. Specifically I remember cream cheese and some other baking products for sale cheaper at Walmart during Thanksgiving than at Bi-Lo, Food Lion or Publix. Milk is also cheaper at Walmart, usually, than at the grocery store.

      It’s just like with any store. You just have to check their ads to see what they put on sale that week. Walmart just calls it a “rollback” instead of a sale but they do put ads out along with the grocery stores.

      • Walmart’s “rollbacks” are simply put, price changes. All stores do those, CVS, Bilo, Publix, etc. however the other guys also do true sale items. If you see an item on “rollback” at Walmart usually it means their price is about 0.03 cheaper than it was last week and if you go there again next week, it will still be the same price. If you ask any Walmart employee they will also tell you that Walmart only puts things on a true sale one time a year and that is the day after Thanksgiving. Not trying to be a know it all here, but I worked retail for 15 years and I know how the system works. Those famous roll backs are nothing more than Walmart’s pathetic attempt at putting the other guys out of business. If I had to choose between getting my regularly priced $4.59 toothpaste Free at CVS using coupons and Extra bucks or paying 1.50 at Walmart while it’s on a “rollback” from 1.53, I’d pick CVS any day of the week. Free can’t be beat.

    • Amy

      I am SO HAPPY to have been SET FREE from Walmart!!! Thank you Jenny! I love you!

    • Shannon

      I like my very personal publix shopping center versus walmarts impersonal wham bam thank you maam BS. I used to spend my foodstamp card when i was a very single mom @ walmart and barely fed me and my son on 400 a month. Now i coupon and get brand name products and can feed my now family of 5 on roughly 50 $ a week. Plus a few fun things now and then like candles and home fragrances products. I do believe in supporting the community vs. the monopoly walmart carries. Screw walmart thanks.

    • stephanie

      Thanks for taking the time to do the research for us.

    • Rebecca

      All I have to add here is that every time I see that commercial that Walmart saves the average family $$$ every three months, I think to myself, “SouthernSavers saves me that amount every month or even week!” If it’s all you have in your area or you’re willing to go through the price matching craziness and lose out on doubling coupons and it works for you go for it. For me, I’ll happily run in for a deal from time to time but do my serious shopping elsewhere because I know it can be done cheaper plus I’m supporting the stores I love and the employees I have come to enjoy seeing. :D

    • LD

      An interesting thing here in “the land of no doubles” We had a regular walmart here for years and a Publix about 2 blocks up . Well last year Walmart bought out the best Ace hardeware area and the Nursery next door [that supplies ace] to build a super Walmart. This was only 4 blocks up . Well what did my Publix do [It was only at the end of my road] They moved across the street from Super Walmart. LOL I was worried they would take more buisness away . Ace Food lion the Nursery all closed Nope Publix is just as Busy as it always was , at least by the parking lot and the days I go in there seems to be more people. So it acually helped Publix by literaly directly compeating with them and making in convient for shoppers to chose Publix [and then providing customer service] if they are heading to Walmart lol . I was leary of there move but now I see Publix [at least here] knew what they were doing. If you need to grocery shop and even just milk . Would you spend 40 min in Walmart going from one end of the store to the other or 10 min. in Publix lol and not have spent any more time driving . Gotta love that !!!!

    • AngelaDH

      Thanks for sharing. I know I’m saving a whole ton more at Publix and BiLo and enjoying my shopping experience so much more! I’m sure that took you a lot of work to do but thanks for remind us it’s all worth it! :)

    • Becky

      Wow, it’s amazing how passionate people get about WM, whether you’re for or against!! Bottom line is that you have to know what is a good price for your items in your area. For the most part, if you are patient and organized, you can get things MUCH cheaper in the grocery store. But there are some things for which there are seldom coupons or they rarely go on sale… for these things, it’s hard to beat WM. For instance, there’s a recipe that I make often that calls for pesto – it’s $3 cheaper at WM and I’ve never seen it on sale anywhere. And why wouldn’t you stock up on Cream of Chicken soup at WM when they offer it at a ridiculously low price to get you in the door? You just have to be smart about it all — and thank you, Jenny, for helping us do that!

      • Tamara

        Thank you! These are my thoughts exactly!

      • Jessica

        I agree, know your prices. For a long time my WM had the best prices on canned tomatoes, rice, dried beans and a few other things (better than sales + coupons). So I would go there about once a month to stock up on those staples. Recently however, they raised their prices on almost all of those staples, so I will be going even less often.

      • madison

        I’m not sure where you reside, but I try to wait for Classico pasta sauce to be on sale B1G1F. That usually includes the pesto and sun dried tomato varieties also. I frequently find wine tags for $1 off 2 bottles also. Just a thought.

    • Val

      My Dad worked for WM for almost five years, and was recently let go. He told me several times that WM had started to demand things from the cashiers. Ever notice how when you check out they always ask if you would like to open a WM charge card? They are required by their bosses to ask you that every time you come thru their line. For some regular customers they don’t like to be asked the same thing over and over again. Publix has never asked me to open up a credit account, most likely because I don’t think they have one. When I used to shop at WM, I would get to the check out and hope I had enough money to get my groceries for the week, and now when I shop at Publix I know I have enough money for groceries and to fill up my car with gas. My husbands work has been really slow, but I am grateful for the savings we have because of southern savers.

    • Shawna

      I used to shop at WM for my groceries every week. Since I started couponing in Sept of this year I have saved soooo much money that I can hardly believe it. I have been back to WM twice since then…once for a really good buy and the 2nd time just happened to see something on sale for a good price and I had my coupons with me. The 2nd time I went back the cashier was so rude and couldn’t get the coupon to scan so she was refusing to use it. I had to explain that she could type in the #’s on the coupon. She tried scanning it again and it worked. Her response “No wonder i have a headache today”. Well needless to say that I will not ever shop for my groceries there. They lost my business. Not only do I save more at Publix but the employees there are super nice.

    • Stephanie

      One of the best parts of discovering couponing, for me, is never having to step foot in a Walmart again.

      I hated grocery shopping. I despised it! I would get a stomachache when having to step into Walmart. Now, I’ve gone to Walmart maybe 3 times in the past few months and that was only to check out toy prices.

      Here are the reasons (for me) and I am so happy to not need Walmart:
      1. the environment… Publix is SO clean and SO lovely! All of the Walmarts in our area just feel cluttered and the lighting makes me depressed.

      2. The employees… there is a general lack of customer service and downright rudeness. I can’t tell you how many times I got checkers who never even looked me in the eye. Yes, there are exceptions, but as a rule… never helpful. Oh, and don’t ask anyone in a blue vest to tell you where something is.

      3. The LINES! This is one reason I despise Walmart. Two lines open… carts backed up like crazy… and TONS of lines closed. WHY don’t they have more cashiers?????

      4. The clientele… let’s face it. Walmart can get some questionable people strolling the aisles (ever seen peopleofwalmart.com?) I will not step foot in a Walmart at night. I’ve had some creepy people follow me around.

      I am very glad that Walmart will no longer get my money. Publix is FANTASTIC. My kids love it there. From the cookie to the balloon to the jokes told to us by the baggers… the entire experience is pleasurable.

      I, too, have to laugh at the Walmart commercial that talks about how much they will save you if you hope there. HA! Yeah, right!

      I always spent around $100 per week at Walmart. I know spend around $40 a week for our family’s groceries (on average.. sometimes more, sometimes less) You can’t argue with that!


      • Ditto. Also, being that I don’t have children (yet) I am incapable of doing the mommy block out screaming/crying thing. It makes me TWITCH. The children in Publix seem a lot happier. Maybe it is all the balloons and cookies that they hand out!

      • You got it!!! Perfectly! I dislike Walmart for the same reasons and more. I am very passionate about my dislike for Walmart and have made it my mission in life to convert Walmart shoppers. In my area of SC, we have ALL the other competitors except HT and I am so thankful for that. I fully intend on keeping them in business and I think through my blog and through the constant contact with people around here, I have probably personally boosted their sales by quite a bit. I do understand that not everyone has that luxury because unfortunatly WM has put many grocery stores out of business in areas of the country and now they pretty much have the monopoly and can charge whatever they want. I feel for those people and feel BLESSED to be in an area where this has not happened. I’m out there FIGHTING for Bilo, Publix, Bloom, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid and am bound and determined that Walmart will never again get one red cent out of my pocket. As far as those of you in the other parts of the country where there is ONLY a Walmart-I’m sorry. I sincerely feel for you and understand that you have to do what you have to do even if that means shopping at the most miserable place on planet earth! I feel your pain :(

    • kelly joy

      I only go to Walmart when it’s cheaper. For example we buy a package of cherrry tomato’s every week. It’s $2.99 at the Grocer’s and $1.96 at WM, dried beans are usually cheaper their too and romaine lettuce. I’d rauther support my MI companies– and if I could do it on everything I would. Customer service is awful at WM- I know most the cashier’s at Meijer, I use my coupons without problems and that makes easier shopping with my 15 month old.

    • Amber

      I’d love to know about BJs/sam’s club price comparisons!
      Thanks for the info!

    • Stacy

      Thank you!! This is the perfect example to send to my family and friends. They think I’m crazy for all the couponing I do and now I have a good way to show them that it works!

    • Christy

      Someone has probably already said this but Pubix is so clean and the people are so nice and friendly and helpful–much better experience than our local Walmart!

    • Jennifer

      Jenny- Thank you for this post. I NEVER shop at Wal Mart for anything. I will pay more somewhere else… thats just me. I have just read every comment and think you should a “Like” button like on Facebook…. lol. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

    • Amanda

      I completely disagree. Some Wal-Marts are more expensive than others. For example, Dove shampoo at my Wal-Mart is $3.40. At Publix and CVS it is $4.99. And they don’t usually do sales on them. I’m rather pay $3.40! I can look at certain items I regularly buy at Wal-Mart and the grocery stores are much more expensive. I’m not going to wait till they decide to have a sale on an item in several weeks. If I need cereal I’m going to buy it at Wal-Mart for 2.50 rather than Publix for 3.98! Wal-Mart is much much cheaper in the non-grocery area than are grocery stores as well. Perhaps it was the type of things you bought and your coupons that made a better looking deal. Anyways I’m not spending even 20% of the amount you buy in groceries. I’m having a bad day if I even make it to $50 at Wal-Mart to get groceries.

      • Amy

        The key is watching the sales (on the website). I bought FOUR Dove shampoos and FOUR Dove conditioners for less than $10 at Walgreen’s about a month ago. I even gave some away! Give it a try for 6 weeks–it’ll work!

      • Stephanie

        Jenny never recommends buying shampoo and such at Publix. You can almost always get them cheaper at drugstores on sale and with coupon.

        As for cereal, I stock up! I never buy cereal for more than $1.50. I refuse to do it anymore. And, Wal-Mart can’t beat that.

        I save money on my produce at Publix by getting overage using coupons. If I have $2 in overage due to buying my 4 cans of tomato sauce for free +$.50 back, that $2 goes towards my produce.

        It is all in how you work it! If you don’t want to buy what is on sale, then yes… the basic prices of Walmart are less expensive. That isn’t Jenny’s point. If you want to save $$ and get MORE… shop the grocery stores using coupons+sales and you will get MUCH more for your $$.

        I can’t stand Walmart so am happy that my coupon/sales allow me to frequent Publix!

    • Kathy

      Jenny- you are Awesome!! Thank you! I’m not drinking the “Wal-Mart flavored kool-aid” that they try to see in their ads that they have the lowest price around and I’m proud of you for standing your ground!! Southern Savers is for local people people money back into their local stores. You try to spotlight every grocery store possible and I appreciate it!

    • Carrie

      Jenny you are not the first to say this but I do agree. I have emphatically told family members that Publix (my personal favorite grocery store) is cheaper than Wal-Mart. Unfortunately they didn’t listen to me emphasize that you need to buy only the items on sale, when they are not on sale – the store is making their profit. Now who can blame them for that is why they are in business. But anyone with a tad of photographic memory can walk the aisles of Wal-Mart and figure this out. They have a set low that they are making profit on and the product is slightly cheaper than a competitor grocery store’s regular priced item (not on sale).

      Nice work! :)

    • Brandi

      I stopped buying any frozen or refrigerated stuff at Walmart about 3 years ago (before I started couponing). I know someone who is a vendor for Walmart and he told me to NEVER buy any cold stuff from Walmart (at least from our local one anyway). He said there were many days that he would go in at 7 a.m. and they would be receiving a frozen food truck and it would be put in the middle of the back room- NOT the freezer!!! To make matters worse, it would still be there when he’d leave 4-5 hours later!!!! So this frozen food would sit out for hours at a time, and then be put back in the freezer to be sold!!! Now, since I started couponing, I rarely do any grocery shopping there.

      • Maybe that’s how the frozen frog wound up in the Great Value Green beans!!! They left them sitting out in the middle of the floor too long and he took up residence… EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

    • Wendy

      I live in a rural area also that doesn’t have a Publix or Kroger. You can still save more money by shopping the sales at Harris Teeter or Lowe’s Foods and using coupons. My biggest complaint at Walmart is the fact that they price higher in areas where there are no other chain stores (no Target, no Kmart). I can drive 20 minutes to another Walmart and their prices are significantly lower because they actually have some competition at that location. If I have to buy something on a week when it isn’t on sale, I will gladly spend my $$ at CVS or Walgreen’s where I can regularly get so many free items.

    • Thanks for taking the time to do this. I have never been a SuperCenter shopper as far as buying groceries goes. And in the last few years I have stopped shopping there for anything. I always had my suspicions that their groceries were higher, thanks for confirming that for me.

    • renee

      I do not have a publix,kroger,HT or lowes food near me at all. I live in Utah…

      • Kathy

        Maybe there’s a west coast couponer that does the work for you and your local stores?

    • wendy

      It has been over a year since I stopped shopping at Walmart for all of our non food items. I have always shopped at grocery stores for food when it is on sale. We now have more money set aside since then even my husband has noticed the difference. I now buy all of our non food items at drug stores when on sale and some at the grocery store also when on sale. I can tell you from personal experience Walmart is not the best place to shop.

    • Kim

      AMEN!!!!! Thanks to people like you, I’ve learned how true that is. I laugh at the Walmart commercials “Save $147 a month shopping at Walmart” HA HA HA I constantly talk back to the TV and say “You mean, save $147 a WEEK by NOT shopping at Walmart!”

    • Christy

      Various reasons I hate, yes I say hate, Walmart.
      -will not accept internet coupons
      -will not double coupons (neither will Target but they still beat out Walmart everytime)
      -long, long lines (I’ve actually waited in a line for 15 mins just to buy a pair of baby socks. At 10 o’clock on a weekday morning!!)
      -more often than not, rude cashiers who appeared annoyed to be there
      -food that is on the shelf past or very near the expired date
      -food out of stock
      -doesn’t carry the food that I eat

      I could go on and on. Obviously, I will never shop at a Walmart!

    • So many people are convinced that Walmart is always cheaper. As you showed it is not. I wouldn’t care if it was the amount of time it takes out of your day is just is rediculous.

      • Bridget

        I know about the time savings – I went to Publix this morning, big trip, and it only took me 40 minutes – in and out with a full basket of groceries. Would have taken ALL DAY at WallyWorld

    • if you have a bogo or coupon that will be doubled, then publix is definitely the way to go. but there are some items we use in our house that you NEVER find coupons for and publix is ALOT pricier than walmart!

    • Jennifer

      What a good article. The timing couldn’t be better for me. I went to WM this weekend after several months of exclusivly shopping Publix. Not only were the prices not any better I actually had the cashier tell me I was trying to steal money from the store by “fradulantly” using coupons!!! Give me a break. Not only did she refuse my Q’s she took them and was going to throw them away. I told her, no worries. I’ll just go across the street to Publix where they not only take those Q’s they thank me for shopping there and cheer me on when they see my total drop 75-80% of the original total.

      The posters here that say WM is there only choice in the town they live in. Think about why that is??? WM has run all the others out of town and now has you by the purse strings!!!

    • Jessica

      when I started couponing I was an avid Walmart shopper, but when I began couponing, Publix and Bilo have become my friends. I have been wanting to do the experiment you have done, and I am happy to see I was right about the matter. Thanks Jenny!

    • Harriett

      Do any of the above stores work like HT? In Florence we do not have a Kroger or Publix (still praying for that miracle!) Also how does Aldi work and how would you rate them? My husband is a firm believer in Sam’s for paper towels and toilet paper. Are there things that are worth getting in large quantity at Sams’s? I think I need your class again!! Maybe named “Couponing 101: For the Frugally Challenged!” When you set up the “deals ideas” with what store what coupon for like CVS. I’m like okay I got it. Then I go and do it myself and end up with a less $ in my pocket then planned…Frugal FAIL!

    • Darbi

      I used to shop at Publix and then switched to Wal-Mart Supercenter. I saved $40 off my grocery bills. Then I discovered this website and decided to try going back to Publix again. I have saved so much more (at least another $40) shopping at Publix now because of this website and have twice as much food. I love Publix and do not shop at Supercenter’s anymore. Plus the service is better. The Super-Center does not help me out to my car with groceries. Less money with better service. I am also buying some better quality items that I couldn’t afford before because I am saving so much money with couponing.

    • Meredith Gaynor

      ..and you just cannot compare the customer service at Publix to that of Walmart. Publix always has employees to help (at Walmart you can never find anyone) and the cashiers are so more pleasant.
      Friends of mine go to Walmart and have them price match the BOGOs but that is too much hassle for me at the checkout AND when I did try it once, the cashier slung my sales flyer and skipped coupons. Publix holds their employees accountable and it SHOWS!

    • Tammie

      What a coincidence you have this posted….when I was shopping a Publix yesterday, I overheard a conversation between 2 other shoppers that the prices at Walmart were still cheaper than the B1G1 at Publix (they were talking about the Duncan Hines cake mixes). Thanks to you, I politely informed them that when you take into consideration that Publix takes competitor coupons, its actually cheaper at Publix. Not to mention, Publix is a whole lot friendlier. I’m not a big shopper but I am big proponent of saving money. Your site actually makes me want to shop. Thank You for all you do!!!

    • Amy

      I just went into Walmart last week for the first time in 2 months (since I’ve been using SS) looking for a gift. It was awful! It was a mess and the clerks were beyond frazzled. I left empty-handed and so thankful for Southern Savers! I always loved shopping at Publix and knew there was a way to get great drugstore deals, but as a mom, pastor’s wife, and schoolteacher, I just didn’t have time to put it all together, so I wound up with the masses at Walmart. Since I’ve been using your site and avoiding Walmart, I’ve saved around $300 per month and my shelves are completely packed w/name brand items that we love! I knew it was possible, Jenny, thanks for giving me the time-saving tools that I needed! Merry Christmas!

    • As a converted Wal-Mart grocery shopper, I say a big YEAH for this post. GET EM!

    • Chauca

      I don’t shop at WM since it is out of my way but I’d still like to see the experiment done in reverse ie get the sale items from Walmart and then compare at Publix and Kroger. Thanks for all you do!

    • Damien B

      As far as groceries go, I will often go to Walmart for meats as these are USUALLY cheaper at Walmart and if I NEED something that is currently not on sale at Publix (or something that does not seem to ever go on sale at Publix)… other than that I shop at Publix and sometimes Winn-Dixie.

      I used to be a religious Wal-mart shopper ’cause I thought they were so much cheaper than Publix, but have since learned better from this site… thanks Jenny… now I hardly ever shop at Walmart for groceries… will still buy a lot of other stuff there ’cause they are usually cheaper for other things (though not always) and they usually have a better selection of non-grocery items than a lot of other places.

      BTW, my food budget before couponing and shopping at Publix (while shopping at Walmart) was somewhere around $350/mo… now I spend around $200/mo and have probably way more groceries than I need and could even trim that down a bit… though I also get a little help from angelfoodministries (a site for struggling families that sells meats and vegetables (mainly) at cost… note this site is not meant for those who are well off and are just trying to save a little dough).

      • Jennifer

        Yes, Wal Mart meat is cheaper, but its also filled with salt & fillers. My mother in law buys her meat there all the time & complains that its one size when she buys it and another after she is finished cooking. Publix has meat cutters & better quality meat… it might cost a little more, but worth it in the long run. I always try to stock up when its on sale & put the meat in freezer bags.

      • I am familiar with Angel Food Ministries. We didn’t notice a savings and some products actually cost more so we no longer participate, but I just wanted to point something out. There is no financial qualification for shopping through Angel Food Ministries. Straight from their website: “Who qualifies? Everyone, there are no applications or qualifications to order Angel Food.”

        By building my stockpile I never NEED to buy groceries. So when meat goes on sale I put most, if not all, of that week’s budget towards purchasing bulk quantities of meat. For example, recently ground beef was $.99/lb. I bought 20 pounds.

    • Abigail

      Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been trying to convince my brother and his wife (who have 3 kids and 1 on the way) that they aren’t saving money by shopping at WM. I’ve told him the things that I bought and what I spent and he still thinks WM is cheaper. Now I’ve got even more proof! Since I found your website, I’m amazed that I can go months without stepping foot into WM, which I definitely don’t mind! Thanks for educating me on how to do things the right way and how to really save money!

    • Sara

      Thank you for this! I’ve known for a long time that the supercenters were a super rip-off.

    • allison

      I loved this article and completely agree!

      I cannot imagine paying 3.40 for soap or 2.50 for cereal those are highway robbery prices! Theres always a deal on cereal and I had some dove coupons that expired just recently.

    • Gina

      I have noticed that some of the products purchased at Wal mart is not the same quality as the same thing you may buy at Publix or Bi-Lo. Sounds funny, but let’s face it. Walmart comes in and says we will buy X amount of product for X price. They are not sending first quality to walmart when they are not making as much profit. I notice this more in fruit and canned foods, but I have also noticed in a butterball turkey breast just last month. Bought one at Bi-lo, realized more people were coming so ran to Walmart and bought another. The meat was a different color. wierd.

    • Denise

      I have to agree with Jenny, I was shopping at Walmart every week because I thought that the prices were better than grocery stores. When I reluctantly decided to do couponing(I was just too lazy) back in August this year, I realised that I was just throwing away my money. With Publix (B1G1)and Kroger (Mega Sales events) along with the fact that they will double coupons, I have gotten so much freebies or cheap items. Thanks to this website, I’ve been able to provide better food and personal items for my entire family! Thank You Jenny!
      PS. My 14 year old daughter clips all my coupons and organizes them for me!

    • Teresa

      Jenny, thanks for confirming what I knew and had started seeing for myself. There are several things I also want to say.

      First: to Tamara, your last comment was the best and truest: use Wallyworld for fillers. That is what I have started doing for things such as fish food, fish tank filters, and a few (very few) other things. What helps is if make a list and STICK TO it when you have to visit the “evil empire”.

      Second: I love being able to shop at Publix; it’s the coolest store. In my analysis of my last 2.5 months using SS, I’ve found that I save the most at Publix and Food Lion. I still find Kroger more expensive than I want and plan to stick closer to Publix & Food Lion for next year.

      Third: thanks Jenny for all that you do!

      • Natalie

        Teresa, while not exactly on the food topic, but money related, is those fish filters you’re buying. . .I am a big fish enthusiast and have 2-4 tanks running at a time. One way for me to save LOTS of money is to make the filters myself using polyester quilt batting (which I usually buy at walmart). Simply use your plastic shell from the refills you’ve been buying and cut and wrap the quilt batting to fit. Carbon is optional, I don’t use it but you could add it if you wanted to your DIY refills. Hope this helps, I’ve saved a ton with this approach!

        • mama2kangaandroo

          That is an awesome tip! TY!!

    • Emily

      I think it depends on how you are shopping. If you are only buying on sale items and stockpiling the grocery store is the way to go. If you are just shopping each week the supercenter is better. Without adding in the doubling of coupons & coupon usage overall the prices are better at Wal-mart – if you ignore sale pricing. If you have to pick one store and do not use coupons I’d go with the supercenter. As my sister said, “I make more money at my job than I can save with coupons…”(she makes a lot) the reality is we each have to choose what works for us (and that might be different next year).

    • erin

      I live in Crawfordville, FL and my Wal-mart matches the BOGO from my local grocery store adds. I feel this is more savings because they do BOGO on Walmart prices and not the grocery store prices so I save more than if you went to the grocery store. I am not sure if this is a new policy at every walmart or not, but if it is you save more, plus you don’t spend time driving around town to hit all the good sales. I still do cvs and walgreens because they can’t match their money back deals.

    • margie

      We do not have a publix or kroger in our town only a WM supercenter and Ingles. They seem to think they can treat everyone as if they are the only place to shop. I can get milk, bread,eggs and a lot more at CVS and Walgreens. Every city needs more competition. Hope to someday to get a publix. Our Walmart is also hard to even get to use a coupon much less matching.I agree with Jenny.

    • Lauren

      I had a similar experience to many above. I live in Chattanooga and we have 3-4 walmarts and several other stores. I was trying to get the .03 lubriderm deal at Walgreens, but the small size wasn’t on sale. I checked the starting price and figured Walmart would have it cheaper. But it was actually MORE expensive at Walmart’s regular price than it was at Walgreens’ regular price!!!! I never thought that could happen! Seriously, I thought Walgreens was always more expensive…guess not.

      You have to make sure you comparison shop your walmart with other stores, though. Being in a different area means different pricing with walmart. I’ve found my walmart NEVER has the prices I read about on blogs.

      • Courtney

        I live in the Chattanooga area also and our walmarts never have these prices these people talk about on here. You’re exactly right and that’s why I hate Walmart. I prefer Target ANYDAY!

    • Thanks, Jenny! I can’t wait to show this to a friend who insists on shopping at Walmart!
      I would like to see some comparisons for organic shopping. I have another friend who insists that she just can’t afford organic shopping, but if you do it “Jenny’s way” then I find it affordable.

    • Stephanie

      WOW!!! You amaze me. I hope that one day I will be able to do what you do. I love seeing how you save and teach us to save money. I have done pretty good since I started using coupons. But again let me just say WOW! Keep up the good work I appreciate it.

    • Michelle

      I am soooo glad that I found this website so that I didn’t have to resort to shopping at Walmart. I have 4 Walmarts close to me, and the customer service level is minimal most of the time….it is frustrating to shop there. Publix is my store of choice, and when my budget shows me how much I am saving, that’s all I need!! Thanks Jenny for everything that you do to make it easy for us to save! With 3 young kids that eat like they are teenagers, this website has been a lifesaver for us!

    • Karen W.

      Thank you, Jenny, for sharing this. I’ve tried to tell my friends that they don’t HAVE to shop at the big box stores, but I think they just don’t believe me.

    • amy

      Two words does it for me…. WALMART STINKS!!! That pretty much says how I feel about wally world.. And I live 3 minutes from the stinkhole..lol!!! I still refuse to go in that “place”!!!

    • Courtney

      I had NO IDEA their were other people out there that hated Wal-Mart as much as I do! I’ve done the price comparison for years now and they are simply NOT the lowest price on the items I buy! Who cares if they price match, who wants to take in 25 ads with them to buy groceries especially if they don’t double coupons. Those cashiers are very picky.

    • Amanda

      Amen Sister! I will say there are very few things I get from Walmart. I sew alot and used to buy the bargin fabric but in recent years they have stopped ordering the better materials. They also do not compete with pricing….my aunt and I try to get the patterns when they are 99cents at Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabrics….when you take the ad, the manager refuses to match the ad!!!! It’s such a hassle there and the cashiers are so nosy about things. My aunt has also had trouble matching ads from other stores as they are saying you must have a rewards card and even though she has one…they still won’t match prices. So I stay away.

      The parking lots are a mess and I also don’t feel safe with my 2 year old alone shopping. At publix, they carry out my groceries and load them while I place her in the car seat. Now that’s service and I never worry about shopping there day or evening.

      I love publix….I have shopped there since I was 3 years old and pushed a kiddy buggy (when they used to have the Step 2 ones in the stores in the early 80s.) I can remember my mother loving the customer service and we loved the free cookies! They were always nice and she always used coupons. Now I am a mother of a 2 year old and have started doing more couponing….It makes me appreciate publix deals every day and I’m always impressed by the amount this website helps me save along with my usual coupon deals.

      Thanks so much Jenny.

      • Here is a newsflash for you.. My mother in law works at Walmart and they have been told that they will completely remove the entire craft dept. from all Walmarts by sometime in 2010 I think. They have been scaling it back for a while at our stores around here, but she says it will be completely gone and they are being told that this will happen at every single Walmart. So much for bargain fabric! I’m like you, I just go to a fabric store and shop sales. Most of the time, I can find it at least at the same price if not a little less.

    • Melissa

      I can’t read all of the comments, but I did a search for store coupons and stacking, and it looks like nobody has mentioned that. Wal-Mart doesn’t stack coupons! Even if your publix doesn’t take competitors coupons, they still have store coupons that you can use with manufacturer’s coupons. Or, if they do stack coupons, they simply don’t put out store coupons, or don’t put out many, so they might as well not.

      Stacking coupons makes a HUGE difference.

    • Patty

      I have loathed Wally World for many years now. I only go there for cheap RXs now and I’m thinking about paying more to skip the whole experience. The extra time, the poor customer service and the lines at the checkout have me feeling like it is all about their convenience and not mine. You should see my hubby’s face when I even mention that we need to go there for anything. I tried couponing there one night and found it was just not worth it. I picked up a watch for my Mom last week just after 10PM and the jewelry counter was serviced but they had taken up her cash drawer so she walked the watch along with my husband and I to the front register where we stood in line to pay for a watch only to have to leave the line and go get one other thing we came for. The whole time we were there I grumbled. If Target were not out of the watches like my Mom wanted, I would not have been there. And Target was missing the toliet repair kit my hubby came with me to get. Frustrating experience. And you can tell the Customer Service (huh?) folks know you are not at all happy about the ordeal. It’s no wonder they have issues like people getting hurt or worse. They are so under staffed at peak shopping times. I would like to fix that Smiley face logo to show how I really feel about it. It would be “strawberries.” That’s what they give us… If WM is all you have, then so be it. I would find the worst grocery store better these days.

      • Patty

        In addition, did anyone see the documentary…the High Cost of Low Cost. It is especially distressing that a company would take out life insurance on their employees making the company the beneficiary in the event of their passing. Leaving the loved ones to try to fight for it after the fact to the point of taking WM to court of it. That’s just wrong on every level! So they underpay them, then collect even more in the event of their death…

        • Leslie

          That is totally not true. We have company paid life insurance but it goes to the beneficiaries that we choose, NOT the company. Just because it was on a TV movie doesn’t make it true.

    • Case in point… I went to Publix today for my BIG Christmas Dinner shopping trip. This is the DREADED trip that I make every year to buy all of the MANY things I need for Christmas dinner. The reason it has always been dreaded is because in the past I would shop at Walmart thinking I was getting the best deal and it would never fail-I ALWAYS spent over $200.. NO exceptions-ever!.. Today I made the same trip to Publix. I bought quite a few things at regular price without coupons which is something I rarely ever do anymore but it was unavoidable.. I was dreading seeing how much my total was….. Are you ready??? ….. It was $96 and my cart was running over with stuff!!! I bought everything I needed to not only make dinner for my family of 10 but I also bought enough to make a second Christmas dinner for another family of 8 whose husband/father just had major surgery… AND I bought a ton of stuff to make candy to give as gifts… That equals out to 5.33 per person for a complete Christmas dinner and that’s not counting all of the Christmas presents I’ll be making… I could have NEVER done that at Walmart. NEVER.

    • jj

      I have saved so much money going to Publix with coupons, now if I need something and don’t have one, and it’s not on sale I go to Publix anyway. Maybe I pay a few more dollars for those trips, but the amount of FREE things I have picked up there makes up for it…and I don’t have to go to Walmart. Ours is so bad, that when I used to shop there I could never buy ice cream, it would be ruined by the time I got done checking out. I can get Klondike bars in a heat wave at Publix :)

      • .Jennifer

        I am the same way. If I need to pick up something I go to Publix. I may pay a few more pennies now and again for it but it doesn’t come near to the amount that I save or make up for all the freebies that I get. And, as I told my husband, my sanity is worth something. When I would leave WalMart I would be in a horrible snappy mood- I wasn’t really but I would joke and say “don’t mess with me I’m WalMart homicidal.”

        Now I literally hum to myself as I shop at Publix. I leave there HAPPY. Imagine that!

    • lavanya

      I never thought there were so many people who hated walmart.
      Now I hate it for the reason that its costlier than other grocery stores after following southern savers but even before that for some reason I HATED walmart to the core……
      YEAH!!!!!! to all the walmart haters here….
      good to see so many comments on hating walmart..

    • Eileen

      1. I have only Harris Teeter and Food Lion to choose from besides WM. Walmart is closer to my house than either of the others. No Publix, no Kroger, no Lowes Foods, no Aldi . . .

      2. Mostly, I shop at HT using coupons and sale matches.

      3. We are a two person household, and while I do have a pantry and a chest freezer, we don’t use many of the products that are forever going on sale or having coupons: cereal, yogurt, refrigerated biscuits/rolls, etc. We would never get through 3 cans of perpetually-discounted Grands before they expired, for example.

      3. If I need something right now that is not on sale and not a pantry item (DH wants lasagna as a birthday dinner and I need ricotta cheese) Walmart is often the cheapest.

      4. If I need something for which there is never a coupon (Sriracha chili sauce, for example, a staple in our house), Walmart is often the cheapest.

      5. Maybe if you don’t have a conveniently located Walmart, and you don’t buy semi-exotic stuff on a regular basis, and you have all the other stores and deals listed here to choose from, you shouldn’t ever go to WM. For people who don’t fit the above, sometimes WM is the best bet. I do love Southern Savers though, and it has saved me tons and tons of money.

    • Amanda

      On top of it not being a good deal…Wal-mart also has poor customer service, not enough check out lanes and a RIDICULOUS amount of people in there! I prefer to save my money and my sanity!

      • Kazzandra

        Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better. Also, who REALLY wants to support Wal-Mart. I would pay MORE to avoid Wal-Mart for all of the above reasons, but it turns out, I pay LESS. All I buy at Wal-Mart anymore is– medicine, maybe? That just tells me I need to be a more aggressive CVS/Walgreen’s Shopper.

    • Another reason I hate Wal-Mart. THEY decide what I buy. Several times, when we still shopped there, they decided to take items off the shelf that we really like and bought there weekly. And the final blow was when they decided to remodel their stores and eliminate the fabric department. I’m a quilter and found their fabric within my budget, I simply can’t afford the specialty fabric stores.

    • Jennifer

      A couple people have mentioned prescriptions at Wal Mart. I have gotten free antibiotics at Publix and they were ready while I was still in the store… not hours later. Not sure about other stores(Walgreens, CVS) but you can always call & find out if they have anything similar. I think the $4 prescriptions is just another WM gimmick.

      • It is a gimmick. I was a pharmacy technician at “an unnamed pharmacy” for MANY years and I left right after WM started that program. We had a list of their “over 300 medications” that they priced at $4. We noticed on the list that it was not 300 DIFFERENT medications. The same drug (amoxicillin was listed on the list about 13 times in different strengths and manufacturing companies). It was the same with quite a few of the drugs, so I would venture to say that if you narrowed their list down to the actual number of DIFFERENT medications, it would only be about 25 different medications. The medications they dropped down to $4 were the ones that cost them next to nothing anyway. Drugs are marked up DRASTICALLY in pharmacies. I remember one in particular that I noticed while working at “unnamed pharmacy”. We paid 0.32 for a bottle of 1000 pills. It priced out at $33 for 100 pills. That is quite the markup!!!! The drugs WM prices out at $4 probably don’t cost them anywhere NEAR $4, so believe me, they aren’t losing ANYTHING by doing that.

    • Vicki

      I used to do the BOGO matchups with the coupons but have had to drop the coupon part because of time constraints in my life lately. However, I still do the BOGO with stockpiling. I would be really curious to see the same stats you compared in the original post using just BOGO without coupons. I much prefer shopping at Publix but sometimes wonder if it’s still worth it without the coupons…. thanks for all tips!

    • I don’t like Walmart anymore because they’ve become complacent and not in tune with the little guys needs anymore. Since the recession they’ve been slowing jacking up their prices to lure the “rich and not so famous rich” people in. Their stores are not what they used to be either. They are changing things around so much until you have to spend 30 minutes walking around looking for a loaf of bread of fish food. It’s not worth it to continue putting up with the aggravation of helping them grow when they don’t even look out for their own employees. They think only of themselves. Their prices are not as good as the local stores.

    • .Jennifer

      Also, Jenny, I want to give you a shoutout. I never in a million years would have figured out how to have “money makers” at the grocery store, save two to three times more than I spend, and actually get my grocery bill down to an average of $40.00 a week without YOU.

      Every time I look down at the bottom of a reciept and see spent $3.00 saved $20.00 I thank God for you. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and may God richly bless you in the new year as he has used you to bless so many of us!

    • Claire

      Thank you for a very informative article! I haved saved so much money since I joined your site. Thanks again.

    • Beth

      I prefer to avoid Wal Mart, but do shop there occasionally, usually not for groceries. I have found that the Ravioli my daughter prefers (Campbells Raviolio’s) are usually 88 cents at Wal Mart and are $1.55 at Kroger, so I do stock up on that at Wal Mart. I don’t often find coupons for them. I have found that most other groceries are higher at my Wal Mart vs Kroger and Wal Mart groceries has much less selection of brands.

    • Lindsay

      I am sure that most are aware of this, but the “supercenter” doesn’t double coupons. Never has..so that would actually increase the amount of money you would be OOP if you shopped there.

    • Jenny

      See even if some things are cheaper at walmart. The stores by me that are competitors of publix always have 5 off something. Mine lets me use a few, even on top of a publix one. So I don’t mind if certain things are a little more because in the end I will be saving much more. I just think well, I have 5 dollars off so really I will buy those items with that money. I have been to several different walmarts, in different states and they have all been the same. If there are places with only a walmart and nothing else close by, especially small towns, it’s because no small business can compete with them so you are forced into believing thier nonsense about saving money and living better. I live better now that I don’t have to eat or drink walmart brand stuff! I used to kid myself and say it’s the same thing, it’s really not. Rollbacks are funny too. Rollback…was $2.47 now $2.46 I never really looked until I started couponing. Really, I give props to walmarts marketing people because they have everyone just believing what they hear.

    • JEB

      I do love the Walmart White CLoud pullups! I am sad they discontinued the White Cloud diapers. They were cheaper than Pampers and Huggies and Luvs even with coupons and they NEVER leaked!

    • Laurie

      Walmart matches LOCAL competitor’s ads — around here that’s Food Lion and the drug stores, and is iffy about internet coupons. I still buy my pet food there, but it’s worth the time and money to drive the 25 miles to shop in another town.

    • ANOTHER reason to love Publix if you are a little on the OCD side – they line up all the products on the shelves. Don’t you absolutely love how that looks. My WM is trying to do that now but their heart just isn’t in it! It’s the little stuff like this that makes me keep going back to Publix and I used to be a $125/wk gal at WM (I’m now down to $25 – $30/week and saving up for a tummy tuck or something!!). Everyone that tells me “Oh, but Publix is so-o-o expensive”, I tell them to give couponing a try at Publix and see me in 2 months!!! Many converts – :)!

    • Pat

      I stopped Walmart when the Manager of the one of them in my town said coupons were a pain. Kroger is across the street and Tom Thumb is down the street, and cvs is a block away and walgreens is two blocks from my house.I’ll stop at these places on my way to or from something else. I won’t spend my day grocery shopping. Last year at this time, I was spending close to 130.00 a week at Wally World. Now, I usually spend about 80.00 a week, and some weeks,I don’t even go to the store and I have a stockpile of groceries. Also, Walmart has little variety. I find they are rude to employees and vendors and if more people are saying the same thing on that subject, it means to me that there are only a few getting good treatment. But for the most part, it looks like the majority is getting crappy treatment from Walmart. So, if you like it,be glad. You are in a small group!

    • deks mom

      ok…one question…I agree with almost all of the post on here…well except the ones who like WM…(LOL…sorry) my question and desperate need for help is DOG FOOD!!!! I have stocked up on all the $2 kibbles and bits q’s I can find but am running low again and I HAVE to go to WM to get that (just 2nite as a matter of fact) and I HATE it but the same bag at Harvey’s is 17.99 and it’s 10.50 (8.50 after Q) at WM…any suggestions??? HELP PLEASE!!!

      p.s. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH Jenny for all of your long hours and dedication to this site!!! IT IS AMAZING!!

      • Confused

        Try looking on Ebay:) I found coupons for chuck e cheese on there for my monsters bday:)I just found a bunch of people selling them for around a 1.00 for 10 to 40 of them.

    • Lisa

      Went to Wal-Mart on Dec. 23 later in the evening….2 registers open two lines going to the back of the store! I suddenly remembered why I haven’t shopped there in a year! Needless to say, I walked right back out thinking of all of those commercials they show with the cashiers at their registers….yeah right!! And everyone on here who shops at Publix has got to really LAUGH at the Wal-Mart ad that says you can save 125.00 (whatever amt they use) a year by shopping at Wal-Mart! The first time my husband saw it he was laughing and said gosh you save that in one week! I do not, will not go back to Wal-Mart. If I need something that I can’t find at a grocery/drug store I will go to Target! I will pay more for something at Target just to avoid Wal-Mart at least Target is friendly!

      • Donese

        I guess I need to be a pro to figure all of this out. I HATE going to Walmart myself, but there aren’t many other choices where I live. Walmart, BiLo, Food Lion and Piggly Wiggly are about it. Do any of you know of the three grocery stores (BiLo, Food Lion and The Pig), which one typically has the BEST prices and BEST coupon deals?

        • Jenny

          That would be B-Lo hands down!

          • Donese

            Really???? Wow! I have access to a military commissary, but I don’t like to go on base and they are VERY limited to as far as selection. I just need to buckle down and figure out how to shop at BiLo and get the best deals.

    • Christy

      Please don’t jump on me, I’m brand new to all this!

      I’m trying to figure out what’s going to be best for my family. It’s myself, my husband, a 4-year-old, and a 1 1/2-year-old. We’re living off one income, and right now, we’re absolutely at our limit. (Both of our bank accounts were overdrawn yesterday; only by the grace of God were we able to get out of that one).

      Currently I shop at Wal-Mart, but I only buy store brands. The only name brands I ever buy are Heinz (because my husband is picky!) and Scotties toilet paper (because I’m picky!). I spend about $75 a week on groceries, and can’t possibly afford to spend a penny more.

      I recently got clued into coupon shopping, but it seems like I’d be spending more at first, and I’m scared to do that. Would buying brand names at sale and coupon prices be cheaper than buying only store brand items?

      • Theresa

        Hey Christy…I am new to couponing too (about a month) and this week I saved over 90% at BiLo. I was scared the first time too. I too am down to a one household income and it is me, my husband, a 7 yr old and a 5 yr old. I am stocked after a month of doing it and for the year I have spent $117 and have got over $400 of stuff for free (using coupons). I only do gro stores now but it is worth it. It has been a HUGE help for my family! Hope this helps…

        **When you see that it is going to be a good week for coupons in the paper, get a few extra papers…it’s worth the extra few dollars in papers to get the coupons doubled.

    • Anna

      In some states the B1G1 does not mean get one 1/2 price Publix in Jax. Beach doesn’t do it that way. Also, in B’ham AL the Publix only takes coupons from actual competitors. Also, you do have to know your prices. There are numerous items that I shop for regularly that there is never a coupon for. WM is always cheaper. Plus, the WM neighborhood market is about 1 block from Publix. I wouldn’t count out WM for many items. Dairy is always cheaper at WM at least in my neighborhood.

    • Jessica

      What about things at Costco/Sams? I get my paper products there, like toilet paper, paper towels and trash bags and have not found enough coupons or sales for those things at Harris Teeter or CVS.

    • Sheri

      So new to all of this. While I am quickly learning how to save significantly at Publix & Kroger, I have found that the Publix at New Georgia, GA gets very irate at coupon stacking. Every single time I have attempted, the checker had to get a manager involved – even when it is a competitor they accept (which aren’t many!). They won’t take Target, Walgreens, CVS, as a matter of fact the only competitor coupons they accept are Kroger or Food Lion. They were a much nicer group of people before I started couponing. Not so bad I would go to Walmart, but they definitly make the shorter drive to Kroger & Food Lion (and the 8 mile trip to Target) look great!