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We recently had 3 kittens given to us by a friend and it seems like we’re always emptying and filling the litter box.  I love kittens, but my big rule when they came was that the kids had to take care of everything for them.  Sadly, there are some chores you just have to do yourself and the litter box is one of them because the bag of litter is just too heavy for our kids to lift.  21% of cat owners say that their cat litter is a challenge to pour into the litter box due to its weight.  I’d say even more would say it’s a bigger challenge when it’s time to throw it all away… Soon though, this could be a chore that we can put into our kids’ rotation!

Tidy Cats has developed a revolutionary new product called LightWeight 24/7 Performance.  It is kitty litter that’s half the weight of regular litter.  It’s literally 50% of the weight, but it delivers the same strength and effectiveness you need.  You need to lift it to believe it!

A few of the features include:

8.5 lbs. of Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance is equivalent to 20 lbs. of traditional scooping cat litter.

Made with a revolutionary combination of clay and natural lightweight minerals, it also gives you the odor-neutralizing power and strength you expect from Tidy Cats.

Lighter weight and two handles means that Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance is easy to carry, pour and store.

Powerfully absorbent with continuous odor control.

99.9% dust free

They had me at half the weight, but they won me over at 99.9% dust free.  I know they can’t make a kitty litter that doesn’t make a mess, but I am thrilled to not have a fine dust coating on everything in the laundry room.

Cat litter is something you have to try to like, so… how about if some of you win some.

The Giveaway:

8 Southern Savers readers will win a jug of the new light weight cat litter!

To Enter:

Leave a comment with who gets assigned the litter box in your house (and maybe how many cats you have – cause we all love to talk about our pets).

This giveaway is sponsored by Tidy Cats, but all opinions are 100% my own.

The winners of this giveaway will be chosen and posted to the Giveaway Winners Page Friday, 10.25.

    • Lindsey Norris

      I clean the litter box unless I am pregnant and then it’s my husband’s job. :) I have one cat and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Hannah Wilson

      Same here…I always cleaned it before I got pregnant, then hubby cleaned it the whole nine months. Now we take turns!

    • SaraJ

      It’s my job, except for when I was pregnant then my hubby took over. We’ve got 2 kitties who luckily will share 1 box with no problems!

    • Tammy Holland

      my son and daughter have to clean the litter box. We have 4 cats, my daughter has decided she wants to save every cat she sees so 2 of our cats were wild cats that showed up and needed medical attention.

    • Molli

      My daughter has litter box clean out duty – but Mama has to buy the litter :) We have on kitty-baby :)

    • JKP1014

      Sadly, I get litter box duty. We have 5 cats!

    • Heather R

      Me most of the time, sometimes the hubs will do it. We have 4 rescue kitties.

    • Latisha

      Mommy is always the one scooping the litter box for our 3 kitty cats but my 22 month old son loves to watch. He always says, “kitty go potty”.

    • Struck

      It’s one of my 6-year old’s chores. However, while I’m sure this litter is great, Tidy Cats Breeze system is AWESOME!!!! Seriously, so much easier than traditional litter, less messier, less stinkier, and cheaper in the long-haul. I won’t turn down a giveaway, but for those of you interested, Breeze is the way to go! :) Oh, and we have one little prissy, Southern kitty: Scarlett.

    • Christy Martin

      One super fussy cat but we love her!! I do the liter box because my husband does the guinea pig. Yep, we have a small farm in our house.

    • Lindsey

      One sweet kitty in this house . . . Ms. Lily is 12 years old. Cleaning the litter is typically on mom’s chore list, but dad will help occasionally to lift that heavy box ;) Yeah, light-weight litter!!!

    • Ryan Cage

      That would be myself. Only 1 fuzzball but he is a good boy.

    • joy

      I get the duty! We have one in kitty and one out kitty.

    • Lori Maxwell Flink

      It’s my 12 yo’s chores but he hates to do it so mom sometimes kicks in and helps especially when he’s having to do 2 cat boxes, 1 for each cat.

    • toastlover

      I usually get litter box duty in our house, but hubby helps too. We have three cats and three litter boxes. You’re so right about how heavy cat litter is. I’ll have to think seriously about trying this new lighter kind.

    • Margaret Freeman

      It is my job! I have 2 boxes and 2 cats!

    • karrealot

      Normally I scoop the boxes, but right now I’m pregnant and my Dr. said not to. So now my fiance’ is (he is trying to get them as clean as I do, it’s taking a little time. LOL) My 2 kitties already use tidy cats, but I have been wondering about the new light weight. I think I’ll love the 99.9% dust free!

    • Cassy Martin

      It’s my husband’s job. We have two cats.

    • Marsha

      Would love to try this cat litter! We have one super spoiled cat and ,of course, it is my job to keep litter box clean.

    • Laura S

      We have a beautiful soft long haired striped gray Siberian kitty named Shasta. My sons (17 and 19) trade weeks on whom gets to empty the cat litter box. I’d say it’s one of their least favorite chores. Perhaps the new litter will help! :-)

    • Tiffany

      We have three cats and my amazing husband cleans the litter box!!!

    • Michelle Bowman

      Unfortunately, it falls to me…and I have 5 cats! But I love them to death so I don’t really mind! Been wanting to try this litter, but just seemed “weird” that it was so light….and that it would last as long as the 20-pound jug…?

    • Joanna Lumm Wright

      For years & years & years, litterbox duty was my job and only mine. Now that my only child is 14, I have managed to work litterbox duty into his regular chore routine, so I finally get some help with it!

    • Brittany

      I get ALL the cat chores…. litter, feeding, bathing.. we have two cats. Tala (girl) and Elan (boy). Tala is a year and Elan is 5 years old. They are both orange, loving and playful.

    • HTaylor

      My number one commitment after my kids left town for college, was to take care of the family pets. So my devotion these days is just that; cleaning litter box daily, brushing, buying the litter, food, treats, etc. I could use any help I can get to help with the costs of caring for our beloved pets as I am a single mom supporting my two college kids!

    • Never_Speechless

      I have one cat and I enjoy cleaning the cat box! I do it several times a day and I keep it right by the bathroom. Every time I use the bathroom I check the box and scoop it quick. My house NEVER smells and I prefer it that way. Nothing worse than a dirty cat box. I’ve seen the commercial’s for the new TIDY CAT. I would love to try the new lighter version.

    • Michele DeBlasio Thatsme

      We have 5 cats! We also have a 2.5 year old, and I am pregnant with our 2nd child. My AWESOME hubby takes care of our litter boxes. <3 I am sooo blessed!

    • crissyanna

      I’m in charge of the litter box in my house! I have one cat and her name is Stormie! She’s only a little over a year old now! :)

    • Christa

      Hubby has litterbox duty! We have 2 furbabies, a maine coon and a domestic medium hair :)

    • Kelly H.

      I’m the cat caretaker. My husband and I have five(!) cats we’ve adopted over the years from local shelters. Love all my kitties! I’m a tidy cats fan already so I’m interested to see what this lightweight litter is all about.

    • J Bobbitt

      I have litterbox duty. I’ve got 2 male Ragdoll’s, that are fat and frisky!!

    • Angela Caswell

      We have three cats, Bobbie, Goobie and Giz. I love our boys. Though they belong to “us”, it is I that has the pleasure of kitty box duty.

    • Amanda Lavender Guerrini

      We have two cats..Shadow and Lighting McKitty. They are the responsibility of our 2 boys. They don’t enjoy scooping the litter, but they manage to get it done.

    • pnew

      My daughter has the duty, with 3 cats, one adult male and 2 sweet kittens, one male and one female. Go through LOTS of kitty litter!

    • Wormakaizer

      This is awesome. We have 4 cats at my house and we need all the help we can get!

    • Rebecca Smith

      One kitty Leeloo! I get ALL the litter duty. I’m a feline behaviourist so hubsy thinks it’s my arena! I’d love to try this stuff but ultimately it’s more about whether the kitty likes it than if I do. Changing a cat’s litter too spontaneously can cause problem behaviours!

    • Nashtine

      1 pretty kitty. Box duty is mine.

    • courtney

      I do the litter M-F and the hubbs does it S-S. We have 3 cats (sometimes 4, our outdoor cat likes to come in when it’s really gross out). I’ve been wanting to try this new light litter, but I’m afraid my cats won’t like it; I’d love to be able to try it for free!

    • srhtabor

      I get to do the kitty litter in the house. I would love to try this type of litter.

    • Megan Springle

      We have a Bengal kitten. I’m in charge of cat litter duty and I actually don’t mind it. I agree with you though–those cat litter containers are heavy!

    • jenn3299

      We have one cat, Andy! I get the litter box duty, except when I’m pregnant…..then my hubby takes over!

    • Cathy Gilley

      I have 8 cats and I get to clean all the litter boxes everyday. I have 6 boxes to clean :)

    • Sherrie Lynn Eldridge

      I’m in charge of the litter box at my house. I have two cats. Both are tabbys. One orange and one calico in color. My orange one is 17 lbs and is the youngest. He is huge. My baby girl is only about 7 lbs and is very tiny. Every time I scoop or change the litter, my big boy runs to be the first one to use it. LOL

    • charla

      We have two cats (one toddler age and the other grandma age). You can imagine how happy the older cat was when we got the kitten. I am on litter duty. My husband tried to take over for a couple months and this is when I realized, as bad as it is to scoop the litter, I’d rather do it then to clean up the mess after my husband attempted to do it.

    • Melissa Miller Johnson

      Ms. Hazel Lou is my only cat and she is my son’s girl but now that he is away at college I get the litter duty :)

    • tupperbetty

      I change the litter for Strings, my rescue kitty!! As a senior citizen, lighter would sure be easier…

    • Rachel

      We have 3 cats and I clean the litter boxes.

    • Cortni Shelton

      Our 10-year old offspring begged and begged for a furry little kitten. With the furry little love that came into our home came the responsibility of emptying said litter box.

    • amy11825

      Now that I am pregnant, my husband is in charge of the litter box. Our cat is named Chloe. She started her life in a small apartment with me and now “puts up with” my husband and daughter.

    • Ashley Burton

      We have one cat named Penny and usually I clean her litter box.

    • Samantha Burnham Morris

      We continue to take in strays. I love each of my cats but I think I just rent a room from them. We have 5 and my husband changes ours. Even before I became pregnant he changed it because I can’t pick up the heavy bag of litter.

    • Beth

      My 11 year old daughter spent her birthday money on a kitten from the animal shelter promising to clean the liter box which she did for about 5 months. We have another cat as well that used to do his business outside but is now a house cat do to becoming very ill over something he ate in one of his treks outside – so now there are 2 using the litter box. My husband cannot stand the smell so before anyone else is up every morning he has already cleaned both boxes. One of these day my daughter will be back on liter box duty though.

    • cherieb3

      My son is in charge of input (feeding) Mama does the daily output (scoops) for our cats Hex the Magic Reading Cat, Christmas and Casbert. Daddy dumps the boxes on trash days because they’re too darn heavy.

    • LaRaye Rudicile

      We have two cats that showed up at our house a few years ago as stray kittens. Our daughter is “in charge” of the cats but changing the liter box is a challenge or her as well. I’m looking forward to trying this product and hope its a success. I would love to say “no more excuses”

    • Emily R.

      My husband usually does the scooping, with some gentle prodding from me. :) We have two adult cats, one of which is a very big male, so we need to keep up with that box! I’d be really interested to see how this stuff works.

    • Jordane

      My fiance is such a sweetie, he always does it…and we have 3 kitties. 2 sisters that we rescued as strays, and one big fat male orange tabby.

    • Sarah Brownlee Davis

      Right now, I and my husband are in charge of cleaning the litter box for the three kittens that were abandoned by a feral mother cat in our basement. For the first three weeks, we had to hand feed them with a bottle but they have “graduated” to just one bottle a day and are eating some moist food. I hope to be able to find them forever homes soon, but if we can’t, we will be keeping them.

    • Natalie

      I only have 1 cat…and I get the clean up doody….

    • newbiemom

      I’m entering for my awesome aunt who has one sweet cat Sheeba :)

    • We have 3 cats and litter box duty is mine. A lightweight, dust free litter would make me very happy.

    • ibpunk86

      I’m the one on scoop duty at my house for my two fur babies.

    • Kristin R.

      I’m meowmmy to Toby and Maya our two shelter kitties that we’ve had for 2 years since they were 5 weeks old. I’m in charge of keeping the litter boxes clean since my husband has arthritis in his hips. He can’t bent over to clean the litter boxes. The most difficult thing caring for our kitties is getting those HEAVY litter containers into the house. I would LOVE to try this product!

    • Lori

      My son does the cat pan!!

    • mel1

      Litter box duty is all mine. We have one sweet boy named George.

    • Kristi G

      Since I’m the only human in the house (don’t tell the kitties that!), I have all litter duties. I have Buddy and Hannah. Buddy believes the litter should be kicked all over the place so he gets it everywhere.

    • Martha

      I have doodie duty for my 6 cats. My oldest is a 17 year old six-toed fat tabby named Foots.

    • Janet Singletary

      We do double litter box duty. King William is a neighborhood rescue and is upstairs. Dovey is a rescue from the Humane Society and she is downstairs. They aren’t fond of other cats so we separate their domains!

    • E Patricia Morini

      Litter box clean up is my job :( but I temper the job by using a diaper genie. The prince, Peter, a rescued Maine coon / Russian Blue appreciates my efforts !

    • Nita

      My mother-in-law has 2 cats & does the litter box since I am pregnant!

    • Christy Kimbrough

      We share litter duty at my house! We have 5 cats including 3 5 week old motherless kittens we have been raising since they were 2 weeks old! Precious babies!

    • SheilaM

      It’s all me! Luckily, I have just one….Tiger.

    • Sonya

      Yes, that lovely duty is all mine… Ms. Miskiss, & Ms. Prudence.
      And every now and then grand-kitty Panda will visit.

    • Rhonda

      That wonderful duty is all mine…I have six cats from ranging from 5 months to 13 years.

    • Sarah

      Me and my hubby split the kitty litter duty. We have 2 adorable cats that we adopted from a shelter. Milo and Mindy are our babies. we love tidy cats. It’s the best for my active cats.

    • DIANE

      We have 6 inside and 4 litter boxes and guess what dear old me Mom gets the litter duty, but my cats are worth every bit I just love them all.

    • Chellep78

      My husband takes care of ours. He is GREAT… plus, our cat, Tiger, was his before we got married. She is SPOILED rotten by him!

    • fdroberson

      We have two cats and my son and I take turns with the daily litter box dipping and then monthly cleaning out (but I do 4 days and he does 3!!)

    • Sandy Reynolds

      This would by my nephews job, since the 2 kitties are his!! He would love this!!

    • Jea

      We took in a cute little stray and wouldn’t you know it. The cute little 4 1/2 lb. cat delivered 2 beautiful kittens. I could definitely use some help with litter duties. Just carry it in from the store is a chore. Bring on the new lightweight litter.

    • dgravius

      We have 2 cats-one from the animal shelter and one for the humane society. They were kittens a year ago but are 12 and 13 pounds now so we have 2 litter pans. While my daughter helps, it is ultimately my responsibility to keep clean and empty due to the weight.

    • PJ

      I get stuck cleaning the litter box. We have 2 cats and try to clean the litter box twice a day and the kids are always in a rush for this or that.

    • Jennifer Long

      4 cats here , all rescues. 2 are fosters that were unadoptable so I kept them. Always game to try a new litter, thanks!! Oh and I always have litterbox duty!

    • Sarah

      My husband takes care of our cat’s box. Gaz the spaz will ONLY use regular Tidy Cat. She’s such a diva. Got to love her.

    • jandcwme

      Three cats here…. One cat is having difficulty getting to know the other two and has decided to pee on the bed! Would appreciate any new litter to assist him in “remembering” where it is ok to pee! :)

      Oh, and I clean out the boxes.

    • Tara

      I have to do it ….unless Im pregnant and then its my husband and I love it!! I get a poo break! Mom has to deal with all the poo in the house. We have two cats. Sam and Summer

    • Jennifer

      My husband empties the litter box; we have 2 indoor cats and keeping the box clean is a daily task.

    • tracy webb

      My husband does the job. I have become the crazy cat lady with 7 cats. All showed up at my door, I’m so happy they did.

    • paularowell

      I get that lovely duty for our two cats!

    • Michelle

      My husband cleans the Litterbox. I love my cat (we rescued her when she was 4 yrs old, on her LAST day at the pound before euthanization!), but I’m allergic to litter! We have one spoiled indoor kitty, and she knows it!

    • Kari Miller Gillespie

      I do it! We have two cats!!!!! Cat litter is very heavy! It will be nice to have something I can carry up the steps!

    • PandTsMom

      One sweet little four legged girl here! We would love to try the new litter! I am the one who is in charge of the scooper – :) Hubby despises having to do it. He changed diapers no problem, but cat litter makes him gag..go figure. Something lighter than the 40lb bag that we normally get would be easier on me.

    • PandTsMom

      One sweet little four legged girl here! We would love to try the new litter! I am the one who is in charge of the scooper – :) Hubby despises having to do it. He changed diapers no problem, but cat litter makes him gag..go figure. Something lighter than the 40lb bag that we normally get would be easier on me.

    • Theresa C

      My husband has litter duty, (one of the many reasons I love him). We are the crazy cat people, but I love each one. Tidy Cats litter is the only one we use because I controls odors period.

    • Theresa C

      My husband has litter duty, (one of the many reasons I love him). We are the crazy cat people, but I love each one. Tidy Cats litter is the only one we use because I controls odors period.

    • Julie Anne Ward

      My hubby takes care of the box (mostly because of the weight!). We have one cat, but a relative is staying with us along with her cat, too!

    • Julie Anne Ward

      My hubby takes care of the box (mostly because of the weight!). We have one cat, but a relative is staying with us along with her cat, too!

    • Charity

      I take care of it most of the time. We have one very talkative furball that we rescued from the pound several years ago.

    • Charity

      I take care of it most of the time. We have one very talkative furball that we rescued from the pound several years ago.

    • Trisha Spiegner

      My daughter takes care of the litter. We have one kitten.

    • Kim

      My husband has the lucky job of caring for the little box for our cat Gene (he looks like Gene Simmons from Kiss!)

    • ilanapooh

      We have one orange cay named garfield we rescued. My son is speed to change the litter but usually his dad ends up doing it.

    • Lucy

      My wonderful husband gets the cat litter job because he rescued Kitty when she was just a tiny fur ball. She is now a very large fur ball.

    • Savvy Darcy

      What a great giveaway Jenny! I clean out Kitty’s litter box daily. She’s a busy little girl :P I saw this new light weight litter at Target recently and I can’t wait to try it because the 30 lb. tubs are so difficult to lift! :)

    • debee2000

      I have 3 cats and 4 litter boxes because it is recommended to have 1 more box then cats. I have learned the hard way with peed on clothes thrown in the floor when only had 3 boxes. Each family member is assigned a letter box and I am the picky one so I get 2 now that the oldest child us away at college

    • in bama

      I have three rescue cats and three litter boxes and I maintain all their duties. Sodium (all white ) is 13 yo, Kirby (all black) is 8 yo and Gizmo (the tortie) is 3yo. I would not trade any of them or their quirky habits for the world! Oh, and guess what I’m allergic to?

    • Terri Cahill

      I get the scooping job and I scoop every day!!! Ugh !!! But I can’t complain because I Love my cat Zoey. Can’t wait to try the light weight litter!!!! Thanks Jenny for the opportunity.

    • Martha Blackburn

      I am the lucky mommy of Miss Purrcilla and the lucky cleaner of the box! This is the best giveaway ever! Thanks!!

    • kathy

      I get the fun job of cleaning the litter box. This sounds like an AMAZING solution!!

    • Gabriele01

      I have 3 full-time furr-babies, and 2 bottle-babies I am fostering right now. And guess whose job it is to empty all 4 litter boxes??

    • Kristie Hobbs Ridgeway

      We have 3, a geriatric Manx, a long haired fat cat and a frisky ‘teenager…and guess who gets litter box detail? ME!

    • audioskill

      I have the litterbox duty in my house. We have 1 cat, Murphy, that we’ve had for 7 years.

    • Diana Baggett-Shull

      We have two kitten, the deal was the kids would keep the litterbox clean. So far they have, will see how long this lasts.

    • susan

      At this time we only have one beautiful kitty, he is 10 years old. We take turn with the litter box. This light weight litter sounds like a great idea.

    • Leah S

      We have 2 cats :) I adopted the 1st as a surprise Christmas present for my daughter 2 years ago.. I ended up being the caregiver for her. Then I recently adopted another cat, of which I’m the caregiver for as well… And, yes, I am the only one who handles the “doodie box” lol..

    • heatherzilla

      Our cats are between the ages of 5 -13. I am anxious to try the lightweight litter. I hate lugging around the 20 pound jugs.

      We share the litter box duty, I scoop in the morning and my husband scoops at night.

    • Kim

      I wish I could assign this job to someone but I am the only one. I live by myself and own 4 cats. Yes 4. I love them to death but yes I wonder sometimes if it’s all worth it. : ) Please help me out with this awful chore.
      thank you

    • Mel

      I have 2 kitties, my husband and I split the task.

    • Donna G.

      We have two cats, one litter box unless we are travelling and then we leave out two. I am the one who usually cleans the litter box. My hubby will occasionally. I really don’t mind. It is super easy since we use clumping litter. When we are away on vacation, we have two wonderful friends who drop by to feed the cats and clean the litter box(es).

    • My parents have four cats, they both take care of the boxes, and they are loyal tidy cat fans.

    • theresa

      Our cat Genny lived to be 22 years old! She always preferred Tidy Cat. At one time we had 14 cats…that’s a lot of litter scooping. Now we just have two Tidy Cat lovers.

    • Ginger

      We have 2 cats & my husband gets this job!

    • Rhonda B

      We all share litter box duty !!! We have one 19 pound deaf white spoiled kitty family member !!!!!

    • aprilmgreer

      The job of cleaning the litterbox is mine, and my 4 kitties go through quite a lot of it each week! Can’t try this new litter. My back and sciatic nerve will really appreciate the lighter weight. I’ve always loved Tidy Cats!

    • mary

      my husband and I take turns cleaning the litter box of our three cats.

    • katie

      I do it typically and we have 1 cat.

    • Tracy Bredehoft Parks

      The chore is spread out between several kids and when they are busy its my hubby and sometimes me….We have four cats inside and two outside…

    • Tracy

      My daughter and I have two cats and she agreed to do the box in order for me to agree to keep them. That did not last long so we both take turns now. I have had a lot of cats through out my life and have tried almost ever kind of litter there is and Tidy Cat is really the best. The clumping kind really clumps and it neutralizes the smell wonderfully. I would love to try this new product.

    • munckin74

      We have 3 kitties: Shrimp, Buster and Grace Ann. Of course I am the one who does litter duty because I want to make sure all the yuckies get out!! :)

    • Kerry G

      My teenage son is in charge of the cleaning the litter box. Lucky him! It’s an easy job though :)

    • amyTindiana

      Just 1 cat here. I always have to clean her litter box.

    • Renice

      My family has four cats: Adelle, Florian, Jeremiah and Phoebe. I am tasked with taking care of them (everything from maintaining the litterbox to vet visits). I find that the best cat litter out there (quality and price) is Tidycats. It’s one of top brands that I purchase. I’m always relieved when there’s a coupon and Target has it on sale.

    • sandra

      I have one cat and it’s either me or my husband whoever realizes it first!

    • Anita

      We all chip in at our house. Whoever walks by and sees it needs to be cleaned…then it’s their job. Saw this at Target and lifted. It was awesome. Would love to win some! We have one wonderful fat cat…

    • Camille

      It’s me. And we have 3 cats. Dash is 20+ pounds, Tod is 18 pounds and Starburst is 13 pounds. That’s a lot of litter each week!

    • Peggy

      I am so blessed with a loving and attentive kitty and a hubby that does the chore! :D

    • Susan

      We also have 3 cats. They were all abandoned and so we gave them a family. I also get to change the litter.

    • Jackie

      I always scoop the litter boxes (all 5 of them!) We have 4 cats and my poor hubby is allergic. We discovered this last year so he gets allergy injections and suffers through the occasional stuffy nose because I love my sweet fur babies so much! (Plus I had one of the cats before I married him!) Tidy cats is the only brand of litter I use to get the job done!

    • Greg C

      I have 3 cats and a new kitten and I scoop it all myself.

    • Angela

      This stuff sounds so cool :) I clean the litter box twice a day because of one very finicky cat haha! But, with a baby on the way, the chore got kicked to the hubs. This would be something he might actually think is neat too!

    • esyke623

      It always starts out being the kids’ job . . . and ends up being the parents’ job!

    • crystalgoodwin3

      Your right, kids don’t do littler boxes.
      Parents are the ones that always end up with the messy job.
      We have 1 Ragdoll kitten plus 2 rabbits that are littler trained.

    • mary

      I clean the litter boxes, especially since I have a new white rescue kitty (Puff), along with the 3 older rescues. Sounds like a wonderful product and would like to try it–litter changing is a heavy task.

    • Beckward

      Definitely my job! Nelson was in terrible shape when he found me. When animal control told me they would…well… do the unthinkable…I told that man to unload him immediately! I will take care of him! $750 later (I cancelled my vacation) Nelson has One beautiful eye and looks like he is always winking at you.
      He is my Very first cat & I found out a month later I’m allergic to cats. Lol..Oh well..Benadryl is now my friend:)
      Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Meredith Kincaid Dinis

      I always get stuck with litter box duty but thankfully my husband made the job a little easier since I have one of those automatic litter boxes. So all I have to do is empty the box once or twice a week. The most unique thing about my beautiful muted calico cat is her name. Her name is Eggroll. She is my pride and joy and I would really enjoy this freebie!

    • Allison

      2 cats and my husband and I take turns

    • Teri Bohmer Haney

      I have litter box duty in my house (although my teenage daughter does help). We have 2 cats who are 7 (brothers) and we just recently found 2 male kittens in a neighbor’s bushes. They have joined our family, so with 4 cats now, we do a lot of scooping!

    • ccasey1978

      We have two cats in our house, but we share potty patrol.

    • Sandy

      I have my cat litter box I care for inside the home and my husband has his cat litter box he takes care of in the garage. We both have 2 cats each and we care for them individually. I would really like to have this cat litter for my inside cats and my husband would like to have it for his garage cats LOL!!!

    • ShaRee

      We have two cats and I am on litter box duty! I would love something lighter!

    • Donna

      We only have one cat and my husband and I share litter duty. Lighter sure sounds better to me.

    • Ami Hart

      Of course, it is I for whom the duty is bestowed upon.
      Two cats named Squassom and Pantera. They keep up busy as well as entertained.

    • leelersinc

      We have 2 cats. We used to take turns with litter box duty but when I became pregnant my husband took over. I just let him continue the job. I just started changing the litter box a little while ago but now I’m pregnant again, so it’s my husband’s job again!

    • I can’t wait to try this….if only for the ease of getting it in and out of my cart at Target! Ha! We have two cats. Growing up, emptying and cleaning the litter box was always my chore. Now that I’m the adult, it’s still my chore. How does that work? =)

    • Heather

      I only have one cat but the litter box is still a chore I hate to do. Can’t wait to try out the light weight litter!

    • mabel

      I have 3 cats :)! One of whom is very picky and loves her litter to be clean!!! It’s hilarious to see her jump in the box even before I finish cleaning it to make sure she gets the clean litter box first! LOL. Needless to say Id love a chance to try this new litter!

    • susiela

      I have one cat, and I take care of the litter box. Lighter litter would be great!

    • Becky

      I clean 2 boxes. Those with arthritic hands will like the weight decrease.

    • Lindsey Muncie

      The lovely job of cleaning the litter box is mine. We have four furry critters that stay inside. They are a mess- one is over 22 pounds (he looks more like a panther) but I promise he’s not over-fed..lol

    • Teresa

      I take care of the liter box. We just saved a kitten from the local humane society, and I am loving my Poesy……even with the added work!

    • Rhianna

      My husband has litter duty in our home. He takes good care of our two cats, Lemywinkle and Ziva.

    • Rachel McFarland

      We have 4 cats using 3 litter boxes. We recently found an abandoned bunny and she uses the litter box too, who knew? So between feeding all of the animals (and kids) and cleaning out all of those boxes at least once a day…I am pooped! (no pun intended) I have been curious about this new litter and even picked up a container of it. But I was unsure, so I went to the 40 pound pail instead. I would love to try it! My animals would put it to the test!

    • Kylee

      I have litter duty for our three cats Eisenmeower, Sabre and Finnegan.

    • Peggy

      We have 2 spoiled cats, Freeway(found in the middle of the road as a tiny kitten) , and “BP” ,short for Bypass (My son “bypassed” asking permission to bring the kitten home. A fellow student brought the kitten to school on the last day, the kitten then traveled on the school bus to a neighbors house. My son and his little sister immediately volunteered to walk our dog as soon as they arrived home from school(immediately knew something was up!). When they returned the story was “We found the kitten on the side of the road in the neighborhood”. I sent them back out to knock on doors to look for the owner…and they soon returned and “no one had claimed the kitten”.

      Several months later little sister accidently let it slip about walking over to the neighbor student’s home to get the kitten… the look on her face was “Uh Oh!”…

      Both of them would begrudgingly clean the litter boxes when they were made too but, now that they are out of the house, I have the task 99% of the time. My husband helps pour the new litter in and l assists with lifting whenever he can. A new lighter litter would be great for anyone faced with the unpleasant task of “litter box duty”!

    • pjaugustine

      1 cat here and the girls get the duty!

    • Melissa

      It’s either me or the cat and for some reason, he expects me to clean it.

    • Brianne

      I just have one cat. His name is Cairo, and he is the king of the house. I have to scoop the box.

    • Kelleigh

      I have one little kitty. His name is Dexter and he is 13 years old but still thinks he’s a baby. I am lucky in that my husband and I take turns cleaning the box. :)

    • Janet

      Kleatus is our one and only black, white & cute all over kitty. I got a combined 18 month break while pregnant with the kids but it is back to my chore now :(

    • pan_102

      I have one huge cat that after every time he uses the litter box, meows to tell me. The box is one of those automatic ones with the rake but I still have to periodically clean it.

    • Teresa in ga

      I have 13 cats – the crazy cat lady syndrome – and of course I am not married, have no kids. I do all the cat chores. I use tidy cats litter because it’s a good product and you put out coupons! All of my babies are rescues or former shelter cats. Want names? Smut, Tinkerbell, Hissy , Peanut, Patch, Princess, Mr Big, Bruiser, Hootie, Cosmo, Sadie, Mosetta, Boo Bear. The kitties would thank you if we won!

    • Amanda Bower

      My 9 yr old daughter is in charge of taking care of our 3 cats, including the litter box!

    • Hope Whaley

      I take care of the litter box for my three-legged, 10 year old, grumpy, old (but still acts like a kitten), orange, short haired tabby cat named Tom. He is wonderful! :)

    • Hope Whaley

      I take care of the litter box for my three-legged, 10 year old, grumpy, old (but still acts like a kitten), orange, short haired tabby cat named Tom. He is wonderful! :)

    • scrappingramma

      well if i want the box cleaned out i do it. If my bf does it he does the bare minimum and there is litter on the floor he doesnt seem to see…

      • scrappingramma

        and i have 1 fat cat and a grandkitten that comes over for playdates :/ my cat does not really like her tho. But she gets him moving that lazy body around. If only to hide from her lol

    • Sarah

      I normally have litter box duty, but since I just found out that I’m pregnant, my husband gets to do it until next summer :).

    • MelissaDoss78

      Unfortunately, I’m the main one who has litter box duty (although my hubby did manage to do it during my pregnancies!). We have 2 cats :)

    • Ann C

      I got that job for 3 kitties and I don’t mind as they bring so much pleasure in my life

    • Jessica

      I have been the litter box hero for the past few months since my finance is stationed in Boston!

    • original nats fan

      I do the duty for our 3 cats, but they bring us such great pleasure, it’s worth it

    • Leslie Stocks

      My teenager and I share the litter box duties. Good thing, because we have 4 awesome cats that were all rescues. I love the idea of the cat litter being made lighter, that stuff gets heavy!!!

    • mwrnkls

      I have one kitty. She’s a beautiful Maine Coon cat named Sanikah. You would think I have 5, lol. We have found that we love using the regular Tidy Cats that comes in the big 35 lb yellow tub with the red lid. It’s not dusty, it hides the odor and I don’t have to throw out the bathwater with the baby, so to speak, when I’m cleaning it out. I do the regular cleanings, usually. Hubby does help out sometimes. When it comes time to toss it all and refill the box, my husband has to refill it because I can’t lift and control the 35 lb tub! I’m intrigued by this light weight version. Would love to try it!

      • mwrnkls

        Oh, and Sanikah loves the Tidy Cats, too! She can’t wait to get in there and do her business as soon as it’s cleaned and refilled.

    • Angela

      My husband & I share litter duty at our house. We have one wonderful cat who just turned 17 in September! He’s a very special guy who brings us lots of joy.

    • Tabitha

      My husband gets the honor of changing the litter box for our four cats!!

    • Robin

      My husband is supposed to change the litter but I sometimes take my turn. We have one cat but would have more if she would only get along with others!!!

    • Kim

      My daughter got a kitten, Princess Tiger Lily, when she graduated high school. I agreed, on the condition that she take care of the litter box & feeding which she did. Well, now she’s moved 2 hours away to college and kitty stayed home with me and my 16 year old son. We now share the litter box duties, but when my daughter comes home a couple times a month she gets to do it. Princess is a beautiful tuxedo cat with long white whiskersl >**<

    • Maria Rumley

      I get to clean the litter box for our 2 cats. We got the cats for the kids and of course they said they would clean the litter box, but it always falls back to mom. lol

    • april v

      We only have 1 cat and my daughter takes care of everything from litter box changes to feeding him!

    • bsj2390

      I’m the caretaker of the litter box, but, of course, the two cats belong to my son. LOL

    • Stacy

      My oldest son and I take care of the litter box. We have one cat but my boys want another one!

    • laura

      My hubby and I share the stealing of the pooh. We have three saved cats. Charlie Chan the exploring man, Gracie the clumsey girl, and Smeagol –unless he is bad then it Gollum.

    • Suzanne

      I am the one who gets litter box duty for our fabulous cat :)

    • Rita

      I have litter duty for our 11 year old cat, and before her I was on litter duty for our 21 year old cat! I’ve been doing this for a long time!!

    • Maureen Feldbaum

      I have sole litter box duty. As I just have one little one it is not too bad, but I like to be diligent about the litter box. She is a recused Siamese. I have never been a cat person, but she has stolen my heart.

    • melsmayhem

      We have two cranky Calicos in our house and while my oldest daughter has been assigned litter duty, Daddy and I get to pick up the bags. These eccentric and spoiled sweethearts have moved with us back and forth across the country so a lightweight litter would be a huge help!

    • chris

      my 2 cats are… well smelly.We take turns changing litter. It must be my turn.

    • Charline Woods

      I have two five month old kittens. They are quite active, shall we say. I’m on litter duty at least twice a day.

    • Susan R

      We have 2 cats and my Husband is assigned to litter box duty.

    • Sue

      I have 5 cats, so we go through a LOT of cat litter… and it is heavy!! my husband and I take turns.

    • Sherri

      We have one that I always end up taking care of.

    • Megan Higginbotham

      we have 3 cats and i tend to do the litter box most of the time. this new lightweight litter is a dream come true!!

    • nc_sunshine

      One cat we adopted for a friend’s mom who couldn’t keep him in her current living situation. He’s sooooo finicky. I keep the litterbox tidy the majority of the time. DH does when I ask him to.

    • Genine

      We have a 13 year old sweetheart named Angel and yes she runs the house! Both myself and the hubs are on litter duty! Lol!

    • Sally

      We have one kitty who I’m in charge of cleaning up after. But my husband helps when completely changing the litter as that is way too heavy/awkward for me to do by myself!

    • Denise

      We have one cat name Tomaseena her name came from the disney movie The nine lives of tomaseena,my kids wanted a cat so bad they said they would scoop the litter that lasted for a short time and then Mom does it now,

    • Jacki Gross Osborne

      I have a 15 yr old male, Jasper, and just rescued 2 kittens from my back yard. I now am cleaning TWO litter boxes myself!

    • Heather

      I have 3 cats. Casper, Sonic & new addition Skeeter. My husband & I had decided a few years ago that once our pets were gone we weren’t getting anymore. Well, this past summer in July we found a kitten under our porch. Her eyes weren’t even open. It took 10 days before they opened & when I took her to the vet he said I probably found her when she was only a day old. I got up every 2 hours & fed her, made her go to the bathroom, cleaned her eyes & bathed her. It was like having a baby all over again. So, despite what my husband & I said we have a new addition. The funny thing is that I truly think it was meant to be as my daughter started college this past fall. Her whole senior year of high school I couldn’t even talk about it without breaking down. So, I knew this transition was going to be hard on me but having this kitten has taken my mind off of it & in a way has given me a baby to take care of. This is why I think Skeeter was a blessing & someone knew I needed her more than she needed me.

    • Denise

      My sister and I live together and we have 5 cats. I scoop litter boxes in the morning, she scoops them in the evening.

    • theaikenparrs

      My 8 year old got a kitten for his 7th birthday – he picked out “Kelly cat” from the SPCA. Kelly cat is not 1 1/2 years old – and my husband (and older son, the cat “owner”) take care of the litter….but I am always vacuuming up cat litter “dust” ( our litter box is near the laundry room too…and I can’t stand to step on cat litter pebbles!)- so this new litter sounds fabulous!

    • Kathy M

      I have 4 cats…Celeste, Joey, Elvis, and Winter. Celeste is a stray who discovered our cat door 4 years ago. She only comes in to eat and sleep. Joey was born under our front porch and the only one of the litter who took to people. We kept her and the rest were given to a cat rescue group. Elvis is our beloved orange tabby. And, Winter was found alongside the highway near our home. Not sure how she got there, but we took her in and kept her. So, with 3 of our 4 cats utilizing the cat box, we go through a lot of kitty litter. And, anything that is low on dust and fights odor is ideal. Tidy Cat is one of my tried and true kitty litter. I have tried many types of kitty litter and keep coming back to Tidy Cat, especially the 24/7. The litter box stays in our half bath to the master bedroom. So, I need it to work 24/7.

    • Courtney

      My Husband takes care of the boxes, thankfully!! We have 2 cats but with all the hair and the litter box mess it feels like 5. =)

    • mariahart

      I usually take care of the cat boxes, but my husband does help out as well. I can’t wait until my son gets a little older and can throw his hat into the ring. We have 3 cats and 3 boxes.

    • Mo Hrabak

      I usually clean the litter and handle refilling it! With a lighter box I could get my sons (5&8) to start helping :) We have one silver tabby maine coon kitty <3

    • decobridge

      I am also the kitty mom in our house, and I handle the litter box. I am disabled. I’ve had multiple arm surgeries, and have a bad low back. So, it’s hard for me to do. We have 4 furbabies (we lost 2 last year). The lightlight would be easier on me, for sure!

    • Danielle

      As much as I adore my kittens, my HUSBAND is in charge of changing the litter…. for now :) I’m pregnant so I try to stay away from it, but I know he doesn’t mind. EXCEPT when all 3 of our kittens decide to use the litter box at once and try to play in it while he is cleaning. (I think it’s adorable… but that is because I’m the one that is watching) Our kittens are between the ages of 9 weeks and 15 weeks old. We adopted them from an unsafe environment and now they are in a loving home where they get to cuddle ME all day :) LOVE MY LIFE and my 3 kittens in it… PANDA, TINY, AND YODA! <3 XOXO

      • Brandy Stegall

        I love your kitten’s names!

    • S Elizabeth

      I am usually assigned litter patrol. I have a dilute calico and she is a rescue. She was kicked in the face by someone in our neighborhood (as a baby kitten) before I rescued her– so she has one cross eye and two broken teeth. But she has learned to love and trust people again with the help of my husband and I. We absolutely adore her!

    • Brandy Stegall

      My fiance and I take turns, rotating duty every night. With three kitties in the same house we have no days off! Our first kitten was Pip, an abyssinian mix who is now about 8 months old and was a SPCA rescue. Then we stopped by the local humane society to buy cat food (because the kinds they can’t use, they sell to buy the stuff they can use or extra litter, whatever is needed) and we fell in love with a 3 month old blue point siamese mix that we names Ah-Me and his friend, a 9 year old cat named Big Ben. We love these little guys but litter can be a hassle and taking down to the dumpster from our upstairs condo can be a pain! We are seriously looking in to potty training! LOL

    • Amy Bentz

      Trixie (our only cat) has the job of bossing the 2 dogs around. My husband has the job of cleaning her box. The kids and I have the job of backyard scoop duty :)

    • Lynn Kramer

      We have three cats and I am the sole scooper. However, my husband did convert our water heater room into a “cat room” so they have their own private place. So, the house is litter scent free!

    • Alice C.

      Daisy, our 16 year old cat, is the last surviving pet of the three my husband and I got when we got married. :( All these years (and 2 kids later), I’m still the one in charge of scooping duty!

    • Amanda Alford

      We have 5 cats. My husband normally is in charge of the kitty litter. We have Magwi and Shagwa whom are both 10. We also have Strawbear and Nilla both 7. Candi, whom was brought here by my sister is only 3.

    • Patty

      My husband changes the litter for the most part. We have only 1 cat right now.

    • Rachel

      I clean it and I have one cat!

    • dawn

      For the most part, I clean the boxes, but my husband does help on occasion. We have 2 cats who are 17 years old.

    • soozeqpon

      I clean it and we have two cats. Pumpkin (a stray we took in is now a healthy 20 pounder) produces lots of things to scoop :) and Pepper (a sickly kitten I rescued from our church steps) is now a healthy girl.

    • Jo

      It’s nice to say that husbands help to clean the cat box but do they really? In most cases the mom gets stuck with such thankless duties. In my home I clean the cat box unless my terrier mix beats me to the “kitty crunchies”….yuck.

    • Jo

      It’s nice to say that husbands help to clean the cat box but do they really? In most cases the mom gets stuck with such thankless duties. In my home I clean the cat box unless my terrier mix beats me to the “kitty crunchies”….yuck.

    • Beach4me

      My daughter begged for a cat for as long as we could remember. So for her 13th birthday we surprised her with a sweet stray. A few days later we were on our way to Duke Hospital for her Chiari decompression surgery and so she quickly named him “Duke”. Litter box duty is hers and she will quickly tell you it is a small price to pay for the best secret keeper ever!

    • Penny Elkins Cowan

      My husband takes care of our three purring friends — Rachel, Miss Kitty, and tiny Smudge!

    • Melissa

      It’s just me and my kitty, George, so litter box duty is all mine. Would love to win litter!

    • Joanna

      My teenage son cleans the litter box for our 1 monster size 29lbs beast.

    • Jacqui

      I’m on litter box duty. My husband passed it back over to me after I delivered our son. How kind. ;) We just have the one little kitty.

    • Molly

      I have litter box duty for three litter boxes (one for each cat), Clawdia, Curry, and Casey. Curry is especially finicky and if the litter box isn’t clean every morning, she will find somewhere else to go. Love my cats!!!!

    • ashley k

      We have one cat, and the man has litter duty since he begged to add miss kitty to our home :)

    • Melissa McClure

      I have one cat, Lego. The main cat litter duty is assigned to me. I use two litter boxes, one upstairs and one downstairs. So I’m always having to lug heavy bags of litter upstairs to refill that box. A lightweight litter would be amazing!

    • Leighnamie

      I have 2 cats, cat litter duty is assigned to me. Since I had them before I got married, litter duty ofc, went to me – grrr @ DH.
      Love them like they are my kids. One is 16 and other is 13.

    • Lynne

      Scooping the cat litter is one of my daughter’s chores, but my husband helps pour the cat litter in since it’s so heavy! We have one rescued cat, Sammi!

    • Jean

      We have 3 rescued cats so scooping the cat litter is a daily task! My husband does it now since I’m pregnant!

    • Sheri Cutler

      We currently have 4 kittens that are 6 weeks old, 1 kitten 7 months old, their momma, and 2 male cats, Tigger that is almost 2 years old and our elder cat, Sparky who is 10. We share the daily task, whoever peeks in the box first, gets the presents!

    • SmoochTheCook

      I have 3 kitties- Pete, Polli, and Patrick Pooh. They are all rescue kitties that we nursed back to health. My dad and I take on the litter duty of the 4 in the household…that goes for ALL of the chores, really!

    • melimac

      I have 2 very large kitties. My husband swears one weighs 30lbs! Currently it is my husbands job to change the litter because I am pregnant!!

    • Jackie

      We have 3 rescue kitties~Sookie, Cricket and Ruby. These creatures bring such joy to the home for all of us! I try to tend to the boxes a couple of times each day~Just call me the Litter Box Queen!

    • Kara W.

      Litter box duty is mine, and I would love to try this litter. My cats would as well!

    • FaceToTheVeil

      Litter box… ugh. Scooping when needed is assigned to whoever is in the room and sees it! I get to do the weekly litter change. We went from “I promise I’ll take care of them” to “I don’t want cats. But I would take care of a dog.” *sigh*

    • wendy meininger

      We have 2 ragdoll brothers, Fritz and Remy. I take care of the litter box. I like to ask for help but no one seems willing so they get other jobs instead!

    • Erin York

      My husband currently has the little box job for our two cats because I’m pregnant. He can’t wait for me to take back over though.

    • Emily Macaluso McFadden

      I rescued Tucker, an American tabby cat, from our parking lot. He is now my mother’s BEST FRIEND! When my step father passed away 4 years ago, I moved from Pa to Sc to help take care of my mother. Since I have been here, she has had 4 major bone breaks and surgeries and is now wheelchair bound. Tucker has helped her get through everything and put a smile on her face every day! He is her buddy! She also feels it is her responsibility to take care of him and she is the one that insists on cleaning his kitty litter. Mom does it for exercise and claims that it is her “job”. Half weight kitty litter would be something I know that she would love to try! Thank you for your consideration!

    • Kristen C

      We have one cat, Lucy, who makes a bigger mess than 5 cats combined.
      I am responsible for cleaning the litter box, IF I want it done right..’
      Would love to try this kind!

    • Kristen C

      We have one cat, Lucy, who makes a bigger mess than 5 cats combined.
      I am responsible for cleaning the litter box, IF I want it done right..’
      Would love to try this kind!

    • Kaz

      I have two kitties indoors and they are the best kitties in the world!! Both were the runt of the litter a year apart at my neighbors so I took them. They are 11 & 10 years old and are my best friend! Litter box is all me and Tidy cat is all I use.

    • Jenn Smith

      Hubby has that job currently because we are pregnant with our 2nd child. Scooping kitty poop is a job I don’t miss :)

    • Donna

      I have one indoor female cat named Spencer. She was a pregnant, feral stray. Over time she began to trust me. Now she is my PRINCESS! She had two kittens (a male and female, that stay outside). Their names are Troian and Toby. My daughter who is a Pretty Little Liars fan named them after characters on the show. I do the litter duty and would love to try the new litter!

    • Kwils

      I get the pleasure of taking care of the litter box for our 2 cats Little Girl & Brother. They ARE Brother & Sister. He is naughty & she is SO shy!

    • MeLinda

      It’s my daughters cat so its her job!!

    • lil A’s mom

      the man…i’m pregnant!

    • Heather

      My husband and I share the responsibility – I take care of it in the morning before work, and he gets it when he gets home. Then, whoever gets there first handles it before bed. We have 4 cats, and we love them (though we sincerely did not intend to have so many). No one knows that we have 4 cats thanks to Tidy Cats and our diligence to keeping it clean. Lighter cat litter by Tidy Cats is just a great extra!

    • Kathy

      We have two cats. My children found both of our cats wandering in our neighborhood and they followed them home. We tried to find the owners but no one claimed them so we ended up keeping them. I clean the litter box now but definitely plan to teach my children to do it when they get a little older.

    • Lucy

      Due to a recent tearing of a disc in my back I am unable to lift the heavy cat litter, so my dear daughter has that job right now. I have 2 adorable toms, which just “magically” appeared in my yard. Nemo is solid black and has a “love me or not” attitude. Sasser is a big scaredy cat but loves attention. Sasser was found under our deck and he was only about 2 weeks old, we originally named him “Sassy” but quickly changed that when we realized he was male. :)

    • debra

      My daughter and I share, if it needs to be done, one of us steps in. Her only indoor cat is Zelda, one of five kittens that she helped deliver during a c-section. Zelda never leaves my daughter’s side and if my daughter goes somewhere Zelda will question her for an hour when she gets back. They have a special bond that is great for someone with special needs. My daughter is 24 years old with bad eyesight, her Zelda is now 12 years old and will lead and talk to my daughter to help her walk when it is dark. Zelda has been a blessing.

    • asamanthinketh

      My son left his cat with us when he moved out years ago. Tiger is now 18 yrs. old and my son is back home. Sooooo, guess who is emptying the litter box again; with some reminders of course lol.

    • kiersten

      I have 2 cats, got one for my birthday last year but he wasn’t as cuddly as I was expecting, so I got another this year for my birthday again – which has now made cat #1 jealous and into the cuddly cat I was wanting, so now I’ve got 2 attention-loving cats o.O – I clean the cat box since they are my cats, hubby has the dog duty, but we are anxiously waiting for our 2-year-old to be old enough to take over both jobs! jk…kinda :)

    • Stephanie

      We have a house full of kitties :) Most recent addition is a 10 week old beautiful ragdoll. We have several litter boxes though out the house. My husband and I share litter duty. Not really a job anyone in the house wants so we share the duty.

    • ecugrad95

      I clean the kitty crunchies, as my dogs call them, at my house! I have 10 cats, both indoor and outdoor only. I would love to try this litter! I am sure you know how difficult it is carrying it-imagine carrying enough for 6 litter boxes….ugh! :)

    • BiancaD

      I have 4 cats and 4 litter boxes. For the most part I do all the work myself, all the scooping and emptying and buying and filling. It’s hard work. Occasionally my husband will scoop but that’s not very often. I can’t wait to try the lighter litter. Lugging those big 40 lb buckets is dangerous!

    • BiancaD

      I have 4 cats and 4 litter boxes. For the most part I do all the work myself, all the scooping and emptying and buying and filling. It’s hard work. Occasionally my husband will scoop but that’s not very often. I can’t wait to try the lighter litter. Lugging those big 40 lb buckets is dangerous!

    • Guest

      We have two cats. Mama cat, who is 10, stays outside because she doesn’t like her daughter. The baby, who is 9, stays inside ever since we had a house fire 6 years ago. Seems strange to me, but she won’t go outside anymore, not more than a few minutes at the time. I think she likes to go out occasionally to feel like she is a big girl. We also have a golden retriever, who is also 9 and love mama kitty, and tolerates baby kitty.

    • Paige Pollock

      We have 1 cat, a Manx named Milo and he is a bit persnickety. He likes fresh food, water and litter. He is loud and doesn’t mind letting you know when these things need to be done. My 2 girls have the privilege of cleaning the litter box.

    • Cynthia Dietrich

      We have 2 cats and I guess they are my cats when it comes to litter duty. But that’s ok….Mommy loves all her babies!

    • Amanda

      I have 1… And its me! LOL

    • itsaudnow2

      I have one cat named Tilly. She was born on my front porch on the night of a tornado in town and her mother abandoned her 2 days later. I learned ALOT about raising a newborn kitty and LOVED every bit of it! She is a calico bobtail and I can’t imagine life without her now! Getting up every couple hours to feed her as a baby and having her curled up in my lap now as a 3 yr old is the best feeling anyone can have. I am a HUGE pet lover and always will be! I do go through a lot of litter b/c she is an indoor cat. I normally by whatever is on sale but I have found that Tidy Cats is a great litter and doesn’t stick in her paws like lots of the others do. And of course I am the mommy that still cleans up after the kitty! LOL

    • ragen

      me … one

    • lilchickfarm

      I am in the same boat as you Jenny, we have 2 kittens and 1 adult cat, it is suppose to be the job of the kids but I am always filling in. It would be great to have something that makes the job easier.

    • Chrfkristin

      Lol that fun duty is gifted to me. Three lovely furballs too, but thankfully they are no longer kittens so a little less mess.

    • Megan Vaughan

      I have one cat named Burger. I am also the one that does the litter box!

    • Julie P

      Two furry sweeties live at my house and they each have their own letterbox litterbox, so this would be much appreciated!

    • Bri

      I have liter duty for our one cat. The cat liter is SO heavy. I would love to try this new product!

    • Abigail

      We have two cats, Lucy and Dinah. My three girls have a cat chore each week. It rotates on Sundays. One of them feeds the cats and cleans the water bowls, one scoops the box every day, and one is responsible for sweeping up the litter that has been tracked out of the box and onto the floor. I hate walking on litter! I got a rechargeable sweeper that is lighter than our regular vacuum cleaner to make this chore possible for the youngest one.

    • Carrie Linn Irvin

      Well, we have two sweet kitties that we recently adopted from the local shelter–Sam and Izzy. They’re INCREDIBLY sweet and we love them dearly! We swap nights between my husband Chris and I, but sometimes I try and convince him it’s his night. ;) We’d love to win!!!

    • sookie17

      We have seven sweet kitties. For several years I volunteered at our local pet rescue and ended up giving seven kitties, including one super sweet brother and sister pair, forever homes.

      My husband currently does the litter duties because the cat litter is too cumbersome and heavy for me. I’m glad cat litter is getting “lighter” as this means I could give my husband some time away from the litter detail.

    • Lou

      I had to move and my best friend was sweet enough to take in my two babies. She keeps them so chunky and happy. I know I couldn’t have given them to a better person and I get to visit my babies any time. She could really use the kitty litter for their personal bathroom ;)

    • Heather Shelton

      I had two cats- we lost one last week he was 15 years old. we still have one cat. He is 14 years old. It’s seems like we are always buying litter. It would be great to not have to lug around the heavy boxes. :)

    • Cynthia Perkins

      We have two sweet kitties. They both found us. Our older kitty reached her paw out of her cage as I passed by at our local pet store and snagged me. And our little boy found us by meowing for all he was worth from the bottom of a pine tree in our back yard. We love them to pieces and are so happy they found us.
      My husband takes care of the little boxes and I am certain that a lighter litter would definitely lighten his work load each day.

    • Kristian W

      My sister begged for a cat and my parents let her get one but only if she agreed to take care of it solely by herself. She’s done a mediocre job but my dad really complains about the litter box quite often. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    • Mags

      I stuck with kitty litter duty :/ but it’s ok because I <3 my 15 lb kitty

    • Andrea Miller

      I have one little kitty – Max, who is a handful and a half! Wouldn’t trade him for the world. He keeps my company while my husband works nights at the hospital. Hubby gets the litter kit duty – and I always know when it hasn’t been cleaned and needs to because the cat will pee in the bathroom sink! Gross – but at least its easier to clean up than if it was the carpet or something lol.

    • LessisMoreCoupons

      I have two cats and it simply depends on the day of the week as to who has to dump the litte box. I saw this product advertised on tv, but I had no idea the litter itself was lighter weight. This sounds great and I know I sure would be glad to not have to lug around such a heavy load all the time so pick me please to try it out!!!

    • Stephanie D

      My mother keeps up with the kitty litter while I’m at school. I tend to take over during breaks. Tiberius is my only poo-poo kitty.

    • lisa smith

      We are now the proud owners of 6 cats. Munchkin and Walter recently joined us after being abandoned. We have four boxes in the house and the cats have access to the yard as we live on a farm. Our house rule is that anyone passing by a box that needs attention is required to address the problem .It is much easier to tend to a needy box than a desperate box. My children have learned this the hard way. Megan Jane Beth, Bitty, Bella , and Maggie thank you along with the two babies, Walter and Munchkin.

    • Jasmine

      I am in charge of the litter box at my house. I have 2 cats that I love sooo much, even if they are a pain/mess sometimes.

    • Kathleen Clyde Green

      I clean our litter boxes, all three of them… one for each cat!

    • Melissa

      That’s me! I clean the litterbox – ughh! We only have one cat currently, though so that makes it a little better. :)

    • Shelley

      My dh took over cat litter duty when my oldest (now 7 was born!) I never took that job back! We have one (almost 10 year old) cat named Walt!

    • MEW

      My mom has 2 cats and she takes care of them both!

    • Lisa Caudill

      I have one sweet cat named Turkey and I am on litter box duty at my house!

    • Amy Wingfield

      We have 3 cats and I have litter box duty… yay.

    • curiouscat

      Our Cat Waltzie showed up as a stray starving kitten one night. When I brought her in the first thing she did was use the litter box. I was shocked and knew we must keep her after that. She’s been the sweetest cat.

    • maria blakeman

      Pretty sure it will still be me! My husband doesn’t care if our home smells bad, but I do!

    • Jennifer

      My husband, as the cat is his. :)

    • janie

      I take care of the litter box for our one cat, Jonesey :)

    • Christina Schaff

      we have two cats and the kids in the house rotate weeks taking care of the litter box for the kitties

    • We just rescued a kitten that was going to be put down that very day! Even though I’ve had dogs all my life and cats are a whole new ballgame for me, we couldn’t let that sweet angel pass away, so my husband and I brought her home! We share the kitty litter responsibility 50/50 in our house, but I’m getting the hang of it! Lighter weight and less dust would be AMAZING!!!!

    • Jenn

      We have one spoiled “rags-to-riches” princess, Avalon. Litter box duty is my 16yodd’s duty.

    • Kristin G

      Everyone helps out with the litter and we only have one cat now!

    • Mina

      My boyfriend has kitty litter duty because it’s too heavy for me to handle so this could turn out to be a real winner for him :)

    • Jenny

      We have a total of six cats now. Most of them were rescued on mothers day by my mom (An expectant mother who had 4 kittens, 3 of which we still have). She’s the one who keeps up with the litter box. The lighter litter and less dust would be amazing!

    • Amanda Duncan

      I only have one cat, but my grandmother could be called a “cat lady” with upwards of 10 cats! She actually had a outdoor building built just for her cats. Since she lives alone, she is the one who has litter duty and she struggles to lift the heavy bags. She has considered trying the new litter but has not done it yet. Being able to share this with her would be incredible!

    • kimmieb12

      My husband cleans the cat litter. We have 2 babies, Tangi and Zoe.

    • TNmomof1

      The teenager… And Izzy is the kitty.

    • ashley a

      I try to get my husband to do it. We have one cat!

    • Cheryl

      We have 2 cats – my husband changes the litter.

    • Amber Winebarger Riley

      It’s all me and the box! Kids are to young and my husband stopped doing it after I had the baby! We have one cat who is 10 years old!

    • vwprinzess

      litter box duty us this momma’s job, gotta keep it clean for our two giant kitties, Gary and D.O.G. :)

    • vwprinzess

      litter box duty us this momma’s job, gotta keep it clean for our two giant kitties, Gary and D.O.G. :)

    • LoriG

      My elderly aunt has a 10-yr old kitty named Ladybug, but it is always a chore for her to change out the litter because it is so heavy! Since I live quite a distance away and can’t visit as often as I would like to help out, I would love to take her this new product to see if it makes it any easier for her, thanks!

    • Christina

      We have 2 cats, Felix (8yrs) and Hemi (3yrs). My husband and I share in taking care of the litter box multiple times a day as the “children” are very picky and will not go in a dirty box.

    • Heather Dawn

      I have to cats, Cheech and Chong, and my husband changes their litter.

    • Lucy Lee

      Recently adopted 2 cats, 1 of which is an older schizophrenic cat but felt bad for her since no one adopted her. I too have been gifted the daily chore of cleaning their litter box. Would love to try this new product. Thank you Jenny for offering this !

    • Steph89127

      I have one, he’s enough, but I love him completely, would love to try the new litter too!

    • MichelleB

      I have three cats and I’m the one who changes their litter box. Would love to try this lightweight litter.

    • Lindsey Norris

      Did the winners get posted yet? Can’t get the above link to show the winners for this giveaway.

    • fourcats+1

      We now have 5 cats and my roommate usually changes the litter box because…she brought them all home. Now that they are all here, I love them, but personally I find 5 a bit overwhelming.