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  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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There is a deal this week on Hallmark cards that just got a whole lot better.

$5 RR wyb (8) or $2 RR wyb (4) Hallmark Cards

The 49¢ “Kid’s” Cards are participating.

Buy (8) for $3.92 and get $5 back! You make $1.08.

Grab all the other deals at Walgreens this week.

    • suziebeers

      looking for yellow cake mix coupons

      • Sandra


        • guest

          I went to 3 different Wags today and found the .49 at the last one I went to. They always have a larger nicer stock of items at that Wags. There was a whole section devoted to .99 cards, then below it, about 3 rows of them were the .49 cards, they were are kinda cute cards:)

      • lolyellowcakemixlol

        Lol……….and now back to regular scheduled programming…..lol

    • alissabeth

      Will have to check this out! Can never have enough kids cards…birthdays abound!

      • Racheal

        What are “kids” cards? Are they specificly for kids or are they the 49 cent and 99 cent?

    • RebeccaFer

      Love this one! I have a card box that I keep all kinds in for my daughter to choose which cards to send out. I love getting paid to take them! Thanks! :D

      • RebeccaFer

        I didn't have any luck at the Wags I went to today. I could have gone to one more but my daughter was tired and it was getting too late to try. If anyone knows of one in the University area of Charlotte, plmk. TIA! :D

    • Didn't see any 49c cards at my WAGs only the 99c cards. Are they in a special place?

      • Sarah

        The .49 cards are a lot like the .99 cards, maybe a tiny bit smaller. They are mostly cards to give your kids for encouragement, congrats, etc. Out of 4 Walgreens that I went to today, only 1 had a section of any .49 cards. They were just below a section of .99 cards. Hope you find some :)

    • jessc5

      I could not find any .49 cards, the cheapest was .99.

      • jen

        I couldn't find any even at $1! Then again, maybe everybody else had found them already LOL. What do the 49 cent ones look like?

        • gery220


          • gery220

            maybe hallmark website has images

    • judystephens

      I just got back from Walgreens in search of the 49 cents cards. Several clerks on the floor were trying to help me and said they knew nothing about this deal!

    • jerriducker

      There were no .49 cards in goose creek, sc or north charleston, sc

    • savysaver

      The WAGS I stopped in today said they did not carry them but is expecting a huge shipment right around Mother's Day.

      • judystephens

        But do you know if this 49 cents special will still be available when the cards do come in?

        • savysaver

          That would be a question for Jenny. I have no idea how long the CAT will run. I'm going to try another couple of WAGS tomorrow. We have about 10 in our city. Surely one might already carry these cards. They aren't that NEW.

          • judystephens

            Just wondering why Jenny puts something on her site that is obviously not a “given”

            If it posted on Southern Savers, then you should not have to go from Walgreens to Walgreens hoping to find the deal she lists.

            • diane

              This is a walgreens deal. That is what is being posted – the deals for the stores. Prices vary and inventory varies from store to store. There are no givens that the stock is going to be in any store. I really appreciate the heads up that the deal might be there.

            • Kelley

              Are you kidding me? Personally, I appreciate the hard work she puts into this site and would NEVER be able to come up with the deals she lists. There is no telling how many hundreds of dollars she has already saved my family.

            • JJ

              It's not being unappreciative. A responsible blogger would only want to advertise legitimate deals, and would put a disclaimer when they may not be available universally. Fortunately, I can tell Jenny takes pride in her work and strives to do that. That's what makes this the best couponing site… I've definitely been on a wild goose chase before! Had my mind made up to find a certain something for “free” and spent way too long searching for it, hehe.

            • RebeccaFer

              Amen to the goose chase! I laugh at myself sometimes when I realize I just drove to three CVS to save $x!!! What in the world was I thinking?!??! It's the thrill of the chase sometimes and the focus that goes with it that makes me have tunnel vision. Thankfully as I'm doing this longer and longer, I've learned to stop and reassess if I really do need that deal or not and if it's worth my time and gas to get it. :D

            • judystephens

              I totaaly agree!!
              All of this couponing has become more the “thrill of the chase” rather than what we really need.

            • Lauren

              Kelley, Everyone who comes to this site appreciates the hard work. Your point is irrelevant to this discussion. But thanks for participating!

            • Kelley

              Perhaps you are right. I should spend more time focused on providing the best I can for my family and less time criticizing other people's comments. :-) Once again I spoke/wrote before thinking. Thnks for reminding me that if I don't have something nice, encouraging, to say….then I should just stay quiet.

            • planetgirl

              How do you “know” everyone appreciates the hard work??

            • Michelle

              Who said you have to go from store to store? I don't see Jenny coming to your home and forcing you to go out and shop for this deal until you find it!

            • JJ

              Man I can't believe the hostility some of you have toward the original poster! Of course Jenny's not forcing you to go from store to store. Really? That's your response? I don't think it's unreasonable–especially for new couponers–to think that the deals on this site should be available when and where the site says so.

            • judystephens

              Thanks JJ,

              I AM a new couponer and this is the first time I have ever commented on a blog. After hearing such negativity from Michelle, I don't know that I will respond anymore. I thought the point of these blogs was to provide a forum for people to ask questions or make a comment. Why take the comments so personally? Some of tnese people need to lighten up.

            • RebeccaFer

              Judy, don't stop posting just because some people make comments that aren't nice. I've seen way too many people being judgemental, rude and just plain mean but I swear, it's not all of us. I've been loving Jenny's site since last October and I hate to say it but I have seen the quality of people posting responses go way down. There are still good people here who won't jump all over you and scream “coupon fraud” or “how dare you!” when you ask a simple question.

              In answer to your original (and totally valid question) I think Jenny puts out the info because it tends to be a strong possibility that the deal is out there. It's impossible for her to check every store to make sure but it's nice when helpful readers post their finds or lack of them. It would really be nice if the stores were the same no matter where you live but that's unfortunately never going to happen. I think the main thing is, IF the deal is out there, I'd rather know there's a possibility then for her to keep it to herself because it *might* not be at all stores. HTHs! :D

            • Margene

              I've noticed too that the quality of comments has really dropped off in the year I've been following this blog. It's a little disheartening and has gotten to the point it makes me want to disassociate myself with extreme couponers. The original followers were always helpful and positive. Now, it seems a bunch of overworked, sleep-lacking moms come here to vent about the crap in their lives.

            • Lauren

              Hahaha! I love seeing all the angry moms get worked up when someone dares to ask a question. How entertaining!

            • tkb070704

              Every Walgreens carries different cards. They each get different stuff based on their sales. I work for Hallmark on the Walgreens team, and even I don't know what each store will have. There is no way for Jenny to know if the stores will have .49 cent cards or not.

            • Koni71

              YMMV….Seriously, given we all live in different locations, you dont honestly expect to find the exact same things at all nationwide locations, do you? This is a guide and only a guide, you use your common sense and best judgment…Some stores will have the supplies your looking for, some wont….This is because like people, animals and certain things, NOT all WAGS, CVS, WALMARTS, PUBLIX'S AND any other stores are not run the same…ie, the different coupon policy that crops up at different locations…

        • tkb070704

          This coupon is good through 5/8/2010. And you aren't going to find the .49 cent cards at all Walgreens. I work for Hallmark and cover a district of 24 stores and I think only one of mine has .49 cent cards. There is also a .44 cent off coupon in the ad, I'm not really good at figuring out how to use it, but you do have to spend 1.50 per card to use the coupon, but its a store coupon so you can use it on all cards. I'm not sure where you all usually buy cards, but Hallmark seldom puts out coupons, be sure to get your graduation cards while you're at it!

    • ziggy34434

      Did this deal today. The strangest thing happened though. I got 8 $.49 cards, a Stayfree, and a Plackers. The Plackers and Stayfree rr printed. However, the Hallmark one did not. Having another transaction, I let the lady behind me go. She checks out and an RR prints. The cashier hands it to her and then quickly asks for it back. It was the Hallmark RR. This lady hadn't purchased the first Hallmark card. So the cashier gave it to me. I'm glad she noticed it was from Hallmark.


      • Koni71

        I have noticed that sometimes the machine becomes slow to print out the RR…So, I ask about it and wait…

    • lin

      Does anyone know where I can get the raleigh news paper in wilmington nc?>>

      • wiseapple

        Barnes & Noble and the Kangaroo gas station on Gordon Rd, The crown station on Racine/eastwood has it but it's in the boxes outside so bring lots of change :)

    • Brittney

      My WG didn't have any .49 cards, just .99 :(. But, did partake in the skintimate shave gel RR and scotch tape. :) Still worth the trip!


      Don't know if this is in the comments, but my Walgreen ad states that the cards must exceed $1.49 per card for the register rewards. I didn't attempt it.

      • RebeccaFer

        That's why Jenny is letting us know about this *glitch.* It might be fixed soon or might not but if you can find the cards, it would be a fun deal to get. :D

    • Mary Pressley

      I cannot find the Kids cards……what section are they in? Thanks!

    • Shirley

      I couldn't find any of the .49 ones either. The lowest was .89.

      On another note, it feels like, to me at least, that a lot of people don't realize how much effort it takes to put together all the price comparisons, coupon match-ups, coupon finding, deal finding, sale research, and etc. All YOU have to do is pull up this blog and the work is done for you. This is not Jenny's job, it is something she is volunteering to do for us. Complaining about not finding .49 cards when compared to the amount of time and dollars you are saving seems kinda of trivial. If you can find a better site, go ahead and use that. For me, I check several other blogs and this is the ONLY one I know of so far that gets the 'scoop' out to you way before the sale. My area doesn't even have half of the stores on here and I still use her guide. All the other sites are usually a day or two, or even a whole week late. My WAG runs are bust this week for a lot of reasons, but hey, that just happens, Jenny is not to blame just because my WAG runs a different policy or ran out of something or just plain doesn't stock it.

      Thanks for listening to my 2cents, and a big thanks to Jenny for volunteering her time just so we can save a buck or two. Without your hard work Jenny, couponing would have been so much harder.


      • Margene

        Shirley, actually Jenny IS making money from this site. And she's doing so well and the site has gotten so big, she employs college students to help her type. So this IS a job. Three sources of revenue I see are: 1)Obviously, coupon classes. At 10 bucks a head that's nothing to sneeze at. 2) Tons of ads on all pages. 3) She makes money everytime you and I click on a printable coupon link. Even if it's just a few cents each time, with dozens of stores, dozens of links on each store each week, and thousands of followers, that's probably her biggest revenue. Maybe you can answer why some people (not you, I'm just scared to ask the Meanie Moms themselves) get so irrationally defensive when someone asks a question. Is it because of this misconception that she does this for free?

        • Shirley

          It's very true what you say, Margene. If it seems like I'm one-sided, I guess I did come off sounding that way. I should have been more objective in my comment. I do realize that it has grown big, and she is making tons of money, my thought is it didn't start off that way, and we should applaud her initial effort. I should have been clearer on that. I apologize if I had belittled anyone's frustration in any way, heck, I'm having a bad week because of the .49 thing, my whole run is shot as it is, so I understand the feeling.

          Anyway, in answer to your question, I have noticed the, what is it, 'Meanie Moms'? Maybe you are right there; you don't realize how much money this site makes until you think about it. Let's say each click is a penny. If 5000 people click it once, she makes $50. It is not much until you count how many clicks you use to get the coupons you need every week. If you click 10 times, that would make it $500/week; $2000/month, not counting the ads and that she has a lot more followers than 5000 with the current economy. In fact, if you are very good at what you do, you could earn as much as $15k/month. (Not begrudging her that.)

          On a side note, given that Jenny has (hope I am correct) 5yr-old twins and a 2yr-old, I am surprised that she has time to maintain this so well, so she must have help, which means there is a high chance that when you think you are talking to Jenny, you aren't actually.

          This is turning out very long. Sorry about that. Switching off now, cheers and thanks.

          • Margene

            Exactly my point. This is a job for Jenny. And as such she has certain responsibilities, including not willy-nilly posting the grasping-at-straws deals that some bloggers post just to get you coming back. SouthernSavers has such a reputation and following already that it's not necessary for her to post these wild goose chase deals, but unfortunately I've noticed it more and more here lately.

            Meanie Moms are the commenters who personally attack other posters for asking a question–the irrationally defensive people. See some comments below.

            • Cindy

              I agree with everything you are saying – and further more have no sympathy if she is pulling down bucks like that. Also I am considering going into business doing this – I already have a 70 hour a week sales job – this kind of thing would be a cake walk compared to what I am doing – and would pay more. I was doing this on my own prior to the popular rise of sites like these – so I don't think this would take a college education to prosper at. No offense to Jenny – but come on – get real.

      • Stephanie Bracey

        I am grateful for SOUTHERN SAVERS!!! Thanks for all you do Jenny!

    • Michelle

      I agree with you Shirley- “Jenny is not to blame just because my WAG runs a different policy or ran out of something or just plain doesn’t stock it.” Maybe that is what some people don’t realize.

      And for JJ who says- ” I don’t think it’s unreasonable–especially for new couponers–to think that the deals on this site should be available when and where the site says so.” You obviously don’t understand the above mentioned quote from Shirley! How can Jenny make sure that the deals on this site are available at every single Wags at every given hour of the week? Come on! She is one person! She takes info from the ad, other blogs, etc. and posts them for us to check out. She cannot guarantee everything. The only way to do that would be to drive from store to store and check personally.

      You have to take this info that Jenny posts and check it out for yourself. I have been doing this for a long time and sometimes am disappointed myself when I miss out on a good deal. But that is how it goes with couponing. You can’t expect to get all the deals and you can’t expect Jenny to guarantee all the deals.

      My original comment was to Judy for saying that we shouldn’t have to go from Wags to Wags looking for a deal. I simply said that she doesn’t HAVE to go from Wags to Wags. Who said she did? Go to one store and if the deal isn’t there, cut your losses. Don’t drive all around town if you don’t won’t to. No one told you to do that.

      And I am not angry nor do I need to lighten up. I am just tired of people expecting too much from Jenny. She does enough already and to expect her to hand us deals on a silver platter is just overboard.

    • Deborah

      Jenny rocks!!! I use this website daily and receive valuable information and deals that helps me save big time and it is absolutely free for me to use. Enough said!!!

    • Jennifer

      Does anybody know if the RR rewards for the .49 cards are still printing?

    • lisankelly

      I didnt see any of the 49 cent cards but i did get great deals for things I use with coupons and rewards so thanks jenny i m new to couponing but forever the frugal shopper. thanks again
      lisa n kelly
      san diego ca

    • wiseapple

      Barnes & Noble and the Kangaroo gas station on Gordon Rd, The crown station on Racine/eastwood has it but it's in the boxes outside so bring lots of change :)