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Walmart Black Friday Ad 2011

on 11.13.2011 at 2:25am

This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure here.

Walmart Logo

Here are some of the highlights from the Walmart Black Friday ad. For more deals, check out the full Walmart Black Friday ad.

Walmart Black Friday Deals

  • Vizio 42 inch LED 3D TV $598
    (starting Friday at 8 AM)
  • Toshiba 64 inch LCD TV $998
    (starting Friday at 8 AM)
  • Samsung 52 inch Plasma HDTV $498
    (starting Friday 12:01 AM)
  • HP All-in-One Printer $19
    (starting Friday at 12:01 AM)
  • Compaq Presario Laptop $198
    (starting Friday at 12:01 AM)
  • 4GB Flash Drive $5
    (starting Friday at 12:01 AM)
  • Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect $199.96
    (starting Friday at 12:01 AM)
  • Wii Limited Edition Blue Console $99.96
    (starting Friday at 12:01 AM)
  • Select DVDs $1.96-$10
    (starting Thursday at 10 PM)
  • Select Hasbro Games $3.88
    Ants in the Square Pants, Candy Lands, SNA Live, & Chutes and Ladders
    (starting Thursday at 10 PM)
  • Select Hasbro Games $6.88
    Battleship, Spin, Operation, Monopoly, Connect 4
    (starting Thursday at 10 PM)
    • Surely not $5.98 for the tv lol?! I wish!

    • Mich

      I wonder if these sale items are available online?

    • Imaljewels

      Is the price listed…Vizio 42 inch LED 3D TV $5.98………. a typo?

      • EAC

        I’m sure it’s $598.

      • Jdtevans

        It a Typo, Jenny typing to fast.  It’s $598.00

      • Czalinsky

        haha, could you imagine though…. $1 operation game people were fight for. This deal would have been an all out brawl…… lmao!!!

    • Pr_princesa04

      Does Wal-Mart still honor ad-match on Black Friday? Just want to make sure before I try to get all my shopping done in one place. Will make it so much easier!

      • Roercole2002

        yes,I’ve done it in the pass

      • Ash

        They will honor the ad match policy but not the Christmas Price Guarantee where you get the difference on a gift card.

    • mightymousemom

      OK I have been the first to complain about Walmart and sometimes frustrating customer service experiences over the years…but now I have to give them some positive recognition.  I went to Walmart with some gift cards my son received his birthday on 11/11/2011 to get the Lego Harry Potter Video Game.  They have had a sign up for weeks at the front of their store saying the game would be available Nov 11, 2011 blah, blah, blah.  Target had in their ad that you would get a $10.00 target gift card if you purchased Lego Harry Potter from their store (the game price is the same at each store).  I asked the Walmart electronics clerk if they would honor the Target ad with the gift card deal and he said no….and we don’t have it in stock anyway. 

      OK, price match any competitor ad is Walmarts big get you in the store bait on all their advertising….but NO.  Well I talked with the store manager on duty.  He apologized for not having the item in stock and said it was up to each store to honor gift card deals from competitors and that they were going to do them at their store & were working hard on their customer service.  Without me asking, this nice manager gave me a $10.00 gift card for my inconvenience with no purchase necessary. I have to say I was a little bit shocked. Walmart has won me over again.

      • MommaC

        Walmarts price match does say that they do not honor ads such as that one.

      • Kelly C

        I have worked for WM for 13 yrs and we have never honored the gift card deals like that. 

    • Jdtevans

      After scanning the black friday ad, the Vizio 42 inch LED 3D TV is $598.00

    • Dee

      Between typos in prices here and problems with coupons not being posted properly too (i.e. Earthfare-only coupons that were posted for WAG’s deals) I don’t always feel I can trust this site for reliable information. Just my opinion. No one has to agree with me. :)

      • Tarah

        What is the purpose of your response?  Check out another site if you feel that way, there are tons.  However, there are lots of us here that disagree, and I personally hate to see people criticizing a totally free and helpful service.  Comments like yours are not necessary.

        • Dee

          Like I said, no one has to agree with me and this was just my opinion. I was just surprised that for a site that is supposed to do all of the legwork for us we still have to double-check the facts. I do go to other sites and this does not seem to be a problem. I really only go to SS for certain deals and spend a majority of time at one other site. It was just an observation and I was curious if anyone else sees the same issues I do, which was the main reason for my post. I guess no one else has had these problems. I have also had incorrect coupon match-ups for Publix, which have been quite aggravating when you are actually at the store and you can’t use the deal after all, so these are not isolated incidents for me.

          Yes, this is a free site as most of them are, and it is a lot of work, which is why  as a SAHM of a child with special needs I do not run a site myself, but keep in mind that they also get money for advertisements and it is not a total loss for those who have successful sites. I just think that if you are going to have a large following, you should take the time to check things out to make sure they are 100% accurate before you post them for people to see.

          I’m sorry so many people seem so offended, but I am sure some of you can see my point that if you are the main source of information for a ton of people, it needs to be correct.

          • moneysaved4disney

            You may have to use your own brain to figure a few things out. gasp! talk about lazy…

            • Dee

              As a disabled vet who served my country, a college graduate, and advocate of my child who has Down syndrome, I would hardly call myself someone that does not use their brain and/or is lazy. I simply do not have time to check out facts that are supposed to already have been researched.

              Really people, it was just an innocent comment and observation. I was not being rude or condescending, but I cannot believe how rude some of these comments are (i.e. the one above from moneysaved4disney). This is obviously not a platform for a civil discussion.

            • Anonymous

              I think it is just that people have strong opinions on this matter and sometimes emotions can get in the way. I can understand your time being limited because you have a lot on your plate. I am sure Jenny does too. That being said, we all just have to be understanding and know that people make mistakes. I use this site and others as a point of reference. I know prices will vary, some coupons may not be in my region, some will be out of prints and sometimes deals are not correct but overall, this site and others like it have helped me save a lot of money. No, it is not perfect but I am thankful to have it.

            • Dee

              Thanks for your kind comment. I do see your point as well. I am glad that you are seeing things from both sides. This was the point of my post.. to get some constructive feedback, whether it agreed with me or not. I just wanted to see what other people felt and if it others have had similar experiences as me. It is very true that nothing is perfect. Take care.

            • Anonymous

              You are very welcome.

            • Okellyatl

              I am sorry that you were subjected to that comment.  Being that it’s Veterans Day Weekend….THANK YOU for your service…God Bless!

            • Okellyatl

              Shame on you…your comment is very much uncalled for..rude and I hope you managed to make yourself feel better by putting another individual down.  Great Sunday for you!  Shame on the 4 people that liked it too! 

            • foximoxie

              Agreed! It’s unbelievable how many people here have a big pickle up their a$$. People, take a break..go outside and get some fresh air..take a chill pill, do anything to relax and get a grip..it was just an observation about accuracy..which as someone earlier pointed out just may be very much appreciated by Jenny and her staff..it’s called feedback. And I’m almost certain Jenny is professional and mature enough to use that sort of feedback to the advantage of her site.

            • foximoxie

              I hope you’re not taking that nasty attitude to Disneyland!

            • Anonymous


          • ConfusedByPpl

            Why are you even on here using up your precious time to write these comments? Why aren’t you pursuing one of those other “better” sites? Sounds like you are having a bad day and channeling your frustration into these comments. Hope you get over your slump, Dee. 

            • Anonymous

              During the weekends I am not so busy taking my child to her numerous doctors and therapists (as I said before, my child has Down syndrome) and I am not going to the VA for blood work, meds, or therapy myself (as I also stated before, I am a disabled vet). So yeah, I have more time on a Sunday and my time isn’t QUITE as precious as it is on the weekdays. And I am actually having a great day, but thank you for your concern.

            • Okellyatl

              Dee..you comment is beyond rude.

          • Klkrn

            What she post is what information she has. For example, look at Publix. Prices vary from store to store. Publix in my town may have a different price than in your town. Most of the time the prices are not near what they are at my stores and that’s ok. And as far as coupons go one Publix may take one store as a competitor and another may not. My store only takes Target and Winn DIxie. She can’t match everything to everybody’s situation. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. As a single mom who works 60 hours a week with only one day a week off of work and who doesn’t have a minute to spare and I appreciate everything on this site. I use it as a guide not the concrete fact.

          • we all work hard

            We all make mistakes.. Such as the “surprise surprised typo above in your own comment. I can usually figure out thats it’s not going to work for me either before going or just accept the fact when I get to the store & my coupon isn’t right. I live in area with terrible coupons anyways. I work 40+ hours a week as a nurse & document all day long. We have 3 people that go behind us to catch all of our mistakes & sometimes even thats not enough. I hate to see people pick Jenny apart for such small mistakes. I have a 4 year old & a new baby & without this site I wouldn’t even have time to do the couponing. It’s probably not even so much your above comment but that these comments seem to be coming more often in a place where we all look to see if someone found another deal at that store.

      • did ya really think?

        why don’t you do all the effort and post all the pricing and coupons somewhere and we all go to your site and complain……gripe gripe gripe …… if you think you can do better. ….. put your time and talents out there

        • foximoxie

          It amazes me how many “likes” your smart ass comment has. That’s a reflection of how many snide people frequent this site..what a shame. Come on people..this is American for crying out loud..if those before us all kept their mouths shut then where would we be today?..well I think we can all safely agree that we wouldn’t have the freedom to “gripe” here or anywhere!..so thank you forefathers and thank you anonymous! 

          • Okellyatl

            I agree Foximoxie…I am truly amazed and the mob mentality with the negativitiy here.  Most companies PAY for constructive feedback to make their product/services better….and that was all that Anonymous offered. 

      • Laura

        This is a free site, one that has proven tremendously helpful to me and saved my family tons of money.  If it isn’t working for you, you don’t have to use it.  I think this criticism is unfounded and unnecessary.

        • Anonymous

          I think constructive criticism is beneficial for Jenny (and for everyone). Life is not a big ball of happiness. Anonymous wasn’t being mean, she was just positing some observations.  Please don’t be nasty.

          • Anonymous

            This was exactly my point. I was just stating facts about some misinformation I have seen on this site. Thank you for staying diplomatic and seeing that it was just a simple observation and nothing more.

          • Laura

            I wasn’t trying to be nasty, and am sorry if I came across that way.  I guess I just didn’t understand the point in the first place of criticizing a free service that is meant to serve as a guide, that readily acknowledges that there will be discrepancies in pricing depending on your particular store, and that gives you tons of tools (listing date, location of coupon, link to sites, etc.) to double-check the match-up before you walk into the store.  I find we sometimes get a little too caught up on this site (and I have been guilty!) about the extra dollar we had to spend on some item, rather than looking at the whole bunch of money we have saved that whole month.

            But it looks like everyone had something to say on this topic and, Anonymous, sorry if everyone jumped down your throat!  Obviously lots of us are big-time Jenny fans!!  I could never–and I mean NEVER–find the time or patience to match coupons like this myself.  I can totally live with a few typos and incorrect coupon match-ups when I can otherwise save so much money so easily.  

      • Czalinsky

        Typos? really…. lol…
        I used to think the same with the wrong Qs, but now I understand how it’s done. When a product is put up, a list of Qs containing that product “name” is pulled up… therefore unless Jenny or whoever does that add match-up, goes through every coupon personally, they will be up on there…. SOOOOO when you see the match-up yes you have to look at it to check and make sure it matches….

        • foximoxie

          Yes, correct–typos. I’m on here at least twice a day almost every day checking sales and coupon match-ups so I’ve witness many typos, especially where final price after coupons are concerned..yes some may be errors in math but I’m sure some are just typos..so please don’t act as if a mistake, and/or a typo, isn’t even possible…please, we’re all only human. And before you retort with how much you appreciate Jenny for all her hard work and how this site is free and so on just save it–because finding this site has been the best thing to happen to my couponing efforts so I’d rather not read your mis-guided and pointless rants about the evils of the rare occasion that I or any other reader happens to comment on errors, thank you. 

      • lizbeth5612

        Why not give encouragement? This site has saved me a lot of time and money and it’s FREE! I got to go to her workshop last weekend and I think she does an awesome job!!

      • Elise

        Honestly – I am always blown away by how awesome this site is and how
        much work Jenny puts into it. It’s actually nice to know that’s she’s
        human just like the rest of  – makes me love this site even more.

        • Anonymous

          I agree with this, too.

          • Elise

            D – of course it can be frustrating when you get to the store and things don’t all match up like you expected (especially if you’re all excited about a particular buy) – I guess I just expect that there will always be a small percentage of things that don’t work out due to variations, errors, etc.

            One reason that I especially love this site is it’s overall philosophy that sales cycles are ultimately more important than coupons – and that if you happen to miss one awesome deal, another one will be coming around sooner or later. I live in NC and it’s the most complete site I’ve found based on the stores that I actually frequent.

            Wishing you all the best.

            • Anonymous

              Great point, Elise. Thanks for your comment. It is very true and I wish you the best as well! Glad that not everyone here is so hostile. :)

      • Dee

        Like I said, no one has to agree with me and this was just my opinion. I
        was just surprised that for a site that is supposed to do all of the
        legwork for us we still have to double-check the facts. I do go to other
        sites and this does not seem to be a problem. I really only go to SS
        for certain deals and spend a majority of time at one other site. It was
        just an observation and I was curious if anyone else sees the same
        issues I do, which was the main reason for my post. I guess no one else
        has had these problems. I have also had incorrect coupon match-ups for
        Publix, which have been quite aggravating when you are actually at the
        store and you can’t use the deal after all, so these are not isolated
        incidents for me.

        Yes, this is a free site as most of them are,
        and it is a lot of work, which is why  as a SAHM of a child with special
        needs I do not run a site myself, but keep in mind that they also get
        money for advertisements and it is not a total loss for those who have
        successful sites. I just think that if you are going to have a large
        following, you should take the time to check things out to make sure
        they are 100% accurate before you post them for people to see.

        sorry so many people seem so offended, but I am sure some of you can
        see my point that if you are the main source of information for a ton of
        people, it needs to be correct.

        • Kristen

          .I guess there will be some margin of error- after all people are human. Also stores have different prices on things- that can’t be helped. Sometimes a deal doesn’t work out- but most of the time it does- I guess you just have to expect that things won’t always be perfect.:)

          • Anonymous

            Very true. Thanks for your reply.

        • Whosyourfriend

          I’ve been using this site for a while now. I’ve lived in the Atlanta area & now live in the Orlando area. Couponing in GA & FL are like night & day. I completely relied on this site to guide me. And that’s really all this site is. It’s one of many tools to use to coupon & save money. I, like many other couponers, love & prefer this particular site. This site cannot possibly guarantee perfection as prices & coupons fluctuate depending on the area & the store. I used to use different coupon sites, but I found I trusted & loved this one the most. If there is another site you prefer I suggest you stick with it. This site is not perfect, but to me it sure is close :)

        • Shavadarosswilliams

          I must say that as a sahm and army wife I love this site, While there are some errors from time to time thats life. With anything there is always disclaimers. I attended a workshop loved it. If you dont like it why are you visting the site. This is one site where you are not shown all types of sales links on the side and have cookies following you later. I love Jenny for all she does.

          • lizbeth5612

            Workshop was awesome!! I used to subscribe to the grocery game and find this site more accurate.

          • Anonymous

            Never said I didn’t like the site; I simply said that there are errors and you cannot always rely on the prices/coupons that are posted.

        • guest

          If there are discrepancies all you have to do is go to the coupon database and see what’s there.  There are other solutions which we all try to find if there is a mistake.  But judging her is no right because whether or not she is getting paid is just not right.  We are all humans and we all make mistakes.  Anyone who say the do not make mistakes are their jobs are lying.  So please just be careful what you say and how you say it, it can be discouraging for the people who are trying to help us.  That’s my opinion you do not have to agree.

          • Anonymous

            No one is judging anyone. It was just a simple observation that I have noticed the prices and coupons do not always match up and they have not in numerous instances. In no way, shape or form was I insinuating that Jenny is a bad person or judging anyone. I was just stating facts.

          • foximoxie

            Chill out…like she said, it’s was JUST AN OBSERVATION. We can all appreciate what Jenny and her staff do for us here but that doesn’t mean we’re mindless drones without opinions and observations…of which I completely agree with anonymous on all counts. 

        • BlessedSmith

          No one is 100% all of the time. I appreciate your opinion. I have noticed in the opening text of Kroger posting that Jenny specifically says that there will be differences in the price depending on the region.  I don’t have a Publix so I don’t generally read the post. I approach the coupon match up as a guide not as the gospel truth. If I check and I did not get in my paper or a different version or the coupon is out of prints or if a simple error on the part of SS it is really not a big deal in the grand scheme of life. I am not trying to pass judgement on you or Jenny but I personally believe you reap what you sow and will be judged as you judge. I am a SAHM these days but when I worked at a job outside of my home everyday I certainly made mistakes and I still received my paycheck every 2 weeks. I don’t want to be held to that 100% standard on anything. I do the best I can everyday as a wife and mother and I know I fail in some regards everyday.

          I do use other sites as well. I have not found a site that does the grocery stores as thoroughly as Jenny. I have certainly seen errors on other sites as well. Let’s extend grace.

      • Jessica Dunn

        As far as the prices being different that probably isn’t so much a site error as it is prices vary by region. I find her price lists and coupon match ups pretty much spot on, but I do still check the coupon database on items that I don’t have a coupon for because sometimes new coupons are released after she posts the ad/coupons list. Coupons will also vary by region/paper. Or you’ll click on a “printable” coupon and it isn’t there because they only put a certain amount on the site and those have been taken already. Doesn’t mean her link wasn’t accurate just that other people got to it before you did. I would say that she does 90-something percent of the legwork and the extra legwork that I do is probably just my OCD lol. Also generally when the price is different I find that it is only different by a few cents, more often then not in my favor! :D So, no I don’t really have the same issues that you have seemed to have with this site and I’m sorry that you have had those issues. I can imagine it must be frustrating. Btw, what s a SAHM?

        • Anonymous

          SAHM is short for a stay-at-home mom. :) And thank you for your feedback. You have some good points!

          • Jessica Dunn

            Ah, makes sense. See? I learned a new acronym lol! :D You are welcome and thank you for saying that my points were good ones. :D May I ask where you live (can be general area if you want in response)? Was wondering in case that may be part of the differences. Also, sometimes on the product it is ony certain sizes and certain flavors or types of the product. HTH? :D

            • Anonymous

              Hi. I am in FL, but some of the coupons are just not right at all (like ones that are posted for WAGS but only good at Earthfare or coupons that are only for certain sizes but those products aren’t even on sale at any Publix, for instance). Thanks for asking, though. I know that those are pretty easy to miss when you are new to couponing.

      • C.A.M.

         Then MY OPINION is you can stop using the site.  She doesn’t have to do it, she does it out of the goodness of her heart to help others and if you don’t like it then don’t it.  You don’t have to agree with me. :)  Stop passing judgment on someone else for trying to help others, something you aren’t doing.

        • Anonymous

          No one is judging anyone. It was just a simple observation that I have
          noticed the prices and coupons do not always match up and they have not
          in numerous instances. In no way, shape or form was I insinuating that
          Jenny is a bad person or judging anyone. I was just stating facts.I was being perfectly nice about it, but I see you are taking this personally….

      • Beepampered

        I do get frustrated that my paper doesn’t have coupons that I am excited about. I also have seen consistent price differences at our local Harris Teeter. They are usually .10 – .30 cents higher than what she lists. Knowing that makes it easier going into the store and not being disappointed with a certain price. I would rather use the convenience of this site and be frustrated than take the time to look it up myself. Jenny does posts all available coupons – even ones that may not work. I don’t feel comfortable trying to use them but realize that it is my choice.

    • Kellikight

      I couldnt even see the ad. It said it was loading but it didn’t 

      • Jessica Dunn

        It did that to me the first time and then I refreshed and it pulled right up. HTH

    • Kenziesfunluvinfam

      I just have to say that I actually use 2 sites for my couponing and I love them both equally! I will not lie have seen with both sites that there are errors on postings! With that being said I would like to point out that if you were sitting down on a weekly basis to type out every single item that is on sale and then matching the coupon to that item I am sure that you would make mistakes! There is nobody on this site workers/followers that are perfect….WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES! Too Dee…I have found that coupons do not always match up for me because I do not get the coupon in this area I live or I get a coupon for said item, but a different value off! I am sorry that you are having an issue with your match-ups, but blaming Jenny on her site is not the way to go about it! My suggestion is to find another site if you don’t like this one, but I can assure you there will be mistakes there also. Jenny thank you for all of your time and hard work that you and your team put into this! There are so many of us that could not do it without you and your ocassional mistakes :-)

    • Herman Cain

      Dee, shut your god damn mouth you stupid slut.  Jenny is a fucking rock star and you cant touch her.

      • Anonymous

        WOW. Totally inappropriate. This is a family site and you should keep your filthy mouth to yourself.

        • Jessica Dunn

          By the time I got back on here Herman’s comment was flagged. I’m curious based on your response and that it was flagged what was said that got it flagged?

          • Anonymous

            They were using very inappropriate words like the f-word and others using a much more derogatory version of the word “prostitute.”

            • Jessica Dunn

              Then I second your response: WOW….

            • Anonymous


    • Crazyfurcoupons

      Can you imagine the time it takes day after day, week after week to put all this info on this site. I truly appreciate the time that has been devoted to all of us and that someone cares enough for others to take the time to do such an amazing job. I have been to one of Jenny’s workshops and I think she is awesome. So here is my advice to all the people that complains about little human mistakes and doesn’t appreciate all of her hard work to design such a helpful site FREE for everyone to use. STOP complaining about the little things, no one makes you use Southern Savers so shut up and stop using Southern Savers and just go to another site. Don’t bore me with all the complaining. I myself have found a lot of mistakes on other sites, so that should tell you that NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!!!!

      • Okellyatl

        “Shut up”  really?? “Don’t bore me..”  …all this is response to someone respectfully saying they found errors…A VETERAN!!!!  Your response sickens me..it is catty and hyper sensitive…I am amazed at how ill behaved grown folks can be when they hide behind a computer….shame on you!

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    • Marylou762

      WOW, I never comment but,I feel the need today.  First of all , anyone that thinks they can get a TV for $5.98 is in their little world.  I use this site as a GUIDE and I so appreciate Jenny for listing deals before they are availble in the stores.  I run my own business and I don’t have time to research but,I take the time to put deals together , I started really couponing since June and I save $500.00 a month from the budget.  I say it’s worth it to make time for my family.  I enjoy seeing what I can save and going in the pantry and having things to cook with.  I’m still in aw of the amount of time Jenny spends on the site, I have a web site and I find it very time consuming to keep it up to date.  Thanks again Jenny for being a positive influance !  I donate to a local food bank and women’s shelter now as well.  It feels good to give back.  FLorida is so much tougher on couponers, not double coupons here !  Got to love CVS and Publixs.

    • coupons4kids

      Oh sheesh!  Sometimes I wonder if we are all adults.  If I am not happy with a website, then I leave it.  I don’t sit there and post comments about how I don’t like it!  I LOVE Southern Savers and I live STATES away from where Jenny is!!!!!!   It is usually close enough on prices and deals, and for the ones with huge differences, ah, so be it. The savings I get from the rest is enough to make it worth it!  Thank you Jenny for your site and the lifestyle you have created in your personal life to make this possible for the rest of us.  It IS appreciated!!!!!!!!  You have really helped my family when we needed it! 

      • Sachillbilly

        Very well said MaryLou… I have ten biological children (Hubby’s too), ages 15 and under, and I have very little time to shop through all the ads and figure out what I am going to be able to save. Jenny, You have saved our family so much, and my husband just told me to tell you that no matter what anyone else may say, that is any different, You are Great, and what you do is very much appreciated. God bless you.

        • Sachillbilly

          This “Very well said” is for all of you who are standing up for Jenny. She doesn’t HAVE to do any of this. She obviously enjoys being a blessing to others.

    • Tyedyemomma

      Is the 42 inch LED 3D a typo?

      • C.A.M.

        Yes, just saw the paper it is $598.  Thanks Jenny for all your hard work in getting us this info.

    • DaculaMama

      Will these prices be available to purchase online? 

      • Czalinsky

        Probably not since they are door busters and you Usually need a ticket when you get in line to wait….

    • equestrienne8

      I think we are a very stressed out culture, and we could all benefit from maybe stepping back from criticizing and think about how we can help others. I know that I am the first one who needs to think about what this season is meant to be about, not just the rush and thrill of a great deal. Thanks Jenny, and thank you anonymous, I read that you are a veteran.

    • Justsaying

      Ok Everyone lets all take a deep breath. This was someone who just voiced there Opinion. We are all entitled to do so…. We all know how much you all love this site as do I. And yes it is truely frustrating to think your going to have a great trip and then over 50% of your Qs don’t match. Even worse if you don’t figure it out until you get to the store…. lol…. Sorry… Anyway lets all chill out and stop barking and all think to ourselves happy thoughts…..
      Honestly I would pay $ to have them match-up better… Oh no hear it comes!!! lol… But seriously it’s nly been lately that the Q match-ups have been more off then usual

      • JeniferW

        you can’t all say that you have been at a store and a coupon or two not match u just said “oh well life is lovely” I’m once in awhile you get frustrated enough and want to say some thing, but you just don’t…

        • Anonymous

          SO TRUE. :) Seems that some of the Southernsaver readers are pretty quick to take someone’s head off, so maybe more people are afraid to say anything for fear of backlash. LOL.

        • coupons4kids

          There are times I might get disappointed if something is different but I can’t say I get frustrated. However, I think that can be because of differences in personality and need. I usually do have a “whatever” attitude. Not that “life is lovely” but if I don’t get that extra shaver then oh well. Lol. I can understand though if someone really needs something it might be more irritating to them. We all could maybe step back and remember that we are all in different places! We don’t know what each person is coming from.

      • Anonymous

        Yes! They HAVE been more off than they used to. I thought I was the only one who has noticed this! Glad I am not just going insane. :) Thanks for your input.

    • Susanjfs

      I don’t know about anyone else,  but there is nothing in the Wal-Mart black Friday ad that has me excited at all. IMHO, last year’s ad was MUCH better. Wonder if they’ll add to it?

      • Susanjfs

        OK. MAYBE the HP printer. But how many of those do I really expect to be in the store??? lol

        • Czalinsky


    • Cwills3063

      Just one thing to say thank you Jenny for all the hard work you do for us.

    • Ashley

      does anyone have any experience with the HP printer on sale..I couldn’t find much in the way of reviews for that specific printer online.

      • Smith

        If it is like the one I bought last Black Friday (@Walmart) it is a good printer but the ink costs almost 40$ and needs changed often. If it comes with ink then it would be an okay deal. I like my printer but the ink can really make you poor!

      • Smith

        If it is like the one I bought last Black Friday (@Walmart) it is a good printer but the ink costs almost 40$ and needs changed often. If it comes with ink then it would be an okay deal. I like my printer but the ink can really make you poor!

    • Ihendrix

      Jenny I really appericate all that you do…I don’t expect you to be perfect…For none of us are…For the ones that want you to do all the leg work and be perfect….Shame on them…to me you give us a guide and examples most of which we would not know with out  your help…then it is up to us to check it out get our coupons together and do our deals…
      Thank you for helping me save hundrerds of dollars…I don’t expect you to do it all for me I love your site for keeping me informed and up to date on everything…

      • Lilwoman71075

        I sooooo agree!! Thanks Jenny!!!!

    • I made the first comment about the $5.98 but of course I knew it was a typo I mean duh you’re not gonna get a tv for that price.  Everyone makes mistakes and the decimal point was only a couple of places off lol!
       I love love love this site! I’ve saved so much money because of it.  I really appreciate the hard work and dedication that it must take to keep a site like this running and constantly updated!

    • Okellyatl

      I left this site awhile back because the catiness of some folks was more than I could take.  From what I could see there was nothing wrong with what anyone said for everyone to start defending Jenny and telling people if you don’t like it leave….really?  How about patience..understanding…empathy…forgiveness?  And I could be wrong but Jenny is big enough now that I doubt the only return for her time is the satisfaction of a good job…products have to be rolling in and revenue from ads…good for you Jenny!

      • Saaythat

        I agree what about patience is christmas time!!!!

      • coupons4kids

        I agree with patience, understanding, forgiveness, etc. But we could also have that for the people who are saying “leave.” I agree 100% that some may not word things properly. Its not right to do wrong to do right. Meaning its not right to bash someone who they think was bashing this site. I am not bashing anyone specific in my prior posting, however, I don’t understand why someone posts on a site how unhappy they are with it and don’t like it. I understand why people say “leave.” If I don’t like the Walmart website I simply am not going to use it. It just seems as though there are a lot of people on here who say that. So my reply was not being unkind, or mean. It was an honest, simple piece of advice! Then just don’t use it! Its what I would tell my kids if they were complaining about something every day!

      • Lilsouthern

         I agree with you too this ladys got offended so easy I think is the menopause poor husbands I feel bad for them  and she is a grown up  to defend her self

      • Lilsouthern

        I agree with you too this ladies got offended so easy I think is the menopause poor husbands I feel bad for them and she is grown up to defend her self

    • Okellyatl

      ONE MORE THING….Anonymous…..THANK YOU…thank you for your sacrifice and your service.  It is only because of brave folks like you that we have the freedom to come on here and voice our opinion….even the hateful ones against you (that I can’t get my mind around).

      During this Veterans Day Weekend….Thank You & God Bless!

    • Icumbie

      Are these available online as well I wonder? I sure would not mind the Wii deal….

      • Staci_marie

        I hope so.  I WON’T be at the stores at midnight.  If I can get my son the $200 laptop online, however, I’ll be pleased!

        • karen

          I have a friend who went to the store last year, they were out of the TV she wanted.  She came back home and was able to order it online for the same price and have it shipped to store.  So, not my firsthand experience, but a neighbor.  So I’m sure going to try it this year as well.  Good luck.

    • momoftwoteenageboys

      I think people need to step back and take a look at how much time is being wasted on arguing. I just saw this and was actually laughing. It was just an opinion people and by her trying to explain she has a disabled child,she’s a veteran,and disabled. Can’t you just cut her a break,I think she has been thru enough and will be going thru alot more and as most Christians,moms,and fellow Americans who appreciate our healthy children and freedoms, give her a little sympathy! Stop being trivial after hearing her l life and what she has to endure is far worse than a “opps” opinion over a coupon website! Gee!

      • Anonymous

        I was actually laughing myself at the ridiculousness of some of these comments too! And thank you for your compassion for our situation. You know, it is what it is and yes it can be tough, but I know that there are people out there that have it so much worse. We are just grateful for what we have rather than what we don’t (my husband is an Iraq/Kuwait war veteran and also disabled and we both lost our jobs and our home due to our illnesses from the military. However, we are still alive, while many of our friends did not make it back, and even our child who has almost died on 2 different occasions is still here, so we know that we are still blessed despite any hardships.)

        I know this is a lot of info from a thread that was just supposed to be about prices and coupons not matching up, but I feel the need to disclose this info so that all of the others out there that feel it is OK to call people curse words, “lazy,” “judgmental,” or just rudely tell them to “leave this site” that you don’t always know the whole story. No one should rush to insult people without knowing anything about who they are or what they have been through. There was never any harm in my original post and many of these readers have totally overacted to it and most disappointingly, have also been incredibly cruel while doing so. It is all very sad to see.

    • LandGmommy777

      Wow, I can’t believe all the catty remarks on here, I hope Jenny gets on here and sees how absolutely ridiculous some of you are. Especially because Anonymous left a tasteful and helpful comment, and some of you act as if we are a bunch of kids. Geez, we all ladies here, so act like a lady, and quit acting like you personally need to bash her for Jenny, that is not necessary.  It’s people and remarks like that, that will loose Jenny some followers, because I don’t want to be associated with anyone like that.

    • quest

      I really appreciate this site too. It saves so much time and money;however I was told that Jenny does make money from doing this from advertisers,etc. In that case, would they hold her more accountable if she were making too many errors. I think since the amount of advertisemetns has not decreased they are pleased so we should be too.   I know whatever they pay is not enough for all the work she does.
      Just curious-what are the other sites some of you have mentioned using. I will still use this one, but it  would be good to check out others too for possible more savings??/

      • Kenziesfunluvinfam

        Southern Savers and Hip 2 Save are my two favorites! I like them for totally different reasons! I use SS more for my grocery and drug store deals and use H2S more for the deals that you can get online along with the sweepstakes and picture deals! I really like H2S for the samples also! I admitt I find myself really only coming here for my grocery and drug store matchups. I then can compare my matchups with H2S. I stay on H2S because she is constantly posting a deal! I have seen that if it is a deal that Jenny does post H2S will more times than not have it posted way before SS ever does sometimes a day before! I appreciate everything that jenny does to help save us money! I as you know that she gets money for doing this, but I’m not sure there is enough money in the world that would make me want to do all the work that Jenny and her team does :-) 

      • Staci_marie

        I use SS & IheartPublix.  The only advantage to IheartPublix, for me, is the Publix prices are based on my local market.  Jenny’s site is great, but she can’t possibly get all the prices right when they vary by location.  The information on other stores, the forum, the other misc. details – make this a great site.  

      • Forsavings

        couponing to disney it was in the ALL YOU magazine

      • Yes, if you have some very local bloggers from your area it could be beneficial to follow them too.  It would be more accurate.  Jenny does what she does very well, but she can’t cover every single store and it’s prices.  I use a couple others for stores she does not cover (and shouldn’t be expected to, since they’re so local).

    • Question about the deals at different times. If I go into the store at 10 but there is a deal starting at 12, can I pick up that item at 10 and hold on to it till 12? Anyone know how these work? I have a few things at 10 I would like but some at 12 too.

      • Country

        No. I use to work at Walmart. These items will have managers and other workers guarding these items until 12am. Some are wrapped in black plastic on a pallet and they will not rip off the plastic until that time. It stops people from trying take everything before the sale even starts. You can however stand in line and keep your place until 12am to assure you have first dibs on the item when the sale starts. Hope this helps.

        • It does! Thanks! I haven’t done Black Friday at Walmart before so this will be interesting!

      • Rklee596

        u will have to wait till 12 to get those items. stores r not bring items out from backroom until its sale time. 

      • Nchoneybee

        last year at the Christiansburg, VA wal-mart, they had lines set up in the regular grocery section aisles.  You had to stand in line for the item you wanted, so you had to pick what was most important to you.  They started releasing the items at the time specified on the ad (midnight and 5 am respectively).

      • Numberonestunner7769

        lastyear the walmarts set out pallets in the aisle ways and people would hoard around them walmarts policy is wait till they are cut open at12 yet people will grab and go just to make sure they get their deal

    • I’m kind of confused by the ad.  I’m interested in several things in it, and I’m wondering if these things will be in my local Walmart on Black Friday?  I tried looking up a few things, like the 600 count Canopy sheets, just now and it says “not available” in my store.  I don’t want to waste my time and patience to get there and find out I have to drive to another one 30 miles away.  So, do they get a special Black Friday stock or something?

      • Jessica Dunn

        It might just not be available now but will be on Black Friday. But you may wanna call your local Walmart to be sure. HTH

    • KAW

      Don’t forget that W/M is price matching Christmas ads – you can get the difference back at a later date if you find it cheaper. Keep your receipts and watch other ads…it may pay off.

      • Jennb2005

        it stated on the price match policy that black friday deals were exempt and that they would not match those deals…i know….bummer!

      • Jennb2005

        it stated on the price match policy that black friday deals were exempt and that they would not match those deals…i know….bummer!

    • Jennb2005

      Are these prices good online at the specified times as well?

      • Anonymous

        Online Friday the 25th, per their site :) hth!!

    • TED8365