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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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Is it really cheaper to but things at Walmart instead of using great coupons at regular grocery stores?  Where do you save the most money?

One of the first things we need to figure out in saving money is what store in the best store to be shopping in.  Sadly many of us have grown up thinking that this is a big box supercenter.  It’s been a while since I did a comparison for you so I thought it about time to show the breakdown again.

I’m pretty sure the numbers will speak for themselves on the savings that you get shopping in a grocery store.  I walked Walmart the other day and compared their “always low prices” with Publix and Bi-Lo Buy One Get One sale prices.

If you are new to this, start at the learn to coupon page to learn all about using coupons.

With Coupons
Bi-Lo – B1G1 sale items & coupons: $65.09
Walmart – Same items with same coupons: $107.05
(you save $41.96 in Bi-Lo!)

Publix – B1G1 sale items & coupons: $44.12
Walmart – Same items with same coupons: $69.93
(you save $25.81 in Publix!)

A few notes:
1.  Bi-Lo was having a huge B1G1 list this week which does account for the larger purchase and larger savings over Publix.
2.  Where a store had a house brand B1G1 a similar Walmart house brand price was found.
3.  Remember with most Walmart stores not doubling coupons and not accepting competitor or store coupons, that the coupon savings in a grocery is always better!
4.  Obviously you aren’t going to buy every single B1G1 item, this is just a way to show the numbers.

For many of you that are just starting you still wonder is it better to shop at Walmart if I don’t have any coupons?  The answer is yes and no.  For most deals without coupons your Walmart will price match other stores sales.  So I could get almost every deal at Walmart for the same price as the grocery store.  Remember that they will not price match any B1G1 deal that doesn’t have a price listed.

It is eye opening to see that even if you don’t use coupons, the grocery store sale price already beats the Walmart price!!

Go here to search for coupons.

Without Coupons
Bi-Lo – B1G1 sale items, no coupons: $81.37
Walmart – Same products, no coupons:  $115.83
(you save $34.46 to shop in Bi-Lo or price match)

Publix – B1G1 sale items, no coupons: $59.31
Walmart – Same products, no coupons: $83.71
(you save $24.40 to shop in Publix or price match)

I don’t share this so that we can all spend the next day bashing walmart, I just want you to see the numbers.  I hope this helps you see just how great buying items on sale can be towards saving money!  We don’t want to just make a list and run in to buy what we need, but wait for the best time to buy the items we will use.

If you are interested in learning more about how to shop sales and coupon at grocery stores, check out the Learn to Coupon page to get started!

    • Stephanie2219

      Thanks for posting!  I’ve had a hard time convincing some of my die-hard WalMart shopping friends that Publix is cheaper!  Now I’ve got it in black and white!  

    • Cori

      Plus if you shop at Walmart, you are more than likely going to wait in a longer line to pay more money because all they care about is profit.  They have researched it to figure out just how long they can have people wait in line without walking out so they have the bare minimum in cashiers.  No fun!

      • I believe that Publix is the only store of any kind in the history of the universe that understands that if you build a store with multiple registers, it is possible to use all of them simultaneously, especially during peak hours. 

        • Shera

          I dont have a Publix but that sounds like a great idea

    • Stephanie

      Thank you so much! I was just “discussing” this with my boyfriend yesterday! We’re due for another grocery shopping adventure and he kept insisting we just go to Wal Mart because it’s closest (which its not…publix is, show’s how much he knows!)!! Now I can show him this instead of insisting that Wal Mart may be 5 minutes closer, but we can travel 5 more minutes down the road and save LOTS more! :) 

    • JLo

      I have removed the shackles of all Big Box Stores… if everyone did this we could see a shift in the overall cost of goods AND the way in which their employees deal with the consumer.  I avoid the big boxers because the employees always have the “we have the best deal so what you gonna do about it?” type of mentality.
      Well, what am I going to do about it?  Shop Publix…

    • lakotaloki

      I only shop at Walmart when I have a kick-butt coupon that gives me overage. I use overage to pay towards items I need/want that Walmart sells that Publix doesn’t (like pillow cases, etc.). Yesterday I walked out of Walmart with $1.86 from Walmart. When they change their coupon policy, I’ll stop shopping there. I hate supporting a business that treats their employees like crap and doesn’t allow them to unionize, but the overage I get sometimes is too sweet to pass up. Overall though, Publix is where I get the best savings, for sure. Not to mention Publix’s customer service is a million times better than Walmart.

      • Maggie

        I too love Publix, but I wouldn’t be so sure that Walmart treats their employees like crap. Every time they come to a new town, their job applicant line is huge and it stays that way. And if they allowed their employees to unionize, they probably wouldn’t be able to afford that amazing coupon overage policy that every one loves. I still prefer Publix, but Walmart’s got its place.

      • Chris

        That’s one of the few things I’ll give credit to Walmart for – prices low enough that with an awesome Q you get the item for free with good overage.  I walked out with a lot of donation stuff plus they paid me almost $9 to do it (so that covered my gas to get there).  The place I take donations will love all of the razors, makeup, etc.

      • Jacketfan24

        Just for the record, I have been with Walmart for 18 year, am NOT a manager, and have never been treated like crap.  I have worked in 6 stores, for numerous managers, and although not all stores are created equally, as you see in customer service, they do treat their employees well.  I would never have stayed as long as I have otherwise.  Don’t believe everything you hear in the media about Walmart’s employment.  I still shop at other stores, and take advantage of every sale I can.  When you shop at Walmart, you are not so much supporting the company but instead the people that work there that are trying to support their families, just like you are at any store.

    • JLo

      P.S.  The big box store employees really think they have the best price… therefore they are very arrogant.  If any of you watched Pretty Woman, the scene where she holds up all her purchases in the face of a snooty boutique clerk – is priceless.  I feel that way every time I enter a non-big box store. 
      And it is all in the numbers… Wally has seen a dip in their sales.  Maybe couponing has opened the eyes of many a consumer.  I can only hope and pray it’s so.

    • I agree but only somewhat. What I like to do at walmart, since they allow overage, is purchase my meat and fruit and also lots of items that have coupons that will give me overage towards those. I then use those items (like the travel size) for guest and stocking stuffers.

    • Publix and Winn-Dixie’s ads (especially the latter) will list a BOGO with the price being “save up to $X). That doesn’t necessarily mean that the price of one is equal to the “save up to” price. Publix may have “save up to $4.09” on Fresh Express Salad, but the price at my store may actually be $3.69 for one, saving you $3.69 if you buy now. If you took that to Walmart and price-matched, you’d spend an extra $0.40 because Walmart would have used the $4.09 figure instead of the price at the actual Publix store.  

      Winn-Dixie will lump random products together in a BOGO (like BOGO Post Cereal or Starbucks Coffee as “save up to $8.49). Obviously, the cereal isn’t going to be $8.49 unless it’s some organic Post cereal that I haven’t heard of. Would taking those ads to Walmart and price matching be worth it? I’d say no because you wouldn’t know the price of the cheaper item you’re trying to match.

      In an Orlando, FL environment, the only BOGO ads worth taking to Walmart would be the Walgreens ads that specifically state things like “buy one X for $3.67 and get one free.” However, would that be worth it since you’d probably pass 3 Walgreens on your way to Walmart? I’d say no. 

      I do go to Walmart/Target every once in a while, mostly for fill-in items outside of regular grocery trips, but since discovering this website and others a little over a year ago, I spend less and less time there. 

    • Samara_334

      I agree completely with this, I used to think people who shoped at cvs or rite aid had to be rich, but I am quickly learning it is cheaper to shop there! I rarely go to walmart any more which is also a huge gas saver since my local pharmacies r 2 min away vs. 15 min for walmart

      • bumblesmommy

        i know! i havent bought a shampoo or bodywash at walmart in ages! thanks jenny! i never knew shopping at cvs could be so much cheaper! 

    • Rachel Wofford

      I’m really thankful for the work Jenny does on Southern Savers.  I use her coupon matchups for Kroger, Walgreens, and CVS.  However, it has shown me how much cheaper groceries can be in the South.  We do not have Publix or Bi-Lo in central IL, and Kroger rarely runs deals even close to that good, and never storewide B1G1 deals where you get the awesome deal by using a coupon on the free item.  I have been following Jenny and couponing/stockpiling for almost a year and while I occasionally get excited by a really good mega event at Kroger, I still find that my best deals on staple grocery items are found either on Great Value items or at Aldi.  But I totally agree with the stockpiling hypothesis, that sale prices are where you save the most money, not with the coupons.  I have saved hundreds of dollars a month just watching for those rock-bottom prices!  If someone around here asked me where to grocery shop on a budget, I’d say watch the ads for Kroger and Hy-Vee for good deals, but try to make do with Aldi for the rest.

      • Anonymous

        I know what you mean, all we have here (southern Ohio) is Walmart, Kroger and CVS and our Kroger prices are never anywhere near as good as the prices listed on here

    • Mellys2030

      I have a question how many papers is to much? there is a lady who gives classes about couponing in our area savannah,georgia and she says she buys 11 sundays papers. she appears in our local sunday paper every sunday but a think 11 is too much  what do you think?

      • Jcwiakala_44

        I think the best recommendation is the same number of sunday papers as you have members in your household.  Personally, I feel like I do an excellent job with the stores I have available and I get one paper (for just two of us) and pick up a second when the inserts are really good.  I also have friends who share their inserts with me after they clip their coupons. 

        • Chris

          I would have to agree except when you know there are going to be awesome Qs or a large qty of Qs.  It’s just me but there have been a few occasions where I’ve gone in and bought 10 papers (in addition to the 1 AJC and 1 MDJ I have delivered) – like the other week when there were 5 inserts or when I know there is a high-dollar Q I’m specifically going to use for something (like the free cat treats Q that was out several weeks ago).  If you are buying that way because it is specific then you’re getting the most for your money on paper purchases – otherwise the 2 I have delivered is almost always all I need (like yesterday’s paper).

      • Shelly_n_skye

        I have 6 people in my family and I only buy 4 papers a week. I used to buy 6-8 but I had so many unused coupons left, and I  just couldnt see wasting all that paper.

      • Sharre

        We have a family of 5 and buy 4 papers each Sunday.  Having an even number of coupons for the bogo’s is nice, but sometimes one (or more) of my papers will be missing an insert.  Occasionally I can recoup by printing them off the internet.

    • Qponbrittain12

      I too am a reformed Wal-Mart shopper!  I was tempted by them lately as the Wal-mart that I occasionally go to for things other than groceries have begun advertising that they will follow the store’s of your choice coupon policy.  You just have to let the cashier know at the beginning of the transaction (from what I understand…haven’t actually tried it).  Sounds good except for when you are dealing B1G1 deals.  What doesn’t sound good to me is the crowds, the long lines and 2 of the twenty registers open!  Bi-Lo is more convenient to me, and it’s where I almost always go, especially since they started accepting competitors coupons!

      • bumblesmommy

        i agree.. they never have as many lines open as they need to have and the managers just stand there instead of running a register themselves.. my icecream would be melted by the time i got to the cashier.. lol =)

    • Sparklecat2009

      I know that this does not apply to all Walmart stores but the one close to my home is the absolute worst when it comes to customer service. My blood pressure goes up just driving into the parking lot. I love grocery shopping at Harris Teeter and I buy everything there. They have wonderful customer service and a great shopping atmosphere. So glad that I was able to attend one of Jenny’s classes! DH and I get along much better now that I don’t drag him to Walmart to go grocery shopping after church on Sunday (he had to go b/c I had some issues with being cornered/followed by some of the shoppers…..). I have only gone to Walmart a handful of times over the past year.

    • Maggie

      I love shopping at Publix because of the store atmosphere, but I’ve found that I always end up buying more food than I need (or more importantly, will use) because I want to take advantage of the all the BIGO deals and because I have to go every week because of the sale schedule. I almost always spend less at Walmart, because I’m not shopping the sales, I only go every few weeks so I have fewer impulse buys, and I’m just getting what I need. People who have more spending restraint than I will probably do better at Publix, but shopping at Walmart saves me much more money.

      • Silverluck09

        I kind of do the same thing, but I am rather new to this. So maybe I will get better at not buying every deal every week?? =)

      • Mhhughes

        I have too many items that we don’t really like because of trying to justify driving so far to Harris Teeter.  Shopping Walmart’s mark downs saves me a bunch.  The thing is you have to know their prices and check the items your family likes weekly.  For some reason they have all these markdowns and never advertise it and usually last for a few weeks.  I stock up on Jiff Peanut Butter this way and soups.

    • Shacklefordj

      I have a question.  What  do you think about just buying meat at Walmart?  Is that a good savings or still better at Publix and Bi-lo?

      • Wendy

        Publix is much better imo.  I used to buy Walmart meat all the time, and it just does not compare.  I also found a local butcher with sale prices and quality as good or better than Publix’s prices. 

      • Mindee1975

        I think Publix’s meat is a MUCH better quality than Walmart. The only meat I ever get at Walmart is the Smithfield pork loin (not even a Walmart product but my Publix doesn’t have it) and their angus pre-formed hamburger patties.

      • Squirrelhater

        Tyson or Springer mountain(when have q) chicken @Ingles…..Ground chuck/round at Bi=Lo or Ingles…..Cops,Steaks,shoulders at area butcher…but can also do well on those at Bi-lo or Ingles when on sale…wish we still had a Winn dixie…I remember them as having similar quality to Bi-lo if not better…but we haven’t had a WD in years…never Walmart for me….

      • bumblesmommy

        even though publix meat is more expensive.. we enjoy it more to be honest.. at least the walmarts we have been to dont have a great looking meat dept.. i would rather pay more for higher quality stuff.. that is just my experience though..  with all the money we save on other items, i dont mind splurging on fresh items like produce or meat.  but you might have better luck at walmart.. depend on the amount of money/time with gas and all to get there.

      • Jacketfan24

        Walmart did just change their beef progam and the new stuff is supposed to be much better.  I tried it once (steak) and it was pretty good.  I would never buy my meat at Walmart before, but I would consider it now.  I used to buy at Bloom, but then it changed to Food Lion in our area and the meat is not as good.  Definately worth trying the new kind at least once. 

    • Linzep

      i went to walmart yesterday with a $10 gift card wanting to just get staples and was shocked at how high the prices were.  The eggs were more expensive there than at publix.  THere are diffenetly better deals to be at had shopping the sales at other stores. 

    • Shelly_n_skye

      The Walmart where I live will only price match my competitor ad if the sale price is lower than Walmarts. So if I price match B1G1F and Walmarts price is lower then they give me that price, whch is awesome and I do not know why they do  that because that is not the policy, but Im not complaning about it.

    • Mom2calebt

      I have a question…my closest store is Walmart. It’s 30 minutes away. Do I spend the extra driving time (45 min) to Kroger, Bi-Lo, Ingles? I just started couponing and don’t feel like saved anything. The last 2 times I used my coupons at Walmart, I looked at my receipt and all I ended up saving was tax. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

      • Chris

        You’re going to have to break down and make at least one trip so you have a comparison.  Depending on your area and those store policies you will probably do better (especially if they double coupons).  I would say get the flyers for those locations and plan a small trip or two and use those for comparisons – that will help make the decision for you on what’s best for your wallet and family.  HTH

      • Brjb579

        My local walmart is 6 miles away. My Harris teeter which I never set foot in ever in my life until I started couponing is about 12 miles away. Hands down I will drive the extra every week to take advantage of their sales because they are the best in my area along with Bi Lo which is also further than walmart but it’s on my way home if I go to Harris Teeter so I plan my trip once a week. I think if you try using Kroger and Bi lo you will see the savings add up enough to make the extra 15 minutes drive worth it! Plus I don’t know if your BiLo participates in fuel perks or not, but if it does that will help too!! It adds up quickly! 

        P.S. Did I mention I LOVE HARRIS TEETER!!!! :)

      • Rudydoescakes

        I am in your same situation.  I drove the distance one time and did not enjoy the drive even though I saved.  After coming up with a plan I did this- price matched.  It can be confusing at first, but once you have done it a few times it is sooo worth it.  I put all my normal price groceries first on the belt, then the price match items on the end.  When it comes time for those I tell the cashier I have a list of price matching.  Example.  “This is $$ at Kroger this week.”  And it is very easy for the cashier to type it in.  try it out!

      • Squirrelhater

        Stay outta Walmart…is that an extra 45 min. or extra 15 min.?If 15-definitely worth it…and you can save about $40 on a gas fill up once every 3 months by shopping Bi-Lo..I do.

    • Thebones1

      My Walmart accepts competitor coupons which helps alot and price matching helps or I would never go in that store!!!

    • Anonymous

      I do not have a Publix or Bi-Lo near me, just Walmart and Kroger and personally for me it is cheaper to buy my groceries at Walmart because I always end up buying things that I don’t really need at Kroger just to get the Mega Event prices or what seems like a good deal, I do however love doing my CVS shopping using Jenny’s matchups and that is really the only place I do my couponing anymore

      • bumblesmommy

        i even buy some items like toilet paper etc at cvs now thanks to this site.. which i NEVER thought i would do..  cvs has saved alot of money and allows me to have more wiggle room in my weekly budget for groceries/etc

    • JodyLo

      Before giving up on Walmart, check your local store policy because the one near me now accepts competitor coupons!!  Since Publix changed their policy and only accepts competitor coupons from the two stores in our area that NEVER have store coupons I have been shopping at Walmart and it’s not that bad considering the money I am saving.

    • Anonymous

      We’ve been married for 6 months, and I think I have finally convinced my husband that Kroger is cheaper than Walmart! He never shopped sales or coupons when he lived on his own.  I agree with him that if I have to buy something regular price, it is usually cheaper at Walmart, but there are so few items that I buy regular price! Really, it’s just produce and meat, and the quality of those at our local Walmart is really bad. 

      • lol I’m impressed. I don’t think I could ever convince my husband that kroger is cheaper than Walmart.

        • Anonymous

          I started taking him shopping with me, and explaining what each deal was. When he saw I was getting the cereal he used to pay $3.50 for at Walmart for $1-$1.50 each week, that really helped convince him.  Oh, and the fact that I haven’t paid more than pennies for toothpaste, ever :)

    • Anonymous

      I have noticed at Wal-mart over the last few weeks that they will probably lose a lot of business becasue of their staff not being consistent with their coupon policy. Also, even if you buy an item that you have a coupon for I was told that if the coupon does not scan they will not accept it. I went in a few weeks ago to buy the scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaner that they had on sale, it rang up $10.96 and the manager told me that if I didn’t have the ad I could not get it for that price AND they did not have a copy of their own ad in the store. I am not bashing Wal-mart either because I still love Wal-mart, however you have to be very careful when using your coupons there. I’ve noticed a few of my coupons was not being taken off although it seemed as if they were being scanned and one of the cashiers told me that sometimes it scans but if they don’t hit a key on the register it will not take it off. KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR COUPON SCANS at Wal-mart.

      I find way more saving shopping at CVS and Publix.

      • bumblesmommy

        that is correct on the beeping some coupons make and it seems that they have scanned.. esp printed ones.. sometimes they beep and on the screen is says “$1 off amount ok?” or something similar and the cashier has to press the button to push it through.. some cashiers are dumbfounded and just keep scanning the coupon and i have to tell them what the screen says..  i wish they had more training.. i used to be a walmart cashier when i was a teenager and they  just threw me on a register and i didnt know half of what i was doing..  

    • Rudydoescakes

      I agree totally that grocery stores are cheaper than Walmart.  However, when we moved, Walmart was our only selection:(  I was bummed and almost quit couponing.  My husband told me stick in there and I figured out how to price match to my advantage.  Now, I’m really good at it!  Walmart rocks for me!  Even though they don’t double coupons I’m still in the same price range as I was at Publix and I can get more now in a shopping trip b/c I price match several stores in one trip!  No I don’t bring in my ads, only my spread sheet :)

      • Chris

        Now what about comp Qs?  Their policy says if the Q doesn’t specify a price they won’t take it (ie. a Target Q that says $1 off 1 something).  I haven’t tried because it’s already such a challenge with regular Qs at Walmart.  But it could be a good fall back option if, for example, Target is out of something you could go to Walmart and price match and/or use your Target Qs there.

        Has anyone been able to use comp Qs successfully at Walmart without issues?  I’ll even give an example – the Neutrogena bars that would be free at Target when you use manuf and store Qs stacked (the item is the same price at Walmart so it would be free there too if they take both Qs).  I would be interested in hearing about this.

        • Janessa

          I tried to use a Publix coupon from the “One Stop One Store” booklet last week and they would not take it. I was disappointed too because it would have been a great deal. I ended up not getting the item at all.

        • Lisa

          I’m in Central Florida and my local Walmart will accept competitior’s price specific coupons. Not the X/XX dollars off ones but the 55 cents off kind. However, they will not allow stacking a competitor with a manufacturer. One coupon per item is their motto. This summer I was able to get some items using that policy. One of them was Suave shampoo. My husband does not like “greasy” conditioning shampoos. He likes the basic kind VO5 or Suave, the small bottles (15 oz.) are under a dollar at our Walmart and I used four of the Publix 55 cents off Suave to get them for about 30 cents each. He was very happy and I was pleased with that deal. Another one this summer was the Publix 1.00 off Morton Season Salt. Publix small bottles of seasoning salt were 1.99 Walmart had the same bottle for 96 cents. I took the Publix 1.00 coupon to Walmart. One checker carefully marked each coupon down to 96 cents and the other checker simply took off the whole dollar giving me some overage. I ended up with eight bottles in two trips. This will probably last me all year. My Walmart is inconsistent with their coupon policy but they seem to be trying. The last time I visited them I used the 4.00 Scrubbling Bubbles Toilet Starter Coupon and got three of them for tax only. I keep my eye on Walmart – stopping in about once a month. I feel Walmart has a place in the couponing world – just not a major one!

        • Squirrelhater


    • JenneyG

      You are absolutely right about regular grocery stores’ bogo price being lower than walmart. Both publix and bilo double coupons with matching store coupons on top of that. And walmart can’t beat that. However, there are lots of things I like never or rarely go on bogo at publix and walmart comes in handy in that case since their retail price is lower. For instance, I love ferrero rocher chocolate and nonni’s biscotti. I’m not buying those at publix for sure.

      • bumblesmommy

        i like that we buy most of our groceries at publix.. but walmart has the “oregon chai” mix for alot cheaper and i love that stuff! publix is like $1.50 more expensive, so whenever we are at walmart i pick up a box paired with a coupon.. that is just 1 example..  we also like target cause their market pantry/archer farms brand has lots of neat little meals/snacks that other brands dont have.. too bad our target is 30 min. away..   

    • Zitnikn

      I would usually agree with you, but my wal-mart in Summerville SC is ad-mathing even bogo, taking competior coupons and doubling coupons. They are taking $1 coupon and making it $1.99. I went on Friday and got 254 items for $56.00. They are even going to triple when teeter triples with dollar q’s making it a $2.96 q.

      • Stephanie in Bham

        That is totally awesome for you! That means your Wal-mart is stepping up to the plate in being a true competitor to get/keep your business!

      • Our Walmart in Moncks Corner, SC is doing the same thing! We got $127.99 for $1.96 at Walmart a while back when Harris Teeter was tripling.

      • Julie Casey

        the walmart over on 17A or the one in oakbrook on dorchester? I’ll drive over to 17A if they’re really doing all that – it will be worth the extra gas!

        • Mindee1975

          Good question. I think I’ll make a trial run and see how it goes. I’m surprised most by them tripling when Teeter does. Isn’t the closest one all the way out in Mt. P?

          • Julie Casey

             I think there’s an HT over in West Ashley. They’re going to be putting one in on Dorchester by Wescott soon (next year, I think) – can’t wait for that to open!

      • kap

        Which Walmart is this in Sville? I live there, too. Do you bring in the ad’s to show them the BOGO’s? Thanks!

        • Zitnikn

          the one on north main st. I do bring the ad

    • Brenda Venuti

      As a coupon user now, we have found wal-mart employees are VERY rude when we try to use our coupons there.  Most of them try their best to find a way that we can’t use our coupons they do not succeed.  They even made up lies to my daughter in law, saying you can only use that coupon once a day, that their policy changed that Monday.  She left, called a different manager and he said that was not a policy.  Their problem is they have to many managers.

      • joanna

        so true…most of their employees are not friendly when it comes to the coupons.  they don’t even care if their machine sometimes don’t read the scan coupon that’s why i just bring my coupon to publix, target or somewhere else.  i think kmart is even more friendlier than walmart when it comes to coupons but sad to say some kmart employees are not very knowledgeable about their coupon policy =( 

        • Chris

          Every once in a while you’ll get one that’s just awesome though – like I did Sat night/Sun morning.  She was great, sent folks to other registers so they didn’t have to wait behind me with my Qs, called a manager when needed, and made sure every Q scanned correctly (which we had an issue with at the beginning but got it corrected).  Doesn’t happen very often for sure but they are there.

      • bumblesmommy

        i do not want to bash walmart, as we do find a few deals there a month.. plus they have a big selection of dog food/treats and we have 3 dogs.. and the closest target is over 30 minutes away   but i  had a cashier about 3 weeks ago give me attitude about my coupons as well, trying to tell me information that was completely false and different than their coupon policy..  i even told her that her info was wrong, and i swear she just started making up new “rules” on the spot.  

    • Ausjon21

      Now Piggly Wiggly is doubling coupons up to .99, everyday.  I started to shop at the pig but I still like to shop at Bi-lo.

      • Mindee1975

        Our pig will only double up to 10 coupons per transactions. After that they are at face value. :(

      • Mindee1975

        Our pig will only double up to 10 coupons per transactions. After that they are at face value. :(

      • Shortchikk

        My Piggly Wiggly said they were not doubling coupons :-(

      • bumblesmommy

        we have not tried the pig since they started doubling because we are loyal publix shoppers..  jenny said the piggily in pooler ga is doing this though and i am kind of wanting to shop there at least 1 more time to try it out.. if you have the time and dont mind.. could you tell me a couple of items you bought with this new coupon policy that were great deals? last time we shopped at the pig, name brand items seemed so much more expensive than anywhere else!     i understand if you cant/dont want to though! =)

      • Laurie

        My Piggly Wiggly only doubles up to .50, but they often have the best meat prices in town. Their meat is soooo much nicer than Wal-Mart’s.

    • chowder

      I use both Wal-Mart and grocery stores.  My Wal-Mart strategy is the use larger coupons.  Any coupon $2.00 or above work great, especially inconjunction with a WM sale.  Last week my wife picked up 6 revlon make-up items.  We had 3 $8. off 2 items and ended up with a profit which we used for baby oatmeal. 

    • Letisof2006

      I love to shop at Bi-lo, Walmart’s employees sometimes don’t care if the coupon scannes correctly if not they just played it did. If I am at walmart I know I need to be very careful when checking out if I have some coupons with me. That does not happen to me when I am at bi-lo.

    • Malissa

      The Walmart on I-17 raised prices 20% the moment the recession hit (Savannah). A friend of mine who has worked there for 10 years told me that they sniffed a profit figuring people would run to Walmart when times were tough. I realized that my first grocery shopping trip there in awhile and haven’t been back since! They are also terrible about accepting coupons and make it such a hassle like the Richmond Hill Walgreen’s. I ONLY buy the FREE items at Walgreen’s and then walk out of the store. Those people have to learn some manners!!!

    • Jandrsmith

      Are you talking about Wal-Mart price matching or is it Bi-Lo or Publix?

    • This makes me very proud of the WalMart in Goose Creek. They are always great with my coupons and double them up to $.99. As well as competitor coupons (like ones from bilo and publix). I saved $25 in coupons last Friday at Walmart. I even apologize for taking so much time and they say no problem.

      • Mel

        My Wal-mart does good too. Usually I don’t have problems with them pricing matching or coupons. I just usually get ugly looks for other customers.

    • Kathy

      I wanted to keep my husband out of Walmart as I have been telling him for the longest time that I can do better at Publix BOGO sales and coupons, and for generic items (think canned veggies and tomatoes) I hit the Save A Lot every few months. When my birthday came around and told him I wanted a new membership to Sams’ club (he let ours lapse and would not renew it as he hates having to pay a fee to shop there) he agreed and now agrees with me that I’m saving LOTS of money doing it my way (I limit what I buy at Sams to a certain amount, once a month) and we’re eating darn well.

    • It will depend on what you are buying, especially when it comes to food.  Our family eats in conjunction with Dr. Esselstyn’s diet plan (whole food plant-based diet), so most of what we eat is fresh fruits and veggies and homemade whole grain-based foods.  I can always get frozen veggies for cheaper (with or without a coupon) at Publix or Bi-Lo, and I stock up when they are on sale, but the fresh stuff seems to always be cheapest at Wal-mart, with a bigger selection. 

    • Allie

      Thank you soooooo much for writing this! I love my Bi-Lo. My husband sometimes shakes his head at me when I stock up on B1G1 items at Bi-Lo like toilet paper or cat food or whatever else it is that week.. but if I was shopping for the same things at Walmart that week I might be paying double! Walmart is okay for some things, but I usually stick to Bi-Lo with all my coupon shopping. The added e-coupons are great too. I might stop in to Walmart 3 or 4 times in a month.. and that’s just to check out clearance items, food that I can’t find at Bi-Lo, or for a holiday/gift/etc.

    • Kristanley

      As a person who’s family owns a single independent grocery store, it it’s nice to see that someone has done their homework and presented an open and unbiased account of a comparison of Walmart to other stores. Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      My wal-mart does not need a listed price.  They do B1G1 at their price, but you do have to buy 2. 

      • Our Walmart doesn’t but that because Winn Dixie’s BOGOs don’t list the price per item.

        • Crystalgoodwin3

          Our Walmart will price match B1G1 without a price listed. Even with a price listed, they still use their own price for the B1G1 deals. I do much better price matching at Walmart then running all over town, especially since I live about 40 miles from any grocery store

    • Suzy

      Wal-Mart will only price match competitor’s ads.  Competitors are only local stores.  For example:  There is no Target locally, so they won’t price match their ads.  I haven’t tried Publix.  (There isn’t one in the same town, but one in the next town about 15 miles away).  That is a bummer for small towns that don’t have a lot of competition.

      • I’m in the same boat. With Save Rite gone, we now only get a local grocery chain, Winn Dixie, Wags, and Rite Aid flyers. But with that being said, I still try to find the best deals with each according to time and money. If there’s something I want to ad match, that’s better for my time and distance since it’s closer, Walmart gets some business. But if I have coupons that qualify for doubling, I’ll go to the local chain and double with the sale items. Not every shopping  trip will be awesome savings. Just try to do the best you can with the stores you have. For longer trips to CVS, Winn Dixie (which isn’t in this town BTW), and Target, I look online and decide if it’s worth traveling a longer trip with a cooler.

      • Crystalgoodwin3

        Walmart is suppose to price match any ad within a 50 miles radius.

        • Anonymous

          Is this stated anywhere that I can print it out and take with me to WalMart?  There is one Walmart I shop that won’t honor an ad from another town and I know it’s not 50 miles away.  Or is this up to the store manager to decide?

      • Mel

        Our Wal-Mart and Target are about 30 miles apart and they price match them.

    • Hocuttriverrats

      Thank you so much for all of the work that you put into helping me provide for my family.

    • Bhumbl4him

      This is all great if you have a BiLo or Publix. Since moving to north Texas from SC, where we don’t even have HEB, Walmart is still the cheapest place to shop.

      • Hildawins

        I am from San Antonio – I really miss HEB!  They had the greatest soup kits!

        • belaglik

          HEB? That must be a new chain. I lived in Texas (DFW) from 1975 to 2000 and I don’t remember that one. 

    • Mnogin

      I tried price matching at Wal-mart.  The process was sooooo painful and slow.  They did it, but what an inconvenience!

    • Lauracoupondiva

      completely agree….!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I shop Winn Dixie!

    • Ftk

      There are still many items that Walmart beats the price at Kroger and our local state grocery store (Marsh).  We are fortunate to have a Target and other big box stores that keep prices in check, however I agree that Walmart is not competitive on many items.  If you have time the best strategy is to shop 2-3 stores, including Walmart, for the best overall grocery bill.  Cheers!

      • liz

        I like Marsh. Their store brand products are better than Publix’s.  Wish they’d move out of Indy and down here to Georgia, though!

    • Anonymous


    • Dutchayers

      Walmart is cheaper on SOME items. But if I do large grocery shopping there I spend WAY too much money! Plus, I am not fond of their meats. 

    • Dixiegirlinafrica05

      My husband and I just blew our weekly budget last night on just a few items to tide us over the week since I wasn’t planning on doing any coupon shopping this week (need a break from it).  We both left the store just shocked how so little could cost so much.  I think my husband has a new appreciation for how well I do with coupons. :)

      • Hildawins

        I agreee – it almost feels foolish to go in without a plan and Q’s.  I carry them in my car now in the plastic bill sorters and keep them in a recycle bag!

    • Squirrelhater

      AMEN!!!!Publix,RiteAid,Bi-Lo,…and even Ingles beats Walmart every time.What’s funny is–the few times I’ve been to any Wal-mart in the past 5 years or so was SOLELY to buy an(or some)All You’s that I in turn use at  the nearby Publix,Ingles,and Bi-Lo.I have probably bought 50 All You Mags and have yet to use a single coupon from them at any Walmart…not because I hate the inconvenience or treatment I receive at EVERY WalMart(which of course I do),but because I get more value at every single other store than a WalMart.They have the buying power to change things,but they never will.Walmart values NOONE’S business.They figure their  volume will negate the need for fast or courteous service or honest advertising.For years they have been right.I’m so glad that’s starting to change.Don’t take Jenny’s word for it-compare yourself.I did…more than 8 years ago….haven’t been back(‘cept for AllYou).

      • Hildawins

        Funny user name – I just found a squirrel tail on the porch (thank you Ronin).

        I also agree with you above – when I quit WM I shopped only at Kroger, with deals and coupons I did really well.  When Publix opened I did even better – BOGO with coupons, and store coupons can’t be beat.  Last week I spent $230 and paid $106 at Publix.  The manager had to be called as I had more coupons that items!  It felt wonderful – they are so happy to accomodate coupons – much nicer that Kroger – but I go after 11 pm and have got to know the night checker well!

      • APKQueen

        I would like this comment 1,000 times over if I could.  Amen Sista!!

    • Annricehackett

      I’m just getting into couponing, so I was just asking myself this very question.  Thanks!!

    • Margieb6844

      And on top of better price at Publix you do not have to wait forever to check out either.My time is worth something too. Publix is always so nice to customers and will take you groceries to the car too if you need help.  Also sometimes even regulare prices are better also.

    • theresa

      Our Wal Mart in Moncks Corner doubles coupons up to .98 (20 coupon limit on each transaction).

    • Tess54

      Our Summerville, SC Wal Mart doubles up to .60.  Trial period…but I’ve heard
      that it’s going well.

    • Deblee3

      On the other hand, if you don’t HAVE Bi-Lo and Publix available, or any other store that doubles coupons, Walmart isn’t so bad.  I get the specials I need at Food Lion, then do the rest of my shopping at Aldi and Walmart.

    • Mistysd7

      When I coupon at grocery stores, I end up buying something that is not a necessity simply because it is on sale and/or I have a coupon.  I end up spending more that way.  At WalMart, I may spend more on a few items, but I don’t buy things I don’t need and in turn end up spending less and getting what I need.  Also, my hubby is more jealous for my time than he is worried about saving a few bucks.  So he’d rather me go to the place which takes the least amount of time.  And for me, that is always WalMart.  Of course, we’ve always had a pretty conservative grocery budget so either way we aren’t breaking the bank.  In my experience, it seems like couponing is more of a hobby and without safeguards in place can easily become an obsession.

      • I have the exact opposite problem. I end up buying so much junk at Walmart, where as if I go to Publix or Bi-lo I always stick to my list…and everything on the list is a lower price than I could have gotten it at Walmart. I would rather walk out of the store (any store) with a buggy full for $25 vs. a few items for the same price.

    • Anonymous

      My Wal-Mart strategy is to go there for anything that I have a coupon for $.50 or more.  My local Kroger will double my coupons up to $.50 so those items are always cheaper than Wal-Mart.  I’ve started going to 2 drug stores, 3 grocery stores and Wal-Mart pretty much each week.  I was price matching at our local Wal-Mart but they are becoming a pain to do that with and last week I had major issues using my coupons, it took forever, instead of just scanning them and going the casheir felt the need to read every coupon, checkout took right at 1/2 hr.  I was so aggravated I told her to give me my coupons back and put the stuff back on the shelves and I’d do my shopping elsewhere, amazingly she decided to speed up.

    • Krysti N Ky

      I agree that you can save on very few items at Wal-Mart. Until I got into couponing I would have NEVER walked into a drugstore thinking I could save money, but even their sales beat Wal-Mart’s hands down. I also would have never even priced certain items at a grocery store like detergents, shampoo, cosemetics, etc…But some of my best deals on those items have came from a grocery store.
      After I first started couponing, (just a few months ago), I bought a notebook and made catagorized lists for different brands on items I use every day. I took my notebook to Wal-Mart & started writing down non-sale prices. More in an effort to dissuade myself on buying sale items elsewhere because I truly believed that Wal Mart was the cheapest way to go. I proved myself wrong :)
      We do not have a Publix or Bi-Lo anywhere nearby, but I save a lot of money at Kroger. I can also save at Food City every few months when they have a huge sale or mega event.
      Wal-Mart is def. not the way to go if you want to save the most money.

    • Diana, SC

      In the Summerville, SC area, Wal-mart is testing new coupon promotions.  They are doubling any coupon up to 99 cents.  If you have a coupon above a dollar, they will even deduct the additionl 99 or 98 cents from your total.  They will do comparison pricing for other stores, but NO B1G1 specials.  This is not being advertised.

      I only found out because I had a 50 cent coupon for heavy duty tape & thought the best place to buy it would be Wal-mart.  They were doing an unadvertised triple coupon weekend.

    • Ncrockhound

      I disagree. I’ve been couponing for about 6 months now and I still buy a lot of stuff at Wal-mart. Often the prices listed on this site do not match the actual sales at the stores I go to. Sometimes there is a huge difference and even with a doubled coupon at the grocery store I can still get the item for less at Wal-mart. I also have to figure in gas costs. Wal-mart is 2 miles away. The next closest grocery or drug store is 6 miles away. The grocery store I prefer to go to is 8 miles away. I have to estimate how much traveling an extra 4 miles or more is going to save me. Sometimes it’s not worth the extra gas. Another point to consider is the size of the inventory of the store. All the local grocery stores here are small and when there is a big coupon event if I don’t get there early on the first morning of the event I’m out of luck. The items with the best coupons sell out very quickly and are slow to restock because the stores aren’t big enough to carry a large inventory. Getting a rain check doesn’t help if the triple coupons are over before the item comes back in stock. I’ve been very disappointed few times due to that problem.

      To get the best savings I have to do my homework before I leave home. I have to check the stores websites to get the sale prices at my local stores and then check here for coupons on what I need and then check the after-coupon costs against the local Wal-mart prices which I have pretty much memorized on the things I buy often. Some weeks the grocery stores win but sometimes Wal-mart still has them beat. The most important thing I’ve learned about couponing is that it not only takes work to make money but it also takes work to save money.

    • Carolyn

      I wish you would compare Food Lion with Walmart, please,

    • SB in Florida

      I just want to say Jenny I love you for having this website! :)  I look at it everyday!
      However, I used this as a “base” I do ALL my shopping at Wal-Mart. Since I live in Florida, double couponing doesn’t really matter to me. So saving money is easiest at Wal-Mart since they will accept all the surrounding stores ads (even Save-A-Lot and the Dollar Tree) and thier everyday low price is sometimes better then the grocery store. I got Lloyds BBQ for BOGO from matching Publix ad, Publix price was 5.98, Wal-Mart everyday low price is 3.49, had 2-$1.00 coupons and got both for only 1.49 instead of 2/3.98 if I had went to Publix.
      Again, thank you Jenny for your hard work into this website!

    • Kriscarbone

      I also took a pen and paper to shop at both WalMart and Publix. My saving on 20 items was $17.00 by shopping at WalMart. I am not a hoarder and do not stock pile items because there is a coupon. Most of us are the same, I think. We do not have 20 bottles of pasta sauce in our pantries, 12 cans of green beans and 45 boxes of cereal in our child’s closets, OR enough razors, soap and tampons to last until the end of time. I shop mostly for fresh items (don’t believe in boxed food and processed crap) I don’t buy 18 jars of peanut butter, 24 cases of soda, bags of dog food even though I don’t own a dog, or 25 boxes of diapers. I shop for what I need for that week and I save money at WalMart. I don’t know about you, but I can do the math and I am saving money. Just on those 20 items, I would have spent over $17.00 more buy shopping at Publix. Just sayin’.

      • bruu

        I’d like to think that the people who do have stock piles are thinking ahead like myself, you know like what if i lost my job or my spouse did or if one of us got hurt and couldnt work. That would be when the stock pile comes in handy. And as for the people who buy items they dont need its for overage on items they dont have coupons for.

      • Jacketfan24

        Walmart’s prices are almost always cheaper than the grocery store’s regular prices.  They have never claimed to be lower than the sale prices; that’s why they are willing to ad match.  I work for Walmart, and I still shop at Bilo and Publix for those sale items.  I am proud of the company I work for, and shop there for the things that NEVER go on sale.  If they ever do start doubling coupons, I will go there for everything. But until then, I have a family to support on my income alone and couldn’t do it without this site.  I really do appreciate Jenny’s asking everyone to not bash Walmart…I have done comparisons for work purposes between Walmart, Publix, and Bilo REGULAR prices (not sale items) and Walmart beat both stores by about a $25 margin.  That being said, I’m very grateful for their sales! 

    • NewEngland Guest

      This site makes me want to live in the South.  I live in New England and where I live the only grocery store besides the Super Walmart (only opened two years ago) is a Shaws.  Shaws just never has as good of sales as I see posted here for the Southern grocery stores (which I’ve usually never even heard of).  Except for B1G1 sales Walmart even beats out Shaws sales prices most times.

      • Anonymous

         Do you have a Stop & Shop near you? I used to have some success when I lived in Boston, especially during the Dollar Doubler weeks

    • Esyke623

      I usually buy the sale items at grocery stores, and save wal-mart runs for items that never really go on sale anywhere, and very seldom have coupons.  Walmart does tend to run a little less than grocery stores for non-sale items.  If you can, it’s nice to take the best of both worlds . . . but it does take 2 stops in a busy Saturday.  If you’re saving money, however you do it, good job! :)

    • Akabman

      Walmart is generally my barometer, if the grocery store isn’t running a sale, they are generally cheaper. I compared my last trip at Harris Teeter to Walmart and found that I saved 37% over Wal-Mart. To me you have to have some base so that you know you are really saving. Some bogo are not as good as some other stores everyday price. Your site is great in helping me decide where to shop

    • AD

      Thanks for putting into black and white something I pretty much already knew.  I’m thankful that I have the choice of being able to go to Publix and Bi-Lo, not to mention Kroger, Food Lion and Aldi.

    • theresa

      The only reason for a person not to consider having more than they need—-they have no thoughts of helping other people who have a need. I’m always connecting w/families who are burned out/single mothers who are struggling, etc. As long as you aren’t willing to serve people, there’s no need for you to have a supply of ‘more than enough’.

      • Lclarke2

        It’s always a good idea to give to others, but don’t get on people for stocking up! 

    • bb

      if anyone lives in Charleston,SC …the wal-mart off of bees ferry will honor any grocery’s store b1g1, or price match, they also are now doubling coupons up to .99 cents !!
      they do not require you to bring the add in, you just have to tell them where its at and what the sale is! wal mart has won me back, it beats running to different grocery stores to get the sales, i can get them all in one place


      • SC_Jen

        I’m a CSM at the Bees Ferry Road store — and on behalf of all of us working there, I would like to say “thank you – we’re glad you’re back!”  If you have any coupon troubles there, ask for me – I try to stay on top of the changes – and will be happy to help if I am working at the time! :)

        • Chris

          Now why can’t other stores have ppl with this kind of attitude!  If I could get this response at the stores in my area I would shop there more often!

          • Anna Barker

            Agreed. It sounds like they have good management that enables employees to take care of their customers. I live in Arkansas, home of Wal-Mart and refuse to shop any of their stores.

      • foximoxie

        Wow that’s great news! I live in Summerville SC and shop the Main Street WM as well as the Rivers Ave and St James Ave stores..all three of those stores double coupons up to .99 too which is awesome! I’ve had the good fortune for the past several months to not ever need a sales ad when price matching either. It seems as if our Charleston Walmart stores have had a complete customer service, coupon policy and ad match guarantee overhaul for the better!!! So kudos to Charleston area Walmarts! 

    • Susie

      Walmart will take “cents off” competitor coupons but not and amount off a “total.”  My Publix accepts Target, Winn Dixie and our local “smaller store” coupons.  They don’t double those but will double up to $.50.  I’m fortunate, I have Walmart, Publix, Winn-Dixie, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens all within a mile of each other.  I STAY OUT OF WALMART.  I HATE them.  The READ  every coupon and if they don’t remember a specific item, they pull it out of the bag to view it BEFORE they even scan a coupon.  If a coupon scans, you have the item. 

      Walmart doesn’t have the BRAND selection the grocery stores has.  They will not match a BOGO unless it has a “specific price.”  Winn Dixie and Publix are smart.  They don’t list a SPECIFIC price, they state save UP TO an amount and Walmart will not accept that. 

      I often get a Catalina for an amount off a purchase at Winn Dixie and if Publix has a great sale, I use it there.  Walmart is cheaper on SOME items but not all.  They NEVER have sales and I refuse to buy meat there.  Their produce doesn’t last as long and all the Walmarts I go in (total of 5) have the smell of sour milk when you open the freezers.  Grocery stores all have UNADVERTISED sales which Walmart will not match.  You buy sodas, chips and snacks on sale at grocery stores MUCH cheaper than Walmart.  And believe it or not, my razor blades (both female and male) are cheaper everyday at CVS than Walmart and that purchase applies to my Beauty Club Rewards. I average $5 ECB with that every 4 to 6 weeks.

    • I rarely enter WalMart but sometimes they serve me well. If I need thread, a plant, and a bag of popcorn I’m going to WalMart … but that’s just me being a little lazy and keeping my driving to a minimum. Also, if I need a bag of beans or another staple that I’ve not seen on sale at Publix I’ll swing by WalMart, their store brand prices here are pretty good. But it’s true they never beat a sale price. And their clearance prices pale compared to Target. And I can’t recall a single time I’ve been in line and not wondered why the heck I was shopping there, after swearing to never enter their huge doors again.

    • ACW

      …and it’s a 20-minute round trip to get to our Wal-Mart… I haven’t bought anything from ours in almost 4 years…

    • Does anyone know what Walmart in the Columbia, SC area has started doubling coupons?

    • belaglik

      There are certain items that I almost always buy at Walmart because Bi-Lo never puts it on sale and there are rarely coupons. One is the cat litter I use, which is Arm and Hammer Essentials. 
      Unless Bi-Lo has a good price on cheese, I will usually get a big bag of Great Value brand. I really like the shredded colby jack! Same for things like fresh produce. If it’s on sale at another store, I will probably get it there, but if not I will get it at Walmart. 
      It would be nice to see a comparison to Aldi. Of course, it would mostly be a store brand comparison, but that’s okay. It’s hard to find cheaper bread anywhere. 

      • Chris

        A suggestion for pet supplies:  use PetSmart if you have one in your area.  They price match any competitor (including Walmart) and take all competitor Qs (including Target store Qs).  I did this the other week and bought $220 worth of supplies for my 4 cats and paid $90 after all Qs and price matching.

      • Amy

        I haven’t checked Wallmart recentlly on the store brand cheese price, but last I checked it was more expensive to buy the larger bag than the smaller bag.  Most of the time I have found the Target store brand cheese to be less expensive plus there is almost always a Target coupon for the cheese.

    • Wanda55

      Thanks so much for all your hard work! I agree with you about Walmart. I only go to Walmart if I can’t find it any place else. Our Walmart prices are so much higher than other places. I check your Walmart sale prices each week & after several trips of going in with coupons & a plan & coming out with nothing I’ve stopped shopping there. Our Walmart is always 50 cent to $1.00 higher than prices you list on here. 

    • Emily L.

      I wish there was a Tops Supermarket down in the South. I could shop there with no coupons for a family of 5 for $100 a week. Walmart’s coupon policy stinks! They didn’t take my coupons for $3.00 off  any Johnson and Johnson product because it didn’t say manufacturers coupon on it,  although the coupon had a mailing address to the manufacturer. How stupid. Walmart’s meat is terrible, especially their deli meat. It expires much sooner than Food Lion r Kroger’s.

    • Nikfour

      Yay! Love this post. I can usually find better deals at Publix with BOGO’s and coupons. People argue with me and tell me how wrong I am  saying that Walmart is the cheapest! I usually find it such a hassle to go to Wmart…..one of the major things being the CHECKOUT lanes. There are 25 lanes but 2 are open and the rest are self checkout. It is so much more of a pain because you do not have someone bagging your groceries like they do at Publix!

      • Sandreca77

        Iwork for walmart i been a manger there i still work there imjust a stocker now but on somethings its cheaper but most of my moneyisspent at kroger they double up to 50 cent as many as ihave or miejer they double your first 2   but  there are somethings i get cheaper at walmart and with my discount i really get good deals sometimes it just depends on the couon and the item

    • Carlahodges72

      When I first started I was like “Walmart, Walmart and Walmart” but I have to say Publix is the best place to shop and even if it wasnt I Hate the way they treat you at Walmart. Weather the prices are higher or not I would pay more to have great customer service! :)

    • Woodwardg

      thats great, but I have no where else to shop, except food lion

    • Seanmart

      Anytime I take a coupon to Walmart I expect a fiasco! Last visit as a courtesy, I wrote in a price for the item on a B1G1 coupon I had. The cashier had told me that the coupon had been used previously because of this and said she couldn’t accept it. She wouldn’t listen to my explanation for my doing this and basically accused me of stealing coupons to reuse!  After a heated discussion and finally a chat with the Store Manager explaining why I had wrote the price in (poorly trained cashiers, mainly) the accepted my coupon. Of course, this made my short visit there that should have taken 15 minutes at most almost a 45 minute ordeal! Needless to say, Walmart is now on my official list of stores not to purchase ANY coupon items for. I’d rather pay twice as much elsewhere than to be embarrassed and treated like I was!

    • MPWeston

      I find the best deals by shopping around – I’m no longer loyal to one store as most of the grocery, big box and drug stores in my area carry the brands my family uses most.  It’s whoever has the best sale/coupon combination that wins my business.  I will say, though Wal-Mart could do a better job of training their cashiers.  Even the ones who have been under their employ for some time.  I had a cashier get pretty hateful with me last week saying she “might lose her job” if she takes all my coupons because “the store eats the expense of these things you know”.  I asked her to read the fine print on the coupons so she would know that her store would be reimbursed for each coupon tendered plus a handling fee.  Her store was actually MAKING money by me shopping there.  Even after she read it she still huffed/puffed ringing out my purchases.  I can put up with a little rudeness to save upwards of 80% on a shopping/couponing trip!