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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RMN = Retail Me Not
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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publix vs walmart

Last night I decided on a whim to head to Walmart and get prices for all the deals that are buy one get one this week at Publix.  Yes, it was a crazy whim especially hauling three of my kiddos with me.  The reason though is to help show you know where to shop.  So many folks out of habit head to Walmart without even looking to see if other stores have the better price.  Hopefully these final numbers can help open a few eyes!

Background To Both Stores

Publix everywhere other than FL and NC doubles coupons that are 50¢ or less everyday.  They also accept local grocery store competitor coupons (each store decided who is a competitor to them).  Publix also has a ton of store coupons that can be used with manufacturer coupons.  Lastly, Publix works with Upromise to offer extra savings on top of all the other coupons used.

Walmart accepts manufacturer coupons.  They don’t double them, they don’t stack them with any other store or competitor coupon.  Walmart does not have any store coupons.  They do however price match any local competitor within a 50 mile radius.  In Florida only they price match BOGO deals at the Walmart price (every other state will price match these at price listed in the competitor ad).

The Test

I compared Publix buy one get one deals with the Walmart “always low price”.  Seeing how much you would save if you just used coupons in Walmart vs. Publix and how much you would save if you price matched all the Publix BOGO deals in Walmart and used coupons.

The Results

Drumroll please…

If you out of habit just went to Walmart and bought two of everything that was buy one get one this week at Publix (using coupons but not price matching) you would pay $222.78.

Buying two of the same items in Publix, with coupons, would cost $119.62 in states that double or $123.42 in states that don’t double.

That’s a savings of $103 to shop the same items in Publix!!

Now, for the folks that are up for price matching.  This means you head to Walmart and get the same items and price match the bogo sale at Walmart.  In Florida this is done at the Walmart price, every where else this is price matched at the price listed in the competitor ad.

Walmart Florida Price Matching  – $97.94
Publix Florida – $123.42

Walmart Price Matching (other states) – $131.86
Publix other states – $119.62

I was actually shocked at the Florida savings to be in Walmart.  You may also be.  Keep in mind that this doesn’t take into account having any competitor coupons for $$ off a total purchase (like the Winn Dixie $5 off $30 coupons).  Every where other than Florida though, Publix still wins.  That is where the doubling of coupons, and store coupons all play in that Walmart won’t do.

*note I have you buy 2 because it is required to buy 2 of a bogo in Florida

    • tina

      i am die hard publix all the way. i do not know about florida (i live in alabama) but it is a nightmare dealing with the cashiers at wm here. they hardly will take any of your coupons they argue about price matching and it takes about 30 minutes to check whenever you go. i do not shop at wm and do not plan to go back. i am publix all the way. i know a lot of people that are not as fortunate to live close enough to a publix so wm is there only option, i hate knowing that these people are put through ordeal after ordeal just to save their family money. this was a great article.

      • Wilbur-ameerah Hunter

        I’m also a die hard Publix fan…i live in Florida. I wish the stores doubled coupons, but even without the doubles, we still get great deals. I hate Walmart…the cashiers are rude, don’t know how coupons work and the service is horrible. I’ve had to tell a “so-called” supervisor how to use coupons and it should not be that way….I did a transaction at Publix today and was owed money back with no problem….had this happened at Walmart, it would have been the equivalent to WW2!!! Publix all the way!! (Thanks again Jenny for all that you do!!)

    • There is no way I could stand price matching that many items at Walmart. They are so slow and unaware that they even offer this option. The cashiers need to take a coupon class. I will pay more to shop at Publix just for the convenience and customer service.

    • Cerena Levene

      I could only imagine standing in line at Walmart Nightmare! I LOVE PUBLIX and SouthernSavers.com and Jenny Thank you for the great homework!

    • ega268happy

      I live in Florida and I rather pay Publix price because the service is worth it!

      • Abby Schiera


    • Sarah Wamuhiu

      Oh how I wish Publix was an option for me, I’ve only got good old Walmart plus Ingles to pick from (thank god Ingles has decent deals)

    • Love Publix

      The Walmart locations in SC and NC that I have visited have never been coupon friendly. In most cases they are just rude so I do not shop Walmart no matter how great the deals. I LOVE Publix and can not believe the coupon flyers and deals they offer! I’m deff a huge Publix supporter!

    • tommy

      repeat after me… wal mart will make me broke…. wal mart will make me broke, And, I will get bad service from a poorly dressed, often smelly, and mostly not friendly cashier if I shop at wal mart. I choose not to be broke but happy. I will choose to shop where I am treated like an asset to the store. I will shop where I feel I am respected. I will shop at Publix always where I can get tremendous deals on name brand products. So once again class, repeat after me, wal mart will make me broke. I choose Publix every day.

      • Abby Schiera


      • guest

        Totally agree tommy. And you left the part out about how people are attacked in broad daylight at Walmart and you are much safer at Publix! In the last two weeks, we have had 2 strong armed robberies in broad daylight in our Walmart parking lot.

    • lisa cronan

      I am just learning how to do this and i need all of the help i can get. i have been just using a few coupons but now i’m really going to learn how it is done.

    • kzellner

      I love Publix for many reasons. I cannot even imagine trying to get a clerk at Walmart to price match. They barely want to ring my groceries. I am thrilled to see that Publix wins in the end. No matter how it turned out, I would have continued to shop at Publix. Customer service is worth a lot to me.

    • Abby Schiera

      Hate Walmart! I refuse to shop there. I only do Publix and I also like Target.

    • kelle mccarthy

      This does not surprise me at all. Whenever I go to walmart I always feel like I am getting ripped off. Publix on the other hand, I always end up with so much more groceries for less money, hands down. Publix= Where shopping is a pleasure.

    • Save1more

      Last time I shopped at Walmart here in FL for a few groceries I was amazed at how lousy their prices were. Granted, if I had price matched I could have saved some $$, but I always shop with $5/$30 coupons at Publix, and the shopping experience at Publix is so much nicer.

    • Guest1

      Was wondering if someone could help me out with Florida coupon policy? I coupon in SC but I’m trying to help my dad save money and he’s in Live Oak Fl. Does he have to buy 2 products to get the BOGO? What competitors do they take? Will they take 2 Q’s for BOGO’s? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

      • Guest1

        And to answer the question. Hands down publix wins!! Love Love Love Publix!! Great customer service is everything if you don’t have it you don’t get my business.

      • He will need to buy 2 of a BOGO deal in Walmart or Publix. Publix will always take two coupons on a bogo, but Walmart it may depend on the store/cashier. As for competitors that will differ by Publix as well. Trying to remember the other stores in the Live Oak area… my guess would be just Winn Dixie and Save a lot (and piggly wiggly if they are still around there).

        • Guest1

          Thanks so much!! This helps alot!!

      • Nadine Lynn

        I believe all Publix stores have either cards by the sales ads telling what competitors that specific store takes or the info on poster form by the front window. For instance the one by my home will take WD, Target, and Sav-a-lot coupons but the one by my job will in addition take Whole Foods coupons.

        • Guest1

          Thanks so much for the help!!

    • FL resident guest

      I’m in FL and I cannot wait until an Aldi opens up right next to my Walmart. They are opening 20 in my county, I believe. The Southeastern FL Aldi regional warehouse is being built right next to a SuperWalmart. I hope Aldi takes Walmart down! Maybe at least they will start to realize that poor customer service, inept employees, being clueless on coupons and price matching and all the other things that store does will hurt them. I have given them a fair chance, and Walmart fails every time. Talking to management at the stores does no good either. I’ve even tried calling corporate. They don’t even return calls. I will spend the extra $25 at Publix on those items in a heartbeat!

      • The bad thing about Aldi (or at least my store) is that they will have 5 registers but only 2 will be open…just like Walmart.

    • Beth

      My Walmart refuses to take coupons printed or from the Sunday paper (even the ones I’ve printed from their website). I refuse to shop there. My husband goes every once in a while but I will do anything not to shop there. I love Publix!!

    • Olga

      I shop at both! While it’s true that the service at Publix is better, I haven’t had that bad of an experience at Walmart. I rely heavily on price matching at Walmart for produce (my family is vegetarian) and items that aren’t BOGO at Publix or have coupons. I live in Florida but I still love to get my BOGOs from Publix because I use the WD $5 off $30 coupons.

    • Lisa

      A few years ago, I made a Christmas Dinner shopping list based on dishes I wanted to prepare with no regard to tailoring my list to items on sale (I wasn’t using coupons at the time so this is strictly sales and regular priced items). I price checked @ Bi-Lo, Walmart, Publix and Food Lion. If items were on sale, ok, I wrote down the price noting that it was on sale and used the sale price towards my total bill. I found that for items on sale, Publix was the cheapest (remember this is without coupons so how much more is this true with coupons). Publix regular price was highest. Walmart regular prices were the cheapest. Bi-Lo and Food Lion didn’t have enough items that I bought on sale to even be in the running. I don’t have hard #’s any more but I found it most cost effective to buy sale items @ Publix and non-sale items @ Walmart. This is even more true with coupons (I live in TN).

      • Vameado

        I do non sale items at Wal-Mart too…but sales and coupons, I can’t beat Publix. I/we also won’t eat any meat from Wal-Mart so I mean JUST non sale, same name brand, items

    • Never_Speechless

      Up here in Massachusetts I find Walmart to be the most expensive place around. Prices starting going high about 5 years ago I noticed. Cheaper at my local Market Basket instead. Or stop and shop with double coupons.

    • Tracey

      I have found for me it’s cheaper at Walmart, I do price matching, coupons, etc. The extras I buy at Walmart, the extras they have like plants, certain health and beauty, vitamins and such, make up for paying more for the same thing at Publix. I can get everything in one stop, even non-food items. So for me, in the long run, it is cheaper at Walmart.

    • NurseSue

      We vacationed in Florida and went to Publix to pick up some things. I loved it! I just wish we had Publix in the Raleigh, NC area! I try to avoid Walmart at all costs. They aisles are always packed with stuff that needs to be put away and they have 28 check out lines and never have more then three lines open!

      • Malikah Alif

        They are building a Publix in Cary. It is going to be on high house road.

    • Teresa H.

      I just go to Publix, even though Walmart is 5 blocks away. I like the meat WAY better and don’t have to price match. It’s just my preference.

      • guest

        I only do price matching at Wal-Mart on B1G1 sales because my Wal-Mart will match their price. I always buy my meat at BI-LO or Publix. I have a hard time getting all the coupons so I feel like I am better at Wal-Mart price matching.

    • kath

      I LOVE my Wal-Mart. I get all my BOGO’s at Wal-Mart prices. Lays chips are always $2.68…at Publix – $3.99. Breyers ice-cream is $2.98 at Wal-Mart…$5.99 at Publix. Cereal is WAY cheaper at Wal-Mart then add coupons to the low prices…jackpot!! Wal-Mart also accepts $10 off $50 coupons from Publix (the couple if times Publix has them). They also accept Winn Dixie $5 off $30. I also get to use 2 coupons on BOGO’s. I have actually used the $10 off $50 on 2 fishing poles. The cashiers at my Wal-Mart go through competitors coupons so they already are familiar w/ the “deals” that week. They match CVS & Walgreens as well!!
      I go to Publix for Boar’s Head meats…that’s about it.

      • Christina Hill

        Wow that is awesome that they will take competitor $/$ coupons!

      • dabossladii3

        true walmart has good prices u walking in and seeing but those chips 3.99 when on bogo at publix they actually $2 and with all those coupons u just mentioned u get em cents off a dollar so technically publix has great deals u just have to kno when to shop and just go for bogos also using price match at walmart is not so bad dats all i do at walmart i just did a $300 shopping haul at publix and only paid $9 oop i am certain no matter how many coupons u use at walmart u wont get the deal i just did ..i think it comes down to each couponer has its own favorite location they comfortable shopping and they chose there mine will always be publix ..its my comfort zone and i know my way around the dealz and the cashiers are nice to me ..

      • Judy

        Yes I see it exactly the same way. Breyers ice cream is $3.38 at my store and $5.99 BI-LO. So I price match a B1G1 sale and get them for $1.70 each and there is never a coupon for this. You can’t beat that even if you had a coupon. The comment below is saying the chips at Publix would be $2 but the same chips at Wal-Mart would be $1.33. (B1G1 sale). I always do price matching at Wal-Mart on B1G1 and get non-sale items at walmart. Then I go to BI-LO for my meat or items that I have coupons for that will double and be cheaper than Wal-Mart. I love price matching at my favorite Wal-Mart they use their price and it is like hitting the jack pot. Now I have a Wal-Mart closer to me, but it is a nightmare!!! They recently stopped using Wal-Mart’s price and use the ad price, so I have nothing to gain there, in that case I would not shop Wal-Mart either. I would just go to bilo and get the B1G1. This store also questions everything. I do hate this store, but my favorite one is awesome, as long as they match Wal-Mart’s price I will keep going there.

    • court

      I recently moved from tn to fl, trying to get used to having to buy 2 bogo items instead of them juat taking half off 1 item. My question is, why wouldn’t the same chain of stores have the same policy no matter the state?

    • Nadine

      I’ve shopped & tried price matching at Walmart before with the B1G1 sales. Everytime was a hassle. The first time I was told they had to have the sales add on hand to match prices…. Publix doesn’t put their ads in either the papers or mailers. So if you don’t have the ad with you, it’ll take a bit longer to pull them up on your phone because getting a signal in the stores is slim. I’ve taken ads in there and had to show the cashier each and every item in the ad. I then offered to leave the ad to help with the next person who may also be price matching and the cashier & the CSM both refused. The last time we tried, there was someone in line ahead of us price matching a B1G2 laundry detergent sale from CVS, they had coupons for each item as allowed but with Walmarts prices they turned out to be money makers. Sounds wonderful right? Not if your the next person in line just trying to price match grocery sales that aren’t money makers. As soon as they were done with that person, the CSM (customer service manager) told the cashier, “From now on no more than 1 coupon per matched sale. If they have a BOGO then they can only use 1 coupon for it.” I had the policy printed out and in my hand as soon as I heard that but they didn’t care. Instead I had the girl cancel out my order and we went to Publix. (my future daughter in law was working at the next register so this caused quite a bit of drama in our home) I’ve sent emails and made phone calls to Walmart Corporate office but I have yet to receive any sort of response or see any changes. Yes Walmart’s coupon/price matching policy looks nice on line, but once you get to the store, it’s whatever the CSM is in the mood to accept. It can and will be changed at the drop of a penny.
      Both of these instances that I’ve mentioned have happened at 2 different stores both located on the westside of Jacksonville.
      If you look at the incident that happened at my daughter-in-law’s store, there is no way the Walmart is cheaper when you use coupons.

      • guest

        I also have had bad times doing the price match on b1g1 sales. I try to always have the ad and I circle the item and I set my items on the counter in the order they are in the sales paper to try and make it easy. One time I had a cashier that didn’t know how to do price match and so he charged me once for the items and then charged me the b1g1 price so I really lost but I went to customer service and they had to totally rescan my Oder and refund me the difference. It was very time consuming. I also had my least favorite wal=mart refuse to match Publix they said it has to be within 25 miles and I was sure it was, (it is 23 miles) but they would not do it. So I don’t even go to this Wal-Mart anymore, my favorite Wal-Mart will price match B1G1 at Wal-Mart’s price and it makes it worth the hassle, I save a lot of money. But if this Wal-Mart stops matching using Wal-Mart’s price then I would not have anything to gain by price matching there, I would just go to BI-LO or Publix. For now this Wal-Mart still matches to their price and I have a few cashiers that are easy to deal with and will even tell me that something is on sale that I didn’t know about.

    • Sara

      I’m curious how much of that was boxed/processed stuff and how much was whole foods(meat, veggies, dairy, etc). Coupons only seem to be helpful if you eat a lot of processed, carby foods. Publix tends to always be more expensive on things like fruit, veggies and meat, with very few exceptions.

      • The “junk food” argument is one of the biggest misconceptions about using coupons. I’m on a low-carb diet (aka I don’t go down the aisles much) and I manage to do well in traditional grocery stores. There’s also coupons for personal care and household products too.

      • dabossladii3

        publix always has store coupons running on how to save on fruits and veggies in the healthy flyer i few weeks back they had a coupon buy 3 boxes of kellogs cereal witch was on sale for $1.99 there were mfr coupons save $1 and save $2.50 on fresh fruit so u would end up payin few dollars and get 3 boxes of cereal and fruit almost free if u buy enouh and throw in the target qs and the save 5/30 winn dixie … theres ways to get healthy foods in target not just processed ..

      • Wendy

        Yes most BOGOs are processed. But there are plenty of good deals on healthy foods too. We rarely go down the center aisles but Publix does have weekly sales on meat, BOGO salad greens or cut fruit, nuts, olives, etc. You just still shop the sales for whatever produce and meat is available and if possible top it off with competitor coupons. Publix Baby Club has great whole food $1 off coupons too if that’s applicable to you!

    • Christina Hill

      The Walmart in Adamsville, Alabama will actually price match bogo sales at the Walmart price too!

    • Laray

      Have you heard of savings catcher. You enter your walmart receipt within 7 days of your trip and they check all deals at all stores and reimburse you with the best prices. So it will go through all of the ads for you even (cvs, family dollar, etc) and find the best prices on everything and send you an email. I wonder if that is a better deal. You don’t have to go to several stores, etc.?

      • Claudia Cruz

        i have heard several bad raps about that. the most complaints i see is that it will not take your receipt. it denies it so i honestly don’t no why they even have it if they don’t except all your receipt that you put in it.

    • Cathy Hendrix

      the walmart in simpsonville south carolina matches bogo

      • guest

        Yes they do and they use Wal-Mart’s price which is why I drive to this Wal-Mart even though it is a little farther for me. I save a lot of money price matching BOGOF sales from other stores.

    • April

      I would had never guessed walmart is cheaper. But it doesn’t seem that much cheaper so for the better customer service at publix I’ll pay that little more.

    • Andrea Dugger

      I price match produce at Walmart every week because I have two family members that have allergies to most raw produce except for berries, grapes and tropical fruit. Very expensive allergies so every week I go through and make a “shopping list of produce best deals”. I only shop produce at Walmart but it helps to not have to running around so much. (Tonight I bought 2 big bags of grapes and 2 lbs of strawberries and a bunch of bananas. These will only last me a day and a half so I am constantly shopping for produce.) Other than produce I go to Harris Teeter mostly and soon I wil be able to go to Publix. One is being build around the corner from my house in NC. I can’t wait.

      FYI, all our bogo don’t have prices on ads–I assume Publix’s put the price so that is good to know.

    • Susie

      I would never go to Wal Mart – I feel it is not a safe place to go. It is not worth any savings to go to Wal Mart. The clientele is not what I want to deal with and I am not standing in line with any of these Wal Mart crazies to check out. I would much rather go to Bilo, Food Lion or Publix vs Wal Mart no matter what the cost is. Peace of mind is worth a lot to me!

    • Crystal

      Does anyone else have
      Problem with Walmart taking
      Coupons after they price match? One of my local stores told me they were not allowed to
      Do this and it cost me a lot of savings!!!

      • pdnr

        Mine price matches AND takes coupons. You should print out Walmart’s coupon policy and take it to customer service.

    • Valerie Little Molloy

      Publix in SC at least in the Hilton Head area do not double coupons!
      Wish they did. Wonder if any in SC do?

      • kaoscasa

        Yes……..Upstate SC does!!

      • annette

        I think Charleston sc does double

      • Mel

        Yes, Lexington and Columbia areas do!

    • thecouponpops

      Great post of the TRUTH behind who has the BEST deals! To Valerie, both my area Publix will double up to .50. Our Walmart?….like going to war! Publix and Bi-lo rule! :)

    • Sharon

      You’re only comparing what’s on sale at publix. What about other items that publix never runs on sale? Who’s cheaper then? Need to take 10 or 20 items that’s not on sale and compare, like milk, bread, cheese, eggs, bacon, etc… Necessary items

      • kaoscasa

        I absolutely agree. Publix is much higher on regular items. But our stores are nice (both WM and Publix). Upstate SC. and new WM. I much prefer BiLo to either one though.

      • pdnr

        Lexington, SC Walmart is nice and has a few helpful employees who go to great lengths to help me with coupons. I buy non-sale items like milk and bananas from them and then go to Publix just down the street to buy the rest of my groceries.

      • Wendy

        Publix does have sales on those, and sometimes coupons too. Cheese and bread are on sale every week. Overall though it comes down to: are you going to go to Walmart for those few items and Publix for all the rest of your groceries? If that doesn’t bother you, you can note your common items and the cheaper store for each as a general rule.

    • tennessee shopper

      Walmart in my area are “not allowed” to try to scan printables if they don’t scan the first time. I ask why? Its our policy, she said. looked at some of my coupons and said “these wont scan”. I ask how do you know? they are in black and white, she said. Walmart is not user friendly to anyone except if your swiping a card. So sad we don’t have a huge full service store that is out to help the consumer.

      • mandy

        I have the same problem and vowed to never grocery shop there again. My last straw was when I bought a welch’s juice and there was a coupon ON THE BOTTLE for that bottle and the lady said she could not take it. I asked why, she said cause they dont match. I told her it matches verbatim, word for word and even the picture on the coupon. She said she just could not take it?!?!?!? Walmart cashiers need to get better training on coupons.

        • Mel

          I actually did go in Walmart today and had a peelie that wouldn’t scan off an OJ container. They kindly took it, manually but said that of all coupons, the peelies NEVER scan for them. I have had several instances tho where Walmart and even Target have accused me of copying coupons or them not being valid because they didn’t scan. Very sad that they have this approach. BiLo and Publix never do this and go out of their way to help me get the most bang out of my coupon bucks.

    • CeCe Ford

      In response to the comments about price checking items that are every day items i.e. bread, milk, eggs etc. There are frequent sales on those items at Publix. There are often bogos on name brand bread with current related coupons
      . I am military spouse and prior to my husband retiring we always shopped at Commissaries. He is now retired and we do not live near a Commissary. I spent time analyzing who had the best prices. Hands down Publix always won out. I am not an extreme couponer and I don’t purchase items I don’t need.
      Publix has great advantage buy flyers than run for two weeks and if you watch, they have a pattern regarding their coupons featured in the flyers. Sometimes there are coupons for free eggs, milk or dollars off meat when you purchase a related item. You can match up related manufacturer coupons that can be stack to really boost your savings.
      Jenny is right. I started following Jenny almost four years ago and I have done the comparison myself. I save far more at Publix than I do at Walmart or even Kroger.

    • carolyn090

      from florida back to georgia. i am only going to share my exp. with wal-mart v/s publix wal-mart is cheaper on last minute and everyday items(granted you dont have a coupon or are trying to price match)in general if your coupon doesnt come out of the newspaper it is suspicious (i have to run 2 calculators price with coupon ,price if the coupon isnt taken). every time i have a printed coupon a csm has to be called over to approve it.and the price matching policy is to inconsistant at best. if i go in and have all my prices matched and am able to use coupons check out has taken 30 minutes or more,for me it is to much hassle. when i shop at publix i can usually get the same cashier see the same friendly faces. i know without question that everything will go smoothly ,and exactly what i will pay for each item.yes it takes more work to get the big savings but this is work i can do in the comfort of my home not standing in line with a mad cashier and mad customers behind me wishing they could do bad things to me. before i gave up couponing at wal-mart my husband would ask where i would be shoping that day “i’m going to battle walmart” it honestly felt that way.i think if you want the best service and are willing to do the extra work to get the best prices publix and the like are best. thats is what this site is for after all.if you dont use internet printables and tend to do alot of last minute shopping then wal-mart is for you.

      • C.c. Convi

        I just got back from a trip to the Publix that just opened up in Rock Hill, SC. Spent $20.79 for $54.43 worth of items including a couple of items without a coupon. Both the cashier and the lady bagging the groceries were amazed and had lots of “Wow! You did such a good job! You saved more than you spent!” Very rarely do you get that kind of customer service at WM. Very rarely! You’re lucky if you just get a grunt and no visit from a CSM. I’m so happy Publix has come to Rock Hill! It’s worth the 20 mile drive each way! I can’t put in enough exclamation points!!!

    • Oh boy

      Whoa! Walmart in Florida will not accept a manufacturer coupon for the free item! You can only use one manufacturer coupon on BOGO. So, if you have a 0.75/2 coupon you CANT USE IT.

      • leaw

        In Pensacola/Gulf Breeze we can use 2 coupons

      • leaw

        In Pensacola/Gulf Breeze we can use 2 coupons

      • kevin

        I have not come across a central Florida wal-mart that says we cannot use two manufacturer coupons with a B1G1 deal.

      • sundrop474

        I used two coupons today in NE FL as well. Unfortunately, I don’t think Walmart has a consistent policy on this issue.

      • GraysMommy

        I always use 2 coupons on the BOGO deals matched at Walmart. Never had any issues.

    • Judy

      My Wal-Mart is SC will price match to walmarts price on B1G1 sales. That is why I go there and price match B1G1 deals and buy non-sale items.

      • nanjeff

        My SC Wal-Mart has stopped B1G1 at their prices. Now they go by the store price of the store that is offering the B1G1.

    • Makaria Lynn

      I am not sure why anyone would want the misery of shopping at Walmart. Even if I didn’t coupon
      I would get most of my groceries at Publix. Good customer service, clean stores and accurate prices are worth it.

    • Twash

      Publix hands down is a better deal. They double up to 50 cent and accept competitor coupons on top of that. Our Walmart won’t do BOGO. OH we’ll, their loss!

    • Me

      You kinda forgot to mention, there isn’t any “junk” in Publix. I mean even if everything came out the same at both stores. Walmart spends billions every year to market people to buy stuff they don’t need. Everytime I walk into Walmart I feel compelled to buy decorations, I didn’t even know I needed before going in. :)

    • ctrinkle

      A Publix just opened near me in Matthews, NC. Since I am new to shopping Publix – do you have a tutorial somewhere on shopping at Publix? I tried to find it, but didn’t have any luck. Thanks!

    • annette

      when i started couponing over 1yr ago i bought items not on sale at walmart, now i am fully stocked buy almost nothing at walmart anymore except adult beverages Publix is the best and luckily my wm and publix are in the same shopping center (hardeeville sc)

    • Sheryl

      I go out of my way so that I don’t have to shop at Walmart. Even if I have to pay a few dollars more in the long run it’s well worth the customer service I get at Publix. Customer service desk is right as you walk in the door at Publix and I’ve had many questions regarding a product that they’ve advertised, but don’t have in the store. They’ll go out of there way to find a product similar and substitute and still double my coupon. There building a new Walmart about 5 miles from our home, but I still plan to shop at Publix!!!

      • practicality

        Agreed! Walmart leaves coupon policy up to their local managers…my local store had a couple that embodied the “war on the poor”. I heard every excuse for not taking printed coupons…so stressful, I rarely go there now. WM here will NOT accept coupons on price matches (the only item I price matched was such a hassle–they even called the other store while I waited!) Worse, they read every word on each coupon–looking for any reason to not accept them…YUCK!

        • Sandy

          I agree with you Practicality. It’s ALWAYS such an inconvenience to use coupons at Walmart. No matter if their printed coupons or not they will most likely give you a hard time. I think the cashiers are not trained well on accepting coupons and the managers are no better. At Publix the cashiers are always friendlier and well educated on the use of coupons. Not to mention how clean the stores always are. I absolutely love Publix mainly because of their level of customer service!

    • Nicole

      I wished my Publix doubled coupons (mobile, al). No matter, I still love to shop there all the time. I love Publix!!!

    • Chris Graham

      Publix is so much more coupon friendly, they accept competitors coupons, and they allow you to stack coupons. I feel I save so much more with little hassle at Publix. At Walmart, you have to ask for the ad to price match everything. Takes a lot more work at the checkout.

      • Lisa

        I totally agree.

      • Shane Douglas

        Not true. Try Wal Mart Savings Catcher.

    • BD

      Walmart is NEVER worth the minor difference. Just look at the documentary on how they treat their labor force (both in US and abroad) — no amount of savings is worth that. Plus, it’s always a hassle, WM never seems to have the products that the deals are valid for, and their employees are ruder than rude (treating customers like they are inconvenient). Publix is well worth the the small difference — although generally I save 70% at Publix, so I don’t believe WM would ever be cheaper.

      • Shane Douglas

        Yeah, Wal Mart treats their employees really bad. I don’t work at Wal Mart but I have a friend who is a Wal Mart Cashier. His yearly bonus was $1800,00. What was your bonus this year?

        • 3bettins

          Mine was 3 times that but it’s irrelevant to the subject being discussed. Why are you so bitter towards folks that don’t like Walmart? I only shop there if there is no other place to get what I need when I need it- usually late at night, lol. That portion of my taxes that subsidize the average Walmart store is enough money to give to the Walton misers.

    • Bri

      I LOVE Publix! They are great & super friendly. I try to only buy what is on sale. We call Walmart “Devil-mart”. I go there to price match produce, specific OTC meds & deli sandwich meat. It’s way too easy to buy junk you don’t even need while there. We have a joke at my house that it’s $50 per hour to enter Walmart. The longer you are there, the more you tend to spend. I do have a few really sweet cashiers @ WM that don’t give me a hard time for trying to save. I play by the rules & they know that.
      One interesting thing I noticed here at my local stores- Gerber puffs are $1.98 at WM, but Plum Organics puffs are $2 @ Publix. Those are the regular shelf prices. Why oh why would I buy the standard ones for a mere 2c savings??!? This tidbit made me even more hesitant to head straight to WM for savings.

    • godsgirl0505

      Thanks for doing this. We have JUST gotten a Publix here, and although I will have to “learn” how to shop there. I agree with how you shopped though, and I go to your website and usually shop Harris Teeter the same way. Yes, you may save on some things at Walmart, but for the most part, with coupons and stacking, etc., the stores can be the cheaper way to go!

    • Melissa

      Thank You. I have considered price matching at walmart but only if it is with a coupon more than .50 cent. I hate to lose out on a double coupon. Walmarts prices hardly ever match to what is shown online so it has been Publix for me for everything.

    • blazo

      all the b1g1 is processed garbage food you should not be eating anyway. ironically walmart has cheaper and better vegetables, , meat and basic cooking products than publix. this is at least for the ones in Florida. I think this is the case because of a faster turnover and catering more to Hispanics that tend to eat way more veggies and home cooked meals. . if you buy a lot of named brand or b1g1 like canned soups, frozen pizzas, processes bread and pastas and salad dressing then sure publix might be better, but it’s not real food.

    • Melissa Strong Fraley

      In Florida Walmart may be cheaper, but their produce is cheap – as in poor quality and usually begins to rot within a day. That is not less expensive at all. Also, Publix has a MUCH better reputation for how it treats its employees…just wish Publix would be willing to join the Fair Food program with regard to tomatoes.

      • Shane Douglas

        In my area Wal Mart has the best quality produce compared to Publix, Food Lion, Harris Teeter and some local owned grocers. I’ve never had any Wal Mart Produce rot within a day. I don’t believe you have either.

    • momm619

      walmart doesnt price match b1g1 anymore?

    • Joan 3048

      Walmart stopped price match on BOGOs the beginning of October.

    • Teresa

      I admit that I usually shop at walmart and only go to publix for the B1G1 deals. I don’t get the newspaper and I don’t chase after it on Sunday mornings anymore either. I use mostly printable coupons when I have ink to print. I do love publix but find many of their prices on everyday items to be too high compared to walmart. For example, today my dh is on his way to see if a certain brand of dog food that I need is bogo and if it isn’t he is going to walmart to buy it instead because there is such a big difference in price, like $3-4. My other issue with publix is meat prices but even walmart’s meat prices are high except on chicken breast. I cannot afford meat at publix, I buy it at BJ’s instead (beef and pork).

    • Linda

      WalMart in Florida where I live has stopped the BOGO price match!

    • betsy

      Your test is skewed from the beginning. The results only are worthwhile if you actually use those bogo items and only those items. I don’t need to buy all the Publix bogo and I wouldn’t buy two of everything at walmart, or Winn Dixie or Publix for that matter.

      • Teresa

        I agree. Try buying the items on your normal grocery list and I think you will find Walmart is a lot cheaper. I go to Walmart for things like paper goods, soda, snacks, cleaning supplies and I go to Publix and pay a higher dollar for the things that I like better there- meats, produce (but even with produce I buy apples, grapes and potatoes cheaper at Walmart)

        • You Can’t Catch Me

          Check out Aldi if you have those in your area. Nobody can beat their prices on produce.

      • Lindsay

        In Jenny’s defense she says you should “stock-up” on things whine they are at the lowest price so that you don’t have to run out and buy things when they’re not on sale.

    • Meredith

      Florida walmart no longer match bogos at wm price, they stopped about a month ago. Also not all of GA doubles (common misconception among bloggers). South GA does not double, something about being in FL district. FYI

    • Lisa

      Publix doubles up here in Cartersville, Georgia. We are just north of Atlanta on I-75.

      • Lisa

        Oh and my savings at Publix is usually between 50 to 70 %

    • BamaNana8

      Wal Mart does have a “new” perk.. Called Savings Catcher… Download the app for free, when you shop,there, you scan your receipt on the app, and they match it to stores within the area. If it is found that an item could be purchased for a lower price at one of those stores, they give the difference back to you in a gift card. Refunds can add up quickly. I have only scanned about 10 receipts and already have a credit of over $13.00

    • Susan Edwards

      I tried price matching at Walmart and decided it wasn’t worth the hassle they make it for consumers. You have to wait for a manager to come be called (which can take as much as ten minutes), and then they scrutinize the add so closely for every single item. I wound up walking away feeling like they thought I was some kind of criminal simply for making use of a policy they created. Now I do my shopping at publix. And get better savings while I’m treated like a valued customer.

    • janice g

      Jenny, what is the announcement that Wal-Mart will start matching all black Friday ads I guess tomorrow afternoon.

    • Amy Starr

      Florida no longer price matches bogos

    • You Can’t Catch Me

      Walmart in my area now has a new program where you register online and then enter in your receipt numbers. If a competitor is selling the same item for less, they will send you a gift card for the difference. So, you don’t have to keep up with competitor’s prices or tie up the line at the register having the cashier price match. However, I have yet to remember to enter in a receipt and I doubt that Walmart watches the competitor pricing very closely or is very good at actually matching items and sending out the gift cards.

    • You Can’t Catch Me

      I have noticed that Publix BOGO is mostly only processed foods. So, it doesn’t really help us that much since we “shop the perimeter” and stay out of the middle.

    • Shane Douglas

      This so called ‘shoppers comparison’ is a bunch of lies. Wal Mart has savings catcher. After signing up free for the savings catcher service a person enters their email, a password and the reciept number. Wal Mart checks all stores in your shopping area, including Publix specials, and gives you the price difference between what you paid at Wal Mart and the sale price other stores in your area charged for an identical item. In the last 3 months I have received and cashed a Wal Mart e gift cart for $78.14 and I have not clipped a single coupon. A person can use the e gift card at a Wal Mart store or at walmart.com.

      • Linda Fassnacht

        That is based on the priced without the store coupons. It is not a bunch of lies. When you add in the store coupons, there prices are much better than walmart. And a lot of the time, the savings catcher does NOT catch a sale. Also, they are no longer price matching at the Publix price for BOGOs, but the Walmart price

      • Cassien

        Saving Catcher doesn’t catch BOGOs with no listed price.

    • Lynn Howell

      I did the Publix vs WalMart challenge when it first came out. I paid $6.57 more at Publix. However I found everything I needed at Publix because they keep the shelves stocked. WalMart had many missing items. Publix is a much cleaner store. WalMart is not. Publix has better produce (have pictures to prove it) WalMart has extremely ripe produce that turns bad quickly. I have no idea where those commercials for fresh produce come from because it’s not here. If I try to price match at WalMart, they make it VERY difficult. Customer Service is hands down better than WalMart. I may pay a few dollars more at Publix but the savings in other areas far out weigh it for me to shop at Publix.

    • aegaggbw

      I live down the street from Walmart so it is very convenient. I can’t that store. Customer service is horrible. The store lay out is horrible. Coupon policy is meh. Publix welcomes me as a customer and has the best coupon policy around. Their store is always clean and the employees seem to enjoy their jobs. Double coupons and competitor coupons definitely make it worth the extra time to go to Publix. Plus, shopping really is a pleasure there. I can’t say that about Walmart.

    • prplante

      Walmart will no longer price match BOGO”s. Here is the article from October 3, 2014
      Walmart stops matching Florida competitors’ buy-one-get-one offers
      Here is the link. http://www.tampabay.com/news/business/tourism/walmart-to-end-bogo-matching-policy-in-florida/2200575

    • K
    • P

      Publix is horrible. It’s not convenient. It’s not cheap. Price is way more important than customer service to people that aren’t rich.

      • I think you meant to say walmart.

    • Rob Eno

      Why do I get the feeling that this blog is run by the Publix marketing department? Publix is the most expensive grocery chain in the US.

    • JS353535

      I was in central Florida over the holidays and had to shop at Publix since it was the only nearby grocery store. It is by LEAPS AND BOUNDS the most outrageously expensive grocery store I have ever set foot in. In fact, I shopped at a “luxury” grocery store in Paris and it was cheaper than Publix, even factoring in the euro-to-dollar conversion. Everything is easily 25-30% higher than the Smiths and Albertsons I typically shop in where I live (in the southwest). My wife was appalled at the prices in Publix. Sure, it’s a nice place to shop and everyone is friendly and helpful, but I would honestly rather have worse customer service and much lower prices.

      • alohr

        Agreed…..I don’t use the items that are on sale and I am in fl… walmart wins for me

    • Wrestlerswaydotblogspotdotcom

      Your argument has major flaws. Bogos at public are great IF it the item is something you needed to buy anyway. Otherwise you’re buying a bunch of things you weren’t setting out to buy in the first place and that’s how they get you. You’re not really saving on a BOGO if it’s an item you weren’t setting out to buy initially. Otherwise you’re actually increasing your bill with items that weren’t on your shopping list just because there’s a deal on it. The real test is side by side item for item prices. I could go to my local Wal Mart and buy a gallon of milk for $1.47. The same gallon of milk at Publix is $2.99. I can get a Digiorno pizza at Wal Mary for $6.99 while at Publix they’re charging $8.99. Publix is easily the most expensive standard grocery store in my area and it’s not even close. But I still love shopping at Publix because generally the quality of the meat and fresh fruits and vegetables is much better than Kroger and Wal Mart. Also you can shop much more peacefully at Publix (at Wal Mart it’s usually a madhouse where customers rudely block aisles knowing others are trying to move by them. You also don’t have to worry about super slow check out lines at Publix. At Wal Mart in the evening they close down all but like 2 registers creating super long lines.) You also get workers to offer to bring your groceries out for you and to load into your vehicle. I’m willing to pay a little more at Publix for a peaceful shopping experience, better quality meat and produce, and faster and nicer customer service.