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good price on bath tissue

This week a few of you asked on our facebook page for help figuring out toilet paper deals and savings.

There are some tricky parts to figuring out saving on bath tissue aka toilet paper.  First there are so many different size rolls and packages.  Double, Mega, Big, how do you make it so that you are comparing apples to apples??  The number of sheets will vary even inside a brand between soft and strong types, so it is best to look at the square feet per package rather than sheets.  For the average couponer though it’s tough to spend 3 hours staring at the toilet paper trying to figure out which package is best…

For me, I follow a two rules and then look for deals accordingly:

We are very brand loyal with toilet paper, so it must be Charmin or Cottonelle.

Mega rolls don’t fit in our toilet paper holders… so we always go with double rolls.

Now pull all the deals from the item search for “bath tissue” that is what all the grocery stores call it, so that’s what I call it in lists.  Because I’m brand loyal I’ll even put “Charmin Bath Tissue” in the search so that I’m only looking for what I want.  For today though, here’s a look at every Bath Tissue deal this week.  I put a This is a great deal. Stock up! next to the top deals when you look at price per roll.  In general you’ll see that most of them correspond to deals that were $5 or less per pack of 12 double rolls.  With some brands being cheaper than others.

Long story short, look for the best deals to be deals that give you something back. Like the Kmart or CVS $10 back when you buy $30 type deals.  Stock up on paper goods those weeks and take advantage of the extra savings!!  Rarely do we purchase paper goods in a grocery store because of these deals.

    • CJ

      I also get TP deals at Staples. Charmin 16 double roll is 6.99 this week, used $5/25 and 20% off breakroom item from their flyer this week and paid with Staples rewards I had gotten from the batteries.

      • Karrie Leverett

        I also got mine at Staples. and if you break it down to 32 single rolls I only paid .13 cents a roll! They took 20% off each one, plus the $5/25 and I also used 4 .25 coupons from this weeks P&G!

        • Rosalie

          My husband bought 4 charmins using this deal a few days ago after I read about it here and told him. He cut 4 20% off coupons out of the weekly flyers he got it the store. The $5/25 coupon wasn’t in the paper version, but it was in the online weekly flyer. It said you could print it out, but I just copied down the coupon code, gave it to him over the cell phone and he gave it to them. It all worked just fine. Then I decided to go back and do the same thing today. I didn’t want to cut out 4 more 20% off cpns, so I just wrote down the coupon code for that one and took both codes with me to Staples. When they rung them up it only took the 20% off of one pack of toilet paper. I basically argued with the manager until I got it for the price we had gotten before, but he said the 20% was only supposed to be for one item, then he said only one per person. He also said the $5/25 cpn was only if it had been indivually emailed to me and I could give proof of that.

          • Rosalie

            That’s such bull because no where on the fine print on the 20% off cpn does it say one per person, visit, transaction, or anything. It just says one coupon per item. And the $5/25 didn’t need to be mailed to me cause it was advertised in their flyer which is on their website that anyone can go to. Anyway when you do bring them printed out coupons, all they do enter the coupon code on the coupon into the register, which proves that the coupon code is what they need to make the deal work.

            • Rosalie

              I did, however, see some fine print at the bottom of the $5/25 cpn that said the $25 min. purchase could not consist of items where other discounts apply, so maybe that mean they weren’t supposed to accept both coupons together, but the manager never brought that up, so that’s his problem.

      • jennifer

        I just got back from Staples doing the same thing. Got 1 pack of the Sparkle Paper Towels, and 3 of the 16pk Charmin. Used 5/$25 and leftover rewards- paid $10.31!

      • ADI

        On the online Staples ad, it only shows 15% off coupon. How did you get the 20% off coupon on breakroom items?

        • Rosalie

          Are you looking at the current ad or the upcoming ad? When I pull up the weekly flyer, the upcoming ad (the one that starts on 1/6/13) comes up. I have to click “current ad” to see this week’s. That’s an incredible deal on toilet paper. I didn’t have any rewards to use toward the purchase, but got the 4 16-ct charmins for $17.36 before tax (makes it $4.34 each which beats the charmin pictured at the top of this blog which says $4.99).

          • Rosalie

            Also, it works out to only 27 cents per roll.

    • Mindy

      I have always gone by the $.01 per sq ft rule. If you look at the front of the pkg and see what the sq ft is, and multiply that by .01, that is the amount you should not exceed. It’s tough to get the price that low, so if it’s anywhere in the close vicinity, I buy. Another blog has this Amazon deal listed today: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007UZNS5W/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B007UZNS5W&linkCode=as2&tag=quebeecousav-20. In my opinion this is not a deal. Sq ft on these packages adds up to 938.4. So I wouldn’t want to pay more than $10 or so for this. Yes, like I said, it’s tough to get the price that low, but that’s always my goal and when I find it that cheap, I really load up. Going by sq ft makes it easier than trying to think about double, mega, etc.

    • Cricket

      Thank you for posting all toilet paper and paper towel deals. Although I am like you as far as TP, it must be Charmin or Cottonelle, I do share the deals with family and friends.

    • jo

      Just wanted to mention that the fluffy soft types of tissues are a plumber’s dream.These types tend to be hard on sewage and septic systems for clogging. Not trying to discourage anyone but this is true. Try to opt for thin sheets to save in the long run

      • Terri

        I agree. I said I’d never use Scott Tissue, but with six children and no extra money for plumbing problems, we use Scott. It really does last so much longer.

    • Question for Jenny – when I use the “Search Current Sales” link and enter “Scott” as my search term, it doesn’t show this deal for Target:

      Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue, 24 pk. doubl roll, $9.99
      (good through 1/12)


      We are brand loyal to Scott Extra Soft and this is a great deal in my opinion!

      • That was an error on our database side. I just fixed it and the deal should show up!

      • mum2girlz

        Hi, Shannon–we too are loyal to Scott extra soft. Certain other TP’s clog up our toilets. Do you know if there is a coupon for the tissue?

    • Kimberly

      This post was well timed as I’ve just discovered I’m out of toilet paper and was wondering where to stock up. And I’m always confused by the “big rolls” and “double rolls”, so you’ve answered a few questions for me today. Thanks!

    • elainehn

      I just wanted to put in another good word for Scott Extra Soft … LOVE IT!!!!!! If you’ve never tried it … give it a shot if you find a good deal. I do NOT like ‘regular’ Scott tissue at all … but the extra soft is great … and the rolls last sooooo much longer than most of the other brands. Angle Soft is my absolute LAST choice.

      • homeschoolbookmom

        Curious..what’s wrong with Angle Soft?

    • Dawn

      Don’t forget about Amazon’s Subscribe and Save. I got Angel Soft Double Rolls (48 count) for 21.50 with Prime, Subscribe and Save and the coupon that you “clip” underneath the description! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009EQ3MBK/ref=rcxsubs_mys2_product_title

    • kristina

      I second the Scott Extra Soft…It is not anything like the regular Scott. I always get tp at Walgreens. We r a Cottonelle family most of the time due to the great deals at Walgreens on this. I pay around 2.50 to 3.50 for the 12 roll packs they have depending on sale and coupons available. They r the cheapest I have found for Cottonelle. Haven’t seen any good deals lately on tp there though:( That is about the only thing I will buy there anymore due to the crazy changes.

    • lil A’s mom

      I have 2 thoughts: we only buy name brand (Charmin, Cotonelle, Quilted Northern)…and I only want to pay .35 a roll or less. I have been successful with those two philosophies for over a year with only buying tp at cvs. HTH

    • Gingiraffe

      I usually get my TP from CVS or Publix. Publix tends to have the larger rolls where CVS just has the ultra. How I usually work it at Publix to get the best deal is a) wait until it is on sale. b) wait until I have a Free Freshmates wyb Charmin from the Stocking Up coupon book. c) have Manu Qs for each item and c) usually I try to have a competitor Q for the TP. (Usually Target). So basically, all $ off coupons I have go towards the cost of the TP since the Freshmates is free. I have found that a lot of the coupon books in P&G items will have better $ off the freshmates, so that helps. So it works out like this (from the last time I did this):
      2 Packs of Charmin Mega on sale for $5.99 / Tub of Freshmates $2.89
      Free Freshmates wyb Charmin Publix Q
      $1 off Freshmates Manu Q
      (2) 25 cents off TP Manu Q (doubled)
      $1 off wyb 2 Charmin Target Q
      Makes it all total $8.98

      • imcici

        ditto. My Publix used to put the 6 mega roll pack on sale for 5. 99 but for the past several months, it’s been 6.99. i wondered if they just went up on the price or something. I do agree this has been the best deal for me, other than when riteaid had the 4 dbl packs on sale for 2.99 each about a month ago, with coupons ended up being like .99 cents per pack.

    • Erin

      I have some roll extenders for the mega rolls if you want them!

    • a while back, Piggly Wiggly and Kroger had Angel Soft 4pack rolls on the 10 for $10.00 deal. There was a $.45 coupon that doubled to $.90 so we got the toilet paper for $.10 a pack. Just a thought to all–I would NOT pay full price for that 4pack roll of toilet paper EVER! It was thin and seemed like I reached a brown roll every othe day with just 2 people in that bathroom. Yes, I would pay $.10 but wouldn’t waste a whole $1.00 (lol). I also noiced that the Charmin at CVS may say double or mega roll but they are not the same as double and meg rolls at Kroger or Publix. Seems like CVS is also a smaller roll and package. I try to use my rewards to buy toilet paper and I transferred 5 prescription to Walgreens to get the free $25.00 giftcards and ended up buying $125.00 in toilet paper and paper towels. Now, I always have my doctor call new prescriptions in to Kroger and transfer them to Walgreens for that giftcard deal when it comes up!

      • hazybuck

        Monica, the AS that Kroger has on 10/$10 is the smaller, single roll. I’m loyal to AS, but HATE this package!!

    • tori729

      I try to aim at .25-.35/roll for a double roll. I rarely ever buy single or mega rolls. We aren’t super picky here – we will buy Angel Soft if it’s cheap – but we are not Scott people! I just use more TP if it’s thin like and it’s not soothing if you know what I mean!
      Also, I still aim for that price whether it’s at CVS or not, not including any extra savings, just coupons.

    • I know a way to save more on toilet paper than any coupon or special. This covers all the bases = saves you money, helps the environment, helps your health, makes you feel better, it’s so easy to do. Add Hand Held Bidet Sprayers to all your bathrooms. I think Dr. Oz on Oprah said it best: “if you had pee or poop on your hand, you wouldn’t wipe it off with paper, would you? You’d wash it off” Available at http://www.bathroomsprayers.com with these you won’t even need toilet paper any more, just a towel to dry off! Don’t worry, you can still leave some out for guests and can even make it the soft stuff without feeling guilty. It’s cheap and can be installed without a plumber; and runs off the same water line to your toilet. You’ll probably pay for it in a few months of toilet paper savings. The pollution and significant power use from the manufacturing process also contributes to global warming so switching to a hand held bidet sprayer and lowering your toilet paper use is very green in multiple ways.

    • imcici

      I am brand loyal also. I have tried all brands; Scott, Angel soft, Cottonelle, Charmin. We are a home of 3 girls/women and as everyone knows, bath tissue is more important to women than men, as we have to use it every single time we use the restroom. Being disabled and on a fixed income that doesn’t allow any wiggle room, I have tried to find the tissue that has the best value. I used to love Charmin years ago but the lint was so dusty that it just got on my last nerve so i stopped using it and went to using cottonelle. When the new Charmins come on the market, I gave them a try again and noticed that I didn’t have to use as much as with other tissues. I tested this theory and bought several of the other brands, even cottonelle and told my girls to let me know their opinions on the different tissues. We all agreed that Charmin requires less tissue to do the job. Also that it doesn’t tare, like other brands. So, we did the math and figured out that Charmin, is the best value and No.#1 tissue as far as absorbantcy and strength. Why spend less money on a cheaper tissue that requires twice as much to get the job done, falls apart or doesn’t absorb? It only ends up costing more to use the cheaper tissues. Also, the Mega rolls last way longer and we don’t have to change the roll as often. So, thanks for the site changes and the listings of tissue deals. I can definately use the extra savings by following your suggestions. Hope this helps anyone wondering what the best tissue(s) is/are. One last thing…. our tissue rolls off the top…hate it when I go somewhere and the tissue comes from underneath… DO YOU PREFER ROLLING FROM THE TOP OR FROM UNDERNEATH?

      • hazybuck


        • Mom of a bronie


    • Britta

      Since everyone is giving their two cents worth of opinion on tp, I thought I would give mine too. I have also tried several brands when they are on sale and by far my fav is the Sams Club brand. If you have a Sams card try it out.

    • hazybuck

      We’re loyal Angel Soft users. Walgreens has the 9 double roll pack on sale for $3.99, I had 6 $1 Q’s – so they were $2.99 each! In addition, I used my GC from transferring prescriptions, so they were actually FREE!

    • elle nelly

      I usually buy my tp at bjs. I know I am paying more and I want to get the best deals possible. My question is on the pack I buy, it days 12 giant rolls. What does that mean? Double or mega? They use all these different terminology to confuse us!!

    • cvitti

      By far the softest, strongest, longest lasting is Costco Kirkland Premium brand. One roll lasts forever and is lint free!