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Coupon Abbreviations
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  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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A Goldfish Coupon!

on 6.10.2010 at 3:27pm

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I think the coupons for these make me as excited as my two year old is to eat them!!  I’m already contemplating calling all the neighbors to borrow their computers & printers…

Snag a $0.35/1 Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish printable coupon. These will not last long.

Another new coupon:

$1 off Del Monte Ready to Blend Smoothie

    • Michelle J

      Apparently the print limit is 1. :( And while I’m on the subjet, I HATE how coupons.com buries the coupon deep in the jungle of pages after you’ve printed it once. Grrr!

    • Lynnkz

      Darn, Kroger just had these on sale last week for a buck each…

    • mommydub

      Try zip 10011

      • Kendra

        Thank you

    • Kendra

      What Zip code is this under I cant find it :(

      • Try 90210 too.

      • sandy

        Try 07039

    • pharmSCgirl

      Thanks! This coupon would be great to use at Ingles this week only if you didn't have to spend $10 for them to triple the coupons. They have such weird coupon rules.

    • Michelle J

      Apparently the print limit is 1. :( And while I'm on the subject, I HATE how coupons dot com buries the Q deep in the jungle of pages after you print it once. Grrr!

      • Kendra

        I was able to get 2 and I always just hit the back button and refresh the page and it will print it for me. That was I never have to go looking for it again.

      • Jeanne

        i was able to get 2

      • Michelle J

        Okay I was able to find another one by deleting the zip code. Thanks for the suggestions!

      • ACW

        First print, it was on page 2; second print, it was on page 3. HTH

        • Michelle J

          They always switch around where they are I guess in hopes you give up looking for it and print the others.

    • miatd

      woo hoo i got it….i just printed two of them….

    • Kate

      Yay! Any ideas where to use this Q? And what is a good price for Goldfish? I priced them w/ EL @ HT and they are $2.19 and on “sale” for $2 – is this a good deal? TIA

      • Catherineyork

        Goldfish are 4/$5 at Kroger!

        • Dmllr813

          Will Kroger, CVS, WAGS, or target go any lower than that? I live in MS and that's all I got to work with?

          • Bhflood

            Not by much. Last year the lowest price was $1. It may have crept up this year- I'm thinking it's ok to snatch em up at $1.25 if you have the coupon but I'm not the expert. Good luck!

          • sarahcas

            Kroger went to 88 cents one time in one of the mega deals. It was $1.38, though, if you didn't buy 10 participating items which is rarely a problem for me.

      • They will go on sale to $1 so just hold tight to it and you've got 30 cent snacks with a store that doubles.

    • Sclark2020

      these aren't showing up on mine, does anyone know if a different zip code will work?

      • ACW

        Mine just showed up w/o using a zip code, but I had to find them on page 2 or 3. HTH

    • Jwilliams33

      Yea! Thank you my 3 year old eats them everyday on the way home from daycare!

    • Kristen

      Awesome. Thank you Jenny. I am lucky to marry my IT man. He collects computers (nevers throws them away) and I collect coupons. We are the perfect match and now I have 12 of these babies!

      • alice

        and thats why everyone else wasnt able to print them because of people like you.

        • Kristen

          No its not! Something it messed up with the site or that coupon. None of them worked on the first try.

        • Loveeveyone


        • Be

          Alice, I usually don't interject into other people's opinion but I do not see anything wrong with multiple computers to print the coupons. I don't see the justification for your comment toward Kristen. She did nothing wrong by having multiple computers to print her coupons. All she did was to share her excitement of having 12 coupons on this site. This day in age, most household have more than 4 computers and that is not counting office computers. Sometime we just get lucky and sometime we don't. It is the nature of the game. Due to the poor economy, we are now seeing a lot of couponers who just want to save a few dollars. If the manufacturer puts out a certain number of coupons and if we are the unlikely ones, we just have to wait for another opportunity.

          Please don't take it the wrong way. I am just trying to point out that most people like myself was not lucky enough to get these coupons. We just hope that the manufacturer will put more out. If we are lucky, like last year, Target had these coupons. We just have to wait for our turn next time.

          • gingerinCA

            I agree with this. Win some, lose some, no point being bitter.

          • Kim

            You are certainly entitled to your opinion and so is everyone else. I think it is greedy to print one type of coupon 12 times period and if I had 20 computers I would not do it. But I only use one so that is a moot point.

            • Be

              Agreed that we all have to respect eachother's opinion. Let me all ask all the people here as to how many newspaper do you all buy? From your comment, if we buy more than one newspaper we are being greedy. It is the same as having 1 or 20 computers. Each piece of paper we are printing, it is costing money and same goes to buying the paper. If one can afford to have 20 computers, he or she is entitled to print as much as he or she wants. I understand that since some are upset b/c some did not get the opportunity to print, but please understand, there are other opportunities around the corner. Printing is very much like buying the Sunday newspaper. When we know that there is a good coupon in the inserts that we want, we tend to make every effort to get up early and go grab the papers. You win some, you loose some and we just move forward and look for other opportunities.

            • Kim

              Except that if you are willing to pay for a paper that is fine, because you are in essence buying the coupons-but on the internet there is a reason you are only allowed to print 2 copies-because the manufacturer is trying to be fair and only have a limited number. I only get one paper ever and am satisfied with that, and they are free. You are trying to beat the system with different e-mail addresses and different computers. The limit of 2 prints is the only way this can be regulated. Kind of like the same people that snag all the free coupon books in the store or off items on the shelf…but I digress…I am not bitter…just think everyone is entitled to their fair print-which I believe is under 12

            • Jmflosc

              I don't think it's “beating the system” if you have more than one computer. We have 3 even though I only print from one, I don't care if someone prints from all of theirs. If she's lucky enough to have lots of computers, good for her!!!!!!! I usually get 20 or so papers each. People I know get jealous when I get multiple items, but I get the papers the same way they can.

            • Mommahnina

              well I print 12 of each coupon I can!! we are a family of 6 and I have 6 computers ( possibly two more if I really needed it cause hubbys work laptops) and I can tell you what getting two of something for each person sometimes isnt enough!! and I don't care .. you can judge me all you want.. just like the lady that snuffed her nose at me in publix when I bought 6 boxes of cheezits ( at least I think it was the cheezits could have been anything in my cart maybe? ) .. she mumbled just loud enough for me to hear ( man does she really need that many ) so I very nicely and loudly said I am shopping for a family of 6 lady so how about you try not to judge me and really if I want to buy 6 boxes of cheez its.. who the heck are you to say something about it? its america baby.. !!!! and I am gonna print and buy as much as I want.. judge all you want ;)

          • Mel

            12 – Really?

        • Actually, it probably has more to do with the other 200,000 people that wanted the coupon, rather than the 1 person who did 12 prints.

          I didn't get any either, but I just kinda figure I didn't need those calories anyways :)

      • Loveeveryone

        Hope you are talking about having 12 computers and not 12 of the coupons that we are all trying to just have one.

    • Emilytwinmom

      I printed it once and couldn't find it again, it wasn't even in my “print limit reached” area at the end! Maybe it's done? However I was happy to get one and since I was looking I found I could print two more $3 huggies little movers coupons! They reset! YAY!

      • Smurphy

        Go back and look again, they move it around so you go crazy looking for it, but i found it twice.

    • Laura B

      Just printed two – yay!

      • Loveeveryone


    • Bridget

      First time, I found it on page 3. The second time, I found it on page 18!!

      • Michelle J

        Coupons dot com likes to shuffle Q's around on you for some reason. :/

    • Sdavisva

      So, weird – it won't print. I clipped it and it won't print. Happen to anyone else?

      • Cryslynn29

        Mine will not print, either! ugh

        • Melrrrtx

          same here, and now it's gone. oh well

      • carrie

        same here

      • Kelly

        Happened to me too. Boo…

    • MichelleM.

      These are not printing for me. I checked the box and it printed the other q's but not the goldfish. I went back in and selected it again and now it is just stuck on the “sending coupons to printer” page. Anyone else have this problem?

    • MichelleM.

      Now it's telling me that they have printed, but they have not. UGH!!!

    • brendaz

      I can't find it anywhere :-(

      • Kim

        I can't either and I have tried all 3 different zip codes suggested and gone thru every page…

    • Bbstevens

      I looked under several zip codes and never could find it. I guess it is gone.

    • HS

      think they are gone. I've looked and tried zip codes suggested at the bottom… no dice.. :(

    • Couponkelly75

      I wasn't able to print it either….thanks to the people who printed 12……

    • Syfert4

      I couldn't even find the coupon let alone print it! But I am not surprised – seems to happen a lot!

    • Nancy

      So bummed……can't find the coupon. Would have loved it. :(

    • Liz

      nada for me, look for them with different zip but couldn''t find it.

    • Loveeveryone

      Me 2! There in know way they are already out, since I am off work I have stayed logged onto this site in search of coupons. Wonder what happen to them would had loved to printed my family one.

    • pharmSCgirl

      Maybe try 29385 or 29210. I found them earlier today. They may be out if you can't find them.

    • Steph96_2000

      I've tried multiple zipcodes. Does anyone have one that works for the Goldfish Q?

    • jerriducker

      cannot find goldfish coupon.

    • sarahcas

      Kroger went to 88 cents one time in one of the mega deals. It was $1.38, though, if you didn't buy 10 participating items which is rarely a problem for me.