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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

Going Nuts? I can help you understand coupon terms and abbreviations

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I have a question for you this morning.  Lots of other blogs find one deal and spot light each deal in it’s own post.  For example printable coupons.  I tend to find a group of them and highlight them.  Do you prefer a separate post on each great deal?

Ex. The free Ouchless products at Kroger, has been part of the Kroger deals all week but is being spotlighted on other sites today?  Would it help to pull those out? It doesn’t make my job any harder just makes more posts for you to read…

Now for a small soapbox…  I don’t get on these often so just ignore it if you want… This question comes after me getting a little miffed this morning on seeing a deal that I posted in the printable coupon list yesterday morning highlighted (even with the special instructions) in special posts on three other sites today but no credit here or to slickdeals where I had also posted how to print it.  I know we all forget (me included) to credit things or it seems so well known credit is not needed… but sometimes after working numerous nights in a row into the middle of the night it gets on your nerves…

Thanks for any feedback and thanks for letting me vent.  Now back to your regularly scheduled deals!

    • Mama Moose

      I don’t have a blog, so maybe I’m not the one to comment on this, and also, please don’t feel as though I am being rude. But I wanted to let you know that I received an e-mail from Kraft that had the $1 off 2 coupon in it and that might be where they are getting the information from. I noticed that most of the other blogs I read did not have as specific instructions as you did and so many people probably didn’t even get to print this out. I think your instructions were awesome! Thanks for taking the time to put it all down! I like what you do, the whole grouping it together. I think that the reason that other people are just now highlighting the ouchless is that they just noticed it is all, not that they want to highlight it to show people but probably because if/when they did their list, they were not aware of this. I think you are doing great and like how you do the posts! Keep up the wonderful work and Merry Christmas!

    • Cathy

      I like the way you do it now-normally, each week I print out the deals for each store I shop at from your site(i.e. Publix) and then use that list to find my coupons and take it to the store with me. It seems a waste of time to highlight something already on your list:)
      And I’m sorry that you aren’t getting credit for your deals-it’s obvious to me that you spend a ton of time putting all of this together and I appreciate it so much!!!

    • Jenny

      Thanks Mama Moose. I guess what upset me wasn’t the actual coupon it was a few sites that I saw had the instructions to print it word for word… I am not so upset anymore and probably shouldn’t have vented at all. Oh well.

    • Julieann

      I agree that if you put in the work, it’s not but a small thing to credit you for it. I think you do a fantastick job and you’re the only one who has the full Food Lion layout. Grocieries is where I need to save money, so what you do helps tremendously.

      I like that you have your deals listed under each store, but it is nice to highlight new coupons you find because I don’t necessarily look at each store’s deals on your website when I don’t make a regular trip to that store. When I hear of deals or coupons, I’ll go to that part of your site to look up the other deals and plan my trip accordingly. Does that make any sense??? :o)

      Thanks and have a blessed Christmas!

    • Just my 2 cents: I like the way you list deals now. I only have one day set aside to shop. I tend to find your lists, see how closely my sale papers match (our Kroger is a bit different) and hit the stores. Too many emails, and I’d miss something important.

      Thanks for teaching me how to CVS and shop the sales with my coupons. I’ve cut my family’s grocery budget by about 45% since October!

    • Elizabeth

      I agree with Salinda. I shop by store foremost and then deals. For instance, I don’t shop at Walgreen’s and we don’t have a Food Lion so I completely bypass those topics because they are ireelevent to me. The exception being printable coupons that are so good you can use them almost anywhere–like the Goody’s printable coupon worked very well for me at Wal-mart instead of Kroger (my Kroger’s items were priced under $2 and they wouldn’t let me use the printable). So if a certain printable coupon is extra good, maybe it could use its own post.

      As far as copying your instructions word for word–that’s more just annoying, it’s plagiarism, which is actually a crime if done without your permission. I’m a freeland writer, and in my business it’s vital that we make sure not to plagiarize someone else’s content no matter how small it may seem, including instructions for printing out a coupon. It’s serious stuff–one plagiarized sentence could get me fired. So it’s certainly understandable that you’re bothered if other people are using your content for their own benefit without crediting you for it.

      Anyway sorry for the long comment! I appreciate all your blog has to offer and will keep on coming to read it!

    • Angela

      I think it is important to give credit for the smart thinking all of you do! I look like a genius all of the time to family and friends…until I tell them that I get all of my good ideas for money saving from websites like yours!!

      And, I’m happy to keep the posts the way you do them. I’d do whatever makes it easiest for you!

    • paige

      I have thought this more than a few times and one time recently the post was dead on so I knew it came from you! I think it is horrible you should send them an email, we all know you work hard on these deals and anybody thats been to a lot of deferent sites can tell you that you are one of the best out their! I don’t look at other sites as much only some feeds that I subscribed to as a newbie, but I do see you getting more and more recognition which I think is great! Go with your gut on the sepert post, if you think it needs it then go for it but if not leave it, your whole site is about great deals, ya know?

    • Beth


      I like how you’re setting up the site now as I tend to look at every store’s sales. However, I also like the idea of having a group listing of really good printable coupons, like the Goody’s.

      You SHOULD be mad! You work so hard on this site and you deserve credit. Not just for credit’s sake but also because it will lead more people to your site. I know I often go to other sites that you mention. I’d email them and point blank ask why they didn’t give you credit for your work.

    • I prefer it grouped by stores all in one shebang.

      Not giving you credit = crappy.

      Especially if you’re taking the time to write out instructions – not just posting the deal.

      Thanks for all you do,


    • Bethany

      The way you do it now works for me – I dont think it’s too much to ask someone to read through a list of sales and figure out what a “great” deal for them is…

      I tell everyone about your site so you’re getting credit from some of us :)

    • I hope it wasn’t me! I’m pretty sure I linked you when I did the post the other day. Sorry if it was! You know I want to link and credit you as much as I can. You work so hard and I really appreciate it.

      As far as spotlighting deals, keep it the way you have it. After some time, people will realize that you were on top of the deal from the beginning of the week versus posting about it several days later.

      I know I really liked it when you did the Festival of Frees post. that would bring some of those deals to the front of people’s minds.

    • Lauren

      You have one of the best blogs right now. The tags are great. It’s not too cluttered. Things are easy to find. You should continue to do it your way. There are many ways to do it, but your blog works great!

    • Shannon

      Hello, please don’t change your format in anyway. There is a reason your blog is the first one and the last one I visit everyday. Thanks

    • Blair

      Jenny, I think you rock! And I (along with people like Bethany) give you credit all the time. People are always telling me I need to teach them a class on how to do their grocery shopping and I tell them I get it ALL from your site and that you are awesome! Personally I think it’s kinda crazy that you do your weekly giveaways when you work so hard to save money for yourself and all of us! I can’t believe someone actually asked you to start doing it!!! I find that CRAZY when you’re already doing so much for us!

    • Michelle

      I am going to play devils advocate :-)
      Most of us pro-shoppers visit multiple sites in search of the best deals…at some point many of the deals or hot topics will end up posted at various sites/blogs! Most bloggers uses the big sites’ tools to create those deals in which they post(coupon databases, advance previews of ads, specific store thread matchups, etc…) You have upcoming deals posted about many stores but no credit given to the people/sites who originally posted the early ads which allowed you the opportunity to share your deals. So in actuality–you are using other people/sites for your benefit yet neglecting to credit all who have contributed info that help build your site! Nature of the beast–bloggers depend on the big sites info to create their blogs –understand that I am not trying to minimize the effort you put into this blog!! But it would not be possible for a blogger to indepently gather the quantity of info and still deliver that info in a timely manner–much less deliver the info in advance! Don’t get me wrong– I love blogs like yours–I can do a quick glance if I am in a hurry but will always look to the big sites as the amount of info available can not be matched due to the sheer number of members posting info! Ultimately –95% of info posted on a blog is not independently derived intellectual property but rather a culmination from multiple places–with little to no credit to the original sites/poster(s).

      I like your blog it is easy to navigate–no changes needed ;-)

    • Sariah

      I much prefer the way you’re doing it. Random coupon postings won’t do me a whole lot of good – I’m not that organized. But when you pair the coupon with the special that’s going on in each store, that’s what helps me the most.

      I do like that you highlight great deals like the knives at Amazon or the VIP bags at Bath & Body. I hope you’ll continue to give individual posts to things like that.

    • Michelle – I believe what Jenny is talking about here is plagiarism. Copying someone’s post and not crediting is what is wrong. Yes Jenny pulls from different sources, but the write up is her own. And I’m sure she sends plenty of traffic to the sources of her information as well.
      Copying someone’s work is a big no no, and a lot of new bloggers and sometimes even seasoned bloggers will copy posts whole or in part, and this is an infringement of copyright.

      Okay, I’ll step down off of the soap box as well. :)

    • Jenny

      Thanks for all the encouragement! I agree Michelle that most of the posts on any blog are not the creation or owned by the blogger. We all use various sources or folks email us. Today what got me was to see my exact word for word text on other sites.

    • Michelle

      Thanks TheThrifyMama–I wrote the comment with the complete understanding of plagiarism and copyright infringement…I never condoned either but instead was pointing out that blogging often is a regurgitation of other’s published materials. My only point was that bloggers depend on others to create their blog…Many will debate whether ANY cut and paste from another site and used on a blog is considered plagiarism or possibly CI. I see from Jenny’s response that she understood my comment.

      Jenny, I am sorry you did not get the credit for your work. My comment was not intended to excuse the theft but to play devil’s advocate :-) I too have seen my exact words littered in blogs but I just take it as a compliment!!

    • Tammy

      I love your site! The current format is easy to follow. I hope you don’t change it. Thank you for all the hard work! Happy anniversary and Merry Christmas to you and yours!