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All You Giveaway

on 7.7.2009 at 2:39pm

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If you haven’t already signed up for All You’s Grocery Challenge – go now and do it.  I know we all have a chance at winning and the prize is pretty big!

You need to keep your food budget under $25 per week per person (excluding formula) to win.  The winner will get $1000 and a year supply of Knorr Sides and also a chance to be in All You Magazine!  The contest begins July 13th so get registered.

They have great tracking tools to help you see where your money is going.  So if you don’t think you can win that’s okay, use it as a chance to get focused.

In honor of their contest I get 2 subscriptions of All You Magazine (1 year each) to give away.

To enter:

Comment below with what your grocery budget per week is.  If you don’t have one thats okay just give us an idea of what you spent this week.

You guys probably already know mine, but for our family of five we spend an average of $50 a week for everything (food, cleaning, diapers, personal care etc.).

    • My hubby and I are working on getting more of a set budget established for ourselves. Its just the 2 of us, so we think we can do 25-30$/week.

    • Donna

      I’ve registered for the challenge. We will be on vacation the first wk of the challenge but, I’ve been planning ahead so I have most of our groceries and supplies to take w/ us – yeah!!! For my family of 6 I’ve been spending an average of $125 (for everything). But now I’m to the point that I have a large stock of MOST things so I can slow way down on the dollar amount.

    • There’s only 3 of us in my fmaily and we are just starting to try and build a stock pile. We’ve been spending between $80-100/week, but hoping to drastically cut that down!!

    • Heather

      We went from $250 a week (Ahhh, life before coupons, what was I thinking!) to between $60 – $70 for a family of 6 …. and includes 6/7 gallons of milk a week for the kiddos! I need to hop on the All You bandwagon – haven’t done that yet. My fingers are crossed to win the giveaway!!

    • Tracey

      I spend an average of $75 per week. I could probably spend about $50 but I give away alot of my groceries to friends and the shelter.

    • Kandrea

      We’re spending about $75/week for our family of four. But, now that I have a sizable stockpile acquired, I hope to further reduce that total…

    • Michelle

      Since I started couponing in January of this year, I’ve gradually reduced our grocery budget. I’m now allocating about $180/month for groceries/toiletries for our family of 6….that’s about $45 a week, and I even had some left over last month (I put the leftover money in our gas category because I’ve been making extra trips for all of my deals. Oops!)

    • Erika

      For our family of 7 we spend $125 a week, I often spend even less. Stock piling is the best way I have found to keep our costs low. If it isn’t on sale or I don’t have a coupon, I generally don’t buy it (except for milk, eggs, ect).

    • Joei

      I was spending about 150 a week. Im down to about 80 a week for a family of 5

    • Christine Long

      For our family of 6 – 2 of them teenagers- we spend around $70/wk on groceries. I never really separate out our household goods (tp, papertowels, dishsoap, etc., so probably more like $50 a week. I used to spend about 150-200 wk! Gag. Then my husband lost his job. We are now employed, but lessons learned there will never leave me! Coupon girl forever!

    • Kathryn

      For my family of 4 and my niece and nephew that are at my house 30+ hours a week we spend about $50 a week. Before I started couponing it was more like $150 a week. I don’t know how we did it :)

    • Tonyia

      Our family of 3 spends about $145 about every 1-2 weeks. This includes food and formula for a baby of 10 months. I hope to cut that down after I go to a couponing class this week. I have only been couponing for about 1-2 months without going to a class. Just following instructions online. We cut our bill from about $300/week at Walmart to $145/1-2 weeks other places. And we thought we were doing good buying at Walmart. LOL It makes me cringe to think of all the money we could have been saving before baby and all the bills we could have paid off.

    • Jenn Gray

      I was spending $100 plus a week, now that I’m using coupons I usually can spend $60 – 70 a week for our family of 5. Thank you southernsavers for saving my budget!!

    • Mrs

      For our family of 8 we spend about $75 – $100 per week on food. I try to save more by checking wonderful websites like this. Thank you.

    • teresa

      I am new to couponing but since the first week I’ve been saving ALOT!! The first week, I only spent under $10 (but my hubby and I weren’t going to be home for part of the week) .. anyways, I’ll say an average of $40 a week, and even thought we’re a family of two, two close relatives have been staying with us for the last 3 weeks and I’ve still managed to do around $40 a week. I’m so excited about couponing and I’ve been telling everyone in the family!!

    • Alison

      I signed up for the challenge. There are three of us in my family and we spend about $80 a week. We should be able to bring that down!

    • Kim Morgan

      Spending between $80 – $100 per week – family of three adults (plus bible study group food) We don’t eat out at all, so this includes packing all of our lunches too. However, I am starting the stockpiling and serious couponing and so the budget should soon be wayyyyyyyyyy down.

      Please enter me in the magazine contest giveaway. I am going to enter the other contest as well. Thanks.

    • gretchen

      I clearly need this content, b/c I usually spend 50 a week for my little family of 3. However, I have been doing a ton of stockpiling lately. I bet I could really really cut it down!

    • Terrica

      Our family of three spends around $100 or less per week! I think it could be better and work hard at it weekly! I wish I could get my child potty trained and in-return would cut the cost of pull-ups and wipes! :-) Jenny, your are an inspiration to me when I think about your budget!! Thanks for helping me reach my grocery budget goals!!

    • Kim Morgan

      Question. As you mentioned your $50 per week, does that include toiletries, makeup, paper products, etc or just grocery/food items?

      My budget included everything.

    • Natalee

      I really began couponing about 6-8 weeks ago. I have a fair stockpile of toiletries, and a good start on my groceries. Our budget is $60/week for everything (clothes, toiletries, cleaning supplies & food) for a family of 5. I’ve submitted a request for All You magazine, but haven’t ever really seen one. It’d be a HUGE help to get it for free!!

    • Adrienne

      It’s just my husband and I, and we spend about $75 / week on everything… cleaning products, paper goods, and drugstore buys. I haven’t seperated it all out, but I’m looking forward to it for the contest.

      I’ve been working on my stockpile (trying to judge how much to put away for just 2) and we’ve been rarely eating out. I would love to get down to $30-$40 / week for the two of us once our stockpile is better… and once we’ve weaned off sodas & wine.

    • lauren

      Thanks to Jenny I’ve got our grocery bill down to $65 a week for a family of 4 (including those pricey pull ups!) we’re still building our stockpile, so I anticipate that this will go down even more over the next few weeks! And after our youngest is potty trained. Yea for southern savers!! :)

    • Chantelle

      Over the last year or so we have been spending $600-$700 per month and that was with using coupons. We do eat A LOT of fresh fruit and produce and my hubby wants MEAT at every dinner (hunks of meat, not a little meat in some pasta), and my kids just about ALWAYS take lunches for school, so that is all meals and snacks for our family of 5. We started using Angel Food (angelfoodministries.com if anyone would like to check that out) and I found Southern Savers. Using online coupons and starting to use CVS and WAGS has helped me to get our budget down to about $400-$500 per month but a lot of this has been stockpiling. I now have a HUGE stockpile for many things and am hoping to spend only $400 per month starting for July for everything (this includes pull-ups being used by 2 kids at my house for bedtime, so roughly 60 pull ups per month).

      I have already registered for the ALL YOU contest and hope I win the free mag subscription! Thanks, Jenny for all you do!

    • Cathy

      $70 a week for everything and we don’t eat out at all. This is for 2 adults and 4 kids. 1 baby in diapers and 1 in Pullups at night. The baby is also on formula (I do make all of his babyfood homemade though!). We used to spend about $150-$175 a week thinking that we were frugal – HAHAHA – now we are frugal!!!

    • Lori Beck

      There are 4 of us and I spend about $75 to $100 per week. Our stockpile is really starting to growing week by week. Just this past weekend, I started canning our own foods also. I took our kids blueberry and peach picking and have already put up both! Our savings are racking up which is a good thing since my husband lost his job 2 months ago.

      Thanks for all your hard work on this site!

    • Janet

      I have a family of 4 at $60.00 per week for everything!

    • Kathy

      Our budget is set for $200 per month for food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, & pet food (4 dogs, 4 cats). However, since I started following your blog and your example of using coupons last month, I’ve been able to significantly reduce that amount much to the surprise of my dear husband! And I’ve gotten started on a nice stockpile of items. He has been amazed!

      Thank you for your inspiration and this giveaway.

    • We are a family of 5 and I spend under $80. That includes formula, diapers and some organics.

    • Sylvia

      Family of 3 and we spend $80 per week.

    • Ln

      For our family of 5 (one in diapers) and 2 dogs, we usually spend between $60 and $75 for everything…even dog food. Some weeks we do better and some weeks a little more is spent…but typically this is what we spend.

    • Shelbi

      We spend about $50 per week right now. It is getting smaller. That is for 2 adults and 1 child (4 years old).

    • Susan in KY

      Since using q’s I have gone from about $100.00/week for our family of 4 to $40-50. I would love to have a subscription to ALL YOU. I read it and love it not only for the q’s but it is geared for “real folks” with “real lives” not just the rich and famous size 2’s! Thanks!

    • sarah

      Our grocery budget is $50 a week and I have not gone over this since I started using this site as a resource! Last week I spent $17 and saved $82!!!!! This budget covers our family of three and all the food and treats for our 2 dogs! :)

    • Delores

      Well, for our family of 8 we spend an average of about $100 per week. I buy a lot in bulk throughout the month, so that is the average.

    • Angela

      We try to do $60 per week. We used to do $100 per week with our family of 4!

    • amy


    • Racquel

      For my family of 5 we spend $50 per week (religiously), including any bulk items that I purchase from our food coop…if I have a coop order that week, it comes out of the $50.

    • Emma

      For just myself and my boyfriend, we are probably able to keep it close to $30 dollars a week for everything, thanks to bulk buying and couponing.

    • Kim

      We are a family of 3. I try to stay $350-$400 or under for the month so that equals out to be about $88/wk. Some weeks I spend more, some less. I’m so excited about this challenge!! Hopefully it will allow me to see just how little I can get away with! (I know this may be a little high for some families, but I’m diabetic and my son has acid reflux really bad, so there are many foods we can’t eat, and certain ones we have to have)

    • Emily Sneed

      I am averaging between 75-100 a week. That is for a family of three, and it includes all sorts of household products, health and beauty items, and baby items such as diapers. I don’t feel like my cost per week has been drastically reduced since I started couponing, but I am getting much, much more and building up a stockpile.

    • Amy

      I began couponing late February after a friend attended your conference at Riverland Hills MOPs and I have gradually reduced our once $450-$600 per month food bill to roughly $50-65 per week for our family of 5. Stockpiling has renovated our thinking so we are able to give to so many food pantries with our good deals (THANKS TO YOU!!)

    • Leah

      Our family of 5 (Mom, Dad and 3 boys…6, 4 and 2) runs off a budget of about $150/pay period (usually about two weeks) …which makes it about $75 a week. Before I found out about this website, I had a $400/pay period budget and things were tight every month…thank you for all you do!

    • Jenny,

      I would like to be entered in the free subscription for my daughter as I have just ordered one for myself. I currently budget $125.00 week for a family of 3, but have been stocking up to start a group of friends to give to our church and other ministries. I have read on your site about the military and we are going to try to start that at the end of the month. As you can tell, I am addicted to couponing now (only been couponing since the first of June) but I am very contagious….I will try hard to make the $75.00 per week! Thanks for all you do!!!!

    • Family of 2 plus 1 year old son.. Our weekly grocery bill is around $25.00.

    • Julieann

      I have a family of 4 and spend about $50 for everything; probably $40/week for just food.

    • Caitlin E.

      We only have a family of two right now (one on the way!) and we budget about 35 dollars a week. So far, (thanks to your website!!) we have totally been able to keep this goal!

    • Lauren

      There are two of us, and we usually spend between $30 and $50 per week. But that includes household items, personal care, wine, and cat food.

    • I have, within the last month, discovered the world of coupons! I used to spend around $80-$100 a week on groceries. Now, I am beginning to stockpile my coupons to maximize savings. I spent $23 last night at the store and saved $27.

    • Aimee

      I just went through the past 3-4 weeks in the checkbook, and it looks like we are averaging $75/week for our family of 3 (4 if you count the dog). We also have a fair amount stockpiled, so a lot fewer runs to the store! Before I found this website, the checkbook would be very tight near the end of a pay period. Last month I noticed I could pay the car taxes on my 2008 car without having to go into my savings account! I don’t think that would have been possible without Southern Savers! Thank you!

    • Stephanie

      I spend about $75 a week.

    • I budget $50/week for our family of 4 (including diapers, toiletries, etc.). My littlest one just came off formula. Before that I was spending between $60-65/week. Needless to say, we’ve had a lot more wiggle room in the budget since she moved to milk! We’re even considering lowering it!

    • Alicia W.

      For our family of four we spend about $50-75 a week, including diapers. I am down about 40-50% since I started using coupons.

    • Shauna

      I am very excited to start the All You challenge because I really do not know how much we spend. I will go overboard some weeks and buy in bulk and this will definitely skew the numbers.

    • I budget around $65-75 a week for five of us and 4 pets. This is so much better than before I began really couponing.

    • Kelly

      I try to spend around $25-30 a week, this week was a little high but I found a great deal on ground turkey so I bought more than usual!

    • Before we started couponing back in March, my grocery budget was (and I laugh as I’m saying it), about $100 per week but that did not include the additonal $100+ a week that we spent going out to eat because I never seemed to have all the ingredients for anything I wanted to cook! Now, I would guesstimate that our grocery budget is probably about $40 for strictly grocery items and about $10 for drug store items so $50 all together. As far as going out to eat, I think Dave Ramsey sums it all up nicely. I’m paraphrasing, but “The only time you need to be in a restaurant is if you are working there!” I’m trying hard to adopt that motto as my family anthem! Thanks Jenny for your help!

    • We have a budget currently of $125 per week, but since doing the coupon thing and smart shopping the last 3 weeks have averaged $35-40 each. We have a family of 3 and this has included the paper and toiletry items as well. The first few weeks we have been doing the coupon thing we spent more, but we were working on the stock-up portion of how this works the best.

      I have a question though about the all you contest. I went to register and it says that I have already registered, which I do sortof remember doing. Have any of you received any communication from them yet, as I have not.

    • Shannon

      Hey! I’m doing pretty good. There are four of us, and we’re spending less than 100 a week (that with us stocking up on tons of things, and both of my freezers are now full, so I think I can slow down on tons of things now!) Anyway, I ordered the all you magazine a while back, (as in a few months ago) and have yet to get it. Any ideas?

    • Andrea Phillips

      It’s just my husband and myself right now so our budget is pretty low. I include toiletries in my grocery budget which pushes it up a bit and we have another couple or family over at least once a week. So, with all that said our weekly budget is about $25-$30. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on what deals there are for the week.

      I would love to win the magazine subscription. I just got my first All You mag in July after hearing about the savings from southernsavers. So thanks for the entry and the great tip. You cut my monthly bill from $350 a month to about $150 with coupons and deal finding at Publix. Thanks!

    • Selene M.

      I spend around $100 a week.

    • stacholinzki

      I have been clipping coupons for a while but was not very happy with the savings resulting from that. Since a friend has introduced me to southernsavers things are starting to change. My monthly budget for the tree of us (vegetarians, is 400$ incl. Diapers, Formula etc. basicaly everything but gas and utilities and rent. I have a dream that is to spend less than 50$ per week. That equals cutting my monthly costs in half. This is my goal and I am very thankful to have helpful advice from people like Jenny and everyone else out there. Learning how to accomplish my goal will both be challenging and rewarding. As I learn I can help others around me who are struggeling. Above all other benefits this is the best and most fun part of all.

    • Another question, in the rules it says that you will need to count the meals that you eat out, and I have a question on that. My parents take my daughter and I out to dinner every Friday night and sometimes during the week on rare occasions, and I don’t pay anything my parents pay the entire bill. Will I still count the amount that Morgan and I eat in my total on the All You thing. It says that you can use your stockpile, barter and trade, but nothing about someone else spending money on you???

    • Liz

      We don’t have a budget…although I’d LOVE to do one! Basically, just working on getting inexpensive diapers and FREE hygene stuff :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • Catrina

      We are probably averaging $75-$100 a week for a family of 5 which includes a new baby. But I am new at couponing and I am aiming to lower it quite a bit.

    • lisa

      For our family of 4, we typically spend around $50.00.

    • Libby

      I spend around $30-40 a week. It’s just me and my husband (and 3 dogs).

    • Lindsay

      There are 5 of us: myself, my husband, a 7 yr old, a 4 yr old, & a 6 mo old. I try to keep my budget around $200 a month (or $50/week). We stocked up on Diapers before the baby was born we don’t really have that expense to contend with, but the formula is a killer. :) Now that he’s taking larger bottles.

    • Hannah

      We have a family of four. I usually spend around $100 each week. I like to stock up on non-perishables so that I have a lot of yummy food to donate when the church does canned food drives.

    • We are on a $50 a week bugdget and hope to lower it soon now that my stockpile is filling up.

    • Emily

      For my family of three, since finding Southern Savers I can buy groceries for about $45-50 a week. We love it!

    • Jennifer G

      Is it bad that I’m actually just trying to stabilize at $75/week for a family of three? I feel overwhelmed by trying to cut my number down to $40/week…I’m still learning how best to coupon for my family, and I like to buy extra food for more people. We’ve had people over for the last 3 nights, and I plan to keep inviting people…so I guess $75 includes entertaining, plus all our toiletries, etc. That’s not too bad, right?

    • AngelathecouponNERD

      We are a family of 6 – which includes 3 active teens… and their friends that come over. Which is how we like it.
      I spend $150 per week on everything in the house – paper goods, toiletries, and food.
      I’ve already registered for the ALL You Challenge!

    • Laura Rosenblatt

      We spend about $125/week for groceries, paper goods, toiletries for a family of 5 with lots of guests. It’s not great, but way better than most of the people I know! Thanks Jenny for all you do here.

    • Adele

      We are a family of three humans, 2 dogs and 1 cat. We average about $25-$30 a week thanks to couponing, rebates and my BIL being a meat cutter and calling us with awesome markdowns on meat.

    • Nada

      For our family of 3, almost 4!, we have a budget of $50 a week. Sometimes I spend it all because I can stock up on great deals, sometimes we stay way under because we have plenty! Yay for coupons and great deals! The best is staying within the budget and still being able to throw parties and BBQs!

    • Jenny Fann

      We normally spend about $90 a week… Thanks for all that you do…we are saving tons because of all of you hard work!

    • We have a family of 3 and I spend $60 a week for everything. If I take out toiletries, cleaners, ect. it would probably be around $50 a week. It’s just too hard to try and separate it on a weekly basis. :)

    • Jessica

      Because of you we are able to survive! My husband gets paid every 2 weeks. After bills are paid we have only $100 to use towards groceries and that has to last 2 weeks. I guess our monthly is $200 for the month and thats for a family of 4.

    • Stacy

      We spend about $70 a week for our family of 6, everything included- and with 2 in diapers! I’ve been couponing since March, and since we built up our stockpile, its been easy to stick to this amount- and I even bought a bunch of fresh fruit today! :)

    • Jenna

      Well before SS came along I would have said $750 a month but, now that my life is filled with coupons our new budget is $50 a week for everything for our family of 5 with 1 in pullups and a dog and cat!

    • dawn

      Our family of five has cut our food budget in half to about $50 a week. This has changed my life! I used to think that I was frugal, but now I know that I can do much better. Thank you Jenny for allowing me to spend less and pursue my much higher goal of remaining a stay at mom to my three children! What other job could be more important?

    • Brooke

      It is just my husband and I and we spend $40 a week for everything- food, toiletries, etc. We were at $65 a week before I found your website and are hoping to reduce even further!

    • Cullin

      My wife and I typically spend $40-$50 a week. We recently started couponing and stocking up. This number should start decreasing even more than it already has!

    • Kristin

      Family of 4 spending about $40 per week. I have budgeted $70 per week but am able to keep it lower by couponing and this website.

    • Ashley

      I just started clipping coupons three weeks ago but have already cut our household spending down from $80 to $30 a week!

    • Dixie

      We have a family of three and spend about $35-50 a week for everything. I really try to keep the month under $200 and usually succeed. It’s too hard to separate out toiletries, etc now that most are bought at drugstores and grocery stores! :) Thanks!

    • I was spending $130-150/week on groceries and toiletries for a family of 4. Embarassing! We’re down to about $90/week, but I’m working hard to keep cutting. I pretty sure an All You subscription would be the extra motivation, right?! :)

    • Sam

      Before we started couponing, I was spending between $130-$150 weekly for a family of 4 — and no food to show for it at the end of the week! Now that I have “seen the light”, we spend $45 a week — or if we’re stockpiling we spend $65 a week. This covers everything — food, breakfasts, lunches, dinner, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.

    • Lindsay

      I spend about $30 a week. I could probably spend less but I like the deals!

    • Jenn

      We’re a family of 7, we spend anywhere from $30-$70/week.

    • Jane

      I’m spending about $70 a week for a family of four, plus 3 dogs and 2 cats. Still building my stockpiles, so I think I will be able to do even better.

    • seacoastmom

      We are saving lots of $$ but are not even close to $50 for a family of 4, $75 would be pretty easy but I find that I am spending $ to grow the stockpile. Anyway I am registered for the All You challenge but I am wondering how to take into account that I’ll be using the meat from really good deals I’ve gotten in the last few weeks in my menu planning..?

      After reading all these great posts I am going to shoot for that $50 per week mark for a family of 4!

    • Lisa

      We shoot for $85 for a family of five, but that includes non-grocery items! $25 a wk per person would be living in luxury for us :)

    • There’s just the 2 of us and 2 tiny dogs, and with my medical issues I wont’ count medical necessities in our food budget so I think we spend about $40 per week on our groceries. Since we live in a tiny Alabama town with only a Walmart, and not easy access to stores that double coupons or have good sales, I think we do well. We like to utilize the RR and ECB programs at Walgreens and CVS to further expand our grocery budget, and that helps more than anyone realizes. With our location, it’s hard to efficiently stockpile as many grocery items as I’d like to, but I haven’t had to buy toothpaste (even free) or other cleaning supplies for about 4 months. That helps.

    • Lyssat

      We spend about $100 a week including formula (Alimentum.) We have been working hard to decrease this number! We are a family of 3.

    • on my biggest weeks I try not to spend over $50. I have been couponing for about 3 months now, and have been amazed at my $20 weeks!!

    • Catrina M

      We just started averaging about $50-$60 a week for everything. We are a family of five including one in diapers. Thanks!

    • lynn

      iam averaging about 30.00 a week for 4 plus people i say plus cause the grown children still like to come home to eat would love this magizine have heard much about it but have never seen it .

    • Melissa

      My husband has called my new hobby of couponing my “second job”. I have cut our grocery budget from $170 to around $70. I do not have a subscription to All You, but would love to win the giveaway.

    • jo

      We were spending $200/wk for our family of five and started couponing 2 months ago. We’re already down to $115 (including everything from diapers to personal care) and are still rapidly decreasing the amount we spend per week as our coupon pile grows.

    • Elizabeth

      We are a family of 4 (kiddos ages 5 and 2) and I’d guess we’re spending about $50 on groceries now. I can’t compromise on my fresh fruits and veggies so sometimes spend more, but was able to potty train my 23 month old and that cut the diaper expense. Yippee!

    • Dianne

      As a relative newbie to “extreme couponing”, I am proud to say that I average $60/week for a family of 3 for all grocery store & drugstore purchases. My favorite shopping trip was Publix paying me 82 cents to walk out with $72 worth of groceries! It really helps to offset some outrageous pharmacy bills (paid almost $400 for 2 medications & diabetes testing supplies on Sunday). Of course, I couldn’t do it without Jenny’s help!

    • janet

      My husband & son are at Boy Scout camp this week. I’m using up leftovers in the freezer & items I’ve stockpiled…so no grocery store trip this week. I have so much fun at the grocery store w/ my coupons…not going is a sacrifice on my part…but for a worthy cause…this will help pay for the camp! Thanks for helping us save!

    • We have allocated $500/month for all food- including diapers, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc. That’s still pretty generous, considering some of what I see here! (we are a family of 4). However, the GREAT NEWS is that it affords us a couple of DATE NIGHTS per month! Nothing fancy, and not including babysitting (but I try to trade or ask G’ma). What a blessing for our stressed-out selves to get to go out to eat again, even if it just means taking the kids to “Chick-a-lay” for a family night. I LOVE this!!!!

    • Brandi McCandless

      My weekly budget is $30 for a family of 4. My work has really slowed down this month so I am ging to put us on a weekly budget of $25 while doing the contes, maybe I can make it last longer than the contest and help save along the way :)
      This site and Jenny has saved me so much money already in the past year that I have been an avid reader, I just hate that I don’t have a Publix in OK!

    • vana

      Our family of four weekly budget is $100, so this is right on target! I try to cook with fresh or frozen ingredients, so I don’t have the advantage of coupons for processed foods as much, but we have a garden at home and things are coming in now, so hopefully it will reduce or bills more.

      I’ve only been following your couponing advice since late May, but we were probably spending $250 back then!! So, it’s already helping. thanks.

    • amy sanders

      i try to stay around $40/week for our fam of 4. so having a given “budget” of $100 seems like a gift. :)

    • Honey

      I spend $150 a week. This includes all household items for the 7 of us (me, husband, and kids ages 8,6,6,5,&5). No one wears diapers anymore-hurray! We homeschool, so we’re usually here for every meal. I’d love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Amanda S

      I am looking forward to this contest. It looks like a good accountability method for my budget. I try to stay within $100/wk for our family of 4 each week.

    • Dana

      Our family of 4 has a $50 per week budget. It includes everything, except for diapers.

      Thanks for the contest!

    • Stacy

      I have just started the couponing and stockpiling and have been doing it for about 3-4 weeks. I used to spend $150-200 a week for our family of 4, but my short term goal is $60. This week I have spent about $70 and I am still stockpiling. Hopefully it will go down even more over the next few weeks.

    • Erica Smith

      Our family consists of myself, my husband and our 3 year old. Our weekly budget for food, personal care, cleaning supplies, pet food and toddler needs is $75 which includes eating out one time a week. I shop between 3 grocery stores and 2 drugstores and rarely buy items that are not on sale aside from fruit and produce. One huge money saver for our family is buying meat at a discount. Every time I go to the grocery store I check the meat case for marked down meat. Harris Teeter and Lowe’s foods are my best finds for these items. I went to HT the other day and got 2 packs of angus stew meat, 2 packs of angus fondue meat, 1 pack of thin sliced chicken breast, and 4 packs of all natural fresh grilling sausage for $1.25-$1.82 a pack (regular price $5 and up). When I get home I split the meat up into meal size portions and freeze it until I need it. I strive to buy products that are minimally processed and good for you and because of coupons and saavy shopping techniques I am able to achieve this 90% of the time.

    • My family is myself, my husband, my 4 year old daughter and my 8 month old son. I breastfeed, cloth diaper and COUPON! Our budget is $25 a week on EVERYTHING- food, household, toiletries, etc. Sometimes I don’t even spend that much. :D

    • Our family of 4 grocery budget is $37.50 per week ($150.00 per month)which includes everything including health/beauty & cleaning, etc. The last 2 months have been more like $100 per month or $25.00 per week ;-) LOVE All You Magazine!

    • I spent roughly $60 a week for my husband and I.

    • Georgia

      I really haven’t figured out a budget yet. I just got through getting my stockpile together and while doing my stockpile, for a family of 3, I was spending about $85 a week. This past week I spent a whopping $20 and the week before that I spent a whopping $22.50. So I think from now on I’ll be in the $40 range.. or at least that is my goal. I just ordered a trial issue of All You. I don’t go to Walmart so I have yet to see one but have read great stories about them. I can’t wait to see what’s in an issue.

    • I usually spend about $60-80 on groceries each week. This includes stockpiling, fresh meats, fresh produce and household/toiletry items. We try not to eat out that much. I am excited for the Grocery Challenge! I help me become even more disciplined with my budget.

    • I meant ‘It will’….oops.

    • Allie Fernandez

      My budget for the week is to spend less than $100. I am a stay at home mom and because of your site I’ve been able to do it for $60-$75 a week!!

      I feed a family of five. We don’t eat processed food very often and buy as much organic and natural foods that we can. This can be very expensive! I am SO glad I found this website. I’m grateful that you take the time to do this because moms like me with three ridiculously young children (3 year old and 16 month old twins) cannot save money without you!!! THANK YOU!!!!

    • Merrilee

      I try to stay under $100 for our family of 6. We are big eaters, but I can usually keep it to about $75 per week. Thanks for all your help!

    • Carrie

      Thanks Jenny for reminding us to register for the All You contest! I’m certainly going to take that challenge! I usually spend about $100 a week for the 3 of us, but that does include toiletries, personal items and household supplies. I’ve been following your guidelines since about the beginning of February and have saved hundreds! Day before yesterday I brought home about $43 worth of goods from CVS for $0.48! It continues to blow my mind how many great deals I’m getting! My pantry is bulging and I’m having a hard time finding places for everything. I’m definitely going to have to start giving food away to a food bank. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    • Kimberli

      Last month (really getting started on coupons/stockpiling) I set our budget at $240, this month I’m allowing $200 so I hope to keep cutting it down as our stockpile grows! A lot of that is milk and fresh produce for my 16 month old son!

    • Erika

      We spend about $75 a week and I am really trying to figure out how to cut that! Working on it!

    • Amanda

      We spent $75 weekly for a family of six. This includes food, cleaning supplies, paper goods, pullups for two, and diapers for two.

    • We’ve just started with couponing so we’re still stockpiling somewhat. But we spend between $75-90 a week for a family of 5.

    • angela

      How funny that I am number 124 and that is our grocery budget each week for a family of five (and I’m nursing..and two in diapers). I know it sounds high, but we’ve been stockpiling for some specific reasons and we also love fresh steak and tons of produce!

    • For my family of 4 we spend about $50-$60 a week (for everything, including diapers). Would LOVE to get the All You mag!!

    • Kimberli

      I obviously wasn’t paying attention and put our monthly budget vs our weekly budget – sorry!! It is $50/week, down from $60/week last month, for our family of 3 with 1 in diapers!

    • Joy Gleason

      Last month and this month, my bill for everything (diapers, wipes, cleaning, toiletries, food, eating out, etc.) is $50. Some weeks we are under and some we are over, so it averages out.

    • Christie

      My weekly budget is $50 a week for a family of 3 and that includes our personal care items as well! This should be easy! Our only obstacle is making sure we don’t go over by eating out on the nights we don’t want to cook!!!

    • Joy

      I haven’t even made a strick budget because I never knew what a good amount to spend was.

      Well I have been going hard with my coupons lately and reeping in the savings and loving everytime I check out seeing my savings:)

      I was checking on my MS Money and saw that I have been spending around $75 week on average (some weeks were less) but I have built a good stock pile on alot of things so I should see that number go down.

      Thanks for all the work you do

    • Tasha

      We spend about $50/wk on everything for a family of 4.

    • Tracey

      We spend around $40 for a family of three.

    • I normally spend $70-$90 on groceries for our family of 4 each week. Unfortunately, I spent much more this week because I don’t usually keep Jello and various soft food stockpiled (we just don’t eat them normally), and when my son threw up at school this morning, I made a mad dash to Publix…without my coupons! And, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO painful!

    • misti

      there are five of us and since I have started using your site I have gone from spending 150 or more to around 50-60 per week! Thanks Jenny!

    • My budget for the four of us is $35/week for everything. It’s hard, especially with two in diapers, but I have been learning and growing so much. I appreciate all the hard work you do to keep this site running. It would not be possible for me to coupon without people like you.

    • We spend on average $50 a week! I’m trying to cut that down to $40!

    • Kassie

      I would say we average about $20-$30 per week for the two of us. Since we live in an apartment, a majority of that is spent on fresh fruits and veggies because we can’t grow our own!

    • janaki

      We dont have a budget but i think twice before buying anything even if its free (Lots of tax in CA). i think i must be spending around 50 per week for my family of three. It’s high when compared to other’s comments but i do cook from scratch for two times a day and Everything we eat is Indian so can’t cut on anyways as Indian grocery dont have coupons.i coupons for all other items in my home. love to win sub.

    • Eunice

      I spend from $30 to $50 per week for family of four, coupons DOES help a lot!

    • Mina

      I haven’t had a strict grocery budget in a few decades, although I’ve always been thrifty in my spending. Just like most people, my dh and I fell into habits with our spending, though. So, our rate of spending became rather predictable. Overall, we were spending ~$700/mo for eight people, plus dog and cat supplies, 5 or 6 mega packs of GoodNites, cleaning and paper products, OTC pharmaceuticals, all personal care items, and clothing. That sounds like a lot to me, but it was still less than $25/person/wk.

      When I switched over, our total expenditures for those items didn’t really go up, but it felt like it to me because only around $200/mo had been going straight from my pocket to groceries, and I took over the whole shebang. Since the amount that I received for spending did not go up, and the number of people increased to 12, I leeched my savings for the first three months and one week. Ouch! It will probably take me a few years to build that back up.

      I had set a limit of three months for doing that, but thought my goal of being able to get my spending down to an average of $50/wk for at least one month would be considerably better than I could possibly reach. Guess what! It’s NOT impossible. Last week I not only unexpectedly came in at under $50, but received a $32 (UNREQUESTED) refund from the week before, which brought the previous week’s expenses below $50. This week I’ve only spent $23 OOP, and don’t ‘need’ anything else that I would have to spend cash for. So, I can stay well under unless I decide to spend now to save more later.

      The coolest part is that there is nothing that I NEED from week to week except for delicate perishables. I can pass up most deals without feeling like I’m missing anything. Except that I give a lot away, I think that I could keep our average at that $50 level for all the categories I previously listed for at least 6 months if I HAD to. Ten of the 12 people are adult appetite sized. One is a preschooler, and one is a toddler.

      My next goal is to get our average gasoline expenses to under $30/wk. That’s much more difficult to control.

    • Larissa

      I spend $60 for 5 in our family.

    • cindy

      for a family of three I spent 46.00 this week and 55.00 last week.

    • Stephanie

      I spend about $125/week for our family of three (gasp I know). I recently started reading your blog and some others and couponing, and I am hoping to get it down to about $75 to start with. Thanks so much for this great giveaway:)

    • Heather

      For our family of 4, we spend under $50 per week. That does not include formula and diapers though, thanks!

    • Amber

      We are a family of 4 and I budget $150 a week in but only spend about $70-80. I have been doing the couponing for a couple of months and I am just starting to get the hang of it. My goal is to get down to $50 a week.

    • Laura

      I am still a beginner so I spend about $50-60 on food for two adults per week. Sometimes I can get crazy $30 weeks…but my husband loves meat and I’m still working on a stockpile. :)

    • Brittany

      We spend about 50-60 a week on groceries…but we’re working on it!

    • LindsayV

      I spend $20-40/week for my family of three. I used to spend $70-100 for just my husband and me, but those days are over now that I have a nice stockpile and only shop with coupons!

    • Sarah

      My hisband and I (including his single friends that eat with us :) and the dog and cat) we spend about 50 dollars a week. It has been more this summer – i guess we are grilling out more – but trying to get it back down to a good amoutn of 30-40 a week!

    • Cassie

      We spend way too much! About 100-150 a week on a family of 3. We are definitely looking to cut down expenses.

    • Kristen

      We are a family of four and have a set budget of $50.00 per week for groceries, toiletries, diapers, etc. I have a three-year old boy who is still in diapers (hoping to make the transition to pull-ups this summer, wish me luck because he is totally uninterested) and a six week old daughter who is breastfed, but drinks formula occasionally. I am a vegetarian and my boys eat meat, so this contributes quite a challenge to our meal planning. We buy meats, fresh fruits and veggies on a weekly basis. I also like to buy organic and natural products as much as possible. Somehow we manage to eat healthy meals and stay within our budget every week!!! Before discovering Southern Savers and the magic of couponing we spent around $150 per week on groceries (and at that time we were only a family of 3)!!!!

      Just a tip to other moms looking for deals on formula/ diapers: I have found fabulous clearance deals on formula at CVS. Last week I found Similac Organic Powder 25.7 oz. cans for around $7.40 and I have also found CVS brand formula for around $5 in the past. I always check target for clearance deals on diapers and wipes. Target sends me baby coupons (I beleive I get these from signing up for a baby registry) which I can stack with manufacturer coupons and use on the clearance items I find!!!

    • For my family of 4 I spend about $100 a week on groceries. Some weeks its less, like last week was only $70.

      Thanks for all you do.

    • Dana

      I’m still working on setting a weekly budget. I buy meat in bulk when on sale & freeze so some weeks have higher expenses. For just my husband & I, we usually spend about $40-60/week. This is significantly less than what we were spending just months ago!

    • Laurie P

      We spend $75 per week for a family of 3, and 2 of us are gluten free. I have been couponing and stockpiling since last November, and I usually have leftover cash in my weekly grocery/household envelope. Soon, I hope to cut our weekly allowance to $50

    • It’s just the husband and I; for food and general supplies alone we probably spend $35-40/week on groceries. If you factor in the cat supplies (which are necessary) add another $15/week in food and primarily litter (we have one who is super picky about clean litter). The only place it might get tough is eating out… we STILL do that at a rate of about $25-40/week depending on whats going on!

    • Karen

      For our family of four, we have been spending about $50-60 in groceries a week and about $15 in toiletries depending on the week.

    • Holly

      We spend about $75 a week, but that includes two little ones still in diapers! Lately that has been less because I’m still going through our stash of Walgreens diapers from the $5 Huggies couupon/ register reward deal a few months ago! That was a greay deal!!!

    • Caroline

      Currently we have a budget set of $450 per month inclusive of all groceries, any foods and all household items. It actually was much higher before I found Southern Savers!

    • Meg

      For our family of five, we probably spend about $50 to $60 and that’s including diapers and dog food! Wiser couponing has definitely been helping these past few months…

    • Beryl

      I don’t know why I waited so long to start couponing! I have dropped my weekly spend about $30. So, we only spend about $60. weekly for a family of 5. I would love to lower it even more. Thank you Southern Savers!

    • I have been shooting for $60/week (4 people, 1 is just starting baby food), but I seem to stay right around $70. This is, however, inclusive of all household consumables (diapers, cleaners, occasionally beer!), so I don’t think it’s so bad. I look back to what I used to spend (different city, pay, # of kids) – it was embarrassingly high. I hope to never spend that way again – there are better ways to use that tool!

    • liz

      For a family of 2 adults and 2 children 10 year old and 1.5 year old i spend about $75 on a high stock up week and $25 on a low week including diapers and household items (shampoo, soap toothpaste and cleaning stuff).

    • Lindsey

      We spend about $150/wk. on everything, including diapers, formula, household & lots of organic. If I had to guess on what we spent on groceries alone, it’s about $70/wk. We have a family of 4 with 2 kids under 2!

    • Elizabeth M.

      I have a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 kids ages 3, 5 & 7). I only recently started couponing and since I am building my stockpile (including stocking up on snack things like Capri Sun for soccer), I spend about $150/week. Eesh! When I write it down like that it does seem like a lot:-)

    • Kim

      Right now it is just my husband and I, but we are expecting our first son in about 6 weeks. I’m working on stockpiling pantry goods, freezing a few meals (and desserts), and stockpiling toiletry items. This way my hubby won’t have to make too many trips to the store after the baby is born. (Guys have a rough time when it comes to coupons). So right now we spend about $40-50 a week at Publix (this sometimes includes cleaning supplies or toiletries if they’re a good deal) and about $5-10 at CVS (out of pocket, with ECBs it is much less). I’m going to sign up because I think we can definitely keep it under $25 a person.

    • MommyCFO

      Our original budgeted amount before any couponing has been $75 per week for my husband, my 10 month old and myself for groceries, toiletries, etc. I am working now on keeping it even lower but am not sure exactly what it will be once I get my ECB thing down and really get my stockpile up.

    • Nikki

      I’m single but my boyfriend eats here many times. I also give frequently to the local food pantry, bring a lot to potlucks, and have treats for my students during the school year. I probably average $50-65/week, but my stockpile is huge, so I can cut back whenever I want. It’s fun to get deals and have items to freely give though, so right now I’m not very strict on myself.

    • Kelley

      I’ve only been seriously couponing since April, although I’m hooked! Each week I typically spend between $35 and $45. Some weeks I only spend $10-$15 (we’ll eat out of the freezer a lot that week) and some I’ll spend $45 (when it’s a good week). It’s only my husband and myself (and our dog who loves getting treats and canned food at discount!). If something is a great buy but not something we normally eat, I’ll still get it and donate to our church’s food drive held each month. Couponing has made it possible for us to eat better foods as well as give more. I love it!

    • Teresa

      I’ve only been seriously couponing for a couple of months. I reduced our food budget from oh, I don’t know, around $600/month, to $84/week. Sometimes I spend more, sometimes less. I’m still stockpiling, so that’s why I do vary some. When I’m done stockpiling I figure I can get away with $50/week for a family of four. Coupon shopping has become my hobby!! It’s the most fun I have!! LOL!!

    • Joy

      We are a family of eight and I spend $230 or less every two weeks, so $115/week average. That includes everything. I have a friend who does a bread route, so I get most of my bread items free and I also have WIC for one child so I get some of my milk, cheese, cereal, eggs and juice for free, but not all of it. We have lots of company and a pantry and freezer stocked full! Loving it! Thanks Jenny for how you serve us!

    • Melissa

      We have a family of 5. I am very new to couponing, and I am loving this site for all your great ideas! I am currently working on a weekly budget of $100 or so, and I am really trying to get that down to $60 or less using some of the tips I’ve learned here. I’m hoping to start stockpiling slowly, so I think I will see the bills go down in the near future. I love the suggestions you give, as they are very doable and not too overwhelming. I think what you do here is great, and anyone can benefit from your ideas. Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Jenna

      We don’t really keep track of our food purchases like we should, but I know this week I spent about 60 bucks at Publix. That was for two people and included tons of stuff to stockpile, not just food for the week. Our goal is to maintain $40/week.

    • We have a family of 4 including two teenage boys. I’ve been able to keep my spending within a budget of $50 a week and that includes all household consumables. I’ve signed up for the challenge. Now, I need to get my husband and teens to keep track of how my food they buy outside of my budget.

    • Maribeth

      I spend about $6 a week…and I haven’t even been in a week and a half because I have so much stocked up!!! It’s just me and I ONLY cook things that I can make out of stuff I find for free. I’m LOVING my new coupon lifestyle!! Thanks for all you do!

    • Amy

      I spend under $50 every week at publix. That pays for 4 adults and 1 toddler. I started couponing in Feb 09 after my cousin told me how much she saves. I’m so made I didn’t start sooner. And I’m so grateful to southern savers for making it so easy to save!!

    • Laura B

      We have a family of 3. We normally spend no more than $50 a week. My husband has been unemployed for 2 months now. It has made us realize that we need to do whatever we can to cut corners. I used to just buy whatever we wanted at the grocery store. Now if it isn’t on sale and I dont have a coupon I dont buy it.

    • Jenae B.

      we spend an average of $60 a week. As I get the hang of couponing that number is coming down. :)

    • Melanie

      I have a family of 5 and my budget is $75.00 a week. I have recently left my postion as youth pastor at my church, so I still have teenagers hanging out at my house regularly, and I am able to keep them full with snacks and mini meals with that budget as well. THANKS TO YOUR AMAZING WEB-SITE AND COUPONS!!!

    • Valerie

      We have a family of five and very rarely eat out…maybe once a month- but limited in cost. We spend $60-$100 a week – including all school lunches for two growing boys, a little princess, and my husband. It seems that we actually have spent a little more with school out on extra snacks with the pool, outside, and having more friends over. Children are 10, 7, and 4.,

    • Melanie

      I spend about $60 a week at Publix. This is for a family of 4. This is down from about $130 a week at Walmart. Wahoo! Thanks Jenny!

    • Lyndsey

      I spend about $60 a week for a family of 3. However, I’m 7 months pregnant so I guess I count as two. So I guess it’s for a family of 4 (which includes my got to have right now coupon or not cravings)! :)

    • BeccaM

      I am at $50 a week on groceries. Just me and my husband so I’m working on getting it lower. Maybe $25-30 a week? Maybe an all you subscription would help get it down! :)

    • Kelly

      We are a family of 4 and are at right around $50 a week for everything. I have 2 kids under 3…..so that includes diapers! Rarely go over 50 though.

    • Beth

      Well my grocery bills have been slashed down by about 75% since I found Jenny’s site. We used to spend about $200.00 a week on grocery and non grocery combined. Now we only spend on average of $50-$60 a week. But we don’t spend that much on non grocery because of Jenny’s help learning the gold mine that is CVS pharmacy. All of my friends and family want me to teach them how to do it. I can’t thank you enough Jenny for all that is has done for our family. The only thing I can’t seem to save money on is my husband’s Diabetic Supplies. He goes through 2-3 bottles of insulin and 1 box of syringes a month. But it isn’t prescription so really hard to find ways to cut those bills down. I have actually told my husband that he could get me the All You magazine for my birthday in a month. I absolutely love the magazing the only downside is that I have to walk into the dreaded WALMART to get it. I hate WALMART… So to get a subscription would make it that much better. Thanks again Jenny….

    • Bethany M

      Well last month I spent on average about $48 per week. I thought that was great, because I used to spend about $150 per week. Thank you so much Jenny.

    • Becky

      For a family of 5 (3 growing boys, one a tween, another a teen)we used to spend about $150/week on just groceries. Another $200/month on non-groceries.

      We now spend about $50 on everything! Oh yeah! Go Jenny!

    • Selma

      We were spending about $50 per week for a family of 3 plus occasional guests. Now that we’re down to just the 2 of us, I want to cut that to $25-30/week. I’m not sure that’s realistic since I plan to buy more fresh and organic products but that’s my goal.

    • Alicia

      We are now spending around $60 a week, including drug stores and diapers. Before I found Southern Savers our budget was $150 a week so it has been an awesome savings. We are also trying to eat out a lot less and only when we have coupons or its “kids eat free” night. Thanks Jenny for all the help. This site has really changed our spending habits for the better.

    • Lynette

      We are spending around $100 a week for a family of 4 including all household supplies and diapers for two. I am still pretty new to couponing, but have been thankful for all the help, and look forward to seeing our grocery bill continue to decline.

    • Amanda

      We are a family of 6 and we spend around $85 a week depending on the sales.

    • Hailey

      We are spending roughly $50 a week for our family of 4 including diapers. This site is the bomb; you’ve changed our lives and given me a great hobby! Thanks Jenny!

    • Marti

      We spend about $75- $100 a week for a family of 5. We buy a lot of organic and it seems like I’ve hosted a lot of company in the last 6 months. Still a lot less than in my pre-couponing days, but I’d like to get it down to 50-75!

    • Sharon

      I’ve been reading the comments and feeling very guilty and confused. I don’t really have a budget. It is myself and my granddaughter (11) in the home but share many meals with a elderly man that lives next door to me. I just can’t comprehened how you all get by on so little!! I wish someone would clue me in. I love your site and always look forward to your emails. I would LOVE to win one of subscriptions to All You – maybe it would help me understand better how this couponing thing works. I have just been doing it for about 3-4 weeks and I ‘m seriously addicted!!! Thanks. God bless you all.

    • michelle

      I average 50-80$ per week with family of 4 one in diapers and can only drink soymilk which is more expensive than regular milk. Without couponing we would spend at least 100-200per wk.

    • Melissa

      I spend between 40-60.00 per week (varies with sales) for a family of 4. However, one child does not eat food yet; just breastmilk! :)

    • Jackie

      We feed our family of 6 (all girls ages 9, 8, 4, and 3) for less than $75 a week. We love Publix and save on average 78-80% there. As a stay at home mom I view this as my job and I take it as a challenge to keep getting better!

    • megan c

      i plan on trying my best at this contest! believe it or not my husband is up for helping! I plan on spending around 70-80 for a family of 4

    • Anne

      $50/week tops…I try to keep it as low as $30/week which makes up for the times I go over budget and spend $60-$70. But these savings are HUGE compared to my days before coupon-ing where I would spend $150-$200 every 2 weeks.

    • Bobbi Jo

      For our family of 4, we spend 75.00 per week. I am still building our stock pile!!! (formula and diapers) However, today a friend of mine told me how to save on baby food. Take canned vegetables and fruits and put them in the blender, and add some water, pop into ice cube trays. So we are going to try this for the little one!!

    • Kelly

      I spend about $75-100 a week. However, I share so much with friends and elderly neighbors. I also donate to women’s shelters and kids charities, so spending this much is okay with me and my husband.

    • Lisa O’Donnell

      I try to stay under $50/week including food, diapers, etc. Some weeks are more than others, some weeks are less. But it always averages out to about $50/week.

    • Leah

      I have a family of 5 and our budget is $70/week total for groceries and cleaning supplies. I think that now that I have so much stock piled that I could cut that back to around $50 a week easy! Good luck everyone!

    • Lisa

      I have 2 adults & 1 child that i shop for i would say we spend $50 a week

    • Christy J

      I am going to sign up for the challenge right after this post :-). Before Southern Savers my budget was about $100 per week for me and my husband. Currently, I work on about $25/week. We recently found out that I am expecting and this added savings is such a great help in anticipation of our new family member. It’s amazing that I won’t spend more than $1.00 for cereal, and I don’t think I’ll ever pay for certain toiletries ever again! Thanks for all you do!!!

    • Bill

      I just signed up. We just started doing this about the middle of may and we budget $100 a week for the family of four and two boxers. That is for cleaning, food, pet supplies and the like, so we should be able to do this. Thanks.

    • Our budget is currently bigger than I want! It’s around $75 per week for the three of us. I’d like to get it closer to $60 next. My ultimate goal is $50 per week or less, but I’d be thrilled with $60. I work three days a week, and that makes it harder to find time to snag all of the deals. But I have saved a TON and reduced our budget a lot already!

    • Whitney

      My husband and I spend anywhere from 60-80 a week but we do include all the extras like tolietries in the budget.

    • Megan

      We were spending about 50 dollars a week for 4 of us, but my brother in law moved in and my grocery bill has gone up to about 75 dollars a week. This is three meals a day for us all. I am working on getting it back down to 50 with the help of Southern Savers…. This includes toiletries, tp, and all. Thanks for your help.

    • Lori

      I am single but average about $15/week or less (with coupons of course) some weeks I may go a lil over if I’m stock piling meat :)

    • Angela

      For a family of 3 (2 adults / 1 baby) we spend around $80 a week. Formula and diapers are our most costly items. Before I discovered this website (and it was just the 2 of us back then) we used to spend about $120 a week. We’d like to save even more if possible. Thanks Jenny for your help.

    • Carla Pullum

      My budget is $45.00 a week for a family of 3!