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I normally don’t think of grabbing a fast breakfast out as healthy.  Dunkin Donuts is changing all of that with their new  DD SMART menu that includes food and beverages with fewer than 300 calories, such as Egg White Flatbread Sandwiches and Wake-Up Wraps, coffee and espresso beverages, teas and a Coolatta with skim milk.!

I know you think Dunkin Donuts… yeah, those aren’t on the Smart Menu.  The items on the Smart Menu will taste just as great, and come an hour later you won’t be kicking yourself for the double chocolate donut.   I would love to try the Egg and Cheese Wake Up Wrap – it’s low in calories and looks delicious.

Healthy Tips:

Did you know that you can save up to 120 calories by swapping skim milk for cream in your coffee?
Or swap ham for sausage in your breakfast sandwich and save 175 calories.

The Giveaway:

Dunkin’ Donuts wants to celebrate their 300 calories or less food and drink options by giving away $300 worth of gift cards.
3 Southern Savers readers will win $100 in gift cards to Dunkin’ Donuts!

That’s a lot of free breakfast!

To Enter:

Leave a comment below telling me what tip you have for making healthier choices.

    • AbbeNelson

      Skim Milk in my Coffee!

    • Svegter

      Simply by looking up the calories of an item before you go get it has saved me a ton of headaches in terms of my diet….

      Once you realize that McDonald burger is 75% of your daily allowance.. you find alternatives!

    • MommyJess

      My family is trying to eat smaller portions and more fruit.

    • Roberta

      My tip for making healthier choices it so plan ahead.  I try to plan out what I am going to eat for the week so I don’t “impulse” eat. 

    • Anonymous

      Simple… eat at home.  It is proven, you can eat something like pizza that you make at home and it will be less calories than a deli sandwich out.  they put high fat and oil to make it taste better and keep you coming back!! although, I would love to eat at Dunkin donuts… :)

    • Michelle C.

      More veggies and skip the carbs!

    • Jsray0128

      I always bring fruit to work – that way when I get the mid day munchies – I don’t choose the vending machine!

    • Sue

      I try to cut down on sugars.

    • Ramsey

      Let’s see my tip for making healthier choices is to keep plenty of bite sized fresh fruits and vegetables cleaned and ready to snack on in the fridge!  Cut up celery and carrot sticks, small apples, fresh broccoli or cauliflower, are all much better snacks than chips or sweets!  This is just an easier way to make them convenient to eat too!

    • Bulldogbob76

      if it dont look healthy dont even try it then you wont know what you are missing

    • Amber Dupree

      Egg whites, wheat breads and skim milk in your coffee!

    • JDHBoan

      Pre-Planning!!  I am making sure my menus, and snacks are ready to go.  So that when my son comes home from school a healthy snack is waiting and then a healthy dinner.

    • Geluis

      healthy choice is all about balance: whole weat bagel with 2 slices of turkey breast, tomato, lettuce and avocado, dont forget mustard (you can use light mayo instead of avocado) 1 cup of fat free milk, 1 cup of fresh berries. and you ar good to go!!

    • Kmaberry01

      I like having greek yogurt with granola and blueberries- also a cup of black coffee. It holds me over until lunch.

    • Abi R

      I get 2% milk in my coffee drinks instead of whole milk

    • Harrelsonr

      I think the most important things to remember are portion control and everything in moderation.  I also look for items that are high in protein….keep you fuller longer!

    • Jill

      We are trying to do the whole wheat thing.  It saves calories and boosts fiber.  i can’t promise that I won’t use a gift card at DD for just healthy stuff!!!

    • Bazemhn

      I keep healthy snacks in the house, not fatty ones.  If it’s not in the house then I can’t eat it!!

    • Rollene

      We watch our carbs and sugars intake and keep our portion sizes down,

    • Mlw1ofakind

      Don’t keep unhealthy foods in your house and you won’t be tempted to eat them! Don’t stop at restraunts you know dont have healthy options.

    • Clshonk

      I love finding recipes of my most favorite guilty foods but made with healthier options like Greek yogurt or FF items.

    • Elizabeth Brown

      I normally don’t eat breakfast but I would love to win! I like donuts for special occasions so I don’t over do it. The rest of the time I would totally eat low fat breakfast options!

    • Crystal

      Not eliminating any foods, just eating everything in moderation – even doughnuts!!

    • Kristen B

      Munch on fruit and veggies instead of chips.

    • Aprilmh1628

      I try to drink lots of water and eat nuts and yogert as daily snacks.

    • Eerporter

      Combining both healthy eating with exercise 

    • Sara R.

      eating less calories at every meal…we eat too much today!

    • cate

      I fell in LOVE with DD coffee when my husband and I met working there one summer on a mission trip.  But filling my coffee with sugar was NOT healthy so I quickly learned that I liked it just as well black with no sugar at all!

    • Cshireman

      Remember that nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!!! That includes their coffee right???

    • Alana Anderson

      Don’t grocery shop when hungry – then you impulse buy without planning good meals….

    • Melissam0202

      Hmmm steer clear of the donuts!!  :)  They do have bagels…but in reality, we’re eating more organic and more ‘whole’ foods. 

    • Lhean5@bellsouth.net

      Sounds simple and basic, but almost always overlooked: eat only when you’re hungry.

    • Devin

      Portion control!!!

    • annette

      I have started to walk with my 2 year old daughter more, and it has really changed both of us! One little thing can lead to much bigger changes!

    • Felicia Ramirez

      We’ve been eating wheat – rice, bread, etc. Love it! Wish I knew sooner how much better it is for you.

    • Brooke

      My biggest tip is don’t make unhealthy food an option. I quit buying it so now its not an option. If I decided to treat myself to something unhealthy then I go buy just enough for them (the small ben and jerrys single serve, gas station chips, cookies ect). 

    • Ashley :0)

      Substitute white pasta and rice for whole grain. One night a week swap a meal out for a vegetarian meal! 

    • Jmcwethy

      Drink water!

    • Lindsey Kelley

      Going grilled instead of fried.  Cuts down big time on calories

    • Sarah

      Eat out less!

    • Dixiefmu

      Use Splenda instead of sugar!

    • Anonymous

      Anytime you can, skip or half the cheese/sauce or butter. Or given often large portion sizes, try to find someone to split the meal with you.

    • Tonya

      I look for smaller serving sizes..

    • Bethrlarson

      If I start my day with a healthy breakfast, I usually make better choices all day.

    • Mrslmoore24

      Portion control. I think it is OK to have a donut just not 12!!

    • Atmwm2000

      I try to skip the starches like rice, potatoes, and bread.

    • Deesimon

      Green tea!

    • Sarah Ann

      Water is really the key to good health.  I try to do good with drinking it as much as I can.  When I get a little burned out, I add a half pack of Crystal Light Pure so that it doesn’t count for any Weight Watchers points but still feels like I am drinking juice.  Also, it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners which is always good.

    • Shayelyn

      When I eat out, I check the healthier options part of the menu or see if I can get a half a portion of a regular meal.  At home, I try to have more fresh fruit and vegetables ready to grab so it’s not any more convenient to grab junk food. 

    • Linda

      Drink skim milk with my Dunkin’ Donuts!

    • stella

      Life longer , feel better … = good choices 

    • Jennb

      less carbs,more protein.

    • Kristen M.

      Looking at myself in the mirror wearing a bathing suit – that always gives me the incentive to make healthier choices!!

    • Patmorgan2

      My trick is to eat the healthy foods first – then if I still want some more then I can have the less healthy – most of the time I don’t want the chocolate donut anymore – works for me.  Love the healthy choices at Dunkin!!!

    • Just had one this morning for my 4am shipment shift at Old Navy =)

    • Pandabear

      Drinking water instead of soda.

    • Dianneandsean

      Our three children went from drinking whole milk to skim milk as soon as they were given the OK by the pediatrician.  Now at 4, 5 and 7 the only milk they drink is skim and they love it!

    • Shaunda_T

      When I am craving sweets (my fave is chocolate cake), I eat 2 Dove dark chocolate candies!  It cures my sweet tooth without consuming a lot of calories!

    • Kedmo0912

      I keep plenty of fruits and vegetables on hand and tell my kids that they are “free foods”.  They can go grab the fruits and vegetables whenever they want; no waiting for permission from mom.

    • Meghanbenton75

      I am watching my calories, so when I really crave something I eat a small amount very slow and try to enjoy instead of inhale!

    • Madee223

      Make one decision at a time!!  If you try to change too much at once you’ll get frustrated and make no changes at all.  (i.e. Commit to adding one fruit or vegetable to your diet daily.  Add 15 minutes of walking 3 times a week, and gradually extend your time.) 

    • Lana

      I try to eat a raw fruit, veggie or salad at every meal.

    • Drf1965

      The only way to make healthy choices is to plan ahead.

    • Kdavis7205

      I try not to buy it. If its not on my house I can’t eat it, right! Also, if I’m out I talk myself out of stopping at a fast food place by telling myself its to expensive and I have stuff at home!

    • Getting munchy? Grab a salad or piece of fruit. 

      Also, keep the munchy foods off the counter where they are easily accessable.

    • Bridget731

      small changes can make a big difference –
      walk up 2 flights and down 4 instead of taking the elevator.
      Switch one regular soda for a diet (saves 150 calories) each week!
      order salad dressing on the side and dip your fork into it before spearing salad.
      Go outside and PLAY with your kids – kick a ball, ride bikes, SWING on the swings!!

    • Miller0516

      Whenever I want a snack, I drink a glass of water first.  Most of the time I find that I really didn’t need a snack after all.

    • Pfrfan

      Egg white on the breakfast sanwhiches are the way to go. I Love subways breakfast sandwhiches, I keep it simple with ham, eggwhite, and 1 slice of tomato on flat bread. Delicous and healthy. Guess now I will have to try the same at DD. May the best sandwhich win…

    • Kathryn

      fresh tastes better, and there are a lot of yummy yogurts out there that you can eat instead of ice cream or other desserts

    • Burns2fly

      Smoothies with ice instead of milkshakes with milk.

    • Sassymomma22boys

      Less processed food!

    • Johanitasmit

      Drink lots and lots of water. 

    • Ami

      Eating a hearty salad or soup with lots of colorful veggies with lunch and dinner. It fills you up and helps to eat less with getting all your veggies in for the day. 

    • Dana Davis

      The tip I have for making healthier choices is to write everything down that I put in my mouth.  Snacks, coffee, lunch, etc.  This really helps me out having a 2 year old and 6 year old that like to snack quite a bit.  Thanks!

    • Rockongoat

      Eat fresh food, and stop buying processed junk! Fresh food has more of what your body needs, and less filler. 

    • Barry Obrien

      Swap applesauce for oil in baking recipes.

    • grandma k

      Trying to cut out the refined sugar and white flour.

    • Dhogue2

      drinking coke zero

    • Jordan

      Don’t set goals that are too broad. Set specific goals that you can accomplish and measure. Don’t just say loose 20 pounds. Aim for avoiding certain foods (maybe fried foods or sweets) and working a certain number of time each week. 

    • Anne

      Eat whole grains!  Yummy!!

    • Cs23

      We all know that oatmeal is a great and substantial breakfast!  But it is even better when sugar or even lots of honey is added to it.  Try just mashing up a banana into the cooked oatmeal and you can sprinkle a dab of cinnamon if you want to!  It’s filling and healthier without all that sugar!

    • Purplelizard25

      for every 1-pound of muscle you gain, your body will burn an extra 50 calories a day…so very important to work out and weight train!

    • Brittney Yon

      cut out the bad sugars and cut out the soda. i haven’t had soda in forever and it feels great!

    • Dixiez718

      Biggest tip is to DRINK WATER!

    • Whitney Pendell

      It’s good to think about what else you’ve had to eat that day before choosing a snack or meal. If I realize I’ve already had 2 doughnuts and a cookie at work, I’m more likely to forgo dessert after supper instead of reaching for ice cream. 

    • Jennifer

      One main change i made is i park in the very back of the parking lots just so i can get the extra walk and going to 3 or 4 different store finding the best deals helps add on the extra walking time

    • Imaprincess09

      It’s quite simple really: keep plenty of fruits and veggies on hand so those are what I grab when I need a snack, drink lots of water, and walk 2-3 miles about 3 or 4 times a week.

    • sue

      Always drink water rather than soft drinks or tea.
      Not only is it healthy, its free!!
      Saves calories and money.

    • Getting the bagel without cream cheese

    • Jesssevin

      I always ask for Splenda in my coffee instead of sugar.

    • yusuf

      Start using healthier bread for sandwiches like wheat

    • dbermudez

      Now eating 100% whole grain bread.  Opting for lettuce wraps instead of sandwhiches.

    • Ashleyhuebner

      I like to swap out ground turkey for ground beef and also buy turkey bacon and sausage on occasion.

    • Purplelizard25

      for every 1-pound of muscle you gain, your body will burn an extra 50
      calories a day…so very important to work out and weight train!

    • Godsprincess2010

      A healthier choice would to not eat while watching television. Keep eating to the kitchen or dining room area not the living/dining/bedroom area.

    • Shannon

      Swap out juices or sodas that are high in calories with water or low-cal iced tea/lemonade!

    • Airvin01

      Eating lots of fruits and veggies…and cant forget about a 30 min workout.

    • Islandedisto

      No transfat, whole grains and lots of vegetables!

    • Linds

      load up on fruits & veggies!

    • Anonymous

      swap out sour cream for greek yogurt for dips!

    • Jmkurtz

      Everything in moderation! Remember, 3500 calories = 1 lb on that scale!

    • Alexis-w

      We try to choose whole grains. especially when we eat fast food… You would be surprised how many fast food places have whole wheat bread as an option! 

    • Beth

      More water, more fruits and veggies. Whole grain bread and pasta are some of the easier changes we have made!

    • Elizabeth Moore

      Don’t eat just because it’s there. I don’t make my kids clear their plates, and I stop when I am no longer hungry. You shouldn’t feel overstuffed after a meal. Most restaurants serve at least 2 meals worth of food in each entree. At least!

    • Vickie

      Portion Control :) When I go out to eat, I immediately cut the portions in half and box the rest for lunch the next day. 

    • Laura

      A salad is not always the way to go eating out. Most salads at Cheesecake Factory have over 1000 calories while the Hamburger weighs in at under 800. So you don’t always have to eat the salad to be healthy! :)

    • Meclsu

      Being told by the doctor that your tests results show you are in pre-diabetic and pre-hypertensive stages is more than enough to make one eat healthy and choose to follow 300 or less.

    • Kristi

      Stay away from Sodium!

    • NIKKI C

      My tip for making healthier choices is to menu plan then tweak the recipe to make it healthier. Subsitute chicken for beef…You just might like it better than way! :)

    • Wendy

      Portion control, make lighter substitutes when possible (skim or 2% instead of whole) and NEVER say you’re going to take something completely out of your diet – you will fail :)

    • Tshockley1

      I always try a wrap over a bagel or regular toasted bread.  If a wrap is not available then make sure to choose whole wheat or whole grain breads.  Also make sure to order your coffee (regular or iced) sugar free.  A great way to cut all those nasty little carbs.  :) 

    • Elife325

      Eating a healthy breakfast instead of skipping breakfast in the morning. Walking at night, not only good on the body but aworld of difference on the mind.

    • Lauren

      I make sure to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I have one or the other, or both with each meal and that really keeps me satisfied until the next meal.

    • Ttetlow

      Don’t go back for seconds. I think you should be able to eat anything in moderation.

    • Annodal24

      when eating any sandwich take off one slice of bread :)

    • Liz

      Tip: Playing with the kids! It’s a ton of fun for them, myself, and burn lots of calories!

    • Sherri

      I make several grilled chicken breasts up for the week to have a quick wrap or salad on the go!

    • b j

      pick smaller portions and balance eating out with cooking at home.

    • Anonymous

      I try to add at least 1 serving size more of fresh vegetables or fruit to our meals and we have cut out sodas all together.  Trying to teach our daughter the right way to eat from an early age!

    • Jquakenbush08

      When I eat out, I immediately ask for a To Go box to put half of my meal in. I eat half then, and save the other half for dinner or a meal the next day. Saves calories and money!

    • Julie Best

      I have cut out all can veggies and I have started a patio garden. I now have beans, peas, cukes, peppers and tomatoes almost year around. Best decisions I have made for myself and my son!

    • Niddi

      making small changes in food prep that are barely noticable, substitute light mayo, margerine in dishes, use low fat cheese, small changes do add up over time.

    • Jaymee024

      Eating lots of fruit and veggies.

    • Emilyberkley

      Try to prepare your meals ahead of time and plan menus.  That way you want be as tempted to go through the drive thru or fix pre-prepared meals.

    • Tropicsungirl

      Eating baked ham & egg cups that have 18g of protein to keep me fuller longer and for only 100 calories.

    • Cia217

      i like to use fruit instead of syrup on whole grain waffles:-)

    • Haleyhibler

      Always plan ahead! Knowing what you are going to have as a meal is key in stopping those snap decisions on snacking and greasy fast food. This new menu is a perfect example of a safer backup for when you may not have time to prepare a meal at home. 

    • Mojo5sc

      Eat darker foods and try to reduce the amount of white in my diet (white rice, potatoes, refined sugar, flour – which is generally a staple in baked goods!)

    • Akamarilynmary

      My tip is to execise daily after walk, it is amzing how a brisk walk in the Florida sunshine can make a difference.  Also, I am all about portion control.  I love the small cups of DD coffee and a couple of munchins for a pick me up.

    • Plan out all meals, and write your grocery list accordingly and only buy what is on the list. And putting junk food on the list is a no-no. Not only will this save you money but will also make you more conscience of what it is you are buying and eating.

    • mrskorea!

      NO SATURATED FATS! amazing what they do to your arteries without us being aware of it until it’s too late!

    • Catherine

      Love, Love, Love DD!!!  A tip for healthier choices that I have to share is : try and replace fresh fruit with any other in between meal snacks that you have….and drink as much water as you can(both will keep you full)

    • M_louise_d

      I have started buying lots of vegetables instead of prepackaged snacks.  Once home, I cut up them up and put them in individual bags so it is easier for my kids to grab them & go.

    • Coulterdawn76

      I substitute honey for a sweetner when cooking alot of times.

    • MommySchod

      Drink water and eat slower.

    • Snack on green beans if a glass of water doesn’t stop you from wanting a snack.

    • CourtneyD

      I’ve traded skim milk for unsweetened almond milk. It tastes just as good to me and cuts off more than half of the calories.

    • Anonymous

      I love Dunkin Donuts.  We try to eat healthier by shopping local at our Farmers Market.

    • Jessica Edwards

      Be aware of what is in your food. The less processed the better!

    • Chris S

      A lot more whole grain products and less carbonated beverages!

    • Tara

      Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry so you aren’t tempted with junk food.

    • Lisaokelley

      Try honey instead of sugar in any coffee. Healthier sweetener!

    • Tomena Hollis

      We eat turkey bacon instead of regular bacon. We love it and it is sooo much better for us. It is hard to find in restuarants, but we don’t eat breakfast out much.

    • Jwright4105

      Don’t bring the course to the table, put what you want on your plate and just bring that.  If it’s on the table it is more likely to get eaten.  Even getting up and walking across the room will make you think about if you really want more.

    • Cs23

      REPOSTS:  (oops!) We all know that oatmeal is a great and substantial breakfast!  But it can be unhealthy when sugar or even lots of honey is added to it.  Try just mashing up a banana into the cooked oatmeal and you can sprinkle a dab of cinnamon if you want to! Cinnamon has a positive effect on the pancreas in secreting insulin too!  It’s filling and healthier without all that sugar!

    • Gamecockgirl

      I am really trying to drink more water.  It just makes me feel better.  I only like it ice cold though so it can be a problem keeping it that way.

    • K.Thomas

      Portion Control. By eating in moderation you can still eat and enjoy the things you like without sacrificing taste. Another good suggestion is getting the things you like like sweets from other sources such as fruit. Example I love sweet things so I snack on fruits such as melons, berries, cherries, etc thorughout the day which keeps me from getting hungry and overeating at during main meal times (lunch, dinner etc)

    • Slugo

      Stop eating when you’re full…no matter how good it taste! And we know DD taste good :-)

    • Sarahbeth1210

      Plan menus with lean meats and fresh veggies.  Steaming veggies are always great! 

    • Momchar4

      We try to eat healthy, but DD is a weakness for our family.  My hubby goes there every morning for coffee.  But we have recently learned that they use light creamer.  Now that will help make your coffee a little better for you. :)

    • Anonymous

      working out and positive attitude.

    • Stefanie Mayer

      Fill up on good vitamin- and protein-filled things first (like lean meat and vegetables!) before stuffing yourself with fatty junk foods.

    • Kristi D.

      Eating low carb and gluten free (due to a son with celiac disease), walking/jogging more often.

    • Mary S

      lots of fruit and veggies

    • Hford893

      I love whole grains! Making our own bread has been the best decision ever! Also, snacking on veggies and hummus when I’m feeling munchy.

    • Jdarn1

      Eat smaller meals, 300 to 350 calories five times daily.

    • Christina

      Go for the low-fat things or calorie reduced items.

    • Patty

      more exercise!

    • Jllam 2223

      I plan to ask at the drivethru for skim milk in my coffee and to check labels on items more closely.

    • Lizshadow

      To start my day off in a healthy way I choose things like oatmeal or eggs. Both whole grains and protein keep you full for a longer period of time!

    • Amym850

      I have a problem with sugar. So when I start craving it, I chew Gymnema then it takes the taste of sugar away so I won’t eat it.

    • Loriane52

      Read the label and be aware of the DV you are getting.  For instance, sodium should never be more than 160mg.

    • Leslieday1281

      portion portion portion. eating more veggies instead of  hamburger meat we are using turkey instead of beed hot dogs we are using turkey

    • Michelle H.

      The healthier choice is always to eat more veggies.  Smaller meals throughout the day also helps.  Not only does it keep you from getting so hungry that you eat way to much at the next meal, but it also increases your metabolism!

    • Jenn

      Have several healthy options available at home so you don’t get bored, and pick something you like.  If you do eat out, most restaurants (like Dunkin Donuts) have healthy options.  DD has really good egg white breakfast wraps!

    • Sbutcher06

      No more soda..diet or regular.  Drink more water!!

    • Suzanne

      LOVE DUNKIN DONUTS COFFEE!!!!…..Eating more healthy…along with portion control.  Have a HUGE garden…freeze and can home grown fruits and veggies…4 backyard hens as well…change in life-style and attitude for a healthier life!! :)

    • Makernm07

      We have made an effort as a family. We drink more water and have altered our meals to be healthier. Changes like substituting butter, cream, and cream cheese with things like fat free sour cream and I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter. We also LOVE Dunkin Donuts. My daughter and I have changed to decaf coffee with skim milk and equal to cut calories and fat. Same great taste but better on the hips. Plus couponing helps, lol. We coupon for things like whole wheat pasta and use the overage for fresh veggies to top it with.

    • Edt2d

      Eating small healthier meals throughout the day, instead of three huge meals that i pig out at since i am so hungry!

    • Kaysey

      Drink lots of water throughout the day. Staying hydrated makes you feel fuller and less likely to grab high calorie beverages, such as soda or juice. I always carry a water bottle with me.

    • 2by2joey

      Drinking water at every meal.

    • Christine

      I try to eat small portions of the bad things I crave the most – that way I don’t feel the need to gorge on chocolate one day!

    • ToBeHealthy

      Make small goals.. like when you’re at a restaurant eat the best option, if you’re getting coffee, get something healthy. Drive thru or go inside? Go inside! Burn calories! All small healthy choices add up! That way you’re no so overwhelmed with a lifestyle change!

    • CWW

      Eat slowly. Pay attention to taste and texture. Wait 30 minutes before getting seconds.

    • Dayzymay84

      In my house we have made it a point to eat at home more offen for dinner and if we are in the mood for a not so good snack, I buy mini snacks such as small icecream sandwhiches ect. We also changed buying whole milk to 1%, healthy snacks such as almonds, and cut our meal size with no 2nd helpings. :) When we go out to eat we also make sure we get a to go box when they bring us our food and place 1/3 in the box before we eat! :)

    • Cwalkermarie

      cut out the creamer in the coffee and switched to splenda!

    • Couponprincess0312

      Eat smaller, more frequent portions of healthy snacks such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, apples, bananas, grapes..etc

    • Rerdmann2

      Switched to whole wheat pasta. Tastes great and is healthier for you. Love it when I make Chicken and veggie lo mein.

    • ErikaTriplett

      Turkey sausge on a whole wheat wrap or whole wheat/grain english muffin


    • dzj

      It’s all about moderation!!

    • Jcislife

      stay away from anything with the word “cream” in it:)

    • Heather K

      I love oatmeal and salads.  And I take my vitamins regularly!

    • SarahF

      Eat small meals every 2-3 hours – works every time!!!  :)

    • Marcia C.

      Choosing low calorie carbs (like bread) helped both my husband and I (who are carb addicts) lose 30 pounds and we have kept it off for almost a year now. We did a low calorie diet for 3 months, lost the weight, but kept some of the healthier choices like whole wheat low calorie bread and low calorie butter. We kept the healthy choices we could live with long term and it has been super easy to keep the weight off. (We even cheat occasionally…we LOVE donuts!!).

    • Erinbjb

      eating grilled not fried. and watch your starches

    • Abaldy2

      A small tip I have that I apply for myself is putting better things in the house. Even when I want a little snack, all I have is something healthy or better for you. When the Skinny cow desserts when on sale, I stocked up so I wouldn’t even need another dessert/snack when those chocolate cravings kick in. Like right now!

    • Crazy4coupons828

      I am cutting out a lot of calories by drinking water instead of soda.  I read that on average people can consume almost 450  a day in just liquids!  I’m making water my go to beverage.

    • Triciapitts

      Substitute whole grains as much as possible

    • Eleanor Beasley

      If something is not in your house, you will not have it available to sabotage your healthy eating while at home. 

    • Baje8482

      We recently switched to wheat bread instead of white bread when I found out I had gestational diabetes.

    • Nwoleslagle

      Eat fruit instead of cookies!

    • W Meininger

      Give up ice cream!!!  Or switch to low fat yogurt.

    • Jennifer

      I love DD coffee.  I always get mine with cream and sugar.  I never thought to ask for skim milk instead, but I am going to start!

    • Thedittmars

      drink lots of water, and incorperate more whole foods into your daily diet

    • Amber

      WRITE down every calorie you eat for a set period of time to retrain yourself on what an actual portion is visually. You’d be surprised on the serving size of ice cream, chips, etc. Almost always (even having done this) our brain creeps “just a serving” to two or more! yikes.

    • Anonymous

      Eat real food!

    • Scorpiomom2

      Make sweets a treat, not everyday snacks or meals.  I give my children yogurt and banana to dip in it or blend some fruit with juice and freeze it for later.  Replace junk foods with healthy snacks and video games with water gun or kick ball to get kids and adults OUTSIDE and play!

    • Kellyn1867

      water, water water! nothing is better for you. I add a small amount of fruit juice to give it some flavor–instead of buying individual bottles. Save the planet too!

    • Bloom24_2001

      i eat a cup of food per meal and exercise 6 days a week 2 hours a day. I have lost 15 pounds and 10 inches in a month. only a few more pounds to go!!

    • Rhettsanders

      drinking lots of water during the day and not eating anything past 8:00 PM!

    • Ann

      Eating organic is expensive, so I try to make the switch on the things we eat the most, peanut butter, produce, bread, milk etc. Then as we have the extra funds, we switch something new. 

    • Chelsea Belyea

      Add natural sweeteners, fresh berries and other fruit to make great healthy desserts.

    • Fosterfamily19

      Eating at home more often!

    • Lesliepritchard

      Always eat breakfast!…even a big one. Then…eat SMALL, high protein, portions every two-three hours (like our babies do)….you will be amazed at how full you will feel…and lose weight and/or maintain weight! :)

    • Linmjone

      Wow what a giveaway! Thanks SS and DD :D
      I choose to go with a lowfat sweetner and non fat milk in all my coffee drinks

    • Chelsea

      Me and my Mom have started walking together. Yes we do a brisk fast walk but instead of thinking of it as exercise its just time for me and her to be together. I love it! We also started eating WHEAT! I was surpised how good wheat cereals, breads, and rice really is! water, water, water! No more sugary drinks for me!

    • Braxton092705

      Eating 6 times a day and doing at least 15 minutes of exercise a day.

    • Chris Floyd

      I would jog 5 miles while drinking my coffee from a squeeze bottle. :)

    • Diana

      We are giving up soda and walking daily. Packing fruit and veggies in lunch instead of junk! I have lost 13 lbs in 2 1/2 months :)

    • Sally

      Swap applesauce for oil in your baking and Greek yogurt for sour cream. :)

    • SarahK

      Eat out less and cook more!!

    • Lauriewaer

      I drink water with frozen lemon slices all throughout the day

    • Alishatwobears

      Greek yogurt!!

    • Jcoz1701

      Eat a good breakfast.  Seems simple but I feel so much better when I eat a good breakfast instead of just grabbing a cup of coffe.

    • nanasap

      eating fresh fruit/veggies

    • Sue

      Pay attention to the labels. Just because it says fat free or light doesn’t mean its better for you. 

    • Brit Hoffman

      Order water at a restaurant instead of soda–it is better for you and saves you money!

    • Kristen

      We eat a high protein low carb diet and it works for us. 

    • kgal

      cut out the refined sugars

    • Elizabeth

      Keep lots of raw fruits and vegetables in the house for snacks.

    • Amy

      I used to skip breakfast all the time and knew it wasn’t the best choice but I’ve never enjoyed eating breakfast food right when I wake up. My solution was to start the morning with a Carnations Instant Breakfast Mix…it’s been great for my digestion and I feel so much better. When I miss it my whole system goes wacko!

    • Dch44

      plan ahead, shop when you are full, whole grain makes you full!

    • Angie odell

      Drinking a glass of water befire eating a meal

    • Cheryl

      Whole grain Dunkin Donuts!!

    • Sherry

      The shorter the ingredient list, the better! I end up choosing more wholesome foods.

    • Allisonhenry87

      In order to make healthier choices while shopping I won’t go to the grocery store when I’m hungry. Those snack cakes and candy bars by the registers are too unhealthy and too tempting if I’m shopping while my stomach is growling lol

    • Anonymous

      Exercise and eat well to be healthy, not to lose weight. If you’re not constantly monitoring the scale, you won’t be as stressed out. Judge your progress by how your clothes fit and how you feel, not by a number on a scale.

      Also, don’t cut out all delicious-but-bad-for-you foods. Allow yourself a bite (or two) of that double chocolate donut, or that amazing cheesecake, or that bacon cheeseburger. If you cut out all bad-for-you-but-great-tasting foods, your diet WILL fail, because you have nothing to look forward to and your attitude will probably start to suck pretty soon.

    • Lfriend81

      Just switching to water anytime you are thirsty.  Most of the time we don’t even have pop in the house, too tempting, but water is cheap and easy and healthy for us to drink all the time!

    • Christine S.

      Cooking my own meals is a great way to keep tabs on what goes into my food – and I enjoy it!

    • Blesmith

      Drink lots of water throughout the day!

    • Buffhome2

      Tryng not to eat on the run.  Take even a few minutes to make smart decisions instead of just grabbing anything. 

    • Lydia

      My husband and I have started eating veggies subs for lunch (made at home). We still get full but feel better after eating them than highly processed sandwich meats and snacks like crackers and chips.

    • KIm Bryant

      When ordering anything out.. forego the butter and mayo and “extra’s” you can still eat out just think before ordering…

    • RW7744

      Lower sodium, lower high fructose corn syrup, more fresh veggies and more foods prepared at home with natural, non processed ingredients!

    • Macwbrown

      I stopped buying soft drinks for my family.  Now, they get them as treats when we eat out, which is not very often.

    • Melaniewyrick

      Lower Carb count

    • Alison

      Always eat breakfast – if you don’t, you’ll just be hungrier throughout the day.

    • Clew313

      Portion control. Lean protein, small amount of carbs and a bigger than normal helping of fruits and vegetables.

    • Courtney

      I use 2% milk for creamer and am cutting back on sugar in my coffee this year. It was hard at first, but I am getting used to it!

    • Jaki Herrington

      I cut out most fast food from my diet. My family has enjoyed the home cooked meals, and all the left overs :) 

    • Ann Lounsbury

      Drinking more water. Having more veggies and fruit. Watching portions.

    • Tami

      Watching food labels and controling calorie intake as well as taking fast paced walks around the neighborhood makes me feel healthier and controls the weight gain.  A delicious low cal treat I enjoy after my walks is sugar free jello with sugar free whip topping.  M-m-m-m-m!

    • Guest

      Exercise whenever possible and drink lots of water every day.  It’s amazing how much it fills you up!

    • Jennifer Becker

      I have simply altered my favorite dishes to healthier choices. You can substitute ground turkey for beef, and if you add extra spice to “heat up” the dish you really will enjoy it. I have started using 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg. in place of all whole eggs. Th And lastly it is all about portion control. you can still have your little treats, just don’t have so much of it.

    • Finsfan4life

      I make healthier choices by “Thinking Skinny” lol … As I look at a menu I’m constantly thinking about if I eat good choices I will be skinnier for summer…  

    • tngirl

      Fill up on fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and water before eating the carb-rich food.  Keep fresh fruit visible so the family will grab the colorful fruit instead of looking for something not-so-healthy.

    • Lesleyann414

      by making a conscious effort to drink more water and eat more whole foods, will help your body become more balanced.

    • Itchin2bstitchin

      Well for me using a smaller plate helps alot. I’m less likely to eat too much if it’s filling up a small plate verses not filling up a large plate. I also use smaller bowls too. Eating more fresh vegetables is a good healthy choice in my book.

    • Beattyjg

      Cut down on cheese!

    • Matti

      Go always with low fat cheese.

    • Chelle4040

      eat less processed foods and more salads

    • Amazonwoman33

      Eat what you like in moderation and find low-fat substitutes you can tolerate to cut back.  Also, exercise is key :o)…

    • Shannonddoyle

      I make healthier choices by (trying) to only buy healthy foods at the grocery store – then the unhealthy foods aren’t around to tempt me!

    • Rgillilan2

      having them do egg white breakfast sandwiches saves calories and fat so that eating out isnt quite so bad and it still tastes good.

    • Christine6509

      Organic! And when I say organic I don’t mean you can indulge in cookies just because the box has a USDA logo on it. Whole foods (most importantly meat and dairy) are SO much healthier for you! And the greatest part about it if you research you can find great deals as well! I’m down 10 lbs just from changing my ways and realizing there is no miracle diet out there.

    • Jen

      Drink tons of water. I have to force myself at lunch to just sit and gulp, gulp, gulp, it down.

    • Elegantcandles

      100 cal wheat thin bread rounds, publix roasted red pepper hummus and two slices of turkey! My Best breakfast when I’m watching calories! I also make a yummy “cheese” topping for broccoli with cashews and yeast food flakes and pimentos!

    • Ann

      If I get a bagel, I ask for the reduced calorie cream cheese. It may not save alot of calories, but it helps!!

    • Handygirl5

      I cut out sugar and starches (aka carbs!) like potatoes, pasta, rice and bread. I’m not counting anything, just making sure the carb count is LOW. Since Jan 3rd, I’ve lost a pound a week! Did not even change exercise!  First time I’ve ever dieted and I’m so glad its working for me.

    • Heavensperfection

      Don’t skip meals no matter what. Many people are often too busy and completely forget about breakfast but it really is the most important meal of the day.

    • Allisendeloach

      I always use skim milk and AlWAYS get half the amount of syrup/sugar in my coffee. Also try to avoid the whip cream but here and there cant help but treat myself.  Little things really do add up!  :) :) :) :) 

    • Karrie Kirkland

      I always look for 0 trans fats and no hydrogenated oils.

    • Michelle B.

      I avoid the “white stuff” like breads, pastas, and sugar.

    • Anonymous

      Having a healthy salad at every meal. And replacing most drinks with water.

    • Marla

      I’ve found that making healthier choices starts at the grocery store ..so Never shop when you’re hungry! This way you won’t pick out unhealthy choices because they look good at the moment… Also substitute fatty snacks for less snacks.. ex. high calorie chips for rice cakes :)

    • Lindsayscouponing

      I love Dunkin Donuts.  And I love getting the lattes, so I swap out the cream for skim milk and the regular syrup for the sugar free version, as well as not adding any sugar (artificial or real).  The natural sweetness from the skim milk and the syrup is enough sweet for me. And it tastes delicious! 

    • Firepeople

      Shopping wisely! Buying foods that are whole grain and lots of veggies & fruit! I must admit I do LOVE to indulge on Dunkin donuts too! :) 

    • Samiamx1

      We get 4 dozen donuts every Sunday to bring to church. Usually I could eat 2 or 3 donuts if I am really hungry. I know thats bad! You just can’t eat one. Although I did try the donut that has all the chopped peanuts on it and I found that it is more filling. So now I just eat the one donut with the nuts when I want to treat myself at church. I have also started drinking unsweet green tea instead of all the sugar drinks.

    • Carole

      I’m trying to drink more water.  I keep a large water bottle handy so I can keep track of my intake.  I’m also adding lemons and/or limes to my water plus drinking lots of herbal tea at night when I am most likely to impluse eat.  Also, getting enough sleep has made a huge difference in my will power.

    • Mtdorachic

      Healthy Food can be full of flavor! Look for things with lots of colors :)

    • Cathy

      I use applesauce in place of oil and I use eggbeaters instead of eggs!

    • Dee81

      My family loves cheese. I always swap reduced fat type for the full fat version. They get all the calcium and protein without all the fat. We all win.

    • Cattleyaorchid

      When eating out, I try to look up nutrition info BEFORE I go.  I have ate at a restaurant and then looked up what I ate and was horrified and the amount of calories and fat.  If you are going to eat out, plan ahead!

    • Ballm1

      I take two servings of fruit and vegetables to work. I must eat them before I leave.

    • Kat

      Eating more FRUIT

    • Tonyakinlaw

      We have tried to eat in more and spend more of our budget on fresh fruits and veggies.

    • Aliken

      Try to eat as much fresh food as possible and buy as many of your groceries as you can from the perimeter of the store. I know that it is not possible to do this alone but I lost 10 lbs ( in 1 month) by doing this and eating at home as much as possible!!!!

    • Monica_Heming

      I use suagr substitute instead of sugar.

    • Ucmba97

      We are eating at home much more, and using fresh veggies and fruits alot more.  This coupled with regular “play” on our Wii, and my husband and I are steadily losing weight.  I’d love to try a DD breakfast sandwich. Sounds great!

    • Melissa

      I’ve committed to drinking 3 bottles of water a day…it’s hard but the longer I do it, the easier it gets!

    • Angel Estes

      Make sure you eat *before* you go grocery shopping!

    • vivachio

      Back in school now, so I make an effort to take a water bottle instead of iced tea (very bad habit I am trying to break!) 

      Also started parking futher out in the parking lot and taking snacks that can withstand the heat in the car between classes (apples, granola and pepperidge farm pretzels (stocked up since these were BOGO at publix last week:D)!!!

    • Kelly

      drinking calories is not the best to do.  If you love soda (which I do) try the switch over to coke zero or pepsi max, both which have no calories and don’t taste like diet soda! sometimes its little switches like this that make it easier to diet and eat healthier!

      • Barbara

        You need to be careful about the diet sodas too as they contain artificial ingredients that have been proven to increase  your appetite and can cause some serious health problems.

    • sshndydrm

      don’t buy it!  if it’s not in your house, you won’t eat it.  (i need to heed my own advise here!)
      and NEVER shop when you’re hungry!

    • Summer Young

      I use smaller portions with more veggies and less startches

    • Maria

      Eat lots of fruits and veggies, eat smaller portions and snack throughout the day.

    • Karen

      My husband and I have started eating our “big” meal for the day at lunch rather than dinner.  Plus, we have stopped eating late night dinners.  We try and have our last meal finished at least 3 hours before we go to bed.  It actually makes us sleep better!  Smart DD sounds awesome!  Can’t wait to try the menu! 

    • Ceeci1009

      My tip for eating healthier is to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day to keep my blood sugar regulated.

    • Houseofjoy2000

      Swap Splenda for sugar in my awesome Dunkin Donuts coffee!  Then I can justify my favorite treat: a coconut donut!

    • SHARON

      Reading food labels is very important to consciously know what you are putting into your body!  It is facinating to see all the additives and code names for SUGAR!  Thanks, Jenni

    • Carinbehringer

      My tip is to go to the gym 4 or 5 mornings right after you drop your kids off at school or walk them to the bus stop.  Get dressed in your gym clothes first thing and then you have no excuse! 

    • Memmerson1

      Cutting out as much sugar as possible. The introduction of sugar in the body seems to trick it into wanting more and more food. When you cut the sugar, you are not as hungry.

    • Thompson141

      Enjoy foods that you like but be mindful of serving sizes and refrain from snacking on unhealthy things

    • Designedintime

      Eating more fruits and veggies!

    • Tiffany

      I buy more fresh foods and a lot less processed/boxed

    • CamiD

      I use egg whites instead of the entire egg and eat low calorie bread as well!

    • Kyra

      Keep fresh fruits in a bowl on the table within eye’s view.  Chop veggies and put in individual sandwich baggies for a quick grab and go snack.  Use whole wheat flour for baking, non fat milk for cereal and drinking.  Make veggies 2/3 of your plate instead of 1/3 by replacing the carb portion (potatoes/rice/etc.).

    • Khibler

      Have a pantry and fridge purging party. Clean out all of the bad foods from your home, leaving only the best choices.

    • BabyMama4659

      Its so important to add excersize to your healthy eating.  Recently I’ve commiting to having one low fat salad and adding 3 days a week of excersize.  I have been feelign so much better since I started doing this!

    • Neemee1974

      Actually reading the nutritional labels on food for serving size especially!

    • moderation, portion control, lean meats, and vegetables

    • Julie P

      I actually started trying to get fit 3 months ago, mostly by cutting carbs an dcalories.  Recently, though, I took up Pilates and I love it!  I feel great and I can tell I’m getting stronger, but the workouts don’t hurt.  Gotta love that!

    • Jenniferwinans

      By not skipping meals, you lost more weight! Always eat breakfast…. ;-)

    • Sljb2000

      Agave nectar instead of sugar in my tea…

    • Melruley

      Running and walking around the neighborhood and eating a small snack in the afternoon so I am not starving at dinner.

    • Deidra Auclair

      Take a walk after dinner with the kids.  Do dishes when you get back and you will have more energy to do them.

    • Jennifer

      I limit my intake of processed foods and eat more fruit and veggies! And I LOVE dunkin donuts!!

    • Stickrn3

      read labels! find things low in calories and fat and high in fiber!

    • Esther

      “Bulking” up my meal, like pasta, by adding lots of vegetables. Still get a filling portion and not sacrificing foods I love.

    • Lwilliams

      I discovered that planning my meals in advance and shopping with a list helps me to stick to cooking a healthier meal.  We pay attention to our diet all week so that we can splurge on a donut on the weekend!

    • Danaldrman

      A great way to make healthier choices is to fill up one water, fruits, veggies, and/or beans before eating the rest of your meal.

    • Anonymous

      Drink your coffee black (make sure it’s good quality) and have egg whites instead of full eggs for breakfast.

    • Nancy

      For me its knowing what you eat. I have used MyFitnessPal app (also available online) and I love it! I also reccomend exercise. I have lost 48 pounds this last year and proud of myself. Bought a pair of size 16 jeans today!

    • Alyson

      I think to myself, do I want this cookie/cake/ice cream more than I want to look good in my bathing suit?

    • Lauren

      Portion control!! Snack on fruit and fill up on protein. 

    • Denamar2

      Using fat free milk instead of 1 or 2%.  Grabbing fruit instead of a candy bar.  Making the veggies the bigger portion of my dinner!

    • Shannon S.

      One tip that was an easy switch was using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Tastes great and works the same!

    • Lesa

      Drinking a large glass of water before meals

    • Lee Fairchild

      Get a skinny latte with sugar free syrup! Small is 100 cal 

    • Guest

      Eat a healthy breakfast it is the most important meal of the day. Lots of veggies and fruits. Stay away from prepackaged processed food. 

    • Tracy LaRoy

      Making sure I don’t skip meals. Eating smaller portion meals when I do.

    • Lexcher

      I’ve been drinking more water and eating at home more . Everyone is losing a little weight.   

    • Carolyn

      Always drink water when dining out! Saves $$ too!

    • Melcooke

      With the lattes…get less pumps….that equals less calories

    • Jsherard12

      Exercise, what amounts and calories of what you eat…but allow an indulgence every now and then, or you will go crazy!

    • Stephanie

      The nutritional facts about the foods we eat are just as important as the portion size. A good rule of thumb is the food should not be larger than your fist.  Also, drink as much water as you can! 

    • Amber

      I have been watching my calorie intake and cut way back on sodas!

    • WATER.  Always drink a full glass of water before and after you eat a meal or snack.  You’ll think twice about how much you’re eating and you’ll feel fuller.  Also, the water is wonderful for your complexion.

    • Michelle B.

      I track my calories online everyday and can now easily resist certain temptations because I know they won’t fit into my daily calorie count. I also aim for whole grains and minimally processed food.

    • Kelly D

      I like making “breakfast sandwiches” using egg beaters, whole wheat english muffins, and lean meats and cheeses. The protein helps me get through the morning!

    • Barbara

      I love trying new recipes using whole grains instead of white flours. I have found cookies and brownies I can make with all natural wholesome ingredients that are a better snack choice for my family. I even purchased a grain mill so I can grind my own flour and use it while it still has all the vitamins and minerals in it.

    • Jennifer H.

      Keeping in mind my short terms goals, i.e. fit into my dress for a wedding etc., helps me avoid the poor choices.

    • Vandahms

      No refined sugars or white flour. Been using honey granules, sucanat sugar, and whole wheat flour to bake with.

    • robin

      my grandsons love dunkin donuts but due to our finachial difficulties they havent gotten to go in months Id be happy if i won this because Id hand it to them an tell them to go get donuts lol im just a proud grandmother who wants to see her grandsons happy they are 13 and 8 years old

    • Deborrobb

      Gave up sweet tea. tear ;..( 
      Drink my DD coffee with 1/2 splenda, 1/2 sugar.

    • Couponkd

      Eating small meals every three hours and limiting intake of breads, pasta, rice and potatoes.

    • Ceciliascraftymom

      We make sure at least half of our meal is solid veggies. Even when making meatloaf and chili we use alot of low flavor veggies like zucchini to bulk up portions and cut calories. I also sneak things like unsweetened applesauce and yellow squash into cakes brownies pancakes etc. 

    • Lawyergrl13

      instead of drinking soda I have been drinking flavored sparkling water (black cheery is delicious) feels like your drinking soda with 0 calories (0 everything) Also, when going to grocery store and stores-park further away that way it makes you walk to your destination. Little by little the weight will drop!

    • Dannar95

      Pay close attention to the caloric content, sugar and fat grams on your food labels and make sure you count accordingly for each serving.

    • The easiest way is to drink lots more water.  It makes you feel full and stay full longer.  If I want a little flavor I like to add a squeeze of lime and splenda.  As for DD, their egg white wrap is delicious and you can get it anytime of day, which makes it a great, quick meal for the kids that’s healthier than other fast food options.

    • Jenn

      Not eating out as often and watching portion sizes. It’s easy to think you can eat just a little more, then really regret it later!

    • Alovell2232

      Drinking more water! I’m not a big fan, but trying to drink a few bottles a day.

    • Rerdmann2

      Swap whole wheat pasta for plain. We are big pasta eaters and we love whole wheat pasta. We especially love it in chicken and veggie lo mein. We also love making chicken and veggie soup with onions broccoli squash zucchini,and carrots. Very good and healthy too.

    • Aowens_311

      a great support system! It doesnt matter how much I try to do it all myself I will still fail without my cheerleaders and supporters keeping me focused and motivated!

    • Rebecca Blalock

      drink water while eating out, and before meals, so you eat less. remember that my sons are watching what i eat.

    • Vnrimmer

      I try to eat more natural foods and have portion control. 

    • Heidi

      Cut out as much processed food as you can. Eat smaller portions and above all BE HAPPY!

    • Traci Cameron

      Eating less fried foods!  Fried chicken is definitely my weakness and I love seeing fast food restaurants offering other options besides the usual chicken sandwichs & burgers you find everywhere.  I have been cutting back on eating fast food altogether to only once per week.

    • Getorganized

      Protein within 30 min of waking up! Drop kids off and head to Dunkin Donuts to meet your girlfriends!

    • Anonymous

      I am giving up soda in favor of water.

    • Donna

      The biggest thing I’ve done this year is replacing the half and half in my coffee with milk – I prefer whole but am trying to make do with skim.  And yes to wraps or a whole grain toast over bagels when I make breakfast sandwiches. 

    • Julissa

      People always says : What did u coupon ? , it is only fat products, well I proof them wrong , because there is multiple choices of  good  stuff , and now even a franchises are coming with good choices , The more  I coupon the more I get free things , and  I would love to get the gift card , and only 300  calories choices ,, AMAZING !!!.

    • melissacholliday

      I’m trying to cut out/cut down on snacks.

    • Jess6573

      Some of the breakfast options can leave you feeling hungry way before lunch, I try to always have protein in my breakfast choices, peanut butter in oatmeal and eggs are always great! 

    • Steve

      Eat less–ie smaller quantities.

    • Esther

      I have been making my own healthy granola and putting it on low fat yogurt.

    • Guest

      A tall glass of water before each meal will fill you up.

    • Jbryan94

      Drinking more water really does help…

    • Jamie M

      Cut out white flour, changed to whole wheat or organic.

    • Leslie

      I try to enjoy most foods, but I try to make them healthier by taking smaller portion sizes.

    • Anya

      eating smaller portions,choosing more healthy foods like salads instead of fried food.less sugar in diet and drinking lots of water!

    • Rebecca

      It’s not just about the calories or losing weight…it’s about the kinds of food you eat.

    • Webbers

      I’m trying to incorporate more yellow & orange into our meals.  Remembered an old favorite of my mom’s.  I steam carrots then place in a skillet with a little honey & green grapes to warm.  Kids love it because of the natural sweetness and it gets fruit and vegetables into those little tummies.

    • Juliedandresen

      I think you can be healthier just by making better choices. Me personally, I have not necessarily started dieting but just stopped over eatting and stop when I am full.

    • Cortni

      No sugar or cream in my coffee. I buy Hazelnut flavored coffee, so it doesn’t need anything!

    • BriansET

      I do everything in moderation, (ok, most everything…maybe a tad too much coffee). Some sweets, some fats, some veggies. Also, I pick a few small things to change, like low-fat cheese, whole wheat bread, etc.

    • Docgrundy

      I used to listen to Dr. Dean Edell on the radio, his idea was “eat, drink and be merry”. Everything in moderation. There isn’t anything you shouldn’t have, you just shouldn’t have too much!

    • Denise Glasgow

      Portion control and 3 meals a day with 1 snake in between lunch and dinner and a snake before bed has helped me to gain control over my weight.

      • lol if I had a snake between lunch and dinner and a snake before bed, I couldn’t eat OR sleep!!

    • Scn821

      Use your brain, not your eyes. Order or cook the things your food the way you know is healthier. Make a plan before you fill your plate. Common sense will take you a long way.

    • Bee

      Always take the stairs!  Try and get up and walk around every hour, even if just for two minutes.  beecasagrand at gmail dot com

    • Nahannon

      My husband and I have found that eating 5 smaller meals a day will help you make healthier choices. Because you are not giving your stomach too much time between meals to have any no-no snacks! We have also started P90x and have been doing it for 30 days today!! Super excited to finish up strong in these next 60 days!! Thanks for the giveaway chance :)

    • Steph9803

      We’ve swapped white flour with whole wheat white flour and trying to drink more water in our house :D

    • Elizabeth

      I carry snacks and bottled water in my purse. That way when I’m out and get hungry its not as tempting to go thru a drive thru or stop at a convenience store. Plus, I have kids so its always helpful to have snacks on hand :)

    • Bnorris06

      We start our meal with a salad, then eat what is left on the plate, that way we fill up on salad, and eat less of the food that is higher in calories…

    • Connieb03

      I use spinach broth (homemade) to make rice so it has more vitamins and nutrients.

    • Sbrown0603

      To save money and calories, I get regular coffee and sprinkle cinnamon and cocoa powder in it with skim milk. It still tastes great!

    • Liza

      I have been eating more fruits and vegetables.  Also, we have been cooking more at home.

    • B Caicedo

      the thing i have been doing for the last 2 weeks to help me eat health is i found a picture of myself when i was at my prefect wieght and put it on the door to the snacks stock and when i go to get the sweets and fats i see the pic and run for the  fruits and vegs so far lost some wieght

    • Tiffanytrussell

      Exercise and fresh juices using my juicer!

    • Lucy

      Start small

    • Bonnie

      A fistful of food. I’m trying to eat the smaller portion sizes on a smaller plate!

    • Rosannh

      Eat 6 times a day of smaller portions and plenty of Fruit and Veg’s. It may be hard at first but it is worth it. Never skip breakfast that jump starts your

    • Sdwells98

      Water, water, water…. And smaller portions. :)

    • Diane

      Never Grocery shop hungry!  ;)

    • Aprwat

      eating snacks that are less than 100 calories per serving

    • Nlchap1112

      Skinny lattes all the way

    • Ramblinggrl

      I am a member of a CSA in the spring and summer.  That way I pick up fresh fruit and veggies weekly for 28 weeks.  When you  have fresh fruits and veggies that are just harvested in your refrigerator, you are more likely to eat them.  Also, I buy local grass fed beef in bulk.  It is a great way to make a healthier choice for beef and a reduced rate.

    • Lissette M

      Park in the back of the lot (instead of driving for a long time searching for a spot right out front), more water, take stairs instead of elevator, use kiddie bowls to serve yourself meals, please give your kids apples instead of fries if you go to McDonald’s and don’t give your kids sugary snacks to shut them up-how bout you go out and play with them,

    • Definitely don’t be too strict

    • Schrodtfamily

      Always have been skim milk drinkers….easy way to save calories.

    • Marcy

      My tip — swap your morning mocha for a nonfat, no-whip version :)

    • Linda

      When I’m hungry for a snack, I first glass of water. A lot of times you might think you’re hungry but you’re actually just thirsty!

      • Linda

        first *drink a* glass of water.

    • Klista

      Drink LOTS of water and try to go on a walk everyday!

    • Dianedla

      I carry healthy snacks in my car so I won’t have to stop to get something unhealthy.

    • Cindy Grouss

      Moderation- You don’t have to deprive yourself, but you can lighten up on things like less sugar in your coffee, less cheese on your sandwich/salad or smaller portions of sweet treats.

    • Ckwhite07

      I love breakfast AND coffee.  Leave off the cheese and go for the egg whites.  High quality and lower fat.  If you must, opt for a Munchkin and eat it in small bites so you can savor the flavor! 

    • Mansell31

      Moderation & kick the cola habit!

    • regan

      Gosh it sure would be nice to win and eat healthy.High fiber oat meal is on my list every morning….

    • jenb

      I wake up and get moving to Gilad for 30 minutes before the family wakes up.

    • Brittsword

      Exercise and sticking to eating healthy food

    • Ashera

      great effort by dunkin to help those of us who need something quick but still want to be healthy!

    • alan

      Sit down as a family to eat, asking each person how their day was. Taking the time will fill you with so much more than empty calories.

    • Muscproducer

      Put your food on a smaller plate, so it tricks your brain into thinking you’re getting more.

    • Anonymous

      Exercise and non fatty foods and drinks

    • Ekreisler

      Use egg whites for breakfast instead of whole eggs.

    • Sdriver35

      Use whole grain whenever possible!

    • Cut up your fruits and veggies and place them in baggies, easy to grab on the go or when a snack attacks!

    • Jane

      I actually find that when I drink coffee in the morning, I eat less!

    • Ashli B

      Think of those you could be hurting in the long run when your unhealthy habits catch up with you. Healthy choices mean more time spent and more memories made with those you love :) ALWAYS helps me.

    • Dgraham

      balance in all things!  you if you eat smart and healthy you are giving a gift to yourself that has immeasureable benefit!  ahem!  i still have to have a glazed DD donut once in a while!  a mocha latte is wonderful all year ’round! 

    • Savingisfun

      Thinking about the long term effects of what I eat helps me make better choices.

    • Scl2163

      We do several things at home to make things a little healthier.  We watch our portion sizes, make sure we have healthy snacks, and get out a few days a week as a family for some exercise.

    • LFerguson

      I have found that eating fresh food daily really cuts out a bunch of the bad stuff and adds more of the useful nutrients our bodies need. One you get in the habit of choosing the healthier item, your body will actually start craving them. So you will start feeling reward in your mind and body…how awesome is that??

    • Donna Dodgens

      Usually, the closer a food is to it’s natural state, the healther it is.

    • My tip is: To always think through your actions! And to ask yourself questions such as “Is this food going to benefit me in the long run? Is it low in fat or high in protein? Will this give me energy and make me feel good? Will this help me reach my goal of losing weight?”

    • Bella

      Keep it simple and incorporate more fresh veggies and fruits into your diet. Try making better choices all together..grilled instead of fried=) Stay active and drink plenty of water! 

    • Psl6800

      Drinking lots of watet !!! Always serve meals with fresh fruits and vegetables. Cooking in olive oil is great as well.

    • Ashli B

      Chew gum or brush your teeth when you want a snack but aren’t really hungry. The thought of how it tastes after you are minty fresh isn’t as appetizing!

    • Debbie

      Try to drink more water

    • Zukppr

      Shopping the perimeter aisles of the grocery store.

    • Joan

      Portion control and common sense about what we eat. DD coffee black is a wonderful treat. When we have a lot of company or a party that we know there will be over night guests, a box o joe from DD is perfect for them (and us not having to fix numerous pots of coffee)

    • M Nelson

      Drink water with lemon or lime in place of high-calorie drinks. Helps you feel full and isn’t sugary and bad for you!

    • Fullofjoy725

      I noticed that I always tend to “nibble” as I cook, and by the time the dinner is on the table, I have “tasted” a whole meal already! The Lord gave me the idea of munching on baby carrots as I cook, instead of the meal I’m cooking, that way I can get in an extra veggie, without blowing my dinner appetite!

    • Jfong1130

      eating as much fruit and vegetables as possible and eating colorful foods!

    • Ataylor

      Subtract net fiber from net carbs to get actual carb content of any packaged food.

    • Tlcarter6

      keep it simple eat grilled instead of fried and add veggies to everything

    • Brownsarahc

      Smaller portions!

    • LaurieJ

      I have changed lots of things in our house to get healthier, switched to whole wheat pasta, only whole grain breads, more fruit and vegies, honey for sweetner, no more soda in the house, no more chips or crackers in the house.

    • Burly07

      We drink Skim milk, eat whole wheat bread, eat fruit, and count our calories! We have already seen a diference in weight and how we feel!

    • Samer

      no eating out as much

    • Matt W

      My Wife and I have given up eating meat at home, and since we only go out once a week it saves us money and calories!!!

    • I try to exercise in the morning

    • Janna

      I try to exercise as many days a week as possible – not only does it help me physically but it really boosts my mood as well. 

    • Tsdixon

      ask for only half the cheese in your sandwich and if you drink coffee with sugar gradually cut back on the sugar. You can develop a taste for less sugar.

    • amy

      Smaller Portions

    • BeckyB

      My daughter is a DD coffee nut!!!! I’m glad they are offering better options for her to choose from seeing how she goes there just about every morning before school. As for tip lots of water, exercise and portion control!!!!!

    • kwb715

      Drink water before and with a meal.  

    • Andrea Jensen

      I always split my entree when I go out to eat!

    • Elisabeth

      Drink water! Also, don’t eat anything an hour before going to bed. It really does help.

    • TracyMichele

      Instead of going out to eat, we look for copycat recipes from our favorite restaurants and then we make a healthier version at home. It is a huge money saver as well. Not to mention you don’t run the risk of forgetting the packaged leftovers on the table!

    • JackieKC

      I use egg whites, drink less soda, and cut sugar. I also try to incorporate more fruits and veggies for snacks and with meals.   

    • rkrem

      I would change me half and half to skim milk.

      • rkrem

        my half and half,  sorry for the typo!

    • Jencan1970

      I plan and journal my daily food intake. Being accountable works!

    • Richardpair

      Choose unsweetened drinks and use a sugar substitute. 
      Choose a wrap instead of a biscuit.

    • Sloppyjane Patterson

      Using the rate your plate method of portions. 2/3 of plate is filled with protein and fruits and veggies. The remaining third is carbs and starchyvegs. I also use a smaller plate.

    • Norton_lauren

      Try making a fresh fruit smoothie!! Eating it with a side of Greek yogurt… Yum!!

    • Chrissy

      More fresh fruits and veggies.

    • jennybinflorida

      sweeten your coffee with truvia!

    • colleen

      Shop the perimeter of the grocery store more than the middle.  Most food in the middle is processed rather than fresh.  Choose whole grain rather than white, olive oil over butter.  Stay away from artificial flavors, sweeteners, and high fructose corn syrup!

    • Ivey822

      I have quit drinking all soft drinks.

    • RDestiny1211

      Using those coupons to restock the pantry and freezer with healthier foods!

    • ClaireW.

      Eating more protein than carbs for breakfast.

    • Nrwatts88

      I am trying to switch out sodas for water and using Turkey instead of beef as well as Zumba !

    • cheryl

      Using a smaller plate, to encourage smaller portions. Also, substituting water for soda or juice.

    • Zebw1

      I drink 2 liters of water a day. I have a smart breakfast. protein bar for lunch. I use a small plate for supper. I absolutely LOVE DD coffee.

    • Becca B.

      Downsize! I figure out what I want and down grade to cut down my portions.

    • Carey

      Eat a sensible breakfast everyday.. and take your vitamins!! :)

    • Katelin

      Cooking at home some i know whats in our dinners, changing our portion sizes, and walking with my best friend at the park!

    • Gabi

      Keeping hydrated will keep you more full and eatting less!

    • Brobranbaseball

      Don’t “skip” breakfast!

    • Anndcarr

      More protein, fewer carbs!

    • Wwilliams1571

      Drink lots of water to curb your appetite.  It works!

    • Eliz Minne

      Recording what you eat. It takes a minute, but once you do you can really see how much things like snacks affect you day!

    • Mindy Brown

      I joined the Y and I am starting to eat Salads for Lunch 4 days week. (gotta start small!)

    • Asali

      Eat whole food instead of processed whenever possible.

    • Cut out soda, eat more fruits and veggies, beans and lean meats.

    • c_l_07

      The way I make healthier choices is, since i am an on the go person, instead of ordering a biscuit or a croissant for breakfast, I get oatmeal. Also, I try to walk into the shop to order my latte in the mornings instead of go through the drive thru. I get lite whip and no sugar. If I do get sugar, it is sugar substitute. Also, I heard that drinking through a straw helps you portion yourself, so I try to drink my latte with a straw. :) Every bit helps!

    • Jess

      Eat more live food.  Have fresh fruit out and ready for when the kids get home from school.  Eat less of the processed food.

    • Mindy D.

      for those sweet eaters like me use frozen non fat whip cream instead of icecream

    • M

      I think finding a buddy to stay on track

    • Get a smaller plate, I like pretty ones and a really nice glass for drinking water through out the day.  I found an antique green glass at my grandparents so I sip away and think about how blessed I am

    • Heidi

      make healthy choices as a family

    • Greg Boughner

      I try to eat my veggies first when sitting down to dinner — that way, when you get full, you leave the other higher-calorie things on your plate.

    • Sarahjs708

      If it tastes good, spit it out. :)

    • Smith1471

      Eat protein for breakfast.

    • Diane

      I try to only eat half a portion when eating out and always drink water.  I try to add vegetable in as many things as possible.

    • Brettandkelly

      Nonfat milk in my DD Lattes!

    • Cherpooh2

      I go for smaller portions and less sugar in the coffee! :)

    • Mleepaschall

      I have a tip….pack your lunch and vow only to use cash to buy out (if you normally don’t have cash).  That way if you have food, you wont be tempted to buy food…..as quickly.  Take a night and cut up fresh veggies and fruits and put them in containers so they are easy to grab and eat.  Take the stairs, park at the far end of the parking lot.  Don’t be lazy!!

    • Nita in Nashville

      wow…. DD gift card!  wow  have your children tell you not to eat all of the chocolate in the house!

    • Olivefamily3

      Don’t eat the Munchkins!

    • Jennie

      Skip the sodas!  If you’re really craving a sweet drink, juice or even sweet tea is a somewhat better choice.

    • Cblankwriter

      This year, I have been using stevia as a sweetener – thanks to Southern Savers for telling us about stevia coupons! – and eating primarily white meats, veggies & rice!

    • Girliemm74

      Add fiber to your diet!

    • Sarah

      My hubby and I have made a commitment to start making time to cook dinner together.  Not only do we spend that time together, but it is cutting out the fast food and ready made junk food dinners we often splurge on!

    • Aprilgirl4god

      Don’t even bring the bad stuff home! If it’s in the home, it gets eaten. I only buy what I want to eat. And take a grocery list to the store. I do not buy groceries without knowing exactly what I am going in for.

    • Cayacoup

      There are two that have helped me: packing my lunch everyday and when out at restaurants, I asked for a to-go box when they bring my meal and put half in bfore I even start to eat. Simple and not new ideas but they work. I also don’t keep soda at home because I know what will happen!  ;)

    • Amy

      Try to make most of your meals healthy and then you won’t feel bad when you splurge on a Dunkin donut!

    • Marcia Walker

      My tip is to go eat more fresh fruits and veggies instead of carb sides. 

    • Jtcruzan

      Enjoy a hearty breakfast and eat light for lunch and dinner. Place your spoon or fork down after each bite, makes you full quicker because you give yourself time Ti digest the food.

    • Kellyskeller

      Meal planning! Then you’re not making bad choices because you’re too hungry to be smart!

    • Sheri Homestead

      I make a quiche for the kids the night before so i cam just warm it up in the morning…much quicker, healthier and yummy !!

    • MargaretW

      Use skim milk instead of regular creamer in your coffee.

    • Samsunmom

      Hiding fruits and veggies in meals via sneaky chef, missy chase lapine!

    • MsBsCandles

      I love their unsweetened tea. I would love to try their new breakfast item. I would suggest adding a spicy Tabasco packet for those of us who like it spicy.

    • Chrystal bachmann

      Go in with a plan and research menu options online before you go.

    • Glysergt

      My wife and I cook dinner together using fresh ingredients. We stay away from all of the boxed/ frozen meals. It ends up costing less and we eat healthier!

    • Coupon Sandy

      lay off on the coffee! d:

    • A Floyd

      Eat more veggies and wise choices when eating out.

    • Erin

      Drinking more water and looking at calories and serving sizes.

    • Pequenalooloo

      Eat less chocolate.

    • Yapalot

      If on the go, order from the kids menu when possible…smaller portion sizes forces you to eat less. eat it slowly to allow yourself to feel more satisfied.

    • Slswilliams

      know your calorie intake all day not just one meal and make it small and many instead of large and few!

    • Sabonan

      I find it really helps to write down everything – I mean EVERYTHING – that I put in my mouth. You don’t have to do it all the time but doing every once in a while will help you to realize the habits that you have gotten into and focus better on the things you eat that you aren’t even paying attention to. Ahem – that bite of icecream or cookie when giving the kids their treat or the bites of mashed potatoes you eat while cooking dinner.

    • Anonymous

      Eat something that requires work to eat.  Apples with the skin, oranges.  It takes a while to eat and makes you feel full and satisfied.

    • Debra

      Consider what you are eating as an investment in your health. Today’s healthy choices creates for a healthier future!

    • Bgaines

      Don’t build meals around meat- get more plant based calories (beans, grains and veggies.)

    • Lbarnes

      Besides the many comments already expressed – Walking the opposite way of the vending machines at work!!!

    • Fondiejoy

      Stay away from all fried foods and ask for sauces on the side!!

    • si

      Put an inspiring photograph on the refridgerator! Maybe just a landscape of the beach, or of a finish line, or of a happy (older) couple rocking on their porch…anything that motivates you to get or stay healthy. 

    • Sbstrider

      Plan ahead and bring a healthy snack.  Then you’re less likely to over-indulge later because you’re so hungry.

    • Cheryl_k_lindo

      I am counting my calorie intake

    • Bridget_hend

      I love my lattes but I always go nonfat and with spenda!

    • rebecca

      My tip is to get an iced latte instead of a warm latte. Because of the ice content, a 16 oz has at least 60 calories less just from being chilled. You’ll never notice the couple of sips less that you’re drinking, and in fact I rarely even finish mine. Switching to almond or soy milk saves even more calories.

    • Anonymous

      Use smaller plates (I also use smaller utensils, such as demitasse spoons), concentrate on protein and colorful veg before carbs, and always leave room for an occasional treat–like something yummy at DD!

    • Jennifer E.

      I usually do a low carb bread with egg whites piled on with veggies for breakfast.

    • Burd275

      You have to be prepared. the time you spend one day a week cooking all your meals for the week (or every night) is worth it. You have control over what is at your fingertips to eat. You put the right choices in front of your family and the rest of the time you can spend during the week loving your smart self. 

    • Kelly

      Encourage love ones to join you in your attempt to get healthy, it’s better with a partner

    • Mutsu46

      My tip? Have lots of fresh fruit on hand. My kids love it…and it is so good for them!

    • jacky

      I think just eating healthier, more fruits and veggies are a good step!

    • Bellajade

      We cook larger portions and freeze them in 1-seving-size containers for those days when there is no time to cook.  Much healthier than cheaper than ordering out or grabbing a frozen dinner from the grocery store.

    • Jennie

      It’s not that you can’t eat junk food in moderation! Just be smart and enjoy those simple extras.

    • Letitia

      Paying more attention to calorie content and not going over serving sizes.

    • Khill1217

      We have decided to use smaller plates this year, making smaller portions!

    • 5higgins

      Frozen fruit smoothies!  They are expensive to buy in the grocery store but we freeze our own fruit and put yogurt into ice cube trays and freeze that too then just blend it up and enjoy!  Gets lots of fruit, fiber and dairy in one yummy cup!

    • Lisa

      My kids only get sweet things for a special treat and only after eating something good first.

    • LisaR

      Balance: want a coolatta, order it with fat free milk and light whip.  Burger and fries:  eat the burger without a bun and half the fries.   Or order from the Smart Menu at Dunkin Donut!

    • Mbatts622

      Cuttingback on the butter, fat and dairy. Eating fresher and cleaner.

    • MLH

      Eating breakfast is so important to maintaining a healthy weight. I usually have hot tea, toast sometimes with sugar-free jam, and a piece of fruit. I’m good until lunch. Also, I buy drink flavorings to add to my water when I get a little bored with it.

    • Allison

      Write down everything you eat-it holds you accountable!

    • Lucie Langevin4

      Using less salt and sugar and drink more water (instead of soda)

    • Kariforsyth

      Starting back weight watchers :

    • 1.Make careful menu selections and pay attention to the descriptions on the menu.Order items with more vegetables and choose leaner meats.
      2.Drink water with your meal… 32-oz Big Gulp of regular cola packs about 500 calories, better add a little lemon to your water.
      3.When choosing items, be aware of calorie- and fat-packed salad dressings, spreads, cheese, sour cream, etc.This mean to “Undress” your food!!! You can ask for a packet of ketchup mayo or mustard and add it yourself, controlling how much you put on your sandwich.
      4.Eat mindfully.It takes time for your body to register that you have eaten. Mindful eating relaxes you, so you digest better, and makes you feel more satisfied. Being mindful also means stopping before you are full !!!

    • Peggy

      IF you don’t bring it in the house you can’t eat it and if you just got to have a sweet , buy one single serve item.

    • Anonymous

      Replace one meal with a fruit and veggie smoothie. It’s a mini-cleanse that’s tasty, too!

    • Hudsonsmommy07

      We are controlling portions, having a meatless meal (or two) a week, we eat all whole grains, and we eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies.  I love DD coffee so I’m excited to see their new menu!

    • Mama Clam

      Egg whites, less sugar, and try to “think” before putting it in my mouth! Is it worth the calories, and is it going to fill me up? 

    • Eamberray

      i use hummus on my sandwiches and to dip veggies in instead of the traditional dressings/mayo, etc.

    • Anonymous

      I make up homemade pancake mix the night before so that it is made with healthier ingredients and it doesn’t take much time to just fry them up before school! Also I have fruit already cut and waiting to add to any breakfast.

    • krcoffeebean

      We don’t buy snack food or desserts.  This helps when there are many opportunities at work, etc. to have a treat.  

    • Zakiyyah

      Instead of quitting carbonated beverages cold turkey..i stopped buying 20 oz bottles, and switched to the small 8 oz cans

    • Cpsarsky

      My tip is to leave the bad stuff at the store and don’t feel super guilty if you do eat something not so healthy.  Feeling bad about leads to eating more bad stuff.

    • DotsDelights

      I eat a healthy breakfast to control my appetite but I don’t eat after 8pm and no carbs after 4pm.

    • Kay

      Don’t drink POP, use Applesauce instead of oil in baking and try to eat more fruits and veggies.

    • Lucyh70

      Every time I  lose 10 lbs, I go off the diet & gain 15lbs.  Plus I’m miserable dieting.  On some advice, my new thing this year has been to drink mostly water, to move more (takes walks, park farther from the store, etc..) and eat only the foods God created.  Feel better, less stressed, and losing wt.

    • Jasyd

      We’ve slowly converted to whole grain breads – we don’t buy any white bread anymore and the kids haven’t complained about the transition!  Healthy and no whining = YAY!

    • Anonymous

      Cook with ground turkey instead of ground beef.  Makes a big difference!  Smaller portions as well.

    • Alison Akard

      I’m trying to drink more water and eat more fish.

    • MCurtis

      I get my kids involved and take them to the local Farmer’s Markets to shop for fresh fruits and veggies!  They have a blast picking out new stuff to try. And we try to plan our meals ahead of time and make extra for lunches the next day, to keep from eating out at work. And if we do eat out we try to order off the lighter calorie menu.

    • Katherineemilys

      Dinner time meals consist of 4 oz. of meat, one healthy start (such as brown rice or sweet potato), and 2 cups of veggies (can mix and match according to taste). Dessert is replaced with fruit.

    • Rose

      Making smaller meat portions and more vegetables and having fruit available for snacks.

    • Sewhartsc

      I drink lots of water at meal times and all during the day. Stay away from fast foods out and cut back on sweets. That seems to help quite a bit.

    • Jenn2509

      We are eating more salads and veggies and smaller portions!

    • Donna

      I love coffee and usually drink it black. However, if I feel the need to add milk, I use skim.

    • Christina Walker

      We try to watch portion sizes, cut out most of the sugar, and stay active throughout the day:)

    • Hjmodlin10

      I dont deprive myself of everything, but tell myself no to at least one bad eating option per day

    • mini

      As you mentioned, choosing skim milk over cream is a great example of the many healthier choices I make. Others include, choosing: – whole-grain pasta over regular pasta
      – wheat bread over white bread
      – brown rice over white rice
      – frozen yogurt over ice cream
      – herbs over salt 
      – grilled over fried
      – dark chocolate over milk chocolate
      – oil and vinegar dressings over creamy dressings

      …you get the idea. However, I truly believe that it is best to just have a balanced diet. It’s okay to treat yourself every now and then to the “bad” stuff. Too much of ANYTHING (good or bad) isn’t good for you.

    • Josievic

      Writing down what I eat! Keeps me accountable! Oh and dumping my kids plates as soon as they are done eating!! Keeps me from grazing!

    • Anonymous

      No sodas in our house. No white bread or pasta. Cut out hydrogenated oils (peanut butter is a huge offender so look!) Cut out MSG. Keep a stock of nuts and fruits on hand at all times for healthy choices.

    • Marcia

      My best advice is to just never bring junk food into the house at all–if it’s not there, you’re not tempted to eat it!

    • noel

      I try to limit add-ons when we eat…half a slice of cheese on a sandwich or using mustard instead of mayo. It doesn’t seem like a huge sacrifice, but it adds up over time.

    • Amy G.

      Use reduced fat cheese instead of regular cheese in your meals that call for cheese.

    • SarahH

      Skip the whip and get nonfat milk. Opt for the bagel twist instead of a donut :-)

    • Anitacorrea1980

      eat protein in the morning…eggs are great

    • Klcrompton

      A healthy breakfast (I typically start with fruit and yogurt) leads to better choices throughout the day. No eating after 7 is another good practice to live by.

    • Pjrp618

      No soda or sugar for a whole month – I’ve lost 8 pounds!!

    • Anacorrea

      eat lots of fruits

    • knitwit

      What you eat is your foundation of health.  Healthy choices must be a way of life is good health is what you want.

    • Thepierces

      No junk food. Teach children to make healthy meal AND snack choices.

    • Anonymous

      actually if you eat right you can eat just about anything you want portion control is what its all about and on weight watchers you can have dunkin donuts. I do the point system and an apple donut is 4 points.dont eat them everyday  but when I want that special treat. I know I can have it.

    • Claricecraig

      Eat less sugar

    • Heather A

      My tip would be to constantly think about how you want to look and feel. This has helped me make smarter choices, I have just lost 56 lbs, this has worked for me. 

    • Jsvinton

      I love sweet tea, but I now make sure to ask for half sweet and half unsweet tea to cut out some of the sugar. So many restaurants load their tea with sugar these days — this way at least I can still enjoy my tea and be a bit healthier.

    • Phillipsclg

      Perhaps the best tip one can give is to chose the very least processed foods, preferably those from farmers who practice self sustainable agriculuture. Such as, the facts are there, an egg from a free range chicken on pasture produces higher nutrient dense eggs than those produced in a commercial production facility.

    • Donna

      As a weight watcher I really appreciate the selection of breakfast at Dunkin… 

    • Nancy

      I try to drink lots of water to avoid the hungry feeling….and go for fruits before hitting the chocolate stash….

    • Joy A

      I drink my coffee with just plain half and half. No sugar.

    • shine4Jesus

      I’ve found that yogurt with fruit is a good substitute for ice cream — cold, sweet taste without all the sugar! 

    • Eac

      Eat a vegetable with every meal and snack.

    • Walkbyfaith11 1

      I find that if I have a mostly-protein breakfast, my hunger is gone all the way to lunch time which saves me from the continuous snacking I can’t seem to avoid otherwise. I hard-boil eggs on the weekend and take 2 with me to work every morning. I would definitely be up for a breakfast sandwich to mix it up!

    • Amynunley

      really i am just starting out! i would say that eating a healthy breakfast for starters. healthy fresh fruit and veggies for snacks. a balanced meal at dinner. lots of water!

    • Jamieandkatie

      I always order a small to get a little taste withou over-indulging.

    • Linz_kurt

      Choose foods that can go bad…like fruits, veggies, meat. Foods that last a long time are usually processed and are healthy.

      • Linz_kurt

        I meant…processed foods are NOT healthyà

    • Jeremyandrobin03

      I try to think about balance throughout the day. If I eat something heavy for breakfast, I try to have a lighter lunch. I also try to eat all the colors of the rainbow since different colorful fruits and vegetables have different health benefits!

    • Laurie

      Silk Unsweetened Almondmilk!!  It is only 35 calories a cup.  I am replacing my 2% milk with it in my morning fruit smoothie. 

    • Kristinreese77

      I try to stay focused and eat healthy all week. I look forward to having what I call a “fat day!” It’s one day a week I eat what ever I want (within reason). I exercise 3-5 days a week and weight train 3 days a week. It’s worth it when you can fit into your pants or that cute little top that you’ve had your eye on.

    • Sarah

      Have meat already made up and frozen that way dinner is quick and you won’t be tempted to go through the drive thru.

    • Mistyburt

      I have had a real problem with dieting and eating healthy. I would always deprive myself of the things I loved! At some point I had enough so the number one tip I would give is to eat in moderation and don’t give up the things you love. This makes me happy all the way around.. literally! :-)

    • kt

      Whenever I eat out, I always order my breakfast sandwich without cheese.  That is where alot of the calories and fat come from.  Thanks

    • Marjorie Tripp

      Reaching for fruit instead of something sweet.

    • Dchef2007

      I lost 5 pounds in a week by just cutting out soda. I do drink coffee sometimes (I am a full time student with a full time job and a 1 1/2 year old) but I use fat free creamer. I also have cut my portion size and eat smaller meals through out the day. I also don’t eat after 9 unless it is a small snack like popcorn. Also do not buy microwave popcorn, do it yourself with brown paper lunch bags, Its cuts out all the oil and stuff and then you can add your own healthy seasoning. Also switch to greek yogurt. It has more protein.

    • Tngirl1955

      I eat more veggies and fruits, limit sweets, and don’t drink soft drinks!  That, along with walking, has definitely improved my health!

    • Janelledowns

      I LOVE CHEESE…So I use 2% lowfat cheese. It can be as much as 1/2 the fat and calories of regular cheese, but isn’t dry and lacking flavor like some fat free cheeses.  It comes in so many different brands and varieties than it used to.

    • Crystal

      I’ve started using myfitnesspal app on my phone and I can track what I eat and when I exercise. There’s nothing that motivates you more than the first time you complete your entry for the day and it tells you in 5 weeks you will gain 2 lbs if you don’t make some changes. So far I’ve lost 7.5 lbs in a little over a month. I would definity recommend it if you have a smartphone and are trying to lose weight or just keep track of what your putting in your body. They also have a website but I feel like it works much better if you can enter what you eat right away.

    • Heather

      Start taking a multivitamin.  Have fruits and veges at every meal!

    • Martha


    • Tanyalulu

      Don’t have dessert in the house, that way you won’t be tempted.

    • Asmith

      using skim milk helps reduce fat and calories 

    • Lisalaisney

      I am trying to not buy any “bad” foods…using more fresh.

    • I just look at my 2 year old when I’m about to eat/do something unhealthy. I ask myself if it’s worth not being around to possibly meet his grandkids. That usually makes me pick up a piece of fruit and go for a stroll with him.

    • Tracy

      Definately grow your own gardin in the spring/summer/early fall.  You save a TON of money and have delicious, healthy meals for months.  Last year we planted basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary and cucumbers, 3 different color peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, strawberries, tomatoes.  This year I would really like to add spinach, broccolli and maybe a few others.  We didn’t spend much but we saved a ton.  Pretty great since you almost never find produce coupons.  Too bad we can’t grow meat.  As for healthy at Dunkin Donuts, try to skip the cream or use skim or at least order half the size you normally do.

    • Michelle

      I stop drinking soda after 4pm and I dont drink it unless im eating a meal! Sodas add soooo many calories!!

    • Lharris76

      NO SODA!! Water is the ultimate in health food.

    • Cristy

      Choose comparable foods to switch with “bad” foods. And if you really want that chocolate cake, have it! Just place a small portion on your plate and don’t go back! Moderation is key!

    • breich

      Start with a healthy breakfast.  I really like to get DD veggie egg white flatbread when I’m traveling.  So much healthier that a biscuit and healthier.

    • Pamelasue1977

      drink more water, watch your calories, and treat yourself every now and then!

    • Freedomspradley1

      I’m drinking lots more water and ditching the soda, coffee, and sweet tea.

    • Lindsay

      Smaller portions and lots of fruit and veggies instead of chips and sweets!

    • Blueyes1376

      Drink more water and watch my portion sizes. 

    • Machilds121104

      My husband has been dieting and has lost 50 lbs since thanksgiving! I could use a pick me up in the mornings. With three kids and trying to get everyone where they need to be sometimes there is no thought about breakfast for me! I would love to win a gift card! Might give me some weight loss motivation!

    • Tdmcdonald

      Eat snacks that have no sugar. Make sure you eat breakfest, best meal of the day….   

    • Julie Smitherman

      I try to make healthy choices by portion control.  Even if I let myself eat a donut and a falvored coffee, I only eat half.

    • Erin I.

      I lost 70 pounds last year (after 2 babies in 2 years) and the single greatest help to me (besides exercising) was recording what I ate. I used Sparkpeople online and it was SUCH a huge eye-opener and really held me accountable for what I consumed.

    • Mikenjuliesanders

      Move your body as much as possible.  Every calorie burned counts.

    • Tina

      I drink my coffee black, that way I don’t feel bad when I eat the donut!!!

    • Shellyday

      I try to eat yogurt and granola instead of sugary cereal the mornings.

    • Jnwinca

      make it healthy with out it looking to healthy. I make all real fruit smoothies and add some beets and flax seed. The kids never know and it still tastes good!!

    • Triciamartin1981

      Tricia’s healthy tip: Add one fruit or vegetable to your list of snacks / day. Have an apple or an orange, or carrot sticks i/o of that candy you like to eat during that long break b/w lunch a dinner!

    • kathy

      We are trying to keep fruits and veggies to snack on instead of fattening chips and cookies! We like to start with lots of fresh veggies when we  are planning supper! Lots of stir fry and lentil soup!

    • Susan

      I go to Jazzercise almost every morning.  Exercise does wonders!

    • Joy

      Keep healthy snacks in your desk at work. It helps to keep me from hitting the vending machine when that 3:00 hunger attacks.

    • beth

      I give my kids fresh fruit as a snack and in their juice instead of sweets or packaged items :)

    • KK in Indiana

      I have made a commitment to stop drinking my calories. I dropped 15 lbs in three months and have kept it off for this 10 year commitment to myself.

      I allow myself one meal a week that is anything I desire, so I have no guilt if I eat out or attend a party. The rest of the week, I must maintain more fruits and veggies than meat, dairy, and grains. 

    • LoriT

      Season food with green peppers, onions and other vegies to feel full without the calories…and you get extra vitamins to boot!

    • Servantsheart7

      portion control, remembering my fruits and veggies and remembering to drink water because dehydration is often mistaken for hunger pangs.

    • Haythswife

      I started using sugar free creamer and chocolate to lower my carb intake and save my belly a little bit :)

    • Ashleigh

      Drinking a bottle of water any time I feel hungry. 

    • lauren

      I excercise and try to watch what I eat but still enjoy the “good” stuff every now and then!

    • kym

      after watching the documentary….we are eating way healthier, even with coupons! by eating “live” (fresh) daily, as many as we can, and cutting out the red meat. With the focus being on whole foods, fish etc. You can already see the difference. Weight has been lost without even trying in both my husband and myself. If I can’t get fresh I get as much frozen as I can. I have learned to experiment with spices too and not depend on the “packets”. :) 

    • Reneaditt

      On the Weight Watchers Plus plan I am still able to enjoy my breakfast with english muffins, eggs and BACON without going overboard!!!!!!!

    • Stephingtown

      Fresh herbs and veggies from my garden add lots of flavor with few calories or sodium. Unfortunately, last year the bunnies ate my cilantro but touched nothing else – who knew bunnies liked Mexican food?

    • Theresa

      Drink lots of water and exercise!

    • Brianne

      Hmmm… eat only 1/2 the donut?  1/2 the calories right! ;)

    • Leigh M.

      I like to go for a skim or 2% latte with no added sweetener and a toasted bagel with light cream cheese.  So satisfying and I don’t miss all the extra calories.

    • Wooabm26

      Skip the cheese!  Added calories and you normally won’t even taste the difference!

    • Mandy

      Drink water!

    • Heatherwilson1222

      I always have fresh fruit on hand, so if I need something sweet I just grab some fruit…but I do admit I sometimes indulge in a little nutella if I need a chocolate fix.

    • April

      Drink lots of water and add lemon or lime for flavor.  Substitue quinoa (high in protein) for rice and potatoes.  Exercise daily if possible.  If you don’t have time for 30-60 minutes straight, do mini exercise routines throughout the day….walk the stairs at work and park further away.  Squeeze in 10 minutes hear and there.

      • April

        ignore the typo…typed fast….should read “here” and there.

    • Pam

      To make healthier choices, I am reading the labels of the items I purchase. I am looking at my fat and sodium intake. Additionally, I am practicing portion control and working out at least 3 times a week.

    • stephanie

      I have seen on 2 different episodes of Dr. Oz that shiratake noodles are really good for you and to substitute them for your regular pasta.  I found them at our local health food store.

    • Jazmetaz

      Cut the sugar where I can… so in my coffee I might use extra creamer no sugar.

    • 4jesus

      Eating vegetables and fruits and cutting out meat and sugar, even the artificial sugars are not good for you. 

    • Carolyn

      Cutting way back on salt- once your are used to the change you hardly miss it.

    • Eadonham21

      Make my coffee at home! Saves me calories and my wallet! 

    • Dirtcheapteach

      Try to monitor what I eat, but I am a true fan of Dunkin Donuts coffee and munchkins this may be hard to do if I win.  I will have a whole lot of fun trying. 

    • Adj4464

      eating more fruits and fresh veggies so salt content is controlled

    • Trina

      I am giving up sugar in my morning cup of tea, my afternoon cup of tea, my after-afternoon cup of tea and my after dinner cup of tea :-) 

    • Cherawls

      i start my morning with a healthy smoothie made with a banana, peaches or strawberries a scoop of protein powder and skim milk.  delicious!

    • ME

      I love Dunkin Donuts’ coffee and from what I understand….coffee is good for your health!  So yeah for DD coffee.  I do make mine a little healthier by using Splenda or Truvia.  I can’t pass up the cream, so I use fat free half and half.  Mmmm….I think I’ll make me a cup right now with my DD K-cups I stocked  up on last week!

    • Lyddiejay

      I exercise in the early morning.  That way I make healthier choices all day because I don’t want to undo the good!

    • Ektka

      I eat what I want, but it is all about portion control!

    • Tennille

      No soda!!! I love some dunkin donuts every now and then!

    • Tami1674

      The egg white wrap is one of my fav low cal and protein filled choices.

    • Azd18

      i have started to make sure i do some type of exercise 4 times a week, and have started looking on the restaurant’s website before i go out to eat to look for the healthier options before i sit down and make a “bad” decision.

    • Vern6791

      I precut veggies and set them out while cooking dinner so I snack on them instead of what Im preparing.  By the  time dinners done I eat less bc I have filled up on veggies.

    • Tristansmommy120910

      Make homemade adult and baby food as much as possible.

    • When I start my morning out with a healthy breakfast and a jog I’m more likely to make healthy choices throughout my entire day!

    • Erin Henry

      Drink more coffee.  The caffeine burns calories!

    • Fluterspaige

      Looking forward to trying this breakfast sandwich ! Walking to my grandchildren’s Dunkin’ Donut instead of the drive-thru :)

    • Hemlockhoneybun2005

      I try to drink more water and less carbonated beverages.

    • Ajawee83

      Load up on the veggies in the morning in your omelet!

    • Jennifer

      Lots of water and eat fresh fruit or veggies as a snack instead of sugary foods. No or limited red meat!!!

    • Andrea mann

      Give into small cravings so you do not overeat. Add more fruits and veggies into your diet by making fresh smoothies! We love DD!

    • lynmoz

      Making healthier choices is a lifestyle change. I changed my lifestyle by getting married and now when I am tempted into buying high calorie foods, I just make my husband eat it. He can lose 5 pounds just by talking about losing 5 pounds. We LOVE Dunkin Donuts and I hope the Munchkins are on that 300 calorie or less food & drink menu…

    • Jackie Probasco

      My 16-year-old daughter is watching her weight and when she comes to the grocery store with me, I allow her to buy anything she wants from the produce section.  Lately, she has been taking advantage of the fresh grapefruit, yellow peppers and blueberries. Shop with coupons for other items but don’t worry about saving money when the items are from the produ ce section!

    • Msfrognc

      I have found that cooking my own dried beans provides a great source of protein when I don’t want meat and saves me $$$$$ also.

    • Emily Rose

      Although it may undermine the foods purchased on the go…try to take the time to eat with a fork.  It takes time, concentration, and effort.  When you pay attention to what you are consuming (instead of shoving something into your mouth from behind the steering wheel), chances are you will make better choices.

    • Jennifer Hampton

      Eating turkey bacon and oatmeal for breakfast keeps me going strong until lunch

    • Stlchic

      I keep lots of fruit around for when I want a snack

    • JPBMC

      Drink more water, eat less carbs, eat more fruits and veggies, get more exercise and prepare more fresh foods and less processed.

    • Charlene

      I drink lots of water and stay away from fried food. I still have to have a little chocolate.

    • Andersondtw123

      eating more fruits,,,,

    • Bobball47

      have a heart attack i bet you will change the way you eat.but really i have always enjoyed eating at dunkin donuts Bob b

    • Mesubleski

      No more sweet tea for me. Just a little honey now

    • Heatley319

      Eating what’s in season and lots of produce everyday! Trying to limit dairy and meat intake. my 3 year old loves getting the munchkins. This could last us a few years! :)

    • Sarahjohnson100

      It’s all about portion control!

    • Kat c

      I have stopped eating my kids’ leftovers. And I have started stocking up on healthy snacks at home. I used to think I could resist the high calorie /fat snacks I stocked for the kids. I finally admitted to myself that I didn’t have the willpower I thought I had and just started stocking healthy snacks for all of us. I do still allow splurges but we only buy them in small quantities on an “asneeded” basis. I have learned it’s all about anticipating hunger and not letting myself get “grumpy hungry” because that is when I make bad bad choices! :-)

    • Sarah Bruegger

      We have focused on swapping in healthier choices during meals. Turkey products are surprisingly good and adding in more veggies is not only healthy but it helps to fill us up. When on the go we opt for places that offer healthy choices rather than greasy ones.

    • Erin518

      Jazzercise at least 3 times a week–It’s fun and a really good workout!

    • Chrissy B

      I’ve been substituting with organic foods as possible!

    • cmcraw

      Cut down on meat and eat things like beans/chickpeas/tofu in it’s stead (cheaper too!). Also, if you drink soda/eat sweets every day – cut it out and drink water/find better alternatives. It sounds hard now and you will crave them, but in a month if you have even a sip of soda you’ll wonder why you ever liked it!

    • Sarah

      I drink tons of water throughout the day to feel slightly full and keep my body hydrated.  When I get bored with that, I brew some white tea or green tea.  Drinking sodas and juice only occasionally make them seem like the treat that they are.  I’ve maintained a healthy weight, plus I feel great!

    • Danae

      Keep light snacks like almonds or carrot sticks with you so that you’re not as tempted to eat out or grab a candy bar.

    • Jodybearl

      After drinking a small blueberry DD coffee, put on some good music, clean the house, and then go for a great walk.

    • angie

      drink water not soda

    • Nicole

      Walk & take the stairs instead of the elevator! I also take the long route to the restroom, it adds about 3000 steps a day!

    • Shannon Leaf

      Always have a glass of water near me. Sometimes thirst can be confused with hunger. And a big glass of water before a meal could help you eat less.

    • More veggies, less carbs, cut out the fat but don’t hold out on yourself totally.

    • April

      I’ve been eating a granola bar for breakfast, then the light Campbell’s soups for lunch, combined with drinking lots of water throughout the day, then for dinner I can eat pretty good and not have to feel so guilty.

    • AlyH

      When you want to sweeten something up, whether it be a when you’re baking a dessert or making a drink (such as tea), substitute sugar for a no-calorie sweetner such as splenda or truvia! You save a Ton of calories, & it still tastes delicious!

    • Stephanie Abdon Bray

      Eat breakfast. Refuel and you’re less likely to snack throughout the day.

    • Amierenee

      Swap out sugar for Splenda instead and use only in moderation!!

    • Kristathorne

      I try to look at the menu beforehand to see what healthy options there are.

    • Matthewsmarla

      So I cut out fried foods, drink plenty of water, always have a healthy snack on hand because when you are starving you are more tempted to over induldge. When speaking of coffee I always do Splenda and low fat creamer. Try and exercise at least 5 days a week incorporating cardio and strength!

    • Wendy

      I am opting for drinking at least two liters of water per day and I am eating smaller “meals” throughout the day to help keep my blood sugar stable and to keep me from overeating.  I find that when I make better choices I feel better and therefore want to continue doing it.

    • Deb

      eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and eating less refined sugar and white flour.

    • Yumyum0808

      I try to always choose whole grains. Whole grain cereal, whole wheat toast, whole wheat waffles and pancakes. If you add an egg white for protein and some Oj, you have a great start to the day!! :)

    • Aimee McPherson

      Cutting up several snack size items to always have on hand!

    • Melissa Zangger

      What I think is an important health tip is to remember that portion size is very important.  It isn’t always about what you eat, but actually how much.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t buy junk food…if it’s not here in the house, I can’t eat it!

    • Absk12

      Bake some of the dounuts rather than frying them…

    • Laura

      Only eat when you are hungry. Don’t snack just because you are bored. Chew a piece of gum instead. :)

    • Laura

       I eat a healthy fulfilling breakfast and try to always include a protein.

    • 28086

      Prepare healthy foods at home with the help of Southern Savers coupon matching.  You will not go wrong on making healthy choices, trust me.  Since I have being using this website my husband and child have noticed how much healthy foods I can afford for the money.  And I have enough left for produce.

    • Mlynch422

      When I make eggs for breakfast, I use 3 egg whites for every egg yolk.  Even the yolks have nutrition but you don’t want to over eat the yolks because of the fat content.  And instead of using regular salt, we use a touch of sea salt, a little pepper and dry herbs to give it more flavor.  Add some chopped tomatoes and some finely chopped chicken breast chunks and you have a great breakfast!  My 2 year old loves it

    • Lindsey

      I try to keep fresh fruits & veggies around the house instead of other non-healthy snacks! :)

    • Sunshine9706

      I try to watch portion size and substitute better foods when possible. It’s a constant battle but each day I get closer to becoming healthier ;-)

    • Amberlee30

      Using turkey bacon instead of regular bacon!

    • Suelambertsc

      When I feel hungry between meals, I drink a big glass of water and it fills me up and I realise I wasn’t hungry…just thirsty. It works! Also drink flavored Hansen’s tea stix in water when I’m out doing errands and shopping. So easy and convenient.

    • Bshrum

      I keep a list of low calorie (points) for fast food so I can pick up something healthy, if I need too. looks like dunkin is going on the list!

    • Jamie

      Try the Carrott Chips I found them at Publix already cut up and easy to take. I even pack these in my little boys lunch. Think of a bag of Chips think on the Veggie side and pick up Carrott Chips

    • kelly gardner

      go gluten free… then donuts are off limits! :) 

      my husband has celiac disease, so we are a gluten free household.  luckily, that doesn’t rule out coffee and smoothies!

    • Tammy

      switched to low fat milk and keep chocolate chunk granola bars at work so i am not tempted to buy anything from vending…taking no money helps also! lol

    • Tiffanyc

      Always eat breakfast – even drinking a cup of skim milk and eating an apple in the car on the way to work counts (Plus the milk has calcium and the apple has fiber).

    • Tara

      I try to drink a glass of water before every meal so I won’t be as hungry and my portions will be smaller.

    • Amena

      I switched to Crystal Light (5 calories) and ditched the sugary juices and sodas. I also supplement one meal with a protein shake and add banana or any fruit you want.. ..

    • Glutin Free Guy

      Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time, no impulse eating.

    • Becklita

      Always plan meals and snacks ahead and have healthy options available. If junk food is around, I WILL eat it, so it is all gone out of our home!!,

    • Tara

      Drink water. Watch portions…we all usually eat more than we really need!

    • tsadde

      husband trying to cut soda habit so he’s trying coffee (D&D is his favorite) in the am and only one soda per day – he’s lost 5lbs so far!

    • Sarah

      I swap whole grain flour for white flour; it’s an easy switch and tastes great! Also, I take advantage of the free gym at my workplace.

    • Amy7377

      Portion control! Everything in moderation!

    • Philpottbrandon

      A good health tip is to always have some almonds on hand. packed with protein with very few calories. eat a few when you get hungry and the protein will make you full faster.

    • AP

      Every meal must include veggies!

    • I Always buy the no salt/sugar added items and always try to opt for the healthier options of groceries! even w my sweets n treats!! =o)

    • Lisa Davis0571

      I use an app to keep track of my calories.

    • Dle422

      For kids who don’t like veggies, puree some carrots, broccoli and cauliflower with tomatoes and tomato puree.  Add some herbs and you have a nutritional pasta sauce for spaghetti night.  I use wheat noodles and sometimes use the gluten free pasta.  Also add chopped mushrooms and onions and my kid loves it!  I usually never add salt to anything

    • Candacerobertsdon03

      When deciding which vegetables or fruits to eat I try to stick to the negative calorie ones. There is a long list of fresh veggies and fruit that you burn more calories eating and digesting them than the fruit and vegetables contain.

    • Kelly

      I swap chips at lunch for baby carrots or another crunchy veggie and the soda for flavored water.

    • Mary Catherine Roach

      The easiest thing I’ve done to make healthier choices is to not buy the junk food so it’s not around when I get hungry. I keep good snacks around-fresh veggies and fruits- prepared ahead of time so they are easier to snack on. :) I love dunkin’s iced lite latte. ;)

    • joaniec

      I lower the calories and “beef” up the nutrition of many meals and desserts by loading them with extra veggies and fruits. You can take a small piece of cheesecake and top it with a lot of fresh berries and feel satisfied after.  I add black beans, garbonzo beans, and pinto beans to many main dishes and salads for protien and fiber.

    • Phonebookqueen

      Making an omlet with just the whites and adding spinach, onions, mushrooms for flavor

    • Anna

      We recently bought a juicer. So, our 6 year old is loving taste-testing  different fruit/veggie combos that he’s otherwise never even eat! We are trying to add many more fruits and veggies to our diet. Also, making more effort to eat vegetarian meals a few times a week.

    • Nancy Greenberg

      I read that a donut is less calories than those big bagels everyone sells.  I think the donut is 120 calories and those oversized bagels are 400 calories.  Now if you’re looking at fat content, the bagel wins.

    • Damian

      Eat more Fruits& Vegs. Try not to eat out at all.

    • Lorie

      We’ve been working on getting healthier as a family.  I’ve been teaching my daughters about making better choices.  When we order something out to eat or we are making snack choices, we have all been asking ourselves – this is a choice, but what is a better choice or what is the best choice.  Part of my 2nd graders health curriculum (we homeschool) is teaching her about healthy eating and had a 5 a day chart for fruits and veggies.  We are all trying to aim for 5 a day!

    • Drinking water & eating grilled meats instead of fried meats.

    • BateskimberlyA

      I eat a piece of fruit every afternoon to keep me going while I make dinner.

    • Always go no sugar no salt n low fat !!!

    • Goodwin102

      Eat slower so you don’t eat as much before you feel full. If you eat really fast you have consumed more than you need to feel full and you stomach needs time to recognize that your full.

    • Monica

      Eat fruits and vegetables even for breakfast!

    • Lmoore77

      Make my own bread by grinding the wheat and keeping more vitamins and nutrients in the bread.

    • Wendy

      Meal plan so we eat out less

    • Lisa Weedman Newell

      I try to have healthy and/or homemade treats and snacks on hand so that my family consumes fewer preservatives and ingredients we can’t pronounce!

    • Helcope


    • Prettybowler

      Limit soft drinks, drink plenty of water and walk and enjoy nature!!!

    • dealsavvydiva

      Lots of water, less soda and fruits and vegetables!

    • Jwtaylor2000

      Reward yourself–eat a little of that desert or whatever you crave–if youdeny yourself all the time, you will end up pigging out!  All things in moderation.

    • makingbabygreen

      learn about nutrition and it won’t be hard…. have that piece of dark chocolate ;)

    • Kitty55820

      i drink a lot of water and try to eat as many fruits/veggies that i can fit in

    • Santana153

      I carry smart snack options, granola bars, almonds in my car, so when I’m out and have a craving, I have healthy, cheap options available.

    • I keep myself going by allowing myself a “cheat night.”  I don’t overdo it, but allowing myself one night a week to go out to eat or just enjoy my husband’s cooking allows me to eat keep eating healthy consistently rather than starting and stopping.  A health teacher told me this trick and it not only helped me lose weight two years ago, but also keep it off,

    • Estherdanae

      I started juicing last Oct, I feel great, & have way more energy!

    • beckyboomomof2

      I look for high fiber foods and we are all splenda, no sugar!

    • Ldbug8

      My husband and I are out of work right now , so eating right has become more difficult .  However with beans a couple times a week , re-purposing everyday items like celery, chicken a few cashews into faux chinese take out, we are still managing. One of these cards would be  a blessing oh how I do miss my vanella iced latte.

    • Alissabeth

      It’s all about what you keep in your house! Keep the bad out and you won’t be tempted, keep the good in and you’ll be eating better.

    • Karieparties

      As my healthier option is substituting Dunkin Donust coffee in place of soda! I had always been a soda drinker, but a lot of soda adds calories fast! Now I drink DD coffee at home every morning and if I’m needing a caffine boost I will have another cup of coffee later in the day.
      I drink my coffe with milk of half and half and no sugar… So it’s a much better option than any soft drink!

    • S Strylo

      I drink all water, all the time. First made the switch when I had started drinking a store brand diet ginger ale. after a few weeks I realized water would taste better, and was free! Best change I ever made.

    • Jen

      We started adding veggies to go with lunch instead of chips or fries.  I had forgotten how much I actually like broccoli to tell you the truth.

    • Robincolby

      I have been able to make healthier choices by cooking meals at home more often, avoiding buying the junk food (such as chips, cookies, boxed meals, etc.). I have also been conscious about what I eat. I try and buy food that is natural and organic and buy things that aren’t pumped with hormones (such as meats), sodium, dyes, sugar, and etc. I also am buying and eating more salads, vegetables, and fruit instead of the quick crackers, chips, candy bars, and etc.

    • Enid Soto

      I’ve been having fruits and yoghurt for breakfast, and I joined the gym close by. I cook all my meals using olive oil and I stay far far away from pre-processed, packaged food. I reward myself with dark chocolate, which is know to be good for your heart :)

    • Amanda

      I switched from chip dip to home made hummus. I also use the leftover jars of baby food that my daughter didn’t eat in my pasta sauces to add extra veggies for my picky family.

    • Susan

      We use a luncheon sized plate for dinner so we dish out more reasonable portions and skip seconds.  Lots of fresh fruit is my family’s favorite treat.  We like a donut for breakfast every now & then, but add fruit to it instead of more donuts.

    • Limiting sugar is what I’m attempting to do to make healthier choices.  For me, that simply means having fruits, veggies, and other snacks like whole grain crackers easily accessible.

    • pcs

      1. Refocus your thoughts: staying healthy means less health problems, more time to enjoy life and feeling great about yourself.
       2. Be a doer. One step at a time. Live healthy by eating what is good for your body- drink plenty of water, sleep well, relax and enjoy fruits and veggies instead of junk food.
      3. Celebrate life! We only have one :)

    • drinkin water low sodium n low sugar!!!

    • Carla

      I try to always keep fruits & veggies on hand & talk up the benefits of eating healthy over junk food.

    • Laura Javier

      i find it so easy to grab ready made/pkged snacks. so now I put nuts, dried fruit, cut up fresh fruit, pretzels, baby carrots on snack baggies and just grab one of those when I start to get that snack-y feeling! :)

    • Quebella12

      i am trying to do something that seems so small but is so huge for me….drink more water and get more sleep

    • Lovethebeach112

      I drink 2 glasses of water within the hour before dinner….it makes me feel full with a lot less food!

    • Snt523

      don’t keep what you know you will eat at home… 

    • Angie

      Hubby and i have been making our coffee at home and making meals at home more often.

    • Sdcharger30297

      Cut out sodas even diet ones.  Eat more whole grains even if eating pasta.  Switch to turkey bacon or sausage or ham for breakfast meats.  Eat twice as many vegetables as we were eating.

    • Elaine Bellq

      Trying to drink more water and eat more fresh veggies.

    • Lynda F.

      I plan what I’m going to eat and I also look up nutrition inofrmation before I go out to eat.

    • Gourmetjen

      Stay away from sugar…your body has a 3 day storage of sugar to burn through before you start burning fat.

    • Grants196040

      Never quit any bad habits… just simply stop them, because quitters never win.

    • Cindy Mitchell90

      It’s all about moderation! Living healthy isn’t about indulging or withholding from yourself! It’s about taking the time to think about what you do, what you eat and how you live to make yourself happier in the end.

      It’s all about choices. And it’s never wrong to have something that makes you happy, such as cheesecake which is my weakness.. :) but balancing it with healthier options in the other meals in your day that achieve a perfect balance! I believe living a healthy life not only makes you the best person you can be, but also helps you affect the lives of everyone around you!

    • Emily R

      I always am sure that I have a variety of healthy snacks with me! Having granola bars, bananas, apples, or almonds around helps me to avoid snacking on unhealthy foods. I also used to drink soda all the time, now I drink water.

    • Becky

      Drink lots of water and go walking.

    • jen

      Imagine what it’s like to take that first bite of anything before you dig in. . .it makes you feel fuller and you won’t eat quite so much!

    • Katiespurlock

      I believe the number one tip is to stay focused on your goal everyday, look at what you are trying to stay healty for weather is be for yourself (should be #1 of course) or for your kids, job, ect…

    • Tlfranklin18

      I eat salad or soup before dinner to cut down on unhealthier things

    • Beckymarello

      A lot of people don’t realize that sugary drinks and foods can make you fat. Just lowering or eliminating the amount of sugar in your daily diet and replacing with a heathy tasty sugarfree subsitute. Switching to lower glycemic foods in all food groups is also a huge plus for optimum health and weight loss.. 

    • Muscproducer

      Portion control.

    • Katlg

      I would like to hand my husband this tool as he goes to DD everyday where he works. He needs to take off some weight and had started by getting 10 off before the holidays and then holiday explosion. He could learn that the large coffee can have skim milk with a light breakfast as he has become so good with taking lunch from home, not buying, which saves us $$$ but saves him calories. What’ a great giveaway!

    • Rclay18

      Cut out sugary drinks. Drink water!

    • Sayamauuang

      Last year our family went out for way too many meals do this year we are cooking more. We enjoy having breakfast and park mornings on special Saturdays with Dunkin Donuts so this would be wonderful!

    • shan

      Water down juice drinks and stopped adding salt when cooking.

    • JLRCarmanone

      I need to get lose a bunch of weight and get healthier but some positives I do in healthy is eat a LOT of garden salads with the dark leafy greens in them. I also drink LOTS of water. (Gallons some days) and take a multivitamin and many supplements to keep heart and other healthy. Nurse recently shocked that my BP is very normal despite my weight.  

    • Eat protein (egg whites, meats) before eating carbs (fruits). If you’re full before you eat all the carbs, then you save some calories and will feel full longer!

    • Brandibmassey

      Lots and lots of water, keeping healthy foods prepared and in ready to go packs so the kids and I can grab them as we are running out the door.

    • Theaikenparrs

      My tip is to either walk or bike most every place you go!  I do that and have taught my 3 young boys to think:  Walk, Bike and last resort = Car.  

    • Edliving2

      drink more water and make sure there is also cooked food in the fridge to avoid the temptation to grab something quick, which is generally not good for me.

    • Lori

      Instead of drinking straight fruit juice, add 1/4 juice to 3/4 water, its healthier without all that sugar and saves a lot of calories.

    • Headhunter3479

      eat what you like just a smaller portion sizes

    • Ilovecubs57

      I try to leave off the cheese on my breakfast sandwich, and if I get a breakfast sandwich for breakfast I always have a salad for lunch and fruit for a snack. Once the weight goes on its hard to get it off. Its easier to just eat healthier.

    • Sunshine

      Plan your meals so you do not grab a bad choice when time gets away from you.  Drink water all day long and sodas only as a treat.

    • Always take the stairs when you can and drink more water.

    • Anonymous

      Find out which substitutes you can tolerate and use them. Then, although your weekly focus should be healthy give your self one day a month or maybe biweekly to be bad

    • michelle

      More water, fresh vegetables, less process foods, almond milk.

    • Junehumphrey

      Track what you eat, before you eat it.  If you have to write it down, you might decide not to eat it.  To know if you’re really hungry ask yourself if you would eat green beans.  If the answer is yes, then you’re probably really hungry.

    • Eibeachbabe

      Buy something healthy for you that actually sounds good to you not just because its healthy otherwise you wont eat it

    • Jenn

      My family and I have been trying hard to watch our portion size and eat more of the “good stuff” like salad and veggies.

    • Weezybee

      Drinking more water, eating more veggies and fruit…looking for lighter recipes of foods I like!!!

    • Derevejc

      I love an iced latte with skim milk!

    • Emily

      Eating lots of veggies!

    • Laura

      More fresh fruits and veggies and eating homemade meals more often so that I know exactly what we are eating. I’m also trying to drink more water despite all the amazing soda deals going on right now… lol

    • Uk_sutor

      Watch your portions, less processed food and more fresh fruits and veggies :)

    • Tara

      I just try to cut back on my portion sizes.

    • Penrose33

      We have started making half ground turkey/half ground sirloin in spaghetti, burgers, tacos, chili, etc. You can’t even tell the difference than the all-beef versions.

    • Chrystal

      I have started buying edamame and substitute that for my snack instead of my usual jelly beans.  It was so easy to pop a handful of jellybeans and now that I have found edamame, which is about the same size and bright colored, it is a much healthier option and tastes great.

    • mommy E

      I’m working at keeping fresh fruit, apples, bananas, grapes, and strawberries, on hand. Also the mini carrots. And when the three kids and I are headed out grab some for each of us. This sounds really simple and it is, with a little planning.

    • Rachels4ut

      It’s hard for me to remember to eat breakfast, I am rarely hungry. So, portion control helps, I eat but not much.

    • Rebecca Glendinning

      Starting the day with Green Smoothies! Kale, bananas, frozen berries, a little lemon juice, water and whatever fruits and veggies we have around the house. The greens soah=k up the sweetness of the fruit so it doesn’t taste bad at all!

    • Megan

      I ask for “no butter” when ordering griddled sandwiches – I never miss it!  And I’m totally jumping on this GRILLED chicken nuggets at Chick-Fil-A wagon!  Yes please!  :)

    • Debbie

      whole grains and more fruits and veggies.

    • Blairford

      Only use whole wheat bread

    • FranL

      Using fat free milk instead of whole milk and drinking diet soda, also getting into a good exercise plan.  

    • Yuyu

      Chew your food until almost liquid, about 25 times or so.  You would be able to absorb all the nutrients you can absorb in your food so you are not wasting anything.  Also you will eat much less than you would think you could.  If you eat fast, your brain can’t tell how full you are until it is too late.  

    • Beccacook Bc

      Fresh ingredients, less processed foods, shop along the outside areas of the supermarket. Eating healthy doesn’t mean spending a ton of money especially if you look for deals on southern savers!

    • Carmanm

      I make my boys breakfast cookies to grab as a quick breakfast during the week.  Afterall, who would complain about a cookie for breakfast?  But I love it because they are made with whole wheat flour, oatmeal, flax seed, and raisins.  They love it because they have chocolate chips, too, but that’s okay!

    • Hcarve00

      The ap or website lose it. It has reminders that go off to keep me remembering to write down what I ate. It’s nice. And my friends are able to connect with me and we can keep eachother on track.

    • Anavel09

      I started my “life changing routine” Which includes ironically Dunkin Donunts on Feb 23, 2011. I have lost a whoping 65 pounds since then. Adkins type diet and excercise…mainly Youtube how to dance videos like “The Party Rock Anthem” and “Teach me how to Dougie”.(Things I can do with my kids) Coffee is my “treat”. I order a Large Ice coffee with extra cream and 3 splenda’s A LOT. So much that the DD by my house and work know me by name. So much so that I have started couponing to knock a dent in my coffee habbit.(JK!) So in my opinion it is only appropriate that I win. LOL!, but I do drink coffe like it’s my job….so if I can also buy food under 300 calories…that would be perfect. Thanks!  

    • Tsgcoup

      When I am hungry between meals,  I try to eat what are “free” options = no carbs  like my type 1 diabetic son

    • Bethpetro17

      Don’t let yourself get stressed about being heather. Just do it and don’t bear yourself up when you don’t.

      • Bethpetro17

        Goodness, *healthier & *beat

    • Madsmom2007

      cut back on sugars

    • Abegitschke

      I only use whole grain brown rice and I have started drinking coconut milk. It is low in calories and good for me.

    • lizbeth

      I try to buy leaner meats like ground turkey and chicken, and look for lunch meats without preservatives (Hormel and Boars Head have some).

    • Justbargains

      Ensuring I have fresh fruit, veggies and yogurt and the like in the refrigerator.  Helps my 5 year old and me to snack healthy!  If it isn’t in the house, you can’t eat it – so, I don’t buy chips, cookies or anything else that may fall into the “snack” category.  I also only let my little one have 100% juice or milk.  Oh yeah, I gave up coffee AND soft drinks.

    • I love DD coffee!

    • Kelli M

      Drink a ton of water, brush my teeth often (I don’t feel like eating after I’ve brushed my teeth) and chew sugarless gum.(Just not tasting everything as I’m making it or cleaning my kids plates is helpful to my weightloss)

    • scubatown

      Farmer’s markets for local organic fruits and veggies!!!!  Park as far away in the parking lot as you can so you get more steps into your day! 

    • Johnproffitt09

      replacing sugar with splenda, and whole milk with skim whenever possible

    • Southernkygirl1

      Don’t over eat.

    • K Cow

      When I have a craving for something sweet I grab a handful of cocoa almonds.  Fills me up and good for me.

    • Katie

      The best way I know of to make healthier choices is to be aware of what you are eating. Dowload a free calorie tracker on your phone to keep up with how healthy things are. I am constantly surprised at how high in calories some foods are!

    • Shelleykelley

      Give my kids fresh fruits for a snack instead of carb snacks full of sugar. I also give them protein for breakfast instead of sugary cereal.

    • Lacyhigg

      When I feel like snacking I always try to drink a glass of water first.  Sometimes when I think I’m hungry I’m really just thirsty.  After a few minutes if I’m still hungry I’ll find a healthy snack but I usually eat less of it because of the water.

    • Anonymous

      I have been adding Fiber One cereal to my yogurt for breakfast at work. I was able to get several boxes of the cereal for free, and by adding it to low-carb yogurt, I feel like I’m giving myself a little boost in the nutrition area, not to mention using up some of the cereal!

    • Jeannie Foster McGinity

      My 5 and 3 year olds are still in the pasta/bread phase.  Switched everything to whole grains and no sugary drinks.  We eat a lot of fruits and veggies and we really try to stay active.  We’ve had a really mild winter, so we’ve been spending a lot of time outside.  They ride their bikes, I chase them:-).  One thing we do before bedtime is our 20 min dancing in the dark contest.  Fun way to work up dinner.

    • Momoftiny2

      Drink more water thru out the day. Sometimes when your dehydrated people mistake the signs their body is telling them as hunger… but really they just need more water

    • Adriane

      Avoid the sugar and add the protein!

    • Homeisthebeachnow

      To me its about balance and moderation with everything.

    • Judy Warshaw37

      Oatmeal with flax seeds every morning, drink a lot of water throughout the day and dont eat anything after 7pm

    • Jessica

      Order a small even though you want a medium

    • Joyce

      If you are hungry, reach for veggies first.The more hungry you are, the better the food tastes.

    • One of the easiest choices is always choose fresh fruits and vegetables if that is an option.  You will NEVER go wrong with that one!

    • Tynerb

      I drink my delicious Dunkin’ Donuts coffee black! Love the great low-cal options!

    • Amiecher337

      drink a glass of water before a meal (as well as several times throughout the day). Eat lots of steamed veggies w/o butter

    • Lmlogan1

      The best way to cut calories for me is through drinks. To get me to drink more water, I use the MIO and crystal light :)

    • Awadreamer

      1- drink water between meals
      2- eat three meals and three snacks to keep glucose level stable (no yoyo’s)
      3- eat veggies and fruit for snack
      4- park further away so you get more steps into your day.
      5- eat a healthy breakfast with some protein  to jump start the day!

    • Redheadrn30

      Bought the cutest bathing suit I could find then when I feel like lazing around doing nothing or reaching for that bag of chips, I go look at it, sometimes I put it on. And then I think ” Will this help me look awesome in this on the beach this summer?” Then I pick something healthier that will!

    • I try to add more Fiber to my diet. It makes you feel fuller longer and is healthy for your heart.

    • Seadeals

      Allowing myself a treat now and then helps me stay motivated without feeling deprived of anything.

    • Flyfishtn65

      I have cut all soft drinks out and only drink water now. I have also started walking a mile a day, have lost over 20 lbs in about 6 months

    • Evie

      Cutting portions in half or saving half of a meal from a restaurant in half and saving it for lunch the next day.

    • Samantha Murphy

      Using whole grain or “smart” pastas is an easy switch for us to make, as well as things w/out a lot of added sugar. Also, sparkling water mixed w/ juice is a great alternative for soda if all you really are craving is the carbonation

      • Sltaffe

        What a great idea!  I’ll try that!

    • Duh! I shop at Publix! I try to buy more fresh fruit and veggies and less pre-packaged items

    • DK

      Eating smaller more frequent meals

    • Jujudowns5

      I use Splenda instead of sugar

    • Michelle Keraus

      Everytime I go to put something sinful in my mouth I stop and think how many minutes it would take me on a treadmill to burn it off. So not worth it!!

    • Kcroxburycoupon

      Egg whites instead of regular eggs, drink my DD coffee black, turkey bacon, oatmeal with flax seed. For lunch I try to eat a salad. I also increased my daily intake of water.

    • Tjfarrell01

      My family and I made a commitment to get into shape and save money last year. Everyone participates in meal planning, cooking and shopping. We walk or bike as often as we can. It’s been a lot of fun we are not only healther but my kids have learned how to cook, shop and plan healthy meals.

    • CouponLoide

      Berry parfaits are a big hit and often chosen as a healthy alternative!

    • Joshua77

      I usually prepare all my food for the day first thing in the morning.  Then when I’m hungry the healthy choice is easier access.

    • Uncharch7

      measure your portions for a week to grasp what a serving size really is.

    • FISON66

      Commit to taking one small step at a time when it comes to food choices. Ask yourself is this the healthiest choice for my body.

    • Mbuice0622

      I love fruits and veggies!

    • music_12

      I have to think about how hard it will be to get it back off pound wise. Why eat it?

    • Kim

      Keeping the junk food out of the house!   We are eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and thinking twice before anything goes in our mouth. 

    • Denice

      I also have water for my drinks. 

    • Nebraskabuckeye

      Splt your food. Either share or get 2 meals out of it! Frugal and healthy.

    • Erin

      I try to have healthy snacks already pre-made so that i don’t reach for the pre-packaged unhealthy high fat snacks. 

    • Kelly S.

      Drinking water before eating!

    • Kendraugh03

      I drink water, instead of soda and sweet tea. I also drink skim milk, and use Splenda to save on sugar.

    • KelseyD27

      Drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies.

    • Lauren

      Eat more slowly, taking time between bites. You will get fuller faster, because your body has more time to register the amount of food that you are eating. This way, you can avoid over-eating.

    • Boxpunk182

      I use egg whites, instead of whole eggs for omlets. Still tastes great!

    • JessicaMcCann

      I try to eat more whole grains, attempting to cut back on my large iced mocha latte habits, drink more water, and remember everything is all about moderation. No one is perfect, but as long you try and put forth the effort to a healthier lifestyle… and my hubby and I love to go on walks :)

    • BKEsMOM

      Lots of water, walk, walk, walk.  Smaller portions more often.  And Hell … SMILE !!!!!!!

    • I use skim milk in my coffee instead of half and half

    • Sportcutler

      Limiting the amount of junk food in our home. Also working out and seeing the calories i burned. Makes each calorie count.

    • Ree

      To make healthier choices, I set goals for myself – and I usually just do it one day at a time.  Like today, my goal was to not have any coffee (because I like mine really sweet!) and to not have any chocolate.  

    • Jennifer White

      I love whole grain, water, fruits, veggies, and smaller portions.  Also, a little exercise is better than none even if it is a 10 minute walk.

    • Anna Stastny

      I try to drink water instead of diet coke, and use turkey instead of beef when I cook.  Exercising multiple times a week doesn’t hurt.

    • Maryann Wahl Martinez

      My tip is to skip the bread or at least the top half and have an open faced sandwich.

    • Kara

      If I get breakfast out, I always order the sandwich with no cheese. It’s an easy way to avoid a lot of calories. :)

    • Amillion6

      My family and I started on a no poultry, only fish and  whole grains, fruits and vegetable diet.

    • Cbifarm

      Don’t eat anything fried!

    • Young6rus

      Portion control is key.  One portion is the size of your fist.

    • Aidansmama09

      Lots of fruit and veggies, water and walking

    • Karen from Marietta, GA

      I am a sweet-a-holic so I look for healthy ways to “have my cake and eat it too”  Walnuts are great for you so I put some in a snack bag with some semisweet choc chips the combo in your mouth is yummy and I don’t feel guilty (semi sweet are healthier than m&ms)

    • Btjldavis

      1. Water, water, water. Before, during and after all meals
      2. Cut out sugar – after the first week it gets easier
      3. Move – even if you don’t formally exercise add movement. Like vacuuming a room twice rather than once, everytime you walk down a hallway do it twice!
      4. Never get too hungry – low sugar & low carb snacks
      5. Be happy! If you have a good spirit you can do the things you need to do to be happy -if that is being healthy then you’re already on your way.

    • Peggykosater

      Careful with the drink choices as calories sneak up through what we drink. Much water and 1% milk

    • Laura Vylet

      Keep the t.v. off and upbeat music on; it keeps my family moving.  And most importantly eat breakfast!

    • Kelley

      Eating lots of fruits and vegetables!

    • Ginrunsl8

      Skip the fried, fatty foods. Drink lots of water. Walk every afternoon.

    • Abby

      Drinking lots of water always helps me snack less.

    • Snydesa

      Pair up with a buddy and/or get the whole family involved. Instead of watching tv, we play a game on the wii. Typically just dance or Michael Jackson experience

    • Ddtrussel

      Plan your meals.  Don’t buy junk at the grocery, that way it won’t be in the cupboard when you crave it!

    • Smclend

      I try to eat whole foods and not anything processed. Plus lots of protein, it keeps me fuller longer.

    • wendypledger

      My daughter and I are starting a weight loss program this week. I am thrilled to know that there are options while I’m on the go- AND OF COURSE WHO DOESN’T LOVE DUNKIN DONUTS?!?!?!

    • Angela Hampton

      Order kids meals if you have to eat fast food. Or if you’re just craving it!

    • Erica Abrahamsen

      I’ve started taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work or out at the mall, etc. In a building where there are multiple levels, I like to go up one set of stairs and walk to the other end of the floor and take those stairs up one level and zig zag my way all the way to the top!

    • Karen

      Eat more fruits and green veggies…

    • Jfmosley

      Pig out for breakfast and then a salad for lunch ;)

    • Jennifer

      exercise 3 times per week.

    • Christa

      Try not to drink your calories! :-)

    • Tjbaltzegar

      Use spray butter, fat free half and half with your coffee, splenda as sweetener, no cheese on burgers, don’t pour salad dressing on your salad…instead dip your fork into the dressing first and then stab a lot of lettuce, save your calorie intake for later in the day then you’re most hungry, don’t blow calories on drinks…water all the way!!!!  For a tasty low-cal treat, take two chocolate graham crackers and spread lite or fat free Cool Whip on one of the crakers…pleace in freezer and you’ll have the bestest ice cream sandwich for half the calories!!!  Don’t open a bag of Doritos and binge…decide on your portion size ahead of time.

    • Lauren P.

      Whenever I go out to pick up the mail, I walk around the cul-de-sac first, then stop at the mailbox on my way back. It’s an easy way to get a little more exercise in while doing something I would do everyday anyway.

    • Susanizanurse

      I cook with fat free evap milk and we only drink fat free milk. I also sweeten tea, koolaid, etc.. w/ Splenda instead of sugar.

    • KTodd

      Eat breakfast.

    • Murry

      I ALWAYS have steam bags of veggies on hand…when I need a late night study snack (college student!) I go for a bowl of mixed veggies, typically broccoli, corn, and fresh cherry tomatoes. Yummmmm. And drink lots of water. Sometimes when I think I’m hungry, I’m really just bored and glass of water does the trick!

    • Nathan

      I replace carbonated drinks with water. Soda have a lot of calories and avoidable sugars.

    • Kris

      I always try to have a open faced sandwich if I have a sandwich.  That is how I grew up eating sandwiches in Sweden.

    • Smiahnahri

      Cut out sodas and sugary drinks, drink lots of water instead :)

    • Juniperco

      I substitute low fat versions of my favorite foods and soups into
      My baking. I have to be careful not to let the hubby find out though!

    • BrandyU

      I’m eating more fruits & veggies as my snack items instead of reaching for the M&M’s.

    • Myra Norton57

      For breakfast I eat two egg whites and leave out the yolk.  I usually will eat an open face sandwich to avoid calories.

    • Guest

      I am trying to eat smaller portions and drink more water.

    • frieda

      We start the day out with fresh squeezed juice,  oat bread toast, or grain
      grits and eggs with fresh fruit

    • Dawnbakeringram

      I use stevia in my coffee…It’s better for me than the other sugar free sweeteners!

    • Crysasteve

      Water water no more soda skim milk instead of cream in my coffee for sure!

    • Re8376

      We always drink a lot of water.  And snacks in our house are fruit, veggie sticks, or nuts.  If we have to grab a quick meal on the go, we try to make it salad or a grilled chicken sandwich.  We do splurge on fries every now and then though – its my weakness! :)

    • Poyeager

      Small meals! That way you are never hungry and won’t snack as much!  Also, pre-portion things like fruits and nuts into baggies, grab-em-and-go as you go out the door for instant portion control! Nuts are also great for the heart!

    • Ardanneman

      Eat lots of fruits and veggies!

    • Nikkibrown22

      I try to limit anything white (i.e.- rice, potatoes, sugar)  and try to incorporate AS MANY vegetables as possible.

    • Don’t skip breakfast! You’ll be less hungry throughout the day and have more energy. It’s amazing the difference it makes…

    • Krauber

      Dunkin Donuts now an option for a low calorie breakfast…sounds inviting…but really hard to past up the awesome donuts they have….ummm…

    • Carolyn


    • Saxyjazzer

      We just discovered organic sprouted grain bread. So good for you and full of protein! Also, eat something raw everyday! I read that in an article, and it’s such good advice!

    • Jessica

      I snack on veggies to avoid extra calories from chips, candy bars, etc.

    • sltaffe

      Two of my children had to read Fast Food Nation for school.  I keep this book on my dash in the car and if I get a craving for fast-food, I glance at it and remember just how awful it really if for you.  Of course, my kids have threatened to throw it out the window on occasion!  I’m not a fan of the “everything in moderation” philosophy.  I wouldn’t want my kids to smoke pot, or experiment with other drugs “in moderation”! 

    • Jes

      Cauliflower crust pizza!  way less calories and carbs than regular pizza dough, plus it tastes so good!

    • SheilaM

      Skim milk in my coffee!

    • Raecharles

      I find it’s better to eat a breakfast that is more filling.  It has to contain protein and whole grains for staying power.  I use splenda instead of sugar in my oatmeal and add blueberries or whatever fruit I happen to have on hand. Or I eat a peanut butter sandwich with cinnamon on whole wheat bread.

    • Linda Ashburn

      I snack on mandarin oranges  – they fill the sweet spot and so far I have lost 10 pounds.  :)

    • Mrsjeankelly2008

      I tend to eat sitting at my desk alot.  I keep a picture of myself in full view–and it is picture where I have more weight than normal.  I see the picture of the heavy me and it encourages me to think about what I am putting in my mouth.

    • Taclark97

      Don’t keep things around the house that are off limits!

    • Sccouponjunk

      small steps. water instead of mt dew, smoothies instead of milkshake, and little red meat.

    • Lindsayhunton

      equal instead of sugar in my coffee

    • Frog Frog

      in my house we drink lots of water…even my 5 yro and 20 mon old. When my daughter gets home from kindergarten her after school snack is always fresh fruit :)

    • Pepper

      I love Truvia in my tea and coffee.  It’s all natural and tastes great!

    • Anworlds

      Drink tons of water, load up on veggies, exercise, and no fast food!

    • Amyb

      Try to cut 100 calories per day.

    • Laylaja

      Just trying to make better choices.

    • Bekahbekah7

      Count calories. Get sweet n low in your coffee instead of sugar and have the stength to choose the egg wrap instead of the tempting donut.

    • Michellekjenkins

      use splenda rather than sugar

    • Lisa J.

      I bring my own travel mug (just 99 cents to fill it with coffee at DD), and I already have soymilk in the mug because I’m lactose intolerant and they don’t have any non-dairy cream options.  So I get my coffee and pretend it’s a fancy soy latte, I have the healthier soy and I saved some money too.

    • Boldentwpl

      Choose healthier by watching calories and fat.

    • Amymmhc

      Always order salad dressing on the side, dip your fork in the dressing with every bite.  You will use at least 50% less dressing. 

    • Amber Brown

      having small splurges of what i am craving so i don’t go crazy and over indulge.
      also, i am trying to eat more fresh fruit and veg (as much of it organic as possible).

    • Christi

      go for a walk every day- even if its just a 15 minute stroll around the block

    • hl

      I eat a little of the things I am hungry for – including DD !! – and a lot of the obviously healthy foods.  Drink lots of water.  Shut off the tv and get outside.  Do organic gardening.  I love my family – I love my friends – I LOVE Jesus … I pray and I am thankful for every moment of every day.

    • T-Bird

      Cut down the amount of sodium that I am eating in my foods.  Also, fitting in a little exercise into my day.

    • Timson1212

      I try to keep track of my calorie count and exercise at least 4 times a week.

    • Sandy

      I walk 8 miles 6 days a week, eat mostly greek yogurt, whole wheat products or whole grain products and drink lots of water.  I’ve lost 60 pounds by doing all this!!!!!

    • Judy

      Try a bowl of oatmeal in place of your bagel with cream cheese.

    • Emily

      We’re cutting down on eating meat and not eating unhealthy fast food. Sooo hard!

    • Tif

      I added an app on my phone to keep track of calories/exercise and it has made me think about what I eat and how much exercise I get in each day, week, month, etc.  The app also shows what you would weigh in so many weeks if every day were like today (with what you are and exercised). Love It! 

    • i drink lots of water.

    • Aboylan512

      I have been drinking a lot more water and trying not to drink soda.  We have also been growing fresh vegetables and using more organic foods to cook with.

    • Wlshipley

      I have learned to poach my fish and chicken then adding my vegetables. Seasoning without salt and drinking lots of water!

    • steph77c

      My husband was recently diagnosed as a diabetic.  He also has high blood pressure  I have had to relearn how to cook.  He can no longer eat all of the wonderful goodies that he loves.  I have changed a lot of my recipes to ground turkey.  Also I have learned to incorporate more veggies into our meals by pureeing them so I can disguise them in things. We have also changed to low fat milk instead of whole milk.  As a result, my husband has lost 40 lbs !  Now I am working on revamping his favorite deserts.

    • Mercergrad08

      Eat a healthy breakfast every day. That way you aren’t as prone to want to snack on unhealthy foods.

    • Jmac724

      eat half of what u would normally would eat and save some calories for a little treat

    • Amanda

      I eat high protein, low fat to stay feeling full

    • Spectacular Six

      I have 4 kids under 7 years old.  I always make sure to buy lots of produce (cheaper to buy what fruits are in season).  When I get home from the grocery, I make sure to wash all the apples, cherries and grapes immediately after getting the groceries put away.  Once they are washed, I put them in a real pretty bowl in the bottom of the fridge (on their level).  This way if they are in a hungry, the first thing they see when they are on the hunt is fresh fruit, ready to go!! 

      Also, if we are in a hurry and we have an unexpected “fast food” trip, I always have everyone order the free cup of water–somehow it is still fancy being in the restaurant cup with straw.  And instead of everyone getting fries, we all split ONE value size (the smallest size/99 cent option)!  Of course we are all only getting a few fries each, but with a sandwich, we are satisfied until we can get home to our fresh fruits and veggies!!  This way we eat less fat while out and save a lot of money.  

    • Have been drinking more water and watching what food I consume. Eating healthier snacks too

    • Bscowgirl

      I bring my lunch to work everyday.  I found out that eating out, even just 3 days a week, will put on pounds. 

    • Kimminey

      We substitute greek yogurt for Sour Cream as often as we can.

    • Johnny Berry

      I have been using honey instead of sugar…

    • Smikell8

      eat more protein and you’ll not feel as hungry :-)  btw:  I LOVE DD’s Coffee….please pick me ;-)  lol!!!

    • Rosiye

      I eat more vegetables!

    • Michelle Verdi

      I walk 2.5 miles every night at work by walking around the building at break times

    • tlffanyl

      I cut out all soft drinks and only snack on fruit or veggies in between meals to keep my ww points for my meals! :) 

    • B Carruthers

      I’ve quit drinking sodas and trying to do more walking,

    • ElDoctor

      I try to avoid too much starches and fats – I love the Dunkin Donuts Egg and Cheese wrap for breakfast with a hazelnut coffee, with light cream and no sugar. And instead of spending my hour long lunch break eating – you can eat way too much in an hour – I run accross the street to the gym and then leave myself 10-15 minutesto eat, therefore eating much less

    • My biggest tip is to not eat at night before going to bed. That was the easiest way i lost weight which is healthy

    • sara

      Honestly, when I workout I eat healthier, so that is my biggest choice for eating healthier :)

    • Carrielsergio

      We made the change from 2% to 1% milk.  It may not seem like a lot, but for my  husband it was a big deal. :)

    • Eating breakfast every day NO skipping!

    • Kimberly_paschal

      We are cutting back on going out to eat and also watching our calorie intake. We use apps on our phones that help us to monitor our calories, exercise, and daily weigh ins. We also have an app that can check your heart rate with the camera/flash on our phones. This helps when we are working out!

    • G8torfan

      I eat more oatmeal with fresh fruit. Thank you for a website full of helpful money saving ideas.

    • Kristin

      Love me some dunkin but flushing with lots of water helps

    • Nicole

      I’ve cut out dairy and red meat.

    • Kathryn Roan

      I visit Dunkin so much that the morning window cashier knows my name, where I work, that I’m a nursing student, and of course my order! I can’t go without my ice coffee, so to save calories and fat I started ordering mine with skim milk instead of cream and Splenda instead of sugar. (:

    • Kayleigh

      Add more veggies in every meal. If a recipe calls for a cup of a certain vegetable, double it!

    • Leslies2811

      Cook as many meals at home as possible and have a family exercise night. My family goes for walks, etc.

    • Barbara

      Drink more water and I gave up sugar. More vegetables and eating small snacks.

    • Beckyhighsmith4

      Drink LOTS of water, eat whole grains and vegetables, make small changes every week, get outside and exercise!  

    • Megan Riel

      I keep lots of healthy snacks on hand and drink lots of water which makes me feel fuller.

    • Erin

      I use honey and splenda instead of sugar…. I always get my DD coffee with splenda and skim milk. :)  I also shop around the perimeter of the grocery store (produce, bakery, meat, dairy case, etc.) and stay out of the middle as much as possible to avoid all the processed foods.

    • Marie4W

      I like to have healthy snacks like fruits, veggies, and nuts in between meals.  But the big winner is getting a Dunkin Doughnuts iced coffee with skim milk and splenda. You still get the great dunks coffee taste without all the extra calories :)

    • Mzhsteach2

      In protest of the price of a drink, I started ordering water every time we ate out anywhere…fast food or sit down. It is riduculous to pay that much for a drink. I discovered how much better food itself tastes when enjoyed with WATER. It has carried over even to home. Try it. Also has made it much easier to get in the minimum requirement and EXCEED, which is wonderful for health and for weight loss.

    • Molly

      I found that it really helps to make sure that I’m drinking enough water. It helps keep my energy level up and I tend not to snack as much. I also try not to buy prepared cookies or other sweets. If they’re in the house my husband or I will eat them.

    • lisa h

      I am not a breakfast eater, but I am making myself eat something healthy (oatmeal, peanut butter on wheat toast etc.) in the morning to help my metabolism.

    • Fconley

      park the car and walk in to DD then skip the cheese on my wrap.

    • Michelle

      watch your portion sizes and fill plate with 2/3 of veggies

    • Bethany

      Oh my word, I am a DD coffee addict!  My whole family started eating much healthier by necessity when we found out my son was allergic to milk, eggs, soy and peanuts.  Avoidance for the whole family is just easier.

    • Plan breakfast the night before, especially if you have busy mornings. This keeps you from either skipping breakfast or grabbing a quick (fattening) meal instead.

    • Wfwideman

      Well, I stopped drinking 5 or so cokes a day and moved to DD coffee! No joke!

    • GAMommyof2

      I’m really trying to be practical and not set myself up for failure this year. I do small things so far…take the elevator at work instead of the stairs, I take on walking the dog at least twice weekly in the neighborhood, park a little farther from the grocery store entrance. I also have two girls under 3 so more floor play time and they love to dance so we have at least one hour dance session weekly being silly…fun and exhausting. I also want to start baking more, frying less and my hubbie plays soccer at a field with a track (did i remember to say at 7:00 a.m. sunday morning?) How great to walk the track eventually jogging the track and to then be rewarded with a hot drink and breakfast sandwich if i win on the drive to church (which no kidding has a Dunkin Donuts up the street). Here’s to being healthy and treating yourself!!!!

    • Haleyallen80

      We have been eating “clean” at our house for a month now, meaning we don’t eat any processed foods, or white flour or sugar. I’m down 7lbs, & have so much more energy!! I always have a 24oz water & healthy snacks, like raw almonds & fruit, with me.

    • Jfmiller82

      I always choose water whenever I can 

    • Couponsameliaisland

      Eat before you get to a starving stage…then you will never overeat or “grab” just something.

    • Kim

      Only keep water and milk in the house.

    • Sarah Okelley

      Planning and budgeting calories and drinking WAY more water!

    • Amy

      Small meals and looking for food with high protein and fiber.

    • susan

      My family has started a regular exercise routine. We do not fry anything and eat a lot of veggies. I do not cook any pastas or potatoes. I have lost 50 lbs and my husband 40 lbs so far. We must do it for our children, they need their mommy and daddy!

    • Heidi

      I’ve noticed that I have to have protein (canadian bacon or peanut butter toast) to make it until lunch.  If I just have cereal (Cheerios or such) and plain toast, I’m starving by 10:30 and have to have a snack.

    • Thriftymom2610

      I’m trying not to drink as many sodas and fast food.  My husband and I have also started doing P90X to get rid of those unwanted pounds.

    • Megan

      I always keep ground turkey in the house, and choose whole grains.  I love creating desserts that are less fattening but just as tasty!! :) pick me!

    • Srhtabor

      i never eat mayo anymore and switched to different mustards, and LOTS of water, no soda.

    • Jessica

      A couple of things I do throughout the day to stay healthy is to drink a glass of water before I eat a meal, I also use splenda and nf milk in my coffee.   I try to eat two servings of vegetables or fruit with every meail. 

    • Meredith Hardin

      more fruit! and more veggies! and don’t cover them with chocolate and cheese. 

    • symnm.

      I always take the stairs, and lately have been drinking my coffee black to save on calories from cream and sugar. Black coffee has practically no calories, but I still get the caffeine!

    • Medstress

      small portions, eat more protein, and eat smaller meals more often. (6 small meals a day) Lots of water

    • Kim758410

      Whole grain all the way in our house! I try to also provide fruits and veggies during the day as snacks rather than processed foods. We limit juices, and if we do give juice to our son, it’s watered down to at least 1 part juice, 2 parts water. Right now we are working on limiting our own soda intake, down to 1 a day for hubby and 1 every few days for me. Small steps will eventually lead to great change!

    • Sit933

      Add a powdered fiber to recipes. It does not alter the taste.

    • Cskucker

      Don’t shop when you are hungry or you will wind up with junk food in the house.

    • Couponmarjorie

      Definitely go with skim or almond milk and splenda or STEVIA (which I prefer) to sweeten beverages.  I wish fast food restaurants would offer Stevia like they do Splenda.  :-) 

    • @wearefamilyw

      My tip is generally just eating at home as much as you can and use as many fresh and ‘real’ ingredients as possible. And stay clear of the white refined sugar! That stuff is poison! :-)

    • I have to quit sweets cold turkey. For me it’s all or nothing.

    • Jln0624

      To be healthier this year, I have been drinking “green smoothies” like crazy! They are loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables and taste great! I have found I have more energy and generally just feel better.  These things are so good, I won’t mind keeping up with them throughout the year, especially when our own fruits and veggies start coming in during the summer!

    • linda

      substitute half your potatoes with cauliflower when you make mashed potatoes.  they are very “buttery” so no butter needed in recipe! 

    • Mommy2

      Now the experts are saying stick to three meals a day and skip the snacking in between. That is what the french do.

    • Emilyc77

      I order what I want but only eat half!

    • Cjjmesser

      If you feel hungry and it’s not time to eat, drink a glass of water.  You might just be dehydrated!

    • Lucianna Farmer

      Mustard instead of mayo saves 100 calories a sandwich.

    • acrossley

      I add fresh spinach to my fruit smoothies to get more greens and vitamins daily. You CAN’T taste the added greens, but you reap the all benefits! My two-year-old loves this creation two – double score!

      • acrossley

        Corrected ;)I add fresh spinach to my fruit smoothies to get more greens and vitamins daily. You CAN’T taste the added greens, but you reap all the benefits! My two-year-old loves this creation, too – double score!

    • C Cisson

      Keep track of what you eat  – when looking back you will be surprised

    • lori


    • Christina

      We stopped making sweet tea and started drinking only water as well as plating smaller amounts. 

    • Jwilltn

      Eat small snacks throughout the day.

    • Nickie Bennett

      Cutting out all processed white, bleached foods and eating only foods that are raw or as natural as possible (100% whole wheat bread, pastas).  Juicing vegetables three times a day has also helped in the way we feel.  No more craving snacks!  The bloating feeling has disappeared which means my clothes either fit better or are loose. 

    • Candace


    • Bnjperdue

      I try to cut the carbs by eating only one piece of bread with my sandwiches.

    • Coupons4deals

      Lots and lots of water!

    • Vernell

      Whole wheat and no fried foods! ;)

    • Ldruhan

      I have tried to get my kids to eat better so we dip apples in yogurt and veggies in low calorie dressings.  They don’t miss the junk food and it is fun for them or we make designs with the apples we cut them up to look like flowers or Mickey Mouse :) They help me so then they want to eat it.

    • Jenn

      My husband and I have stopped eating out so much and started making similar resteraunt style meals at home with healthier ingredients.

    • jlgoode

      Water, water, water!

    • Free

      Be accountable for what you eat, Write It Down! Makes you pay attention to what you are putting in your month. Since I dont like to write things down, I am enjoying using WW online to assist me with that (on my pc and smartphone).

    • Bcmattern

      enjoy your coffe, use calorie free sweetener and low fat (or fat free) creamer

    • Susan

      We buy whole wheat items whenever possible, more fresh fruits and veggies and I’ve recently started keeping a food journal

    • Luvlex4

      I try to eat a lot of lean meat, fruits and vegatables.  But I also try not to be too hard on myself and enjoy life and have balance. I try to include with that daily exercise of some sort. I know of no one that is perfect and I don’t try to be.  I only try to be myself.  In this day and age it is hard not  to compare ourselves to others and what society thinks we should be.  I am thankful I have such a loving and supportive husband, and family and friends. 

    • cammy

      I think just eating more at home and trying to have a LOT of fresh produce and fruits instead of junk stuff when you want a snack would be a good start! :)

    • Charleygirl1215

      Instead of driving 4 miles (10 minutes) to Starbucks, I’ll ride the bike with the kids to Dunkin Donuts, just down the street!

    • Valerie Walcott

      I try to eat a smaller portion . . . especially at dinner time!

    • Katie

      My tip is watch what you eat carefully six days out of the week but save one day for special treats!

    • Bhall331

      Join Weight Watchers!

    • Schronce_family

      Choose whole wheat when possible and always leave the cheese off! I love the DD veggie egg white wrap!

    • Brenda

      We have started eating lots of yogurt.  My teenagers love it with fruit and low fat granola

    • Rudy6

      We eat at home most of the time .

    • Anonymous

      I have lost some weight by eating small “snacks” throughout the day instead of three big meals as well as always making sure I inlcude protein in my “snacks” to offset the carbs and keep my sugar levels even.

    • Bowb4me2

      Just trying to eat more salads with either egg whites or grilled chicken. The protein/veggie combo helps me get full and not feel deprived, and it’s healthy.

    • Angela

      If I start dinner prep right after lunch, either by getting a croc pot going, the chopping done, or just getting all my ingredients out, We are much more likely to eat at home, and I usually make smarter choices since Im not starving while Im thinking about dinner.  If I wait until the end of the day when Im tired, I tend to go for the quick and easy which is usually the unhealthy option. 

    • Amber

      I have added oat bran to my diet. I eat it cooked plain or with raw with apple sauce. A little goes a long way to keeping me regular. It also helps you feel full. It has lots of benefits and it really doesn’t taste too bad. :)

    • Personally, eating healthy is a DAILY battle. One thing I crave more often than never, is something other than water! I allow myself one Mt. Dew a day (usually around dinner-time). When I am having a really weak day and I need a second one, I try to make sure to drink a full 16 oz bottle of water before AND after! Trying to help counteract the bad effects of sugary drinks.

    • Rocbilling

      I’ve added more fiber into my diet. Plus I’ve cut out regular sodas. I’ve switched to diet sodas to cut out some calories.

    • Kendra Clayton

      I always try to have healthy low calorie snacks available.

    • Nancy

      We stock up on fresh fruits and veggies, which I wash and prep as soon as we get home from the store.  That way they are ready to snack on and I don’t have to spend time later in the week washing fruits when I just want to grab a quick snack.

    • Guisler

      think of food as needed fuel, and not as a needed pleasure.  also portion control!!!

    • Kennedy417

      Drink a large glass of water when you wake up (think of it as an “internal shower!) before you eat.  Use 3 muffin wrappers to portion out raw almonds, fresh berries and greek yogurt.  Filling and full of protein to jump start your day!

    • Iam4ukru

      Eat smaller portions and drink lots of water.

    • Jessi56

      Eat small snacks throughout the day (sometimes every 2-4 hours) along with some water, so that I don’t overeat when it’s meal time…

    • Leigh

      I try to make my plate as colorful as possible. Skip anything fried, eat anything fresh! 

    • Mandy

      Watch sugar intake…and don’t drink any calories!

    • Trafsu

      Lots of exercise and eating veggies and lean protein at every meal. Not always easy and not always achievable but if done most of the time, I have so much energy and can maintain a healthy weight and feel my best!!

    • kjasus

      i’ve stopped putting in sugar in my coffee..use stevia now.

    • BJMarley

      Shift the focus from deprivation (no dessert, no fried food) and focus on the good things I want such as fruit and vegetables. I don’t deny myself a small dessert, but I concentrate on getting in my fruit and vegetable servings.

    • Kat

      I try to eat oatmeal for breakfast and drink herb tea

    • Kris

      I’ve been making oatmeal breakfast lately with fresh fruit and honey instead of the usual cereal. Much tastier and healthier too!

    • Jessica Ingram

      Ahh!!!! This would be Uhmazing!!! I have been on the pink method for three weeks now and I have lost 20.2 lbs so far! This would allow me to stay on my plan and treat myself every now and then! Thank you, how fun?!

    • Trisha

      Fill up on fruits, veggies, and nuts instead of chips and carbs.

    • Lynapooh

      Eating lots of fruits and veggies, brown rice and beans

    • Markie

      I never skip breakfast and do not drink soda

    • Lbeyrent1

      Activity & Calories/10 min.125 lbs150 lbs175 lbs200 lbsAerobics (traditional at high intensity)95115134153Gardening41495765Racquetball7590105120Running (9 min/mile)109131153174Shopping35424956Sitting (reading or watching TV)10121416Sleeping10121416Standing (light activity)20242832Volleyball28344045Walking (15 min/mile)44526170Walking upstairs150175202229

    • Tmanhollan

      Adding fresh fruit to my morning routine.

    • Melanie Runge

      Eating smaller portions and snacking on fruit and veggies instead of junk

    • Mssnapester

      Mine is an easy on e. I park furthest from the stores I go to and force myself to walk just for the extra excersize. I know its not a new idea but it works

    • Rach3lbu11man

      I have vowed to eat more veggies and less junk food!  Doing good with it and I feel better too.  Also striving to drink less soft drinks!!

    • Andrearicardo23

      I make an effort to walk the neighborhood once a day and eat smaller portions. The smaller portions will then shrink my stomach so that I am no longer over eating. And walking everyday will encourage me to also run.

    • Mommy2All

      I drink only water and keep lots of nuts in the house!

    • BamaGirl43

      Don’t drink any sugar – no sweet tea, sugary sodas, juices, etc.  You’d be surprised how many calories you can save. 

    • Jamiejrapp

      I try to eat at home as much as possible so I have more control over what goes into my food. When I do go out and treat myself I always get my coffee drinks with skim milk and the sugar free syrups. 

    • Workin’ Momma

      I start thinking about dinner the night before…cook extra of one ingredient so it is prepped for the following night’s meal.  You can get creative with leftovers when you plan for them in advance.  

    • twinmommie

      Eat small meals and try to walk at least 15 min a day…..you usually end up doing more!

    • Tina

      Eat smaller portions of food throughout the day- lean meats, other proteins, fruits,
      And veggies. Being aware of how late you eat is good too. Usually if you sit around after you eat and go to bed fairly early like 9/10 pm then 7:30/8:00 is typically a good time. If you stay up later and are out and about or active- maybe later. I’ve seen the difference in the past what this can make!

      • Tina

        7:30/8:00 being the time you would have had your dinner eaten by

    • joetta

      Choose complex carbs as much as possible, stay active, eat fruits or veggies before your meal as often as possible to help with portion control, and satisfy sweet cravings with a healthy option, such as a few dark chocolate covered expresso beans or almonds.

    • Comeralice

      eat breakfast and drink water

    • Silverfox

      I try to eat and drink things that don’t have a ton of sugar in them. I also drink water for almost every meal.

    • Joy

      Small changes add up: making sure your bread has at least 3 grams fiber per piece, adding veggies to every meal, walking – even just a half hour 3 or 4 times a week, drinking your delicious DD coffee with no sugar and a splash of milk.  These are some of the ways I am working toward my health and weight loss goals

    • april

      I am eating more fresh fruits and veggies and have started drinking more tea and water trying to cut down on sugary foods

    • krystal

      I have been drinking more water!

    • Don’t buy unhealthy food – even if it is FREE!

    • sharon

      everything in moderation

    • Rachel

      I am trying to eat more whole grains and drink more water.

    • Dandymandie

      I’m trying to eat more fruit & veggies, drink less soda.

    • Courtney

      If I drink a coke or something at a restaurant, I dont get the refill.I limit myself to 1. :)

    • Anonymous

      I don’t have any tips.I love to eat all those deliciously bad foods.Maybe, with this chance to win,now would be a good time to change my bad eating habits!!!!……Uh,nope.I will use it all on those delicious donuts and coffee!!!!!!!!Maybe I will try the coolatta.

    • Lisabriskey

      I’m trying to move more and eat less.

    • Icoupon

      One donut instead of two. And run 3 marathons a year :)

    • Candace

      My family has switched to eating organic meat

    • Gcbrundage

      Substitute small items like turkey bacon and sweetener vs sugar!

    • Camc555

      I use whipped butter always, it cuts down on the calories.

    • Kathie S

      I try to use less processed foods and more fresh ones!

    • Kelly Dee

      Meal planning is a key for us.  Also keeping the fridge and pantry stocked with healthy grab and go options.  

    • Proudpatriot2007

      I would love to win! As far as making healthier choices go, I usually use egg whites instead of whole eggs sometimes, and I also cook with Greek yogurt instead of oils in recipes. I love Dunkin Donuts and so do my coworkers, so if I won, I’d treat them too!

      Amy Lauren

    • Sarah

      You and your family will eat what you buy, so if you shop healthy, you have no choice but to eat healthy.

    • AJ

      Oatmeal. Every day!

    • Bthree13

      Portion control, going to the gym and trying to get more sleep.

    • beebopmom

      Juicing is an amazing way to eat healthier!  

    • Auntcar

      I try to eat fruit instead of sweets.

    • WifeWillis

      I don’t buy incredibly unhealthy meals anymore — easy enough. If I keep junk food in the pantry, we’re going to eat it. I’ve put healthy snacks and sweets in the pantry and fridge now. If it isn’t there, you aren’t tempted.

    • rose

      Ohh my…I put 1% milk in  my cappacino for my husband and I in the morning when I make it.  Then of course you have to top it off with low fat whip cream.  mmmm…its so good that way!  Saves us $6 dollars but would love to splurge with a gift certificate.  :)  Also eat with a big fork so that you will feel full faster!

    • Csstatham

      Using smaller plates for meals helps with portion control.

    • Beauwolter

      Comsume more water, keep annual appointment with doctor, and monitor blood pressure.  Next decrease the sweets and increase the fruits and vegetables, and lastly exercise.

    • Anonymous

      Instead of soft drinks, I am drinking iced tea with splenda.  Tea is healthy for you and full of antioxidants and I am saving 140 calories by not drinking a Coke.

    • Tej814

      I drink only water….count calories….and during those snacky times of day I pop in a piece of sugar free gum. Keeps my mouth busy!

    • Myerse

      it’s just one good choice at a time. every meal and snack provides you with an opportunity to make a good choice. if a bad choice is made, brush it off because you know what…the next meal will provide you with the same opportunity…hopefully you’ll make a better choice

    • Savingsbycoupons

      When making eggs for me or the hubby I use 1 egg yolk per 3 eggs. I use the rest egg whites. You still get the egg taste, but save 70 calories per egg! In addition i try not to buy all the chex mix, chips etc even though it is a good deal we dont need it. We stopped eating out and its homecooked meals all the way…

    • Lstewart71

      Kashi cereal is my saving grace!  My kids love the puffs and I lvoe the go lean crunch!

    • Christina k.

      I am drinking more water. I also don’t give in to the offers fast food resteraunts and gas stations advertise. For example, 32 oz soda for .89, nope I will get a small or just get water.

    • Kendra

       Prepare as many of your meals as possible for the week on Sunday night. No eating fried foods at lunch if you have something ready!

    • Jessypink28

      i only allow myself 1 coke per week. and i have two fruits for snacks during the day

    • Tabicat37

      i have healthy snacks throughout the day to curb hunger and eat smaller lunch and dinner portions!

    • Marybethcannon

      Sneaking vegetables into everything!

    • Kelly Mcdaniel

      Stop eating before you feel full.

    • Kittiefitz

      As a Southern girl, I absolutely LOVE my sweet tea every night with dinner and I’d love to pretend it isn’t loaded with calories but I finally had to face the truth not to long ago (the scale was not so friendly!). So without telling my husband, I switched us from cane sugar to Splenda. He may have not noticed a difference in the tea, but we BOTH noticed a difference on the scale – 15 lbs between the two of us! YEAH!And yes, that’s a lot of sweet tea! :)

    • Daniellethechef

      Eating more veggies!

    • Drinking green smoothies for breakfast!!

    • Kelly

      Using I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray instead of real butter on vegetables.

    • Jnickerson

      I like to take a look at the carb count because it effects the glycemic index of the food.

    • Jane

      I measure portion sizes and try to make sure I get the required number of servings of fruits, veggies & protein every day…and no more!

    • Hbriggs1

      When grabbing a quick breakfast while taking kids to school, I only order a drink and eat what the kids don’t. It saves calories and money!

    • Mel Jolley

      Eating before 6pm!!!! You will be amazed!

    • Stacy

      I drink my coffee black and make my oatmeal with milk instead of water…it’s those little things that count.

    • Miranda

      I have eliminated soda from my diet. I also switched to natural sugar and agave instead of artificial sweetners. I love Dunkin Donuts coffee and drink it every day!

    • Denaoliver

      Eat more fruits and veggies ….  :)

    • Dye mommy

      reduced fat peanut butter has the same calories, they simply add sugar. For a better choice use whipped!

    • Anonymous

      Everything in moderation 

    • Sonochic2000

      I try and drink a glass of water in-between meals! At least then I’m getting some of my water for the day!! :D

    • Kayla

      Water, water and more water. It makes such a huge difference.

    • Calmr2217

      growing my own vegetables in my backyard so i can eat them fresh and get more out of them

    • Sheenabsb

      Got my whole family laying off coke and drinking water and juices

    • Hharrell

      Use skim milk in ice coffee instead of regular milk.

    • Asgcoach

      Eating fresh fruits/veggies for at least half of every meal/snack!  And not being “afraid” of trying healthy foods/snacks… there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll like it!  :-)

    • Ethnicalchic

      drinking unsweetened green tea instead of a coke

    • Allisonking77

      Plan ahead for snacks and meals. If you don’t you’ll find yourself hungry and eat what is easiest

    • Bstevenson

      I try to eat 6 servings of vegetables/fruits a day along with small amounts of the other food groups into 6 small meals.  Keeps the metabolism up.

    • Couponjunkie

      I drink more water and less sweet tea each day.

    • twomonkeys

      prepare fresh fruits in sandwich bags as part of the fridge restock so you have easy prepacked snacks, and keep a container of nuts in the car for another on the go munchies moment.

    • Amyjanemyers

      Take the stairs at work instead of the elevator

    • Dawn Copeland

      Let your kids eat off your plate when you eat out…it’s cheaper and you don’t eat it all!

    • Jen

      Cutting sodas from your diet can help you loose weight.  Also, I use less butter and salt.  Instead, I use other spices like garlic and pepper to get good flavor combinations without the fat and salt. 

    • Dianahouseoflite

      Eat a portion of protein with each meal. This helps stabilize blood sugar which aids in weight loss.

    • Kjz526

      Loading up on fruits and veggies!  Making sure I set a good example & hope that my kids follow!

    • Cmdaughtry

      If the food you choose doesn’t have positive nutritional value choose something else.

    • Shaunayj

      Cut the sugar out and drink more water

    • AndreA Hoover

      Adding a vegetable too lunch and supper

    • Mlscogin

      i snack on fruit instead of chips.

    • gina

      I have been trying to eat more lean protein so that I will stay fuller for longer

    • Rachel

      For you iPhone users, consider using a calorie, fat, fiber and carbohydrate lookup and counting app like Fast Food Calorie Counter which is only 99 cents.

    • Sarah

      Keeping fruits and veggies on hand, making and freezing whole grain waffles to eat as snacks.

    • Lizanwood

       Learning how to apply advice I give my son to my own life and that is we must all accept the consequences for every decision we make..excuses only “weigh” you down. Choose to exert self-control and enjoy being healthy and feeling good as much as you enjoy your food.

    • Roland

      I find that a pre-packaged cup of fruit mixed with a cup of cottage cheese makes a nice evening snack.

    • Kwic

      Vitatops!  They are quick and easy and you can eat them on the run if you need to.  This has helped me lose alot of weight.  They also come in chocolate, so you can feel like you are eating a muffin or donut.  They have fiber and vitamins in them.  And all for only 100 calories!

    • Drinking a large glass of water when I feel hungry or before I sit down to a meal helps me not to overindulge. :-)

    • 1 lucky girl

      Plan, plan, plan!  If you plan your meals ahead of time, you’re less likely to be standing in front of the refrigerator grazing on all of the contents inside. 

    • Arringtonb

      I drink only water and have given up tea and coke completely.  This saves me tons of calories.

    • Emilykay099

      We buy a bi-weekly bag of fresh vegetables at a co-op.  Not only does it cut down on my grocery bill, but it forces us to try new vegetables that are loaded with nutrients like kale and chard!

    • Tskocher

      Make mashed potatoes with a two to one ratio of potatoes to cauliflower.  Can’t tell the difference and you cut the carbs and add more veg to your diet!

    • Jinxyman

      Less Sugar and more protein + more exercise.

    • Anonymous

      no sugar

    • Tina M

      I use soy!

    • Angie

      If I am going out to eat I try to only go places that offer healthy choices (i.e. Subway) to avoid temptation! 

    • Jesstopher

      I keep fresh fruit around at all times that way when I want a snack I have something easy to grab that’s good for me.

    • lemondroptree

      I eat a few raw almonds or walnuts between meals and drink almond milk.  Also I drink fat free 1/2 and 1/2 in my coffee and eat more protein than I used to.  Exercise is a must as well as vegetables, fruit, olive oil and lots of water.

    • Brewerfamily2006

      I like using Skinny Cow cheese spread instead of mayo on sandwiches and wraps!Yummy!

    • Donna Owen

      I make healthier versions of my favorite fast food items at home, so I’m not tempted to eat out. And as a bonus, I save money!!

    • Amymw333

      I always have a water bottle with me si I drink lots of water during the day which also helps keep me filling full.

    • CathyCar

      Love a heathy start !   Thanks DD!!

    • Missfish76

      I eat fruits and vegetables every single day! I love my DD coffee, but I have to ge my vitamins each day!

    • Brenda

      I do my best to check the calorie amount on the foods I eat.  It is important to watch what I eat, and yet be willing to splurge on occasion.  Overall, keep a consistent regiment of healthy eating and exercise.  It needs to be a lifestyle NOT a Diet.  I love a whole grain english muffin with low fat peanut butter and honey almost every morning.  Gives me a great source of protein and energy I need to start the day.  Don’t ever leave out the Cup of Joe.

    • Mabelzy

      Eat more fresh veggie and fruit, stop drinking juice and soda!

    • blaire

      plan ahead. have already cut up fruit and veggies (and other healthy snacks) in portion so they’re easy to grab!

    • Penguin

      I am trying to eat more fresh meals and cut out sweets.


      Having  positive attitude towards life makes u to choose healthy life style for the whole family.Eat plenty of veggies,fruits ,whole grain food,lean protein and drinking plenty of water.

    • Janiesommers

      choose water over sweet tea

    • Ntduck

      I use an online diet journal and I enter my food BEFORE I eat…many times I make difference choices when I see the actual calorie content.

    • pettyjo

      Lots of fruits and I find a bowl of cereal helps when i have a sweet tooth craving.

    • Megan

      We keep a fruit bowl on our counter and keep it stocked. Great snacks for the whole family!

    • Jennifer H

      My tip for eating more healthfully is this:  Buy only what you know you should eat.  Not keeping cookies and chips at my house has helped soooooo much!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t get syrup AND sugar! Get sugar free syrup!

    • Mrsdale421

      Be conscious of what you are eating… moderation. Don’t load the plate up, you can always go back for more. Start with a small plate and don’t use salt!

    • Melissa

      I switch out regular eggs for egg whites!

    • Anonymous

      Started running again, drinking more water, and cutting out the soda from my diet.

    • She Coupons

      By making healthy food choices for your first meal of the day you can set yourself up for success and end up making healthy food choices for the rest of the day. 

    • Kdownspt

      cut out the coke products and drink more water

    • Mrswdosr

      Choose more water!

    • Jennyprice

      Plan your meals ahead of time. This way you aren’t as likely to grab fast food. Cook casseroles and freeze for those times you didn’t plan ahead but still want to give your family a healthy meal.

    • Mrsdale421

      Lay off starchy, carbohydrates after lunch… try not to have any with your dinner and if you are going to have something sweet, do it earlier in the day so you’ll burn it off… not late at night!

    • Jburv

      You can start being healthy by cutting out your sweets, and maybe having fruits and vegetables instead.
      What I do when I’m craving something sweet is grab a yogurt, or an apple. It is hard at first to cut out sweets but you can do it.

    • Masonkl74

      i drink water and try to add fiber to my breakfast.

    • PegasusPrime

      Portion control really helps me out.  Hard to totally cut out the things I like!

    • Debscoupons

      I try to make every meal at least 75% vegetable and only 25% animal. Saying no to anything fried has helped my weight and I just feel better. I am working on myself small steps at a time so I don’t feel overwhelmed and revert back to all my bad eating habits.

    • tdwood06

      Drink more water, eat more fruits & veggies, walk across the street to take the trash to the dump and get the mail rather than do it in the car going out or coming in.

    • Kelly

      If I need a ‘fun drink fix” I get the small one vs. a larger size.

    • I would love to win!! We love their coffee and drink it everyday!! Eat healthy, exercise, exercise and exercise….. :D

    • Pandora

      Chew sugarless gum when you have a sweet craving!

    • DC in Sparkle City

      I make healthier choices by not bringing fattening snacks into the house. If they are not there, you can’t eat them.

    • Anonymous

      I substitute apple sauce for cooking oil (1 to 1 ratio) in my baked goods – it cuts out TONS of fat and calories and actually tastes better.

    • Binkie11

      We have turned our flower garden into a veggie garden.  We have fresh vegetables right outside the back door.  We have fresh fruit on the table within easy reach.  Drink lots of water; we’ve given up sweet tea and soda.  And, we watch for sales on Southern Savers so we can get the best prices on the fresh food we must buy!!

    • Marissa

      There are so many options! For kids, I’d say grind up any veggie they will not eat and add it to their food! Then, for adults simple solutions like switching your ground beef for ground chicken or turkey, using less processed foods in your diet as well as drinking more water. 

    • Anonymous

      Never eat things you wouldn’t feed your children. :)

    • K Hooper

      Thr tip that I give is color on the plate and protein

    • Jessiusf

      A lot A lot of water!!! Also, filling up with veggies before I eat the meat and carbs.

    • Erin

      I drink lots of water – staying hydrated helps me be less hungry!

    • Roxanne

      i use skim milk and use apple sauce when cooking instead of oil. :) i love dunkin donuts!!!! <3

    • joy99

      Number one.  Plan ahead.  Always keep a healthy snack with you just in case.

    • Carla

      Break up a reasonable sized portion into a sandwich bag instead of bringing along the whole bag or box.

    • Carla

      Break up a reasonable sized portion into a sandwich bag instead of bringing along the whole bag or box.

    • mom of 2

      I have started replacing meat with more beans.  Not to mention the fact that a bag of dried beans is so much cheaper, plus you get the added fiber!  BTW, I have tried the egg and cheese wrap, it’s really good and just enough to fill me up.  The price is right too!

    • Holfordl

      I eat five small meals a day and drink water.  Eat something before you go shopping.

    • Flavina67

      i keep mio in my purse and order wate with lemon and add the mio fruit punch instead of sweet tea or soda

    • Cindydawson1969

      Carbs for breakfast only.  Then lots of veggies and protein the rest of the day.  Be sure to snack in between meals with healthy foods like veggies, nuts, etc.  Water! Water! Water!

    • Amy

      Drinking a lot more water everyday and cutting down the size or amount of food I eat. I love my chocolate …. so we just have to keep it balanced!

    • Melodyberrong

      Don’t overeat.  I remind myself what it is that I really want- I really want to lose weight not eat that brownie :)

    • ca

      Eat fruit instead of candy/chocolate and when you make something use splenda instead of real sugar…I’m a college student and that has really kept me from gaining the freshmen 15!

    • KAL

      Menu Plan– cuts down on eating junk and also saves money!

    • Margaret

      I try to pre-plan my meals & have fruit or a healthy snack with me at all times

    • Devinedestiny13

      Drink lots of water, and mix it up by serving lots of different fruits and veggies lots of different ways! :)

    • Debradaker

      I try to occupy my mind with something else whenever I want to eat junk food just to eat and not because I’m hungry.

    • sarah

      eat before i leave the house! :)

    • Kelley

      I eat what I want but I try to remember everything in moderation. I eat half of what I used to eat!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t buy it! If it’s not in the house, it’s hard to eat it!

    • Julia

      I put snacks in baggies so they are easy to grab and the portions are controlled.

    • amckenz

      Don’t let yourself get hungry, because then you’re more likely to make spontaneous bad choices.

    • I use a meal planner! I can actually see what I am planning for the week and it helps with not wondering whats for dinner and ordering out!

    • Courtneydaughtery

      Keep track of your calories! Even if it’s just a mental note…. It does wonders…p.s. I will take very good care of a Dunkin donut gift card ;)

    • dawn

      we try to avoid carbs and have fruit and veggies with our meals.

    • Jldunn7787

      It’s all about portion sizes. Simply eating healthy isn’t the trick…you must eat healthy portion sizes as well or you will get nowhere. When it comes down to it, a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. So a lot of something good can be the same as a little of something bad.

    • Meal planner!

    • Jennifer

      I always pack my lunch for work. That way I have no excuse to grab something quick and unhealthy.

    • Rangomom

      8 ounces of water before each meal then putting down the fork between bites.  Taking the time to enjoy the food in turn end up eating only half a portion!

    • DoinMe2005

      Stay away from fatty foods such as fried foods, eat lots of greens, baked and boiled food, lots of water and exercise to keep your metabolism going. That’s what i stick to and have lost 37 pounds.

    • heather

      I try to keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge so I have an instant snack w/protein. Also eat an apple half hour before your meal, it helps to fill you up so you dont eat so much.

    • Dlasseter

      Add more protein to your diet, especially lean. You won’t be as hungry.

    • rhonda

      The key to making better choices is all in the planning. If you plan to make better choices then you plan to be successful.

    • Abkin8

      indulge yourself every once in a while

    • TV726

      keep only healthy foods & snacks at home. resist temptation by not eating out… this also helps save $$$!

    • Ginalioi

      Educate yourself on which restaurants have healthier choices on their menus! If there are no lighter choices on the menu, ask the waiter to automatically box up half the meal.

    • Rebecca

      Always try to stick to serving sizes. Sometimes it is very hard to do.

    • Marie Shackelford

      I always drink at least 1 liter of water a day. I have stopped using oil and cook all meat in water and only eat red meat once a week.

      • Marie Shackelford

        I meant a 2 liter, sorry, I fill it up twice so I can keep track of what I drink.

    • Ashlee Taylor

      I try to eat small healthy snacks in between lunch and dinner so that I’m not completely starving at dinner time. If I carrot sticks, an apple or a 100 calorie snack, it holds me off a little bit so I don’t eat a huge dinner. :)

    • Karebear637

      In order to stay in shape and eat better when i frequent dunkin donuts I enjoy the wake up wrap and bring a couple apple slices from home, I get a bottled water which i try to drink half of before eating and drinking my small coffee and use a half of splenda and skim milk this way I feel fuller and Ican enjoy meeting up with co-workers or girlfriends at our local Dunkin Donuts and still eat healthy and feel full.
      When we go out to dinner I always ask for a take out box when I get my meal and immediately take half of my plate that way you eat a smaller portion but still enjoy dinner out. And have the other half for another day. If it’s not on the plate you don’t seem to think your so hungry you need to eat everything.

    • Whitts3

      Adding protein & fiber helps me stay full longer.

    • Amberwavs

      You can plan for the future, but remember to always live in the moment.

    • Etcoupon

      I am drinking lots of hot herbal tea sweetened with stevia!

    • Janicegquinn

      keep fresh fruit on hand for those sweet cravings.

    • Ayesha

      As I leave the house around 7am knowing I won’t be back till 8-9pm. I make sure to boil 2-3 eggs, have 2-3 fruits cut up and two bottles of water. This way if I want to snack on something I won’t have to spend time stopping somewhere and have everything I need in my car. I’m constantly driving so being able to eat in the car and making the most of my commute time saves me time and money having things prepped.

    • Mindy Neal

      Whole grains. It has to say 100% whole grains and you are good

    • Lynn C.

      portion control…..moderation is key!

    • Karen in FL

      I eliminated almost all of salt, just by buying some great spices, Penzey’s is my favorite.  I also don’t completely give up goodies like Donuts and Lattes.  I just limit myself.  I find I enjoy a them much more by  not having them all the time.  That goes for chocolate too.  Now the people in my office love Dunkin Donuts so we would put a $100 gift card to good use.

    • Rebecca Ann

      I will use a smaller plate when I eat!

    • Katie C.

      Taking only a small amount of a snack out the pantry or fridge–this gives me a long walk to decide if I really need!

    • Subru

      sometimes you see some great looking cupcakes/brownie bites/deserts at parties or when getting a coffee, and you just have to remind yourself that they may look good, but you know they don’t really taste good.  Save your indulgences for something you KNOW is worth it.

    • Ssmehyl

      moderation.  don’t buy it and you won’t eat it.  lots of fruits and veggies.  gallon of water a day.  get the body moving!!!

    • Sara Lynn

      Check carbs, calories, sugar and sodium content.

    • drinking water or green tea and munching on fruits or veggies instead whenever I am craving an unhealthy snack

    • Jessicabs31

      Meal planning so you can plan healthier meals, portion size, and not taking your husband grocery shopping because he buys whatever he sees and thinks it looks good.

    • Karri

      When my schedule involves more dining out than I’d like, my husband, my son and I order waters and I put those sugar free water flavorings in for my son. Saves us money and is so much healthier.

    • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables!

    • Billie

      I try to park far from the entrance of a store, so I can get a few more steps in.

    • Rubymommy1

      Drink lots of water and workout as much as you can!

    • Hmcgillem

      Stock up on healthy items such as lean ground beef and bonless skinless chicken breast when it’s on sale and then plan meals accordingly. Having a meal plan helps so that you’re not stopping for fast food.

    • ruth

      Portion control and getting rid of the late night snacks!

    • Ranchycy

      always eat fresh made food 

    • Skipintheus

      Smart eating in our house involves plenty of healthy choices. We still enjoy Dunkin our Donuts and washing them down with a freshly made Coolatta on skim. Life is about balance.

    • Heatherpope0560

      To make healthy choices you must plan ahead and if you don’t have time just grab a quick breakfast from Dunkin Donuts. When it’s 300 calories or less you can’t go wrong!!!

    • Sprtgirl32

      Keep healthy snacks within reach!

    • Angelyric2012

      I have found Preparation is key. At the top of the week I cut up mixed berries (black,Rasp,Straw and sometimes blue). Girl two lean meats (this week Chicken and Salmon), Stock up on my Yogurts and Fruit, Keep Salad fixing chopped and ready. When I am hungry healthy choices are easier to grab!

    • Mooockie

      Blend Glucomannan into smoothies.  It is a fiber supplement Dr. Oz recommends that helps you feel fuller longer so you dont overeat.

    • Kbirberick

      Eat at home! Instead of ordering pizza out, make a homemade pizza instead!

    • Mimfour

      I changed jobs to a different one that keeps me more active, same pay and similiar skills but I am losing weight .The change of environment seems to have worked and I am not near an area with a lot of restaurants that i can g to and get back in under thirty minutes. this means I am using the cafeteria more or bringing lunch from home.

    • Shopperrebecca

      Brush and floss your teeth right after dinner so you’re not tempted to snack on junk late at night.  You won’t want to do it all over again so you just skip the snacks.

    • CTaylor

       Park further away and walk! :)

    • Tabitha

      always have healthy options available and be aware of nutritional content of food so you can make a better choice.

    • Linzilu22

      Shop healthy!

    • Maganbrooks

      go thru the drive thru if the donuts are not right in your face it is easier to pass them up and make a healthier choice!! Out of sight out of mind!

    • Ellen

      Walk 30 minutes, 5 days per week.

    • Deborah Ware

      don’t buy processed foods.  If they’re in reach… they make it to your mouth! 

    • frances

      Water, water, water. 

    • Jleighann

      Add protein to your breakfast. It keeps you full so you snack less!

    • Greenbp

      Portion control, drinking water and exercising at least 30 minutes a day.

    • familycouponsfor6

      Eat small meals 5 to 6 times a day, rather than the large 3 meals.

    • Thehagwoods

      Keep healthy alternatives where you usually are… in the car, at the office, or in your purse.

    • ashton

      Order skim milk in my iced lattes so that I can use the calories I save in the milk to still get WHIPPED CREAM on top!

    • Bridget

      Stop skipping breakfast!

    • Michelle

      I add bananas to my cereal every morning.

    • Robyn T

      Whole grains, no white flour.  Good coffee so that you can drink it without too much sweetner & cream like Dunkin!

    • Marjorie

      I swapped out ground turkey for ground beef years ago.  When I make chili or lasagna it tastes just as great!

    • Bsn04

      You can have anything and everything in moderation as long as your exercise! You have to exercise enough to burn more calories than you take in. Everyone knows what to do; it is just hard. Learn what a serving size is and eat only one serving. Try parking your car at the end of the lot every time you go out. If you are like me, with no discipline, just do not buy the junk food. so much easier said than done.

    • ginrum44

      I eat 6 small meals a day with protein , fruit  and vegies at each. Keeps my blood sugar level.

    • Losing it!

      Work on portion sizes, move more and keep tabs on calorie intake.

    • Countrygirlncamo

      Always start the day with a healthy fullfilling breakfast.

    • Anonymous

      Smaller portions & watching the sugar intake..

    • Kristen

      Don’t buy junk that you know you shouldn’t eat.  If it’s not in the house, then you have to BUY it – if you really want it, then you have to rationalize paying full price (horror) for it when you want it! 

    • Always keep fresh fruits and vegetables available for snacking on. 

    • sarah

      I’ve seen a big difference from switching to whole grains! And of course, moderation in everything.

    • Chelle2377

      I choose to drink ice water with fresh lemon instead of soda. Great taste and Great vitamin c for the Cold and flu season

    • Cheree

      Eat frozen grapes instead of ice cream.

    • Skipintheus

      We’re Aussie’s living in the States. We love the great outdoors. We love getting out and exploring. There’s nothing like the feeling of lungs full of fresh air, and catching that sunrise creates hunger. What better way to satisy it than a bite off the new Dunkin Donuts Smart Menu.

    • Pat

      My healthy tip is to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and it also flushes fat.  I simply stopped drinking sodas and drank water instead and not only does it shed pounds but it also saves money.  The average drink at a restaurant runs around $2.  Water is FREE :-)  Also, I eat smaller portions than before.  I’ve lost 30 pounds so far.

    • Wendy

      Water, water, water…plus small healthy balanced meals and the occasional coffee drink w/skim milk:)

    • Runsusanrun

      Only eat at the table with the TV off and use salad plates instead of dinner plate.  Leave all serving platters in the kitchen so you have to get up to get seconds. 

    • Ann

      Find a friend who will keep you accountable!

    • Erin

      i only buy whole wheat bread…..and the best part, the kids hadnt noticed or said anything so thats a plus!!


      Eat alot of fresh fruit!

    • Kel2ken

      Lay off the sodas and sugary drinks. Drink lots of water

    • Sheltontam

      Plan healthy meals and snacks ahead! Make a weekly grocery list and stick to it. Impulse purchases usually mean extra calories/fat. If you are trying to eat healthier or lose weight, keep a food journal. It will help you identify where your weaknesses are. Drink water.
      Last but not least …Eat Less Move More!!!!

    • ChristinaKingsley

      Park farther away so you are forced to walk to get where you need to go! 

    • Jen

      Water Water Water…

    • Lwatts17

      Drink lots of water and no sodas with caramel coloring.

    • bbunch57

      Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store!

    • lj

      At our house, we use the salad plates as our dinner plates. This helps you remember to use portion control. We don’t limit seconds but after using a small plate for awhile you get used to the smaller portions. I cannot eat a large dinner plate full anymore!

    • Cjabdelnour

      eat lots of fruit and veg and don’t forget the protein!

    • Thomas

      Start drinking water, a little at a time it’s not so difficult once you get use to it.

    • AnointedSaver

      If you don’t buy it you can’t eat it!

    • Anonymous

      I drink tons of water everyday to make sure I don’t confuse hunger with thirst.

    • Jamie

      Always carry a healthy snack with you so you are not easily tempted by high calorie quick food. I prefer some almonds or a piece of string cheese.

    • Kerri

      A DD just opened up this December here in town – We try to go just once (or twice) a week!  Thank goodness they have healthier options!

    • 77cooper

      Learning to love myself & my body has helped me to take better care of me.  I now enjoy eating healthy as I know that I am feeding more than just my body I am feeding my soul & spirit. 

    • Fran

      Cut back on serving sizes.  Eat healthy snacks.  Drink water. 

    • 7475hill

      I started eating only whole grains.  Quinoa pasta, rice pasta, whole wheat bread and brown rice.  Once you make the change white flour and pasta tastes terrible. :P

    • Christina0525

      i am a nursing student, so i do actually swing by dunkin donuts on my early clinical days- i get an egg white and cheese sandwich on a wheat bagel =)

    • Mglyttle

      switch one of your beverages a day to water instead of tea, soda, or juice.

    • patti

      drink lots of water and excercise regularly

    • Laurie Millican

      Drink LOTS of water! Eat lots of fruits and veggies and only eat sweets occasionally!

    • Eat less junk food!

    • Melynn

      I make my own whole wheat bread and I use fresh or frozen veggies, no processed foods for us.

    • Becky

      Skip the cheese and maybe split a sandwich with your other half

    • Kristen

      eat breakfast, drink lots of water and keep my dinner consisting of lean protein and greens!

    • Gina Maddox

      I limit consumption of white sugar and flour and opt for more fruits and veggies.  Thanks for the chance to win!
      gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

    • Brenda Venuti

      Change your generation, eat lots of fruits, raw vegetables, stop feeding your body sugar and sodas.  Park further away from shops and work to boost your energy from walking. Fall in love with water,

    • sara d

      Only buy healthy choices!

    • Blessedmom2boys

      Don’t try to change your whole lifestyle overnight……..because you will most likely fail.  Instead, commit to change one thing………walking several times a week, cutting out one snack a day, or maybe switch from whole milk to 2%, etc.  After you have seen success with this small change, add in another small step to build on your success.

    • Bird68

      Switch from half and half to skim in your coffee

    • neenah

      I don’t drink enough water so I would have to say drop the Dr. Pepper & drink more water.

    • Harr3077

      Whole grain breads are way better for your system than plan white breads. One such choice available at Dunkin Donuts is their multi-grain bagels. Pair that with some low-fat cream cheese and you have a great breakfast.

    • Alex

      Have healthy snacks already made/pre-bagged so that you can quickly snatch someithing good for you!

    • Weldondebl

      Limit your sugar and fried food intake daily. Eat more greens ;-)

    • Tmwhi7

      Keep a food diary and wear a pedometer… Shoot for 12,000 steps per day… I know they always say 10,000, but I’m having better luck with 12.

    • Bfv68

      Drink water at meals and durinhg the day.  Snack on almonds and soy nuts between meals.

    • Mary Chris

      Make small changes similar to those you listed above, i.e., swap sausage for ham.

    • Laura D.

      Stay away from sugar and drink lots of water

    • Risababe20

      Drink plenty of water, don’t overindulge and exercise.

    • cjfindadeal

      soup is a great alternative to  high calorie burgers and fries.  So many great varieties available these days in the grocery store and while you are out.

    • Helen Buckley

      Use a smaller plate, eat your food groups and do not go back for more.

    • Donna Ballard

      Eat more raw foods (fruits and veggies).

    • Lbraber

      eat fresh veggies as a side dish and use salad  plates so that our portions are smaller at dinner

    • Kbyars2006

      Drink lots of water & cut back on sugar!

    • Natbham

      Eating mostly veggies, grains and beans help you feel full without the added fat found in meat. 

    • Sherry

      I try to eat small meals.  I enjoy snacking too, so I keep it healthy.

    • Theaugusts

      Eat fresh fruits and veggies.  Everything is unsweetened and if we want Ice tea sweetened, we squeeze a little orange in it. It tastes awesome!

    • Sharon

      I always add great flavorful veggies and fruit to every meal and eat things in moderation.

    • Kandygirlmcd

      Start by eating only half as much as you want.  Eat slowly, and it will probably be enough.

    • Kris rawson

      I use applesauce in baked goods instead of oil and wheat flour instead of white.

    • Swtchks

      I exercise atleast 5 hours a week and drink plenty of water. I pre-make healthy snacks for the week so I can grab them and go (sometimes the easiest snacks are the unhealthiest) Weight watchers on my android phone helps too :)

    • Volunteer Amy

      Simply DECIDE that you want to live a healthly lifestyle and make changes to reflect that lifestyle.  Eat moderate portions, exercise, and always keep a journal of your progress…good or not so good!  Remember…never give up…never, never, never give up!!!

    • Naneakr241

      You could use low calorie cheese, as many fast foods use cheese on their biscuits and no one uses the low calorie cheese…Or you could advise that you use low calorie butter for those who are on diets and provide low calorie drinks Cokes, and tea with artificial  sweetners..and give those with whatever you use to promote this  new menu.  Everone needs drinks when  they buy food.

    • Kristina

      Eat More fruits and veggies.

    • MCH

      Trade in your soda for water!!!

    • Michelle91066

      I eat breakfast usually oatmeal or slimfast shake and I always make sure I bring my lunch because if I don’t I head to a fast food place.

    • dalton rawson

      I stopped drinking soda and drink water with lemon or lime slices instead. I give my kids fresh whole fruit to eat instead of fruit juice.

    • Ebobo20

      Please please please pick me! I just got a new keurig machine and would love to buy some DD K-cups! :)

    • courtneydp

      I aim for 5 servings of fruits and vegtables a day.

    • Renee

      If they make it in a low-fat/light version… that is the option I choose!  I have made so many wonderful casseroles by using light cream cheese or fat free sour cream. Also, when going out to eat, I always ask for a to go container as soon as my meal arrives, and put half the meal to go. Not only am I consuming half the calories and fat, but I have lunch for the next day!

    • Kristen

      drink plenty of water, exercise and stay busy so you dont snack

    • Marilyn S

      Never skip a meal. Eat every three hours. Drink water. Watch your carb intake.

    • Pooh32_21

      Cut out any drinks that have calories.   Save those for your food!

    • My best tip is not buy the unhealthy stuff to begin with – if you keep it out of the house it is easier

    • Annahaas7

      Keep low fat string cheese, carrots sticks, and apples at the front of the eye level shelf in the frig! And no eating snacks from the pantry. All snacks come from the frig!

    • Bethcoleman33

      Play chase with your kids in your yard. Do stretches and in-place calesthenics in your living room – with your kids either leading the exercise or following your moves. You will get to spend some quality time together, have a good laugh, and set a healthy example for them.

    • Kara G.

      I try to eat snacks in between meals so that I’m not starving when it’s time to eat!

    • Jeremiah2911cd

      purchase plain greek yogurt and add your choice of crystal light (drink mix in single packet) and stir for a low cal treat!

    • Kimbelmine

      i try not to fry anything (hard not to being in the south lol) and ill only sautee things in olive oil. i try to eat veggies and fruit from the farmers market. it is hard to avoid coffee though!

    • Carlacrouch

      take a 30 mintute brisk walk every evening after dinner with your husband!

    • Robin S

      Eat plenty of fruits and veggies and look at labels on food. Avoid refined sugars.

    • Joanne

      Try to cut down on processed foods & eat fresh, preferably organic.

    • Alice

      Lots of fruits and veggies.

    • Snitzfingle

      We are trying to write down everything we eat. It is really healing with portion control and paying attention to what we are eating, not just putting food in our mouths without thinking about it.

    • Anonymous

      Eating at home is the best way for our family to make healthy choices. We eat lots of fruits & veggies for snacks. Also thinking moderation has helped us …. we can each pick a special meal or snack that is not so healthy on the weekends. That helps us make it through the week … kind of a reward (:

    • Captainmisty

      limit soda and late night snacking have been helpful to me.

    • kimcooke

      Vitamins and lots of water

    • keilah

      Pack all your (healthy) food for work and hardly ever go out to lunch

    • Rebecca D

      Eat TWO munchkins, not the whole box!  Seriously, I use skim milk & splenda always.  I love saving those calories and fat for something better, like munckins!

    • Coupons

      water and portion control ~ : )

    • Mmeisty

      I eat small meals five times a day. Usually I cut my carbs in half by only eating the bottom half of a bun or sandwich.

    • Lisak704

      eating lots of fruits and veggies!

    • Susan Russell

      I have been paying more attention to calories so if there is something that I want I can splurge or make a good choice to fit my “budget”

    • Stewart03

      Use a smaller plate when fixing your plate….it fills up quicker and you don’t put as much on there!!!!

    • Zumbabounce

      I always make sure to have a water bottle in my car.  It keeps me from grabbing sugary drink while I am running errands.

    • Michellemariemcrae

      Never skip breakfast.

    • Gina

      We are no longer buying soda for the house. It’s only a treat when we go out to eat.

    • mkb

      Try to eat from the edges of the grocery store (produce, dairy, meats) and less from the pre-packaged items. And watch portion sizes!

    • Shelley Alexander

      I like to take raw carrots, hot air popcorn, or raisins with me when I get hungry. I will eat my snacks instead of pulling into a fast food restaurant.   

    • jaqueen

      Being an active working single mom, the key element that knocks me out of sync when I’m dieting or trying to change my eating habits is last minute choices.  I’ve found that preparation is key to making healthy choices (especially for lunch and dinner).  If I take the time to prepare a healthy meal I can have for lunch and prepare by taking out something healthy for dinner, I will avoid those quick, last minute trips through the fast food drive thru that usually leads to unhealthy food choices.  Prepare, prepare, prepare.  

    • Stormi2003

      Don’t say you are going on a diet and cutting out “the bad stuff.” At some point, you will give in a feel like you failed. Simply eat half of whatever you would normally eat. As time goes on, this will become automatic for you and you don’t feel like you are depriving yourself.

    • Kkjwsmith

      When you just need to eat . . . eat popcorn!  Light of course, but you can spray with non-fat butter spray, sprinkle with splenda and cinnamon. Yum!

    • Gail

      Start your day off with a healthy breakfast. It kicks off your metabolism and keeps you sustained. Eat 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones.  And last but not least, drink plenty of water.

    • Jenny

      I have started eating fresh fruits and veggies!  I have given up processed food and I feel so much better!!!!

    • Blu76butterflie

      I take fruits with me if I know I will not be home intime for a meal,this helps until I get home

    • Emily B

      Not eating late at at night.  So if I want some type of treat (chocolate) I try to eat it during the day.  Moderation and getting enough fiber, especially starting out the day so I’m not starving an hour later.   

    • Ahohider

      I use Splenda in my tea instead of sugar.

    • Smith797341

      Lots of veggies, lean proteins, & whole grains. Water,water,water.

    • Lindseylowery

      Eat fresh fruit.

    • Kereene

       Always eat a large plate of spinach before a buffet, then eat another plate in between each serving. This will quickly fill you up so that you’re craving for the unhealthy foods don’t have so much power over you.

    • Yumiaoabc

      Cook and eat more vegetables for dinner.  Eat fruit or vegatables for snack.

    • Erinmount

      5 fruits and veggies a day and lots of water.

    • Elise

      Keep a food diary

    • Anonymous

      Being a working mom of two little ones I have found the planning is key to nutrition. If I don’t have a plan of meals for the week, unhealthy choices come into play.

    • Sdavisva

      Eating more fruit between meals.

    • Kathy, M

      I eat organic as much as possible.

    • Xio

      Never skip breakfast…so with that said. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch as a prince and dinner as a pauper. Your dinner should be your lightest meal of the day. Drink 8 glasses of water and exercise daily! Stress less as well. :0)

    • Cutepurse31

      I keep healthy snacks with me at all times so I dont get desperate and eat something bad

    • Anonymous

      I am trying to drink more water and stay away from sodas!

    • Natalie

      I LOVEEEEEEE dunkin doughnuts! I also love that they now have the healthy menu) although it didn’t stop me before! =)

    • Michelle

      Pack your lunch and snacks!  You won’t go to the snack machine as often!

    • Katie

      Having quick and easy things ready that are healthy, such as yogurt and fruit, frozen homemade waffles and muffins for quick breakfasts. 

    • Wejewill

      I limit the junk food and sodas brought into the house to holidays and when we have guests. This reduces the temptation to eat them.

    • Obai

      eat oatmeal for breakfast.

    • Mommyking

      It’s easier to make a healthy choice when there aren’t unhealthy choices in the house.

    • Jlmcafee

      Drink more water, eat more veggies, and PLAN your meals so you don’t give into hunger and just eat mindlessly.

    • Pelletiers531

      plan your meals !! poor eating choices sometimes result from needing somthing quick.

    • JulieinGA

      Use luncheon plates instead of dinner plates (for portion control). If possible make a highly visible contrast between the food you are serving and the plates, for example white plates for marinara sauce and spaghetti (it fools the eye into believing you have more on your plate-again, portion control).  The opposite is true for tablecloths; low contrast between the plate and the tablecloth fools the eye into seeing larger portions ( example, white plate on white tablecloth).  Make up each plate in the kitchen and leave the remaining food in the kitchen.  Serve meals at the family table and encourage conversation (slows down the eating so you feel full sooner).  Do not place serving dishes on the table (too tempting to reach for seconds).

    • Lisa

      Keep a water bottle with you at all times to remind you to drink your water. Never eat right out of the box and keep fresh fruits and veggies washed and prepped in the fridge.

    • jsam

      Eat a balanced meal every meal. And keep a large selection of healthy snacks on hand for in between meals.

    • Stuckonheels

      I now drink my coffee without cream and sugar and I have also switched to unsweet tea with lots of cold ice and lemon juice….yum!

    • Katie Green

      When eating at home, we try to drink water first before any other drink we ma have at that meal.

    • Anonymous

      I prepare chopped fresh spinach ahead, and put in a bowl in the fridge. Then in the morning I take out enough for a serving and scramble with some egg beaters and green onions. I pop  a piece of Ezekiel bread in the toaster while scrambling and top  with sugar-free Polanders all fruit and 1 cup lowfat milk. The whole breakfast takes about 5 mins from start to finish and is very healthy.

    • TNS

      People tend to overeat when they eat out, look up items that are good to eat,  such as egg whites, green veggies and fish the list goes on, but the point is keep those in mind when you make your selection.  You can still eat out and not feel guilty.  Substituting bad for good, use cooking spray instead of oil, stevia instead of sugar.  These simple tips can make a big difference.

    • tammi

      Portion control is the biggest way I keep the calories down!

    • Monika8382

      I don’t go grocery shopping when I’m hungry so that I’ll be less likely to impulse buy foods that are unhealthier.

    • Rhoadesaa

      Don’t buy junk–no matter if the coupon makes it free!

    • Aly

      Trying to use portion control and making sure to have healthier snacks around for the whole family!

    • Tina

      You can eat healthier by subtituting Humus for butter on toast, a baked potatoe, in your burito, etc.

    • Dabaker012

      Find recipes that you LIKE that are healthy and make them!

    • No fast food!  And keep quick healthy snacks around the house.

    • Stephen

      I’ve lost 35 pounds in the last 8 weeks. I quit drinking alcohol, excercise regularly, eat at least 6 small meals a day, and only drink coffee, water or skim milk. I never miss a breakfast or coffee for breakfast! Coffee gets your metabolism pumping. I’ve gone from 188 to 153. I feel amazing and have so much for time to be a better dad for my two little boys.

    • Beverlyw

      I’ve given up diet Coke’s and drink mostly water.

    • Anonymous

      I prepare about 6-8 servings of whole oats ahead of time and store in sealable bowl in the refrigerator. Then in the mornings, I take out a serving and place in a bowl with a little milk and sweetner and pop in the microwave for about a minute. While this is reheating I may chop a quarter of an apple  and about 4 walnuts. Or toss in some craisins or raisins some days.

    • Kstoll321

      I eat off of a salad plate and do not go back for seconds.  Cutting back from a dinner plate has helped save me calories and helped loose a few extra pounds. :)

    • Anonymous

      I love spinach for breakfast , lunch and dinner. I believe it is the most super of foods.

    • I grew up in CT where you drink DD or nothing at all! I had quite the internal battle on what to do with my daily treat of DD coffee when I changed to a healthier lifestyle. I now substitue flavored creamers and sugar with raw whole milk. It’s my little cup of sanity in my crazy day!

    • Christi Standley

      Order grilled whenever it’s an option; ask for no butter on the bun when ordering sandwiches out at places like ChickfilA, McDonald’s, etc.

    • Anonymous

      Fresh blueberries with a dollop of sour cream and about 1 T. of brown sugar.
      This is my splurge treat.

    • Mariol

      The best tip for me is eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and white meats. Ah! and don’t forget the grains and plenty of water!

    • elvira

      Mainly everything in moderation…there is nothing wrong w/ eating yummy things, as long as you don’t eat a ton of them.    Alot of low fat, low calorie stuff isn’t all that good for you. 

    • Skel621

      Tohelp me wit making healthier food choices, I keep a thermal lunch tote with go to snacks in my car when I am out.

    • Cortneyg0509

      Order jut Egg Whites when you order omelets, egg sandwiches, etc!

    • Aline

      Planning ahead!  When I do our weekly meal plan in advance, we tend to eat much healthier.  I also eat a healthier lunch when I take it from home.

      Also, the egg and cheese wraps are delicious!

    • A. Sue

      I HATE wasting food that is on my plate. So even when I am completely full I still try and stuff those last few bites in. When I noticed I was doing this I’ve started putting smaller portions on my plate and if I’m still hungry I wait a few minutes before getting more, because a lot of times I either get distracted or my hunger goes away.

    • Cindyblye

      Cut out white foods:pasta, bread, etc. and substitute whole grains, but don’t go overboard. Eat more veggies, less red meat, more chicken and fish. I do indulge in moderation…and a donut every now and then won’t hurt you!

    • Las2v

      My tip is not to good.  I opt to eat what I want and exercise more. 

    • couponmonster

      I pre-chop veggies to snack on when I’m cooking dinner, rather than cookies or chips and try to cook more on the weekends so that it makes fast-food less tempting throughout the hectic week.

    • sandra

      If I win this I would be eating better than I normally do. I usually don’t  make time for breakfast.

    • Mejoesgirl

      I lost 32 lbs eating every 2 hours and more lean and greens for Dinner and always eat breakfast, oatmeal and fruit…

    • Kcrogers06

      Eat only whole wheat breads and pastas. Don’t eat any startchy carbs 3 hrs before bed

    • C_hakes

      I love McDonalds.  I know is not healthy, but instead of given it up all together, I made some changes.  Instead of a quarter pounder, I get a double cheeseburger.  I get it plain, so no more ketchup ( a lot of sugar) and I get a small fry.  I get my “McDonald” fix and save a lot of calories and fat. :)

    • Patty

      Drink water, lots of it, no fast food and never go back for seconds!

    • Sheryl

      Fresh fruit & veggies.  Drink a gallon of water a day.  Eliminate ALL processed carbs!

    • Jbrannen

      I have a HUGE sweet tooth, but I try to chew a peice of gum after supper instead of going for dessert.

    • Randi T.

      Always eat breakfast and try to snack throughout the day to keep your metabolism up!

    • Diduexercise

      I give my family(kids age 1, 2, and 2 and husband) lots of fruits and veggies and lean meats and very little carbs ( of course they do get some… They are delicious:)). But it’s the smallest portion on the plate. My husband and I also drink fat free flavored creamers and sugar substitute in our daily first love…our coffee!!!!!

    • desilu0808

      Keep a calorie tracker app on your phone. Great way to determine caloric content of an item and make smarter choices

    • mduff11

      Use egg whites instead of eggs and reduced fat cheese instead of full fat.

    • Arizonaangelbaby

      I love eating healthy. Chewing gum also helps cravings

    • Trinitynsg

      Haveing someone to hold you accountable is really important. Knowing there is someone working with you, traveling the same path, on the same adventure in life, helps to remind you how important your health is. AND Drink a full glass of water before each meal, very important.

    • Rob

      Stay away from the cupboard to avoid mindless snacking!

    • Mythresons

      Give up anything white–sugar, grains, potatoes.

    • Jenhunt

      Drink water, lots and lots of water.

    • Ashley

      Stop drinking so much soda!  Drink more water :)

    • Sarah

      Buy lowfat products to help cut the calories…food can still taste great!

    • Anonymous

      I always try to eat something with lots of fiber for breakfast like a big bowl of oatmeal with big chunks of fresh apples!

    • brandy barnett

      Only splurge on the items that are really worth it to you…and know what those things are.  I keep a stash of dark chocolate and have one square or piece when I feel like a dessert.

      • Heather M.

        Eat in as much as possible and write down every bite!!

    • Elliemoran

      I have to be honest.  I don’t think I can give up my cup of Dunkin coffee in the morning.  But I am trying to eat more fruits and veggies….and sometimes I just get butter on my Dunkin bagel instead of cream cheese.  Hope this counts!!!!

    • tygmom

      I like eating out so it is easy to convince me to pick up something while we are out.  I am trying “restaurant night” at home.  Prepare a small variety of foods and let my family “choose” from a menu.  It will be much healthier, save money, and hopefully a lot of fun!

    • ArmyWifeMommy3

      Soy Milk and Stevia in my coffee.. Fresh Fruits and Veggies.. Water, Water, and more Water!

    • Bakersdz301

      Don’t skip breadfast, only drink water (1 gallon).  Eat lots of fresh veggies and fruits, cut the breads and no processed foods.

    • Jchristy30

      Eat breakfast every day because it is the most important meal. I have to so I can keep up with my 5 kids!!

    • Mcollins5

      Lots and lots of water! 

    • Steph H.

      I try to feed my family a primarily plant based diet, lots of fruits, veggies, seeds and whole grains. However, I believe that it is also fun to splurge every now and then and to share a treat with friends.  Dunkin Donuts Munchkins and coffee are a favorite treat for me and my girlfriends.  My kids like the blueberry muffins and when we’re traveling egg and cheese muffins and wraps are a favorite breakfast for us all.

    • Saver

      To kill cravings eat approx 10 almonds and wait 15 minutes… you won’t be hungry

    • Jill daugherty

      We don’t add things to food – i.e. salt, pepper, condiments (try not to at least)

    • Jdsnead

      Don’t eat anything white in color.

    • savingmoneyisfun

      eat six small meals vs 3 large ones

    • Loran

      snack on fruits and veggies :)

    • AmyM

      I have a hard time making myself eat heathy…  When I cut soda and sweet tea, I lose a good 10lbs in a couple weeks.  So that is my advice, if I could just follow it myself, lol

    • Ani

      Eat a handful of craisins and walnuts to curb that sugar craving!  You get the sweet and lots of Omega-3!!!

    • More sleep! More H2O! More cardio!
      Less soda…less white flour…less negativity

    • Lnash

      We started eating all our meals off of lunch sized plates instead or large dinner plates….this changed our portion size and after a few weeks you get used to eating that smaller size and it’s all you want!

    • Jamey

      We don’t buy junk/convenience foods @ the grocery store (chips, cookies). If they aren’t readily available @ the house, we don’t eat them!

    • Molly

      More water!!!

    • Scharpers

      We keep lots of apples and bananas on hand for snacking.  Also carrots and flavored rice cakes.

    • fink6pack

      fruit for snacks

    • Kathy

      I always check restaurant menus before I go and plan what I am getting.

    • Lorrie

      Always eat breakfast. Consume the most calories before 2pm each day. Drink lots of water!

    • K Anne

      I have been trying to drink more water and stay away for caffeine!

    • Denise Collins

      Try slices of turkey with low fat cheese rolled in lettuce for lunches. It’s filling and satisfying…then almonds for a snack keeps your blood sugar steady so you won’t want to snack on bad choices in the afternoon!

    • Samiam_617

      I drink a slim fast for lunch and then eat an early dinner! :)

    • Mom_4_Him

      We don’t buy cookies, candy, etc.  We snack on fresh fruits ad veggies!!

    • Wood3newbern

      The Egg White Flatbread with Turkey Sausage is my favorite and is only 7 points plus on the Weight Watcher Program.  I LOVE IT!

    • Julie T

      Drinking lots of water and eating more fruits & veggies.

    • Kristen

      I put all the unhealthy things really far back in the cabinet so that it takes alot of tippie toe action to get to them. (obviously this works better for us short laides!)

    • Alaka

      Season veggies with light salad dressing rather than butter and salt.

    • Dblessed2001

      The healthier choices that I have made is eating more whole grains and snacking on peanuts.

    • Cranberrybogdesigns

      We have a menu for the week this way we plan healthy choices all week and shop according to the list. We also buy mosy of our food at the local farmers market.

    • Anonymous

      Ditch the soda, drink water.

    • Eating at home is the healthiest, when we eat out we ask for a calorie list! 

    • Rosen

      Drink lots of water!! Eat fruit or veggies for snacks. Don’t skip meals.

    • Msquire80

      I keep a bowl of different types of fruits right at eye sight for the kids and fruits in the fridge are all at kid level. They eat more healthy snacks versus the unhealthy ones that require them getting a stool to get to. Basically my advise is put the healthy stuff right in the middle of your family room and keep the unhealty stuff out of reach.

    • CindyG

      I made small changes first that gradually became habits.  Being aware of calories, fat grams, fiber helps make wise decisions.  Also drinking more water and an exercise routine helps.  And all this definitely helps decrease my stress level!

    • KimH

      Sometimes, you’re body is saying that you’re hungry when you’re blood sugar is just low. Sipping on 1 part orange juice to 4 parts water though out the day keeps your blood sugar stable so you don’t eat when you’re really not hungry.

    • Ames

      Eating fresh, less processed foods… Fresh spinach salads w/ grilled chicken

    • Tracey

      We try to drink lots of water and keep healthy snacks around

    • Danielle Romero

      Fill up meals with lo-cal veggies can make meals go further and make you feel fuller

    • Judy

      I have stopped buying carbonated beverages and am drinking lots more water.

    • Hollybp

      Switch the portion you serve of starches to veggies.

    • Andrea

      When going out to eat, I immediately ask for a to go box and put half of the meal in there right away so I’m not tempted to eat all of it!

    • ALReeves

      I want to try to eat more fruits & veggies:) Also, exercise often!!

    • Susie818

        To eat healthier, I try to start every day with a glass of water and a fresh fruit before sitting down to eat  my meal.  I am fuller and tend not to over indulge in my favorite breakfast foods. 

    • Carterka81

      When shopping at the grocery store, you should try to buy most of your items from the perimeter of the store.

    • Newnana

      A lower weight helps relieve joint pain for me.  That is motivational!  Also, a big tip is using herbs in cooking – flavor does not have to be sacrificed if you are cooking with less fat.  Herbs add great flavor to an otherwise dull meal.

    • Caitlinharden

      Always eating whole grains, drinking lots of water, and eating “smarter fats” like nuts and avocados.

    • Julie

      My favorite tips for making healthier choices when eating out is to ask for a “to-go” box when my meal arrives and immediately put half of it in a take out container. It’s just way too easy to clean your plate otherwise. It’s a money save too because I get two meals for the price of one! ( :  I would love to try Dunkin’ Donut’s Smart Menu items…there don’t seem to be a lot of healthy breakfast choices in fast food. 

    • Yahkirah7

      Make it a family affair! Just because we have little ones doesnt mean we have to buy oreos and cheese puffs! There are healthy alternatives to these treats. I have made it a point to give my family all the things they love but only the healthy natural versions such as Back to Nature cookies (oreo kind) and Cheese curls (organic from whole foods)

    • Renee

      wanting to set a good example for my daughters helps me make healthier choices

    • Vickie

      Eating small meals or healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, veggies, etc. every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

    • Micki0404

      To put myself first for once. I want to live life as full as I can.

    • KatieBug

      Portion control! Meats and side items should never be bigger than your fist.

    • Alli0602

      Avoid breads at restaurants (along with butter of course!)

    • amber

      My tip is to fill up on veggies, lean protein and fruit, and save carbs for last

    • Nccouponshark

      I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my second child. There is a lot to learn about sugar and how you can manage without it or substitute it without sacrificing taste. After I delivered my daughter, I found myself still automatically looking at the sugar labels…. I guess this has become a habit after doing it for 9 months. My family and I have adopted healthier ways to eat by cutting out a lot of the sugar in our drinks, meals and snacks :)

    • Suz

      I try to shop only the outside aisles of the grocery store, its where all the fruits/veggies/seafood/deli are so no preservatives

    • Elyse

      I always keep a cup of water at my desk. After drinking the whole cup, getting up to refill it is always a nice stretch break. I also try to take a 20 min walk on my lunch break. I usually walk to a nearby mall and eat my packed lunch there. It rejuvenates me to get outside and away from work, helping to keep a positive attitude throughout the rest of the day.

    • Kcranford314

      We use fat free half and half then add sugar free flavored syrups.  This cuts out the sugar of the flavored creamers.