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If you ordered from Fannie May yesterday you need to check your bank statements.  Normally when companies get overrun with orders like this just cancel them, not a big deal for any of us and we move on.

Fannie May has taken the illegal approach however and has removed the coupon code from many orders and is charging a larger, unauthorized amount.  There are a few things that you can do:

  1. File a report with your credit card for false billing (you should have your email confirmation showing the $7-$10 charge amount.)
  2. Call Fannie May and cancel your order and they will refund the money.

For questions concerning an on-line shopping order: Call 1(800)333-3629 or email

You can take it one step further if you like.

  1. File a report with your local Better Business Bureau.
  2. File a report with your State Consumer Affairs office.

This deal completely checked out as a working legitmate company with me yesterday.  I apologize though, never in my wildest dreams would I think they would charge cards for more than you authorized them too.

    • Lisa

      They just got upset because the code reached a mass audience. It certainly WAS a legitimate code, because it obviously worked for so many people. This is the worst case of bad customer service in the history of retail shopping. Shame on Fannie May!!!!

      • Stacy

        They billed me $32.22 and my receipt says $7.25. When I called them they said there was nothing they could do and that I needed to refuse the package. I told them that what they did was illegal and they still didnt care. They said that someone put the “fake” code on the internet. If it was FAKE then why did their system accept it????

    • Kim

      I’m sorry this has happened. It is the one time I am thankful I missed out.

      Someone also mentioned on their comments under the restaurant.com deal that their credit card had been charged for additional on-going charges. Does anyone know anymore about that? Or has anyone else had that happen?

      • Jenny

        I can answer that one. On various sites when you complete your transaction there is a screen of offers. These folks clicked one of those offers unrelated to restaurants.com and signed up for something else. I had it happen to me from Vistaprint one time. It isn’t restaurants.com though they are a very reputable company (that I have worked with personally).

        • Jason

          I don’t know … I think Restaurants.com offering such a screen of offers after you check out — offers they presumably make money on when someone accepts one — is not what a reputable company would do. Tons of reputable companies let you check out without referring you to shady companies afterwards. Restaurants.com may be reputable in every other way, but if they don’t want fraudulent charges associated with their name, they should use a checkout system that doesn’t offer links to shady companies after checkout.

          I’ve used Restaurants.com and other sites where such links come up afterwards, and although I’ve never clicked on them, it honestly makes me think less of the company when I see them.

          • Jenna

            Jason–I agree. I stopped using Restaurant.com for this very reason. By allowing their name to be associated with these “check the fine print or you’ll be charged” deals, it calls their reputation into question.

            • Believe it or not this is a marketing scam that is being investigated by the federal government. Billions of dollars are made by restaurant.com., buy.com & many other “reputable” companies by tricking consumers into signing up for high monthly fees. Read this cnet article & the articles it refers to: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-10403286-83.html?tag=mncol;posts

          • Damien Barber

            Companies like Restaurant.com are able to offer you such great deals BECAUSE they are payed to advertise for other companies like that and get paid for posting the offers (probably just for posting them and not actually on commission for people that click on them). Just ignore the additional offers and take advantage of the good deals.

        • Kim

          Thanks for the help. I will just watch. I didn’t click on anything else so hopefully it will all be good. And watching our credit card bills is just wise anyway :)

        • Jenny, I just got off the phone with Fanny May customer service and was told they would honor the $7.25 shipping cost only. I was told there would be a credit on my debit card early next week as I had been charged $32.24.

          • Becky

            I had no issues with customer service either. I was charged 27.24 instead of 7.25. He said they would credit my account with $25 and there should only show a charge of 2.24. We’ll see.

            • heidi

              I called yesterday as well and they were very nice on the phone, saying that they would re-adjust to 7.25. My bank account still shows 32.00 pending, I asked the Fannie May service rep. about this and she said that the final charge would show 7.25 and to call back if there was any further issue. She even apologized for what happened, but could not comment on the coupon issue.

    • Rachel

      I read on another site that the customer service rep (when called) said the coupon is still active, but they must charge the full amount, then “credit” your card the $25 within a week. Not sure how accurate it is, but maybe something to ask the CS rep about before taking the extra actions. Either way, it is still a horrible customer service practice.

    • Dee

      It’s a shame Fannie May would do this. My card was only authorized the discounted amount, but I will keep my eye on my account!!

    • Emily

      I had the same problem with the last coupon code. My email said 2.xx and then I was charged 9.xx. I had to call three times and basically threaten legal action before my check card was credited. The chocolate was yummy, but not worth the headache (or extra pounds!).

      • Me too…they tried to charge me $7.xx for shipping, when my email confirmation clearly showed that I didn’t owe anything. They then told me that I could return the chocolate at my expense for a refund (pay $ to return chocolate to get $ back?!) and I told them that it was their mistake, they could send me a return label and I would happily return their product. Finally, after threatening (didn’t matter) and then finally posting a review of their company of my blog and sending them a link to it (bingo! that worked!), they removed the charge. Never again!

        • Emily

          Yeah, they took my name and number the first time and told me they would fix it, so the chocolate was gone way before I was credited it back. That would have been interesting if they would have wanted me to return it.

    • Laura

      I received an e-mail confirmation of my order at the proper amount and so far my credit card has only been charged for the shipping. Thank you for the heads up, I will continue to check and make sure I am not charged anything additional. I’m sorry some people are having those troubles.

    • Annamarie

      I’m thankful I didn’t choose to order too…something told me to let this deal slip on by.

    • Lori

      my card was charged the correct amount. I’ll keep an eye on it though! Thanks for the heads up!

    • Robyn

      I logged on when the site must have been being hit hard with visits, and kept getting errors. I was at work and unable to be compeltely attentive and forunately ended up leaving the site and reading about all the problems in time to save myself the headache. I haven’t been following all of these deals on peoples blogs…does this happen often? It makes me a little leary!

    • keb2009

      had to call and cancel my order. it was pending for full amount. looks like they aren’t manually cancelling like a reputable company would do :)

    • Kellie

      I just called Fannie May and their customer service is a joke. I inquired why my card was charged more saying that was an illegal action and her response “I didn’t charge your card.” No dingy, the company you are working for did. So then she tells me she would credit me back the money, so I’m assuming she meant the $25 overcharge. Later in the conversation she said “Your order has been canceled”. How ironic that while yesterday’s code is being reported as a “fraudulent” code by Fannie May, the email I got from them right after the order was for “$25 off your order”. While the email says nothing about a purchase minimum, when you try to use the code it requires a $35 non-sale purchase. No thank you!

    • Jennifer C.

      I cancelled my order last night but I still haven’t gotten a credit. Wonder how long it will take?

      • Sarah Beth

        They told me three weeks. My husband called and threatened legal actions and got nasty with them.

      • Jennifer, I have experienced in the past, from other companies, when an amount is credited back to your account (debit) it takes 5-7 business days. This is a bummer since it takes about 30 sec. to deduct or put a hold on the funds.

    • Michelle in Martinez

      That’s horrible! I was never able to place my order yesterday, just kept getting error messages, but I hope everyone else gets theirs straightened out, and put the word out to boycott this company!

    • Amy

      I argued around and around with the FM customer service last night and told him i woud NEVER EVER order from them again. They told me it was a testing code – if so, why didn’t they do a testing website to test a code??? I also heard management was scrambling to do damage control. When I log onto the website, to check my orders, it says “re-order” for my order status. He told me all orders with that code that were submitted had been cancelled, but according to these comments, that’s not the case??

      • Amy


        I JUST got an email saying my order has been shipped!!!!! Are you kidding me? Last night they told me all the orders with that The email provided me with a UPS Tracking number and says it was sent today. When I log into the website, it says “re-order”. I am about ready to cancel my debit card, because who knows what they will charge me!!!!

    • kristin

      My card was charged over as well. The CS operator took my name and number and is going to have her manager call me back. We will see.

      • Emily

        Probably won’t happen. They took my name and number last time and I had to call back a week later and then four more days later because it was still on my check card. Better keep close tabs on it.

    • Jennifer

      I am glad I passed on this deal. It seems everyone who called customer service got a different answer – that is not a good sign of a well ran company. I hope everyone gets there orders straightened out.

    • Carolien

      Had this nightmare last time a code was out, and decided never to order from them again. I was overcharged by $70, and had to get my credit cards legal department to go after them (after 3 weeks of calls and emails to customer service). They promised and promised, but never did anything about it. The customer service people do not care. One rep told me that they all work from home, and decide themselves when or when not to answer a customer. No management or supervision on how things are handled. IMO, Fannie May is a lost cause.

    • Lori Davidson

      For some reason, I passed even though I put stuff in my cart. Now, I’m glad that I did…

      • Sharon

        Wow, isn’t that amazing! Same thing happened with me! I ALWAYS do deals like this.. but, for some reason, even though I had stuff in my cart and everything.. something told me not to do this deal.

        • Lara

          Same here. Something told me I could do without one more box of coconut clusters. So sorry everyone! What a pain, and it’s a shame, b/c I LOVE their chocolate!

          • tricia young

            Same here!

      • T

        Maybe we understand that if something seems too good to be true it usually is…

        • MarySC

          Sorry, I don’t agree. Many of the deals Jenny finds us seem to be too good to be true but they are legitimate!! Free photo mugs, full size cosmetics, etc. etc. etc. In fact, saving so much money on groceries and drug store items still seems too good to be true for me!!!!!!!

    • i called them when the code didnt work they said people abused it casue it said 25.00 off 25.00 so for all those who did it on a order under 25.00 they will be chargeing you normal price for the items you order and legaly they can casue the coupon says 25.00 off a 25.00 order ..

    • Rae

      Nightmare is right!! I had an unexpected “surprise” on my credit card bill this morning – spent 20 minutes on hold with customer service – am scared I just blew $90 on chocolate instead of expected $21. Am holding my breath until refund is processed and filing fraud charge with my bank.

    • Stephanie

      I am so sorry this happened to you all. I would definitely file a complaint with the BBB and tell them you are going to file it when you call them!

    • Amy B.

      So sorry to hear about all the problems. I too placed an order and it shows pending, but nothing has been charged to my card. I did use a ShopSafe credit card number and set the limit near my purchase amount as I do with all my online transactions. Apparently this time it payed off! I hope the company resolves this promptly and reasonably.

    • Emily E.

      That’s awful! You’d think that these days a company would know better after so much bad PR recently who have done similar things. If the KFC/Oprah thing didn’t teach you to not offer a coupon you can’t afford to honor, then you probably have no business being in business. And this is even worse with them actually charging more than you authorized! wow.

      • Damien Barber

        The KFC thing was not that bad ’cause at least they honored the coupon… time delayed as it was. This thing with Fannie May is ridiculous! Glad the deal had already passed when I saw it. And now I know to NEVER order ANYTHING from them.

    • Emily

      In thinking more about this, I wonder if from the last time they had lots of people not notice they were charged 8 or 10 dollars extra, so they’re testing it out again to see if they can pull one over on people who don’t read their credit card statements. I wish I would have contacted the BBB last time, so you guys definitely should do it this time. Sounds fishy.

    • I’m glad I missed this one, too. For those of you having a hard time with CS, don’t even bother. Contact your CC company/bank immediately and report the fraudulent charge. They will handle it promptly and FM will get in trouble for so many erroneous charges.

      Good luck.

    • Brenda L.

      I too fell for this great buy. I just spoke with a rep. at Fannie May and she said that whoever created this code created it so that it is close to the ones they use and that is why the computer accepted it. I am frustrated that my order is in the pre-shipment stage and unable to be cancelled so now I have to wait until it gets here before I can send it back and get a refund. I cannot believe that they charged the full amount, they should have cancelled the order or notified those of us who used this “bogus” code. Word to the wise, next time double check the code with the company before believing it. This will save you some time and frustration.

      • Deedra

        Ok the “Fannie May and she said that whoever created this code created it so that it is close to the ones they use and that is why the computer accepted it” comment is hillarious! So that means that anybody can stick in any number to come up with a combination “close” to their numbers and get whatever discount they want? I’m glad my order wouldn’t got through, so I am spared this nightmare.

        • Brenda L.

          I thought the same thing. How is it that the computer even recognized what the coupon was for? Fake is fake and I do not believe that was the case in this situation.

      • Laura

        That is a bunch of crap they fed you. There’s no way the site would have accepted the promo code if it had not have been valid. What happened is that they weren’t expecting so many people to use it, and didn’t want to honor it. So rather than do the right thing, by either honoring it or contacting people and letting them know there was a mistake (giving them the option to cancel), they go behind people’s back and charge them for the full price.

        Stupid move on their part – they just lost a lot of potential customers, including me.

        • LD

          I agree there is no way a web site will take a code that is off. Even if it is close. The code has to be programed in and most [who are secure sites that you want to put your info into] will not even take one that is Not case sensitive. Heck you cant even put a comma in instead of dot on your email addy and sites will reject even for free stuff. LOL that the code was to close, to a real one, what a big fat lie.

          • Brenda L.

            Unfortunately I also contacted my bank and they are unable to do anything without speaking to a Fannie Mae rep. who will tell them that it is an error, so I have to wait and make sure that I can track my order as I send it back to Fannie Mae so they cannot say that it never made it back to them and then my bank can go after them for the money if they choose not to refund my purchase…What a headache! I have learned a lot about purchasing things online and will definitely BEWARE the next time a seemingly great offer comes along.

            • i was told by my discover card rep that it is in my best interest NOT to refuse the package ebcasue htey can still charge me shipping AND I will be out of the chocolate. They told me to fax them my confirmation e-mail from Fannie May, and they will contact FM about returning the “overage” that they charged. Discover has given me temporary credit until this issue is resolved.

    • Janice

      This is a good example of when to use an actual credit card instead of a debit card. It is really annoying when your “actual” money is gone instead of just a charge against you.

      I have taken the Dave Ramsey class also, but for my family, we kept one credit card just for these types of purchases. Anytime I have called my credit card company, I have had immediate reversal of the charges. Still have some follow-up, but you also have your money too! Hope FM does the right thing and soon!

    • Lindsey O’Connor

      I also always use ShopSafe whenever I make an online purchase – that way the vendor can’t charge me a dime more than I agreed to pay. Everyone should check out their credit card company to see if it offers that or something similar (where you get a one-time credit card number for a pre-set amount good for a pre-set period of time – it comes off your regular credit card number but the merchant only gets the one-time use credit card number) – I get mine through the credit card company’s website each time and it’s very easy and free.

      • Kristen P

        I’m glad you mentioned this option – I didn’t end up doing this deal b/c I was on my way out the door (so thankful) – but whenever I order online, even from site I’ve used multiple times in the past, I use my credit card company’s “virtual card number” generator to give me a unique number assosiated with my credit card that’s pnly good until the end of the next month and I can choose whether or not to set a limit for the charges – so in this case a limit of $10 would have covered shipping charges and when they tried to charge more the credit card company would have rejected the charge and they would have no choice but to cancel the order or contact me for a new number. We use this service through Citi, but I’m sure every other major credit card company has one available – mine is actually installed as an icon on my menu bar so it’s easy to find (but password protected) whenever I need it. As for Fannie May, I don’t care what deals come along in the future, I know I will never be purchasing from them after seeing they way they treat their customers!

        • Joy

          Thanks for this helpful tip! I never knew about this before. Thankfully I didn’t do this chocolate deal and I don’t order thing online too oftern, but next time I do, I will for sure try this!

    • Shannon

      I know this is an inconvenience and They should absolutely NOT charge anyone a dime more than was authorized, I totally agree there, and their customer service should be handling this situation, instead of giving lame answers… but as a small business owner with an online store, I do understand that this coupon may not have been intended for many.. it may have been intended for one person or a small group, and someone may have inappropriately passed it around, and then it hit the masses. There are times when it is illegal to share an online coupon code, just as it is illegal to duplicate a paper coupon. So for all the good legitimate deals that we get, try not to forget that sometimes “if it sounds too good to be true… it may be..” Hang in there.. there will be more good deals!

    • I’m so sorry to those that were overcharged. I checked and we were only charged for the shipping, as it should have been.. But do you know if they are charging again for the “fake” $25 off?

    • Laura

      I checked my order after seeing this, and mine was listed as “reorder”. My shipping date was 12-17 and I have not been charged anything yet for the order. I called CS to see what the deal was and got the “that was an invalid code” song and dance as well. Duh, how could it be an invalid code if your site accepted it? She couldn’t answer that question, but kept saying that it was unauthorized. I told her to cancel my order and delete my account info because I’d never use their company again. I also sent them a nasty email canceling the order and saved a copy of it just in case. This is why I always use a credit card – I’m always protected in there’s a problem.

    • keb2009

      not sure how they can say people were abusing it when their stupid system allowed it to go through for orders UNDER $25!!

    • katie

      I ordered and sent it to a relative for Christmas therefore I cannot return the merchandise for a refund. I have called the debit card company (paying by debit not a mistake I will make again) and they said if I have any proof that I did not authorize the amount they charged, I will be able to dispute it no problem.

      My order also was in pre-shipment and could not be canceled. In the future they may need to put some kind of hold on shipping promo’s so that they can cancel them when people call in. Or not allow these mistakes in the first place!

    • Emily

      For those of you who used a debit card, I used one last time as well so I would be able to check with online banking to seen when it went from the pending charge to the actual charge. There was no problem having them get it credited back. The confirmation email is what should have been charged so they refunded the difference and I kept the chocolate. I really don’t think you should have a problem if you got a confirmation email with the correct total.

      • Aymie

        I got a confirmation email stating I was charged the $7.25. Then I checked my bank statement and it showed a pending charge of $32.24. When I called to see if they could honor it, the lady said they cannot honor a “bogus” coupon. I ended up cancelling it.

    • Mary

      I’ve had two weird things happen lately with online “deals” – first, I got an Alice.com $5 e-gift card thru swagbucks. I finally made an order and it came to 94 cents after the gift card was applied, and I had more than 6 items so shipping was free. I bought some deals that had Alice’s virtual “coupons” on them. I used a Visa gift card to pay, thinking it was only 94 cents, no big deal.

      The order looked like it went thru fine and a day later I got an email saying my credit card didn’t go thru and I needed to call customer service or add another credit card to my account to use. Weird, I thought, because the gift card had close to $10 free on it. Took another whole day but I finally got the site to accept my business MC debit card and I said put the 94 cents on that, no big deal. So today I get the package and the statement inside shows I was charged $5.18 for it – two of the items, packs of razors, show no coupon applied. I’m sure it’s because of the time delay between me submitting the order and them actually putting the order thru on my MC rather than the gift card. So I was charged $5.18. I’m not planning to fight it – I just won’t buy from them ever again.

      I also did a deal that expired November 24th thru Office Max. If you are a member of their rewards program, they offered a full max rewards rebate on cartons of paper and banker’s boxes. I ordered 3 of the papers & 1 pack of bankers boxes for $61. When my statement came thru, no $61 reward showed. I found my original order confirmation and I did order on the 24th, which was ontime, but Office Max PROCESSED the order on the 27th, so of course I wasn’t credited the $61 because of that. I had to call customer service, and while the lady was very nice and said I’d have the credit within 3-4 days, it took 9 days and a $10 off $50 purchase card that I had expired during that time (I intended to use it to get more ink for my printer). I would like to think this “redating” was not intentional, but who knows?

      Moral of these stories…WATCH YOUR STATEMENTS! Keep a log of what deals you do and what rewards you should be getting. And if you don’t get them, COMPLAIN! Cancel orders, return merchandise, or whatever – but companies cannot offer deals like this to get you to purchase from them and then not make good on it.

    • sarah

      i am kind of at a loss here as to what to do. When I ordered the chocolates I delayed the shipping until closer to christmas, thinking since this was kind of a perishable item it would be fresher if it was delivered right before the 25th. As of right now they havent charged me anything, I guess since it hasnt shipped yet, but they did send me an email verification with the correct amount showing, and it is still showing the code as having been accepted when you look at my account information with them. The problem is that money is really tight at my house and, should they chose to charge me the full purchase amount, it would create problems for me. But, as I said, money is really tight around here and the possibility of getting this christmas gift crossed off my list for very little money is quite nice so I dont just want to call and cancel my order. Has anyone gotten this shipped to them without being charged the full amount, i.e- has the “deal” actually worked for anyone? Since I have some time before anything will be known to me is there anything the bank can do to prevent them from charging me more than I agreed to?

      • Cancel cancel cancel!!!! I got an e-mail confirmation of $7.25 and I was charged the full $32.24. This did not show up on my credit card until they shipped it. Becasue it had already shipped I was unable to cancel the order. You DO NOT want to do business with these people.

    • amy

      Wow.. I call this a bait and switch kinda company!! I feel soo awful for the people that they did this to!! I was actually going to order these and got busy yesterday and came back to it when I found all of the comments about the problems. To me, I think Fannie May just did themselves in by doing what they did. I think they underestimate just how many people are on southern savers!! Well, a lesson learned indeed!!

    • sarah

      did anyone else get an email from them after signing up to receive email offers that had yet another 25 dollars off your purchase code? I just checked my email and there it was. Funny enough- i tried the code THEY SENT ME and it doesnt even work.

    • Paula

      A merchant cannot charge your card more than you have authorized. Visa, Mastercard, Credit, debit–whatever. Even if it is a debit card you are protected. So make sure you hang on to your order confirmation, and simply dispute it when the bill comes.

      This company is going to really be wishing they just filled the orders, because they have fees for chargebacks and disputes–sometimes $25 a transaction…hmm..

      I was too busy to get to look at the site and order, but am glad that was the case. But for those who did…don’t forget to dispute it right away! You DO NOT have to return items or pay return postage or any of that. Your card can only be charged the amount authorized!

    • Amy

      I called last night, I talked to Rob, I argued with him for 15 minutes and he assured me the order was cancelled. The email confirmation states it is $10.24.

      10.25 has been debited from my account.

      I got an email tonight saying my product shipped and even gave me a UPS tracking number. WHAT? They told me last night they cancelled ALL of the orders.

      I called and talked to Paul. Again, the best of the best when it comes to customer service, he said my order shipped today. I explained I called to cancel it last night, and i reassured by Paul that all orders were cancelled. Even when i log into my account on the website, it says the order is not shipping out. Pauln said i have to refuse the package and then they will issue a refund. I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager and he said “we are not escalating these calls” He could not tell me why it shipped, or why I have received 6 different answers, whenI have called 6 different times.

      I called my debit card company and they cannot do anything besides cancel my debit card, which would be a complete nightmarfe because of all the automatic withdrawls i have on it.

    • Kelly

      I received an e-mail stating my order had been shipped even though I cancelled my orders last night, as well. I can’t refuse the package as it is going to a different address. I do, however, have my e-mail confirmation stating that my credit card is only to be charged $7.57. There is a $24.99 discrepancy and is pending is on my credit card. What a headache!

    • keb2009

      well my $27.24 memo post fell off my bank account so im somewhat happy!

      like its been said many times keep the email confirmation showing the dicounted price. once you receive your order go to your bank/call CC company and dispute it. this is time consuming but you will get the difference back since you have a confirmed email showing how much you will be debited when in fact more was debited.

    • Amy

      As of today December 4th I got a shipping confirmation with a UPS tracking number and my card was not charged more than $10.99 for each of the 2 orderds that I placed. I have not had any issue and the order history on my Account page of the website is correct too… Hopefully some of these went through correctly.


    • Heather

      No one “fell” for anything. This is a legitimate site and Jenny passed on a legitimate coupon code. There was no reason to be skeptical- this is not the first time and won’t be the last time that a company offers a code similar to this one. The goal obviously is for you to spend more than the minimum, and to not abuse it.

      That being said, yes, it was/is shady for them to charge more than authorized. Not to mention illegal. And clearly their CS dept. is incompetant and not all on the same page and everyone is getting a different answer. They’ve obviously lied to some by saying the code was “similar” (please) to another one, or not valid at all, but it was clearly a legitimate code accepted by their system. I just hung up with a rep (I too was overcharged) that told me it was only valid for ONE use per household. I can’t verify that I saw that anywhere, bu that’s what they’re going with at this moment in time. I only placed one order, and she said corporate was taking off the discount manually and the credit will appear. According to her, they are trying to filter out those who purchased several orders.

      Again, still illegal to charge more than authorized. I clearly have an order that says I owe $7.xx but my credit card was billed $31.xx and I don’t condone that at all. But the reason we’re in this boat is because people abused it. I’m hoping my credit appears in a couple of days and that this matter is over. I may still end up complaining to my AMEX for them overcharging my card.

    • pasqual


      1 800 321 0444

      Please note the person who handles marketing issues can be reached directly at (just ask for the extension when u call):

      Bob Happel
      (330) 494-0833 ext. 407

      I encourage you to call Mr. Happel and leave a voicemail with your concern.

    • Chelsea

      I also received my shipping confirmation today and tracked it through UPS. I checked with my CC company and was only charged $10.24, which is what my confirmation had stated. I’m sorry that so many people had problems, but it appears that they won’t be changing the amount charged to credit cards… at least I hope that is the case!

    • Shannon

      I received a shipping confirmation today, too! I never even got an order confirmation. I called this morning and they said to refuse the package and they will credit my card back. They are ridiculous…

    • Steve

      If you have problems with the company, threaten to call your credit card company and have a chargeback dispute issued against them, for unapproved authorization amount. They are charged (around $20) per chargeback they get, regardless of the dollar amount of the original transaction. Also when they receive so many chargebacks, they will have to deal with Visa and MasterCard issuing fines on them as well. Mention Chargeback, and they usually bend over backwards to resolve the issue.

    • Carrie

      So I didn’t get to read all the comments, but I’d like to offer some help.

      I see a lot of people talking about still seeing the full amount on their credit card / debit card. The way processing works is that they get an authorization at the time of the sale for the amount of the sale. This however, does not mean that the sale will actually settle on your account for that authorized amount. Usually and authorization will last 7-10 days before it automatically drops off. A MasterCard authorization, however, can be valid for up to 30 days. It seems that the thing Fannie May is not telling people is that THEY CAN HAVE THE AUTHORIZATION DROPPED. That’s right. Call the company and tell them that they need to call your issuing bank and request the authorization be dropped from your account. This will put the funds back in to your account immediately. If they say they can’t do it, they’re lying.

      Here are some helpful phone numbers to call and lodge complaints:
      Visa – 1-800-VISA-911
      MasterCard – 1-800-MC-ASSIST

      If the full amount has actually settled to your account and isn’t simply an authorization anymore, definitely call Visa and Mastercard. They take these things VERY seriously.

      Hope this helps!!

    • Sarah

      isnt Fannie May associated with 1800 flowers? They had that deal going with fresh rewards last month that I still havent been credited my points for and customer service is giving me the run around. Doubt Ill get those either. Hmm.. Anyone else gotten their fresh reward points for last month’s deal- the one where you added 10 reminders to your calendar and they gave you enough points to cover a $40 gift?

    • Stacey

      Got my order confirmation for $7.25, receipt, and shipping confirmation. My credit card was however charged $32.24. I called them and asked point blank if they were refusing to credit my card back the $24.99. She said they weren’t allowed to do that, so I said “thank you very much, I know now to never do business with this company and I will be disputing the charge with my bank” So I called my bank and that is in the process. I see no problem with getting my money back now because I have the receipt AND it even shows on their website under ‘my account’ and ‘order history’. What horrible practices they have.. The lady at Fannie May told me we crashed their server that day, like it was my fault or something. Whatever.

    • Rae

      ARRRUGH!! $90 in charges POSTED this morning! This is the most horrible, dishonest company EVER! Their CSR told me that since they work from home they didn’t have a billign phone number. What a crock. My bank is disputing the charges.

      • Rae

        I just posted this to their facebook site….doubt it will be up very long, but people need to know that companies can rip you off (and right before the holidays, how nice): “Fannie May just lost a customer for life. You accepted three orders for $7.25, even e-mailing me a confirmation of the amount you were going to charge to my credit card, then charged my credit card $90!!! ! Your customer service “rep” said that since he works from home, there is no way he could give me a billing department phone number. I have filed fraud charges against you, along with reporting this theft to my bank. UPS has been instructed that I am refusing shipment, even though you insisted on shipping it four days after your “Lecretia” cancelled my orders. Your “reps” give me a different story every time I call, but the bottom line is that your business practices are deplorable.”

    • Heartland Hannah

      I used a different code – one Fannie May sent to me directly on Cyber Monday for 20% off plus free shipping. I ordered several Christmas gifts to be delivered over the next few weeks. When the first two shipped they removed the 20% discount and overcharged me from what I authorized. I called them today and their customer service phone person (Liz) said the 20% coupon wasn’t supposed to work on sale items (but it did and there was nothing saying in the email it wouldn’t, just not with other coupon offers) so they adjusted my invoice after the fact. She had no explanation why they didn’t contact me or how they could do this when it is illegal. I asked for a supervisor and she said “we are not to refer these calls to a supervisor, we have an email for you.” And the email was just their general customerservice@fanniemay.com. Of course no answer to the email. I contacted the Federal Trade commission and filed a complaint today. I urge everyone else impacted to do the same. They don’t have to honor prices if there is a mistake but they are not legally allowed to charge more than authorized. They have to cancel the order or ask for the additional authorization.

    • Kristen

      I also got charged the full price but called the company and customer service was very happy to refund the money to my cc. Just give them a call. A bit of a hassle but I did still get the candy for shipping costs only.

    • mydeere5

      I called and spoke with customer service in regards to my order and she was very kind. She was unable to do anything but tell me to refuse the order. She did not discourage me from contacting my credit card company as she too felt it an undesirable situation. I told her I did not know how I would handle it and left it at that. HOWEVER…..I received a call back from her..apparently she used the phone number from my order and she said that she researched it further and found that I had in fact already been credited $24.99 on the day that my order shipped but that it would take a few days to show up on my statement. My chocolate arrived today, hopefully my credit will arrive shortly too!!

    • Christine

      I called my credit card and told them I was overcharged. The overcharged amount was reversed within 24 hours and I got my popcorn. Given the issues people have had with curtomer service at Fannie May, I didn’t even bother trying to work it out with them.

    • Amy

      I got my chocolates and was charged the $10 shipping only! Worked for me :) Wish it did for everyone else….