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Kraft Dressing & Wal-Mart

on 3.31.2009 at 4:37pm

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I have started working on the Publix list for tomorrow and had to get you excited.  I also want to stop you if you saw the deals posted on other sites about getting Kraft Dressing at Walmart for .08 cents.

If you have ever met me or taken a workshop you know my view of shopping at Wal-mart.  The first thing I always get asked is wouldn’t it be cheaper to shop there all the time?  NO! Wal-Mart can never and will never beat Grocery store sale prices.  So if you are a good Southern Saver and you only buy when something is on sale then you will always beat the “every day low price” at Wal-mart.

Case in point is Kraft Dressing.

Walmart price on “special” $1.58
-$1.50 off coupon SS 3/29
Total = .08 cents

Publix price starting 4/1 B1G1 at $2.75 ($1. 37 ea)
-$1.50 off coupon SS 3/29
Total = FREE + .13 cents overage!!

Okay now you are excited about Publix, I better get back to making the list…

Need another example of why you don’t need to shop at Wal-Mart?

My favorite… I use it every time…

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers

Walmart everyday price $1.25
-.50/1 coupon that comes out fairly regularly
Total = .75 cents

Publix, Kroger or Bi-Lo sale price B1G1 at $1.80 (.90 cents ea)
-.50/1 coupon – doubles to $1
Total = FREE + .10 cents overage!!

Okay I’m stepping off the soapbox and back to matching coupons.

    • Jilana

      You are cracking me up :o) With in a week of finding your website I told my husband I would never step in another Walmart. I don’t miss it one bit. It is so nice to shop in a grocery store for food and not be tempted by all the stuff we DO NOT need. Thank you for everything you do. You have been a blessing to my families wallet.

    • Tracie

      LOL Jenny – you go! My biggest peeve with Wal-Mart is that it is distracting – I enter up buying stuff not on my lists. :-) Thanks for all you do!


    • Love this! I can’t stand Walmart either…BUT I confess that I did get my Kraft dressing there today! I knew I should have waited! I did have an issue a couple weeks ago with Publix. Their Post cereals were 2/3.99 and I had 2 2/1 coupons and the cashier caused a stink saying that I could only use one coupon because one rang up 1.99 and the other 2.00. I told her that either I would do it in a separate transaction OR that I would give her a penny. She took the penny. I was floored that a penny of overage was a problem!

    • Jennifer C.

      Amen Sista! I tell people that all the time…I think Wal-mart has brainwashed people into believing they are the cheapest!

      One more thing, you mean someone actually can get them to take a coupon? It was always fight time when I tried to hand the cashiers one. They look for a reason not to take it and you can forget trying to hand them an internet printed coupon. Totally not worth the effort or the attitude!

    • Toni

      Thanks Jenny for putting this out there. Showing folks that you can get groceries for less than Wal-mart is great. Wal-mart is putting so many other retailers out of business. If Wal-mart ever figures out how to beat the grocery stores on sales and service, then we are all in trouble. They will put the grocery stores out of business too! Thanks for your site. We all appreciate your hard work.

    • Tara

      I am so with you! I hate going into Wal-Mart! Now I don’t have to!!

    • Julie

      I had been a die-hard Wal-mart grocery shopper FOR YEARS! Then, I was saved :) thanks to a wonderful blessing of a woman named Sarah who told about your site at a coupon workshop. Sarah, and now you, Jenny, at Southern Savers have been a HUGE blessing to my family’s budget! I always so dreaded going into Wal-mart, and now I look forward to grocery shopping! Amen and THANK YOU! (All the money I have wasted over the years shopping at Wal-mart still hanuts me daily!)

    • Kristen

      ….as if I need another reason to be happy not have to go to a Walmart again! Woohooo!

    • Holly

      I just have to say…. My Walmart has been very good at changing their prices every week to reflect Kroger sales. But of course they don’t double their coupons!
      When Aldi advertises a name brand item in their ad and it’s really cheap, Walmart will price match it and then you can use a coupon. That’s pretty much the only good thing about Walmart these days… and their donuts are only 33 cents each. Yum.

    • heather

      I love those deals, but I don’t have access to Publix, Aldi’s, Kroger, or any of those great stores. So, I have to settle for the 8cent bottles.:(

    • carolin

      I haven’t stepped foot into a Walmart for 2 years. I did this weekend. I had (3) of the $5 Iams coupons. I went there only to get the dog food. I was very proud of myself. I bought a filler item. I wasn’t sure if the cashier was going to give me a hard time. In the end I got 3 bags of dog food for free. I love being able to donate to the animal shelters. I live in Florida and we don’t have double coupons at Publix. But I would much rather buy something at Publix when it’s not on sale then go to Walmart.

    • hehee! Get ’em, Jenny!!!
      I was going to Wal Mart tonight but now I’ll just go to Publix! You got me laughing!
      Love ya!

    • Lynda

      Amen preach it sister!

    • Amanda

      When I was first married almost ten years ago I really “worked” Bi-Lo near our apartment using the Southern Savers method…. but gave it up after a year or so in favor of Walmart because keeping up with the coupons and sales was so much work. But now — thanks to Jenny — it’s almost no work at all, and so much more efficient since I have the option of more than one store. I love to brag to friends and relatives that I “can’t remember the last time I went to Walmart” and I honestly think it’s reduced the actual stress in my life since I don’t dread grocery shopping any more. I have also heard so many horror stories over the past few years about Walmart’s unethical business practices…. that the way they get those “everyday low prices” is basically agreeing to buy something from a vendor for a certain price, and then refusing the pay that price once they have the supplier used to needing the massive volume business that they do. I am so happy to be freed from my weekly Walmart trips, although I do miss the Great Value tater tots….IMO it’s almost worth doing the SS system even if you don’t save any money (which of course you always do) just to avoid Walmart!

    • kym

      I dread the big store, too. And I have been reading the posts on several sites, then when I do go to Walmart, the deals are NOT what other people get them for. I am just learning all this and trying to figure which grocery store to use, Bi-Lo, Ingles or FoodLion. I am just learning to shop again…my husband has done it for the last few years. Thanks for your help!

    • Misti

      just out of curiosity-how do you get the publix ads today?

      • Jenny

        I ask my store very nicely :)

    • Kabba

      Hahaha…MISTI, I was just about to ask her the same thing! She’s psychic! Jenny, I was at your workshop in ATL on the 14th of March and you were wonderful! You are a blessing, may God bless you and your family always!

    • Beth

      I am relieved/surprised to hear that so many of you dread Wal-Mart shopping. I haven’t set foot in one in over 5 years, mostly because of their environmental policies. I thought almost everyone loved shopping there, so thanks for making my day by reading these posts!

    • Cranky old woman

      Sadly, the only choices here in San Antonio, are Walmart, or HEB, or Target. No Kroger,No Publix, or Safeway, Randalls, or Albertsons. Sigh, I don’t like Wally world, and I really resent HEB, but thats my choices.

    • emma

      Ditto, I made a New Year resolution about 5 years ago to not shop Wal Mart again. YUCKY….. I love that with the help of this site I can buy my health/beauty & paper products at Publix, a store I enjoy walking in and working with the employees of. Thanks for the anti-Wal Mart support!

    • Kim

      I just found this site last week and have been thrilled. Unfortunately I still have to visit WalMart for two things. Lipton Loose Leaf tea (which Publix doesn’t carry) and oil for my car. Hopefully there will be a really good deal on Lipton tea bags soon and I can avoid it for a month or more.

    • cathy

      You are teasing us with little bits of information. I love Wednesday’s because I get to see how much I can save. Thank you so much!

    • Carolin
      God bless you for donating to an animal shelter!!! I completely did not even think of that! I always put those coupons aside, and never use them, especially because I have cats and get dog coupons, and feed my cats a specific brand. What a super idea!!!!

    • Our Publix store no longer gives overages… they have a sign posted at the counters. No problem, though, because FREE is always better than paying, even it is 8 cents! =) Thanks for all your help in the great coupon finds! =)

    • Jennifer

      I think the greatest fraud in advertising is the Wal-mart slogan “Save Money. Live Better” …JUST NOT BY SHOPPING AT WAL-MART!!!

    • momtaylor37

      Thanks for sharing because I was wondering what the difference between Walmart and Publix on that item is! It’s not always cheaper to shop at Walmart!!!

    • I sure hope Lay’s potato chips are bogo tomorrow!!! I have some good coupons! And any type of Pillsbury, I have so many coupons!

    • Kim

      You have made grocery shopping fun again!! I tell everyone to visit your site, including all the cashiers who marvel at my purchases!
      Thank you!!!

    • MelRae

      To Aymie: Hot Coupon World usually has the list of Publix BOGOs posted by Monday night. The poster “tn_native” gets the flyer from her Meridianville, AL Publix store.


      Oh, and you are in luck! Lays will be BOGO!

    • I’m with all the other people from Texas! The only stores in my area are Walmart, Target, and HEB. I personally don’t like HEB, they hardly ever run “good” sales, most definitely do not double coupons, and most of their “store” coupons are M.F.’s (kind of hard to stack coupons that way)!

      All of that to say this, out of necessity, Walmart is my main choice of shopping these days. I try to use coupons and/or buy Great Value products. No, I don’t get all the free stuff that others do, but I’m able to get the food we need/like and still stay within my $50 a week budget (which includes health & beauty items from shopping at Walgreens)!

      I really don’t mean to burst anybody’s bubble, just trying to state the facts of life here in our area. I do enjoy your blog and helpful ideas – keep up the good work!

    • Heather

      I used to live 5 min from Walmart with no Publix or Kroger around, and bought the “staples” like produce, meat and milk there – stuff that never has coupons. Then we moved, and now I only go to Walmart if I have some coupons expiring that make something free – tonight I went and got a bunch of trial-sized Head & Shoulders shampoo with a coupon, for example. (Couldn’t find them anywhere else, oddly)

      But my husband just got a part time job at CVS, so to show my gratitude :D I am using all the coupons I can at CVs. I’d rather they get reimbursed from the manufacturer for my free gum, etc than Walgreens or, heaven forbid, Walmart! If Walmart can’t have a good attitude about coupons, then why should I buy something with a coupon there when I can use my coupon at CVS and it doesn’t cost me any more!

    • Melissa

      Thank you so much Jenny for everything!

      My husband, daughter and I don’t like going into Walmart. We live not even 5 min. from a Publix and love it! I must say I do go to Walmart some when I don’t have a coupon however Walmart made me so mad on Monday. I took the internet printed coupons in for Johnson Buddies. They would not take them b/c it was for 1.00 off and the soap was .97! They went round and round with me. Used every excuse in the book (one per person, item not on the picture, item has to be over 1.00 and more!). I asked for the manager and she did the same thing! 30 minutes in line over this with a 3 mth. old and a hungry 4 yr. old!!! I finally said forget it and give me my coupons! They were going to charge me the .03 plus tax on 1.00! Insane! On one coupon they told me that the picture does not show a soap so I could not use it…it went on and on! I told her I am not trying to cheat you; it’s not like they won’t get the money back plus some! It would be win/win for them!

      Today I went to Publix and used all my printed coupons with NO problems! They rang up 1.09 but the price on the shelf said .99. So I got them all for .99 and one free since they rang up wrong! :)

      I got over 40.00 worth of free groceries today b/c of you! Thanks! By the way, a very nice Publix cashier told me about your site 1.5 wks. ago!

      I agree with you Heather about your last statement!

    • Emily

      I have been amazed at how little I actually go to Walmart these days since finding your website – I used to stop there three or four times a week, but haven’t been there in probably two weeks now!
      It is so much nicer to shop with a four year old in Publix where she gets a free cookie to make her happy rather than the begging to go look at the toys when we go to Walmart!
      I have to say though that I still love Walmart and their prices on non-grocery items!

    • I wish our Walmart carried 1/2 the items everyone posts about.

    • I quit doing my main shopping at Walmart when I started couponing, because of the doubles at Bilo, Ingles and Publix, and the great deals at CVS/Walgreens. Also, I had two incidents last summer which turned me off, one where the people in line behind me at the returns desk got into a fist fight and one where a woman threatened me at the gas pump. I have been to Walmart twice since Thanksgiving just to use certain Q’s, once was last weekend to use my $5 Iam’s Q’s. I used 6 and didn’t have any issues with them accepting them. But I looked around and was shocked at how expensive everything is, and how dirty/disorganized the store was. And its 10 miles to the nearest Walmart, when all my other stores are within a mile and a half. I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon.
      A Happy Reformed Ex-Walmart Shopper ;-)

    • MelRae
      Thanks for the tip! I know I saw I am sooo excited about the Lay’s!! Time to stock up!!!

    • SeeLifeMarvels

      Jenny –

      I LOVE your soapbox stance about WalMart, and I generally agree with you regarding shopping there. However, down here in NWFL – Pensacola to be exact -, we DON’T get the double coupons at Publix. :( Walmart, with a little time and effort, will price match what is in the other area stores AS LONG AS I BRING IN THE AD. Exception: They won’t match B1G1 specials. So, I read your blog, read my local paper, highlight what is on special in the other area stores, save the flyers, and do one WalMart shopping trip that takes advantage of most everything I can’t find at Publix.

    • Say no to Wal-junk!!!!! I hate that store with a passion. My hubs on the otherhand is super excited that theballentine one will be ready soon! men love Wal-junk for some reason???

    • Thanks Jenny for all the tips. I got paid 39cents for $50 worth of goods :).

    • Becky

      I totally agree with you too. My Walmart doesn’t double coupons, and their everyday low prices aren’t that great, in my opinion. I’d much rather keep up with my coupon habit and pay much less. I get a little annoyed with friends that believe the “one stop shopping” is the best and the only thing they will consider. It just baffles me. I go to Walmart for freebies and to check out the clearance sections. :)

    • Jennifer

      You are sooo right, I tell everybody, its cheaper to shop at Kroger or Publix ( 2 major groccers in my area). Walmart does not double coupons, nor do they have sales like “buy 10 certain items, get $15 off, B1G1 etc. Plus Walmart is just too darn big to be running across the store to do your shopping. Thanks for all you do Jenny!

    • Cranky old woman

      When I DO go to Walmart, I go with a list, and only the coupons I plan to use. I leave the rest in the car in case I find an awesome deal, but usually I can get in and out with just what I came for.

    • Michelle

      One way that I keep my kids healthy is by making my own little snack packs. My kids love to eat “junk” food just like other kids, so I buy them treats every once in a while and separated them into baggies with just a few in each. The only way they get to eat their snack pack is if they eat a piece of fruit or some veggies and dip FIRST! It is a great trick to get the kids to eat their required servings of fruit while letting them have a treat! They love it!

    • Kelly Smith

      I love this web site, and appreciate you taking your time and effort in displaying this wonderful information!

      As a mom of three, on a fixed budget, I always try to look for ways to save money, while still having my kids eat healthy.

      Instead of buying pre-packaged snacks, we often make our own. We make our own popsicles, trail mix (can usually sneak in raisins, or some other dried fruit) and cereal bars.

      Kids love to help make their own snacks, and they will usually eat it, especially if they have had a hand in making it!

    • Krisitna

      I love keeping my kids healthy and the two that I babysit! Some of the fun things that we do are making french fries out of carrots! We cut them up and season them just like a french fries and then bake them in the oven! Then we make hamburgers using a wheat bun and ground turkey – beat that Mcdonalds!!!

    • Kristina
      What an awesome healthy idea!