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kroger double coupons ending in Delta region

If you were hoping that Kroger would get back on board with doubling coupons, I have some news that might disappoint you. Kroger stores in the Delta Region will no longer double coupons beginning on July 10th. The Delta region includes stores in Memphis, Arkansas, Mississippi, Western Kentucky and Southern Missouri.

I know this doesn’t surprise many folks as we’ve already lost double coupons in several regions. I’m still holding out for the Southeast region to keep double coupons to compete with other large grocery chains like Publix, Bi-Lo and Harris Teeter that all double… but I’m starting to wonder.

In reality, I know we’ll all just tighten our budgets and look for other ways to save, but it’s always frustrating when a store changes a policy you have enjoyed for a long time. Honestly, I wish they had just done it across all regions in one fell swoop instead of slowly picking them off one by one.

What are your thoughts on Kroger dropping double coupons?

    • Peg

      Kroger can only compete in my area when coupons are doubled, otherwise I do not even walk into their doors. Thank goodness I do have options of other grocery chains and will certainly shift my business elsewhere.

    • mom2max

      Kroger stopped doubling about a month ago in my market. I simply don’t shop there anymore. I still have Martins and Harris Teeter that double, so there are plenty of deals to be found and one less store to visit. Martin’s had a big banner made to remind people that they double; I know I am buying more from Martin’s than I did before Kroger stopped doubling.

    • Jennifer H.

      I’m sure that Kroger has run the numbers and discovered that they won’t lose too many shoppers when they stop doubling. I think that their strategy of everyday low prices is a loser, similar to Penney’s.Personally I only cherry pick the deals now, but I will be sad to lose free bread, yogurt and other nutritious items that I purchased with double coupons. Since I am a deal shopper there will be fewer good deals, so I will be giving Kroger a miss most of the time.

      • jlinsey

        We were the first market to stop doubling and I’ve only gone back to them twice to get free items. As I drive by and my couple visits however they are just as crowded as ever. We only have one other grocery store in the remote area that doubles and I drive by two Krogers to get to it just to make a point. (It’s only 4 miles from my house so not to much gas wasted).

      • ireneY

        I believe they are trying to discourage the cherry-picking. Those Kroger cards track our shopping habits so they think they can do without the serious couponers. Well, the feeling is mutual! :)

      • nwaterbugz

        I live in the Raleigh/Durham area and they took away our doubles May 12th. Leading up to that date our local TV station (WTVD) did a cover story on the discontinuation of doubles, and according to a Kroger “official” only 1% of their shoppers used coupons. And their thinking was that they wanted their complete customer base to receive “new lower prices” , WELL I AM YET TO SEE ANY LOWER PRICES! I live in an area that has Harris Teeter that is doing a super double event for 2 WEEKS IN A ROW! MY $2 coupon = $4 there! SO I WILL NOT GO BACK TO KROGER!!!!! I new we were in for trouble at the beginning of the year when the $2 per gallon discount fuel rewards was reduced to only $1 per gallon. Then when the quarterly rewards were discontinued and now the doubled coupons. SEE YA LATER KROGER!

        • gingerinCA

          When ours stopped doubling, well over a year ago, they gave me that “new overall lower prices” line too, and I didn’t buy it either. And I didn’t see if for a few weeks, either. I do have to say that now SOME of their prices are consistently lower- produce, milk, and bread come to mind. There has been no noticeable price lowering in things like frozen foods, cheese/deli type items, cereals, etc. (You know, typical coupon items.)

    • Angela

      I read on another site that the Tennessee area was included in this list with the delta region. Is this true or is Tn. safe right now?

      • Kayla S

        Part of Tennessee is included. On the following map (hope it shows up as a link correctly) it shows that anything in blue is the Delta region. http://www.krogerkrazy.com/how-to-find-what-kroger-region-your-are-in/

      • Wendy

        It depends on where you are in Tennessee. The Delta Region includes the Memphis area/Western end of the state. I’m not exactly sure where the line is, but I know Clarksville is not in the Delta Region.

        • Susanjfs

          Wendy, you’r e in Clarksville? That’s my hometown!

      • Diana

        I live in Middle TN ( Lawrenceburg ) ,and our local Kroger told my sister last night that the 10th is the last day they would be doubling coupons. We are in the Louisville KY area

    • Sarah

      I live in Atlanta, where they double still, and HATE shopping at Kroger- the customer service is terrible, the checkout lines are always too long, sale items are usually out of stock and raincheck policies are inconsistent. Each cashier seems to make up their own implementation of the store’s coupon policy, and I always spend forever at checkout to try and jump through their hoops while my 2 year old screams. Each time, I swear I won’t come back, but then a deal comes up for free toothpaste or deodorant and I feel like I have to go there because these are good donatable items. I wish they would stop doubling – without those few occasional good deals, I could stop shopping at Kroger altogether and concentrate on Publix and drugstores more.

      I think it is unfortunate for those in areas where no other stores double, but it makes sense . As for couponers in areas where other stores still double, I would count it a blessing in disguise!

    • rlpicker

      I will be very sad if they stop in Atlanta. I love my Kroger, but if they do then ALL my shopping will be at Publix!

    • LoriG

      I’ll probably continue to buy milk and bread at Kroger even without doubled coupons, but that’s about it. I only buy staples there because I have a store a few blocks from my home, but without the doubled coupons, I’ll go elsewhere for the majority of my shopping!

    • April Stroud Roberts

      I am sorry to hear this because it means that it is just a matter of time until it rolls out company-wide. My advice is to use the online contact form to write and tell the company how sad we are. It’s a chance to craft a well thought out note, without a bullying or threatening tone, to ask them to reconsider. https://customer.kroger.com/comments/comments.aspx/

    • Stephanie S.

      Our Kroger is in the Delta region, and this news really upset me, since their coupon doubling was the only reason I shopped there. Very, very disappointed. (

    • Kayla S

      I completely agree with the statement that they should have done it in one fell swoop instead of dragging it out. My Kroger is in the Mid-South region and I know it is only a matter of time before my store is on the chopping block. The only other store we have here is Meijers and they only allow you to double the first two identical coupons per transactions…not that I mind doing multiple transactions. I think for me, personally, it will come down to who has the better deal – either Kroger or Meijers. I just wish we could get a Publix up here! That would be awesome, but I know it is far fetched.

      • Erin

        I agree. It’s hard enough seeing all the other markets that offer better prices to begin with, but to also lose doubles is salt in the wound. I figured they were just ending doubles/triples in the regions where the prices are lowest to balance things out. If they were stopping doubles altogether, they should have just done it all at once, but in that case, they might have had a real consumer revolt. What kills me is the Kroger affiliate stores in the Midwest offer much lower prices, plus doubles and fewer coupon restrictions.

    • joecampssis

      My thoughts on Kroger dropping double coupons? They are crazy! Do they realize how much business they will lose?!

    • tee

      the coupons are getting less and now the doubles are going I only buy krogers best deals I stop on my way home from work, no stores close to me did the past three weeks of bargins got stocked on canned goods and detergent and shave cream

    • Guest

      My thoughts? Be thankful for the opportunity to save that Kroger afforded you. Be thankful for those in areas who can still double, why wish it had stopped in one fell swoop? Just because some lost favorable policies why wish that on others? Let them save as much as possible.
      Stop complaining about retailers making changes in marketing strategies. They have a business plan and will constantly make changes as needed.
      How much non-coupon shopping do all the whiners give to Kroger?

    • Dereck

      From a business stand point, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a good move. Most Kroger shoppers fit into one of 3 groups.

      1) Shoppers who don’t care about doubling coupons. This is the vast majority of their customers. They shop at kroger because it is more convenient based on location, average price, familiarity, etc. cutting double coupons does no harm with this cliantele.

      2) Shoppers looking for the best deals. With this group there will be a slight decrease is custom, but not terribly great since the majority of the money saved vs other stores is usually a result of sales, mega events, and catalinas.

      3) Those who will no longer shop at kroger because they do not double coupons. This is by far the smallest group and consists of 2 groups of people. One group refuses to shop at kroger again even if it will save them money. The other group are the very few to whom it is really no longer economically worthwhile to go to kroger. Kroger doesn’t mind losing this last group since it mostly consists of those who live at farther distances and only make the drive when they can get large quantities of free or nearly free items.
      I don’t like Kroger’s change of policy, but I can certainly understand it.

    • collsers

      I live in Ohio, where doubling stopped months ago. I thought I would end up shopping at Kroger less, but there just aren’t any better options. Some things might be better deals at Meijer or Walmart, but not enough of a savings to justify an extra trip since the produce at those stores is really subpar (in my city, at least).

      I would say that my spending has also stayed about the same. What really happened is not that I am saving less, but that I am buying less. The junk food I used to buy because it was free or a really good deal is not quite as attractive when the coupon value isn’t doubled.

    • Wendy

      I’ve already been working a plan to be able to drive 90 minutes or so a couple of times a month to go to Publix just because I enjoy shopping there so much and can get really great deals. This is just another incentive to speed up that plan! :-) And I already frequently buy staples for which I rarely have coupons from a locally-owned grocery store (I pay a little more for their milk because it tastes better). I imagine I’ll shop Kroger less. If I’m not there couponing, then I won’t be there buying my non-coupon items either. I’m not silly enough to think that losing my business will affect their bottom line, so it won’t matter to them that I’ll support my locally owned stores more. But maybe my local stores will be glad to get the business. I don’t want them to go under, they have some terrific employees in this area. However, just as it’s apparently no longer in their best financial interest to double coupons, it will probably no longer be in my best financial interest to give them most of my business…

    • Robyn

      I live in Nashville, where we have yet to get the axe on double coupons. I rarely shop Kroger, even though it I have two Krogers closer than Publix, because Kroger’s customer service sucks. I have had a broken leg for several months (it didn’t heal and then I had to have surgery on it) and the two times I have shopped at Kroger recently and even used the scooter carts at Kroger, they didn’t even offer to help me out. I have to ask for help to my car, which is ridiculous. It is blantantly obvious I need assitance. At Publix, they were always eager to help even when I didn’t have a broken leg. Even the “bad Publix” in my area is better than Kroger. Like someone else said, if you take away Kroger doubles, you give me an excuse not to bother shopping at Kroger, because even the mega events wouldn’t be really good values anymore and that was the only thing I bothered stopping in for anymore. Kroger isn’t worth the hassle; I always have some coupons reject for unknown reasons, even though I have the correct items and such. I don’t have those problems at Publix.

    • sherrie

      i read nashville tn was stopping u dont have it listed? did i read wrong info i hope?

    • Kristina

      Our Kroger in Columbia SC is still doubling but they recently limited the Internet printable coupons to 2 total for a visit. I think that is just ridiculous. I am sure the doubling will stop soon. I know that I will be less likely to go there now since it is a 20 minute drive.

    • Rebecca

      I got in line with a Kroger executive the other week at my Loganville, Ga store. She said Kroger, as a company,has already decided to stop doubling in all of the regions by the end of this year. The last region will be the southeast, and that should happen between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when people are more likely to be worried about the holidays, than couponing. She said that Kroger understands that couponers will no longer use Kroger as their “go to” store and that honestly they’re not really worried about it. We continued talking, even while my order was being rung up, and she admitted that she’d probably start using Publix more. The strange thing, she had a stack of coupons herself…many of which doubled.

      She honestly seemed upset that the company was going down this path….and sad that the decision had been made for all of the regions.

    • Teresa59

      If not that many shoppers double copons at Kroger then why change the policy? Kroger and Wal mart are the only stores in my area. Next year Mijers will be complete and I wonder how this will impact our area. My personal opinon Kroger or Wal mart could care less the parking lot is always packed and without doubling coupons its less hassel and they still get our money.

    • Harry

      Kroger already gets very little of my business anyway. Their stores are less well organized and the customer service is severely lacking compared to that of Publix. I will still shop at Kroger for a few weekly items because they are less expensive. At this point Kroger gets around 10% of my grocery bill each week and the decision to stop doubling coupons certainly doesn’t help them as far as my dollars are concerned.

    • D.

      My Kroger in Lynchburg, VA hasn’t doubled coupons for a couple of months now!!!!

    • Lisa

      Kroger is the only store here that still doubles. I live in the Louisville region and it sounds like we’re next. Not good.

      • Repurpose ReUser

        As of about 2 wks. back. the local chain ValuMarket was still doubling Qs 50¢ or less in the Louisville area. I can see them ceasing if Kroger ceases.
        Often my best “deals” at Kroger are the “Manager Specials,” both with & without Qs. But my store claims Kroger frequently disregards their request for “x” boxes of items, instead shipping them twice their order – which is more than the store can handle. So they reduce the price to reduce the stock!

    • Bonnie

      I live in Western Kentucky. The Food Giant (Eddyville) still doubles coupons up to 50cents everyday. Fred’s Dollar (Princeton) will double up to 70cents on Saturdays. I am very disappointed in Kroger. :(

    • Bonnie

      I live in Western Kentucky. The Food Giant (Eddyville) still doubles coupons up to 50cents everyday. Fred’s Dollar (Princeton) will double up to 70cents on Saturdays. I am very disappointed in Kroger. :(