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Heads up Kroger Shoppers! If you were hoping Kroger would keep doubling in the South East, I have bad news. Kroger South East stores will stop doubling coupons on September 22nd.

They have stopped doubling in all of the other regions, so we knew this day would come.

The South East Region Includes:

South Carolina
Parts of Tennessee

On the plus side, Kroger has said they will lower prices to help offset the lack of doubling. If you shop sales and use coupons, you can still get some great deals.

If you have other stores in your area that do you double, you can compare sale ads to see where you can get the best deals.

What are your thoughts on Kroger dropping double coupons?

    • Melissa

      This just makes me sick…..

    • naomi

      mine stopped doubling a while ago..I say it gives Lowes a lot more of my business…

    • Candace

      Another reason Publix will always be a better grocery store!

    • kellybarr

      I will start shopping at Publix more and Wal-Mart, since they don’t double coupons anyway. If it is not on sale at Publix then it will prob be cheaper at Wal-Mart with the face value coupons than at Kroger, even though they are suppose to be lowering there prices to help compensate for the change. on Facebook Kroger posted that they would start implementing this policy on Sept 8th.

    • Angela Birchfield Farnell

      Sad day :(

    • carrieblackburn

      I’m curious, Jenny, have you noticed if the prices have lowered noticeably in the other regions? I guess as I’ve watched the prices on everything steadily climb over the last few years, I just doubt they’d be able to stick to that sort of promise. I’m very disappointed.

      • Guest

        I’m from TX the first region to lose dbl coupons and i can tell you the prices haven’t been noticeably lower, i would still prefer dbl coupons

      • TNT

        I am in Durham NC and they did away with our doubles on May 12th 2013, and there has been absolutely NO difference in prices here. Its an absolute SHAM! I have given up my Kroger plus card because there was no advantage to shop there. Not even for the gas discounts are worth my time or travel any longer. Now that Kroger and my beloved Harris Teeter are merging in about 18 months I will be distraught when and yes I say when not IF they discontinue SUPER DOUBLES OR TRIPLES. Because if their own chain stores don’t double there is no way they will allow their acquisition to continue these benefits. So I hate to hear your region was next on the chopping block but this is now the 6th out of 9 regions to eliminate their doubles.

        • crystalgoodwin3

          There’s no guarantee they will merge.
          The share holders will be voting sometime soon and I don’t think they will vote for the merger. I love my HT just like it is.

      • We haven’t seen any lower prices really. Maybe 20-40¢ off items, but nothing to write home about.

        • carrieblackburn

          No surprises there, I suppose. I was ready to just suck it up since I usually only have a couple dollars in “doubles”, but Kroger wouldn’t take ANY of my printed coupons on Friday. They wouldn’t “scan”. I used the one for Cinnamon Toast Crunch at Publix with no problem at all, so I have to assume the issue is on Kroger’s end. Ending doubles I can deal with. Not taking printed coupons is a whole separate issue. I hate it, because they really do get some great sales.

    • courtney

      Part of me gets it, but I’m still very bummed out. This will def. make it more difficult (if not almost impossible) to get those great $0.50 and under deals. I’ll have to start looking at shopping other places and playing the drug store game a bit more. I’ll have to start shopping Publix BOGOs more wisely; sure hope they don’t stop doubling!

    • Savannah Shopper

      I am really mad!!!! I think that I will stop shopping at Kroger when they do that. Publix, Harris Teeter and Bi-lo still double. Publix takes select competitors coupons and Bi-lo takes almost any competitors coupons. Bi-lo is really a coupon friendly store, so I think that I will be shopping those three stores exclusively and skip Kroger all together. Sad, Sad Day:( :( :( :( 2 thumbs down!!!!!!

    • shay

      guess i’ll be doing more shopping at publix and ingles. wish they weren’t doing this cause i really like kroger and have been going there for years.

    • di

      yeah right like there gonna lower prices…………..

      • Diane B.

        just look at the ad this coming week on produce…. I promise you’ll see a big difference!

      • Jessica Tillett

        I hope that they might lower prices, but I am not too sure about that either. Here in Smyrna, TN they recently expanded our store and gave it a face-lift like they have done with other stores in the area. Right after they expanded it, it seemed to us like a lot of the prices have increased on many items…

    • Kristina

      I definitely think it is disappointing but not shocking at all. I guess this means no more free toothpaste at my store in Columbia SC. Lol. I just hope the other stores such as Publix and Bi-lo don’t stop too. I went this week and got a lot of great deals not including the 50 cent coupons. So I will only go to Kroger now when I have high value coupons and they have a big sale. This definitely makes you not want to shop there.

    • Shirley W

      We will quite likely be spending a LOT more time shopping at Publix

    • AimeeH.

      another reason I <3 Publix

    • marnieh

      I am not sure if I am Southeast or not? I am in Nashville. I always thought I was Louisville region but I don’t know if that still exists. They are still doubling at my Kroger right now and at my store they double up to $.75 so we have had a good thing going until now! There are tons of grocery stores in my neighborhood so I have lots of options, I am sure that is why the competitive doubling.

      • GUEST

        call the Kroger you shop at and ask what region they are in.

        • itsacouponlife

          Nashville is Louisville Region. Looks like we will be the last region to go :( Although we have Publix so I wonder what Kroger will do since Publix is over the top coupon friendly. What store are you at that doubles $0.75?! In Spring Hill we only have $0.50 and under.

          • Summer

            A Nashville area manager told me last week that the Louisville region will end doubling early next year. :(

      • Tisa

        I live in nashville also. What kroger do u go to that doubles up to .75. As the two I shop at only goes to .50

      • Jessica Tillett

        Nashville is in the Louisville region (and also some of the other Kroger region maps online refer to us as the “Mid-South” region). I’m with the others that have posted… which Kroger in Nashville do you go to?? That’s pretty cool that they double up to $0.75… all of the Kroger’s that I have been to in Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, Smyrna and Murfreesboro areas have always doubled $0.50 and under.

    • Coupon Dad

      Hello Publix…

    • Mboykin

      I’ll probably have longer lists of things to get at Publix and Bi-Lo where coupons are doubled. Kroger cannot lower prices to the equivalent of shopping with coupons. At least in my case they can’t.

    • Linda

      Looks like Publix and Walmart will be getting all of my business. I stopped shopping at Walmart a couple years ago but if Kroger stops double coupons then Walmart and Publix get my vote. Bye-bye Kroger!!!!

    • Name

      I will be shopping at Kroger less and start going to Publix more! I think they are making a big mistake in doing this!

    • jlinsey

      Look for others to follow that’s what happened in Ohio at least Meijer which was the last store to double in my region just stopped on Aug 25th. Talk about a sad day now there are no more stores around that double. Good luck to you all!!! Go Falcons!!!

    • Summer

      I live in the Nashville area, and a Kroger manager told me last week that doubling would end in the Louisville region early next year. :(

    • itsacouponlife

      While I hate this you have to remember that stores that double are eating that cost. Manufacturers only reimburse for the face value of the coupon. The rest is out of the stores pocket

    • andie

      they are not eating the cost, they have always raised the cost to offset the double coupons at kroger. If they are lowering the cost to help because they are no longer doing double coupons, think about it. They always look out for no. 1 and they never lost money doubling

    • Silly Gemini

      I am in Texas and I can say that the Kroger prices are still good. You just have to really get your sales routine down and stock up when you have coupons and prices are low. While it will never be as low as it was for me when you add in the fuel discount on top of the other coupons and sales it is worth it.

    • pdnr

      Not at all surprised. They are already the most unfriendly coupon store I shop at — only allow 2 internet coupons per day. Here’s another reason to price match at Walmart since my nearest Kroger is 8 miles away. However, I’ll still give most of my business to Publix!

    • trekgirltracy

      I’m very sad about this. In my area, Kroger is a lot more coupon-friendly than Walmart. I actually had a manager at Walmart tell me, “We don’t have to accept your coupons, you know.” I said, “Well, I don’t have to shop here, you know” and I didn’t go back. Most items at my area Kroger are the same as Walmart, so I came out the better at Kroger, anyway. I wish they would continue to double, but they will still have my loyalty as long as they continue to be so consumer friendly.

    • dona

      I live in Florida and when I ask why Publix didn’t double coupons like they do in GA the manager told me it was simple – no Kroger. I wonder if Publix will continue to double in the States where Kroger has stopped? I hope not for all of you who live in the coupons friendly States that do.

      • Jessafrog

        We still have Bilo in SC, and they double and accept competitor’s coupons, so they should keep Publix competitive.

    • jeniver

      Have been sad about it since they stopped doubling here in May. I now shop Aldi’s a lot more and have to hit the couple of stores that do still double. Thanks Jenny for keeping us up on deals! I especially the drug stores.

    • kagil

      That is a shame. I will probably buy only sale items then. Does not help so many coupons are now only a quarter. I think they are pushing digital coupons.

    • carol7323

      I stopped shopping at Kroger almost a year ago when the stores started giving me a hard time for using coupons. The cashiers began making snide comments about couponers & clearing shelves. I am not an “extreme couponer” by any means. I shop for my family of four and stock up for us within reason. Their coupon limit policy & then limiting my use of coupons with their e-coupons plus the poor customer service turned me off as a loyal customer of over 20 years. My savings used to read over $2000 a year and more. Last year it was slightly over $200; this year it is not even at $100. They can run their business as they see fit. But even if Publix stops doubling coupons, they have won my business for life. Three different stores know me and my family by name. They greet me, talk to me, wish me well and ask me how we are. They smile and keep their stores clean and fresh. Their sales are great and they offer their own coupons. They treat you as if they care about my business. It may all be an act. But it’s an act I prefer over this tasteless & demeaning treatment I receive at Kroger.

      • Kristy

        Publix has great customer service. I asked a man stocking the shelves if they had more of an item. He looks right away and apologizes for it not bring on the shelf. I was just happy they had more and didn’t think he needed to apologize. Plus if their prices ring up incorrectly or there is an error they will give you the item for free and the discount on multiple items. Walmart also has bad customer service and are always out of stuff I need. Publix definitely will get more of my business.

      • Jen

        My feelings exactly, I could not have said it better. Thank You!

      • Summer

        I totally agree. Publix and Kroger are almost next door to each other in my neighborhood, and going inside each store is almost like night and day. Publix is incredibly clean, and the customer service is always excellent. Kroger, not so much. And I was a loyal Kroger shopper until I moved to a place with a Publix.

      • chichiwvu

        I shop almost exclusively at Publix, even though I have a Kroger near-by too. For a long time I looked up sales at both and shopped both, but there would be more *better* deals at publix. The only reason I still shop Kroger is their dairy. It’s always cheaper and much better than publix’s! (like $.50 a gallon of milk, and the publix cottage cheese is disgusting! I won’t buy it!) I also don’t get fuel points her in AL, so I don’t miss out on that.

      • Heather Tome

        I agree. Kroger has horrible cashiers. I only buy for my family and I do get extra if I can get it for free but that is only because I am planning a trip with donations from myself and friends to help the homeless and donate to the battered woman and children shelter and being a single mom and working full time couponing has helped me be able to help others as well as provide for me and my son. I do not get any type of government assistance so I do this all me own and Kroger makes you feel like a horrible low class person when you use coupons. i have even had cashiers that roll their eyes at me at Kroger.

    • Tara

      Oh well. We still have publix and bilo!

    • rs

      I’m not happy about Kroger stopping coupon doubling in the Nashville area, but I will not stop shopping there. I do the majority of my shopping at Publix. But if Kroger goes out of business, Publix deals will diminish. Competition is a great thing!!

      • spi_cy13

        I don’t think that Nashville, TN has been affected yet (we are Louisville, KY region).

        • Guest

          You’re right… Nashville hasn’t been affected yet.

          • Melanie

            When will the Nashville area stores be impacted & no longer double?

        • Jessica Tillett

          You’re right… Nashville hasn’t been affected yet.

        • Jessica

          I live in kentucky and the Lexington and Louisville says our kroger will stop doubling on the 22nd also.

          • Jessica

            Lexington and Louisville news that is

        • Jessica

          I live in kentucky and the Lexington and Louisville says our kroger will stop doubling on the 22nd also.

    • Pamela M

      My only concern is if Kroger stops, my other stores, like Publix, will stop because they don’t have to offer it now.

    • Aaron

      Well, goodbye Kroger and hello Bi-Lo and Lowes… (and Publix when they finally get ours built up here in N Myrtle Beach soon)…

      • me

        wait, is nmb getting publix???? wow, cool!

    • TG

      We have no real other options where I live besides Wal-Mart and Kroger, so honestly, even without the double coupons I still like shopping at Kroger more. I spend more at Wal-Mart cause I pick up things that I don’t need. They are also horrible when it comes to coupons making snide remarks and such. The customer service as Kroger is the best, I have several cashiers that I love to deal with because it seems like they are doing what they can to help me save money and don’t make me feel horrible for using coupons.

      • Sheila

        I agree! The customer service at Kroger is worth it for me. They are very patient when I come with coupons and they even get excited with me. I doubt I will be going anywhere else soon.

      • Heather Tome

        Your Kroger employees need to come to the ones I shop at and teach them some manners then. I have a HORRIBLE experience every time I shop at Kroger because their cashiers are always rude even if you are just using 4 coupons they are still rude as can be. I try to avoid shopping there because of the horrible rude service.

    • Jonn Michelle Armstrong

      Well I will be rethinking my shopping stores now. We do not have publix here in Louisville area. I have gotten some real deals with target on a limited supply of groceries with their card, coupons, target coupon and cartwheel.

    • rc

      Noooooo! Im so sad! Thank you for the info though!!

    • bigbadgirl

      This is NOT a surprise.

    • susandtim

      Still doubling in Louisville Kentucky krogers

      • Vicki

        Just heard on the news they are going to stop doubling in the Louisville, KY area this month as well.

    • Susan

      Thanks Southern Savers. I passed along the info on The Coupon Tutor FACEBOOK page.

    • Margie

      I posted on my FB page and someone said that Kroger’s Facebook page said it will stop doubling on the 8th! Did anyone see that? I havent confirmed yet, but will look. Just came here first, if Jenny says, I believe her! :)

      • Margie

        Their page actually says prices will reduce starting 9/8 and will stop doubling as of 9/21.

    • stitcherymart

      I am more concerned about the potential ripple effect to Harris Teeter on coupons now that Kroger has purchased them. I stopped shopping at Kroger years ago. Every price that Jenny posts on the site we have to add $.10 more here in central NC for every item. EVERY item. I call it the Kroger NC tax. And we haven’t had double coupons here for quite a while, so the lower price thing I am not buying either.

    • A

      I can’t imagine any prices will actually go lower, or at least not for long. time to create a new strategy, and I’m so glad there are great sites like this one to help!

    • Kate

      oh no. I’m so sad. This will be terrible.

    • Kat

      I have noticed this the last two times I shopped there, Kroger has lost my business

    • SusanS

      Here in Texas, Kroger stopped doubling a long time ago. They did NOT lower prices to offset, and I stopped shopping there. They have just now – years after ending doubling – starting lowering prices because I think their sales have been hit hard. Randall’s still doubles (and triples) and HEB has low prices. Hopefully, Kroger learned their lesson here and will follow through with lowering prices in the Southeast Region right away.

    • jrgbug

      Hate it! We love double coupons!

    • rdstill

      Anyone have any idea of this includes Louisiana?

    • Ghoti

      Kroger closed their store that was close to my work and I now have to drive 10 more miles out of my way to shop at a Kroger. My trips dropped from 3 times a week to maybe twice a month. With them stopping doubling it will be dropping even more. I just recently found out Piggly Wiggly is doubling coupons up to $.99 I’m going to have to check out their sales a bit closer now.

    • Kathleen Murphy Goddard

      I’m also wondering what is going to happen to Harris Teeter. We’re getting a Publix sometime next year hear in Cary, NC. I’m hoping it is everything I’ve heard about it. Our Kroger stopped doubling coupons a couple months ago but i didn’t shop there too much. My husband is a cashier at a Walmart neighborhood market and we use his employee discount on our non grocery items. Then I go to Harris Teeter and Fresh Market for their meat and seafood.

      • Jillian Kisor

        why would anything happen to Harris Teeter :( ?

        • Laura

          Kroger bought all 212 of their stores in early July. They didn’t change the name since Kroger stores already operate under a dozen + various names in different parts of the country (Ralphs, Dillons, Smiths, Fred Meyer, QFC etc)

      • Erin Blankert

        I live in GA but my mom lives in Raleigh near Cary and she said they closed a couple of Krogers there and are opening a Publix in their places. She still shops at Harris Teeter and I haven’t heard anything happening like this with HT.

    • April Stroud Roberts

      I just don’t have faith that they’ll drop their prices significantly. Retailers exist to make as much money as possible. With increases in cost of living and healthcare, I don’t see generous changes occurring.

    • stephanie

      I asked a long time cashier at my Knoxville Kroger if they would stop doubling coupons this month and she said she hadn’t heard anything about it.

      • Darla

        Kroger posted this on their Facebook page a few hours ago :(

    • Coupon Shopoper

      Kroger is the worst grocery store when it comes to coupons. I stopped shopping with them long time ago

      • Tiffany

        i agree. i always have trouble

    • Stephanie Urick

      Which region are your posts based on?

      • MeMe

        I’m in Georgia and it’s true.

    • MeMe

      They have been having some great sales lately. However, Publix still has them beat with doubling and BOGOF.

    • jmq1971

      I guess I will shop mostly at Publix now. They still double.

    • Lindsey

      It is sad to hear that they will no longer double. I can’t seem to find the free friday download either. Is that also ending? So many great things ending what a sad day for Kroger shoppers. I guess I will be looking for sales at other places….luckily I have a Publix close by!

      • AP

        Looks like the next Free Friday download will be the 13th, so I guess it’s not offered every week.

    • Disappointed

      Be careful when you shop at Kroger. None of my 50 cents and under coupons doubled today. The cashier didn’t know why, so I took them back from her and went to cust srv . Surprisingly the rep was pleasant. She took my coupons and gave me the double value and then told me that double coupon will be ending shortly. I told her that I would be shopping at Publix more if that is the case. As it is I only shop for the fuel perks, otherwise, Publix is such a delightful place to shop and so much more coupon friendly. I live in Fayetteville, GA.

    • Amy

      Never liked Kroger; had only one good shopping experience during a Mega deal. Other then that; I can drive past and go right to Publix or Ingles or BiLo. No loss, but others who were pro Kroger may be seeking elswhere. Sad.

    • KrogerSucks

      Sister-in-law works in the Louisville KY region known as Mid-South which encompasses Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois and Kentucky, was told today by management that they too will be eliminating doubles on September 22,2013. So sorry for anyone in this region, I guess we will be getting this news delivered soon.

    • kelly

      They’re stopping in Ky too. Hate this because Kroger is the only major grocery chain we have here besides WalMart and I am not a walmart fan at all.

    • shelleyschu

      Just makes my couponing easier. I will just focus on Publx and Target. The television ads in Atlanta say that they will stop this Sunday, Sept. 8.

    • very upset with Kroger!

      My Kroger not only stopped doubling coupons but they only allow 3 internet coupons per person! And they didn’t even tell anyone they were doing this, you don’t find out until you’ve already filled your cart with tons of things that have internet coupons! Hope they enjoyed putting my stuff back up!

    • shelleyschu

      Very upset…they stopped taking most internet coupons a while back. I just cut out shopping there except for milk and meat.

    • Lisa Kathleen Simpson Jackson

      Planning to eliminate them totally … I actually like Publix much better anyway !

    • Angie

      Our Kroger has never been great so they just lost a customer for good. My money will go to Publix.

    • Linda

      I’m not surprised. A friend in VA told me Kroger stopped doubling a few months ago. Stores are in business and things that cost them money or make their life difficult will change. Shelf clearing is very common in our area, with the shelves cleared at Kroger and CVS early in the week. Those that make a habit of doing so make life more difficult for the stores and more polite coupon shoppers. Instead of being angry about this policy change, take heed to shop reasonably.. Unfriendly store managers and cashiers may very well have their reasons for not welcoming coupons.

    • dtcox1

      i liked my kroger and wentback to them because of doubling a few coupons a week . now they have stopped in may my totals went from 158.00 a week to 4.00 or 9.00 a week i know they know from my card i went back to food city to shop

    • dtcox1

      i liked my kroger and wentback to them because of doubling a few coupons a week . now they have stopped in may my totals went from 158.00 a week to 4.00 or 9.00 a week i know they know from my card i went back to food city to shop

    • t Master

      I never found them doubling my coupons anyway. what day did they do that? Sometimes their digital coupons don’t even work. But all and all usually I have had good luck with my coupons. Some of my internet coupons don’t scan and they just enter in the numbers (unlike Walmart who won’t even take those).

      • Claudia Cruz

        they doubled coupons every day

    • Thomas Hawkins

      I was told Knoxville,TN will continue doubling

      • mwrnkls

        My husband works at one in West Knox and the store manager told me Atlanta has stopped and that they will unfortunately most likely be stopping, too, but he didn’t know when. Sounds like it’s a corporate decision.

    • Linda Morgan Johnson

      I believe they will lose a lot of business in my area…North Augusta. As long as Publix and BiLo double and use competitor store coupons, no reason to go to Kroger

    • Jenni

      I have been getting a lot of my organic/natural foods there, so this will definitely make that shopping tougher. May be heading back to Publix.

    • Jenni

      I have been getting a lot of my organic/natural foods there, so this will definitely make that shopping tougher. May be heading back to Publix.

    • Mitch

      Just went to Krogers in Lawrenceville Ga and they didnt double ANY coupons. Looks like it has already started.

    • pjteaches

      I live in GA and on the news they said Kroger is stopping doubling Sept. 8th.

      • Claudia Cruz

        i live in GA also and on channel 2 action news it said Sept. 22

    • phil

      Kroger almost went under before. I guess they think there too big now. We shall see!

    • priscilla

      I went just Thursday and they did not double any of my coupons at all!!

    • teri

      No more shopping at Kroger for me! I have always saved more at Publix anyway. Kroger has been steadily losing my business. They stopped taking competitor coupons and their mega-events take too much work and you have to buy the exact number of items to get the sale price. I will continue to buy gift cards for other stores (2x fuel points) so that I can save on gas.

    • Barbara LewisMuhammad

      They had to make some changes some where. When big corporations buy out another they have to try to save money and the customers are the ones that always suffer.

    • kitty

      Well I will be looking for deals else where now. I am very upset to hear this news. I too Live in Lexington area and they too have said sept. 22 they will end doubling and sad part is there really isn’t any other good grocery stores here to save at. I guess I will spend the next two weeks stocking as much as I can with the doubling and go from there. :( I am a stay at home mom and this is how we make ends meet for me to stay home with our children. This is really going to hurt our budget badly

    • Claudia Cruz

      Does any one live in Gainesville Ga? does any one no if the kroger here done stopped doubling earlier than it said on the news. I think if anyone having trouble with them doubling them, I would go to customer service b/c it says plainly that it will stop September 22. So they should still be doubling them, or at least I think so!

      • Kathy Rogers

        I shopped today at the Winder Highway location; they doubled as usual.

      • Amy412

        They have nice signs on the cashier checkout that they are only taking the faces value of the coupons starting 9/22.

    • Hawkesberry

      I have just read these posts. Mostly ALL very negative about Kroger. I wrote a comment yesterday re: Kroger & other stores cutting staff hours in order to avoid paying anything towards medical. Soon with just a few part-time workers who with due respect will not necessarily have any reason to work especially hard. Other than for your own selfasteem. If, the company treats you as a no-body, just a number to use to create more wealth Why would you want to create more wealth for Kroger’s CEO/President & his board. They have become extremely greedy so have the stock owners. For 25 years I have been a loyal customer of QFC, now Kroger. No longer Trader Joe’s suits me fine so does Haggens who give seniors discount on Weds i.e. in Snohomish County WA
      Note to ALL the future is in your hands “Boycott” the cheats,liars, greedy,selfish, uncaring people of this society.

      • mwrnkls

        All of the decent workers have the opportunity to join the union and I can speak from experience: the UFCW is absolutely fantastic when it comes to protecting and fighting for its members. Kroger has always treated my husband (their employee) and our family very well, and on the rare occasion that there was a misunderstanding on the company’s part, the union took care of it very quickly.

      • mwrnkls

        This is not the place for your soapbox. Please step down and take it to Reddit.

    • Jessica

      According to the Lexington and Louisville news the Louisville region will also stop doubling on the 22nd. Jenny have you heard this?!?

    • SMITH



    • sweeneya

      I have been a faithful Kroger shopper for 22 years, and in recent years this website has helped me save a huge amount of money when shopping there. Publix is nearby and I am wondering if they will be the better deal now, instead of Kroger?!! Jenny, will you please do a comparison between Kroger and Publix for us (I’ve seen you do comparisons between Walmart and grocery stores.) that would help us figure out what will be the better deal now?

      • mwrnkls

        The Publix in my area doubles up to .50, like Kroger, even though it doesn’t state that in their policy.

    • Grammie

      The Krogers in Illinois stopped doubling in May, and assured me their new prices would compensate for no doubling. WRONG! I’ve quit shopping their unless it’s a good deal for $1 or more coupons. Especially when Schnucks has been tripleing up to 75 cents!!!!
      My sister swears by Publics, thinks many times the deals are much better and they are nicer to work with.

    • Lucille

      This sucks. Kroger will lose business I shop more at Walmart now. And price match I hope kroger sees these comments

    • Struck

      Bummer. I understand doubling comes out of Kroger’s pocket, but it was a very nice perk to those who use coupons. That’s one major reason I shopped there compared to Food City here in Knoxville. But, Ingles is nearby and does double. We’ll see what these “additional savings” looks like. I may stop in to Kroger every once in awhile but looks like I’ll be doing more of my shopping at Ingles.

      • mwrnkls

        I’m from Anderson County and I know the Publix in Turkey Creek doubles coupons as well, even though it doesn’t state it in their coupon policy. Hope this helps :)

        • Struck

          Thanks! I haven’t ventured out to Publix yet, though I have wanted to. I wasn’t sure if they doubled or not. I’m in North Knoxville and don’t get over to that side of town often, I would feel silly passing 10 grocery stores to shop there. I may have to go out that way and check it out, learn their store, etc. Thanks for the help! :)

          • mwrnkls

            Sure thing! You could always hit up the one on Northshore instead of TC.

            My hubby worked at Kroger’s for almost 3 years (starts his new job Monday) so I felt very dirty going to Publix the first time, but it is *so beautiful*! LOL The buggies roll smoothly, everything is brightly lit, and the customer service is fantastic. I had a Q for Breyer’s ice cream topping and they don’t carry that, but they are actually communicating with the vendor to order a case just so I can buy a couple of them.

    • Guest

      The only good thing about no doubling is that the shelves are no longer empty when good sales are active

    • guest

      The reason being, I am told, is the extreme couponers, and stockpilers who take advantage of the system. Some go as far as making it a side business and reselling items they purchased with their coupons.A few have ruined it for all. : (

    • Sarah Jane Jenkins

      It’s really too bad. I haven’t been shopping at Kroger a ton lately because their coupon policy already had so many holes to jump through, plus their employees are slow and rude. But whenever there was a free deal on something worth donating, I would go several days in the same week to get more. This won’t affect my monthly budget much, and I’m glad that I have Publix nearby, but it will majorly diminish my donations. Too Bad.

      • Guest

        It’s nice you donate, but unless you asked the store to reserve some in advance, you are now taking items that others needed just to help with thier own budget away from them. Maybe people wouldn’t have to go to donation places if some things were left on the shelf! One or two items is fine once a wk, but let’s not get ridiculous, several trips a wk.

        • Sarah Jane Jenkins

          That’s what rainchecks are for

        • Sarah Jane Jenkins

          That’s what rainchecks are for

    • mwrnkls

      It has already started in some areas in the South East district. I know Atlanta has stopped and my husband’s store won’t be far behind.

    • lisa

      im disappointed that this is happening.kroger bought out harris teeter afew months back.really worried that we will be in the same boat.

    • Ncook

      does anyone know if this includes the Nashville, TN area stores?

      • Kelly Ezzelle Mooneyham

        not sure about Nashville but I just called and the Murfreesboro store is still doubling

      • Tracy

        I work at the Glenbrook Kroger in Hendersonville Tn as the hiring mgr. The Nashville area stores, will no longer be part of the Louisville Division and we will continue to double coupons. I just received an email for our new Nashville Division Office.
        Hope this clears up some confusion.

    • Eric Scott Whitfield

      I just found out that the stores in the Louisville Ky area are going to stop doubling on Sept 22.



    • Nicole

      Just added another reason not to shop at Kroger. In the last year I have found that I have been shopping less and less at Kroger and more and more at Publix and Bi-lo since they are both more Coupon friendly and their sale prices are much better. As a plus there cashiers and managers are much more friendlier, they are so excited to see how much money I save on a weekly basis, lol. With the new Sams opening in the Aiken area that is primarily where I get meat and milk,so I will be set. Goodbye Kroger.

    • harry

      I already do very little shopping at Kroger. We have a nice little chain called Publix about a 1 1/2 minute drive away from Kroger. Publix blows Kroger away on customer service, cleanliness, and (most times) sale prices. By the way I don’t believe for a moment that Kroger will lower prices to offset their not doubling coupons. What a bunch of B.S. that statement is.

    • regmcd

      It was nice knowing you Kroger. Bi-Lo became my favorite grocery store about a year ago. But, I always looked your way. Hoping to see the “old you”. We had a good run there, for a while. :)

    • regmcd

      It was nice knowing you Kroger. Bi-Lo became my favorite grocery store about a year ago. But, I always looked your way. Hoping to see the “old you”. We had a good run there, for a while. :)

    • Amy412

      That really stinks. Told the cashier I would be shoppong at Publix because they still double coupons. To bad for Kroger, you will regret this decision.

    • Amy412

      That really stinks. Told the cashier I would be shoppong at Publix because they still double coupons. To bad for Kroger, you will regret this decision.

    • Jodi J.

      FYI, as of 9/22, Kroger is also going to stop doubling coupons in the Louisville (KY) area.

    • bigdumbdaddy

      Oh well, , it’s their business to run and I have my money to stretch. I’ll do what I must. I hope they bring it back some day.

    • jeanette

      I will have to find a new store to shop at.

    • jeanette

      I will have to find a new store to shop at.

    • Beth Brawley

      I have a feeling they will lose a good bit of business. Isn’t $0.50 better than nothing? If they sell it and double then get some money back from the manufacturer. I will be doing more shopping at BI-LO and Walmart.

    • Stephanie

      Good bye, K-Roger, and good riddance! Publix beats the socks off of Kroger in 100 different ways already. I’m happy that Publix will likely see a good bit more business out of this one!