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As a mama of now 4 girls, I’ve noticed how much our rules and needs have changed overtime.   For our first two kids, that came together as a pair, my husband and I knew nothing… I mean that.  We were so clueless, we printed off directions on how to bathe a baby.  Being thrown into parenting head first with twins, we learned a lot of things fast and things for our 3rd and now 4th haven’t changed much.

Luvs is taking a look at how moms do things differently the second time around with their series “First Kid/Second Kid.”  The series has a lot of funny scenarios about how moms do things differently from their first kid and second kid – it’s very true that most are a pro by the second time around.

The breastfeeding video below takes a humorous look at feeding.  Along with the breastfeeding scenario, there are some other moments moms switch up, like taking a temperature and packing for a day out.  I’m pretty sure at least one of these will make some of you laugh at yourselves and how you’ve changed!

Win a Box of Diapers:

4 Southern Savers readers are going to win a coupon for a Box of Luvs Diapers!

To Enter:

You have two ways to enter, feel free to do both:

1. Tell me in a comment below what changed the most for you between the First Kid and Second Kid (or how you think you’ll change with your second).

2. Leave a comment below telling me which of the “First Kid/Second Kid” videos is the most like your situation?

The Luvs giveaway winner will be chosen and posted to the Giveaway Winners Page Friday, 11/9.
This giveaway was sponsored by Luvs, but all opinions are 100% my own.


    • esyke623

      I am a first time Mom, but I think with the second, I will be a lot less nervous, and take EVERYONE up on the offer to “watch the baby,” which I was afraid to do with this one!

    • krroche

      With my first I was was too overprotective and lysoled everything! My next baby is due in May and I know I will be way more lax when it comes to being so “lysol crazy”!!

    • Stephanie Robinson

      The video above is so funny! I only have one baby but I feel like I have already experienced the change of going from being really shy nursing to just not caring anymore!

    • Jessica

      I’ll definitely feel more prepared with my second!

    • Krumelada

      I love the breastfeeding video! Hilarious – and true!

    • Krumelada

      I am much more laid back this time around about everything!

    • Sarah W

      I only have 1 right now, but i always think about how much easier the 2nd is going to be now that mine is almost a year old and i have learned so much. especially breast feeding! I had such a hard time breastfeeding at first, so i think the 2nd child will be a little easier, at least i know what i’m doing!

    • Sarah W

      I think the breast feeding and the packing to leave the house videos are most like me!

    • I will not do everything the doctor says without question on my second.. and no more reading too many books! I will trust my gut! I am prego with the 2nd, so we’ll how it goes!

    • jessica

      cloth diapering.. i didnt with my first but did/doing with my 2nd & 3rd:) BUT I would still love to win some free dipes:) we do travel!!!

    • YellowCicadia

      I just had my second baby in May and I think that being so worried about germs has changed the most for us. There is no escaping germs when you have a 3 year old.

    • YellowCicadia

      I would say the leaving the house video is the most like me now

    • I liked the park one. It does seem like you take the whole house, or at least I did. I am getting better already though! Those littles don’t need as much as we think they do :)

    • Haha that was too funny! I would be the 2nd Mother! Going from My 1st to My 2nd was a big difference. Most importantly, I saved money with my 2nd & 3rd child because I realized that a lot of things were not needed, I just wanted.

    • josie

      What will change the most since my 2nd child is only 3 weeks old is the fact that I will not listen to everybody and and be worried if my child is not rolling or sitting or walking like another baby, every child has their own time, they might be “late bloomers” but that does not mean they are different, inferior or have any problems or disabilities. I like the first video, especially know that I even have the card with the law that allow me to breastfeed anywhere I am and if baby is hungry she needs to eat.

    • Definately won’t be so precise in everything. I know it’s all ok now.

    • kkfriend

      My fourth is scheduled to be born (c-section) on election day. I haven’t bought diapers or packed our bags yet. I’m sure I had done both before the end of the first trimester during my first pregnancy :-)

    • Sarah

      The Park video is most like me. I no longer take a huge bag with me everywhere go. As long as I have an extra diaper, I’m good to go.

    • Sarah

      I’m due with 2nd kid in 6 weeks. This time around I do no plan to take the baby to the ER because of bad gas. (We didn’t know what bad gas looked like on a baby with our 1s kid, so as a 4 day old baby we were in the ER at 4am in the morning – now we know what gas drops are!! :-)

    • Tonya C

      Oh my, I have changed so much from my first child. I am more laid back with this one. She is now one year old and her brother is 4. I don’t panic over not getting as much time with her as I did my son as I felt guilty for having to go to work everyday when he was smaller. Now, I know they need that play time together instead of always with mommy. I also have been more of a single mom the last 18 months as my husband was in Afghanistan. You learn to do what you can when you can and not sweat the small stuff.

    • I have one of my own, but tend to watch other’s children too. I started trying to cover up, but my daughter had other plans. I learned how to go with the flow with her. My second or third child will be easier because I have learned that it is okay not to do everything perfect. Your children don’t care if you miss a story time or decide to have a day of baking… they want to be around you.

    • Stephanie

      I’m SO much more relaxed with my second than I was with my first. I’m confident, roll with the punches, and don’t stress out over every little thing. It’s a hundred times easier the second time around!

    • Stephanie

      The temperature video is most like me, I’d say. I feel like I base most stuff on intuition this time around than I did with my first.

    • Erin

      I’m pregnant with my second child now and I think I might be a little more laxwith this child. I was obsessed with making sure everythig was perfect with my first. . . . only to stress myself, my husband and my son out!

    • theaikenparrs

      I am a mom of three very young boys, including 3 year old twins (the second/third children)–what changed the most for me was how much LESS I care about “parenting advice” and how much my intuition is mostly spot on.

    • theaikenparrs

      And…I most identify (or used to identify…with our first) with the Park Video! LOL

    • april v

      The biggest thing that changed with my 2nd was not feeling like I wanted to call the doctor with every cough, hiccup or burp that didn’t sound right! LOL

    • april v

      I relate more with the second kid video!

      • april v

        oops..that was supposed to say first kid/second kid “park” video!

    • After raiseing 8 and helping raise many and now raiseing my grandson i have to say all those videos apply to me and much much more!OH the storys i could tell!

    • tammyla

      amount of stuff i carry in the diaper bag. now i mostly just stick a few diapers and wipes in my purse and skip the diaper bag

    • reg64

      with the first did everything by the book…..lol….bad idea….with the second, loosened up and that kid was a lot less uptight…lol

    • erin

      The breastfeeding one is def me. I would hide in dressing rooms or in my car.

    • Tami Schrand

      Ha! Definitely the temperature one. That’s sooo me with my second kid!

    • newbie

      Much more relaxed.

    • Jess

      I’ve been blessed with one baby so far but all the videos are pretty cute!

    • erin

      I would def change not thinking I had to use certain diapers!

    • With my first child I did everything by the books and then when my youngest was born, I did things my way and benefited from it more.

    • Chloe12

      Lol :) Definitely love the breastfeeding video the best, but they were all great! I have one child right now. However, there is a steep learning curve and I think (at least hope) I will be less anxious with my second, able to enjoy it all….even the crying, sleepless nights, and tantrums…and laugh even more at all the funny things babies do. Praise God for children!

    • Jennifer

      Did not worry about what others thought with the second child.

    • mossy30553

      I gave birth to our daughter, Hailey in December of 2001 and after almost 11 years of trying, gave birth to our son Sam in August of this year! With Hailey I was always worried about getting everything done around the house. Now that I realize how fast time really does go by, I take in every moment with my little boy. Trust me, the housework and other chores will still be there when you get around to them!!

    • barb

      No kids, but the videos were very funny!

    • rslaton

      I hope that we have done well enough with our 5 year old that she will teach her new sister everything she knows, especially when it comes to potty training ASAP! We were quite clueless ourselves.

    • prowell

      The nerves disappeared with the second child. We could throw them over the shoulder, hang them upside down, and leave the house with chocolate on their face – nothing bothered us – they were 17 months apart and we were too busy to notice we missed anything.

    • I am pregnant with our second and even the pregnancy part has changed. I am so much less “freaked out”! My daughter is almost 7 and I know that I can’t do things the same as I did with her because I will always have her to think about in all the decisions I make for this baby. We will be messy! We will be fun! We will not stress over every single little itty bitty thing!

    • julesrnbsn

      The breastfeeding is definately my favorite. With my son I was young, 21, and I was soooo nervous. I called my mother 50 times a day, I read all the books….being a type A person, I freaked out about everything. When my daughter arrived 2yrs later I learned to trust my gut instinct a whole lot more. She definately brought along more challenges due to her having severe colic, and I mean severe with 18hrs of crying daily for three months……aggghhhh. Now I’m 30, remarried and my husband and I are trying for my 3rd, his first. It will be so interesting and fun to see how differently we respond to our new addition.

    • laura

      The breastfeeding video for sure-love it!

    • laura

      What changed most was where I breastfed. I was self-conscious w/the first and even once went to a bathroom to do it when we were in a restaurant. Not so w/the 2nd and 3rd! They’re eating too-would you eat your meal in a bathroom stall?

    • Erin

      the park! lol I’m still laughing! But they all seem true to me : )

    • palmettopiano

      I’m definitely not as high-strung about things the second time around

    • palmettopiano

      The diaper bag story is fitting for us!!

    • Kathy

      Those are hilarious videos and so true! With my 1st, I would drop him off to stay the night with grandma…and I would give her a typed schedule, pre-portioned snacks, clothes folded together into complete outfits… I was such a control freak. The 2nd baby now gets dropped off, and sometimes I forget necessities like wipes or sippy cups. It is completely different!

    • Tara

      I think in most ways I’ve been the same — I’ve always been laid back and mostly easy-going when it comes to my kids. But with my daughter (first-born) we had her in our room for the first few months. When my son was born, he was in his own room from night one — I did not like having to be so quiet and on edge worrying about waking the baby up! :)

    • Tara

      The Changing Station one is most like me — those are funny!

    • Meredith

      First time mom, but I think with the second I will buy less stuff and try to relax more!

    • Ami Jenkins

      I can relate to all the videos, but the breastfeeding and the packing for a day out with baby are probably the most like me! So funny!

    • Ami

      With my first, I remember being so excited for him to do the “next thing”…like sit up, eat baby food, crawl, walk, etc….and with my second, I just want her to stay a baby as long as possible because I know how fast it all flies by!!

    • bparker

      We literally switched to Luvs! haha

    • Nikkib

      The breastfeeding video is my favorite! I identify with it so well.

    • Estela

      Nap time! Getting schedules in sync will be rough.

    • Beth

      I just had my first baby in March and am currently (surprise!) pregnant with #2. This time around I am so much more relaxed. I actually forget I’m pregnant!

    • Beth

      I would say the Park video or the Changing Station video is most like my situation!

    • I have to say all of them lol

    • i am expecting my second boy! as his brother is 9 and i was young when i had him…. im much less nervous and fearful. i have a feeling that the saying is true and the second ones r the firecrackers! (me being the second child) :) soooooo pampers r a necessity!!!! im looking foward to mountains of them!! lol

    • Jordyn’s mommy

      I didn’t buy all the useless and expensive things that first time parents have to have. A baby bath tub, $25 (cause we wanted the pink sparkly one) for the first child. We used it one time and figured out the sink worked just as well, without the extra cleaning up of the tub… the bassinett. Used it for three months with the first, realized she was too big for it but we still wanted her in our room. Ended up buying a mini crib for beside our bed. Should’ve done that to begin with and saved the money from the bassinett. And I very quickly realized that any other person’s vomit, poop, or pee getting on you may make you hurl, if it is your child’s, you can brush it off and go have lunch! :)

    • Jordyn’s mommy

      And definitely packing for a day out with the baby is the video I identify with the most…

    • Julie

      I related most with the video about the amount of stuff you carry when going out with a little one. With my first it was everything but the kitchen sink (borderline ridiculous!)…with the 2nd it’s just a few diapers, wipes and an extra outfit. ( :

    • Katie Poth

      The first time around I was so careful and hardly left the house, but now that I have five little ones to chase I have learned a lot! I am now one of those moms breast feeding my baby while sitting in the car line waiting to pick up my first grader while my 2 and 3 year olds are having a screaming match. You then might see me change a diaper right there in my car! I’ve learned that life doesn’t stop and neither do I! I will be out and about and a poppy diaper or a hungry baby isn’t going to slow me down :)

    • Elena

      Im a mother of two, and i can really relate to the breastfeeding luvs commercial. With my first baby, I used my “hooter hider” everywhere and was even embarrased breastfeeding in public with the cover, now with the second kid, I dont even use it.

    • nthebank

      with the second we will buy way less toys … since our first likes playing with our keys or an empty box much more than any toy you could imagine!

    • Annette

      For baby #1 (now 33 years old) I was Earth Mother, nursing, making homemade baby foods, no sugar. Baby #2 was all about survival via convenience. No more time to boil cloth diapers when you have a toddler and a newborn.

    • JulsB20

      I was definitely more relaxed with my second one, but also took advantage of cuddling and holding her more even at times I could have put her down just because I wasn’t sure if that would be my last time to have a baby in that stage.

    • Brenda

      My kids are eleven years apart. I forget everything. I always left things out of the diaper bag instead of replenishing it. The best advice I receive was to put a sticky pad and pen in the car. Leave yourself a note and stick it onto the steering wheel . Secondly, pack an emergency bag full of baby necessities in case of an emergency.

    • BH

      I think I will be a lot less anxious with the second. The first child is a complete learning experience and every step is nerve wracking lol.

    • Ashley

      I’ve learned from the first baby to not listen to everyone’s “advice”. Not only was it incorrect, it was also harmful to my baby’s development. I’ve learned to trust my own instinct and to do hours of research before trusting what other’s say. My second baby is getting breastfed longer among so many other wonderful things just from doing a little research.

    • Tracey

      I worry differently with second kid – this time around about the things that really matter.

    • I take my daughter to the doctor all the time it seems like and I’m sure I’ll be much more laid back about the second one!

    • sandra

      I was alot different with my second. Things were not as difficult. Granted my second one slept alot more. Sleep always helps.

    • bbookie1953

      relax and let others help out

    • melissa

      LOL my fav is the temperature one

    • jeremy

      my favorite video is the one with the baby with the hose

    • jeremy

      we don’t sanitize everything single thing in the world

    • melissa

      five second rule became a five minute rule

    • Maria J

      Like Jenny, my first time being a mom was with 2 (boys),but by my little girl came along 2yr later, i knew then that they really wont break.

    • Maria J

      LOL, the first video is so me

    • BeaDandelion

      What changed the most… I had a stockpile of diapers from #1 that I am still going through for #2… With #1, I hit EVERY diaper stockpiling sale and bought as many as I could!!! With #2, I have a stash of cloth diapers ready for when we are out of the disposies in the size she needs.

    • BeaDandelion

      I like the breast feeding in public video the best… Tho I didnt do much for covering up the first round… this second go around it fair game for anyone around to see what is going on. When a baby needs to eat, baby needs to eat! Modesty is gone.

    • Lauren

      We registered/bought a lot of non-essentials with our first…bath tub, wipes warmer, etc.

    • Jenn Smith

      I’m a first time mom & for our next child I will skip the diaper disposal systems!

    • stickrn

      i sterilized everything with the first child and slacked off with the second one!

    • Kathleen

      I became much more laid back when I had my second child. With my first, I wanted to do everything “by the book.” But I learned that sometimes things don’t go as planned and you really can’t get upset if they get to bed 10 minutes late one night or dinner consists of three chocolate chip cookies. No, these things don’t happen every day, but it makes things much more simpler and fun if you can just roll with the punches!

    • Familygal

      Wow there was a big difference between my 1st and 2nd child. They are 9 years apart so its like starting all over again as if it was my first. It was a big change for all of us.

    • kim

      I feel sad that I don’t have as much time to savor every moment/milestone with the 2nd child as I did with my 1st.

    • tom

      i have 3 and the 2nd was the easiest lol

    • l.c.

      4 is the lucky number

    • ModestMama

      Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t like the breastfeeding video – and that’s okay. I’ve nursed 6 children and I have NEVER exposed myself in public. I think modesty is extremely important whether it is your first, second, or umpteenth child. We do not live in a culture where the primary use of breasts is considered to be nourishing a baby. Yes, babies need to eat when babies need to eat and breastfeeding is such a gift to them. There are, however, easy ways to consider the comfort level of people around you by wearing nursing camis, shirts, or by covering up with a blanket. It’s simply not that hard to cover up.

      • Hope

        I disliked it also

      • jLS

        I thought it was ludicrous as well/

      • Luci

        I still cover up too. Made a cover for the next kid instead of juggling the blanket like the first.

      • CrazyMomto4

        I have to agree… I think they tried to make it as though she had the hang of it… but went overboard.

      • Rian

        I think they were just trying to be funny…wow.

    • I am a first time mom but with the second i know i will be way more relaxed on making sure their schedule is exact to the minute.

    • i think the breastfeeding video is hilarious.

    • Melissa

      Lots more confident with the second!

    • blessedwith2

      I am so much laid back with germs, things are much more relaxed.

    • blessedwith2

      The video of packing everything for the 1st child, and just basics for 2nd. They were all hilarious and struck home.

    • Stacy C

      I think you are more prepared for your second…less scared! =)

    • KAR622

      I’m pregnant with number 2 right now, and I think I will be much more relaxed about everything the second time around! From breastfeeding to leaving the house for the day!

    • suzy

      with my first, i had a hard time putting him down, taking him out and generally being overprotective. with my 2nd, i am much more laid back and she learned to crawl at 6 months because she wants to keep up with brother.

    • amberh

      I am going a lot more natural with my food selections this time around. :)

    • KAR622

      I connected most with the stroller video clip :) With my first son (at least for the first year), I double checked my diaper bag and stroller and purse everytime we left the house. I was paranoid I wouldn’t have enough backup clothes or diapers or toys or whatever, so I always had too many. Hopefully I won’t be quite so paranoid next time!

    • Kim

      I am a first time mommy, but I think I’ll be much more laid back the second time around!

    • Kim

      The breastfeeding video is hilarious!

    • Pam McReynolds

      First off there were 7 years between the birth of my first and second children. First baby I had naturally, second I had c-section. Today I am a Grandma and the differences between my first and second continue as they have through all the years. My first has given me 7 grandchildren a combination of yours, mine, and ours. My second has taken on his first child, a 1 year old. We drove to New York as Sandy arrived to pick her up. This was a sudden thing and he could use diapers so I thought I would comment.

    • mami2jcn

      I think the 2nd felt a lot easier than the 1st. I have 3.

    • Lindsey Brackett

      Packing to leave was totally me. My first baby had everything she needed and more, my 4th is lucky if there’s a diaper in the bag I forget to empty. Ironically, I am using Luvs more than ever–right now they are the best value around.


      With my first child, I bought so many clothes to the point that I ended up having to dress her up to sit in the home just so she could wear all her clothes at least once. With my second, I got a lot of handme downs from my cousin and only bought clothes as needed!

    • Kristie

      With my first daughter I wouldn’t leave the house until we both looked presentable and put together. Now that I have two girls (4 and 19 months) I’m lucky to have had a shower that day. Make-up and hair don’t even make my top 10 things to do anymore!

    • Mitzi

      Packing the diaper bag is much easier now with the second kid. I know exactly what I need and don’t have a lot of extra crap to carry.

    • tuemai

      With the second one I was not as nervous when giving baths and didn’t run to him everytime he cried. I didn’t buy lots of baby gadgets and things I thought would need with a baby, like I did the first time around.

    • I thought the breast feeding in public and the packing for the park really applied to my life between first and second kid.

    • naenae248

      Probably the breastfeeding one!

    • Billietatar

      What changed the most between having my first daughter and my second daughter was me being so uptight. With my first, I was paranoid all the time that she was going to fall or get hurt. No matter how much I smothered her with my worrie it was inevitable that things were going to happen. Like when kids start walking, they are going to fall and possibly get hurt in there life. I can only control so much but other things just happen. I am definetly more relaxed now with child number 2.

    • Caroline

      So many things change between first and second kids. I’m on #3 now and it’s amazing how fast I can get three boys (6, 4 and 3 months) out the door compared to when I only had one baby!

    • Caroline

      The video of the mom packing the diaper bag was great! I was so like that and then rarely needed any of it! Now sometimes I just stick a diaper and pack of wipes in my purse and hope he doesn’t need a change of clothes! But no matter what, the diaper bag is always packed so I can throw my wallet in there and walk out the door.

    • bridgetmsw

      loved the packing the diaper bag video. so true!

    • bridgetmsw

      I have only one but i think the second time around I’ll be a lot less worried about EVERYTHING! Especially sickness. I would panic at every cold.

    • apuckett524

      I will sleep when the baby’s sleeping for my 2nd.

    • Erin I.

      I think I was just so much less nervous the second time around…I knew that I had done it all before and my baby survived!

    • Erin I.

      I liked the video about packing for a trip out. With my first, I had a giant diaper bag with everything under the sun inside. With my second, I just carry a few diapers, wipes, a sippy, and some Cheerios in my purse!

    • Audrey

      With my 1st I thought i needed to have all the latest equipment n toys but i found out kids will have more fun playing w the box the toy came in. I think i was like the 1st mom with the breastfeeding in public issues but i would still have to cover up in. public

    • Julia Atkins

      Sleeping when the baby is sleeping.

    • leslie

      What changed the most for me between first kid and second kid was my constant hovering. With kid number one, I freaked out about everything. Kid number two….for the most part I let him explore things independently around the house without constant worrying that he’s going to get hurt, etc.

    • katkoupon

      I felt like that lady with the checklist before leaving the house. I think I had 3 bags and 2 strollers each time I left home with my first one. Second one, had it down to just one bag!

    • Becky

      I learned which rules to break – #1 was in the NICU for 4 weeks, but #2 got to have a flexible feeding schedule and sleep in my bed off and on.

    • Megan D

      With my second I learned how to ask for help….I reached out for babysitters, learned to love hand-me-downs & took advice.

    • Becky

      I like the changing table – cell phones are the best toys.

    • Camiele

      I think it’d get easier with the 2nd one.

    • Camiele

      The packing for a trip out video.

    • Shay

      With my first child, I carried a lot with me when going out, but I learnt I did not need that much. So, with my second child, I carried only essentials – diaper, wipes and food! I really connected with that ad. Thanks for all you do :-)

    • Jessica s

      Packing the stroller reminds me of myself.

    • socialcat2004

      The park is definitely where I changed the most. I hurt my back from carrying too much stuff with the first kid. With the second I now use a back pack diaper bag and have learned what is really important.

    • Becky Lutz

      I have only child now, but I think by the 2nd time around I will worry less about the little things and enjoy the moment.

    • Kelly

      My first baby vs raising my 7th should be quite different, but I have been the same with all of my babies….it is just a little busier for the new baby each time. ;)

    • Bianca

      What has changed the most– I quit cloth diapers and I am okay letting my 2nd sit in her pee a little longer.

    • Bianca

      Scenario that best fits me with my 2nd: I nurse everywhere now! I used to bring a nursing cover everywhere and then still hide in a bathroom or backroom. Now I do what I need to do where ever I can.

    • couponeagle

      My biggest thing was I wasnt so embarressed breast feeding with my daughter as I had a great cover up and it was hidden from everyone but me….I also didnt worry as much about a diaper if the baby is ready for a change they will def let you know they dont need a new one every hour

    • Christina33

      The park video is probably the most accurate for my life. With my first child, I took my mom’s advice of “what happens if you get in a car accident?” and “anything can happen, you never know”. Therefore, I packed almost everything I could think of and then some. My second is 6 weeks old, and I can pack to leave in no time. Also don’t care about what we all look like. Happy to even remember to eat or lucky to get a shower. With the first one, I wouldn’t leave the house unless we were all clean and dressed our best. No time for all of that these days.

    • Missy

      As the mother of boys, I learned how to change a diaper and bathe the baby without a urine fountain shooting across the room. With the first son, changing or bathing baby usually meant I would have to bathe and change clothes myself if I had been in the line of fire. lol

    • Tfitz77

      BF ING for sure! No more hooter hiders on number 2! Lol

    • Tfitz77

      Haha. I forgot most of you are in South Carolina. I live on the west coast. People are a little less guarded out here.

    • Andrea Jo

      The funny thing is that I babied my second more than the first. My first girl was and still is a big daddy’s girl and she is also very independent. She was climbing out of her crib as soon as she learned to walk. My second was definitely momma’s girl and it wasn’t until the third came along, when number two was just over a year old, that I realized how much more I babied her.

    • Joanna

      Only one right now, but the diaper bag one was me when he was first born. Now, I’m lucky to remember the diaper bag!!! I always have a diaper and some wipes in my purse, just in case!

    • Jen

      I am 9 mo pregnant with #4. I have a 9yr old, 6yr old and a 2.5 yr old. I have learned to allow my kids to learn to do things on their own. I don’t do everything for them. I show them how to do it at an earlier age. My first was always clean. I never let her get messy. One stain on her shirt and I changed her clothes. I did everything for her until of course my son was born. Then I started showing her to do things herself but by that time she was 3. My son and my second daughter are more independent which makes it easier this time around. I have also learned that Luvs are my favorite diaper. They are very absorbant and they are quality diapers.

      • Sarah Ritter

        I agree. I only have one child (who is almost ten), but I have enjoyed reading the comments. Luvs work just as well as the Pampers, and I loved being able to buy a box of diapers for about the same price as a smaller bag of national brand diapers. They are great!

    • Jen

      I think the video about taking the Temp. was cute and funny.

    • Jennifer

      I’ve only had one child…but I’d imagine I’d be more relaxed and worry less if I have another child.

    • Jennifer

      Park video LOL very much like me!

    • Amanda

      I don’t fret about our second child during the night like I did with our first. I used to check our first constantly through the night to make sure she was not too hot/too cold/choking/breathing….

      With our second, I just make sure he’s in comfy warm jammies, on his back, and let that baby sleep!! :-)

    • Lora

      Hold them more, the time passing so quickly

    • Melissa

      Strollers have changed between all of my kids.

    • lj

      I just have one now, but the 2nd is due any day. I’ve been told that with the first kid, you treat him like fine china. The 2nd kid, you treat more like corelle. And the 3rd is like tupperware :)

    • lj

      I also like the park day video. :) I’m hoping and praying it’s true, because we do a lot of long trips to see the grandparents 6 hrs away. And I have a feeling traveling with 2 kids in a car is going to be a challenge to fit everything in the trunk! We’re waiting to get a van until we can afford to pay it off. And our trunk is really small :)

    • Ha Ha these are great. I would have to say that I always covered up when breastfeeding but all of the other videos look about right.

      My big change between one and two was incorporating the baby into my life vs planning my life around the baby’s schedule. With baby one we were on a strict 3 hour schedule cycle of sleep eat play. By number 2 I wore my baby and went and did all the things I needed to. We still followed a basic pattern of sleep, eat, and play but since I wore him he could sleep and play while I wore him. Since I breast fed i just had to find a place to sit and cover.

    • Titus 2 Family

      God has been so patient with me. He has place wonderful Godly women in my path who show me what it looks like to glorify him as a wife and a mom. That said, I have been blessed to breastfeed all four of our children, and while it certainly becomes more comfortable and a precious gift, I do agree modesty is appropriate. I particularly enjoyed the third video where the mom grabs a few diapers and a handful of cereal and heads out the door. I have been known to simply place a diaper in my purse and off we go! My prayer is that I would be able to train my daughters so they will not have this extreme first child syndrome, but will be comfortable, knowledgeable, and prepared for the honor and privilege of being a wife and mom!

    • pollard1184

      I am pretty sure packing a bag for a day out will be much easier the second time around.

    • MommaC

      First child, had everything and anything that baby or mom could need, or anyone else we ran into would need, all crammed into the diaper bag. Second child, will be packing much lighter. :)

    • Angie L.

      With the first kid everything had to be new and with this one hand me downs are fine!

    • Angie L.

      The video with the mom putting everything in the stroller reminded me of me with the 1st kid.

    • shem61

      I have less time!

    • LW5324

      The biggest change for me from first kid to second kid was the amount of gear I purchased. With my first, I was the perfect customer for companies marketing anything to make my baby “smarter” or to make my life easier as a new mom. With the 2nd, I only picked up the basics and used hand-me-downs of the items I really liked with the first:)
      My favorite video from Luvs is the Changing Station…I did that a few times. My husband still acts that way sometimes:)

    • I feel time has gone by so much faster with my second child. I don;’t know if it is the fact that I am constantly trying to keep up with both little ones or because I am less nervous and stressed out. Okay.. well atleast less nervous. lol.

    • td

      how much i will deviate from our schedule

    • Tausha

      My favorite video was the breastfeeding one – I was literally laughing out loud! It’s SO true how much different things are with your 2nd child! I feel like the biggest difference for me was taking people up on the offer to watch my boys. When we only had one child I felt like I wanted to be with him 24/7…so I didn’t miss anything! Now that I have 2 little boys I feel a lot more willing to take some “mommy time” while someone else watches them!

    • Heather

      I have three kids now. The first I was completely over protective, the second I was a little more layer back. But NOW, I just survive :) love them all!!

    • Heather

      Second kid video defininitly!!!

    • Jennifer

      I was a lot less relaxed with breastfeeding the 2nd and even more so the 3rd time around. I still would never expose myself in public (I’m not one to draw attention to myself), but I didn’t feel the need to go back to the car or find a completely private place to feed. I now just go off by myself when the baby needs to eat. (ex. the top of the stadium where nobody sits when my husband is coaching)!

    • Amy claycomb

      I had my first child at 18. I was very particular about everything. Since i was a single parent at the time I was going to make sure my child was the smartest, best behaved, and all around perfect child. When he was 15years old (and a great kid) I had my second child. Wow, talk about a change in parenting…my second child is wild. I am very relaxed now that I am older, wiser, and not as energetic as the good old days.

    • LOVE The blow out commercial which reminds me: I have learned to better train my husband how to change dirty diapers and get up in the middle of the night with the second baby!

    • Erin

      Everything changes–especially when the kids end up being so different. I became a lot more flexible/laid-back/less anal with my second child!

    • Erin

      I was like the breastfeeding lady. With my second, I wasn’t anywhere near as self conscious.

    • Mom2Ella&Lane

      What changed the most was me…I wasn’t as “eyes peeled”, worried all of the time. Now I’m more of a “If there isn’t blood, brush it off and keep playing” kinda mom. :)

    • Joy

      With my first, I read tons of books, with my second, I’m trusting my instincts more. :)

    • Mom2Ella&Lane

      The park video is SO me! With our first, I used to try and pack anything and everything we MIGHT need…now that we have two, 19 months apart, not only when we go to the park, but when we go anywhere…I grab Luvs and a snack and off we go. I learned a long time ago that all you need is Luvs! :)

    • Kimberly

      The biggest thing was being able to relax more and not second guess my decisions.

    • Kimberly

      The video where the Mom is in the restaurant was the most like my situation.

    • Carrie

      My first child had new EVERYTHING and brand names to boot! I refused a second hand stroller that someone offered me because I wanted to have an Eddie Bauer. Now, everything, and I mean everything is second hand for my other 3 kids.

    • Cowspotzchic

      I definitely relate to the “packing for a day out” video. With the first- the diaper bag was huge, and i had lots of overflow. Now- grab a diaper, bib, and wipes, and go! Also, with the first, I had massive amounts of clothes. Now, only what is necessary.

    • Emily

      I’m so much more relaxed with the second…I don’t worry when we’re off schedule (constantly…).

    • MBrito

      Well, I think from the first kid to the second, I learned to choose my battles… for instance, my first was allowed no candy, juice, etc. until she was two… with my second, he was given “junk food” much sooner.

    • MBrito

      The video scenario that most looks like my transition is the amount of stuff needed for a kid(s) when going out. I really learned what was truly essential to have for the kids on outings.

    • Emily

      I can relate to them all to some degree but the diaper bag one was my favorite. I definitely just bring the necessities now!

    • Hockey Mum

      With the second one you don’t make as many mistakes and you know what to do (more so).

    • busy care bear

      What changed for me was my time and energy. It is hard keeping up with two boys one is 7 months and the other is 2 1/2, working, keeping the house clean and safe and taking on-line classes to get a degree. Needless to say I had to take this semester off from school and cut back my working hours.
      I laugheded at the reality of all the videos. It’s great to know I’m not the only one that struggles with these issues. The one that touched home the most was the dirty diaper in the bathroom stall. I was always so nervous about where to put my stuff because of germs and most of the time i needed a helper to change his diaper. I have even had to change a diaper on my lap because there was no changing table.

    • lori

      with my first daughter i bought a ton of cute clothes that never got worn but with the second daughter i only bought clothes as needed lie special occasions

    • Deanna

      Goodness. My biggest is putting the baby down while it’s awake and I wish someone had told me that kids whimper in their sleep.

    • dakota16901

      With my second child I won’t have to frantically scour the internet looking for swaddling products to help my baby sleep because I bought them all for the first. Ha!

    • Chris B

      First kid slept through the night within 2 months, second kid it took a year!! I thought being laid back again for #2 would work out well but not with my boy!

    • Jen

      With my first I was in my early 20’s, with my second my later 20’s, and now number 3 in my early 30’s. In between, all the rules changed. Everything they said to do with the first is opposite now with the third. It’s got me feeling like a first time parent all over again!

    • McKim

      With my first child I was very high strung – didn’t want anyone to touch him, etc. With the second child I was still a little paranoid, but much less.

    • VanessaCook

      The video about “packing up for the day” is probably the one most like me…now with 3 that are 5, 2, & 1month we have a Suburban and just never unpack the car…it makes getting ready in the morning so much easier…I know that I always have spare clothes/diapers/wipes for the 2 in diapers waiting in the car.

    • Elizabeth

      I think with the second one I’ll be much more likely to ask for help. With my first one I’ve been too stubborn to ask for help because I want everyone to know I don’t need it.

    • Kac

      I remember being so nervous with my first kid. I am expecting in Dec. and feel so calm and ready. I have so much more confidence now and dont feel like I will freak out over every little thing. Hoping it all comes back to me!! Feeling excited for our new bundle of joy. The diapers would help us so much!!!!

    • Elizabeth

      The breastfeeding video hits home with me. I’m so modest that I never breast fed my son in public, even though I nursed him for a year! I don’t think I’ll ever expose myself, but I will definitely have to be more laid back the second time around.

    • VanessaCook

      Kid #3 is the lifechanger for us. Our first 2 kids slept threw the night 8-12 hrs everynight straight home from the hospital…with #3 we are lucky if she sleeps 1.5 hrs in a row!!! WOW! We definately learned a lot from this experience…like figuring out what is a priority!

    • Rian

      With my first we were very rigid with sleep and nap schedules…and created a very structured baby. With our second, we care about his rest, for sure, but in our need to live life we’ve created a more flexible baby! Quite liberating, actually :-)

    • Rian

      I LOVED the video of the mom trying to leave the house for the park. Definitely been there! Though with my second, I still tend to overpack : Still working on that!

    • kjshea

      With the first baby I was so unsure of myself. Basic things like bathing the baby or just going for a walk with the baby were a big deal. Now that we have 3 I am much more relaxed! I still may not have all the answers but now realize not every decision is so critical.

    • kjshea

      The video of changing the baby in the bathroom hit home with me!

    • Liz H

      The video of the packing to leave the house is so me. My first one had a fully packed suitcase to leave for a walk. My second and now third, I make sure I have a few diapers a snack and a cup floating around in my purse.

    • Liz H

      There is 5 years between my first and my second child and I became much less over protective with my second. I think once we realize that the first child survives ever bump, bruise, questionable off the floor food and every other strange child thing that no matter how hard we try we can’t prevent anyway we let go a little with the next one

    • Kimberly

      A lot has changed for me. I am having baby #4 in January and dont even remember the days when my first was born other than I didnt know what I was doing. It seems much easier now.

    • Guest

      I had to laugh, seeing myself and the difference between 1 and 2, with the changing station clip!

    • Deborah Steel

      I laughed, seeing myself and the difference between 1 and 2, with the changing station clip!

    • Deborah Steel

      I’m a lot less worried and more flexible with two. (A life of travel surely contributes to that fact!)

    • wfutnt21

      My first slept like at champ by 7 weeks old. My second (who is now 9 months old) woke up 4x, per night, until her 7th month. Our third is due 4/2013 so I know I have lots of changes coming my way.

      The breastfeeding video is the best :)

    • myerse

      Oh my goodness. Life was so different between boy 1 and boy 2…i don’t think boy 2 got ANY new clothes (diapers were the only new thing he got!!!) for the first year of his life…

    • Diane

      I was so much more comfortable with the 2nd as I didn’t listen to relatives as much. I breastfed #1 for 1 month and #2 for 11 months for example. So much more relaxed with the second.

    • Diane

      I think the checklist video as we lived so far from any store or relative at the time.

    • Kristin

      I’ve definitely found myself more laid back as far as feeding solids and what I consider junk food. My second baby’s first “real” food was ice cream :)

    • Twinmomma

      As a mother of 1 year old twin girls (first babies) I am sort of jealous of the breastfeeding video. I guess b/c my body thought why should I produce breast milk when you can’t even get pregnant without help. I did enjoy the video though. =)

    • Twinmomma

      Something I will do different the next time…probably be much more laid back about everything.

    • Crystal

      I Love the video of the Mom getting ready to leave the house with a load of “stuff” because that was SO me with my first baby! Now with my second child, I can go out with nothing but a few diapers and wipes. Oh, how we evolve as mothers.

    • Lynsie

      I think I lightened up on the pressure to perform between the 1st and 2nd. I pushed milestones with my first and would make her practice all these words when she started talking, I’ve been much more rolling with life with my son, and just celebrating as he reaches these same things.

    • Lynsie

      I definitely relate to the breastfeeding, though the temperature & going to the park ones were great too! I always used my cover when in public, but I tried to be careful with my first but my husband keeps joking that by the time we have a third I will not even worry about the cover.

    • Ashley

      I can relate to all the videos, but the breast feeding and park videos are the truest. I still try to use a nursing cover, though (when baby doesn’t pull it up).

    • Ashley

      I am overall just more relaxed and more confident of my care taking skills.

    • I think I’ll definitely be a little more lenient with my second!

    • mam2009

      I know we don’t need to take everything when we leave the house with our 2nd child. I used to pack a whole diaper bag when I left the house with my 1st child and would only use 1 diaper. I have also learned how to manage my time more wisely.

    • Emily

      I’m not going to run out of diapers with my next little girl (due in February). I constantly ran out with my toddler, but this time around I’m already stocking up. Thanks for posting all of the diaper deals each week!

    • Joan

      I was just more relaxed the 2nd time around, which made the adjustment so much easier!

    • Jess

      Im a lot more relaxed with the second

    • Jess

      I felt like that lady with the checklist before leaving the house

    • meghan

      With my first child, I never really felt like I “got it.” I was never sure I was doing things right, etc. I am now pregnant with my second and I feel like the nurses are just going to hand the baby to me and I’m going to feel like, “I got this!” Fingers crossed!

    • Jules

      The nursing in public was the best video! I nursed both my boys and found that video funny! I was always covered, but felt more secure with the Second to quickly transition from feeding to burping.

    • Sara

      I definitely take much less pictures of our second babe. Our first son, we took a picture of every waking breath, and poor baby #2 has a few snap shots here and there, but nothing near the thousands of photos of his big brother. I loved the video of the mom trying to leave the house with everything…I remember those moments and how they change with the second.

    • Brandy

      I thought all the videos were funny and so true! I’m probably closest to the ones about the changing station or the park. I thought I had to have everything anywhere we went so I had this huge diaper bag the first time around. Now I carry a small one with just diapers, wipes, extra bottle and formula and one change of clothes. I have also gotten so used to changing a little one that a lot of times I change my son in my lap at the restaurant (as long as it is just a wet one) rather than laying him in those changing stations. At least I know who has been sitting on my lap!!! LOL!

    • struckdeals

      I held and cuddled my first a lot. So much that he screamed his head off any time he was set down so I could go to the bathroom even. Of course I snuggled with my second but broke the “has to be held” habit pretty early on. So much easier!

    • Odessa

      I think for me, with my 1st child, I was very nervous with what I was doing and always 2nd guessing what I should be doing. By the time I had my 2nd, I had the experience & I learned to go w/my instinct as to what to do.

    • Odessa

      I think the video I could closely relate to was the one about getting ready to go to the park. Every time I went to leave the house with my 1st child, it seems I packed everything except the kitchen sink…

    • Mrs. N

      I was so freaked out about my LO getting sick we stayed home constantly the first 6 months. I learned to chill and with the next one I hope we’ll get out more!

    • Mrs. N

      Breastfeeding video was so like my situation! Haha! That’s fantastic

    • Kelley

      SOOO many things are different with the second. One of my biggest things is that I’m a lot calmer with the second. I don’t freak out about germs, if I’m doing something the ‘right’ way, or whether or not the house is perfectly clean (I’ve given up on that). I’m demanding less of myself and finding that I’m a lot calmer for it. It’s liberating!

    • Karen

      I was just more relaxed and prepared for my second child. I knew what to expect

    • Karen

      I think the temperature video is the best!

    • Jenn

      I ended up just not caring about things. Things I was very worried about with the first, just didn’t matter with the second.

    • Jenn

      I related to the breastfeeding video.

    • momof1

      I also found the breastfeeding video a little offensive. I am a very conservative person and am curently breasfeeding my first child. There is NO reason that you cant put a blanket over your breast. I find it offensive when a woman vcannot be considerate of others and cover up! I know for my future kiddos, I will cover up, no matter how many we end up having.

    • Hope

      The diaper changing one was the one I relate to the most! I still pack a ton of stuff & bring 2 bags when we go out because I’ve found that as sure as I don’t, I’ll regret it!
      I’m definitely more relaxed about germs with #2 and when we get to that point, I know I will be much more chilled out about potty training.

    • jls

      after the second baby, I realized that there are a lot of things that weren’t necessary…babies just need to be loved.

    • jls

      wow that was a pretty trashy video. There is no reason to be that exposed. So I guess I would have to say that I felt like I agreed with the first kid scenario…gotta stay covered.

    • dlbandjeb

      With the first I packed everything but the kitchen sink when we went somewhere. Now that I have 3 kids I can fit it all into one bag.

    • beccabraveheart

      Definitely more laid back with my second than my first.

    • StephSavings

      Checklist mama all the way!

    • StephSavings

      How do I think I’ll change? Well, hopefully the checklist will get shorter! ;)

    • Terri

      Much more relaxed about everything with the second son that came along 5 yrs after the first.

    • Melanie B

      what changed for me breastfeeding wise, was my modesty. I was still modest but, way less. I used a cover instead of going into a bathroom, etc

    • Melanie B

      I liked the nursing video because I could relate but, I was definitely more modest.

    • Mj

      I thought I knew it all with the first. Then the second realized I didn’t know it all. Then by the third, I really didn’t care what I did’nt know.

    • Caroline

      With my second kid I think I will be much more relaxed and not as strict, having more experience. I will definitely keep breastfeeding and going organic with my second kid!

    • biduf25

      I hope with my second I will be alot more lax in not stressing as bad. I’m a worry wart by nature and I worry about everything with my first!

    • One thing that changed between the 1st and 2nd was I was more willing to try new foods at an earlier age for the 2nd one.

    • The Park video is most like our situation. I found myself packing the entire house just to do something as simple as go to the park!

    • Tara Shanko

      I dressed my first child to the nines just to run to the store for milk. With my second child a year later it was a miracle if their socks matched.

    • Janette

      My 1st child I freaked out when she was sleeping and some one started getting loud. I would get in such a tizy. Now, with my 2nd child I don’t even care!!!! They’ll survive! :)

    • Heather

      Video two. I pack alot less to leave the house now.

    • Heather

      I stress alot less with minor things for the 2nd (actually my 3rd). I have a 22yr. old college student and also a 4yr. old and 2yr. old

    • Angela

      With my first one, I was so careful and scared of hurting her that diaper changes took forever. Now, I can slap a clean diaper on my wriggling Number Three in 5 seconds flat.

    • Rachel J

      With my first, I had a strict rule to never have him in bed with me, but with #2, I found out that I got a lot more rest (and good snuggles) when she was right beside me :)

    • Rachel J

      I could definitely relate to the video of diaper changing scenario!! Just hand the baby an object and they’re fine! hahaha

    • Tawnya Patterson

      i think i am most like the breastfeeding mom very private about everthing at first then 3 kids later anything goes cause if baby ain’t happy mamma ain’t either

    • Tiffany Winner

      i was less nervous the 2nd time

    • lil A’s mom

      i only have one child, but the next time around, i will be more relaxed with holding him/her while sleeping (just in the beginning)…those days pass by so quickly…

    • lil A’s mom

      the breastfeeding video is hilarious. i was definitely the first girl with my first child…don’t have number 2 yet and i don’t know if i will be THAT comfortable the second time around, but i’m sure i will be more comfortable breastfeeding the second one

    • The one thing that has changed the most besides having a midwife vs a doctor for my second woukd have to be the way that I put him to sleep. i lay him down before he is asleep most nights instead of rocking and sleeping and everything else like my first son.

    • Stacy

      LOL! I wan’t offended by the breastfeeding video. I think they all are a little sarcastic but get the point across! With my first baby I wouldn’t even nurse covered in public, I felt so awkward. But with my second, I do nurse in public (covered, of course) and don’t think twice about it!

    • The park commercial is probably most like my situation I am still.not good at breastfeeding in public with a wrap let alone nothing. Perhaps if more women breastfed in public it would be more socially acceptable.

    • cnensor

      How rude to imply that breastfeeding in public is “exposing” yourself. Women are only forced to cover up because of small-minded people who don’t respect women’s bodies. Feminists everywhere should be appauled that the hypersexualization of women dictates that breastfeeding is “exposing” yourself and immodest.
      There is no reason to make a woman feel “trashy” as some have posted for feeding a baby.

    • mendy

      We leave the house with much less :)

    • brandi

      With my second, I don’t worry nearly as much about what to feed her or how much, and when. I’m just more relaxed this time and know that she’s happy and growing so I don’t need to stress over it.

    • brandi

      I relate most to the temperature video. With my first, I always had the thermometer checking her temp. Now with my second, I can kiss her forehead and know if she has a fever or not.

    • Michele

      love the temp video.

    • Michele

      love the temp video.

    • Michele

      with my second probably enjoy the early times a lot more. they go by so fast.

    • Michele

      with my second probably enjoy the early times a lot more. they go by so fast.

    • Lgirl3

      With my second child I was a bit more relaxed and was grateful knowing that “phases” do pass and things always get better.

    • Lgirl3

      With my second child I was a bit more relaxed and was grateful knowing that “phases” do pass and things always get better.

    • Holly

      What’s changed about the 2nd child is me! Much more “go with the flow.” Of course, it also means I’m not documenting every little thing in the baby book like I did with the first one. I’ll probably hear about that in therapy sessions later.

    • mommyking

      With my first I was strict with routine, sleep habits, and eating. By the 3rd I have lost the battle. Poor first child. I also learned to let go of the rules when at the great grandparents’ house. It is only for a few days. The little one will survive and the family will be much happier. Cherish the moments.

    • mommyking

      I love the temperature taking video. We refused to do that to our first child. We found every way around it. By the 2nd we could just tell by their demeanor and the touch of a hand. My husband is the best!

    • Christy

      I related to the diaper changing video alot! just hand them the phone for 10 second and tada!

    • Christy

      I learned to let things go and not get so worked up over every little thing the second time around. I have a STRONG feeling it’s going to be even more so that way with #3! :)

    • shannon oelrich

      I dont really know how I changed in between first and second kid. I was a pretty laid back mom with all my kids.

    • Mia

      Purchased much less clothing

    • Mia

      First kid on breast feeding vid.

    • Eabloch

      The biggest thing that changed for me was worrying about milestones. I realized that all kids are different and instead of expecting my second to be 2 months ahead of every curve, I just kind of let it go. When I did, I noticed that he was right on par with the norms for everything and it was so much less stressful that with my first because I didn’t give myself that break her whole infancy!

    • shannon oelrich

      I didnt like the first video either. None of them really fit me. I was laid back with all of them.

    • Laura Jacobson

      I think the most different is the first one, I was so nervous about everything and anything! So protective! The second one so much more at ease!

    • Laura Jacobson

      Oh I think the Luvs – Temperature is so like us! LOL..had to laugh!

    • Kimberly Deallovingrandma Stcl

      After the first kid, you learn that brand does not go over quality!!!

    • kellyb

      I also did not care for breastfeeding video. I nursed both my children and never exposed myself. But, i will say that i wasnt as nervous with second child but i still covered myself.

    • Mrs R

      I can’t wait to have Baby 1 in May and hopefully Baby 2 will come a year after that. I’m hoping that having two close together will make for an easier transition, less baby gear, etc. I’m also hoping I’ll be more consistent as a parent than my own parents, who had totally different rules for No. 1 and 2 than No. 3 and 4 (born 10 and 13 years later.)

    • I would have to say I relate the most with the nursing video. I was young with my first baby and tried nursing but it only lasted about a month. I was always tense and felt uncomfortable nursing in front of anyone. I was working with the next two so I did not try to nurse them. When I had my fourth I nursed again and I felt more relaxed with it because I was older and knew more about it. I have nursed 6 babies now and I just found the video kind of funny because it was soooo true. I myself would never expose my breast to anyone other than my immediate family but when out in public and nursing even with a nursing apron on with everything covered people still look and stare like I am doing something weird!!!

    • Jen D.

      I was so much more laid back with my 2nd child. I def. used off brand diapers a lot sooner with the 2nd one!

    • Jen D.

      I didn’t mind the breastfeeding video…it is what it is!

    • Red

      I wasn’t as nervous with my second about making sure he ate at exactly 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours etc. I just fed him when he was hungry and didn’t worry about all the details surrounding feedings as much.

    • Kim P.

      The changing station clip is totally me! I only have one child and I feel like I always am one step behind!

    • Kim P.

      I think that if/when I have a second child, speed will be the thing to change most. I know I will get much faster at doing everything as I go along.

    • lindsay

      I am way more laid back about germs. If she drops something on the floor, I just pick it up and wipe it off and give it right back to her. With my first, I would have gone and washed it off every time.

    • lindsay

      I thought the breastfeeding video was most like me. Of course, it was a little exaggerated for effect. I still use a nursing cover, but at 9 months old, my daughter is not a big fan of me putting something over her face while she is eating and often pulls at it or tries to take it off. With my first, I was too uncomfortable to even nurse in public with a cover on.

    • Stephanie Larison

      I liked the going to the park video. That used to be me! Taking every little thing is not needed. I realize that now since she’s a bit older. Grab a diaper and go!

    • Amy

      Actually, I’ve been taking care of kids for my whole life (10 siblings and lots of nannying jobs) so I think I’m pretty easy going with my first now. Not sure what’ll change! But i do love Luv’s diapers!

    • Amy

      I might be closer to the breastfeeding video. Still getting used to doing it in public!

    • steph

      with my second child i’ll use less gear-most of it isn’t needed in the 1st place.

    • steph

      i liked the video about breast feeding. so true!

    • stuart

      Our second child will be exposed to more dirt and germs since we already have a child :)

    • stuart

      I thought that the video about the temperature was funny.

    • krisanddoug2004

      I was so paranoid with my first one, and then the second came 12 months later and that all seemed to fly out the window with him. He gets so much more freedom then the first one — and as a result seems quite a bit more independant!

    • Sasha

      I’m expecting my second, but I was a nanny and a teacher before I had my first so I was pretty well prepared. With the 2nd I think I’ll analyze things less. Babies change and grow, so every few weeks something new will come up and it doesn’t need a reason.

    • Sasha

      I like the park video. I didn’t pack that much stuff, but I think I still pack too much on outings with my first. My second is due in February so hopefully I can simplify/downsize.

    • Jaclyn Reynolds

      I liked the breastfeeding video also.

    • Jaclyn Reynolds

      We took our second child out and about earlier. With my first, I just enjoyed being home and taking things slower. With the second child, we were going to parks more.

    • sarah

      I think the most that will change is any free time I have. With two little ones on different time schedules what little free time I have now will be gone, lol. But I look forward to it.

    • sarah

      I dont think there was anything wrong with the breastfeeding video. I covered myself up but if you are comfortable not than it is your choice. I think that breast feeding is a natural thing and if you choose to do it than good for you. i am not saying expose it to everyone but if you are in a situation and have to feed your child than do so.

    • Erica Carnes

      The temperature one fits us most.


    • beth shepherd

      I think I was more relaxed with our second. The littlest cry didnt scare me with our second as it did with our first.

    • Daiva

      I was more relaxed with the second child but my house was less organized :) I was not offended by the video. I don’t think she was showing more while nursing than some women dress and show all the time.

    • The breastfeeding video…..I think knowing I was outnumbered after the second one came along lol

    • Caryn S

      I am so much more relaxed with the second kid. Pacifier on the floor? Spit on it, wipe it off, and it’s back in the mouth :)

      caryn9802 at yahoo dot com

    • Caryn S

      I relate to the park video the most

      caryn9802 at yahoo dot com

    • jennifer

      I was super paranoid with my first kid, a total germ-o-phobe! with my second, I was way more relaxed!

    • Anita Shipley

      With my second I didn’t run to check on baby every time she made a noise.

    • paprika721

      I’m still working on the first one, but I think with number 2 I’ll be less stressed in the first few weeks about whether I’m “doing everything right” and trust my instincts more, especially with breastfeeding.

    • paprika721

      I liked the breastfeeding video the most. While I still cover up, I’m more comfortable with breastfeeding in public, and don’t stress if it does make someone else uncomfortable.

    • Ani

      The change from 1 kid to 2 was not so bad, it gets harder with more. But the amount of undivided attention I was able to give each kid obviously changed.

    • Kelly H.

      I am getting ready to have my second any week now and I am sooo much more relaxed than with my first. I know now that certain things just really aren’t a big deal so I think I’ll have a more enjoyable time.

    • Jennifer

      I won’t be so protective over my 2nd child.

    • Susie

      I let my 2nd kid be way more independent.

    • Susie

      I liked the Park video best. I bring as little as possible with me, now!

    • Sumer

      I am more relaxed in general. With my first daughter I was overprotective and tried to keep her from getting dirty or falling down anytime.

    • Ashley M

      I think I will be far more confident with everything when I decide to have my second child! My baby is 2 months old on Sunday so I’ve got a while to go :)

      -Ashley Marie Morrissey

    • Ashley M

      I would relate more to the 1st kid video, honestly. I, however, do not personally breastfeed in public. I choose to pump and bottle feed my son when the time comes if I am going out.

      Didn’t find any of it offensive though.

      -Ashley Marie Morrissey

    • park video would have been me with my first child..after that with my second thru 4th child..i just grab and go…

    • JK

      I calmed down alot!!!!!!

    • I was so more relaxed and confident with the second. It also helped that my second already had someone to play with and keep him busy!

    • Jen

      he first and second kid were completely differn’t. my son was a horrible baby and a great toddler, my daughter was a great baby and now she’s an awful toddler.

    • JoAnn F

      I wasn’t as nervous the 2nd time then when I was a 1st time mother

      jofo120 at yahoo dot com

    • ccboobooy

      I only have one child, but I think two would have been a lot of fun. I would have needed more energy, time, and more money.

    • mrhodes2

      I am definitely more relaxed with the second living child. We had our first and I was nervous about everything. Then we had two miscarriages and a stillbirth before we had our next living child. I’ve just learned not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy every moment of having both of our children with us, and that if the baby cries, it’s okay! :)

    • MelanieG

      I was a nervous wreck with my first child! She was 4lbs 12oz when we brought her home. We had some eating issues mixed with projectile vomitting. Since we started off rocky I think I never learned how to relax and enjoy things. I’m still more nervous with her than my son. My son was born 2 years later and it was a whole new ballgame! He was easy from the getgo and having a little experience under my belt we coasted (until recently since he’s figuring out that he missed terrible two’s he’s trying to introduce me to Mr. 3 yr old Independypants.)

    • MelanieG

      I was the changing table mom absolutely! If I had a giant garbage bag to cover a changing table I would’ve used it with my daughter.

    • Only have one baby so far but over the past year I feel I have become more like the breastfeeding one. Its just not as big of a deal as it was at first.

    • Suzanne

      I think that I’m way more relaxed about the schedule. Second child is not always to bed on time.

    • Suzanne

      I liked the second video the best. I can never find a working thermometer!

    • Debra

      I liked the second video the best. In time, and after much practice, it became almost intuitive to know when a child was running a fever and to take a fairly accurate guess on the temperature.

    • Having a 4 year old and now expecting our second child in February, I can already tell I will be different with this baby. For the first, I felt like I had to have everything perfect and ready for the baby. We had the nursery all done and ready at 3 months before the baby was born. Now, being six months pregnant with the second one,I keep thinking, if this one comes, we will just pull out the pack and play.
      Although many did not like it, I laughed so hard when I saw the breastfeeding video. I felt just like that woman! Everytime I had to nurse in public, I was embarrassed and I remember many trips to the uncomfortable back seat of my car to breastfeed. With #2, I may not be as bold as the lady in the video, but I am not going to stress too much about breastfeeding in public.

    • Debra

      Becoming okay with the fact than things are not going to go as planned.

    • Alexandra Clatterbuck

      The thing that changed between the two kids, ages 18 months and 8 yrs. I learned to spend more time with my oldest and build a stronger relationship with her so that she feels just as appreciated and loved as the little one.

    • Alexandra Clatterbuck

      LOL!!!!! those videos were hilarious!! I have always covered as best I can, but I have huge boobs and they are beautiful…so I got stares no matter what I did =) I didn’t find it offensive at all…just funny.

    • Tate

      With the first kid I was very particular about how he was dressed. We couldn’t leave the house unless he had on a cute, matching outfit, matching shoes and clean face. Second kid- wants to wear camo rainboots and spiderman shirt with anything and everything…and I usually remember to still get the face clean…lol

    • djackson

      I only have one now and I have been pretty laid back. I will definitely nurse again and hopefully it will not be as stressful. I will not buy every outfit that is cute and I will learn to use a moby wrap.

    • Tate

      I liked the changing table one. With my 1st I was juggling the diaper bag and a room full of accessories…2nd child I go in armed with a diaper and a travel pack of wipes.

    • julie

      my first was so easy going and peaceful.my second had colic and was so strong willed!!!

    • Beth

      I have become so much more relaxed with each child. I think it is helping me to ENJOY the time that my babies are small!!!!

    • LisaD

      I am so much more relaxed with second child. I guess
      I now know that they are very resilient and by loving them
      they will thrive through all your trials and errors.

    • Nicole

      I had a boy the first time around and a girl the second and a girl a third time. Ohh how I changed things with each time. My first child we co-shared our bed. BIG MISTAKE. Our second didnt have a schedule. Our last, hasnt slept in our bed one night and is in bed at 8:00 and up at 7.

    • sweet mel

      I’m feeding child 2 with healthier foods.

    • R. Bryan

      Yeah, pretty clueless here too. I’d say pretty much everything will improve for the second…

    • Julie B

      I’m much more relaxed with my second child. I don’t panic over little stuff… no time to with a 3 year old to keep up with, too! :)

    • Julie B

      I liked the temperature ad & the packing the diaper bag… both are SO true! :)

    • tiredmama

      I hope to be more laid back with the second

    • melissa

      I’m only 14 weeks pregnant now with my second but let me tell you this pregnancy is COMPLETELY different!!! OMG I’ve never felt so horribly in all my life!! I was sick here and there with my first but this one has ensured there will NOT be a #3!!! ;o)

    • smtrueunc

      I’d say I like the 2nd video best- we have such a tough time taking temps

    • smtrueunc

      the biggest change the 2nd time for us was not being as strict with our daily routine. We still stick to a schedule but feedings and sleep are scheduled to the minute.

    • The video where you have a bunch of stuff with you and its hard to change the diaper and with the second kid you have everything all figured out. I guess it does get easier and babies love cell phones anyway!!

    • I definitely think with my first child I followed all of the do’s and don’ts but with my second child I was more relaxed and let things happened as they occurred…

    • Jo R

      Ok- funny. I have five and covering up while nursing was never something I would compromise on! Ha ha. From the first two (twins) down to number five- the biggest change has been his “schedule.” What schedule? My youngest naps/snacks/etc. in the car. I would stop everything to get my older kids home and napping by 12. I could write a book!! :-)

    • Valerie

      I am definitely like the video with the changing table and the cell phone. My phone has had so much druel on it that I am sure it is waterproof! Germs become more invisible the more kids you have.

    • Kristen

      I actually thought the videos were hilarious. I nursed both of mine for the first 4 months – I was never that comfortable (but always wished I was). I still have a bag full of goodies – I prefer to be prepared!

    • melissa s

      Definitely loosen up a bit. I couldn’t stand for anyone to touch my first w/o a spritz of sanitizer on their hands first!

    • Christina

      First Child would run out of the shower naked to check a little squeal coming from he baby monitor .. Second child a little crying is good for their lungs. :)

    • Sarah

      I was soooo much more relaxed!

    • I am also a twin mom. With our neck child I can see a lot of my “rules” flying out the window. We were by the book a sterlized everything 100x a day. I was over the top prepared. I think I will be able to par down and handle things a little smoother!

    • britt

      My first child I tried to be so perfect with– by the second I was not able to be perfect if I wanted to. I had to learn to relax and just let some little things go. Enjoy life as it comes.

    • Amanda

      I am definitely much more laid back about germs!!
      Thanks for doing this!

    • jhardy

      I think more relaxed about just about everything when it came to the second. And, bought way less clothes and socks…which they always kick off one!

    • Amanda

      I like the changing table video the best.

    • Rebecca

      The biggest thing that changed is how we approached bedtime and teaching our babies to put themselves to sleep.

    • Rebecca

      I loved all the commercials. They made me laugh because they are all so true!

    • I think if I had a second kid I would be more willing to accept help from family. I thought I didn’t need any help or advice, and now I wish I was more open to what others had to offer.

    • Gary

      My first kids was calm and artistic. my second “LORD HAVE MERCY.” And to think they come from the same parents!

    • Lindsay

      I liked the temperature video.

    • breich

      I stopped carrying quite as much about germs between the two kids. I no longer sterilized the pacifier everytime it dropped.

    • Raya

      With the first one when we left we packed diaper bag, our car and my purse. With the third one I just take one 2 diapers and wipes.

    • Mellowoutmama

      I thought the breastfeeding video was FUNNY!!!! Lighten up people!!!

    • mellowoutmama

      Lighten up people!! I thought they were all funny!!! Especially the breast feeding one :)

    • With the second baby I stopped sterilizing bottles and binky’s

    • I definitely had a lot more patience with my first kid.

    • felisa

      what changed the most between my first kid and my second kid was the econemy. i didn’t feel like that i was in a bad situation, but it just wasn’t the same.

    • felisa

      what changed the most between my first kid and my second kid was the econemy. i didn’t feel like that i was in a bad situation, but it just wasn’t the same.

    • Brenda Elsner

      What changed the most for me was the way I fed my kids. I bottle fed my first one, and breast fed my second one.

    • Amy

      I know I won’t be as worried about eating with my second. If my little one only ate two or three bites, I’d freak out and give her anything she’d eat. I totally get now that she’s smart and was playing me. Give them good/healthy choices, they will eat when they are hungry. :-)

    • lowes

      Mine is the 2nd one..temperature..that’s exactly how I felt the first time I took my sons temp..now I just feel my daughters head..lol..there is 16 years apart from my first baby to my last one..she was my surprise!

    • Bethany

      The biggest thing was how long it took to do everything. We’re kind of a one stop family now. It’s hard to get two little kids in and out of the car especially if it involves extras like coats, hats, discipline, you know….

    • Bethany

      We’re more like the second family…cuz unfortunately I wasn’t able to nurse my babies.

    • Ginger

      With my first child I was very aware of germs and lysoled everything! With my second child I was more realistic and relaxed. I thought the video of taking the baby’s temperature was realistic. We learn more and become more relaxed with each child.

    • Mlkdivine3

      I can relate to the PARK video, but I still find myself trying to make sure I take everything to cover all possible situations that arise with children away from home. Gotta be prepared!!

    • Michelle S

      I am not having a second kid lol.

    • Michelle S

      I like the checklist video.

    • Beth

      I thought the checklist video was best, and I could relate most to that one!

    • Myeshia R Underwood

      I’ve learned to shop more thrifty. It saves so much money.

    • joy

      i felt like the lady with the check list! so many things not 2 forget.

    • Luci

      I still kinda relate to the park video, since the nearest one is miles away. But the extra change of clothes is in a diaper bag in the car, includes a change of clothes for the older child too. This has come in handy when they both decided to run through a sidewalk fountain or oops I forgot to reload the purse with another diaper.

    • Luci

      One of the biggest changes was the baby proofing rules. Actually was easier with the first. Had to train the older child to close bathroom doors and keep small toys parts out of reach.

    • honestly with my first kid i did pretty much the same things in the video,pack a few diapers,a snack,bottle,and change of clothes then we leave.so really there is not much ging to change with my second kid.
      same four items in the same way.no more no less
      but with my second child ill be more clued in on how to to bath a baby,change,feed and play with.i wont need my mom as much to show me how to do things

    • Christina

      Calling the Doctor. With my first I called about every little thing. Since I’ve had my second I make way less calls. I have gotten better at not assuming the worst and just giving things time.

    • Christina

      I would say I most resonated with the temperature video. Its crazy how you really just get the hang of things like that.

    • Agnieszka

      Things are much more relaxed…

    • I only have one child but I imagine that if a second child comes along there would be major jealousy issues. My daughter is definitely a mommy’s girl and wants constant attention.

    • Gianna

      I was about the same actually going from 1 to 2. I started relaxing a bit more with my 3rd.

    • Cheryl Reinhardt

      I think what changed the most was , the first child I was more nervous , never having been a Mom, the Second time around at least have a feel for what I am doing.

    • amanda

      the biggest change for me was obviously with the first i was a lot more protective and with the second im a litle more comfortable and less protective.

    • Alisha L.

      I am currently pregnant with Baby #2 but I anticipate time restraints will be an issue along with way less “mommy” time and way more laundry :)

      bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    • Alisha L.

      I think the Temperature Video will be most like us, heck I already started to do that with my son after he was about a year old :)

      bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    • MSnewMomma

      The video of the mom in the bathroom reminds me of the time I took my 2 month old to a new pediatrician. I decided to look like an “experienced” mom by taking the baby into the office without the carseat. I didn’t account for the fact I would have a stack of forms to fill out! While juggling the baby in one arm and trying to complete the forms and fish out insurance cards from my purse, my little man had a blowout (he was wearing a pampers…). I didn’t realize it until I saw the poop running down my leg and all of the forms! I rushed to the bathroom mortified. The baby was screaming and people kept knocking on the door as it took forever to clean us both up! With my 2nd child, they’ll start in Luvs from day 1.

    • Sarah Yurga

      I pack way less in the diaper bag for my second child – which may be because I am 12 years older and my body is feeling it this time!

    • Sarah Yurga

      I also agree with the Temperature video – the second time around, I trust myself way more than I did before.

    • Emily

      going to the drs less with the second is common esp for small things like colds, etc. littleheathen9109 @ Yah00 d0t c0m

    • Emily

      im closest to the checklist video. I am always afraid i’ll forget something important littleheathen9109 @ Yah00 d0t c0m

    • Gabrielle Andrews

      I stay home with my second baby as opposed to my first. With my first I was in school and working, now I stay home with them.

    • Marcia B

      2nd child, less emphasis on everything in the universe having to be sterile!

    • Dara

      I am a mother of three kids, 2 girls and the last one a boy. The girls are completely different, one being more of a tomboy and the other being a girly girl. My oldest is so dependent on me and has always been, but the other girl is sooooo independent. And the boy, lets just say he’s spoiled rotten.

    • Marsha

      Going from one to two…so much more relaxed! Children will cry,cough, sneeze, pick up pacis from the floor, etc!

    • Marsha

      The video of the mom packing EVERYTHING but the baby and then just grabbing some diapers and going!

    • debbryan

      The first definitely. I am less worried about germs and things. Clean instead of sterile!

    • Shauna James

      I loved all the videos! I think the Park one reminds me most of me. I had everything my baby or anyone else’s baby would need in my diaper bag. By the time twin boys 4 & 5 came, I was lucky to have the necessities ;-)

    • Shauna James

      So many changes happen with the addition of each child. I am now a mother of 5. My confidence as a mother has grown. I am thankful for that change!

    • Kimberly K

      First Child every thing had to be in place, from diaper bag to house…. Whith the second child we have gone from the 3 sec roule to the “oh it wont hurt you eat it” rule! I’m a lot more laid back

    • Kimberly K

      I think the video to me would be me trying to not make a fuss in public places with my first child. Now I’ve learned how to make it work. They are going to have melt downs I just now know how to deal with it.

    • carlamahan

      I feel that I was a little more relaxed with my second child and even more relaxed with my third. I feel that as a first time mom, I maybe overdid some things… such as being over protective and over worried about the little things. Over time I just learned that you can’t always be a perfect mom… you can only try.

    • BrandiS

      All the videos are hilarious! I remember being in the hospital with our first child. It took 4 people (grandparents and my husband) to change his first diaper and he peed on all of them!! By our second child, we were changing diapers one handed. My kids are out of diapers now but I wanted to give to box of diapers to my friend who is having a hardtime right now. Thanks for the videos. They were funny.

    • Linda

      My first child was a pretty good baby ,but I really was young and had nothing to compare her to.I had my second baby 15 months later and my husband and are are convinced that he was dropped from outer space…He cried non stop for about 3 months.He is now an adult .His wife asked me when he got over his colic,I said not yet.He is a funny guy and a very risk taking sort of fellow.

    • KC

      The most change: Requiring everyone to wash hands up to elbows just to hold our baby girl! Most similar video: Diaper changing in the store bathroom! That was SO me with the 1st kid!

    • Life has changed the most with my second child in terms of time management. Juggling a toddler and a newborn takes more time than I anticipated. I relate most to the park packing video because now I streamline to one bag for me, my 2 year old, and my newborn. Coach bags used to be so important:)

    • Oh my goodness, the “baby outing” scenario is exactly my life – my husband and I went on an overnight trip just recently and, in preparation for our first baby’s very first outing, probably spent a day and a half carefully packing everything! Glad to know it gets easier!!! :)

    • Pam

      I really enjoyed all the videos as they brought back a lot of funny and relatable memories. I have 2 daughters that are 18 months apart which are all grown up now. I remember I thought my first baby would break like a baby doll…lol It was kid gloves all the way. But the second one, she was a brusier rolling, tumbling and running into everything. I would say you are all right try it again lol…I would really like to win this for my daughters best friend. She has a 4 year old son that is autistic and still in diapers a long with a newborne baby girl. She is going through some hard times and this would be a great gift for her family.

    • deanna25

      i definitely overpacked and overthought everything for a simple trip out w/ my first kid. w/ the 2nd one i just know there’s a spare diaper and cracker crumbs floating around in my purse so we’ll make due!

    • anthony

      1st kid definately was more careful.

    • anthony

      hated the breastfeeding video.

    • Michele

      wow that breastfeeding video should not be how it should be. you can breastfeed and still maintain modesty.

    • susansmoaks

      I have relaxed a lot between the first and second child. Also the first child has way more pictures and videos than the 2nd child does!
      susansmoaks at gmail dot com

    • CrazyMomto4

      I think I was like the lady in the park video, with #1 I took practically the whole house !! LOL and with #2 I had downsized… although now we have 4 and it’s back to the way with 1 child b/c everyone has to take or have something inthe car :P oh well!

    • Michele

      with my 1st, i am an older mom so i saw what most did as over protective. I said i would not be the same…..i was :D

    • the nursing one! I love it!!

    • Kim

      Wow. I never really see anyone that exposed in a restaurant in real life.

    • Chrissy

      Pretty much everything is different between my 1st and 2nd child, they are 10 1/2 years apart and myself and our life is so much different now. For one thing I definitely don’t have as much energy as I did in my 20s! I am less cautious about every little thing and I don’t worry as much as I did with my first and my 2nd is babied because I’m pretty sure he will be our last!

    • strice

      I think most of these videos where in some way distasteful. Exposing your breast in public. Not cool. Feeling your child for a fever should never replace a thermometer. Giving your baby a phone full of germs to put in her mouth. Yuck! The lady who grabbed the cereal with out using a container, how is she going to give this to her child without it going everywhere and getting dirty? Luvs, what are you thinking! These videos aren’t funny; however, I do like your product. :)

    • jordan

      I have twins! So the biggest thing that changed between baby A and baby B was daddy had to go from holding one to TWO during the c-section :).

    • lacurtis83

      I love the Luvs videos and they are so true. I am more experienced now and know much easier ways of doing things than I did with my first child but still go a little overboard with stuff sometimes. I love LUVS!

    • There was no that much difference between my 2 because they came so close together. But they are defintely two diffrent personalities.

    • degood

      Going from one to two, I felt like I was more relaxed and I wasn’t going to “break the baby” the second time around. I let people hold her, I brought her out in public and was pretty easy going about her infant days.

    • degood

      I felt like the one that related to me the most was the bag and checklist lady. When my first was a baby, we always had a bouncer seat and pack n play in the car along with everything she could possibly need in a week. With the second I had a well stocked diaper bag but no extra baby equipment. Now I have my fourth and she is lucky if i have a clean change of clothes and a diaper and wipes in my purse.

    • coupon

      I’ll start by saying that I had my first daughter 20 years ago! No this was not an OOOPS. My husband and I was married 4 years ago and knew we wanted a child together (he has no kids). Both girls are a blessing!! It’s just like riding a bike. if you are a good mom, you NEVER forget….

    • lksoni23

      The first one, except I used a better cover so it wasn’t so awkward.

    • ShellyLPM

      What changed the most for me was that I wasn’t scared of messes any more. I actually found myself encouraging my kids to get dirty in the sandbox or eat those peas no matter how much of your face (or clothes) gets covered. The good thing is now I dont hesitate to pull out the finger paints or playdough and let them go to town!

    • ShellyLPM

      I feel my life is most like video 2 because with my fist child I had a checklist a mile long & I HAD to have everything on the list. Needless to say I skipped the list with my second child. :))

    • alissabeth

      Went from one to three! Honestly though, the girls were/are way easier than he was by himself!

    • lync

      I wasn’t as particular with my second child.

    • mary gardner

      i was much more relaxed with my second child!

    • mary gardner

      i relate most to the video with the lady with the checklist – i always had one and took everything except the kitchen sink with my first child.

    • Devin

      Second kid is on the way…and I have no idea how things will change, except I’ve heard from several that it is easier to go from 1 to 2 than it was from zero to 1 – we’ll see about that!

    • Blanca Collier

      I really did the whole preparing to leave one and almost forgetting the baby! :) For my first son my husband and I carried away our whole house everytime we left home to go somewhere, for my second one I just pack four items: diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, and water! Whatever happens now I feel that I am ready to deal with it the second time around because my first child is 5 and a very good helper. All the videos were cute and just as accurate in my case. :)

    • Rachel Edge

      I loved all of the videos! They are funny and relatable. the breastfeeding video was just proving a point that you’re not nearly as concerned with others feelings of you nursing. It wasn’t about hiding your breast it is just the realization that you have to feed your child when they need to eat and by the second time around, you just don’t care who knows you are breastfeeding. I nursed all three of my kids for approximately 18 months each. I never exposed my breast in public but I definitely had the same attitude as the woman in the video. The point is, I’m feeding my baby and life is happening around me so everyone else needs to deal with it and move on to the next subject. So funny to see it put into a 30 second clip.
      The biggest change for me with my second and third child was the baby showers. I had so much useless junk sitting around after the first baby that I registered for because I KNEW I would need it. I was so wrong. Babies need diapers, wipes, clean clothes, and an infant first aid kit. My house became completely clutter free when I realized I didn’t need every new gadget and invention that was put on the market for kids.

    • amartinez25

      don think i could do it; now my niece is on her 5th kid; she coulnd not do it either; good for those who can

    • Vikki Billings

      My first child Shannon is beautiful, goal oriented and outgoing. 7 yrs later came my son he is so different from my daughter. He is a gamer and loves the computer, he is laid back and so easy. I love both of my kids and they are very close.

    • Vikki Billings

      I did not like the breastfeeding video, I think it is perfectly fine to breastfeed in public as long and you are covered up. To expose yourself to everyone I think is not acceptable. That is my opinion.

    • Angie

      I didnt worry about everything as much, less stressful

    • Jennie

      I only have one child, but I can SO relate to the diaper bag vid. I already know we’ll be downsizing that for #2. :)

    • Jennie

      DH and I were also COMPLETELY clueless when our son was born. We youtubed how to do diaper changes, lol! :) Thankfully, we’ve learned a lot since then, and while I know it won’t necessarily be easier the 2nd time around, we’re at least better at taking care of children now.

    • RambleSAHM W.

      The third video where everything goes on the stroller. The second kid is in the carrier and mom grabs a diaper! lol

    • Jenni P.

      The video that I most identified with the was “going out” one. With our first, we would pack SO MUCH STUFF. Now? I bring one toy, one diaper, and I keep wipes in the van already.

    • Jenni P.

      The biggest change between the first and second child is that I had a little helper in the house who loved to play with her younger sibling. Other than that, they were close enough in age that not a lot else changed.

    • J. Davis

      I totally am the third video now! With my first I had the whole stroller loaded down- now it’s the carrier and a small bag:) With the second child, I’m more laid back and have learned that babies are durable and will turn out alright as long as they get love. I still pay attention to safety, but I know that my boy with be alright with a scratch or skinned knee.

    • Auri Lae

      We started this one (our first) hyper-concerned about every little thing – it took a few weeks to figure out what was normal and what was actually a flag. Next time will be better!

    • Auri Lae

      The Changing Station video is already funny with just one – my husband took a week or so to get the hang of changing, and now he’s a pro.

    • TayTay

      Oh I loved the breastfeeding video. I know every mothers experience is different but as hard as i tried with my first (boy) to be modest, he liked to know what was going on, so cover up as i might, it never worked out that way. and so far, it is one of the LEAST embarrassing things I have had to deal with… and oh, this journey has only just begun!

    • Misty Gilliam Adams

      Between the 1st and the 2nd I got a lot more mellow. As a result the baby wasn’t nearly as cranky as her older sister! 1st child I kept a daily log of her activity (diapers/feeding). lol 2nd child I fed on demand.

    • amy delong

      my first son was always listening to what everyone said,2nd did my own thing


    • lshumack

      I wasn’t as sacred in my abilities with them! My first I was really easy in her handling and over cautious

    • Vicki D.

      I was more nervous with our first boy. Plus, I learned so much. So, when the second one came along, I was much more relaxed and experienced.

    • koalra

      I can identify with a changing the diaper video. I really had a hard time with my first one but the second one I got smarter.

    • Kayla M

      What changed so far from our first kid and second is that we are going to give him a pacifier instead of letting him passify on the boob like we did with our first.

    • Kayla M

      The breastfeeding first kid/second kid video is most like my situation.

    • My children are pretty close together, so I felt like I never stopped. I was either pregnant or breastfeeding for almost 4 years! I like that people are getting more and more used to breastfeeding moms in public, but cover it up girls :)

    • Maggie C

      LOL My husband and I were just discussing this. I think what changed the most was baby holding. With #1, we kinda were reluctant to let others hold her. With #2, anybody that wanted got to hold him. With #3, we think that we’ll be shoving this baby at anybody!

    • kate

      i now have 5 kiddos – and i don’t even travel with a diaper bag – jst a diaper and wipes in my purse and We are set!

    • Andrealou

      These videos are so cute and funny. I have a 13 year gap between both of my children, so I do things a little different between them. I am probably most like the “day out” video. I used to make sure you had everything you could possibly need packed into my first child’s diaper bag for an outing. But now, I just make sure I have diapers, wipes, pacifier, snacks, and bottle. I am much more laid back with my second child than I was with the first child.