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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

Going Nuts? I can help you understand coupon terms and abbreviations

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Every week one of the largest questions on the Publix weekly ad is what stores accept what competitor coupons.  Most of you have seen large changes over the last 3-4 months as to what your stores will accept (and others will have changes in the next few months).  With all of these changes I’m curious how many stores are accepting certain coupons.

My goal is that the match ups be the most useful for you, so this is being used to help gauge what competitor coupons to have in the weekly ad list.

Thanks for taking a few seconds to help out.

    • T Springfield

      Tuscaloosa HWy 69 Publix accepts Target Coupons but will not allow stacking them with Manufacturer coupons

    • Terriehuertas

      I just replied to your survey. I just saved $174 in q's/bogos/adv sales on Monday. The cashier was a mgr and she wouldn't take my Walgreens. All the rest were the rest were manuf & Publix q's

    • Jenny

      Publix in North Charleston( no drug store in it) stoped accepting after Thanks giving CVS and Rite Aid coupons -only Target,Whole foods and Earth Fare.The other Publix( with drug section) – takes me double time and gas ! – stoped accepting even Rite Aid coupons from the video value:” We do not have video here.” – whatever that means.The manager promised to call me and explain – they never call me.Now I can not use the big ( like $5off $25) coupons any more.Only if the pdf Rite Aid appears again :) I will try this Sat. Dollar General $5 off $25 – to see what happens :)

    • Cpooh5150

      I tried to use a couple of Walgreen coupons at Publix and they told me they only take Kroger, Bi-lo, Food Lion & Piggly Wiggly

    • Rhonda_009

      Well, publix is cracking down big time and soon I think they will stop accepting competitors. This is coming a manager friend of mine I used to work with. I was actually a manager for publix. But today, I found out they are stopping people from splitting their orders and using the $4/$20s from either Rite Aid or CVS. WHY? because genuis's out there, decide to split their orders and PHOTOCOPY their $4 off RA or CVS q's. So because some people decide to cheat and make this a rude practice and ruin it for everyone. So, please if you are a couponer…do not cheat!

      • JB

        I agree with you. way too many have cheated the system in past year or so. Its such a shame. people seem to forget Publix is here to make money to stay in business.

        • KAWilson

          Although I am not disagreeing with your abuse statement— in what way does Publix NOT make money on these deals….even with a $4/20 coupon, I still spend $16 at Publix that I could have spend at Rite Aid…..this is how the manager at my store sees it — you are spending money at his store that could have been spend elsehwere — he allows just about every coupon.

          • Vweeks

            I agree with this wholeheartedly. While I know there is abuse going on out there, I don’t think those bad apples should spoil it for everyone. And if you’re wondering, Publix is a very profitable company. They’re numbers are better than industry averages. Just look at their financials in the stockholder info on their website.

    • Cindy

      My Publix just put up a notice effective Jan 1 that they would only accept Target, as well as other grocery stores only. Prior to that, they would accept cvs and Gordon foods. This is in Tampa.

    • Annie

      My Publix had taken Commisary coupons until recently. The commisary here is far away, but most of those are manufacturer coupons that say military store on them. Not sure why the change was made.

    • Coupon Queen Colleen

      My Mom has worked for Publix going on 18 years. I have become very involved with the company on their Coupon Policy. It is up to the District Manager what coupons they will accept. So, each district will have different rules. Also, each store manager can change the policy at any given time (this really depends on the abuse of couponers).

      • JB

        It seems more to be each store manager at at times cashier haha

      • Ashley

        That kind of gets under my skin. If the policy is that they will accept something like say Target or CVS or what have you, how could a customer be looked at as abusing it?

        Sooo, everyone brings in Target q's because that Publix store takes Target q's, and the customer is only following what the store allows i.e. accepting Target q's, and then the manager changes it when he fancies because of abuse? Huhhh

        • Molly_mc

          I agree – it kind of ticks me off that Publix can be so different from store to store as far as what it accepts. Don't get me wrong, I love shopping there, but I have about 4 stores all within 10 miles of my house and each one has a different policy depending on the whim of the store manager. What's wrong with having a blanket policy? As often as a 'competitor' store is nearby (ie., Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, etc.) you would think this wouldn't hrt an individual store so greatly. Personally, I would much rather shop at Publix than a drugstore, but hate trying to keep up with individual store policies.

          • Rhonda_009

            it is the same way here too…i have 3 stores within a 10mile radius and each one has a different policy…one publix i will not shop at all anymore…i call them the coupon nazis.

      • Michelle

        If a Publix accepted Rite Aidcoupons a few months ago when the “pdf” $4 off $20 Q was out there, that could be seen as abuse. After all, you don't have a card which even Rite Aid has linked their Q to. I would never, but it would be pretty easy to “copy” those coupons with no way for Publix to verify. Maybe just maybe Colleen is referring to this type of abuse and not just using legitimate competitor Q!

        • Michelle

          Oh…which I might add that the PDF was NOT legitmate according to my local RiteAid. Too bad…because RiteAid and Publix are getting more strict because of the abuse!

        • Rhonda_009

          that is exactly what colleen is talking about…read my post down at the very bottoem…gets under my skin!

      • Leebo220o

        that's not true…i

        • KAWilson

          That is exactly what the manager in Goose Creek store told me ……each Publix can have a different policy depending on who they consider competitors – it’s up to the store manager, which is why we have so many different policies.

    • Donna

      Oops, I think I made a mistake in the form – my Publix (Folly Road, Charleston SC) only takes Rite Aid $ off total order coupons (I think I put CVS on the form). They don't take Target or any other competitor coupons that I know of. This is a GREAT idea, Jenny!!

      • KBBest

        The Folly Rd Publix used to take all competitor coupons. About a year ago they started only taking coupons from stores on James Island because they feel that Target is too far away to be considered a competitor. However, Publix will accept Earth Fare coupons, even though it is technically in West Ashley.

        • Myself, and a fellow couponer, had a lengthy convo with the manager. He said, “if it's on James Island they will accept it.” I asked about DG, CVS, Walgreen's, Rite Aid, and he said the same statement.

    • Ally

      They will take only BiLo, Bloom and Ingles. No Food Lion b/c it is not a “local competitor”, even though Bloom and Food Lion are the same company and Bloom takes Food Lion coupons. Oh well.

    • JB

      Heck if I go the store five min from they take anything near by . Than 4 other store don't take anything form other stores. I have at least 10 store those in about 20 min of me. I in Atlanta in ITP.

    • Ashley

      This was just posted and 900 people responded to the questions already? Wow.

    • Benjamin

      Wish Columbia, SC stores would accept Target/drug store qs!

      • darkenmind1326

        i hear ya!

    • Vweeks

      I would be interested to know how many stores have started limiting the number of “deals” per customer.

    • Sarah B Rath

      Good luck sorting it all out. I give you so much credit. I just responded to the Lee Branch Hwy 280 Location in Birmingham. Just recently they have dropped taking Walgreens even though there is one right near them. Was told it was a corporate decision fyi. They take Target, Winn Dixie and Whole Foods at our location. And although I've been told by others that have experienced they are limiting deals, they have not done it to me personally, but I don't usually take too much advantage – might do 4ea during a B1G1 with coupons at max. Might do 5 ea B1G1 without all coupons at max. I think this is the “subjective” part with each store watching and making up the rules as they go.

      • Moxiesoup

        I'm live on the outskirts of Atlanta (Decatur) and have 3 Publix's within 2 miles from me. Two of them with take any competitor coupon I have, no questions asked, and are just awesome. The other has given me nothing but headaches, and said “corporate” said all the area stores are no longer allowed to take Target as a competitor… which is baloney, because everyone does except them. So we do our shopping at the coupon friendly ones, and A LOT of shopping at them. :)

        • Melissa Y

          Would you mind sharing which are good, I am in that area for work 1 day a week and would do my shopping there if they take drugstore coupons.

    • MichelleC

      Jenny- I asked my Publix today about competitor coupons since I am wanting to start using them. My location (Barnett Shoals store in Athens, GA) said they will accept Rite Aid, Kroger and Walgreens since they are the stores NEAR this particular location. The customer service gal said the Atlanta Highway location will accept Target since there is a Target near THAT location. Just thought I'd pass it along to my fellow Athens shoppers

      • Ssklayman

        Thanks so much for sharing! I am in Athens and I normally shop the Watkinsville Publix, but I would be very willing to drive an extra five or ten minutes for them to take competitor coupons!

        • Vweeks

          What competitors does Watkinsville take?

      • Vweeks

        I shop at the one on Atlanta Highway. They recently changed their policy. They used to accept coupons from any store in the state of Georgia. Now the only accept Kroger, Ingles, or Target. No drug stores. They’ve also recently added a policy of a limit of 5 deals per customer.

    • HuntsvilleLady

      My Publix (Huntsville, AL) takes all “grocery store” competitors (that is anyone with a deli, bakery and butcher). Since our Target is a SuperTarget w/ a grocery, they will take those. They also take Star Market and Earth Fare, but will not take Food Lion, etc… since there aren't any close to us. I think it is a fair policy and I am greatful that they accept Target. It doesn't bother me that they don't take drug store coupons, I still do pretty well (over 50% off every trip).

      • SLJin AL

        Which Publix? I was recently told by customer service at the Publix on Whitesburg that they don't take Earthfare coupons anymore.

    • P W

      My Publix store (Ocee – Jones Bridge Rd, Johns Creek, GA) will only accept actual competitor ad coupons from their sales flyer and NOT competitor IP coupons

    • Maria D

      I belong to a new plant church and one of the newest members is a Publix store manager. Woo-hoo! He mentioned to me, as I was shopping at his Publix, that Publix will soon be coming out with an official coupon policy for all Publix's, so we shall see when this comes to be.
      Thanks for all you do!!!

    • tori729

      My store used to take Target and Food Lion coupons in addition to local grocery competitors but I wanna say they stopped doing that a year ago. Food Lion isn't close by and Target isn't a competitor because we don't have a Super Target. It was nice while it lasted but I'm thankful that they at least take any competitor coupons at all since no other store around here does that.

    • Tammy

      I just called the Goose Creek Publix on St. James and they will take all drug stores and any local grocery stores including Target. They will also double up to .50 They also consider the Military coupons that say military only as a competitor AWSome…we are so lucky here.. so you could use 3 on one item a competitor,publix and a manufacturers. The Manager there Black Blackstone is always friendly and helpful… stop by and tell him thank you for his policy I did and he seemed to apriciate it… our Bi Lo take 3 coupons and the cashiers will roll their eyes…

      • katie

        Tammy – glad to hear you have the same policy in goose creek as I have in W. ashley. I go to the one on Savannah Highway and I LOVE the staff! All of the managers are great and they take ALL drugstore, target, and other grocery store competitors. their staff even makes sure to let people know about coupons they carry at checkout and that they take competitors. hope it doesn't change!

      • Amber

        I also shop at teh Goose Creek store and love it. However, I did start having probs using 3 coupons on one item about a year ago. I was told by a couple diff cashiers that they could only take 1 manu and 1 store (either publix or another) per item. I would say be careful b/c some cashiers are not going to take everything. That said, it is a friendly and very easy store to shop at!!!!

        • KAWilson

          That’s true about the cashiers….I avoid the older ladies — they get overwhelmed and extremely testing with a lot of coupons. I purposely pick the young girls…… If they give me grief about a coupon, I let them ask the manager — never had any real problems.

      • KAWilson

        Love that store…you mean Mike Blackstone? He's great and loves couponers. He told me that GC is the second highest coupon taking store in the Publix chain :-)

    • jonjusmom

      Hi, I live in Brandon, Florida and there is two Super Targets in my area why ????but my Publix will take all coupon they do not take CVS or Walgreens and that has always been like that…but, I am very lucky that I have had no major problems…some of your sales differs from ours…

    • Guest

      I filled out the survey but didn't have anywhere to add this. My husband works for Publix and there is an Albertson's somewhat close to his store (the only one left in this area) and they get absolutely killed by the coupons and price matching. No Publix stores in my area take CVS or Walgreen's coupons because they are drug stores. They will accept Target coupons and Sav-A-Lot coupons. They also will accept Walgreen's register rewards after you tell them they are manufacturer's coupons and they get manager approval.

    • Jeff

      Jenny – instead of asking what city do we live in, you should ask to which Publix are we referring. I have 2 very close to me and each of them has their own policy, so the answers for one do not apply to the other.

      I think that it is going to be very hard to pick and choose which coupons to include, since every store is so different. Just put EVERY available coupon on the matchup list with some kind of blanket disclaimer and let us be responsible for knowing whether or not our own stores will honor them. That way no one misses a possible matchup :)

      • Jeff

        forgot to add that you could probably also configure the final shopping list to allow the user to exclude the coupons that do not apply to them just by assigning a source field for each coupon that is entered into the database

        • We actually already have the ability to pick and choose coupons to remove the ones you don't want. I am basically trying to see just how many stores accept drugstore coupons. In my area this is out right not a competitor and I tend to agree so have never included them. I'm a little amazed though at the numbers that are saying their stores do take them.

          • KAWilson

            I was todl that since my pUblix (Goose Creek,SC) has a full pharmacy, they consider other pharmacies as competitors and will take them — and I have used them. The manager is great there. They take just about anything except world market. I have used Target, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Kmart, Food Lion, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Earth Fare…..don't now if I am forgetting anything, but they are wonderful at that store. The only change I have experienced is that we used to be able to use three coupons on an item, but they stopped that some time ago.

    • Cynthpics

      I do not know much, except Publix will not except a TARGET coupon : (

      • Callie

        we do now.

        • Nanleigh10

          Callie, where is your store? The Publix here in Lexington SC has told me that they do not accept Target coupons, only grocery store coupons. Our Target here is not a super Target although they do have some groceries. Thanks

          • Yeah, I went to the new one over by Lex High school and they were taking the Target coupons last week when they opened but yesterday they wouldn't. :( It cost me 12 dollars extra yesterday. :(

    • paul

      They wont take Harveys, dollar general or world market in Summerville sc

    • Christy12

      Publix at Harbison only takes “Food Lion, BiLo and Kroger”

      • Christy12

        That is in Columbia (Irmo), SC

      • Amymills29

        The one at Lake Murray is the same, was there tonight, and they would not accept Target coupons, and said that they would not accept drug store coupons either!

    • Callie

      Hey there. I work at Publix as a cashier and I will say that we accept all major grocery store coupons. This does not include CVS and Dollar General. we accept Target, Food Lion, Winn-dixie, etc.

      • meme

        Where are you located, Callie? Thanks for your message.

    • Hollie2004

      Yes, please put all the matchups because sometimes I think they will not take it but when I get down there they do.

    • Whitney Jones87

      Mine only takes BiLo, Kroger, and Food Lion – Evans, GA

    • Alli

      In my area (Lilburn, GA), Publix will only take a competitor coupon if there is a store close by. The particular store that I shop at will only take Kroger since there isn't a Target in the vicinity.

      • Mission3sixteen

        Yes….Same for me. I have 2 Publix stores within a 20 minute radius but since one is by a Super Target and I just realized that Target has all these coupons, I tend to shop more at the Publix close to the Super Target that is a little farther away so that I can use all my great coupons :)

      • The one I shop at in Lilburn (at Five Forks) only takes Kroger. I called the one in Norcross (at the intersection of Indian Trail/Singleton), and they said they take any store in GA as a competitor. I rarely stop at the Indian Trail store, but couldn't believe their policies were so different. I may be going there now!

    • Mary

      Is there a way to just add a field for the store number this will help ID them for you quicker. From that the address can be added, so the shoppers can see which one in their area fits there needs and wants better.

    • Sportsmom

      I called 3 Publix stores in town today and only 2 of the 3 took Target coupons (the 2 closest to Target).

    • VALDOSTA GA- just talked to Publix manager…starting Feb 1 will only take coupons from GROCERY stores in Valdosta…no target..no 5/25 anything like that anymore =(

      • Melissa

        Also, in Valdosta, I was told no more than 5 of one item (with coupons)… They said, people were going in and wiping out the shelves…

    • guest

      My Publix is about 1 mile from a Super Target, a direct competitor. They havent taken Target coupons since at least June 2010, which, honestly, makes me go to Target instead!

    • Laura

      One cashier told me in Nov they had stopped taking Target, and customer service also said that. So I stopped taking target coupons with me for about 5 weeks.

      Then in Dec a cashier I had said “I'm surprised with all your coupons you don't have any from target.” I said I was told no target allowed, she said no one ever told her to not accept them. Now no one ever says a word when I hand them a target. Our Target is a regular store, not a super.

      • Pamela

        I hope this clears things up for you. I'm a cashier at Publix. We have recently been through 2 different cust. service managers and each of them had their own way of dealing with coupons. The first told us we could take them from places like Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens. Now with the new one, I get yelled at for taking them. So if it seems like the policy keeps changing, it's because we get mixed signals alot of the time. The best thing to do is check with cust . service prior to shopping, especially if you notice new cust service staff. Whenever I get challenged by a cust about coupons, I always bring in the closest manager to either confirm what I know to be true, or let them make a judgement call as to weather to take the coupons. I've been wrong before and apologize for when I am. Long story short, don't shoot the messenger. We're sometimes just as confused as you are.

        • Leebo220o

          It sounds like to me the all need to get on the same program and stop being inconsistent

    • Cherylsullivan

      I thank you are doing a grate job. thankes.

    • Lillinda3

      My Publix won't take Military Store coupons . Pooler, Ga

    • memaw04

      Talked with the Publix manager in Warner Robins at the Gunn Battle location. They will accept store coupons only from CVS and Walgreens-possibly Rite-Aid for products only. They do not accept ECB,RR, etc. They only accept all coupons from the following traditional stores: Kroger, Food Lion, and the Commissary. They are in the process of changing some of their policies about rain checks and coupons and he said it will be posted at the registers and on the doors when complete.

    • Jennifer

      My fav Publix stopped taking Target/Supertarget coupons last year sometime as the Target is more than 5 miles away and they don't consider them a competitor. They stopped taking Walgreens/CVS and the others over a year ago as those stores are not considered competitors. They will take Food Lion coupons as the Food Lion is less than 5 miles. If I plan out my trip and have lots of coupons, I go to a different Publix that will take Target and others coupons.

      • Snellmom

        The Publix I visit isn't the most convenient because of all the traffic, but I go there because they take the Target coupons.

    • Lanichols33

      I used to be able to use a Publix, other store if it said the store name (Kroger or Target) AND a manufacturer coupon… today the girl told me they were “cracking” down and in the future I wouldn't be able to use two “store” coupons, i.e. Publix + Kroger or Target if the later said the store name and wasn't just a manufacturer coupon… make sense?

    • bmoma

      My Publix in Savannah, Ga. is wonderful! They take whatever coupons I give them and if I don't have a really good coupon say like $5.00 off $20.00, the cashier will give me one!

    • Mel

      I've used coupons from Family Dollar and World Market (an upmarket household goods store that sells some food) in recent months, and the cashiers cheerfully took them. I live in Tallahassee.

      • la

        I am in Tallahassee and have only found that Oak Valley Publix takes World Market. Do you know of any others in Tallahassee that take WM?

    • Rrbenton

      Our Northport, AL store informed me that as of 1/1/11 they would no longer accept non grocery store competetor coupons except for Walmart and Target they still take those. NO more rite Aid or CVS or Wallgreens ET….

    • Sean

      Mine accepts Target, CVS, Walgreens, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Sweetbay, and Winn-Dixie. They even take the $/$$ regardless of which store.

      • Julia

        Where is your store Sean?

    • Styeager

      I've found that our PTC GA store's policy is to only take grocery coupons, but it really depends on who checks you out :)

    • Rhonda_009

      When I was a manager at Publix, a competitor is not considered Rite Aid or any other drug store. It was a grocery store within a certain mile raduis of that particular Publix. The Publix I used to work for didn't take Food Lion q's because the closest one was 30 miles away.

    • NonDescriptMember

      Dothan, AL recently got two stores and is building a third. They do not double coupons (similar to FL Publix stores). I shopped there for the first time over last weekend, and I used a Rite Aid coupon. The cashier asked the bagger if Rite Aid was a competitor. I interjected that it was my opinion that any store that sells the same item should be considered a competitor–not that my opinion counts for anything. The bagger supplied a drawn out, “Yeah”, and the cashier took it. If they begin to only accept grocery store coupons from other stores in the area then Dothan Publix stores will be a non-competitor—as I will have no reason to shop there. Their ‘non-competing’ competitors will get my business. BTW, aside from Publix, the only other grocery chains in the area are Winn Dixie and Bruno’s. I actually live 23 miles north of Dothan and we have no grocery chains in our city.

      • Tnjcent

        I think you should let the manager(s) know on how you feel. Since these stores are moving in and they are NEW, this is the best time to approach them and ask them “WHY” You will be surprised at how they will consider your concerns and may cater to your needs. It is important you approach them soon and also ADVISE fellow customers/couponers to do the same! WE COUPONERS can make a difference and are a VOICE to be heard in these hard economic times!

    • Melissa

      My store in Jacksonville only takes competitor coupons for grocery stores in the vicinity & SuperTarget across the street. Last week my cashier insisted I give her all of my coupons before she would ring anything up. She then spent a lot of time going through them & input them in a particular order. She did NOT put in my competitor's coupons first. Luckily I still met the minimum purchase on my Winn Dixie coupon even after the rest of the coupons cleared. Still, I wonder if this change in coupon checkeout is going to be a new standard.

    • Ketta

      In Greenville the Publix on Pelham Rd./E. North St., the Publix in Taylors, and the Publix downtown basically have the same policies. They are all very helpful concerning questions. They accept competitors that are grocery stores. Target is not closeby to any of them. The fact that the employees of Publix are friendly and helpful and they double coupons and have such good deals. . . .they do have the right to accept or not accept any coupons. With the wonderful shopping lists that we get weekly and coupon match-ups, well, I will not complain.

    • Wyattabbymom

      Ok I answered the questions, but it can be tricky here:) There are like 3 or 4 Publix within a 20-30min distance but I only shop at 1 regularly, I did shop at the brand new one at their grand opening but didn't go back cause the cashier told me they would take Target that night but not after, mine takes Target all the time. I also didn't check any drugstores cause they are iffy, no CVS ECB but they did take some Walgreens coupons from me the other day

    • Dawnrjustice

      I live in Barrow County Ga..There are 2 Publix stores here. One is in a shopping center with no other “competitors” in the center.. However there is CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens ect not to far away. I was told by the store that they do not take any competitor coupons. The other Publix has a Target in the same center & they do take the Target coupons..

    • Cpeavy123

      My Publix in Savannah GA used to accept just about any comp coupon but the last month and a half I was told the store had to be within a 5 mile radius of the Publix to be accepted. That knocked out a lot of the coupons like Harveys, Food Lion, Dollar General, etc that I was using. Hope this helps!

    • mom3girls

      Publix in Vinings used to take Target coupons and they stopped doing that within the past couple months.

    • Csantalu

      My Publix in Jacksonville Beach FL will no longer take CVS extra care bucks or Walgreens RR. They said Grocery only. Luckily there is a Target (general merchandise only, not super target) right next door, so they do take the Target coupons.

      • Gale

        To me that is no big deal. I’d rather use ECB and RR at CVS and Wags anyway. Roll them for bigger savings than using them at Publix.

    • Tnjcent

      Live in Murfreesboro, Tn. I have 3 Publix stores within 2.3- 7 miles of my home. All 3 publix will take Target, Kroger & F. Lion. Rutherford. Blvd and Franklin. Rd stores will also take Save a lot coupons as well as Aldi's and GFS(a chain which sells in bulk). They will not take drug store coup. The Franklin store says they will take Walgreen's R. Rewards or other store rewards if the coup states Manuf. Coup on it. as well as krog., F. Lion and Target coupons. GOT TO LOVE THEM ALL for all the savings!

    • Leigh17

      My publix in jacksonville fl kernan and beach used to take everything. It seems like every time I go in there they stop taking a store. there was a jacksonville mag that had a whole foods $10 off $40. I used these coupons for about a month Then they said they would stop taking it. I think they were loosing to much money. i know I saved about $120 just with that 1 coupon


        how is the area???? i am looking to move to Jacksonville. do u have public transportation in Jacksonville since i dont drive???? i am new to Jacksonville and i dont no any one in Jacks. where i am living it is way to expensive. so i hope u can please please answer my few questions. ty Gail please respond to gailberger7@aol.com ty

    • awakening

      I was a cashier at Publix for a year and am now a stock clerk there. I got my job there becasue they knew me as a couponer for months prior to that. They hired me because they knew I was friendly. Coupon “abuse” is when people use coupons for items they don't have (which is sometimes an honest mistake but usually not), make copies of competitor coupons such as the RA $5 off and separate their transactions- one lady did this for a $300 order and Publix had to swallow a $60 loss as they are not reimbursed for those, etc.. Telling your cashier “well they took it before” will NOT help anyone get their way as the previous cashier likely just apathetically scanned them without reading them last time. Cashiers are held personally responsible for the coupons they accept and if they take one they have been told not to, they will be written up for it. Defensiveness only makes people look like they are trying to get away with something. As I said, I have been a couponer for years. I save at least 60% every time I shop and still coupon. Be nice to your cashier. They are only following orders. If they are genuinely hateful, get a manager. Do not debate coupon policy with your cashier. She does not have the authority to change it. We're all trying to feed our families too in these hard economic times. And we all wish we were on the other side of that counter with our families.

      • Pamela

        Thank you for all that you said. I am currently a Publix cashier. I see alot of couponers at my store. Most of them are honest and only buy what the coupon says. But we have a few that repeatedly abuse the system. When one of them says “well they took this the last time, blah blah blah” I just tell them that the cashier obviously wasn't paying attention like me and scanned it anyway. We recently had some lady try to use a high dollar coupon on a trial size item and think it was ok. Even after pointing out to her that the coupon stated “not for trial size”, she said they took it last time. Anyway, it's customers who try to abuse the system that make it hard for the people who are really just trying to have fun couponing and saving much needed money on our groceries. Me included.

        • Frustratedcashier

          Some of the coupon sites are not as honest about their coupon matchups and will direct the customers to use coupons that are essentially abusive of the system. Almost all coupons state that they have no cash value but people will still try to setup a transaction to get money back and then get mad when you cant do that. There is a difference between Publix being generous and matching your .50 coupon and you end up with a little extra toward another item and buying an incorrect size of an item for $4. and using a $5 coupon and then expect me to give you a $1 back. It is not meant to work that way and is causing the manufacturers to change their coupon practices as well as the retailers.

      • MelRae

        I have mentioned on here several times before that I go to the customer service desk BEFORE I even start shopping and ask if I have a question about using a coupon. That way when I get to checkout, I don't have to wonder if there will be a problem. It really does pay to develop a good relationship with ALL store employees.

    • Joy Carey

      I've got a question….has anyone had a problem with one or some publix stores only allowing you to one coupon per person like manufactured and publix store coupons. They had said they would have to ring each item separately and that it was coroporate policy and the manufactures policy. I went to the Chateau Elan store in Braselton Ga and this was the senerio for me and my friend both. They could not show any of what they said in writing from corporate office. It was upsetting and frustrating as this has never happened to me before. They even wouldn't let have my 3/ 4-packs of ensure as I had 3, $2.00 off coupons and would not ring them up separately. 1 per customer and you have had your limit today was told to me. I think I should call corporate myself……any thoughts???Thanks!

      • Email Publix corporate office to get their policy in writing, print it out and take it in store with you. if they still choose to argue with their own policy I would speak to the manager or call corporate.

        I had an issue with my regular Publix in both Flowery Branch and Gainesville where cashiers are randomly telling me different new rules which make no sense what so ever. I've found out it's actually different managers who are creating policies as they go it seems. In the end it's what corporate says that goes so I would let them know of the issue. They've handled my problems very well.

        • Joy Carey

          Thanks, Laura. I do have a copy of the policy, but did not have it at time. I sure hope I get it straighten out. I use Publix alot and usually shop at another location, just happened to have gone there tonight. I usually don't challenge, but I had not even experienced this before. The manager rolled her eyes and they didn't even help with loading my vehicle and walked away from me…..I felt shunned and rejected.

        • Susan

          Every single time I go to my Publix in Cumming I get a different answer as to what coupons they will take. It is fine with me, whatever they want to accept, I just wish for consistancy!

        • Nwoleslagle

          I agree that it is the different store managers. My cashier has told me in frustration that different managers say different things and has even apologized for me once for not accepting coupons in the past. I know they are just trying to keep their jobs.

      • 3petitsprinces

        I grew up in a couponing family and we always teased my dad about these types of scenarios. He thought it was an insane policy–you want to buy 3 items, you have 3 coupons, where's the higher math here? So what he would do is buy one, go to his car, put it away. Go back in buy another, go to his car, put it away and so on. We joked that he kept a stash of disguises/wigs/trench coats in his trunk so he could not be recognized! Lol!! I live in Gainesville, Fl and Publix won't let me use more than 1 $5 off $50 coupons in a transaction. So I go in with my calculator, buy $50 worth of products (non perishable/non refrig), put it away, go back in and then buy $50 worth of the cold/perishable items. I know it's pedantic and crazy (I have 3 kids) but I usually recruit my eldest to keep track of my spending on the calculator for me. To me, $10 is worth it. Making an effort to get a different cashier is also a smart idea! : )

        • sherbear1111

          Which $5 off $50 coupons are you finding that the Gainesville, FL Publix's accept?

      • Joy Carey

        I tried to call another publix location and see what their coupon polcy was…. The store manager had mentioned that they had not been aware of a new corporate policy yet on coupon limits. They were curious to know more about my dilema/problem at Braselton, Ga location though. I told them even I was willing to buy the ensure 4-packs without coupons, they would not allow me to do so. That's like telling everyone that shops there or anywhere else that its one item per household and its being mandated by law. Most of what I buy and get, I give other family members, friends, people in need, and donate locally. It will really hurt my charitable causes.

    • Girljar

      I just came from my local Publix, where they informed me that they were no longer accepting coupons from drug stores, and were going to stop taking Target within the next week (I got to use mine, though). She was kind (?) enough to mention that they were doing this because the policy was being abused (as she glanced at my mountain of coupons).

    • My Publix in Flowery Branch, GA & Gainesville, GA have stopped taking any competitors but Kroger. They quit taking Target a few months back and there's a super Target right across the street (literally). I imagine they were just taking too much of a loss with Manuf, Target and Publix coupons being used. It was nice while it lasted though.

      • CMS

        I shop at the Spout Springs location as well. They have definitely become less coupon friendly in the past 6 months.

        • Swim222

          i agree!! both hand me back coupons that i would have used a few weeks ago

    • Anna

      I always ask and never challenge anyone. My Publix yesterday would not except Dollar General. (5 off 25) But about 4 months ago they took a World Market. The casher told me that they would be giving everyone a list soon on who they do except and who not to. I just usually let them decide. I have to see these people once a week. If I can get my hands on the list I will pass the info along. : )

    • Taylorlauri29

      I spoke with my store manager (Jacksonville, Fl) they will take any competitor coupon drug stores included. They even take Rite aid and we don't have them here in Jacksonville. He also told me you can use two different coupon's on one item, one manf. and one competitor!
      However I recently went to another Publix and their policy is not the same, they do not take drugstore coupons. I to was told it is up to each store manager to set their own policy. My Publix has a group of couponer's that drive over 30 miles just to shop their because of their Awesome policy. I only hope this doesn't cause them to change it.

      • Twylavarn

        which publix in jacksonvilletakes all competitor q's? i go to the Normandy and Roosevelt Publix :) Thanks

      • lauren

        Now you have to spill the beans and tell us the location! ;) My Publix in Fleming Island takes Target, Food Lion, Winn Dixie, and Harveys

        • mom2four

          which publix in fleming island? the one on 17 or the one on 220 near the target?

          • lauren

            The new one on 17, Hibernia.. I avoid 220 like the plague, WAY too busy!

            • mom2four

              oh good. that’s the same one i go to. I had no idea you could use other store coupons…way new to this game! :)

      • Sharon

        Wow!! tell us where. My Publix in Orange Park won't even take Harveys or Whole Foods, only Winn Dixie and Target.

        • Gale

          I go to 2 Publix in OP on Blanding, and they have differing Q policies. The one by OPHS did not take Whole Foods, but the one at College (further from WF) did. The one by College takes Harvey’s, FL, Target, and I’ve even used Lowe’s Q for Tide – cleared that with a mgr. first. For a brief time they stopped taking Target, but they’ve begun again. The Publix by OPHS on Kingsley has taken everything I’ve handed them, too, and is less likely to run out of stock toward the end of a sale. I go at the end of the evening, 8:00 or so, and maybe there’s the difference. I avoid going when it’s busy, so the cashiers are relaxed and the pace is slow. The managers and cashiers compliment me on my couponing.

      • Bridgofaith

        Hi! I am also in Jax, Fl. Would you mind telling which Publix does accept competitor coupons? Thanks!

    • Natashanatasha80

      I live near three Publix stores but only one accept, “…other stores coupons.”

    • Jen

      Publix in atl ga. — I havent tried CVS or walgreens… I know for a fact they DO NOT accept Rite Aid… They accept target and other grocery stores for sure though.

    • B_dao

      My Ooltewah, Tn Publix will take just about every other stores' (in the surrounding area) for specific or store items but they do not take the $5/$25 type coupons from others.

      • Nomoretimetosave

        I heard the Publix in Ooltewah was backed into a corner by the Time To Save people and told they would be blacklisted if they didn't cooperate with them. Since this was a new store about the time those 2 started all the mess around here they did not have a lot of options. Many other stores were hassled as well.

    • deb

      Yesterday when I was at My Publix, where I have never had a couponing problem, the asst mgr told me they had gotten direction from the manufacturers not to allow manufacturer and store coupons. Guess it has to do with the backlash from the extreme couponing show!

      • KAWilson

        That doesn't make any sense — why does it matter to the manufacturer whether or not a store takes two coupons on an item……they don't have to reimburse for that….they only have to be concerned with their own coupon….I would have to question that….

        • Sandy11111

          Many retailers have an agreement with the manufacturer that they will be reimbursed a certain amount for every store coupon that is scanned so the manufacturer is essentially paying twice. The original concept of the store coupon was to assist those who do not cut coupons from the paper to also have a savings.

          • staasee

            I agree that you should only use ONE mfg coupon per item, otherwise, the mfg is being ripped off when you use more than ONE. When grocery stores send coupons to the mfg the mfg has no way of knowing if it's being stacked. As far as the store goes, the mfg reimburses the store coupon value plus 8 cent. I think it is bad that people go to the store the second it opens so they can wipe out the shelves within two minutes then leave nothing for everyone else plus leave the stores in a situation where they have no stock and angry customers for the next 7 days! Be happy that you have a coupon and don't be a hoarder? I LOVE Pulbix……..I'm jus sayin'

    • Publix in Conyers, GA told me they don't take Target or Drug Store q's (even though both are right across the street from them!) but Publix at Lake Dow, a few miles away does accept Target.

    • momof3

      OK, Why can't people be GRATEFUL for the savings they do get! I have been a avid coupon shopper for over 11 years now and have seen down right ABUSE for several years now! Publix needs to make the same coupon policy across the board for all stores! A competitor is a GROCERY store within the area, Limit 1 competitor coupon, per item, per transaction, per day! There is so much coupon ABUSE going on that they (Publix) are going to QUIT taking anything but manufactures! Your abuse is going to ruin it for others and then you can go back to the store you came from as you TREATEN to do all the time if you don't get your way! USE COMMON sense that you were given! BE GRATEFUL for the saving you do get! MY Goodness, I remember paying 3.00 for a box of cereal and now not paying more than 1.00! If you aren't satisfied with what they except then shop somewhere else, go back to Walmart where you NEVER see a B1G1F!
      Thanks Jenny for all the match ups, it would take me hours to sit down and go over all the ads and decide who had the best deal, For the last 2 years I just match here!
      No, I'm not a Publix employee! I love my Publix and I'm grateful for all the deals I get there each and every week!

      • Gale

        I’m so grateful for their coupon policies that I won’t ask them to take Register Rewards and Extra Bucks, so I don’t know if my Publix does or not. I can use those at the retailers who issue them and get big savings on items my family needs. I don’t think Publix should take those, actually. It’s enough that they accept competitor’s Q, plus let us layer that or a manufacturer Q on top of a Publix Q. With good planning, we can save quite enough and be honest in our couponing practices. (BTW- the cashiers lately have carefully scrutinized my every Q – a sure sign of coupon abusers at work in our area) There will always be people who aren’t satisfied and want more no matter the cost to others whether it’s the check-out line or the welfare line.

    • Jen


      This post is helpful, but it's not going to matter soon. Publix is working on a new COMPANY WIDE coupon policy. Expect to see it in a month or so. They are not telling any customers or associates what it is until the big release. I can guarantee for most of us it will be more restrictive. This is due to the extreme abuses to the coupon policy. You would not believe the lack of integrity in couponing over the past year or so. Expired coupons, coupons for items that were not purchased, too many per item, and ridiculous abuse of competitor coupons are the main culprits. It really stinks for those of us who follow your posts and DO follow the coupon rules. The fact that they are having to do this new policy just shows you how bad it has gotten lately. Hope this helps.

      • McB

        I would be fine with a company-wide policy as long as it allows honest and fair use of coupons. None of us are trying to be cheaters. If we use the coupons the right way, nobody loses.

    • Kim

      Just reading all these posts makes me think Publix corporate needs to read them too. There is such a vast array of policies here that it's no wonder we're all confused. The Publix near me in Dallas, GA will only take grocery store coupons now (Kroger, Food Lion & Ingles). They will not take drugstore coupons and no longer take Target coupons either, even though there are 2 Super Targets w/in a 7 mile radius.

      • Shelleyschu

        Publix on Dallas Hwy in Marietta/30064 will take Kroger and Target coupons. Heard that they will take Wags and Rite Aid but have never tried. The Target across the street is not a Super Target.

        Agree with you about Publix corporate.

        • Shelleyschu

          Oh, I forgot. Did check out with manager the other night…you can't use a Publix yellow/green advantage buy with a Target coupon, and then add a manufacturers Q. Only Publix advantage or target (store Q) plus Man Q.

          But this allows you to choose the better option.

          • Gale

            I think of it this way to avoid any confusion. You can double stack Q's: Publix + competitor OR manufacturer.

      • Sewingmom2

        Publix at Stockbridge Lakes shopping center in Stockbridge, GA will only accept Kroger coupons. I asked the manager. The sign saying they accept competitors coupons is no longer displayed at this store

      • Betsy

        Kim just curious, I know where the SuperTarget is in Hiram but where is the other one that is close?? I'm in Temple

    • aparks

      Our Publix, (south florida, wellington) does not take any form of competitor coupons. I asked customer service last week about this very topic. They only take manufacturer and Publix store coupons.

    • KAWilson

      Well…if they stop taking all of these competitor coupons, I will simply go to each store where I have coupons and use them there. It will be more work for me, but I see no reason to have a coupon in my hand from, say, Food Lion, and then go ahead and purchase that item from Publix….I can stack coupons at Food Lion, Target….etc….so it will be more running around for me, but that's just the way it is.

    • grntmom22

      Mine will accept Target and Whole Foods

    • Snellmom

      Although we don't have a Super Target, we have a regular Target. The only Publix in the area that takes the Target coupons is the one in the same shopping center as the Target. The other ones in the area do not. There is even one Publix in our area that doesn't take any competitors coupons because Kroger isn't within 2 miles of it. The rest at least take Kroger and Ingles coupons.

    • Kate

      The Publix I shop at is wonderful! The only store q's they won't take are drugstore coupons. When I first started couponing there, I asked what store q's they would take. He told me that he will accept any store coupon within 2 hours (grocery stores and target) So far no changes. I have 3 (or more) Publix's within 5 miles of me, I always go to the same one because it's about a mile from me and I love the staff there.

    • Jackie

      The Publix I go to outside Nashville Tn will only take grocery store competitor coupons and within a 3 mile radius……that means Kroger is the only one…..why even say they take competitor coupons

      • Judy

        I go to the Hwy 100 & Belle Meade – they will Not even take a mfg if it has a Kroger logo. Because they are so difficult it is easier to go to Kroger & use the competitors coupons. Come out cheaper unless they are having a super sale. Kroger is so easy, Bellevue Store!

        • Couponcrystal

          I shop the Publix at Nashville West….so much nicer than the one you are referring to. I don't use many competitor coupons, but they never have a problem with the ones I do.

    • Laidbackladyoftwo

      I live in charleston, sc and i just went to a publix up the street from me. They have a sign on the entrance door that states they take all competitors coupons. I had never tried this before as I am new to couponing like this. I gave them a target coupon at check out and had no problems with it. It would be really sad if they changed there coupon policy so that they no longer accepted competitors coupons. People who abuse the coupons ruin it for everyone that do right. I guess theres always that one or two bad people that always ruin it for everyone. It was like that in school and continues into adulthood. You would hope that those people would just grow up.

    • Sheila

      I live in Athens, GA and we have 2 Publix's that accept different coupon. One of our Publix takes Target because it's close by the other doesn't. The other Publix takes Rite-Aid and no other drugstores because it is in the same parking lot as them. Both only take competitor's coupons of grocery stores that are in the area. (Food Lion, Winn Dixie, BiLo, etc are not in the area)

    • Kooper

      I shop at Publix in the orlando area and it seems each Publix is different. One will take the Save-a-lot the next Publix won't. But I have had my Publix change the rules every week I go in. They should learn to be consistent. Nothing is worst then looking like you are trying to scam when just the other day they took the coupon. So sometimes when a person said they used it just the other day its the truth. Publix needs to have one set of rules and not keep changing them when they feel like it without letting the customer know. I don't object to the changing of the rules just would like to be informed and not made to look embarassed when I am in line. I hope when they make their new rules that they inform all the customers instead of expecting us to know them already.

      • renee

        I wish publix in orlando would take walgreens and cvs competitor coupons
        I was inline at publix in orlando and watched a lady use her bj coupons and they took them because they had no sizes on it and when I used them I gave the cashier a pile of items to put back- she wouldn't take the cpns or the mgr.

        • Eae1959

          I also use BJ's coupons at my Kissimmee Publix stores, two different stores took them…..$3.00 off Kelloggs bars or shakes…there was no size listed. I use several BJ's cpns. They also take Alberstons if you get their add they will take the $5 cpn and match on the meat coupons,,,if they have they type of meat, check with meat dept on the exact cpn.

    • renee

      I wish publix in orlando would take walgreens and cvs competitor coupons

      • Jennifer

        The Publix near Lake Nona does take both Walgreens and CVS as competitor coupons. :)

    • Eae1959

      According to Publix today in Kissimmee customers will no longer be able to stack coupons on more than one of any item. I had two BOGO oatmeal and a manf cpn and target cpn for each. No more than one per customer and they are using the statement on the cpns ” no more than one per transaction” as their justification. ALong with people who are copying cpns and cleaing out shelves of sale items. Cashier said they had a meeting yesterday about this new policy……

    • Monica

      The Publix Two Notch in Cola. SC said they only take matches from grocery stores only. Does anyone else have info about that store. I also found the new you new year little booklet there. They are behind the service desk.

    • Firegirl1168

      HOMEWOOD AL Publix—KOOPER you are RIGHT! I have used the save-a-lot with a friend in the store and 3 days later the cashier said we don't accept these…I get so tired of them changing the rules..I called corporate out of concern and got the district manager being the store was going to inform all cashiers and staff went in a week later and the evening manager once again never heard of it and did not know what was going on..Hence so much for the promised update. Yes the store is 3.1miles away. Just make the rules stick to them and the good harding working people will follow.

      • Desireebowen

        I am in Vestavia, and I will go to the Publix in Vestavia or the one in Hoover (right off of 31, shortly after you pass into Hoover). I have been really impressed with their staff. They are always so courteous to couponers. FYI: the Publix in Hoover will accept Target coupons, but the one in Vestavia won't. (There is only a Target in Hoover).

        • Tammy

          The Publix on Montcalir, so far, takes all coupons except Target INTERNET coupons.

    • Firegirl1168

      ALSO – I shop at the publix a little further away from the HOMEWOOD AL in Hoover AL when picking up my child and noticed my $4 coupon was not on the receipt (Yes I mentioned it several times while checking out the cashier assured me in was on there) Got my receipt and no $4 coupon so it sent me to the service desk and yes close to closing and SHUCKS all a sudden they don't take Walgreens coupons (Poise coupon) which is located right in the same parking lot. I am getting disappointed in PUBLIX. They need to make up their mind and follow the rules and again we the couponers would be delighted to follow along.

    • Swim222

      my Publix does not accept Target, RIte-Aid, or CVS anymore

    • Bunnyfabulous

      My Publix accepts Whole Foods, and it only accepts the GROCERY coupons for Target; not household goods ones. None of the Publixes in our area (that I know of) have ever accepted CVS or Walgreens coupons.

    • MissyLea

      I live in Mableton, Ga- does anyone live in this area and know what the different Publix stores accept? I'm new to couponing and it would really help to know ahead of time. There are 3 stores within 5 miles- Hollowell Pkwy, Floyd, and EW Connector.

      This site has been amazing so far! I do think it would be useful, for those of us new to couponing, if you could post a list with the results of this survey that breaks down what each Publix accepts- that way we can just scroll for our Publix and know what coupons to use. :)

      • MissyLea

        oops- I mean 4 stores because there's also one on Paces Ferry in Vinings.

        • Heidi

          My mom lives in Mableton and has not had any luck getting them to accept anything other than Kroger.

      • Kmoneca

        Hi!. My daughter lives right off the EW Connector in Mableton and likes to shop at Aldi's, and Publix. She is a real frugalista and likes to shop at Aldi's, Kroger, and Publix which are all on their corners of Floyd Road and Nickajack. You might try calling your local store to see what their policy is. The manager is the final word in any Publix store and I'm thankful that my own PM in Tampa is quite generous.

        • SW

          which Publix are you speaking about in Tampa? I have a not so generous Publix in Tampa

      • Lisawas

        I shop at the EW Connector Publix and they have always taken Target coupons. ONe of the cashiers reluctantly took it last time and acted like they were going to stop that soon. She still took it but I wouldn't be surprised if they won't next time.

    • Christine A

      I've been calling stores in the North Metro Atlanta area of Georgia. It is up to each store to define “competitor”. So far, most stores only accept grocery store and Target as competitors. I have found one that will accept drug store coupons for food items and they accept some BJ's coupons! It's well worth a quick pone call to the customer service department of your local store!

    • Elopez3080

      I spoke with one of the managers in my Publix and he pretty much told me they have decided to take most of the coupons for “competitors” due to so many stores accepting coupons and wanting to keep the business in their stores.

    • Twhitley72

      I just spoke with the manager of Publix Valdosta and they will no longer except Toys r us, Food Lion nor Target. They do not have a Food Lion and they do not have a Super Target. They will also not take the $5/$25 coupon you get from Save-a-Lot that you get when you register your email. She said this only is a result of the “bad & unethical” couponers so we must coupon the right way!!!!

      • Nconway567

        Thanks for posting this. I was just in the Publix Valdosta last week and they took a competitor coupon, from Target. I wonder what has changed in the last week??

        • Amyreese2010

          It is changing in Valdosta Feb !, Bummer

          • Gadogs1978

            I too am in Valdosta and was told last week that they will change February 1st.

    • Ruth Geitgey

      I sure wish you didn't have to buy a paper to get the 1cent offer. I don't subscribe to the paper anymore and I don't want to pay 50 cents for the paper to get the coupon. Newspapers are a dying commodity and Publix needs to get with it. Our Publix requires the newspaper coupon.

      • Mjclark1977

        Our Publix has a copy of the paper in the store every week for free. I guess it depends on where you live, but I agree that they should honor the penny item even if you don't have a paper copy of the coupon.

        • Catherine

          Come on! You think they should just give everyone something for free?! I'm a huge couponer but I don't expect them to give everyone who walks in the store a free product without a coupon. They wouldn't be in business if they operated that way. Be thankful that they offer the penny item and stop complaining.

      • Kspeacher

        The Publix stores in Nashville area don't require the coupon for the Penny item… I just always ask them to apply the coupon for the penny item and they do it… they are hard to find in the paper here too… glad they don't enforce that one! :)

    • Ruth Geitgey

      Anyone know about the CSRA area of Georgia/South Carolina (Augusta Ga, Martinez, Evans, and North Augusta, SC and Aiken SC) Publix stores? One in Evans said they do not accept Target coupons. I have not been over there to ask for this poll.

      • Chelsea

        I have tried the stores in Augusta, Martinez, and Evans. I haven't had any luck getting them to take ANY competitors other than Kroger. I even tried to use a Food lion coupon the other day and was turned down, even though we have a lot of Food Lions in the area. HTH!

        • WJones87

          The Publix in Evans only accepts Food Lion (which I used last week), Kroger, and Bi-Lo. No Target. However, the Publix down at the other end of Washington Road has different rules because they are closer to different stores. As far as I've been told, it's all based on a certain radius between them and other stores that determine whether or not they will take them as competitors. Hope that helps

    • Jjjjsandpaulie

      I'm a cashier for Publix and we accept any coupon. But you can only use one Publix and One manufacturer or one competitor and one manufactuer. You also cannot use two different manufacturer coupons for one item.

      • Terri

        Where is your Publix?

    • Allison

      could anyone tell me where to find the coupon for the publix penny item… I have been looking for some time and still have yet to locate it… thanks allison

      • I am curious too. I have never been able to find it.

      • sn

        it's only in the Sunday paper Publix circular

      • AlabamaPrincesses

        It's in the Wednesday paper in Huntsville, Alabama

      • Coughs1

        If you are in FL, we don't have the Penny item! :(

      • Jbush27

        Here in Atlanta it's in the Wednesday paper. I don't get that paper, so I don't get the penny item. They used to put it in the Sunday paper and I would get the penny item then.

    • For the Publix on Fairview Rd. in Simpsonville, SC. I just spoke to the Assistant Manager and he informed me that as of last weeks district meeting they are no longer accepting TARGET coupons. Sad. I could've saved a lot. Guess I'll take my business to Bi-Lo. Their loss.

      • Melissa

        Does your Bi-Lo accept competitor coupons?

    • Emily

      This isn't for competitor coupons, but I live in FL and my Publix just changed their policy on B1G1. I used to be able to use a B1G1 coupon on a B1G1 sale and get both items free. Now I have to buy 4 items to use my coupon, so I get 3 free and pay for 1. Still a good deal, but disappointing to not get the free items anymore.

      • Gale

        What region of Fl? I'm in Jax, so the NE.

        • Ruth

          I live in Jax, too, and I go to the store on Normandy. They will not accept WAG's RR, but the one on 103rd said last night that they would. What are your experiences with RRs?

    • Michele

      Publix in Palm Coast no longer takes the $4 off of $20 ect CVS coupons. don't know what other revamping they have done, but I do expect more. Looks likes we are going to have to revamp our couping and shopping.

      • Which store in Palm Coast? I find that the Target and CVS policies vary. I have had the best success using competitor coupons at the Albertsons-Publix. Palm Harbor stopped taking Target qs last year.

    • Laurielane17

      Publix will no longer take Walgreens or CVS coupons, anything that is considered a pharmacy they no longer take. I made sure to first take my coupons to the front desk and ask if it were ok that I use them, the manager said yes and at checkout to use her name if there was any trouble. Well sure enough the cashier said he cannot use them, but I quickly gave him the manager's name, he checked with her and then applied the coupons. That was before I knew they wouldn't take them.

    • Joe

      I am a cashier at publix in south carolina. we don't accept target coupons here anymore.

    • Dafaf

      I was told that the Publix in Columbia no longer takes Target coupons and the competitor has to be within 2 miles of the Publix store for them to accept competitor coupons.

      • Carolinafan4

        that is how it's supposed to always been. they just have not been enforcing it

      • MeRV

        just found out tonight (the hard way) that the new publix in lexington, sc doesn't accept target. should have read this thread before $34 w/ no discount.

    • Amy

      The Publix in Summerville, SC will no longer allow you to use two Rite Aid coupons ($4 off of $20) in one shopping trip, even if you split them up into two transactions. It's sad that they're cracking down so much…Publix is really expensive without using all of those coupons.

    • Thefallsfamily

      i live in Greenville, South Carolina and the Publix near me does not take from Target or drug stores. They will only except from Bi lo, Ingles, actual grocery stores, not grocery/department stores such as Wal-mart or Kmart

    • Brittany

      I shop at the Publix in Meridianville, AL (close to Huntsville, AL). It and the Publix in Harvest, AL, have the same district manager and use the same policies. Until recently we could use drug store and Food Lion coupons, but that changed a few months ago. Now we can use Target, Kroger, and Earth Fare coupons. I don't see how Earth Fare isn't a “grocery store” as ours, at least, is basically a Publix with an emphasis on organic and natural foods.

      One thing for others from Huntsville to check, though…I was recently told by a bagger that Starr Supermarket, a local store near the Meridianville Publix, has a coupon program and that the Meridianville Publix accepts their coupons as a competitor. I haven't tried it yet, but it's worth looking into!

      • Mandi

        I shop at the one in Meridianville too! Thanks for that info. I will check them out.

    • Coupystuff4me

      publix in St. petersburg Florida is no longer accepting Natures finest copouns and is aonly allowing 1 $5 off coupon per transaction …grr….. I quess the key word is….per transaction!

    • Lmgator

      The Publix I went to today (there are several in our area) said they will only accept 1 of each type of Publix coupon per person per day.

    • MissyLea

      I just spoke to customer service at the Publix on Floyd Rd in Mableton, Ga and they will accept Target, Kroger, and Food Lion. And the Publix on Veteran's Memorial will accept Kroger and Walgreens.

    • Tmcavon

      I went to our local Publix in Goodlettsville, TN and they accept Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Kroger coupons, no Target!

    • Shannon

      I do feel I need to add that the prices at my Publix which is off of 434 in Orlando are slightly higher than most of the prices listed on here…Just for those who are also shopping the same area to keep in mind :)

    • LadyO

      Shannon- which Publix are you referring to? I shop at the Publix near Lakemont and Aloma and the prices don't seem to be higher. At least I haven't noticed a difference. I did ask my friendly Store Mgr about different store prices and he told me it is up to the Store Mgr's discretion to lower prices on items, if they have a store like Aldi's, Save-alot or WalMart very near. He said there is a store on Alafaya that has about 2000 items with lower prices, than his store!! (WalMart is across the street).

      The store on Aloma WILL take Walgreen's and CVS coupons, since Wags is right across the street and CVS is next door. However, I had to ask my Store Mgr, since the cashier didn't know. Make sure you check the stores' policies with people who know, sometimes the cashiers are new or inexperienced and do not know all the policies.

    • Kjhayes17

      Publix at Georgetown square in Athens, GA takes competitor coupons for pharmacy items from rite aid and takes kroger grocery competitor coupons. You can use target coupons at the publix on Atlanta highway in west Athens. They consider the target on Atlanta highway to be a competitor while the east side (georgetown square) publix does not.

    • Rachael

      I shop at 2 different locations and both have told me they will accept competitor coupons within 5 miles of their stores. Neither of which allow pharmacy coupons such as walgreens or cvs.

      • Gale

        Mine will take them for pharmacy items but not grocery.

    • Sean

      My store Manager in Smyrna/Marietta GA told me that they will only accept other grocery store coupons form stores in our area that they consider direct competitors. They used to take Target coupons, but stopped in December of 2010. If in question about which competitor coupons they accept being most stores are different, go to the service desk and ask them prior to shopping. You can usually find a Manager there. This little trip may save you lots of frustration and money at checkout time.

    • MissG818

      I am new to coupon-clipping. In fact, this is the first month I got serious about saving money. We are not at month-end and I have saved $230 and spent $300. I am totally thrilled! This is the first month I am able to stock my cabinets and have money to spare.

      To answer your question, I have used coupons from the following stores:

      I am loving the savings!!!

    • Gingiraffe

      I have 5 different Publix stores in my area and they vary about who they consider a competitor (and I usually pick which store I will shop at based on the coupons I have and where will take them). None of them seem to take pharmacy coupons unless you use it a the pharmacy counter. For example, they will take Rite Aid transfer Rx coupons.

      I live in the Huntsville Area.

    • shirley lusk

      I called our Publix store here in Valdosta, Ga and found out that as of Feb 1st, they will no longer accept Target competitor coupons (because we don't have a super Target here) and no more $5 off coupons from Walgreens or Rite Aid either. Don't know about Dollar General…forgot to ask but I'm sure if they are doing it with Walgreens and Rite Aid then they probably won't take Dollar General either…
      as far as regular coupons the lady didn't say if they would quit taking them or not from these two stores just the $5 off coupons(from total purchase). But Target is definitely a goner after the 1st…

    • Stefluvs2sign

      I have a connection at Publix and she told me that soon every Publix will receive a list of what they can accept and from where. In addition the policy changed that you can no longer stack a Publix $5 off $50 with a competitor $5 off $30 or $50 or whatever. If you have both you need to do separate transactions. So I bought $30 worth of stuff and used my $5 off $30 from Winn Dixie then I bought $50 worth and used my $5 off $50 Publix coupon.

    • meme milam

      when i asked about comp. coupons i was told the stores had to sell fresh produce and or have a deli to be a competitor, makes sense to me and am thankful they take the ones they do.

    • Mandymayfield16

      Our Publix only accepts BI-LO, Ingles and Whole Foods as competitor coupons.