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If you are looking for an easy way to cut expenses look into cutting out cable. There are some great alternatives available for a fraction of the cost. You can get Netflix or Hulu Plus for $7.99 a month. You can also watch Amazon Instant Videos for FREE if you have Amazon Prime.

You will need a streaming device in order to play the content directly onto your TV. One great option is Roku. You can get one for less than $60 on sale. It even has some free channels included.

Other streaming options include: Xbox, Wii, Playstation, or Apple TV. If your computer has an HDMI output you could even skip the device and plug your computer directly into the TV.

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    • courtney

      I’d love to hear from someone that’s a ‘TV’ junkie and has switched to these options. I don’t think I’d mind waiting a few days to get my primetime TV shows as I DVR them anyway. I have looked for people’s thoughts but I’ve never seen comprehensive reviews. I really like to have HGTV or foodnetwork on in the background during the day…can you still access some of the programing off channels like these?

      • allforthe4leggers

        Having a roku with a hulu subscription should take care of most of your shows on HGTV. They play episodes back to back so you can just select it and let it got. Theres a lot to choose from.

        • Frances

          I would love some more detail about what you do. We are using HDMI through a tablet connected to TV & having major problems with pausing in middle of shows (playing a few minutes and having to load again).

        • Chelle

          Specifically how does Roku work? People seem to indicate that it comes with some programming. What does it come with?

        • Chelle

          Specifically how does Roku work? People seem to indicate that it comes with some programming. What does it come with?

          • Laura

            I bought a roku last Christmas and it came with 305 channels & said more are added all the time.
            I bought Mom one this Christmas and it came with 600 channels. Some are free and some are pay channels. I only added free ones to my personal library on my roku. Mostly I use roku to watch netflix though.
            They have many channels in every category: movies & tv series, sports, internet, music, news & weather, kids & family, games, independent, science, food, fitness, travel, international and religion.

      • Jeopardy Smart

        I have. I’ll never go back.The best part is you get to watch any episode you want when you want to watch it.You don’t have to wait for your episode to “air”.

      • Jacketfan24

        We got rid of DirectTV in July when my husband lost his job. He is working again now, but we still haven’t gone back to it. We really don’t miss it at all. We have Netflix for older TV series but do not have Hulu Plus as most primetime episodes are on their websites the next day, so I have kept up with my favorites that way. The only thing I don’t like about it is that I can’t watch certain shows until they release on DVD after the season is over, like Walking Dead or Sons of Anarchy, since those are not on the websites or Hulu plus. But as I like saving the $80 a month, I will deal with it. We watched a LOT of TV before, but it was an easier transition than I thought it would be.

    • Chelle

      What about the Discovery Channel, History Channel, and others like that? Those are the channels we watch most. Is there a way to get them through any of these alternative options? Thanks!

      • Donna

        I hear you – that and the sports that my guys can’t seem to live without. I don’t think we have an alternative.

        • Susannah

          Can you order the series you want from those channels through Netflix or Amazon? I seem to remember seeing something about that somewhere.

          • Chelle

            We can watch some of the seasons of a few Discovery shows, but for the most part, they are not available on Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix that I can find. Shows from the major networks seem easy enough to find, but we don’t watch that much from the regular networks.

      • Donna

        Also I love TMC and I know I can rent most of those but I never know when I’ll be in the mood and my husband is a Fox news junkie.

      • Khadija

        You can watch most shows on youtube.

      • tori729

        I know some things come on Netflix, but of course they are delayed so you won’t see the newest stuff.

    • Kathleen

      Most channels have apps or websites that feature some full episodes. Just try checking out the sites before you decide. The only thing I have missed is AMC. I have been cable free for over a year. If you bundle your cable, Internet and phone, your provider will increase the prices on the other services. So your savings will not be as large as you thought. I will never go back to cable.

      • Sleepyheadedmom

        We’ve been exploring our options on ditching cable and I’m with you. I will miss AMC. There are only two shows that I really care about watching and they are both on AMC. If you ever figure out a way to get AMC without cable please please please tell me. lol.

    • Brooke

      Is there a good alternative for Sports. I could do without cable, but my husband isn’t willing to give up his sports. He is addicted to the TV during football and basketball season.

      • allforthe4leggers

        We have the same problem. We pay $300 a year for football and almost that for baseball as we live in a different area then our two teams, thats with direct TV. NBA League pass will work on the Roku $159 a year every game and they are archived so you can watch games whenever and for nfl were still stuck with streaming games via the internet. There is a way to watch them on nfl.com $35 a year for just your team but you won’t see them until the next day. Nfl still has a contract with direct tv and until thats over it doesn’t appear they can offer it on the Roku. When we are paying for baseball and football along with our regular service you’re talking $180 a month. We paid $49 we have the $16 a month in hulu and netflix service as well… so do the math and its a huge savings. Hope that helps a little.

    • Jeopardy Smart

      I cut my cable bill by downgrading my package deal to basic cable and high speed internet. I also bought a roku box for each of my tv s with a wireless router. Including my subscriptions( hulu plus & netflix) and cable bill, I went from $190. per month to $97. My wife hates change usually, but she loves the incredible selection of entertainment now. AND more money in our pockets each month.

      • tori729

        You should try using an antenna. We get all of the basic stuff with ours and no monthly cost! Even if it’s $10/month, it still adds up.

    • Tammie
    • Tammie
    • Laurel

      We do this. It rocks. It’s so cheap. We also have an antenna to pick up local networks and a DVR to record from the antenna. There is a lot of choice on Netflix for TV seasons and kids shows. It also helps you not keep watching for hours when you have Netflix…once an episode is done, you just turn it off…there are not commercials that try to get you hooked into the next show. I also like that the kids can choose to begin a show at any time…it doesn’t have to be the top of the hour.

    • Laurel

      We do this. It rocks. It’s so cheap. We also have an antenna to pick up local networks and a DVR to record from the antenna. There is a lot of choice on Netflix for TV seasons and kids shows. It also helps you not keep watching for hours when you have Netflix…once an episode is done, you just turn it off…there are not commercials that try to get you hooked into the next show. I also like that the kids can choose to begin a show at any time…it doesn’t have to be the top of the hour.

    • momof5

      We do Netflix with Roku – it’s good for the kids, but tough for the grownups. We have to stream NFL games from bootleg Russian websites over the laptop. It’s especially hard on holidays – no New Years Eve programs, Christmas Specials, seasonal movies, etc… But, we can barely keep food on the table so $100 a month for cable is a no-go. Better than nothing I guess.

    • Laura

      I got an email from Redbox that they are “soon” starting their own streaming service. No details yet on cost, start date or if it’s just movies or what.

      It does say that everyone will get a 30 day free trial plus 4 movies from their local RB machine for trying their new service.

    • Laura

      We live out in the country and our only real option for internet is a slow connection thru the phone line. (We’ve tried the satellite services but they are expensive and not really any faster) Our internet speed isn’t much better than dial-up so when we tried streaming Netflix or Amazon we spent so much time waiting for the buffering it was just too frustrating. Our only options for tv are Dish or DirecTV, and they’re priced pretty much the same, so no real savings options for us.

    • momof2boyce

      We cancelled our cable about 5 months ago. I kept the high speed internet & bumped it up to the next step faster. I was paying $150/mo. Now with only internet & Netflix I pay $80/mo. It has been an adjustment for sure with the sports channels missing & I can’t get foodnetwork, TNT or A&E anymore. No Duck Dynasty, which really stinks! However, we spend more time having family nights. Last night instead of watching the Clemson/LSU game, we watched Brave together as a family. It was great! And no yelling at the TV. :) I did buy an antenna & a Roku & I don’t really feel like I’m missing out on anything else. I won’t lie though…we do REALLY miss the sporting events that are only on ESPN or FoxSportsSouth. My hubby’s a Braves fan, so not good for him. And a lot of the UNC games are only on ESPN, but it looks like it’s going to be a good year to miss those. :(

    • Beehave

      We did this 11 months ago and would not go back. We kept our basic cable but now we spend more time doing other things besides sitting in front of the TV. We have Netflix and Hulu. Side note: we have iPads which A&E and History channel have apps to watch some full episode shows. We love it!

    • TurnerBrewer

      My family watches a fair amount of TV. We watch Duck Dynasty, Mythbusters, The Walking Dead and such. All of these shows and more can be purchased using Amazon or ITunes.
      I cancelled my cable TV close to 7 months ago. I am now saving $110 a month. I kept the Internet for $60 a month.
      Now i purchase all of the shows that we like to watch thru ITunes and our Apple TV. This is a huge savings. I have also have an Antenna in that sis in my attic for local broadcasts. I like to watch NFL football and I can do so using the over the air broadcast.
      I will never return to cable TV. It is far too expensive

    • Lisa

      If it was possible to just have the sports channels, we would do this. However we are sports junkies. Football, baseball, soccer, softball, lacrosse, even bowling in the off-season. We’re also big fans of college sports, so while we discussed cutting out cable, it’s not an option for us. We do have Netflix though, which saves on entertainment expenses and we don’t buy nearly as many DVD’s as we used to.

      • Carie

        Us too! We have a Roku but are trying to figure out how to cut the cable and get sports… it looks like it might just not work :/

    • Momof3

      I wish we could get sports!

    • Jen Burns

      We love not paying for tv. My husband installed a HD antenna outside and coaxial cable gets plugged into a box on the side of our house (when cable companies would plug theirs into). We only get local channels but they are crystal clear HD. For some reason we get extra PBS channels as well as a channel calle ME tv and THIS tv. We also pay for basic Netflix.

    • robyn

      I got rid of cable over three years ago, I only had the antenna and Netflix which I streamed through the Wii, but just the deal with playon.tv and free roku where u can get many shows on playon and roku….some are history channel , tbs, wetv,lifetime, hulu, and now that have a where u can watch some games live …so check it out it does you money.

    • swashbuckler

      Get a TV antenna, then TV is FREE. I get 28 channels with mine.

    • brandi

      We have a Clear Stream antenna purchased at Costco. You’d be amazed at how many channels you can get and in HD, too! One time investment of about $50 bucks, and we have all the channels we need. Love it!!!!

    • tori729

      We ditched cable probably a year ago and love it. All we had was basic cable but we found out that with just a $10 set top antenna we could get all of the same channels for free!! I guess we’ve always been used to NOT having all the special channels, even though I love TLC and HGTV, and my hubby would love to have ESPN, we never really had it all the time so we’re used to it. And Netflix is great – they keep adding new things and I never get bored with their selection! We pay about $56/month for our internet and tv!