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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

Going Nuts? I can help you understand coupon terms and abbreviations

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Finding coupons for specific brands

Finding Coupons for Specific Brands

In this week’s video I lay out some of the ways you can save on specific brands!

My last video was on Breaking Brand Loyalties, but I know that some of you have certain products that you have to have.  Whether it be certain baby foods (which I can relate to) or dietary restrictions on food due to allergies, illness or maybe just preference, you can still save on those products too!

Checking brands websites, Facebook pages, or even calling them can result in some great coupons or savings programs.

Do you have any creative ways for getting coupons from your favorite brands?

    • Irmogirl

      I want to do this, but have NO idea what to say, etc.. Any suggestions? Anyone have a “form” letter, so to speak you could send? irmogirl@earthlink.net

    • Heather

      I go to websites, and I write to the company saying, “I love your products. I would appreciate coupons. Thank you very much!” Some companies will send you them through snail mail. Others will write back to you via email stating that they cannot keep up with customer demand, so they do not send coupons.

      • Irmogirl

        So you just put your address on there as well as your email?

      • Stetsoncki

        I have tried writing Organic companies-stonyfield has been great at sending coupons! I just say I love their products but never find coupons to buy more. I have heard coupons are to get people to try the product and they appreciated my loyalty. I then wrote back mentioning they should send them to loyal customers to them buying!!!

    • Natasha

      over the past 2 weeks I have been writing companies and now have over 50 companies sending me free product coupons, cents/$1 off coupons, sample and some have actually sent me full size products in the mail.  Once I get all the products, coupons, etc, I will let you know what I got from each company.

      • Rjkoontz80

        That’s wonderful! Do you mind we asking what you say? I have sent a few emails but don’t get anything. I must not be wording it correctly!

        • Natasha

          I just tell them that i noticed their product in the store and havent tried it yet, but would like to try it. then ask them politely if they would send me so coupons, and thank them, give them my name and under my name I have my mailing address. Alot of companies, dont have any available and will tell you, some say they will put in on a mailing list so if they do then they will send you some. Some will send you a confirmation email, and then reply, and tell you if they are mailing any to you, some place will just send them out and wont tell you. It makes it like a surprise when you open you mail.  I also keep a list in the off chance they dont send me anything, I know not to bother asking them in the future.

          • coupons4kids

            Thank you very much!  That is very helpful.

          • Olbupp

            just because a company doesn’t send/offer a coupon now, doesn’t mean that they won’t have a change in their policy and offer one later. If you have a product you LOVE, don’t abandon hope!

            • Anonymous

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        • NewMommy2

          I have contacted Pepsi, coca cola, motts & pampers. they all said they do not send out coupons but to look in newspapers & etc. I contacted Fresh express & they sent me (2) .55 coupons for salads! :) Just keep trying

      • Cryswe11

        You write to the companies? Or do you email them? Also, any advice as to what to say? Thanks!

        • Natasha

          email. Stamps cost to much!

          • Nancychef1

            Where do you find the email addresses?

    • ScottJ

      You can often contact customer service by email.  Tell them that you like their product but cannont seem to find any coupons.  They will often mail coupons to you directly.  If they don’t, reply that given today’s economy, you don’t but brand products without coupons.  This has worked recently for Texas Pete and for New England Coffee.  Both were great and sent several coupons for their products. 

    • Anonymous

      I’ve tried emailing companies before. Proctor & Gamble, Dannon, and other companies have told me to look in newspaper inserts–our local newspaper is AWFUL for coupons, so that’s no help. Or, the coupons we get are not for the items I want. Seems like it takes too much time to try, only to get denied.

      • coupons4kids

        That is exactly what happens to me!  I haven’t received anything from anyone.

        • Chris

          Purina is a good one to call.  The only drawback is they only send 2 Qs once a month.  But you can call every 30 days for more Qs.

          • Stephanie H

            I just emailed them. Is that the way that you contacted them?

            • Chris

              Email or call their main Customer Service.  They’re really nice people and I’ve been able to get coupons from them without issue (especially important to me is the Breeze litter and pads – which the Qs they send are for $1/1 of either and are good until March 2012).

            • Stephanie H

              Awesome, Thank you!!! Their cat chow is the only cat food that doesn’t make my cat’s puke, so whether it’s on sale or not I have to get that kind.

            • We have the same problem with our dog…he can only eat Purina…so when it is on sale I buy a ton of it. (We have a 100lb Boxer…he eats a lot)

            • Chris

              Well for everyone who is after pet Qs also keep in mind if you have a PetSmart they will match any competitor and take any competitor Q.  So you can price match with Walmart, use manuf Qs, use PetSmart store Qs, and stack in there competitor Qs from PetSupermarket and even Target – taking advantage of their policy to save the most possible (because we all know pet products can get expensive when you have to buy frequently or have several pets so you stock-up – dry food, wet food, treats, supplies and litter, toys, you name it).  My last trip to PetSmart I did all of the above and saved over 60% – $220+ for $90 including tax.

            • Stephanie H

              One more quick question and then I promise I will leave you alone :) Do you have to call or email them every month or do they just send them to you. I got an email back from them thanking me for my comments and telling me that they are sendingme some coupons.

            • Chris

              Yes you have to ask every month – they def don’t do it automatically.

      • Anonymous

        If I’m looking for a coupon that is issued in newspaper inserts but wasn’t in mine it’s easiest to order from a clipping service.  For example, I wanted the -$1.50/1 Kibbles N Bits , any size.  I ordered 20 and It was about $4.50 including S/H and they arrived within 3 days of me ordering so I got to use them within that particular sale cycle.  If I’m ordering coupons I ask my couponing friends and family if they need anything first to maximize ordering and minimize shipping and handling fees.

    • coupons4kids

      Well I emailed probably 20 companies today!  I will update ya’ll on what any of them say!!!!!!!!!!  Check back on this page towards the end of the week.  Hopefully I will have received some responses!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the information. I have one question…you said to sign up for a differenet e-mail address for the coupons, what about facebook’s e-mail? I have my regular e-mail address for that.

    • Cassie

      I have had a lot of success writing companies and receiving coupons in the mail. Most companies want honest feedback about their products. If you like a product…tell them that…if you didn’t tell them that. If you have a suggestion for them, they love to hear it. “Most of the time”, these companies will reward you for you feedback with coupons. Always be honest. I never outright ask for coupons. That isnt going to get you anywhere. The companies want to know how individuals feel about their products. I started doing this about six months ago and have had great success. Some companies will not send anything only give you a thank you…but I have found out the time spent has been worth it.

    • Hi!  One thing that I do is to check your coupon database and order my best brand coupons.

      For example, I am a coffee snob. :)  I just love my espresso roast whole bean coffee from Starbucks. 

      I check the coupon database and if I find a coupon for it, I will utilize a coupon clipping company and order a stack.   I find the clipping fee totally worth it to support my little habit. :) 

      There is one more way I save.  On every bag of SBUX there is a little picture of a Tall coffee on the front which says the bag is redeemable for free Tall!

      • Jane

        could you please tell me about coupon clipping companies and how they work….thx in advance for your help

    • I got the EXACT same email from Perdue too a month ago, when I emailed them. Some compnaies are great and some are not. I have gotten coupons from JIF, welches, and the best one was Platex tampons. They sent me 3 coupons for free boxes up to 5.99. I hate to say it but when you have a problem with a company’s product, they send great coupons. When you just give feedback about how you like the product, they just say thank you and check your local paper.

    • Lisakathleen

      I contact Turkey Hill once a month via customer service email and every month they send me coupons. Usually they are BETTER than any that I have seen in the inserts. I always write to them about their drinks but they send coupons for everything.

    • Klp3q

      I’d just like to say that your hair looks SUPER cute

    • Anonymous

      I got a response from Gardein when I emailed them. They said coupons are coming my way — hopefully before the BOGO sale at Publix is over! On the other hand, Quaker Oats (parent company is Pepsi) told me to look in Sunday inserts… duh!

    • Karen

      Thanks for this post.  I’ve never had the courage to ask for coupons before today.  I went to Iams’ facebook page and I happened to spot a from someone asking for coupons.  Iams responded with a link where you could email them.  I filled out the little form and got a quick response that they would be happy to send me some coupons.

      As for those that don’t know what to say, I did tell them that I (well, my dogs) liked their product and we only use it.  However, I haven’t seen any coupons for the type we use (weight control – fat pugs!), so could you please send me some. 

      I think it really helps to ask for coupons that you don’t normally find as opposed to coupons that are regularly in the inserts, such as diaper coupons.  That’s just my opinion based on what I have heard from others.

      • couponinchef

        HI I have some Iams q’s for $1 & $3 off if you want to trade e-mail me dembogub@hotmail.com

    • Mrs.M

      I emailed pampers a few months ago and they sent me 5 coupons for $10 off any box of diapers or pants over $15. Now that’s what I call customer service!!! The company is good about sending coupons whether you say something good or bad about their products.

    • Tduncan6

      I call the 800 number on back of product. Great success. Example:
      Bama, Welchs, Hungry Jack, Turkey Hill, Polident, Dukes Mayo, Unilever,
      just to name a few.
      Like I tell people, anything you need or want and is not available in Sundays paper call the company !

    • Melanie

      I’ve contacted companies and gotten coupons for ensure, tena, depends – things I have to have because of illness.

      I found a problem with a Planters peanut product several years ago and called – I like the product, this was a one-time occurrence and they sent me 10 coupons. 

      If the company sends me a lot of coupons or even a free sample with the coupons after I have specifically contacted them (not just a general mail/email to all subscribers), I send a thank you – either email or written.  People like to be thanked when they feel they have gone out of their way to help, and it lets the company know that their services are appreciated.  Feedback motivates companies!

    • Rbarp2

      I just emailed Proctor and Gamble because I’ve had two Swiffer WetJets that the handle broke.  They emailed me back within a half hour and apologized and said they said would be sending me a replacement coupon in the mail.  Now that’s good customer service!  

    • Angelascoupons1

      I have emailed companies many times…I only got one response where they did not send coupons (Cliff Bars).  Otherwise, I always got them – and usually ones that never expired or did not expire for a year!

    • Savn2gether

      Thanks, Jenny! I greatly appreciate everything you do!!!

    • Julie

      Jenny I love your hair in this video! ( :

    • coupons4kids

      Well I am happy some of you have said that you almost always got coupons from those companies that you emailed. My experience this week however, was different.  I only had one company say that they would send me coupons and dozens say they dont mail coupons and to watch local papers or magazines.

      Kleenex was the company who said they would send me coupons. I know we get some in our paper but they are usuaully very low, like 25 cents off. I am hoping the ones they mail will be higher!

      • Chris

        You’re right – some of the really large ones just don’t.  PepsiCo doesn’t (and they don’t even offer direct ordering – I’ve tried for large qtys), 3M doesn’t, and several others.  Those that put out coupons regularly for a particular product most likely won’t either.  Others where you can have success are those that don’t regularly put out coupons – like Purina will send Qs for their Breeze system and supplies as well as for dry cat food if you ask (they always send me Qs every time) because there are almost never Qs out for the Breeze stuff or the Friskies dry food.  Good Luck!

    • Nelida

      Can you show me how to Coupon  I need help I live in Miami Florida