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  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
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  • EXP = Expiration Date

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It’s a new year and for many folks that means big resolutions to make things better in 2013.  I know for our house and others that involves saving more and being frugal.  As you start down that journey turning to experts is definitely a great start.

Today we’re giving away a collection of books by Mary Hunt.  Before Mary was a personal finance expert, she dug her family into $100,000 of credit card debt.  She says that if she knew then what she knows now, it would have only taken them 7 years to pay everything back instead of 13 years.  She is a syndicated personal finance columnist in newspapers across the country and the founder of Debt-Proof Living where she helps people reclaim their financial freedom.  Mary has appeared on multiple shows and even the Today Show helping families learn to get out of debt across the nation.

If you are in a bind with debt, or just learning to budget and save for the first time, check out some of the books Mary has written:

Raising Financially Confident Kids – shows parents how to raise kids who have a healthy understanding of finances.  Our views on money start early, so it’s great to go to our kids and show them from the start the value of saving, giving and healthy spending.

7 Money Rules for Life – presents basic rules to get financially prepared for the rest of your life.

Debt-Proof Your Christmas – helps families assess their financial situation, think creatively about their gift list and not take on any new debt.  Mary will help you identify what has caused overspending in the past and plan a new approach.

Cheaper, Better, Faster – has over 3,000 tips and tricks to save you money every day.  Each tip is short and to the point and best of all, helps you make the most of your money and time.

The Giveaway:

Two Southern Savers readers are going to win each of the above titles by Mary Hunt.

To Enter:

Leave a comment below telling me the best money-saving advice you’ve ever heard.

The winner of this giveaway will be chosen and posted to the Giveaway Winners Page Friday, 1/11.

    • Bria Drotar

      I admit, I was skeptical about using coupons for a long time – but they have saved me an amazing amount of money since I started learning to use them.

      • Shelia

        I have learned that if people love you for what you can do for them they dont love you.

    • Keisha

      I have heard alot of financial advice through the years, but the most tried and true, I think is “shop around” and then try to find a coupon to go on top for what you are needing to purchase. My family does this for everything from food to furniture. Very interested in what else we could learn from these books!

    • Connie in AL

      Learning t o use coupons in tandem with sales in order to stockpile (or mini-stockpile) has saved my family more money on a consistent basis than anything else. It sure opened my eyes!

    • Nabedi

      Buy what you need not what you want and take the time to shop before you buy. Makes a big difference when you start putting money aside that you would have otherwise spent on unecessary items.

    • Ellie Hudson Bragan

      I don’t know if it really was advice, but both my parents lived during WWiI and they saved and reused stuff. They also only bought stuff they really wanted or needed. That really stuck with me.

    • Amie

      “Never use credit cards to finance your lifestyle – live within your means” – I learned this lesson my first year in college. I ran up about $1,500 on my very first credit card. My mother’s long-time boyfriend (who was like a father to me) found out. He sat me down, talked to me about the consequences of this habit and then wrote me a check for the full balance. He didn’t require me to pay him back as long as I promised him I would never do it again. Here I am 15 years later and I’ve kept that promise.

    • Neelu C

      The best money saving tip i have heard is to start saving at young ages even if the amount is little. The best way that i have learnt to save money is through couponing. Its fun !!

    • KimL

      Pay yourself first. Put a set amount in savings and retirement accounts monthly. Have it deducted or deposited directly from you paycheck.

    • Ashley

      I have heard her books are awesome so I really hope I win. The best money-saving advice I ever learned was – Dont use your credit card. Pay cash. I am in no credit card debt thanks to this advice.

    • jemalarkey

      I asked my frugal aunt for advice, and she said, “Easy. Just don’t spend money.” It may sound overly simplistic, but it’s actually somewhat profound, considering the culture we live in. Stop spending money, people!

    • Deborah


    • Lineth Velasquez

      Stop eating out, it is unbeliable how much money a family of five can save in a year by reducing to eating out only once a month. thank you

    • Brandy

      Can envelope system-saves you money by allowing you to only spend what you’ve allotted.

    • kfs6377

      The best money saving advice I’ve ever been given is to sleep on major purchases before you buy them. Most of the time a night’s sleep will cure those impulse buys!

    • Brittney J.

      If you can live without it, you dont need it….

      also, Round every transaction you make up to the nearest dollar and at the end of the month move any leftover money into savings

    • Best money saving advise i had ever heard was to always save your change.. Example: if something cost a dollar and you have .50 cents in your pocket, pay with a dollar instead and put away the extra change. Do this throughout the month and it’s guaranteed that you will have an extra 30-40 bucks at the end of the month to put towards your credit card balance.

    • dtcox1

      my hubby read one time you should pay yourself every week with 10.00 put in a savings account . then try to be out of debt by 50 year old . it sure has helped us plus before you buy something do you really need it that bad . most of the time you dont

    • rustypeanut

      Do not spend more than you make. Easier said than done.

    • Wendy

      The best one i’ve heard is when it’s gone, it’s gone. Don’t use credit cards.

    • barb

      Only buy what you need, not what you want is the best advice I have been given over the years.

    • Dawn A.

      I believe that the best advice I’ve ever gotten is “never pay full price for anything”. I’m conditioned to look for ways to save on every purchase. Almost everything goes on sale. If not, look for coupons. :-) Thanks Jenny!

    • hhbeverly

      We are getting ready to sell our home so we can “downsize” our mortgage. In a world where supersizing is all the rage, our family could really put these books to good use as we revamp our lifestyle. Thanks, Jenny!

    • Jenny

      Sleep on it. Never impulse buy with big purchases. If you haven’t changed your mind in the morning, then make your decision.

    • Derek

      Best money-saving advice I have heard is profits are better than wages and live within your means.

    • Leigh

      If don’t have the cash to pay for it then u don’t need it.
      Don’t charge it!!!!!

    • Andrea Miller

      The best advice I’ve ever heard is to never spend more than you can afford and avoid credit cards. I’ve tried to do my best, yet it is still a struggle, especially when there is a great deal even though I know I shouldn’t be spending more. The envelope system has really put my coupon shopping in order and allowed me to use only what I can on the stuff that is a good deal without going over.

    • Momof4boys

      Best money-saving tip…Start a retirement account from day one and never stop putting money in it.

    • Becky

      Stop using credit cards. Use cash only! You can’t spend what you don’t have in your wallet. My husband loves reading and I would love to have these books for him

    • Amber

      Wait 1 hour per $10 of impulse purchases before buying. For example, if you’re out shopping and find a $20 sweater you weren’t planning to buy, wait 2 hours and see if you still feel you *need* it!

    • leslie

      First always remember the tithe comes first, it is not our money anyway, and then buy just what you need, if you stay out of the stores you will find even your desires go down, we all can live on much less and with much less than we choose to:) Happy 2013!!

    • Wendy

      Instead of buying something immediately when you see it and want it, wait! Sometimes when you go back you realize you don’t want it any more.

    • cneely83

      Sleep on it and Spend within your means. Hard to do sometimes I have found but trying to get better.

    • barbie1032

      a penny save is a penny earned

    • lovesavingmoney

      The best advice I have heard is always pay yourself first.

    • Kimberly Meyers

      Best advice comes from the Bible :)
      “Why do you spend money on what is not food, and your wages on what does not satisfy? Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, and you will enjoy the choicest of foods.” Isaiah 55:2 (HCSB)

    • melanieo

      We put money aside for big purchases and pay cash for them. This way, we don’t create debt and we can usually negotiate for a better price.

    • don’t go shopping when you can’t buy it!!!! :)

    • pay yourself (by placing 10% of income into savings) as soon as you get paid!

    • jschizz

      Put all of your loose change in a jar and don’t touch it. It’s a nice surprise at the end of the year to buy something you’ve been wanting or to pay off some bills.

    • Pat

      It seems like a simple concept. Purchase with cash.

    • Dawn M Cates

      get rid of the credit cards! lol

    • Pay yourself first

    • Megan C.

      My father always said, “Its not magic, it’s math” this helps remind me that I dont always need to ‘figure it out’ or to expect money to come that I need. We write down non neccessity items we would like to purchase and the date, then 30 days later we check the list and see if we still want it, most of the time we dont.

    • Jamie Buchanan Benningfield

      Best advice hands down was to start couponing. I not only save money using the coupons but it has changed my mindset totally about never paying full price for anything!

    • Try to pay an extra house payment every year. This will pay your home off 6 years quicker.

    • Gabby Racine

      Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you need it. Spend wisely!

    • Mary Ann Rimmer

      The best money-saving advice I have ever heard is to save. It does not matter whether a dollar or more. It is the habit that counts not more the amount. I hope to save more this year because of our plan to buy a new home.

    • My grandfather told me that you cant earn interest if your busy paying interest… dont borrow money invest it!

    • tmcdon2

      Look after the pennies and the dollars will look after themselves.

    • julie08

      As far as credit cards, my husband and I do not carry them but keep them in a certain place so that we can discuss if it is really necessary to use them or if it can wait or be paid for another way. We have gone so far in the past of freezing them in a ziploc bag of water. Then you have no choice but to give it time while your frozen cards thaw. Most of the time you are past any impulse buys if you try to thaw them. Really, the best advice is to work as a team and stay focused on spending and paying off debt. Set goals and work together.

    • If you can’t afford something with cash, you probably don’t need it.

    • Patti Pizzano

      If you don’t have the cash, don’t buy it.

    • Stephanie F

      To always tithe first!! This is not a choice, but a command from God’s Word. Only spend what you have on the “needs” for you and your family. Unfortunately, we never really followed the latter until it was too late and we were deep in debt. We have now learned this mid-stream and are almost debt-free….praise God!! Would love to learn more from these books.

    • Katy

      My Mother taught me to coupon like a pro and it has saved me thousands!

    • Tara

      Dave Ramsey’s Financial Course was the best thing for us! We have quarterly budget meeting as a couple to make sure that out goals are the same and we are putting our money where we need too. We don’t have a hard time talking about money anymore!

    • tryett

      As a single mom (since my oldest now 20 was 2), paying myself first never worked as there was always a need for something. I used to coupon and started again a couple months ago and that has helped tremendously as both kids are at home and in college. I got rid of credit cards and still have debt but am slowly recovering. This past Christmas the only gifts were knit scarves and hats and a couple used video games (although we did take a trip to the northeast for Thanksgiving as part of the present). However I ran across something interesting that I believe is doable to prepare for next year. Put an increasing amount away for each of the first 50 weeks in the year, $1 for the first week up to $50 for week 50, don’t touch it and you will end up with $1250 to use for Christmas, bills whatever.

      • diana

        very good idea… thanks!!!
        I will take this advice for next year

    • Canaan

      Wait a year before making any purchases that aren’t a necessity if you still want it after a year then it must be something you really want. Most of the time I don’t even remember most of the things I just thought I had to have the year before!

    • My best advice ever came from Dave Ramsey. Save at least $1000 for an emergency fund!

    • Chris Mucklow Meyer

      The best advice I know of is if you can’t pay cash for it, don’t buy it!

    • Stephanie

      With all the new taxes we are paying, I’m sure needing to buckle down and save!!! Not that we were crazy spenders before but every little bit helps!

    • meg

      Pay cash!

    • Bsurfergirl

      The best advice I’ve heard is to pay off your credit card every month.

    • Melissa

      I love Mary’s book, Debt-Proof Living. Also, LOVE Dave Ramsey. I think the best advice is probably to save first, automatically.

    • Renea McNair

      Some of the best advice I learned is spend cash only and save for major purchases!

    • Stephanie

      LOL, i forgot the advice part…
      don’t buy on impulse…wait at least a week and see if it’s still important. Sometimes those displays at the store just make you think you “have to have it” waiting puts it in a little perspective

    • harrypotterrocks13

      Learning to coupon was the best thing ever to help my family save money.

    • blessedwith2

      My sister in law told me about southern savers and since then it’s the most money I’ve been able to save because of Jenny

    • Lucy

      A penny saved is two pennies earned

    • Will

      Always pay yourself first

    • Noel

      Don’t buy if you have to borrow….my nana always said that

    • Karrie Smith

      Give some (tithe), save some, spend some. Simple way to prioritize!

    • lucysullivan

      Definitely live like a student once you graduate

    • Jenny Rosemark

      Best tip I have received is to plan for your future. Make sure to set up a retirement fund, don’t plan on living off social security.

    • Cynthia

      My mom had her coupons in my old Barbie lunchbox, so I learned early how to save at the grocery store!

    • lucysullivan

      there are no loans for retirement ( i often have to remind my high schoolers of this!)

    • mceodsc

      Empty all your change into a container every night. It is amazing how much you can save in a year.

    • Tammy

      Budget, budget, budget!

    • kellypalmetto

      Don’t spend every bit of money you make. Always give God the first part of your earnings.

    • Thamika

      Tell your money where to go with a budget!

    • Stephmom75

      The best advice for saving money is to have SELF CONTROL
      ! The best way to SAVE is to NOT SPEND!

    • Jenny

      The best money saving advice I have heard is from the Bible…”But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)

    • Amy L

      Get out of debt! If you aren’t in debt, STAY OUT OF DEBT!

    • Loubie

      My brother told me when I was 25 & poor to put 10% of my check in savings when I cashed it. He said I would blow that much anyway. He was right and before I knew it I had a nice nest egg. I went on to “have” money and didn’t see the need in saving like that. Now I’m 50, broke in this economy and wishing I had kept up this simple little habit. So thanks for making me remember and it ‘s gonna be my 2013 resolution!

    • CHEVYGURRL2004

      Pay with cash. If you don’t have the cash to pay for it, don’t buy it. (In other words, avoid credit cards and anything “financed”) And of course, use coupons for EVERYTHING! If there’s not a coupon for it, don’t buy it, unless it is an absolute neccessity. :-)

    • awhite95

      The best advice I have heard is to buy things when they are practically free or free when you DON’T need them. I try to buy gift items here and there when I can get them next to nothing and store them up. That way when I need to put a gift together, I can just pick from my stash and am not scrambling to buy a gift at the last minute. Its saves me money, time and stress!

    • Chantay Polk

      My best advise was how to save for a car. If you to buy a new or used car save money each month like you are making a regular car payment.Depending the cost and the amount you save every month, will determine how long it take you to save for the car.

    • Teresa

      “Live like know one else so you can live life know one else” Dave Ramsey.

    • TheMonsterKeeper

      My husband and I agreed to not bring anything into the house unless it was paid for … so now I save for furniture and appliances and buy with CASH!!!! Now, we are looking into renting out our Guest Bedroom on the weekends and put all that we make into a Vacation Fund. That way we will be able to go on Vacation without denting our budget!!!!

    • atchlco

      Pay with cash, dont use credit cards.

    • Pay off your highest interest debt first.

    • Jenelle

      Pay off your credit card every month!

    • Wendy

      We are currently trying to find ways to lower our monthly living expenses. Would love to teach our little girl how to NEVER get into to debt and always pay cash.

    • ab

      use coupons.

    • Amberlee

      Use an envelope system. Allocate certain amounts for everything AND put your coupons in the envelopes too!

    • Junien

      The best financial advice I was given is to simply live below your means. My husband and I put this plan into action after we got married by living on my paycheck (the lesser of the two) and saving All of his. In just two years we had a large down payment for our first house and cash for furnishings. After our children were born, we switched. So, we lived on his check and saved mine. After 40 years, we have paid cash for vehicles, college tuition for the girls, and all our other needs!

    • kpeverything kp

      Pay cash for everything

    • sherry

      couponing helps the family budget so much my mother taught me to keep it up and i’ve learned a few extra tricks over the years

    • Tammi

      Using the envelope system and cash only!

    • Lori Lion

      To not spend money unless you actually have it, and then to sleep on it before you purchase it.

    • Brandon Ashby

      Pay yourself first!

    • Mitzi

      Don’t use credit cards :)

    • mim

      Don’t spend more than what you have.

    • Ilikeylots

      Makes no sense to save if you have credit cards accruing interest on monthly…make the money work for you by paying off debts-only then will you not be in the red

    • Hmull

      live below your means

    • samantha shifflett

      I was always told not to charge anything…if I don’t have the money that means it wasn’t meant for me.

    • vmorgan

      Freeze your credit cards so you have time to think about the purchase and won’t buy impulsively.

    • Katworm

      Couponing has helped this retired gal!

    • Pay for everything with cash or debit. Do not use credit cards

    • alcy01

      Never get a credit card! Use a debit card for things that require a card.

    • mommywelsh

      Money can’t buy happiness, but f you buy something yourself you will appreciate it more, than if it is just given to you and the happiness will be purchased in the end. My mother always said this and I have learned that with it giving a percent to charity and savings that I have respected and purchased happiness with everything I have bought so much more than if it was all handed to me.

    • Shan Walker

      Paying cash for items rather than check or debit card. I am still working on this but it sure makes a difference!

    • Cut those credit cards in half as soon as you start having trouble paying for them! emergencies only!

    • Marie

      Always pay cash, no credit cards

    • BusyLady

      It’s better to buy something at a good price than sell something at a good price. –Jim Bob Duggar

    • jennifer

      pay cash, don’t buy if you can’t.

    • Cindy

      Never apply for a credit card!

    • Cindy

      Pay off smaller debt first so that you can see the benefits and the effort payoff quicker..then take that money you were applying to smallwr debt and roll it over tto include towards the larger debt…this gives snowball effect and you keep your momentum.

    • Havennh

      Enjoyed reading “Debt proof your Christmas” last year. It has some great stories about fun things families have done to make the most out of their Christmas. It is good to read in January to plan for December 2013.

    • Dee

      Always pay yourself first and make regular deposits into your savings and investments. There’s free money everywhere. Look on the sidewalk, self-checkout lanes at grocery store, coupons for $ off on next purchase.

    • First off, I’m 19, I just got married, And me and my husband have made it a goal to stay out of debt, and that is A LOT harder than i thought it would be, I would LOVE to have these books and get some advice on how to save, and plan financially for our future! Also, I absolutely love Southern Savers, I am a huge couponer, and it definitely helps me and my husband out. :)

      Best money saving advice I’ve ever heard is simply to have a budget set, and follow it.

    • Write down every penny you spend and what it was spent on.

    • Adele

      Pay with cash never charge. If you don’t have the money than you don’t buy it. That is what generations before us did, and they were not in the financial mess that our society is in today.

    • Jennifer C.

      The best advice I’ve ever been given: Give to God first. Even if it’s $5.00, he may not provide for your every WANT….but he will provide for your every NEED. 2nd..don’t spend it, if you don’t have it.

    • l.a.

      savings add up quickly due to the magic of compounding.

    • Sherri

      Don’t use credit cards and pay extra on your house payment each month. Every little bit helps pay it off faster!

    • missyB

      Stop using debit cards and just use cash.

    • Bj

      My dad sometimes said—-do without everything you want and half of what you need—-this is maybe extreme, but it shows he was very practical.

    • camid

      Use cash only! It is hard to let go of those bills – even the one dollar bills! We have cut back on so much spending by doing this for almost every area of spending.

    • lynsi

      Give 15%, save 15%, and live on 70%.

    • Only put purchases on a credit card if you’re going to pay it in full at the end of the month. I do this with my gas every month, and it’s rewarding to see that zero balance once I pay it off.

    • Caosmom

      You have to be able to tell the difference between your needs and your WANTS!!!

    • Stephanie O

      Get out of debt with gazelle-like intensity – Dave Ramsey
      This is my motto this year!

    • diana

      If you can wait to buy something is not a necesity is vanity, just wait

    • couponreina2011

      Learn about investing wisely. It is one thing to save money, coupon, pay cash – ALL of which I agree with – but another to make it grow. Invest the max in a 401K, contribute to an IRA (or Roth IRA), make sure you max out deductions at the end of the tax year, start a HSA (Health Savings Account) and have money deducted from your check BEFORE taxes. Invest in real estate for passive income… these are all things I wish someone had told me when I was young… Check out some books from your local library (don’t buy them :) and start reading!

    • Brook

      Put money each week into envelopes instead of in the bank. We have one for savings, house expenses, and vacation. Its fun to watch it grow so quickly!

    • coupons

      Unless it’s a TRUE emergency – pay cash.

    • Janet C.

      “Buy used and SAVE the difference” – Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

    • Kristy B

      Use cash. Only take out exactly what you’ve budgeted and don’t spend more than that.

    • Marcy

      Use cash. I don’t know much that is why I need the books :)

    • KimmyC

      As an avid reader always looking for the next best thing to help my husband and I live our best lives during these hard economic times, this book would truly be a blessing. If there’s anything that we have learned is that 1) the envelope system works wonders, 2) before making impulse purchases to wait at least 24-48hrs (chances are you may realize that it wasn’t necessary to begin with), and last, but not least, couponing not only saves money, but changes lives beyond measure.

    • Judy Kalley

      Cash paychecks and divide into envelopes for all the stuff you really NEED to pay …rent, electric, food etc. Then only spend CASH what you have left for the things you want to do. Learn to be satisfied without. Buy as much as possible at garage sales, thrift stores, year end mark down/clearing the store sales, etc. NEVER pay full retail!

    • April D

      Throwing change in a bucket all year long to buy Christmas at the end of the year. It helped us tremendously!

    • Norlene

      Pay attention to the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.

    • Andrea Toohey

      Put part of every paycheck into a savings account. Started doing it with my first babysitting job! Still not exactly where we want to be financially, but hoping to make positive strides this year!

    • jessica

      The biggest turnaround for me financially was opening my eyes to see how the majority of the rest of the world lives. Reading and researching and letting it break my heart makes wasting money on frivolous things a lot more difficult. I’m motivated to be entirely debt free so that I can be increasingly generous. High end clothing vs. potentially helping save a life – no contest.

      • jessica

        That said, the best advice for saving money I’ve received isn’t specifically financial, “Be The Change You Want To See In The World” whether its wanting to live generously which means sacrificing luxuries or even saying “Our country has a debt problem, changing that starts with changing me and the way I look at money”

    • Cindyj

      I think the best is “A penny saved is a penny earned.” That helps me as a stay home mom to stay encouraged to use coupons and find sales.

    • Ellen

      If you can not pay for it now then you can not pay for it later, do not charge anything today that you couldn’t purchase today.

    • Leila

      Learning to coupon during desperate times has keep my family fed. Spread the word of Southernsavers is the best advice I can give because people have to decides for themselves . Southernsavers,com makes it easy.

    • Pay God first, pay yourself second, pay bills third

    • mariealmeter@gmail.co

      Always live a little below your means

    • Kris

      If you live like no one else, you will later be able to live like no one else. Live on your budget.

    • JillBreseke

      Quit smoking and put the money spent on cigarettes into an account to help pay for Christmas, or whatever other ‘account’ you need it for!

    • jamie

      cut up the credit cards and never use them again!

    • From my Mom- Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!

    • Bonnijean Marley

      Fewer shopping trips means less spending on impulse items.

    • Tracy

      I make a budget and try to stick to it. I also put a portion of my paycheck in my savings.

    • Annia

      cook all your meals and save on food! You will eat healthier and costs alot less

    • The best money saving tip I ever got was your website address given to me by a friend. Southern Savers has helped me more that anything!

    • Michelle V

      never go to the grocery store hungry or with kids! ( we need to add “or the hubby”!).

    • theaikenparrs

      Make a (realistic) budget and stick to it!

    • strice

      Read lables!. Sometimes the larger packages actually cost more than the smaller package per ounce.

    • Kristen

      If you can’t pay cash for it, you really don’t need it!!

    • kim

      Pay yourself first. This means when you get your paycheck sit aside money for savings and get in the habit of this even if its only $5.

    • Jean

      Learning to coupon over the past year has been terrific for me.

    • Lynsey

      Live like no one else so later on you can live like no one else…Dave Ramsey!!

    • Tracey Stuckey

      Wait a day to buy – if you really need it or want it you will go back for it.

    • Kaila

      First, pay God 10%; then pay yourself 10% (savings); the remaining 80% will be enough for everything else. (Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball comes in a close second.)

    • The best advice I received was pay yourself first when you get paid. $5 or $10 is a great start and learn how to get satisfaction out of saving.

    • ajawee83

      Keep a budget!

    • Guest

      The best advise learned to save money was from Your Money or Your Life. Figure out what your actual take home pay is after taxes and work expenses. Thats the amount of real money you have to spend. Divide that amount by the number of hours required to earn it. That’s the amount of money you clear per hour of labor. Then every time you want to spend money, divide the cost of it by the amount of money you clear per hour. That’s how many hours of labor are required to pay for it. It will curtail your spending when you realize how much labor is required for a purchase and thus further extend your working years. It’s also useful to determine if you actually clear enough to have a job outside the home after factoring in work and child care expenses. It made me much more of a saver striving to get MY life back.

    • Missy

      Don’t get a credit card!

    • Ro

      Tithe 10%, Save 10% and live on 80%….Save more as bills are paid off.

    • Entropyhappens

      The best advise learned to save money was from Your Money or Your Life. Figure out what your actual take home pay is after taxes and work expenses. Thats the amount of real money you have to spend. Divide that amount by the number of hours required to earn it. That’s the amount of money you clear per hour of labor. Then every time you want to spend money, divide the cost of it by the amount of money you clear per hour. That’s how many hours of labor are required to pay for it. It will curtail your spending when you realize how much labor is required for a purchase and thus further extend your working years. It’s also useful to determine if you actually clear enough to have a job outside the home after factoring in work and child care expenses. It made me much more of a saver striving to get MY life back.

    • bookbeth1011

      Thrift store shopping rocks! I regularly wear the most up-to-date clothes from high-end stores all purchased at a fraction of the original cost (certainly way cheaper than cheaply made clothes from Wal Mart!) by purchasing from Thrift stores!

    • Christine H

      I guess the best advice I ever got was to save up and pay for it or don’t get it…because you cannot afford it! That way you own no man no thing…

    • Kathy

      I think the best advice I have received is to set up a budget to make sure you know where your money is going.

    • Jennifer McWethy

      Don’t spend beyond your means.

    • Start an envelope system with the necessary items of life as first to be receiving our money then pay the other bills.

    • macey

      dont be pressured to please with money…it only creates a larger problem…you know larger car…larger tv…larger home…..larger bills!

    • Use cash, have a zero budget, and work on paying off smallest debts first and then add what you were paying to the payment of the next smallest debt to pay off.

    • jillmom54

      Live below your means!

    • bonny woodward

      When you get paid, pay yourself first.

    • Melanie

      Pay off credit cards every month, in FULL. Don’t carry extra debt; if you can’t buy it now, you probably don’t need it now. And don’t assume finances will get better.
      I wish someone had emphasized for me how important it would be to save for my kids’ college and my hopefully someday retirement.

    • Julie

      If you don’t have the money to pay cash for an item, you don’t have the money to charge the item. (If only I followed that advice!)

    • Nate

      Live within your means and pay off debt early!

    • Katy

      Cut up the credit cards. You made smarter spending decisions without them!

    • Do I need it, Love it or have to have it? If not, don’t buy it.

    • sunny4u

      Cook your meals at home and make eating out a special occasion one time each month.

    • Pam

      There are many ways to save money and it starts wtih a budget. BUt if you find your self spending money to save , especially on what you dont need/ or are able to use then you have to ask am I really saving.

    • Be thankful for what you have and money does not have to buy you happiness. Also if you want to purchase something not needed first wait 2 days before buying.

    • Chris L

      When paying off debt, never put debt over necessities such as food, shelter, basic utilities,etc

    • csgunn4

      use cash….it’s easier to keep track of and harder to hand over!

    • Lori P

      tithe 10%, save 10% and live on 80%

    • dbb

      Save up to buy a car so you do not need a loan.

    • jwb

      Have an emergency fund, so when you need repairs, you have available cash. Set us a savings account for major expenses.

    • Guest

      My Papa always had change in his pocket and he always knew exactly how much he had, not just how much, but exactly how many of each coin. As a young girl I thought it was for my cousins and I, he always shared with us. As a teen I finally asked why? He said simply a “smart man always makes time to count his change”. I laughed and said yeah Papa, because your so rich. He said not rich baby and laughed back. What do you mean Papa? His response “Don’t you think that if I know how much is in my pocket I know how much I have elsewhere?” Years after his death and my families struggling with debt I figured out the lesson. If you know how much you have Every Day, then you will master the art of a budget and conquer spending, saving comes naturally. His pocket change was just his daily reminder. It is still a work in progress for us, but I hope I will be a pro too, soon!!!! So count your change. Happy New Year.

    • Wow, I save money in so many ways. It makes a big difference when you live intentionally and make wise spending decisions. I love yard sales, thrift stores and coupons. One recent finding is have you ever noticed you are overloaded with the same items because they are on sale so much and you have so many coupons for these items? I am finding I need to ignore these items (unless they are free, of course) and make a list of what I really need to stock up on so I can focus on my needs. Saving money is an everyday part of life for me.

    • tiptoes

      Just because it’s a great deal doesn’t mean that you really need it.

    • howdycactus

      no cc debt, save 10%

    • michelley

      The snowball method for accelerated pay-off. I read about it first from Mary Hunt and then again from Dave Ramsey.

    • bbookie1953

      dont live outside your means

    • The best money-saving advice I’ve heard is “Stick to a budget…and don’t get into debt.”

    • Lauren

      Don’t use a credit card if you don’t have the money in the bank to pay it all off!

    • Kerri S

      IF you don’t have cash, or debit, you can’t afford it! DONT CHARGE
      kerridawson at yahoo dot com

    • Pay with cash and always buy used.

    • Barbara

      Start to save 1% a year and then add an additional percent every year. You will never miss it.

    • juliagoldieday

      A friend of mine got me into couponing and re-selling my children’s clothes. And never buy without a couponn or a sale:preferably both!

    • Lorrie Runion

      Easiest way to double your money, fold it in half and put back in your pocket

    • K_rg22

      The best advice I’ve actually had to learn on my own since nobody really taught me a thing about money is that I need to budget and stick with it! Also putting that little $50 bill away every month helps so much for little emergencies.

    • mwpcv

      Don’t buy it unless you need it.

    • Teresa M.

      Never grocery shop when your hungry, and always shop with a list. Also pay yourself first before you pay bills. And when shopping for an item ask your self if you really need it or just want it and then sleep on it for a night or two before making a decision to buy it.

    • vcsavingmoney

      Give 10%, save 10%, and live on the rest!

    • fhayles

      What has worked for me is staying away from Fast Food Restaurants and cooking more at home.

    • Rebecca

      Have a rainy day fund

    • Sonja

      Do not use a credit card

    • mamamia

      don’t buy something you can’t pay cash for.

    • Cheryl H.

      Save your change and dollar bills, it adds up quickly! Whatever I save this way, I use towards Christmas gifts to avoid having debt to start the new year!

    • Nancee Marchinowski

      One of the best money-saving tips that I have found so helpful is to buy used whenever possible, through yard sales, Mission stores, etc. Economically it makes good sense, and ecologically as well. If we give what we aren’t using for others to purchase at a bargain price, and we do the same, we all benefit, and so does our precious planet that God so graciously gifted us.

    • Selena

      Leave your debit card at home…..you will never spend more than the cash amount you planned on spending when you left the houde

    • Jean Rucker Khalil

      Always, always put some money into a savings account for a rainy day. No matter if it is $2, It will add up with time.

    • stephany maitland

      Live on less that you make

    • Ingrid

      Budget a certain amount of cash for all purchases within a pay period; this has helped me stay in bounds.

    • NicoleLovesCoupons

      Most of what I have learned about money, I learned from Dave Ramsey, who is famous for saying, “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.”

    • ahh7131

      I believe that having a 6 month emergency fund is the first step

    • Shawna

      Don’t EVER use credit cards and if you can’t purchase it in cash then you don’t need it. Also, always try to use bills instead of change to purchase items, then you can take that change and put it in a jar daily. You’ll be suprised at how much a little bit of change here and there can add up to.

    • Jen J.

      Never pay retail for anything.I try to use coupons whenever possible. All it takes is a little online research that I can do strait from my iPhone. If it’s not a good deal, then wait a while and it WILL eventually go on sale!

    • momof1

      STAY OUT OF DEBT! Do not borrow just because you want brand new furniture but rather save until you have the money to get it! My son is 9 months old and my husband and I are already starting to put away for his college. We are trying not to have him take out student loans. Always make a budget and stick to it, a budget is 20% math and 80% BEHAVIOR… So behave!

    • Rhianna

      The best money advice I have heard is save for retirement early and often, as much as you can.

    • Save $10 a check in a savings account for christmas

    • Laura Connatser

      Savings today make happy tomorrows

    • Rebecca

      Mom always told me (and taught me) not to pay full price for anything. Now I’m teaching my kids.

    • The snowball effect to pay off debt :)

    • Jennifer

      Live within your means. Simple, but such good advice.

    • Jeremy

      Save money EVERY way you can on EVERYTHING that you can – you’d be surprised how $1 here and there can really add up.

    • Donna E.

      Buy used items whenever possible. If it is necessary to buy something new, wait for a sale. If it is the latest, greatest toy, electronic, etc. wait until the price drops before you rush out and buy it.

    • samantha

      Always pay cash and use COUPONS!!

    • Cryst56

      If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t loan it out!

    • julie

      Remember to give

    • If you find something you feel like you just have to have..wait a week. If after a week you still just have to have it and you have the CASH go ahead and get it.

    • Susie

      Keep $1000 in the bank…Murphy won’t come knocking if you have $$$. If there is an emergency, you have the cash to handle it.

    • Melissa

      You can never outgive God. Obey Him regarding your finances and He will bless you. This does not mean that you should give to the Lord and expect financially blessings, but if you are truly being obedient with your money, He will work it out.

    • Sharon

      Stay out of the stores, but when you do have to go, pay with the cash you saved to buy what you needed.

    • ShaRee

      Don’t buy anything on impulse

    • Brandy

      Lately, what’s worked best for helping my family stick to a budget is to pay cash. It had just gotten too comfortable to swipe the debit card everywhere, we had to make a change and it has helped.

    • “You worked hard for that money, hold onto it.”

    • Diana

      Live within your means. Using southernsavers. Volunteering gets you in some places for free. No cable or satellite we have bunny ears. No buying books or movies, we get it all from the library.

    • georgiadad

      We’ve been lucky to get lots of advice; We’re avid Dave Ramsey followers (though we do use a CC and pay it off each month) and have no debt other than our home and my stupid student loans. My company closed its doors a year and a half ago, and I’m earning 1/3 of my old salary, but thanks to honest communication about finances, we’re doing fine with plenty of money in the bank. Our best advice? Be honest and realistic about money, and don’t let it control you.

    • Erica

      Create an emergency fund that you don’t touch unless there’s a real emergency!

    • Save 20%, and live off the 80%. Thanks for the giveaway, Jenny! Wishing you and your growing family a happy 2013!


      Use coupons. Stay out of debt!

    • Jennifer

      Save for rainy days…

    • Alyssa

      Budgeting1 My husband and I are working on this. It’s hard to stick to, but it helps in the long run!

    • kandygirlmcd

      Don’t say to yourself, “It’s only a dollar”; every dollar makes a difference.

    • Jennifer Johnson Hopkins

      Learning to coupon, and shopping sales!

    • Tee

      Someone had to persuade me to shop at Publix and start couponing. It changed my life!

    • sigamalito

      Buy used or DIY when you can, but don’t overlook the opportunity cost. My time has a monetary value.

    • Helen

      My dad always said, “If you don’t have the cash to pay for it, you don’t need it!”

    • Kelsey Taylor

      best advise…cut up credit cards and never look back.

    • Debbie

      Start saving early – because you’re never too young to think about the future – and learn about the power and beauty of compounding interest. Also, it is wise to live well below your means especially when you first become independent; you will discover inexpensive ways to enjoy life, establish good spending and saving habits, and most likely avoid the heartache of debt later on. Lastly, pay attention to people who have achieved financial success and acquired fiscal wisdom as they can teach you invaluable lessons.

    • AmandaMay

      Put a list in your wallet of things you want. “Pay off credit cards, buy new car, etc.” and pay with cash so when you go into your wallet for the cash you will see your list and cash and rethink your purchase. You’re less apt to spend cash frivolously especially if you have a list of things you want in front of you

    • April V

      I love the idea that when you finish paying off a bill, take that money each month, as if you were still paying it towards the bill, but put it in a savings account! Simple and rewarding!

    • When I was a teenager I got to meet a millionaire. I was in awe. He told me that I should always spend less money than I make and that I should stay out of debt. This way I’ll have cash to buy things when other people were struggling and needed to sell things. It’s amazing how much this advice has helped me over the years.

    • The best money-saving advice I have heard is: “Have a plan.” A plan allows you to reduce your stress, eliminate your debt and stay debt free. Additionally, the plan is a catalyst to how to save; by engaging your diverse resources and implementing realistic and measurable goals, you will be able to reduce or eliminate financial problems and save money.

    • Sandy

      If you don’t have the money to pay for it right then, you don’t need it!

    • Kathy S.

      Pay cash for everything. When you run out, wait until the next paycheck.

    • To only take advice from people that are doing what you are doing. So, if you want to save money or make money don’t take advice from someone who is not living that life already.

    • Tammy

      My grandfather used to say, “If you don’t have cash, you don’t need it.” Many times in my life I thought that he was wrong because I always had needs and didn’t always have cash. I know understand that there are basic needs and then those “needs” that aren’t real. I have since learned to use cash for everything!!! We have an envelope system in my house that accounts for every bill and if the envelope is empty, we just don’t do!

    • Laura

      Use cash,only.

    • Kendra

      debt snowball

    • Blair

      Put your money into things that go up in value (one big example being driving a car that doesn’t require a loan and monthly payments)

    • djgirl

      If you have to borrow money for a house or car, always pay a little (or a lot) to the back of the loan on the principal. You will save a significant amount in interest, plus pay the loan off sooner.

    • Tara

      One of my former teachers said to make a “dime jar” for each child when he/she is born and add a dime to the jar every week. You will be amazed how much you collect over time. I would transfer that to the 21st century and suggest using dollars instead. A dollar a week will amaze you when they graduate from High School. Deposit the jars contents at the end of each year into a special bank account. Also have other people that want to contribute to this to do so. Might be able to get grandparents to join in the effort. Make a special jar for their house.

    • Michelle

      If you get a raise at work, put that extra money toward paying off debt and/or towards savings – you were already used to living without it anyway.

    • shammer1

      Don’t use credit cards. Don’t live beyond your means.

    • Anita

      It’s OK to use a rewards credit card only if you can pay it in full when it is due.

    • Libba

      Buy with cash and avoid credit cards if possible.

    • Use CASH, not credit!

    • tammyla

      pay off your creidt card every month!

    • don’t buy what you don’t need

    • Hello Southern Savers! I just wanted to pop in to thank Jenny and my publisher Revell for sponsoring this contest. What a great way to start the New Year! I’m really enjoying all of your great savings advice in these comments.

    • Angela

      My best advice is not to go into debt for non essential things and keep your life simple.

    • megan

      save at least 10% of your paycheck!

    • Mills4272

      If you really want that big ticket item, make “payments” on it before you buy it — that is, put away the amount of a regular payment each month for at least six months before you buy. If you can do that and not miss a beat, you can probably afford to buy it … plus you have a six month downpayment ready.

    • SLAKris

      Reject purchases that give you a fleeting sense of satisfaction and embrace the most valuable things in life.

    • Ruth

      Don’t buy something if you have to borrow money to pay for it.

    • eve

      Using my debit card for purchases kept me on track with my spending.

    • Diane

      We paid off our mortgage loan 10 years early – paying extra principal every month. I use the Upromise credit card to earn cash back for college. I make several payments a month to keep from having a large bill at the end of the month – payments can be made online. This is an easy way to earn extra cash on multiple purchases.

    • Donna C

      The best advice I’ve ever gotten is to have an emergency fund. I focused on making sure I was prepared and saved me from stressing down the road.

    • daddyof2

      If you have a credit card and you can not pay off the balance each month, you should not have a credit card anymore. Pay the balance off and cut it up.

    • S Ayers

      Budget every penny. You can’t change how you spend and save your money if you don’t know where it is going. ALL of it.

    • espanola71


    • Lauramarie

      Don’t charge anything you can’t pay off!

    • Kisha

      The best advice given to me was to start using coupons but save/ put up the savings received. Great tip.

    • Merry

      never have credit card debt.

    • Megan

      Save 10 percent of what you earn!

    • Nichole M.

      Use cash for gas, groceries, and entertainment. Watching the money go makes you aware of what you are spending!

    • beverly

      I have read some of mary hunts books and just love her.
      I think the best thing I have learned is we only pay cash for what we buy now including cars. We save and wait until we have cash to pay for things.

    • Mickey

      Always pay cash for everything. That way you don’t owe anyone. Coupons have always helped make a big difference in the way we live. If we can’t afford it we don’t buy it until we can afford it. The house and the car are all we owe. It didn’t use to be that way but have learned over the years that cash is the best way to go.

    • sharon

      put your 10% tithes aside and then put 10% emergency aside. balance used to pay bills

    • Jennifer Flora

      Don’t spend it if you don’t have it!

    • HollyBP

      Teach your kids financial responsiility by giving allowance: require 10 percent charity, 10 save, and 10 invest, match their annual investment.

    • pan_102

      If the salesman says you have to buy it now, walk away.

    • lovecouponlife

      Pay yourself first…even if it’s a small amount starting out! Every penny counts!!!

    • Jamie kelsey

      to not get loans or cc to pay cash for whatever you get if you cant then don’t get

    • Stephanie McCann

      I did the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Online last year. Making a budget for each month was the best advice. You have to tell your money where to go and you will save more and spend less.

    • Cindy

      Before you buy, make a list of the things you “want”, save it a few days, review the list again before going to the store. Chances are your desires will have changed. Remember – Haste makes Waste!

    • if you can’t pay cash for it don’t buy it. save up for it. don’t use credit. Wish I would have paid attention to this.

    • Stacey

      Don’t buy things just because they’re on sale if you have to put them on a credit card. You’ll most likely pay more in interest than the product’s regular full price.

    • pocohontaswhite

      Live within your means…

    • Dallas8

      If you can’t pay cash, you don’t need it!!

    • Brenda

      When you have a lot of debt, make a list of everything outstanding. Contact each one and let them know you are working to settle your debts. See if they are willing to reduce any of the balance.

      Start paying the lowest balances first until they are all paid. In the meantime, try not to borrow any additional money.

    • megan

      Cash Cash Cash-get rid of the credit cards

    • Natalie559

      spend less than you earn and use coupons

    • andijov

      Dont buy what you dont need. And if you really want something, don’t buy it immediately, if you go back to the store a couple of weeks later and still are dying to have it, then maybe splurge and get it. But if you forget about the item after a day or two, you can really do without.

    • Don’t go in debt.

    • If you put things on a payment plan…make sure it’s 0 percent interest and pay it off by thr promotional date!!!!

    • owe no man anything!!!!!!!!! thats what the Bible says and thats what i believe

    • Denise G.

      We save and reuse and pass on to others things we do not need anymore.

    • Maryandersong

      My husband wants to change careers and be able to take on something he loves without having to worry about salary. I am trying to help by curtailing our spending and streamlining our lives so that he can do just that.

    • Teddy’s mom

      Don’t go into debt as a matter of course…..

    • Monique

      If you can’t pay for it outright, then it’s not meant for you to have.

    • Symatha

      Learn to be content with very little, then every thing over that is a blessing. If you are never wanting for anything, you will have a very happy life.

    • Always have a fall back plan. We try to save at least 10 a week. It may not be much but over time it adds up.

    • Stephanie Roberts

      Don’t use credit cards and save 10% of every paycheck no matter what! I still live like a college student. I coupon, shop sales, and track everything with spreadsheets to try to stay on budget and see where every dime goes.

    • Misty Gilliam Adams

      use coupons for groceries!

    • tahri

      I think the best advice I have gotten was to plan my penny. Over guesstimate when I go grocery shopping of what everything cost, and try not to spend more than you have. Also to pay our bills by our paycheck, pay them first and then plan everything second. I guess the advice I have gotten doesnt tell you how to get out of debt or prevent debt. Its really hard these days.

    • Anita

      Pay cash for everything!! Except maybe your house, which you don’t need as much house as you think either.

    • Krista

      “You have got to check out Southern Savers….you won’t believe how much money you’ll save on things you need every week by couponing.” That was courtesy of my best friend, Barbara. You can bet if I win these books, I will be sharing them with her:)

    • susan

      My mom told me to Take 40 dollars every payday and pretend it is a bill and put in my savings account… never look at the account unless something comes up and I need the money!! So far it has worked wonders!

    • J. Perritte

      Create an emergency fund. It’s not a matter of if it will happen, it’s a matter of when it will happen so be prepared.

    • M. Garrison

      If you can’t pay cash for it, don’t buy it!

    • Lynn Kramer

      My father was a firm believer in using cash. He would always pull out what he needed for the month (for gas, etc) and give the rest to my mom for bills, food, etc. So, the money I allot myself for personal spending (like grabbing lunch with a friend, etc) is in cash and when it’s gone, that’s it. If I have money left over at my next payday, I put it away for later fun money.

    • jullietc

      My grandmother always said “if you don’t have the cash for it then you can’t afford it.”

    • frances

      My father put it simply: “do not live beyond your means”.

    • Meaghan B.

      If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

    • Waste not, want not.

    • RoN C.

      The money advice i ever heard is try not to eat on restaurant and fast food all time. I am a mom of 4 kids. and having 4 kids is really expensive especially we always eat outside since Im working 6 days before. Cooking fresh food at home is cheap and healthy too.

    • Brandi M

      The best money saving advice is to save automatically. Set up a certain amount of your paycheck to direct deposit to your savings account. Start small and increase it as you can. I promise you will not miss it and as it continues to build it will encourage you to save even more!

    • DebVS

      Do not carry a credit card balance!

    • lil A’s mom

      pay in cash only-don’t use the check balance at the atm to find out how much money you “have”

    • cjones

      Cutting credit card debt out and paying cash. This is how my father raised us and we never went hungry or without! As of this day he only has a debit card…..never had any credit cards.

    • lil A’s mom

      don’t buy anything on credit-pay in full and don’t go in debt

    • JHJ

      Give God 10%, save 10%, and live on the rest!

    • Elizabeth Hickey

      It is not a deal if you don’t need it.

    • Caroline

      One of my suggestions is actually in the Debt-proof Your Christmas book. Mary Hunt had asked for suggestions from readers prior to writing the book. So I am thrilled to see it being given away here. Best advice I was ever given was to take couponing seriously.

    • Theresa

      Never underestimate the value of compound interest on funds invested as soon as you get a source of income.

    • efward

      “Pay the small things off first” -and then if you’ll have more to pay towards the big fish later.

    • JNRISH

      MAKE a monthly (or weekly if you have HUGE troubles) budget and FOLLOW it. Include gifting and vacations. Be realistic and optimistic. If you find this unrewarding, journal all the items you give up throughout each month (or week) and re-read periodically. You will find the REWARDs you budgeted will far SURPASS the impulse gratification. IT will become CONTAGIOUS!!!!!

    • Kim

      I have 2 things!

      Treat your credit card like your debit card (and pay the full bill on time every month)!

      If you are married, try to live off of one income!

    • Audrey Johnson

      My grandfather told me that credit and indebtitude was modern day slavery, and to avoid excessive debt at all costs. On some levels, I am inclined to agree, but not all debt is bad. I am willing to compromise that excessive debt is indentured servitude, though… :)

    • Allison

      Just because it’s a good deal doesn’t mean you should buy it.

    • lisacb12

      never make a purchase online without searching for a discount code first!

    • Mag

      Dont spend more than you earn!

    • A. Hamm

      If you don’t have the money, you can’t afford it!

    • Billy Dishman

      “A peeny saved is a peeny earned” was taught to all of my family from my mother’s mother. My grandmother (now 83 with alzheimer’s) taught us to ALWAYS, ALWAYS save every penny. Saving money in any form possible was paramount. It also tought me the possitive effect that save could have on myself and others throughthe three R’s conservation. My grandmother saves us a lot of money today by the planning she did years ago for her own cost of care in old age.

    • BG

      Don’t go grocery shopping hungry:)

    • Deborah Miller

      If you can’t pay cash then wait til you can.

    • Robin Holliday Bennett

      Don’t put more on credit card then you can pay each month or better yet don’t use them at all

    • Gina

      Devote your income to the Lord and seek His guidance in all financial matters.

    • Change! See it in parking lots, on the floor board of your car, any where pick it up ! Regardless if it is head or tails….it adds up! The change machines at the local grocery stores make it super easy to get cash fast!

    • Carolyn

      My Dad always taught us to only buy what we could pay for without borrowing. You have a lots less but you get along a lots better.

    • Julie

      Freebies and coupons keep you out of debt.

    • Dana

      The borrower is the servant of the lender. Good ol’ biblical advice! Also, it is more blessed to give than to receive and you should work hard to have something to help those in need.

    • I could really use some sound advice on how to budget as I am getting cut down to part time and have two boys, I am worried that the shock of the smaller salary may do some damage to our household finances..Thank you

    • quincy67

      Don’t lend anything you can not afford to lose on the off chance you may not get it back.

    • gael

      Cut up your credit cards!!

    • shj1922

      Make your money work as hard for you as you worked for it!

    • K

      Live within your means. The borrower is slave to the lender.

    • tina19691

      If you can’t pay cash for a vacation, then you are dreaming too big.

    • Amy Smith

      Pay an extra car payment early and this will cut the interest and time you pay on your car loan!

    • Camiele

      My best advice was to always pay with cash.

    • Pay yourself and God first! Never use credit cards for everyday expenses.

    • Give 10%, save 10% and live on the rest.

    • Janessa

      spend on what you need not on what you want! Very Simple concept but so hard.

    • Don’t spend what you don’t have!

    • newbiemom

      Growing up my mom always said, “a dollar is a dollar.” I always took this to heart in knowing that every dollar counts as it all adds up in the end.

    • TPG

      Live beneath your means, even if you don’t have what others have. Don’t buy things on credit. Drive your car at least 10 years. Bring your lunch to work. Don’t eat out except on special occasions. Put money into your retirement account from the time you start work and increase the amount as you get raises.

    • wbouton

      Using cash envelopes for budgeting. Once the cash is gone for the month, don’t spend another dime until the next month. Using cash instead of credit cards, keeps me more awae of how much I’m spending each month.

    • Nicole

      Couponing advice from your website and others.

    • ncquiltlover

      No matter how deeply discounted something is,if you don’t need it, you have overspent and wasted good money.

    • Kat

      If you cannot pay for it in cash you do not need it

    • Bonnie

      Never pay full price for anything!

    • Elizabeth

      100 pennies equals $1 so don’t throw any pennies away

    • Cindy

      Spend less than what you earn.

    • pdrog123

      If you can’t pay with cash, don’t get it. Bartering works a lot now a days – offer your services for an item or another services (ex: hairdresser offers free haircuts for babysitting). Wear more layers to lower heat and plan your week out to save on gas. Cook, meals ahead of time for the whole week & freeze, and you won’t be tempted to eat out. (now I just need help too following my own advice!)

    • The best money saving advice I ever heard is don’t buy it if you don’t need it, and for sure don’t buy it if you can’t pay cash for it!

    • JLD711

      My husband and I try to remember that everything belongs to God. We can’t out give Him. He blesses us abundantly when we our wise with our money and when we bless others. :)

    • Tabitha

      If you cant afford it … You dont need it

    • Nyd

      Before we got married. During one of our counseling sessions. The pastor said don’t be afraid to add water to the soup. At the time we half understood. Now its our motto.

    • Tracy

      My parents taught me that if u don’t have the cash to buy it, then u don’ t really need it.

    • casey

      When I was badly in debt and immature about the way to use money a friend of mine turned me on to the envelope system. I cashed my check, put all of my money in envelopes… one for rent, groceries, gas, bills, etc…. I even put one for fun so I wouldn’t feel sad. It really worked and helped me to learn to manage my money without the envelopes.

    • casey

      When I was badly in debt and immature about the way to use money a friend of mine turned me on to the envelope system. I cashed my check, put all of my money in envelopes… one for rent, groceries, gas, bills, etc…. I even put one for fun so I wouldn’t feel sad. It really worked and helped me to learn to manage my money without the envelopes.

    • melissamomof3

      If you don’t need it then don’t buy it.

    • Buy only what you need and can afford

    • mrsrohonda

      cut your interest by sending extra with your payment

    • lina

      Definitely using coupons have helped me save tons of money

    • Sherry W.

      To pay your credit card debt down sooner by making a payment every two weeks opposed to once a month. just make sure you pay a little more than the minimum by the due date.

    • Debbie

      If you can’t afford it, it’s not a good buy!

    • Linda

      Give back to God first.

    • rosfamilyof4

      If you don’t need it; don’t buy it no matter how cheap it is or even if you have a coupon

    • Sara Mac

      Don’t get a credit card! You are likely to spend 35% (or some similar number) more on random items than you would have with cash, even if you have the cash to pay it off each month.

    • Stacy

      Best financial advice: if you cannot afford it, don’t buy it. Also, pay yourself first.

    • Mary

      Honor God with my tithe. My daddy also taught me to “save some for tomorrow.”

    • Most of us will not be able to work forever. Invest now and let your money work for you later.

    • laronda

      Save for a rainyday

    • The best advice I was given was to never max out credit cards! Credit cards have such high interest rates.

    • Hobikattz

      Is it a “need” or a “want”? My dad said that his whole life. That’s the one lesson I hear in my head over and over……hehe……I think that’s the only lesson that really stuck with me. RIP Daddy!! :)

    • India

      Spend less than you make.

    • Arlene

      The best money-saving advice I’ve ever heard is to pay cash and live below your means.

    • AKremer

      spend less than you earn!

    • Kandi Spencer

      Pay cash for things.

    • kathyngirls3

      Pay an extra principal payment toward your mortgage a year. It will knock 6 years off your 30 year loan!!

    • Stephanie Bent

      Get credit cards that gives you points or cash back Use them for every day expense then pay off your credit cards at the end of the month. You get paid to buy gas, go grocery shopping etc…

    • prowell

      Waste not want not

    • MaryJ

      Use cash and setup an envelope system. Give 10% to church and charities, 20% to savings and the other 70% to bills, food and spending.

    • mel

      My parents always lived below their means, they saved and bought with cash.

    • Gabrielle

      The best money saving advice I’ve ever heard is to stop wasting. It is amazing how much you can save when you are more intentional with use–instead of a big blob of shampoo, use the recommended amount; instead of grabbing paper towels, opt for a rag; instead of letting leftovers go too long, plan a second chance buffet night one time a week. It all adds up!

    • Gunnels

      My mother was always saying a few of these… SAVE SAVE SAVE. Pay yourself first. And she was pretty regular with the extra mortgage payment advice.

    • If you don’t have the cash to buy it then you don’t need it! Never finance something unless you have to with the exceptions of cars, houses, etc.

    • Stephanie

      The best money saving advice I ever received was from my grandparents who told me to always find another purpose for something when it breaks. An example was when their old coffee percolator finally broke and was beyond repair, she used the pot as a planter, he used the wiring and other mechanical stuff to repair other appliances, and they used the strainer insert to hold their tea bags when they made tea. These methods saved them lots of money on other things so they could afford to replace the things that were beyond repair.

    • thtdixon

      know your limit

    • TwinsMommy

      Pay yourself first and if there isn’t a penalty for paying a loan off early – make at least one extra payment a year!

    • tamerson71

      Mary Hunt is the best. I have no credit cards and I try to save extra weekly!

    • Karen

      First, pay your bills. Then eat. But eat at home. Everything else comes after.

    • Do not BUY if you have to BORROW!!

    • Crystie Keene

      Always pay cash. My husband is a great money saver. We only buy if we really need it and we always pay cash. We had our house paid for by the time we were 31 and it felt great.

    • Cassandra

      The best money saving advice was given to me by you at one of your coupon seminars. I saved a pdf file for vitamin water and was able to use it all summer for free vitamin water!

    • We are stewards of God’s money. This mindset helps me when facing a decision about what to do with the money we are given.

    • Janelle

      Use the snowball method to get out of debt. Never buy a house that requires your mortgage to take up more than 1/4 of the budget

    • guest

      Learn the difference between a “need” and a “want.” Very few of the things we think are needs truly are.

    • couponeagle11

      If you dont have the funds to pay for it up front then you arent really saving are you????

    • BB

      Not to get any credit cards and there can be no credit card debt!!!!!

    • The best money advice I’ve received is: Spend less than you earn pay cash. I know that sounds simple but great advice!

    • noelle

      If you have to use a credit card to buy something, you can’t afford it.

    • Teri

      Dave Ramsey’s 7 baby steps – baby emergency fund, get out of debt, fully funded emergency fund, 15% toward retirement, college savings, extra on house & LIVE/GIVE like no one else!

    • Jennifer

      A great way to pay off your mortgage sooner is to make bi-weekly payments instead of monthly. You pay far less interest in the year with this one small action and the overall payment monthly is about the same.

    • Amie

      The old save a 1.00 in an envelope system still works. My grandmother did it, and Dave Ramsey still tells people to use it! Once the cash is gone for that category it’s gone, or once you’ve saved up enough for that item, then you can pay for it!

    • jpmac44

      Tithe and God will provide.