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New Rite Aid Coupon Policy

on 5.27.2011 at 12:03pm

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You may have heard that yesterday Rite Aid released a new coupon policy.  They made a few changes that will be very different for couponers.

There are three main things to note:

  • Rite Aid accepts Buy One, Get One Free coupons, however only one coupon can be used for each pair of items purchased. A customer can use one “cents off” coupon in conjunction with the item they are purchasing on a Buy One Get One Free promotion (or with a Buy One Get One Free coupon), although the value of the cents off coupon cannot exceed the selling price of the item.
  • Buy One Get One Free coupons cannot be used in conjunction with a Buy One Get One Free promotion.
  • Rite Aid may accept up to 4 identical coupons for the same number of qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers within the store manager’s sole discretion.

What does this mean??

The biggest change for most of us will be only allowing one coupon on a B1G1 deal, and not allowing the use of a B1G1 coupon.  Why change that?  Honestly there is no logical reason.  This is the policy we just saw Harris Teeter give up, so it’s frustrating to see a store move backwards in logical reasoning.

The change of 4 like coupons per transaction, isn’t really a problem.  For most of us we are only buying one or two of an item, so this new addition will only help reduce some shelf clearing.

How does a store get reimbursed on coupons on a B1G1 sale?

First realize when a product is on sale buy one get one free, that is just a sale being offered by the store.

For example:
Pantene B1G1 at $5 is the same sale as if they made Pantene $2.50 each.

In the manufacturer’s eyes you are still buying two products no matter how they ring up and the manufacturer will reimburse one coupon on each item.   So for Rite Aid to only accept one “cents off” coupon on a B1G1 deal makes no sense.

Why the Change??

One can only guess why they would go backwards.  My guess, they are actually choosing to step down and wait out the coupon craziness that is going on right now.  With the changes above you will find better deals on B1G1 items at CVS and Walgreens who both allow the use of B1G1 coupons and (2) coupons on a B1G1 deal.  I’m thinking for right now Rite Aid prefers a non couponing clientele and this is there way of quietly going to the back of the line.

Maybe when things in coupon land quiet down we’ll see them come back their senses.

(To be sweet to Rite Aid, they do have good deals with their +UP Rewards system so you’ll still be there, just don’t buy B1G1 deals.)

    • Merryjoy22

      This is what I don't understand, and perhaps someone can enlighten me.  The way I see it, this is a backwards move.  The other change/limitation I see, let's say by Publix, is that they will only allow you to buy a certain number of products period when using BOGO or any other deal they're offering (mine is a limit of 5 deals for a total of 10 items in conjunction w/BOGO).  Their Advantage Buy flyers are now limited to one deal per customer.  From the manufacturer's point of view or even the store's, aren't they cutting off their noses to spite their faces?  Don't get me wrong, I am not a hoarder.  It is only my husband and I now left in our home–the four kids have all grown away.  We only buy what we need.  But, I was thinking that in theory, you want those products sold!  You want to wipe out inventory–when called and ordered ahead of course.  Why limit sales???  This just doesn't make sense to me from a business' point-of-view/success.  I think they will all be back peddling here soon.  I think they'll be treating us w/the royal treatment once we all go where they're offering the deals and vacate their stores that aren't.

    • Dana

      So tired of extreme couponing.

      • Andrea

        Agree! Agree! Agree! My stores were rarely cleared out until that stinkin' show started airing. Now it seems every week is a fight for who will get there first. I'll be glad when the craze dies out….blah.

    • kristen

      Rite Aid is still my favorite store in my area, they are always well stocked, unlike walgreens and CVS, and I like that you don't have to worry about “filler” items like at walgreens. Their cashiers are also much friendlier BY FAR than CVS and walgreens… you can tell by taking their online surveys that they train their employees to treat customers well. thanks for the info jenny!

      • Kcreviews

        My RA is never well stocked. You are blessed.

      • Mine used to be, but we've got an extreme couponer, and possibly a cheater, somewhere in Woodstock, GA and Rite Aid has gotten really picky lately.  All the stores in this area have started cracking down a little because of it, and even my Publix cashier's have started nit-picking through every coupon.  I don't mind them nit-picking, as I always follow the rules, but it takes on average about 20 minutes to check out these days…and that stinks when you've got frozen stuff to get home. 

        Went into Kroger two weeks ago, for the Boulder chips, was gonna pick up 3 bags….WRONG!!  the entire shelf had been cleared of all 4 flavors!  I asked the manager, I worked for him when I was a teenager, he said some lady came in and purchased all of them, had coupons for every bag, he said.  He said they've been told by corporate to watch the coupons carefully, but if the coupon policy is being followed to not turn away a customer, even if they want all of a product.

        I dont' mind still shopping at Rite-Aid.  I look at it this way, as long as they've got a policy and stick to it….just make it clear what that policy is!

        As always…ranting…Thanks for all your hard work, Jenny!!  Great site!

        • Frisbeethebear

          Yes, I too have seen the work of the extreme couponer in Woodstock! I headed over to Kroger a couple of weeks ago to buy my TWO bags of Boulder chips, and found the shelves empty. But then I just happened to spot them on a random endcap, yay! I thought about posting a message, “Hey, you missed some!! Hurry, come back, there's a shelf that hasn't been emptied!!” :-P

          • Anonymous

            I think they’ve made their way in to Cobb as well as we’ve seen a lot of new faces lately, and I noticed last week or the week before, someone completely ignoring the “limit” signs posted and taking every Purex from the shelves and then doing the same on the Huggies, then went to the register and tried to convince the cashier that the limts didn’t apply because she was buying 2 of each scent  of Purex and only 4 Huggies on EACH CARD she had. I do wonder if this may be the same person, as when I went to Kroger, they were pretty wiped out too. Granted, that’s nothing new for my Kroger.

      • kristen

        haha that is funny… i shop at the rite aid in canton off sixes rd, near kroger… the only annoying thing lately was that they won't let me use more than 1 survey coupon per day, so i had to go back to do another transaction. but, i haven't gotten a survey q in a while.

        i go to the town lake publix sometimes and you're right, they do pick thru every coupon lately. i was, however there the other day and my cashier was a male student back from college, and he basically said he didn't care what coupons I used and just scanned whatever I had . I should have asked for his schedule! (not so i can cheat, but just so i don't have to stand there for 20 min).

        regarding kroger, i wish they would set limits. that would take care of it!! tell your managers to do it. 10 is a VERY reasonable number, if you need more, make another trip! i talked to the manager at the town lake kroger the other week, and he said they came out w/ a new coupon policy (stil not sure where to find it) but said they will now allow overage whereas they did not before.

        good luck

    • Ann

      I agree with the other comments.  I actually am glad to see stores put limits on products, whether I agree with the limits or not.  But the other change with the buy one get one is going to hurt them.  Rite Aid has been in obvious trouble financially the past few years and now I think they have just taken a step backwards.  Like Jenny said I will jut no longer be purchasing the buy one get one free items.

      But I think the real issue at hand is that more stores are going to follow suit because of this new extreme couponing that is going on right now.  In the end the extreme couponers are hurting those of us that use coupons to save money and the ones who want to build a stockpile of 10 toothpastes, not 100!

      • Toni

        You know,  simply using a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale isn't extreme couponing,  though.  Stacking manufacturer coupons in a fraudulent way is a problem,  but that can be avoided with coupon policies in place and well-educated store employees.

    • Joseph

      If I'm reading this right, you said here that walgreens allows more than one coupon per item. Every time I go to walgreens and try to use a coupon and the little register rewards they tell me I have to buy an extra item because the number of coupons cant exceed the number of items purchased. What am I doing wrong?

      • Gidget

        No, what she's saying is that you can use two coupons when you buy two items in a buy one get one free deal. For example, if Pantene is $5 and is on sale BOGO and you pick up a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner, you can use two $1 off Pantene coupons. You'll end up paying $3 for both bottles.

      • Walgreens will let you use more than one coupon on the same item, but you must have one item for every coupon used. Trickery, I say. I just look for clearance stuff. My Wags has had silly bands 8 for $1 for a long time. Super cheap filler.

        • I always walk down there $1 aisle.  Got Oatmeal & Sunkist last week.  Try to change it up and get things we would use anyway.  Dollar items are great filler if it's something you'll use!

      • Cedarhillcabins

        This is the way that I keep couponing in check with Walgreens.  For every manufacture coupon that I have I make sure to have an item to buy. 3 M. Q's = 3 items. This is why you see Jenny post “filler items” (those inexpensive items like candy or holiday trinkets).  For example:  You want to buy one bottle of shampoo.  It cost $2.50.  You want to pay for this shampoo with (1) .50 cent  manufacture coupon and a $2.00 RR (technically RR's are a manufacture coupons also).   In order for this transaction to work you will need one filler item so that your coupons will not exceed your items.

        1 Bottle of shampoo–.50 cent coupon. (manufacture coupon)
        1 candy Filler Item           — $2.00 RR (manufacture coupon).

        The only time that you do not have to match a coupon to an item is when you use a sale ad coupon or Wags monthly coupon book coupons.  These are store coupons and can be used in conjunction with both manufacture coupons and RR.


    • I dont want a stockpile of toothpaste or anything else just enough to get me to my next  sale and to feed my family on our extremely tight budget. If you watch Jennys videos she clearly states stores are on a 6 week cycle what you buy today will be on sale again only but what you will use in 6 weeks. Are you really gonna use 10 toothpaste in 6 weeks? The people that run out and buy up the entire shelf are hurting themselves and all of us who are reasonable.

      • Ann

        I have 2 children under the age of 2, I don't have the time to run to the store every time something is on sale, so I try to keep 5-10 of products I use frequently.  No I don't use 10 toothpastes in 6 weeks, but I don't add to my stockpile every 6 weeks!  The point is that no one uses 100 toothpastes or 72 bottles of mustard or 800 lbs of dog food.

        • Maybe a kennel….on the dog food that is.

      • Md

        I totally agree with your comments and must add that this is also the reason they are changing the policies in so many stores….HOARDERS have hurt those of us that coupon…I also think that putting the show EXTREME COUPONING on TV has hurt also….Corporate decided to watch and said…”We need to fix this”!  

        I understand that if you bought those 100 bottles of pain reliever that you made $50 for doing so and that went towards your other groceries, and yes the store was reimbursed for the coupons but those of you who bought like this can now understand the limit 4 on purchasing certain items or the limit of 10 LIKE coupons in one transaction. The coupon classes and the show on TV helped educate the Stores TOO!

    • Kathy

      I think they are going to this policy because unlike the other drugstores the second item on B1G1 rings up as .00 – unlike the other drugstores that ring it up at regular price and then subtract it as a coupon at the end. Technically it means that there is no second item to take any amount of coupon reduction. Sounds crazy – but that has been my experience with my local Rite Aid for some time now. I am not sure it is is so much of a change in their attitude towards accepting coupons; instead it is a technical issue with their way of ringing up business on their computers  My Rite Aid has grown increasingly better in their acceptance of coupons, but they are limited by their technology (like Walgreens).  I make an effort to complete the store surveys on their receipts and tell them how I feel. PLUS I GET AN EXTRA $3 EACH TIME I DO SO!

    • Them not being “coupon friendly” doesn't make much sense considering the number of store coupons they offer randomly via email and via Video Values.

    • Toni

      You may be right about them preferring a non-couponing clientele,  because the Walgreens on 143rd and Newberry Rd. in Newberry,  Florida,  has come out and told me they do not like coupons.  The manager said that he was going to limit how many couopns a customer could use per day because he feels overwhelmed with the amount of coupons that come into his store. 

      The problem with this for stores like this is that they will lose the business generated by those coupons that the store gets reimbursed for by the manufacturers.  

      The benefit of this for stores is that they do not have to collate coupons to submit to manufacturers.  Managers will have less work to do at the end of the month as well as less income as a result.  But if that's what makes them happy,  that's okay. 

      The benefit for couponers will be that they have less stops to make when they go shopping.  They will do all their shopping at fewer stores and so save time.  Everyone–store managers and couponers alike–will save valuable time. 

      The stores that will benefit the most will be those that continue to attract couponers.  They will make more money than their competition.

      • Toni

        (I am writing the above only in response to the restriction prohititing a BOGO coupon to be used on a BOGO sale.  The other coupon restrictions in Rite Aid's new policy are very reasonable and good.)

      • Time….hmmm…yes, I need more time.  I've started hitting Walgreen's at midnight on Saturday night / Sunday Morning in order to save time on Sunday morning for Rite-Aid and CVS.  Maybe now I'll be able to hit Walgreen's and just pick up onesy twosies at Rite-Aid.

        Still trying to figure a way to clip coupons while driving to and from work.  Wish I knew a free taxi service.

      • Nanleigh10

        the stores send the coupns to a coupon clearing house – sooooooooooo, less coupns. less people WORKING – not good thing

    • Do they not realize that when it's all said and done, they're going to be getting less money for the same products? If I'm buying $5 Pantene at B1G1 and use a $1/1 coupon, I'm paying $4 for two and they're getting $5 total (after mfg reimbursement). But if I buy the same products and use TWO $1/1 coupons, they're going to get $6 and I'm going to pay $3.

      Totally backwards and downright stupid. Does the policy maker not understand the basics of couponing and addition/subtraction? Do they not see that they will be getting less money?

      • steph

        Not understanding how the store would get $6. They would be getting $3 from you, and $2 from the manufacturer. That's still $5.

    • Nazokatt

      There was no Walgreens for me, so I guess no shopping at Rite Aid as well. As mentioned in previous post by Toni, no business for these stores, but more time for us.

    • just one more reason to scratch Rite Aid off the list of places I shop.

      • comingaftershelfcleaners

        — better chance for the rest of us

    • Danielle

      I don't mind this new policy at all. Even the BOGO policy. The people that view couponing as a sport  have made it bad for the rest of us. The way it is now, I waste time and gas going to the store only to find the shelves empty. Perhaps this will make these deals less attractive to the extreme couponers who will buy anything and everything that is free. To me it is worth paying the extra $1 instead of paying with a coupon to get what I need.

      • Nicole

        I agree.  I feel that same way. There is not enough time in the day and gas is too expensive to make a trip to the store to find that the shelves are empty. I rather just wait until the sales are over than try to fight the traffic for nothing. Don't get me wrong….I need to save money, and love getting a good deal, but in the end, I am spending more on gas to look at empty shelves than I am saving in the end.

    • ChrissyPunkin

      Let's be clear on something.  Rite Aid isn't paying for one while the manufacturer pays for the other–the manufacturer pays for both.  My father-in-law tried to get his products into Rite Aid stores and he decided against it because Rite Aid asks so much of their manufacturers.  Rite Aid charges for shelf space and requires a high percentage of sales so that it takes a few years before the manufacturer is even making a decent profit.  Even the video values coupons are technically manufacturers coupons–just coded differently so that we are able to use them as store coupons.  

      That being said, I still prefer Rite Aid to the other pharmacies.  I hardly ever get B1G1 coupons anyway, and a limit of four is reasonable.

    • Paulhowe37

      the way i read the bogo free comment is, you can use a bogo coupon and a second coupon thats cents off on the item that is not free. all i see it saying is you cant buy 2 items and then use 2 bogo coupons to make them both free.

      • aolss

        You could never use 2 bogo coupons and get both items free.  But if there were having a sale price that was bogo, you could use a bogo coupon and get both items free.  From my understanding that is no longer the case.

      • Katkoupon

        I agree with you that seems you are able to use the bogo q + cents off on one pair of items, as long as it's not a bogo sale. BUT, their sentence before that seems contradictory. I wish Rite Aid would make this clearer. Confusing.

    • Kerry

      To me, the new Rite Aid policy is long overdue. I'm hoping it will curb the shelf-clearers   so the rest of us can get 1 or 2 weekly deals. I do find it hypocritical that the grocery stores are also tightning up on coupon use. Kroger, for example, agreed to lift all of their usual coupon rules in order to gain publicity from TLC's “Extreme Couponing”. By agreeing to that they gave people an unrealistic goal of attaining $1,000.00 worth of groceries for .25cents. So, now they are overwhelmed with couponers with unethical values clearing shelves. You can't have it both ways.

    • Amy Medeiros

      Interesting! I like the third change but the first two stink. :( Like you said, they are going backwards in logical reasoning! I am disappointed to see this, as I chat often with my local Rite Aid store manager and he's made it sound like Rite Aid really does try to ve couponer-friendly. I hope they come to their senses again soon. I did write to them asking for a reason for the change and received a lame “Corporate decided to revise the policy and that's the decision they came to” response with no actual reasoning. So I wrote back again and asked her to pass my feedback on to Corporate. :P Hopefully if enough people do so, they will reconsider!

    • Marysc1000

      Actually I'm not very annoyed by the BOBO policy.  Unlike Harris Teeter, BOGOs at RA are true BOGOs… you buy one and the second one is free. (If you decide to get only one, you pay full price for it.)  So I can see how you are just buying one and can only use a coupon on the one you are buying.  Totally different at the grocery store where sales are advertised as BOGO but are really 50% off each item.

    • I do agree with # 3 – it stops shelf clearing. Their stores are so limited in stock to begin with so I hope that helps.

      My solution to Rite Aid's BOGO coupons is simple. I'm writing Customer Service to express my displeasure by using the logic that is similar to here and I'm taking my business elsewhere where my coupons are accepted. As a result Rite Aid, will see a decrease in my purchases from me and decreased revenue from lack of coupons they are no longer getting from me! 

      I'm not saying my option of doing this will make them change their mind on this decision. But I am hoping that others like me, will do the same and it will me seen by corporate.

      Just because one store stops, doesn't mean another store isn't right behind them to collect the customers that it is turning away!

      • Tinawhedbee

        That is exacty what I did.

    • thriftymotherof3

      Quit shopping there a long time ago – they never had sale items in stock and our stores have change to this grocery U Save thing – and it is horrible.

    • Brookejh

      I am VERY disappointed.  I always saved the most from Rite Aid compared to all other drug stores because they would accept the most coupons and UP rewards before tax. This is a dozy!!!!

    • Before couponing, I was a Wal-Mart shopper and hated it everytime.  Happy to say that I RARELY go to Wal-Mart anymore and frequent Publix, CVS and Rite Aid.  So, those three stores are getting the $ I used to spend at Wal-Mart.  Doesn't it make better business sense to attract and not deter the couponers.  However, I do like the third policy change.

    • Standforsomething

      This rule only applies to US, as in me and you. 
      It wont effect the special people. Special people, special order, and have multiple special transactions. They literally buy 100's each week and only pay with coupons and ups as tender.The get wind of the sales WEEKS before this SS does,then preorder, wipe out the warehouse, then take the product and sell it at flea markets and stockpile sales.Again these new rules apply to ME AND YOU not the shelf clearers. They laugh at each new policy and the managers support it by wiping out the warehouse.The shelf clearers are already bragging that their managers are not going to force them to follow the new rules. Please let RA know your sick of the special people getting special treatment!If you really want to stop shelf clearing…………. illegal acquisition of thousands of free inserts each week must be addressed. Please contact Vallasis, News America, PG and others. 

      We are at the last resort, you must report.

      • Kerry

        I'm curious as to how you know this inside info. If you personally know people that are “laughing at each new policy…”, “bragging that their managers are not going to enforce..”, and are involved in the illegal acquisition of inserts, you'd be the best candidate to report him/her/them. Since I don't have such insider info, I'm going to hope for the best and assume Rite Aid will do the fair and proper thing which is to hold all it's customers to the same coupon policy. This too shall pass… 

        • Paige_Aminehdestin

          Unfortunately, I've seen the brags on some other blogs. I can't say that I have every personally seen it, or even had a customer approach and ask about it, but I've received numerous emails from other people who ask me to forward the information to corporate to try and stop it. So far, I don't know if it's done any good since none of us actually know the *facts*.

    • Jan

      What about Rain Checks?

      I have just started couponing … and Extreme to me would be four of any item. :)  If I were to go to the store manager and explain that I had wanted to purchase the 4 bags of chips …. would they not give you a Rain Check for that many of the item?  Our Food Lion does that and they don't even have expiration dates on them! I can use them “whenever”!

    • Fallaya

      These policy changes stink.  Their products are so expensive…if I can't use 2 coupons on a BOGO, or a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale, I'm not going to save much money, so there's no point in shopping there much anymore.  I've been having a fabulous time at CVS and Walgreens, so I'll throw my business their way.

    • Nanleigh10

      I was at Rite Aid today and the cashier didn't want to take a Rite Aid coupon of $2.00 off 2 Dixie plates because they had Dixie plates BOGO – she said my coupon was BOGO.  I finallly convinced her and she took my coupon.

      • UGH

        The coupon is NOT a BOGO…ugh, I hope I don't have problems when I use that coupon tomorrow.  I am sure I'll have a bunch of problems with the new policies come Sunday.  The cashiers don't know the coupon policies and tend to make up things as they go.  Plus Mr. Sour Puss the manager will be working…

        • Nanleigh10

          I believe the cashier was just confused.  Our Rite Aid manager is wonderful.  If they are out of somethig on sale, example, Purex was on sale last week and they were out – the manager let me have Tide for the same price and let me use my Purex coupons (He said please limit to 4 – very nice)

    • El

      Recently there was a great 3.00 coupon on a body wash (you all know which one). After church on Sunday I went to the store and they were already out of the product. Apparently one person had purchased all the stock with many coupons.In addition, there was an UP with it. I asked for a rain check for three because the UP called for a 15.00 purchase and the clerk said I could only have the raincheck for one. She did not understand about the UP minimum purcahse at all. But neither did the manager, until I explained it to him. They all need a class in couponing. I got the raincheck but it expired and I never got the product.The following week there was a 5.00 coupon on Precise rub, and when I got there all the product was gone. Tis was within hours of the store opening. I emailed Rite Aid twice about this and they never responded. Oh, well, there is always Walgreens and CVS! They generally have the products.

      • R.A. employee

        this is the reason for the limits, because of people who come in with multiple coupons.  but we can't police everyone who may buy the limit and come back later in the week to try it again.  we order several of these items from the warehouse but without knowing exactly what coupons are out at what time, it's hard to always meet the demand.  we are in a constant process to work all the kinks out of the coupon process.  it's hard to always make everyone happy at the same time.  either the people who only want one will get ticked cause we are out or the people who want ten will get ticked cause then can't get as many as they want….

        • Tweetabirdy

          I also work at RA and we get sales fliers in almost 3 weeks in advance.  So I know there is plenty of time to order extra from the warehouse.  They just don't!

    • Grannypig12001

      It is not just Rite Aid that I am having problems with it is also Food Lion. I was in the Food lion here in Lexington 2 weeks ago, this is a store that is closest to my house. There are a total of 5 Food lions just within the city limits. Anyway I had 8 bottles of A1 with a coupon for each one. I had 5 rolls of Paper towels with a coupon for each one. I had 8 bottles of Pantene because I had to buy 8 to get the extra $4 off my order. I had 4 coupon for the 8 bottles. The customer service employee came over and said how many papers do you get. Where do you get them. I have never had a problem at Food lion with my coupons. The more I thought about it the more upset I got. Finally I told her I was not trying to be smart but what difference did it make how many I got and where I got them. She  said there was a woman that came in the night before and tried to use 27 like coupons for 27 items. And she told her she could not do that. I told her for one thing I was not that stupid to try and use 27 like coupons at one time. There are enough food lions close by to go to different ones to get that many items. She never apolized for her rudeness. So I simply sent a letter to the home office. I have not heard back from them either.
      Come on people please think before you run out and mess the couponing up for all of use. Think before you go into a store with 27 like coupons. This is not TV were they make everything look so easy. Think about others and how you would feel if every store you went in was out of an item because someone was just trying to hog everything.
      I will be so glad when this fade is over….. I hope it is soon.

      • Mel6

        I share in your hope of the coupon fad ending soon, I live in a small town and there are only 2 stores around that double up to 50 cents and every time I try to save at either store by combining a few coupons w/ sale items it never works the sale items are gone within an hour of the store opening on the first day of sales and I don't have the time or  extra gas money 2 deal w/ rain-checks…I know that some people are trying to help others out like family, friends, shelters…ect.  I understand helping the less fortunate but please whoever is clearing the shelves think of others who need save too…..and now Rite Aid the only store that I have been able to save on medicine, personal and paper items is starting to put a stop to certain coupon and sale combinations it's probably just a matter of time before this all comes to an end if the problems with extreme couponers and the ones who keep complaining to stores and management continue this may be sooner rather than later….I myself have complained to managers and corporate offices about 3 times in the last 4 months because of empty shelves and deals I didn't get and should have but I have now decided to not do that unless a large costly mistake is made….let's hope the coupon restrictions don't get even more limited, I know i need all the help I can get :)

        • Tweetabirdy


          • Paige_Aminehdestin

            We've been practicing limits in our store for some time now. It's an interesting dynamic between the customers who yell because the other stores let them by 42 of something but we'll limit to 2-4, and then the customers who come in at the end of the week and are thrilled that we limited so that they can get their 2 when all the other stores are wiped out. I guess it really is a give and take issue, and we've decided that it does work out better for us in the end, to try and order enough for each of our “regular” customers to get about 4, then double/triple that number and see if it lasts all week. We've come close to keeping the shelves with *something* until at least Friday for weeks now. Customers do actually appreciate it.

      • saveMimi$

        I agree with your post… I had words with Publix in Smyrna, TN last week. They are starting to treat all couponers equally and all I want to do is buy what I need. I do my daughters coupon transactions and my daughter-in-laws as well. Therefore you would think I'd be trying to wipe the shelves, but I don't. I can't even get my macaroni and cheese from 2 wks ago because the shelf wipers keep getting them (with their multiple rain checks) as soon as they restock. I'm very frustrated at those of you who wipe the shelves. I work a full time job and in the evenings I work on my coupons only to go to the stores and find NOTHING left because you are there at 6:00 am when the doors open and clean them out. It's disrespectful. Are you ever going to use 140 deoderants in you lifetime?? NO. So why keep buying them. If you are going to buy (get free) that many… share with a shelter or widows or families who have lost their homes… do something besides wipe the shelves and look at your stockpile with pride. Please consider those of us who are trying to survive this recession.

      • Tweetabirdy

        I have that problem where everything is gone about 2 to 3 days into an add.  Mainly at the drug stores.  So if you don't get in there the first day, your'e out of luck!  I don't like getting rain checks because usually I need the item then, not a week or 2 later when I get a chance to get back around.  Oh, and Publix is another store that usually runs out of the coupon/sale stuff pretty fast.  It is very frustrating.  Anyone would think that the stores would order big supplies of sale items, esp. if they know there are coupons out for them or their free.

    • I can't for the life of me understand why the stores are not thanking the Heavens for this “coupon craziness”. It seems to me that in recent years of a slow economy and much less spending going on, they would be THRILLED with the people walking through their doors. Even if they are crazy coupon women. They get their money back from the Manufacturers. If you ask me, Rite Aid is making a big mistake, and their bottom line versus their competitors may show it soon.

    • Guest

      As an employee I can tell you that the reason this has been changed is because we will no longer be reimbursed for those coupons by the manufacturer…I agree that it stinks since I also used them in conjunction with the sales but I can also see their point since then we don't get our money back any longer.

      • Bbuzard

        So you, a Rite Aid employee, is saying the store WILL NOT get reimbursed on a BIGI coupon used with a BIGI sale? Above Jenny says stores do… I sure wish there was some proof one way or another instead of one persons word against another. Not that I care really cause I quit shopping my local Rite Aid a long time ago simply because it is dirty, unorganized, and has very rude employees, but thats just my opinion on my local store.

        • Paige_Aminehdestin

          I'm actually trying to get a completely unbiased answer to this question. I've already promised several of my couponers the answer once I receive it. I've tried emailing manufacturers in the past about coupon policies, and have only ever been answered once. As for this issue, I can't imagine the a store (Rite Aid) just cut off income without any real reason, because if we (they) are being reimbursed for the coupon, why not accept it? It seems like the BOGO coupons (reimbursed by the manufacturer) in conjunction with the BOGO sale (“bought” by the manufacturer after reducing the cost of the product to being with the be sold by the retailer) all counts against the manufacturer while being a great deal for customers and retailers alike. It seems like RA would be cutting off their left arm in just changing the policy without not actually being told they wouldn't be reimbursed. We'll see if I actually find anything out though. It's funny, I'm not even doing this as an employee, but as a shopper. I want to make sure that the coupons I use really are as good as cash to the stores I shop at. I'll follow the rules of RA since it's my job to do so, but I'm a consumer as well.

      • Crazyforcouponsbc

        If this is true, why are the manufacturers putting the coupons out?  That does not really make sense.  All coupons state how the retailers get reimbursed on the bottom.

      • Tiggeroo167

        That makes no sense at all… all retailers get reimbursed for their coupons.

        • Paige_Aminehdestin

          Ehh, yes and no. All retailers get reimbursed for the coupons they turn in that were accepted under the guidelines on the coupon *and* in the agreement between the retailer and that manufacturer. So, it is possible that the agreement does state that they don't want RA to accept these coupons in this manner anymore. I'm still working on finding out if that's the case or not, but a lot of people are assuming a lot in saying that it doesn't matter to RA either way because “no matter what” they're being reimbursed.

    • DLambSongwriter

      I tried couponing at Rite Aid and it was just too difficult.  And like many of you have said, the store didn't have items, the people are rude, and it's just not worth the hassle with the impatient people behind the counter. 

      On the other hand, CVS is WONDERFUL.  I went in there the other day with my coupons and the store manager actually helped me save even more.  He was so helpful and couldn't have been nicer.  The store is always clean and the people are always friendly.

      I guess the biggest thing to remember is that WE are the ones in control for the most part.  We have the $$ that will contribute to their profit – or not.  They're taking a risk with changing their coupon policy, particularly because many consumers from all over the south already have a negative opinion of their customer service prior to this change.  Time will tell…

      • Bianca

        I think it just depends on the store…My CVS barley has sale items in stock and I get there 15-30 min after the store opens on Sunday morning! I guess it's a good thing that their rain checks don't expire because by the time they get some of the items in stock the original coupon I had already expired so I have to wait till another same coupon comes out if it does. 

        • happyinnc

          I always paperclip my coupon I was planning to use with the raincheck and CVS has always honored them even if expired.

          • Amanda

            I had a coupon for a rain check item expire and after hearing that some CVS stores would still honor the expired coupon through here, I asked and they did honor it. They also will allow you to use an expired ECB. I have had a few expire and have asked them if I could still use it and they let me. Of course I have only done this with newly expired ECBs. I find it never hurts to ask. Luckily, in the area I live in Richmond, VA the CVS stores are very coupon friendly. I only had a problem once using a B1G1 and $1.50/1 coupon for two items. I tried to explain to the cashier how the coupons worked and she still only allowed me to use one. I used the B1G1 of course and called the customer service number to ask about the issue. They told me I could use the coupons together and issued me a $2 ECB for the mistake. They said they would notify the store and make sure the cashier new that using the coupons together was fine. So, it never hurts to ask/question things.

            I think Rite Aid is going to lose some business over the B1G1 policy change. So silly. They are getting reimbursed by the manufacturer, so why should they care. I stopped doing UP deals because their coupons expire so quickly, they never have things in stock and they don't honor UP rewards with rain checks. I choose CVS anyday, much more coupon friendly.

            • Guest

              We are not getting reimbursed by the manufacturer any longer which is the reason for the change…hence the change. Same with the UP's, they are also sponsored by the manufacturer and not by Rite-Aid. If we could get away with taking them for items then we would…however since we don't get reimbursed for them we can't do it any longer.

      • Fallaya

        I love the CVS by my house.  I'm in there so much that the cashiers and the manager recognize us and are quite friendly.  One of the cashiers is always telling me about the great coupons coming out of the red machine.  I love it there.  Rite Aid, on the other hand, is a whole 'nother story.  I feel so uncomfortable shopping there because I know they will treat me like a criminal if my coupons don't scan. Their scanners are awful!!  And their prices are really high.  My boyfriend hates going in there because they gave him a hard time about a return.

    • Burgardy

      I have found that our CVS is not at all friendly!  I love Rite Aid!  It's a shame their doing this:(

    • Mysterious_Mentalist

      I would not be surprised if CVS and perhaps WAGS also change their policies. In my area, I have noticed CVS is getting just as unfriendly as it used to be friendly. I know exactly what I am talking about. CVS cust. service is on a downfall and in contrast WAGs has improved considerably when it comes to coupons.  

      Moreover, CVS recently raised prices on many items. Worth noticing are travel and trial products that have increased in price as much as 40% or more in one shot-that is drastic increase. You have noticed they offer less and less “deals” in sale/extrabucks.On a side note, these changes are probably being pushed by manufacturers because it is they who are picking the tab and realizing their marketing expenses overall are exceeding their profit margin. Also, changing policies does not mean retailers can do whatever they want. They still have to satisfy consumer protection laws and regulations and thus come up with reasonable and fair changes.

    • Freemn4

      I think Rite Aid will still be worth shopping at even if they enforce this new coupon policy.  I don't drive out of my way to shop there, but stop on my way home from church on Sundays if there is anything our family wants that week.  I like that they offer the video value coupons and that they don't make you buy filler items (like Walgreens) in order to use 2 coupons (store and manufacturer) on one item.

      I don't buy the paper and therefore don't have any manf. q's unless they are printed off SS; so the new BOGO doesn't hurt me much.  I don't agree with their reasoning on it though.  Maybe Jenny is right and they will come to their senses after they give the new policy a try.

    • Bjessa

      Will the coupon craze ever die down?

      • Bkind28

        I think it will like all fads do. And some people will burn out or decide their brand loyalty is more important. People ate carb free psychotically 10 years ago and it's tapered off. And people only have so much room to stock pile! lol

    • Scott

      I was a store manager at Rite Aid for a few years. I started out at Eckerd (HEAVEN) and ended with Rite Aid (HELL) and I have to say this doesn't surprise. They are the most poorly run company I've ever seen. It doesn't surprise me when I see people say that Rite Aid's employees are rude or don't care, the company treats them terribly. Not to toot my own horn tho, but with my incentives and management, we got nothing but compliments (especially from couponers). We loved increasing our numbers with more sales thanks to COUPONS!

      • sarahinNC

        The Rite Aid I go to is also wonderful.  I know all the employees and managers by name, and we chat about our lives, I tell them about diaper deals, SavingStar, etc.  Just wanted to put it out there that not all Rite Aid employees are rude like some people say.

        • Guest

          Thank you!! The employee's in my store definitely try to be nice to everyone and we have a lot of customer's that have come in for years and we can talk to them about anything and everything! Not all of us are rude and most of us love our customer's.

    • Bkenney480

      Another change at Rite-Aid is rainchecks with UP rewards must be subtracted by the clerk issuing the raincheck. A raincheck for a $5 item with $2 in UP rewards should
      be written for $3, because Rite-Aid will no longer send UP rewards through the mail.

      • Guest

        At my store we have always done our rain checks that way from the beginning of the UP's program. It makes it easier and then we are sure the customer is still getting their up taken off and not losing that somewhere in the shuffle.

    • Cindy

      I was told today that I could not use a man coupon with a video coupon because they both say man coupon on it.  I was only buying one item.

      • Sandy

        That's incorrect. Print out the coupon policy and bring it with you next time.

    • Sonicbluel

      I tried to purchase 4 sauve body wash using two buy one get one free. The clerk told me i could only use b1g1 coupon period. I'm done shopping at rite aid. My Rite Aid has never been coupon friendly anyway. I'll stick with CVS.

      • Guest

        If they give you a hard time have them split the order.

    • Kharris912

      I got news for you, Walgreens and CVS, mirror Rite Aid's coupon policy. Give it time and they will change theirs as well.

    • Tiggeroo167

      well, I won't be shopping there anymore than.  That makes no sense at all….. shame on  Rite Aid

    • Tiggeroo167

      Shaking my head!!  Why can't these retailers leave well enough alone?  It's not like they are losing money, they are getting reimbursed for their coupons…..they are really going to lose a lot of money and customers doing this.

    • Sandsknight

      So…. I have never really been happy with Rite Aid however I shop there because it is about 4 miles from my house and CVS is 15 miles away.  I can tell you that I will now just make the trip the CVS… They have always gave me a hard time about coupons and not been nice about it. I often do 2 or 3 transactions so I can us my up rewards right away and $3 off $15 coupons. I upsets me sooooo much they only ever have one register open and I feel bad that people have to wait of me!!  Anyway Now I dont have to worry about it cause I'm not going back!!  Thanks for letting me blow off some steam!!

    • Guest

      Well, this may help me because I'm very frustrated when all the deals are gone before noon on Sunday!

    • Paige_Aminehdestin

      Ok, I promised that I would update when I got an answer, and I did get one. It may not be anything that customers want to hear though. The response I got from the CIC said that BOGO coupons should never be chained, either through a second BOGO coupon (everyone knew that) or a BOGO sale making both items free. He said that with a BOGO coupon, the customer should still have to pay for one item, unless it's stated on the coupon that it can be chained. He also stated that a second cents off coupon can't be used on a free item, while there don't seem to be written rules (based on what he sent me) but he was telling me what they generally tell retailers these rules as a basic guideline for good coupon acceptance. At least, for once, I got an answer from someone about coupons.

    • Bkind28

      The Rite Aid in Chapin was not very coupon friendly today and as they can't fix the problem when up rewards don't print they did finally give me a $4.99 refund but no one seemed to want to help. The one in Irmo was a little better but they don't seem to understand their own program. Have to call corporate for a 3rd time to get reward for Nexus. They are however starting to carry totals toward a reward from one transaction to another.

      • Angelareid821

        I am not impressed with the Chapin store either. Drive on up to Newberry. They are much more friendlier over there! Store manager Scott is fab!

    • unknown

      i do not like the new qpon policy and will be choosing other drug stores to shop from.  Rite aid was so friendly & drama free but at this time I must go where I can get my savings and CVS seems ti be friendlier these days.

    • Coupondiva12

      That's bad news for me, I live in a rural, resort community and Rite Aid is the only chain drug store here. The Nearest CVS is 20 miles away, and no Walgreens in a 50 mile radius. I guess I'll have to wait it out as well, I don't plan to stop couponing.

    • mrsmadayar

      Well, I'm glad about the 4 like coupons policy, mildly disappointed in the BOGO coupons (that doesn't happen very often anyway), but I am shocked and horrified at not being able to use 2 coupons on a BOGO sale. That doesn't even make sense. I think we should all write in to corporate and let them know how upset we are. I've seen it work in the past.

    • mrsmadayar

      Sudden Thought!–On a BOGO sale can we still use a coupon that say something like 50 cents off WYB 2? I mean that's technically one coupon so we should still be good on those right?