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Easy ways to save on gas. (Part 2)

We have started a three part series on how to save on gas. Today we are tackling the world of Grocery store gas reward programs. Be sure to tune in soon for more info just on gas station reward cards.
There are lots of different reward programs out there so let’s briefly breakdown each one and then talk about a few tricks to save more.

First the best program to me…

Fuelperks! – This is a gas program run by an independent company that various retailers have “bought” into.  The rules are the same though for every store.  In the south this is found in Bi-Lo and select Winn-Dixie stores.

The basics:
  • You earn 5¢ off per gallon of gas up to 20 gallons, for every $50 in groceries you buy.  That’s $50 before coupons!  Most grocers also run additional promotions on select items that earn more fuelperks!
  • There is no cap on savings, you can earn up to a free tank of gas!
  • Earnings expire after 3 months if not used.
  • Redeem at gas stations across the US.
Tricks and tips:
  • Most stores offer bonus fuelperks when you purchase gift cards.  So… buy gas gift cards for the store you use your fuelperks at.  Now you are earning more fuelperks and then will turn around and save more on gas.
Cons-  I don’t know that there are any downsides with this system other than it would be more awesome if there were more grocery stores and gas stations participating.

Kroger Gas Savings – As the name implies this is for Kroger stores only.  They have Kroger gas stations and a few other gas brands that have partnered with them in various areas.  Find more about the Kroger in your area here.

The Basics:
  • Earn 10¢ off per gallon up to 20 gallons of gas for every 100 points you earn.
  • Get 1 point for every dollar spent on groceries (before coupons).
  • Get 50 points for each prescription filled.
    (Excludes Arkansas stores and any paid for government funded programs.)
  • Get 100 points for every $50 spent in gift cards.  Doesn’t included Kroger store gift cards
Tricks and tips:

  • If your area partners with Shell or other outside gas stations buy $50 gas gift cards at Kroger, earn rewards points and then fill up and save more.
  • All Kroger pharmacies will price match any local pharmacies price for prescriptions.  This makes the extra gas savings even more awesome, you got the best possible price and saved on gas.
Cons –  The system caps you at 10¢ savings per fill up, compared to earning a free tank of gas.  The other big problem is that in most areas the participating stations are few and far between. (In my area there is one station for the entire town).

Food City – Almost the same as Krogers program, except you earn 15¢ off per gallon up to 20 gallons for every 150 points.  Earn 50 points for each filled prescription.

Walmart – Get a Walmart gift card and use it at participating stations to save 3¢ off per gallon.

One Last Tip

Most of these programs are for a savings up to 20 gallons.  If you fill up a car that holds less than 20 gallons you NEED to bring a gas can or even a second car.  Fill up your car and then fill up a 5 gallon gas can or pull up your husbands car right behind you and put 5 gallons in his car.  Don’t waste those extra gallons at a discount though!

    • MsKatBlack

      In the area that I live in Kroger allows up to $1.00 of per gallon and it is 35 gallons not 20

      • Serattcoupons

        That would be awesome! Our Kroger is up to .10 per gallon. So, if I have 400 fuel points, I can get .10 off per gallon up to 4 times during the month.

        • Chazree

          after reading all the replys here it seems that it depends on the rules in your area. In VA we can only get 10 cents off per fill up. So yes, if you have 400 points in one month you can fill up 4 times. I fill up on Thursdays when Shell takes 5 cents off plus my Kroger 10cents discount I get 15 cents off. Check the rules in your city.

    • Lara Sue

      My Kroger does not limit the 10 cent discount to 20 gallons. I have filled up my van and my husbands car at the discount rate.

    • Bee

      My Kroger is 35 gallons as well and up to $1 discount. In the past, they also had promotions where they doubled the points on your order if you brought in a Shell receipt.

      • Bee

        Forgot to mention there's probably 3 Shell stations per mile here. I bought Kroger gas once or twice several years ago and wouldn't even use their rewards program–don't want it in my car.

        I was thrilled when they added Shell.

    • BP

      Home Depot has a program like this also.

    • Mommybrain_34

      We always try to fill up both of our cars when we use our fuel perks! Great way to save some money.

    • Marc

      Costco's usually betweeen .10 & .15/gallon cheaper than anyone else around my area, though granted, you do need to have their $50/$100 yearly membership.

      Also here in VA, our chain of 'Giant' grocery stores give 1 point per $1 spent which translates into .10 off/gallon per 100 points at Shell gas stations. 100pts = .10 off/gal, 200 points = .20 off/gal, 300 points = .30off/gal, etc.

    • guest

      I use BiLo Fuelperks. In theory I would have to had to spend $666 a month on groceries at BiLo to get the last 2 free tanks of gas we have gotten. As a serious couponer w/ only 2 adults and a small dog in the household, I can assure you we did NO such thing! Closer to $200 at BiLo a month. My tips
      –Take advantage of the “buy these things and get extra FP” if it is advantageous to you.
      –Wait until there are double FPs to “spend” coupons for free product
      –On pricelock items wait for double Fuelperks to spend your coupons.

      I consistently earn no less than $1 per gallon a month in FP w/ a total grocery budget (so Bilo, pharmacy and an occasional “field trip” to Publix or Harris Teeter) of $300. We cashed our FP last month for a free tank but are up to $1.05 already only half way though March

    • Amiejoy

      Oh how I wish Harris Teeter would do this!!!!

    • Mandy

      Bi-Lo shoppers – I am new to fuelperks. Will the gas pumps accept your keychain fuelperks card or do you need to bring your full-size card?

      • Pjulie

        You need your full-size card to use at the pump. You enter it in the machine just like a credit card.

        • Mandy


        • Michelle

          not necessarily, at the shell station for Kroger you can type in your “alternate id” or phone number… I haven't tried at Food City though.

    • guest

      For those that live in an area w/ Piggly Wiggly gas another option is spending coupons at the Pig. They don't double (disappointing) and they have a limited number of name brands (annoying) BUT it is worthwhile to me to go through my coupon stash when they are running spend a coupon, get a book of greenbax. Those books of greenbax are worth $1.50 each. So if I wind up burning a pasta or rice coupon and paying .79 for the product (which I know I could've gotten for free at Bilo or Publix) I am ok w/ it because my net gain is .71 toward gas.

      • Esseay

        The Exxon near our house does greenbax, we still have a pig card even though the pig closed, so if we don't have fuel perks, we go to exxon and get the greenbax put on the card each time we buy gas. I also do u-promise and the exxon purchases go toward my college savings. We saved enough to get 12.00 in gas once when we were short of $. It is not as good as fuel perks, but it is a good back up plan!

      • Penrod1

        We have a Pig that doubles coupons up to .50, but no gas or greenbax. I guess you can't have everything.

    • angela

      Hi- I am a little confused… we are in Knoxville, TN and there are lots of Shell stores listed on Shell's website that say they accept the Kroger fuel points discount, however the last time my husband tried the one closest to us they told us they actually do not. Is there anyone in Knoxville who has tried a Shell and received the discount with their Kroger points? If so which Shell? And did the discount come off as 10 cents off per gallon per 100 points (like 300 points = 30 cent per gallon discount), or just 10 cents off per gallon maximum, only using 100 of your fuel points in a trip? The Kroger and Shell websites are not consistent on that aspect of their partnership. Thanks!

      • Sandra

        At Shell you must scan your Kroger card or follow directions to use Alt ID. Kroger allows 10 cents off per 100 points. I had 60 cents off a gallon in January!!!!
        PS if you use your points at shell they allow 35 gallons at this discount in one filling. So I had my kids follow me to the station and pull in behind me one at a time. GREAT DEAL!!!!

      • Junk1111

        I have used the Shell station on Kingston Pike near Lovell Road and it worked fine. Once I had 700 points and received .70 off per gallon.

    • Kdmsmith123

      got my publix gas card..a shell card. I had fuel rewards with kroger that i can scan my kroger card at a shell station, then use the gift card, so $50 worth of gass for $40 and 0.10 cents off a gallon woot woot!

      • when you scan ur card, does it read what you bought that day, or that week, exactly how does it work? sorry, i'm just new to this.

    • Tnjcent

      My husband who is a general contractor/builder/handyman has a fuel perks reward card with Home Depot. He has them scan this card on all purchases and can get 10 cents off and up to dollars off including free tanks of gas. Diesel is now close to $4.00/gal. Yesterday he got 20 gal. free since he had $4.70/gallon credit. Home Depots do not have gas stations everywhere but this is an excellent program. Our Home Depot gas station is 12 miles away. We have to bypass an older H.D. which does not have a gas station. This is worthwhile for us to drive 12 miles!

    • Teachermomnj

      Bummed that the stores are only below the Mason-Dixon, looked online for participating location, but I can still get the deals shopping online :)

      • Britthuffman

        I'm in south east Ohio and Giant Eagle offers fuelperks .10 off/gal at get go for every $50 spent on groceries and food perks. You get 1% off groceries at Giant Eagle for every 10 gal from GetGo. Kroger also has a fuel deal with BP but I don't know the details as I don't use it.

    • lookingforcheapgas

      Does anyone know which Shell station in Northest Columbia participates in the Kroger gas program? I have not taken advantage of my gas points at Kroger's but with gas prices as high as it is now, I would like to start. Just don't know which gas station to go to. I am close to Hardscrabble and Clemson. Thanks for the help.

    • Javajanekool

      Lowes Foods does this, too. I believe that it is save 5 cents off of a gallon of gas for every $100 you spend. :D

    • lovedbyGod2

      I know it's just me… but I can't find the post from Friday…

    • Jenn

      I love that Kroger has teamed up with Shell. I always use the Shell around the corner and now can save money, which helps because I have 2 cars on the road, versus just having the 1 before my daughter got her license! My father uses Fuelperks at BiLo but there is only one store in my town that honors that. Lucky for him, that gas station is on the way to their “country house”! Thanks for the tips!

    • Fayeeddie

      Publix stopped the Shell card. They said it was due to Kroger deal with Shell

    • Blu

      Kroger here in NC is limit 35 Gallons not 20 as posted above.

    • I got 2 Shell cards at Publix with the deal. We also got a BP and a Chevron. Looking at a 10 hour drive to vacation this weekend and saving 20% on gas!! Woohoo!

    • dani

      In the Knoxville area the Kroger does not limit to $.10 per gallon. At Kroger tanks and participating Shell stations its $.10 off a gallon combined up to $1 off of a fill up.

    • Au_prospector

      “Fill up your car and then fill up a 5 gallon gas can or pull up your husbands car right behind you and put 5 gallons in his car.”

      Hey! I dont have a husband. As the primary shopper in my home and THE couponer I must protest. LOL I have a wife.

      • Sean

        That's what I'm saying.

        • MomofKLA

          Gotta love a man that coupons!!! My hubby is great about it too!

    • Catclubb

      We went to Disney world. 3 families. I bought $2000 in Disney gift cards.= 4000 points, which equaled 4 fillups with $1 off a gallon. They didnt used to have a cap on # of gallons. we saved $55 per fill up (car+ truck) 4 X that month. It was like $200 off our vacation!

      At holidays they often have 4x gift card purchase for gas. Always check your receipt at end of month– you may be just a gallon of milk away from saving on gas!

    • CR

      Do any of the Bi Lo stores in Chattanooga, TN have fuel perks? I've not head of it around here, but would love to find a store in Chattanooga if there is one that participates.

      • Mistydawnwall

        The one in Etowah told me voluntarily the other day that they are working on getting Fuelperks there… so maybe that is the case for Chatt too.

    • Danaamandanichole

      We have fuelperks at our Giant Eagle here in Northwestern PA.
      You earn .10 off a gallon of gas (up to 30) for every $50 in groceries.
      they also offer Foodperks for every 10gal of gas you get 1% off groceries. No limits
      however you can only use your fuelperks for ONE vehicle. so you mostly dont get to use all 30 gal unless you have a big truck or use cans. (which we try to do)

      Today I got gas for just 3.04 a gallon!!!

    • Michelle

      We got a Kroger MasterCard so we could get 15 cents/gallon off when we accumulate 100 points on groceries, gift cards, prescriptions, etc. I think our Kroger limits the discount to 32 gallons.

    • Jenn Hartwell

      Hi, the Kroger in Raleigh, NC discounts up to 35 gallons but you can NOT fill up more than one vehicle according to their policy.

      • Janell H

        I have seen people drive up with 2 cars and just never hang the hose up between filling the cars.

      • guest

        I live in SC and it is state law that you can't fill up more than 1 vehicle w/o hanging up the pump but I have seen quite a few people do it and either the employee monitoring didn't notice or they ignored–don't know which just know that it is law so posted on “the rules” but not enforced

        • MelissaS

          I too live in SC and has no idea of this law. Oops.

          • MelissaS


            • deb

              wow, didn't know that was a law–you lose a lot in gas otherwise! I have $1.55 in fuel perks right now.

      • Lanavdixon

        I have a Suburban with a 44 gallon tank. We only use Fuel Perks for the Suburban and never for our small car that only takes 8-9 gallons at a fill-up. We have never wasted even one gallon that way.

    • Cindy

      We used the $10.00 off a gas card at Publix, bought a card that accepts fuelperks and today my husband filled up for $2.89 a gallon!!

    • Janell H

      Our Publix has a Pix Station out front. If you purchase a Pix gift card to get gas, you save an additional 3¢ per gallon. I purchased the $10 off $50 card and then saved 3 ¢ a gallon on top of that. I drive a diesel, so that's not a whole lot of savings. (the truck is paid for and since I don't drive much, buying a new car does NOT outweigh the amount I spend in gas)

    • Dannonb94

      I live in FL and pretty much every single part of the state participates EXCEPT, of course, where I live. UGH!!! Very disappointing, especially considering how much we shop @ WD. I just went to their website and wrote a message asking if they have any plans to add at least one participating location in my area any time in the near future … maybe i'll get lucky and can take advantage of Fuelperks sometime soon. In the meantime, I guess my best option is to load up on gift cards at publix … :

      • Zarate06

        Me too. :/ You must live in the Panhandle.

        • Melissa

          here in Tlly/monticello they dont do it :(

        • Amy

          I'm in the Panhandle and we have had it here for some time ….

    • MissAmes

      The Kroger offer works great, unless you're in Alabama. State regulations prevent any discounts on gas, I.E. 10 cents off per gallon.

      • Bee


      • Cozmikcowgirl

        As far as I can tell, none of these gas deals she has mentioned will apply in Alabama EXCEPT for discount on the gift cards at Publix and the %back on credit cards. Boo. :(

        • Ashton J.

          I live in Birmingham, AL and I have read all of the posts… I just want to be sure- the only discount on gas offered here is to buy the $50 publix gas cards for $40 right?
          Thanks for your help! :)

    • Grl1

      In our area of Tennessee, the Kroger points will expire in 30 days. If you don't use them, you lose them. Ex: if you accumulate 90 points in one month, you'll lose them and have to start over the next month. My husband & I try to meet at the tank and get our 35 gallon maximum!

    • Lanavdixon

      My college kids have their cards linked to mine. I have tried to convince them to get their own separate accounts but they think it is not worth it for the amount they spend and the small cars they drive. Every so often my fuel perks just jump up be cause of their spending. It is a nice surprise. (I do supply alot of snack foods and groceries to them.)

    • On the kroger gas you get up to 35 gallons in SC with your 10 cents off

      • Chazree

        I'm glad you mentioned this because I just check my Kroger in VA and it says “save 10 cents per gallon on a single fuel purchase at the Kroger Fuel Center!” We have several Shell stations that participate in the area. So, I also only fill up on Thursdays when all Shell stations take 5 cents off so I actually get 15 cents off per gallon.

    • Dana

      I never purchased a gas card from Publix and since Publix is having the $10 off deal I'm tempted to buy one… But first I have a question: If a purchase a $50 gas card don't u pay sales taxes for it? In my area the sales tax is close to 10% so I'm loosing $5.00. Also, is there a fee associated with this card? Some cards charge a $4.95 activation fee. So, if u have the sales tax and the activation fee..there goes the $10.00.
      Can anyone help me with these questions?

      • Susan

        There is no activation fee on a gas card and I think you pay the tax when you buy the gas, but not when you buy the card.

        • Angel_in_Charleston

          Susan is correct. We always do these gas card deals … Love saving money on gas!

    • Kcreviews

      I wish I had a store in my town that did this. But alas, no.

    • Tmcgready

      Can you buy more than one gas card at Publix? iI thought it was if you spent $25 in groceries. In other words if you spend more than $25 you could buy 2 if you bought $50 worth of groceries?

      • Cozmikcowgirl

        To be on the safe side, I made three trips to Publix this week. I bought $25, before coupons, in groceries each time and purchased a gas card each time. So, I have $150 in gas for $120. Now to see how long that lasts for me…

        • Cozmikcowgirl

          I should probably point out that Publix is on my normal route. I didn't go out of my way to save $10 on gas. Now that would have just been silly. ;)

    • SEM

      Luckily, our area partners with Shell for the 10 cents off a gallon using your Kroger card as well as a few Kroger gas stations. I don't know what I would do if they didn't offer that!

    • Kyladyslipper

      I use the Kroger credit card and get .15 cents off a gallon with each $100 in groceries. But my Dad in Ohio gets .25 cents. It used to be that I couldn't get the same discount when visiting them but they changed the policy about a year ago and I just swipe my card and bingo! .25 cents a gallon off at the Kroger gas station. Just a thought if you head above the Mason Dixon this summer.

    • Angie

      My Kroger does not have a cap on the amount earned each month. If I spend $400 I get $0.40 off. The limit is 30 gallons at one time.

    • Mandy

      The Publix $10 LU off a $50.00 gas card if you spend 25$ before coupons!!! I did 3 seperate transactons today 3/16 and got 3 gas cards and spent $16 and $19 and $48 on groceries after coupons and got $30.00 in gas FREE!!! Thank You Jenny <3

    • Aclark23

      I live in Mid-Michigan and do not know of this service anywhere near me. :(