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Using A Buy Price List

on 2.19.2010 at 9:32pm

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Using a

Using a Buy Price List

I posted this a year ago yesterday, but  after seeing the video below I thought maybe it was time to re-feature this helpful tool.

One of the biggest parts to saving on groceries is to know what a stock up price is for the products you buy. Prices for each item will vary week by week at the grocery store, and your goal is to only buy them when they are the lowest price the store is going to offer them at. To do this it helps to have a lowest price list (on paper or in your head). When an item is in the price range or lower then you stock up on it!! Sales run on cycles so you won’t see this low price again for 6-8 weeks, get enough to get you through until the next time you see this price.

To help you, here is my Buy Price List.

The prices are after coupons and sales, and are for my area. You may find that milk is much cheaper in your city or other items are more expensive. You will also find that sometimes a deal comes and makes these prices seem like retail prices. Those deals are great, but you should not plan your list off the occasional incredible deal or else you won’t buy anything for long periods of time, waiting for only the free deals…

To make your own list you can use this Blank Version. For a long time, until I had prices in my head, I kept this sheet in the front of my coupon binder, or folded up in the back of my coupon box.

Note: Your prices will fluctuate as manufacturer’s raise prices or as new coupons come out. This just give you an idea to go buy.

    • RuthieS

      Thanks so much for this BIG time saver. I just recently started a price book again (I used one 20 years ago faithfully) and blogged about it ( http://graciousliving.blogspot.com/2010/02/new-… ). My way now looks antiquated compared to having a phone app! I appreciate having a guideline right off the bat; thanks!

    • jill

      I can't find that app. does anyone know what it is?

      • aolss

        I use one called PriceBook (all one word). It wasn't free but it was pretty cheap. I use it frequently!

    • carolynversele

      Jenny- on your buy list when it says “Items that are Free” at the top, how are you getting those items for free?

      • Those are items that are routinely free using the drugstore system or getting them on sale with coupons. It is mostly a reminder to you to try to find them for free if possible!

    • amy

      This was very helpful. I've been using your site since last summer. It's the best one I've found. Thanks!

    • nikita

      Great idea–the price list. I wish I could find the app that the lady mentions on the video–couldn't find it in iPhone, but I'm sure there are others that do the same thing

    • OK, what am I doing wrong? I just keep getting the 15-second commercial over and over.

      • Ah, never mind… it didn't like firefox. 8-}

    • catherine v

      Great plug for your site! I LOVE it! Hope that will help other people who are in a tough spot find you and see how they can live for less. God bless.

    • Ida

      I used to shop solely at Sam's club blindly believing I was getting the best deals. Until I happened to find that Walmart had hash browns cheaper, and it made me mad. Seeing that I could also use a coupon on these hash browns, set me off on my coupon adventure. Since Oct. I have made great strides on lowering my oop. Now I look for a coupon on everything before I buy it. Thanks to this site. I love your shopping list and match ups, thanks for all your hard work.

      I started price checking on line, looking at the price per lb or unit price (because mainly Sams sells in bulk) So I now know that .17 cents each or lower is my price to buy diapers,Coffee unless it is lower than .16c a oz (usually after coupon and a sale), I buy it from Sams.

      • Barb

        Perhaps others found the same discrepancies between Sam's and Wal-Mart. I hear some Sam's clubs are closing.

        I used to enjoy Sam's due to a wide variety of products I didn't normally see in the regular supermarket and Wal-Mart Supercenters don't always have the best selection either.

        I used to go to Wal-Mart 2-3 times per week. Once they raised prices (at least here) and were often out of items (did they cut their workforce?) I stopped going except in extreme cases. I do manage to go no more than once every six weeks.

        Now Kroger is the store always offering deals. I never thought I would see the day, as in the past this store has been very high.

        Aldi is my other favorite store, but most people who go in there tend to hoard, so I often have to go there early in the morning 2-3 times a week just to get what my family needs, much less get extra. I have literally seen people empty a display into their carts. IMO, this behavior creates an artificial demand and causes prices to go up. God told us not to fret about where we are to get our next meals. I honestly believe that the Purex Catalina deal was cut short due to hoarding. I think we have to tread carefully with manufacturers and accept their deals but not go overboard~as Jenny says, “It will be on sale again.”

        I know people who work at P&G; many have been there almost 40 years and have been saving for retirement and lost most/all of their retirement account. I only share this to dispel the myth that these companies do not have to watch their bottom line like everyone else.

        I am attempting to build a “stockpile” but it seems that whatever I purchase at the store (aside from cosmetics, soaps, etc) gets consumed by the next payday. In other words, I barely get ahead.

        I think I will try to take my tax refund and shop at least for one month as opposed to two weeks. That way I will be sure of being two weeks ahead. I will attempt to use coupons, but if I don't have them, I am going to buy what I need, anyway.

        I can't wait to see how couponing will work for my budget in the next year. Without coupons people could hardly believe how little I spent to feed a family of five.

    • Thank you for sharing this! I have been meaning to start my own Price List in my coupon binder, but haven't. This is a perfect start for me. I am shocked by your milk price – over $3!? Too high! :)

      • sadly $3.19 is even hard to find sometimes in my area! I think buying a cow and moving to a farm might be the way to go!

        • Lori

          I couldn't believe the price of milk down south either. I literally gasp if I have to pay more than 1.89 normally! I'm in the midwest. Guess there are plenty of cows around. :)

          In any case, thanks for the list. I've attempted to get this all down in Excel but it hasn't gotten done.

      • Tryingtocope

        What kind of coupon binder are you using? I have some in a envelope style and some still in the original flyers. Both are really confusing. Do you hvae a better way?

    • Tisha

      Oh my gosh….AWESOME!!!! I have so much trouble remembering numbers. Thank you sooooooo much!

    • Jill

      Thanks for the price list! Just FYI anyone who lives near ALDI stores, it is the BEST place to get milk and eggs (right now milk is 1.79 and eggs .89), otherwise not the store for coupon shoppers.

      • Barb

        Milk is based on a range already established where you live. Some places will be a little more or less expensive but all around the same range. Ours is hovering around $2.58 which I feel is very fair.

        Some of the boutique brands will be up to about $3.49.

        Aldi milk here is in the $2.38 price range but I have noticed a lot of our Aldi produce prices are less expensive here than other markets.

    • Marilyn

      Thaks for this. I heard of this first when I read my mom's Tightwad Gazette book (maybe in the 90's?). The author talked about using a notebook but it was really hard to get that started. This seems much easier.

    • Elizabeth

      You TOTALLY Rock!!!! I have been trying to create a price list for awhile and am overwhelmed by its size. Thank you so much for sharing yours!

    • Julie

      Thank you for sharing this. Just wondering is the prices are current or are they from a year ago? Do you update it regularly?

    • MeghanB

      Did the rest of the Buy Price List get cut off? Mine stops at “Canned Kidney Beans” and “Spaghetti Sauce.” I would love to see the rest of your prices for the remainder of the items on the Blank Version.

    • Thanks so much for this. I posted your info (w/ links to you of course) on my blog. I was meaning to get something like this together. Yours is the simplest and easiest to understand that I've come across so far. Thanks for posting this!

    • Thank you so much! wow! I was just talking about a price list today.

    • nancy

      this video is so cool. thank you for the list Jenny.

    • atlmichelle

      Are coupons that print when you check out at Kroger manufacturer coupons or Kroger coupons? I had one for Activa yogurt and tried to stack it with a manufacturer's coupon from the paper and the Kroger computer system wouldn't take it. The clerk said they were both manufacturer's coupons and I could only use one. But the coupon had a kroger symbol on it?? So what is considered a “store coupon” that can be stacked with manufacturer's ones in the paper?

      • jeanne

        Most of the catalinas (as they are called) I have gotten at Kroger or anywhere else are Manufacturers Coupons. Just look at the coupon itself, usually next to the expiration date. You can also look at the bar codes. They look different on Store coupons.

        I get very few Kroger STORE coupons. Occasionally there are some in the home mailers but even those are mostly Manufacturers coupons.

        The Kroger logo on the coupon most often means nothing. If it is a manufacturers coupon it can be used anywhere – they just want you to use it at Kroger.

        Hope that helps!

    • Kristin

      This is very helpful. Whenever I'm looking at a deal, I'm always 'calculating' in my head whether it is really the best deal or not. Before I first started using this site, I was in the habit of buying bulk items like paper towels laundry detergent coffee etc. at Costco so when I started using coupons I wanted to make sure that it was still a better deal than buying it at Costco. So I made a pricing sheet with Costco prices on all the items I regularly bought there and used it to compare to the deals I was seeing at grocery stores. So far I haven't bought ANY of the items at Costco since using coupons… it is ALWAYS a better deal at the grocery stores! Here is my pricing sheet if anyone is interested…


      laundry detergent Gain $16.99 170 oz. .099/oz.
      Kirkland $13.69 170 oz. .08/oz.
      fabric softener Kirkland $9.99 129 oz. .07/oz.
      dryer sheets Bounce $7.89 250 sheets .03/sheet
      clorox bleach for colors Clorox $13.39 112 oz. .11/oz.
      dish soap Palmolive $7.49 90 oz. .08/oz.
      dishwasher detergent Cascade $9.49 125 oz. .07/oz.
      paper towels Bounty $16.99 12 rolls; .021/sq.ft.
      trash bags Glad Forceflex $11.99 140 .08/bag
      clorox clean up spray Clorox $9.69 212 oz. .04/oz.
      toilet bowl cleaner Lysol $7.29 128 oz. .05/oz.
      lysol all purpose (floors) Lysol $6.79 144 oz. .04/oz.
      sponges scotchbrite $11.79 18 pack .65/sponge
      toilet paper Costco $17.99 36 rolls; .009/sq. ft.
      Charmin $18.99 30 rolls; .02/sq. ft.
      ziploc bags sandwich $8.19 500 .01/bag
      quart $9.69 216 .04/bag
      gallon $10.69 152 .07/bag
      tin foil reynolds heavy duty $14.89 550 sq. ft. .027/sq.ft
      hand soap refill softsoap $7.99 160 oz. .05/oz.
      diaper cream desitin creamy $7.99 9.6 oz. .83/oz.
      diapers kirkland; sz. 4 $39.59 186 .21/diaper
      kirkland; sz. 5 $39.59 168 .23/diaper
      wipes kirkland $18.99 900 .02/wipe
      kids vitamins gummy vites $9.75 220 .08/serving
      flintstones $14.49 202 .07/serving
      toothpaste colgate $12.99 32 oz. .40/oz.
      mouthwash crest complete $13.99 3.5 liters .09/oz.
      floss glide $12.99 6 pack .05/?
      shaving lotion Gillette $8.99 38 oz. .23/oz.
      face soap cetaphil $16.99 40.4 oz. .42/oz.
      body soap Dove $12.79 59.5 oz. .21/oz.
      kirkland $8.99 67.5 oz. .13/oz.

      coffee starbucks $19.49 2.5 lbs. 7.79 lb.
      kirkland 4.99/lb.
      soda coke products $9.55 32 12 oz. cans .29/can

    • Marcia

      I loved reading all of the comments that people the thing where I live there is not that many grocery stores well I should amend that statement we have a Walmart, Harveys and Bi-Lo. I would love to shop at a Kroger but I would have to drive an hour one way to get there and just dont find that cost effective, especially with that cost of gas.

      • 3monkeysmom

        I don't have a Kroger but I drive 45-60 minutes from my house to shop at Publix and the amount of money I save is totally worth the 1/4 tank of gas to get there and back. It takes about $40 to fill up my car. So maybe I'm using about $10 round trip. If I'm saving $100 or more on my groceries, take off the $10 in gas, and I've still saved $90+. Wal-Mart is literally 5 minutes from home but I would never be able to save the kind of money there that I'm saving at Publix.
        My advice would be just to do a test run. See how much you would be able to save and then figure gas into it to see if it's worth it to you. I also try to be flexible. I usually do my grocery shopping on Thursdays but I did mine on Wednesday this week because my husband had “town” business on Wednesday so to save gas I went a day early. Leave the husband in the car, though. They get you in trouble :-)

    • For a limited time, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, CiCi’s is offering buffet meals for only $3.99. The offer ends on Feb. 28th. Check with your store before ordering to make sure they are participating.

    • gina4ever0

      I always look at all the weekly inserts to see where the best deals are. If I go to two or three different stores that are close by then it's not a big deal. It's been well worth it too.
      I've saved so much money than I use to by doing my home-work.
      I stock piled cereal last week at food lion.. I bought 19 boxes.
      It's so well worth to stock pile. Thats 1 item that you don't have to worry about for a while.

    • amyp7271014

      could you send me that threw my email i'm having issues looking or viewing the blank document thanks..


    • I have a question about the buy list..you have several items listed at the top as free? I don't understand does this mean you always get these free? If so How?

    • I have a question about the buy list..you have several items listed at the top as free? I don't understand does this mean you always get these free? If so How?