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walmart savings catcherLove to shop at Walmart? Now you can make sure you are getting the best price! In select areas, Walmart is Beta Testing a fun new program called the Savings Catcher.

The Included Areas:

Charlotte, NC
Dallas, TX
Lexington, KY
San Diego, CA
Atlanta, GA
Huntsville, AL

The Program:

Buy any included item. You’ll then enter your receipt number (TC #) and date found at the bottom of your receipt here.

The Walmart Savings Catcher will then compare the price you paid for the items on your receipt with other stores in your area.

If it finds a lower price, Walmart will give you the price difference on a gift card.

The Savings Catcher Doesn’t Compare:

-Items that require a separate purchase to get the advertised price
(Example: “Buy oatmeal to get cereal for $1.”)

-Items with no actual price that require a purchase to get a free product
(Example: “Buy both oatmeal & cereal to get milk for free.”)

-Items that require a purchase to get a gift card
(Example: “Buy a 12 pack of paper towels to get a $5 gift card.”)

-Buy one get one free (BOGO) where there is no actual item price listed
(Example: Peter Pan Peanut Butter, buy one, get one free. Save up to $2.50”)

-Going out of business or closeout prices

-Percentage off
(Example: “All mascara, 40% off”)

You can read more about how it works or check for savings to get started.

How To Make It Work For You:

If you price match at the register, this feature really won’t offer any additional savings. If you stop in Walmart without checking Ads and go shopping, that is your time to use the Savings Catcher. You can make sure you didn’t miss any deals.

There are two options for redeeming the savings: You can let it add up or request your e-gift card each time.

What do you think of this feature?

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    • jojo

      Very Important Question:
      Does this apply only to price matches in printed adds? (I assume so since it wouldn’t be practicable otherwise)
      If they compare all prices, this could become a useful tool.

      • Yes, it compares it with advertised prices.

        • ebw

          my app will not allow me to submit the scanned bar code. I have to manually enter the transaction number and then it will take it. Too bad it’s only 7 per week.

    • Ryan

      Those that would benefit the most from this will probably never use it.
      Me personally, I buy and eat what is really cheap/on a really good sale. When I go to Walmart, I am usually price matching produce or buying items that don’t appear in adds. Therefore this will not affect me.

    • Shauna

      I love the idea. I shop Publix and CVS and do get most of the everyday stuff there. I never check any other ads. We still go to Walmart once a month for all of the weird odds and ends and while we are there we get whatever else we happen to need at that moment. This Savings Catcher would make me less reluctant to go to Walmart for sure.

    • SmoochTheCook

      Oooooh, that’s it, I’m going to HAVE to move! I LOVE this! My mom and even my dad at times, go to the store sometimes and WAYYY overspend. I’m constantly having to take in receipts and show an ad to get the price adjusted as well as getting the value of coupons that I had for the products. While this doesn’t deal with the coupon issue, it could definitely save money when they do their shopping trips! I wish it were here in WV…I’d get a lot of use out of it!

    • SmoochTheCook

      For those in the areas where it is being tested, PLEASE give rave reviews even if you don’t use it…I’d love to have this available.

      • Jo

        Excuse me? So even if the program sucks you want us to give it positive reviews? Wow. Thought I heard it all. Read what @brencoup wrote? This is a scam. There is a CATCH to this “savings catcher” and its not geared toward looking out for the consumer.

        • HGgrits

          Wow, you don’t have to be so rude Jo. Just because they give you money back on a store card and not in cash does NOT make this a scam! This sounds like a great program that I would love to see in Montgomery. Being a single mom, I hardly have enough time to coupon, much less price match! I could save all my extra savings on a card and use it towards my daughters Christmas! Smooch is also right on the fact that my parents spend way too much when I’m not with them. I could add theire savings to the card too! Sounds like a win win!

          • Jo

            Yes, it is a scam. And rude? Rude? Because I call something as I see it, I am rude?

            Stop hiding behind the single mom BS. I’d bet you have plenty of time to price match. Get off of facebook and take some time to save some money for your family.

            This is a win/lose with the consumer in the loss column and nothing more.

            • Danny Hall

              Yes, yes you are rude. Not because you call the program a scam but because of the way you interact with others on here. Don’t know what it is that has your panties in a wad, but you need to take a moment and figure it out.

            • -Just dropping by

              Danny, Jo falls into the “Hurting people hurt people” group. It’s best to let them spout off and ignore them. I feel it works in 2 ways. Ignoring them makes them angrier, and maybe that will wake them up to seeing how full of vitriol they are.

              As for Walmart’s idea, I’m all for it. As someone else stated, they didn’t have to do this, and I think it’s great that they are trying. I enjoy having them do the work and matching the prices. They show exactly who had the lower price as well. It’s very easy to cross check.

        • Danny Hall

          Wow… how acidic can you be? The SCAM is those people who try to force stores to price match crap that is disallowed due to expired specials, non covered items et al. I see them standing at the checkouts and fussing at cashiers who have to deal with untold numbers of rude individuals every day.

          • Jo

            Sorry that you work at walmart. But the store has the final say to those rude customers.

            I am not installing an app so that walmart can track my purchases, location, and trust that they are actually going to look up the price at – how many stores? do we even know? – and then not give me the difference back but instead a credit to be used at walmart only.

            Customers might be rude, I’ll give you that but they’re also not that stupid to fall for this. But maybe they are. How many people have fallen for that IRS scam of late.

            Bottom line – the program will fail.

            • Danny Hall

              No, I am the one who is sorry for you… that you are horrible as deduction. I do not work for Walmart at all. I am a business owner. I shop at Walmart on a relatively regular basis. Not to worry though you are right about the program likely failing but not because it is a scam. Basically all price matching, money saver, etc type programs will fail because people are simply too apathetic to consistently take part in them unless they are absolute dummy proof and as hands off as possible so that they do not have hoops to jump through.

        • sherry

          So you know it all.

    • Tasia

      What a great program! Thanks for sharing. I just submitted 2 receipts!

    • brencoup

      well don’t like this/ it is in my area and I was shopping last night and had all my price matching figured out. then cashier says we are doing something much better than price matching.. oh really so you pay first at top dollar prices and then submit your receipt and then get a gift card down the road;’ I had around 40 dollars in price match that walmart’s low price….NOT for instance gonna price match stouffers meals 2.00 a piece at publix and walmart are 2.94 per item. without price match wm is pocketing 94 cents of each item meal i bought multiply that one item by 5 or 10 items and and we are talking more than chump change.another item on sale walgreens maxwell house coffee 11 oz can 2.99 wm pricematch. i would have paid 3.98 and had to wait to see if they put iy on my card. Really I do not give wm free loan of our hard earned money/ meow mix on sale publix 2.50 cents each. i have coupon for 1.00 off each bag. 1.50 a bag 3.15 lbs. follow me…each bag was 4.25 each wm low rollback price my but! consumer beware!I left my buggy there

      • Tracey

        Good for you! It takes time and energy to scope out the deals in order to get a fair price. Shame on Walmart for lousy customer loyalty.

    • Kellie Trulove

      Does it compare the price prior to any coupons off to get the real savings?
      Also, is there a projected date that this will become available in TN?

    • brencoup

      no you first pay walmarts full price then enter your receipts onlineand they will put money on wm giftcard

      • Jo

        no thanks.

    • Dawn

      I hope that this isn’t a hint of the future – if people like this program then they can scrap their price matching altogether and only use the new program. I would not be a big fan of lending WM my money and hoping they get my price matches right later!

      • Jo

        AND we’re not even getting our cash back. We’re getting a credit to spend more at Walmart. No thanks.

        Hey, Walmart, didnt you people do the study on the value of a lost customer? It was something like 200,000 dollars over the lifetime of that customer I believe. Hope you have deep pockets!

    • Jo

      This is not a good deal for us consumers, but then why would it be favored toward the consumer??

      So we spend our money, pay full price and then if there is to be trusted a better price elsewhere then we get a gift card to spend the difference at walmart?

      Ummmm no thanks. I am loyal to my wallet, not any one particular store or brand.

      And here’s a hint Walmart, you should know that more people than not are loyal to their family’s budget and not one store or another.

      This program will fail.

    • Ashley D

      I submitted a receipt last week and got back $1.88. I only bought 6 items, all of them produce. I typically price match with Aldi but I hadn’t had a chance to get the flyer yet and needed a few things. I would prefer to price match on the front end, but it’s really nice that I can still get something back, even if I forgot or didn’t have time to gather up competitor adds. I don’t mind that the money back is in a walmart gift card, I’ll use it for produce (and they’ll price match that again) so there’s no big loss there. My logic is, they don’t have to do any of this at all so I’m going to be grateful that they are now offering yet another way to save money.

    • Ashley D

      Also wanted to mention that my walmart is still doing price matching even though this program has started. Perhaps that’s going to change, but for now you can still bring your adds and do it that way if you prefer.

    • Sandy Sandells

      So walmart can see through an app if you payed to much, So why not go ahead and and sale merchandise at the lower price? Sounds like Walmart wants to price gouge those who are not watching their money and try to get loyal customers out of the people that do. Not really a very nice way of doing things. It never seems to amaze me how stupid corporate America seems to think we are.

    • Abby

      someone said they would still let you price match…not at our walmart. The lady at mine today said they still would if it was just a couple of items but otherwise they want you to use this new program. She did all 12 of my items today just because I didn’t know about it yet. I don’t like it – I don’t trust the program to find the lowest prices – and if it limits it to a certain mile radius it could really affect what sale prices are included for me. Like another commenter – it’s giving walmart a loan instead of just paying less up front. not a fan. ugh!

    • Wondering

      The link doesn’t work. Is this program already dead?

    • Karen

      I KNEW Walmart would come up with something like this!!!! They always give me such a hassle when I try to do comp ads!!!! They don’t really want to comp ads, they are not to be trusted with this new little scheme!!!! For me….I will take my business to TARGET they price match 2!!!!!

    • Danny Hall

      Wow, sounds like all a lot of folks love to do is bash the crap outta Walmart. For my part, I don’t like going to target and paying $0.29 per banana when I can get them at Walmart for $0.59 per pound… Target is a good deal higher on many things and will not typically comp non-sale or store brand items.

      • Jo

        You trust walmart that much? Good for you.

    • C.c. Convi

      Just a heads up, you can only enter receipts for the past 7 days. I have been busy and savings receipts for about 3 weeks. Well, lost on the ones older than 7 days because I can’t enter them.

      FWIW, I’m relatively in favor of this program. I don’t usually ad match because I don’t like dealing with the customer service employees who usually act like I’m trying to cheat WM. Also, all of my printed e-gift cert (bought at a discount through raise.com) and most of my coupons seem to need a mgr override (annoying). And I always have to wait for a mgr. Now, I don’t have to deal with the cust svc at least for ad match. I can buy my stuff and then enter the receipts without anyone being snotty about ad match. Not all of them, but a lot of them.

    • Miki

      Sounds like a time saver to me. I never have enough time in the day so when I’m in a rush and don’t have time to get my coupons together I end up at Walmart and just pay full price. At least I have potential to get something back. I’m not sure why all the Walmart haters even commented. If you don’t like Walmart then don’t go there…and why waste your time commenting on something you hate and won’t use?

    • belaglik

      So glad I read the comments because I was really wondering what Jo thought about Walmart.

    • mary

      I have been entering my receipts and have $8.11. I have not had any problems with the program. I don’t usually bother to check all the ads that WM is comparing. I don’t even get all those ads in my paper because I live 20 minutes away from the city that the program actually is supposed to be in. I was only looking to see if anyone knew how long it would take WM to send out the e-GC. The site says that the e-GC can be printed and used in the store as well as online.

      I don’t understand why people are so upset. If you normally shop at CVS, then you are used to paying more and then getting the money back in ECBs. Kmart and Walgreens give you points to use later. Kroger gives you gas points to use at their gas pump. What’s the difference? Besides, most of my WM’s cashiers have enough trouble ringing up the items without confusing them with price matching. I wish they would train them a little better.

      I like not having to worry if I’m paying the lowest price. I like being able to go ahead and get what I need while I’m there. I like not having to drag my SPD kiddo to several stores. If the program “fails”, it will only be because people are too lazy to enter the receipts online or don’t have the ability to do that. Those folks would not likely price match or coupon anyway.

      • Maria Good

        How do you get your $$ transferred onto a gift card? I am having difficulty with that part. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

    • Sandy Middleton

      It should be in San Antonio tex . To as big as it is

    • Susie

      I just got the email from Walmart with my savings tallied for the e gift card. I saved .41 cents on my $110 quick Memorial Day weekend shopping trip receipt. ??? I thought I would give it a try. Not impressed, I’m going back to making individual store lists and trips..

    • Teresa Walker

      This program is a no brainer. It takes about 30 seconds to log in and input a receipt number. We’ve been doing it for several months and have received over $20 in store credits. We don’t like to drive all over town to save a few bucks and looking thru other sale ads isn’t our thing and I hate getting behind someone at Walmart with 10 sale ads they need to look thru. For us – it’s a winner.

    • caddie80

      I have just had the WORST experience with the ‘savings catcher’. Their system made all of the receipts disappear that I had uploaded and when I tried to clear up their mistake with the customer service I got horrible responses, which is apparently only a email address and no number. I dont think they actually want to talk to people when they mess up and offer no assistance. They first of all have been giving me the run around for about a month, first it was “well it’s a new system’ and then it was ‘well you must have entered the number in wrong’ to which I forwarded the conformation email to them and then their next excuse was ‘well there is nothing we can do’. What a SCAM, I went out of my way to save money because of this new saving catcher, never again. The new program is nothing more than a way to get your money, your information and rip you off.

    • judy

      As long as I can price match on the front end, I will be fine with this. Maybe the savings catcher will catch something on my receipt that I missed. But I am not in favor if they cut out price matching up front because I will not loan them my money.

    • laurie

      Apparently they don’t check their prices against Save a Lot,which has cheaper produce items

    • Ingrid

      I just joined in our area. (Texas) I like it because I do not normally comb through ads looking for the best advertised price. I just entered my first receipt and have been credited $3.40. I can save the credit until the end of the year, or use it immediately. My Walmart shopping history has not been one of a steady nature, yet after moving to a small town with shopping being a distance (with the exception of Walmart), I will be using this program on a regular basis.